Rich Tech Guy Wants ‘Riff Raff’ Off the Streets: “I Shouldn’t Have to See Despair of Homeless”

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    Detroit Area Economy Worsens As Big Three Automakers Face Dire Crisis

    It has long been a debate as to whether social reformers should fight to end poverty, or simply rid the world of poor people.

    Many elitists have dreamed of depopulating the hopeless and destitute, or found realistic ways of sending them to forgotten places. But most of these kinds of people stopped publicly saying such things many decades ago.

    But with an ever-widening wealth gap, and many failed policies, the homeless and the poor are growing in size and represent the tip of the iceberg for tens of millions of people who are beyond struggling in this country.

    Now, a software entrepreneur in San Francisco has made waves across the Internet after writing an open letter calling on the mayor and police chief to effectively sweep the homeless populations and “riff raff” off the streets. As CBS San Francisco:

    A San Francisco tech entrepreneur’s lament over homeless and drug-addicted “riff raff” plaguing his adopted city has earned him some international notoriety as a tone-deaf tech bro.

    Justin Keller, described on his LinkedIn profile as the founder of server software firm, published what he called an open letter to Mayor Ed Lee and Police Chief Greg Suhr. In it, Keller described how encounters with homeless people ruined his recent get-togethers with his parents and girlfriend.

    [Keller wrote]

    The city needs to tackle this problem head on, it can no longer ignore it and let people do whatever they want in the city. I don’t have a magic solution… It is a very difficult and complex situation, but somehow during Super Bowl, almost all of the homeless and riff raff seem to up and vanish. I’m willing to bet that was not a coincidence. Money and political pressure can make change. So it is time to start making progress, or we as citizens will make a change in leadership and elect new officials who can.

    I know people are frustrated about gentrification happening in the city, but the reality is, we live in a free market society. The wealthy working people have earned their right to live in the city. They went out, got an education, work hard, and earned it. I shouldn’t have to worry about being accosted. I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day.

    San Francisco’s burgeoning tech industry has been blamed for skyrocketing rents and exacerbating an already intractable homeless problem.

    Indeed, it is this Bay Area tech bubble that has increased home and rental prices so much, that some have gone so far as to rent out a tent on AirBNB for an outrageous $1,000/month in a guy’s backyard that offers bathroom access and a good commute route to work.

    Tech entrepreneur Justin Keller became the latest social media target for blowback, after expressing the sensitivity of the “Affluenza” teen – a rich kids whose lawyers used his disaffected feelings for the struggles of ordinary people as a defense in the drunk driving killing of four, for which he showed no remorse.

    Moreover, Keller has become another sign of the times – of the great divide that is splitting America economically down the middle, and casting aside the have-nots systematically, and without regard.

    As his letter mentioned, this is exactly what happened in the area during Super Bowl 50, which had game day on February 7. The Guardian reports:

    “They chase us out like cattle,” the 62-year-old Stagg said, as his hangouts disappeared under metal bandstands and banners heralding Super Bowl 50. “We’re not allowed to be here when the rich people come around? I don’t believe in that.”

    Angering Stagg were comments made last summer by San Francisco’s mayor, Ed Lee, when asked what he planned to do about the highly visible homeless problem come the Super Bowl.

    “They are going to have to leave,” Lee said of those sleeping along the city’s Embarcadero. […] “It’s just a further example of the inequity in the city,” said supervisor Jane Kim.

    It is hardly a problem of just San Francisco, or the West Coast. Gov. Andrew Cuomo came under fire in New York for ordering the homeless to be forced into shelters and picked up off the streets during freezing weather.

    One gets the sense that this is just the beginning. The strong arm tactics being used to remove homeless people from the streets to clear out the blight are just the visible part of a subtle movement to “deal with” less fortunate people… mostly getting them out of the way, out of sight, and minimizing the presence of their struggle.

    The rich are not only concentrating their wealth, but the rest of the country is getting shafted in the process, as a predatory brand of finance destroys opportunity, ships jobs offshore and uses currency as a weapon to undermine the many. Will the media take up their struggle, or will they do what they always have done – and read the teleprompter script as the focus shifts to other distractions, and great stagnation and malaise takes over the land.

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      1. A perfect candidate for the Heinrich Himmler position. What a loser.

        • Do you dampened brain wave baby boomers seriously want me to believe the Trump doesn’t serve the interest of the elite?

          If people want hope and change they give you Obama who followed the same agenda as Bush. If people are mad about crony capitalism they give you Trump, who will follow the same agenda as Bush.

          Don’t you fucking idiots understand anything?

          It’s all talk and no action. EVER.

          Stop this mindless bullshit about Trump.

          • Then what to do about it Acid? The only way things will change is through hardship and bloodletting, but some of us aren’t ready to cause or be part of that yet.

            Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it and then some you don’t want.

            It all pisses me off too, but the choices I’m willing to make are limited for now. War sucks even if you are a soldier getting food and water, but what about the civilians. While we don’t want radical Muslims coming to our country, there are legitimate Syrian/Iraqi refugees. What about the Ukraine? Look what a mess Eastern Ukraine is? Do we want that here? Just saying.

            • And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
              And you may find yourself in another part of the world
              And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
              And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
              And you may ask yourself
              Well…How did I get here?

              Letting the days go by
              Let the water hold me down
              Letting the days go by
              Water flowing underground
              Into the blue again
              After the money’s gone
              Once in a lifetime
              Water flowing underground

              And you may ask yourself
              How do I work this?
              And you may ask yourself
              Where is that large automobile?
              And you may tell yourself
              This is not my beautiful house
              And you may tell yourself
              This is not my beautiful wife

              Letting the days go by
              Let the water hold me down
              Letting the days go by
              Water flowing underground
              Into the blue again
              After the money’s gone
              Once in a lifetime
              Water flowing underground

              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…

              Water dissolving…and water removing
              There is water at the bottom of the ocean
              Under the water, carry the water at the bottom of the ocean
              Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean

              Letting the days go by
              Let the water hold me down
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              Into the silent water
              Under the rocks and stones
              There is water underground

              Letting the days go by
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              Letting the days go by
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              After the money’s gone
              Once in a lifetime
              Water flowing underground

              And you may ask yourself
              What is that beautiful house?
              And you may ask yourself
              Where does that highway go to?
              And you may ask yourself
              Am I right?…Am I wrong?
              And you may say to yourself
              My God!…What have I done?!

