Riots, Flag Burning And Open “Threats to Kill Trump” Follow Hillary’s Election Loss

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 85 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Leftist have lived up to the hype, and thrown temper-tantrum violence as everyone expected. How anyone could have supported Hillary, rather than support her prosecution is something that will continue to boggle the mind. In the meantime, angry and disappointed DNC voters are waging violence and tempting the country into a full-blown martial law scenario.

    Probably, these episodes will die down within hours, but there is always the threat that such non-sense and support for a would-be tyrant will continue and flourish. Just look how far George Soros & co. took the riots in Ferguson, Baltimore and dozens of other cities. The population’s buttons are being pushed, and the country is being tested. Best to be prepared just in case things get further out of hand.

    Hillary Supporters Burn American Flag, Riot, Threaten to Kill Trump After Losing Election

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    Rioting hit the streets of Portland and Oakland as Hillary Clinton supporters reacted badly to Donald Trump’s election victory, while death threats against the new president-elect flooded social media.

    Windows were broken and cars were set on fire in Oakland as irate protesters lit flares and blocked freeways.

    “A protestor was struck by a vehicle on the eastbound lanes of Highway 24 although it was not immediately clear what the extent of the victim’s injuries were,” reports Fox 5.

    Students also hit the streets of Eugene and Portland, Oregon to protest against a democratic election. Demonstrators could be heard chanting “bitch” and “f*ck Trump” as they marched in unison.

    Some of the students burned a U.S. flag.

    The irony of the riots is that many pro-Clinton media outlets previously circulated the talking point that Trump supporters would be likely to stage violent unrest after they lost the election.

    Twitter was also inundated with death threats, with leftists either hoping for or personally expressing their willingness to carry out Trump’s assassination.

    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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      1. Oh for cripes sake,how about a moment of reflection/enjoyment.I realize only a start but hell,with election and janet dying has been a pretty good week!Let the little fuckers riot and burn down their neighborhoods/colleges!It spreads,well,remember Warchild’s new phrase”If you like your rifle you can keep your rifle!”.

        • Let me guess, Comey won’t charge anyone for making death threats against Trump?

          • Liberal/progressive scum plus the free shit army proving once again they are stupid animals.

            • Menzo, did you notice those death threats made on social media? I’ll bet nothing happens to them because they belong to minority groups.

              • No doubt BH. I want to see these animals come to some rural redneck areas such as mine and start this kind of shit. I reckon we have enough ammo to deal with it. Of course they won’t as they are cowards too.

                • Menzo, more likely they’d be too lazy to go to a rural area. They’d ask someone else to do it for them. whoever comes, they’ll get more than they bargained for.

                  • I hope Trump cuts all illegal aliens freebie handouts. I hope he cuts all males from 18-50 freebie handouts. I hope he cuts all drug addicts freebie handouts. If a welfare mother/father can’t pass a drug test, cut their freebie handouts. Provide up to 2 years of education/job training to a welfare parent, then cut their freebie handouts. I’m really tired of going to a grocery store and seeing people who get freebie handouts eat better than me. Why should I bust my ass 50 hours a week and help pay for some lazy ass who won’t work and they eat better than me? I hope Trump does what he says he’s gonna do.

                    • GinSipper, welcome aboard and I wholeheartedly agree. It’s high time for that gravy train to be derailed. again welcome.

                  • Hey Braveheart1776! Got our wish, good enuff for us at the moment, except I have to admit I am shocked there are so many calling for a “please somebody “do him” (Trump). wtf? With rat-ass attitudes like that it will be an uphill battle to even get them to listen.

                    The good part is we’ll be able to “carry open” nationwide with a promise that it is never “up for deliberation or a different interpretation again, (as was Hillary’s plan for ‘gun grabbing’, or so she thought). And she wonders why she lost after watching a nation of people going wild buying up guns and ammo.

                    I say, she MUST be a bit “touched” upstairs. I think we’ve got a bunch of good times ahead, and one hell of alot less government running around very, very soon.

