They Know What Comes Next: Russian Citizens Are “Stocking Up On Essentials In Case Of War”

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Headline News | 139 comments

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    The United States isn’t the only place where you’ll find citizens concerned with a rapidly deteriorating geo-political landscape and the real possibility of another World War.

    According to a report from Newsweek titled In Europe and Russia There’s Talk Of War, plenty of Russians feel the same way:

    Recently, I grabbed a taxi in Moscow. When the driver asked me where I was from, I told him the United States. “I went there once,” he said, “to Chicago. I really liked it.”

    “But tell me something,” he added. “When are we going to war?”

    The question, put so starkly, so honestly, shocked me. “Well, I hope never,” I replied. “No one wants war.”

    At the office, I ask a Russian employee about the mood in his working class Moscow neighborhood. The old people are buying salt, matches and gretchka [buckwheat], he tells me—the time-worn refuge for Russians stocking up on essentials in case of war.

    Older generations of Russians know exactly what the build up to a war looks like and signs around the world indicative of serious problems simply can’t be ignored.

    With Vladimir Putin having recently purged 50 of his top commanders following an old Soviet doctrine that calls for exactly such maneuvers ahead of war, there appear to be a variety of actions being undertaken by both East and West in anticipation of a large-scale conflict. NATO is deploying more assets to the Eastern front and the Russians for, their part, are feverishly deploying new weapons systems, one of which is reportedly capable of obliterating an entire U.S. state the size of Texas, as well as a Tsunami torpedo that could wipe out entire coastal cities.

    And while it may be easy to dismiss the stockpiling and preparedness activities of citizens as extreme behavior, the fact is that the governments of both the United States and Russia are actively preparing in much the same way. The Russians, for example, have built 5,000 underground nuke shelters in and around Moscow. In the United States, the government’s Continuity of Government plans have called for trillions of dollars to be spent on everything from Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) to literally billions of rounds of stockpiled ammunition by various government agencies.

    Like our Russian counterparts, there are those here in the United States who think the world is on the brink of a major paradigm shift. Though the vast majority of the population seems to believe everything is fine, about 1% of Americans are preparing for that eventuality.

    Author Tess Pennington, whose book The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step By Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster, notes that it’s not just war, but any number of emergency scenarios which could lead to an immediate end to life as we know it in America:

    Disasters have been going on for centuries and for someone to think they are untouchable is naive. Roughly 1% of Americans are adequately prepared for a disaster. The other 99% – well it’s not so good for them. Since disasters tend to have a mind of their own and the capacity to cripple our normal way of life, we want to create a well-rounded approach to our preparedness efforts.

    That approach may include a number of things that take into account a variety of factors.

    Should the United States come under attack by a super power like Russia, a rogue terrorist element or cyber attacker, the end result would be similarly disastrous.

    According to Pennington, given that most Americans only have about three days worth of food in their pantries, the obvious first step would be to set aside emergency food meals, water, and foods that last a lifetime. We have repeatedly witnessed the breakdown of medical systems, most recently in Venezuela and Greece, that show how important stockpiling live-saving medicines will be when there are no doctors.

    Other critical supplies might include barterable goods with which you can trade in a scenario where our monetary system collapses, as well as the self defense armaments to protect yourself and your stockpiles.

    Once the basic essentials are covered, given the continued proliferation of destructive weapons, protective equipment for chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear threats may be in order.

    While we hope cooler heads will prevail and that talk of war is just that, we shudder to think of the global implications should the ‘cold’ interactions between the United States, Russia and China heat up.

    One thing’s for sure: The world is descending into chaos and disaster is coming.

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      1. They will have healthier food to store.. USA wants to feed us stuff that will kill us By the way, Obama is lying on Russia. USA want to over throw Russia.

        • I’m more afraid of the US government than I am of the Russian, or any other government.

          • How Russians prepare for war. Buy vodka, cabbage, vodka, fatty sausage, vodka, cigarettes.

            • Does not sound healthy to me!

            • Wilson,
              There isn’t a prep I’ve ever bought that I have regretted buying.

              With each of the disasters life has thrown my way. I have needed so many of the provisions I have laid in. Yes, they needed replacing as I used them. So little has been discarded.

