Report: Spec Ops Contractors To Missouri: “Never Guessed We Would Deploy A High Threat Team In Our Own City”

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Headline News | 233 comments

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    (Photo Credit: Asymmetric Solutions)

    The events in Ferguson, Missouri are a harbinger of things to come. In addition to the deployment of National Guard troops and the heavy militarization of local and federal law enforcement agents in the area, it looks like private special operations contractors with experience in middle east war zones have been asked to help.

    Their mission is not clear and no one in any official government capacity is saying anything. But according to a tweet from Asymmetric Solutions on Tuesday, private contractors have been requested in the Feguson/St. Louis area. The company is a division of Applied Defense Technologies,  which employs ex-special operations members like Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Delta Force operatives, often to high-risk theaters of war in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The company quickly followed up their initial tweet to clarify their involvement after numerous users and alternative media outlets like the 1776 Channel voiced concerns over the use of private special operations contractors in a military role on U.S. soil.

    According to a follow-up tweet that came about 12 hours later, the contractors had finished their job by 4:30PM on Wednesday and expressed their thoughts on media news coverage of the events taking place in Ferguson.

    Though the company has not released any specific details about their role in Ferguson or who hired them, it looks like they were either facilitating the transport of supplies or providing security for a high profile client. Whether the client was a private individual or a government entity remains a mystery.

    Private security contracting firms operate throughout the United States on a daily basis. However, it’s no surprise that a top-tier contracting firm like Asymmetric Solutions being deployed in a riot-laden area like Ferguson, MO will raise eyebrows. This particular deployment may have been innocent enough, but it does raise the question of how far our government is prepared to go in the event of a widespread civil unrest scenario.

    They have spent years planning for such events as economic collapse, food riots and other emergency scenarios. And because contracting firms such as Asymmetric Solutions have been deployed on countless tours to high-risk areas over the last decade, it stands to reason that these ex-military professionals would be utilized by the highest bidder in the event of a national emergency.

    The real question then becomes, how far are the individuals and closely knit teams willing to go if called in for such duties on U.S. soil? In the case of Asymmetric Solutions, it looks as if the firm was genuinely concerned that they may be utilized as a sledgehammer by government officials.

    Reference Sources: 1776 Channel, Steve Quayle, Gateway Pundit


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      1. Mercenaries that shoot on US citizens should be treated as such,folks,you know what I mean.Folks like this need to be hacked by the best patriotic hackers out there,get all their personal information.

        • Some will be on the side of right… some on the side of wrong. I do hope the majority will stand with the people.

          • Perhaps these folks are different then those that operated in Iraq with no legal restrictions,but,as deals have been cut to give private folks that same deal in the US,I do not have much faith folks like this will do the right thing.

            • These people are soldiers of fortune and are killers
              for hire. That our government would utilize their
              services on American citizens places us clearly in
              the politics of a third world nation. I would like
              like to get Selco’s take on this, as it seems we are
              becoming Bosnia at lightning speed.

              • Truth of the matter is that the municipal cops are really no different than what we see as private contractors or tactical merc teams for hire like Blackwater or xE or Titan or any of those guys. What we view as municipal law enforcement is actually PRIVATE FIRMS HIRED UNDER THE GUISE OF PUBLIC SERVANTS. All “public” government is actually privately help corporate assets under the umbrella of investors. This is FACT. Your local PD is just as private as BlackWater was in Iraq.

                It may sound conspiratorial, but when it comes to light, you’ll wonder why you ever wondered. I don’t blow out spurious bullshit for the sake of sounding sensational. See and what Clint Richardson unveils about this. Its fascinating and telling how deep the onion layers go with deception and fraud.

                • absolutely. the varying majority of police effort is to bring in dollars. Protecting and serving, hopefully a close second. All and all, do you really trust the police to protect you? And I am referring to now, present day. Police protection when the STHF? Forget about it!!!Oh!

              • Mercenaries have employed by empires since the days of Rome

                Those in govt positions and wealth can afford such protection under any circumstances..always have..

                We..must become our own self protection teams..period.

                As the saying goes..’when in Rome..”

              • Protection for Holder.
                After reading those messages, it seems this was a one day show.
                No doubt in my mind that they were called in as military back up for racist Holder to visit Ferguson.

                So on top of US security alphabet agencies, taxpayers get bilked for contractor military protection. Seems like a redundancy plan for Holder. Holder probably realizes his enemies are many and even he dont trust the govt.

                • My monies with your take of it…

                  Love that last line… 🙂

                  • Even w/ an excuse, this MO still sucks. It sets precedence and gets the public used to military tactics inside our borders.

                  • Undoubtedly these guys were in civilian garb so not to be noticed…

                    They screwed up by using “social Media”… now we know…

                    How dumb was that…

                  • Last Night – Minneapolis MN- Army to Continue ‘Black Helicopter’ Training Over Twin Cities Despite Anger

                    Paul Joseph Watson
                    August 20, 2014
                    The U.S. Army is set to continue training exercises involving low flying “black helicopters” over Minneapolis and St. Paul tonight despite residents and local officials expressing outrage at the danger posed by the unannounced drills. Practicing Martial Law.


                  • Jerry, I’m not so sure their social media posting was a screw up … 🙂

                • Holder can not trust the law enforcement on the ground to protect him. Also there is the National Guard.
                  He is afraid of his politically socialist army this administration created. Is he Holier than thow? Bring in the Merc’s to become his special guard.

                  Hitler’s SS comes to mind.

                  • It used to be that you’d see footage of cops roughing up and beating guys for the hell of it; knee in the back, face ground into the pavement, jaw punched in, a few broken ribs…ya know, your common garden variety police butality. Now they just shoot kill you. “Ah! He looked at me…I got scared, I felt ‘threatened’…so me and my buddy, we had to shot em!”

                    And now pulling away from a cop is considered “assault”. So if a cop illegally attacks you, and you reflexivley resist or hold up your arms to protect yourself, chances are…he’ll just shoot you. They train this way now.

                    Cops really are private corporate thugs masquerading behind a “public” badge. Are they hired by the city? Of course! But the cities and all the municipalities are run as corporations for profit as well. Look into the CAFR scams. Its ridiculous.

                  • Holder does not mention anything of the Rioting Looting or Burning down the Town. He is a Black Panther Shill.

                    All Holder does is coddle the grieving family of their Hoodie thief black child thug shooting loss.

                    This country is run by a bunch of woosies. Deal with the Crimes being committed every night in the rioting.

                • SPOT ON.

              • I take offense – all these private contractors are not what you say. I know some. They are patriots, just like you think you are. They served in our military and continue to serve at what they do best. I believe they were not there to harm citizens, but to keep the peace and to protect someone from looters or other potential violence. A man dear to my family died in Afghanistan as a private contractor in an IED explosion. He is our hero. He would have NEVER attacked Americans. NEVER.

                • This comment goes to SolitaryMan for saying the contractors are soldiers of fortune. This moved up and my comment above is now replying to someone else. Too bad Holder did not stay home and do his job. He put a lot of other people in jeopardy by showing up. That is my opinion and it is also my opinion that I resent American Taxpayers having to pay for HIS private protection – he said it was, “Personal.” After all, he is “a BLACK MAN.” He doesn’t look all black to me. What about the rest of his heritage? Why identify with a COLOR at all? I think he should use government protection. Why not use that money you spent on private contractors on the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force? I am sick and tired of this. All I want to say is that contractors are not against us. They also took an oath and the ones I know are honorable men and women. Why is our country even dealing with race at a time when EVERYONE in America is threatened from violent, hideous miscreants who want to annihilate our entire country? They don’t care if we are white, black, yellow or green. They just want to KILL US ALL. Either blacks and whites get together and get it together or we are all screwed. Why not give it all up to God and just get with it? This whole race thing is a HUGE DISTRACTION from what we should all be paying attention to.

                • They don’t even need to be there in the first place…this is usurpation of States Rights and only the Governor can introduce additional assistance through his own request to the National Guard. What you say is BS …patriots or not..these soldiers of fortune violate every Americans Rights!

                  • They can be there when they are hired as security. That is what they did, they escorted some big shot news crew in and showed them around and left. that’s all… yall really need to get your heads out of alex jones ass and calm down

            • And the quiet civil war of 2014 in the United States continues.

