Report: “There Is A Plot On Capitol Hill To Take The President Out… Will Be Suddenly Removed From Office”

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    The following report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at


    Pastor: Senior Republican Told Me of Plan to “Take Out” Trump
    By Paul Joseph Watson

    An evangelical pastor claims he met with a senior Republican Congressman who told him of a plot to “remove Trump suddenly from office”.

    During an appearance on Revival Ministries International, Rodney Howard-Browne said he spent three hours “from 9:30 in the evening until 12:30am with one of the senior ranking members of Congress”.

    The pastor said he related the same story on the CBN network but “they cut it out” and that he had decided “to go public with this because we have to.”

    “He said there is a plot on Capitol Hill to take the president out, I said you mean by impeachment or by indictment – he said no, to take him out, he will be removed suddenly from office,” said Howard-Browne, before adding, “you can read between the lines”.

    The Congressman, who the pastor revealed had been in office since 1996, went on to tell Howard-Browne “there’s nothing we can do to stop it.”

    Pastor Howard-Browne said the deep state had “started a war” against Trump because he has been more amenable to the evangelical community than any previous president stretching as far back as Reagan, and were trying to “set the president up in every way”.

    The South African pastor called for people around the world to “pray around the clock for the protection of the president”.

    Howard-Browne was responsible for taking the photo of pastors laying their hands on President Donald Trump and praying over him in the Oval Office earlier this month, an image that went viral.

    Howard-Browne is seen standing behind Trump in the image below.

    We have reported multiple times on how the deep state and the mainstream media is pushing to de-legitimize Trump and how this could inspire fringe extremists to act out violently.

    If what the Congressman told Howard-Browne is true, it would appear that the deep state is frustrated with how slow the Russia-collusion investigation is proceeding and may be prepared to take extreme measures.


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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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      1. whoa down a minute ….
        If they really did this they would soon lose their own jobs .
        I think the deep state people are just mentally masturbating, even they know better than to try a coup .

        • Bye, new boss is same as the old boss.

          • But we won’t be fooled again? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        • What do you think N Korean Pres Jim Jung-Un would do if he heard about a plot to take him out. I give ya 3 Guesses.

          1. You would be turned into dog sausage before dusk.
          2. Your Trial and Jury would be over in a flash of an instant Firing Squad.
          3. _________________ You Fill in the Blank.

          Here in America, you would get Cheered by the MSM, Paid leave to seek mental massage therapy, and Promoted to head the Democratic Party.

          • And that is why, should this happen, its up to the people to RAIN PURE HELL on anyone who might be involved. They hurt Trump, we go to war with whoever “they” are. If the govt wont stop it, if the media wont report on it, its up to “we the people” to make sure Trump stays safe. They need to know that a strike against our president is a flat out call for war with the people who voted him in.

            • There is a saying when the left (dindus) riots citys burn. When the right (white rednecks) go on the war path entire countrys burn. I don’t know if it would happen Because Loose cannon Trump certainly aint a Knight in shining Armor.

              • He may not be a knight but, he makes the globalst left mad good enough for me!

              • Hey Einstein, what is the level of your education? The
                same as the hated, worthless Black turd of a token Tar-
                Baby 44th Muslim POTUS? More than likely, you have
                purchased the farsce delinated as “OBAMACARE.” How does
                that grab you in the pocketbook? Where is all of his
                words of wisdom, that you can retain your own doctor, and
                do not have to be bothered with Obamacare. Yeah, I know,
                it was an effn complet lie, as everything this worthless
                Black turd touched, was a negative for the American people and the United States. Yes, Trump is a knight in shining armor. Whom would you prefer to share a fox-hole with, Trump, a proven American citizen, or a worthless
                effn Black Muslim turd from Kenya. That’s what I

            • North Korea ICBM launch expected “as soon as tonight”


            • GC

            • Take out Trump that in it’s self means killing him and if this happens than you can bet CIVIL WAR WILL HAPPEN.

            • In your words, I think the Russian speaking majorities in Crimea and Donbass felt the exact way you do, when the US orchestrated the regime change of the President the Russian speaking majorities voted for.

            • We back this President and stand with him.

        • The Deep State does not have “jobs”. They have unlimited income through criminal activity, such as selling
          arms illegally. Read “Unacknowledged” by Steven Greer. They have greed and the need to control (and kill off) beyond what is believable.

        • The coup is already happening and has been since day one! It is a coup of propaganda and undermining or death by a thousand cuts. And yes this is war for our nation and society.

