Resettlement Camps: May Be Performed As DOMESTIC Civil Support Operations

by | May 7, 2012 | Headline News | 244 comments

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    We’ve known for years that the U.S. Military has been preparing for civil unrest and riot response within the continental United States. Likewise, the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security and various other government alphabet agencies have been actively preparing for how to handle natural and man-made crises that include everything from large scale economic collapse to war and asteroid strikes.

    As a part of the national security apparatus’ continuity of government and emergency response plans it has been theorized for years that any emergency or event of national significance would be met with Presidentially decreed martial law which would call for the deployment of the National Guard and other armed forces assets on the streets of America. Up until recently these ideas have floated in the realm of conspiracy theory. The notion that the U.S. military would patrol American streets, or that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has established scores of refugee relocation facilities capable of housing tens of thousands of inmates, or that Americans could be detained without charge or trial indefinitely, has for some time been reserved for those on the fringe – the tin foil wearing lunatics who spend their free time dissecting covert government activities and mainstream media propaganda.

    “Put on your tin foil hat,” has been the general response from the broader American public when faced with the idea that we are progressively moving in the direction of a police state, and that the US government, despite Constitutional protections, can do anything they want, at any time, and to anybody.

    It turns out that the tin foilers of the world have slowly, but surely, been piecing together a puzzle over the last decade that seems to be near completion.

    Now, a leaked U.S. Army document outlining the processes and procedures for Internment and Resettlement Operations indicates that not only are the now infamous FEMA detainment and refugee relocation camps real, but that government, military and private sector organizations are actively taking steps to deal with mass incarcerations when they happen:

    A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

    The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) was originally released on a restricted basis to the DoD in February 2010, but has now been leaked online.

    The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

    The document makes it clear that the policies apply “within U.S. territory” and involve, “DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities,” including “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.

    The manual states, “These operations may be performed as domestic civil support operations,” and adds that “The authority to approve resettlement such operations within U.S. territories,” would require a “special exception” to The Posse Comitatus Act, which can be obtained via “the President invoking his executive authority.” The document also makes reference to identifying detainees using their “social security number.”

    Aside from enemy combatants and other classifications of detainees, the manual includes the designation of “civilian internees,” in other words citizens who are detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”

    via InfoWars

    Though often rejected as completely ridiculous, the existence of FEMA camps becomes undeniable in light of this latest training manual from the U.S. military. If the military is actively training personnel to respond to riots, to detain and arrest individuals en masse, and to manage the incarceration of these individuals, then it stands to reason that they must already have established detainment zones – aka FEMA Camps.

    Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones have detailed the existence of these camps, and all of the existing evidence – the thousands of pages of ‘laws’ and regulations that have become available since the advent of the internet – are indicative of a government preparing for a complete and total lock down of this nation.

    Video The Daily Sheeple

    We’re seeing it on a micro-scale in the city of Chicago for the upcoming May 20 NATO summit, where officials have literally locked down the entire city, set up security red zones, reserved a large amount of space outside of the city for the detainment of protesters, and deployed heavily armed military and law enforcement personnel.

    As was opined recently, the control grid is being put into place for what they know is coming. They can listen to and read any phone call we make, any text message we send, or any email we share. They can criminally charge us for assembling peaceably to protest. They can detain us indefinitely without charge. They can seize our food, our land and our very labor by a single order from the President.

    The lock down has begun. All Aboard the Auschwitz Express.

    Hattip: Infowars, The Daily Crux, The Daily Sheeple, Southern Boy


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        • I hate commies.

          • I second that.

            and Iowa, I promise there will be a beta version of the forum this week!

            • the hour is late

              America needs to learn how to identify and fight domestic enemies before we are perceived as the enemy. Oops, we are already in that transition.

            • Mac… it’s 2012 and forums are “90’s tech”. Are you implementing Buddypress or not?

            • Great job on the article Mac!!

              Seems “1984” is upon us! God help us all….

          • Lets remember, the mother that gave birth to this was Reagan and Ollie North. Remember their C.O.G.?

            It has all been baby steps until 911. 911 was the catalyst they needed to ratchet up the National Security Police State. Once the P’sTB believe they have everything in place, they will use force to implement the… final solution.

        • @ the realist. You know when it passed the point of no return? It was when the United States started up free trade with the enemy. It was when the U.S. decided that cheap foreign based goods made by slaves was better than keeping good paying manufacturing jobs in the United States. It was when the fearless leaders of the United States sold out their country and their own people to other countries so a select few could benefit. It was when the word “treason” for selling out your own country to the enemy (China) that has hundreds of ICBM’s aimed at practically every place in the U.S., became an useless word. Enemy weapons that will one day kill tens of millions of Americas all easily paid for at the expense of American jobs. Passed the point of no return when 90%+ of the people stopped caring about their country and became more concerned with meaningless brain dead activities and their toys, and became one of the most shallow existences that mankind has ever experienced.

          • Billy Boy Clinton gave the Chinese the technology so those missiles would work something even the Soviets never were stupid enough to do. With Obamas latest plans to pretty much destroy the US military and align with China, Russia and the Muslim Brotherhood I would expect that if he is re elected we shall see just how brave all those who pose on this site really are.

            • Many people don’t understand just how dangerous China is to the very survival of the United States. China is under no START treaty and no one monitors just what China has. Idiotic estimates puts Chinese nuclear weapons at 240 to 400. In 1980 China was suppose to have between 300-400. In 32 years a country that size that is Communist and warlike is going to reduce their arsenal or keep it the same. Especially with the United States a dominant in the Pacific, a sworn mega enemy in Japan, and India. Yeah right. China has more likely several thousand nukes hidden and not breaking any internation laws at all or treaties.

              China is one of only three countries to put a person in orbit. The U.S. and USSR or Russia the other two. ICBM technology is basically the same as space programs. Mobile ICBM’s are now just as accurate as land based and can be hidden until ready to use. China is likely to have about 1970-1980 the number of ICBM’s that Russia USSR had during this time. China has the largest military in the world and a much upgraded navy, airforce, and missile assets. The ONLY thing they don’t have, but might in the near future, is long range bomber planes that carry nuclear weapons.

              China has the money, at the expense of the economy and well being of the United States and vastly underestimates their military expenses. Old Chinese saying, boast when you are weak, keep your mouth shut when you are strong.

              The U.S. has two countries pointing weapons that can annihilate the surface of the United States and still people are going around like there is no threat out there. Russia continues to be boxed in and will not tolerate any further encroachments. China continues to build up its Pacific fleet for a future war with the U.S. and probably Japan. Only 1% of the people are prepping in the United States and civil defense is a distant memory of a forgotten era.

              You know when someone says God help America, I am beginning to think that God is the ONLY one that can help it. Those so called “leaders” surely aren’t and haven’t for so long, people have forgotten what protecting their home means. Most people are more concerned about what new fad is going on so they can jump on that bandwagon as quickly as possible. That bandwagon should have one or both of the following bumper stickers on it; “Hades or Bust”, or “I am with Stupid” and arrows pointing in all directions.

        • To the Americans in the National Guard, Military and Police that are working for the global elites to enact out this planned takeover of this great nation; HOW DARE YOU???

          These are your countrymen that you will be pointing your weapons at. Your countrymen that you will be imprisoning, your countrymen that you will be MURDERING!!!

          I ask again. . . HOW DARE YOU?

          Their only crime is fighting back at the criminals that are stealing from them on so many levels.

          You are the bastards of the world!

          You are the SS troops of history reborn to spread your evil!

          You are selling your souls in exchange for a piece of paper that you take to the bank and exchange for some toilet paper.

          Wake up and put your weapons down and join us or go down in history as the SS troops of this modern day HOLOCAUST!

          • THIS IS THE REASON, if anybody ever had a doubt, or wondered, why the 2nd Ammendment was wriiten.
            Your Government. Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave; at least looking down saying “I told you so”.

            • Private firearms ownership will not be much of a deterrent to trained military troops. Especially if they use squad tactics, the average cililian will have no chance. The stick houses that Americans live in will afford no protection unlike the concrete homes in Iraq. Plus the Iraqis have balls something that no longer seems to exist in the US. We in deep doo doo.

            • and everyone thought I was nuts when I started bringing this to attention long ago…….now look what we have gotten ourselves into, giving up our rights cause were scared, only got us deeper into the hole… were to deep to hop out and everyone who opposes its getting buried as well. Serves us right for just accepting whatever happens cause its easy…….we should stand up and fight for our rights.

          • Silverfox…..I wouldn’t have said it any better. Keep it up.

            • Thank you Watchdog. I can’t help but to wonder if they really know what they are doing and who they are working for.

            • John W.

              There are over 20 million veterans in the uSA. I am one of them. So don’t count the people out yet.

          • The repeal of DADT was the straw that broke the camels back for this Vietnam era veteran’s support of our military. I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt to individuals and institutions until the doubt has been removed. Well, it has!

