Report: Weapons Of Mass Destruction Have Been Smuggled Into Europe: “Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear”

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    Following the Paris terrorist attack we noted that it was only the beginning and more carnage is coming. While thus far attacks on Western targets have been limited to lone wolves or small groups of individuals using traditional weapons like firearms and improvised explosive devices, a new report from the European Parliament compiled in the aftermath of last month’s attack warns that the next wave could come in the form of highly destructive weapons designed to kill significantly larger amounts of people.

    ISIS has recruited experts with chemistry, physics and computer science degrees to wage war with weapons of mass destruction against the West, a shocking European Parliament report has claimed.

    The terror organisation, according to the briefing document, ‘may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks’.

    the EU report claims that government should ‘consider publicly addressing the possibility of terrorist attack using chemical, biological, radiological or even nuclear materials’.

    ‘We are dealing with a very serious, well-resourced, determined international terrorist organisation that is now active on the streets of Europe. 

    Source: The Daily Mail

    It’s not just Europe. Terrorists with ties to the Islamic State, Al Queda and other organizations are now active on the streets of America.

    Though President Obama claimed just one day prior to the Paris attack that ISIS had been contained, the head of Europol Rob Wainright says that the region is dealing with a “very serious, well resourced and highly determined international terrorist organization” that is now actively searching for targets and planning to carry out attacks.

    Experts at NATO and other international organizations suggest that it may already be too late for locking down Europe’s borders because not only is the threat already there, but the weapons that will be used to carry out future attacks have already been smuggled in:

    The shocking study claims that 150 cases of nuclear or radiological trafficking are reported annually.

    Worse still: ‘CBRN substances have been carried undetected into the European Union.

    ‘Interpol’s monthly CBRN intelligence reports show numerous examples of attempts to acquire, smuggle or use CBRN materials.’

    And for those who think we’re safe because an ocean separates us from Europe, one security expert warns that the threat of weapons of mass destruction is not just limited to the European Union:

    Nomi Bar-Yaacov, Associate Fellow in Chatham House’s International Security Department said: ‘There is a very real risk of ISIS using unconventional weapons in Europe and beyond.’

    The report highlights the one threat that the Obama administration continues to ignore. It’s not the guns that are causing mass casualties by ISIS militants or self-radicalized extremists.

    It is the Islamic extremist’s mentality to kill as many infidels as possible.

    Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons are banned across the world, yet Islamic terrorists will stop at nothing to acquire the materials, build the devices and deploy them in population-dense areas.

    Though you won’t see it on mainstream media, government officials have already confirmed that nuclear weapons of mass destruction have been found entering the United States through the port of San Diego. And last year armed gunmen stole a nuclear device from a government research facility in Mexico, prompting the Texas Rangers to deploy personnel to help secure the southern border.

    In May of this year another security report claimed that the Islamic State intended to carry out a nuclear attack on American soil within twelve months:

    Let me throw a hypothetical operation onto the table. The Islamic State has billions of dollars in the bank, so they call on their wilayah in Pakistan to purchase a nuclear device through weapons dealers with links to corrupt officials in the region. 

    The weapon is then transported overland until it makes it to Libya, where the muj?hid?n move it south to Nigeria. Drug shipments from Columbia bound for Europe pass through West Africa, so moving other types of contraband from East to West is just as possible.

    The nuke and accompanying mujahadin arrive on the shorelines of South America and are transported through the  porous borders of Central America before arriving in Mexico and up to the border with the United States.

    From there it’s just a quick hop through a smuggling tunnel and hey presto, they’re mingling with another 12 million “illegal” aliens in America with a nuclear bomb in the trunk of their car.

    Full Report: Terrorist Nuke Attack May Be Carried Out Inside the United States in Next 12 Months

    Last week America saw what just two people with the desire to kill infidels could do – fourteen dead and twenty-one injured. For the Obama administration and those who support open immigration policies for non-documented individuals, it is being explained away as the result of easy access to firearms.

    How will they explain the mass casualties caused by a chemical, biological or nuclear weapon?

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    Report: Terrorist Nuke Attack May Be Carried Out Inside the United States in Next 12 Months

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    Texas Rangers Dispatched to Secure Border Amid Stolen Mexican Nuke Threat



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      1. We’re going to wake up one morning just like we did on September 11. But this time an entire city will be under attack, mass evacuations, panic, you name it.

        It’s almost as if they WANT this to happen.

        Otherwise, why leave the border open like they have?

        • If that were to happen, the general public would have every right to rip politicians out of their limos and do with them what they wish.

          I suspect the public order problem would be severe if such attacks occurred in Europe. People are on tenter hooks.

          I would imagine you would see people like Marine Le Pen becoming the leader of Europe. She has huge support across Europe and this could become real in a crisis.