                    I’m sure Trump will ensure someone has his ‘6’ at all moments. I think it may be easy to lose your concentration with an undressed Melania lying beside you, in a bed, probably mirrored ceilings, … We are going to boast of the Finest First Lady in the history of The US of A! 🙂 heheh…

                    I don’t get their “despair” or bitchin’… comes as a surprise to me.

                    • Equorial, remind me to post some stories about troubles I’ve had with libturds in Memphis sometime. No one here knows them like I do. They’ve only gotten worse since the Bush era. I’m sure the Secret Service will be at their best for someone like Trump. He’s had nothing but praise for them all this time.

                  • Let’s just deport them, PRONTO!

              • BH are you from the Memphis area? just wonderin

                • Borg, I was born and raised there. I’m just on a little ‘vacation’ with family in GA at this time. Looks like I’ll have to head back soon {SIGH}. I still have a job and home there.

          • soooooooooon (not soon enough) Comey will be removed from office and or replaced, things won’t change until after Trump takes office and has a chance to see who, what, when and where!! he will start to clean house soon enough!!

            • apache54 : Comey will be fired before January

              • Isn’t it way more likely that he will resign “conditionally” meaning they can’t “come back” on him later. It’s obvious he was twisted into all sorts of positions, showing what Hillary would have run The USA like, and then perhaps he was threatened, or a family member? So, he just dropped the whole thing without offering anything, and Obama squelched the remainder as did the media (that they “had” control of).

                It will be nice to (maybe) have decent programming again, but everything is going to take time.

                Braveheart, you may be tempted to stay in NG. Way better than Mempho don’t ya think? You’ve got over 100 large waterfalls all around you (did ya know that)? They are beautiful, for some you must be in good shape to access them, even on the boardwalks and stairs provided, it’s a long climb. Far less population too of course…

                • Equorial, I WOULD stay if civil war 2/revolution had started by now. You’re damn right I’m tempted to stay, but I still have a job and home back in mempho. I have to go back soon {SIGH}. yes, I’ve been to some of the waterfalls previously. They are awesome and the water is great. No water issues here. I think Comey needs to go ahead and plan his retirement. I’m hoping for the best with Trump but I’ve learned to never hold my breath on anything.

                  • there to get there. no crossing state lines if enforced.

              • Either fired or resignation, the left is furious with Comey, he’s being blamed for Hillary’s defeat. I bet it happens between Christmas and New Years.

                Of course, Hillary being a lying, crooked, Marxist who hates the American people apparently had nothing to do with her losing.

          • USA TODAY.
            As long as “I” want something then it is OK.
            If “I” don’t agree with you then YOU are a Friggin Idiot and do not deserve the same right as I exercise.
            LIBERAL Mentality. I ARE Smart. You R Dumb. I win !!!

        • Warchild, I love my guns and will keep them one way or another. So one of the turds was run over? GOOD. You play with fire, you get burned. Those turds won’t come to north GA with their BS.

          • shouldn’t ‘a been in the STREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I’ve seen some videos that say the survivors of Waco say they started the fires. That was probably a coersed confession as part of a plea deal. Where is Lon Horiuchi now . Fing gook.

          • lon horiuchi died several years ago a broken man. too bad he is not around now for the scum bags to hire

        • I guess Hillary’s pot has some change, paying for this nonsense, it takes a few paid to bring the rest of the unemployed parasites, calling & tweeting their friends on Obama-phones.

      2. Had Hillary won, the mob emboldened would up the level of violence. As Hillary has lost, the mob disheartened will up the level of violence. This will continue until several dozen are shot down in the street by legal authority. Once these people see legitimate consequences for their actions and that the rule of law has been restored, only then will they cease and desist.

        • Old Gringo, if they come to me with their shit, I’ll give them ONLY one chance to turn around and go away ALIVE. You play with fire, you get burned.

          • Brave: There one chance is to not come around. If they do, chance is up.

          • Hey dude, you should already know danged well that there is no such thing as a warning shot. If you have had to train your weapon upon them by all means use it.

