“Republican Convention To Get Hit Next?” Authorities Fear Riots, Violence, Possible Attack on Trump

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream site.

    Editor’s Comment: There is no telling what to expect, but it is all coming to a head. The RNC convention in Cleveland officially kicks off on Monday. Meanwhile, protesters in cities across the country are participating in a “Day of Rage” Friday only days ahead of the Republican National Convention, where the lightning-rod candidate Trump will court voters, and temper the anger of those who oppose him and seek chaos.

    Authorities are expected thousands of potentially unruly dissenters surrounding the convention, and after the latest attacks in Paris, many are concerned that the highly-politicized event during which Trump will be formally nominated will become the next target for terrorism, shootings or mass unrest. And no one can really say otherwise… it is only a matter or waiting to see what the storm brings, and how quickly it will pass.

    Republican Convention To Get Hit Next? FBI And DHS Warn Of ‘Violence’ And ‘Terror’ At The RNC

    by Michael Snyder

    After what just happened in Nice, France, officials are likely even more concerned about the potential for violence and terrorism at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week.  Details are still coming in as I write this article, but what we know so far is that a 31-year-old Tunisian man plowed his truck into a huge crowd that was gathered along the waterfront for a fireworks display during Bastille Day celebrations in the French city of Nice, and he reportedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ at the police before they shot him dead.  His rampage of death reportedly lasted for two kilometers before he was finally stopped, and dozens have been killed.  This comes on the heels of the massacre of five police officers in Dallas, and that came not too long after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history in Orlando.  Clearly we have entered a time when the usual rules don’t apply anymore.  So will the Republican National Convention be the next target to get hit?

    Both the Republican and the Democratic conventions have been designated as “National Special Security Events”.  What this means is that the Secret Service will be running security at those venues.  It is being projected that 50,000 people will attend the Republican convention, and in addition to that there will likely be tens of thousands of protesters.

    So needless to say, this will represent a big, juicy target for anyone that wants to make some sort of a statement.

    We have already seen tremendous violence at Trump rallies in recent months, and there is no reason to think that the Republican convention will be any different.  The radical left dislikes Donald Trump with a passion, and many leftist organizations have already stated that they plan to show up in Cleveland in force.

    As emotions run high, could something go terribly wrong?

    On Thursday, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and FBI Director James Comey both told Congress that they are extremely concerned

    U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers on Thursday that they were preparing their agencies for the possibility of violence, both from unruly demonstrators and terrorists, at the upcoming Republican and Democratic nominating conventions.

    It is likely that we are going to see more security at these conventions than we have ever seen before.  In fact, Johnson told Congress that DHS will be sending approximately 3,000 agents to each of the conventions…

    “I am concerned about the prospect of demonstrations getting out of hand,” Johnson said. “I am concerned about the possibility of violence. We have, within DHS, some 3,000 personnel that will be dedicated to the security of the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National convention, each.”

    And Comey told Congress that he is particular concerned about the potential for “domestic terrorism”

    Comey told the committee that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was monitoring the threat of violence at the conventions “very, very carefully.”

    “Anytime there is a national spotlight on a political event in the United States, there is a risk that groups that aspire to do just that, engage in acts of domestic terrorism, will be attracted,” Comey said.

    Of course the feds are not just sitting back and waiting for next week to roll around.  As you read this article, they are actively “monitoring social media” and “tracking protest groups” in anticipation of what might happen

    Law enforcement agencies are monitoring social media posting and tracking protest groups such as Black Lives Matter, which have disrupted Trump rallies over the past several weeks. The Secret Service is even using its Twitter account to warn users about their commentary. The agency tweeted recently, “Watch what you say on Social Media!” with a link to a news story about how agents visited a man who joked about sending a bomb when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were visiting his region.