          Not at all surprised to see comments here that diss Trump and crew ? shows the propaganda at work on feeble minds ! and that is surely nothing new in USA today along with fat, dumb and lazy. Trump is our only hope numbskulls.

        • There is an awful lot of history where governments are overthrown by a coup.







        DO YOU BELIEVE IT NOW?????

        • It’s obvious to anyone with a 3 digit IQ. That’s the problem?

        • Ah, not so fast… Their goal is the elimination of the Middle-Class and Poor Whites. The Whites at the top (one percenters) have no intention of eliminating themselves.

          • Unless the Whites at the top are breeding more than other Whites they are going extinct. White couples average only one White child per couple. When the two parents pass away, they leave only one child behind. Mathematically, you can only do that for two generations, then extinction.

            • Your math is terrible.
              Mathematically you could do that SquareRoot of (number of 1%) generations IF they only married other 1%. If they married outside… and only had one kid… they could do that indefinitely. -_-

            • Him:

              What? Only two generations? That can’t be correct. Based on two adults having one child (on average), the population would be reduced by half every generation. It would take many more than “two” generations.

              Look take 100 million people. That becomes 50 million in one generation. In “two” generations that becomes 25 million.

              There is a big discrepancy between 25 million and zero. However, one can clearly see that if this pattern continues, it would result in extinction.

              The greatest threat to white Europeans is not low birth rate but forced migrations of non-whites into white Countries; resulting in race mixing, rape, murder, and disease.


              • I don’t think society as it is can continue with that kind of population reduction.

              • You’re right. I was just trying to emphasize the importance of breeding. No kids, no future. We’re getting screwed over pretty good right now. Imagine what will happen when we are 50% fewer or 75% fewer. That was my point.

              • BCA, The math isn’t quite right, but the point is well taken and more or less accurate !

              • I think it’s a little more complicated than that. I believe those families that limit their reproduction to the number of children they can afford to feed and care for are the ones whose birthrate is down. Those families that live on welfare–especially “refugees”–are shitting out another 12th imam every 9 months, and getting ever-larger welfare allotments and EIC cash when they file federal tax returns every year are the ones enjoying a population explosion the world over. The solution is simple. NO welfare for non-citizens or for the able-bodied.

        • Someone’s off their meds again.

          • Are you saying that having no kids increases our numbers?

        • The low sperm count is part of the chemical culling and chemical attack on the human body from the psychopaths toxic hell they have unleashed.

          • Ahrens , Yep and exactly why my work with health, healing and fitness is so very critical ! Most people are too stupid and mesmerized by the many distractions and trinkets to even realize what is actually happening to them in a myriad of ways. I would be willing to bet that at least 75% – 80% of the people on this site are fat or obese and unhealthy by their own ignorance that is self inflicted. The national figure is 73% and preppers are even worse in many cases, so my estimate is likely low at 80% ? The vast majority of all health issues revolves around being fat or obese and that is just a simple fact ! And a very large percentage (50% +) are taking some form of pharmaceutical that is actually killing them or complicating their supposed original sickness. They have no idea they have been sold a bill of goods and they are ruining their own health willingly ! Not sure it can get any more ignorant ? And yes there is a far better way to live and think ! Feels great to be strong,fit and clear minded everyday ! I cannot imagine why anybody would do anything else ? It is always a choice. There are very few people who are not capable. Don’t believe me, just look at some of the amputees competing at high levels and then look at yourself and see who is the weakling ? Just saying what is real and the truth ! You may be fit, but most are not even close. Besides it all rather easy to do 🙂


        • My Mennonite church will help in this area. There are too many Bible verses to list that encourage families to have a “quiver full”.

          Our oldest married couple (55yrs) has over 60 grandchildren. Most young families have 5 to 9 children. Other church communities in our area are equally blessed.

          Remember, we bear one another’s burdens, so when the medical bills get to high, we all pitch in and that is that.

          No medical bill is ever marked “unpaid” – ever. 🙂

          Also plz notice I said nothing about skin color-we do have interracial marriages and adoptions. But mostly we are of white European stock. All in Christ are welcome.

          • Grandee, I have similar background. Can you say without revealing too much what neck of the woods you are in?

            • Southern Middle TN

              a lovely place to be 🙂

              • South Central VA for me. We are hoping to meet some “like minded” individuals/ couples that we could work with. Lotsa room,great location but too sparsely populated here. Not sure what to do or how to go about meeting the right folks

          • I wish our church would catch onto that. I’ve always been “quiverfull” minded. But most of my peers stopped at 4. bet they are regretting it now. God never rescinded the order to be fruitful and multiply! May your church family have many more!