            Just saying…

            I’m a bit surprised this hasn’t gotten into a much larger “to-do” already (is was predicted it would happen no matter what).

            This is the part that is almost unpredictable in my opinion. Just how far are they actually going to attempt to carry this, just as we would have if Hillary had taken the throne? (I don’t understand Democrats or why they exist).

            • Equorial : This is a holiday weekend coming up. Plenty of time to get the $hit started.

            • Equorial, I’m surprised also that things haven’t blown up everywhere yet. I think I’ll spend one more week at the BOL just in case. Something smells about the libturds’ LIMITED reaction as it was predicted they would go NUTS everywhere.

      3. This is all just spur of the moment disappointment, They will get over it as long as Trump keeps the welfare going and the free phones. Take that away and all hell will break loose. To bad, So sad, just crawl up into a ball a cause a riff amongst yourselves, violence only begets more violence and you don’t want any from here……….

      4. I was thinking the same thing this morning…

        Trump really needs to wear a steel plated vest or whatever and a football helmet!!! Just because the elite didn’t steal the election, it doesn’t mean its over… they took out Kennedy and his brother!

        • And his son. And the Romanov family. And any one else that messes with the children of Satan.

      5. There were maybe 5 protestors by the square in the town where I live– and this is a fairly large town!

      6. “Hillary supporters burn the flag”. Exactly and precisely the reason I voted for Trump.
        I gotta a big ass can of bear spray at the ready. I catch someone burning a flag…it might just become a big ass can of donkey spray. Jus’ sayin’.

        • Carry some huge can of really cheap hair spray and with the fire it will set them ablaze in seconds or less. heheh… That will take the wind out of their sails…

          I don’t like the thought of a flag even touching the ground.

        • where the hell did they get a flag?….i always noticed trumps rallies had LOTS of flags, but at killary’s place, they were nowhere to be found.

          • They steal them during their marches.

      7. Cuff em Dano!

        • Once they make me open up that Big Can of Whoopass, its over.

      8. I never thought I would see the day I would vote republican, but I did. Really what its about is the people want someone outside the establishment… that is why Obama was so popular 8 years ago and why Trump is so popular… People just hate the Oligarchs… “ITS THE ECONOMY, STUPID”. People know we are headed for another great depression or… are already in a depression… they want the jobs back!! Even if he is a redneck, racist and looks up women’s skirts… who cares?

        • @Anon
          So Repubs now have control/majority of the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Conservatives are gonna control the Supreme Court as well. This alignment is so very rare and is a precious gift to the conservatives/Repubs. I hope and pray they use this gift wisely. The Repubs need to surround and support Trump. With the gift, they have a chance of being effective and getting legislation passed and made into law. This would also help in overcoming the spectacle and breakdown of the GOP we have witnessed. The repubs who ran off…you made yourselves irrelevant.

          • Are you kidding?
            If the lilly livered republican congressmen went against the powers that be, they would lose their bed in the bunker when the collapse comes!

          • This time we should see a great many changes that will prevent the Democrats from being able to invoke anything to revamp the nation into something she isn’t supposed to be, as Obama would have and has done, and as Hillary would have continued just as Obama (that’s why she was not elected – stupid is as stupid does).

            These ppl presently rioting and stuff, they have no weapons as do those who were truly expecting to engage in an uprising, and so in short order we should see large SWAT Teams taking down all of these people (they have no order, leaders no direction, so where can they possibly take this)? Wow. Can you imagine the aftermath if a Democrat shot Trump? What a bloody war we would have, of great complexity. (How are you going to ID a Democrat from a Republican or Constitutionalist)?

            • I think the violence is just college age kids working out their frustration. Good for them. Burn a couple of cars, break a few windows and get in a few fights. Knock yourself out.
              Will they ever wake up and come to an understanding of what the real issues are in this country? If they do, they’ll be thanking conservatives down the road for putting the kibash on the socialist movement.
              Keep your head on a swivel and avoid crowds.

          • The republicans might get a majority, I doubt it will be conservative. Too many Rinos!