    For one, I am certainly glad that I am not going to be in Cleveland next week.  The security is going to be absolutely suffocating, but no level of security can stop a deranged individual that is absolutely determined to kill people and that is not afraid to die.  As we have seen, it only takes a few moments for a gunman to start mowing down those around him or for a crazed lunatic to plow a truck into a crowd of people.

    And one thing we do know is that there will be lots of guns in Cleveland.  Some of the protesters have already announced that they plan to bring guns with them, and many of those attending the convention will be bringing guns as well

    As the Republican convention in Cleveland approaches, several delegates from Pennsylvania who support Donald Trump say they are planning on bringing their guns with them to the GOP gathering. Why? They say they are worried about possible violent protest and even an attack from ISIS.

    James Klein, a pro-Trump delegate from the Harrisburg area, notes that guns won’t be needed inside the convention hall and that delegates won’t be allowed to bring in weapons. “But,” he adds, “there’s the hotels. There’s going to be dinners.”

    We may get a preview of coming attractions during the nationwide “Day of Rage” protests on Friday.  There are supposed to be protests in more than 30 cities, and they have been much hyped.  We shall see if they amount to anything or if they just fizzle out.

    Regardless, it is clear that we have entered a time of increased violence.  After what just happened in France, people all over the world are going to think twice before gathering for any sort of large public event.  A huge crowd is an enticing target for any aspiring terrorist, and it is inevitable that we are going to see more attacks of this nature.

    The era of the free and open society is ending.  As the violence and terror get progressively worse, our liberties and freedoms will be increasingly restricted, and we will be told that this is for our own good.

    Of course this has already been happening since 9/11, but now we have entered a time when this process is going to accelerate significantly.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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        • talon1776…… Thanks for bringing the good ol memories back. Mr. mojo riser was/ is amazing.

        • Mr. Mojo Risin.


          • (U//FOUO) On 10 July the Ross County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO)
            received a call from an individual reporting some type of explosion
            that shook their home had occurred at the Ross County Airport.
            Investigation of the area revealed the remnants of a very
            large sparkler bomb (instructions available on the internet). The
            event resulted in a substantial debris field, 150 feet in all directions.
            A portable methamphetamine gas generator was also
            found by a farmer nearby while responders were on scene.
            (U//FOUO) The Ross County Airport is a service/installation of
            Law Enforcement (LE) support systems, several are in and out of
            the airport on a routine basis and two Cleveland Police Department
            (CPD) helicopters were located in hangar across the tarmac
            at the time. The explosion was 60 meters from a hardened aviation fuel station, which was not
            damaged, and the aircraft were across the tarmac at a safe distance and angle from the explosion.
            (U//FOUO) The SAIC is seeking any information related to the incident. The proximity to LE aircraft
            and timing with regard to the events to the Republic National Convention (RNC) requires follow-up.

      1. any groups attacking the convention should be liquidated on the spot

        • A few freshly shot bodies work well as a deterrent to other scum planning mischief.

        • Goofy George
          Why should my tax dollars have to pay for security for the private Republican Convention? Other private clubs have to hire their own security. Ditto Democrats, another private club.

        • The prayer for OWS comes to mind.

          Woe be unto you dirty hippie.
          For you reek of patchoula and B.O.
          Thee talk of Marx and know him not
          Thee hast bills ye have not paid
          Thou hast deradlocks and white skin

          And so I shall send among you
          My humble servants with hat and bat
          That they may christen your heads with hickory
          and annoint your face with pepper spray

          And when thou hast been cuffed and stuffed
          Bandaged and stiched
          Then perhaps you will figure out
          That we are tired of your S**T

      2. It will only get out of control if they the (goverment)
        allows it to get out of control ..

        • retired,
          stand up and tell it like it is, THEY are out of control and need to be stopped, DO NOT beat around the bush, tell it like it is , the SOFT language is what is killing this country. they have the citizens scared to say anything!! get the scumbags out of office!

