Republican Committee Chairman Muzzles Freedom of Speech and Press; Arrests Journalist for Recording Controversial Public Hearing on Fracking

by | Feb 3, 2012 | Headline News | 100 comments

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     Your right to watch the government and record what you see is a natural right that is protected by the Constitution, and it cannot be taken away by the government.

    -Judge Napolitano (State of the Police State)

    When President Obama spoke of transparency on the 2008 campaign trail millions of his supporters believed that his election would usher in an era of no more closed doors, no more covert deal making, and no more lies. Contrary to his promise, however, the Executive and Legislative branches are now more secretive than ever, refusing in many cases to even allow video and audio cataloging of important Congressional hearings and negotiations.

    While the President and democrats in Congress often take the brunt of the criticism for restricting Constitutional protections like freedom of speech, they are far from being alone in their efforts to quash the voice of the people and the dissemination of information to the public.

    The latest Constitutional transgression comes to us from republican Andy Harris (MD), chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, which recently heard testimony on the controversial issue of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and its effects on ground water. Attending the hearing with camera in hand was Josh Fox, producer of Gas Land, a documentary that was highly critical of the oil and gas industry’s fracking procedures. In it, Fox highlights the growing environmental and health dangers posed by fracking, which not only uses some 3.5 million gallons of water per well, but dumps 80,000 pounds of chemicals into the ground, 65 of which are believed to be hazardous for human consumption and the majority of which remain in the ground once fracking has been completed.

    The latest hearing involving discussions about EPA confirmed groundwater contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming, included evidence that unsafe levels of benzene and methane had seeped into public water supplies and private wells. When Fox attempted to record the proceedings of the public hearing (which was being simultaneously broadcast on the committee’s web site), he was met with significant resistance from Representative Harris. Though Fox cited that the First Amendment to the US Constitution restricts Congress from creating laws that prohibit or abridge the exercise of free press, the committee Chairman invoked an often ignored rule that Harris was not a ‘credentialed journalist.’ When Fox stood his ground and refused to leave he was arrested by Capitol Police and charged with unlawful entry.

    The Arrest:

    Josh Fox Responds to Charges After His Release:

    In a statement following the hearing, Andy Harris said, “The Capitol Police treated Mr. Fox the same way they would any other individual violating the rules of the House or a House committee.”

    Fair enough, Mr. Harris. But how, then, should the American people treat an individual, a member of Congress no less, who would strip away the First Amendment protections of an American citizen?

    Also See: Gasland (Trailer below)

    Sidenote: Did that faucet water just combust?!?! And, seeing as he believes there are no harmful side effects to fracking, would Representative Andy Harris willing to swap out his favorite $2-a-pop bottled water for this instead? Just curious.


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      1. What the frack!

        • The Constitution does not restrict the corp and it’s officers because it did not create them, or authorize their creation.

          It should be self evident that the committees affairs are private corporate matters that do not concern or affect the People as a matter of law.

          • This should prove to these people that this defacto government is not the one set forth by the founders to be restrained by The Constitution. Over and over there is DEFINITIVE proof but many, infected with the normalcy bias bug, fail to see it.

            People: This is another clue. This government is not our government. Our real government is asleep.

            • “The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their SERVANTS can, and undoubtedly will, be RECALLED.” George Washington.

              Anyone else think maybe the “recall” is long overdue? And the implementation of “recalled” may be somewhat more “brutal/permanent” than simply words depict.

          • GC: Yental is correct here. The Constitution DOES restrict the corp and its officers because it DID create and authorize them and limited their power.

            • Alot of semantics at play here. We do not elect reprsentatives to the “corp”, but our “elected representatives” are serving “its” interest over OURS.

              Whether or not you believe OUR representatives are elected, or appointed, the constitution clearly authorizes “their” removal when “their” actions are contrary to the will of the people.

              RECALL ALL OF THOSE SERVING THE INTEREST OF THE CORP over the interest/will of the people.

            • The PTB who hijacked America did a brilliant job of “overlaying”the system set up by our founders…such a good job that uninformed people cant see the fraud!

              There are two systems …one most Americans see as our founders intended…the one they think they live in/by and the NWO overlay govicorp that looks and sounds like the original but is a counterfeit…a fake that seeks to hide and coverup the original under it….

