Right “Explodes In Anger” Over Trump’s New Immigration Push

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Headline News | 144 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.com


    Trump’s base woke up to a fairly surprising flip-flop this morning from the White House on DACA and the infamous, beautiful border wall which was discussed repeatedly on the campaign trail throughout 2016. It all started when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after their White House dinner with the President last night:

    “We had a very productive meeting at the White House with the President. The discussion focused on DACA. We agreed to enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and to work out a package of border security, excluding the wall, that’s acceptable to both sides.”

    That statement was followed up by a tweet storm (we covered it here) from the President this morning which seemingly revealed his complete support for DACA and referred to ‘The Wall’ as a “renovation of old and existing fences and walls” rather than the “physically imposing” yet “aesthetically pleasing” structure that he repeatedly promised his supporters.

    The apparent flip flop by the President resulted in an immediate backlash from some of his most vocal supporters with Ann Coulter wondering aloud over twitter, “at this point, who DOESN’T want Trump impeached?”

    Meanwhile, former Congressman and nationally syndicated radio host Joe Walsh blasted Trump for getting “screwed by Chuck and Nancy.”

    And, not surprisingly, Trump’s former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon took direct aim at the White House with a series of negative headlines.



    So what say you? Clever, “4-D” calculated move by a President just looking for small policy achievements or did Trump just destroy his base and cement his fate as a one-term President?


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          • You just cant continue saying ” TRUMP. TRUMP IS THE BIGGEST VICTIM HERE.” Whats a matter with you? Dont you KNOW that NO U.S President has been in charge since 1963? Come on…

            • Ray, welcome. I had a brief look at your website and it’s interesting; will check it out more. I am aware that no POTUS has really been in charge since JFK was killed but with Trump being a businessman and NOT a politician we were all hoping for PEACEFUL change in this country. I still maintain that it’s a plausible scenario about Trump being drugged by SOMEONE on the WH staff. I am awake and totally aware of the NWO plot to take over this world. No ignorance on my part. I do appreciate your concern.

          • Deplorable, I agree , but these are all valid questions asked ? He is still our only hope when all is said and done.

        • Only way is to get rid of every last encubent and their staff as well as anyone appointed to any position with any kind of power, and by get rid of i mean gone for good

          • Nailbanger, you nailed it again. Either clean house or this nation is finished.

            • This “Nation” was finished long ago! When are people gonna wake up and realize that? We will NEVER get the Constitutional Republic of the United States back from the “powers that be” at the Ballot Box! Mr. Jefferson said it best, I believe, when he stated “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. But enough Patriots willing to make that sacrifice will never come together in sufficient numbers in order to refresh that tree of liberty. And so, we are doomed.

              • Steve you hit the nail on the head. I like most patriots hope that Trump is what we want and need however,there is no way of knowing for sure where he is at and what part he plays. I believe that WE are out here alone and we are losing.
                Jefferson was dead on correct but like you I think we will continue to be the frog in the pan of water.

        • Brave, sorry but you have no proof of that because it isn’t true. He also is not being drugged against his will or knowledge. You have no proof of that either because it’s not true. He has syphilis along with early dementia and in his 20’s was also diagnosed with NPD narcissism, which is a mental and personality disorder. He’s also a coke addict, although he may have overcome that addiction by now.

          He not only cheated on his first wife Ivana with Marla Maples, he attended regular drug and sex parties throughout his first marriage, some hosted by billionaire pedophile Jeff Epstein, and had sex with many women throughout the years, including 14-16 yr old girls, hence the syphilis.

          He openly admitted this himself on the Howard Stern radio show back in the late 80’s and a few times in the 90’s pre-internet. He even bragged about it on the air for all adult NYers and those in the surrounding areas to hear on their way to work and also read about in the local papers. “I like a lot of them, the more women the better, and sometimes I also like them young too, real young.”

          Stern said jokingly “You’re a real sexual predator, aren’t you?” to which Trump replied “Maybe”, and laughed. They both laughed. We were appalled. I am not a lib but even my liberal parents were disgusted. Stern is a real pos himself just like Epstein and Trump. Birds of a feather….

          Everyone around here over 55 knows what he’s really all about. Aside from the physical abuse that was why Ivana divorced him. Every adult here with a moral compass knew he was humiliating her. She is under permanent gag order (NDA) in exchange for high alimony payments, hush money.

          If you lived in or near NYC, within a 100 mile range at that time, and were also an adult by the early 80’s you’d know this is true. That’s why NYers and surrounding area residents with a moral compass who were over the age of 55 during the election didn’t vote for him. Because they know his seedy background and know about his sordid affairs. They know firsthand he has no morals. While you are worried about him he doesn’t give a shit about you. He uses people and he used voters to get into the WH.

          He will never build the wall either. He will find an excuse. A believable excuse. You were duped but aren’t man enough to admit it. And brainwashed too. Trump is a globalist and he is also a Democrat. He never was a Republican and still isn’t. Parading around as a Republican doesn’t mean he actually is one. He’s a conman and a liar. And an imposter.

          Sure, Hillary Clinton is worse, but he isn’t this innocent victim you seem to think he is.

          Brainwashed. People who’ve been brainwashed don’t know they are brainwashed because if they knew they wouldn’t be brainwashed, would they?

          • A fine piece of cognitive dissonance you’ve written. Are you programmed trained or just gifted?

          • The thing that scares me is what you are saying is possibly all true! If it is, we as a country are certainly screwed. We don’t have anyone else. Maybe Cruise I guess.

          • Anonymous:

            Your post is nonsense. For one thing, syphilis is cured by antibiotics. For another thing, go listen to Trump’s verbal sparing. No person with any form of dementia is that sharp. Trump does not drink. Attending parties and bragging about your manliness does not prove he used drugs or dated teenagers. So tell it to someone dumb enough to believe you.


            • B from CA, No, your post is the nonsense post, not mine. You didn’t even read my post to reply in a coherent manner. You’re the fing know it all of shtf.

              Syphilis is curable IF it’s caught in the early stages. His wasn’t. Or maybe he didn’t respond to the penicillin. And then maybe it is cured, and he just acts as though something is wrong with his brain. I mean, he does have NPD. In the 80’s and early 90’s he had sex with underage girls 13-16 who had possibly had sex with men who had syphilis. Or maybe he raped them because at that age sex is not only illegal, the girls aren’t emotionally mature or old enough to consent. What parent of a 13-16 yr old girl wouldn’t be angry that a 30-40-something yr old man was having sex with their daughter? Hmm?

              If you had entered adulthood prior to the early 80’s, and were living in the NYC area like a few million of us, you’d know all about that scandal. He’s also openly admitted “I like ’em young, REAL young”, among other documented comments and everyone here knew he meant girls aged 13-16, not early 20’s, or 18-21 yr-old young women. He actually laughed about being called a sexual predator. There are groups here, that if pushed any further, might just start exposing him and all the little-known lies.