          • Sorry, no such thing as a non-white Mennonite. Or Amish for that matter- too much inbreeding.

          • Interestingly some Hutterites were at my house recently getting some free mint for tea. Very interesting people. They have a large farm outside of town about 10K acres and a very sophisticated operation. But they do nearly 100% commercial farm operations to include various chemicals. I thought that part was a bit off. Been out there many times and they are really congenial people.

        • Did they have their stomachs pumped and do a count?

        • Single biggest cause for low sperm counts is obesity. I mean really people, squirrels take better care of the nuts they save for winter!

          Obesity in men especially screws up fertility, put on too much weight and Willie the one eyed snake actually atrophies.

          I don’t see a plot here to eliminate white people because the fast food industry is marketing to everyone equally. They’re making China fat too these days.

        • RECORD LOWS

          No wonder why…. I can’t even tell what bathroom to use anymore.

          The other day I went to the bathroom at the convenience store and the sign on the door said, “LBGT-W-M”

          I didn’t know what it meant so I just pissed in the trash can by the door.

      3. And Jade Helm will take over America, Obama will enact Martial law and stay in office, FEMA camps are up and running economic collapse starting in October 2009,2010,2011,2012 you get the picture.
        Not going to happen even politicians arn’t this stupid.

      4. There is a low-level plot to take out the media, academia, and the deep state if they try to take out POTUS. Once it starts it cannot be stopped, don’t they realize this?

        • They are already trying to take out POTUS by various means, it is ongoing in spades since day one !

          You may watch too much TV I imagine

        • I don’t think anybody watches the media anymore.

          Everybody watches Netflix and Youtube.

      5. There are only two congressman in the House who began their service in 1996, both left wing nut jobs, Earl Blumenauer from Portland, Oregon, and Elija Cummings (Nutter. Maryland)

        In the Senate there is just Sam Brownback Republican Kansas

      6. There are only two congressman in the House who began their service in 1996, both left wing nut jobs, Earl Blumenauer from Portland, Oregon, and Elija Cummings (Nutter. Maryland)

        In the Senate there is two as well Ron Wyden (Marxist. Oregon) Sam Brownback (R. Kansas).

      7. If they arrested Trump and put him in a unknown location for security and safety reasons . Generals would fight against Generals to free him? Pence would order his release? Half the law agencies against the other half. Private security contractors going to the highest bidder? Heavily armed citizens showing up on the whitehouse lawn? A 10 million man march? Who’s gonna lose that one?

        • This is not about killing him or incarcerating him, it is about undermining him and his agendas that expose the DEM deep state cabal here in USA today ! There weapons are


          The entire democrat establishment

          some RINOs and other sellouts within the phony GOP

          The entire deep state apparatus of all government agencies , especially all the spook agencies, DOJ, and state Dept. and many state government operations nation wide.

          That is a very deep swamp ! so good on Ya DT ! Get DOJ and all agencies purged and fired up and running ASAP !

          The two most important matters today are prosecuting Comey as the master leaker to set a strong example of leadership and A Weiner because he will rollover on the Clintons and his involvement in her email crimes. Both have plenty of evidence to convict already, so get on with it Sessions or get the fuck out ! Sessions stood by as he allowed the Mueller sham to take place by his underling when he recused himself. That was beyond stupid and weak ! So either get with the program or get replaced ! Your choice.

          • At the leadership end politically are the neoconservatives.

      8. the beginning of a Revolution?
        or Civil War?


      9. if Trump is taken out there will be armed people in the streets

        • Boop, and locally who would they be fighting ? the only recourse would be to march on DC and we have not seen anything even close to such ? I agree it should have already happened for many reasons.

          I doubt they try to kill him as that might be too obvious given all the info about the deep state in the past few years and the fact that many millions more now see it all for what it is, a crime syndicate called our government !

          But we must also look at all the many mysterious murders of Clinton witnesses ? and that too is all quite obvious ? We are dealing with the deep state apparatus and the DEMs are a big part of that cabal ! so it would be a bit fool hearty to underestimate their full potentials and current desperation mode. we need some high level prosecutions ASAP and that so what Trump is messaging to all !

      10. President Trump is his own worst enemy. He could have handled the AG Session’s crisis a lot better. It’s as if the President doesn’t know that he’s the President or he doesn’t know what his powers are. I have to give a lot of blame to his top advisors, if he has any.