        • So true Retired. Michael, there has not been tremendous violence at the Trump rallies. You don’t need to exaggerate anything anymore, it’s bad enough as it is.

          I hope everyone realizes that all of the racial stuff and maybe even things such as the Nice slaughter is an attempt by the elite to take your eyes off the illegality of Clinton getting away with murder and for us to take our minds off the e-mail slash subsequent total disregard for the law by the FBI and DOJ.

          This is a total breakdown of law and the norms of society as has been predicted to happen by many for years. I just hope that things do not spin out of control this weekend. Be safe everyone, I predict things are going down hill from here on out.


          • Correct BigB….
            An insidious psyop to distract from the true perpetrators of evil!
            The “civilian force just as strong just as powerful as the military” may get their orders today.

            Live Free or Die..voting may begin today from the roof tops

          • A dog on a chain is harmless, but irritate him long enough, he’ll snap that chain – We Patriots just need a little more torment and we will get our due – don’t be afraid of the Warrior Spirit, absorb it, let it wash over you !
            Hear that, it’s your Warrior Ancestors singing in your veins.
            Don’t disappoint !

        • Back in 2001 I knew we were phuked when George Bush declared Islam “a religion of peace”. Ronald Reagan would have declared war instead and killed all the bastards who didn’t play nice.

          • Sgt Bill

            Overthrowing sovereign governments that kept Islamic Fundamentalists in check and leaving a void then taken up by Islamic crazies, arming them, then repeating the process on another Islamic country is not a policy to stop terrorism. This policy intentionally creates more of them. Apparently the gains for the globalists far outweigh their collateral blowback.

            There is a far greater nefarious agenda going on and Islamic terrorism is just a vehicle to further it.

            TPTB want just what your proposing.

        • Absolutely, and they will if at all possible.The problem for them now is that many Oath Keepers and Bikers for Trump are showing up in force as security with video backup !

          The governor and the mayor lessened their own security and there will be between 5K and 10K paid protestors and many more groups to try and wreak havoc. The new black panthers are showing up fully armed as well. I see no way to avoid a major blow up ? But I thought we would see that in Portland this weekend and it simply did not pan out at all. Maybe a one off unevent ?

      3. IF the american citizens don’t stand up and tell the DC politicians that IF they don’t stop the influx of Muslims then the carnage will start here, any person who actually understands what the Koran says would NEVER allow them to spread into the world let alone this country and any politician who WANTS and DOES bring them into this country should be removed from office!!
        this president is causing race riots and bringing Muslims into this country! he should be tried for treason and then hung!

      4. Next week may be “edge of your seat” viewing. Anyone here live in or near Cleveland? If so, any of you going to this shindig?

        Man alive, I never thought I’d be living in “times like these”. What happened to the country I grew up in? I think with the passing of my father’s generation (WWII), we lost the last generation of REAL Americans.

        Yes,yes, I know we still have true Americans, but you must admit, we can’t say it is generation-wide. We are but a remnant, a fleeting memory of what once was.

        What went wrong? Was it the sixties? A lax generation that wanted to give their kids everything? The feminist movement that sent women back into the workforce and away from their families? The Welfare Generation(s)? The destruction of our educational system? The destruction of first the black and then all families? All of these and more?

        Did it happen from the outside or was it an “inside” job? Does it even really matter anymore?

        What are you afraid of? I’m concerned/afraid of the following changes I see every day and all around me:

