Republican Senator Warns: It Feels Like Violence Is Coming

by | Aug 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 202 comments

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    Republican Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska feels like there’s most likely more violence coming in the near future. Following last weekend’s deadly clash between neo-Nazi groups, and left-wing counter-protesters in Charlottesville, VA, Sasse posted a long comment on Facebook that’s prophetic, and disconcerting.

    “It feels like violence is coming,” Sasse wrote at the end of a long Facebook post on Friday evening, titled “The next Charlottesville.” “I’m not sure if this moment is like the summer of ’67 or not. But it might be. Before that violence strikes again, it’s up to us to reaffirm that exceptional American Creed again today, with our neighbors, and in our kids’ hearts.”

    *Please note: Sasse did not condone any violence, he merely states in his post that he believes it to be inevitable.

    His long post is filled with prophetic warnings of a civil war, yet those words aren’t specifically mentioned except when he references the historical American Civil War. Earlier in the online note, Sasse listed out a number of “observations” from his family discussions this week. Within that 16-point list, the lawmaker said he expects the violence to “come when white supremacists and the alt-right fight anarchist groups aligned with the extreme left.” He is wrong about one thing.  Anarchist groups don’t “fight” for the right or the left; in fact, non-aggression is the key to most anarchist’s philosophy.  The anarchists actually want no government; not a left or right version and don’t stand with either side. Yet that’s a common mistake many people make, and he goes on detailing a rather bleak looking near future if Americans can’t set their desire for violence aside.

    Sasse seems to be blaming pretty much all sides of the political spectrum and suggests that a race war could break out, and soon; and he doubts the government’s ability to stop the violence he feels is imminent. Of a conversation with a person, Sasse claims it was said to him:

    But “when the next rounds of violence come, I’ll bet you most of it will come from the left. And then some folks I know will respond in kind. It’s gonna be a powder-keg.”

    Sasse repeatedly wrote of the importance of the “American Idea.” The idea “that all people are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights” and urged Americans to embrace open debate versus “identity politics,” racism, and violence.

    The post by Sasse came off as a quite condemning to President Donald Trump as well, with the lawmaker saying he doubts Trump’s ability to quiet the violence brewing in the United States right now.  Even with his critique of the president aside, Sasse could be right about one thing: violence is inevitable.  We may have reached the point of no return.


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      1. Exceptional and indispensable violence.

        • I hope so, I want my thousands of rounds not to go to waste.

          • You are no better than the left. G_D said that he delights in the blood of no man. You are as dangerous as the left

            • I agree, homer j. Read John Stiner’s other posts and you’ll see he’s not joking, he’s serious. He’s part of the problem in this country not part of the solution. He doesn’t think at least I’m locked and loaded, ready to go but hopefully won’t have to use it on anybody. No. He thinks violence is the solution and can’t wait to kill people. Nice. Real nice. Like I said he’s part of the problem.

              • Rotten Johnny is suffering from PTCCS.
                Post traumatic cyber commando syndrome. Lots of that going around here.

                • The trolls have really been out in force today.

                  • Talking about you Bigfart. Is this part of your BOL training exercise? Shooting cans and
                    drinking cheap beer and smoking generic cigarettes. 60 year old running around in the
                    woods with your camo on, trying to look like a hero.

                  • deplorable bravetoad, did you leave finally your basement today?

                    • I’d rather that a US Senator spent his time thinking not “feeling”, especially when his “feeling” finds him “not sure.”

                    • Anonymous and 7/24 both of you go f#$% yourselves.

              • Bullshit, its all you weenies thats the problem

                • Yup, limp wristed homos think they will love their way out of this mess….

                  • Nailbanger and Genius, damn right the limp-wristed pansyassed bleeding hearts are the real problem. I’m prepared myself and hope I never have to use what I have but I also know I won’t have any other choice. People like us will be the solution to the problem.

                    • A fellow nobody ever heard of named Parker, once Said: “Don’t fire. let them fire first, but if it’s war they want, let it start here” (I forget the exact quote, no matter) Well I don’t figure to start anything; but I sure figure to end a few things. and if Trump wants a few million men in DC. I’ll be there with yellow rope. Let it come

                  • Or vot their way out or protest,,

              • If you go looking for trouble, you’ll be sure to find it. Life in USA will get worse than JS can imagine. People in other countries will be watching OUR disaster and free-for-all for a change.
                USA’s enemies will jump at the chance to pick over the corpse of our nation.

          • 1) The “social contract” with White people has been broken, and in the eyes of the left, is null and void. If you are White, you are now expected to smile as your people are genocided, and suicided.

            2) The left stated their ultimate goals, decades ago, they have been quietly working towards this time since then. They will only accept unconditional victory, they want the U.S. to become the next soviet union. And, they want you dead, Whitey.

            3) Senator Ben Sasse, and all others like him, can condemn both sides all they want, but like his ilk for most of the last century, this will not save him. There is nothing he can do, short of murdering his own people that will save him, and then only until he has killed them all.

            4) The United States of America is now run by those who want it gone. President Donald Trump cannot save this country. His supporters don’t like the “alt right”, because they put said supporters in a very uncomfortable position, the position of having to face brutal reality for once in their lives.

            5) White people have been divided into a multitude of factions, and most of these people cannot see who gains from their division. By pushing emotional agendas designed to cater to anyone who somehow believe they have been “marginalized”, it is a net gain for the left; divide and conquer is what they do best. Sadly, White people are most susceptible to this ploy, as their roots have been cut out from under them.

            6) The America we knew, while growing up, is gone and not coming back. It has been destroyed from within. Communism is rising, the left controls the dogma, and the mainstream dialog, and most White people are terrified to stand up to it.

            “When Fascism comes to America, it will call itself anti-Fascism. My own belief, more than once set afloat from this spot, is that it will take us, soon or late, into the stormy waters of Fascism. To be sure, that Fascism is not likely to be identical with the kinds on tap in Germany, Italy and Russia; indeed, it is very apt to come in under the name of anti-Fascism.” H.L. Mencken (1938)

            “If a fascist movement ever triumphs in America it will undoubtedly triumph in the name of our most popular slogan—Democracy, and under the leadership of some such “friend of the common people”- Lillian Symes (1939)

            Time is short…

            • Yes there is a war being waged. Its being waged against the middle class blue collar property owning middle class. Its a war of taking parasites against the productive makers. And those who govern are pitting one side against the other. Why are they promoting this agenda? Back When the first government came here those who needed workers used indentured servants and attempted to enslave the native people. The native people made poor slaves and the pool of indentured servants was too small. So they imported black folks because they made good slaves. and that worked very well for a long time. After the civil war the starving masses from Europe like the Irish where used effectively. Fast foreward to today The blue collar middle class is no longer needed or wanted. They don’t need the production because everything can be made cheaper elsewhere. They don’t need the middle class votes for obvious reasons. So its manifest destiny all over again. This time its the blue collar property owning middle class that’s slated for removal and reduction. And the fact that the majority of the blue collar middle class is White is not lost on me. If you are dependent on the government they can control you. Its the so called radical fringe that considers themselves equal to the government officials that they want gone. the type of folks who will not concede to the authority of those who think they are superior that they want to terminate. The property owning blue collar middle class no matter who they are or what color they happen to be are scheduled to be subdued. They consider such folks as Deplorables. Our only hope is that those parasites they have been enabling will turn on the enablers. It takes two sides for there to be a war. So far the targeted middle class has shown remarkable restraint. We endured 8 years of Obummer. If we can hold off long enough for the certain economic collapse and fall of the petro dollar. Those far left parasites when they are no longer enabled will suddenly turn against their former enablers. Today in Venezuela the parasitic no longer enabled are turning on their former enablers. If we are patient and prudent the same thing will happen here.