          • I think Europeans would start killing muslims in the streets, and so would Americans here, if a mass casualty attack occurred.

            I don’t think the government could stop it, except in some places and some times, but in the main, it would be the end of Islam in the western world.

            I don’t know what would happen to Islam in the Islamic world, that’s another issue.

            • You only have to see how people panic when there are small-scale incidents, such as the stabbing at a subway station. People totally freak. What if it was something much more serious?

              The police couldn’t handle four days of rioting; they couldn’t handle a bunch of drunk ravers. How would they handle real terrorists? Not very well I suspect.

            • “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
              – Omar Ahmad, Co-Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

              ISIS plot for world domination revealed in chilling detail with plans for education and industry

              “The leaked dossier outlines how the terror group is trying to build a state complete with guidelines for education, natural resources, industry, diplomacy, propaganda and the military.”
              -mirror dot uk

            • @Smokey: No disrespect intended, but the day will never come under any circumstances, no matter how horrible, that the bulk of the American population will stand up and ‘take care of business’. Yes, there will be some, but not many. Anybody with common sense knows the time has come to go dark…and stay dark. thanks

              • You may be right. If the population level of muslims rises high enough here, the number of Americans standing up and trying to take care of business would not be enough.

            • Smoke,

              If we had a reaction like that to a mass casualty attack on US soil, then the game would be on for Islam. Shiite muslims are the minority class in Islam. The Shiite goal is to activate the Sunni majority to their cause with an immediate world wide escalation in their Jihad.

              That is what the Sharia law followers will need to justify and establish a worldwide caliphate. Islam against Christianity, Judaism, Taoism, any organized “Religion” that is not Islam. IMHO, I don’t ever see that happening.

              In reality, one has to get a chuckle at the idea because it would be like a war of the Baptists waged against the Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Catholics, etc.

              What I see happening is more Americans open and concealed carrying and taking their own personal security as a requisite concrete fact of life. An executive (good samaritan) order to this end would squash or minimize any soft target attacks like San Benardino. The good guys will have to step up. Our legislative and justice systems will have to support them likewise.

              Nationally implement the Japanese Admiral’s observation that there is a sniper behind every blade of grass. For that to even stand a chance of working though, everyone would need a Unity and singleness of purpose in their thinking. Therein lies the quandry of actualization.

              • I wonder if a more accurate translation would be .. They’re would be a rifle barrel between every blade of grass?

          • Marine Le Pen and National Front party in France are cleaning up, leading 5 points against Hollande and the Socialists. They could end up with majority of seats. They will win several provinces, I think Provence and Calais were certain.

            • She is on course to be the leader of France and then Europe, replacing Merkel. Unlike Merkel, who has abused fellow Europeans (Greece etc.) while rolling out the red carpet for migrants, I suspect Le Pen will not be like that. Look to see real border controls again, look to see deportations of criminals and terrorists.

              Her niece is also very beautiful! A proper French woman.

              • “…Islam is not noted for its religious diversity. Christians cannot evangelize in Muslim countries. Churches are burned while police do nothing. Muslims who convert to another religion can be executed.

                Even the presence of the Bible is prohibited by our own military at the behest of Islamic officials when American soldiers are deployed in Muslim nations:

                “Bibles were confiscated and destroyed after Qatar-based Al Jazeer television showed soldiers at a Bible class on a base with a stack of Bibles translated into the local Pashto and Dari languages. The U.S. military forbids its members on active duty—including those based in places like Afghanistan—from trying to convert people to another religion.”

                “The Koran’s peace initiatives are Orwellian: “SUBMISSION TO ISLAM IS PEACE.” Peace is the absence of any religious or political opposition. This is the indisputable history of Islam as Paul Johnson writes:

                Koranic teaching that the faith or “submission” can be, and in suitable circumstances must be, imposed by force, has never been ignored. On the contrary, the history of Islam from Arabia was followed by the rapid conquest of North Africa, the invasion and virtual conquest of Spain, and a thrust into France that carried the crescent to the gates of Paris. It took half a millennium or reconquest to expel the Moslems from Western Europe.

                The Crusades, far from being an outrageous prototype of Western imperialism, as is taught in most of our schools, were a mere episode in a struggle that has lasted 1,400 years and were one of the few occasions when Christians took the offensive to regain the “occupied territories” of the Holy Land.”


                • Where’s the like button? I keep telling people, there’s a reason the Crusades were conducted. I did a lot of my own research growing up, and the Muslims were considered barbarians then.

              • Millions of hogs now being raised in Germany are more attractive than Frau Merkel.

          • After such an event, Le Pen will be dismissed as a softie.

        • Goodbye patriots and friends. Godspeed. Go to hell government trolls and stooges. Time to stop talking about it. AKA Zero, FuckingPissed

          • Hang in there Menzo.

