Report: They Knew It Was Coming: June 29, 2001: “Major Casualties”; “Dramatic Consequences”; “Imminent Threat” ; “Will Occur Soon”

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    The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.

    Project for a New American Century – Rebuilding America’s Defenses (September 2000)  [link]

    Prepared, in Part, By :  Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Former Vice President Dick Cheney, President of the World Bank Paul Wolfowitz

    Over a decade after the largest domestic attack in U.S. history, there are still many unanswered questions about what happened on September 11, 2001 and why.

    While the Bush administration denied that they could have possibly seen such an event coming, a disclosure of CIA documents reveals that they did, in fact, have foreknowledge that a major attack was in its final planning stages, and that it would be coordinated and large-scale attack with major casualties.

    Was the Bush Administration incompetent in its handling of intelligence that was warning of an imminent attack, or were there bigger forces at play?

    The direct warnings to Mr. Bush about the possibility of a Qaeda attack began in the spring of 2001. By May 1, the Central Intelligence Agency told the White House of a report that “a group presently in the United States” was planning a terrorist operation. Weeks later, on June 22, the daily brief reported that Qaeda strikes could be “imminent,” although intelligence suggested the time frame was flexible.

    And the C.I.A. repeated the warnings in the briefs that followed. Operatives connected to Bin Laden, one reported on June 29, expected the planned near-term attacks to have “dramatic consequences,” including major casualties. On July 1, the brief stated that the operation had been delayed, but “will occur soon.” Some of the briefs again reminded Mr. Bush that the attack timing was flexible, and that, despite any perceived delay, the planned assault was on track.

    Yet, the White House failed to take significant action. Officials at the Counterterrorism Center of the C.I.A. grew apoplectic. On July 9, at a meeting of the counterterrorism group, one official suggested that the staff put in for a transfer so that somebody else would be responsible when the attack took place, two people who were there told me in interviews. The suggestion was batted down, they said, because there would be no time to train anyone else.

    In the aftermath of 9/11, Bush officials attempted to deflect criticism that they had ignored C.I.A. warnings by saying they had not been told when and where the attack would occur. That is true, as far as it goes, but it misses the point. Throughout that summer, there were events that might have exposed the plans, had the government been on high alert. Indeed, even as the Aug. 6 brief was being prepared, Mohamed al-Kahtani, a Saudi believed to have been assigned a role in the 9/11 attacks, was stopped at an airport in Orlando, Fla., by a suspicious customs agent and sent back overseas on Aug. 4. Two weeks later, another co-conspirator, Zacarias Moussaoui, was arrested on immigration charges in Minnesota after arousing suspicions at a flight school. But the dots were not connected, and Washington did not react.

    Could the 9/11 attack have been stopped, had the Bush team reacted with urgency to the warnings contained in all of those daily briefs? We can’t ever know. And that may be the most agonizing reality of all.

    Source: NY Times

    The September 11th attacks directly led to the tragic deaths of over 3,500 Americans. At the time it would have been impossible for most people to fathom the implications it would have on everyday life in America – and the world.

    Over a decade on, when looking in hindsight, a much sharper picture emerges.

    Though conspiratorial in nature, one can’t ignore the fact that key players in the Bush Administration had, just a year before, developed a document [pdf] that discussed the centralization of government power, expansion of military influence (domestically and abroad), management of the internet and cyberspace, and the expansion of American hegemony to all resource-rich corners of the Earth.

    While the plan was always to “rebuild America,” without a catalyzing event as a pretext the transofrmation of could have taken many decades.

    September 11th fast-tracked that fundamental transformation and allowed President Bush, and then his successor President Obama, to initiate a blanket of security directives, military action and domestic legislation that would have been unheard of previously.

    In addition to being used as a pre-text to deploy the United States military in force across nearly the whole of the middle east, the blowback has enveloped every aspect of American life from the way we travel and communicate, to how we engage in commerce and behave in society.

    By all accounts, we are less free today than we were before September of 2011, and one can’t ignore that it was this single event that triggered the many geo-political and social machinations of the last ten years.

    Stopping short of suggesting that President Bush, the US military, and national intelligence agencies were all “in on it,” is it out of the question to suggest that someone, somewhere – perhaps a conglomeration of elite global political and business interests – may have taken steps to let these events play out in the hopes that it would allow for a more rapid expansion and coming to fruition of ideas and ideals that were outlined in the Project for a New American Century and other initiatives?

    While unimaginable for the majority of the people of this planet, some of those in the upper echelons of the global power structure live by a different set of rules and have goals that we may never be fully privvy to.

    It’s happened throughout history, why should we believe without question that it can’t – or hasn’t – happened to us?


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      1. Get Ready to Rumble…

        • I truly don’t trust the government about anything that could cause any type of disruptive issues. I trust the government even less about natural disasters, they won’t tell anyone when one is coming IF they can explain it off. Can’t do that with hurricanes and tornadoes, but they sure as hell can with earthquakes, and solar flares that they know are going to hit the planet.

          My philosophy is don’t trsut this government about ANYTHING that they can hide or fool the majority of the population into believing. They can always dismiss anything off as a conspiracy as long as enough of the masses will believe it. A double middle finger up to those in the government that hide the truth from people.

          • “””Stopping short of suggesting that President Bush, the US military, and national intelligence agencies were all “in on it,” “””

            Why stop short? Just picture DICK Cheney sitting in a bunker telling the military to “stand down” as the attacks were happening and you no longer have a reason to.

            Just look at the Building 7 collapse if the other two controlled demolitions were not enough.

            While we will never be able to prove anything for sure because much of the evidence was quickly disposed of and there are too many “official” lies accepted by too many sheep, there is more than enough evidence remaining for a reasonable Man to conclude that the corp was complicit, ie., directly involved.

            The tragedy is not the World Trade centers and the death of the 3,500 people there, or the thousands that have died and will die prematurely because of it. The tragedy is what the lies surrounding it are doing to the country at the hands of the same criminals who made it happen.

            But even more, it is a greater tragedy that most of the people still believe the lies as truth, and the liars who speak them as protectors of liberty.

            I have fired them all and have chosen to be the protector of my own freedom. Hopefully, most here have done the same.

            • Thank you very much friend!!! I couldn’t have said that better if I tried…

            • Every time that “Bin Laden” is associated with 9/11, WE all get a little “dumber”. Every time anyone does anything that in any way supports the “fairy-tale” that Obama “killed” Bin Laden in May of last year (killing a man already dead for a decade is apparently a “notable accomplishment)is continuing to support an OBVIOUS/BLATANT politically convenient LIE…that makes EVERYONE geometrically MUCH “dumber”.

              My guess is, “dumb enough” to vote November 6…and still believe “I will do my civic duty and make my voice heard. To do less would be a patriotic failing/irresponsible”.

              Continuing to believe YOUR vote actually matters in this sewer system…is the SINGLE best definition of a “patriotic fail”. How THICK can a skull actually be that describes “not voting” as a vote for Obama. WHO CARES! Obama or Romney, Romney or Obama, cancer or heart attack, heart attack or cancer…both WILL KILL YOU. Go to the rigged ballot box and by all means: PICK YOUR POISON. Bottoms up.

            • GC


              This was the predilection for all that is upon us now..

              Planned to perfection except for those of us who question everything..

              And they have enacted more than enough to quietly silent us as well come the time..

              I join you as the protector of my own freedom as well.

              Afterall they can only silent us once..

              But many will carry the torch after we are gone.

              And there are many..


            • Even thou I believe that there is a lot fishy about the whole event and cover up, Building 7 csme down all by its self.
              I used to work there and it was a poorly designed building to begin with. There was a power substation in the way so they just built over it. It never ever would have been allowed to be built in an area of sismic or high winds

            • 9-11 Missing Links, by Mike Delaney. The best and most truthful and accurate and in-depth documentary on 9-11 ever made; it should be mandatory viewing for all Americans.

              I sat down the other night and started watching this latest 9-11 documentary, 9-11 Explosive Evidence – the Experts Speak Out, and I made it about 10 minutes, before I got bored and turned it off. It might have gotten better, later on – but, it started out with a bunch of faces being interviewed and all they had to talk about was to explain their ‘credentials’ as a justification for their being interviewed about the subject. BORING, people.

              I wanted red meat. I wanted to see Israel and the 5th column of treasonous, criminal Neo-Cons being hoisted up on a steel spike and then systematically castrated, gutted, disemboweled – and then I wanted to see their guts and intestines and severed body parts held up to the eyes of the entire world and labeled as TREASONOUS RATS.

              Incidentally, lately I’ve seen a few timid disinfo efforts being made in some circles that seek to question whether 3,500 or so people really did die at the WTC towers on that day, or was the death toll far lower?
              Makes me wonder if the perps are trying to downplay the significance of their High Treason and collaboration with Israel in pulling the deed off.

              Does everyone remember that big spread of real estate that Jorge Wmn Boosch bought down in Paraguay? At the time, we all thought that this was going to be his escape hideaway – his modern day equivalent to Butch Cassidy’s old Hole-in-The-Wall hideout.

              You think he and his Bush Family cronies have that place protected with a Patriot Missile Defense System battery?
              Or, maybe some kind of new Space Age Deflector Shield?

              Just asking, ya know? Because, in today’s world – bad guys can’t really hide out from justice indefinitely. Well, if you’re already dead like Osama Bin Laden – your ghost can hide out and if you have some pals in Hollywood who can hire actors to play you in videos – I guess you can hide out, but a war criminal and a mass murderer that was a former head of state and who’s wanted for High Treason, well, I don’t think Paraguay is far enough away that any fugitives from justice could hide there for very long.


              Never again!

              Prosecute and punish the perpetrators—including their banksters, mouthpieces, enablers, and puppets! Run every last one of the guilty to ground. Let every one found guilty be punished at Nuremberg for their crimes against humanity.

            • Look at the old news and private videos: 1.the 2nd plane that was seen flying into the tower had no windows. How many passenger planes have no windows?
              2. The initial hole in the pentagon was about 2 stories high and completely round. But they say a huge plane flew through it. No tracks on the ground, no sign of the wings damaging the building. No airplane parts left outfront. What happened to the wings and how did a huge passanger plane cruise along the ground and strike the building head on and never leave a mark on the lawn? And this with a novice and this with a novice a the controls.
              3. The first responders reported the ground floor blown apart as if by high power bombs and the stair wells blown apart at various places even though the plane and the fire were high up. And the basement was blown apart.
              4. The towers fell straight down. They did not topple over like any other tall building when it it damaged. They fell straight down like a demolition.
              I am no expert on any of this. But if I can see this in old news videos why can’t the “experts”.

          • The only time you can trust the government is when they say they’re going to kill you.

            • 9/11 was an inside job. Period.

              Gold Leader standing by.

        • Great article Mac. Not only that. BUT, CIA had been asking the WH for months for authorization for more covert action against Al Qaeda.

          Authorization that was repeatedly denied by the WH. Why?

          GWB is a criminal and a traitor to this nation. He allowed fully one third of the American manufacturing base to relocate offshore taking 42,400 factories and 60 million American jobs with it, destroying the American economy.