              He’s not sharp, as you mistakenly assume. He reads from a teleprompter that is scripted by professional writers. And whenever he doesn’t he sounds like the idiot that he is. Ivanka is there to make him look like less of an idiot. She’s there to normalize her personality disordered narcissistic father. It’s no secret he has NPD, a serious personality disorder which means he cares ONLY about power and control and enriching himself. Part of the disorder. Look it up, know it all.

              The dementia is early stage and at that stage the person is not incoherent or babbling incoherently. Those not close to the person in early dementia wouldn’t even know the person has dementia because fyi at that stage they can still function, and articulate and comprehend. But, what’s your excuse?

              You obviously have reading comprehension problems. I didn’t say he dated the teen girls because he didn’t. You inserted that in there, twisted the truth and spun my post around. He had sex with them, or forced them, whichever, and if he forced them then it’s not sex, it’s rape. Or statutory rape. With all of your defending and caring about him, he cares nothing about you or those who voted for him.

              I never said I attended these disgusting underage sex parties because I didn’t. You inserted that in my post and spun that too. I see you do this often. Reread my post and you’ll see that you have reading comprehension problems. He openly bragged about these parties. These were coke and sex parties, many of which were hosted by his best buddy, registered sex offender pedophile, Jeff Epstein. “Jeff has hosted the best parties ever, I love the guy”, one comment of many. What kind of a person would have a pedophile for a best friend? Something to think about.

              He doesn’t drink because the alcohol affects him in such a way where he could easily get arrested. He was drunk once at an elitist event and was grabbing the women right in front of their husbands and acting badly. The reports were that he was acting very inappropriately. That’s just one example. That news never made it out of the area in the 80’s and early 90’s. It wasn’t national news. All of this about him was local news only. The older locals here with morals and a conscience know the truth.

              Just because you never heard it doesn’t mean it’s false. You are gullible, and stupid too. And btw, while you’re loving all things Trump, I guarantee you Trump doesn’t give a shit about you.

              He’s not accepted by the older NYC elitists, specifically those with a moral compass because they know what he’s really all about and know he’s all about himself. When he was shown a video of these appalling drunken behavior scenes after sobering up he vowed never to drink again because the mask he hides behind falls off while intoxicated. That’s really why he doesn’t drink. NYers over the age of 60 with a moral compass know this. He turns into worse than an idiot when under the influence. That’s why he doesn’t dare drink, not because his brother died of alcoholism… as he so claims to inspire pity.

              I wasn’t bragging about my manliness. I am a woman like yourself, only I have a moral compass AND a conscience. Learn to read before replying or don’t reply. Your replies are immature and stupid. And misleading too.

              Oh, and stop giving half-truth advice on here. From now on, for steering posters the wrong way, I am going to correct your posts, something I didn’t bother to do but now I will be sure to do. You give misleading advice. You’re too ‘know it all dumb’ to believe the truth.

              • Wow Anonymous:
                Taking criticism awfully hard aren’t you.
                Thanks, I always wanted to know it all. That’s why I study. Some of your misunderstanding about my post comes from the word “you” when I should have typed “he”. I never ment that you were at a party with Trump.
                Truth be told, I don’t want Trump removed.

                I know that antibiotics must be given before the disease has invaded the brain. I also know a great deal about dementia. I’ve taken care of patients with the condition.

                The problem with knowing more than is typically known about a subject is that current wisdom is often erroneous. Even so-called experts are wrong.

                Two Doctors can disagree.

                You won’t be able to critique my work. I am going to be very busy for a while. No time to impart my gems of real wisdom.

                What will happen if Trump is impeached? I don’t think it will be good for Americans.

                Good luck on this site. Try to find the courage to post by a name of some kind. I recognize your psychology oriented posts. I disagreed with your former post stating that there are so many people with sociopathy.


                • Anonymous is right. B from CA is a buffoon. Always hiding in his basement to get away from his grotesque wife, just typing away pretending to know it all…

          • Spot on analysis of the vice peddling pussy grabbing piece of filth from the bowels of hell!!!!

            • Ron Ahrens, I have always liked to grab pussies and still do occassionally ! Try it you might like it.

        • While in other news…..

          US Air Force sprays Harvey-stricken Texas with controversial chemicals… Naled, an organophosphate (OP) insecticide…

          You and fukin trumptard…. Morons…

          • Orion, go f#$% yourself.

          • Orion- Does Trump know that happened? Did he take action and do anything to prevent or stop the spraying? I mean he is the POTUS, shouldn’t he have known and not allowed it? If by chance he wasn’t aware then shouldn’t he be addressing it?

        • It is far more probable and possible Vice President Pence limited Trump’s Executive Powers under the 25th that enables the VP to suspend or otherwise place the President under house arrest of limited to no actual authorities or removal initiated by the VP and Staff-Cabinet that might I add Pence was in charge of selecting the transition team for Trump’s approval.

          People would do well to remember Pence’s MO is the “I tried” card before conducting a full 180 on controversial issues as he did routinely in Indiana as Governor.

          It should have been blatantly obvious the moment Trump picked Pence as Vice President. The Vice President also known as the President of Congress capable of overruling the Parliamentarian and manages and oversees the smoothness and effectiveness of Executive Orders, Actions, Directives, Proclamations, and etc.

          Trump might as well have nominated Niel Bush for VP who worked in Cruz’s campaign, and brother to W. Bush and J Bush.

          • Seen, Yes agreed, but Trump still picked Pence who is a pos. Trump is 100% responsible for Pence being in the WH, a point that isn’t debatable. That’s because Trump can’t ACCURATELY judge others’ character. Maybe because he’s of poor character himself. You know, birds of a feather…

            FYI, most of the posters on this board are in denial.

            Trump is not being drugged. He’s always acted that way from as far back as I remember, in the 70’s and 80’s and even into the 90’s to current. Still the same old Trump, inspiring pity and getting over on people. Always been like what you see now. When it comes to inspiring pity and playing the victim he’s a pro.

            If one doesn’t have a history with him one might not know all that.

            Myself, I’d start listening to people who started out admiring him and who have a history with him because they lived near him for 20+ years. But nope. Not on this board.

            They’re in denial and not willing to admit they had him all wrong. They’re not brave and courageous, they’re cowards who won’t admit we’re in deep trouble with Trump.

            They instead follow what Braveheart and the other long-timers on here say before they’ll listen to the people who have real insights and who actually have a history with Trump. They’re in denial and don’t know it, which is why they can’t come out of denial.

            Hey, I wish Trump was real and was the one to MAGA. But I have a history with him as do millions of others and we know, sadly, that just isn’t true. BOTH Hillary and Trump are horrible people. Neither candidate was a good choice.

            Only two choices here, no in-between; either accept the truth OR believe a lie, your choice. Whatever you select you’ll either be basing future conclusions and reactions on a lie or on the truth. That is the reality.