        • Him, I agree on the advisors, especially his daughter and son-in-law, who I believe are giving him the wrong kind of advice. His daughter is a true bleeding heart and the son-in-law supposedly has ties to George Soros.

          • And dual US / Israeli citizenship

            • Kevin2, I forgot to mention Kushner is an Orthodox Jew and Ivanka converted to that faith.

        • Him, I think you have it all exactly backasswards !

          You do realize that by Sessions stepping aside and recusing that allowed his underling to immediately create the Mueller fiasco and never ending witch hunt right ? so are you saying if Trump had spoken some nice words all would be fine ?

          This moron caused it all to be created and I fully agree with Trumps reactions. I would be pissed as well maybe more, because half wits like you would buy into the bullshit and undermine Trump even more ! Do you realize this is a war and not a game of nice Mr. guy ?

      11. This would be a Black Swan event to set off a massive sell on the worlds financial markets. The mere hint at political instability in the US is a game changer especially if it is neither voluntary as Nixon resigning or a legal impeachment.

        At this point the body politic will realize that the USA that they assumed they lived in, with all of its flaws, isn’t the USA that they live in. The country for all effects and purposes has been slowly and methodically stolen from right under your noses. Here this thief will expose themselves for everyone to see while claiming complete innocence; “We’re saving you”; “We know things you don’t”. A sufficient amount of the public will buy in. The military leadership will buy in. Many will be frightened to express their opinion. Historically an outside threat is the ostensible reason and therefore those who disagree will be labeled part of that threat. Of these that majority will be silenced with fear.

        This would be the dawn of a new age.

      12. The greatest danger to The President or America and its people is not an EXTERNAL threat, its solely from the traitors within that have been cultivated and have NOT been dealt with appropriately. End of story.

      13. If that did happen I’d hate to be a mudslime in Dearborn . When them Michigan boys come out of them hills thoroughly pissed?

      14. Kevin2, the scenario you just outlined could very well take place. My biggest fear is that Trump will be assassinated, possible along with some other top leaders, and THAT will usher in the NWO. IF that happens, it will be GAME ON. Their method of ‘Russia collusion’ isn’t working so they have to try something else. Don’t put it past the deep state to try assassination, even as a last resort. They’ll do whatever they consider is necessary to maintain their position. And I will do whatever I consider is necessary to fight them.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Almost 54 years since JFK technology has reached a point that the CIA has means, only detectable by so few laboratories (that they control anyway) to make an assassination appear as a natural event. Trump is all in all in good health but once above 70 anything can get you. There can be tremendous doubt but the majority of the public will default to a belief that doesn’t rock the boat; denial is preferential. To come to terms with the alternative, is just way too frightening. Like children they will hide under the blanket and pretend that daddy and mommy aren’t fighting.

          • I can picture Trump dining with Chuck Schemer saying, “Care to switch plates”? “No thank you Mr President”.

          • Kevin2, great point. It won’t be an obvious “assassination” unless they want to blame it on someone. However, it’s interesting to note that Clinton enemies still receive the old fashion treatment (i.e. a bullet to the head).

            On the bright side, it’s nice that people still respect the old ways!

            • Justice

              “However, it’s interesting to note that Clinton enemies still receive the old fashion treatment (i.e. a bullet to the head).”

              With the Clintons its sending a message. Like the mafia torturing a squealer and putting a canary in their mouth as opposed to Guido Three Steps just disappearing. The bottom line is that technology gives them options that they didn’t previously have. For all we know they have one of those disks that induced a cerebral hemorrhage that was shown in the 1960s series The Invaders. I’m dating myself.

              • Kevin2, if the Clintons try anything they will HAVE to be eliminated.

                • Its not beyond the scope of possibility that Hillary, if cornered, may in a fit of her well known angry outbursts threaten to bring people down with her. She’s physically unhealthy, her mental state is questionable, it adds up to becoming a great liability. Bill conversely is Slick Willy, a former and very popular President, therefore more shielded. He is way too emotionally controlled for such an outburst. Watching him give the eulogy, crocodile tears included, would be academy award worthy. After NAFTA, China Free Trade and the demise of Glass-Steagall he would say, “I feel your pain”. He should, he caused it.

                  • Kevin, Her mental state isn’t questionable. It is known that she is a sociopath. Just like her husband. Sociopath = mentally ill.