          • You’re right, time to stop talking and hunker down and get ready best of your ability with family. I have cut my email list way down to a handful, no time to spend on duds so very selective who I keep touch with. Ditch all loser types who aren’t on board, even those you’ve known for decades. Be real picky on who is in your bartering groups, etc. Had to cut ties with some in last year, incl both siblings, no time to waste with those who aren’t “real”.

            • Agree, I shitcanned family and some old friends. They would be dangerous in shtf. I cannot be tight friends with sheep and I sure as hell don’t trust them. Do NOT take baggage into shtf plans, you will regret it more than you think.

              • I have to admit that I dumped several friends that I thought would get me killed with their stupidity. I have become more reclusive in the last couple years… hard because I am naturally outgoing. Still, when people make it clear they will not do anything for themselves and expect you to pony up… I gotta pass. I never even shared my preps with them. Since I moved to the mountauns, I have 10 family members and a couple friends. I am lucky, though, my family members are mostly backwoods people and would be awesome to have around in hard times. My only claim to fame is I can produce food.

        • Everyone, urgent: Today I had lunch with a small group of patriots. We all agreed the enemy is inside the gates, so voting at this point is useless; have supplies for civil war with ISIS can break out anytime; choose 3-4 bartering items and stock up for ex: candles, lighters, smaller flash lites, hand tools, knives various types, kitchen hand utensils, soap, etc. get what you can afford. We are retirees except one couple in group. Everyone read: click on article to the right of page: get you log pacs in order now, on website Don’t even think about starting a family, ditch/quit communicating w/ people that aren’t on board to incl relatives, they will become useless burden. Drop out of all civic clubs, gov 501 churches, other groups as they are gov. monitored. 2016 much damage will be done to trash the country and more terror incidents. Older age groups can work logistics. Are there enough younger alpha males for the coming civil war?

        • Anon.

          Do you know what to do?

          Are you ready?

          When in danger. When in doubt.
          Run in circles, scream and shout.


          I see these ads marketing slip on boots to metrosexual men. Don’t buy fucking slip-on boots. Your ankles will get rubbed raw hiking through the woods. Trust me, I used to use Wellingtons to climb in the winter. They work great for a day hike but any more than that is pushing your luck. You need laces.

          Trouble is, shoelaces used to be made of leather, and they wouldn’t come untied. No more. Modern synthetic shoelaces come undone all fucking day long. Especially a pain in the ass if youre moving through the woods with a backpack. This knot in the video I have beta tested and it should put a stop to it.

          Don’t bother buying headlamps or flashlights with red or green lenses or flash capabilities or flood/spot selectors or variable intensity levels. You cant hike at night with that fucking red light bullshit. It’s useful if youre stationary or crawling a short distance on your belly, or sailing or flying a plane at night. I use the sidewinder that has blue/green/white/IR lenses, and a red/white headlamp; I only ever use white at full intensity flood. They say green wont spook animals and blue makes blood trails visible. I’ve tried it and I call bullshit on both those claims.

          I’ve read that 95% of ocean sailboats have never been to the open ocean, and 95% of outdoor gear is purchased by city slicker sheeple. I definitely think that the purpose of the vast majority of tacti-cool shit is to ambush your wallet at Cabellas (I fucking hate Cabella’s anyway…poor quality and exorbitant shipping costs).

          • but you look ready for adventure when you wear it Acid

          • For poor man’s night vision, take an inexpensive digital camera open it, and remove the IR filter, and reassemble. The infrared (IR) filter is a seemingly transparent plastic disc in the lens assembly. Before removing the filter use the camera to observe the IR light from a TV remote in the dark, test again with the filter removed, the camera will see it far brighter after removing the IR filter.

            There are how to videos on YouTube.

            To use it in the dark undetected add a cardboard tube to the view screen so you can look without everyone in the area seeing the glow from the screen. You can buy high intensity IR flashlights that light things up the area, for your home made IR camera. People without IR cameras will not see your IR light source. Your camera can see other people especially with illuminated IR camera systems.

            Another approach is to pick up a real old camcorder (video camera) that has a working view finder. In the early days these were essentially tiny direct view black and white TV screens that take a direct composit video signal. If powered by a battery and connected to a good quality night vision composit video security camera, which these days is dirt cheap. You can build an awesome compact night vision scope. Yup you take the view finder and just toss the rest of the camera.

            I picked up just an old camcorder this last summer at a garage sale for $15. If powered direct, (the battery on mine was toast, the AC converter worked). With a meter I could probe the wires to it to see what was power and ground. Then I fed video to the other unknown wires from an old VCR video out cable and bang I found the video input. Video is usually the yellow wire. If the camera and view finder need different voltages just make a rechargable NiMH battery back for the highest voltage needed and add a tap where appropriate for the lower voltage. My battery pack is a bunch of AA NiMh rechargeable batteries in a standard battery box I got from Amazon. I charge them in a standard AA battery charger. Look up Hytech.