      2. ALL the dumbed down drunken toxic dump TRUMPBOT COWARDS now get to see who that vile disgusting evil vice peddling pussy grabbing GLOBALIST FASCIST PSYCHOPATH LYING piece of filth Orange Satan really is, and who really controls(deep state) the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America…….go get drunk and gobble down some toxic GMO fake food poison Trumpbot cowards, and understand you have been duped and fooled again, so go do what you fools, idiots, and drunken bum COWARDS do best after you whored out your children’s health, freedoms, and future ONCE AGAIN to murderous genocidal criminal treasonous Globalist Corporatist Fascist psychopaths controlling the United States Corporation Government!!!!

        • Ron Ahrens, and Obama, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Hillary, Lois Lerner , Koskinen, DWS, S Rice and many others are the real good guys right ?

          Who is the fool and misguided coward now ?

      3. he just got tired of fightin’ the dims….his way of ending his prez-duncy. no second term for THIS chump.

        • buttcrackofdoom, this whole situation makes me sick. You know what else can make a person sick is eating bad food and drinking contaminated water (see what I did there, it’s not off topic).

          Selco said that they had a sickroom where people would go when they got bad diarrhea. That brings up the MOST IMPORTANT MEDICAL PREP we can have in a grid down situation. That is …

          Oral Rehydration Salts ORS (100, One Liter Packets/Box) World Health Organization (WHO) New Formula for Food Poisoning, Hangovers, Diarrhea,…

          h ttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OG8G9UM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1

          This simple prep is not sexy, but it may really save your or a loved ones life.

          • Justice, “Selco said” what makes you think he is real and is telling you any truth at all ?

            By the way the best solution for any food poisoning is coconut charcoal. It has many medical and health uses besides simply water filtration/purification uses. Far superior and far more cost effective than any other system on the planet bar none ! Another simple fact.

        • buttcrackofdoom, maybe correct, time will surely tell. I ain’t given up yet !

      4. You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

        I wasn’t fooled by him,still better than Hillary maybe,maybe not we’ll see. I’ll just hide and watch

      5. everybody KNOWS that ALL you do is pass a law guaranteeing PRISON for hiring one, and they all find their own way HOME.

        • Buttcrackofdoom: It has always been just that easy. But will never happen.

        • Good point
          what’s the hold up to getting laws like that passed?
          Seems like a no brainier.

          • Corrupt politicians

            • B-I-N-G-O!….it’s because the MAJORITY WANT it that way.

              • buttcrackofdoom , they are not even close to the majority. Just the same old elite 1% we allow to control us. The deep state is just the head of the snake

            • Nailbanger , indeed corruption at every level of politics, special interest and of course the deep state apparatus that wants complete control, NWO. Can’t have any borders for NWO now can we ?

          • Reagans “final immigration reform” of 1986 provided all of the tools necessary. problem the government did nothing.

        • That law was passed years ago, obviously it didn’t work.
          Build the wall.

          • Thats because like everything else it was only selectively enforced, its all just bullshit

          • Build the wall and jail all the drywall contractors that hire the e-lee-gals.

          • haven’t y’all noticed, every time sumthin’ BAD happens, they just GOT to rush along a new LAW….when it was illegal ALREADY…..i believe MORE people are waking from their stupor in america EVERY day.

        • buttcrackofdoom, agreed. The wall is a lot like the “Burka Ban”. I think it’s misdirection. There are real substantive changes that would be much more effective.

          I don’t know where you guys live, but where I’m at, WE ARE AT FULL OCCUPANCY! There’s no more room at the Inn.

        • My concern is that there are loads of laws and regulations regarding illegal aliens and they are not enforced.

          Also, how many work whether as day labor or have their own business?

      6. Wait until the vice peddling pussy grabbing Globalist criminal treasonous psychopath orders Martial Law and GUN CONFISCATION…..watching the dumbed down drunken toxic dump Trumpbot COWARDS handing over their guns to their new God Orange Satan Trump and the Anti-Christ Kushner…now that is going to be epic history to watch.

      7. He’s just playing chess with the Dems. they are losing and don’t know it. Wait for the final results,the sausage hasn’t been made yet, there’s a lot of misinformation out there by the press and the dems as usual.

        • Jim in Va.;
          I Hope to God you’re right.

        • “Chess”? No.
          The fix is in.

        • Jim in Va, this goes way deeper than the red/blue paradigm

      8. Is it possible that Trump was the ultimate Manchurian candidate, put in by the dems to trick you & me into voting for him.!!! If so, we are truly doomed.

      9. I say kill all polititians and kick anyone without a visa out, restructure the government, fire everybody and start from scratch, the reality is that this thing is briken neyond simple repair and needs a gut

        • Broken beyond, freakin fat finger

        • The reality…..
          Nothing will ever again happen that resembles the constitutional republic we were born into if you are 50 or older.
          Shit will just keep going down hill, your rights etc ya might as well either go Galt or suck it up and accept the decline.

          • How many of you have actually READ the US Constitution? Read the debates of the time of its creation?

            WE THE PEOPLE are a part of our government, and when we stopped doing OUR duty, it started collapsing.

            Who does the US Constitution assign to
            — Enforce the US Constitution (supreme LAW) and each state’s Constitution (highest LAW of the state except in the rare instances of conflict with the supreme LAW),
            — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
            — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
            — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”
            in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15?

            Each state’s Militia is made up of “We the People” protecting our own interests, homes, states, nation, and enforcing the Constitutions against those who serve wtihin our governments.

          • Nailbanger, that is the sad truth that we must accept. It breaks my heart with rage and sadness, but what we knew and loved is gone. Replaced by this abomination, this perverted circus.

            All I can do is pray for God’s kingdom to come quickly!

            • Justice, “All I can do is pray for God’s kingdom to come quickly!”

              There is much more everybody can do than simply that. Besides God is not gonna save anybody, we must save ourselves right here on this planet by or own decisions and actions. Christians of today call it our free will. You should know that part or you have simply given up on your life ? I have no idea which.

          • Nailbanger, largely correct, but there are other ways to proceed and we do not know what outlier events will come forward. Also depends on what you consider going Galt is ? America has been whacked in many ways for long time, well before BHO and crew came along and put it all on steroids for all to see in living color. How many people just woke up in the last few years or even more recent ? That should tell you something in a big way ! A collapse of some sort might be be hest thing that can happen ?

        • Well said!

          • Nailbanger, damn you for telling the truth! 🙂

            • like. that’s a THING on one of them there social media places, i’ve heard.

        • Agree 10,000% Time for some death

        • Agree 10,000% – time for some death

        • We do truly need to get rid of ALL of them or we are doomed beyond belief. There absolutely has to be a major Purge or else…

      10. Somebody is lying!
        Why is Trump not screaming treason for everyone who is breaking aii the laws of our Constitution. The invasion of illegals, (foreign countries), hiding and hiring illegals by sanctuary cities, non-cooperative law enforcement, destruction of our economy and American jobs, obstruction of justice by judges who have no Constitutioal rights to MAKE laws, and lawmakers who refuse to uphold their Constitutional duty. If these aren’t treasonous actions against our people and our Constitution……. I don’t know what is!
        Trump knows less than I do about who to trust. He loves those Obummer anti American appointees, evidently.