          He allowed the GB’s to destroy the American banking system, then allowed them to collect the insurance from US to the tune of $800 billion, while RETAINING equity ownership in their banking franchise.

          GWB started the Iraq war under false pretenses to minimize the threat to Israel and extend Crony Capitalism depleting an already financially stressed American treasury.

          He allowed the GB’s to combine retail and investment banking under one authority allowing the GB’s to gamble with American depositor funds, rather than their own money which had been the historical norm.

          He gave the Uber Rich preferential tax subsidies under the pretext that it would create jobs …. and it did … in China.

          The result is that the 6,000 richest families in the country have increased their wealth by $100 million while the middle class has loss 40% of their “wealth”.

          This SOB planted ALL of the seeds of destruction for America and should be facing a trial by the people for TREASON.


          • @DK….

            For once….we agree.

            • Thanks for encouragement Walt! Glad to see you’re coming around! 🙂

          • Pretty impressive path of destruction for as dumb fuck. Jamie Gorelick has a big part of the blame in this as she set up the wall between agencies so they could not share information. This was done to protect Clintoon and his foreign money connections with the Riadys, you know the Indonesian billionaire that Clinton in one of his last acts in office put our soft coal mines off limits by making them a national monument so he could give Riady a monoploy on the soft coal business. Lets not forget Gore who also as a last minute gesture gave the Elk Hills naval Oil Reserve to Occidental. Just how the hell does the VP even have the authority do do that. Just wait when we see what Obama has in store for us if he is re elected.

            • Dumb he may have been, but he didn’t have to PLAN it … he had help. DK, you’re the only other person I’ve ever heard say GWB should be up on treason charges. Here here.

          • All presidents should be up on treason charges, from at least the time the Fed Res was even a plan. Its not “one” person. It also has nothing to do with presidents in the long run, the american scociety should be up on treason charges. The people are the voice of the country, if nothing has been done by the masses to stop this lunacy, then it is the masses who are ultimately guilty. We are not “controlled” by the few, unless you agree you have no control over you’re own mind.

        • Blame Bush….because “Forward” isn’t working.

      2. The NY Times as a reputable source? Really?

        • I said the same thing when I went through this report — however, from what I understand these are official documents. However we look at it, and whatever the source is, if the documents are legitimate they cast a whole new light on the events of 9/11, in my humble opinion.

          I think many of us tin foil hat wearers already had our suspicions – this report just further supports those theories.

          • Whole heartedly agree, Mac. Good timing for this article. We, the true American Patriots, should never forget 9/11 and who was responsible for it and who was “possibly” in on it.

            I remember the events of that day vividly. I remember the events that followed that day when having a discussion with one of my close friends. Being a retired military paraplegic, he was glued to the TV stations. He said “Tread, they shot down the plane at Shanksville.” I remarked “How’s that.” He said while watching the news, a reporter in the Shanksville area was doing interviews and when a farmer in the area was asked if he heard anything, he said he found what appeared to be parts of a jet plane scattered across an area of his land. The transmission was immediately cut off and the man and the reporter were squelched but not until it was determined that the impact/crash zone was about two miles away. Go figure.

            • I was also told the plane was shot down by a man I dated in college. He was military and had seen the wreckage. I was young and didn’t really have an interest in the subject but I always remember him telling me that. Those poor people trying to fight the highjackers never had a chance.

            • All one really needs to know for sure that many were in on this is to note:
              A 2 and 1/2 hour attack??? and not one lane sent to take them down???
              19 Arabs with box cutters infiltrated a multi-billion dollar defense system at the most guarded building on earth???
              End of story.

          • Charlott Iserbyt has an article today at newswithviews web site. She wrote a book “The deliberate dumbing down of america”…..Its Not about 9/11 But Is related as to How this all began earlier,,,When Reagan was Prez, heres a few excerpts go read her article for entire stuf.

            As Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, 1981-1983, I served as liaison to the President’s Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives. The following information is taken from “the deliberate dumbing down of America,” 1999, pp. 175-176.

            Interestingly enough, and hard to accept, is the fact that none of this “planned” change in our economic system and form of government would have been tolerated had the building blocks not been put in place by prominent so-called “conservative” Republicans: President Ronald Reagan and Edward Feulner, Chairman of the Heritage Foundation, the leading conservative group in the nation. The following quote from an article in the May 14, 1984 issue of The Washington Post entitled “Industrial Policy Urged for GOP” sheds some light on behind-the-scenes activities which have led to acceptance of school choice and corporate-fascist workforce training necessary for a planned economy:

            From “the deliberate dumbing down of America”, pp. 299-300: “A conservative study group founded by supporters of President Reagan is about to issue a report that advocates Republicans shed some of their deep-rooted antipathy to a planned economy. The “Industrial Policy Debate” is to be issued today by the Institute for Contemporary Studies, a think tank founded by Presidential Counselor Edwin Meese, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, and other Reagan supporters.

            CHECK OUT: Romnys FATHER and Mormon church connections!

            “EARLY IN 1981 THE PRESIDENT’S TASK FORCE ON PRIVATE SECTOR INITIATIVES WAS INstalled at 734 Jackson Place, N.W., Washington, D.C. Membership listed on The White House letterhead read like a “Who’s Who” of individuals in government agencies, universities, tax-exempt foundations, non-governmental organizations, business, media, labor unions, and religion. The names of some individuals on the task force follow: William Aramony, president, United Way; William J. Baroody, Jr., president, American Enterprise Institute; Helen G. Boosalis, mayor, City of Lincoln, Nebraska; Terence Cardinal Cooke, archbishop of New York; Governor Pierre S. Dupont, Delaware; Senator David Durenberger; Luis A. Ferre, former governor of Puerto Rico; John Gardner, chairman, Independent Sector; Edward Hill, pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church; Michael S. Joyce, executive director, John M. Olin Foundation; Edward H. Kiernan, president, International Association of Police; Arthur Levitt, Jr., chairman, American Stock Exchange; Richard W. Lyman, president, Rockefeller Foundation; Elder Thomas S. Monson, The MormonChurch; William C. Norris, chairman and CEO, Control Data Corporation; George Romney, chairman, National Center for Citizen Involvement; C. William Verity, Jr., chairman, Armco Steel, Inc.; Jeri J. Winger, first vice president, General Federation of Women’s Clubs; Thomas H. Wyman, president, CBS, Inc.; and William S. White, president, C.S. Mott Foundation.

            This totally new and un-American concept of partnerships between the public and private sector has been readily accepted by our elected officials who ignore its roots in socialism and its implications for the discontinuation of our representative form of government and accountability to the taxpayers. Under the “partnership” process, determining responsibility when something goes wrong is like pinning jello to the wall.

            SHE GOT FIRED! For leeking dept of education/reagan plans to Human events magaz! She was a whistle blower early on!

            As a U.S. Department of Education liaison with The White House during the early days of this initiative this writer inquired of one of President Reagan’s political appointees whether this initiative was not corporate fascism; a politically incorrect question that resulted in someone else replacing me as Liaison with The White House.”

            USA’s Main Number One “Conservative Org. Heritage foundation is whos idea NAFTA was!….Klinton did nafta yes, but if Originated with Reagan admin.! Two sides of Same Cion R’s and D’s eh.

            The idea of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) originated with Heritage Fellow Richard Allen and has long been advocated by Heritage policy analysts…. The idea of creating a North American free trade zone from the Yukon to the Yucatan was first proposed by Heritage Distinguished Fellow Richard Allen in the late 1970s, refined by then Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, and further developed in a major 1986 Heritage Foundation study. (p. 4)

            Ed. Note: The Free Trade Agreement got the ball rolling for the development of skills standards by the newly formed National Skills Standards Board, endorsed by the U.S. Labor Department Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) study originated under Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole, and eventually led to the School-to-Work Opportunities Act and the dumbing down of American education curriculum for workforce training. With all of this emphasis on “standards” it should be pointed out that NAFTA allows exchanges of all categories of professionals, with those coming from Mexico and Canada having met their own countries’ standards, not necessarily equal to those required in the United States. If this process evolves the way most of these exchange processes have in the past, that disparity will be addressed in one of two ways—by changing U.S. standards to match foreign standards, or by altering both NAFTA nations’ standards to align with international standards like ISO 9000 or ISO 1400]

            ULTIMATE GOAL= UN Kontrol of USA! aka= NWO!!!

            The ultimate goal for those who wish to put us into a collectivized regional government system under the UN will take place due to acceptance of this corporate fascist agenda. And, unlike in the past. when we had locally elected school boards to which we could register our complaints, there will be nowhere to go to complain since charter schools are run by unelected councils. Unelected council form of government is, by the way, the Soviet council form of government.

            What Ledell is recommending (publicly funded, tax funded PRIVATE education) is being recommended by LePage and Bowen at the direction of the Obama Administration, the Heritage Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations. This is happening all over the country since the above agenda belongs to the National Governors Association (NGA), and the Governors take their orders from the NGA. Same for the state affiliates of the Heritage Foundation which take their orders from Heritage in Washington, D.C.

            This NEA, NGA, CFR, Heritage Foundation plan, unfortunately being accepted and promoted by many well-meaning conservatives and Tea Party groups (not all, thank goodness…many are withdrawing their support when they get the information I am providing in this email) spells not only the end of private education, but, of utmost importance, and please read this over and over:


            This stuf ALL Ties into 9/11 attacks and most all of whats occured the last 100yrs. While scammed citizens remain baffled and concerned on school issues as well as other agendas. 9/1 got the ball rolling for the “Military/Police State” agenda parts of the Bigger Picture Plans.

            Pay atten to /9/11 and broken schools ed while We Your evil polititions and think tanks move fwd to a NWO!

            Keep em busy and confused by use of dems and repubs etc.

            • AngeloM: You’re on the right track. There’s been no real difference between the Demopublicans and the Republicrats for nearly 100 years. One group of financiers backs one party and a group of others back the opposition. The bottom line is that they, the money people, want to rule the world through their chosen politicans. Don’t believe me, read USMC Gen.S. Bulter’s book “War Is A Racket”. He was a double recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. He said that the military was nothing more than the ‘hired muscle’ for big money interests-period! He wrote this 80 years ago and some of the names have changed but the game goes on to this day. All this crap about spreading democracy and such is so that fools like you and me will join the military and fight. We’re all being played for suckers. Ah, but there’s a silver lining to all of this. America, the EU, and just about the rest of the world has over extended itself and we are all about to run out of money. That debt crisis magically disappeared a few months ago is still there waiting until after the election. TPTB were just buying some time because they know the game is just about up and we are going to get hosed. No Money = no NWO. See, there’s a happy ending after all. For those of us who have prepped we will be the new mercahnt ($$$) class after the smoke clears because we’ll have what everyone else, that is those who survive, need and want. Got preps and got skills?

          • if hindsight were 20/20 then i guess we would all have perfect vision….i am not surprised by this article and i am not questioning the facts that it purports..but as we all know, the federal government operates in a completely different time zone then the rest of us and sadly, i dont think that they could have done anything about what had happened..and look at the mess we have today with them trying to prevent this from happening again. if obama is smart he will change his schedule and meet with netanyahu…there is nothing at this time more important than knowing what is going on in the mideast and possibly being able to prevent future catastophe.