            • JustMe, that’s a very good post.

              • Agreed.

                • It’s a terrible post.

                  Because it’s all completely true.

                  • If only it were’nt.

                    Thank you, everyone.

                    • @Justme, great post dude!

              • JustMe, and OldGuy both.

              • One example of leftist violence that I have personally experienced was a day after Trump won. I was sitting in a vehicle at a convenience store in Alabama. Kind of a seedy dirty place, but they had gas and soda pop and snacks. A black guy gets out of a Buick and comes my way with a stainless revolver in his hand, a large one. I put it in gear and drive away quickly. My guess is that he was angry about his side losing (Hillary) and he wanted the cathartic release of getting even by offing a white guy.

                Of course, if I was found dead in a pool of my own blood, they would have chalked it up to a robbery gone bad. When black guys commit racial violence it’s called mugging or robbery, when a white guy does it it’s racism.

                That doesn’t make me a racist for being this guy’s near victim, it makes him one.

                You can bet that as disappointed as conservatives would have been if the Hildebeast had won, white guys wouldn’t have roamed around looking for leftists to off.

                Just sayin’

                • Whew and OMG!

            • Justme, awesome post. well said.

            • Whites better GET racist, if the White race is to survive. ALL other races are unapologetically racist in favor of their own kind. Whites must segregate themselves, or be exterminated. Non-whites are now VERY vocal in their hatred of Whitey.

            • I agree with you hundred percent .

            • a Very good post, all right . Except the one in the 6th concerning Fascism. With all due respect for H. L. Mencken for his stance towards the Jews, this time he got it wrong. All you need to do is to read the book “The jewish war of survival” by Arnold Leese and then “The bloody red streak” by Trefor David. They must be still downloadable. The Churchill’s “Step by step” might come in handy too, where he admired Mussolini for what the latter had done in Italy. I could continue my list of the proposed reading, but for now just go to this site : h t t p://m k.c h r i s t o g e n e ( all gaps removed ). And then go to their podcast menu. You might find the stuff enlightening in a way.

            • a very good post, all right . Except the one in the 6th concerning Fascism. With all due respect for H. L. Mencken for his stance towards the Jews, this time he got it wrong. All you need to do is to read the book “The jewish war of survival” by Arnold Leese and then “The bloody red streak” by Trefor David. They must be still downloadable. The Churchill’s “Step by step” might come in handy too, where he admired Mussolini for what the latter had done in Italy. I could continue with my list of the proposed reading, but for now just go to this site : h t t p : / / m k . c h r i s t o g e n e a . o r g ( all gaps removed ). And then go to their podcast menu. You might find the stuff enlightening in a way..

        • Agitprop from the left. Leftist governor, sanctuary city, paid protesters. Stay away from these protests.

          • Agitprop… you can tell who are the fake protesters by the professionally printed signs they carry. In my opinion a true legitimate protest will carry handmade signs of all types indicating individual voices.

      2. The alt-left violence seems to be triggered by some action or event (and maybe getting paid). It’s hard to see them originate anything and get numbers.

        Interesting idea to meet fellow preppers – have a garage sale. I put out some cans of freeze dried food, solar flashlights, and a few other small things. Mostly ignored by all – until a young woman with two kids picked up some freeze dried tomatoes. I gave her a great deal on several other cans and she left – a friend with her offered to take some of those cans too. But she also told her dad, and he came back later. We had a nice talk, he bought some more stuff, and is into electronics and batteries. He is also helping another young family.

        So the garage sale generally means they live nearby, and you get a chance to see and talk to them without any commitments.

        • Locally garage sales have been a magnet for people scoping out what you might have, not good, people cant be trusted for the most part

      3. Boy, TPTB (George Soros))) representative of the Rothschilds and the other rich powerful (((you know who’s))) are backing a Communist takeover.

        I predict the (((George Soros’s of this world))) are going to get gassed, all six million.

        Predictions are like opinions, everybody has one.

        _ racism is just another word for bullshit


        • Yes. Racism is BS. I don’t have to like other people. Others don’t have to like me. The violence is here. The killing is next though.

          • Git er done. I’m sick and tired of the liberals and faggots polluting my environment.

            • Yes, that is why the fighting started

            • Yes – It is time to rid them from this earth once and for all!

          • Menzo, same here. For once a politician spoke the truth about something. SOME violence is already here but it will escalate into killing eventually. I’m still at the BOL doing target practice and ‘drills’ for the upcoming festivities. Don’t forget about that drill for the ‘power outage’ on the 23rd. IF the drill goes live and we lose the grid at least I’m already here and out of harm’s way. If nothing happens then I have to go back home on the 27th to the old grind [SIGH].

          • I guess I need a ranch hand bumper for my truck. Now that vehicles are the weapon of choice. I don’t want me truck to get too damaged. Is there a 3 day waiting period for trucks now?

            • John Stiner, I am starting a new business, a “cow catcher” for cars and trucks.

          • Dude, you are a PSYCHOPATH. Get some help. Please.

          • Awesome lines Menzo

        • It’s just a rent-a-revolution. The next rainstorm or snowfall will cool it right off.

        • B from CA – still stroking it every night over your adolph blow up doll?

      4. Looks like the tree of liberty needs watering?

        • The tree of liberty has been replaced with a marijuana plant.

        • It needs flooding my friend

        • Th: You are so right – that tree is down right bone dry!!

      5. that dude looks like brad in fast times. I shall serve no fries before their time.

        • I don’t know what is worse. Your reference or the fact that I know what that reference is…….

          • Its just dating us bro

      6. I support Trump!!!!


        This Charlottesville incident is a total scam. The founder of the “right wing” group Right Unite is a former Obama supporter and CNN employee. The ultra liberal ACLU led the lawsuit to allow Right Unite to protest the proposed removal of the Robt. E. Lee statue. The police were ordered to “stand down” and photographs show that the driver of the car was not the person arrested.

