Report: White House Preparing Military Response If Diplomacy With Russia Fails: “Lethal Defensive Weapons” and Other Options Being Examined

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Headline News | 168 comments

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    russia-us-fists-2The world is now on the cusp of total war. This is the claim made by former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts in a recent editorial. And though doom predictions are quite popular given what’s going on in the world as of late, to disregard Roberts’ assessment as fear-mongering or hype would be short-sighted and dangerous. No, this time is not different, and if political leaders around the world, especially in the United States, Russia and Europe, don’t come to an agreement on the future of Ukraine then it is only a matter of time before we eventually cross the line into a scenario from which there is no return – for all we know, we may have already crossed it at this point.

    While the American media has generally ignored the broader implications of what’s happening in Ukraine, often dismissing it as Europe’s problem and one that has no long-term ramifications for the U.S., the fact is that the United States is directly involved in not only the political machinations behind the scenes of Ukraine’s new government, but military operations as evidenced by recent videos showing armed American-English speaking personnel on the ground during the recent artillery shelling of the city of Mariupol.

    This weekend European leaders from France and Germany met with Vladimir Putin to negotiate a peace settlement. President Obama attended as well, but the Nobel Peace Prize winner seems to be there just as a formality because he made no effort to put forth a peace plan of any kind.

    In fact, if anything, Obama suggested that he is prepared to take things to the next level if Vladimir Putin doesn’t agree to the West’s demands. According to a report from the BBC President Obama has made it clear that the United States is on a war footing with Russia and we are now exploring all available options to deal with Putin should things in the Ukraine sour.

    US President Barack Obama says yes to diplomacy, but then adds: “Now, it is true that if, in fact, diplomacy fails, what I’ve asked my team to do is to look at all options.

    “What other means can we put in place to change Mr Putin’s calculus? And the possibility of lethal defensive weapons is one of those options that’s being examined.”

    While Europe maintains that they want to find a solution in the Ukraine, it seems that the United States is making demands that Russia refuses to agree to.

    But Russia is having none of it. This morning a Kremlin spokesman was quoted by Russian media as saying that “nobody has ever talked to the president in the tone of an ultimatum – and could not do so even if they wanted to,” an obvious response to whatever negotiations were taking place behind closed doors.

    Russia and the United States have sparred back and forth for decades, but the situation in the Ukraine seems to be the most serious since the end of the cold war and one that could escalate to widespread conflict should cooler heads not prevail.

    President Obama, of course, isn’t the only one leaving military options on the table.

    Vladimir Putin himself recently warned that Russia will not put up with the West’s “hostile acts” and suggested nuclear consequences are one possible outcome if a peace deal is not reached:

    He accused Barack Obama of adopting a “hostile” approach in naming Russia as a threat to the world in the U.S. president’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 24.

    “We hope that our partners will realize the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia and remember what consequences discord between major nuclear powers could bring for strategic stability,” Putin told Serbia’s Politika newspaper on the eve of his visit to the Balkan nation today.

    Putin said that Obama had identified Russian aggression in Europe as one of the three “major threats facing humanity,” alongside the Ebola virus and Islamic State.

    “Together with the sanctions against entire sectors of our economy, this approach can be called nothing but hostile,” Putin said.

    Full report

    Last month the Russian President ordered strategic nuclear bombers to fly over the English channel into civilian air traffic corridors as a show of force to the West. He’s also reportedly sent bombers along the west coast of the United States from Alaska to California, and it has been suggested that the flybys may have also been responsible for a widespread outage of air traffic control systems in Los Angeles.

    What’s happening behind the closed doors of national security meetings in the United States and Russia will remain hidden from the public. Unfortunately, we’ll be the last to know and should these leaders fail to come to an agreement in Europe we may only find out once the missiles start flying.

    It’s starting to look like the world really is on the cusp of total war.

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      1. Looks like we have two large corporations ready to roll out the mercenary side of their military industrial complex and fight over commercial grade assets while killing real people that have nothing to do with their dispute. Such is war in the modern era.

        • The plowshares hammered into swords is almost complete.

          • Nashville Plowworks. C.S.A.

            • I hate it when the voices in my head go silent; I never know what they’re planning

              • Sterling:
                I have a problem when half the voices say one thing and the other half say just the opposite.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

              • “what I’ve asked my team to do is to look at all options”

                I wonder if this is Obama’s JV team with John Kerry, or maybe the varsity team???????????

                • “In the end there can be only one…..”

                  • Anyone else notice something intertestingly blaring about the picture of the two hands up top of the article??

                    • BJ
                      The USA looks like a girls fist & the Russian fist looks like a guys fist. If you look in between them it looks like they are coming together over Germany & Libya.
                      Or am I missing something?

                    • Hey sarge, what happened to your big talk about never feeding the ” troll” BJ ever again?

                    • The US flag is backwards?

                    • Anon.
                      I’m not feeding him. I’m talking to him. Feeding him would be arguing or making remarks to him. I’m not going to do it. He asked a question I replied.
                      I don’t hold a grudge.

                    • One hand is larger & manly and is facing one way and one is smaller & feminine and facing the opposite way. Both also have red white and blue as their colors.

                      And yes, the war time rag is backwards.

                      A nation is under judgment when youths oppress and women rule.