            Connect up your surveillance camera to your view finder and you should have an awesome night vision system. The cameras shotgun mike, usually mounted on the viewfinder could also let you hear like a dog with the right connections and an earphone.

            Stealth solution. The IR light source is traceable by anyone with an IR camera, including drones, they can see your IR light source. Take standard solar powered yard lights, change out the LED’s for similarly rated IR LED’s. You have now converted them to IR led light sources. They are solar and will work for years. Place them around the neighborhood, your neighbors won’t know shit. Your night vision system no longer needs an infrared light source of its own. Anyone approaching the area at night with night vision will see it is lit up like a Chrismas tree, but they won’t know the source. If I was them, I’d leave.

            • Sweet. Thank you for the practical information.

            • That is a freaking AWESOME set of tips, thanks. I especially like the idea of spreading homemade IR yard lights around the neighborhood. Plausible deniability is a wonderful thing.

          • I tie my boots and tuck the knot and extra lace in the top of the boot this trick has served me well around the world touristin and combat tours

        • Allied Precision The Premier Line 742G Bucket Water Heater

          Ivation Battery-Powered Handheld Portable Shower – Turns Water from Bucket/Sink Into Steady, Gentle Stream – Built-In 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery

          This is my back up if the hot water heater goes out.


          If there is a black out I think the best youre gonna do is either keep the water in the cellar where its constantly 55 degrees, or get inside a few blankets with the water bladder and shake it to warm it up (mechanical energy converts to heat).

          • Thank you.

        • Is it just me or has anyone else ever noticed that Loretta Lynch looks like she could be Obama’s twin sister?

          • Jack knife: she’s (Lynch) an old hag witch, pro Muslim seems she wants to trash free speech.

            • I’m just a dumb truck driver, that’s why I spell Jacknife the way I do. Oh and I spell it the correct way

          • Lynch(ing) is what they both need.

          • Jackknife, I believe if Obama had a sister, she would look exactly like Lynch.

          • One thing for SURE…she was a Goldman Sachs employee. Same as Ted Cruz’s wife.

        • WMD- the more the merrier. Come one come all for the great big fun fest of carnage and mayhem, sponsored by the rothchild inc and bozo the demopublican

        • They leave the border open because corporate-owned government does that to suit the masters. I am not sure it is much more than psychopathic greed. How many of the 1 percent get hurt in these attacks? None. They like war because it puts money in their pockets. Stir up fear and sell billions in guns and ammunition. Terrorist groups are proliferating? Heck, sell them artillery. All protected by corporate-owned media. They give the spin that protects baas hawg.

        • Exactly Anon !!! The ultimate goal is taking the guns and growing the police state in western nations as they destroy liberties and tighten the controls.

          How do you do this? You let in thousands of well-taught and fanatical militants who will commit random atrocities for either false flag agreements or legitimate Islamic fanaticism–either way the Hegelian dialectic is achieved…

          Create a problem… the masses beg for something to be done…then they institute policies that many Americans would have never accepted without the blood.

        • The Globalist do want this to happen. Its how they get martial law over a long period and start taking the guns just like katrina.

          Once we no longer have our guns the main plan can kick in…

          Its more likely to happen in the US first to get us under marshal law and disarmed like EU, but both will be nuked.

          I wish Russia would nuke the Globalist and save us all.

          Once the globalist have locked down and disarmed, Hell follows.

          Regardless when or where the next “refugee” attacks are Obama and any politicians that support him OR DO NOTHING to stop him have blood on their hands as they all know these are no widows and orphans…

      2. Mass Shootings Under the Last Five Presidents
        Data from far left Mother Jones (

        Ronald Reagan- 1981-1989 11 mass shootings
        Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

        George H. W. Bush- 1989-1993 12 mass murders
        Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 3

        Bill Clinton- 1993-2001 23 mass murders
        Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 4

        George W. Bush- 2001-2009 20 mass murders
        Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

        Obama- 2009-2015 (< 7 years) 162 mass murders
        Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 18

        President Average Number of Mass Murders Per Month
        1. Obama 23+ per year or almost 2 per month
        2. GHW Bush 3.0 per year
        3. Clinton 2.875 per year
        4. GW Bush 2.5 per year
        5. Ronald Reagan 1.375 per year
        An American citizen is nearly 8 (7.666) times more likely to be killed in a mass murder event under the current President than the previous four Presidents.
        During the incomplete tenure of the Obama administration, there have a total of 163 murders in less than 7 years. During the previous tenure of the last 4 Presidents, 66 total mass murder events. These 66 mass murders took place in 28 Presidential years.