        • If you do not want to accept the NYT as a viable source, try Washington’s Blog.

      3. Of course they knew about IT…they were in on IT.

          • For those that say that explosives could not of been pre planted. Did you know that when the first bombing went off ( the van in the underground ) some years before it did alot of internal damage to ductways and elevator shafting. Out side labor companies were brought in to do the asbestoes abatement. There was no security clearance and they were not monitored and had access to the WHOLE building. ( father and his friend moonlighted there as a side job while they were on strike from a brooklyn companey at the time. ) The woudl carry in large lock boxes with equipment that was not searched at any security check points.

            • having had my hands in explosives in the past ,,,would have been very easy as it was

            • You really need to get a life. Every time I have watched the collapse it starts at the level where the planes hit and the fires were located. The buildings then pancake on themselves. The asbestos installation on the center support beams was never completed as the enviro nuts had it halted.

            • I have done much research of 9/11.
              There’s nothing new to me.
              But, there are records of much renovation weeks before 9/11 and occupants of that bldg say much painting.
              There are records of van after vans of ?????? carried in for weeks before 9/11 at night hours and early morning.
              There is also talk of thermite in paint.
              Eventually, the pieces all come together if you research long enough.

        • Two thumbs up sir.

      4. Ha!
        as i said in my last post on the other thread toppic

        VRF says:

        September 11, 2012 at 11:41 am

        And 11 years later who are concitered the terrorists….?

        US..the us citizens..according to our “leaders” and “masters” we the “slaves” are concitered the ones to look ot for.. (notice I use their labels for us)

        aint this government grand?

        quick..make up another boogie man to cover for all your bullshit

      5. I trust the NYTimes as much as I trust any politician. All of them do this that or the other thing for politics.

      6. In other news

        things like this could be a major game changer

        Magma Pooling Beneath Infamous Greek Volcano

        maybe this is another..”they knew it was coming”?

        Molten rock is pooling beneath Greece’s Santorini volcano, the site of one of the largest eruptions in the past 10,000 years. That eruption, which took place about 3,600 years ago, wiped out the Minoan civilization of the Greek islands and may have spawned the legend of the lost city of Atlantis.

        In the past 1.5 years, the magma chamber beneath the volcanic island has ballooned by as much as 350 million cubic feet (20 million cubic meters), or up to 15 times the size of London’s Olympic Stadium. This giant mass of magma has caused the island to rise by as much as 5.5 inches (14 centimeters), according to a new study published yesterday (Sept. 9) in the journal Nature Geoscience.

        • @ VRF. Greece is at a huge point between the Eurasian plate and African plate, and even the Arabian plate has influence on this. There has been much action in the Red Sea region recently. There was a small 4.7 in the Greenland Sea today, if you could more action in the polar region, look out, something is coming. Watch the earthquakes towards magnetic north and south for precursors to something. For an island to rise 5.5 inches is a lot. Yellowstone goes through these spells and it really makes everyone quite nervous.

          • BI

            We have some bad smelling stuff coming out of the Imperial valley area (Salton Sea area) and It has traveled for miles. When I mean miles like 200 north of the area and nobody knows what Is. Smells fishy, the big one Is coming………

            • @ COF. The “reason” that the government is giving for the smell is because of all the rain and humidity that is getting into ground and releasing all the stink from dead fish and algae. Big problem with that is that I have been around that area after much rain and in the Owens Valley region and it stinks but not like sulfur. The smell of sulfur is like after a match has been burned out or a fireworks smell. Now I cannot know that smell because I am not out there personally to smell what everyone is getting a good whiff of.

              There is a distinct difference between something that is volcanic gases and rotting biological material. Anyone out there that has been to the Hawaiian volcanoes or other volcanoes should immediately be able to tell the difference. Anyone out there that can describe that smell? Is it rotting material or something from the inwards of the planet? This will tell whether it is just climatic or something massive coming.

            • There are five volcanos at the South end of the sea and another close by in Mexico. All have been active recently as the cones are not eroded. This is a rift vally area below sea level that as recently as six hundred years ago was under water from the Sea of Cortez. The only thing keeping the sea out is the earth dike at the mouth of the Colorado River which no longer even gets that far. If the dike was breached now it would never rebuild as the river no longer goes there. Palm Springs would be beach front property.

            • I live to the west of the Salton Sea area and luckily we have not gotten the stink this way, but I’m hearing that it is the classic rotten egg smell. I’m gonna go ahead and call B.S. on the idea of algae and dead fish. Rotten fish does not smell like that. The articles out there actually state the gas is hydrogen sulfide (a volcanic gas). Maybe, just maybe, this means nothing. But with the excessive earthquake activity around the globe and the quakes that hit that area not very long ago make me cast a careful eye on that area.

              FYI…for those of you in southern California make sure you are ready to roll. I get the impression if something hits it will be while I’m at work. Keep stuff in your car in the event you have to hoof it. I have gotten in the routine of keeping a pair of good hiking shoes in the car, small first aid kit (with mask), hat, towel, water, sweat shirt and high energy food. If a major event happens during the workday, the roads will go to hell quickly. Have your maps and your game plan ready, just in case. I will take no chances…I have 3 beautiful kids that take priority and I will stop at nothing to see to their safety.

              Be safe. Be prepared.

            • Is this it COF???

              Rotten Smell Reeks Havoc Across S. Calif.
              Link below

            • And don’t forget the Louisiana sink holes.

            • A lot of sinning goes on just south of Palm Springs. The Coachella Valley Casinos; Seven Las Vegas style and listings for a total of 17. T & A Bars and a lot of prostitution. Seen it with my own eyes. But I didn’t inhale!

              Was thinking about it one time crossing the parking lot when a 100 ft whirlwind of sand and debris came from nowhere. My friend and I dove for cover near some cars but got pummeled square in the center of the thing. I cleaned sand from my pockets and ears for two hundred miles. True story. Never thought about the hooker sitting on the stairway w/ legs spread causing that much havoc. Lesson learned.

          • 5.5 under Crete, Greece

      7. The evidence is quite clear that Roosevelt knew the Japs were going to attack Pearl Harbor and let it happen to give him a way of entering WWII. Why should this attack on 9/11 have been any different? The list of things that have happened to or freedoms could go on for pages.

        9/11 was an inside job.

        • @ Mordecai. You are absolutely right about Roosevelt, and before that attack the U.S. did a lot of egging on the japanese to get them to attack. This was the excuse that the pacifist type people at the time in the U.S. needed to get at hitler. The U.S. people would not have supported another European war after only 24 years of getting out of the last one. The real target were the nazis, and the U.S. did a hard core job of getting the japanese to attack to have that excuse.

          • There really wasn’t anything “hardcore” about it. All he
            did was stopped trading with them. “Get your steel and oil somewhere else”. They didn’t need to go after the US. SE Asia was theirs for the taking along with all the raw resources they needed.

          • Had we waited much longer the Germans would have won. You should rwead some history and learn about what the lovely japs were doing to the other Asians. You need to grow up and realize the consequences of not doing what was done. This is the only thing that Roosevelt ever did in office that I agree with. Otherwise he was a dirtbag. Eleanor reminds me of the First Wookie our current first whatever.

            • John W Go read online about a book wrote in aprox 1975 era. The Diary of Gen. George Patton. One of our Greatest generals this side of George Washington!

              Patton wrote in his diary, and letters to his wife and a few retired military pals that “I finally must conclude, WE FOUGHT THE WRONG ENEMY”!

              If Prez Esinhower would have listened to patton and armed/trained german folk and used the aprox 2 million german soldires we captured etc, to go into RUSSIA and wipe Out every last fuckin kommie Bolshevik we never would have had any “cold” war for 50 yrs.

              And we’d never have todays troubles. But since Russian Bolshevik Kommies was mainly part of the “Tribe”(jewsih) Nobody wanted to listen to patton and instead us fed gov whacked patton(Not 100% proven but at least 99% certain).

              Perhaps it is YOU John W who needs grow up and LEARN Real hidden truth only recently available to everyone who care of facts and truth.

              What if all the dead piles of bodies we all was constantly showed, even still today it is non stop WWII or “nazis” propaganda 65 yrs afterwards! What if majority of the piles of dead are Really several Million Innocent germans of Dresden city along with the aprox 2 million German soldier pows Prez Eisenhower ordered OUR Army men(us army) to HALT all Food etc and just let all of the pow germans Starve over a couple Months time?

              Cause thats exactly what happened. And USA and British planes Fire bombed(incinderary bombs) Dresden till flames was so hot and tall Aluminum planes wings began to Bend from heat! So just fly higher and drop bombs Everywheres!

              Dresden was all innocent civilians-old folks-KIDS!

              How can you or anyone be 100% Certain when we was shown piles of Naked Dead bodies they really was…Jews?

              What distinguishes a naked dead jew from say a White german?…Or anyone else?….But we was all taught to Shut up do Not ask questions and believe all we seen by fed gov in cahoots with MSM and Public schools “histroy Books”…..Problem is You and many others Still Refuse to Question it. Oh you question alot today. But NEVER if it broaches a certain “Few” Must believe and Defend at any cost items…Right?

              What if Hitlers Biggest No No, was Really exact same as Kadafis(in Libya couple months ago) which was REFUSE Fed Reserve type Jew banksters?…Because that is what he did!

              He Booted them banksters Out and began printing german marks(dollars) with ZERO Intrest(or Usuary) and based germans cash upon Labors worth and what labor Produced!

              Everything labor has a worth per hr etc right. So does Everything labor makes or builds or repairs etc right.

              The ONLY Problem for a monetary system like Hitler devised and made real is One main problem.

              Swindler scammer Evil lying scheeming nation wreackers Jew Banksters CANNOT make FREE ZILLIONS of LOOT if zero “intrest/USUARY” exists!

              Thats why in 1934 I think it was, Headlines in every newspaper worldwide had Huge headlines that stated…

              “JUDAICA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY”! Econimic Sanctions demanded by international jewery and once NY jews and NY citizens joined them soon every nation treated Germany exact same as todays sanctions done to IRAN!

              Are you also aware that at Least SIX times since 1895 newspaper headlines had huge headlines and articles that

              SIX Million Jews being Holohoaxed? You can go to a few websites and view all them newspapers from world over.

              SIX seperate times from 1895 till 1940 6 million jews dead or soon will be if “They dont do…SOMETHING!!!”

              So which time was for Real?…Each of Six claimed holohoaxs?…OR Just the one of much hated white german folks?….JohnW and many more others needs wake up I say!

            • AngeloM. The bodies from the camps were severly emaciated from starvation, not burnt in a fire bombing, and they were wearing prison clothes, not uniforms like so many of the pictures of well fed German soldiers whom we captured. What you are claiming is that tens of thousands of soldiers (those that went into the camps) from nearly a dozen countries have all conspired to lie about something this horrendous, to what purpose? I’ve know people who were there and they didn’t believe the rumors of the camps until they saw it with their own eyes. That would also mean that all of the German people conspired with their victors (The Allies) to some nefarious end as well according to your theory. In addition this also means that someone manufactured all of those camps during their spare time while also still fighting the Germans, creating millions of photographs of prisoners, and fabricating millions of ‘German’ records kept at these camps, and God knows what else just to support some conspiracy. And what did the Jews do, did they all decide to go down to local tattoo palor to get numbered tattoos on their arms as part of this grand conspiracy? And what about the neutral nations of Sweden and Switzerland who benefited from both sides of the war also admitting their parts? Are they now also part of this grand conspiracy of yours which has now grown into hundreds of millions of people? Do you realize just how insane this all sounds? And please don’t quote some website by someone who claims to be an independent scholar/historian/journalist. Any clown can claim to be anything without providing their credentials on the internet.