      9. hey left wingers-dont start something you can finish, or someone else will finish it for you and you wont like it.

      10. I’d say those idle threats come from those who can’t buy beer in which to cry into.

      11. Don’t be concerned its just the ‘Extremely Deplorables’ acting out their loss.

        • Po’d : Lets get it right, Uneducated Extremely Deplorables

          • Gotcha!

      12. Take these “MutherFuckers: and send them to Syria, they don’t belong in the UNITED STATES. Ignorant, commie assholes, each and everyone of them. Burn our flag? FUCK YOU HILLARY SLIM!

      13. I’ll just tell these violence fascists that they are “violating my safe space.” Works on campus.

        The evil left MURDERED over 100 MILLION last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, and violence and death has been their hallmark since Robespierre.

        I am totally non-violent, but self-defense is recognized since Blackstone as part of our natural law of self-protection. However, most of these people are FAT, lazy, oiut of shape, ignorant, cowards, etc., so other than groups of leftist Brownshirt thugs, we should be fine.

      14. These foolish people. Don’t they realize that those cameras on every other corner capture their faces. That video of them making threats against the life of a President elect is a major crime. That threats of violence are crimes punishable by fines and jail time. These people will be soon remorseful as their reign of terror against white people will now be met with legitimate legal and judicial consequences.

        Trump and his people are getting their number. It’s going to be jail time for the people who think the law is there for them alone. They are terrorists. They are racist. They better wake up. Fifteen hundred dollars doesn’t go too far when your record prevents you from getting a descent job.

        The fact is that instigators get the ball rolling. Then every dumb jerk and his brother join in with mindless abandon as if it is perfectly normal to be a violent thug. And they think whites are stupid. They have had smoke blown up their rear for so long that they think their shit doesn’t stink, and they can get away with anything.

        There is a name for this USEFUL IDIOT(s). !!


        • B FROM CA

          Yes arrest these f–kers what a bunch of sore losers.
          An the ones that want to kill Trump, and are saying it.
          That is CONSPERASY there so LOCK THEM UP.

          Test out the FEMA CAMPS that the DEMOCRATS BUILT.

      15. Forward every single one of those threats to the Secret Service. At least three of the posts in the article are specific enough to warrant a visit.

      16. “death to trump and all his supporters”
        really? isn’t that like more than half the nation?…
        Oh and to all you pussies shouting “not my president”…
        not too original…I’ve been saying that about curious barry for 8 fucking years…

      17. Calm the fuk down smoke
        ht tps://

        • Yeah, I just can’t stand punks of any sort.

          That Joe Cocker bit was sweet. Saw him in Seattle in the early ’70’s.


        You libtards can make threats all you all want. Trump is here to stay.. keep crying and think that i give a rats ass because your lesbian candidate needs to keep kidnapping children to give to her minions, and wants to drag us off the consentration camps to cut off our heads with guillotines, and gang bang your female family members. Fuck you assholes. Sorry but we wont allow chi-coms and jihadist to our homes to take us away, this bullshit ends now, and we will rewrite our future and change the timeline.

        like the people will keep tolerating this bullshit. Keep dreaming… For the time being, any police reading our post, i highly recommend that you all arrest those assholes in the streets and we will support you for certain. Fuck the lib tarts, fuck them and fuck em all. No telling what kind of bullshit they plan on pulling over the next two months before the presidential inaguration. For the time being, keep prepping just incase. I will not ever stop prepping and change what i am doing.



        Donald Trump, internationally known, locally respected.

        • HCKS lives.
          Thought they picked you up or …. perhaps the nut house caught up with you and dragged you back to the padded cell, putting you back on meds.

          Glad you are here.
          Has been dull without you.
          Hope you and yours are doing well.

          Thank you for not messing up my TimeLine.
          Look up “Mandela Effect” on
          Look up “CERN”
          Then you will know …… what is really going on.

          Make America Great Again

          • HCKS,
            Ignore them.
            They’re just jealous.