          • DK..I beg to differ. The corp was created by the banks when the country was bankrupted and taken over by the creditors. I neither voted for this nor accepted this. The corp is the District of Columbia and includes all of the agents who work for that corp. While I may be unwillingly coerced to follow some of their statutes, I am not one of their agents.

        • “A pox on both houses”. Republicans and Democrats are both heads of the same beast and are both working to take your freedoms while they steal the wealth of the nation and subjugate the planet. Republicans are no more friendly to your liberty than Democrats. They are bought and paid for by crony capitalist interests just like Democrats are bought by labor unions and wealthy socialists. All the while Republicans have the nerve to speak of morality and degeneration of society while they are practicing in private the same things they profess in public to be against. Praying in public, holding prayer breakfasts, all that phony piousness. Even the Bible speaks of this duplicity; that one should not pray in public and make a show of it like the Pharisees; that they get their reward from man when they do so, but real sincere prayer in private will earn God’s reward. Do not fall into the trap of assuming because someone claims to be pious and wants to preach to you about how you should live your life, that they are truly honest and upright. My experience is that those who bleat the loudest about how pure they are usually have the dirtiest wool.

          • Well said Moon, I saw a movie where they referred to them as Republicrats and Democans just because there seems to be no difference.

            • Is there any more proof that we have a government not of the people or by the people? There aren’t two parties, just two different names for the same agenda; ending the constitution.

            • Just call them “CongressCritters”, because they represent no human, just corporations.

          • …and that beast is the corporate beast. The Act of 1871 started it, formally. The (R) (D) bias is nothing but a ruse.

        • I saw the same thing when working in this country’s oilfields. There are untold megatons of toxic crap that have pumped into the ground, and many, many freshwater aquifers have been polluted beyond decontamination. TPTB do not care about your safety, only thier profits, and control.

          It use to be that “Conservative” actually meant “to conserve”, not to rape the Earth’s resources, and leave a Superfund Site in place of unpolluted land.

          This is an issue that most people simply do not want to hear about, they want to hear “Drill, Baby, Drill!”. They think they have a right to cheap gas forever, that as long as the mess is somewhere other than where they are, it’s a grand thing.

          This is an issue that will come back to haunt US in a very bad way…

      2. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” -George Orwell, 1984.

        Time to wake the masses. But as Mike Ruppert puts it, there are three basic classes of people. 1: Deer in the headlights, blindsided by reality, no clue. 2: The ones who get that the ship will sink and are ready to help and prepare. 3: The rest who say the ship’s unsinkable, so all you doomsday freaks can take a hike.

        Now…..which group are you going to try to help first?

        This is Gold Leader standing by.

        • Very threatening of our freedoms this is. Tolerated it will never be. Defeat darkness with our sabers’ light we shall.


        • natural selection wins everytime 🙂

        • Roger Gold Leader! Supplies, arms and instructions standing by.

          • Copy that, NetRanger, well done! To not only survive, but to thrive, we must be prepared in all areas…physically, spiritually, emotionally, familially, and of course, locally. And keep the light on, both inside and out!

            This is Gold Leader standing by.

        • we’re standing by as well… time is almost gone at this point…

          • Right you are, Prepping Preacher! Lock s-foils in attack position, and get small.

            This is Gold Leader standing by.

      3. wait, wait, wait… are you guys saying that deregulation of industry is bad? that is heretical crazy liberal talk.

      4. No insider trading. See something, say something. Cheap natural gas will disrupt other markets. Time to get out of paper while it’s at the top.

      5. Citizens, this is for your own good. We are here to protect you. Let us help keep you safe. This is for your own protection. Surely this man had motives of ill harm to you good people. Best to lock him up and prevent the wrong doing. No telling what he was going to do with the information he gathered. Just look at him, doesn’t he look evil. You can tell by just looking at him he is a bad person.

        This is all for your own good. Please comply, do not question why. Do not step out of line. Do not upset those in charge. They know what they are doing.

        I’m so glad to live under a government with an Iron fist. Fire up the ovens.