                      Isaiah 3: 1-12

                      1For look, the Master, יהוה of hosts, is turning aside from Yerushalayim and from Yehuḏah the stock and the store, all the supply of bread and all the supply of water;
                      2the mighty man and the man of battle, the judge and the prophet, and the diviner and the elder;
                      3the commander of fifty and the highly respected man, and the counsellor and the skilled craftsman, and the clever enchanter.
                      4“And I shall make youths their heads, and children shall rule over them.
                      5And the people shall exert pressure, man on man, man on his neighbour; the young rise up against the older, and the lightly esteemed against the highly esteemed.”
                      6When a man takes hold of his brother in the house of his father, by the garment, and say, “Come, be a chief over us, and let this ruin be under your hand,”
                      7he shall swear in that day, saying, “I am not a healer, for in my house is neither bread nor garment; do not make me a chief of the people.”
                      8For Yerushalayim has stumbled, and Yehuḏah has fallen, because their tongue and their doings are against יהוה, to provoke the eyes of His esteem.
                      9The look on their faces witnesses against them, and they declare their sin as Seḏom; they do not hide it. Woe to their being! For they have brought evil upon themselves.
                      10“Say to the righteous it is well, for they eat the fruit of their doings.
                      11“Woe to the wrong – evil! For the reward of his hand is done to him.
                      12“My people! Youths exert pressure on them, and women rule over them. O My people! Your leaders lead you astray, and swallow the way of your paths.”

                • The Question is, How did we allow the worlds biggest Psychopaths become in charge of our Countries? Its time to turn the Guns back on those “UP the Chain of Command.” Aim & Fire!!

                  Wonder how many soldiers are asking themselves, I did NOT sign up for this shit.

                • You mean, there IS a, “varsity team” at the White House?
                  I had no freaking idea there were any adults there.

          • The End is one day closer!

            • Hopefully true freedom will be one step behind.

            • Same shit, new day.

            • Try not to sound so giddy, nutcase.

          • “war footing”.. same words Hitler used.

            • we will have apocalypse by the end of this year.

          • I have been very upset about all this but last night was thinking that Putin, although very nice, is a WUS. Look how he has constantly ignored the West’s moves in the Ukraine. He was given the option of the military in the beginning but he asked them to rescind it. Now, his latest move at this last (Minsk) meeting, he completely asked the rebels to surrender to the Puppets in the Ukraine… I am sorely disappointed by his moves. Furthermore, did you see the picture about a year ago of Putin with Obama? he looked scared of Obama!!

            Russia puts on a big front of scary talks but they DO NOTHING! (Except when they took Crimea). I think they are all talk and I guess Obummer does too. At every step of the way– Putin could have taken over Ukraine if he wanted to– they have demurred.

        • I still can’t help but wonder if the entire play by the Western globalists is merely a distortion in Ukraine.

          The puppeteers were itching to eliminate a few more of these “rogue” governments in the middle east who stand in the way of their NWO aspirations.
          First Russia intervened with Iran and then again thwarted a much-sought war and the attempts to accuse Assad of chemical weapons usage in Syria. TPTB wanted both of those wars and for both countries to fall under the global umbrella by now. Yemen is in chaos, they collapsed Iraq/Hussein, they reigned in rogue Qaddafi/Libya.
          However the globalists lost their guy Morsi in Egypt, lost their chance at assaulting Syria ( untl ISI was created) and their efforts on Iran have born no fruit to date….
          Toppling of the legitimately elected govt in Ukraine and using it to occupy Russia while the globalists finish consolidating the middle east was a stroke of genius–unless we all end up glowing in the dark…

          We sure live in interesting times

          • *distraction in Ukraine*…ie: Ukraine was a distraction to keep Russia from meddling in the middle east ( sometimes my keyboard acts very strangely when I try and post at this website)

          • Javelin, Marc Faber was asked:

            “What is the greatest danger facing the world today?”

            Faber: “The greatest danger is central bankers — they’re going to bankrupt the world. That’s for sure. It’s only a question of when and how it will occur.”

            I hope people always remember who and what the real problem is; The greatest danger is central bankers! They must be destroyed and NEVER allowed back again. Teach your children well.

            • A central bank might not be so bad if it were under the control of the people, via restraints like those in your American Constitution.

        • Put Pootie Poot Posturing in the fucking ring with me and I’ll Kimura his goddamn fucking arm around his dead. I’ll guillotine that little ugly Slav faggot till his eyeballs turn purple. I’ll pulverize that little fucking boy.

          You wanna threaten the world with nuclear holocaust to suit your bloated fucking egos?

          How much better humanity would be without all our fucking “leaders”.

          The frightened little sheeple have to have their authority figure to lead them.

          Don’t forget a simple HEPA air filter can get nuclear isotopes out of the air in your house.

          And iodine tablets for radiation poisoning. And get a lot of plastic tarps.

          • Man. You lot of piss stained old fuckers on here are SO mind-numbingly dull… You won’t have any fucking house remaining to fit your stupid fucking air filters to, you fucking brain dead coffin dodgers.

            • A.S.

              Brain Dead Coffin Dodgers.

              LOL Good one.

            • Agent you and Acid need to lay off the METH

          • I bet Vlad the judo expert would be wetting his pants at that rant.

          • 6,000 cfm

            RPS 5900

          • You just make yourself look like a juvenile ass

          • Acid Etch, I see you are still huddling under your school desk kissing your arse as the freedom bells ring.

          • Acid. Who Provoked who first?. Shall we start with those who invaded Ukraine to overthrow its existing Democratically elected Pro Russians administration. I wanna see you and Dennis Rodman in the Cage playing tummy sticks. Just think If Russia come over and over threw Mexico’s Government and marched its troops onto the US boarder, would you threaten them with Nukes? Get the facts, then play wrestle.

        • Obama is an idiot. He is picking a fight with Russia as if Russia were another Iraq or other inconsequential country— he is messing with the wrong person. F– idiot!

          • Exactly- Any Member of Congress who wants War, send their entire family over thereto fight. Pack them a backpack with some MRS’s about 500 Rounds and a Rifle then give them a swift Boot Ass Kick out of the chopper to go have at it.

            Tell them they have to fight their way back home.