      11. So we are allowing 800K illegals to stay and sponge up our kids jobs? What are these people thinking? We don’t have enough work for our own people. Its time for our elected officials to start taking care of the people who elected them.
        If our economy tanks like all the “pros” say it will, what then? Self deportation? These illegals will do anything to keep their claws embedded in our economy and society.

        • money grows on trees now, don’tcha’ know?

          • BCOD, money grows at the U.S. MINT. Those printing presses keep rolling 24/7/365.

            • Yes they print 24×7 . And have done so for half a century. However those presses do not print anything larger than the $100 bill. Paper money wears out. The mint burn,s truckloads of worn out paper cash every day. The actual paper cash to represent the trillions of digital Petro Dollars does not exist. There will never be folks with wheelbarrows of paper money to try and buy a loaf of bread. The Fiat petro Dollars are created out of thin air by adding zeros ahead of the decimal point on a spread sheet. Its like this On paper all of my assets are worth more than a million dollars. We are so called Paper Millionaires. Do we have a million dollars in cash at our disposal. No we do not. We would need to liquidate and get appraised value for everything we own. Then the tax man would robb at least 1/2 of that. We normally have around ten grand in actual paper cash seed money in our possession. The remainder of our million is digital currency or tied up in assets.

        • “These people” hate the heritage of America, and want to ensure that the majority European-American population soon becomes a minority population. These moves aren’t simply random events. It’s happening according to plan.

          • I believe your are correct when you say the events are not random. Everything is staged and payed for by people wanting to end us. An item they haven’t thought of at this point…who’s going to feed them when we’re gone?

      12. We all Knew that Trump wasn’t really going to Make America Great Again. Or Drain the swamp. Of course we hoped that the fairy tale would become true. However the decline continues. When the Gold backed Yuan supersedes the digital fiat created out of thin air Petro dollar that’s the collapse we have all been expecting. Prep for a stone age existence. and if we get anything less so much for the better.

        • OG,
          I think America has gold reserves exceeding
          the sum of the three next 3 countries with vast reserves,
          according to Forbes (May of 2016).
          They claim USA has ~8,133.5 metric tons.
          which is about 261 billion dollars in today’s spot price
          of ~$1,333 per troy ounce(if I did my arithmetic correctly)
          China has ~1,797 metric tons. That is a lot less.
          You could argue that we have gotten rid of our
          gold, but I doubt it.
          There is not a modern country in the world that could
          switch to a gold standard.
          I’d rather have land and resources( such as coal, oil, and natural gas) than tons of “Good delivery” gold bars.

          • But can you exchange your dollars for gold? The Yuan is being backed by gold. I don’t know the rate of exchange but there is a existing exchange. and Russia is currently selling China oil in exchange for Yuan. And Yes I don’t think there is any gold left in fort Knox. They claim isn’t any real proof.

            • There has not been an audit of the gold in Ft. Knox SINCE 1956!!!!
              Me thinks there is a lot of IMAGINARY gold in there. Maybe some on a pallet SOMEWHERE
              in there. Calling bullshit on Mnuchin and his claim that everything is okay.

            • OG
              “But can you exchange your dollars for gold”?
              Yes but would I want to?
              As I always maintain, Money is not wealth,
              it is a way to transfer wealth.
              Wealth is land, resources and productive people.

              • “Wealth is land, resources and productive people”

                True, but greedy governments will try to tax these out of your possession.

          • if we still got all the gold, them why did it take the germans YEARS to get their gold from U.S that they loaned U.S.?…remember how long it took the french to get their silver back in 1971? ONE EFFEN DAY….they came over in a battleship, and loaded it all up and BOOGIED!

            • How much gold do you think the Rothschild family have stashed away – I suspect they are a bit obsessive about it.

      13. If this is really true this country may not have 5 years left. I’m gonna wait and see if those DACA recipients either start self exporting, or if they start disappearing for one reason or another. This is insane!

        • Why would DACA recipients start self deportation? They know they can stay in the US and receive generous handouts, courtesy of the working men and women of America.

          Maybe its time we all stopped working, collected welfare and watched the federal system collapse under the strain of too many welfare payments?

      14. President Trump just played masterful poker. He put the entire onus back on Congress to pass legislation he knows they won’t do and bought the Dems into the fray by leading them on to say a deal was in effect and that they would work with the Repugnicans….he suckered them both into a position where now they must put money where their campaign promises and public statements demand them too. He walks away Scott free when they fail to do it. It will all be Congress fault now for failure.

      15. And he did away with an illegal program that came from illegal Executive actions that he is no longer bound to support by nullifying Obama’s DACA. After six monthshe can point the finger and say blame Congress, all they had to do was pass suitable legislation. He said what he would sign, but now they must deliver it.

      16. I’m sorry I ever voted for the lying snake.

        • Well, Brent your choices sucked but it could have been worse.
          Now, how much worse is a matter of speculation isn’t it?

          • Well Ketch that’s the truth. We had a choice between a heap of turds and a pile of poop. Voting is futile.

            • In my AO it certainly is.

            • if VOTING made a difference, they wouldn’t let U.S. do……oh, never mind…..

              • One “Soda Jerk” is the same as the other. Just remember when you’re watching the one hand, the other one is moving too.

      17. Fake economy is beginning to implode time to run on the bank. That’s what I’m gonna do. Gonna take it all out and when gov wants to know what happened to it gonna tell them I got hooked on drugs and took up gambling it’s gone. Surely they can understand.

      18. At this point it looks like Trump has been eliminated and their is a look alike in his place?

      19. the republican folks sit on their ass and cant get anything done, meanwhile Trump makes a deal. The republican “leadership” must be removed from office. Voting in one way. Investigation is another way.


      21. The push for “common sense” gun control will begin soon.

        • DBC, that’s when ‘common sesne’ SELF-DEFENSE will start happening.

      22. Trump is pretending to have work crews, complete with equipment, ready to start construction on the wall. He’s actually staged the site. Not the first time I’ve seen this shenanigan played out.

        HOUSTON/CYPRESS/KATY/SHTF — Maybe HCKS knows someone there in that area who can check this out, fact-check and verify.

        Since they’ve declared Martial Law, partially in the area where they are supposedly starting the wall, and in other areas not anywhere near the fake wall construction staging, not sure if they can access the staged site to keep an eye on the supposed “progress.” I think one reason for the Martial Law is so this can’t be proven because no one can get anywhere near the first phase of the supposed wall construction to check it out with their own eyes. But make no mistake, in the coming weeks Trump will post photos of the early/first phase of the wall. Don’t fall for it. It’s a lie.

        No one can prove its a lie because he’s declared Martial Law in the area and also in other nearby areas (in order not to arouse suspicions) that are not anywhere near the imaginary wall that he is soon to claim he’s getting started on. We need to stop falling for his ruses.

        Look at his history: For one, in the early 90’s Trump promised a skating rink near a NYC park, if the local residents donated a certain amount of money and if we reached a specified goal. That financial goal was achieved. He promised with the money and his know-how and connections he would personally see to it that the rink was completed.