              Letting the days go by
              Let the water hold me down
              Letting the days go by
              Water flowing underground
              Into the blue again
              Into the silent water
              Under the rocks and stones
              There is water underground

              Letting the days go by
              Let the water hold me down
              Letting the days go by
              Water flowing underground
              Into the blue again
              After the money’s gone
              Once in a lifetime
              Water flowing underground

              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Look where my hand was
              Time isn’t holding up
              Time is an asterisk
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Same as it ever was…
              Yeah, the twister comes
              Here comes the twister
              Same as it ever was…

          • acid: how about you stop lecturing us older folks. We have more on the ball than you think. Your ignorance is showing.

      2. Seeing bums on the street day after day. It is depressing. I’ve seen them camped in tents under the overpass that is near the drug clinic. They are so fucked up they will sleep out in the freezing ass cold. They did ask people to call the police if they seen any homeless a week back the temps went to below 20. Seems like they wanna Harrass the bums. Look they are a plight on the city’s image. People don’t want bums on every corner begging for $. It has gotten way out of hand. Police arrest panhandlers when they get out of jail they do it again. I heard it costs $50,000 to get 2 months of addiction recovery. This is a lot of $ and there are bums on every corner and what about the ones that live off their enablers. You never hear what the police do with the $ they get off dealers in their busts. Where does this $ go. Can’t tell me it’s sitting in an evidence locker.

        • “You never hear what the police do with the $ they get off dealers in their busts. Where does this $ go. Can’t tell me it’s sitting in an evidence locker.”

          You see them new shiny police cars that replaced the Ford Crown Vics? That’s where they went. Ever seen what cops do when they leave their car? Leave it running, at least where I live they do. Their excuse? So the computer battery won’t run out…. Gotta have the new cars every 2 yrs!

        • Asshat, we’ve got the same problem in my area. Only 3 blocks from my home is a major intersection where there are bums on all 4 corners Mon.-Fri. Wherever they’re camping out at I don’t know and not looking for them.

      3. One of the problems in America is the lack of confidence in charities’ distributions that causes a deficit in funds.
        I surmise that one hanging of all thieves in such organization would solve that problem.

        • Odd that you would be writing this article Mac which by the way is very good. I say odd because the business I’m in we have people driving around neighborhoods in California all day long. Last weekend I brought all of my subs together for a mini conference.

          Surprisingly enough the conversation kept coming back to the increase in homeless people. They all claim that over the last year the number have doubled. We have instituted a policy of carrying about $50.00 worth of Dollar Tree food goods around in our cars and give it out to the people we see. Just a little Karma.


          • I seem to recall a similar time in France. Something to do with, “Off with their heads”.

            I think the author will be on the receiving end of the revolution.

            • Red Leader, I agree. That tech guy needs to ESAD [eat shit and die].

              • Sez the guy using a tech device to post his opinion… maybe you should stop using the techie’s work products and default to the drunk and druggies’ work products. That would be the endless amounts of human poo on the sidewalks and violent crime (from the mentally ill types) available for the asking.

                See, the thing is, your vaunted capitalism has consequences; not the least of which is that some places become expensive and others not so much. Why have the homeless not moved to cheaper locations and gotten jobs that fit their circumstances? Because social services in SF are high and the weather is mild, and the police are overwhelmed and the vast percentage of homeless don’t want to work or cannot… The point the techie was making was that the homeless disappear during certain big events like the Superbowl – why are the fixes only temporary? Perhaps you’d like to donate more money from your taxes to give the homeless and drug addicts and drunks a permanent income… or would the money be wasted on drugs and alcohol and not housing? See the problem now?

                • I will say that the time I spent in SF s decade ago is riddled with memories of aggressive, rude and excessively persistent panhandlers. While the man’s comments may come across as crass, if I had to put up with that level of invasion of my personal space on a daily basis…

          • Compassion for those with no home because of circumstances out of their control is very much needed, and people that have plenty should give them a helping hand when they can.

            The addicts have created their own depravity and deserve little in the way of handouts after they are given a second chance.

            We offer food to the street corner beggars, but never $$, because you never know if it goes to tobacco and alcohol/drugs, or actually to buy milk and diapers for a baby.

            In our state, a new law goes into effect in april, that takes a large percentage of the 18 to 49 year olds off ebt/food stamps; unless they put in 20 hours each week at a part time job or community service and job training…if not disabled.

            Somehow, i believe this will ultimately cause more break-ins and thefts in the larger cities. Maybe not, but many are like a man we know. He is thirty-six, and never held more than a fast food job more than a few months….because he is an alcoholic,lazy ass punk, that can’t keep his mouth from overloading his ass.

            His mother always bails his sorry ass out and feeds him. When we found out that he was also a thief, and she was still “enabling” him, we parted ways with her.
            People like her are part of the problem. The lowlifes will never change as long as they have “enablers” to turn to.

            The truly poor, and down on their luck, we pray for, and believe in giving a helping hand.

            On a side note: If the Zika mosquito virus will affect the four million that the gov claims it will in the USSAG, in the coming year; who will it strike at the hardest?

            Those living on the outside all the time. Especially those living under bridges.
            Can you say “depopulation”.

            • Passin, you must know my Bro-In Law 🙂

              • Sadly, there are hundreds of thousands just like them.

          • (((hug))) keep up the humane work Big. You are doing the right thing.

        • If I cannot physically hand someone a donation, like food or clothing or what have you, then it does not leave my possession. There are too many vampires out there.

          • I do charity person to person, and always a physical item, not cash. Most of the people I see are the ones with the sign at the Walmart entrance. I usually, when I can afford it, get them bottled water and less-perishable food stuffs. I never gave it a lot of thought, but that is the model of biblical charity referenced in Matt 25:35-40, meeting physical, immediate needs. It doesn’t say, “when I was hungry, you gave me cash, or gave cash to a second party who then gave me food.”

            When my kids get old enough, I’m thinking of having “giving bags” ready to go in the car. Charity is a learned behavior, I would rather instill a heart for giving early and avoid the spoiled entitlement attitude so evident in today’s youth.

        • I wish this ‘wealthy’ pussy boy would say that to the face of one of the people he has labeled,’riffraff.’ I’d pay to watch his ass whooping.

          • Caucasian, I’m with you on that one. Better yet, let’s see HIM lose his job, home, etc. and end up homeless and see what kind of song he sings afterward. I wouldn’t give him squat.

        • Gun homicide deaths per 100,000 people:

          United States Overall 4.44
          Black America 17.51
          White America 2.64
          Europe 2.4
          Africa 10.5

          White gun violence in America is fully comparable to Europe.