        If Obama’s mass murder statistics were only limited to one year, we might safely conclude that we are merely witnessing a statistical anomaly. . However, as Obama approaches his 7th year in office and see such a dramatic uptick in mass murder events under his watch, we have a clear and undeniable pattern. We desperately need to be asking why?

        In the Beginning
        When mass murders increased under the Obama administration, the reason most cited was mental illness. The Virginia Tech event and the “alleged” Sandy Hook event are cases in point in which the alleged shooter was on psychotropic medication for mental illness. Very quickly, this administration quickly moved to take as many guns as they could from veterans citing reasons related to PTSD diagnoses. This move made a lot of sense when one realizes that veterans would form the backbone of any resistance movement against the coming martial law tyranny.

      3. WE are at war!!!!!!!

        If OBOZO says that we are safe tonight, it is 100% certain LA or NY will disappear in a mushroom cloud asap!

        “Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog”
        Winston Churchill.

        • Amos Moses.

          Who would give a Rats Ass too.

        • “We are at war.” Yes we are, tragically with our own government. When you ponder, who has the power to stop the Obama Islamic insanity? The only answer is Congress, and Congress for seven years has done absolutely nothing but line up to facilitate the Obama Administration’s sedition. And don’t get me started on SCOTUS. Whether intentionally or ignorantly, their combined treasonous acts have been motivated by their own self-interest. You ask, is America still great? My answer to you is that it is only as great as the politicians we’ve elected. Stand tall my fellow citizens! We are so (fill in the blank)! Our nation is on the trajectory of a gliding anvil. Now, in a moment of clarity, tell me exactly how you propose to prevent the anvil’s inevitable impact with reality. If your bored today, you may want to locate your ankles so you don’t have to search for them when given short notice.

          • Buffalolips.

            Congress does not want to be labeled RACIST.
            SCOTUS is nothing but a bunch of OLD CLOWNS. Most of the people of the US don’t care as long as they get their freebies.

            Don’t worry about my ankles. Its either the butt or the business end of the rifle they will get.

            I’m tired of the bullshit and we going to get another pile of it when Ninny goes on T.V. tonight.

      4. ht tp://

        I’ll just post it and not be in moderation:

        “””I have a few terse points for Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., Editor Dean Baquet, their subordinate editors of The New York Times, and all others of their ilk:
        1.The words of our Founding Fathers were unequivocal: “…the right of The People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Those words can only be taken one way.
        2.There are more privately-owned guns in America that there are inhabitants. The task of attempting go out and collect them is a Fool’s Errand.
        3.These are indeed ‘”weapons of war.” They are in fact our most important militia weapons. It was the specific intent of our Founding Fathers that our civilian populace be armed on an equal footing with any standing army. They have their M4s and we have ours. And by the way we also have even more powerful scoped deer rifles with 500-yard effective range. Millions of them.
        4.Even if just 3% of the citizenry were to take up arms against your intended tyranny, we would still outnumber the combined strength of the police and military by a substantial margin.
        5.There are 10.3 million licensed deer hunters in the United States, and around 22 million military veterans.
        6.Not everyone in law enforcement and the military will go along with your scheme. Many of them will have the backbone to stand against you.
        7.Any attempt to disarm the citizenry by force will surely be met by a matching resisting force. Aggression begets aggression. It will be you and your minions who will be the first initiators of force, not us.
        Lastly, and most importantly:

        8.You hint of “insurrection.” Yea, if you continue using such fighting words and if the fools in Congress do indeed enact such unconstitutional legislation, then by God, you will spark an insurrection of the sort that has not been seen in this land since 1781. There will be a second Civil War, and it will be concluded in a matter of weeks, not years. There will be blood, and that blood will be on the hands of the tyrants, not We The People.

        Tyrants deserve to have their bodies dragged through the streets. It happened to Benito Mussolini. It happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu. It happened to Muammar Gaddafi. Be warned: History does not precisely repeat, but it often rhymes.

        If you want my guns, sir, then come and take them. But when you send your thugs to my ranch, tell them to bring plenty of body bags and extra grub. Because they’ll certainly need them.”””

        Sincerely, – James Wesley, Rawles

        • Amen Mister Rawles!

        • They won’t send thugs, they will do a drone attack. I like Rawles but he is not the most awake person. It only makes sense to take out ranches etc. with drones. It is a very efficient and less costly and safer for them. 30K+ drones in the US can take out a LOT of targets…

          • Will the Muslims be flying these drones ? Looks like. We might have our hands full. Who else would fire on the American people?

            • Who? Zitfaced punk kids that grew up on video games and joined the military and UN/NATO techies.

          • Genius,
            you (and others) might wish to know that the BLM has been for several years that i know of ALREADY using drones to monitor some of the BLM land and they have been trying to get to the point where they can monitor it ALL with drones, the problem they are having is getting the permits required total operation and so far they cannot prove there drones are safe around the civil aircraft, SO it is coming and you see my point, I agree with you drones will be used against US! be prepared fro them!