              A bit of vodka is not on my list, but I don’t think I’d regret a few bottles in my larder! Cigarettes by the way are currency in US prisons.

            • Wilson, mock Russians all you want. They will survive. If you don’t know that you don’t know jack.

            • I think you underestimate the intelligence of the Russian people.The intelligence of the average US citizen is questionable

              • You are correct, well said and observed.

              • If there is one thing i learned in history class about Russians, then that is that you are unbeatable on homeground, and thats respectable.

            • My gun shop guy said to buy whiskey but if the Russians are coming I better stock up on Vodka too and plant more taters, turnips, cabbage and beets to make borsch! No cigarettes here but pot is legal! Guess I better plant a row of Marawawa.

          • I see Russia lobbing nukes into the US and then Obozo nuking what’s left. He’s such a bastard I could really see him doing that. His contempt for America is unrivaled.

          • Nobama, same here. US govt. has always been #1 enemy in my book.

          • Me too and people like Tess Pennington who has zero experience in any kind of real world events of emergencies or war do not have a clue what they are talking about except maybe what they read or gleaned from others. But there are a lot of fools out there to be sure who will lap it up like so many other experts with zero real world experience ! To be fair she does put out some reasonable homestead ideas , but my Grandma did also. None of it will save you as a stand alone. There is much more to the story that never gets talked about except by a very few who will likely be just fine no matter what happens or doesn’t happen .

            • O my

        • Correct Dusty, Russia has a Ban on Franken GMO Foods that kill people. Unlike our polluted Fascist Government, which is why these psychopaths are at war with anybody who doesn’t want to be a big fat slob like them.

          To My Fellow Russian Preppers. Hang in there, soon we will kick these Liberal Zionist Pigs out from any meaningful positions in the US Government that are destroying the planet and causing chaos and conflicts.

          The DON just got the GOP nomination tonight and we are going to clean up this Pig Sty called America up very soon. So hang in there. We prep too from these Fascist Zionist Pigs.


          • Ahhhhhh. Beg to differ. Shillary and Billy boy are NOT Zionists. Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Saul Alinsky, Louis Farakhan et al are NOT Zionists. Yes, there are a few Anti-Semitic Jews (George Soros) in the mix of despots and evildoers, but only a few. Prince Charles, Angela Merkel, Bill Gates etc.(the list goes on, and on, and on….)are NOT Zionists.
            I am a Zionist and all that means is that I believe that the land of Israel was deeded to the Jews from God Himself, eternally and forever. That’s it. Nothing more.










          • Mr. MicroDot,
            I have been reading your posts for awhile and agree with you to an extent. You highlight some very interesting statistics and points of view. Thank you for sharing them. I particularly like the 70% stat and the deprivation. Very, very good observation!!
            If I could make one request? Tone them down so easy-going people like me don’t have to take our heart medication half-way through the read.
            God Bless America!

        • Dusty Fae

          yes i remember when Russia would NOT allow microwaves in Russia after the information of the testing revealed how dangerous it was to cook with them and how it killed any nutrients that were in the food, of course the good old USA covered up the testing and after some good old lobbying took place, NO PROBLEM. and let them into the US, Also again Russia stopped GMO foods and again the USA sold us out to Monsanto, SOOOOO as you can see our good old government is ALWAYS here to keep us safe and feed us good food!!! WHAT a joke!! politicians have sold there souls for a DOLLAR, and could care less about us, unless you are a libtard looking for the poor mans vote!!

          • YES the USA is still the best country to live in BUT that is changing fast and may not be the best before long, UNLESS we get the scumbags out of office, and i would imagine HELL, will freeze over before that happens!

        • America has indoctrinated the American people about Russia for decades. Russia fought on our side in the World Wars- loosing millions of their people in the process. Today, Obama has been pushing against Russia for the last three years- lying to Russia and lying about Russia to the world- even NATO. Putin has been extremely patient, understanding the obvious consequences. But Russia will only be pushed so far- then We will feel the hammer. Obama does not have the guts to do anything, but will lie to the world and instigate a false flag to cover his actions. The entire middle east is evidence of US interference and planning.

          • “Obama does not have the guts to do anything..”
            The problem is, bho has the guts to follow his handlers, like the globalist puppet he is. He will ABSOLUTELY do nothing to help or defend America in any way! He follows orders from a higher power, the NWO.