          Black gun violence is ten times the amount of white gun violence.

          In addition, 80% of white gun violence can be attributed to suicide. 80% of black gun violence can be attributed to homicide.

          Black gun violence amounts to twice the African levels because there is more to steal here.

          Gun laws are irrelevant. Gun violence is not a gun problem. Gun violence is based on the percentage of your population that is black.

          Liberal gun control policies are intended to take guns away from black people. Conservative gun rights policies are intended to put guns in the hands of white people so they can shoot black criminals.

          Blacks want whites to pay for their free health care, housing, education, and food.

          Which they already had from whitey (YT) when they were slaves.

          If you want better education use the library for reading books and not for looking at porn and rap videos and sleeping on the desks.

          • AE ~ It would be helpful if you would list your sources. I would like to quote these data to others, but they fall flat unless I can state a source. Thank you ~

      4. Justin Keller is a very, very poor man. He has money but has lost his humanity. How sad.

        • Right you are.

        • “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?”

      5. That can happen to people and it won’t be happening to me again..because of this website, I am too immune to that ever happened to me ever again..i felt the despair and desperation, but when the first box of MRE and all my other shtf supplies arrived, it was over.. I was homeless, I drive a sports car and gained executive hobo status..the globalist that engineered that crash think that they can put me in a concentration camp, strip me down but ass naked and starve me the death at some natzi labor camp. Think again, once to my area with you soldiers and get you as blown the phuck away.. think again before engineering a crisis of that magnitude in my city.

        Anyone who believes that the workers will be on their knees digging up produce and picking fruits year round to make sure that you, your wife has your 3 kids. Will have plenty of food to buy at the grocery stores are disillusioned and have total unadulterated sh…..t for dumb a ass Californians don’t like to listen,now your out in the streets on you ass, I won’t be worried about none of you. You have no preps, you don’t like to read, you don’t like to listen, so you got phucked, no one to blame but your selfs…sit out there on the streets you think that one day you just gonna suddenly get out the situation s f get brand new job and house. I’ll you head out of your asses.. no wonder my scientist friend told us bait the UN trucks all over that city, waiting to take you your mass Graves in cali…good luck to you all. your PHUCKED WITH A CAPITAL F



        Phuck the UN, phuck them all.

        • as a fellow Houstonian, i agree with the sentiment; but it is coming to our city.

          electing democrat mayor turner when the city is about to head into its worst recession since 1980 and this time with billions more of city debt; you can bet that when the shtf; if you are out and about on the streets; you just may be pulled from your car and robbed and beaten for whatever is in your wallet by more people than you can shoot down.

          • buy larger capacity magazines…and multiples thereof!

          • If that is your fear then you should always drive a car that does not make you look successful. A well maintained beater can let you slip under the radar of those out to do criminal acts of desperation. Always be prepared to look like you are poor and struggling as sometimes it’s an advantage.

            • I usually drive a lifted redneck 4×4 that’s nice with the run-flats. If I’m attacked I can one; run over them, two; shoot them with one of my weapons, or three; do both.

          • As soon as you shoot one down they will scatter like cockroaches when light gets turned on. They think you are weak and when you show deadly force they will run. Most are cowards.

          • That’s why you carry a rifle and xtra mags

      6. Now, i do agree with this guy that i don’t want to see it either. if i were a mayor, we’d be picking them up and if they had nothing and no one; they’d be living in some tent city; they would not be out out street corners and under bridges.

        But, rich tech companies are partly to blame; let’s see:
        -hired majority of foreign workers over past 5 years over us workers.
        -outsource us jobs

        if the usa would have had more americans working at these tech companies, there’d be less on the streets.

        • The rich corporate entities and the US government are responsible directly for the decline of quality of life and increase in poverty.
          Free trade, open borders, lax/non enforcement of immigration law.

          • All part of the plan. I am not entirely clear on all the why’s of the plan, but the leveling of the global standard of living is the plan. Bring America to it’s knees. Misery loves company so to speak. Unbelievable that the citizens allow this to happen. I guess they keep most of the population content enough with gadgets and gee-whiz shit that we just let them do whatever the hell they want until it all goes tits-up.

            • Baffle them with bullshit

        • Plus, in San Fransisco, they have driven the price of housing up so high that people who have lived there all their lives have been squeezed out of the ability to afford housing. Even people earning north of $100,000 are no longer immune to homelessness now.

          The problem this man has is that he worships at the altar of capitalism instead of worshiping God. Capitalism by itself is not evil. It’s just an economic system. However, it is not moral either. If you look at it as a religion then it’s only moral law is to seek yield. If that is your only moral law then by any normal human measure you are not a good person.

          • The dude thinks he’s immune to the reap what you sow principle. He is not.

        • lena – “Hired majority of foreign workers over past 5 yrs over U.S. workers.”

          Twenty of my thirty years of work experience is in the SF Bay Area, mostly in Silicon Valley, CA. I no longer live there and moved back to my home state (upstate NY) because even though I am U.S. born and White as can be, I was a minority there, and was treated as such,… plus, I just got sick and tired of the whole show.

          The truth is that there was and still is a severe shortage of LOCAL technical talent. Not all of the people living in Silicon Valley and SF are technically skilled and/or are not adequately degreed. Many local technical candidates would have the bare minimum skills, but there was no one available to provide the months of training they needed to get up to speed.

          The competition for local talent there was/is fierce.

          No matter how high we bumped up the salaries and overall compensation package there was still a severe shortage of local technical talent, both on the software side, as well as the hardware side, and programmers and testers as well. We had no choice but to bring workers in from all over the world, and pay them U.S. salaries.

          This cost (hi-tech) employers a lot of money because they had to pay teams of immigration lawyers for the processing of their H1B Visas — we basically had to sponsor these workers, which can be time-consuming and is very costly.

          We would have rather not dealt with the headaches that came with it, but had no choice. Although there are a lot of unemployed US born Citizens there, in order to be hired they still must meet the requirements and possess the necessary education/skill sets.

          Foreigners that applied are/were mostly Middle Eastern and Chinese, neither of which I can stand. The ‘sand niggahs’ and the ‘jooze of the east’ as I call them were arrogant (certainly not all, but many were) but we were desperate for tech talent. I lived and worked among them, they were my neighbors and my co-workers and they are clique-ish and don’t particularly care for Americans.

          The U.S. workers/locals were always given first priority, but many critical technical positions went unfilled for months at a time as companies competed for tech talent. When a job requisition is open for more than 6 months the hiring manager risks losing the headcount. If it weren’t for these foreigners we wouldn’t be nearly as technologically advanced as we are. That is the reality.