        This is just another Soros financed charade.

        • Yup! More theater for the sheeple.

        • The C-Ville riot was an orchestrated event, by a federal judge in cooperation with the Dem mayor and police, to deny the permit to “Unite The Right” access to a 180 acre area, but instead….routed the Right Extremists down a street lined with Left Extremists of whom began the attacks with rocks, bottles, pepper spray while police did nothing.
          ht tp://

      8. Had family killed in Civil War. Died fighting against Northern aggression and for States Rights. The slavery argument is victors BS. The Yankees starved 25% of the freed slaves and if not for defeated southern sympathy lots more would have starved. Getting old but WILL stand for my ancestors honor. My Confederate Flag is now after many years flying again. Wouldn’t mind going out in Battle with that flag overhead just like the 40,000 heroes NC lost last time around.

        • My ancestors in Newton and Searcy county didn’t want to be cannon fodder. So they among most all the other residents formed the Peace Society. Then the Confederate Army Came and rounded up every able body and marche them to little rock in chains. The where forced to enlist in the confederate army. At first chance they deserted. Most joined the Union Army. My direct ancestors went west to the Dakotas. Two great uncles died at Anderson prison. To this day Newton and searcy counties are ostracized by the state legislature. Poorest countys in the state in terms of recept of state funding. And all of that has nothing to do with who I am and the here and now. How you deal with and prep for the future is what counts.

        • D in NC, if it comes to it, it’ll be vastly different this time. You would have allies and friends way up here in NY (Upstate). What I think is missed in all these ridiculous manufactured protests is the monuments are “our” History. American history. The men who died fighting the civil war were all Americans and “all” should be given the respect our fallen soldiers deserve. We have a broken education system that teaches only slavery as the catalyst for the war and a media who actively participates in dividing America. I don’t think my views are unique and believe there are red blooded Americans in every state of our Nation. And if push comes to shove and patience expired, we would wipe the floor with these anti-American mother fuckers.

        • D in NC: It’s kind of interesting – the North back then was a bunch of damned fools and guess what, they still are today and worse! I guess some things do not change unfortunately. People in the North East are really ridiculous and they hate guns with a complete passion!! NY, MA, CT, MD…awful!

          • Thanks CC. You just outed yourself as being completely ignorant. I encourage you to try doing some research on how and who passes the laws in NY State. You could also pull the voting stats and see how the “state” of NY votes by county. Ok, I’ll save you time… the entire state is red with the exception of NY City and Albany county. Open your eyes. This is not a North vs South issue. I don’t know which state you’re in but I’d wager that if you have a “class A” city, it is a democrat stronghold. So, go ahead and keep throwing stones in your glass house. -Hale

      9. Sasse is a RINO, a gutless example of the sort of politician we have. If there is violence – and I think he is right on that – the guilt will rest squarely on people like him. He has stabbed the president in the back a thousand times.

        • “… the guilt will rest squarely on people like him. He has stabbed the president in the back a thousand times.”

          No, you are incorrect. He might have committed crimes while in office, but the people he “stabbed” in the back is the AMERICAN people, the government he is betraying is our constitutional republic – THE US Constitution, supreme Law of this nation and the supreme CONTRACT that he serves under and is Oath bound to (a felony and Perjury), plus each state’s Constitution (highest Law of the state and the highest contract that all who serve within state governments are under – along with US Constitution.

          But the guilt is ours, We the People of the united States.

          Why? Because we are a part of our government, not just the fount of all governmental authority which is found in writing within the US Constitution and within each state’s Constitution (you/we/all of us are responsible for knowing your own state’s Constitution and the US Constitution).
          – We are the enforcement arm as the Militia of the several states.
          – We are the ones REQUIRED to hold those who serve within our governments accountable for their actions under the contract(s) they serve under.
          – We are the ones who are to enforce the Laws of our land, so that “color of law”, etc cannot be used against us.
          – We are the ones who are to enforce the Laws of our land, so that there is no police state ever here in the USA – ALL who are Lawful Americans are REQUIRED by the supreme Law of this land to train, educate, and ARM ourselves so that their could never be “Martial law”, a military take-over, a police state, etc.
          – We are the ones who are to keep our elections CONSTITUTIONAL, and they have not been so for decades.
          – WE are the jury, above the judges of courts in our land in our decisions on what evidence is applicable, if the judge is honest or biased, if the law being used is a good law, bad law and needs to be discarded, or in this particular case of circumstances this law will be ignored and not guilty be found; etc
          – We are the Grand Jury, and We can call out a Grand Jury Investigation with NO PERMISSION needed from those who SERVE WITHIN our governments – this is OUR TOOL to use to discover if those serving need to be held accountable;
          – Etc

          This is all found within the US Constitution. READ IT so you know the truth of our government, not the propaganda and fictions passed as reality. Beat the propaganda, the subliminals, etc; go read it.

          Bertrand Russell,1953: “… Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible…” (“The Impact of Science on Society”, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1953)

          Richard Henry Lee, 1788: “Whereas, to preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them; nor does it follow from this, that all promiscuously must go into actual service on every occasion. The mind that aims at a select militia, must be influenced by a truly anti-republican principle; and when we see many men disposed to practice upon it, whenever they can prevail, no wonder true republicans are for carefully guarding against it.” (Initiator of the Declaration of Independence, and member of the first Senate, which passed the Bill of Rights)

          George Washington: “It may be laid down, as a primary position, and the basis of our system, that every citizen who enjoys the protection of a free government…, but even of his personal services to the defence of it, and consequently that the Citizens of America (with a few legal and official exceptions) from 18 to 50 Years of Age should be borne on the Militia Rolls, provided with uniform Arms, and so far accustomed to the use of them, that the Total strength of the Country might be called forth at Short Notice on any very interesting Emergency.” (“Sentiments on a Peace Establishment”, letter to Alexander Hamilton; “The Writings of George Washington”)

          Color of law: The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state, is action taken under “color of law.” Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, page 241.

          • Cal, could you repeat that? It is hard to catch the first time.

          • That, your post, is 100% on the money. Thank-you.

          • At least we know you can copy and paste, but can you think for yourself?

            • who cares if he copied and pasted the info as long as he and others read it, all work involves citations unless its a purely philosophical treatise of someones thoughts alone. he didnt say he was a scholar, he was making a point. And its obvious he must think along these lines else he wouldnt have pasted and attempted to support it.

            • You have to remember that when you are trying to be a “Smartass” ,
              That you have to infact be “Smart ” , because otherwise you are just an “ASS” ?

              • RT1957, HA! good one!

          • Excellent!
            Under Washington, his words as far as the Fed/Militia, were reaffirmed in 1903 w/the “Dick Act”, still on the books. Plus, the population Ratio of able-bodied, law abiding citizens v. “the Military”, shall never be less than 25 to 1, assuring victory….The Federalist Papers.