            My personal opinion is that the repeal of DADT was a contract breaker. Every soldier and sailor that wanted to walk after this repeal, should have been allowed to; with an honorable discharge. But, the Secretary of Defense said, “No! They will be required to complete their time”. Well, so be it. But, every decent service man with moral integrity should terminate their service as soon as their contract allows. If they don’t, they put their seal of approval on calling good evil and evil good; and then they deserve the full deleterious consequences of their choices; Which this country will soon know if it fails to collectively repent of the evil it now embraces.

            Ephesians 6:13. Matthew 10:28 And don’t forget, Noah was our first prepper!

            • of all the things to be pissed about, you keep worrying about gays wanting to serve their country? are you kidding me?

              it’s not environmental degredation that keeps you awake? nuclear proliferation? inflation? resource centralization? executive power expansion?

              no. none of those things rise to the insidious level of gays in teh military. LOL!

          • Your righteous indignation would be well-founded if it comes to pass but I ask you, how little faith do you have in your fellow Americans to think they would blindly draw down on their own countrymen? They are not mindless, brain-washed buffons and especially in the case of the Guardsman whose first oath is NOT to his country but to his state! Shame on them? SHAME ON YOU!

            If you want to see someone who is a real bastard, let a Guardsman know that you hate and despise him or her and they will indeed turn their back on you.

            “Sell their souls for a piece of paper?” You think they do this for money? You are possibly the most incredibly stupid on the face of the planet. Many of them would and will perish before raising a hand against a countrymen.

            The holocaust that will occur will be when you have done your evil deed, destroyed the Guardsmen and then NOTHING will stand between you and whatever else is out there.
            Yes, you may survive for a time on your own but eventually a marauding horde always finds what its after, unless of course you become part of the marauding horde…

            Keep this in mind Oh “SilverFox,” the Guardsmen your state deploys are your neighbors and possibly your kin not the Hessian monsters you have them made out to be.

            • Please! The Nazi SS didnt have a problem why do you think our cowards will be any diffrend

            • who are you kidding? of course they’re mindless, brainwashed buffoons. these same assholes are drawing down on women and children across iraq and afghanistan. these same brainwashed buffoons are sitting in drone pilot data centers pushing buttons on wedding parties.

              if they can make these guys wear a uniform, walk in formation, and take a shit in unison, they can make them do anything.

            • 88, Hate to break it to you, but most people in the military are there for other than patriotic reasons. It isnt romantic notions of serving country that drive all of them, or even most. I speak from experience, not from the outside looking in. That said, I don’t think that even half of our military would acts against us. I’ll have to poll some of my comrades and see.

            • Thank goodness all those TSA cretins are not Americans…Oh, wait, they are.

        • Indeed we have”realist,”and the point of return keeps getting further with all that’s happening so it’s amazing that lots of folks arent really taking things seriously enough to even think about preparing,but with the economy like it is,I sorta understand that finances are a factor,but damn,do something-don’t be caught w/o NOTHING AT ALL-that will be a HUGE MISTAKE and has the potential to bite real HARD.

        • The PTB understand by the superior intelligence that they have scientifically and esoterically that the Pole Shift is well underway.

          They have a pretty good read on the time frame too. Their remote viewers have provided them with insight that most Americans are not privy too.

          When the Shift Hits The Fan you will be happy that those FEMA camps are there to incarcerate the “grazers”, unprepared, looters, and anarchists.

          Keep prepping.

          • DK,

            I would like to know your source for that info?????


            • DPS: Google “remote viewers’ you’ll find it.

        • This is from the Manual, and there are many who would call these “soldiers” hero’s.

          H-52. In compounds where women, children, and the elderly are interned, they may be placed in the front
          ranks of the demonstration to try to discourage countermeasures by the control force.

          If you are in the military, or support the military in any way, may you, your wife, your parents or children be the first used as human shields to protect the “brave soldiers” you are so proud of.

          The military is nothing more than the enforcement arm of the banksters monopoly. It serves no purpose in a time of peace, and it’s existence creates war at the bankster behest and under their terms.

          • the sole purpose of the military is to kill,that is why thomas jefferson warned about standing armies in peace time.ANYONE that thinks they won’t kill your family on orders,when they would kill their own family if ordered to is living in a dream world.all you dreamers out there better wake up your almost out of time!!!!

        • My brother and his friends watched as they mounted machine guns in the guard towers and hauled 100’s of box’s of bullets up to them in Lewiston Idaho,at their fema prison camp.those guns were to repell anyone trying to rescue their friends and family.NO one will ever be releasted,this will be the end of the line for those to stupid to fight,if you wind up in a FEMA camp,KISS your ass and family good by!!!!!!!

          • All the more reason to practice sniping skills. Start training now boys!

      2. Soberingly scary. We better wise up and realize it’s here *now*.

        • It does not matter that it’s here, there isa nothing you can do about it

          • Jimb, there are actually two things you can do.

            1. Lay down and be killed.
            2. Fight the criminals that are attacking you.

            • +100 SilverFox

              …kill three, be free…

        • Better get ready….

        • I am sure John Boner will get right on this to protect us and preserve the Constitution. I made a funny. Ha, ha!

      3. I don’t put anything whatsoever past TPTB and there is plenty of evidence to prove their intent, but how does anyone authenticate this Army document?

        • Mender,

          Open the PDF and begin reading it, If its not real somebody has spent alot of time writing it.


        • Am a civilian fed contractor…. A prepper…. It is real….

      4. Keep your mouth shut about your preps, and keep your head down. These places will be hell on earth.

        • I am not worried about them, because it will only be my dead body in there

          • I hope they use the Blue Hats (UN). Here in Wyo everyone from the Gov to the National Guard would welcome them with open rifles. Love this state. During hunting season last year was going into a Gun Shop as a Good looking gal came out (20S) had a new rifle, commented on it. She said it was a 7mm, I asked if it was for her boy friend; she said “Heck no; he’s got a 30-06; this is mine.” Same year; as I was getting out of truck on opening day,older lady jogged by with a game cart, said her 12 year old granddaughter already had her antelope and she was going to get it.

            • Putin is going to hire 50,000 private security officers for Russia. The NWO is moving everywhere at once.

              Lock and load.

      5. First post ever

        • Welcome to the game 🙂

        • Welcome, Joe. You will read great things here.

        • Hello Joe

        • Welcome.

          • Where have ya been Joe? Welcome!

        • Joe, this is the truth site…. Enjoy

        • welcome Joe

        • Hello Joe, Don’t these posts just make your day

        • Where are you from Joe? NC here.

          • I actually just recently moved from connecticut to north idaho. Prior to that i was stationed at fort stewart georgia in the army. Ive been to north carolina a few times. Really enjoyed it there. Decided the east coast was to crowded for me though

          • @highspeed wheerabouts in NC I am in NC too, southeastern area

            • As well, south of Raleigh

      6. Time to get real careful about communications, folks. Every FB post, every e-mail and every phone call is dangerous. This post is potentially dangerous. Saddle up, and keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground.

        When you are at a tipping point, it only takes one thing to send the wagon over the cliff. When that “thing” occurs, things will move quickly.

        • So true. I lost count of the times i almost posted somthing on here only to delete it because of who might be watching. U all might think i’m a big whous but i prefer as little a target on my back as possible when it all starts going south.

          • I would say that is a prudent move. No telling just what the plan is for thinning the herd. Remember the undercover FBI agent that related the plans of certain leftist groups to kill 25 million of the un changeable if necessary.

        • If you are posting here then it is already too late for OPSEC. I imagine that applies to even visiting this site. Question is, what will our captors do with this information? My opinion is door-to-door confiscations of weapons and subversives are mostly unlikely; that would be too costly for our masters. Easier to control people through food. Just cut the supply shipments to a region and then weed out the blacklisted individuals when they show up starving at the government feedlots. The remaining hardcore preppers who stockpiled food instead of bragging about stockpiling food will just be left alone out in their bugout locations without effective communications with the rest of the world. No communications equals no resistance. If resistance becomes a problem, TPTB can just anthrax the hell out of the remote region from the air and the anthrax spores will take care of whatever resistance there is on the cheap.

          • Lexington, Concord, The Alamo, Gettysburgh, Omaha Beach, Iwo Jima, Pusan,…. My Back Yard.
            If I gotta go, I’ll be in good company.

            • I am right there with you when it comes to sentiment; however, there is not a whole lot that will be recorded about valiant last stands fighting against overwhelming odds when your opponent is so small you need a microscope to see it. Dying from toxic gases from anthrax spores, oozing to death from smallpox lesions, or drowning in your own fluids from Spanish Influenza is not something which will echo through history. The elites will play dirty, and will play for keeps.

              I am luckier than most; got my full series of anthrax and smallpox vaccinations courtesy of my benevolent Uncle Sam, but that doesn’t save my family. Probably means whatever is used to eliminate remote groups of resistance will be something different; something which has been cooked up for just this occasion. Talking about fighting to the last bullet defending hearth and home sounds heroic, but we need to be more realistic and open our eyes to the likelihood that the coming war will be nothing like any previous one. The price of failure for our enslavers will be death, and they will do everything in their power with the full resources of the government at their disposal to ensure that death will not be their fate.