          • Common Cents
            When you say LOCAL talent like that, do you mean within 50 miles? Sounds a bit like obfuscation. I worked with high tech folks for over 24 years. I don’t agree that the tech companies did not have a US labor pool to draw on. I have seen the resumes and school credentials and read interviewer comments. Most of these foreign hires are straight out of school and no more qualified than any other student. In fact due to language barriers, they take longer to get up to speed. They turn in unintelligible papers and someone has to babysit them and rewrite the shirt they put out. Several years later they would be out the door, and a new foreign student would come in. I was held accountable for a few of their writing fiascos, and had ESL books paid for by my boss so I ended up teaching English and writing a lot of documents myself. These tech folks interacted with our client’s tech folks. I saw the shift to foreign workers and it was BS. Still is. The interviewers recommended X and Y was hired.

          • Common Cents

            I was told by top management folks that the real reason so many foreign students were H1B hired was to deny their US Education to China and India and was never about their superior abilities over Americans. A better idea would have been to quit filling our universities with foreign students with expenses paid by their governments. Our students pay for themselves with massive debt. Schools fill up with foreign students on a free dime. Shifts our foreign exchange when we sell our education. Our leaders sold us and our country down the river. It was never lack of local talent.

            • I was told by someone who teaches Computer Science at a small university that 70-80 percent of students from India cheat on their exams and papers!

              • Carol Mar
                I have also heard about cheating, especially by Indian students. India has always been run by an oligarchy and it means that children of the wealthy must have good grades even if they cheat for them. All their ministries are run by children of the wealthy and most of their businesses too. No reason for them to send their young to our schools except many of them want a foothold in the US. I worked with a wealthy Hindu gal who came for an education. She hooked up with her “disapproved” Muslim boyfriend and they married. He was an engineer and bipolar. They bought a Vietnamese restaurant and he quit work. He ran off with a Muslim, she sold out and went home to India. He is still here. I saw one Indian engineer better than many Americans. He got a pile of patents and started his own business. Very creative and domineering. I have seen Chinese engineers that were, but they came up through the ranks on hard work.

                • Rebecca, bipolar Muslim, really? (sarcasm)

                  Thanks for telling of someone who made it through hard work and not cheating, good to hear.

                  • Carol Mar
                    I have no idea if the bipolar Muslim cheated or not, I worked with his wife, not with him. He was hired over an American engineer for sure. I have seen high level candidates from China more than India.

            • Rebecca – You spread misinformation and have three aliases. Too bad shtf doesn’t have the Troll-dar feature. If it did, you’d light up piss yellow all over this board.

              I was there, immersed in the technology, entrenched in the culture, smack in the center of the action, in the growth and development of many of these Silicon Valley companies where most of the technology originated… not a headhunter like you now claim to have been, looking in from the outside — one of your many supposed former jobs. Unlike yourself I don’t come on here pretending to be something I am not, but I do know what I am talking about here because it was my job. And because I WAS THERE.

              And, of course the 50-mile radius applied. How insulting to question that when it was standard and common knowledge among all of SV’s technical staffing community and internal recruiters, the ones who worked inside the same physical location as the hiring managers they supported AND the candidates they recruited and hired – huge difference. You’d automatically know that if you weren’t pretending to know what you don’t know.

              We weren’t on the outside trying to get a glimpse on the inside scoop, like yourself, making wild, unsubstantiated assumptions — trying to come across as all-knowing, as if you too, were there — yes, I caught that. But you had to slide the ‘50 mile rule’ in there to ever-so-subtly reinforce that you know what you are talking about, when YOU WEREN’T THERE. And you don’t know.

              As far as the cheating, we couldn’t prove it because they passed the rigid-as-all-hell company designed technical exams / hands-on tests with flying colors, which was a clear indication that they could take both the technology and the company to the next level — and they did. We never just took their word, that they could do the job.

              They were tested and re-evaluated by the experts — right on-site as a matter of fact. Between simulations and situational ‘what would you do if’ questions, there was no fudging or getting around the best possible answers. When the local talent failed the tests, and the foreigner passed, what do you think we would do?

              You don’t know what we were up against, and you don’t know what you think you know. As I said, given the choice, we didn’t want to hire foreigners, we wanted to hire locals. There was and still is a shortage of local technical talent, at least in the technology capital, SV.

              They aren’t discriminating against locals or hiring cheap foreign labor, as you seem to mistakenly believe because you are only pretending (as usual) to know what you are talking about. In fact, it doesn’t even make sense; that we would want to hire them over a local / US citizen — zero sense.

              They knew if we had to go out of our way to hire people from overseas, we were desperate. And they took advantage, demanding extra stock options, so extreme that they almost diluted the stock, while commanding higher salaries.

              I am not trying to convince you of anything. I don’t care if you want to believe lies, I am just exposing you for who you are, a disinformation specialist. BTW, believing lies leads to more lies. And, I have zero reason to lie. I usually ignore you and your idiotic responses, but you keep pushing the envelope, spouting your bs.

              The foreigners hired are extremely intelligent, most have graduate degrees, and sadly many locals could not hold a candle to them in the math/algorithm, and technical arena in general. They knew how to negotiate as many stock options as they could possibly secure, as well as the highest possible salary, which is what they often hold out for. They knew we needed them, more than they needed us.

              Hiring them over the locals was very costly, and certainly not our first choice. Your patently absurd assertions are not even grounded in reality.

              Their highly specialized technical skills were/are in very high demand. As I mentioned in my post, (that of course, as usual, you have to challenge) aging job requisitions equal lost headcount. So we did what we had to do and turned to foreign talent.

              With maybe some very rare exception, there is not a basement somewhere in SV where techie people are slaving away; shipped in illegally by the boatload, and holed up in this basement, forced to work as technical slaves for the minimum wage. You are nuts in the head for that subtle, covert insinuation — yes, I read between the lines and caught it.

              The foreigners there from the Middle East and China come here backed by their families — many have cash (old money) and pay cash for expensive, over-priced homes, and then bring their families over once settled in. They are buying up the properties left and right. They are not illegal, undocumented workers forced to work for low wages or taking the place of American workers – at least not in SV. They are filling a need the local talent can’t fill – not stealing their jobs, at least not there.

