Robert Kiyosaki: When They Took The Dollar Off The Gold Standard, They “Cheated The WORLD”

by | Jul 18, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    In a recent interview, author Robert Kiyosaki spoke with Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group.  The two discussed the economy and the future of gold, silver, and bitcoin as the Federal Reserve continues its money printing scheme.

    Kiyosaki is the author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He also co-authored a book with president Donald Trump called Why We Want You To Be Rich. In this interview, Kiyosaki explains where he thinks fiat currency is headed and where metals and cryptocurrencies will end up.

    This economic disaster will be a deep crisis spanning years, not months. Because of that, Kiyosaki says you should prepare now, as things are not set to improve any time soon. To see a special report put together by Gantz, click here. 

    Robert Kiyosaki: What The Elites Don’t Want You To Know

    Kiyosaki says that financial education is vital and he started to understand the monetary system after the United States took the dollar off the gold standard. He says, “when they did that, they basically cheated the world.” That meant the U.S. could simply create as much money as it wanted, and the Federal Reserve was all too happy to do that. “That’s why the rich don’t borrow money. Because the U.S. dollar is fake. We couldn’t keep up this fakeness if we didn’t have the most powerful military in the world.” And oddly enough, the military was funded with that same fake money created out of thin air. “Nobody would put up with that bullshit.”

    Greg Mannarino: “The Fed Is About To Sell You ANOTHER MASSIVE LIE!”

    Kiyosaki says that’s when he became a “gold bug.” He decided to get back to “God’s money,” which is gold and silver. “I don’t care what my criminal country does, our Reserve bank, Wall Street, all that. You know, they’ve ripped off the world.” Once you understand how the financial system in the U.S. works, you go “ok. I’m dealing with the Mafia,” adds Kiyosaki. “Once you know that, you can become a warrior.”

    What’s coming next is a pension crisis and it will be in the trillions. They’ve looted the pensions of Americans, and most have yet to figure this out.  After that comes the artificial intelligence crisis and all the “college graduates are toast.” Once the pandemic is gone, the biggest problems in American will surface. Kiyosaki prepares by converting his U.S. dollars immediately into gold, silver, and bitcoin. The magic trio that will withstand the dollar’s demise.

    LP(S) – trio

    “You’ve got to know, the problem is the money. Gold and silver are God’s money. Bitcoin is people’s money,” Kiyosaki said. “You can’t mess with it. It’s decentralized money.”

    When Gantz asks Kiyosaki what America can do to recover, he doesn’t have a great response. “America’s finished. Democracy only lasts 200 years. It’s over. We’re now becoming a Marxist society.” He says “I don’t give a shit about my government. I’ll tell you that. I don’t trust them…and I don’t go to the stock market because that’s the American mafia. Every democracy ends…American’s going to Hell right now, and it’s because we’re a corrupt nation.”

    Kiyosaki then unloads on president Donald Trump. “The problem with Trump is he’s a bully and he picks on people he shouldn’t pick on.”

    Wealth Research Group has put together some reports that are free and could be considered essential reading in this volatile environment. If you are interested, please use the links below.

    Gold Playbook

    Kiyosaki’s “Magical Trio”

    Principles for Lifelong Prosperity


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. They went off the gold standard because they wanted to finance the Globalist Hegemonic Empire. They knew they couldn’t raise taxes high enough to do it, so they dropped the gold standard and printed all the money they needed. And your dollars buy very little compared to what they used to buy, back in the 1960’s, because of that. And it’s not sustainable much longer.

      2. Covid is a government coup, all part of the DEM taking control of the USA. The number are total bullshit, they include non-flu and non-flu deaths. Go in complaining a headache, test you, you are false, you are then added to the official numbers of infected as you are probable. 90 year old dies of natural causes, added to the official number as covid probably had a hand in his death.

        Biden is the perverted senile grandfather puppet. DEMS win all three branches.

        AOC & the Marxist will control the USA. They want to make the bottom 50% into the new top 1%, it can’t be done, as 100% will become the bottom 100%, but they want that, all to become 0%ers. They will succeed in Atlas Shrugged & 1984.

        Those that don’t work will be living like junior executives in the beginning when the first redistribute the wealth.

        Those that still are foolish to work will be paying 60%-90% to those that refuse to work. Income equality and equal outcomes.

        And then the marxist will go door to door inventorying everything, so you can pay a monthly tax on it all. And if you have extra stuff [if you have good stuff or hoarding], they will haul it away [steal it from you at gunpoint]. Remember, you are guilty if you have more stuff than a person the refuses to work.

        The super rich will be protected, nothing can touch their stuff, they have legally protected themselves trusts and offshore. The people with mortgages and the people below are easy pickings as most of their possessions will easily be taken, bu white guilt alone they will take half the assets in the USA.

        Should Biden win and all branches go DEM I will be leaving the Northern Hemisphere. Life is too short, and it is about to become even shorter in the US.

        • Rangeline- –
          You will have much company. Many people will not live in USA under Biden. Look how bad the leftie commies are out of control with Trump as president. Burning cities. Censorship. False flag chicom flu operation. Seattle-Atlanta-Minneappolis, etc being allowed to be overtaken by criminals disguised as protestors.

          Imagine if one of the sick leftie AntiAmericans like senile Biden get into office.
          – Gun grabbing. He said, “I will take your guns by force.” That means a US Civil War is guaranteed. Bosnia-Serbia type actions in USSA. “No thanks. I opt out. My family will be moved to safety.”
          – More “orders’ “rules” “regulations” boot on our necks to extent that doing business legally near impossible.
          – taxes taxes taxes more taxes more taxes
          – entitled class given permission to loot burn destroy
          – Biden will destroy military and law enforcement.
          – Biden will open Borders wide for drugs, human trafficking, illegal criminals will flood the landscape with impunity.
          That will be life under a so called ‘liberal’ so called democrat. In reality they are globalist NWO communist. They are bringing in the Beast System of control-tyranny-genocide.
          These people are AntiAmerican, AntiFamily, AntiBusiness, Anti Lawenforcement, AntiMilitary, they hate Christian values.