          • I have said that all along to costly for door to door action outside of cities and tightly concentred area like the burbs. These people are gonna play hard. They will use the most cost effective means to rid those who are in rural areas. I believe cut off water supple, poison water, spray some lovely virus. All cheap and more bang for the buck. When communication is knocked out we will never know that some deadly viral bug is lurking about. They are out to seek, kill and devour us. Hmm read that somewhere before 😉 We can not compete with the technology alone and you can not hide forever. These people want us D-E-A-D or to work like ants until we drop….DEAD. I will do what I can and that is all I can do. I know I am being watched I am sure just for clicking on the site. Sometimes it is actually hard to believe I am in the same place I grew upo in. God help us all

        • Dangerous? I’m an old man, they have to start somewhere; best with me. The old Gods said you got a better spot in hades if you went down fighting, so be it.

          • Yes, the best warriors went to Elysium according to the Greek myths. Or Valhalla according to the Norse. I only hope that when my number is up, I will have the opportunity to take a few of the bastards with me, instead of drowning in my own bodily fluids.

      7. If you have not ogt a chance to down load and save this manual I urge you to do so ASAP before it is gone. Myself I will spend the better part of the day reading it..


        • Good idea DPS. Just saved it.

        • DPS,

          I already d/l’ed it, and will also have the entire rotten document by late today. I look forward to your thoughts on it. Maybe we can compare “notes” here, and share our findings with everyone else. What do ya think?

      8. Having been inside a FEMA camp with another pastor, I can testify to their existence. They flew people directly into ours after hurricane Katrina. They have subsequently built more dorms. Imagine a college campus with tall fences and a guard shack.

        I can see how they might be used to detain people in the event of a limited event, but in a real SHTF situation expect they will be used to feed and protect the elect with the security being used to keep people out.

        • @ Pastor. That is a new spin on the camps. The only thing that is a concerrn is the barbed wire fence is tilted inward to kepp people in not out. But a VERY good thought you have and may be very true. Keep elite safe while some camps are for the hungary hoards that want to hurt them and get arrested….something new for me to ponder Thanx!:)

      9. Guess what came after the Fall of Rome??? The Dark Ages are a cumin….

      10. As responsible citizens, we need to vote for the Party that will run the most efficient camps!

      11. Actually we need camps: Lets see: 100 Senators’ 433 Representatives Paul’s should stay out), At least 4 Supreme Court, 20,000 lobbyists. and a partridge in a pear tree for a start. Can you think of others?

        • EVERYONE of their “staff” members need to go also!!
          You know, those people who DON’T pay their taxes and its NO BIG DEAL!!!!!

          ALL of the people on msm tv
          ALL the to big to fail employees.
          ALL the CME employees.
          ALL CFTC so called regulators.
          ALL of the people in the republican party hiearchy.
          ALL of the people in the democratic party hiearchy.

          FIRE all below-

          IRS employees.
          EPA epmloyees.
          DEA employees.
          HLS employees.
          DOE employees.
          SSA employees.
          DOA employees.
          FDA employees.
          FCC employees.
          FDIC employees.
          HUD employes.
          ICE employees.
          ATAF employees.
          DOJ employees.
          CIA employees.
          FBI employees



          SEIZE all WEALTH from past/present legislatores that have amassed massive wealth from crooked deals and put toward the national debt.

          STOP bailing out the banks and lock em up.

          • I say “KEVIN FOR PRESIDENT”!!!

            • Yes, because the current president, VP, the entire cabinet, all of the unelected czars, the entire WH staff will be in the camps as Kevin has suggested.

          • As a working stiff making a bi-weekly paycheck protecting your privacy data working for a TBTF I just wanted to take a moment to send a big FU! your way.

            Just for the record just WTF did I do to deserve internment?

            • You work for criminals, but its not the little guys fault. Forgive me.


              You are correct and I appologize. The working stiffs do not deserve that. The BIG WIGS DO!!(You will be ROF’ED, into the unemployment line with the FDIC crowd you go!(when the TBTF’s FAIL)
              Start looking for another gig right away.

              I worked for crooks once, They went out of biz, and ripped me off 2 (bi-weekly) paychecks

              Amendment to Rant 1:25pm

              Paragraph 2 line 2.

              “ALL the to big to fail employees” shall be replaced by “All management,executive officers and board members of the to big to fail banks”

            • Link is to lawsuit filled Alleging TBTF operating a TRILLION DOLLAR INTERNATION MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATION!

            • you work for a bank, a very large bank

            • I’m a worker bee too, you want to put me somewhere just because I have a career in public service, you are just as much of a problem as the folks you are ranting against.

          • Add lawyers to the list- most of ’em anyway.

          • Actually, I have known employees of many of those org. Their bosses need to go into camps but most of the people like ICE,FDIC just need to be told to do their jobs. Like it or not The IRS is here to stay, and they don’t write the stupid laws. Several, like ATF simply need to go away. The Tax functions need to go to IRS and the law functions need to be repealed.

        • One president and if possible the British prime minister…we will pay for you to keep him.

          Take care

          • we dont want him Burt, and I did not realize there were so many alphabet agencies, whew, thats alot

        • All Secretary of States that turned their heads when alerted to the ineligible fraud (s)elected to our house…and that means ALL 50!!

          • should be (s)elected


          • ALL agencies that we the people can not vote members in or out of, plain simple and to the point. If we can not vote for a rep pf a department serving only two years at a time then the agencies is shut down! That is what I would do if I caould do something. If EPA is not doing what the people want ya get to vote em out. Maybe not a perfect solutuon but a decent one. And a cap on what can be made for all reps, no housing etc. All members will fly (first class) 0n a regular airplane no little jet setting for em anymore. Healthcare that they pay into like us. No 50 generations of college for thier offspring paid for by us the tax payer. No more public assistance for illegals, only US can come to America but your gonna work! No more recesses for reps plus vacations, you get two weeks per year…period. 3 days bereavment, no more than that. Make it be hard to live a super star lifestyle and we will get in people who desire to do it becasue they care about the country not money. Then to lobbyists, well I would make a TON of red tape for THEN to go through so it is virtually impossible for them to accomplish anything. Then the IRS would also be gone and a small flat tax would be the law of the land to cover defense, military etc. The laws would have to be no more than one page long written so any Joe shmoo could understand it. No more electoral college. We would have citizens count the votes, every vote would count, literally. That would be my fix along with a million more. No Federal Reserve. Gold standard would be back into place. No campaing contributions from any buissnes, only allow up tp 100 dollars per donor. Yep that would fix em goood. Just my thoughts.

            • Two Days ago I saw a vehicle thad’d haul that tanker…

      12. OUR so called supreme court said internment is legal.

        Pasted from PBS article.

        Korematsu v. United States (1944)

        Early in World War II, on February 19, 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, granting the U.S. military the power to ban tens of thousands of American citizens of Japanese ancestry from areas deemed critical to domestic security. Promptly exercising the power so bestowed, the military then issued an order banning “all persons of Japanese ancestry, both alien and non-alien” from a designated coastal area stretching from Washington State to southern Arizona, and hastily set up internment camps to hold the Japanese Americans for the duration of the war. In defiance of the order, Fred Korematsu, an American-born citizen of Japanese descent, refused to leave his home in San Leandro, California. Duly convicted, he appealed, and in 1944 his case reached the Supreme Court.

        A 6-3 majority on the Court upheld Korematsu’s conviction. Writing for the majority, Justice Hugo Black held that although “all legal restrictions which curtail the civil rights of a single racial group are immediately suspect” and subject to tests of “the most rigid scrutiny,” not all such restrictions are inherently unconstitutional. “Pressing public necessity,” he wrote, “may sometimes justify the existence of such restrictions; racial antagonism

        THAT says it all.

        I sometimes wonder WHO got these peoples homes and land property?

        Politicaly connected perhaps?

      13. Recommended reading: ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC (3 volumes)

      14. Man my post dropped.

        Korematsu v. United States (1944)

        Early in World War II, on February 19, 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, granting the U.S. military the power to ban tens of thousands of American citizens of Japanese ancestry from areas deemed critical to domestic security. Promptly exercising the power so bestowed, the military then issued an order banning “all persons of Japanese ancestry, both alien and non-alien” from a designated coastal area stretching from Washington State to southern Arizona, and hastily set up internment camps to hold the Japanese Americans for the duration of the war. In defiance of the order, Fred Korematsu, an American-born citizen of Japanese descent, refused to leave his home in San Leandro, California. Duly convicted, he appealed, and in 1944 his case reached the Supreme Court.

        A 6-3 majority on the Court upheld Korematsu’s conviction. Writing for the majority, Justice Hugo Black held that although “all legal restrictions which curtail the civil rights of a single racial group are immediately suspect” and subject to tests of “the most rigid scrutiny,” not all such restrictions are inherently unconstitutional. “Pressing public necessity,” he wrote, “may sometimes justify the existence of such restrictions; racial antagonism

        CROOKS who where politically conected got some REALLY good land in california!