          • I would recommend a pay-per-view event, featuring a bill of the Obamafuerher vs. VladPutin. My guess is worldwide, we could raise almost enough cash to pay off our current deficit, IF, it were marketed correctly.
            I also believe that Vlad would soundly whip “Shroom-Boy” soundly in any bout of fisticuffs, intellectual delving, or flat-out fight. About the only thing our current Community Organizer could beat Vlad in, is spreading his cheeks and lubing up to have Michelle and/or Valerie “punish” him. Both of them are far more the man that Barack could ever be.

        • He wu ji…zhen zhang…hong zha!

      2. Maybe that’s why Obama looked like fecal matter warmed over in his little missive to the sheeple at the Grammy Awards?

        Found out something that scared the crap out of him…or maybe not – because if there was something that did – he’d be nothing more than a pile of clothes in front of the teleprompter.

        • Love your handle man.

          That’s like my life lately. Herding fricking cats.

          Got any tips?

          • Yeah, keep em around and well fed. You might be herded them up on the Barbie if things go sideways.

            • taste like chicken… I recommend sage…

              • rubbed… it’s a finer cut…

                • Let’s also not forget old Rover is available for fine dinning if it gets to that point.

      3. Can we just leave the Russians and Ukranians alone to fight amongst themselves? I am so tired of war.

        • @ Southside….

          I have a plan…..Let all those Narcissistic Overly Self Assessed Douchebags that are in DC….I mean anyone who works for Odummer’s Gubmint Squad..The 535 Turd Squad…Pentagon…The Lobby Tards…every last one of them ” Suit Up !!! ” Get your damn uniforms on….get your issued weapon(s) and get your Greedy Asses over there and fight your own Damn War You Panty waste of space ..shit for brains Rump Rangers….We are sick of finishing your fights for you !!!

          Man….I feel so much better now !!!

          • This is probably the best idea ever. Let those pigs fight their own dam wars!!!

          • IT NOT D.C. IT IS ROAM

            • “Roam” means to wander the countryside.
              Rome, in the syntax you are using, would refer to D.C.
              And, you are correct in your meaning.

      4. NEW RULE

        the ass holes who start the war
        should be the ones to fight the war

        • Nobody wants to see a Tranny slap

          • @Ramadiron…

            Now that is funny as hell…Yet not a vision I want burnt into my brain !!! Uh Oh…Too Late !!!

            Where the Hell is Eppe ???

          • You mean Valerie and Michelle are going to slap HisObamaness around even more?

        • Satori, also their children are not allowed to be exempt from their war.

        • We can use their lame asses as the projectiles we fire out of a cannon,,,,

        • Satori
          ya think there’s enough bankers and their minion politicians to fight an all out war?

          I have this strange picture in my head of men in $1000 3 piece suits and loafers running around like angry spoiled children on the battlefield.

          • Those spoiled metrosexual brats wouldn’t be caught dead in a $1000 suit, to them those are for trailer-trash rednecks! Theirs are probably closer to $10k!

        • Too right, Satori! And Valerie can get out there on point.

      5. We won’t fight for Obamination. We only h fight for the American people against those who want to harm us in our nrighborhooods. Let him and Valerie AND Axel rod gear up.

        • Well at least the other side will use up more of their ammo. You see, there’s always a ray of sunshine if you know where to look.

          • ^the above post was a reply to vtfree.

      6. We all have known it for years……
        That sooner or later the two biggest bad asses on the block were going to have to mix it up to see who was the toughest S.O.B. on the block.
        Well I guess we just might find out. I pray to GOD that it does not happen, but it going to sooner or later. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.Reb

      7. It’s a lose/lose situation, as I see it.

        Can’t blame Europe if they don’t want to be the battleground for another World War.

        On the other hand, Russia has clearly stated that they don’t like the one Superpower World and want to a “Bigger” player both in Europe and Asia. Who’s next after the Ukraine, Poland?

        When the differences in National Interests between two Nations collide, you often get war.

        What worries me is Obama could not coach a 10 year old girls soccer team, let alone lead a Nation of 330 million people in a World War.

        Watch out fur them hogs!

        • Them Hogs, if Europe doesn’t want another WW, then they need to drop all the sanctions they imposed on Russia and back the hell off. Whatever happens between Russia and Ukraine now should be strictly their own affair. We’re broke and reducing our military. We can’t handle anything in our own country let alone get into someone else’s war anymore.

          • RBH
            How did you make out at the gun show?
            I hope you had a good shopping trip!

            • Good morning, Sarge. Picked up some more .30 Carbine and .22LR, plus a few medical supplies. Next gun show in my area not until April [WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA] [just having a little fun this morning].

          • And just leave the Ukrainians to the tender mercies of the Russians? Search the word “Holodomor”.

            • Holodomor “Extermination by hunger”.

              This was one of the things that started me prepping. I read stories about what people would do when starving and decided that I would try to avoid that fate.

              With just in time food delivery and big Agra growing most of our food, starvation is possible in America today. If the Government had to raise hard currency they would not hesitate to sell our food abroad, leaving US citizens to fend for themselves.

            • derived from ‘морити голодом’, “to kill by starvation”

        • “Obama could not coach a 10 year old girls soccer team”

          0bama would rather coach a 10 year old boy’s soccer team, if you know what I mean….

          • Ummm, there have been plenty of “suggestions”in Russian media, that Vlad also is heavily into “boys”.

      8. Obama is going to blunder into war that is going to leave us with a mess. with the economy collapsing at home and everything else going to hell this would be a distraction to cover it. He’s lucky, he’ll be in an undisclosed bunker somewhere with a golf course and basketball court.

        • It won’t be 0bama’s choice, but whomever is more influential – his peacenik whacko left base, or the MIC.

      9. One way or another our President is going to get a bunch of us killed.

        • SS
          Him first!

