Resistance to Globalism: It Begins with You

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    There are enough “National Enquirer” types of headlines in what is purported to be “news,” especially in the mainstream media (MSM). These are “campy” pieces designed to catch the eye: all form with no substance. They are a sleight of hand exercise: feints designed to focus your eyes upon the hand with the handkerchief over the top hat. Meanwhile, the “magician” is stuffing a rabbit into the hat through a hole in the table’s bottom.

    Everything is either a diversion or an outright lie, designed to confuse the average mind and to keep people in the endless loop of working (slavery), taxation (theft), regular consumption (based on daily needs of food, fuel, etc.,) and periodic consumption (aligned with the “Hallmark” calendar holidays and emotional heartstrings that mandate spending and make it a requirement, such as Valentine’s Day). Everything is precisely aligned and coincides with the seasons of the year and the business quarters.

    We have an economy that is based at least 75% on consumer spending.

    There is an objective that is being pursued at an incremental rate of speed, almost that of a moving glacier…but it is moving forward, nonetheless. The objective is to mould the minds of youth to forget their families, neighborhoods, and nation, in order to make them completely malleable and “congeal” their actions when numbers are needed…by fostering groupthink, labeled as “community and political correctness.”

    The means to reach this goal is to negate and nullify the effects of the older generations on them…the ones who see through the smiles of politicians and corporate heads and know them for who and what they are, and what they do.

    In the July 23, 2018 issue of Time Magazine can be found an almost stultifying, aggravating piece written by James Stavridis, a retired admiral of the Navy, entitled Democracy Isn’t Perfect, But It Will Still Prevail.” The article is headlined atop of two pages that have a photo of the Acropolis of Greece. Stavridis is old enough to know better and as such, is without excuse: he has been bought off.

    The subheading reads thusly (to paraphrase “Upgrayedd” from “Idiocracy”):

    Mass migration, terrorism[,] and economic woes are fueling authoritarians around the world.  NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander on why government of, by[,] and for the people will win again.

    Yes, the “mass migration” is on the southern border of the United States, and it is not migration: it is an invasion of illegal aliens entering the country. The terrorism is not external: it is the reverse – an internal terrorism conducted against the citizens of the U.S. by the police departments, federal agents, bureaucracies, and the government.  Economic woes? Yes, our faux fiat currency economy is displaying agonal breathing, yet all the while the bankers’ and brokers’ gains on the Dow and the phony, doctored CBO and Fed numbers are parroted by the fawning sycophants of the media as “economic victories.”

    In the article is a picture of the nations of the globe with a pointer-indicator line for certain nations. “United States” has an indicator, and the paragraph describing it is as such:

    Rising partisanship has diminished democratic compromise, President Trump’s attempts to discredit the media and the courts have drawn criticism and concern. But democratic institutions and free markets remain strong.

    What a crock: that paragraph is a huge crock of dung. The map is color-coded to display nations that are “authoritarian” or “democratic,” and of course, the U.S. falls under “democratic.”

    Stavridis wrote this article, and it is a lie. Partisanship has diminished democratic compromise? No, partisanship has been the last bastion of resistance and outrage against collectivism, with the partisanship being conservatives rejecting the transition…the “change we couldn’t believe in” to the quagmire advanced by Obama. As far as the President is concerned, he is not discrediting the media: the media is a disgrace that has discredited itself by pushing a socialist agenda and supporting only one political party for the past century, while hiding the truth and distorting the facts from the public.

    As far as institutions are concerned, since when are government-subsidized banks that are propped up and bailed out with taxpayer monies…since when are these “too big to [allow to] fail” banks any part of a free market…or “strong” of their own accord? Since when are the monopolies created for Verizon (to allow NSA and government surveillance over all communications), for General Electric (the “go-to” firm in China with Jeffrey Immelt at the helm), for Bank of America, and all of the others bailed out…since when are these monolithic giants part of a “free market” economy?

    Stavridis opened his article with these words:

    I spent much of my early adult life on American warships around the world defending democracy against one of its great 20th century enemies: global communism.  The Cold War represented a rare kind of conflict in the span of human civilization, one not between states or princes, but between ideologies.  On one side was centralized authoritarian control; on the other, democratic government of, by[,] and for the people….

    When I came ashore and entered the Naval War College in the fall of 1991, it felt like a struggle of historic significance finally had been won.

    He continues on to list China and Russia as “trending toward one-man rule,” and listing the many other nations (Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, among others) that are “drifting into authoritarian orbits,” as he terms it.