        Next thing we see here in NYC were dump trucks and other evidence of the skate rink being built. Except for the workers. Since there was no rink actually being built, no progress, we questioned if the project was really underway.

        Long story short, he staged it and made it appear as though the work was being done by creating that perception with all of the equipment, setting the stage. Then months later when he was finally confronted about the lack of work and progress, and immediate answers were demanded, he claimed the construction crew and other workers went on strike. But there were never any workers or crew there because there was never any construction in the first place. He just made it look that way. So the city ended up paying to have it completed and in typical Trump fashion he took the credit.

        Why am I talking about a skating rink in NYC with all that is going on? Because there’s a pattern of this “broken promises” behavior. He’s also done the “staging” thing before and has played this game with the public well. If one doesn’t have a history with him they won’t know anything about it. But I’ve just shared the truth.

        Trump also knew from the get go that Mexico wasn’t paying for the wall and punishing them with trade restrictions meant we the taxpayers would ultimately foot the bill for a $40 billion wall. He knew all of that. So much for lowering taxes. “AND I WILL MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR THE WALL.” No, he knew all along that wasn’t realistic and he also knew we didn’t know that.

        That’s what I think he’s doing with the wall right now. If you want to predict future behavior look at a person’s history.

        He’s got it set up and staged at the border to look like he’s breaking ground on the border wall when he has no intentions of starting AND also completing it. He’s also declared Martial Law so no one can access that area. Sorry, as far as the wall, I’ve seen this before and it’s not gonna happen folks. He knew all along it wouldn’t happen but since he hates the Mexican president and Mexicans in general (yes, I admit I’m a racist who doesn’t like them either and want them O-U-T) he wanted to enjoy tormenting them over the wall while also appeasing us. Two for one.

        All of this charade is really all about him tormenting people he doesn’t like, known as abuse of power. And all while appeasing us. Has nothing to do with erecting a wall that actually prevents them from coming here and entering the US illegally. He also knows they can take the underground tunnel. Trump knows all about the tunnel system.

        History speaks for itself. More disappointments to come. We were all duped by Trump. Instead of denying it, deal with it.

      23. No one exploded here aside from the Main Stream Media.


      24. Since Obama doubled the debt in eight years, Trump must double the national debt in less than eight years or no GDP growth, should Trump only double the debt in eight years like Obama that would equal ZER0 growth!! Being a straight, white, legal citizen, working, taxpayer, nationalist and conservative, and preferring to associate only with them, means I’m a privileged racist… all seven criterion are hated by the left, hated by over 1/3 of the adult population in the US, and for what, being responsible and successful!! The way Europe and America are growing their economies is by growth of the population due to invasion, growth of total entitlement payouts and cost of providing them everything for free, all through new debt creation. End the invasions and the GDP growth disappears and deflation will occur. Imagine ending all entitlements to all of working age and half of trillion dollars would disappear from the corporations of Wall Streets net profits each year. What keeps the wheels greased? More war, more population on entitlements, all paid for by new debt … a win-win for everyone, banksters earn annual interest on the debt they create out of thin air. And now Trump wants to forgive the invading felons for breaking the immigration laws thus encouraging another 10 million to “come on down” and also to give a 12 figure tax cut so the national debt will grow even faster, because he must grow the national debt even faster because GDP depends on it!! See you at DOW 100,000 and S&P 20,000.

        • Bert is correct. They long ago ran out of other folks money to spend. They cant robb steal and tax enough to keep this failing economy going. So they make up the shortfall with debt. Its a ever growing vicious cycle. When it implodes is ayones guess? I thought it would have collapsed by now. and yet it just keeps on going? Shows what I know. All I know for certain is I don’t like it and there aint a durn thing I can do to fix it. So I have gone Galt as much as possible. Try and avoid any tax I can. We refuse to participate as much as possible. In am drawing a Social Security Ponzi check. When I turned 65 They was gonna robb me of $120 per month for medicare part B. I turned it down. They wouldn’t let me opt out of part A. stated it was free? That really irritated me.

      25. Don’t enforce the laws illegals, then it’s fair the other laws that the American have to abide by should not be enforced either.

        No law now applies to we the American people.

        It’s simple logic here.

      26. It is time to literally hang ALL POLITICIANS– the time for death and to start over is yesterday- IT will be the only way to possible bring back this country- and you won’t be able to stop with just politicians!

      27. One of these times when they explode, they will self destruct.

      28. Politics is just plum awful and the entire system fucking sucks. This country is destined to fail and fail hard. just bring it the hell on already.

        • . . .plum awful. . .for ONE reason- that the government is involved in the economy. The mixed economy creates evil.

          So who wants the government removed? If you don’t want that YOU DON’T WANT THE PROBLEM SOLVED.

      29. Just think if we elected Hillary who knows what shit storm we would be into.

      30. It seems Trump is being eaten alive if we listen to the news and take their message for granted to include those who claim to be Republicans.

        I really hope he can succeed but when you have to contend with your own party plus the opposition, that has to be a nightmare.

      31. Name one thing that has improved for the American people since G.H.W. Bush (CIA) became vice president in 1980 then president in 1988. Clinton in 1992, G,W. Bush in 2000, Obama in 2008 all 8 year disasters. Trump is yet another deep state puppet. Trump did say he would veto Medicare for all. Same old shit continuing the ripoff. After this long numbness sets in that the decline is forever.

        • Shall Issue and Constitutional Carry. Besides that I scratch my head and can’t think of anything improving but I can go down a list of things that are worse.

      32. ALJ, where is there a link to Trump saying he would veto Medicare? I have always heard him say he would never touch SS or Medicare?

        • Kay123… Trump said he would veto Medicare for all, meaning the push now by Sanders for that possible eventuality. Can’t remember where I read that. Not cutting existing Medicare, though that’s under the gun also

        • Kay123, What he says and what he does are two different things.

          There’s a pattern of that behavior, a long history of it.

          Most posters here don’t see that and will learn the real hard way. They refuse to listen to those who have a long history with Trump and even if they don’t personally know him they know enough to know he says one thing and does another. Nothing new with Trump. Been going on since the late 70’s.

          Watch what he does, not what he says.

      33. What is the record of deceit and manipulations by the Ds and liberals plus their willing accomplices in the MSM?

        We say we believe them to be liars and then we go spinning off into space with their every word.

        Don’t y’all think it wise to just be still for awhile and let this play out?

        There is plenty of time to throw Mr T overboard if he deserves it.


      34. Go long on teddy bears/flowers and candles as London is not going to put up with it any more!

        Own property in St. Lois,do your self a favor and check on your insurance policy,you will thank me later!

      35. Trump will be a one-term President thanks to this, his latest broken promise and screwup. I voted for him and wish I could take back my vote. He can’t handle North Korea….just wants sanctions even though they don’t work.

        He, his VP and my Congresswoman Claudia Tenney of NY have not helped me at all with my Medicare issues. I can’t afford their late signup fee, so I can’t see specialists. All I have is Part A, because at the time I got Part A, I also had Federal employee insurance. I’m on disability with a long medical history…and some of my health problems can kill me if left untreated. Thanks Loads, Mr. President – if you have the ability to pardon Arpaio, you can order the late signup fee for all parts of Medicare waived! Jerk!