        • Your elected leader, is a mere physical, visual memory identification focal point for your present sense frustrations.

          He is merely an object for your peoples, to love or to hate, to support or reject. But analyzed in real time, for spreadsheet data highlighting, to monitor your impulse thinking and belief systems. Which will result in precise tweaking, of the social engineering agenda, by the real power, behind the scenes.

          His usefulness to the real arbiters of power, is to divide your multitudes and to define and I.D. the resistors, apart from they, which have no clue.

          The job of he and his supporters, is to upload those socio-software upgrading tweaks into the social and economic fabric of your country and expound upon their alleged merits, whilst expanding the widening chasm amongst your peoples…by race, by class, by citizenship and religion.

          Do we dare believe in a hidden Matrix, haunting us all?

      10. Last I looked, Obungler had bombed two more countries than Bush had.

        No word (or protests) yet from Cyndi Sheehan or the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters on that one.

        • the Nobel Peace Prize winner, bomber extraordinaire.

      11. Wow I guess it really is that time for shtf

        • March 12 if that magic internet hoaxter time traveler was right. He’s been dead wrong about like 75% of everything else, but I’ll just feel a lot better on March 13 let’s say.

          Or maybe I won’t.

          Know what I mean?

      12. Still think the leftist scam of global warming is innocuous?

        UN Climate Chief: We Are Remaking The World Economy, by By Michael Bastasch,

        The United Nation’s climate chief says that reordering the global economy to fight climate change is the “most difficult” task the international body has ever undertaken.

        “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history,” Christiana Figueres, who heads up the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, told reporters.

        “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the, at least, 150 years, since the industrial revolution,” Figueres said.

        Yep. Socialism, ushered in by the AGW shock troops, who are supported by BIG GREEN MONEY and socialist control freaks, is coming for your wealth, and your money.

        • Yeah, global warming, my ass!!! I’m sitting here looking out at the 6+ feet of snow I’ve gotten in the last 2 weeks, and at the forecast for below zero temps for the next week. If I ever meet Al Gore, I’m going to punch him right in his bloated head!!!

      13. Obama is in completely over his head on this one.

        In any event, what you will see result has nothing to do with a winner or loser in a confrontation between us, but a deliberate dialectic in action with the resulting synthesis being planned by those that are really in control of things and giving them what they want but cannot otherwise have..

        If you are wise, you will try to keep yourself out of the game.

        • In all fairness can you name me a single historical figure who WOULDN’T be way in over his head on this?

          Ok… I’m assuming the pig has already been effed and here we are at this point right now… when I say this.

        • How do you figure is in over his head? This is exactly what he wants. He is a giga millionaire and will most likely be selected to head the UN when he leaves office where he can do some real damage. Considering the losers that now run the Stupid Party we have no one in our corner. The end goal is to replace the resident population of the US with third world immigrants that are more easily controlled. They will do whatever is necessary to replace us and remove us.

      14. My country tis of thee
        Sweet land of irony.
        Of thee I *cringe*

      15. The people of world need to get it.

      16. I will not fight anyone who is a lair.

      17. I can only presume that Obama, Soros, Kerry, Hillary (the Wicked Witch from Chicago), the bankers, and the rest of their evil cabal will be leading this idiocy from the front lines?


        • Not one mention of who is behind this, the jews, zionist, the chosen or whatever u want to call them.

      18. I wish I had a time machine. I would go into the future just to see how this war ends up.
        This is crazy no one will win this war. If you do win. What will you have. Large areas of land that no one can live on or use for the next 1,000 years.

        • Tell that to the people in Japan. There are still people in Japan aren’t there ??

          • @ Anon

            Another hilarious 1 liner !!! I think we have all been drinking tonight !!!

            Ok Eppe….Come out…Come Out…. where ever you are !!!

          • The americans are every where and are starting trouble !

            Both Japan and Europe are occupied by the USA and its foriegn military bases all over the place.

            China/Russia please nuke the USA before bombing Japan or Europe will you please and add Israel to the list who control the USA via bribes and blackmail handed out in DC.

            • why mess up the USA, when all our troubles could be averted with just cutting loose DC

              • I dont see the common man in the USA messing with anyone in these countries .. but I dam sure see all the pukes in DC frothing at the mouth for another banker war

        • Id go back to the 70s and 80s,
          Those were some fun years

          • Yes they were ‘ol boy. The best music and cars too!

            • Most definately better years!

            • The cars were rust buckets that were all done at 85k without a major overhaul, and that’s assuming the rust didn’t get to it earlier. The new cars are much better built with better longevity, sure they cost a lot more, so does a house, vacation, college tuition and everything else than it did back then too.

      19. One wrong move or some major event happens and it’s on.

        Potassium iodide, it was sold out everywhere after Fukushima and people were selling them for hundreds of dollars online. The good thing is, the tablets are still good and safe to take after its ‘expiration’ date (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission). They’re just required to have a best before date.

      20. I don’t think we’ll go to war with Russia over Ukraine (guess I’ve just doomed us by saying that…) . First, Obama won’t go there, he won’t even give Jordan drones after ISIS burned one of their pilots alive, and doesn’t seem willing to give Ukrainians more/better weapons, as the Russian are doing with separatists. Second, Ukraine just isn’t that important to us, no need to proxy war there.

      21. Get your final preps in order. Nifty gadgets you’ll wish you had gotten. Standing by central FL. Ready to hop a boat to the s hemespher if need be. Lord help us.

      22. 3rd down,hugs,kisses,and a big thumbs up to you!!!

        • @Southside

          Well…Thank you…But I would be a little more comfortable if I knew your Gender !!! Ah…What the hell…at this point your name could be Buford and I wouldn’t care !!!