        • You need to check your facts. The US military had nothing to do with the internment decision. That was the champions of the downtrodden FDR and Earl Warren. In Hawaii the military refused to inter any of the Japanese residents. They stood their ground against the order and Japanese who lived in Hawaii were not intered. They were able to do this because Hawaii was not yet a state and the military actually had control as to what went on.

        • BJ,

          Sweet little gun I shot one while I was down south a week or 2 back. But I still have to stay with my Berreta 92fs. You can throw it down while cock n locked drop it in the lake, throw it in the mud and it still fires perfect.


        • Just get the 4.5″ .45 of the same model.. you can thank me later
          comes in the same “kit”..holster mag holder etc..

          why you only have to hit em once 🙂

          • Hell..just buy em for each hand

            • VRF,

              Kinda like the way you think. If 1 is good 2 has to be better. But if 1 is none and 2 is 1 why should you stop with just 2. Man I need to go find those guns I lost in the lake.


            • Heh ..I know what your saying..too many fishing trips i went on..It just took me so long to figure out that shooting fish out of a boat was the reason i lost all my hand I went out and bought a dam fishing pole eventually.

            • DPS-(if you find them) make sure you check serial numbers to make sure they are yours, the lakes and rivers around these parts are PLUM FULL! 🙂

        • go buy it

        • Great gun… grossly overpriced and unnecessary. I’d rather spend the same amount on 5 KelTecs than 1 Springfield.

        • i carry the subcompact and it is a nice little shooter.

      15. BUSTED-

        REPUBLICAN PARTY buses in 400 shills who had FAKE badges in nevada caucus.

        As barely mentioned above, romney shills pass out FAKE delegate slates……BUSTED

        Same in Maine, The sister of one of the delegates has a blog, check out these videos. BUSTED!!
        Yeah, run to a cop to try to have them stop filming you you COWARD CROOK!!!

        American style “democracy” at work people WAKE UP AMERICA!

        They pulled this $hit last time, we were ready this time.

        Briefcases full of cash isn’t going to work this time you party shills!!

        RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!

      16. Reading these comments makes me laugh so hard I almost piss myself! OMG he NY penny the sky is falling.
        Every 6 months or so the FEMA CAMP stories start to reappear ……gotta keep the DOOMTARDS worried.

        • Don’t hold back Rich – go ahead and piss yourself.

          Nobody will notice anyway.

        • They did it to the Japanese here, whats to stop them from doing it to*kevin picks up some sticks and starts drumming* paradidle,paradidle,paradidle,paradidle………. YOU?

          I usually don’t nible on your trolling of baite.
          Got me on this one.

        • Rich 99

          If you find the articles at this site so ludicrous, then WHY do you come here?

          • He thinks he’s cool and sophisticated, but his posts just reveal his moronic thought patterns.

          • Why do you think BRAINIAC ? Cmon use that grey matter that duped you with articles like this.

          • I commend him for typing with one hand…we can figure where the other is when he trolls here.

            • Don’t hate me because your a DOOMTARD !!”

        • @ RICH 99. I bet the Japanese after about the start of 1942 thought this also. The question I have is where do you put the people after say the majority of the San Andreas breaks, or the New Madrid fault? Look at Haiti, those people are still living in Haiti type FEMA camps after all this time. When the city is gone for whatever reason, the people have to live (be confined) somewhere. I hope you right and it never happens, but if you think about it, this could happen with the wrong circumstances.

          • One other for sure way that the government could force most everyone into a camp of some sort is a very highly contagious and highly fatal panademic. If something like a variant of the Bird Flu became a more shallow respiratory virus in the throat and nasal area rather than the deep in the lungs it is right now, people would be forced to be quarantined for the “safety of others”. You can bet with a super strain of a pathogen out there, those that have become sick would be “isolated” immediately and even taken out of their own homes as to not infect anyone else, in what better place for the government than FEMA camps.

            Anyone doubting what the government is capable of just has to envision different scenarioes and they will see just how the conspiracy of camps inside the U.S. for many millions or more is not all that far fetched. 🙁

      17. WHO is going to go along sheepishly when they knock on your door? Lead starts flying nation wide, not enough troops to control the populace. Once the Blue hats are called in…. the sideline crowd will join the resistance to end this crap.

        • Do you ever stop and reread what you wrote before you click that comment button? OBVIOUSLY NOT

          • LOL…I like your comments. Despite what everyone says i can find a little truth in the humor

            • He knows how to change his nickname too! Wow! It proves it then folks… he IS an intellectual giant! 😉

          • Rich99..clicked on your handle….no website..faulty login perhaps?

        • Well I understand the point – but are you ready to die on the day you resist because unless it becomes a nationwide response the early resisters will not survive their reaction. Are you really ready for that? How many do you suppose are? When the message is “hands up and come out quietly or there’s going to be a firestorm unleashed on your house” what are you going to do? Will you do it if your family is inside?

          While not mentioned in the column I expect they’re also planning on tattooing the SSNs on those who have been interned. Worked well for the original Nazis so why not for these copycats?

          • hey sneed, tattoos take too long..i bet those suckers are gonna line everyone up and inject those scannable thingies like they do dogs and cats nowadays..

            • Why keep you alive at all? Just gotta feed and shelter you. Slave labor? It’ll be more like KhemarRouge ops with these power hungry psycos. Look at your average small town LEO “swat” team. Combat ready and rarin’ to blow some shit up!

        • The problem w that thinking is that history repeats itself and that’s never happened before. I think a lot of people are fooling themselves and when shtf they’ll be grabbing their ankles rather than their arms… just sayin…

        • There is a jerk in every crowd, tag your it… can you understand that?

      18. The semantics in some MSM reports I’ve seen pop up just seems to have taken on a darker tone recently. I’ll try and explain what I’m getting at using specifically just one word “dissident”.

        I always thought “Dissident” was the term used for those who fell foul of the communists and either disapeared or were sent to camps etc. It jumps off the page at me when I see it in Western MSM reports as wrong, and sends chills down my spine.

        Prior to recently I only ever remember seeing it used to describe Russian or Chinese or Apartheid political prisoners.

        I’m probably just overthinking it and lazy journalists are just using the term “dissident” as a sloppy buzz word, but for me it has sinister conotations that don’t look right when discussing a democracy. Linguistics has never been my strong point, but I’d be interested to know if others feel there’s a recent change in the tone of language re MSM news when taking about western citizens.

        • lonelonmum

          I think you are right and it is scary.

          15 years ago when I was studying I spent more time following politics and reading the newspapers. Looking back it was another world and another time then. When I buy a foreign newspaper or read comments or bloggs or look at alternative sources today, things have changed rapidly and too the bad. Between the lines we read about things and trends that we would have expected to take place in a banana republic or in one of these outlandish dictatorships far away.

          I think we are moving steadily into the wrong direction. Change is coming cloacked and in slow motion. In some countries it seems that this shift comes faster, like in Spain and Greece. I have the impression the Uk, US, OZ and NZ advance fast in the same direction, while the Netherlands, France and Germany are changing course to some extend at the moment. We here in Norway are like the Icelanders and the Swiss still lucky, but for how long?

          The instrument for achieving this, besides sqeezing the taxpayers and the economy, is fear. Fear for islamists, fear for drugs, fear for crime, fear for eviromental hazards and global warming, fear of war and fear of change.

          In some other blogg, website or comment I read about a German woman who asked her grandma or mother, how on Earth they could let these things happen. She answered, that it happened slowly and one day they woke up with all rights stripped and a dictatorship right in place.

          This should be a warning to all of us.

        • I can say I agree with you and have picked up on some of this too.

      19. To me the real problem is that there is nowhere to emigrate to this time around. The US was the last bastion of freedom left and when it is gone, so is freedom. Oh well… I guess I will have to enjoy manipulating the minds of the psy-ops officers who try to flip me in the camps. I’ll have fun turning them against the machine instead and hopefully getting them to sabotage it.

        • WS – gotta agree with you on the “nowhere to run” comment.

        • Why allow yourself to be interned in the camps in the first place?

          I can not imagine our founding fathers submitting to this.

          In fact, I can’t imagine our founding fathers submitting to half the stuff that’s going on already.

          We’ve become a nation of wimps….even those who claim that they love freedom….when it comes right down to it, seem more willing to live in chains, than die to preserve liberty for their posterity.

          When this FEMA camp thing goes down, if enough red-blooded Americans resist by whatever means necessary and available to them, TPTB WILL FAIL.

          Let us not forget the words of Jefferson….

          “….and what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms….The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

          • Sarcasm is lost on many…

            • For sarcasm to be fully appreciated, it must be evident that it is indeed sarcasm.

