RIOTS: 3 Places All Hell Has Broken Loose in the Last Few Days

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    This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    A lot of people like to think that the SHTF is some distant thing that probably won’t ever happen. But, in reality, it happens every single day, someplace in the world. Riots have occurred all over the world recently, stranding travelers, destroying property, and causing serious injuries and death.

    Here are 3 different places where all hell has broken loose in just the past few days.


    It’s a bad time to be in Haiti right now. Apparently, an increase in gasoline prices has caused people to take to the street. A number of American missionaries are currently hunkering down in fear for their lives. They’re unable to get out of the country because many airlines have canceled all flights in and out of the country.

    Savannah Peek, a missionary with a team from Richmond County, North Carolina, told WSOC said they are terrified for their lives…

    …“We heard gunshots start and they were very close,” said Peek. “At this point, we all dropped immediately to the ground. We’re all on our hands and knees. Everyone’s screaming, everyone’s crying.”

    Peek said guns were handed out to civilians for protection.

    “People started passing out guns to civilians because we thought the (men) were about to break in and rob us, kill us, start a fire. We had no idea,” she said. (source)

    The US Embassy in Haiti issued the following alert:

    Due to continuing demonstrations, roadblocks, and violence across Port-au-Prince and throughout Haiti, U.S. citizens should continue to shelter in place.  Do not travel to the airport unless you confirmed your flight is departing.  Flights are canceled today and the airport has limited food and water available.

    Telecommunications services, including Internet and phone lines, have been affected throughout Haiti.  It may be difficult to reach people through normal communication methods.

    U.S. Embassy personnel are still under a shelter-in-place order.  The embassy will continue to monitor the situation.

    The U.S. Embassy will be closed for routine services Monday July 9.  Non-emergency appointments will be rescheduled for a later date.  The Embassy remains open for emergency U.S. citizen services.

    Actions to take:

    • Shelter in place. Do not attempt to travel at this time.
    • Avoid protests and any large gathering of people.
    • Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks.
    • If you encounter a roadblock, turn around and get to a safe area.
    • Let family and friends know if you are safe. (source)

    Here’s some shocking video footage of the riots.


    In Nantes, a city in France, a battle has been going on between African migrants and the French police for days now, after the police shot a 22-year-old migrant named Aboubakar Fofana. The riots went on for 4 days but eased when relatives of the Aboubakar Fofana said they were filing a lawsuit.

    Initially, police said that the victim was shot because he tried to run over a police officer with a car. Later, they admitted the shooting was in fact NOT self-defense, but an accident.

    The worst of riots looked like a war between police and migrants.

    Ouest-France reports:

    The police forces were deployed massively in the neighborhoods of the rioters. They fired Molotov cocktails at Breil and Bellevue and responded with tear gas grenades.

    In total, 35 vehicles were burned. To prevent a resurgence of fires, since last night, Friday, July 6, the Region has banned the retail sale of fuel and fireworks.

    In the Breil district, the beginning of a fire hit a building of the Nantes Habitat social landlord. The damage, however, seems small: except for some traces of fire near the building, only a window is barred by a sign; the building is intact.

    “Put your weapons, gang of assassins” or “you are going to be afraid in your houses” are the slogans that were launched to the CRS came to reinforcement in the districts. (source)

    According to Zero Hedge, things are only going to get worse in France.

    The  GEFIRA team expect riots in France to become more and more violent and eventually lethal. Like most Western European societies and the US, the demographic change and the gradual replacement will come with a hefty price.

    There are signs that white French bourgeoisie youth will join the violent protests, like Black bloc and Antifa. (source)

    Here’s some video footage of the chaos in Nantes.


    And right here in the United States, violent riots have erupted over the Trump administration, political differences, and immigration policies. Portland has been the heart of many political movements since the election of President Trump, starting the day after the election in which Hillary Clinton suffered a surprise loss.

    The riots in the city have been going on for the past couple of months, with some particularly heated moments occurring in early July. A Patriot Prayer rally turned violent when members of Antifa showed up and began pelting them with firecrackers, eggs, and water bottles.

    The counterprotesters were identified as the Eugene Antifa, who named their demonstration“Defend PDX: Patriot Prayer’s Violence Must End.”

    “It is very important that antifascists keep up the pressure so that we can stop them once and for all,” a Facebook event page for the counterprotest read.

    “While many acolytes have broken away from Gibson at this point, the core that remains, largely Proud Boys, have grown increasingly violent,” the page said. “For this reason we must sustain our campaign, and keep up our efforts on as many fronts as possible until they completely cease their despicable activity.” (source)

    The demonstrators didn’t hesitate to fight back and police used firecrackers, smoke bombs, flash bangs and “aerial distraction in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

    This isn’t the first time the groups have gone head to head. They also became violent toward one another in early June and previously, in 2017. Below is a video of what some people are calling “The Battle of Portland.”