      6. Besides the unconstitutionality of what was done to this guy, I dont believe in what he is promoting.

        I grew up in Wyoming and at that time there was little gas and petroleum production.
        Still the methane leaked from the ground and would catch fire topside and would leek into wells and the wells had to be re drilled for better water. It was just the way it was. I still live here in the middle of all the production and fracking and I notice less problems with wells even thou there are more people than ever living here and more and more wells. The government has made people drill deeper and deeper wells but the deeper you go the more likely you are to run into gas or oil or coalbeds.

        • Joe, I agree with you: The way he was treated is unfair but the cause he represents has some flaws. To see a rebuttal to the fracking argument, please click my name and watch a short video made by the American Natural Gas Alliance. Then decide for yourself.

          I know you can encase a well in concrete to prevent infiltration of contaminants into the aquifer, and I also know most companies spend the money to do this. Fracking is not the problem. Dependence on imported oil is the problem and natural gas is the solution.

          • Prepper

            Natural Gas and Food are our two saving graces in the future.

            Has oil caused contamination? You bet. Has abundant cheap energy dramatically increased your standard of living and by default increased life spans? You double bet.

            Everything comes with a price. This is not an either / or situation. Cased wells, finding alternative water supplies for those effected are but two ways to reap the benefit with the minimum of impact.

            What is not up for grabs is “Freedom Of Speech”. We may disagree with what they say but Americans died to protect that most holy of holy’s within in Bill of Rights. It’s number one for a reason.

            It is easy to protect speech that you agree with but it’s more important to protect what you don’t.

            • This is exactly the kind of thinking Americans should be practicing at every turn: Observe in an objective way, note problems to resolve, generate solutions that meet needs both tangible and intangible for the most numbers and invoke the rewards of honest thinking and positive effort.

              When will Americans get past the sports model of my team/your team? In Washington, there is ONE team and they’ve been kicking our asses for years. Isn’t it time you realize the problem is not OTHER guy but the system that is in place? And your enemy isn’t the union guy in Wisconsin who wants to keep a decent working wage, or a Republican business owner who doesn’t want to drown in a sea of regulation that is meaningless to everyone but those who generate it. The problem is the system.

              If you rep is the number one supporter of your party and s/he sold out the Constitution, OUT OUT OUT. There should be no higher affiliation for an office holder than adherence to constitutional principals. Make that the ONE standard and get rid of everyone who doesn’t meet that criteria. Soon, the message will get through We The People are taking over again.

      7. The establishment is either getting bolder or more and more worried about the pheasants getting restless!

        • The pheasants got restless around here and disappeared about 25 years ago. They brought Chinese ones in to stock as a replacement but they didn’t do any better. Now no pheasants left.

          • would that be the Chinese Ring-necked Pheasants or known as “Phasianus colchicus torquatus”?

            pheasant, peasant, it’s all the same if you really think about it. Both are always trying to flee danger that is constantly stalking them.

            • Yes, before it is all over both will be pursued to extinction by men with guns using dogs to sniff them out from their hiding places.

        • “pheasants” ~ Really? I wish I was a pheasant because then I could just fly away and leave all this crap behind.

        • Both

      8. It can’t be for the money, the value of the US dollar is sliding down hill fast.

        It has to be POWER! That is it. The only thing the Elite value is POWER itself.

        POWER is the ability to work in secret to TAKE, ROB, STEAL more power from the millions of slaves that inhabit this Earth.

        But what good is power if you can’t turn around and use that power on the millions of slaves that inhabit this Earth?

        There is no joy, benefit, supreme feeling if you can not direct that power and get a desired reaction.

        The Elite powers around the globe are taking over. TAKING OVER! Do you hear me? TAKING OVER!

        Look at Greece, then Hungery, Lathvia, next Italy, Spain, Ireland. I know the US is in there somewhere too.

        We need to get some Ice Balls growing like Iceland did.

        Just say no!

        No more Elite Rule!

        Our freedoms are sliding into the abice never to be seen again.