          • I have drones too, assault on rawles will be an assault on us all.

        • Well, it looks like Rawles is good for something after all.

          • If they have drones that can spray chemicals at GPS. Coordinates . Like the ones they took at the last census. They could target red list homes without pilots. Maybe that’s why it says in the book . If you are in your fields don’t go back to your house to get your coat ? Gas masks and chemical. Suits anyone?

        • amen brother

        • Ceausescu’s wife had her wish granted: The ‘insurgents’ caved and executed them together. She got her happy ending.

        • {handclaps and whistling} amen! That’ll preach! Thank you Mr. Rawles!

      5. Nuke goes off in the West…Saudi is glassed over.

        • The voices of the people in unison,

          Help me, Obi Wan Kanobi. Help Me.

        • Sounds like some great skateboarding dream. Lol!

      6. Yep what he said and to add the ones who do not have a scope will just keep firing and raising trajectory till we do hit them thats why we have so many bullets

      7. Well it will be interesting to hear (second hand of course) what the jug eared, racist, Kenyan, Commie says tonight.

        • Plain Old American.

          You can bet that should an attack by ISIS happens the Ninny in the White House will blame Patriots/Preppers also.

          How much of this administration is Muslim.
          Obama said he would side with the Muslims.
          Call to Prayer is the Most Beautiful Sound.
          Did he say we have 57 states.


            Said exactly what I thought he’d say “No fly list=no guns” Watch that freak try an executive order. Watch gun sales go off the charts again. Get ready, here it comes…

            • Ammo sales are already going off the chart. Got an email from an online ammo dealer I regularly order from that said to expect delays in shipping due to higher than normal demand.

      8. Had a guest preacher at church this morning and he gave the vibe that we don’t have much time left. He didn’t spend the whole sermon on the end game. It comes up from time to time though. There is much more to the gospel. These people want us all dead and they will stop at nothing to make it happen. I’m between newyork and Boston it’s gonna be hell on earth sept 11 was the the beginning now it will be out done. It will likely end up in world war. I think it’s gonna be bio weapons like a deadly flu strain. Does it matter how they kill millions as long as they fulfil their agenda. Your guns are nothing but a toy compared to wmd’s.

        • Im thinking he diddent spend much time on subject knowing that its not that were almost out of time but more so we are out of time so better be right with God kinda like condolences

      9. When ISIS gets smarter, they will start going after the infrastructure in the US and EU. Be ready for cold and dark when the electricity stops.

        • Would stakeing them out in the cold winter naked be against geniva convention and just how long would it take for allah to come save them. Do you have to be in armed forces to follow apply to you geniva convention

          • ISIS is a quasi-government, the rules of war apply, but they are an ‘insurgent’, so the rules apply only because we say they do. No, staking them out is not permitted. Hanging them for treason, piracy, murder, etc., is permitted.

            • smokey

              Maybe just maybe if they stopped supplying them and truly stopped their oil revenues ISIS would wither like grapes on a vine.

              Rand Paul more or less said the above and there was no discussion or rebuttal in the debate. No one challenged him and said, “We’re not doing that”. We’re watching a theatrical stage show thats worthy of a Tony Award.

              “All the world is a stage”. That it is Mr Shakespeare, that it is.

              • Yep, end their sales of oil through Turkey and they will be out of business in a few months.

        • It is written.

      10. Do the terrorists fill out a 4473 when they purchase a WMD?

        • Kevin

          No, because he made them promise to vote Democratic in the next election.

        • Yea its called a visa greencard

      11. Ha ha thats funny vote in next election. Be sure to watch at 8 tonight when he tells us how bad he is going to stick it to us and our guns in order to stop terrorism. Poor billy is still struggling with his addiction to pornography of fear and paranoia i suppose he must watch the news

        • As pink floyd put it. and the worms ate into his brain.

      12. Hey remember on the news in paris when that dad kept on telling the little boy we have flowers every time the little boy said but they have guns. Its the new code word we shall reference the word flowers to bigger guns so dont bring a bb or pellet gun to a flower fight and can you all please not say my flower is bigger than yours or my flower shoots farther than yours

        • My flower smells better??

          • My farts smell sumthin’ wicked.
            Gass warfare via my anus.
            Scratch ‘n’ sniff if you dare!

      13. Muslims flying drones with chemical weapons could just spray us . If you shot it down at close range your sprayed.

        • That’s OK. I am tried of this meatsuit anyway. I am ready to surf with the silver surfer. 😉

          • Dam what if they have drones that just drop chemicals at GPS coordinates . Like they took at the last census? Maybe that’s why it says if you are in the fields don’t go back to your house to get your coat . They wouldn’t need anyone to pilot the drones . A chemical spray of your house at night . Because you are on the red list. We wouldn’t have a chance. To fight. Maybe that’s why they don’t care what we.want.