        • Notsomuch. Roosevelt “knew” on the 6th that they were going to break off negotiations because he was reading their communications. However, he thought they were going to hit the Philipines, Thailand or Malaysia, and he didn’t think they could get to Hawaii – it being too far and too well defended. The japs knew this, so off to Hawaii they went.

          • FDR parked all of the old battleships at Pearl Harbor, while sending the carriers out of harms way to the north, despite the protests of Navy Admirals. He knew he would need the carriers, and could get new battleships when those at Pearl Harbor were sunk. There were many anomolies occuring at Pearl Harbor during that time frame. The attack was allowed to occur.

            • JustMe: I too have had my suspicions about Pearl Harbor for at least 35 years. Since when does a carrier group go out without its biggest guns-the battleship? Of the 8 battleships damaged or destroyed, none of them were anywhere near new. The Arizon, The Pennsylvania, The Nevada, and The Oklahoma were all commissioned in 1916; they were 25 years old at the time. The California was commissioned in 1919, The Tenneessee in 1920, The Maryland in 1921, and the ‘newest’ one, The West Virginia in 1923. The Utah had been disarmed and was a ‘target ship’ from 1911, but the Japanese still hit it too for good measure. Sure looks like a set up, I just can’t prove it. But then again; if it walks, talks, and looks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. GWB was looking for a ‘reason’ to go to war just like FDR, all he needed was a ‘sneak attack’ to make it happen.

            • The Dick Cheneys of the time were drooling with anticipation of all those battleships being destroyed. Time to “tool up” and let the war machine make some big bucks.

        • ever wonder why there were no aircraft carriers at pearl

          • You sound like you are sad that they weren’t. What the fuck is wrong with you people. You act like you wish we had lost. This site is turning into a left wing hate America blog. No one even talks about preps anymore.

            • Left wing?!?! Wow. I don’t think I’ll be visiting your planet any time soon.

            • Where have you been John W.? We’re just taking a break from the prep talk. We can only repeat the same stuff so many times a week or most will become bored and forget how important prepping is. Play along and don’t whine. You’re sounding too much like a piss and moan liberal.

      8. And the Sheep go Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaa
        Obamaaaaaaaaaa obamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa obamaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      9. If Tyranny should come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy
        (that doesn’t even need to exist)

        -James Madison

        • If tyranny comes to this land there is nothing that any of you keyboard commandos will be able to do about it. Red dawn. What a joke. You all will be too busy looking through garbage cans to feed your families.

          • John W….new here?? because your statement is sooo out of left field…seriously, if you ever read this blog often, you would know that these readers here are stocked with food.
            Eat from a garbage can???
            Funny…verrrwy funny, wabbit!!

      10. Ok, will someone, for once, ask this question. If the intelligence community had so much actionable intelligence that they could basically predict a terror strike, WHY DIDN’T THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY TAKE ACTION?
        They have no authority? Bulls**t on that! It is all coulda, woulda, shoulda crap of those agencies blaming someone else. They missed it too. Why give credence to the words of the worms, who by there own and best case scenarios, just let the terrorist walk by?
        They can no-knock your house tonight over a couple of grams of weed, but they just had to let these ragheads walk free. Someone has to start demanding more of these storytellers.

        • “”””Someone has to start demanding more of these storytellers.”””

          I don’t see how that is possible. Their stories are about as fantastic a tale of fantasy as they can be already. We can’t possibly demand more from their stories.

          Just kidding…

          They should stop being storytellers. The have mastered that art to near perfection in the eyes of the sheep. Maybe they should take on a real challenge. Telling the truth.

        • Heres one to ponder. Every non military aircraft was grounded for over a week, except for certain Saudis who were able to fly out with Bushs approval. How does it make you feel that all the money we spend on Saudi oil is used to plan to kill us.

      11. There are enough unanswered questions about 9/11 to cast doubt in my mind on the official story.

        >>Did a few small pockets of fire actually collapse the World Trade Center 7 building?

        >>Flight students of Middle Eastern descent taking flight training around the country and showing no interest in learning to land???

        >>Flight schools voicing concerns directly to the FBI and being summarily ignored?

        >>At least one of the hijackers was on an “FBI watch list”, was actually stopped and questioned at the airport security checkpoint, was found with a small knife, and allowed to continue on the flight….with the knife!

        >>The only planes allowed to fly in U.S. airspace in the days immediately following 9/11 were U.S. military flights, and Saudi Arabian charted flights used to transfer unnamed Saudi nationals out of the U.S.

        To date no explanation has been forthcoming from the F.A.A. or D.O.T. regarding the flight plans or identities of these “Saudi VIP’s”….I’m still waiting.

        I can’t prove the U.S. government is involved, but the preponderance of law enforcement “errors” made leading up to and including 9/11 goes far beyond sloppy and incompetent investigative work IMO.

        • Building 7!! No plane hit it…A BBC lady reporter SAID “I am being told buildg 7 Just fell!! WHILE HER Camaras were showing it STILL standing!…They cut her off pronto. Buildg 7 did fall…BUT Not till I believe it was a full 12 min Later! This video from her bbc was “Scrubbed: from ongoing news updates etc!

          THR PENTAGON!!!!! WHERE Is the PARTS-Bodies-Wheels-Engines-ANY ITEM of a HUGE PLane or all whats in or on said plane?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          YUTUBE has video shows a MISSLE hit it!(the pentagon).

          Feds Hid Many videos from surrounding stores and gas stations etc of it all. THEN recall how just Prior to Rumsfeld retireing as sec of defence(?) He Finally went on tv news and showed a Video He said was Proof a plane hit pentagon?

          It was as fake a video as a 6yr old kiddie would make.

          When Rumsfeld was asked to address Many folks questions of “WHERE are the Debrie from said HUGE Plane on Front lawn of pentagon?…..”Rumsfeld said something like “See all them TINY Glittering SPECS of stuf on the Grass areas….Well Thats all thats Left of plane and people on board etc!

          He said plane hit with such force it simply VAPORIZED into Tiny specs of Aluminum etc! Thats reason lawn glitters in sunight!!!!!!

          BULLSHIT!!! My Grass lawn Also glitters like Diamonds every morning at 7am when the sun rises and shines on my lawns “DEW” all over it!

          My Snow also glitters like specs of shiny diamonds when morning sun shines upon it!

          Over 100 yrs since Wright Bros 1st flight, usa has 6500 Planes in sky every minit 24/7 on avg. Entire worlds airplanes over 100 yrs now and NEVER Before has ANY crashed without leaving a debrie field!

          Why didnt that other plane in PA(Shot Down by usa Jet?)”Vaporize” into shinny specs?…That had bodys and parts over a 6 mile radius!!(More proof was shot down with so vast a debrie feild of Miles away!)


          Oh yeah what of reports that just weeks prior to pentagon hit, rumsfeld had TONS of Wall Street Economic papers etc and lots of sensative info stuf MOVED to the xact location of main room at pentagon that got Hit and burned up entrirely?!!!!!

          There now exists so mush contrary info and OBVIOUS Proof we was LIED to of 9/11 gov story that if You was 5yrs old and began to read NOW, remained awake 24/7 you could not read it all in 500 yrs!

          ANYONE who still says “I Believe Their storys cause, My country right or wrong”?…I Pity youse types. Theres zero hope you will ever awaken.

          PS: Go Search out more info on PNAC(project for new american century) and SEE who the honchos and neo-Cons are who manage and inhabit That group!

          NOTE The cross over ties to APAIC and PNAC!!!

          Whos running america now?…And Straight into the Ground too!

          HINT! Better soon learn to speak YIDDISH!!! if you want to keep up with soon to arive future explainations or storys feds tells us eh!

          • Your research is piss poor at best. The photos of what you speak are there. If you are preparing yourself and family for SHTF, I hope your preps are better than the research you excreated here.

          • There is a new video with architects & engineers, by Richard Gage.
            I did learn one thing..survivors were asking why body parts were still being found on top of surrounding buildings if there were no explosions.

      12. I used to think that it was inconceivable that our own could plan / allow it to happen. However, as you find out more and more, it certainly is in the realm of possibility (as sad as that is to say).

        Also, the more people that I meet in this world that are completely immoral, you can understand how it could happen.

        Prepare friends.

      13. It was either the Supreme Court or one of the appeals courts which ruled that the media does NOT have to tell the truth in their reporting. Hence my frequent use of alternative media website. The NY Times has lied and was given a free pass by the court to lie. I have not bought a newspaper in about ten years and refuse their solicitations every time.

        It would be no surprise to me for the next shoe to drop real soon. I’m going out today to get a few more #10 cans o’stuff.

        Keep on a-preppin’.

      14. I have never thought the president was “in on it”. Having heard that and then seeing footage of the moment he was told it had occurred I made it a point to WATCH him. I watched his face, his eyes, his movements. I saw intense discomfort, barely checked fear or panic. They, the president included, may have been aware that something was coming, but certainly the president wasn’t involved in orchestrating something.
        Now, do I believe they took advantage of the event. Ohhhh yeeeeees. They most certainly DID. I have thought often that they must have been skipping and jumping for joy in private having found the perfect opportunity for openly taking control.
        As for having prevented it… exactly how would we have gone about that? I ask this sincerely.
        Arrest them before the crime was committed? If we had, would that not be similar to taking soldiers for posting things the government didn’t like? (I am very happy to know of that soldier’s release.)
        How can we have it both ways?

        • Well we couldn’t have in that sense. I guess we can now but the price tag on that one’s a bit high for my taste.

          Then again, HOW long did it take them to scrable a fighter jet response?

          Long, right?

          Oddly long.

          I seem to recall something about Dick Cheney saying to stand down too…

          And then there’s 7.

          7 defies the laws of physics. You can argue the other two maybe.

      15. I never understood why we went into Afghanistan when 19 of the September 11th terrorist were from Saudi Arabia. Out of the three top terrorist supporting countries, Saudi Arabia has been found to be the largest supporter with Iran and Syria being second and third.

        • Um because you could kiss your economy goodbye? Instantly?

          On Saudi Arabia at least.

          Iran and Syria… same thing. All those bonds in China come home real fast.

        • Because Afganistan has one of the largest Lithium deposits in the world, and a natural gas field. And some guy named Osama (AKA Tim Osman), whose usefulness had run it’s course, but was pinned to the “hijackers”, who also had Intelligence connections, happened to be there…

        • Which 19 do you speak of??

          Many of the hijack “suspects” are alive and well. They found several after the fact.