      23. If there is a war it will be the Russians who start it. Does anybody really think Obama will do anything but talk. Does anyone really think Merkel or the spineless French are really going to start a shooting war with Russia over the Ukraine, not happening. Putin will eventually re absorb the Ukraine into the emerging Russian empire while the West bleats like sheep. Like every Russian leader since Stalin, Putin has evaluated our leadership and found it weak, and indecisive. So like. Every leader since Stalin he has exploited Western weakness, to his advantage and will continue to do so until someone convinces him it is in his best interest to back down. Name one leader in the Western world which could convince him of that. There isn’t one. If you look at it from Putins perspective ,he has 2 more years of the weakest American President in living memory, followed by( if polls are to be believed) 4 years of Hilary Clinton, what would you do. Russians only respect strength , always have always will. Until we stop being a weak nation we will be forced to deal with Russian aggression .

        • I always judge the potential for conflict based on crossed ‘red lines’. If you look at the red lines established during the Cold War and also post-1989, you will find every single one of them has been crossed, not just once, but multiple times. This tells me we live in times of immense volatility and very high risk for massive conflict. The US has had every red line it has established violated and told to go f itself. Every red line the Russians established has also been violated (do not place missiles on our border etc.).

          So, in our analysis we must then move to the question: “who has the capacity and will to act?” Well, the US certainly did throughout the 2000s. The US invaded multiple countries and set up a global torture and murder machine. But of late, the US has had to push its actions to the outskirts to avoid bad publicity back home. This created a gap that Russia has decided to exploit. Russia does not give a c-rap what its people think and thus it can push out of its border violently.

          So, to sum: we need to ask ourselves: will Russia roll on to grab all its previous territories in Europe? Will the US put all its weight behind Kiev and use them as the fulcrum to dislodge the gangsters in Moscow? Who has the biggest nuts? Are Canadians willing to sign up to a war with Russia? I do not know: do you?

          • I’ll go with the least corrupt option. You know, the dark black one. Nanook will save us from those 15 new Russian arctic air bases. When you corner a bear, things happen fast. Stay nimble.

      24. See this?

        This is gonna be me.

        Using Nukemap, it would seem that the movie makers most likely used a 1.2 Megaton device, interestingly the largest in current US arsenal. I know that because I live in LA, that was downtown, and “our heroes” there (dumbasses that they were… watch the movie LOL)… were in Marina Del Rey in that fraggin condo complex I drive by all the time.

        Welp that’s the effect Nukemap shows anyway. Hollywood’s toast.

        Oh good, it’s about to not be fiction. 9_9… sigh dammit. That’s just…

      25. I (and I imagine I am not alone by any means) would prefer to see the planet disintegrate in a haze of dust than see the anglozionazi disease, this pathogenic pox amerikana infect the rest of the globe. Bring it on O Bomber and your psychopathic stable of degenerate neocohen filth whipping Killer Kissinger’s “dumb stupid military animals” into the bowels of hell.

      26. I’m sorry, but just demanding that Russia backs down in Ukraine, and shut up and allow the west to park WMDs on their front porch, OR ELSE, is in no way “diplomacy”. Russia sees the NWO globalists, and the west can’t cover that up.

        If anyone needs to sit down and shut up, it’s obama.

      27. People in Kiev are crossing over the border into Russia because they are being rounded up and made to go and invade the east of the Ukraine at gun point.

        Obama you need to not only get out of the Ukraine but to take all you’re military personal that are based in europe with you because we don’t want your fucking war

      28. Maybe we should wait until they are preoccupied with their war, so we can start our citizen take over

        • Enemy; Best idea yet!

        • One thing to consider is that a global conflict could be used as the catalyst to enable foreign troops to be on US soil, martial law coupled with the need to maintain order at all costs coupled with the implementation of that laundry list of EOs spell the end of our freedom and relegation to being another ant in their work lines.
          There is some shit afoot that will take the majority by surprise and then it will be go along to get along or else,
          No thanks
          But many will cave

          • they can still eat a bullet just as easy as anyone else as far as im concerned.. they come to my back yard and start strutting their stuff they might find out who owns this piece of ground

            Im not laying down for this bunch in office any more than i would lay down for infiltrators

          • Oooooh, live-fire target practice!!! Oh gooody goody!!

            • Good chance to see just how good my ballistic program in my kestrel is and how far my 300 can reach,
              Scientific of course

      29. I Russia attacks us we are all done they could destroy the us. They are not stupid and will attack us if their intelligence tells them we are preparing to attack them. What gets me is as soon as military options are put forth they say their gonna take out the nukes ground forces and tanks planes and conventional weapons are obsolete why use them go straight for the nukes. The military’s on both sides are led by maniacs playing with the end of civilization. They will press the reset button someday. The doomsday clock was moved forward because of all the conflicts in the world. If not the us or Russia how about the Bulgarians sell a nuke to a terrorist organization they might have already and the world is being held hostage obumer is in denial that terrorism is not a problem he’s playing it safe not to pis off terrorists and we are being conditioned to meet their demands without seeing it being a bad thing. He’s very sympathetic toward the Muslims. It’s a matter of time and you and I won’t know when the bomb will hit just like the people who worked in the trade center didn’t know that morning they were gonna be attacked. Folks we will never know when this will happen we need to surprise attack our enemy’s it’s better to be on the offense than to be trying to retaliate after being attacked. Play chess it’s a game of strategy when you go into defence mode you lose most of the time I know this to be true for me . When you go at it offensively you stand the best chance to defeat your opponent us regular folks are the pawns the shitty pieces you sacrafice when you want to try something new. I’m no chess expert but I’ve played many games and understand how it works both sides have the same tools and oppertunity to be victorious . Now in real world this is not true nations have different weapons and amounts of troops. I would put my $ on the most battle hardened side experience is not to be underestimated. I believe 500 warriors used to fighting everyday could defeat 1500 Americans that haven’t seen bullets fly in real life I think most of these guys would cry PTSD and want off the battle field. Remember the enemy is not inside of america and there isn’t battles in the streets here if there was people would harden up and become used to war and fighting to survive. Going into other people’s country is going to make them angry who is America to occupy someone’s country against their wishes. They say they are there to help. Help with cannons tanks planes helicopters and troops no thanks our country needs to stay out of other nations our troops are to defend our homeland not used for political agendas I appreciate our troops and what they do but I think they are brainwashed to beleive they are going to be heroes for America. When these guys get life changing Injuries nobody helps them they have a hard time getting a job what a heroes welcome . I’m so glad I never joined the service our gov has used our heroes for their cause that has nothing to do with protecting Americans . Ther are no leaders anymore just puppets with titles save your energy for the real war coming soon