                    Those two should be been jailed decades ago. Think of how many lives would have been spared. But I seriously doubt justice will be served and anything (other than Karma) will ever happen to these two partners in crime.

                    • M in M, I believe they can be taken down and we do not know what sort of depraved shit they have done or are capable of. No doubt they are both sociopaths and psychopaths, but what are their boundaries ? We do not know that answer and there fore it is questionable ?

                  • K2, yes it would be a great performance for all to see from Willy. You know it is always for the children !

                • Brave, the Clintons have been trying everything they can muster up since day one ? and exactly how could you get to them ? sounds good, but I don’t think the Clintons are the real deal here ? The deep state in general is. The Clintons are old sick fucks who have been completely exposed as criminals. Both will be dead sooner than later because of their egos and bad health.

                  • I’m talking about the Deep State getting Hillary because of her unpredictability being a danger to them. She is ill, fragile, bad cold, hospital stay, opps complications. Very plausible. Bill is still valuable to them. He is affable and revered in liberal circles.

                    Seeing Bill’s performance at the eulogy……Academy Award worthy, guaranteed.

                    • No doubt she is simply very weak and sickly with all manner of health issues. Truth is she can fall over dead any day and I doubt Willy is far behind her ? He looks like an AIDs patient and that seemed to happen rather quickly. Something is seriously wrong with him as well.

          • Kevin2, there’s a certain percentage of the public who will live in denial but it may be fewer people than you think. There are more people awake and aware than there used to be. I wouldn’t put it past CIA to try to take out Trump. If anything happens to Trump, all bets are off. Any chance we have for peaceful change will go down the tubes and it will be civil war 2.

            • Na. People tend to talk to people that think like them or at least have similar interests. Go to a worshipping the sphere service. Bring up any of this and watch the blank stare of indifference. You’ll have better luck successfully communicating with a Martian.

              The majority of people will default to a normalcy mindset up until its effect directly effects or threatens them or those they care about. Its human nature. I’m analytical about everything. Atypical.

        • Brave, if such plays out there will only be one action to take and that would be to march on DC and all state capitals.

          The problem with that is we have no unified leadership or functional command structure for civilian patriot/liberty types. In fact some of the major groups like Oath Keepers, have defeated themselves with bad decisions and forms of their own corruption and lost most high level leadership in the last few years. Oath Keepers is now basically destroyed by its poor leadership. This was a great loss at a time when we need such groups and leadership at the fore front. Here is part of what happened but there is more to the story. I completely agree with their mission statement, but the leadership sucks. Draw your own conclusions, but I was well informed on all of it for a long while and I resigned as well as many others.

          I do fully support 3%ers

      15. I simply don’t know what would happen if Trump was somehow removed from office. And neither does anyone else. Its all speculation and not one shred of credible evidence. We need to prep for a worse case outcome. Expect the unexpected. Think about the unthinkable.

      16. Soon would be the time for this to happen.

        Let the main harvests get in from the corn/wheat/soybean states and I could see it happening.

        Food delivery would be very easy to control, and thus the population.

        Got a garden producing summer crops?
        Got a fall fall garden seedlings started?
        Got heirloom seeds in both?
        Buying fruits/veggies in bulk from local markets?
        Got chickens in your backyard?
        Got fruit trees/bushes in backyard?

        May be too late now.

        Prep your soul people.

        • I got 300 lbs. of sugar and 3 lbs. of yeast and some tobacco seeds, I’m good 🙂

          • you’re gonna starve to death 🙁

            • After 21 years of prepping, starving is not an issue but having good booze and smokes is my main concern lol 😛

          • throw in some corn mash and a stil we gonna have a good ol time


            • I don’t use corn in my recipe, it’s much better and smoooooth as a baby’s butt lol. I have been offered 50 bux a quart for it (I don’t sell it).

          • 300 lbs of sugar and some yeast. You can ferment a 55 Chevy with that.

            • No worries,trump taken out the un will come into the US and save us!

              Nice to see some prepared for end of world,they will still be painting ect. with all their paint thinner they are making!

      17. They can do anything they want as long as the booze flows, the casinos are open, the fake money is still being made, and the “bread and circuses” are still on for the toxic dump coward pussies of New Babylon America. Their poor doomed children they whored out long ago never had a chance with drunken bum cowards as parents.

        • “New Babylon America” will be judged VERY harshly. I pray that I get out before God brings his Judgment down upon it, but Gods will be done.