        • i’ve often wondered why we invaded Normandy on June 6, 1944 when the majority of the nazis were from germany…
          maybe its because afghanistan was full of
          al qaeda training camps full of muzzie extremists from all muzzie hellholes, incl. saudi arabia.

          and to those who keep trotting out building 7.
          look at ALL the photos from bldg 7 not just those that further the truther claims. you will CLEARLY see GAPING holes in the sidee of the bldg NOT featured on the truther sites.
          theres plenty of suspicion of the govt to go around, even regarding 9/11, but relying on easily disproven things like bldg 7 had no damage major enough to explain its collapse makes us all look like kooks…

      16. Whether you believe that it was an inside job or not there are just too many questions that will never be answered. One I don’t get is why Vice President Cheney had the authority to tell the military to stand down? Of course, that is just one of dozens. At the least, the government let it happen and, at the most, they are the perpetrators of this deed. Whether Bush knew about or not doesn’t matter. He was just a puppet with Cheney pulling the strings.

      17. Its always easy to armchair quarterback after the fact. Did the reports offer specifics? Dates? Targets? Individuals? If the CIA knew about it, why didn’t THEY act on it instead of throwing it up to the White House?

        Fact is, we were asleep and sadly they took us by surprise.

        And ironically, in a freakish twist of fate, now we are even MORE asleep.

        The word Islam has been taken out of each & every single govt training manual thanks to so many high level muslim extremists in our government. The idiot in the White House is thrilled with the Muslim Brotherhood movement and routinely meets with muslim extremist leaders. We are not allowed to profile our enemies. We bow to them and celebrate them instead!

        The govt is groping white toddlers and Great-Grandma’s at airports while Mohammed breezes through with his middle finger pointed at them. They are flying drones over OUR homes. They are monitoring our web sites & posts for “homegrown” terrorism.

        They can’t figure out patriotism vs terrorism and we expect THEM to keep us safe?!

        Give me a stinkin’ break.

        And here is the real kicker. This attack “justified” in Bushes mind 2 wars, Homeland Security, TSA gropers, etc, etc. etc. This one event is largely responsible for bringing our economy to its knees.

        • Blutarsky,

          A bit of research will show that the motives were really to cover up financial crimes by destroying the evidence held in the towers, and even more in building 7.

          What ever happened to that 2.1 trillion dollars the Pentagon admitted to “losing” on Sept. 10, 2001? Oh, that’s right. All the evidence was in Building 7 so there could be no investigation.

          We are face to face with a monster so evil we can not believe it exists. Or most of us can’t.

          • I hope you are wrong. I’m an optimist but a realist so I’m torn. In the end, I just can’t believe they’d be so evil.

            • Bluto,

              The people in the background of all of this know exactly what they are doing. Yes, they are manifest evil, and they take advantage of Americans general good nature and naivete.

            • You can’t be a realist, you still believe in the right/left paradigm. On a thread the other day you said, “Romney loves America”. These were your great Republicans that were in office for the 911 charade, the blatant selling of the invasion and murder of untold numbers of Iraqi citizens,the Patriot Act, the invasion and murder of untold numbers of Afghan citizens, the complete fiscal irresponsibility (stealing the money) in the “War Zones”, the blatant cronyism (awarding no-bid contracts to Halliburton, Bechtel, Blackwater, ect.),the lies(the promise of oil money to pay for the war, ect.), the deaths and injuries to thousands of Americans, and the list goes on. So lose the right/left BS, turn off Rush Limbaugh, be honest with yourself (admit to yourself that you’ve been wrong), start thinking for yourself, and move forward.

              Good luck.

            • I stand by what I said, Romney does love America. Obama does not.

              I’m a realist, not a whack job.

          • And don’t forget missing gold bars, GC.

            Link below.


            ~~~What ever happened to that 2.1 trillion dollars the Pentagon admitted to “losing” on Sept. 10, 2001? Oh, that’s right. All the evidence was in Building 7 so there could be no investigation.~~~
            On my research, I learned the accounting dept. was just days earlier moved to the removated site that was hit by the missile.

        • YES! I seen alot of them Islamic bad guy going into the whitehouse on tv alot!

          It is them Dozen or more guys whos always got Very Long Beards-Curleycue sideburns-Black wide brim hats(which look as if the sit way to high on top of head as if 3 sizes too small!) and they wear xact same identical suits!

          Long tailed Frock type jacket and regular pants..100% BLACK color suits and all dozen men dress Identical!

          They vist EVERY Prez the last 100yrs Daily!…They are present at most every important prez signing of various evil legislation designed to hand america over to Them!!

          NY is Filled to brim with aprox 1/2 of all who live in the usa! All has Duel citizenships too!

          I agree sombody Must do Something about these terrible evil Terroristic minded Bad guys !

        • You still believe everything the news tells you about Muslims? Muslims did not do 9/11. Muslims do not run the us government, give me a break. Republicans says Muslims are a threat, Democrats says guns are threat. Both are lying. Muslims have no influence on politics, or else republicans would treat them like they treat israel and aipac. Believing Muslims are a threat and are the bad guys is called being “Divided and Conquered”.

          • @ Moe

            Try traveling in any country that has a mass of muslim populations and walk around waving an American and a Christian Flag. Then come back and tell us “Muslims are not a threat, and are not bad guys”. That is, if you are able to come back.

            Who said Islam is a “peaceful” religion? Then pray tell why they kill their own, if they convert to christianity?

            All this political correctness BS and tolerance has gotten many innocent Americans killed by the “non-threatening” muslims”. Wake up people!

            • If you’re saying that you need to go to a Muslim country and wave a christian flag or american flag, than you are asking for trouble. Just like if a Muslim goes to a dominant red-neck area and wave a Saudi arabian flag, they are asking for trouble. You remind me of the KKK and how many people they killed.

            • Moe, you are gonna have to come up with something better than a stupid KKK insult to carry on an intelligent conversation with me. I didn’t fall off of a turnip wagon yesterday and I’m no KKK supporter either. That comment did nothing but show your lack of intelligence and character. Get real.

          • @Moe, wow, your comments are quite wrong given todays news of our Ambassador who was suffocated by them and the 3 employees who were shot by them.

            Muslims are at war with us. We need to go on the offense. Fast.

            With the Muslim in chief in office, that’ll never happen.

            Oh, and they did do 9-11. Hello?!!!!

            • I agree with you that the death of the Ambassador is totally unacceptable. I agree their are radicals. Just like the radicals in this country. Don’t group all Muslims together because of the actions of an extreme minority. Same thing with Americans, they shouldn’t be grouped all together.

              You said Muslims are at war with us…..How about how many Iraqis died because Bush lied to get us into that war? hmm…. more than 2 million iraqis died. How can you say that they are at war with us while before 9/11 the us:

              -installed sanctions on Iraq which killed 500,000 iraq childeren.
              -shot down an iranian airliner full of iranian civilians.
              -supported their dictators.
              -built military bases on their lands.
              -overthrew iranian democracy.
              -and much much more.

              You can’t expect people to stay friendly if you bomb their lands. This is the problem, we americans think we are always right. we’re ignorant.

              There are consequences for everything. Do you know what most people (of all races) around the world think about americans? They know americans are idiots, stupid, ignorant, brainwashed. Everyone else is waking up except americans.

              Go listen to Michael Scheuer (Ex cia agent expert on Bin Laden) He will confirm everything I said. Or else, your stupid.


              I rest my case. I love the Land of the United States of America.

      18. Come on people you have better things to do than talk about this bullshit………… Realy

      19. Maybe the same guy did this that shot Kennedy. I’m always amazed how the same people who think the government is completely incompetent in one post, believes they pulled off this great conspiracy in the next.

        Let me give you the inside scoop. The government is ran by people who are not that smart elected by people even dumber than them. To paraphrase George Carlin, ‘the average American isn’t very smart and half of people are dumber than they are.’

        It’s easy to point fingers and build conspiracies after the fact, but the truth is even knowing something may happen does not make one responsible for it happening. If that were true everyone on this site will be responsible for any economic collapse to come.

        • Gov guy,
          Here is an inside scoop.. there are some very competent “pockets” of “government”. They use “plausible deniability” to cover their crimes and regulate the non complicit people into incompetence with stupid rules that make all of government look incompetent and stupid.

          They do that so people like you will look the other way when their crimes are brought into the light. The masses are to think as you have posted. Government is too incompetent to have done anything like that.

          It is only incompetent in areas that effect the people. In ares that effect the bankster NWO trash, they can be very competent in dispensing evil. And hiding it.

          • Just wait till soon DHS issues brand spanking new Uniforms to ALL gov workers at EVERY level of gov. Local-state=county-FED!

            I got a sneek peek at the new uniforms!..Yep…All identical and are White with a HUGE READ Target Bullseye plasterd over front And backside of said uniforms!

            From Head to feet bulseye!…With new improved nike shoes to ‘try” to outrun aprox 100-million Pissed off fed up REAL citizens!

            Oh yeah! I think the red bulsyey areas GLOWS in Dark!!!

            Enjoy huge pay & Perks for now.

            DISCLAIMER: This is just a Prediction of stuf to come I heard while out shopping! As I eves dropped on Others convesations!

        • ~~~I’m always amazed how the same people who think the government is completely incompetent in one post, believes they pulled off this great conspiracy in the next.~~~

          Exactly, Govt Guy….but 19 Arabs with box cutters could. Yeah, right.

      20. BULL SHIT-BULL SHIT-BULL SHIT and MORE BULL SHIT, did I mention that I think this article is bull shit.

        A new low for this site!….BULL SHIT

      21. 1992 Ruby Ridge 2
        1993 Waco 76
        1995 Oklahoma City 168
        2001 NYC 2,977
        20?? ????? ???,???,???

        LORD help us all.

        • Unreconstructed:

          You left out:

          The Maine ( Spanish-American war )

          Pearl Harbor ( planned by the US War College in the late 30’s )

          The Gulf of Tonkin non-incident

          And I’m sure some others I’ve left out.

          “Naturally the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the
          leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denouce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

          ― Herman Goering

          • Remember the Maine!

            (I was going to post this if no one beat me to it, but since you did, I thought I’d do it as a reply. Good post.)

          • * the USS Liberty??

        • USS Liberty…

          • McCain and Israel’s Bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty




            • Israel’s Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty with James Ennis

              during the entire amerikan / israel fedgov planned false-fag israel jooo idf air force navy attack on the uss liberty a russian navy sub observed the attack , an a amerikan u.s. navy sub escorting the uss liberty was observing the entire israeli false-fag attack on the uss liberty and never tried to help the defenseless us navy ship under planned israeli false-fag attack ! never offered assistance as it was ordered by the u.s. president and u.s. pentagon not too!!!

              the uss liberty was a planned sacrifice massacre false-fag of u.s. navy active duty sailors / veterans by the u.s. president government pentagon – israel jooo military military to force ameriKa to attack egypt and make the u.s. congress declare a new mid-east war on egypt !!!



        It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god, the god of man, the guardian of man, the watcher. He’s very religious, all he cares about is.. our soul..

        Satan is a hired gun from Yahweh GOD. He subcontracts to the Illuminati. He doesn’t tell them everything, “I’m just a messenger”, “we are the cure”. They truly don’t know what they are saying sometimes in their movies. So what you are seeing is coming from the Father. And there is nothing that anyone can do to stop HIM. There is a beginning and an end. HE got the first word and HE will get the last.