          • ….with the blood “and heads”…just sayin’

          • After they make an example of one house on every block I imagine that the piles of guns thrown out in the street will be quite large. Who wants to be brave after their neighbor and his family have been burned to a crisp in their McMansion?

          • While I was being sarcastic with that particular part of the post, I must ask what your solution would be? Do you really think that a second civil war fought against the US government could succeed? Yes, most of us who believe in liberty as it was originally framed in the US Constitution own guns. However, all that puts us in the position to do would be a series of guerrilla attacks against a country with large stockpiles of nuclear weapons and the most advanced mechanized infantry in the world. What do you realistically think such a war would accomplish? The Japanese were very tenacious and willing to die for their cause but in the end all it resulted in was the death of millions of Japanese who fought a futile war against a vastly superior force. The only hope of success would be a rapid turning of the men and women of the US military machine against the government and towards the rebellion. This would turn the equipment to the side of the rebellion and give it a fighting chance. Is that a realistic scenario though?

            I am not saying that the cause would not be worthwhile. What I am saying is that dying for a lost cause is pointless. I don’t intend to fight or die for something if I feel it is pointless. If it came down to fighting to the last bullet when the battle is lost or being taken prisoner, I would probably opt to be a prisoner. I could then try to continue my fight in whatever way I had at my disposal.

          • I don’t think they told the victims at the start of the holocaust their true intentions.

      20. That PDF document is not new. The RFPs and contract awards are also online (and they all show the same specs and same max capacity numbers per unit being built).

        While articles like this might frighten some people, there are some of us who see that it is this type of nonsense that creates the perception that the Feds have WAY more power than they actually do.

        Just do the math here…. Given the current US population of 310 million and the largest capacity of a “FEMA camp” as being 4,000 people, how many “FEMA camps would be required to imprison us? Or let’s just extrapolate those of us who would not be easily assimilated?

        A more probable issue to spend quality worry-time on is a Muslim uprising here in the US or a long-term grid-down situation. Each of those situations would give rise to modern America’s “need” to relocate people into centrally located facilities because about 50% of Americans are on-the-dole and 95% are on-grid.

        • They will kill the people and then go get some more……

          KEEP PREPPIN’

          • Country mom

            Caught the wrong button…very sorry. I was aiming for the green one. Apologies.

            Take care

        • They do not need to house 310 million people because at least half of them will be dead; most likely far more than half. Don’t even have to kill most of them because starvation and hygiene-related diseases will get them before it becomes necessary to use firepower or manmade diseases. The goal in this coming war will not be to conquer territory, or to rule vast populations. This will be about too many people for too few resources, and the winner will be the one who has managed to depopulate their zone of control without being detected and killed in the process. This is what gives the radical environmentalists and marxists/socialists wet dreams. Ironic, since there really are too many of us for the available resources.

        • My successful resistance theory is based on herding cats ie you can’t!

          The ptb seem to want to categorise everything and everyone into groups and get people to self-identify with those pre-defined categorisations. This makes the age old policy of divide an conquer so much simpler for them as we the phlebs then do the hard work for them.

          They simply turn a group into the “other” and make you think of them as sub-human to justify their oprression/genocide. (This is a direct contradiction of the doctrine that “all our equal in the eyes of God” btw).

          Another poster here said that the “only person putting you in a box should be your undertaker”, so until then I say let them herd cats!

      21. Look, an executive order in no way supersedes the constitution. The government would be operating under the color of law. In my opinion, it would be treason. I know how to deal with those engaged in treason; it’s called termination with extreme prejudice. Unfortunately, situation and terrain will not allow the luxury of People’s Courts to determine if there were “technicalities” to the accused guilt. The bottom line of guilt will be solely determined by one factor, are you with me, or against me? It’s a clear choice and one that needs to be made today, not when the lead has already started to fly.

      22. When the banks keep raping the common man by debasing the money through leverage and rehypothocation and causing deflation in assets and inflation in commodities, they SHOULD expect trouble from the people.As the saying goes,”When you have nothing left to lose,you lose it.”String ALL the bankers up by their feet and let the people have at em.

        • We should have a “financial pinata” day.

          Many may prefer “financial skeet”. Use buckshot instead of #8 shot.

          The problem is that the banksters that really know whats going on will never be held to account for their crimes. They keep the lower ranks ignorant and, therefore, somewhat unaccountable for what the results are.

      23. BTW mac….love to see you posting something from RT.

      24. Over the weekend we had to travel out of state. While coming back there was a terrible wreck which backed up traffic for quite a while. Travel was crawling along. As we drove I noticed a lot of vehicles pulled over on the side of the road. More and more the further we went. I was wondering why so many were pulled over.

        I realized that this was on Friday afternoon, 5:00 rush hour and many probably didn’t FILL UP their GAS TANKS!!!

        Not even prepared for backed up traffic. How sad is that?

        • I did that ONCE years ago. I barely made it to a gas station. Ever since, the rig has been half tank or full tank.

          Something else to think about: The army has been doing an extreme amount of NBC training lately. When was the last time you inspected your masks, filters, suits, booties and gloves?

          • That’s funny. My son is an NBC Defense Specialist (MOS 5711), currently with the Marines in Okinawa, and he hasn’t heard anything about any “extreme amount” of NBC training.

            Must just be the Army.

            Who told you they were doing extreme training? Where are they doing all of this training? I’m sure my son would be interested.

            • I suspect that a big deal is being made out of nothing. It is alot of fun to get all worked up and make plans for the worst.

      25. This could just be the begining of the camp preparations. with all the people in america these camps couldnt even fit 1/4 of the nations population. With that said i am truly starting to believe there will be mass extermination and the remaining “sheep” will be swept into the camps and brainwashed, i mean re-educated, in order to stay safe from the spread of some virus. There are too many different possible scenerios of what could happen. It drives me mad.

        • Sowhatstheplan,

          Hitler had limited space in the concentration camps, but managed to fit in alot of Jews and other people who didn’t follow the “agenda.”

          History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

      26. Ummm……Yea, I wont be attending. Not my kind of atmosphere. Good luck with yor camp thing there tho, hope you have fun with it.

      27. google the Pinon Canyon Exspansion/Maneuver Site in SE Colorado. The Army has been trying for years to buy up additional ranch land they say is for training troops for AFG, but is a perfect and isolated location for a relo/detention center.

      28. Ya’ll had enough yet?

      29. I wish there was some way to hack into all of the radio stations and local tv stations and let all the sheep know that this shit is happening.

        • I wonder if the sheep would care?

      30. Well the Sheeple may go to Fema Summer Camp, but the real Patriots NEVER! How can they Handle Millions and Milions of People? They can”t, they are out Numbered 30 to 1 and thats Just us 3%….I say Good Luck to them its a good Day to Die!

        • Hello Mudduh….Hello Faddah…..I’m writing U from….
          Camp Grenada….

      31. The PTB won’t be able to handle the jigs in the ghetto let alone the rest of us knuckleheads. It will be funny to watch.

      32. This is why it is unbelievably essential that people stock up on food, water, supplies. There are probably less than 5% of the people that would last past 2 weeks without going to the government for their every need. This is why it is highly unlikely (hopefully) that the government would confiscate prepper’s food, again hopefully it would not be worth it. People that prep are the ones with protection and to battle this minority would not be logical since the government can round up 95%+ the population that have not prepared for anything.

        This of course ia an assumption, but a good one. You would like to see 30% and more of the population preparing, but with less than 1% of the population considered preppers, it may actually benefit those that have sacrificed and spent much effort getting ready. If the government were to wait they could have practically everyone in camps and working like slaves. Those people that did prep and are still free are going to be that much more grateful that they have if the government does make you sell your soul to remain half-starved and barely alive.

        Thge non-prepper that makes it through not having anything will gladly welcome anything to be fed and clothed, like some concentration camp attire, and more than happy to work like some mule hauling borax acroos the desert. This is why the more food, water, and other necessities that someone has, the longer that they can hold out without becoming dependent on the state that will demand everything from someone. An offer that they can’t refuse, and an offer that they will think is a wonderful deal.

        The non-prepper has much to consider their lack of action and effort to put away what they need for emergency, and that goes true with not only selling their soul to the government. It also is true if the state never even gives them anything, because the state has been wiped out for whatever reason, and they rot away scrounding around like a wild animal looking for anything to eat or drink about their neighbors and cities that are as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.

        • Be Informed, not all people can be categorized so simply. In actuality, there are many people who are unprepared because they expect to be given what they want when they want it. By choice, they are dependents and expect everything to be bestowed upon them. I call them ingrates. They will not work but will tirelessly complain or escalate their emotions into full-blown tirades on why THEY do not drink water, only Pepsi and why the food THEY eat is not rationed beans or mush. This type of person won’t assimilate easily. lol Most of America saw a sampling of this after Katrina hit New Orleans. We saw how that worked out and how Houston tried to deal with the bussed-masses they were given from NOLA.

          It’s not worth the time to try and convince non-believers to prepare for that rainy day or uncertain times. It’s simply better to stick to your convictions and stack it high at your own place.