        • Are you a caveman?

      2. If such war happens, I’ll be on the side of Anti Zionist was fighters.

        • I will be fighting the invaders and their collaborators. Country boy will survive.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • laeagle, you bet your ass country boys will survive. And country gals too. City dwellers? Not so much…

        • Stolz, I’ll also be there.

      3. The way things have been going – I’m afraid we’ll have a World War before we have our Presidential Election.

        Hillary can’t win without providing voter fraud.
        The Establishment will make sure we have War, unless they can figure an alternative to Trumps favoritism.

        • don’t be too sure we ring the bell before november. i’ve KNOWN this all HAD to happen since 05 when the banks(and CONgress) allowed people to leverage their homes to the hilt, with no jobs. it boggles the mind how long this train-wreck is taking to unfold, but unfold it WILL. the sad thing is that we probably could have avoided total collapse if we had just taken our medicine THEN. but now it’s just too late, and it’s evident by how divided our country has become….the haves against the have-not’s(NOT blacks against whites, as SOME think), that’s where we are headed, and every day we avoid it, the worse it will be in the end. i been ready for this muhfugguh for 10 years pluss….bring it! this revolution will be REQUIRED to bring back the rule-of-law…..remember what marge said ….”americans will always do the right thing, but only after exhausting ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES!”….and boy, we suuure have set out to prove her RIGHT.

        • Or a civil war/revolution 2.0

      4. I listened to a speech from the RNC. The speaker, a national security advisor went on a rant that the US was weak, not respected and that our enemies are conspiring against us. It sounded like it was lifted from Adolf Hitler 1936. Both party’s are marching towards war as both Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul have been pushed aside.

        • i happen to agree with that speaker…the WORLD hates U.S….what GOOD have we done fighting all these wars over the last 50 years, meanwhile bankrupting U.S?

          • “what GOOD have we done fighting all these wars over the last 50 years, meanwhile bankrupting U.S?”

            All of it was for the globalist bankers and none of it for your safety and security. Why would you agree with him as he is promoting more war. Attacking sovereign nations in the Middle East created ISIS. The US aids ISIS to overthrow Syria so Saudi, a chief sponsor of terrorism can export its natural gas to Europe cutting off Russian sales that account for half of its economy. What part of any of this is something to champion?

            • An exercise in wasting money Kevin!!

        • Kevin, Its propaganda to keep the Neocons in place for the election. Post election, then Trump shifts gears and ends the NATO alliance BS war monger’s chaos.

          Do you need a copy of the election playbook?


          • You and I HOPE that’s how it’ll play out…

        • in the US during the 1930s the “No More War” and “Keep us out of Europe” crowd allowed Hitler to power up ignoring the WW1 surrender treaty rules …. all condoned by both Wilson and FDR

          they had a outspoken hero also – Charles A. Lindbergh – he wanted to surrender the US before war was even declared ….

          after Pearl Harbor and the US realized how absolutely STUPID the country had been in ignoring the German & Japanese threat …

          the pacifists like Lindbergh couldn’t understand their bestowed traitor title ….

          the country doesn’t need more Lindberghs, Wilsons or FDRs ….

          • Thats not true on Lindburgh. He was one of the few that did speak out on reasons americans were Lied to to get us into WWII. Boy did You drink a few Gallons of Kosher Koolaide eh!

            ps: Very First declaration of War was in spring of 1933 headlines done BY International jewry.

            “jews of the world unite declare War against All germans and germany!” on Every major global newspaper headlines, 1933 Look it Up.

            And internet websites have tons of actual archived scanned newspaper headlines that proves it in spades.

            Time to toss kosher koolaide and Re think it all eh.

            pss: Research also US General Pattons Diary entries, that State how america fought the WRONG people in WWII and should have taken germans side in WWII, to Halt and destroy zionist bolshevik Kommies.

            What a cryin shame to see yet another otherwise sound smart mind go to abject waste due to huge dose of Kosher Koolaide.

            • Them Guys, spot on about that kosher koolaid. I’ve never touched the stuff and never will. It’s the worst poison I can think of.

      5. Another way for Obama to stay in office. Putin read the riot act to foreign reporters the other day because they print what the US government tells them to. The Chinese are starting to fly combat missions over the South China Sea. What could possibly go wrong? I’ve been adding to supplies, just in case. Added a portable light weight cook stove with fuel. Extra fire starting stuff.