              What a fucked up situation we are in.

              No way to know who is who.

              Good reason to make pacts with friends and relatives (as you should have already) now instead of when the SHTF and you have to make snap judgements on who you can trust.


          • THe majority will stand for whatever keeps NFL on tv, dope in their bong, meds in their brain, and cold beer on tap. Say goodbye to America.

            • Couldn’t have stated it any better

              Sounds exactly like my neighborhood.

            • Have not watched a pre-season game and may not follow the season for the first time in 35 years.

              Have to draw the line somewhere.

            • The NFL is Puppet of the US Government and in exchange the NFL gets to keep their Tax Exemption Status. Of course the US Military gets to spread their Propaganda during half time shows and fly overs. Its one Big Propaganda show, just like NASCAR who also get a Tax Free Status,and promote the Military propaganda Crap. Wake up America!!

              • Oh and as a Followup- during Martial Law NFL Stadiums will be turned into FEMA Camps just like the N.O. Saints Superdome was in New Orleans. Look how that Hurricane Katrina turned out for those people.

            • We used to be considered middle-class, now I think you would consider us “upper lower class”. Things won’t get better I’m afraid. They may get much worse. This is why I store food and water, garden every year, learn survival skills, learn all I can about wild foods and medicinal plants, bought an RV in case we lose our jobs and have no where else to live, put aside some money in the bank, don’t spend money on “luxuries” like cable TV, internet, or fancy phones. This is why we buy our clothes at thrift stores, don’t eat out or go to many movies or plays, go to cheap campgrounds instead of vacations, drive older cars that are paid off, take my lunch to work instead of buying fast food that is bad for you anyway, fix things instead of replace them when they get old or break, get free movies, books and music at the local library, rent our home, and don’t buy anything on credit.

              We have learned to live within our means and prepare for emergencies, expecting we will have some emergencies along the way. We have learned to appreciate the simple things in life – a beautiful day to walk instead of drive; a good conversation with friends or family; a stomach filled with good home-grown, home-cooked food; the beauty and wonder of natural things that God provides freely for all; learning that we don’t need everything we want; learning new skills and the satisfaction of using what we have right in front of us, being creative and inventive when we need to. Enjoying the contentment of simplicity, love, quietness and peace knowing that God is our Provider and He has given us abundance, even when we find we must do more with less.

              I fear “the American Dream” is breathing its last, so my advice to future generations is to re-define what success is. Stop expecting so much, and start appreciating the little things in life. Be wise in how you use everything. Expect the unexpected and prepare for emergencies. Most of all, get back to the basics and realize that you need far less than you think you do. Rely on God and on your own ingenuity instead of the government or your parents. Find what’s really important – love, health, faith.

              • Yeah, in the late 90’s I was making about $180K a year, then after the 2001 stock Mkt Bubble crash, my income was about $90K a year through about 2008, then it dropped to $60K a year in 2010, then has been dropping about another $10K a year over year. $59K, $$49K and $39K last year. And I am on pace now for about $30K this year. I am no longer Middle class and now just making my monthly bills. We are all F*cked!! Glad I got most of my preps in place a few years ago. Now I’m just rotating and replacing food preps. I go out to eat for a good steak about 2 times a year and feel guilty I should be buying a weeks groceries with that cash. I try to eat and stay healthy cause I don’t have any health insurance. Who can afford that. If I didn’t have to pay Income Fed Taxes I would be Golden and hardly any debt.

          • WRM just found out where the Green Beret Benefit will be held. Do you live near this area and are you and yours going to be there. Not sure if I’m going, but would like to meet like minded people. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • Being a mercenary means your services are for hire. Not your conscience. It was seared long ago like Lord of the Rings Ring Wraiths.

          • “Never Guessed We Would Deploy A High Threat Team In Our Own City”

            Never Guessed We Would have wilding ghetto negroes destroying our city either.

          • Wow…that is powerful…this is not the country I grew up in…I gotta buy more preps.

            • In RE: to the Powell shooting,alright bring on the the red thumbs ,ive been coming to this page for a long time ,and the sentiment on here is the goverment has to much power ie. local police ,i remeber when the boston bombing happend and every one on here bitched about them going door to door (as did i) and they didnt even kill anyone ,i cant believe you fall right into there trap ,because this guy was black it wasent excesive force ,the fuckin guy probaly had some mental issues ,go stand beside your car get a plan ,your getting paid just the same ,i heard more bitching on here when the cops killed the dog of the suspected drug dealer ,yea ,im aware of how fast that he can get to the deputy’s with his knife ,so why the fuck did they just jump out and run into harms way ,wouldnt it be smarter to park ,access the situation then take action ,there plan work perfect ,even on sights like this one where you think that people have the sense to figure out its always been divide and concouer ,when shit goes down blacks get together and burn shit down ,though i dont agree ,white amercans are the only ones that dont do shit ,look at greese ,argentina ,egypt ,even the uk , all we do is say “if you take my stapler im going to burn this down”

              • Hang those officers HIGH. That was murder. Unbelievable. That city better protest and demand justice. This is a righteous reason to protest and force our citizen hand.

                • Anon 1970 says:
                  Comment ID: 3210456
                  August 22, 2014 at 1:06 pm Hang those officers HIGH.

                  Hang those ghetto rioters HIGH.

          • Shocking how dumb people are, for example the foolio recording this entire debacle. It’s no wonder the globalists want to exterminate us, we have too many morons.

            • Excuse me, but why is the guy who documented the entire murder, somehow “dumb” to you? Are you advocating that police misconduct should not be recorded and the truth not told? I don’t understand your comment regarding this “foolio”.

              • I have no comments on the guy who documented it, but you sure did nail it with your first sentence. “why is the guy who documented the entire MURDER”
                That was flat out murder.

            • no “they” are upset
              because there are too many people with cameras

              knowledge can be a dangerous thing

          • perfectly executed loserectomy, no pun intended.

          • WTF? Did this guy just do a suicide by cop? Even if that were his intention, ESPECIALLY if that was his intention, they should have shown some modicum of restraint and tased him. Fucking bastard pigs.

            • You are exactly correct….these pigs should be prosecuted too. And the guy was NOT three feet from the cop as was reported. This is fucking ridiculous!!!

            • You are an idiot. A guy coming at you, that won’t listen to the police and says shoot me, gets what coming. If you can’t figure that out, and did they have time to react differently? What would you have done?


              • That Obama “My Brothers Keeper” Program coming along nicely,and just throw more money at the rioters and make sure their feeling are not getting hurt. It’s the Obama “Hugg a Rioter” program.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
                  Comment ID: 3209683
                  August 21, 2014 at 11:21 am That Obama “My Brothers Keeper” Program coming along nicely,and just throw more money at the rioters and make sure their feeling are not getting hurt. It’s the Obama “Hugg a Rioter” program.

                  And the white mans paycheck will be taxed to support it.

          • A taser or bean bag gun would have been the better choice. There is a great video about edged weapons by cold steel and it covers the times and distances covered and how quick you get stabbed. It is a good training video for everyone on knife combat. The last two shots are gonna be bad and out of policy, but like it or not, the other shots will probably be considered justified. BUT, they could not have come at a worse time in MO. They already have Al Charleton and Messy Jackson in town fanning the hate flames (and Jackson got booed when he asked for donations). This shit in MO is gonna spiral out of control…….

            Keep your powder dry,

            • Then they handcuffed him even after he was down and dead. These Cops sure get scared easy.. Even if you fully comply and put your hands behind your back in complete submission these cops still like to throw you on the ground like a rodeo hog tie up. And put their foot of knee into your head or neck. That really Jacks up their Psychopathic Egos.

              • You always handcuff after a shooting, even if he is dead. I think that is a federal mandate. Not sure why, but it was always madatory. But it does look bad.

          • if he’d been white he’d still be alive…

            told ya’ all, this is how it is on the real streets now !

            And you “redthumb” me .

            i find it interesting that the zog police do not use less lethal 12 gauge bean bag bullets like bounty hunters use and prisons all across zog amerika do now to subdue violent persons.

            even 12 gauge rock salt rounds would be better than just shooting a frustrated with the system black man like a dog.

            so the lesson here is if you are black don’t mess with the police unless you want to be suicided by cops.