        GET RIGHT WITH YOUR GOD or Find your Inner Peace if Agnostic … It is coming .

        • Cocopuff: What have we been telling you about taking your all of your meds everyday and on time-huh? Do that and all of the voices will go away.

          • @v.confussed … I’M A VERY SANE STRAIGHT-EDGE no drugs no alcohol no gmo foods no fluoride FREE-THINKING AGNOSTIC MONK who lives in a very pure environment .






      23. The ‘dancing Israeli’s” knew it was coming too.

        • Research the “USS LIBERTY” navy ship from 1967…..

          When Our usa naval UNARMED spy ship out in International waters was Attacked for several Hours as ISREALI Jew Pilots used .50cal Machine gun fire & 20mm camnnon fire to try to sink it and MURDER all aprox 180 USA Men aboard!

          LBJ Forced other us ships nearby to Call Off rescue mission and DISREGARD Massive Crys for Help heard over ship radios!

          Main plan was #1 Jew islralis send F-15 jets (we supplied em!) with NO markings visible to attack USS Liberty ship…KILL em ALL! Sink it!

          THEN..Blame Egypt!! To force america into another WAR against jew enemys!…But plan FAILED due to unable after several hrs to sink it or kill the aprox 140 survivors in Shark infested waters.

          A Couple months ago one guy who did survive wrote a book on it ignoreing the long standing orders from fed gov to Never breath a word or else!

          Theres also a few videos on it too.

          PROOF of TREASON by Americas Prez’s and others along with Isreals jews. aka “Americas Bestest allies and the Only democracy in mid east…aka our best pals!”

          Funny…America had ZERO enemys in mid east till jews scammed isreal in 1948 eh…Now they all hate us!

          Thanks alot isrealis and jews there and Here!…This is how they thank us who has done More good for jews than all others in History!

          Backstabing Nation and Culture Wreackers!

          Eternally whinning, they is who the only victims what matters are….Follow the cash and connect dots…

          • I don’t know about the rest of the post, but I checked and the 1st F-15 wasn’t delivered until 1969. Just a check.

            • @Southpaw…

              Beat me to it.

          • There were no F-15s in 1967, they were using French made Mirage 1’s. FYI

            • Oh ok I guess the us liberty event never occured since I made a simple error on exact jet model number huh.

              Think it mattered to the sailors and naval officres on board ship what exact year the isrealis took delivery of .50 cal bullets that ripped thru their bodys?

              Does it matter to YOU that YOUR tax dollars Pays for ammo or jets isrealis used to MURDER Your own USA Navy men?

              Or do you think more like pastor john hagge that no matter how wrong or evil, if isreal or jews does it?…They get a free pass everytime.

          • I never implied the attack on the USS Liberty did not occur, just correcting a rather glaring error. Please get your facts straight, if you want to be taken seriously. There is a very big difference between an F-15, and a Mirage-1.

      24. Just TRY to IMAGINE if 9/11 had happened under Obama. Yet, for some reason, in the days following 9/11 the country RALLIED behind Bush when they should have been outside the Whitehouse with torches and pitchforks.

        The number one job of a President is protection of the citizens. Bush FAILED HORRIBLY at this. A failure worse than any President EVER. Yet, near the end of his second term right wingers could be heard saying “Bush kept us safe”. WHAT? Why do we never hear about how “Obama kept us safe” for the last 4 years?

        I am NO Obama fan and do not believe he deserves reelection, but I’d like to see a little more common sense and accountability from the right on this subject.

        • The narative is very orchestrated.

        • Pooby, you are obviously and completely right but still get all thumbs down. Forget the silly truth, and get on board with the haters; if we could create more hate, especially for the darkie, everything will be fine. To hell with all the truthiness, let’s take this country back from these evilushunists and peacemongers. I don’t know about you but I would rather return to the dark ages than see another poor person get something to eat. After all, have you ever heard of a poor person creating a job or donating 300,000,000 to a billionaire running for president? Feed them lead! (this comment is hidden due to low rating)

        • REAL EYES



      25. Bill Cooper predicted 9/11 before it happened (I beleive he predicted it in June 2001).

        President Clinton once called Mr. Cooper the most dangerous man on radio.

        Not too long after he predicted 9/11, Mr. Cooper was shot and killed at his home. He would have had a heyday with everything that is going on now.

      26. here we go again, with the 9-11 truther BS… no wonder people think we’re nuts.

        • how far did you make it in school, sir?

        • yup

        • @tmedlin…..

          That’s it….just close your mind…drink the Kool-aid and do whatever the nice government man tells you to do. Repeat the following mantra whenever you feel stressed….


          • you and Rosie O’Fatmouth should be very happy together.

      27. “So long as they (the Proles) continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern…Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”
        ― George Orwell, 1984

      28. They found the plans for this in 1995 in Manila, after a apatrment fire, turns out this was a AlQueda safehouse, and US intellegence “poohpoohed” this as impractical. The Clinton administration was offered Osama Bi hidin twice by the Suadanese, if we wanted him. This attack was actually supposed to occur when the USS Cole was attacked, but fell apart before launching, used as a pretext for war doesn’t suprise me, but aided, and planned by a administration only in place for 8 months, kinda thin. This took several years, and I don’t think it was pulled off from TX, or a shadow govt.

        • Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and many others on both sides of the aisle are always involved in government. They don’t take on a “regular job” when out of office. They have too many connections built on the way up the ladder. They are ALWAYS involved.

      29. Folks that beleive ‘the official documents’ about this dramatic tragedy are proof the ‘Dumbing Down of America’ is Working!

      30. AAaaaargh!My brain is full. Sometimes it all too much to think about. I have theories then the other side of my mind tries to “reason” out my theories. Example, gov is poisoning us with vaccines my argument to that side of the brain is why has are life expectancy gone up? I always hold onto my theories as I trust my own judgment and history of things like when the gooberment tested polio in an airport to see how people reacted to the disease.But sometimes and only once in a great while I just get tired of thinking about it all. I wish sometimes I could just have one day of not thinking, prepping etc. Just be a mindless sheep for a day. EVEN while I take a day off it is still there nagging at me. I went to the beach a couplle weeks ago to clock out of life for a day, just be a sheep but low and behold there we all these army helicopters flying over our heads, needless to say I was uneasy and ready to jump outta my skin. They were so low I could see the people flying em with not a prob. Does anyone else here get preppers jet lag so to speak? I feel like I am the only one that gets tired and a lil overwhelmed be keeping up with all that is involved in it and trying to balance “normal” life with the secret….

        • Justincase, I understand your mindset completely. I have experienced the same as many of us have and do.You may have your preps in order food,protection,medical supplies etc. Now is the time to prepare your mind. YOu must find a peace knowing full well what is about to happen,but to be able to remain calm in the storm.This calmness will aid you greatly in surviving whatever comes our way. Panic in a serious situation will get you killed.’Cool heads prevail” Ever heard that before? You are not alone now ,or will you be in the aftermath. When it seems overwhelming,take a deep breath,smile and think in your mind..”Bring it on you sob’s. let’s dance”

        • Yes, I feel this frequently. There is so much to do and so many people anxious about things that really amount to trivia. When I take time off, there is a nagging of what I could be working on and yet it is impossible to be working all the time. Feeling overwhelmed and tired out are just normal reactions to the situation, I think. It helps to connect with the Internet community.

        • @ JIC. once awake there is no returning to slumber, once youre awake and cognizant there is no more rest, once youre awake, cognizant and gain full.understanding it scares the living hell out of you. Not one of us here wants to believe that the atrocity of what took place on (9/11) some of our leaders had a hand in its orchestration, but tis true. “we no longer are dealing with flesh and blood, but of spirits and principalities”. N.O. May seem.a bit insane, but he is pulling the proverbial string of the garment, when that happens it unravels and reveals something that most care not to know about. We live in a evil world, where those who have the power can and will do what they WILST for a little while. The consortium is shadowy and evil. The worst Is yet to come. Pray prep stay alert.

        • ~~~Example, gov is poisoning us with vaccines my argument to that side of the brain is why has are life expectancy gone up?~~~
          Could it be that Big Pharma doesn’t want to kill us??
          Their goal is to cash in with ‘treatments’ and miracle prescriptions making them richer??

      31. bush and cheney and rumsfeild and most of the staff close to them were in on this. they done it. why would they want to stop it.WHEN I READ ARTICLES LIKE THIS IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF. WHOEVER WROTE THIS IS A SCHILL FOR THEM.


      32. Burt the Brit,

        Thank you so much for your Remembrance of the Americans we lost on this day eleven years ago.

        For me and other Americans it was Greatly Appreciated.

        Y’all Beware! Now there is a woman that really cares and shows respect!

      33. To everyone: The 9/11 atrocities were just another stepping stone on the road to the NWO. I’ll never forget those who were killed and the loved ones they left behind. We may never know the whole truth behind how the government did it, but I knew from day 1 it was an inside falseflag job. I’m still looking for another 9/11 or worse falseflag to bring on SHTF. We only have 5 weeks at best before the balloon goes up, so everyone get your supplies while you can.

      34. but they sure as hell can with earthquakes

        Earthquakes are are nearly impossible to predict with any degree of precision. But, I have come to expect such ignorance from thi site. While I do not think a SHTF scenario is likely. I find myself almost wishing it would so the herd would be culled of ignorant people like many of the posters here. The ignorance in display is a strong indicator that the many self-profeesed prepper who post here are incapable of suriving hard times.

        • I totally disagree with you! You sir are type to come knock’n on the the door when it hits the fan. If it is at my door I will give you something to eat and tell you to hit the bricks and if you come back will you are SHIT OUT OF LUCK in more ways than one. If you are to IGNORANT not to see what is happening, one should not give you anything at all. I hope you live long enough to change your mind before it is to late to do something about it. If not you deserve everything you get. Good luck to you in the up coming times.

        • @JoeinNC…

          You think everyone here is ignorant…and yet you keep hanging around.

          What does that make you?

          I’ll bet that when you aren’t hanging out in your mommy’s basement, you’re at the local elementary school making fun of third graders because you can spell better.

        • @ JoeinNC. This is perhaps the stupidest comment that has been made in a long time. You insulted practically everyone on this site, saying that their efforts are for not. What is your problem? People work very hard preparing and spend much time. Why are you even on this site? The site is about preparing. Why do you try to piss off the good people here. Even after making such an asinine comment like this, if you needed help there would be many people that woould still try to assist you. That says much for the good people here.

          Do you feel you could survive hard times. You obviously cannot stand the articles posted here, why do you post anything here? By the way joe, I am narrowing down earthquake predictions and I have further expanded on this. The same people that played 19th century pocket pool with themselves said the EXACT same statement about hurricane predictions. Well, usually the cone of landfall has been pretty accurate and the intensity in the 21st. century. It might take a few years or a couple of decades but earthquakes can be predicted because there are precursors to them and energy signatures.

          Many people knock what you say because they disagree with you, but today you crossed the line. You went after all those that prepare that have done nothing or said anything degrading to you. The fact is you owe a lot of people an apology, including the owner of this site, whether it is Mac or someone else.