        Stand up for Our Declaration Of Independence.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Mona,

          People don’t want to wake up from their sleep.
          People like us are not many. Most are sheep, stuck in their tv shows, their hamburgers, and Friday night pubs.
          They will wake up one morning, just to find the reality.
          Millions of slaves working in Chinese factories, their wives hookers, and their kids soldiers of the new system.
          The transition will be so slow, that they won’t even notice, how their pathetic life reached at this point.
          And i wonder, if it would be better for us to sit back and enjoy the ride.
          They say that if ones enjoys it, it may be not as painfull. 🙂

          • Manos: I agree with you. I too have wondered if it wouldn’t be better to be blissfully ignorant about what is happening and enjoy the ride. But here is the problem with that. The first time anyone started educating themselves about what is happening, there was no turning back. I couldn’t erase what I read and heard, and since it made sense I also couldn’t dismiss it. And I guess if I were honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would rather brace myself for the upcoming storm than get caught not knowing about it.

            • i can completely relate mike very well put

            • mike, you don’t read very well, do you?

            • Rich99: I mostly stay away from your comments because I have yet to read anything insightful written by you. I would imagine you are a bored housewife.
              Maybe you shoud be helping your husband arrange daffodils.

            • Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

            • Well put Mike. I’d like to add; that people are basically lazy and don’t want to be held accountable for their inactions.
              Heard today, that for every 3 people working, there is one person on food stamps/welfare. 14 million more additions on food stamps since Obama took office. Granted, some or many are in need.

              And you are right: there is no turning back.

          • It is manos. I’m enjoying the ride.

            • hi rich99

              My wife enjoys it too. I’m a bit streched 🙂

            • A U.S.Marine Colonel was about to start the morning briefing to his
              > staff. While waiting for the coffee machine to finish brewing, the
              > colonel decided to pose a question to all assembled. He explained
              > that his wife had been a bit frisky the night before and he failed to
              > get his usual amount of sound sleep. He posed the question of just
              > how much of sex was “work” and how much of it was “pleasure?”
              > A Major chimed in with 75%-25% in favor of work.
              > A Captain said it was 50%-50%.
              > A lieutenant responded with 25%-75% in favor of pleasure, depending upon his state of inebriation at the time.
              > There being no consensus, the colonel turned to the PFC who was in
              > charge of making the coffee and asked for HIS opinion?
              > Without any hesitation, the young PFC responded, “Sir, it has to be 100% pleasure.
              > The colonel was surprised and as you might guess, asked why?
              > “Well, sir, if there was any work involved, the officers would have me
              > doing it for them.”
              > The room fell silent.

          • Manos: Sadly, you are right. Our ancestors will open their eyes in 100 years and move through their days like robots. No feelings (joy, sadness, tryumph, pain, laughter) Just a blank wall for a blank people.

            Maybe that is why nature wipes life off of the face of the earth every billion years or so, It gets discusted.

            God bless and keep on prepping.

          • Manos:
            Hope you and yours are still OK there in Greece!

            Things cannot continue as “business as usual” for much longer.(I suspect you knew that from your ringside seat there)We are ALL stuck in a “Systemic Economic Failure” of planet wide proportions.No country is immune.Just some sooner than the rest.It’s taking shape as we speak.It’s part of THE CHANGE.The NWO,PTB and their Ilk are trying desperately and with total mercilessness to keep the game running,even as it’s ending.I’m watching what’s happening in Greece and the “pitchfork rebellion” in Sicily(that’s one that’s NOT being shown on TV by Foxy un-news)as well as China to get some idea of our future.

            Mac:Just a quick aside,I’m having trouble viewing the youtube videos here and other like-minded sites.Even with allowing “temp allow all” settings.Any thoughts,suggestions to this problem? I use FF.

        • Mona; Follow the money. Its a bread trail of crumbs that even Hanzal and Gretal could find.

          The power attracts the money.

      9. I am stuck on this issue. Not freedom of speech stuff. Fracking. I have read studies on from both sides, but were published by those with an alterior motive. All seem biased.

        Where I am caught though, is what to do about drilling. Most people will agree that if left to the industry to police itself they would rape the land, and leave it contaminated, if it meant a nickel more profit per share. Industry leaders have made it very clear that their goals and responsibilities have always been about shareholder profits. So that would mean they have to be monitored. Well by whom? More regulation only seems to lead to more regulatory agencies, bigger gov’t and still doesn’t help the problem.

        Any ideas? We still need oil in our economy.