            • “if he’d been white he’d still be alive”
              Just like Kelly Thomas right fool?

              • 8/20/2014 Dillon Taylor, 20 from Salt lake City, was leaving a 7 eleven store around 7 pm when police received a call about a man with a gun. Upon responding to 7 eleven they saw Dillian leaving the store and ordered him to lay down on the ground. Dillon had his ear phones in and did not hear what the cops said. When Dillon grab his pants to pull them up the cops opened fire killing him.

                • That’s two white guys that where unarmed posed no threat and did NOTHING compared to this knife wielding black threatening and advancing on cops and Brown that robbed a liquor store and assaulted a cop. Your an ignorant fool Jack!

            • ummm… I think all they had on them at the time was their service weapons. It’s not like they could have asked the guy :”Hey! Hold on while we retrieve our less than lethal weapons before you come at us. That way, we won’t kill you.” When put in a threatening situation you respond with what’s readily at hand. Sorry, but sometimes what’s at hand is lethal force.

              • Not sure, hard to tell. It is clear the backup police who were taping off the scene had tazers on their belt. The question is, If all they had were their guns, why did they not have tazers on their belts? Is this not a perfect example of what tasers were designed for?

                Remember several years ago, when we had the rash of “cops tazering people” videos coming out? People always quetioned if the tazing was necessary and/or justified?
                Maybe we shouldn’t have complained back then. I rarely see the tazers deployed anymore. Its straight for the guns!

              • Agreed, especially when he walks towards them yelling shoot me. Suicide by cop. Not that uncommon.

            • lol ;0p pzzzsst

            • You preppers are some serious white racist Bigots!

              Ain’t none of you besides Jacks care about the economically enslaved African Americans struggle?


              guess that answers my question.

              Fee Fii Foo Fum Kill a Whitey Dead.


              • UncleCrackerKilla

                Alright! There is still hope for America.

              • Go back to Africa..because in America…they’re are no hyphenated Americans! Just Americans. You want to separate yourself as a special interest by calling yourself an “African-American”.. Go get a dual citizenship passport bitch and then get on Ebola-Air and fly your lame ass out of America!

              • No. It has nothing to do with race, at least for me. If you have read my other posts on the whole Ferguson thing I think you would have found that I have been quite even handed. I waited for as much of the facts to come out as I needed to before deciding if I was on the cops side or Mike Brown’s side. For me, it’s not about race, it’s about facts. Sorry, but if someone comes at me with a knife (as is the case we are discussing here) and I have a gun I am going to shoot. I don’t care about the person’s race, I care about defending my life. You would do the same and so did these cops.

                Also, I have not been universally supportive of the police either. They made a lot of mistakes, but then so did the protestors and looters. By choosing to loot and pillage before the facts came out, they made themselves look like a bunch of hypocrites. These people did nothing to further the cause of ending racial tensions and if anything only served to further enforce the stereotypes and prejudices that some people hold. If you want to help end racism in America then you need to do your part. If you happen to live in a poor community, work to clean it up. Get the dealers off the streets. Work to end the gangs. Work towards making your schools safer and create an atmosphere where kids who want to learn don’t get the crap beaten out of them by other kids for getting decent grades. Government alone can’t do it. It takes the community working together to change the attitudes of the minority that bring the whole community down.

                • Winston Smith says:
                  Comment ID: 3209700
                  August 21, 2014 at 11:52 am No. It has nothing to do with race, at least for me.

                  Yes it is about race, negroes using any excuse to loot, burn, riot and attack. This is the negroe problem that must be addressed with lethal force. How many negroes in other palces are watching this and deciding that if they are not gonna be shot,to also loot and riot.
                  Negroe control requires force, not political correctness.

                  • Did you even bother to read the comment I was responding to, or do you have so little reading comprehension that you couldn’t follow the chain of conversation?

            • It doesn’t matter what color you are, don’t mess with todays Police. They will kill you if you come at them with a knife, gun or punch them.

              • It’s worse than that….if someone says you have a gun and they don’t even put eyes on it, they will kill you. Hello. I outta call the police right now and tell them the names of every politician and that they are carrying a gun.

                Problem solved.

          • Tough scenario. Guys with little to live for vs. guys who have the impossible job of stopping the dismal tide. Sad.

          • I wasn’t in the position, so it is hard to armchair judge. However, the guy did not seem to be a serious threat from what I saw, knife in hand or not. Others have said he charged, I did not see that, more like stumbled.
            I’m sorry, but cops are supposed to “protect and serve”, at least they did at one time anyway. If they have so much fear in their heart that they “shoot first and ask questions later” then they are obviously in the wrong line of work.
            If I was in the jury that cop would be guilty of murder. I am not defending the thug’s actions or lifestyle, only judging the cops behavior. They are supposed to be held to a higher standard, being public servants and all. These guys in no way tried to diffuse that situation.

          • Someone of should have told this young man not to walk toward a police officer or anyone else with a knife in your hand. Play stupid games don’t bitch about your prize.

        • Warchild, God forbid, if any mercenaries are ever deployed where I live, and try to do a home invasion on me, they will receive ‘lead and brass nutrients’. even if I don’t survive it, I will go down fighting for me and my own in my own home, regardless of who they are.

          • RB

            You are constantly bitching about my categorization of all pigs and shillitary as human scum. Now you want to kill all the fucking mercenaries with Bertha. Which is it?

            No quarter for uniforms in SHTF.

            STRIKE FIRST
            STRIKE HARD
            NO MERCY, SIR

            • ACID….Chicken Heart sits in front of his trailer patio, drinks a cheap whiskey and dreams about how much he hates everyone else . As far Bertha, I am not sure if that is some form of perverted tool he uses to satisfy himself. I never noticed many gun owners name their guns unless they really are lonely needing looooove.

              • Anonymous and Acid, both of you can go f#$% yourselves! I handle my own situations. I don’t ask anyone for help, especially not 911. I don’t care what either of you useless trolls think. I don’t owe a damned thing to either one of you.

              • Now THAT’S funny and a highly accurate statement!

                • Troll, do you mean we actually agreed on something for a change? SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE like gomer Pyle used to say.

          • BraveHeart.

            Whole new set of rules coming into play. Merc’s on the ground. The new Law Enforcement.

            • My weapons are always at the ready…every minute of each day. There will be no 4am surprise raid here. The rules of engagement just got downgraded. If you’re a supposed “good cop”… You better get out now. When the NWO is done using you..your result will be”The Night of the Long Knives”.
              Police forces are standing armies in direct violation of Posse Comitatus no matter what moral high ground you think you have or are. You support a system of tyranny even if you thank God it wasn’t you doing the shooting..pussy cop out just to continue drawing your pension and taxpayer check. Even if you think you are not the problem..just putting on that ” brown shirt”…you are the problem.

            • Slingshot, if they start harming US citizens, they’ll be signing their own death warrants.

          • the renegade chicken heart……. 99.999% you’ll shit in your pants if any merc points the gun at you. Those Black Americans in MS have more balls than white trailer trash hillbillies.

            • anonymous troll, it’s really 1000% I will act in my own self-defense to anyone who is retarded enough to point a weapon at me. I don’t care who it is or what it wears, it will take a ‘dirt nap’. Plus, what do you know about white people? You sound like a boy trying to play a man’s game.

          • That is true. There’s more “A-Teams” than there are US military. I think they know this but won’t acknowledge the fact they are out numbered. Unless all the illegals coming across the boarder suddlenly join the military.

        • This is where we separate the “Oath Keeper Patriots” from the “War Whore Prostitutes.” There is NO GRAY AREA. Enemies Foreign or Domestic. If you violate your Oath to the Constitution you are an Enemy Combative and a Traitor and deserved to be Tried and Hung.

        • If this PMO had its’ contractors, “protecting” the Attorney General EricHolder, then, that tells how “effective” the FBI truly is.(not). The agents can’t even be trusted to protect their own AG,that’s either a loyalty issue, and/or an incompetence issue.