            • Fear not. The constitution is the law of this land. Liberals are only communist In Sheep’s clothing. Making laws that go against the laws of this land are null and void. A jury trial is what is needed if you are tried by these illegal laws. A judge may just burn you according to these illegal laws if he is a commie in sheeples clothing. If twelve Americans find you guilty of such illegal laws which I doubt, then teach the bill of rights to all who will listen. Write them in your mind and enforce them with all your heart wherever you are now or may bein the future. It is our duty as sons and daughters of the republic to teach and write them again in the minds and hearts to all who are willing to hear!

              • Is obeying an illegal unconstitutional law treason? You would be obeying the enemy . That’s helping the enemy.? Anyone endorsing or enforsing an unconstitutional law is the domestic enemy. A judge said it was constitutional. And a judge would never lie or be part of the domestic enemy group. In the end each one of us must be a judge . Or we will be like sheep lead to the slaughter.

      14. When do the fired Generals take command.

      15. Why am I in censorship?

        • B from Ca

          It’s like flying through Atlanta.

      16. NO SHIT !!!!
        I remember what was it 100 suitcase nukes went missing when the USSR, fell.

        Lets get it over with I want a all expenses unlimited PAID vacation to HEAVEN.

        • Small nuclear weapons are maintenance nightmare. Most of the designs for very small nukes require a tritium pit, a tiny core that contains a neutron source like tritium. Tritium has a short half life and becomes useless in just a few years.

          Tritium is used in self powered fluorescent gun sights and self powered glow in the dark watches and compasses. After 5 to 10 years they stop glowing.

          Point is small nukes have a limited shelf life and need replacement tritium pits installed periodically. Tritium must be produced in nuclear reactors. It is beyond all but a handful of nations to collect and concentrate it to required levels.

          • Plan twice, prep once

            I knew that they were very difficult to manufacture but thank God they don’t have a long shelf life.

            Thanks for that informative information, interesting.

          • plan

            I understand but upgrades were also stolen.
            you know how that goes if you got the money
            you can get everything.

            And let us not forget all the former soviet scientist that did not have a job when the wall feel, but were hired by ?

      17. OH !!
        One more thing pull your pants down and slide on the ice.

        • oh, to go back to the nice and easy days when MASH was on and the biggest problem was hoping your kids weren’t smoking pot afterschool.

      18. This past week should be a wake up call Americans and Europeans. Its past time for responsible citizens to Arm up, stock up on ammmo.

        This includes getting a CCW permit, training and practice.

        • I wonder if a ccw permit puts you on the red list? Might be better not to obey an unconstitutional law. Isn’t that our duty?

      19. I still believe that something big will happen before the election, wether its a number of large mass shooting or multiple huge bombing in various cities.

        Then Obummer cancels the elections for gov continuity and security. Congess does absolutely nothing to stop him. He declares martial law which can only be supported in big cities while the rural areas go unpatroled/controled.

        Large groups of patriots control large areas of rural America. We slide into a sort of civil war. Lots or LEOs dont support the gov action.

        Also between now and the election Donal Trump needs to watch his back. The RNC may get someone to assinate him. He is far too scary to the PTB and the establishment repubs.

        • If Trump gets “assinated” will he require stitches to close the wound? Can he catch AIDS?

          • Will Arnold Schwartzenegger star in the made-for-tv movie as “The Assinator”?

            • Seems like Obama is backed in a corner .And you know what cornered rats do.

      20. Question for some one who served in armored tank div. If you were good enough and lucky enough to get a round down a tank barell useing steel core armor peircing round would it set off the tank shell or swell it

        • Godsoldier, I look forward to the answer. Was hoping mythbusters would check that out.
          I think even a standard .308 round (man, I miss my HK91) would do something serious to a tank round inside the barrel.
          Someone here will know.

          • The sensors and optics are what you want to disable.

            Problem is, you were in tank range long before the tank was in rifle range.

        • I think the round would have to lodge between the barrel and the tank round where the ogive meets the barrel.

          Given the pressure of the fired tank round, it’s going to flatten your .308 jacketed round and continue out the barrel. Might bulge the barrel slightly.

          I think the tank rounds don’t arm themselves for a few hundred yards, I doubt if you hit one on the nose you would blow it up in the barrel.

      21. Rest assured if Moslem’s use a WMD it will be against a primarily Democrat ruled target. My choice would be a biological weapon. My dad was a degreed Microbiologist and I used to help him make Typhus in his labs as he worked towards his degree. Any fool can grow really nasty bugs, the trick is to do it safely. Distribution is simple and difficult to trace. I would go with small pox. I got my last small pox shot in 1977( military, as I was on world wide mobility alert). Most of the population has not had Small pox shots in the last 50 years. 80-90% of the population in an infected area will die within days. I’d use public transportation to spread it.
        Like the movie “12 monkeys”.
        My only problem is why would Moslems attack America, when Democrats are destroying the place and all the Moslems have to do is sit quietly and watch?