        • mike, i applaud you on actually thinking!!! no reflexive application of dogma on your part, no sir.

          the reality is that regulation of business is needed, not just so that workers and citizens are free from negative externalities, but also to ensure that monopolistic practices maintain an open and free market free of stifled innovation.

          the problem is that while democrats advocate for big government regulation, republicans restrict private citizen access to courts to redress harms. neither promotes fundamental rights of property and liberty. democrats legalize pollution by legislating levels of safe contamination, while republicans restrict enforcement of regulations and limit liability in court settlements.

          who gets fucked?: private citizens. what’s the solution?: stop voting for corporate-owned, union-owned, and globalist stooges.

          • I look at this from a slightly different perspective. The problem as I see it is that those corporations that seek to maximize profit at the expense of the environment and cause contaminated groundwater through not using best practices should be accountable to those whom they harm. That would mean those who wells are contaminated or aquifers are rendered unusable should be compensated for their damages. Industry, when left to their own devices and not hiring lobbyists to get exemptions or favorable regulation, is actually capable of policing itself. How, you might ask? It can be as simple as requiring a bond to be posted before resource extraction activities in order to cover potential damages. Investors and insurance companies who would put up the bond (and it should be a very large amount) would require that certain standards be followed in order to avoid forfeiting their bond. Permitting would be as simple as providing proof of bond posting or placing the bond in an escrow account to satisfy any claims against the corporation. Companies that frequently had to pay out against damages would see insurers and investors demand better practices or increase their own inspection oversight to cover their investment and the worst polluters would go out of business when they find that no one will provide bond money because the odds of losing it are too great.

            Contrast this against the current practice of govt regulation that is convoluted, arbitrary, and often after the fact. Government overseers are haphazard in their enforcement, and enforcement is often political in nature instead of due to actual risk. The worst polluters are able to buy off regulators, buy regulation that cripples competitors, and avoid responsibility when they damage private property. When fines are assessed against corporations, they do not go to those who were damaged but instead fill the government coffers. Government regulation and oversight is inherently flawed because those who enforce regulations against industry are disinterested and have no direct stake in the consequences of accidents, or they are overly interested because they have been paid off by a corporation looking to cripple competitors. Make those who would oversee compliance with best industry practices financially responsible for errors in compliance, and you will see those who adhere to industry standards succeed while those who do not will be forced out of business. That is how you satisfy the needs of consumers and industry while balancing it against protecting the environment against abuses.

            • i could agree with that if you also added into your proposal that corporate stakeholders actually be prosecuted and jailed for their organizations activities that cause harm. polluting someone’s water that results in any observable harm is aggravated assault, plain and simple.

            • @ferndale,

              If it could be proved that the damages were the result of willful negligience then I would be on board. I am not really interested in expanding the police state any more or throwing people in prison when you can hurt them in the pocketbook and have the same deterrent effect. Remember, someone has to pay to keep prisoners in prison and that someone is the taxpayer. Corporate stakeholders would lose money if they were forced to forfeit a large bond every time one of their companies drilled a well without proper safety and environmental protections in place. If the bond was large enough in proportion to the potential damage (destroy an aquifer and have a liability in the billions), insurers and investors would not put up bond money for drilling in environmentally sensitive areas and thus the environment would be protected, and best industrial practices would be followed to the letter by those who had projects with large potential liability.

              There are those who see all corporations as inherently evil and wish to regulate, control, and tax them out of existence in order to protect the public or out of sheer jealousy. I am not one of those individuals. In the first place, using the power of government through the tax and regulatory system as a punitive means of compelling behavior is bad policy and increases cynicism and mistrust in the government. Secondly, most problems in the present system of corporate power have to do with the inability of those who are damaged by corporate activities to be compensated for those damages. I would change this by removing government oversight and replacing it by putting those who make cost decisions and do the cost-benefit analyses of whether to line their wells with steel or use the best blowout preventer money can buy or even two if the potential liability of a disaster suggests its use, financially responsible for the consequences of their decisions. If negligience can be definitively proved, I would even favor criminal penalties but I dislike the use of criminal penalties where financial penalties can have the same effect with a minimal drain on the pockets of the taxpayer. Bankrupting a criminally negligient CEO and confiscating his/her wealth to compensate those damaged is in my eyes more humbling and more likely to encourage good stewardship by other CEOs than throwing them in a country club prison for several months or at most a year or two while allowing them to keep their wealth when they get out. Yes, I am a libertarian.