        • when I ear o fthese mercenaries, I think of the tv series, ‘jericho’, and the mayhem associated with that. folks, we are in for trying times as a people. protect your family

        • We’re talking about COMPTON CALIFORNIA. High capacity mags should be standard equipment. 🙁

          • Compton, CA is a jungle.

            Just sayin’…

          • Hi cap mags are not enough, they need belt fed!

            • LOL!

            • Kulafarmer.

              Happiness is a belt fed weapon.

              • KulaFarmer, Ever take a close look at east end of the Molokini Crater south of Maui. Back in WW2 they used to use the exposed Crater mound for warplane Target Practice. The Crater is riddled with Large Bullet Dimples and bomb impacts. Illustrated photo at the link below. I snorkled around and in the crater.

                During World War II, the United States Navy used Molokini for target practice, as its shape is somewhat similar to a battleship.[6] In 1975 and 1984, the Navy detonated in-place unexploded munitions found within the crater, resulting in the destruction of large areas of coral. This resulted in a public outcry. A thorough search and risky manual removal of unexploded munitions to deep water was carried out by volunteer divers as a result. As well, a 2006 survey found no evidence of unexploded munitions on the islet.[citation needed]
                From the 1950s through the 1970s, commercial harvesting of black coral occurred in Molokini.[7]

            • Nerve gas and flame throwers also work well on ghetto apes.

          • Standard carry required for the teachers.

        • Satori

          re comment id 3209301

          where i live ALL the schools have a District School police
          one of my good friends owns a gun store and HE is the supplier of ARs ( full auto ) Glocks full body armor
          and a couple other items. The full autos were ordered on Simple Office stationary ( backed up by the county officials)

          These are NOT REAL police but they do have the Same powers as reg leos
          and there carrying around full auto
          These are reg folks who

          1 could not make it thru the real police academy
          and or are wash outs from the Military

          2 are Lazy Fat slob Pigs

          3 have a badge and feel it gives them the right to harass ANY one any time.

          4 and have had Wild drunken parties with under age Kids at the parties

          But in the last 4 years they have been given EVEN MORE powers to detain and or arrest any one !!!! with in 1 mile of ANY school for Any reason

          Hows that ??

          Skittle Shittin Unicorn

          • SSU, if a citizen is NOT on any school property committing any ILLEGAL act, they CANNOT legally touch that person. those fake cops can face criminal and/or civil action. I know if one of them tried to take me, and as long as I’m NOT on school property, there would be a fight and that idiot will go down.

            • i am with you on this one renegade braveheart
              BUT the shit hole state i live in and the county DID give these wanna be cops some powers to detain and arrest as long as its with in 1 mile radius.
              what floors me is the Blanket OK of full auto for these ass clowns
              no training no restriction and they get to take them HOME !!!!

              hell i cant get a class 3 item with out waiting for 6 to 8 months and a whole bunch of paper work.
              And i am not even a criminal

              something is not right

              and to top it off when i applied for a job i was told because i already had a CCW i was not able to be hired as it looked like i had a gun problem and might hurt some one ????

              i mean really are they f*&%ing serious

              and the other reason was because i would not give them the passwords for any e mails Facebook etc accounts i MIGHT have
              i reminded the interviewer that this was America and i have a right to privacy and freedom of speech.
              and was under no obligation to provide these items for him and or her
              just so they could snoop around

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • SSU, I don’t blame you one bit for not providing them with that info. That’s not really their f$%ing business anyway. You can use your own discretion as to what info they can have about you. I don’t do Facebook or any other social media crap and whatever is in my email account is none of their f$%#ing business anyway. Let them go ask NSA about that and I doubt they could get it not being any govt. agency.

      2. Jul 20, 2008 – “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national … force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

        So they call in the mercs. All in the name of the almighty dollar. Time grows increasingly short. Spend every day wisely…we are all living on borrowed time.

        • Bought gas, .357 rounds, cases of water, and beer. Plenty of canned and dry food stocked up. I hope it lasts.

      3. The same people that planned 9-11 will be paying high priced mercenaries to do what the military wont when the shtf. There are enough lowlifes out there to fill the bill and do anything for the big green. A large percentage of the public will roll over and play the game with the gov.
        to save their own skins. Human nature at its shitty worst. That will be the time when the lines will be drawn between the patriot and the scum. I almost hope to see it because deer season will seem like a boring sport.Can anybody say “reset”.

        • Could you wait say 70 days,deer season(bow)in 60 days.That said,it hits the fan every day is deer season while any still around.

      4. The only moment you have is in the now, thus don’t waste it….

        I choose to stay away from any crowds, that includes sporting events. People can get very strange, get angry at empire calls, or mad at another fan. People can turn on you in one second.

        Solitary living is not all bad.

        • Agreed.

          Given the choice of 1)being very lonely sometimes (holidays, my Birthday, Christmas, times when “normal” families get together) and 2)being in conflict with other people with too much fighting and yelling and risking worse outcomes… being lonely is not such a bad choice.

          But humans are built to be social, and it has been too long since I have been hugged or loved by anyone… and facts be known I am sick of this world. My pets are long gone and so should I be.

          I have done my best do good and nothing has worked out. I am now down to the last of my savings and I am not going to work for slave wages (defined as making enough to barely survive, but nothing more) so I am foreseeing my time here will end soon.

          But I don’t mind, I am not mad.

          It was a great life. I am thankful that I lived in the best country at the best time in history, up until around 2001. Since then it has been all down hill.

          I dont want to live in this rigged world anymore. I am sick of a world where war is privatized, prisons are privatized, riot police are privatized, food prices are skyrocketing, GMA crops are killing the bees, the gredd of the top 1% is out of control, slavery still exists, etc, etc. It is all very depressing.

          There has been no good news for me in a long time. I am weary. I am tired. I am sick of this life. I am about done.

          • Sending you a hug. Will pray God gives you strength for each day.

            • :)Thank You… sends hug back.

          • I feel the same and I’m only 47. I’m not afraid of death, but I still have two kids at home and I won’t do that to them. So I prep for their sake. School is starting back up and I’ll be having to somewhat interact with soccer moms whose missions in life seem to be dressing cute, setting up play dates, volunteering in the classrooms, and planning parties. No clue as to what is coming.

            • Uh Anon,am more then willing to take those cute soccer mums off your hands for a “play date”.They and I have fun and you for at least a short while do not have to deal with their inane nonsense!

          • Hang in there. Life still has good, you just got to find it. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Our ancestor had it worse than this and they toughed it out. Now it is our turn….

      5. Let’s all sing the song by James Brown: “Living in Amerika”. Sing it louder….

      6. It sounds like they were flying cover for Holder while he’s in Ferguson.
        Who knows, he mighta needed it.

        • They were because DOJ cant trust their own people

          • “They were because DOJ cant trust their own people”


        • Hammerun,


          If you go to the WRSA web site the Homies are calling for a “National Day of Rage” today 8-21
          We are currently on alert status there is not much keeping back the flood waters of rage right now .you will see as a trend now many HVT’s being escorted by PMC’s , TPTB are shaking in their knickers they really miscalculated the response to their actions. Do not be suprised what happens next . We are living history and what is unfolding will rank right up there with all the Turning points in American history .

          What was considered old will be considered new.
          What is lost will be found.
          What has happened before will happen again.

          We are the 3% we are everywhere .

          “it’s a Republic if you can keep it ” Benjamin Franklin

          “Freedom gained then lost has very long fangs ” Russian Proverb


          Semper Fi 8541

        • Agree it’s rather obvious their contract was for augmentation of Holder’s security detail.

          Note that they themselves appear to be relatively uncomfortable with the mission, due to it taking place in a U.S. city.

          These heroes — and that is precisely what they have been while serving in the military — seem to still have their heads screwed on straight. Kudos to them.

          This event was, from my humble vantage point, entirely unnecessary. These riots, etc. in Ferguson don’t hold a candle to what took place around the country years ago. Holder either doesn’t remember that for whatever reason, or doesn’t have the intellectual horsepower to logically assess the situation.

          Holder should pay the bill for this contract security detail himself.