        So he doesn’t have a clue about how urgent that affordable healthcare is. Millions of Americans are in the same boat as me.

        So between that, North Korea, the broken promise about amnesty for illegals and the wall, I’ve had it with this clown.

        I’ve had it and most likely won’t vote ever again….not even in local elections…because the faith I once had in our electoral process has been shattered.

        So I guess it boils down to this: the left will continue to get what it wants at the expense of our country. Illegals will continue to pour in unwanted and un-abated and will sap what little resources we have. They get free healthcare, btw, something I can’t even get.

        Perhaps I should sneak across the border, pretend to be an illegal and sneak back in. Problem solved! I’ll finally get the healthcare I need!

        Vote all those idiots out….including Trump…asap.

        We desperately need the recall vote in our country like they’ve got in other parts of the world. Then they’d be forced to listen to us.

        • Well Diana I turned down part B. And haven’t a penny of health insurance and never have. And If I get sick and cant pay I will just die. its not anyone else’s problem or responsibility. They tell you up front when you turn down part B what the late signup fees are. You made your choice. Now you should live with your decision. Its not Trumps job to grant you or anyone special favors. Apparently your not producing anything. If you where a federal employee you always where a non producing parasite. So I don’t care if you don’t get treatment and die. Your one of those no producing parasite takers who needs to be culled. That’s the root problem. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. that situation is not long term sustainable. It cant be maintained by increasing government debt forever. Then to boot you state you will not likely vote agin. Then you state vote those idiots out and we need recall vote? What we need is a majority self reliant folks who have Know How. Not some sickly parasite cry baby who needs to be enabled. No amount of voting will rectify the parasites killing the host.

      36. Not only are the dreamers (invaders) going to stay…..but YOU are going to pay for them all with entitlements. I.e, free college, subsidized housing, free Medicaid, etc….If Trump was legitimate, he would have insisted that ALL funding & entitlements for the DACA crowd would be eliminated, in exchange for legal status (not citizenship). AND, the parents of all the DACA children that are 18 years old are deported.
        Instead you got Shumer & Palozi stating in so many words “we told the president they are staying, and there will NOT be a wall”……..I rest m y case. You have all been Screwed again by this group of traitors. It is getting close to a bloody 2nd American revolution, ot this country is finished. UNDERSTAND.!!!!!

      37. The alt-right used people, who were not cultural conservatives, including gays, feminists, and blacks.

        Diversity hires were given political appointments, from day one. A Latino was appointed to labor. Carson replaced ACORN, and a Hindu to a tech/IT role.

        There was a general attitude, amongst Trump’s voters, that people of all kinds were generically-American. How is that so different from leftism?

        In my experience, hangers-on are going to receive military-grade chickenshit, at the hands of their ‘charitable’ caregivers. They are generally railroaded into slave labor, or doing it to their own kind.

      38. Good post Diana,
        Yes, I have been there too. They seem to move the goal posts every year.
        I had insurance also, when I was working. When I got laid-off and then lost it, I could no longer afford the rising costs, which was too high when I was working and couldn’t afford it.
        I decided to pay for my own medical expenses…..which was cheaper than the monthly premium of $230….plus a hefty co-pay and $3500 deductable, if I used it. Most I ever had to pay was $500 out of pocket.
        Now faced with hip and knee surgery……the amount I would have to pay for repairs is about the same as the money I would have paid into Medicare in 10 years. It isn’t insurance any more because many hospitals won’t take Medicare or Medicaid….. And it may not exist after 40 years of paying the beast. At best it is like a college saving/layaway plan. Now with all the illegals signing up straining the budget even more…..(never having to pay into medicare for 40 years)…good luck.

        • You might try the injection therapy treatment first. They remove some of your blood. spin it in a centrifuge and separate the platelets and stem cells. That is injected into the offending joint. It begins a healing process. Its a inpatient procedure takes about 4 hours. It has a 80% success rate about the same as a joint replacement surgery and cost a whole lot less.

          • Old Guy, I looked up the information on regenerative injection therapy. Seems there are variations of these that are quite effective–far more so than steroid shots and as you noted, better than joint replacement surgery. (I looked at the patient success stories where most back to normal; the others were not far behind and still happy.)

            Thank You so very much for pointing this out. I’m looking into what there is available to me in my area (metro Wash DC) and what the costs are (seems not all insurance covers it).

            I learn so much on this board. I’m glad we share all sorts of knowledge and info. There is a lot to prepping besides putting aside an extra can of veggies or box of lead.

      39. CIA whistle-blower Kevin Shipp stated what some already knew as obvious. The deep state and shadow government are two entirely seperately entities. The shadow government controls the deep state and manipulates our elected government behind the scenes. The former anti-terrorism counter intelligence officer says the top of the shadow government is the NSA and the CIA. The CFR created the CIA with no congressional approval, the CIA controls all 16 intelligence agencies and is tied into the MSM. They also have the power to start wars, torture, initiate coups and commit false flags. There are over 10,000 secret sites in the US, 1,291 secret government agencies and 854,000 who have top secret clearances whose lives were signed away by an agreement. Congress is owned by the MIC giving those members money in return for a vote on spending bills for military and intelligence budgets. These agencies are free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself.

      40. Well Kay I think you and Dianna likely voted for hellery any way. What I do is instead of paying insurance premiums. I buy land. I try and buy tax forfeted acreage. I then sell the timber and hunting leases. We own free and clear paid for acreage in three counties. My wife needed a X ray. at the local clinic We paid cash and it cost Twenty Dollars. And that was Two years ago. If we would of had insurance that X ray would have been $200.00 If we had gone to the hospital it would have been almost $1000.00. Why should you be enabled and I robbed to provide for your health care? Explain why I am not rewarded for being fiscally responsible and you enabled because you did not make investments and made poor decisions.

      41. Absolutely hilarious. You Trump’ers just refuse to let go. Always falling back on the 666D underwater chess as if Trump is so masterful, that we mere mortals can not possibly understand Trumps brilliance. Here is a list of Trumps profound accomplishments:

        Executive Orders: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/executive-orders

        Pending Legislation: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/pending-legislation

        Presidential Memoranda: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/presidential-memoranda

        Proclamations: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/proclamations

        Signed Legislation: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/signed-legislation?field_legislation_status_value=0

        Vetoed Legislation: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/vetoed-legislation

        So profound!

        And another accomplishment:


        On every issue, Trump has backtracked. Scaled back. This is not 666D profound underwater chess. The man ran on principles, just to show every single one of you deplorables… that he has no principles.

        • Curtis, your list is sadly lacking, perverted,and greatly slanted as you are. You figure it out ? Anybody that would prefer what we had or were supposed to get is my enemy for valid reasons !