        • Actually we dont need nearly 1% of they have you believing we do and here is just one reason why. old man Ford (you know the one that made the first automobile) his wife drove an electric car primative as it may have been it worked. technologies to take us away from oil dependecies have been around for years if not decades but if you will notice most lobbyist and more than a few presidents would be broke if not for the oil business so you make your own decisions

        • mike, great post. i think the answer is not more regulation but smart regulations . but with our goverment i dont think that anything smart is possible

      10. This morning’s “fantastic” jobs report is hiding some shocking news

        Record 1.2 Million People Fall Out Of Labor Force In One Month, Labor Force Participation Rate Tumbles To Fresh 30 Year Low


        • KY…Yes and see how the Obama minions spin that into a lower unemployment rate of 8.3% while saying the lower participation rate was due to the “census correction”.The partipation rate is more important than the unemployment rate as it shows how many more people are falling off the end of their benefits and not getting work.Of course MSM will hide that fact because it doesn’t fit in with their “improving economy” line.

      11. Here in the Keystone State the govt is looking to tax the gas fracking drillers and return some of that to the counties to use in policing the environmental issues locally. I’m sure that will work well with all those fingers in the pie.

        • When they say they mean to tax the fracking producers what they really mean to say is that they mean to raise the cost of energy purchased by the consumer. Is everyone really that fucking stupid to think that companies pay taxes? Or has the country already been dumbed down to the point that basic economics is beyond the comprehension of anyone who has attended public school in Amerika? No company or corporation anywhere pays taxes. That is a fiction that those who use class warfare to perpetrate the dividing and conquering of Amerika would like the sheeple to believe.

          Taxes that companies supposedly pay do not come from profits; they come instead from premiums that get tacked onto the price of goods and services to cover overhead such as taxes. While it might appear to the uninformed sheeple that corporations pay taxes because their is a “corporate tax rate”, this is a superficial understanding of how economics truly work. Want to raise that corporate tax rate? Ours is already the highest in the industrialized world. That just means that that much more of your money is eaten by taxes because when you purchase a good or a service you are paying that hidden tax which has been priced into the cost as well as any overt taxes that actually are listed on the sales receipt. Same goes for employer contributions to Social Security; that money is just deducted from the employee pay. If there was no SS then those matching funds would instead go to larger employee paychecks. People need to wake the hell up and get an understanding of basic economics. This kind of tax crap works because of the widespread ignorance of the populace.

      12. The only thing I can say about this is that the movie Gasland was total BS and a whacko left wing attack intended to destroy our economy. It was full of outright lies and faked stories.

        • maybe you could name one then? usually when you accuse people of lying it ought to accompany something more than two sentences.

          would you drink the water from the well that catches on fire?

          your reflexive stance that if something is critical of big business, then it must be liberal is rather pathetic. pull your head out of the sand.

          • there is gas involved when a chicken lays an egg, when you are stopped in traffic behind a truck or car, ……
            but your post has some value. alcoholic drinks are served periodically with a flame……

          • I have heard there are places where the water will catch fire even though fracking (at least for natural resources) is not occurring in the area. If this practice IS causing problems, a solution will have to be found or:

            A) We will have to greatly change our lifestyles.


            B) Seven billion of us cannot stay on this planet.

            Looks like the Soros’ of the world want to make that decision for us.

        • I’m sure that it is a total left wing hack job gonewiththewind, but even if we differ in opinion from the environmental chicken littles & fringe left, they still have the same rights as we do. As long as they follow the law and are peaceful they should not be silenced – per our Constitution.

      13. gas has migrated since the beginning of mankind. Bonds are required by States and we have the EPA and State regulatory employees that monitor the well sites. Have you ever noticed that the billion dollared tax exempt foundations are quite often headed and funded by extractive industry billionaires? Posterior gas is more of a problem overall.

        Maybe a private corporation that controls America’s and the world’s monetary systems might be a greater problem-eh?

        • is it moderated today?