        1. Black clad burqua women
        2. Smiling foreigners who wave at me as they break the law right in front of me
        3. Beautifully dressed men and women begging in parking lots in the malls and shopping centers
        4. Shuttered strip malls and empty BIG malls with closed stores
        5. SJW (mostly I just want to smack these)
        6. The new “victim” groups that pop up every day
        7. A generation of “gimmes” who blow whistles to shut up discussion and “dance” their way across stages with a total lack of reasoning skills necessary to hear the speakers they are protesting
        8. The brainwashing of our populace (esp. youth)
        9. The dumbing down of our educational system
        10. The lack of concern or voicing of concern by a nation cowed
        11. The normalcy bias
        12. The Hegelian dialectic in operation all around us
        13. The changing culture and language of our country and total acceptance of same
        14. Evolving and devolving morality being sustained by illiterates, incompetents and government litigation
        15. The corruption of our churches and our youth
        16. The “anything goes” and “if it feels good, do it” mentality
        17. The violence surrounding us
        18. Sanctuary areas inviting chaos and violence into our communities
        19. Illegal refugees who came for handouts and not to be Americans…entering through the back door without checks and vetting
        20. The constant hate-filled rhetoric

        What are your concerns/fears?

        • @WW
          I feel the same way,
          What happened to the country we grew up in?
          I know one thing for sure, i will be damned if some politician will disarm me, thats not going to happen and i will defend whats left of my world till the death with ANY means possible,

          • that makes 3 of us. orwell’s “1984” has finally arrived. i’ve noticed when i go to the store and say anything but “hi, how are you”….or “be safe”, i’m looked at as if i’m a nut. you get in line, go through the motions, and STFU. better not talk politics, or worse yet, be politicaly incorrect…..it’s time for some adults to take over the conversation, but i’m afraid there aren’t any LEFT in america.

            • Ohhhhh…you’re so subtle BCOD

              Live Free or Die….another world…another time…in the age of wonder

            • Indeed. I can get very verbose while standing in checkout lines.

              • it’s funny how a FEW will talk, but after a minute or two, you realize you’re talking to a hillariate or an obama-nationist. I always wonder if they even KNOW what the REAL policies of their candidates really are….MANY would change parties if only they were educated. every intelligent american should be voting for trump, but unfortunately, he needs a MAJORITY to win….not that trump can make MUCH of a difference. we are ALL toast now.

                • B cod
                  So what is it you think The Dumpster is going to do? Besides feather his own nest like he has for 50 years with no concern for those he bankrupted or defrauded? Where does this endless belief in a fraud and con man come from? They say a mark is born every minute. Dumpster has lived very well on that paradigm.

        • Right on the money, Whatever Works. Thanks.

          Still, we’ve been in this place before. Valley Forge; just before the Battle of Midway; in the West, just before the Battle of Tours or the Siege of Vienna, or perhaps the Battle of Britain.

          Point is, it is NOW that the true heroes step up to the plate, when all is seemingly lost, yet one keeps the flame alight, and look to make advances.

          When the Marines were cut off behind enemy lines in Korea and the Army had written the 1st Marine Division off as being lost because they were surrounded by 22 enemy divisions. The Marines made it out inflicting the highest casualty ratio on an enemy in history and destroying 7 entire enemy divisions in the
          process. An enemy division is 16500+ men while a Marine division is 12500 men

        • I feel the same way Whatever. My country and its inhabitants have changed into something almost unrecognizable from when I was a kid.

          Since yesterday’s attack in Nice, I’ve heard that Cleveland is preparing for every possible kind of
          “disruption” at the Republican National Convention, including biological attacks and terrorist attacks involving RADIATION.
          Another mainstream news broadcast mentioned that officials are worried about radiological attacks inside the United States.

          I have a gut feeling that the oligarchs, the elites, the Shadow Government, TPTB, are getting ready to unleash their plan for the “Perfect Storm” to converge inside the United States, i.e., increased Islamic terrorist attacks in our cities, massive civil unrest, economic instability (collapse), an EMP or dirty bomb attack, etc.

          The next 6 months are not going to be pretty, God help us.

          • God HELP us?…PFFT!….hell, he’s sorting us OUT!

        • Whatever Works

          The greatest generation had no more true political control over the direction of the US than we do. Times were better then because TPTB needed the US politically unified, strong and prosperous, now TPTB only need the US military, small in number with ultra high technology. The end of the USSR opened up the world to the globalists, with their eventual one world government agenda.