        • can you ACTUALLY start a fire with that stuff?….it’s a LOT harder than we thing, so it would behoove y’all to practice camping a couple times….like growing a garden, the first one don’t turn out so well, and you LEARN a lot….just sayin’.

          • Observer

            Obama isn’t staying in office, they neither need nor want him any longer. Trump will prosecute a war just fine on his own. One significant false flag attack upon us and “The Donald” will be on board for retalitation 100%. The major difference between him and Hillary is that she would know about and help plan the false flag attack.

            • K2, good replies. Whoever is in office will do what TPTB want them to do.

          • The first, second, third also do not turn out well. You run into bugs, diseases, lack of water, lack of sun. You name it. Growing uyour own food is not for sissies.

          • BC;
            We just came in from working in the garden. Never have we fought weeds so hard. We have gardened and canned for a long time. This has been the worst year ever. How do you get an ebt card? I think I will have a bottle of wine and try to forget about it for a while.

            • Weed every day, or as best you can. It pays off in the long run. I am doing the same and find this year more enjoyable as I have a good sense on what is coming. This year I did an old American Indian garden so that the nitrogen and nutrients would survive until 2017 planting.
              Corn, pole beans and yellow squash is the main theme of my garden. I will can all of it that comes to harvest.
              My prepping is not the best but I will try to methodically do what I think will be needed and as best I can afford.

            • i HEAR ebt cards are handed out like CANDY, here in calipornia….things are pretty dicey here now, but never needed one….until now(well, …..SOON).

            • Second that – I have been fighting weeds and bugs harder then ever this year. Weather has been foul as well!

          • My absolute favorite for starting a fire is a Zippo, but they are worthless in many situations. So, I prefer using a trusty little magnesium ‘rod’ or ‘block’ with both a shaver & striker. They are easy to learn how to use, (finding good tinder is usually harder than getting the magnesium ready to light), and when you DO get it lit it is HOT for enough time to kindle up a good fire (I forget the actual ignition temp but it burns hotter than hell when in tiny fragments (and is unstable, which is why it is ‘packed’ into both ‘rods or blocks’, to make it stable).
            I’ve always found it useful to just throw away the ‘striker’ that comes with a magnesium rod in favor of my own, slighter longer piece of metal-cutting blades. The teeth are larger giving a quick source of ignition. I cut off tiny pieces of the ‘rod’ with a blade until it’s about dime-sized and slightly strewn, but with a solid core to light. One or two strikes should have that tinder ‘rocking’. The metal-cutting saw blades are usually heavier than the tool that comes with the rod or block, and so you will get a superior ‘strike’ and a great fire in short order. The best part is that the stuff works in a downpour with a howling wind (with small compensations). Beats freezing.

            • Equorial, I also have several of those magnesium rods and blocks. They do work like a charm.

            • somebody HERE suggested a file for striker, and i tried it….waaay better…throws off tons of sparks.

      6. CURRAHEE!

      7. I worry for the populations of countries that are not aware what their governments are getting them into. A good example is Canada: how many Canadians know they could face Russia in a war and Russia is not that far from Canada via the North?

        • Right
          Some people can see it from their front porch


          • Tina Fey said that, not Sarah Palin. Palin said she could see Russia from her home state, which is true.

            • Howdy ole friend,
              Thought i’d give a little shout out from the mtns.
              Hope all is well with you and the heat at the coast. We were at the beach a couple weeks ago and hot and humid as hades.

              What has happened to this site? Not a lot of participation lately. Has ole wwti finally run off all the good people but you and a few more?

              I was banned for a good reason and am glad of it. I get much more respect and am helping others that appreciate it.
              Miss the old days sometimes, actually the old friends that have stayed here thru the test of time.

              Take it easy Archivist, and we’ll catch ya later.

              ps, hope eppe is well and givin’ ole wwti hell.

              • We just had some rain a few hours ago, and the temperature dropped like a rock to 73 degrees. It’s 72 and raining right now.

                Some of the articles are just gold advertisements, so I just scan them and check out the comments.

              • ‘Oh ‘Passin –

                If you were banned … is because you were more than likely posting in a “anonymous” form or different “handle.