      7. What strange times we are living in…I am not surprised by anything anymore. This is a good example of why the average American needs to have supplies, food, water and weapons saved….we can’t afford to bring in any trained people to protect us. We have to be able to do that all by ourselves! Prepare! The riots, looting, etc. are just the beginning to some very dark days ahead for all of us. God bless y’all! Happy prepping!

      8. I sometimes break & train horses. Ive even tamed some wild horses I got from the BLM. The best easy way is to put the horse in a round pen and keep them moving. don’t let them stop. eventually they get tired and you can start getting them to submit to your will. The forced walk is the same thing. Those protesters are being broke & trained and they don’t even realize it! Sometimes a wild horse will be so stubborn & strong willed you have to throw them on the ground and keep them there until they give it up. Read professor Berrys horseman ship books. What kind of idiot thinks being forced to walk where you are told to walk on a sweltering hot august day is going to change anything? Just wear out your legs knees & hips.

        • Good observation.

        • They keep the protesters walking inline so the Facial Recognition cameras can video them for future use. Keep them walking so they are not loitering or huddled around the Cocktail throwers. They should have responded with a flame thrower, if they wanted a BBQ so bad.

      9. Thats ok, some of us have training too…my favorite rifle is the 9130 Mosin Nagant, a little old fashion but still sleek. Only problem recently is the sights are slightly off after 300 yards…I can no longer promise to take your eye out rather it might spin around the outside of the skull and exit in an ugly splatter of meat and blood from the back…but then again you might get lucky and it will be clean…one and done.

        • Yep those 762 X 54 rounds would penetrate any body armor. line up a few in a row possibly take out several with one shot. I shot 3/8 holes through a 1/2 thick bulldozer blade with the steel ammo.

          • We are brothers old guy..we are…

            • You also stew…

          • Why would you shoot a dozer?!I have a fondness for any machine that will save me from discovering back muscles I never knew I even had.

            • Old obsolete undercarriage & tracks worn out 1940,s rig. Cable blade rig. Ran it for free just to learn how when I was a kid. Saved my money & Bought it a few years later& Made my living for a few years with it. most would sell it for scrap. If I win the lottery ill rebuild & restore it. I shot the blade to see if the 54 would go through it. A few holes in the blade didn’t ruin anything. The engine still runs but the sprockets windmill in the rails. The wife & I talked about cleaning it up painting & decaling it and parking it in the front for yard art. Plant flowers around it ect.

      10. Mercenaries in Missouri? School campus police with AR 15’s? What the hell is this country coming to? Next thing you know, they’ll have a bunch of blue-gloved pedophile retards molesting kids at airports. Oh, wait…. never mind.
        America of yesterday is gone. But I sure do miss it. Remember when kids respected grown-ups? And parents were actually RESPONSIBLE for raising their offspring? And even the politicians were ashamed enough to do their dirty deeds out of sight?
        And people went fishing. And raced their old hot rods on Saturday night. And most stores were closed on Sundays. And when you wanted good tv reception, you didn’t call the cable guy, you went out and twisted the antenna pole.
        And people dried their clothes on a clothesline. And the sound of the ice cream truck cruising the area brought kids flocking. And a ‘gang’ was simply a group of your friends.
        And human life had immense value. So much so, that we only killed people who were vicious criminals, not simply to avoid the hassles of parenthood.
        And life held unlimited promise for anyone willing to pursue their dreams. There was no ‘safety net’ to enable the lazy or shiftless. People took pride in doing a job and doing it well. Made In America meant that it was the best product in the world.
        Look at what we’ve become as a nation. What happened? Where did we go wrong?
        If I’d known the future was gonna be like this… I never would have grown up! Damn, I miss small town Oklahoma and 1969…..

        • I’m even worse off. My year is 1959. Had never heard of Vietnam. It wasn’t all roses – we had to do duck-and-cover drills in school. Our Little League umpire was a Korean War vet. He had only one arm. But we never locked our doors. We played in the woods as much as a mile from the house and nobody thought anything of it. Bicycled ten miles to the nearest “hobby shop” for balsa wood and glue. Yes, we could buy glue without a prescription!

        • Brother if anyone knows of a time machine I want to be first in line!

          I miss the good days that you described!

        • Yep you described it very accurately how it was back in the day. kids had chores to do. and back then fat &obese kids where a rare thing. Now a skinny kid is a rare thing. We hauled square bales of hay to earn money. You can find any teens who would work that hard today. I never even knew what marjuanna was. I rode the schoold bus or a horse to school until I bought my first car. What Happened? I think LBJ,s war on poverty enabled & rewarded those who did the in did the correct things.correct things and punished those who

          • Strangely enuff,grew up in country outside Boston,and we would get hired for a few days haying season.The sad part is as we were under 18 at the time you did that now and someone got injured probably sued and lose whatever monies the hay made ya’s.During morning announcements at high school would have local folks looking for kids to yard work ect.and announce a contact #,pre cell phone days,my homeroom teacher would let me and buddy out a few minutes early and with school payphone get the gigs first,then,off to the smoking lounge for a smoke,yeh,dated meself!Those little gigs and Christmas presents kept the dirt bikes in gas and tires!

          • I think a lot of people used “Welfare Cadillac” by Guy Drake as an instruction book.

            Here’s Guy live on the Porter Wagoner Show:
            www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=TmwOWmd7c98

            • Archivist, I was just a teenager when that song first came out. Talk about controversy! The NAACP really raised some hell over that song. I’ve always said, if the shoe fits…..

              • Most people back in 1970 were ashamed to have to take welfare. Now everyone gets it that can.

        • Johnny Pop

          Hi SmokieOkie,

          I feel exactly like you. I don’t know where our country went off track but I do not beleive when can right the ship wihtout a great battle between people who can see right and wrong and people who only see what they need

        • Where’d we go wrong???

          A few ideas:

          1. We withdrew from running for local offices and state-level legislatures, leaving the vacuum to be filled by eager hippy leftists, and now, by open Communists.
          2. We let legislation be passed that removed the teachers’ authority to discipline in the classroom.
          3. We allowed legislation to be passed that established welfare for having an illegitimate child.
          4. We elected Billy Clinton and allowed him to wreak havoc on our society and our standards.
          5. We allowed wives to buy into the notion that they could “have it all” by farming out their kids to daycare so that they could return to work.
          6. We allowed the entitlement costs to raise taxes so high that a family literally has to sacrifice on an unprecedented scale in order for the wife to stay home with the children.
          7. We bought tickets to movies that promoted a complete and utter breakdown in the morals that had been keeping the family unit together.
          8. We allowed our children to purchase and wear t-shirts that promote the most vile and disgusting ideas imaginable.
          9. We caved in to Billy Clinton’s politically correct pacification campaign to get us to keep our mouths shut about the deteriorating morals in society.
          10. We didn’t object when hardcore leftist judges were elected or appointed to the benches.
          11. We didn’t organize and implement recall campaigns when elected politicians began going their own way — leftist — after making campaign promises that made them sound acceptable.
          12. We allowed leftist school superintendents to be hired by school boards staffed by idiots or worse because we were too uninterested in running for school board ourselves.
          13. We didn’t make our children pay attention in school and do their homework.
          14. We allowed civics classes to be phased out.
          15. We allowed home economics classes to be watered down to nothing more than learning how to heat a frozen pizza in a microwave.
          16. We allowed high school shop classes to be reduced or eliminated.
          17. We allowed our churches to be taken over by liberal pastors and preachers.
          18. We bought into the Communist idea of “social justice.”
          19. We have not had any significant economic hardship since the end of WWII.
          20. We got lazy and soft from indulging in the new technology that increasingly removes our sense of personal responsibility.

          What happened?

          We all should just look in our mirrors.

          Can we fix it?

          Yup, if we really want to.

      11. “It’s a Zog New World Order Amerika!”

        ~George bush sr. (son of freemason illuminati cia director Prescott bush (a confirmed very real family of zio-nazi’s).


        • Tard Porn !

      12. learn about “ordinary urban dress camouflage / passive psychological social behavior” and “passive resistance to tyranny” if you want to survive.

        don’t give em’ a reason to pull the trigger on you.