      14. I guess TS has HTF. This makes me want to puke.

      15. ah yes Some projects need a regulation to insure that the project dont cause a problem down stream, But the start of the process of regulating is starting with a engineering backed crew will morf into a mini bearucrosity as more and more non experts are hired into the crew, Soon the engineers are outnumbered and bypassed by the political hirees and soon turns into a political project, At that time all sorts of off the wall mandates and laws start to take complete controll of the project and it is soon transfered into a czars overseeing and the czar in most instances has no idea of what is transpiring in the project all he is worried about is keeping his master happy in the white house, so the taxpayers wind up paying multi millions of dollars for what should of been handled locally and eventually screwes up the project totally. Yep it is our government learn to love it as we are stuck with it no matter who is elected it will not change.

      16. There is no expectation of privacy in a public setting..(the cops need to understand this, policos need to get this and anyone else on the tax payers dole)I dont care what BS laws they “think” they have inacted..

        Public is Public..if they dont like it , quit fuckin lying to us and we wont have to prove to them what dam liers they are

        I say anymore if this is the game..we go covert..these small cameras can be hidden..and you can anon. the video on almost any site

        • Go to the IRS web site and go to the “where’s my refund” link. Read the warning…

          Funny huh?

          • Didn’t see anything unsual when I used it to track my wife’s refund. Efiled a week ago and it’s already in the bank. Excluding an update about their hours, the only ‘warning’ I saw was this:

            ‘Don’t fall for scams about your refund! Learn how to protect your personal information.’

            • Oh that warning. I see those all the time. No one has any expectation of privacy online. I’m sure a crawler is screening message too.

          • Rediculous..isnt it?

          • Oh man! That’s hilarious.

      17. Any and all actions by those with “authority”, e.g., politicians, law enforcement, TSA, VIPR, etc. are nothing more than the establishing, structuring, and solidification of a belligerent ruling-class. Maybe “ruling party” would be more accurate. Once the selection process is completed, everyone else that’s not a leader, enforcement-drone, or ardent boot-licking follower will be a designated prole and a likely terrorist “threat” subject to all the benefits that entails.

        The sickening, never-ending desire to control, dominate, and torment others. That’s all this is about.

      18. I’ve been arrested plenty of times, but never charged so as long as he doesn’t plead to anything he should be OK. Since they are allowing credentialed journalists in, freedom of the press is not hampered.

        Combustable water is not necessarily a result of fracking as natural gas has been seeping into water wells for generations. A read an excellent article (maybe Mother Earth News) about a fellow who drilled a water well, got natural gas, and plumbed it to his house for heating. There was no fracking going on at that time. I’m not giving an opinion on fracking only stating the fact that combustable water is not necessarily a result of it.

      19. A few observations.

        Boy was he calm. I would have been hopping mad.

        Did you notice all the other journalists avoiding eye contact with him?

        Did you notice that he had no support from ANYONE in that room?

        The end is near my friends. The government is no longer playing and testing the waters. They are moving towards full implementation of a program I like to call “Oppression and Freedom Removal”. We are allowing the 5% minority in the govt & the media to control the 95%.

        We are falling like Rome.

        • Mr Blutarsky,

          Deep inside i was hoping that we won’t live to see this end of times period.
          I agree with your comment, except of the ratio.
          It’s not 5 to 95. I believe it’s 0,5% to 99,5%.
          We have the power but it’s difficult to gather up and speak as an entity.
          They use all the techniques that technology and modern psychology provides. They use wisely and efficiently the “divide and conquer” dogma.
          I’m dissapointed and there are times that i cannot handle the weight of this.

          • That’s exactly what they are counting on – for us to not be able to unite. They love it when everyone “fights” on the issues on blogs and in meetings.

            If all citizens, despite political belief or issues – such as the environment, abortion, gay rights, whatever, could unite against the oppression tidal wave – we’d get something done.

            As it is there is no way in heck these diametrically opposed groups will ever link up and join arms. They think they “at war” with each other, when in reality, our government is “at war” with us and our futures.

      20. “How Does a Parent Explain to their Child What Laws Are And Why They Exist… and then Expect their children to OBEY them!”

        When OUR OWN NWO.Zionist.Mafia Criminal Federal Government has 0 respect for the VERY LAWS they Create!


        Wake Up! NWO Eugenics and TaX.Debt.Enslavement is here! NOW! It’s just going to get worse…

        It’s very obvious how this will end!