              Yes, we wrote side-notes on the resumes (the ones you claim to have read as part of one of your myriad of job responsibilities designed to boost your credibility here) that would keep the pain-in-the-ass headhunters and body-pushers (like you) off of our backs, while avoiding discrimination lawsuits. Why can’t you just believe those who were there in the front lines and take their experiences as the reality, instead of challenging every other post here?

              Get a life already, outside of shtf and stfu.

              Along with all of your other jobs; a botanist, a para-legal, an avid gardener, an expert prepper, a semi-corporate person, and now you were also a headhunter… not too mention, a candle-maker. When you mentioned many posts ago, you made all your own candles, I was thinking, ‘there she goes – the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.’

              You’re like a ‘jack of all’, a ‘master of none.’ You were not there, you don’t know everything as you seem to think — you don’t really know what was going on INSIDE these companies. Yet you think its okay to school adults whom you have nothing on — you one-up, pretending you know more than them. You don’t share info, you one-up.

              You spread misinformation here by telling lies among truth, so the lies and distortions get buried or go undetected. You’re a liar, an imposter of sorts who backpedals. The truth is, when we tell the truth we don’t have to rely on our lousy memory.

              You are talented alright… as a troll. You kiss up to certain members here and just agree with them or appeal to their interests and beliefs. Or their emotions. Either way, it’s to establish a connection, as well as trust, and of course, so they’ll come rushing to your defense. But I see right through you, and your aliases.

              I’ve noticed the only posts you won’t dare challenge are those you are aware that you know zero about – such as firearms… cause you know you’ll get caught, pretending to know what you don’t really know. So you don’t dare go there.

              You slink around this board one-upping and challenging many of the members, posting inaccurate info and other bs. But as an experienced troll you are clever enough not to pounce on certain members.

              Instead of shutting up and learning for once, you are flapping away, preaching and teaching, schooling others about what you don’t know to be accurate, factual, or grounded in reality. There’s a reason we have two ears and only one mouth — learn to listen and learn.

              I’m sure everything I just told you here is what the people who know you on a personal level (and the smart ones who already ran from you) are/were thinking. You’re the type of person at a party or gathering who eavesdrops and then interrupts someone for saying something that you believe you know more about, even though they don’t want to be corrected, and you don’t know more than them — endless one-upping, correcting what you don’t even know, and spreading inaccurate information, maybe to stay relevant.

              You said you were leaving shtf, but damn, you’re still here. Your like one of those pesky sand flies at the beach everyone keeps swatting but it still keeps coming back for more swatting. You one-up and challenge other members here and come across as annoying and childish.

              Your intense need to challenge, boast, and one-up is consistent with that of an adolescent desperately craving attention. When you posted your exact age, so far 5x, and not age-group, but exact age — 5 times! already, I ask – ‘why would one do that, keep reminding us of their exact age, unless perhaps they are trying to convince us of a lie?’ I think you transposed the two digits – 61, I think you are really 16… a 16 year-old troll.

              For a troll, you sure are clever, I must give you that. Not intelligent, but clever…. not real knowledgeable on specific topics, or with any one or two specific areas of expertise, but clever. You rarely have anything substantial to add – it’s almost always ‘all about you.’

              You said you were ‘outta here’ a few threads ago, when another member put you in your place, but now you’re back anyway. When I see your name I will skip through your post — I am not going to read your inane response or any of your future posts, including your three aliases.

              Don’t bother replying…. oh wait, that’s right, you can’t help yourself — gotta get the last word in, right Rebecca?

              • Common Cents
                paralegal in intellectual property law is certainly not a god of IT like you obviously count yourself, but sure did work with same gene pool of domestic and foreign applicants, engineers, physicists, etc. I saw many resumes, and read many interview summaries. I also worked with inventors and execs. I may not be illustrious like you, but I am not as big of an arse, either. You are so hysterical and screaming because you are right… or because you want to intimidate. Sorry, sugar, been too many years in law firms watching tizzy fits to be impressed by them. No checkered job history here, my resume still fits on one page and I am 61 and retired.

              • Common
                Candle maker? I have never made candles. I studied botany at UTA, and worked as a paralegal in IP.
                You are really a clever and educated boy to say STFU when someone hurts your delicate ego by expressing a different viewpoint. I am not impressed by your hysterical rant.

        • So the homeless drunks and drug addicts know how to code? They have high educations (like all those foreigners) and would be able to show up for work on time ready and able to work? Good to know…

      7. I see society as a filled 7 UP soda can. Cool in the fridge it opens without fanfare. Put it in the hot sun, shake it up and when opened it erupts. Policies, like job eviscerating Free Trade and Financial Sector deregulation have increased the heat. Personal interaction mistreatment will shake it up; an economic downfall opens the can.

        France under King Louie, Russia under the Czar, Germany hyper inflation and WWI reparations the same or similar causes are repeated. The end result is bad for everyone.

      8. The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.
        Anatole France,

      9. Please bring more refugee’s and illegal aliens to our country. No more USA. No more problem. Just another third world country where everybody lives in a shack or on the streets.

      10. Having worked in a shelter for a number of years, the stories usually all have a common theme – drugs or alcohol.

        These people are usually broken at some level and need fixing – but we don’t focus on fixing people here in the US. We’d prefer to build military bases around the world.

        • I would also add mental illness. Many of these people are broken before they start using drugs or alcohol. They can’t get help for their underlying issues so they try to anesthetize themselves by self medicating with whatever they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, the US is only interested in punishing people once it gets so bad for them that they end up in the criminal justice system rather than giving them the help they need before that so that they don’t end up there in the first place.

          We have also replaced the God of the Bible with the gods of materialism and pleasure. We are told that God does not exist. In that case all there is in life is to seek your own pleasures for the short time you exist because it is all irrelevant anyways. Is it any wonder that so many people have lives that descend into total chaos?

          • Why doesn’t your god fix all the broken people? Why does he make them in the first place?

            Maybe because ‘god’ is a fantasy of the human imagination and not real, ya think?

            • Maybe you need to ask that question to “the god of this world”.

            • When sin entered into this world through Adam, man made a choice to exit God’s perfection and follow his own passions. This is why the virgin birth was necessary to bring Jesus into this world. He was not a son of Adam and therefore can be thought of as the second Adam, in a sense, as He was born without the sin nature that the rest of humanity has. Sin is not the will of God, however, we are all bound by it and that is why God’s perfect will does not exist in this world. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (who was both fully God and fully man) there is a bridge to spiritual rebirth that we can choose to cross into God’s will. However, it does not redeem the flesh as it is of this world and not eternal like the soul. Because of the corruption of the flesh, pain will always be present in this plane of existence.