      18. First off, Jared and Ivanka have no business in those roles or even in the White House. At all. Neither of these two 30-something year old Millennials are qualified by any stretch of the imagination. They are giving him poor advice (although not on purpose) because they don’t know what they don’t know, and apparently what they think they know just ain’t so.

        I voted for him but if he does get tossed out, well, he has made some real dumb ass choices. Ivanka and Jared at his side as his special advisors are just two of several other big mistakes he has made. Very disappointed.

        • Jared and Ivanka are pushing for AG Jeff Sessions to be ousted. They are pressuring Trump. This is not all Trumps doing and decision. They are also pressuring him when he’s already angry at Sessions because they too are all lawyered up themselves, on the hot seat as well as Trump for possible dealings with Russia among other legal issues.

          • Anybody that buys into the fake Trump/Russia fabrication is a complete fool and worse playing with the enemy’s lies !

            None of it is rocket science and it has all been exposed as lies by the deep state DEM cabal.

        • Mike in Maine

          Trump’s biggest mistake was appeasing the Establishment with Mike Pence as a VP. If for any reason Trump leaves office the Presidency goes back to to them with Pence. Rand Paul would have been the choice. Trump could call in the Establishment heads both politically Gramm, Schumer, McCain, Feinstein, and some big time finance people and say, “You remove me, you get him (Paul)”. Its like Teddy Roosevelt buried in the VP office and opps.

      19. Rodney Howard Brown is a fraud. I sat under his ministry for several months in the mid 90’s in Spring Hill Fl. He was the “bartender” of the Holy Spirit laughter movement. He would touch people, they would fall down laughing supposedly under the guise of the Holy Spirit. When people started to become skeptical and started to call him out, he would move on to another church until over a period of time he had conned enough people to afford his own church in the Tampa Bay area. He is in the same league as T.D.Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, and many others who prey upon the ignorant and gullible. If you believe this current “Headline” then may the Lord help
        you. Seems to me he’s just trying to get a little attention.

        • I just happened to run across a clip of this guy recently. Yep. He’s in the same league as the others you mentioned. How many church goers hear something that just doesn’t sit right or sound right and just keep going Sunday after Sunday after Sunday. Bet he has plenty to say before the collection plate is passed. Many limelight hounds and con men/women stand at the pulpit. It’s WAY past time these frauds were exposed.

        • Show me a big church preacher that isn’t a fraud ? they are all simply big businesses these days. Polluted and perverted thoroughly for almost 2000 years. Jesus never said go forth and create these churches and elaborate mechanisms, he said look inside, all the answers are inside you !

      20. I still got my 55 chevy I drove in high school. And I still like to mash the gas pedal to the floor. We all need to take the time to have some fun.

        • OG, right you are! If you can’t have some fun, whats the point. Live a miserable and paranoid existence? No thanks. Thats cool you still have that car!

          • Ive had several mill,s over the decades. Lots of warmed up 283,s and 327,s even had a 454 in it once. currently a 69 327 with a 30-30 cam C4B Edelbrock intake AFB carb reworked 57 fuelie heads and hedders. Ford 4 speed and ford nine inch rear with 355 gears. I just tell everyone I race its a 283 LOL.

        • 1953 chevy here

          with a 350 sbc and TH350 trans and 10 bolt chevy rear end
          mash the gas and watch them take notice

          • Dual quads/hot cam?

        • Oh, what a sweet ride! I’m good with having a little fun.

      21. Idiot congressman.

        Dear Trump: deadman’s switch on the nuclear football.

        Bam. The fucking end. Try it now, asshole.

        I’d take one for the team in this manner over something like this.

      22. Donald Trump is a symbol of white European dissatisfaction.

        The deep state is the (((3ew State))).

        Trump has bent over backwards to keep both (((3ew))) and gentile placated.

        If Trump signs the new bill to end any criticism of (((Is real hell))), he will lose the support of half his loyal supporters (if not more than half).

        This new bill besides outlawing Free Speech, makes anyone who is in business but not directly with (((Is real hell))) guilty of Boycott. Which IS legal. The (((3ews))) started ww2 with a crushing boycott against Germany and an actual Declaration of War!

        Now the (((deep state))) (3ews) threaten to take Trump out. Do they mean like they took Kennedy out?

        The 3ews in the USA comprise 2-to-3% of the population. They have been using blacks as storm troopers. Blacks are beginning to understand that their temporary help from (((3ews))) is just exploitation, and that it was the (((3ew))) who owned the slave ships and dominated slavery.