      21. If this is what’s happening at public hearings I can only imagine what’s being said at closed hearings.

        As far as the hydrocarbon economy trainwreck is concerned… why rape the environment at home in the U.S., when the whole system is about to crash anyway? If you don’t think PEAK OIL PRODUCTION is the linchpin of world affairs and the current state of human civilization after watching this, I’d say you need to get your head checked…

      22. Arrests of journalists has been something that happened in 3rd-world banana republics and African dictatorships. It’s not been normal for it to be dangerous to be a journalist in the US …. ever. Until now.

        All the usual advice: Stock up, prepare, get to know your neighbors, keep your powder dry, learn to do with less, get in shape, etc etc etc and oh yeah Big Brother Is Not Your Friend.

      23. the prymids were great Mac. them cans sure know how to make a taco bark on the street. we’ll have the jet back this weekend.

      24. To tell you the truth, I’ve never seen the picture of a bigger douche bag. I suspect if you look up “mofo” in the American Heritage dictionary, you will see this scoundrel’s picture next to the definition. Check out the website, and let me know if you agree/disagree:

        Or let the digraceful, disgraced demagogue know himself. Someone explain to him the definition of self deportation, and remember to record the conversation for our listening enjoyment. Cheech & Chong used to do it all the time. 202-225-5311

      25. Fukushima Japan 5 NUKE REACTORS Attack Amerika with Radiation Bombs!

        HEPA Air Filters in California Recorded Radiation Levels 538% Above Normal

        January 22nd, 2012 – A test of a HEPA air filter stationed in California recorded radiation levels at 351% and 538% above normal background levels.

        the whole northern hemisphere is bathed in RADIATION daily now and it’s getting worse… the rain and snow fall in Amerika is HIGHLY RADIATED … the southern hemisphere is still pretty clean.

        Time to move South to patagonia in the Southern Hemisphere!

      26. bringing back some juan valdez jackass & kopi luwak coffee.

      27. You got a frigging problem with my attempt to obliterate the Constitution for the sake of the Thugocracy?!

        Let me know your gripes. Just remember you have no rights as far as I am concerned.

        [email protected]

      28. Andy Harris:

        You have no appropriate professional credentials.

        You are nothing more than an uncredentialed Traitor & Domestic Terrorist.

        You have violated the oath to defend the Constitution.

        You should be arrested immediately for your treachery.

        You are nothing more than a ruthless disgrace to the First District of Maryland.

        Thanks for nothing.

      29. only complete disrespect for any ‘law or bill’ coming out of DC for they are ALL unconstitutional.. state laws are to be regarded only if they are constitutional..local the same only obeyed if constitutional…

        each person must nullify any and all bad laws..our elected officials are not following the constitution when they enact laws..and we can not hold them accountable while they are in office doing damage to us..and to try and repeal bad laws..have you seen any repealed once in place.i have not so my repeal is NULLIFICATION..(tom woods)

      30. the..Fools Behind listened in on by Anonymous..talking about hackers with scotland yard, and who they plan on arresting

        • No form of communication is safe from the Fools Behind It..none

      31. Unconstitutional? What? You must be mistaken, the Oathkeepers and all the armchair John Wayne types on this site swore an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Isn’t that right Odd Questioner?

      32. As I mentioned before, the Bill of Rights was signed away on December 31st by your President while you were celebrating the New Year. Sneaky, huh?

        The Constitution has been peeled away over the last 10 years while you watched American Idol and the Super Bowl. Or didn’t you notice? Soon your neighborhood will be patrolled and droned just like those in Afghanistan and Iraq. Wait and see. After all, anyone can be a ‘terrorist’ in the eyes of the Empire.

      33. The time will come when we revolt. Until then, we deserve what we get.

        • And than the time will come, when they will get what they deserve

      34. Repeat after me: I will vote for any Republican because they are better than O’bamster. Now go back to football.

      35. And just where does it say “credentialed journalist” in the Constitution?

      36. We are becoming just like CUBA. Pretty scary.

        • nobama2012
          at this point , cuba is looking like a bastion of freedom and prosperity in comparison to america and the western world….. we have already, actually long ago, descended into pure fascism, on the border of outright communism!

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