          • I agree totally. It’s always better to blend in and look lower income but not impoverished. Poverty makes you a cop target, wealth makes you a thief target. And for the love of all things sacred and holy drive a nondescript vehicle devoid of political bumper stickers. With all the surveillance cameras around today that can recognize license plates, they can likely also recognize political bumper stickers too. Why risk putting yourself on some DHS hit list unnecessarily?


          • Acid, we are wise, NOT you.

            • YOU,WISE? Now that’s the best joke EVER on this site! Eppe can hang it up now!

              • anonymous troll, who yanked on your chain? I am wise. I’m NOT a troll or Obama supporter, so I know I’m doing something right.

      13. You send experienced hard core trained conditioned killer mercs to do only one thing … KILL!


        • Right JOH but these mercs couldn’t even win jack shit against some goat horders in Afghanistan rather their ass got kicked. It would be massive casualty but they can be eliminated if they open fire on Americans specially if this goes nation wide.

      14. Hmmm, done and over with at 4:30 pm…now…what time did Holder exit stage left, Ehh?

        I am thankful that the ‘Spirit moved me…” when it did several months ago, (safety before all else) which apparently is not to be found amongst most of one’s fellows these days…things are seeminmgly growing darker every time I chance to peek in at things.

        Someone above suggested that establishing a close network of friends GOOD Fiends – specifically Now – would be prudent; I agree whole-heartedly. Surely ‘networks’ represent a vastly better solution to the problems we see everyday today rather than plodding beaurocracy’s do; the Federal response to Ferguson Mo as an example? Think on it a bit…

        On another note, the flight from the High-yield credit markets (Junk Bonds) appears to be acclelerating, NOT slowing. Someone (Sorry, I can’t quite remember where) noted that the SIZE of this shift in the last 30+ days has only – Ever – been seen 4 times in history: 1929, 1987, 1999 and 2007…not good methinks.

        Yah, time to call up Old friends, maybe…Maybeso?

        Ahh, Sleep beckons….

      15. If you have to resort to cannibalism…eat the women first.

        Women metabolize protein slower and store more fat.


        • Twinks like you are empty calories. …Empty calories.

        • Acid, I think I’d rather starve than try something like that. I won’t get so desperate.

      16. All of the a.holes crying about …..should have used a taser, should have used bean bag rounds. STFU. Fuc&ig video game playing faggots. You would have shat your pants the moment that thug started yelling at you. Life is not always as simple as you see in the movies. When the crap hits, you loud mouth, Big5 mosin nagant buying retards are the first ones gonna cry for your momma’s.

      17. What a training mission this is turning out to be; First- Boston, Second- Bundy Ranch, Third- Ferguson, but don’t forget Sandy Hook. People; who ever that is running this dog and pony show is saying I love it when a plan comes together. What’s next, my guess mass shooting somewhere (may be in Southeast or Northwest)? Take the time and really watch a spider weave its web. IMHO this is going on now it America, TPTB (spider) is weaving its web to catch its prey (America). Soon will come the lock down (for the people safety no less). My idea: Three Zones, East of the Mississippi River (Eastern Zone), west of the Mississippi River to the Eastern side of the Rockies (Central Zone), anything west of the Rockies (Western Zone). Now each zone is sub-zoned by Interstate Highways example; I-80, I-40 east west, I-75, Mississippi River, I-25, Rockies north south, control all points that cross any of these no movement of anywhere, get my drift. Control the power grid NOW you control it all. I have a lot of coal powered plants around my area and each one produces its own electric power for use on site, now I would assume the nuke plants do also, so grid down still would affect them to some capacity, but could still operate. I know River Rat you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, but hey just my idea.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      18. Mercenary-Primarily concerned with making money or other reward at the expense of ethics, venal.

      19. The thing is, we don’t exactly know what they did, so it’s hard to pass judgement. It would seem that they didn’t fire a shot and just escorted their client through a rough situation, something I wouldn’t think out of the ordinary in a high crime neighborhood (Detroit, Compton, etc.). When they actually start busting heads to break up protests like the Pinkertons used to do in the 1800’s and early 1900’s I will be concerned. Read the history of factory towns where workers were paid in scrip instead of dollars and you’ll understand where I am coming from. It was (like share cropping) a form of de facto slavery that was allowed to exist until around the mid 20th century. (Blacks share cropped, whites worked factory towns. Both were essentially slaves to the land owners and mine owners.)

      20. really?

      21. Operators on the ground in Ferguson. Just doing escort service for someone that paid for it is all. The guy that tweeted it was probably just full of himself. There’s really nothing to read into it. Probably been done in the past many times in other cities and we were not aware of it. Back to prepping.
        And oh, the vid of the “Howler” getting shot? He was just getting his “deserves”. We’re all going to get our deserves in the end. Bank on it.

        • You mean there really is a pot o gold for me at the end o the rainbow laddy?

          • LOL, Aye but you best wait if you can ’cause gold is down right now.

            • The Price of Gold remains constant. Its the Dollar that decreases in value.. that makes you think Gold’s worth is increasing. Fools Gold. Eat that when SHTF. Try to protect that during rioting. lol

      22. Actually, what we are watching is a test run of the way it will be as The New World order comes to power.

        That is my opinion and God bless the resisters of such evil.


        Off-post comment……Don’t lose focus of what is occurring in The Middle East. Another ticking time bomb..

      23. QUESTION

        Is the a glimpse of things to come ??????

        I think so ?????

        Private contractors or MERCENARIES are the way to go now ?

        They do not have any rules of engagements nor have any restrictions ?????

        They do what there HANDLERS tell them to do ?.

        And WOOSE! then they are gone ??????

      24. Its turned into a filthy ratings grab for new media vultures. Wish I could drop an EMP device right on top of CNN and MSNBC then we’d see Ferguson quiet down in 2 minutes.

        • YH.

          The news media is waiting for the next big story to improve ratings.

          • slingshot,

            I agree 100%. The apple has fallen pretty far from the tree. If Americans don’t figure out where the remote control off button is pretty soon, every civil flare-up will turn into another Ferguson thanks to the blood-thirsty media.

      25. This is Obama’s new army..mercenaries. worked in Iraq, why not here? Keep preppin people…its coming.

      26. I just learned something.

        This guy or should I say Piece of SHIT that just murdered this journalist.

        Is from a outfit in Britain called the BEETLES.

        There are about 5-600 of them in ENGLAND.

        They all have passports and go and fight in the Middle East and then come home.

        I hope the P.M. does something with these shits.

        Anyone who has more info. please share.

      27. Jim,those mercs started operating in Iraq under little george,deal was they were not subject to laws of the country,halliburton and blackwater ring a bell?I hate our current potus,but last potus was no better,and next if we make it that far will be even worse as the snowball keeps growing as it rolls down the hill.

        • WD
          Little geo. is not the prez and hasn’t been for more than 6 years. Oblullshit is prez and now they are his.

          • Sgt,those who forget history are cursed to repeat it,this gig with no laws started under bush along with congress/senate and a apathetic voter,both parties guilty here and unless we get true independent candidate for next potus this mercenary bullshit will continue either puppet party gets in,both parties have fucked the people.

            • WD
              I agree with the history, but Truman was prez when the US. Air Force was formed from the US. Army. Now if the Air Force screws up do you blame Truman or Obullshit? How far back is far enough?
              Obullshit is the quarterback now if he throws an interception. You can’t blame bush when he replaced him as the starting quarterback.
              CAN YOU?
              This Merc bullshit is over the top! I haven’t seen any yet, and if I do I will let all of you know!!!

              • Sarge ,I blame all who allowed this to happen in first place,i.e. giving mercs a degree of immunity in US,so blame bush/obola/congress/senate and apathetic citizens/voters,so,to a degree,look in mirror and blame meself.I blame citizens as a whole as Ike warned country of mic and citizens just shrugged it off.

      28. Last night I saw upon the stair
        A little man who wasn’t there
        He wasn’t there again today
        Oh, how I wish he’d go away…

      29. All of this because of a pack of cigars. The parents should have taught the young man not to steal and respect the law. The press should have reported the complete truth and not inflamed the situation by a selective omission of the facts. Reverends Al and Jesse should have passed on the opportunity to lead the community and solidify their positions as HNIC. Eric Holder should be in jail and not interfering in local events. Find out who sent in these mercenaries and why. This is a small issue that has been hyped up to cover a bigger issue.