        (((3ews))) comprise only a small fraction of 1% worldwide, yet by means of deception and persistence through intense ethnocentrism or racialism, they have come to dominate the world. They own the Central Banks. Any Country without a Central Bank gets deemed evil and war declared against it. One of the greatest contentions between Hitler and the (((3ews))) was that Hitler ended the German Central Bank, and outlawed compound interest on loans, which is the basis for (((3ew))) money and consequent power.


        • I just can’t resist this
          My great grandfather was a messianic 3ew.
          He was a Carpenter in the Imperial Russian army.
          I still have a study desk he made for his daughter,
          my grandmother.
          So I’m descended from a 3ewish carpenter that
          died dirt poor. Does that make me responsible
          for the world’s banking problems?
          Or is it due to Democrats and socialists
          lack of morals and ethics?
          Give the 3ews a break. Pick
          on the real a$$holes, Democrats, Socialists,
          and Moslems.

          • Rellik, I know that you have been having issues with bread lately, so I just wanted to share recipe that has really worked for me (my other bread recipe is for flat bread/tortillas).

            I also wanted to share an important lesson I just learned. Never put all your eggs in one basket. I have dozens of buckets of Pinto and Black Beans and can no longer eat them. My body does not react well when I eat them, no matter how I prepare them. So all my beans go to family, my loss is their gain!


            • Thanks!
              We finally made decent loaves of bread.
              milled from Hard white wheat berries, twice
              in a row. My tenant claims it tastes “funny”.
              But I think he listens to NPR too much
              and believes the Gluten crap.

              Dinner last night was very Egyptian
              slave food. Beer, bread, home grown tomatoes,
              and chillies.
              I’m making plans to butcher my steer, he’s probably
              around #1500. I’m looking forward to Teriyaki
              beef on sourdough.

              Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

              I’ll make sure my wife sees this video.
              The paper isn’t very cheap. $16 from Amazon.


              • Thank you Justice for posting this bread recipe! I love how cheerful this lady is and I really like the brightly coloured kitchen equipment. What would really be cool is if the bread were baked in an outdoor horno oven fired with buffalo chips or something…….

                • I understand that she used to have a talk show on TV, king of like Oprah. She has other recipes that I want to try out as well.

              • It’s 3.48 at Walmart. Are there no wallyworlds in HI?

                • Baby,
                  We have two Wally worlds
                  I quoted a very large
                  quantity of paper.
                  It costs me
                  two hours and $8 to
                  $20 in fuel to get there
                  and back depending on which
                  vehicle I use.

                  I’m really in a very rural place.
                  That is why I love to read about
                  everyones BOL “havens”.
                  Thankfully you mainland guys
                  subsidize the USPS, which is
                  only a few miles away. It saves
                  me a lot of money.
                  It is how I get most my stuff.

                  • rellik, I knew you were quoting the 300 count price because that’s what I ordered!

            • My tips for bread, one – my wife said I had to stop making homemade bread except on special occasions, because it’s too fattening……

              Real tips – I use a 20 pound digital Harbor Freight scale to measure ingredients to bake bread. It’s unnecessary to sift flour for bread making aside from sifting to accurately measure it by the cup. I can measure wheat berries by weight add a couple grams for loss and run it through a grinder to make flour, the final amount of flour can be checked with my scale.
              Based on experience with several types of flour of varying moisture content I have come up with:
              For Flour – 113 grams of flour = 1 cup.
              For Rye Flour 130 grams = 1 cup
              For Water – 236 grams = 1 cup
              Many recipes say to add or subtract a tablespoon of water: 1 Tblsp water = 12 grams.

              Huge tip. The Salt Secret, I never use anything but iodized salt, our bodies need iodine…… Except when making bread. I use only Kosher salt for bread, it seems yeasty beasties don’t like iodized salt and it ruins bread.

              Adding Olive oil is usually the difference between French and Italian bread. A little olive oil helps bread stay fresh, and it toasts better.

              I use a Harbor Freight infrared thermometer, great for getting water to that 90F mark that bread likes.

              My No Knead Parmesan & Herb bread recipe,
              now I’m trusting everyone on the Internet to keep this completely secret…..
              I also call it my kitchen sink bread, because that’s all it missing!