        • Bullseye, Sage.
          Here in the Cornhusker State, real Republicans and Constitutionalists refer to that ivy-league-educated prick as ‘senator sassehole’.

      10. Of course violence is coming.

        What do these trouble makers expect? U.S. Senators and professional politicians saying how a duly-elected citizen President should be assassinated and impeached almost every day. The guy has only been in office for 7-months.

        Prima donna, pampered, and over-paid actors and “entertainers” making getting all political now part of their job description.

        Criminal banksters and corporate oligarchs acting like they are the government.

        The losers, like Hillary Clinton, and the DNC, refusing to sit down and STFU. You lost. Get over it.

        The wholly owned MSM and their incessant “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” The unending McCarthyism. The 24/7 propaganda.

        These NGO thugs, paid for by the likes of George Soros and the Koch Brothers fomenting riots, revolution, and anarchy.

        These endless wars, when it is almost a truism that endless war coupled with a country on an endless war footing eventually drives its people crazy.

        Of course violence is coming.

        Eventually, the people will turn upon these agitators. The people will turn from hating each other to hating their tormentors. Violence will come.

        Violence will surely come.

        • Amen.

        • Criminal banksters and corporate oligarchs acting like they are the government.

          Criminal banksters and corporate oligarchs have since 1913 used the rapacious private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve as their chief instrument of plunder against the 99%. They’ve also captured both wings of the Republicrat duopoly, as well as our institutions of governance, the judiciary, the media, etc. And the sheeple have sanctioned this sad state of affairs with their votes, election after election.

          • Here here……..I second that

      11. I strongly suspect the Charlottsville “incident” was orgainzed by the left, renta mob dressed up as neo nazi’s plus antifa. Intention was two fold, one is to discredit Trump’ s conservative supporters, and secondly to slowly paint the founding fathers as disgusting evil slavers and thus the Constitution, which they drafted should be tossed As illegitimate

        • The C-Ville riot was an orchestrated event, by a federal judge in cooperation with the Dem mayor and police, to deny the permit to “Unite The Right” access to a 180 acre area, but instead….routed the Right Extremists down a street lined with Left Extremists of whom began the attacks with rocks, bottles, pepper spray while police did nothing.
          ht tp://

          • This Riot is a Total RE-Run of an 1970’s era event in Skokie Ill….When the ADL org. scretly Trained and Funded fully a…Wait for it!…

            A Neo-NAZI March thru the streets of skokie ill. Which was and likly still is the Largest community in the usa of HolyHoax (((survivors)))!

            Complete with Counter protests and even the chewish leftist ACLU Lawyers who took the case to the us surpeme court, and Won the right for those so called “neo Nazis” to march.

            Well soon after the MSM Magnafied events finaly were accomplished the FACTS surfaced!

            Seems as was 100% Proven, not only did the ADL Org Plan-Run-Finance and Train the head nazi leader guy, one “Frank Collins” along with his 4-5 follower nazi crew, with typical nazi arm bands worn, brown colored german uniforms, and of course a HUGE Swaztika Flag carried in the march..

            But Frank Collins was a Faked Name!! “Frankie” was really jewish as were all 4-5 of his follower crew of nazis.

            This all came Out after the march when the cops and fed fbi raided frank collins Nazi Club House buildg.

            What the cops first saw upon entry into said clubhouse was, Frank Collins on his Knees before a 10 yr old little BOY! and frank was blowing said little 10 yr old boy!

            Once that info went full blown public in jewspapers nationwide, others began to Really do a deep investigation etc….Thats when ALL the sordid ADL/jewish conections details surfaced.

            And the folks here near my age of 65 yrs old, or close to that age, will recall that Prior to the 1970’s we never hardly heard of any holyhoax or so called six million etc etc events or claims. Even the Hollywood massive number of WWII type movies from early 1940’s and onwards after, never showed nor mentioned such claims that tody Dominate MSM and TV land and are repeated Daily.

            Which IS the real true reason for ADL sponcorship and funding of such a neo nazi March in the first place!

            ADL Et Al of over 300 similar pro jewry orgs all across the usa landscape were hopeing to gin up More holyhoax Group-Speak, which would generate more sympathy and $$$CASH! from Whitey Americans for international jewry…AKA…The Crime Kabal also known of as..The Khazar Kosher Nostra!

            This is why After the early 1970’s era You have been daily Bombarded senseless with Non Stop Daily History channel hitler/nazis crap galore.

            Research this info if still in Deep Denial of actual real Truth of How did the usa get like it is Now today.

            Or simply deny reality and as per ususal just attack the messengers who attempt to alert you to the facts of Who and what has almost fully destroyed Whitey in USA as well as EU nations…Several websites contain every detail of this skokie ill event, and With Many actual color photos of Fake nazi leader Frank Collins in Full german uniform, and photos of actual Riot between Frank’s crew Vs. the Retiree Skokie hoax “survivors”.. Very Eye opening to them what are yet to get jewized up etc.

      12. Reminds me of ‘the night of the living dead’

        Antifa zombies

        Just shoot ’em in the head


        • Some zombie movies are worth watching because they have a survivalist or prepper theme to them.

        • My fellow Patriots: Make sure the rifles are a scoped up and you have plenty of ammo boys’

      13. The “right” that you see on the media are bunch of cucks walking on egg shells. The real right are moderates which the media call “far or extreme”-right. There needs to be a new movement of conservative natural-law abiding anarchists. More radical than the founding fathers. There needs to be a new system. Technology and infrastructure makes it possible. If not possible there needs to be direct democracy. Where only high IQ problem solvers can vote on laws. A few politicians and liberals might have high IQ but they are heathens who only know how to create problems. They don’t see danger or see danger where there is none.

        • “Where only high IQ problem solvers can vote on laws.”

          The problem isn’t an overall lack of intelligence within government but rather its utter lack of honesty.

      14. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
        — John F. Kennedy

        • “don’t worry, honey, that man in the 6th floor window is just waving hello”
          — John F Kennedy

          • “No, you certainly can’t.”

            Said by: John F. Kennedy in reply to Nellie Connally, wife of Governor John Connelly, commenting “You certainly can’t say that the people of Dallas haven’t given you a nice welcome, Mr. President.

            • No revolutions are peaceful.

              • USA will go tribal. The NWO crowd know their push for total control is a huge gamble.

            • Justice… there is the msm for you, continuing the coverup for decades, investigative journalism tightly controlled and manipulated until everyone alive during the incident is dead and beyond. That is a powerful stranglehold on truth. Those who do investigate the truth are ignored. That is unless the victim lives and is dispatched Clinton style. Like the Warren Report, Allen Dulles appointed the lead of that fake inquiry, the same character fired as CIA chief two years before the hit. The mayor of Dallas was a CIA agent at the time of JFK’s death. Dulles controlled the Commission tightly, allowing witnesses only that fit the coverup narrative of a single gunman. Gerald Ford on it also, what a joke. Yet the lie prevails, just like 9-11 total fabrications. If the people cannot counter the lies publicly, then game over.