                Since you are using & miraculously using your Handle of “passinwiththewind” … I call bullshit on your so-called banning issues. I’m sure Mac is able to confirm this analysis of mine.

                Face it ‘Passin … you wanted this board turn into a “religious/prophecy board … nobody … even a good percentage of your fellow Christians wanted this board turn into a Steve Quayle site or a Dave Hodges circus show.

                FYI – Eppe and WWTI haven’t had issues … since you have been absent … “h’mm … wonder why?”

                Thanks for checking in … don’t bother anymore with your B.S. lies about being “banned” … dumbass

              • Passin, good to see you still kicking.
                I do not respond to w, and he has been decent here lately, I do still read all commentors here, they make the site.
                Yes, the site has changed, not sure what to think anymore, so I post 90% less lately.
                After 8 years here, I found it goes thru ebbs and flows, like life in it’s strange ways. I often wonder how many posters have multiple handles?

                Be well all…

              • Oh Geeze, Just when we thought it was safe the Bible thumping truckdriver with tires full of nails hauling crap from china to wally world, shows up, trying to piss against the wind again. Howdy ol’ Feller. Are you back cause your wife kicked you out again? Cause you lost that paternity suit?


              • Passin, good to hear from you. I miss your posts. You always had a good perspective.

                • Thanks brave,

                  I knew I could count on you and eppe.
                  I see the two nardsacks (ftwwti) of the site are still banginn’ together. nards of a feather, stick together.

                • just keep readin’ without postin’….there’s ALWAYS sumthin’ to learn on shtfplan,…and thankfully, some show their ass right up front so we know what they are early on.

              • I for one miss you very much, Passin. Contrary to others, I found your opinions on Christianity in general and end times in particular very informative and hope-filled. I wish you well. I have taken much from your postings. It is my hope that I’ll see more posting from you.

                God Bless


            • Did I say who said it?
              What difference does it make


              • Sounds like Hitlery…..

                ….What difference does it make that my (hitlery’s) indifference and stupidity caused the death of 4 Americans !!!

        • I have empathy for others … but … not for those who do not see the obvious.

          Most people I encounter are more indulged with their 401k portfolio … most people I encounter are more concerned about their sports Teams … most people I encounter are more concerned about their own well-being in the form of “selfies”, “look what I bought”, and “did you see that on t.v.?” kinda people.

          Nope … I have no empathy nor sympathy for what is coming to those … who choose to blindly see what it developing in front of them …….. f’em!

          • I don’t participate in any of those activities.

            One thing I have a hard time understanding is sports team fanatics. Most fans don’t even live in the same state as “their team.” Even if some do, the team is bogus. The teams hire from all over the country, so few players are actually from the team’s city. This happens all the way down to local church teams. My church has a winning basketball team every year, but almost none of the players even go to the church. They’re more or less hired guns.

            I tried to take a Polaroid selfie about 40 years ago, before that word existed, and it was one creepy looking picture. I have kept the photo to remind myself not to do that again.

          • I agree: most people are totally clueless. I tried to wake up various family and friends and just gave up. All they care about is themselves and various ‘entertainments’ such as sports, reality TV, etc. They do not care about what is happening around the world.

            They will be blindsided by events when they happen and that just is they way it is. Best to take care of your own needs and let it be as Paul McCartney once said.

            • I agree, waking up a family member or friend is like trying to lasso the moon. It just can’t be done. I just let them gloat over their sports team amd self indulgence. I just keep plugging away at being ready and keeping informed. Seems like the only one in my family that gets it is my uncle in Las Vegas(served 3 tours in V.N.) I talk to to him a lot and we share ideas and info. My oldest brother says if it hits the fan, he is coming to our house in MO. I told him thanks, but no thanks.

              • Interestingly most RVN vets get it ? Why is that ? I know the simple answer.

        • Canada is not attacking everyone based on the 9/11 false flags so only missile bases will be hit by Russia/China if they contain any nukes.

          Russia is only out to defend itself unlike the USA thats nothing more than a tool for Israel and it’s bankers so if you won’t stop them you will see someone else that will.