    What can we learn from all this?

    I’m all for protesting and demonstrating against things that are unjust. The right to peaceful protest is written right into the American constitution.

    But what we can all learn from this is how quickly something that starts out as a peaceful protest can be disrupted and turned into a violent riot. It can happen anywhere, at any time, and if you are unfortunate enough to be nearby, it can be a life-threatening emergency in some cases.

    Here are the things to remember:

    • Learn to watch the signs and foresee when violence is about to erupt so you can get yourself and your family safely away.
    • Make a plan to keep your family safe during times of civil unrest if it should occur near your home. (This article can help.)
    • Avoid situations that are likely to become violent.
    • Remember that fire is one of the most common weapons used in a riot.
    • If you are traveling when violence erupts, plan to hunker down. Contact the American Embassy for help. DO NOT go to the airport unless you know for sure your flight is definitely taking off.
    • Remember that the police and military may be every bit as violent as the crowd and will not have time to differentiate between you and a protester.
    • If you’re caught in a crowd, move diagonally to get yourself out of the masses. Hold on to children so that you do not get separated.

    The best thing you can do is avoid trouble. The second best thing you can do is know how to handle it if trouble comes to you.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. 3 places I’ll never go to.

      2. Idiots

      3. You’d have to be out of your mind to go to friggin Haiti.

        • Menzo, I used to have trouble with Haitians when I lived in MIAMI. They’re just like the blacks in the US. They’re lazy, shiftless, think the world owes them something, won’t work, prefer to commit crimes against anyone they choose, etc. Totally useless scum. One of them with a drinking problem ran over my wife with his car when she was crossing a street on foot. That incident only INCREASED my hatred of them. I would just as soon shoot them than to even look at them. And you’re right that anyone who goes to Haiti is a damn fool.

        • I was there in 1976….pretty much looks the same now except all the tents that clintoons sent, instead of building houses, for which they got paid to do. Streets are paved now instead of gravel. Water probably still has parasites in it….drink Coke instead. Instead of VD, you will get AIDs. I see ol Bravefart is back. I haven’t been here for a long time, then noticed he didn’t have any posts for a couple days, I was worried some of his neighbors broke in his house again, but with him in it and he finally gave them a dirt nap.

          • So the TROLL anonymous is back? Long time no hear from. Not here as much as I used to be. More things going on these days. Back at the BOL til’ the 15th. And hell yes I’ll still shoot any scum who tries to break into my humble abode. I’m just lucky it’s never happened yet but the way things are shaping up the chances of it happening are going up. Take care.

            • @ bravefart..good to hear you’re doing OK. I hope you retire soon and get out of there. As you know, in monkeyville, if you shoot someone in your house, they will throw YOU in jail. I just got so busy up here with the short growing season that I haven’t had time to read the fear porn anymore and as you figured out by now…..nobody knows “when”. Good Luck. Dave in Idaho.

        • or Portland…

      4. Wonder why living and political conditions are so very different in Haiti than they are in the Dominican Republic?

        They’re two sides of the same Island, you’d think they would be much more alike.

        • Because one (Dominican) is Christian, and the other is predominantly Voodoo. So their values are very different….or lack of them for the Haitians. Not all, but a large amount…..sort of like Washinton DC.

      5. This is why I avoid people.

        There are two reasons I don’t like people.
        Number one…I don’t know them.
        Number two…I know them.

        • Exactly, couldn’t agree with you more!

      6. Don’t care one bit. Let them kill each other off.

      7. Haiti used to be beautiful when white people controlled the blacks there. But black Haitians revolted and murdered whites. It’s been a dump ever since. I do fear for the white missionaries, as these black people in Haiti just kill whites without discriminating between friend and foe.

        This genocidal behavior has a genetic component. Just as the Middle Eastern Muslims and the Isrealhell extremists, genocide is part of the culture.

        Knock white people all you want, but white’s are not that way as a group. Once Native Americans were subdued, white’s left them land. They did not exterminate Native Americans.

        France has been screwed since the (((French Revolution))).

        And Portland, Oregon is, I don’t know. What’s up with Portland?


        • Fuck the missionaries, they went there to spread their religion, so they can just suffer the consequences. They’re on their own.

        • B, damn right about white people. White people are not the problem out there. The MINORITIES are the problem. Portland, Oregon is now just as commie as Cali.

          • You’re really dumb, Deplorable Blowhard. White liberals are the problem. Get a clue. Go back to to humping goats at the “BOL” (your trailer).