          • @ Zoltanne. Convincing non-preppers that are strangers can be a waste of time, but not always. Convincing family members and friends that are non-preppers is essential. Every prepper has X number of days in which their supplies will last and each person of a family or friends will deplete that supply many times over. People can “say” that they will close their doors on family and friends because of their own foolishness, but in reality many if not most preppers just can’t do this to their own family and to good friends.

            A simple formula will prove my point. Let X= the number of days that you have worth of supplies. Let Y= the number of people in your group that will use up those supplies in X number of days. Each person added is Y+(number of people). LET Z= THE NUMBER OF ADDITIONAL PEOPLE. Now for the formula. X(Y)/(Y+Z) Lets say you have 180 days of supplies for 6 people and you add just one person. 180×6=1080 and now divide this by (6+1) or 7 to get 154.29 days. As you can see adding just one person has cut down your survival supplies by over 25 days. X(Y)/(Y+Z), OR 180(6)/(6+1)

            Now lets say you have 365 days of food, water, and supplies for 20 people and you decide to add 8 people, your sister and brother’s family that have not prepped at all, but they are wonderful family members you just can’t see die. 365(20)=7300 and now divide this by (20+8) or 28 people now to get 260.7 days. Now your group has 105 less days, or under 9 months as opposed to a full year. Children you can count as .5 or .75 of a full person to get a more accurate total.

            Let’s try one more scenario in which a family of 4 has 120 days of supplies and their relatives and friends come to “dinner”. Say just 7 people. 120×4=480 and divide this by 4+7 or 11 to get 43.6 days of supplies. Someone’s 4 month supply of survival is now a little over 6 weeks.

            Math doesn’t lie. It is absolutely a life saving task that you convince those that you just can’t shut the door on to get them to start storing up food, water, and other necessities or you will have to factor in them into your survival supplies. EVERYONE THAT DOESN’T PLAN TO SHUT OUT THOSE PEOPLE THAT YOU CARE ABOUT, PLEASE USE THIS SIMPLE FORMULA OF X(Y)/(Y+Z) TO SEE JUST HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO CONVINCE THE NON PREPPER IN YOUR LIFE THAT MATTERS TO YOU HOW THEY MUST ALSO CONTRIBUTE TO EVERYONE’S SURVIVAL BY ADDING SUPPLIES.

            • Be Prepared, I wasn’t referring to family. As many of us realize, there are special considerations and circumstances with respect to family. Those of us who are family oriented will either plan for family, have family that is already prepared, or they will convince family to prepare for future events.

              In my family situation, we are the only prepared household and we are the only household who is currently self-sustaining. Time after time, the warnings and conversations fell on deaf-ears so we have had to accept that our family will remain unprepared. We could not shut our doors to family so we decided to take the responsibility on — now we prepare for them. As we continue to prepare our own household, we now include them in our household numbers because if-and-when any of these family members are forced to move into our household, we will be better prepared for them.

              Your formula is spot on. Those who keep inventories of food storage know how easily supplies can dwindle when there is an extra mouth or two to feed. We once planned for 2. Now we plan for 7. Planning for an additional 5 people into our household will create a number of issues but through planning, we are now much better prepared for the big addition to our household.

              Food storage and water are the 2 most critical survival issues and even though we raise most of our own food at this time, we did not have enough stored food to sustain 7 people on a long-term basis. We had to increase our food storage inventory quickly and we have been purchasing more rice, beans, dehydrated and freeze-dried foods to accommodate the increase in our household size.

              None of our family knows what we have been doing for them because they see no sense in being better prepared for an emergency or catastrophic event. Fortunately, if they become part of our household, they will work to sustain the family. And yes, we plan on that, too!

          • @ Zoltanne. Those who can afford to plan for “extra” guests that choose not to plan, it is a nice gesture to do this as many preppers are giving good people. However many can’t afford this and will either have to sacrifice their own time of survival or close the door. Like my one formula you can also calculate how much more money you will spend for those extra people that will share what you have.

            Let S= the amount of money spent on supplies for your group.
            Let Y= the number of people in your survival group.
            Let X= the average amount of money spent per person on supplies.
            Let Z= the number of additional people that will be added to your survival group.

            The formula is S/Y = X, then take X(Y+Z)

            Let’s say you have spent $5000 on supplies for 6 people and 4 more people need to be added that don’t stock up on anything by their choose not to.

            Plug it in now. $5000/6 = $833.33 per person spent.
            $833.33(6+4) or $833.33 times 10 which = $8333.30.

            As you can see someone has to spend an additional $3333.30 on the 4 people that “choose” to be moochers. Many people don’t have this kind of money. Even someone that has only spent $1000 on supplies will still spend over $660 to make sure the additional 4 people are supplied with food and other necessities.

            I can totally understand families helping those family and event friends that are too poor to stock up on much. I don’t think it is fair that one family should take up the burden of everything, while other family and friends live it up spending resources on meaningless junk. When people plug in this set of numbers it becomes apparent why the non-prepper must know why it is so important to stock up and contribute to the family or group planning to survive. It is just not right for everyone concerned that those that can afford it, don’t contribute to their own survival and those around them.

      33. Have the John Birchers been correct all along?

        Looks suspiciously close, eh?

        • Yes.

          And if America had listened to them this all could have been avoided.

          Unfortunately, the die is now cast…

          “…for knowing afar off (which it is only given to a prudent man to do) the evils that are brewing, they are easily cured. But when, for want of such knowledge, they are allowed to grow so that everyone can recognize them, there is no longer any remedy to be followed.” – Niccoló Machiavelli, The Prince. 1537

        • It seems funny that 30-40 years ago the John Birch Society was labelled as a communist org by the govt.

      34. This site loses credibility when it uses Alex Jones as a source of information. Just saying.

        • All due respect, but how so? Watch the video with Mr. Ventura and Alex Jones. Read the document from the United State military. Follow the string of information from FEMA. Look at the actions of our government over the last ten years. How is this not credible?

          The evidence is clear, the messenger is irrelevant, IMHO.

        • I’m with you on this Mac. Its kinda like “follow the money”, Follow the information.

          I do understand where Frank is comming from.


          Frank, I ask you this-

          Is the WSJ anymore credible? Your local paper? The nightly evening “news”?? Their credibility has been tarnished BIG TIME since the internet has come of age.

        • Says you, with what air of insight??

          • oops, this was to Frank.

        • Actually, you are the one who lacks credibility. Alex Jones and the people he interviews daily on his program have been uncannily accurate in their predictions. Things Alex has talked (and criticized) about years ago, are now coming to pass…just as he said they would. Is he accurate 100% of the time? No. But compared to the establishment MSM, his record of accuracy and veracity is stellar.

          • The above was directed at Frank by the way.

      35. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the patiots, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a patriot.

        Then they came for me–and there were no freemen left to speak for me”

        In*tern”ment (?), n. [F. internement. See Intern.] Confinement within narrow limits, — as of foreign troops, to the interior of a country.

        In*tern”, v. t. [F. interne. See Intern, a.] To put for safe keeping in the interior of a place or country; to confine to one locality; as, to intern troops which have fled for refuge to a neutral country.

        CONCENTRATION, n. The act of concentrating; the act of bringing nearer together; collection into a central point; compression into a narrow space; the state of being brought to a point.

        Concentration camps- NO MEANING

        NOW from the dictionary for the sheeple-


        an act or instance of interning.

        the state of being interned; confinement.

        concentration camp
        a guarded compound for the detention or imprisonment of aliens, members of ethnic minorities, political opponents, etc., especially any of the camps established by the Nazis prior to and during World War II for the confinement and persecution of prisoners.

        WHY didn’t our government call them consentration camps?
        Clearly japaqnese american citizens were not troops.

        SEE where I’m comming from??

      36. I don’t feel threatened by my goverment.
        I am just an old grumpy women, done raising my four kids by myself,
        that works full time for society,
        pays my taxes and now likes to stay home and tend the flowers,
        (growing that food is too complicated you know?)
        Nothing to see here, move along down the road.
        They might want to check some ‘other’ sketchy homes over there,
        in that other neighborhood, across the creek though…

      37. Good Lord.

        Will anyone living near a FEMA camp please post your photos please?

        Really? Chicago is “literally locked down”? Would someone from Chicago please post the photos of the troops preventing you from leaving? WLS radio hasn’t mentioned the city “literally locked down”. My Uncle in Chicago just posted on his Facebook page, and didn’t even mention the martial law there.

        Let’s apply some common sense people. This document has existed in different forms since before the Geneva Convention codified it internationally.

        One-fourth of the US population in FEMA camps? Eighty million people?

        It is bad enough without inventing problems.

        Two weeks preps, minimum. Riots happen.

        I assume everyone who ‘red thumbs’ this post has seen a FEMA camp with their own eyes. Please upload a photo.