      15. Once Comrade Pelosi gets her permanent Democrat supermajority, thanks to importing millions of Third World entitlement voters and rewarding rampant societal parasitism and irresponsibility, then we will have have a situation where six people will be voting to help themselves to four people’s sh*t.

        The productive, honest portion of the population may not react well to such enforced “fairness” and “redistribution of the wealth.”

        • Young Otis is correct. The lopsided situation of too many loser takers and not enough winner makers cant not work forever.

        • Young Otis, damn right I won’t take kindly to ‘enforced fairness and redistribution of wealth’. My solution will be to spread ‘lead poisoning’ to those who would attempt it.

        • The solution is to stop being honest.

          • Yes I buy stuff black market and pay cash or buy out of state on the internet. That way no sales taxes .After places like Calif and Ill reach their finiancial bottom and cant run on debt any longer. I think it will have a cascading effect. The majority of goverments , buisnesses & and private households that are Zombie’s. The would fall dead except that they stay alive only by countinually borrowing more money and restructuring their debt’s. Most their assets are worth much less than they owe. When they can no longer add debt. When the EBT and welfare isn’t there any longer. That’s when our certain to eventually happen mayhem will explode. Chaos ,race war, civil war & ethnic cleansing all kinda mixed together. Its gonna be quite the adventure.

        • I read somewhere a while back that the Romans had a law that said that immigrants or those concord were NOT allowed to vote for 3 generations.

          Sounds good to me.

      16. The vicious leftists already got the violence ball rolling long before now.

      17. Pelosi must resign.

      18. Violence is here and it will get more out of hand the longer President Trump is in office. Of course, if they manage to impeach President Trump it will become a shooting war.

        • no way. If they impeach Trump the right will just complain like they did with JFK, 911 etc. This talk of an armed uprising by the right is pure Fantasy

          • An uprising won’t be over Trump. It’ll be over the HARD left swing that will be immediately attempted after Trump is removed.

        • to Easily Amused
          so what do you want a diktaterhead in office to keep the “peace” with the lowlife pond scum terrorists of the left? good luck with that, comrade!

      19. This is what’s coming!


        by Rudyard Kipling

        It was not part of their blood,

        It came to them very late,

        With long arrears to make good,

        When the Saxon began to hate.

        They were not easily moved,

        They were icy — willing to wait

        Till every count should be proved,

        Ere the Saxon began to hate.

        Their voices were even and low.

        Their eyes were level and straight.

        There was neither sign nor show

        When the Saxon began to hate.

        It was not preached to the crowd.

        It was not taught by the state.

        No man spoke it aloud

        When the Saxon began to hate.

        It was not suddenly bred.

        It will not swiftly abate.

        Through the chilled years ahead,

        When Time shall count from the date

        That the Saxon began to hate.

        • Justice, thank you for that poem. One of my favorites. It will come true before you know it.

          • My favorite poem is about a man from Nantucket, but proper decorum prevents me from repeating it here.

        • Long winded and sooooooooo blah blah blah. You liken yourself to whom?

      20. What happened to the daily stormer website?

        • I was disappointed to see it gone. I need that site for my daily devotional of hate and bigotry. I am afriad without that site I may accidently stop hating people.

      21. Old Guy, I just tried to get to that website and can’t get through to it either. I don’t like the sound of that. I’ll try them again later.

        • Braveheart, they have changed/altered/taken down Fox News and they are de-funding conservative web sites. “They” are eliminating alternative news. That is a MAJOR sign we’re near the SHTF EVENT.

          • Videos don’t have to be on Youtube or FB to be seen. People already know about this site and many others.

            I have four sites of my own, and since I own them, I can post what I like. And the owners of the actual servers are international and only care about the monthly fee I pay.

            People who want to post videos should just avoid Youtube and FB, and just post on their own or others’ sites. Then we need to spread the word about where they are so everyone can find them without having to use a search engine. Also, everyone needs to find the IP address for the web sites so they don’t have to rely on the DNS servers. The IP address for this site is:

            Here’s one of the online sites that will find number for you:

            ht tps://

            We have to start working around these hoodlums immediately.

            • Non-leftist websites will be hosted outside USA. USA created an uncontrollable monster with the internet.

        • I am currently using my fall back web site to daily stormer. It is Trump’s Twitter feed.

          • I learned that the daily stormer is being black balled. They are being cut off from the internet. One day it could happen to SHTF?

        • I Notice several folks here comment on “When will the leftist kommies begin to burn Books etc”?

          Well It Has Begun!! A couple months ago! When (((Jeff Bezos))) used his Vast jewish Power as owner of Amazon and wash post paper, to send an internal memo to his amazon employee’s and Ordered them to Banish and Discontinue close to One Hundred Books that were prior avail for purchase!!

          And Litterally Every Book of the entire hundred or so books, were ALL about the Documented Factual Evidence etc about the vast number of proven False claims of a six million, and countless other claims by the tribes so called survivors since end of WWII.

          And Not a single book of those Bezos banned and Removed from stock at amazon, contains ANY so called jew bashing, nor any so called anti semitic speak etc!

          Every such now banned book, containd ONLY well documentd with Notated proven sources info that explains which claims are truth, and which are fabricated massive Lies and half truths etc.

          This latest attempt and destruction of free speech and 1st ammend Rights has gone full blown now and includes shutting down of all forms of written materials, Websites, and very soon….Actual public speech that don’t Conform to the Self-Chozens ideas of what is allowed or Not!

          Exibit A= Current USA congress and senate co sponsors agreeing to vote to make ALL critical of israel/zio refusal to do buisness with any israel based corps etc a fed crime with 20 yrs fed Jail term and a quater a million to one million dolar fines!

      22. The outbreak of violence is always just below the surface at even the most formal and polite occasions. What’s different is the presence of so many people wanting to incite violence. The left is trying to provoke Trump into rage in the hopes of discrediting him. The Confederate statues have been standing for decades. There is no urgency in taking them down; there are more urgent needs. Giving in to the left only encourages them. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe will be next.

      23. The senator is parroting leftist lies when he blames the white marchers for the violence…(notice that did you?) Jeffersons tree WILL be watered soon enough…Just make sure that the patriots blood is the least amount spilled…

        • HCKS, this is a good article and the suggested actions are what Trump would do if he were serious about defeating the Deep State.

          However, as they say “Personnel is Policy!”

          The current White House personnel would feel equally at home in a Killary White House. Consequently, given Trumps failure to fire the Obamanation’s appointments as well as his own it is clear what kind of Presidency we will see from here out.

          All the Nationalist/Populists in his Administration have been PURGED! Again, “Personnel is Policy!”