              Thus, the choice is yours. Salvation is not corporate but individual and you have free will. I see no reason for your animosity towards people of faith and I harbor you no ill will. I will admit that there is a chance I am wrong and there is nothing else but this life as I have not died yet and so have not seen if anything lies on the other side. From my perspective, it takes far more faith to take your stance then mine because I stand to lose nothing but a meaningless existence if I am wrong but you stand to lose everything. I would much rather live a life with a sense of ultimate purpose and be wrong than a meaningless one and be right.

      11. This is so easy for this guy not to have to see.
        Die shithead Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      12. Guess that guy never seen the movie fun with dick and jane it showed just how people react when all is gone or going and how it can happen to any one at any time but wait till it happens to every one at the same time. Buy ammo

        • When that goes down people like the subject whiner will be among the first to be clamouring for assistsnce, by then the safety nets will be gone. Karmas a bitch

          • Kulafarmer
            guys like him are going down already… corporations are yammering for an increase in H1B visas.

      13. I saw a homeless woman defecating on the sidewalk in Honolulu, while walking with my wife one morning. Wouldn’t it be better for all concerned to ticket vagrants and impose a relocation penalty to a remote place built by non-violent prisoners. This stepping stone to readmittance to normal society would stress behavioral norms. We could also have a sector for mentally ill folks.

        • cranerigger

          A couple were having diner with a window view. Homeless person took a dump in the large potted plant/tree outside the restaurant. Bon Appetit.

      14. Godsoldier

        Don’t need no movie. Just read the comments here at SHTF. Gives a good idea how people will react.

        • Yea i know but just reference in general towards the sheeple who do not read here and walk around with blinders on living for just today the movie was just example of mass populous education as to the what if senerio im gonna call 1% of the population haveing their shit together as far as supplies and knoledge and a sum what plan for various what if senerios that are possable to happen every day i look at people and just shake my head but they have no thoughts about any of it what so ever because they got that 401k statement and hell they are rich on paper

          • Holy run on sentences Batman! Try using a period here and there. It makes your posts far more readable.

      15. “we live in a free market society”. What’s free about it? Obscene and rising housing costs, continuing escalation of food prices, every year higher insurance costs for health and auto insurance and every other necessity known to man. Millions of living wage and lesser jobs moved to poorer countries to make fatcats richer. We are not far from real homeless America. The overwhelming majority of the US budget and growing dedicated to eternal war that only benefit the existing criminal structure, the American people made criminals in their own country. The hordes of US believers that think there are legitimate options to vote for in the freak show circus that repeats the tyranny increasingly ad nauseam. A press that dispenses only lies to protect the evil cabal, 9-11 an obvious inside job as the perpetrators walk free and reside in government. Free market? What an ugly joke!

        • One example when you buy food no tax is charged however you did pay tax on the money you earned to buy that food now if you give thought to it you also payed tax already that went to the farmer is substidies so its like pre payed tax on food but what gets me is when they pay a farmer not to plant farm land wtf

          • Those subsidies are pretty much not there anymore, and when they were it was limited to commodities such as wheat or corn, not vegetables, they paid a large producer to get him to plant something other than corn or wheat to avoid a huge glut in the market causing prices to crash, artificial price support

            • Yea corn and wheat soy beans are primary foods not just to produce mfg products but also to feed livestock ect so if they left it all alone food costs hunger would not be an issue at all and dont even get me started on Monsanto i had a friend who had a small business cleaning seed he built a shaker table that would remove the chaff and weed seed from harvested soy bean so the farmer could use that seed to plant the next year and not have to buy seed he did this in the fall and spring but Monsanto started harassing him to the point of following him year round even going to his reg job for the state and threatening the farmers he cleaned for Monsanto is so bad that they monitor how much seed every farmer buys and how many bushes the farm sells to calculate if the farmer is reuseing seed then drags them into court

              • Yup, aint corporate greed wonderful,,especially when its in lockstep with govt

          • Don’t you have to pay sales tax? I pay sales tax on everything but prescriptions.

            • Not on food here in indiana

              • Restaurant yes but grocery no

      16. Be thankful for what you have. Have mercy and pity upon the homeless. Not all are drug abusers or mentally ill. some are veterans and some just have had very bad times one after the other. Maintain a sense of compassion versus casting judgment judging. May God bless you all.

      17. Why Frisco? You have to earn like $250K a year to live in Frisco. What’s the attraction for homeless citizens to squat there? You can’t afford to rent anything there. There are no jobs anywhere, really. Limited space, no shitty neighborhoods to crash in — look elsewhere! Get out of San Francisco!

        • I don’t get that either Gordon. I work in the South Lake Tahoe area a lot and cannot understand why there are homeless people there. Freezing cold, no shelters to speak of and no soup kitchens. WTF?


      18. I never comment, but this story is crushing. Nothing will change unless we understand that it is up to US to change things. Not the government, not the politicians, not Bill Gates, but you and me.

        This story should outrage us, but even Justin Keller cannot fix this humanitarian need on his own. Forget the ignorant rich, they don’t get it. You can be born into poverty or born with a mental illness…how can you “go out and earn it” then???

        The able has a responsibility to help the unable.

        Remember what the Lord said…”when you did not do it for the least of these, you did not do it for Me.”

        Churches host homeless from April to October (PADS) and you can volunteer to help. Food banks in local neighborhoods need more food and volunteers. It’s a start.

        I don’t have the answers and I think many feel that same frustration, but I bet if thousands of us gathered together we can come up with something….

        We need land (tax free, yeah, good luck I know). We need to teach people how to grow food, be self sufficient… See how the whole system is set up against us?

        We need to change the system and take it back.

        • chris

          I have No Responsibility to others what so ever.

          I should have dropped out of school. Screwed a bunch of women . Made them pregnant. Had 30 kids. Pimped out a few women. Got high. Gone on government assistance. Got free housing and free food from Churches. Sold drugs while singing, Onwards Christians Soldiers.

          Then you would be worried about ME coming to rape and rob your family.

          Get arrested then blame it on the Police and society or the Cracker who holds me back in life.

        • Chris
          I have helped many people over the years, but right now I am looking at a family group that may need fed. Out of 10 of us, one is elderly with alzheimers, one is elderly, one is mentally short, two are under 10. 4 middle aged adults and me at 61. Give me a break. Many people are already taking care of their own. We are looking at a family compound, if so, we might manage to help… until then we are lightening up on the assistance.
          Why are people living in San Francisco? I left Seattle because it wasn’t affordable. Pretty place but unreasonable. I lived better in Dallas and Albuquerque. So they lose all the support staff, wait staff, toilet cleaners, and grocery clerks. So be it.