      30. Two ways to look at all of this.

        First. We may prevail against local Law Enforcement, some National Guard and the local rioters/looter’s.

        Second. When they show up at your door in force with SWAT and MERC’s and all those fancy gadgets to kick the shit out of you. Not so good.

        • If they ever show up at my door with all their shit. They might prevail but it wont be easy.

        • SWAT or MERC taking fire from all directions will get slaughtered..they are not going show up at every house armed to the teeth..because they don’t have the numbers. This is not “COPS”… Once the firing comes from a direction not intended..they will cut and run

      31. We all knew that they would get deployed. Look If they find that this Cop shot this kid in self defense, and they can’t come up with any reason to try him. The Leaches and Zombies will go nuts. This is just one way it can go.
        Now If they try this Cop and they have nothing but hearsay and he gets convicted. You will have a back lash from LEO’s all over the country. There might be a case of Blue ebola, and we just all quarantine our self to our homes. You can’t fire all of us. If you do you will have a bunch on new beez running around with badges and if you think it is bad now wait till they take over.
        Or let the Prez declare martial law. This is just what this turd wants to do.
        Or this will just go away and there will be something else on the front page. Has anyone heard about the Border lately????? Or Ebola????? How about Ukraine????
        Just asking!
        P.S. This is extreme but it could happen.

        • Now the cop isn’t completely innocent. The prep left after smaking the cop around. the injured cop should have stayed in the car and called for backup and medical attention. Two cops in car and only one engages? and its the severely injured one who engages? The video don’t bear out that the cop had his eye almost knocked out. The video shows him standing around afterward. eye injury is serious & painfull. Maby he had someone else beat on him some more afterward? Yes indeed I wouldn’t care if every parasite LEO quit. We already have crooks we gotta defend against and then on top of that we have corrupt crooked LEO,s courts & judges. Where I used to live (Randolph County Ar.) the Chief of police Wife was dealing drugs from the municipal court judges office. The prosecueting attorney mailed a enemy a poison snake. Then showed up in federal court high on cocaine. (google Richard Castleman) The state police assigned to that county was caught in Texas With a car load of mary jane and a Mexican hooker his name was Mc mullen. It took the FBI to make arrest. A family was brutally murdered and it took getting a new prosecuter & sheriff to make any arrest after 5 years. Google famly murdered at Dalton AR. A sheriffs deputy was caught spotlighting deer from the squad car, had two deer in the trunk. Sever unsolved murders. Most Cops are just as corrupt and lawless as the other criminals. when the law enforcement are law breakers you have no legal remedies. Go ahead and quit crime might diminish. couldnt be any worse.

        • SGT Dale.

          If this Mike had gone for the officers weapon and assaulted him in the police car, is that not felonious assault on a police officer? If so can the officer shoot a fleeing felon.

          • Little Mikey wasn’t fleeing when he was shot. He was running back at the officer, to finish him off and take his gun away.

          • Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The last thing anyone should ever do is kill another person. Only as a last resort and there are no other options. only after every other option fails should deadly force be used. Wearing a badge doesn’t change that fact. I bet if the cop could get a do over he wouldn’t even get out of the car. if he had called for backup and medical help. today he could be drawing workmans comp relaxing fishing or something pretty comfortable. Instead he is at his wits end. his life is ruined. he will be cruificed to appease the jungle bunny mob. The punk mikey was a no good thug and the parasite cop was a no good thug . two wrongs never make a right.

            • Ever live in the inner city? You sound like someone with absolutely no street creds.

            • Agreed. Just as easy to pull Tazor from holster as a gun to bring Brown down.

          • Slingshot.
            Yes, but I wouldn’t. and Ferguson is the reason why!
            Have you seen all the wounds. All in the front. Not like the kid say he was on his knees with his hands up and he shot him in the back of the head.
            If he was rushing him the shots would be consistent to Mike charging at him. The shots on his right side if the cop is right handed and he has lost the vision in his left would shot him along his right side. As he got closer he was able to bring the rounds more inline with his right hand.
            If you can go to a range that has moving targets. Have someone grab your ear and put pressure on it to a point where it hurts at the same time have the target at 15 yards and have the target come at you and a fast rate and see what you do. If it is your left ear you will find you will hit the right side of the target.
            Give it a try and see what you do.

            • I have taken RACS training , and multiple other types of tactical training , what the SGT says here is true along with the amount of stress your entire body is going thru at that time it is so hard to tell how you are going to react and how well or not well, you are going to be at pinpointing your aim.

              Also I was tested on how well I do without the use of my dominant eye..and boy is that ever a wake up call, talk about freaked out ..especially when you are on high alert and the target is advancing and shooting back.
              than they tested me on the use of my weak arm in a fire fight for my life,, they fucking tied my right arm back, and I had to target with my left hand in a very high stress environment and still score within a certain criteria , you talk about reality smack

              just the effects of your own adrenalin can even cause you be way off your game

              shooting to save your own life is no joke

            • Yes Wilson wont get a fair trial. And yes race is the issue. Thats why ive always predicted no matter what the cause when it all collapses we will have civil war, race war & ethnic cleansing in the mix. I used to travel I 57 in the semi. There was a black cop who worked the area between mound road and the Mississippi river bridge near Cairo ill. The speed limit was 55MPH. So I always set the cruse at 54 MPH. Several times that guy passed me and let off and would travel just about 35 feet ahead. and bingo he would nab the first vehicle that passed us. that’s pretty dirty especially in the early AM when the road is almost deserted. That’s how the guy makes his living. Drives a plain white unmarked car. Goes by the CB handle Plain White Wrapper. Protect & serve my ass!! in the future all LEOS will be hunted.

        • You try to make it sound like the whole thing would end tomorrow if there were no more cops. Trust me sarge, that would the BEST thing that ever happened to this country, The old west didn’t have cops around all over the place and they did just fine thank you. We’ll survive without your type around draining the public coffers.

          • There was this guy a retired cop moved to a rural Arkansas area. The law is that there is a counstitional elected position of constable for every township. That position was vacant for decades. We this guy files and no body else files so he wins. He acted like every one was a criminal stopping folks being a real pain in the ass. Two year position. So the roughest scoff law redneck ran against him. The scofflaw won by a land slide. That guy wins every election. He don’t do nuthin. He don’t bother anyone. many smaller town,s along the old Hwy 67 had a police force. They supported them with speed traps. When the 4 lane 67 bypassed them they extended their city limits and preyed on those traveling the interstate. So the Arkansas legislature passed laws prohibiting city cops from writing speeding ticketson the interstate. Guess what those little towns no longer have cops. And guess what their isn’t any big crime wave? Not needed or wanted .

            • Right you ARE there old Guy! NOT needed or wanted, a-fucking men!

          • We’ll all be better off without useless trolls like you coming around to stir up trouble.

      32. Hmmm…,no revenue enhancement officers/no dumb laws being enforced,citizens taking care of their own self defense and for those who can’t due to age/infirmity/what have you neighbors friends doing it for em,eh,willing to give it a shot(pun intended).

      33. Whores do disgusting sick things for a paycheck.

        • well you know how politicians, judges, lawyers & prosecutors are

          • Yeah, and the whores say they don’t tip well either…

      34. Brave, I hear you… little voices are talking to me as well saying wake up and clean your guns.

      35. OH! were not being racially divided are we now Eric?

        “I am the Attorney General of the United States, but I am also a black man,” Holder

        Excuse me? The only thing that should come out of his mouth is that he is the Attorney General of the United States….anything else confirms his bias-ness.
        You base your conclusion on evidence and existing law…not because you fall into a category or possibly favor a side…if that is how you are going to be, Which you are, you should get back on the plane and fly back to Washington DC to talk with President Obama and think of the next racially charged statement you morons will say.

        • I’m watching what every one with power is saying. If I was the Cop I would write a letter and send it to all the new networks.
          Don’t try to find me. I have left the area. Here is why.