      22. Are the Muslims the clean up crew

      23. Who will give me a second yes for mac to be renamed paul revere and be the one to call too arms

        • Godsoldier

          Mac is many Patriots rolled into one.

          • Yup.
            He’s a goodspud that’s for sure.
            Thanks Mac.

      24. This should be expected in Europe with it’s open borders and encouragement of unchecked Islamic migration into the EU countries.

        We’re lucky it can’t happen here.

        • oh yes it can. if they have the knowledge, they can make bombs, not nuclear; but enough to kill dozens in some well populated public place and that’s enough to terrorize the usa.

      25. Here we go….. “We need to make these weapons like they used in California harder for these terrorists to acquire.”

        Ok, so do we outlaw black pipe now?

        • Let’s see, the rifles were illegal in California, obtained by a straw purchase, illegally modified after purchase, and one was furnished to a resident alien who was not allowed to possess any firearms.

          Just how many bites do you want at the gun control apple, anyway?

      26. Will somebody please give President Obama another Nobel Peace Prize while I go throw up..

      27. Things getting spooky ’round here this evening. Maybe look for something to happen Christmas Eve in Europe?

        • It’s too late for Europe. muslims all all over and even after Paris, there is not one outing of any radicals in Europe by any other muslims living nearby that know someone in their neighborhood is up to something.

          I have been posting with the muslims, possible WW3 and the global debts that is you had been putting off a trip you always wanted; to take it. You can not cross that trip off if it was to Europe.

      28. I watched Omurderer on the tv tonight with the sound muted. What a con job! I don’t know what he said but I know that he is pure evil just by watching his delivery. He is a highly polished turd who lies with impunity, a Jewish globalist tool.

        • `
          Obama got me drunk again !

          I cannot watch him sober.

      29. Thie European s leadership pissed themselves over a few beheadings this summer and at last count they basically surrendered to Islam by allowing 850,000 Syrian hard dicks into there lands. I would love to see that video AE posted where the Swedes had there little girls dressed in tutu’s say basically ‘cum take us..’ There appears no helping Europe this time. These WMD s will only insure compliance of the spineless European Union unconditional surrender. Those brave souls who resist will most likely be killed. Unless they quickly remove or eradicate the seeds of Satan they and their children will be sexual slaves to the perverts of Islam forever.

      30. Seriously?

        You still believe the nuclear energy/bombs hoax?


      31. A nuclear bomb won’t fit in the trunk of a car.

        Also, all nuclear explosions have a signature- we would know who sold the bomb to ISIS. No country is willing to do it.

        • True, but a nuke will fit inside the hold of a ship with lots of room to spare.

          I’m not concerned with ISIS buying a nuke, I’m concerned with them being given a nuke. Iran is just about nuts enough to do that. Pakistan is corrupt enough and riddled with enough Islamists to where their nuke security is not as good as it should be.

          ISIS could easily make a ‘dirty bomb’ using Semtex and any small quantity of fissionable material. Not a nuke, but a city would be uninhabitable for decades or centuries. Think Chernobyl.

        • A trial by jury quoting the law of this land will not end in conviction. You may go through hell during this time but we must all be tried by fire sooner or later.

        • They can fit a nuke in a briefcase.

      32. So have they found nukes hidden in central germany or a truck full of chemical weapons in Paris or maybe a bit of fungus in London.

        “ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN” but what will happen is yet more of our rights will be removed in this phony war on terror when we are not going to let the terrorists change our way of life apart from watching every move people make, record and process what they all say.

        The USA is behind ISIS and so are many of it’s friends but what “COULD HAPPEN” is that we all get nuked because Russia is blowing ISIS to bits and Israel does not like that because they wanted to own Syria minus its people.

        Our nations are being ran by traitors, anything could happen, it’s 1984 down to a ‘T’ with the odd false flag to keep us all beleiving in this BS

      33. In UK the HOME SECRETARY who wanted a TERRORIST FAMILY DEPORTED was over turned in court.
        Cameron says it is ok to BLOW up terrorists in syria. yet in UK government is giving TERRORISTS benefits & houses!

        We need to deport terrorists families & hang the terrorists, then we will win this war!

      34. Do it and I will fucking nuke Mecca and salt the earth there with pig shit.

        Mutually assured destruction, a-holes.

      35. Ever read through the ‘patriot’ Act? Prepare for the loss of even more freedom & liberty soon.

      36. not sure how you go overland from Pakistan to Libya….

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