          Most thinking people will leave the destroyed economy of USSA under someone like Biden. It really will be terrible for freedom loving people.

          But bad news is that economy is bad in many places south of US. The carribean is having tough times. With those economic problems, it means criminal violence, government violence, fewer opportunities. From frying pan into Fire.

          Where can one go to Escape the Beast System?

      3. This guy is a writer, podcaster, he poses for the camera. He is selling his image. No product no service, just buy the carrot at the end of his line. Take his word for it. Not! A successful person doesn’t waste their time on selling get rich quick. Oh please tell me how you fictitiously made millions.

      4. Here is how evil corporations make their gold.
        – Rand corporation has “rat lines”.
        – DynCorp heads are up on current charges. FINALLY, about time!
        Drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, and Human Organ Harvesting. This is happening in Amerikka.

        Location: Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility in Newton, Kansas. 60 miles north of Wichita, Kansas.

        Witchita Kansas where christians in action ran “Finders” operation. Just another normal day for criminals with no accountability, for Horrific crimes they commit, using your tax dollars. Government at work. Situation normal.

        Article from BlackListedNews:
        “Organ harvesting in China and why the American media and businesses have turned a blind eye”

        Why do Americans turn a blind eye to human organ harvesting going on for over a decade in Newton Kansas. Americans being murdered for profit. The American prisoners organs harvested and sold on black market for profit.

      5. It is time to start the GATES GATE prosecutions! Charge the criminals Bill Gates and WHO, as well as the profteering pharmaceutical snake oil racket, the medical mafia hospitals, the universities, the regulating agencies and government health care oversight boards og the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, all of these are guilty! When psychopaths are demanding that society totally ceases to function, so that profiteering bankers can purchase everything, it is well past time to start the prosecutions!

        John Kiriakou says that people should stay in their homes and that the government should provide everything that those individuals need. How is that possible if everyone is in their homes?! Should the government just text everyone’s food to them?

        Kiriakou is CIA, leading the “revolution” of government mandated starvation, or the revolution of death, until it can be texted,or teletransmited like on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

        How would CIA know that people would not get food if everyone was not allowed to work? Way above their paygrade to figure that out! May as well be asking them to design an Avangard buster!

        Andrea Iravani

      6. Developments and plans for humanity by “The Committee of 300 Ass-Holes” include Bill Gates Gavi collaboration with Mastercard to “vaccine against the coronavirus” include the cashles transition and digital ID, Safe Stamp, of course this is just proof another of what a total liar and evil monster Bill Gates is, after his repeated denials of wanting to micro-chip people, who got the idea that he wanted to do that based on his own admissions, but admissions to a “different crowd of people.” Of course the plans are to start this in West Africa, and with prison populations, and will also use contact tracing and predictive policing, and how much money you will owe to Bill Gates and Mastercard, not to mention that all of this can of course be hacked, so is totally is a ineffective means of identification, as well as the reliability of the information in the Safe Stamp vaccine.
        Oh yeah, the radio-frequency can also be hacked so that the individual will be tortured with electronic harassment with Directed Energy Weapons. The very same technology used by Veri-chip that the Inhumane Society uses that was heavily invested in by first Drunken Homeland Security Chief and Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, and advocated for by Hillary Clinton to use on the mentally ill, prisoners, and elderly. I kept warning that what they have illegally done to me, they will do to everyone if they are not stopped! That is the way that they have always operated with their sick Nazi experimentations! They start with the disenfranchised, whether mentally ill, mentally retarded, physically ill, prison populations, the elderly, minorities, and then before you know it, it includes you. The illegal implants were placed in me at an Acsension Healthcare hospital that was previously owned by former Florida Governor Rick Scott. Everyone has been notified, and everyone has refused to hold the sadistic beasts accountable. This is orchestrated by WHO, with countries around the world that have participated in the Human Brain Experiment as well as the technology companies. These people are sick as hell! The CIA has been fantasizing about sick stuff like this, and are truly insane by all accounts. Dr. John R. Hall, Austin Texas has demonstrated that this is very real and estimates that this Sadistic experimention has been performed on about 300,000 Americans on his website, International Center Against Abuse Of Covert Technologies, ICAACT. I believe that the Directed Energy Weapons signals are being transmited fom satellites to cell towers, and then transmitted to me, which started afyer my first phone was hacked. My dog heard it too, and just started staring and occasionally barking at the cell tower when it started, within hours of my phone being hacked in June 2017, as well as everything, with vault7technolgy being used to seize control of everything in my house, my car, and neighbors that constantly break-in, steal, vandalize, hack, stalk, spy, and gas-light. Well, they are creating a world that their children will not want to live in, and they are just too damned stupid to realize it!
        So, where do the Sputnik exalted BLM advocates stand on this? As slave traders?

        Andrea Iravani

      7. Robert Kiyosaki has some good analysis. In “normal economic times” I believe MONOPOLY MONEY (printing currency with no backing) and adherence to reasonable economic theory would have displayed the error in our politicians’ ways. Unfortunately, many folks have bought into MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) wherin politicians via the Federal Reserve can print money and spend AD INFINITUM. Common sense tells us that that type of thinking doesNOT end well.

      8. With all due respect to tangibles and objective morality, gold’s standing has been shaken in several thousand years — every time the price changed. PM’s can be pegged to high or low values, depending on whether the market is the minnow scraps recycler or whale state actor, on the global market.


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