          None of this is happenstance, accident or a normal societal change.

        • All the stores closing.. it’s a problem. People may say “it’s because people are shopping online”, but with no retail in neighborhoods, teens have a harder time getting that first summer job … no work experience leads to a ripple effect that is bad … and the full effects, I don’t think most outside this site have probably considered
          Must have experience to get job
          Must have job to get experience
          A vicious cycle

        • Cleveland will be quite a show for sure and many will be shocked !

          MY only question is how will Trump deal with the violence as he has not really said much about his events not being protected properly ? He will be forced to take a stand this time.

        • People recognize the problems but still don’t understand the source of the problems which are globalist Jews. Jews control the media that promotes the anti-American and anti-White Marxist system they created.
          100 percent of American politicians who are Jewish or worse dual Israel/U.S. citizens, want severe restrictions on the Second Amendment, hate speech laws, mass immigration, miscegenation, sexual perversion and multi-cultural diversity.
          Jews use blacks as a weapon against the White race and American society in general.

      5. Protest maybe, but the convention it self is now officially one of the hardest targets in America. I also think there are going to be a significant number of Sheep Dogs around the outer perimeter.

        I also think BLM should not be allowed to protest because they now have ties to Islamist groups.

        • Patriot One:
          It amazes me that freedom to speak your mind is squelched, while freedom to terrorize is condoned.
          It is insane to think that ten thousand protestors do not amount to a significant threat to the safety of the attendees.
          This is a minorities verses whites.
          It was bad enough when the Trump whites were attacked by the Latinos
          Now we are going to have Blacks and Latins joining forces and decimating whites.

          I would protest the protest by not going if “protesters” are allowed anywhere near the event.

          Donald Trump should insist on protection for himself and his mostly white supporters.

          I think this is the plan by the PTB to have a catastrophic loss of life at the convention, civil/race war followed by Marshall Law and gun confiscation.

          Trump needs to verbalize his concern and demand no Protests. If I was him, I would ask for a small meeting to accept nomination and cancel the big shindig this year. He is justified.

          • .

            ••. Repeal the immigration act of 1965.

            • B from CA
              Now that needed. The Immigration Act of 1965 has caused endless trouble. So whyaren’t the Republicans repealing it? They don’t wanna upset their corporate masters.

          • Protest is our Constitutional right not at the whim of Stalin.

      6. How can you tell if a “refugee” came here to become an American?

        1. They came in legally and through the front door
        2. They work hard, every day to provide for their family and not be a burden on their community, to get ahead, to be self-sustaining PROUD members of their new communities
        3. They and their kids are learning to speak English to integrate into their communities, be understood, and participate to help their neighbors
        4. They share the same or similar concerns about what America is and what it stands for
        5. They are willing to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States without equivocation
        6. They are proud of and want to learn the history of America
        7. They dress like those in their community and try to fit in
        8. They attend and support community events
        9. They actively know and help their neighbors
        10. They are part of strong and intact familial and community units

        Where are THESE refugees?

        • I have had it explained to me whatever as thus:

          An immigrant comes here to assimilate and start a new life here in America.

          A refugee which is what the Muslims are have come to America expecting to return home when the geo political climate changes thus they have no reason or desire to assimilate.


      7. Well the police departments have demonstrated that they have given the green light for violence and have allowed protestors to have free reign on helpless victims in the hopes of being able to contain the violence to isolated areas. so yes there will be violent uprisings all funded by george soros…

        • Yes, but the secret service is providing most of the security as I understand it now.

          • Ask JFK how good the secret service is.

      8. Here in Cleveland we just had a crowd estimated to between 1,300,000 and 1,500,000 to celebrate the Cavaliers championship; we had one minor scuffle (15 yr old punk shot another teen; he was promptly arrested and remanded (get this) to his GrandMa, who said the kid’s outta control. “Parents,” paging “Parents.”)