        • Canadians are a lot better prepared than Americans. We have more guns per person up here and also a hell of a lot less people per mile/kilometer which makse it easier to become secluded and to fortify a position. We have also been preparing like crazy for the last decade. We seen this coming when most of America was still star eyed with obozo getting his first term….. We knew the moment he was elected that we need to prepare. A lot less people on social assistance up here too, so we have more disposable income to spend on gear. And to be quite honest Canadians favor Russia more than America so we probably would stand with them in the end, regardless of our military or government stance….

        • Oh there is a few of us up here in Canada that are watching world events and preparing.

      8. Just remember you can’t replace obamas if there a war.The real sign would be the draft starts up.

        • “Just remember you can’t replace obamas if there a war.”

          Sure you can as there is no law or rule against changing CIC in wartime but there is law against a third term. They, TPTB, neither need or desire Obama in wartime. He is their domestic President.


          The days of large forces is over as technology in general and nuclear weapons in specific have made such forces obsolete.

      9. Personally, I think we’re all missing the point. All that is happening is not by coincidence or happenstance. I don’t care what direction you want to concentrate on….. radical Islaam and terrorist attacks, the breakdown of USA society, the world-stage being set vis-a-vis China’s island building, Russian efforts in Syria or their own land, the Ukraine business and the whole Eastern European build-up, the degradation of morality and normal behaviors, the tsetse fly attention span of the American public, race division, the idea that multi-culturalism/multi-ethnic separtism within a nation, multi-linguality can work in any country, the arms build-up by the citizenry and the government….. you pick your own poison. Folks – we’re not seeing the one central fact. This is not happening by accident. There is a plan in place and it is being carried out. We’re all just along for the ride. So, belt into your saddles and make sure their cinched down tight. You ask me it’s a simple one point direction we’ve been put on – population – world population – reduction has been mandated.

      10. You can not blame them for prepping, we are doing the same thing.I have an idea though, let’s allow the children of TPTB fight the war while the children of the poor watch.

        • I’ll bet they are not calling each other stupid and crazy for prepping.

          • Russians have always prepped they just didn’t call i that ! Only Americans have to come up with names for common sense acts ?

      11. Checklist:

        50 Gallon drum of vodka

        Ready to survive both seasons, winter and nuclear winter.

        • American list-




          FLOUR FOR BREAD.

          BEER AND WINE.

        • Good Pole. Reminds me of my great grandma.

        • Boyo;
          That almost cheered me up!

      12. I buy a few extra groceries every time I shop. If someone asks why I’m getting 6 jars of Miracle Whip, I explain to them that it’s better than putting money in the bank. The bank pays next to no interest, but the Miracle Whip is cheaper now than it will be in the future, plus it’s on sale. Buying extra of anything when it’s on sale means I never have to buy it at regular price.

        • Archivist, pineapple 99 cent at save-a-lot. 6 pineapple canned is 14 pints.

          • The Food Lion out by the “University” has pineapple plants with baby pineapples on them. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen pineapple plants for sale. I didn’t buy any, as I’m trying to grow one on my own. I planted the top of a pineapple in a pot on the back porch where it will get plenty of sun. It seems to be growing well, with new growth in the center.

            I’m low on pot pies, so I’ll be at the Save-A-Lot tomorrow. They’re only 84 cents. Their bottled water is always the cheapest in town. Their brand of blueberry toaster pastries are cheap and taste better than the Pop Tart brand.

            • I just love them pineapple trees!

            • Arch, pineapples can take up to 18 months to produce fruit.
              Full sun.
              When you get one it should have small pineapple tops growing around it’s base. Snap those off and plant them, they’re your next crop.
              Planting the top of one will work, like you’ve done, but it’s not the best or fastest way.

              • It’s just one of my many experiments.

                I have found that you can reproduce hybrid tomatoes if the variety is indeterminate (meaning it will grow as long as the temperature is right). You can break off a small piece of the plant and stick it in a drink bottle full of water. Eventually, the stem hairs turn into roots. Plant in dirt and you have more tomato plants identical to the first.

      13. Guess they will have plenty of VODKA.
        Guess they will have plenty of BOARSH.
        Guess they will have plenty of ONIONS.
        Guess they will have plenty of POTATOES.
        Guess they will have plenty of MEAT.
        (I bet the RUSSIAN MAFIA, or the ELITE have ILLEGAL FIREARMS so they can HUNT.)
        I bet they will stack plenty of WOOD.