    Stavridis does not touch anything that we, the United States have created: he never mentions Ukraine, a country destabilized by Obama, Clinton, Nuland, McCain, and Graham. He does not mention the destabilization created by ISIS, a creation of the State Department of the United States and the Obama administration, a destabilization that has placed half a dozen Arab nations in a state of chaos or instability.

    The real kicker that Stavridis has been bought (better, sold himself) is his denunciation of Viktor Orban the Prime Minister of Hungary as following after “creeping authoritarianism.”

    Any kind of stance that involves strong nationalism, specifically a nation’s desire to maintain its borders, culture, language, and social structure…any defense of those factors is renounced by globalists and fawning lackeys who champion an “open society” and “democracy.”

    Viktor Orban is one of Europe’s last holdouts against a Muslim invasion that seeks through illegal entry (termed “migration”) to displace those factors of nationalism in Hungary, and either kill or enslave its citizens and force them to submit to Sharia law.

    Stavridis is so quick to champion the battle of Communism versus Democracy during the Cold War, yet will say nothing of the true battle taking place now, the one far beyond mere “Communism,” per se:

    The true battle is a worldwide battle on many different fronts for man to remain free as an individual and not a submissive subject, groveling under collective globalist rule.

    Stavridis also conveniently left out his own roles in shaping the world, such as Bosnia and the bombing of Serbia under Clinton. He casually mentions the FARC in Colombia and acts as if the elections there are a clear-cut indicator of an emerging fledgling democracy: nothing mentioned about the phony war carried out against drugs and terrorism by the Colombian government and the U.S. government through the DEA.

    Nothing is mentioned how the U.S. dollar is Ecuador’s unit of currency, or how the U.S. just sealed off a natural gas deal to cut Gazprom out of Europe and hurt Russia financially.

    Same premise that we won’t use germ warfare weapons against other countries, but we’ll release it (tests) on our own subjects (citizens, if you prefer).

    Stavridis’ article is a perfect example of how the MSM works to discredit anything that will work against the movement toward global government and socialism. Lenin himself said that socialism is the final step before communism. It is all about totalitarian rule.

    North Korea is (in the minds of most) a dead issue, but in reality it is not. When the Soviet Union collapsed in ’92, all of the merchant-bankers greedily rubbed their palms together and made plans to take it over with Wal-Marts and McDonalds.  Ten years of pillaging the Russian economy occurred, but Russia pulled out of the tentacles and did not end up another vassal state of the Western military and banking hegemony.

    The motto of this website is “When it hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

    No, really: take a stand and a stance now, in everything that you do.

    Madmen run countries and enter into wars that kill millions and then pick up the pieces to reform/restructure the nations and control them. What makes anyone think they are not positioning for these things now? An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. We’re in a “lag” time here: a slowdown from the 8 years under Obama, but a slowdown that has not blossomed into a reversal by any means.

    Don’t place your trust in any elected official or government: they can annihilate the surface of the globe while they sit in bunkers drinking Taster’s Choice and bourbon, with an army to defend them, all paid for by you and I…our “dime,” so to speak. Trust that? No. Resistance takes many forms, and a refusal to be absorbed into the collective hive is a start. In the end, as Thomas Jefferson pointed out, the Tree of Liberty will have to be watered in order to maintain freedom for all.  In the heart is where it all begins.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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        • Like the article says, the scum globalists want to literally kill billions of people and have already murdered millions but some other posters here whom I suspect are scum government agents, leftists, or just plain fools call me psychotic for stating I’ll kill a jack boot before he puts his boot on my throat. The answer is still yes, I damn well will.

          • Menzo, it’s still the same for me too. No jackboots will ever have their way with me.

        • Amen, and buy Ammo. Because I cannot stay free by just pointing my finger and saying “Bang”.

      2. He is correct. Communism, and the idea of collectivism as virtuous, has infected every aspect of the US, namely the education system at every level.

      3. can anyone list specific things we can do to resist ?

        • goofygal: google in: leaderless resistance by louis beam , on what to do after the collapse and martial law. No patriot group, website, videos online, or books opposing NWO had/ has a viable solution since ww2, when people became aware about the UN agenda in the ’40’s!!. Many groups want money yet produced nil. Which is why I no longer join anything or spt org. Was a JBS member 6 mo. in ’80 saw they were infiltrated w/change agents. many were sincere members some quit. FBI infiltrated the Portland Ore. group in the ’70’s (parents left). We must prep. best we can, that’s it.

      4. “The cake is a lie.”

        Kilroy will be here soon.

      5. Unless we deal with Private Owned “Central” Banks, there is no hope.

        A county must print-create-issue their own currency, and not borrow it from a small group who own the printing press. The printing press belongs to the PEOPLE and thus the COUNTRY.