        The Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Union Chief said the Mayor of Cleveland and his Administration have been told for two years “get our LEO trained.” No dice. So now, two years of training will be done in two weeks. MARVELLOUS! Imagine a modern army with 2 weeks of basic training going into active combat. DUH!

        Cleveland’s Mayor is Black; Cleveland’s Police Chief is Black. Are they following orders not to prepare from BLM, New Black Panthers, and Obummer, and Lynch? Skin color today eclipses all.


      9. Over two thousand biker rolling into Cleveland for this one. The Hell Angels are in. So George better dig deep into his pockets cause your little egg throwers are going to lots of money for medical or others.

      10. While the authorities in the US of A and Europe are spreading , directing and controlling fear and Violence via their army of the barbarian (AKA ISIS) Russia is blowing these Saudi trained satan worshipers into pieces in Syria. Guess who is the partnering with Russia in ISIS killing? It is Iran while Turkey the NATO member and close friend of the US is giving them free pass through its borders.

        Also note that no one talks about the economy, Hillary’s emails anymore. I give them a credit since they (ZOG) are really good at covert ops.

      11. To start with I want to give my prayers out to all of those families that folks killed or hurt in France.

        Today is the day of rage, right? Let us see just how the authorities in the big cities handle this. If they lay down and let the turds be turds then we are in for some major problems at the RNC convention. If they let them protest and they stay peaceful then just maybe there won’t be a problem.

        I still am of the mind to let the folks in the area take care of any problem that comes up, with no questions asked. Don’t forget Ohio is an OPEN CARRY STATE!

        ISIS is luck I’m not the Prez. If I was the Prez. There would be B1, B2, B52, F16, F15, A10’s and cruse missiles on their way to their strong holds, and they would keep returning until there was nothing but a large hole. Or just tell all the leaders of the area that it is up to them to stop these turds. If they don’t the have their holly cities, and every attack from them the would only be a hole in the ground where those sites once stood. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah. Come to a fight with an AK47 we will come with an Abrams tank. Time to NUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!! IMHO


      12. Is Cleveland going to be the beginning of the civil war? The BLM movement is a communist movement. It uses black racism as a weapon. It also exploits self hating white commies and anarchists. The police are already admitting they have orders to stand down. Obama and the DOJ say they will punish anyone who resists the carnage. The ACLU is there in force to intimidate the cops and security. Your government is screaming at you that they are your enemy. Are you listening?

      13. ht tp://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/07/michigan_state_police_assistin.html

        Must be they want to be ready for a rumble .

      14. Snyder, he’s part of it. Fanning the flames.

        • Anonymous, also thinks the weatherman on the 6:00 news causes bad weather!

      15. No dissent, no freedom. Dissent is what built this nation and keeps runaway tyranny in check, not so much that you can notice nowadays. If the dissenters gathered and sang “Give Peace a Chance,” who would notice? The establishment do not listen to the people anyway. What other way can get their attention? Beat down by police state murderous thugs only makes everything worse, the only response by criminal government. It will take much more people than that to change anything, the result being mass genocide which is the history of the US government. Accept your permanent slavery like good little patriotic dipshits. This is so primitive. USA USA

        • Alijamo:
          This is not the people’s protest. This is a paid action by the establishment for the establishment. They have spent hundreds of millions to make this chaos happen.

      16. OFF TOPIC: A Faraday Cage does not need to be grounded.

        It has been brought to my attention that someone (and I know who you are) used my screen-name towards the end of Daisy’s (July 12th) closed thread “How To Prepare For A Cyber Attack”–(July 13th) reply to a comment by Archivist posted that it does need to be grounded. I did not post that false information reply to Archivist….and it isn’t true. As far as I know a Faraday Cage does not need to be grounded.