            • DRR, I’ll agree with your point about white liberals but you can go take a flying leap with the rest of your comments.

      8. “People started passing out guns to civilians because we thought the (men) were about to break in and rob us, kill us, start a fire. We had no idea,” she said. (source)

        The stupid, it burns. Let these do-gooders get some o dat vibrant cultural enrichment. They might get a clue, at long last.

      9. There is no logical reason to waste money on a mission trip to a foreign country. Do mission trips to Appalachia which has at least 33 of the poorest counties in the American Republic.

        Send money and supplies to places like Haiti but never send people. Recruit local evangelists within a country to maximize results. Otherwise you are a wicked servant and wasting YHWH’s resources.

        How much money was wasted on airfare alone?

        There are seldom exceptions. American Baptists have done an enormous service digging water wells in 3rd world countries, but the goal is to teach locals who then teach other local. The goal is not to feel good by an American Christian digging a well, but giving locals starting materials and guidance so locals do the work.

        How many water wells can be dug in Haiti for the price of sending a single American Christian? It’s so nonsensical as to be absurd.

        • Bingo! Same goes with our government sending foreign “aid” to scum bag countries. Spend here…not at all is a better idea.

      10. Ok let them tear up the cities where they live, because when they come out to Good Old Boy county the will get a Ass Kicken like they never had before.


      11. Summer is riot season.
        Whoever heard of a riot in winter?

        • The Bolshevik Revolution in October/November 1917, Russia.

      12. We as Americans are one mass text away from becoming a Marxist example of the evil left.

        You could be walking down a street, and fight off a mugger, only to find yourself at the wrong end of a live action edited video that now portrays you as the aggressor, and the poor ignorant immigrant (your attacker) as the victim.

        Don’t laugh I had a real life similar situation happen to me, my only grace, the trespassing, perpetrator chickened out when it came to filing a false formal complaint, and lying under oath.

        There are lots of people able to lie openly without remorse, usually they are psychotic or even schizophrenic personalities. I met an incredibly beautiful woman once, who was out of her freaking mind. She often lied about me to others, and had tried to manipulate others against me. She did worse to one person I knew and got her fired from her job (she knew too much ). She reminded me of Casey Anthony. I expect still to this day to read about her in the news.

        I recognized her for what she was very early, and gave her little to no information she could hurt me with.

        I may seem to digress here, but if you ever find yourself in a real SHTF situation, expect some people you know and trust to do bizzar stuff to screw you, for their advantage.

        • So you’ve met my ex-wife!

      13. Since the article mentioned the Portland Riot, I saw a twitter post that the Antifa are planning another protest against ICE on 7/17/18 at their local ICE facility all over the country. Don’t know how firm this is.

        • What they are forgetting is that ICE is on federal property. They’re accustomed to safe spaces where the city and state let them rampage — the feds have no problem swooping in and stopping them.

      14. anonymous, Dominican Republic was a colony of Great Britain, Hati belonged to the French. Hati had slavery,DR did not. The difference between British and French colonialism.

      15. I have been to France and Haiti. France was good up until the 1980s and then went downhill fast after that. Every year that passes, France sucks some more. In the 1980s, France was clean and they had amazing public infrastructure (high-speed trains etc.). Since then, their cities have filled up with Muslims and Africans and the places have degenerated into squalor and crime. They are also filthy and shabby. France tends to have riots now all summer long. There is no respect for the rule of law and I have lost count of the beautiful French women I have known who have fled for Australia, Canada etc. to get away from that sad chaos.

        As for Haiti, it was very nice there for two decades: the 50s and 60s. Haiti was a tourist hot-spot and there were beautiful mansions all over the place. The population was much smaller and the island was green and beautiful. And then they had the dictators, the missionaries, the Clintons and the population grew out of control and the island’s greenery was depleted so much it is now a human population and environmental disaster zone. Throw in AIDS, which is rampant, and you have a place that has turned literally into hell on earth. So it is a perfect place to have dangerous sex, perform Voodoo rituals, and be straight up evil. That’s why the Clintons love it there.

      16. When any red blooded conservative Christian man sees Antifa and BAMN marching and creating fires and mayhem, then it is natural to want to fight back. And it is stupid to do so as it only gets you a police record and likely bodily harm and lost wealth as a result.

        Instead, do what Brits did under their riots. Neighbors organized hand-in-hand and shielded and defended their neighborhoods so the violence and theft did not spill over.

        That is wisdom versus rage . Apply calm strategy and tactics and you will be like Roman centurions versus wild near useless Gauls.

      17. Only a fool adopts the ineffective amateurish tactics of the enemy. Instead plan and develop sound strategy and tactics that are organized and rely on discipline.

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