      19. Sounds like this clown would like to see the reinvention of poor farms and debtors prisons for anyone not living up to his standards. This is exactly how the ultra rich look at the rest of us, whether we are homeless or just not meeting their expectations. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

      20. Poverty is easier to share than prosperity.

        When techie Keller’s dotcom creation goes bust when Black Friday comes, he’ll be diving from the fourteenth floor.

        His digital wealth will evaporate in a second.

        These homeless have more survival skills than any techie when the rubber eventually meets the road.

        Nation of Sheep

        Owned by Wolves

        Ruled by Pigs

      21. Most the “homeless” in my area live in apartment s down the street. I’m guessing living off SSD and begging.

        Wasn’t long ago there was a guy with a sign “need money for food” at the same time he was holding the sign he was texting to someone on his smart phone….

      22. americans deserve what is coming for them, bitch and whine all you want but nothing is going to stop it, most of americans will be nothing more than victims in what was once a great country, now its becoming a third world shithole of crime, filth, and disease. You trusted in a vote and political leaders who serve the rich, now your sh*t is about over, if you are going to pray to your fake gods you should just pray you dont have to suffer too much while reaping your death wish.

        • Yep gonna be reaping what they sown

        • C2D

          I agree.

      23. What was it they gave you 40ac and a mule back when

      24. Dollar tree has garden seed out 4 packs for $1 gonna getit getit

        • I’ve already bought some of those. There aren’t very many seeds in the packets though. The good news is that a lot of them are heirloom varieties.

          A local garden center closed last year, and I bought all the seeds I could at reduced prices. I hope to plant a lot of different types this year, see how they do, and save seeds from the best.

      25. Move to West Texas and enjoy the scenery……..

      26. How can people even become so gross?
        Best to lock them all away in a poor house and make them do hard labor for their gruel.
        The very sight of them makes me feel quiet unwell. Filthy peasants.

      27. It used to be a crime to be a vagrant. Now they have the legal right to sleep and crap on the sidewalk in some places like New York City.

      28. Rich today doesn’t guarantee rich tomorrow. Guys like TONY ROBBINS will tell you about their days struggling until they became inspired or their lives took a detour and they became rich and famous. Under the instruction of world class voice coach, students were taught “a star today, a janitor tomorrow – a janitor today, a star tomorrow”.

      29. all i can say is wow what a creep. you reap what you sow. someday he may be one of the poor. God has a way of bringing down arrogant prideful people.

        • Was talking about the ass hole rich guy in the story so dont twist and troll or it will be the shredder for you

      30. “Are there no work houses, no prisons?. Maybe it is best if they just die and decrease the surplus population”! Ebenezer Scrooge

        “What ever you do for the least of these, you do unto Me”
        Jesus Christ.

        Choose this day who YOU will serve? As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.

      31. The story of Dives and Lazarus Luke 16:19-31 repeats itself. The Bible is irrelevant to today? If so, why are humans *exactly* repeating all the stories that occurred starting all the way back in Genesis.

        Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. Including the answer to the intrinsic self-absorption we all have, which is found in the Gospel.

      32. I spent seven years running a rescue mission6 for street people. Since that time it has gotten worse by far. half the time I go into town now I see fist fights on the sidewalk. Beggers are eveywhere including little kids in stores. The influx of illegals has flooded the country with cheap labor and chiminals b5oth. The high school now has drive by gan6g shootings. Some people on the street never intend to work and say so while others have lost everyghing and are the end of the line. half of street people are mentally ill many are very dangerous some are killers One sweet looking girl had done time for armed robbery, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon 20% of illegals come here with felony records. SF is a sanctuary city and attracts illegals They bring the third world with them So enjoy an6d step carefully

        • The solution for the author Justin Keller’s problem is this: If he can’t hack the urine-soaked sidewalks of San Francisco, he needs to take his talents & tax-paying abilities and MOVE.

      33. Hey Justin. There were plenty of high paying professionals out there that thought the party wouldn’t end and some may have thought like you. Then the recession showed up. Think it can’t happen to your arrogant ass? Guess again.

      34. Deinstitutionalization didn’t work as planned. What a surprise.

      35. Thoughts are all over the place on this one. First, no one wants to or enjoys seeing homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks. Why? They don’t want their children exposed to it, nor do they want their guests from out of town exposed to it. The reason? Safety. They don’t want to find out if a homeless person is going to molest their kid or assault their guest.

        Next is the concern people have for their own safety. Not every homeless person is harmless. Some are people with a habit who will use violence to get what they need to fuel their habit. Others are mental patients with the propensity for violence.

        Now for my take on the homeless. Where I live, I know of state parks that house colonies of homeless, two-paycheck working families for 8 to 9 months out of the year; when the cold weather comes, they head to warmer climates to pursue work. These families are in this position because they can not afford food, rent and medical on two paychecks.

        That’s why I have little to no sympathy for the homeless people Justin Keller whines about, and I’m rather far removed from Keller on the income spectrum. The people Keller whines about do nothing but take from those homeless working families camping in state parks. How? They always seem to be able to land public housing, which really should go to those homeless families in the state parks, only to get bounced, then repeat the cycle. They get a check every month, which they squander. They get a food card, which they often sell, so they can squander some more.

        First, I’ll offer Justin Keller a solution to the problem he has defined. I would take these homeless people off the streets and put them in concentration camps run by private military companies. They need to be taught a lesson in accountability, and they need to learn how to earn themselves a lunch. There’s plenty of dog dump on sidewalks that needs scraping up.

        Don’t think for one minute I have high regard for this guy, because I don’t. He’s a tech guy in a major metropolitan area, one that happens to sit in an earthquake zone. What’s going to happen to this guy when the next 1906, or something one hell of a lot worse, comes his way? He’ll be completely helpless and completely useless. He’ll be crying, begging, and sniveling for someone to feed him and give him a tent. His tech skills probably won’t be worth a rat’s behind because there won’t be anywhere for him to use them.

        Justin Keller, you may make more in one month than I make in a year, but I know I have what I need to survive and thrive anywhere, no matter how bad the conditions. I have my kit, where I know I’ll have shelter, fire and processed water all in three hours or less; I built my kit by hand specifically for that purpose. All you have is a man-purse with your computer and tablet.

        • Don’t think for one minute You have high regards? You aren’t fooling me, go fool somebody else.