      30. what a crock of crap! there will be no WWIII for at least 5 years and more like 10. russia and china aren’t there yet despite the help ameriKa has given them to slam us. WAKE UP!

      31. Is it possible that the bankers need a war in order to save the euro? I don’t know the answer to that. But there is a 100% guarantee that this Ukraine problem is money driven, and not ideology.
        On another matter. Has anybody wondered why not a single pipeline in Iraq has been hit by ISIS? Perhaps big oil is paying them for protection. This would explain their financing somewhat.
        BTW the baltic dry index dropped to it’s lowest level since 1986 yesterday.
        We live in interesting times that’s for sure.

      32. Seems like many of you are unaware of a possible tactical nuke being used over in Ukraine a day ago. Went through 60ish pages following this event.

        Things might be heating up. Pardon the pun.

        • Sorry – that wasn’t a tac nuke. Fuel dump? Yeah, probably. Ammo dump? Nope. No post attack explosions. Heck, even a tank gives off some great post attack fireworks after it’s been hit.

          I just can’t buy the tac nuke thing right now.

        • Yeah the Alex Jones group creamed their jeans over reporting it being a possible tactical nuke. I think it turned about to be just a large explosion at a chemical plant hit by a missle/rocket.

          • PO’d, Jones is such a shill he might as well be a talking head for MSM.

            • Yup! He’s a shill for certain.

              I knew it the time he had McDonalds chicken nuggets on his show so he could point out how toxic they were and then he drooled and licked his lips the moment he picked up the box of ’em.

              Fake as hell, that one…

              • He is right about two things in my opinion. It is an information war and that can lead to a prison planet. Then it derails somewhere around the quality of the comments. There seems to be respect here at SHTFplan and I feel the warmth of old world values. I miss it. Thanks Mac.

      33. It takes a lot of reading to get the “overall” picture. You will not get the whole truth out of the main stream media…Mac is correct in highlighting I highly recommend you go there and look at the right sidebar for his lists of articles on this conflict…he is a brave American…

        Remember 911? please refresh your memory… here is a great website where the “good” decent Americans are trying to get to the truth.. (architects and engineers for truth…”how did building 7 in the world trade center come down in 6-7 or so seconds?) Controlled demolition of a building takes weeks to months to “set up” these buildings , the towers were 110 stories high…the steel beams were thrown out laterally…and most of the structures were “vaporized” No steel highrise buildings before or after have been destroyed by fire….please read, if you can..and get a broader picture…

        You will find out the “whole story” about Ukraine at Paul Craig Roberts…also, Dr. Michael Rozeff at

        But if you want one of the best websites, that gives you the whole pictures..and videos…made on the ground where the war is taking place… go to

        I have read “hundreds” of hours…from websites and seen t.v. from “over there” in Europe…Thank goodness for people who can speak Russian for writing the Russian language into English so we can see “opposing” views…(the people in Switzerland are against war and rallying on Feb. 28th with signs against what is happening to the people in eastern Ukraine)

        To make it simple, there was a “coup” in Ukraine Feb. 2013 (with “pawprints of the U.S. all over it”.) the current president had to flee for his life…a new government installed that has a Nazi component…the eastern part of Ukraine is predominantly Russian decent and Russian speaking…and they wanted to be recognized as independent…and the new government started bombing them and genocide was being committed against them.

        They fought back..the main stream media has called them…seperatists…, rebels…You need to hear from them…America’s founding fathers fought against the tyranny of the king of england…that is what these people are doing… Read what the,now, prime minister of the Doneskt People’s Republic, Alexander Zackarchenko has to say to “prisoners of war”…they capture… “Lads, our grandfathers probably fought together in the great war..why are you bombing us? We did not go bomb yall? Don’t you feel a little sorry for what you have done? I am going to let you go…we will feed you…give you phones to call home and tell your families you will be home…if you come back as a friend, I will be glad to share food, etc…BUT, if you come back to kill us…I will not let you go again.”

        These people are christian people….also, in this speech…Zakharchenko goes down the line of POW’s and shakes their hands…each one…tells them to tell their commanders that they were brave soldiers…but as far as their commanders…THEY ARE FOUL BASTARDS (this video is at Paul Craig Roberts…read what PCR’s says about Zakharchenko…google “pictures of Alexander Zakharchenko….”And remember…our “truthful” media (sarcasism)has always called him a terrorist, separatist, or rebel..they (msm and our government) think most americans are just dumb and stupid….are we???

        Remember from Smedley Butler… http://www.warisaracket and google for the video… “all wars are bankers war”…. America has its military in 120 -140 or more countries…by what right? What is the dollar costs? mind boggling….

        • Great post and info, thanks,,,

      34. Masters of Parallel Universes

        ” the government and the official sources of information are normally lying. We already know that they have lied in the past (Iraqi WMD and al Qaeda in Iraq are two particularly well-known examples, but there are many others)”

        oh crap

        we are living in the Matrix !