          • I just saw this quote from Steve Bannon: “The Trump Presidency That We Fought For Is Over”

            So much for the ballot box.

        • HCKS
          Violence Is Coming.

          It is good to be reminded now and then of what might be coming so you can adjust what you are doing and prepping for.

          As a Cop I agree it should have been done YESTERDAY!!!!


          • I have never heard a police officer refer to themselves as a “cop”.

            • John I call myself a Cop all the time. And yes I like BACON!!!!!!!! LOL

              • You know there are people that carry a gun, because carrying a cop around will give you a hernia!

                • PTPO
                  at 225 lbs. you will get them fast. LOL

        • HCKS this article was right on. Now if only someone could get POTUS to read it and act accordingly. This would make a world of difference in patriots reacting to the Deep State and their cohorts.

      24. The Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona has voiced his concerns about Trump’s upcoming rally there. He said it’s costing the county enormous bucks and will drain their funds because they need to beef up LE and security everywhere.

        ER services and hospitals are on alert and are staffing up because they anticipate violence leading to injuries. These kind of events attract zealots and other crazies. Going anywhere near crowds is way too risky and not worth it.

        The Mayor was pleading with Trump to cancel the Phoenix rally. I know if I lived anywhere near there I’d get the hell out of town and be sure to stay away from that mess. There are people who don’t only kill in self defense, they would kill someone just because of their opposing political views.

        Stay away from crowds. No matter how good your self awareness and self defense skills are there’s always the unforeseen and something we didn’t count on, or some nut job who thinks it’s okay to take a human life and shoots because they hate what the person stands for or hate the groups political views.

        • That is the new reason to stop freedom of speech.

          Security costs too much.

          • JS = AH.

            • Roger that.

              • STFU TOO

            • STFU

              • Smells like Bravefart.

                • smell again

          • Agree JS. Look what just happened in Boston…a conservative rally with a hundred or so gets quashed by some 40K “peaceful” protesters” (read: antifa groups).
            At this ‘peaceful demonstration’, “…tens of thousands of (antifa) people screamed and chanted on the outer rings, yelling ‘F**k your voice!’ to the ralliers as they rushed past the gates and to the gazebo, with the assistance of police.”
            Looks like the First Amendment has just been flushed down the toilet.

      25. Duh! It sure took the politician a long time to figure it out. I suspected when Trump was elected that this summer was going to be a doozy. It sure turned out that way and it will get even nastier. We have to play smarter and beat the idiots at their own game. What are they going to do fire us? Put us in jail? They need our tax money and the jails are full enough already. Martial law? Good luck with trying to keep 320 million people in line Not enough police and military(assuming they will comply) to do that job. Arm up,you may have to defend yourself and keep something on yourself that lets others know your blood type.

      26. Please treasonous criminal Senator of the psychopath controlled treasonous criminal United States Corporation Government….What exactly would you call SOFTKILL GENOCIDE on the dumbed down, disease ridden, obese, depressed, addicted to everything, drunken, DYING EARLY, toxic dump Big Pharma junkies and victims of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling through poisonous toxic GMO filled processed FAKE FOOD horror, poisoned tap water, Big Pharma horror, and all the other Endocrine Disrupting hell you treasonous criminals have allowed to be unleashed on the programmed indoctrinated enslaved dumbed down American people, and their doomed children they have been engineered to whore out and care NOTHING about their health, freedoms, and future, and all because of what has been done to their dumbed down minds, disease ridden bodies, and damned souls in the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America.


        • All that and you left out “boot licking.”

          • Archivist, I think the term “boot licking” is from our generation. But I’m hoping we can bring it back into usage because it’s a classic!

          • These treasonous genocide supporting Senators and United States Corporation Government psychopaths are past “boot licking”-THEY ARE THE TOTALITARIAN CORPORATIST FASCIST BOOT OF OUR COLLAPSING DAMNED AND DOMED POLICE STATE HELL ON EARTH.

        • Well said.

      27. “Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum hatred for a minimum of reason.”

        – Abraham Joshua Heschel


        “In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams.”

        – Nigerian proverb


        “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”


      28. Trump needs to come out with an executive order declaring black lives matters and antifa as terrorist organizations.
        Then people who donate money to them like, George Soros and Hilary Clinton can be arrested for supporting terrorist organizations and have all of their wealth confiscated and use the money to build a wall !!!

        • Sim,
          Best comment and advice today!
          Too bad just a very few of us will see
          your comment.

      29. I mostly blame the intelligence run main stream provoking media. Who in hell needs their account of what is and what is not newsworthy? The are the engine that runs the whole sham. Fixated demons spouting division over and over. Their pieholes may as well be their aholes breaking foul wind.

        • Yes, a foul wind is afoot.

      30. There won’t be any significant violence.

        The Left will demand and the Right will acquiesce.

        As they are doing now.

        • Anonymous, you dream a lot, don’t you? There will be significant violence. I don’t acquiesce to the left or anyone else EVER.

          • So how many Confederate statues have you put back up?

            Among the many, many other Leftist gains you have accepted.

            • Anonymous, wtf makes you think I ever gave up anything to the left? You’re totally out of the ball park and not even in left field.

        Note: brutal clips.

        Comrade Goals for Revolution
        1. Divide the People.
        2. Create the Appearance of Popular Support.
        3. Neutralize the Opposition.
        4. Precipitate Mob Violence.
        5. Create the Semblance of Revolution.

        • Classic.

      32. The NC governor has just said that he thinks all the Civil War monuments in NC need to be removed. He needs to be removed from office. He thinks it will be easy to remove monuments just because one was removed in Durham. It might have been easier there because Durham has a black majority population. Some of these monuments are also grave markers. An uncle of mine was killed at the Battle of Bentonville and was buried in a mass grave marked by a huge monument. Are they going to remove all our grave markers as well?

        The Wendy’s here has just installed TVs and is now streaming CBS News all day. I may have to quit going there.

        • He is a democrat, what would you expect?

        • Trump was right when he asked “Where does it end?” This gang will never be satisfied. Trying to appease them will get you killed.

      33. Replacing a failing health insurance system, massive underfunding of entitlement programs, failing infrastructure, badly needed income tax reforms, improvements in immigration, etc. Where does taking down Confederate statues fall in the list of priorities?

      34. It Feels Like Violence Is Coming.

        Let me see!!!
        Black Lives Matter
        N. Korea
        Tree huggers
        Anti 2ND. Adm.
        Invaders from the south.
        Invaders from the middle east.
        Just to name a few!!!!!

        I’m not afraid I’m ready. Are you?

        • Watch this video of the terror attack in Spain.

          A Spanish police officer is shooting dead a terrorists with a suicide bomb belt.

          The dipshit in the purple shirt is trying to get the policeman to stop shooting the bad guy.