        • just spoke with my bestfriend in chi town, has a relative that is aolice officer n she said according to him all ok. nothing alarming really going on. i called her last night in a panic after reading all the info on the web but all seems to be ok. I made her promise to have car packed with stuff, gas up and cash incase of something but like I said she spoke to her cousin and he would warn her if something seemed really bad was gonna happen. I think it being in a large city, near a large body of water etc. The gov. is taken extra precautions. OK OK I know I will catch hell for that comment but sometimes I try to be fair and give the benefit of the doubt. Like I said the officer would let my friend know if she was in harms way.

          • Justin, just try and breathe deeply. There is no martial law. There is no panic in Chicago.

            Like a lot of things on the internet, you shouldn’t believe it.

            All talk of ‘FEMA camps’ is so rediculous as to detract from the real problems we face. This website depends on hits to provide revenue, just like CBS news does. Crazy google hits = revenue.

            There are real problems.

            Two weeks preps minimum. Solar flares happen.

        • Seven red thumbs, but not a single FEMA camp photo.

          You guys are too funny.

          Two weeks preps minimum. Hyperinflation happens.

      38. Two weeks till the NATO Summit in Chicago. Anyone from the Windy City willing to give a SitRep?

        I think we are about to witness the new face of .gov during that event. First wave of FEMA campers coming from the mid west.

        Note to RICH99 – us morons on the forum would gladly put you up at McCormick Place May 20th to May 24th.

      39. I’ve been reading up on Benjamin Fulford, the White Hats, White Dragons, etc. because it has been so slow here. I find the material to be refreshing and credible. The financial-political cabal, NWO (which is actually the Old World Order), CFR, Illuminati, whatever you call it, is actually on the ropes and going down, soon to be arrested and publicly flogged. They rule by fiat, just like their Federal Reserve notes are fiat. FRN’s are monopoly money and the power that comes from it is monopoly power. The real power is in the hands of the people, always has been, always will be. Powerful forces within the U.S. and more perhaps more importanly, outside the U.S. have had it up to here with the cabal. It is only by illusion that we’ve gotten into this mess. Once the cabal’s pants are pulled down completely and gold-backed Treasury dollars return, the world can move on. Don’t get me wrong, the transition will be turbulent, traitors will be hanged and things will get ugly, but in the end the U.S. Consititution will be restored.

        • Long live “the Drake”

        • By God, I hope and pray you are correct. If and when that happens I will be dancing in the streets.

      40. MOLAN LABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      41. Another group to add to that list. How about all those people who are willing to start buying homes from those over 62. So the older people can live on there investments. I have found those ads on TV as strange and dangerous.

        I know who will care in the long run. But still find strange they want own all the property.

      42. just remember that wonderful word NO
        say it loud and proud. resistence to tyrany is obidience to god. we all have to die some day might as well be with my honor intact. mass refusal and resistence is the only way freedom is kept intact.

        • For me it has nothing to do with honor. Government run shelters/camps are a hellish existence. Ask anyone who was in the Superdome when Katrina hit whether they were glad they went. In a long term crisis, such a camp often is the last stop before a shallow grave.

          There is no plan to house 25% of USA’s population. Much more cost effective to exterminate us or let us wither on the vine. If you’re not a problem for .gov, much easier to ignore you and let nature take it’s course. Some areas may be locked down and resources seized, but most of us will probably be left to die out at each other’s hands.

      43. toomanyfakeconservatives says:

        don’t miss the interview of Drake by David Wilcock..spelling?? on

        • Yeah! I have listened to all of this stuff, with high hopes of it really being true. Lets hope and pray that Drake’s America comes true before The Kenyan’s does.

        • The first 25 minutes was painful, but I’m buying into the material presented. Governments come and governments go, our current government has just had the most elaborate curtain covering it up… and it’s about to be torn down.

      44. There isn’t enough military or law enforcement to fend off 10% of the population. They’re going to stop 30 million armed citizens who will viciously resist? I think not. I have personally been on this thing since 2006. I have personally talked with countless active duties. Based on those conversations, I am confident that we have 60% of the US Military on our side….its probably higher than that to be honest. No doubt another manufactured event (false flag) might change things short term, but we’re going to win in the end. I am very confident of this.

        • Jeff, make that 30 million *ARMED* citizens that will viciously resist. Not only that, there are those that will not just resist but will mount an offensive. Try dealing with that. There is talk in rural counties accross the nation about punishment of the traitors that attempt to perpetrate such treason. Does anyone think for a minute that every single militia would not be called up for this?

          No, I think this will not happen. TPTB know better. They’re more into the slow grind to the bottom. …and who would really care if they transported the angry racist “justice for Trayvon” mob to a “resettlement” camp? They’re the ones that will be the first to go because they’d be the first to complain, “I gotsta feed my kids! Somebodies gotta give me my EBT card!”

          But, according to Drake and Deatra, those FEMA getaway destinations will be used for them, not us. I hope they’re correct.

          • Net..How much have you read about the Drake, Fulford and Wilcox? I was thinking things may be legit when they were talking about the suit being filed for the bonds that were due,but the more I read on some of the related sites it seems to involve extraterrestial forces,etc. Any thoughts on this?

        • So true. The military isn’t what it used to be, but they will be taking out the trash to the curb soon.

          A nation is not unlike prison. The warden and guards are only in charge as long as the prisoners play along and allow it. Our bars and fences aren’t even made of steel. They are illusions constructed of worthless paper money that can and will be torn down.

          Like countless others have said, the NWO (really the OWO) has been trying to herd cats (nations) for years with no success. The chaos you are witnessing today is the death throes of the Fed and the NWO. Fiat money will soon be going the way of the dinosaur.

        • Jeff

          Take that survey a few weeks after a food shortage. A wolf was domesticated into a poodle because it needed a meal. The servants of government eat. Those that comply eat. Those that do not comply do not eat.

          “They’re going to stop 30 million armed citizens who will viciously resist?”

          They will not take the civilian population head on. You will be weakened first. They will play black against white, religion against religion and against those with no belief at all. Divide and conquer. We’re taking false flags at the local level. Hell the CIA and Special Forces wrote the damn book. They cut their eye teeth in post WWII Europe.

          There is strength in numbers. Embrace someone unlike yourself and don’t allow “The People” to be divided. They love the kayos.

          The remaining groups of non compliant can expect the below.

          Assuming you win do you think manufacturing is coming back? Once they manufacture elsewhere they no longer need you. You think they are now concerned about “The People” in Africa? Now it’s the new media buzz. The plight of “The People” is the justification for intervention. Low and behold after years of neglect we now know there is genocide in Africa and we have a President with compassion (unlike the evil other Presidents that ignored the plight of the people). “The People” in Africa are cannon fodder for development, nothing more, nothing less. So are you in their eyes. Resist? So what? I don’t want your city anyway. Your a has been. MacAuthor bypassed the unimportant areas and cut their supplies. He said, “They will die like grapes withering on the vine”.

          I’m not saying all is lost. I’m saying the battle will be won or lost on on the soap box and at the ballot box. When “The People” have to go to the cartridge box they have already lost.

      45. By the way, I have seen some comments on here referring to the ‘insider Drake’ and the info he is providing. I would love for it to be true, but the fact that Fulford and Wilcock are involved, tarnishes the information. I think Wilcock is a nice guy, but I think he is being mislead. I just don’t simply trust Fulford’s information. I have exchanged emails with both of them over the years and I just don’t get that “warm fuzzy” about the info they have provided over the years.
        As far as ‘Drake’ is concerned I believe he is one of two things: a useful idiot or a straight up disinfo agent. I would love to be proved wrong, but as I said, I have been dealing with this for years and I have to go with my gut on it. I checked with quite a few people on this when I first heard about it and the consensus was as I described above.

        • Jeff: I believe that Drake is a disinformation agent too. If he were for real the PTB would be on him like stink on fish for ratting them out and turning “coat”.

          He is a liar planted to lull US all into complacency. David, like many of US, WANTS to believe him and believe that someone is doing something, so that WE do not have to get off of OUR asses.


      46. My husband works at SOCOM and I send him lots of these articles and he knows nothing about the Army doing anything with FEMA camps. ANd he has “special” job. I don’t doubt Mac at all, but my husband has a pretty spooky job and he doesn’t know anything having to do with the Army.

        • So are you saying, as was stated by Rachel below, that this is simply a PSYOP and a possible false flag event to entrap us into even becoming more apathetic?

          If so, then they’re doing a really good job! However, this then begs the question (actually many questions), why has the military (including the Army) been so active in domestic exercises and the like?

          I don’t know…but my gut tells me that there’s more to this than meets the eye, and only time will truly tell us the depth of their sinister plans.

      47. You know there’s no way our government would allow us to roam freely about on our own land if there was any possibility that the people may choose to act or speak as they wish. I can only imagine the outcry that would result after SHTF… hence, the need for such “camps”.

      48. “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
        – Henry Kissinger

        • F^CK harry kisstheboysinger

      49. Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order;
        tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat
        from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all
        peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing
        every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be
        willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world
        government.” – Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderbergers at Evian, France, May
        21, 1992.