      17. “Cleave-land” is exactly what is coming. The cleaving – or dividing…

      18. I don’t think that Cleveland will be any big deal. Too much preparation makes it a hard target. However things are unraveling . I think before this time next year there will be a big change. many of us likely will be taking the dirt nap. the only good news is many more of them will also be taking the dirt nap. They will shut off the electricity sometime around the end of this year. The Sheeple who did not prep will perish. I urge everyone to be patient. The time is not upon us. When they turn off the power. and hole up in places like Mt Weather. That’s the time. And we get drilling equiptment and perforate those bunkers. Pump them full of gas diesel ,lp and use a igniter. We will ring their bell. Get the entire den of varmits at one time.

      19. You Folks at Black lives Matter Should Think Long and Hard About ATTACKING R.N.C We are Pro 2nd Amendment = Pro Gun = if Attacked WE Will Defend Our Self’s So please Play Nice (:

      20. Not enough that the left MURDERED over 100 MILLION last century, per The Black Book of Communism, Oxford University Press, now they are back at it yet again. Same old BS they’ve been doing since Robespierre to today.

        Note to you fascist leftists reading this. I am 100% non-violent, but that does not include SELF-DEFENSE, which is by definition different. If any of you fascist left dare to attack me, I will *kick your ass** so bad you won’t know what side is up.

        Don’t try your Brownshirt thug antics ANYWHERE around me. And when you are jailed for your violence, and don’t get to skate like Hilary or Billy Ayers, have fun doing 10 -20 in prison. I won’t be sending flowers.

      21. TWO mainstream media outlets mentioned today that Cleveland is preparing for all possible “disruptions” during the Republican National Convention, including RADIATION dispersal, and that our leaders are worried about a radiological attack in the US.

        I have a gut feeling that the oligarchs are planning to unleash something big within the next 6 months, a “Perfect Storm” of civil unrest/violence, economic instability/collapse, continued Islamic terrorist attacks on our cities, a Zika (or other disease) outbreak, and a dirty bomb or EMP attack.

      22. some ass in nevada is taking bets on a terror attack in Cleaveland. do riots by blm count?

        • Imagine there being a terror attack of unprecedented levels where they used a “dirty bomb” and actually blew away Trump and everyone else there at the day’s party.

          What then? President Hillary by ‘attrition’?

      23. Having the dinduit’s get crazy in Cleveland would be fantastic for us — recruiting and gun sales are going through the roof, St__m Fr__t, Da__y St____r hasn’t seen these kinda numbers in years, Patriot sites are on fire – BLM, Nation of Rug Bumpers,Pussy Kats, CAIR and the rest will be buried in their houses !
        Can I get an Amen ?

      24. B from CA… I realize this is mostly not the people’s protest. It serves the purpose to lump all dissent into the violent type. Here it is the day after the so called day of rage and I have not heard anything about the bad moon rising. Then again I’ve yet to turn on the establishment lying control squawkbox. What do American’s expect from muslims after murdering hundreds of thousands of them in illegal wars? Terrorizing and ravaging their homelands, stealing their resources. No pushback? I know who the instigators are, the usual suspects, US, UN, NATO, the Pentagon, out of control weapon builders and colluding allies hellbent on total worldwide domination. How do you differentiate legitimate citizen protest from government organized goon squad mayhem? You can’t, score one for the violent NWO cabal agitators. I’m basically making the point that the American people will just sit back and observe the building loss of freedom in which every passing day brings further erosion and virtually no reaction, spooked like a nation of muppets.

      25. Tempest in a Teapot most likely. Remember the violence in Chicago? We are still here. Melodrama is fun but there are more important things to do than matter endlessly about the D/R corporate machine.
        Join a third party and start over. Anything but pretend Republicans haven’t sold you down the river for decades.

      26. I am canning pints of turkey meat/broth today. Did ~50 pints last month.
        That has more meaning than whether the Dumpster dumps a load at the R corporate convention. Not as exciting as getting your panties in a twist over the con man but more likely to save your life.

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