          1 Holder I’m a black man
          2 Gov. Mo. vigorously prosecute
          3 New media is calling me a murder already (NO TRAIL)
          4 If no prosecuted. Tried by the feds for hate crime.
          5 Time to leave, because I would not be allowed to
          work in Ferguson/Mo. again.
          6 Family not safe.
          7 All the race baiters are calling for me to be hanged.
          no trial!
          So Kiss my Ass! I can’t get a far trial! I’m out of here.
          Ofc. Wilson

          Ofc. Wilson my prays are with you and yours.

          • Agreed!

            and as it would be so for any man..regardless of being an officer of the law or not..could you imagine how this would be for an average man if he were the one that pulled the trigger on that P.O.S.?

          • What a crock of SHIT there sargy old boy!, The minute one of you pricks is held accountable you whine like a little bitch about it. You can ALL resign today and we’ll be better off WITHOUT you!

            • Anon:
              I love it when a cop protects himself a some one like you that has never been put into this position will say he has to accountable. For what saving his own life?
              Spare the B.S.
              Sorry we will have to agree to disagree.

        • When will (did) Holder and/or Nixon meet with Officer Wilson and/or his family? “Justice”? No, this is a state-sponsored lynching.

          • I want Governor Nixon to personally apologize to Office Wilson when the grand jury decides it was justified.Calling for vigorous prosecution instead of vigorous investigation was disgusting.

      36. Blackwater = blacksouls

        • You have to remember Black Water was there when KATRINA hit.

      37. Really? Mercenaries hired to oppress US citizens? Einstein said, “The difference between genius and stupidity is genius is limited”.

        Leave it to govtthink to assume if a little abuse is bad, then a lot of abuse is good. Reminds me of the Federal Reserve Bank money printing. “It hasn’t worked because we have not printed enough”. Yeah, that’s what we need, more oppressors pointing guns at unarmed citizens.

      38. “To clarify we are not protecting state, law enforcement or those exercising their right to assemble. Escort detail augment for individual.” This says it all. We are like the Ukraine, where the Jewish oligarchs rule via private armies. I wonder who the individual was? Probably Jessie Jackson Jr., to protect him from the Blacks who know he is a COINTELPRO plant there to stir up shit.

      39. another DNA gene pool reduction

      40. Eric Holder’s bodyguards?

      41. Estimated 2000 – 2300 British muslims are fighting for islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East. This is more than the number of British muslims serving in the British armed forces.

        About 2000 American Jews serve in the IDF.
        But there are 4677 American Jews in the US armed forces.

        • ISIS has 12000 foreign fighters. “Hundreds” are American and European.

          • Israel is fighting the war America is too morally weak to fight.

            Israeli Strike Kills Top Three Hamas Commanders

            One reason there is still peace in your neighborhood is because Israel is fighting the war on terror almost singlehandedly. But they can’t do it all. ISIS is now threatening to bring the fight to America. It’s estimated they already have hundreds of fighters here.

            • Grafique….IDF is only good at killing babies….You mother fuckers are the masters of teaching criminality just like your cousins in ISIS.

            • I beg your pardon Grafique? How dare you suggest that Is-ra-Hell has the moral high ground. It has been clear for many with eyes to see and ears to listen that Satan set up residence in the Holy land quite some time ago and is merely expanding his reach via ISIS, Boko Haram, artificial Ebola and several other mechanisms of evil.

              The war on terror is a sick, sick joke on the gullible, and the sooner people realise exactly who and how these demons were and are supported, funded and armed the better off we will all be. Pyschopaths and Satan thrive on deception, mayhem and deceit. Following the money trail is usually a good start for those who would begin the search for truth. Sadly we are getting to the point where innocence/ignorance can no longer be considered an excuse by all those who have had access to the knowledge but deliberately chosen not to research it.

              • Loneonmum:

                I see you HAVE NOT drunk the koolaid. Thanks for your post. And you are certainly correct, anyone can find the truth on the internet, only takes a little time out of the night from watching ‘dancing with the stars’.

                Lots of links posted hereat SHTF to make the search easy…..

      42. Oranges?!hMMMM…Perhaps time to prep on oranges,wonder,as a yank,will they work on zombies? ht tp://

      43. some kid with a potato cannon could lob rotten eggs dead road kill and such into the mob of protesters and it would be funny. ive made one from PCV pipe that uses compressed air can lob a canned good 3/4 of a mile.

        • MP

      44. I am watching the Simpsons Marathon. The Springfield SWAT team has just arrested crusty the clown. LOL

      45. This just in. Wilson don’t have a broken eye socket. Only a brused face. Is this a game changer?

        • Wait for the official medical report. It’s all unconfirmed right now.

          No, another unconfirmed report is not a game changer, unless you want it to be.

      46. One would hope these guys would have the integrity NOT to let themselves be deployed against Americans. Otherwise, we may have special forces fighting special forces, because for every one willing to fire on Americans, there are a hundred willing to shoot back at him.

      47. To everyone here, that comment #3209431 is NOT me. I was definitely asleep when this was posted. whoever posted under my name is a real POS. I’ll bet it was the anonymous troll since he can’t think of a name for himself.

        • Brave, this user has been banned for jacking numerous usernames and posting scores of demeaning and useless comments.

          Apologies we didn’t catch that one.

      48. Off Topic: I know some of you live in my town in AZ. Did you see the haboob thingy come across the lake and skirt the town? Weird, weird weather….it is the middle of August and it is 76 degrees outside when it should be 115+.

        I think you guys in the mid/east are in for a crazy cold fall and winter.


        • Speak English.
          Stop using those suggested words that TPTB want you to use.
          Haboob is Arabic. You a muslim?

          Go back to the phrase DUST STORM and get the muslims out of the US.

          • Calgagus: Good grief….I guess I’ll have to stop saying manana (put an ~ over the n) and gesundheit, aloha, konnichiwa, babushka, etc.

            Stop being the word police….


            • Youre making it easy for tptb to inject more muslim shit into the US. I aint the word cop, I just aint a dumbass that falls in line w/ the msm.

              All this diversity shit has destroyed the US. We aint the UN. Which countries have invaded America in the past 40 years and done all this damage? You ready for Sharia Law? Are you ready for amnesty of illegal Mexicans, central Americans, Chinese, and ME muslims?

              If you can figure that out, remember to cancel out all the progressive manipulation to push Americans into full acceptance Or maybe your one of Obamas Brothers Keepers.

      49. It strikes me as an outsider that the US is passing over yet another opportunity to reclaim its proud heritage & overthrow our global oppressors in favour of petty bickering, cowardice and submission to the usual divide and conquer meme.

        If only those brave souls that travelled to take a stand at the occupy ranch could join forces with the unguided youngsters who tried so hard with the occupy protests and the genuine pre-infiltrated tea party crew, we’d see a brighter, better path shining for mankind. Have you not yet worked out that part of the reason for the elite’s extreme and outrageous measures is that they are terrified of us? They only rule by dint of our collective compliance as too many of us are too scared of our own shadows to stand up and be counted.

        It’s easier though to retreat into whites calling blacks names and blacks blaming the wrong set of “whites” for all their woes. Sneering at the black communities efforts to throw off their oppressors, despite the lack of fathers, education, poverty, doping, and other barriers they face should not make us feel good it should make us feel ashamed.

        IF we are privileged enough to have been blessed with a decent upbringing then we should try and pay that forward in some way. I’m still waiting for Mac to publish an article about the community gardens, neighbourhood security patrols etc that have sprung up in areas like Detroit and NO in recent years. Not all those at the front line of SHTF are just rolling over and accepting their fate. The resistance needs leadership – not the false wizard of Oz style nonsense that Obumma, Jesse Jackson, Palin et all demonstrate but the old fashioned example many of us here were fortunate enough to see set by our own fathers & grandfathers who never sought accolades or awards as they quietly taught us the rules for living decently.

        Until and unless US citizens as a whole stand up for the constitution and be counted we are ALL screwed. The beacon of freedom that lit the globe is flickering and very nearly burnt out. These are my thoughts from the unarmed UK where we are all still SUBJECTS of the Crown.

      50. Breaking news. A black dood who would make mike brown look small. he was arrested foe illegally selling cigaretts. it appears 4 officers subdued him. one used a choke hold. and the black dood died. now thousands are in the streets at Staten Island . Yep its beginning to unravel.

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