          • The guy in the purple shirt had a PURSE for God sake. Have men become this feminized? WOW! Just WOW!

            • Ya, these queers are everywhere, buncha loosers

              • JS, that dickhead in the purple shirt is lucky he didn’t get himself shot. And was wearing a purse? Freaks everywhere these days it seems like.

            • They call them European shoulder bags. I call them European wussbags.

          • John
            Great post!

          • Purple shirt: Typical ultra liberal Faggot, thats it, shoot him too! You shoot terrorists until they are dead, the end!

        • Hey Sgt.
          (by the way I was a Sgt also).
          I disagree with your dislike of Russians
          and anarchists. My Great grandfather
          was a j3wish carpenter in the
          Imperial Russian army.
          Anarchists don’t like ANY government.
          Since I can’t stand Democrats and these days
          despise GOPe, I tend to align with chaos.
          In general, though, I like your list.

          As for people following my sourdough experiment,
          how do you keep out the fly larvae? My last batch
          (made from naturally occuring yeast)smelled right,
          bubbled, but had maggots in it, so we tossed it.
          I would have made bread with it, but the wife,
          won’t do it. Wives always win in food decisions.

          • rellik, Interesting! Thanks for the update.

          • R
            Russians I know are great folk. I might have used China and Russian Government.

            Yes the wives always when. Remember when Mommas happy Papas happy!

          • I agree on the Russians and Anarchist 100%
            Dude, cover your sour dough starter! Could have been something in your flour too.
            Ive done sour doug by just doing a basic artisan bread recipe then covering it and leaving it sit out for a couple days,, then knead and form and bake

            • We mill our own flour from red and white
              wheat berries.(good storage life),
              but that means we have a lot of
              variation in bread and pasta.
              You never get wheat from the same source.
              The Palouse(WA state), North Dakota,
              Saskatchewan, Alberta, and wherever.
              We have such a problem with proofing
              we thought we would try to make a sourdough starter
              to see if we could get more consistent performance.
              Can you pass on your recipe?
              I’ll try it.

              • 3 cups warm water
                1.5 TBS yeast
                1.5 TBS salt
                Add 6.5 cup flour
                Separate/ form loaves let rise
                Bake 420/40 mins
                Set aside in bowl covered w plastic wrap,
                1day?2day? Whatever
                Form loaves/ let rise (good baguettes)
                Same bake

              • Can refrigerate for a weekish

            • I keep my flour in the freezer, and my sugar. Sometimes flour beetles get in your flour. Also cover your dough with cheesecloth.

        • Not even a little afraid bud, and ready as i will ever be!

        • Sarge, there’s no shortage of enemies, that’s for sure. That’s why I’m still at the BOL for a ‘training exercise’, LOL! I’ll be here til’ the 27th if nothing happens.

      35. If a community has a majority black population then they of course are gonna see a statue they perceive as a symbol of oppression to them needing removed. My simple answer to white folks is to have more children I got 3 I’m done. I see young white couples not wanting a family because of their selfish wants. They wanna be free to have sex with whoever they want with no strings they want new cars and to play the keeping up with kartrashian game. Grow the fuck up man and woman up and have a family. We are gonna be a minority without a voice. Look at black lives matter they are a hate group that isn’t viewed that way they are considered social justice warriors but saying white lives matter is a racist hate group. Out numbering them is how we survive.

        • Some people don’t want to bring children into the world the way it is today, and for fear of what is yet to come.

        • The word you never want to use when referring to a black person begins with N and ends with R…neighbor

        • By all means form white families but do the children a kindness and bring them up in a place with other white people. Don’t try and bring them up in places where they are going to be harassed and guilted just for their skin color. Don’t put them in schools where teachers tell them they have no history or culture and they should instead celebrate Kwanza or some other irrelevant festival. They have a history; they have a culture: teach it to them. Don’t tell them ‘white people do not have interesting food’ or other such nonsense. There is French cuisine, Italian cuisine, the healthy foods of Scandinavia etc. Teach them to cook European foods and then share with their friends.

          Teach them how to wear European clothes, teach them about tailoring and style: don’t let them slob about without a belt, or not know how to tie a tie. Take them to Shakespeare.

          If they are a girl, teach them about how European women dress, carry themselves, keep their bodies in good shape. Don’t let them become obese, dress like men, act like men. European women have style: teach them what that is. Watch French films.

      36. Mike in Maine, I’m planning to go to Phoenix on Tuesday. I can’t let threats of violence keep me home. If it does,the other side wins

        • southside, True, but these days we avoid crowds. FYI, they are checking all attendees and not allowing anyone carrying or with any weapons to enter the rally. Report back here how all went, since most of us shtf’ers would rather hear that from a shtf’er who was there, than from MSM. Stay safe.

      37. DOI!

      38. I don’t have a back community nearby to converse with (and likely wouldn’t anyway) nor has any neighbor, associate or friend been concerned with mass riots. While this is an issue we’re nowhere near civil war mode. To a great degree this is being stoked by those with an agenda far removed from those protesting statue or no statue. The goal is to create chaos. I believe there are agent provocateurs in both camps to keep this going. This outside collusion is far more obvious with the left but exists with the right. This social up evil is far too valuable for the manipulators of society not to exploit and it takes two to tango.

      39. So much tough talk here! Brr. Cold and lethal. I be scared. LOL

        Anyway, I have listened to many “sides” about what happened last weekend and it is obvious the red heads of city hall (including new black panther affiliates) ordered the cops to stand down. First amendment rights were trampled upon, leftist nuthatches went wild. I hope the parents of all these faux anarchists are proud.

        The globalists are fomenting civil war so they can regain control, reduce population, seize guns. Anyone who joins a group or goes to these rallies is a dupe, playing right into their greasy hands.

        I’m sharpening my spears. When the war erupts and the economy crashes and millions die (the same idiots paying to watch a natural event tomorrow, oh my), I’ll be rounding up your orphaned pets. Yumm.

        • Stormy, you’re screwing up royally if you underestimate any of us here. Be smart.

        • Stormy

          “The globalists are fomenting civil war so they can regain control, reduce population, seize guns. Anyone who joins a group or goes to these rallies is a dupe, playing right into their greasy hands.”

          For the most part your correct. The “reduce population” is insignificant but the fear of chaos is the goal. Long before it gets too bad the public will beg for order and out comes the iron hand from of the velvet glove. First the unpopular side gets a whack then to everyones surprise the beating doesn’t end there and both sides, all sides, those with no side feel the hand of tyranny. Its all about control.

        • Well, Chijuajuas were bread for food…

      40. On one side will be good normal Americans – central and southern US. And on the other side – which is comical – the liberals and Republican establishment.


      41. Obviously, TPTB WANT a war between BLACK&WHITE. There is no shortage of blacks in Africa. In South Africa alone the population is 40 million. All the white intervention in Africa has resulted in a population explosion. The same is true of blacks in the USA. While white’s population shrinks, blacks keep multiplying.

