“RESEARCH”: The U.S. Navy Wants To Archive 350 BILLION Social Media Posts

by | May 22, 2019 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    The United States Navy wants to archive 350 billion social media posts in order to conduct “research.” What exactly does the military want to study? “Modes of collective expression.”

    The Department of the Navy has posted a solicitation asking contractors to bid on a project that would amass a staggering 350 billion social media posts dating from 2014 through 2016. The data will be taken from a single social media platform – but the solicitation does not specify which one. -RT

    We seek to acquire a large-scale global historical archive of social media data, providing the full text of all public social media posts, across all countries and languages covered by the social media platform,” the contract synopsis reads. The Navy said that the archive would be used in “ongoing research efforts” into “the evolution of linguistic communities” and “emerging modes of collective expression, over time and across countries.”

    This is simply spying and the research will be used for propaganda purposes, and that is blatantly obvious at this point. The intentions are far from benign.

    The archive will draw from publicly available social media posts and no private communications or private user data will be included in the database. However, all records must include the time and date at which each message was sent and the public user handle associated with the message. Additionally, each record in the archive must include all publicly available meta-data, including country, language, hashtags, location, handle, timestamp, and URLs, that were associated with the original posting. -RT

    So basically, most of your information is going to be stored by the U.S. military. The data must be collected from at least 200 million unique users in at least 100 countries, with no single country accounting for more than 30 percent of users, according to the contract.

    The U.S. government has previously expressed interest in collecting social media data for more tracking and spying on Americans. Last year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a notice asking contractors to bid on a database that tracks 290,000 global news sources in over 100 languages. The contract also mentioned the ability to keep tabs on“influencers,” leading some reports to speculate that the proposed database could be used to monitor journalists.


    There is no way anyone could say we live in the land of the free anymore. It’s delusional to think we have any power at all. Freedom of speech is almost gone, gun rights are on the chopping block, and journalists will soon be punished by the military for not toeing the line and reporting on the official narrative (some have already been.)  Censorship and manipulation are completely out of control.  We are rapidly heading toward the dystopian nightmare George Orwell warned about.


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      1. The Navy: What’s that?


      2. Once you post it is no longer private. Same as this site.
        Your post is also eternal.

        • youtube.com/watch?v=8Dd_qiuWxPs

          While I understand the right to be forgotten, I also assume that I am in a public place.

          Though I am sometimes offbeat, I do not pose a realistic safety concern, nor do I tell people to break any laws, in particular.

      3. The powers that be know the public hates their guts and enjoys it looking down at the lesser peons while relishing their monied and above the law superiority.

      4. The Navy should be focused more on Iran and China and less on the social media.

      5. youtube.com/watch?v=7V02QF9bwcY

        I heard stories about lacking drinking water in wet countries and being issued Arctic gear in the desert. They all took it in good spirits, fwiw.

        Bakesales, to pay for the paint. Not allowed to purchase for yourself the superior body armor, which was not provided.

        Not my style.

        If you had the inside line or the fast track, I’m not holding that against you, per se.

        I have no stomach for ineffectual, low energy, or intentional movements through crossfire. Discretion is the better part of valor.

        I would like to see a situation, in which the employer of last resort provides what it is needed to complete the task, and shows frank, ‘Red Asphalt’ kind of videos in the recruitment office, answering questions about that, in an friendly but honest way. Say exactly how it works, and get rid of the applicants with cold feet, instead of tricking them into it. Give those remaining what they need, or what has been promised.

      6. The whole INTERNET is an INTEL delivery platform, a USA DARPA Project.

        Some people forget that.

        Thank You DARPA!
        You probably didn’t realize we would all be shopping from phone in our pockets, but I thank you for all your inventions and creative research that made the internet even possible !

        Thank You !

      7. Delphi.

      8. Let the Navy do its job of ruling the seas but leave us land lubbers the hell alone. There is no justifiable reason to be collecting info on US citizens. too many other government and social sites do that already. It would also require more funds that are needed elsewhere.

        • Or, it could be that they have a surplus this year with nowhere else to spend it. In the “use it or lose it next year” that they have they have to come up with something. I am sure someone’s son-in-law will get a big fat contract to do this.

          Or, the ones that know about this will be buying stock in the company ahead of time. This is how they end up with millions when they had less than a million when elected.

          $400 hammer anyone?

        • Just remember Jim, the Marines are a branch of the Navy so while the Navy rules the Sea the Marines will be the one’s that come knocking at our doors. Trekker Out

      9. Given the kook Libertarians who populate sites like these, plus the Russian/Chinese/Islamic trolls as well, no wonder our Military wants to know what is happening among us Deplorables.

      10. I know none of this is new to most of you, but just today I saw Facebook in action. Recently one of my son’s sent me a picture of his new big rig, not sure what make is, but it’s white, so I sent him back an email and said that if it was my rig I would name it White Power. Anywho, I don’t do Facebook and have never sent anything on it, but today while looking at my emails I saw up at the top in the social spot it showed a list of people I could “friend” on Facebook and there was my son with his Rig so where it said comment I put White Power. Long story short, I got a message from Facebook that said “Your comment goes against Community Standards so only you can see it. Sorry Facebook but you can stick it where nobody can see it. Trekker Out

      11. Sweden has criminalized it’s own alphabet. The President of Sweden, a democratic socialist (cultural marxist) passed a law banning Runes (the ancient alphabet of the Norse the Northern Europeans).

        What a pitiful act against the very people he is paid to represent.

        The destruction of monuments, historical sites, historical records is what is criminal.

        I have a suspicion that this type of overreach is going to unite Sweden against the ruling elites in the same way Poland has been united against the ruling elites.

        There is an old saying, push on a branch and it will bend, push too hard and it will break. Their pushing is backfiring all over the place.

        What is happening here in the USA is also an overreach.




        • Sounds like you’re describing George Orwell’s “1984”, Ministry of Truth:

          Ministry of Truth—This government ministry is concerned with creating propaganda, controlling the media, manipulating historical documents, and producing Newspeak dictionaries. It is where Winston Smith works and is responsible for supplying the citizens of Oceania with various forms of media, which support Big Brother and the Party’s agenda.

        • Sounds like you’re describing George Orwell’s “1984”, Ministry of Truth:

          Ministry of Truth—This government ministry is concerned with creating propaganda, controlling the media, manipulating historical documents, and producing Newspeak dictionaries. It is where Winston Smith works and is responsible for supplying the citizens of Oceania with various forms of media, which support Big Brother and the Party’s agenda.

      12. Right you are Honeypot…..

      13. What about targeting tyrannical government officials and worse those in the Navy?

      14. Aug 8, 2017 How NSA Tracks You

        William “Bill” Binney, former NSA technical director on how NSA track you. From the SHA2017 conference in Netherlands.


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