      35. You fought all the way Johnny Reb-Johnny Reb, you fought all the way Johnny Reb! It’s coming again, but with a different outcome this time. Prepare for what is coming. (Song~~ Johnny Reb—Johnny Horton)

        • Johnny Reb will fight a guerrilla war this time. Small units only, no uniforms.

      36. On my previous post,I always check my websites that I give… google vineyardsaker and you will get it… is correct and Remember…always follow the money..Senator Lindsey Graham is all for war and its cost…I just read where his state, South Carolina has 4 military bases..all kinds of corps that “feed off” the military, like 600 or more…around 120,000 jobs… the winners though, for the most money received..must be, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics…I thought South Carolina was a big christian population… “Thy shalt not kill…..??????” (only for defense…what have the people in the Donestk and lugansk region done to us?????

      37. I’ll be rooting for Russia and Putin on the day where these evil nation hijackers from the Middle East decide that their evil kosher balls are big enough to start some shit with Putin.

        Oh, and by the way. I hope that the first thing Putin does, which he will most certainly do if he is as smart and savvy of a chess player as his reputation suggests – is to target the rat infested stolen piece of sand called Its-a-lie with a dozen or so nuclear tipped sunburn cruise missiles and wipe that piece of Satan’s greasy shit stained nation off the face of the Earth.

      38. WAIT FOR IT ! WAIT !!!!!

      39. I was reading the comments at another site and found a new acronym. TMETT. Too Many Events To Track. Poster had his shit together, There has been more crap piled on top of crap to compensate for in our lives. Not to mention family and the day to day stuff around the house.
        The past couple of weeks I have been collecting materials to build things. Nuts, bolts, nails, metal strapping. Was given two good 55 gal. drums and a few 8x4x4 pressure treaded posts.
        The only bad thing to happen is that I have lost my BOL. Long story short, it can not be defended anymore. Have to move stuff back home from that location.
        Glad it happened to me now instead of later.
        On another note the news media is up to its ass in alligators to cover the cat shit of a bad news reporter.
        Who can you trust? Not a fucking person or establishment.
        Soros, McCain, Kissinger, Gates, Clinton, Obama. you name them. No good for us. Soon it is going to rain trouble like a cow pissing on a flat rock.

        Prepare People.

      40. What about the tactical nuke that exploded 8 februari? Is the war happening wright now? I life in holland and every day i pick up signals for a collapse… Cbe pomping / creating money from nothing… (terrorist) attacks here in europa. And than we have also the collapse in the usa… The dollar that is nothing…. Link for the nuke:

        Please correct me iff i am wrong

      41. TPTB need some major event to hide the true reason for a colapse of the world economy, a war would achieve several of their goals, depopulation, reset of utilization of resources, power shift, replacement of currencies,
        The people who are pulling the strings, the government executives, corporate and banking elite can all weather a huge reset without even flinching, they view us as mere pawns, and as expendable,
        Never mind false flags, these people want everything to come unglued, they can go to their bunkers or safe areas, it will be used as a pretext for the ushering in of the one world government and implementation of rules such as the garbage from the UN.
        Make no mistake, this is all part of an evolving plan, but part of a bigger picture plan that you or i have no place in, unless you are willing to go along to get along and get your dayly bread you will be considered an enemy combatant.
        Personaly I have no interest in living in THEIR utopia working as an ant to support the colony,,
        I have 0 interest in just going along to get along, if it means my death then so be it,
        Dont kid yourselves that there isnt some huge plan that these people are rubbing their hands together over,
        We could well be on the precipice of world events that will destroy life as we know it rendering us either dead or slaves to the utopian NWO,
        Call me a nut, i dont care, i know these people and their thought process, this is why i am so opposed to it,

      42. One point to consider,
        Most people have family that they will do anything for, including trudge day after day to a job they hate, be used and abused for security, they put up with all manner of indignity, you see it everywhere, sure you all have friends like this or may even be this yourself,
        THIS is what TPTB are counting on, that most will toe the line to keep their families safe and fed, those who resist will be made examples of,
        At one point in my life i would have never imagined shit like this, thought it crazy, but now even i need to consider this very real possibility,

        • Good point! As Hitler said, “Get the women and you will get the men.” Most women are by nature protectors of their home and will do anything for their family. In some countries, this can mean sex work just to feed their kids. Think about that: the indignity of having sex with hundreds of men is better than your kids starving. Women are strong but… easily manipulated when the right buttons are pushed. Just watch them go nuts over hand bags to see what I mean.

          So, let’s recap: there are horrible wars going on right now all over the world. Wars where very innocent people are being killed through no fault of their own. Brutal stuff. But your average women in a decadent, Western country only cares about getting a few notches taken off her mortgage interest payments, or what Kim wore to the Oscars. As in, you control women through trivial crap and through home-and-hearth stuff. And once you got the women, the men – beaten down, feminized, barely employable – have no choice but to scramble around trying to please and appease these women. It is so easy, I think the controllers must just chortle ceaselessly into their tumblers of vintage scotch most days.

          • It ties in with that normalcy bias thing,
            As long as the big screen has a signal and the SUV has gas most wont even pay attention to some trivial thing happening half way around the world let alone in the next state,
            Its all around us,
            No its not healthy to be hyper focused on any of this,
            Theres a balance, some days easier than others to find that balance,
            But these things are happening weather we like it or not, IMO best to at least keep an eye on events,
            I think its futile to try and discuss this stuff with most folks because they just dont get it or dont want to acknowledge it but its all there,

            • Great posts today Kula, thanks!

            • If 9/11 couldn’t shake people out of their normalcy bias, I really don’t think anything can. We are totally screwed.

          • Sexist pig.