        • Joe in NC

          You remind me of a vegetarian who collects beef stew recipes, they are obviously closet carnivores. You come to a site called shtfplan but maintain you don’t believe that it ever will. closet prepper?

          If you don’t believe in what is obviously coming and genuinely you do not prepare for such events, when the herd is culled you will therefore be amongst the first to ‘go’. You should be careful what you wish for Joe.

          Finally you spell it ‘ self-professed ‘

          Take care

          • Burt, he is actually in North Korea. He just hasn’t learned enough english yet. Corea. He is still trying to learn “profeesed”.

        • Hey dumbass, if you could actually read, he said that the gov’t could HIDE the fact that an earthquake was coming from us if they knew about it in advance. If you are going to insult people, at least get their meaning correct first….

      35. 11 year ago a bunch of people kissed their kids and loved ones and went off to do their jobs. 3,000 of them died.
        The most vivid picture that I remember is seeing those Office Workers, (Fellow Americans) jumping to their deaths because they did not wish to be burned alive!(it was so dam sad)

        Tomorrow could be your turn, who knows?….are you ready do make an account to God for all the crap you did, or didn’t do, in your years here on earth.

        All He wants for to do is put your faith and trust in Him. It will bring you peace, joy, and assurance. The Bible calls it “A peace that passes all understanding”.

        Just repeat this prayer and mean it: “Lord Jesus, I admit that I am not perfect and have sinned, I’m sorry. Please come into my heart and make me a new person, for it is in your name that I pray…amen”.

      36. I never believed OUR Government would conspire like that until I learned of Fast & Furious-NOW nothing would suprise me.

        • Research “Operation Northwoods”, and the people behind it…

        • All it took for me was the fact that incoming didn’t get shot down at the Pentagon?? And the attack had gone on for what?? 45 minutes or an hour???
          Well, that and about a hundred other facts that didn’t add up.

      37. There are some good articles on this site. This isn’t one of them.

        It’s simply a dog whistle for all the Alex Jones- worshipping, conspiracy nut-jobs who read this site, and possess no memory or critical-thinking skills.

        I guess Mr. Slavo feels the need to throw them some bones, now and then, to keep their interest.

        It is not news, that the government had warnings of an attack. We knew that soon after the attacks. It wasn’t a secret. What the hell were they supposed to do, when they didn’t know the means, methods, target, time, place, etc. Or even if the threat was real, or just bluster.

        This article is full of innuendo, but short on proveable facts.

        In answer to the question in the last few paragraphs, it’s just dumb to make such a suggestion of a conspiracy when there is nothing to support it, except fantasies and paranoia.

        The nation is in trouble. We’re over-run by progressive and communist ideology infecting every aspect of life. These are proveable facts. They logically explain the problems and dangers we face. The Republic is going down the tubes. Let’s deal with reality.

        It is not news

        • @Lemmingsrnotusdamnit……

          I’d be willing to bet you’d still vote for GW Bush if he could run today, wouldn’t you?

          • Over Obama? In a heartbeat!

      38. If you don’t believe our leaders are 100% responsible for the 9-11 tragedy, then you are not wearing your thinking cap. The evidence is overwhelming that this treasonous event was completely staged for wars and the complete theft of our constitutional rights. I can’t figure out why we all don’t mass storm the government for truth and justice to prevail. That is unless we are all afraid.

      39. One of the things Brandon Raub was scooped for, was his beliefs about 9/11, beliefs held by many who seek the truth. I no longer believe that a group of thugs with boxcutters brought this country to it’s knees. Evidence to the contrary is too damning, which is why truth-seekers are demonized.

        A number of very credible people, pilots, scientists, government insiders, etc, don’t believe the party line, either. I remember 9/11 well, and remember the sinking foreboding feeling we had just been set up, Operation Northwoods style.

        Here is a link to a PBS vid (long but worthwhile), called “Explosive Evidence”

        Here is a link to Peter Lance’s site, author of Triple Cross, who says the fbi knew it was coming:

        Here is a link to an interview (25 minutes) with Alan Sabrosky, who says the mossad had a hand in 9/11:

        Here is a link to airline pilot Phillip Marshall, who says there is a link to Saudi Intelligence:

        Scientists found thermite residue in the wreckage (there are efforts to “debunk” this):

        Building 7 was obviously blown:

        Like everyone else, in the immediate days after 9/11, I was blown away, but knew something was wrong about it all, the fighter stand down, during exercises, etc. The more info that came out, the more certain I have become, this was allowed to happen.

        We now know FDR set Pearl Harbor up, we now know LBJ set The Gulf Of Tonkin up, we know of the proposed Operation Northwoods. There is no reason to believe a hand full of very determined people who want to rule the world would not have set up 9/11.

        • Add to the other “set-ups” which you mention, the USA was pulled into WWI by the sinking of the Lusitania. That was set up by the English Naval Ministry, who re-routed the Lusitania into know German submarine areas and then was delayed in order to “wait for English Naval accompanying vessels”.

          This stuff has been going on for centuries. Which proves that “we” are very easily led.

          We’re mostly led by the 5% of “us” who are sociopaths. And we pay them to do so.

      40. TPTB are prepared to do any and all things to usher in the NWO. Anyone but them are fair game to be used however they deem fit. Until TPTB are done away with (witch will never happen by man) the suffering by the people will only increse 100% from now on. The best we can hope for is to live as free as we can and die quickly when time comes. In the end TPTB will get their just reward. So stand tall, live free, and prepare for up coming events. Our time grows short.

      41. Why does this smell of an impending Israeli attack on Iran?

        The ONLY 2 windows left for Israel for the skies to be dark enough are Sept.10-20, with the new moon being Sept.15, and Oct.10-20, with the new moon on Oct.15. Right now we are in that window until Thursday of next week. Remember the likely times everyone would hear about this would be the afternoon from probably 2-6 PM Eastern Time. This means that everyone should be able to finish up any purchasing of necessities before the stores all close. Aim for fuel and ammunition first, then the perishables that won’t last very long but still be good for a few days. The longer you can avoid dipping into the long term supplies the better. This or other SHTF means that it is time for the prepper to act and let almost everyone else stare at the TV set in shock like a deer with headlights coming on.

        • Your “thought process” and “objects of attention” are PERFECTLY “in-line” with the natural and man-made processes that are “lining-up-before-US”. YOU are “zeroed in” BI, and your observations/commentary are more potentially prophetic than even YOU may recognize. Certainly more than “I” may know. Onward through the fog brother…GOOD STUFF all around. Keep-on-keeping-on…from ONE among many, I’m sure, that values YOUR input.

          I am a “tectonics freak” as well, and much of your input is obviously well observed and analyzed. I believe you understand the “man-made” portion of the potential EQUATION. Something that is almost impossible to “factor-in” to attempted “timeline” predictions. Doesn’t mean you/we shouldn’t try. (They have a “habit” of telegraphing it)IMHO.

          So little time…SO MANY SLEEPERS. Keep your feet firmly planted on terra firma, while IT is still stable.

          In case you haven’t noticed, I tend toward the “radical/revolutionary” point-of-view. I am NOT fishing for a response, just acknowledging a respected contributor. Good day Sir.

          • @ yental. I have been working on something for many days now to further expand the accuracy of forecasting earthquakes. I truly believe that every last natural event is predictable, because there has to be a warm up period before something goes off. Nothing just starts from a dead stand still and explodes, there has to be an ignition to this. What is so difficult is to find that precursor, no matter how tiny it is, it is there. Scientists overlook these signs because they have been conditioned like the rest of the masses to only see what they have been trained to. Seldom do individuals think outside the box of conventional thought process.

            I have to admit it, forecasting natural events is a lot easier than attempting to figure out the minds of some of these leaders. However leaders are usually going to react the what is most beneficial to them. In case of Israel, Jewish people highly value the lives of their soliders. Just look at the price they paid to get back that solider captured by the palestinians. For them not to attack Iran during the darkest part of the sky to give their pilots the most advantage would be unheard of to the way their feel and highly regard their armed forces. This makes predictions of an attack easier to narrow down.

            Almost everyone on this site has the insight to prepare and that to shows that the people here have that unique ability to feel and see what is coming. You are so correct, “so little time”, so correct. Always nice to hear such a constructive comment like yours.

            • @ you don’t need to know. I read that and it is what I was trying to warm everyone about last week and the week before about the Caribbean plate. It is the eastern section that they have to worry about. 8+ on the eastern portion of the plate. Out of the 14 locations given before any of these earthquakes occurred on Aug.10, the Caribbean plate was of one of the top 5 to be most concerned over. I am working on something to better predict earthquakes and should have it more or less completed within a week or so.

        • BI: You are so right about the dark of the moon. I feel they will wait till after the new year.

        • @ B informed

          The Holidays or Holy Days are very important events to Israel/Jews and some Christians. I think it will play into the scenarios.

          Rosh Hashannah or Feast of Trumpets is:
          Sept. 17th thru the 26th
          Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement is:
          Sept. 26th
          Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles 5 days after Yom Kippur:
          Oct. 1st thru Oct. 7th
          Sinchat Torah is:
          Oct. 9th

          I would assume they would not go to war before they had allowed observance of these Holy Days. If this holds true, your Oct. 10-20 timeframe might possibly unfold as the beginning of WW111

          Wonder why Obama/TPTB are not willing to jump right in with Israel and do something right away? I think they want Iran to achieve a nuke and make first strike. We have to remember their mindset; “You can’t let a good catastrophe go to waste”.

      42. Yup..if operation northwoods doesnt open some peoples eyes as to what this countries governments adjenda is, than there is no helping them, or waking them up.

        there are a shit load of people in power in this and other governments that should be tried and hung for treason, absolutly no doubt in my mind..and every one of them is scared for when this world starts to operate out side the rule of for them will be a contant ducking game..or a modern bop a mole

        How they have paid for thier freedom up until now is slowly closing in on them.


        AmeriKa is a UN AGENDA 21 (global eugenics death program) , NWO (new world order) , ZOG (zionist occupation government) , FREEMASON (luciferian pagan secret society) , CATHOLIC VATICAN JESUIT LUCIFERIAN BLACK POPE … LIE !!!


        Open Your Eye’s see the Truth of AmeriKa plainly visible to you ALL … if you but OPEN YOUR EYE’s … Free Your Mind Body Souls !!!


      44. FUCK INNER PEACE ;0p



      45. As for me
        We still have paper ballots where I vote
        I will write in Ron Paul
        It may be the only thing I can do
        To put up my middle finger at the ruling criminals

        the Watcher

        • Why not just right in your own name!!!! It will accomplish the same thing.
          I wish Ron Paul had a chance at winning but he does not.

      46. I think we need a story about how the Moon Landings were faked too. No sense ignoring that. It’s proven beyond a doubt. Because there are people who say so.

      47. How many people on this blog site have actualy written to Congress demanding a new investigation?

        • Why?? For a computerized copy of a pre-printed response from a staffer??
          Puh–leeze…that is so ‘the 60s’!!

      48. In every story there is a he said – she said two part story where when you get down to it the truth lays some where in the middle. If Bush did let 9/11 happen you don’t think Obama would not be making that public?

        That doesn’t mean there is not a star chamber, the Bilderberg group (sp?) perhaps? Or probaly some few that are so far removed we will never know who it is that is pulling the strings.