        The plan of TPTB is first to set white advocates for white rights against the most extremely hate filled and most disorderly blacks in order to kill as many as possible. Then, the Communist oligarchs will eliminate the remaining black revolutionaries, according to the best traditions of Communist protocol.

        • Make no mistake, there is world wide white genocide going on as we speak…

      42. “The white supremacists from Charlottesville now feel emboldened.”… This is BULLSHIT! There are no white supremacists except PAID actors courtesy of George Soros…

        • Who’s the REAL Supremicists and Racists?

          Why ZERO MSM Mention or documentary reports on how in the state of israel it is now officialy the “jewish state of israel” where ONLY a proven jewish person can get citizenship, and NO marriage lic is granted unless a jew marries another jew there?

          Add in their attitude and talmudic religion belife that All gentiles are no more tha a “Goy” or “Goyim” which means a sub-human cattle with no soul from God.

          Along with too many similar statements about the Lowly Goy as compared to the much supperior jew etc.

          Indeed the Loudest amd most-st Voices that so condemn and bash usa and EU whiteys come from the very mouths and pens and keyboards of the self chozens we are burdened to Host as a nation. 109 other nations prior to usa were also a Host nation to what the new testement describes as “The Adversaries/enemys of God and of All mankind”.

          And each of those 109 host nations finally awoke and then Booted out the self chozen nation wreckers.

          Will Americ awaken in time?

          Not as long as aprox 40%+ of whites cling to their false beliefs promoted by theor apostate judiazering pastors.

          None are more obsesed with, and unquestionably supportive and defensive of that adversarial group period.

          At least usa polititions in Both parties are smart enough to get Big Cash Bribes and all types free trips etc for being Israels bitches!

          Yet those so duped by their apostate pastors worship israel for Free!

          If we relly see any form of Hot-war in the usa? Count on that duped 40%+ of zioized foolish whiteys to be more likly to kill You and expect a great blessing from above, than being killed by any type antifa lefties etc.

          No form of such actions compares when compared to delusional and duped religiously type folks.

          Perhaps a few shall actually research what Christ Himself and the apostle writers wrote in the NT books and awaken before it gets that far gone eh?

          AmeriKa You have been Hoodwinked-mezmerized-judiazed-zioized-and brainwashed and have eyes and ears yet see and hear Not!

      43. Agitprop. Stay away from these protests. Take care of your family.

      44. No justice from the top for the top means further decline for all below them. During the runup to the election Trump ragged on Clinton for being in Goldman Sachs pocket, then appointed Goldman Sachs people to high government positions. Corporations are people has empowered those entities to be above justice served, the Supreme Court in their pocket. Pay a fine and walk free to continue their rampage without fear of deserved punishment. This has become totally corrupted and coincides with lack of justice. A DOJ that goes after street and drug crimes but ignores the biggest crimes that are corporate. Trump set to make a decision about Afghanistan tomorrow, think he will bring the troops home? A shocker if he does. What about torture, an international crime that Trump agrees with, the CIA has snuffed that topic out as needed enhanced interrogation while anyone with two brain cells knows that is a lie.

      45. WARNING: To those attending Tuesday’s PHOENIX RALLY.

        Check that the person Trump’s staff hired to give you the ticket at 6:00pm when you entered, is still there at 9:00pm when you go to collect your cash payment.

      46. I modestly don’t care who is president, or what party is in power, or who the political leaders are, liberalism or conservatism, or all the corruption in the gov’t or any of that other crap. The parties may have different ideologies but in practice they are actually the same. Our vote and the ballot box is in reality not working for the working people. TPTB can’t or won’t fix health care or lower taxes, but I bet if a multinational corporation needed something the politicians would get it done ASAP. We have massive debt that will not and cannot be reconciled and will surely lead to a collapse of our standard of living and quality of life, society is breaking down slowly but surely with only inevitable social disintegration, TPTB has sold out the middle class economically and politically, public education is in the toilet, and on and on. There will be no resolution to these problems, neither the financial resources or the will exists to correct them.
        To me, and many like me, we are not nationalists who want to fix the country. Rather, we are Southerners who want to secede from the country as it is. We want our own nation, to live as we want. We do not want our money or resources taxed or confiscated to support the rest of the country, we don’t want our sons and daughters used as disposable so the gov’t can project its will on the rest of the world, we don’t want distant citizens of different cultures and traditions to tell us what to think, what to believe, and how to live. This sentiment is growing day by day and will come to a critical mass. Then what happens in what remains as the US will be their business.

        • refreshing honest feelings…. but how do you get there? the 2nd part – to your own nation to live as you want?!
          the way I see it is… from the outside….
          if the head is not right, mad or fuk up, then the body is sick and dying (or deadmeatwalking)
          you will still be in shit, even if you achieve the 2nd part,
          it’wll just be as n.k and s.k
          bunch of dictator politicians threatening you, the rich cousin, all the time from accross the border
          consider that?!?
          but if the head is right and do what it is ‘voted’ to do,
          then the rest of the body is just in peace and prosper
          everywhere, every inch of earth is paradise
          even if we have a earth/world gov and ON THE SUPREME CONDITION, the head is right, we would be citizen of galaxy and living a very meaningly FREE life/existence
          what is there to fear and reject?
          If the head is right…. or can be made right… can it?!? or does it need to be remove or change or upgrade or what?! how do we think critically in time of injected chaos and merciless senseless (fake?) human drama?
          (unless they are not human by gene or by spirit)
          and if the head no longer is in touch with the body, or causing it to be sick and dying, does the body still need that head?!!!
          new life without goverment? our ancestor didnt have ‘government the sick creature’ and they were better off…. every one is accountable to everyone EQUALLY
          Dream or impossible???! or inevitable and they know it?!
          ready for the next chapter?! 🙂 plaot’s republic maybe?!
          be safe

      47. All social violence stems from social upheaval. We have lived in the past 20 years through the most epic social changes. We have never lived in a more racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse (divided?) society. There is record income inequality. Yet, there is nothing to link people together – the nation state no longer demands or upholds any values, we are told to stay in our groups and not to mix with others for fear of offending them, free speech is dying because it is labelled as the cause of violence, and some groups openly advocate the use of violence as an acceptable means to solve disputes in civil society (gangs, preppers, crackers, vigilantes, Islamic radicals, fascists etc.).

        By ignoring the causes of social violence, politicians risk more unrest. It is like they want to see how far they can push people. New philosophies are required for a world radically different to the one our parents lived in.

      48. If you do nothing at all they will take the whole country over. Its like a school yard bully It the teachers do noting or look the other way the only solution is to nail the bully with a 2×4 and he gets the message. Thats what I did at any rate and it works really well. You have to meet force with force Balance of power.

      49. Light the candle…

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