      50. What Netranger says about rural America is spot on. I live in rural America 99% of the people I do work for are just simple country people, and I can say without a doubt they are getting sick and tired of all this bullshyt. Just because we don’t have a fancy education doesn’t make us dumbasses. Another way to put it to NWO nut cases, Don’t piss down my back and tell me its raining.


        PS My last customer gave me a bonus for a job well done, It was ammo.

        • The “salt of the earth”. I hope it was your caliber.

          • JRS,

            Yep it is, now if I could just find those guns..


        • I know that typing anywhere, Sup Nina, glad to see you are still with us.


          • @dps ‘0) wink… ditto. hope your keepin your eye on the puppet prez sitting in the lil’ zionist whorehouse in wash dc and your powder dry! traitor feds dhs “Huntin ((+)) Season” may soon be here… ;0) tee hee

            Got .300 Win Mag???


      51. what we are winessing is a psyc-op, that is designed to make sites, like this one, look very foolish. Information is ‘leaked’ for a eason, not as a warning by a lone worker in the government with a conscious who is worried. Nope, like the fake Bin Ladin pics, the info is leaked to give conspiracy sites fooder, plaster the web with off the wall theories and then..nothing happens.

        Any attack at the Chicago NATO summit would immediatly make te government look bad. For those who believe the 9/11 story still, it would mean the government is incompetent. For thos who see it was a flase flag, the chicago would be a flase flag too.

        as to the people’s revolution, it a CYBER WAR for a reason. This is the actual war. Not the protesting.

        • This is the most sensical thought that I’ve read all day! Nice post!

      52. I think they’ll go for the easy captures first, to practice. Homeless, tent city dwellers, sweep up the people living in their cars. Anyone on probation who has to report in regularly will get swept up on petty violations. Prisons will be depopulated and moved to secure farms to make room in many areas. Then the protesters, non conformists, bloggers, alternative media types and any other easy picks. Maybe then come the unemployed ….. You get the picture right?
        It’ll start out quietly, then before you know it, it’ll be too late.

      53. Ladies & Gents,

        I haven’t had the time (yet) to read every comment, so what I’m about to say may have already been discussed. If so, my apologies.

        It seems to me that the Chicago NATO Summit MUST be watched closely. By doing so, we may be able to see, and learn, how they plan to execute, detain, obtain control and even revamp their plans of doing this on a much larger scale, even nationwide. By doing this, maybe we can gather Intel on how to counter, react to, and possibly PREVENT it in the future.

        I know I’ll be watching it very closely. Let’s hope we all will do the same thing and then put our observations together and work together to DEFEAT this leviathan!!

        • OK, Enquirer Minds want to know…

          Those of you who thumbed this comment down… pray tell, why? What about it is disagreeable for crying out loud? Is it that you trolls or sheeple don’t thing We the People can counter or prevent this elsewhere? Please… do tell…

          • Southern Boy,

            What does it matter if you got a few thumbs down dude? With all due respect you can’t please everybody and if you do please everybody that is a sure path to failure bud.
            I never have like the thumbs up or down button but hey thats just me..


            • It really matters not, I suppose. What I like to know is the mindset of those who would see anything within that post as negative. I like to analyze things in that fashion (maybe too much at that! LOL!).

              And you are right… the Up – Down is old-fashioned forum stuff. Hopefully the new forum won’t have it, nor the “Karma” of each user either.

              Thanks again…

        • Good plan. However, they do NOT have enough people……

          200 Million armed Americans will have something to say about encampment by God! MOLON LABE !

          • Agreed! I love the “Come and Take Them” motto! I think it is time to re-watch “300”! LOL!

      54. I propose that most people will go to FEMA camps on there own free will. The camps will be called “security zones”, “food distribution centers”, “safe harbors”, “temporary shelters’, ect. People freely went into the Superdome. Also, people streamed out of Houston in a blind panic when Hurricane Ike threatened, with no where to go. All we need is a false flag event or some kind of perceived disaster and millions will gladly flock to FEMA for help, safety, and hand-outs. However, once they go in…..

      55. Mac, when they grab us off the street and stuff us into one of the camps, do you mind if I have the top bunk?

        • HEY, how come just because I prefer the top bunk in an internment camp, I get 3 thumbs down? Just a matter of preference…. Gee whiz…..

      56. Like a few other here I’m employed in the defense industry. Immediately some will dismiss anything I say since I “work for the enemy”. I’m retired military and currently in civil service and my skill sets don’t really translate to the privite arena — my family likes to eat so don’t tell me to quit my job. My input is that the military will train to support scenarios that have to bearing on where the scenario plays out. There are numerious non-government agencies (NGO) that can request assistance (Request for Assistance – RFA). That request would eventually get into Departement of Defense channels and assigned to a Combatant Commander (US NORTHCOM if in the US) to provide the Secretary of Defense/POTUS approved capability. Defense Support to Civil Authority (DSCA) has come a long way in the last 20 years but remains in the civilian agency realm until a specific request comes via POTUS/SecDef to the a military department.

      57. I remember a saying that goes something like ” Heroes only die once, but cowards die many times in FEMA camps” Mac, thankyou for your shaking up.

        • Nice Handle partner !

      58. All this talk of rounding people up for the camps I think a point has been somewhat missed.

        Talking to an old party chief a year or so ago about this very subject he made a comment to me that I had simply not considered before. As a little background I live in South Texas. He made the statement that if there were a SHTF event and say the power grid were knocked out. A lot of people would give up all thier rights these days before they would give up thier A/C in the middle of a Texas summer. It’s sad to say that we have as a people have become so soft, but I think a lot of people would go to the camps willingly just for the A/C alone not even counting clean water and food. That is if they heard from others that those things were avilable, gossip is one of the most powerful forces in the universe after all.

        Imagine that scenario, the government actually has to do a lottery system of sorts to see who will be allowed in and who gets to stay out and fry or freeze given the particular climate of the area. I would imagine these people would also be good candidates for the “re-education” program.

        It is a sad thought to me but there is an entire nation of unprepared sheep out there that just might like the shelter of a barn in a storm not realizing it’s actually the slaughter house.

        This would also help some of the more self-reliant/prepped folk stand out in the crowd so to speak. Just food for thought

        There are so many scenarios that could go down when the SHTF finally does happen all I can say is keep prepping and keep your head down. Even the darkest night eventually has it’s dawn

        • Poor Boy, those people you describe sound like Liberals to me!

      59. It would be my preference to die attempting to preserve this nation than to live in a collective enslavement brought about by a sleeping population and a rogue government. To be “allowed” to live as if it were a privilege granted to me some non American speaking dweeb is not my idea of living. Regardless of what transpires, eventually we all will die. It appears as though many have resigned to defeat already. I understand that point of view but do not subscribe to it. Most everyone loves freedom that is given to them but few are willing to make sacrifices to gain or maintain freedom. We get what we pay for.
        Our military has purposely been sent to engage in these “wears for no reason” to specifically destroy our defense system so that there would not be a military resistance when the government declares war on us. The same people and money are financing all sides of all of these conflicts with the goal being a worldwide Red Communist government.

        Look up “archons” and read about them. Personally, the police state being put in place because of terrorists is the biggest lie ever told. The elected ones are complicit in this lie rendering them liars at the very best.

      60. do you really think soldiers will go door to door and put people in camps knowing that if they do that, some other soldier would do that to their family or loved ones in another part of the country? I think they would say the hell with this, and go home to protect their family. The small percentige that would like to be rambo would quickly be eliminated.

      61. The Government does NOT have enough people!…..Thank God!

      62. The only Military I know is the Marine Corps. And I am here to tell you that Marines WILL NOT put Americans in those camps! We will, however, help to arm and train our American Brothers and Sisters!
        SEMPER FI A defender of the Constitution!

      63. Section 3-56 says it all:
        “Develops and executes indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes.”

        • That’s a euphemism for “water boarding”.

      64. And yeah…nothing happened in Chicago. Nothing will happen in 2012. So much for the tin foil conspiracy theory stuff.

      65. C’mon dawgs,don’t be so uptight.I’m no dictator,i just like to get down and party with Motown in the Whitehouse.The dictators are rich old white guys.They call the shots,i’m just along for the ride.I get to play golf with whiteguys!!!!!! I also have secret service guys who protect me from Michelle. The hookers were for me, but those horney crackers messed up the deal.Good thing the Mrs doesn’t know.So chill dudes,if a police state comes it won’t be from me.You can blame billionaire whiteys.You don’t really think that i can organize a USA martial law takeover do you? GW Bush brought in the “patriot act” “stay the course” and all that gungho crap.Can’t we all just get along? see y’all later dawgs.

      66. The first thing you need to train yourself and your families, is to wean yourself off any and all medications. The PSYOPS method of choice for the larger population is ‘medical’. If you drink the water, you’re already on their ‘program’. If you are wont to accept medications as directed, ditto. This nation has become primed to comply with medication strategies, which will become the modus for operations down the road.

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