      19. From Canada here, I am so disheartened by the Clinton support here. Most whisper their support for Trump due to shaming by the fucking Liberals. I am personally pushing pussy buttons.
        Thank you Alt media. Most Cluntinista’s are stupid ignorant morons who only listen to sound bites by their favorite trending stars. When the SHTF which hopefully has been pushed down the road, I know who to trust. Thank you Facebook for the heads up.Than you MSM and day time TV crap for showing the world how irrelevant you are. There is much work to do yet and danger from TPTB.

      20. Now I hope trump doesnt let up, its time to destroy the demographic changes the democrats and rhino NWO stooges have imported. Time to repeal the 1965 immigration act and restore white immigration dominant immigration, we need to ship nearly 30 million mudskins out. Dont know if it happens but that is what needs to happen. Stringent voter ID laws have to be put in place so these Libero-fascist-marxist-communist cant do this shit ever again.

        • Trump did say he wanted to cool the national jets on immigration to ensure assimilation.

      21. Where do we stand?

        We now know there are enough people in this country that are fed up with the business as usual politics. The nation is essentially still polarized but the warning was strong enough. The Republicans have the White House the Senate and the House of Representatives. A President that will set things right. Yet with those Republicans who turned on Trump I am not sure about their sincerity.
        We will see when Term Limits are discussed.
        The major point is that those who wanted a more socialistic government are on the defensive. Republicans by voting, saved the Constitution and will install reform in government. So the socialist have to go on the aggressive offense by riots. We have the right to defend ourselves and property so let them engage us if they want to. Within this sphere we have the moral high ground by not causing trouble. Only those who do, will feel the authoritative hand of government but we may also, should the government overstep it bounds. I do not think that will happen with Trump. Unless there is a major attack of some kind on the nation.

        Be Smart, Be Alert. Be Prepared.

        What we have discussed in the past can still happen.

        A Financial or Terrorist attack.

        • anon : Where do we stand? The silent majority has spoken. We do not have to cross the isle and stick our hands out. We are the majority. We need to take up the business of righting the past wrongs.

      22. Who is funding these riots? Is it possible to identify the agent provocateurs? Remove the instigators and you remove the problem so that the poor souls unfortunate enough to reside in these places can go about their lawful daily business in peace.

        There are enough real problems needing solving without this kind of nonsense. I feel sorry for the people that live in these places, as how can anyone start a small legitimate business or a community garden or class to help tackle the endemic joblessness that plagues so many homes? It makes progression impossible as you need a modest amount of capital saved enough to escape some place sensible. How can anyone put that by in these circumstances?

        Those who instigate these riots know fine well that in doing so they are trapping another generation of children into a cycle of misery. It’s not right, nor fair and it needs to be stopped.

      23. I had a disturbing thought….

        Smoke and mirrors…..

        What if, the elitist overlords chose him to win?

        And this whole “election” was just bread and circus?

        • Relax for a while, enjoy the moment.

      24. Nothing to be shocked about just the violet nature of Democrats showing again. You can always expect this kind of senseless crap out of them. They are the same people that do almost all mass shooting, murder and the largest slice of the crime in America. They will never be adults.

      25. Trump has stated he is going to undo everything Obama put into effect. That alone is going to have a major impact on a great many things.

        The Coal Industry, Education, Medical Insurance, Dispensing with many or all of the government offices that exist only to be doing exactly what someone else is already doing elsewhere (that means thousands of folks getting checks from The US Treasury will no longer be employed, and not needed as those offices will be closed). Perhaps we’ll see the coal miners come back, the factories fire back up, the pipeline from Canada finally get built and I’m betting on a “high-tech” laser-type fence (with an area of where you WILL be “zapped” as a warning (perhaps), and lasers that you simply cannot penetrate (white lasers aren’t visible …those would be fun to walk into …or 50 of them in a stack that amplifies from pole to pole (solar charged backups).

        Just undoing the messes that Obama has created around the world is going to make a tremendous difference. For instance, IRAN isn’t going to get ANY damned money (even though they are vying for it right now, and calling us names and small shit), TPP is going to be torn up, as will the NATO agreement and the weapons agreement.