      42. OG: why do you think you know who I voted for? You have me pigeon-holed in the wrong box. My complaint was when I was 20, they told me I HAD to pay into SS every week, so i would have income at 65, and Medicare…..it wasn’t free! I paid for 40 years! I lost my job at 64. I asked nobody for anything. I supported myself with ‘paid for’ rental property income. I lost many nights sleep worrying how to survive major hospital bills if I fell off the roof cleaning gutters or some other dumb accident. Finally, I decided to stop worrying and making myself sick. ( Medicare part A is useless….as I see it.) So, I decided if I couldn’t pay my own way…. I’d rather die than give the government any more money for screwing me farther. I knew 30 years ago the govmnt was
        never going to live up to their bargain. (Too many details to write here.) Short story, No insurance.
        Thank you for the tip about injections….my sister had that done, also. ( Worked for her.)
        I don’t know if injections work for Lyme Disease or not, as some have spent $50,000 on doctors, treatments and pills, and still no cure.
        (I know…..I’m bull headed…save your breath. I don’t trust easily.)
        Just seems like a Lyme bacteria is a Pharma wet dream come true, to me.

        • Some times life sucks. call it bad luck or whatever. I an jaded & sick and tired of those who for whatever reason have nothing. Thinking I have more than my fair share and should be robbed to pay for them to maintain a certain lifestyle. Social Security is a bargain. Most who start drawing Receive every penny they paid into it plus interest back within 5 years. If that money wasn’t whitheld from them They wouldn’t have invested it and would have nothing. Its a great Ponzi Scheme. The thing is no matter who is elected to public office and whatever laws are passed. Until the situation of too many taking parasites and too few producing makers is reversed this nation will continue to decline. If whatever you do for money does not use the natural resources of the planet to make build & grow something that adds to the GDP. If your not a vital necessary link in that chain of production then you are a taking parasite.

      43. Marking the box next to Trump’s name, this past election was not voting for Trump (granted, the result was the same), but rather my vote AGAINST Hillary the Evil. This Make America Great Again is nonsense. Anyone who has studied the great nations and empires of past can see the general trends they all had in common.
        The writing on the wall for the FUSA. We are in that 220-250 year bracket. We are broke and so far in debt that it is impossible for that debt to be paid off. We are over extended with our military. Our leaders act as if they were above the laws. We are being over run and invaded with are own version of barbarians (aka “immigrants”). The current culture mocks the traditional/religious values this country was founded upon. We have a large underclass that depends on welfare to survive. We have a our own version of bread and circuses (Welfare and sports/entertainment). Our arts continue to embrace the vulgar and the crude. The was a time when a divorce was a scandal, when sex before marriage was strongly sanctioned against by the general culture. Now we celebrate openly that which was once considered to be sexual perversion. The America that I was born into is already dead and gone.

      44. Why aren’t Ivanka and Melania stepping in to help Trump who is being drugged?

        They’ve always been there for him before through thick and thin? Why the sudden change? Can’t they see he’s being drugged? How can they not see?

        I’ll tell you why. They don’t see any difference. Nothing seems abnormal to them because THIS IS NORMAL FOR HIM. This looks normal to them.

        YOU are the ones here who are finally seeing the real Donald Trump, not them. Or me.

        What you are just starting to see is what they’ve seen all along. There is no before/after difference in him, pre-presidency and currently.

        So of course it seems normal to them. They can’t see any difference in his behavior because there is no difference, this is how he’s ALWAYS been. Ask anyone with a moral compass who also has a history with him. No difference from back then to now.

        Melania and Ivanka who have always been there for him aren’t stepping in to help him. Because nothing seems unusual or wrong.


        If you’re too dense and stupid to see that don’t bother prepping.

      45. Badger I agree.

      46. OG: So now I am a parasite?
        Gee…. thanks… and you are pretty hard hearted. I don’t make the rules. Can’t even vote for someone to make them for me, evidently. Trust me being retired is not a choice any more than old age. I have begged the Lord to take me before I reach the point I can’t help myself. Not going to be treated like some animal in a stinking nursing home either. Don’t want to be a burden to my kids either. It just infuriates me that illegals come here and are welcomed with all the FREE benefits, healthcare, phones, computers, jobs, food, housing, etc.,etc., that I had to work 64 years to pay for. Yes, I got SS…… big whoop! I also paid 60% of my income in taxes to pay for those illegal freebies! Couldn’t get a job with govmnt without the ability to speak Spanish. That alone tells me why this country is so screwed up!
        OG, you must be German……..? ?They are really hard people, lol.

        • Kay123, Old Guy has no empathy or compassion. Been reading his posts for awhile here. He’s a crusty old bastard with no feelings or compassion for anyone. Ignore his harsh, critical words. Don’t even bother responding. He’s too ignorant to argue with. Just be glad you aren’t related to him and he’s not one of your neighbors. He also hates women.

          • Looks like I ruffled Marie’s feathers? She don’t agree with my message. So she resorts to attacking the messenger. Marie why not Refute my assessment of parasites versus producers with facts that prove otherwise. I am going to resort to a old childhood saying. I am Rubber and you are Glue everything bad and unjust that you say and do to me simply bounces off and sticks to you. What I really want and wish to happen is for everyone to get whatever they deserve and deserve whatever they get. I can live with that outcome.

      47. Seer’s Say this (These two seer’s are Heaven sent):

        Baba Vanga, famous Bulgarian Seer (If Trump leaves soon she can said to be prophetic on this prophesy).
        Barack Obama will be the last president of the US: Baba Vanga had predicted that the 44th US president would be an African American, but she had also added that he would be the last one. According to her, he would leave office at a time when the country would be in economic ruins, and there would be a huge divide between the northern and southern states – as was the case during the American Civil War.

        Pedro Regis…The Brazilian Seer says:
        # 2492- The dragon will meet and launch the Eagle fire on their children causing destruction of much of their nest
        # 2516- A proud man will He talks with Iran seems to be a peacemaker, but in fact is a thorn in many nations. Men’s terror, led by one with the appearance of a prophet, will bring suffering and pain of the eagle nest and Country of Salvador
        # 2573- Do not flee from prayer. Will East Coast. The tidal wave will cause great destruction. The eagle will suffer again.
        # 2846- The bird black act and cause astonishment to the whole East. You will pass the Eagle’s Nest and will their children suffer.
        # 2924- Enemies come into Manhattan and my poor children will carry a heavy cross. No back away.
        # 3280- The eagle (U.S.) will not fly tranquilly. Its nest will tremble and there will be great fear
        # 3347- The nest of the eagle will be invaded and there will be great destruction. Terror will spread and My poor children will weep and lament
        # 3357- Strong winds shake the towers and My poor children will fear. Men flee the White House in chains and find death
        # 3428- The great city that is beside the Potomac will live moments of great distress. There are many more of these.

