Report Suggests Alcohol Consumption On the Rise as Depression Deepens

by | Nov 9, 2010 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    Originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    According to the September 2010 Monthly Wholesale Trade: Sales and Inventories [PDF] report released by the U.S. Census Bureau, alcohol consumption may be on the rise.

    The change from August 2010 to September 2010 shows alcohol inventories at major wholesalers were depleted by 1.5%, while at the same time, overall inventories across durable and non-durable goods increased at about the same rate.

    As wholesalers’ inventories on goods like cars (+0.9%), furniture (+0.7%), and apparel (+4.0%) increased, alcohol and groceries were being used up faster than wholesalers could restock their shelves.

    Robert Barns of Investopedia, says that the Monthly Wholesale Trade report is based on a nationwide survey of 4500 major wholesale merchant organizations. The data is broken into 16 – 20 different industries that stock and distribute durable and non-durable goods. The inventory-to-sales ratios within the report are used by investors to help identify “supply/demand imbalances that exist in the economy.”

    Sign of the Times

    The high unemployment rate and continued fear that the US economy will fall back into recession, or that the recession never ended and a depression has taken hold of the country, may contribute to increased alcohol consumption.

    A recent study published in the British Journal of Addiction found that unemployed men are exposed to greater risks from drinking alcohol. “Unemployed males were particularly likely to binge drink and to report adverse effects from consuming alcohol,” said the report.

    With official unemployment hovering near the 10% mark, and millions of Americans reaching the 99 week limit on emergency benefits over the course of the next few months, the liquor industry seems likely to benefit as one of the few recession-proof businesses capable of withstanding decreased consumer spending in the broader economy.

    References: Census Bureau, Investopedia, Zero Hedge,, Unemployment and Drinking Behaviour

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      1. I’ll drink to that.

        I guess that will mean lower government inflation numbers because those who can no longer afford Crown Royal will have to switch to cheap liquor and beer. 

        Look for the next law to be against brewing beer at home…

      2. Comments…..Could it be those in the know are adding to their prep stock?  I am.  Given what happened to cigarettes – $48 a carton  here -  I see it as another prudent investment for the times ahead – when I want to sit on the porch and have a sip or two as the sun sets. 

      3. The Irish can drink a Brit under the table any day.

      4. I was drunk for twelve years once. (no joke) the hangover was a S.O.B. let me tell you. Keep in mind that the State runs the dispensaries, therefore just like everything else, get your now before it is no longer obtainable.

      5. I’ve loaded up on Nesquik chocolate drink mix, Ovaltine, lots of green and reg. tea bags in econ. size, bricks of coffee, Country Time lemonade mix,  and some bottles of Merlot.

      6. starkel starkel little twink…who the hell you are i think.
        im not a think as some people drunk i am desides ive only had tea martoonies and i have all sober to sunday up in..i fool so feelish i dont know who’s me yet..but the drunker i sit here the longer i get

        alcohol as anything more an an antiseptic could get you killed in a SHTF senario.

        being drunk and not in good wits could become a death wish.

        im not going to be an easy target, sober and steady, clear of mind. and somewhat rational;-)

      7. “Look for the next law to be against brewing beer at home…”

        Unless they plan to repeal the Law of Fermentation, that’s gonna be a hard one to enforce….ahahahaaaaaa…..200 years of history in these hills, and the revenoo’ers haven’t made too big a dent.

      8. Bar owners are going to do very well for the next 10 years

      9. Once I got my security taken care of (guns, radios, binoculars, etc) and once I got my food reserve taken care of, I’ve gone to investing in silver and Skol vodka. I’m not a big drinker, however, a couple shots of vodka will cure a headache and make you more comfortable if you’re achy and sick *AND* others will certainly trade stuff for it. Another aspect is that it will keep nearly forever. As I replenish and expand my preps, rest assured, vodka will be part of it. Mostly for trading but for use if needed.

      10. I don’t drink anymore but in the last year I’ve purchased 2 cases of Jack.  I’m guessing it will come in handy for a lot of reasons.  Maybe I better get some vodka too.  And some tomato juice, some tobasco, some horseradish, some celery seed and some giant olives.   Oh, and some of those plastic spears in assorted colors.    Anyone care to join in………

      11. Comments….. I’ve loaded up on Two Buck Chuck (Trader Joes wine), and within the next 2 weeks I’ll be stocking up on the small bottles of booze that airlines use to give out.  I figure those would make good bartering items. 