        Now is a great time to keep your preps (of course) but perhaps increase your capacities “across the board” with the extra time that we’ve picked up. (Even if someone intends to invade, which as obviously never a reality, but terrorism at its best being deployed up on us by our own government). I won’t miss ANY of THAT bs in the upcoming days.

        I think it is safe to assume that these breakouts will be contained to big ole cities and prolly not a single small town. Country folk don’t burn their buildings and private homes to the ground in defiance of themselves.

        I think the biggest mess is before us, and will involve the movement of Mexicans out of the country, (as there will be millions of homes that will secretly allow them to stay, for various reasons, or if they are parentless children well then you don’t have much choice). Anyway, THAT certainly has the potential to be quite the “clearing out” and MANPOWER INTENSIVE (I can’t imagine how they would possibly locate everyone with “sweeps”, and it sure won’t happen with random “stops” by LEO’s). That one will keep you awake at night trying to figure out. It is much like getting ISIS OUT of Mosul and other places where they mingle with the regulars, except Mexicans don’t blend in well at all with anything, unless they are hotties. They can stay.

        • Equorial

          “Now is a great time to keep your preps (of course) but perhaps increase your capacities “across the board” with the extra time that we’ve picked up.”

          Good advise. The price of ammo and magazines remain stable because of a Trump win.

          In the week before the election I performed readiness checks. Did some pre-staging. Stacked stone blocks. The gear was sufficient but needed tweaking. I did find one that was deficient that was corrected. Checks and Drills a never ending PITA.

          Cool weather going to set in soon. Shorter daylight.

        • I think while we’re at it the UN should have a new home somewhere —maybe they could be real effective – say in someplace like Antarctica

      26. I really have to say I’m enjoying a moment of peace. The treat Hillary posed to America was palpable. That threat is gone.

        These idiots threatening Trump are making a yuge mistake. These commie pinkos are replacing all the tea party grandmas on the top of DHS threat lists.

        • Trump can show us great change, by getting rid of DHS and the patriot act. The left would be thrilled to get rid of it now they are no longer in power.

      27. These threats should be the first course of action for President Trump’s refurbished FBI and DOJ. But, just to give these keyboard tough guys something to think about in the meantime, I remember the old adage … “take 1 of ours and we’ll take 10 of yours.” Have a nice day! 🙂


      29. Have any of you secured your weapons?

        Have to wait and see how violent they become.

      30. I’ve never been so relieved as this morning when I woke up and discovered psycho killer commie Hillary isn’t our new President. Thank God ! One can only imagine in nightmares what our country would have been like with four years of her. I hope Trump has good security and protection, while the left is cowardly their also sneaky too. On a side note, went to Home Depot this morning and I noticed the fellow working people were all smiles and happy like me….and one dirtball glaring at everyone, I laughed as I passed by him he looked so crazed. Must have been the one guy in the entire town with a Hillary sign in his front yard !

      31. As long as they suffer no consequences they will continue this behavior.
        Once they disobey a lawful order from the police a judicial application of a nightstick across their hind quarters will dissuade them from further foolishness.
        Take back the streets!

      32. If that was someone making death threats against HRC, they would already be in jail.
        FBI get busy and show these people there is a rule of law.

      33. These people making these threats against the President and his supporters should disappear into the night and fog.

      34. Look, I know many of you will never get off your ass and come out of your basements to fight these leftists…But somebody has to, the cops are worthless and held back by their leftist mayors…So these riots will continue until they are checked. That’s the only reason I’m out here today…The internet army helped America win this election, now we need boots on the ground. Should we strike back before Trump is sworn in? I suggest we do, the need right now is to pick off the leaders of the street riots…They are clearly Muslim students (MSA) Muslim brotherhood terrorists, communists, progressives, Black nationalists/Marxists/anarchists,(((Internationalists))) Illegals, queers, Transformers and pedophiles…Do any of you want to wade into this mob and start collecting heads???

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