              3 cups (339 grams) of flour
              1/4 tsp instant yeast
              3/4 Tblsp Kosher salt
              1 1/2 cups (355 grams) warm water
              1/2 cup finely shredded Parmesan cheese
              1/2 tsp olive oil (it really helps keep it from going stale)
              1/2 tsp dried oregano
              1/4 tsp dried thyme
              1/2 tsp powdered garlic (not garlic salt)

              Start it bedtime the night before. Combine all ingredients in a bowel on the counter and cover,
              12-20 hours later dump onto a floured surface like she did in the video. Form it into a ball, place it seam down on parchment paper. Let it nap 2 hours.

              With 30 to 40 minutes left preheat your oven with a Dutch oven to 450F.

              Gently dump the bread dough into the Dutch oven, salt lightly with pretzel salt (didn’t see that coming hah) cover and bake 30 minutes. Remove Dutch oven cover, and bake 15 to 20 minutes more. Let cool and watch your guests fight over it. Bury bodies bodies in the back yard and never discuss this recipe again.

            • Justice, cool recipe. I tried this from some guy a few years back and it was awesome ! Flat bread is very easy to make a well as tortillas. I put some yogurt in my flat bread and it is the best. Makes incredible Gyros !

          • rellik

            I can assume that your not a Rothschild? Damn all this time I thought you were an internationalist banker because of your 23 & me DNA.

            I’m in agreement with you. Just trying to make a funny.

            • More like a Domagalski . That is like a “Smith” in Poland or Russia.
              Not traceable. I know the path, but this is a public forum.
              Wasn’t K2 a soviet submarine that had problems?
              Only cops use proper nouns for a Phonic alphabet.
              I use a mix of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.
              Little humor on my side also.


      23. I already have issues with seeing the swamp as a legitimate government! If they are unconstitutional / extraconstitutional, they are illegitimate in my book! Take out the last hope for America, and all bets are off the table! Cause now you are going against the will of the majority of Americans who want a better America! Personally, I don’t care about the messenger, just the message, but Trump is the only president in many decades with the message!

        • And, to me, it is obvious who is against him! And why!

      24. Dave, AMEN to your comments. I’ve had issues with this illegitimate government forever.

      25. If these people in D.C. had a real job, they would have been fired years ago. I guess now they will either be in prison or hanging from a short rope on those tall trees on Pennsylvania Ave. Just like Obullshit, they’re all POS.

      26. If Sessions can’t take the heat and the abuse and he leaves he’ll be Trump’s 12th Administration departure since he took Office 6 months ago. Something’s not right here. Anyone else see a pattern?

        • could be trump is trying to get himself thrown out

      27. What they are talking about is high treason and nothing less. Any attempt to over throw the govt by violence will be met with violence It will not be a bloodless coup. If they attempt this they need to be arrested and shot period including the high leadership involved in it. No show trials All or nothing game. Treason is treason period. No grey areas or probation.

      28. Former MI6 operatives have said they would take out those folks who would harm Trump.

      29. Anything is possible in what was once the United States.
        After all, they took out JFK. The hard way.

      30. This pastor has given enough information to narrow the alleged congressman who said there is a plot to take out Trump. This supposed congressman has been in office since 1996 and is a Republican. The pastor refers to this congressman as a “he”. However, masculine pronouns are gender inclusive. So this congressman could be a man or a woman. I have narrowed it down to seven people of whom five are men and two are women. I used this site to get the current list of the U.S. Congress: These candidates are:,,,,,, and Two of the seven are catholic while the rest are protestant with Pete Sessions religion being uncertain but most likely protestant. Since it is common for people to not know that masculine pronouns are gender inclusive, it may be safe to say that the congressman is a man. That would rule out Kay and Susan. This will leave us with five people left. Rodney Howard-Browne is a protestant pastor. Protestants generally don’t like catholics and it is unlikely that a catholic would be consulting with a protestant pastor. Therefore, that would rule out Kevin, who is a catholic (Kay is also catholic by the way). This would then leave us with the four most likely congressman who told the plan to take out Trump which are: Robert Aderholt, Pat Roberts, Pete Sessions, and Mike Enzi.

      31. The whole thing is a show. If they were going to stop trump they would have done it long ago. Its like wwf wrestling.

      32. The South African says there is a plot and that is laughable. NO PRESIDENT HAS BEEN ASSASSINATED SINCE 1963. In 1963 things were different and now things are different. Even in 1981, the President was not assassinated! Truly I say to all of you that in 3 years time Trump will still be around and people will be saying, “hey what ever happened to that plot? Never happened. Do you still listen to that pastor?” So, in all likelihood there is NO plot. Thanks for the conspiracy theory. Haha

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