        Went to the store and did some more stocking up on canned goods and I wasn’t the only one. I noticed several shoppers with cases of veggies, soup and chili–I haven’t seen anything like that in recent months.

      12. NR  Marine VHF will come in very handy.  CB next then personal WT.  Think about who will be on them & what info will be passed.  Marine will be least crowded inland.  Pint size bottles of what ever is on sale would be a “that’s a good thing” as Martha says.

      13. There are many brands of rum, vodka, whiskey, burbon and scotch out there available in 750 ml extra heavy duty plastic bottles w/screw caps that they call “travelers”. Where glass breaks, these plactic bottles keep right on going. My local ABC Liquor Store even carries cases of 100 & 200 ml plastic bottles. It’s almost as if the distilers have figured out that some folks are starting to look at alcohol as a barter/trade item.

        I’m currently looking into what I need, equipment wise,  to set up a small moonshine still in a real SHTF situation. Alcohol could become as valuable as gold, silver and ammo at a time and place in the not too distant future. A man who can run off a batch of high quality alcohol that is fit to drink and won’t kill your customer could just be well positioned to prosper during the most difficult of times.

      14. Instead of Makers Mark we’ll all be drinkin MadMarkie.  Available at all trading posts…..

      15. Yessir…good tradin’goods…not to mention the good stuff will run an engine and make a good fuel for other things like cooking ooorrr…Moltov cocktails? Time to fire up the ole still!

      16. And now that it’s been proven more dangerous than smack and crack, I can’t wait for the hordes of de-toxing alkies roaming the streets after the liquor stores have been looted dry.  BTW, smoke a joint, go to jail.

      17. I used to run triathlons, after finding the doom, I have become an alcoholic. Oh YES I am completely prepared, No debt, 6 months of food for my family. COMPLETELY… But I can’t seem to stop drinking. I would go into more detail, but sittinguy needs a beer.

      18. I don’t have a drinking problem, I drink, I get drunk, I fall down, no problem.

      19. You got it Reb !

        “Git you a copper kettle, git you a copper coil,
        Fill it with new made corn mash,
        And never more will you toil,
        You just lay there under the junipers,
        In the pale moon light.

        My grandpa, he made whiskey,
        My daddy, he did too
        We ain’t paid that whiskey tax,
        Since 1792. ”

        Bob Dylan

      20. I have tired to prep with cases of Two Buck Chuck, but they never last …. sigh!

      21. Being cheap by nature I don’t drink.  Too expensive.  So it doesn’t make sense that people who are worried about paying the bills or buying food would spend good money to get drunk.  I suspect this is really just people who already drink drinking more.  It could be nothing more then the football season drinking.

      22. This economy, is the best reason I know,  for drinking.

      23. Comments….. A couple glasses of wine relaxes me.  SO and I sit and talk for hours about the economy and government in the evening.  I don’t believe that drinking is any more expensive than eating out at McDonalds or some other restaurant every night or even for lunch.  $2 buck chuck fits my budget nicely.  Keeps me thinking clearly as well.

      24. Obama Life Tax coming soon. 

        Those that work for a living  and retirees will be charged 90% of their gross, payable to the new Welfare Administration on a month to month bill (it’s so easy, just pay it like any other bill) or pay it using your VISA card .

        Those that refuse to work or are here illegally may make a claim to the new Welfare Administration as a month to month “working class moocher” allowance of $5,700 per dependent and $8,500 per month for the head of house hold.  Those that haven’t worked a day in their life will be entitled to claim the special “executive class moocher” entitlement of $22,500 per month for the head, and $19,750 per dependent.

        Entitlement recipients will automatically double their monthly entitlements by simply  checking the check box donating $725,000 to the reelect a Democrat fund.  By checking the box will not decrease your entitlements, Democrat donations will be drawn directly from the new Welfare Administration pot.

      25. I built a cottage for some great folks from Chicago.  He always brings me 2 cases of 2 buck chuck every time he comes up.   We have more than several cases sitting in the basement.   Wish I had a Trader Joe close by….

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