      48. We all know what’s coming. Like it or not. Total house cleaning.

      49. German and swede. Im 66 and can still work most younger folks into the ground. Up a daybreak every Am. Drink a beer and two raw eggs. Go out and do morning chores. I back inside for second breakfast. eggs bacon or sausage with kale and a quart of raw cows milk. Yep I am plenty mean is suppose. I simply am to old to coddle others. We take care of our own problems. I don’t like do gooders. My take is any government Parasite worker never pays a red cent in taxes. Because in order for the government to pay them Some producer must first be robbed of that money by taxation and fees ect. So in essence whatever taxes they pay are in actuality a recycling of money already robbed and taxed away from some producing maker. The taxes the government funded parasitic pay are the same as receiving a free dollar and paying a 20 cent handling fee. Now the money the government pays by adding to the debt is a robbery and tax of the nations future producing makers. That is a hard fact. We are now at the point of between 225 and 250 years into our Republic. Historicly that’s when most great empires fail. And every time the fall is because there are too many relatively well paid and benefited Government funded Parasite Takers and too few relatively low paid and poorly benifited Producing makers. There is a famious quote I will copy and paste that applies.

      50. The socialist ideal eventually goes viral, and the majority learns to game the system. Everyone is trying to live at the expense of everyone else. In the terminal phase, the failure of the system is disguised under a mountain of lies, hollow promises, and debts. When the stream of other people’s money runs out, the system collapses.
        Kevin Brekke —————————————————Also there is a quote that goes something like this. The very worst thing that can happen to a country is the majority of the people believer that they don’t need to produce. They think that someone else will produce for them. And then the few remaining productive begin to ask themselves Why Produce? Why produce when the fruits of my production are unfairly taxed and redistributed to those who have ought naught to do with my production. Then the few Remaining producers curtail production and join the ranks of the takers. Or they take their production someplace else. Or they only produce enough to provide for their own needs. I have done the latter. We only grow enough for our very own needs. No surplus to be taxed by the parasitic takers. And too Boot I started Drawing a Social Security Check at age 62. We receive $1175.00 per month and can save about 20% of that. We do whatever we can to avoid paying taxes. Take a hard look a Illinoise. The parasites there have run off the lions share of producing makers. They can no longer tax the fewer and fewer makers enough to pay the Parasites pensions ect. Folks leave that state in droves. They lose the equivalent of the population of Peoria every year. property taxes are so exorbant folks walk off and leave paid for houses. No matter what politicians do or don’t do. Until the producing makers become better compensated and greatly outnumber the Taking Parasites The USA will continue to be a nation in decline.

      51. OG: I agree with 75% of what you say….. but, are you saying we would be better off without a government…..since they are all paracites? Good gravy! Do you believe in cars with steering wheels?
        I despise lying politicians, govmt deadwood paper pushers, “IRS parasites”, and all govmt “whipping boys” or underlings who shield the peer groups from accountability….. which is about 70% of the government. We need ‘leaders’ not thousands of obstructionists….
        (unless we get leaders as evil and divisive as Hitlery types).
        Hitlery loves those paracites. They are her only base. They are easy bribe votes, and most couldn’t understand (or even read) the Constitution, Bill of Rights, economics, balanced budget, spread sheet or learn from past history if you smacked them between the eyes with proof of how it would benefit their own life! It just doesn’t fit their “gimme dat now”, agenda. Heaven can have me now…. today…..would be nice. Leave my kids all the fruits of my labor…before the goobermnt strips it from my life…in fees and taxes. Hate the idea of my kids/grandkids having to live in a world ruled by the ‘b…tard’ likes of George Soros satanists.
        Yeah….I’m ready to go now….except I love my family…..and they want me around for a while longer…..?

        • What we would be better off with would be a fiscally responsible government. And of course that will never happen. Maybe you don’t realize what government we have now is a failure and it cannot be repaired. No matter what the Republic will never be restored. The few producing makers can no longer be taxed enough to fund the government we now have. Things like social security Medicade Pensions ect. are Luxury items we cannot afford. What we now have today is a new normal . In a short time we will look back and wish we had things as good as they are at this time. There are simply too many negatives and too few positives world wide for optimism. Eventually the Petro Dollar will go bust. When it does we will have a SHTF WROL root hawg or die shure enough survival of the fittest. We are only 110 volts from a Stone Age existence. So as mean as I seem to be. I am trying to impress folks with the fact that’s unless you become Self Reliant and have Know How . You and yours will perish when the great culling happens. Its extremely importiant to me that my grandchildren survive and carry on my line of DNA. My life is at least 2/3rds over. Im not a Christian. I believe in reincarnation and we do tend to reincarnate into the same family. I simply don’t care about a lot of things. Those statues, What Soros does, Immigrants ect. I don’t like those things but I cant do nuthin about them so they don’t get any Free Rent in my head. I don’t care what you think about me. That’s not importiant to me My give a durn is broken. All I ever wanted was to draw my Social Security Ponzi Check and play Hobby Farm for the remainder of my days. And unless I take the dirt nap pretty soon that aint a gonna happen. In case you haven’t noticed the Jxx’s have declared war on the White blue collar land owning gun toting middle class. Too many Takers too Few Makers never has been and never will be long term sustainable. Read Ayn Rands book. Visit the Woodpile Report website.

      52. When both options suck repeatedly why vote for either of them? I have not voted for these evil demons put forth in over 40 years. A fixed system beyond repair. Next election if there is one the voters will repeat the same clown show.

      53. OG:…..hang in there if only for the kids. You still have your health…..good mind….and still have a few good years left. Take a break from all negative views, news, people and thoughts. It’s tough to do when you see our country and future crumbling from the weight of corruption, anti-American
        Foreign leaders, greed, and stupidity.
        I have been around longer than you. I remember when speaking fondly about Communisum could get you thown in prison. I remember when there was no welfare, social security, pensions, and jobs were few. The only welfare was maybe a collection plate passed at church if you were lucky. People worked (lived) on poor farms raising food for the residents and to sell. Most didn’t have two nickles to rub together. Many people died rather than suffer on a ‘poor farm’. The govmnt didn’t like churches helping people, evidently. Maybe Dems were losing power and control to churches….but that started govmnt welfare.
        1940’s very few had tv’s but they had to be sanitized spotless clean until the 70’s started with soft porn (Soaps).
        Then all he!! broke loose and Walt Disney hired Communists to work at the studio and liberals
        soon took over the whole industry.
        I think we have come full circle now……. the hands of time seem to be moving backward.
        OG, maybe your kids will be moving back to your house, or vice versa.
        Teens found a way to get welfare by getting pregnant and soon subsidized housing and by 1960 had shredded the whole ‘ family unit’ and morality and responsibility went down the toilet.

        • Oh im not worried. I think im mentally capable of dealing with whatever I come up against. I kinda like yanking folks chain With the Parasite & Producer argument. I will not and cannot argue with folks who I must deal with on a personal level. So I enjoy doing it on the internet. And this site don’t censor.

      54. One glimmer of hope. Now possibly I got it wrong but I think Trump did Away with DACA by execuitive order. So Its gone at this moment. Now Schumer and Peloski must write a new bill and get it passed through both houses of congress and get it to Trumps Desk for him to sign. He could possibly by then veto it. Maybe He has agreed to reinstate DACA by execuitive order? Im not certain what the deal is?

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