      43. If You Listen Carefully, The Bankers Are Actually Telling Us What Is Going To Happen Next

        “Are we on the verge of a major worldwide economic downturn? Well, if recent warnings from prominent bankers all over the world are to be believed, that may be precisely what we are facing in the months ahead”

      44. Just heard on Fox news. Obama going to request WAR POWERS From congress. Supposedly to fight ISIS. BULL SHIT. I cannot believe that Congress would trust that SOB to use these war powers against ONLY ISIS. BAD,BAD,BAD!!!!

      45. So divert our attention away from ISIS and direct it towards Russia while ISIS grows stronger and continues to kill. Is that the promise Obama made to the participates of the secret meeting of Islamic leaders at the White House last week?

      46. Anyone else noticing an increased shortage of ammo in your ao? All across the board it looks like 2013 all over again in my area. Also the economy is waaaaay slower here now.

        • People are stocking up on ammo knowing the price will probably jump up. Get it while you can.

      47. how bout we let these two assholes fight it out without any of our help.. lol that’ll really fuck up their game now wouldn’t it

        call a war and nobody comes to fight it..

        I’d like to see Obummer and Puketin fight it out among themselves

        • Wouldn’t be much of a fight. Putin’d send his cocker spaniel.

      48. Watch the MSM propaganda. They are the Ministry of Propaganda. It’s so obvious and really quite petty. Almost every day now anti-Putin nonsense. He’s got Aspergers Syndrome, no, he’s crazy because he was horse back riding without his shirt on. Oh please, already. It gets thicker every day. When they demonize you in Washington it’s because they want to kill a lot of people. Remember, the US State dept. paid 5 billion dollars to overthrow the democratically elected govt. of the Ukraine. Then immediately after that, VP Joe Biden’s son, R. Hunter Biden, was put on the Board of Directors of Buresma Holdings, a large Ukrainian natural gas co. Secretary of State John Kerry has 3 of his protege’s working for Ukrainian energy companies now. Do you get it? It’s always about the big guys stealing from the people. The poor Ukrainians and Russians are caught in the middle while the big guys fight over who gets to loot all the profits.

      49. A little careless in your reporting there … “President Obama attended as well”. Merkel went to DC after she and Hollande had mtg. w/Putin.

      50. Nothing will change until destruction arrives. Plan on it prepare for it and enjoy each day until it reaches you, than fight with everything you have for every one you love.

      51. There is no diplomatic talks going on but only demands that Russia stand down and allow the criminals in the US to do what ever they want to whom ever they want.
        -Russia is tired of sitting back while the US repeatedly comits acts of terrorism over throws countries all ove the world and with the US overthrow of the Ukraine governemnt admitting they will exterminate evey man, woman and child of Russian decent, Russia has had enough of these terrorist acts agaianst their people.
        –The US run Ukriane governemnt hae bee bombing every ton with Rusian people in them and have bombed schools killing everyone and now the US ant to give them more weapons o make it easier to kill more innocent people. I thnk not.

      52. Repost with corrections.

        There is no diplomatic talks going on but only demands that Russia stand down and allow the criminals in the US to do what ever they want to whom ever they want.
        -Russia is tired of sitting back while the US repeatedly commits acts of terrorism over throws countries all over the world and with the US overthrow of the Ukraine government admitting they will exterminate every man, woman and child of Russian decent, Russia has had enough of these terrorist acts against their people.
        –The US run Ukraine government have bee bombing every town with Russian people in them and have bombed schools killing everyone and now the US ant to give them more weapons o make it easier to kill more innocent people. I think not.
        –Russia is and has been in the right from day one over the Ukraine.

      53. It is no good pointing the finger at Obama because he like all the other puppet leaders are just reacting to the strings being pulled by the bankers so voting won’t change a thing.

        These bankers are putting the lives of every american at risk of nuclear war is Russia hits back so pull in the mad dog and put it down or don’t blame me when things get hot.

        Do americans like getting stuffed by bankers who own everything as it is or are you going to take a stand and do save the BS about its all being the fault of everyone but the puppet politicians in the USA because it makes you feel less of a coward.

      54. O Butt Lips has always been suicidal at our cost. This just validates it.

      55. C’mon gang how many times have we heard this? Countless. I’m tired of the hype and just plain bullshit . Put something concrete down and I’ll look at it . Now there aint gonna be a war between the US and Russia ,ever .

      56. The US accuses other countries of being warmongers. Hmm… but Merkel, Hollande, Putin – they meet to discuss peace, while the Nobel Peace Prize recipient Obama invades, plunders, maims, murders, and otherwise provokes for war. Why is there no peace initiative forthcoming from PeacePrizer Obama? Yet a lot of Americans lap up the propaganda that other countries are the bad guys.

        Obama needs a scapegoat to blame the coming financial collapse on, he needs a foreign war ASAP.

      57. “…Ebola,,,”‘Islamic’ State” along with Putin’s Russia, “Kim’s” (if he’s still alive, or at least his well-made-up double’s) North Korea, Iran, “children’s” border invasion, etc. …All characters in the elites’ powers’-that-be scenarios to make THEIR attack on the American people seem so plausibly a result of their “failed” diplomacy, etc. If they couldn’t get us to acquiesce to our own disarmament for their governmental supremacy over us, they’ll just use one of these catastrophic scenarios to wham us en masse. They figure that will shock (what’s left of) the people into unquestioningly going along with anything the elites have planned to enslave the masses to the permanent superiority of the elites over them. Likely, though, the ones who will go along with the elites, with no effort from the elites at all, are the ones who, by the nature of going along, will be the mass victims of such attacks. The ones who’re left will be the ones who have nothing else for which to live but their, and their loved ones’ individual liberty. Are the elites prepared to die for attempting to achieve their permanent supremacy over others? We may suppose that they “can’t” live being equals with others.

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