        • The trouble is, you *don’t* know that he won’t be able to cope with the next earthquake or whatever. You’re presuming a lot. Smart people tend to figure out how to get by regardless of the circumstances, and they adapt quickly. Quicker than the drunk lying on the sidewalk. Good luck with your BOB and your presumed skill set. It’s more bravado than reality based, since it hasn’t been tested in real-world collapse circumstances. Feel free to not use technology if you have such distain for the people who developed it.

      36. He has the attitude you get if you enter a Tiffany & Company jewelry store—complete snobs. They should post a sign “Attention Dignitaries—Have No Dread That Your Inferiors Will Ever Receive Consideration From Us.”

      37. Seriously people? There are than sufficient programs sponsered by the government, using our taxes, and private individuals and organizations, that there is no reason for anyone to live in the streets in America.

        Homeless people are homeless because they want to be. You all act like you don’t know this, even after hundreds of documentaries and studies have shown this to be the reality.

        I cannot even count how many times I or my family have been accosted by beggars. On several occasions I or my wife have literally been attacked by these people, while all we were trying to do was walk on the sidewalk. I have had encounters like this in a half a dozen cities across America.

        We have the means and tje resources to take care of these people, and if that means we have to force them into homes and shelters, then we have a reaponsibility to do it.

        They be educated and given opportunities to improve their lives. If they chose to refuse the generosity of our compassion, then they need to deal with the consequences, even if that means restricting them areas where they are danger to contributing members of society and a drain on resources that could be better spent on people willing and wanting to improve their situation. Those people who do not want to be homeless, do not have to be. PERIOD.

        • The problem is this man’s arrogance and seeming sense of entitlement and condescension. We all know that there are some very dangerous people who are homeless because they just can’t cope with society or their own demons. However, not all of them are that way. Some people slip through the cracks in the system and wind up there because there isn’t enough funding to help them or because they do not qualify for any of the programs (especially single, childless males). Some homeless families are people stuck in a location with high housing costs who have limited skills and work very low paying jobs. Many have been hit hard by Obamacare’s destruction of 30+ hour work weeks for minimally skilled workers and can’t find a second job.

          So, to this gentleman with the big income I say, no. You haven’t earned the right not to see the plight of the homeless anymore than anyone else has. Life is not a nonstop party and we all need to be reminded of that fact lest we become callous and uncaring.

          • Winston Smith

            I think it is better to see reality than live on Fantasy Island, because reality is going to bite you anyway. People on the edge can’t afford to move when even a bus ticket out doesn’t guarantee a job. These are the result of corporate-owned government policies. This is how oligarchy looks. Oligarchy buys fascism to shoot the disposable people in the streets. This guy fancies himself an oligarch. No conscience.

      38. It’s easy to badmouth this guy as being heartless but maybe he’s been accosted for money (illegal behavior) and had to walk over human poo on the sidewalk once too many times. It’s out of hand in San Francisco and a lot of other big cities, mostly because of social services and the weather both being good, or better than the other place. He’s right that he ‘deserves’ to live in that city, he *has* earned it. Has the perpetual drunk or drug addict *earned* it? There’s a reason they don’t move to a less expensive city in middle America and get a job and a cheap apartment – they don’t want to or can’t handle even that. Capitalism has consequences, and so does social spending that doesn’t get to the heart of the problem and only puts a temporary fix on it. Yes, it’s a difficult problem but how many homeless drunks and addicts and yes, criminals can a city absorb before it’s chaos? And if you think techies are all spoiled brats, stop using the technology they’ve invented; that would be that computer you’re commenting on. Sure as hell the drunks and panhandlers didn’t invent it, nor have they likely provided much else in the way of a benefit to the society. Good at taking and making excuses for their situation, though.

        • Signal fire
          Dallas has a pretty clean downtown area, not sure what they do with the pan handlers etc. Seattle is a sewer downtown since they emptied the asylums… there was an ax murder atmy bus stop about 10 minutes after my bus let me off. It is a scary place. Never lived in San Francisco, but scary behavior is scary behavior no matter how big of an idiot said it. Is SF looking for solutions?

          • Poor axe… May it rest in peace.

      39. Can you believe this? Did the homeless chose to be that way.. NO what is wrong with these rich people? Why do they want to put people in detention camps or to depopulate them ? This is anti- Christian and we are to help these people . This is so sick. May be they will lose all their money and belongings someday. Jesus may reward this person some day soon, but he will remember this person come judgement day. Bet he stepped on many poor people to get where he is today Nasty Freak

        • Shut up you vagabond loving zealot.

          Money is my GOD… LOADS OF MONEY.

          • +LOADS OF MONEY The love of money is the root to all evil

          • The problem with greed is it becomes all consuming. Too bad for you.

          • Loads
            Doubt anyone loves vagabonds, what a stupid thing to say. Goes to show that acquiring money is not rocket science. It also does not require empathy. It’s all their fault! It is mostly leadership wrecking the country, nitwit. “All their fault” is psychopath speak for “if it is their fault, I will be safe because I made better decisions”, designed to lull more powerful folks into believing they are “safe” from the greed of the oligarchs. And keep them cowering just like you.

      40. Look, I’m not a rich guy, I’m just a working stiff, and _I_ can’t stand seeing and being accosted by the bums either. I am continually working to “earn my keep” in society. If I wanted to go live under a bridge or on a park bench, that would be the easy way, and people would rightly be upset to see me as a vagrant impacting their safety and peace.

        No one asked to be born, and it sucks to have to get off your azz and go to work and earn a living. That’s part of life. Allowing for the mentally disabled, who ought to be helped, starting with help from THEIR parents, the able-bodied shouldn’t be allowed to just take the easy way out, receive handouts, and smear our cities with their laziness. I _hated_ the fact that I had to do chores and mow lawns as a kid, when I would have much rathered just sit around and consume my parent’s wealth. But it instilled a work ethic in me, and frankly, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those who never got past the “hating work” phase.

        In prehistoric times, bums didn’t exist. They starved to death. That’s not a slam on the hardworking caveman. Why is it his fault? Laziness shouldn’t be rewarded, it should be ignored. Stop giving handouts and free rides to those who are too lazy to help themselves, and the problem will fix itself in short order. This isn’t Heinrich Himmler, this is Darwin.

      41. All I can say is that one day and probably one day soon there will be some serious changes in this country and I hope you are ready when it happens. The “average” person is getting shafted at every angle and so many are sick and tired of being sick and tired. . .

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