        The truth as I know it is we are in or are being led to believe that we are on the verge of a financial collapse. It is all I know for certain because of the manipulations of a few who feed us what they want us to hear and re-act as they want us to.

        Do I believe the Muslims are out to get us? Sure do, they have for a thousand years or more. All we can use to make decisions and be sort of cetain is what we have learned from history. BUT, who writes that history?

        It kind of makes you feel like you are nothing but a circus act for the enjoiyment of some elites who again we probaly will never hear of. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

        • Don’t you get it Brian? Obama works for the Bush/Cheney Elitists Empire. odrama is a pawn. He can’t make any major move or decision without prior approval. He is being told what and when to do it. If you think for one minute TPTB would let a black x’d muslim make decisions for what they have been planning for over a hundred years; then you need to stick to the digital games and forget about who is calling the shots.

      49. C’mon MAC!
        They all knew what was to happen. Even the bimbo media were informed. This was planned months ahead as charges were placed on the columns. I live here but please!
        Just check out the Toronto and Vancouver hearings on this and THEN quote the professionals.

        • Great comment Clem! I’m with you, as it is certainly within the realm of possibility… I may have been bit too P.C. in this particular article… wouldn’t want to ruffle any feathers 🙂


        • I think one of the reasons why they havent pulled off another job like this in the USof A, is because were on them, and they know more stupid move like this and they would end up swinging.

          Now out of this country..a whole lot easier to “fake” us out saying it was someone else..or because of this or that.. but here on the shores of the United States, they know were watching them like hawks

      50. Yes, they knew a large attack was imminent but they had no info. as to time and place. It is disingenuous to draw the conclusion that they allowed the attack to happen. It is also insulting to our intelligence. But I guess it does sell advertising.

      51. I have red and heard many say this could not have happened; an attack such as this by all factions of FBI, CIA, govt officials, NORAD, upper echelon, et al, etc. could not have been kept secret by so few; so that is saying 19 Arabs could??

      52. RAPE BY COP is becoming a National Epidemic through-out ONCE FREE america

        if your a female woman driving alone and you see flashing lights behind you


        you call 911

        just how safe are you … alone in the new america gestapo nwo national police prison state


        this is hard to read …

        Cop Repeatedly Raped Handcuffed Waitress On Trunk Of Police Car


        ” TO PUNISH AND ENSLAVE !” .

        ~ N.O.

        see below link …

        • What is FREE AMERICAN FREEWOMAN FREEMAN Sovereign Citizenship?

          by Scott Eric Rosenstiel

          What is Sovereign Citizenship? Sovereign Citizenship is the status held by our forefathers. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and everyone else who won their freedom from the British Empire had this status. It was the birthright of all Americans, and we were generous in extending this most important right to foreign-born persons through the naturalization laws. With this status, our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and property couldn’t be infringed. During the Civil War a method was discovered by the leading attorneys, financiers, and politicians of the day to deprive us of this status. Fortunately, we can get it back.

          This brings us to the question, “What are we getting back?” What does it mean to be a Sovereign Citizen?

          see link below …

      53. Cop Repeatedly Raped Handcuffed Waitress On Trunk Of Police Car

        RAPE is a MONSTROUS WEAPON of GLOBALIST BANKER World Global ENSLAVEMENT CIA WARS Done By NWO ZOG AL-CIA-DUH AmeriKan CIA ZION Jooo Paid Fake TERRORIST MERCENARY MONSTERS to conquered terrorized genocide unarmed defenseless weak men , women and children … it does not belong in a BLUE UNIFORM on Once Free AmeriKan streets !!!


      54. Two of the greatest injustices in my eyes are these:
        the 9/11 inside job and all significant politicians and judges complicit in the cover up upon given all the facts…and the ineligible illegal alien and all significant politicians and judges complicit in the cover up upon given all the facts.

      55. Good job, Mac Slavo, you fell for this smear-job hook, line and sinker!

        This guy is an anti-Bush shill. This book contains NOTHING but conjecture and assumptions.

        Mika Berzhinski destroyed this buffoon in the first five minutes of his appearance! Let alone, what George Pataki did to him!

        C’mon man, be smarter than this bullshit!

        Envoy to Libya dies in rocket blast

        J. Christopher Stevens and three security staffers were killed at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi

        just makes you wonder if there is more to this story..after all it has been proven we cant trust the media and we definetly cant trust our government to tell the what is the truth here?

        Was this guy eliminated? did he know too much? was he not “playing ball”?

        there wouldnt be this distrust of our political puppets, and the owned media if they werent such fuckin liers!

      57. in the intelligence game very often – in fact most of the time – there is a very thin line to very little difference at all between KNOWING and SUSPECTING something will happen along with any of the bare minimum of related info like who, when, where, etc… this “line” is always subject to the mindset of at least each of several:

        1st, the discoverer of the info
        2nd, the comparer of the info to other info
        3rd, the compiler of the compared info
        4th, the recipient of the compiled info

        we will never ever totally know what was known prior to any of the above debated events nor will we ever know how many hands said info passed through and was affected by… documents can be changed without question, video can be altered without being discovered, sound bytes can be edited to say what wasn’t said without detection… add to this the ability of some to sway others with their oratory and presentation skills and you have the perfect mix for mass confusion and self-development of misinformation on a national scale…

        knowing what little i do know about things though the narrow spectrum of my own lifeview, i am prepping all the harder and faster… learn from the past, prepare for the future…

        the best to all here – whichever side of the fence you sit on… me and mine will soon be tucked away in the midst of some 500 acres, living and awaiting “their arrival”… and they will come, once tshtf – it’s just a matter of time… May God help us and have mercy on them – because we won’t.

      58. “(CNN) — The United States ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed in a rocket attack on the U.S. Consulate in the city of Benghazi on Tuesday, President Obama said Wednesday.”

        And so it begins? If so Good luck everyone. May be the time to wrap up the preps and take cover. If nothing else get you gas while it is still available.

        • What (where) is this suppose video that has caused all this chaos? All the new orgs are mentioning it but are not specific.

      59. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck than its a duck.

      60. Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st Congressional District, withdrew from the race Monday amid allegations that she voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida in 2006 and 2008.
        so with the fact that she withdrew from the race, we should take this as thruth..right?

      61. Getcher Motor runnin’
        Head out on the Beltway
        Makin’ more corruption
        In what ever comes his way

      62. “Caution and uncertainty in the world and the investment environment”…several posts at the Daily Crux

        Top economist Hussman: History is sending us a serious warning
        “We are in familiar territory, but that territory generally marks the mouth of a vortex…”

        One huge reason to be cautious about stocks now – from Azizonomics
        “This is the most unanimously bullish moment we can recall since the crisis began…”

        Legendary investor Howard Marks: The world is more uncertain today than any other time in my life
        “It’s urgent that people wake up,” he says. This is the worst time for investors that he has ever seen – and after 60 years in the business, that’s saying a lot… “The economy has clouds hovering over it,”

      63. Free Libyan PATRIOT’s to THE THIEVING RAPING MURDERING UN NWO ZOG Fascist AmeriKa Occupation Forces in Libya and the now very dead U.S. Libyan Ambassador …




        see link below …

      64. So, for all you 9-11 truthers out there that think Bush was in on it.

        Since we’ve found Muslim Brotherhood documents detailing their plans for America, the Democrat party praised and abetted their revolution in Egypt and Libya, and the M.B. sacked our embassies in those countries, are the democrats in on that attack on America?

      65. Obama and the White House knew our embassies would be attacked yesterday. Why did they do nothing?

      66. Food for thought –

        “In accordance to the principles of Doublethink, it does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is, that victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous. The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labor. A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. In principle, the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects. And its object is not victory over Eurasia or Eastasia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”
        -George Orwell, 1984

        We bicker and quarrel. We engage in heated debates on subjects ranging from religion, to politics, natural disasters, sports, pop culture and the “meaning” of current events piped in daily by the MSM. All of these subjects have been put in place to keep us distracted, to keep us nipping at each other like agitated and hungry wolves.

        I implore each of you, STOP living your life in their terms, in THEIR constructs of reality for YOUR life.

        • What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless,
          whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the
          holy name of liberty and democracy? ….Gandhi

      67. New Obama Film Must Be Working
        The White House finally attacks it.

      68. Army Wants Tiny Suicidal Drone to Kill From 6 Miles Away

        here is a line thats kinda disturbing in the report..

        The Army wants it ready for use by 2016 at the latest. But it may not take that long — since the Army’s already got something similar to LMAMS.

        Killer drones just keep getting smaller. The Army wants to know how prepared its defense-industry partners are to build what it calls a “Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System.” It’s for when the Army needs someone dead from up to six miles away in 30 minutes or less.

      69. A MUST SEE video … EUROPE INDEPENDENCE DIES with a whimper

        Farage’s Berating Rebuttal Of Barosso’s ‘State-Of-The-Union’ Banalities

        Europe’s once Independent once Proud Countries crumble UNDER MOUNTAINS OF DEBT too / before Private Globalist Banker Fascist Zionist Domination by a handful of Private Oligarchy Dicktocrats Bankers … in the end its All about PRIVATE CONTROL BY THE 1% GLOBALLY !

      70. it really scares me to think that some of you vote. You find a secret cabal behind every badge, uniform, or deposit slip. You believe “experts” that have never even visited Ground Zero during the examinations and debris removal. You believe “the military” is in on every revolution. You believe the jews are behind the latest attacks on our embassies. You believe that Obama is a muslim unless it is Tuesday after a full moon then he is the anti-Christ. You think that we send the USS Enterprise to be a “false flag” and wait for it to be attacked/sunk by Iran so we can go bomb.

        What you really need to focus on are the facts:
        1.The NSA center in Denver will vacuum up every last electron of communication and dissect and connect.
        2. The UN is slowly eroding our 2nd amendment rights with the assistance of the SoS.
        3. There ARE terrorist cells already in place in the US.
        4. Your “inalienable rights” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ARE being strangled.

        Go home and tape little threads across your doorway so you can check and see if the “storm troopers dressed in black” have secretly invaded your domain. Go home and play some goofy Warlock game at age 43 and think you’re “somebody”. You should be spending time preparing yourself and your family for a life without any social security, any medicare, any major distribution of food or medicine, roving bands of looters, forests that don’t even have a squirrel because everything has been hunted, and endless nights of darkness since the candles and generator fuel were used long ago.

      71. To know how to be protected, we need to know what weapons are used against us. Here are the scientific presentations where we can learn what actually was used to destroy the towers:
        Engineering expert/professor Judy Wood:
        PART 2

        This video is very very important, as it gives information on more than just weapons…
        Geoscientist Leuren Moret (9/11 in broader perspective):

        The same scientist explains the similar facts about Fukushima disaster:

        as Bhagavad Gita says..”…the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.”

      72. What has also happened throughout history is the simple fact of humanity that states that if you have it ……it can be taken away . Period , nobody is immune from this . Who is to say that all those heavily armed and well trained folks these guys trust to protect them , may decide that they dont need them anymore because they are in a position to just take anything their masters/employers have . When the SHTF , things may not go how they planned . just sayin

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