        How the hell “we” ever allowed a small group of men to get away with this is incredible.

        Abolish the above, and the Income Tax system, and that is the beginning of freedom for you and me.

        • Centurion: If Trump can’t deal/fix these issues and other important problems get us out of the UN, NATO, etc. he can’t be trusted he will be just like all the rest of the politicians pushing globalist agenda/or doing nothing to stop it).

      6. just a reminder. It is not merely a matter of one of us – as an individual – that needs to resist. It is ‘us’. All of us. This nation is not just one person who is willing to go down fighting. It’s again – all of us willing to do so. Or at least stand shoulder to shoulder or hunker down in the trench together; watch each others’ backs. Am I willing to fight? Sure am. But damn it all here – think beyond yourselves. How about kids, grandkids, brothers/sisters…. those you give a damn about. And then expand …. to all the people those loved ones do as well. We need to take this country back. And it’s going to take a lot of us to do so. So step up each one of you. One by one. But fight together. Most of us here have more than enough firepower to be able to arm up at least 5+ more. Be ready to do so.

      7. Trump wants congress to approve funding for the border wall and is threatening to let the gov shut down if he don’t get it. His campaign promise was Mexico is paying for the wall and he said this on more than 1 occasion. I want a border wall but I don’t want to pay for it. Congress needs to hold trump accountable for his campaign promise and not give the funding. If gov shuts down it will be on trump. If he makes the taxpayer and not Mexico pay for the wall he will lose my vote.

      8. its happening now. boom boom boom

      9. Divided and conquered works every time. The people have power to effect change if united against falsely managed both sides common enemy, those who cleverly maintain our division with frivolous differences not related to peace, equality, justice and security.

      10. The nations of the world are in a deep, dark hole. By all means, we should unite. That way we can pool our resources and dig faster.

      11. The real enemy and problem is the 30-40% “americans” that are democrats.
        We have found the enemy and it is us!
        I truly believe that people are born liberals or conservative – Its a brain thing.
        And liberalism is a demented satanic cult

        • People are a product of their environment. My best friend growing up is a liberal. He was surrounded by it. I was raised by a father who switched from the Democratic party during Reagan and embraced conservatism and that was my formative environment. We can barely hold a civil conversation over text messaging anymore.

      12. The best way to gain freedom is to live rural where you are not told what color to paint your front door. Some neighborhoods I have seen are war zones literally Others are plagued by everyone spying on everyone else. I pull up to visit friends and the people are standing in the window watching me. My friends neighbors complain about the paving stones in his back yard. To live free live in the country. Always consider fire when doing so as witness the wild fires currently. I fought a wild fire within 30 ft of my house and won. Never get complacent

      13. Trump said he would make mexico pay fot the wall.
        Yes he will ….with daily drug busts yeilding several
        millions. With money transfers going to mexico.
        With assets confiscated from dealers. With deep
        pocket fees, fines and donations.

        Rome wasn’t built in a day.
        Illegals cost us billions…..we need to get rid of the
        squatters, free loaders, Anti-USA, criminals, gangsters,
        Occupy Commies, and nazi wannabes.
        Would really be nice to send all 3rd degree prisoners to
        some remote island near the south pole… with nothing
        but their birthday suits. Make them appreciate the fine
        things in life they thew away.

      14. The tree of liberty fell on our watch. And not one shot was fired by people who call themselves ‘Patriots’. They are fake Patriots. Hell, to this old coot, most of them are too young to even remember what we have lost.

        The Republican’s (Globalist’s #1 Diversion) NDAA (H.R. 1540 (112th) signed New Year’s Eve 2011 (although Bush’s Patriot Act laid the foundation on October 26, 2001) was America’s death knell. With the stroke of a pen, We the People became mere subjects. That event was our generation’s Declaration of Independence but patriots never showed up. All talk, and no guts to put actual skin in the game.

        So-called ‘Patriots’ may have hundreds of millions of guns and metric tons of ammo but have nothing they are willing fight for.

      15. The nationalists do not expect political isolationism. You still expect your delegates to sign treaties and pledge your resources, on your behalf, while you are not supposed to call yourself global citizens.

      16. The biggest problem is ignorance. How many Americans know anything about the United Nations or what it does on a weekly basis? How many Americans can name the scandals now washing over the UN (child sex abuse, sex and human trafficking, bribery, money laundering, epic corruption)? Without that knowledge they will never be able to counter it.

        How many Americans know that so-called ‘globalism’ is really the American Empire, the American Project that has ruled the world since World War II? In fact criticising globalism is really just criticising America and all it stands for.

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