        • To all the Smokin Hot Russian Ladies, if you are in need of a good BOL to wait out the chaos for the next 6 months, I have room here in FL. We can barter a few of your skills for room and board. Offer is also good for Ukrainian, Czech or Romanian Ladies. Just send some pics and we can work out the details. LOL


      14. The Russians have been building shelters for years and the Americans have been lead into a false sense of security with Mutual Assured Destruction, (MAD) principle.

        We have become weak and dependent on government and have no kills for war let along to survive after an exchange. Only the very few will survive without electricity.

        The whole world is ate up with the Dumb Ass and you know. We criticize TPTB when they call us “Useless Eaters”. Imagine those who show up at your door, having no skills or supplies. Demanding you share your stuff with them.


      15. Has anyone seen a Civil Defense shelter sign on any building?

        • Yes … it’s called “Fuck Off … and Go Away” … This sign is at the entrance of my driveway … This is my ‘homely message to those who want to visit me.

        • Anon, I haven’t seen one of those signs anywhere since the early 80s. The Russians have had shelters ever since the Cold War and never shut them down.

        • There is no civil defense anymore. Lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis back in October, 1962, by the way!

          • Only defense and safety/survival measures for the elites that you are forced to pay for !

        • From Lucky Gunner on 7-1-16
          This is as close to C.D. as you will ever get again.

          Have you ever heard of CERT? Probably not, as it’s one of thousands of U.S. government programs that goes unnoticed in everyday life. But it’s actually a useful program, especially if you want to survive a disaster.
          In fact, that’s the whole purpose of CERT. The acronym stands for Community Emergency Response Team. It’s a nationwide program first developed by the Los Angeles Fire Department in the mid-eighties to help train citizens and communities to become more self-sufficient in the event of a disaster. In other words, it’s government-sponsored survival training that any private citizen can take…and it’s offered all over the country, probably in a town near you:
          You see, a lot of people were shocked by how poorly the government responded to a disaster like Hurricane Katrina. But if you read the CERT website – remember, this is a government-funded program – it actually tells you that the government’s plan was and always has been to let the mess happen and hope the people take care of themselves. Then come in, scoop up the survivors, and help the community recover. It’s right here on CERT’s own website in some governmental jargon:

          Following a major disaster, first responders who provide fire and medical services will not be able to meet the demand for these services. Factors as number of victims, communication failures, and road blockages will prevent people from accessing emergency services they have come to expect at a moment’s notice through 911. People will have to rely on each other for help in order to meet their immediate life saving and life sustaining needs…
          The CERT Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations….Local governments prepare for everyday emergencies. However, there can be an emergency or disaster that can overwhelm the community’s immediate response capability. While adjacent jurisdictions, state and federal resources can be activated to help, there may be a delay for them getting to those who need them.

          Can you believe that? Our own government is telling us to become survivalists in the event of a disaster. That they won’t necessarily be coming right away to save everyone. They even fund a nationwide program to make sure this is happening.
          The sad thing is, a lot of Americans have probably never heard of CERT and actually still believe that the government is going to save them in the event of a disaster. That’s just not true. Even the government’s own website says as much.
          So that’s why we believe in individual preparation here at That is after all what CERT teaches in a nutshell. And that’s what a lot of our products are all about…being prepared. Which is why we carry lots of ammo (with no back-orders ever!) as well as ammo cans, magazines, eye & ear protection, holsters, and other accessories!
          Look, CERT classes are actually pretty useful. The skills taught have the potential to save your life. The classes are typically held at your local fire department where you’ll have the opportunity to to learn these skills from people with experience and authority. Plus, as a taxpayer, you’re already paying for them!
          So what are you waiting for? The government is telling you in writing that they aren’t going to immediately rescue everyone in the event of a disaster. Your taxes are already paying for classes to educate you on how to survive a disaster. Therefore, you should do two things. Sign up for a CERT class today and pick up the supplies you need to be prepared in the event of a disaster here at!
          Be Prepared,
          Angela and Chris

          I checked it out and it seems to be out of date. The closest one to my area is 100 miles away and their website has not been updated in over a year.

          • i’m one of the leaders of our local CERT team here in hi-desert, ca and i can vouch for it being some great training. problem is that after they’re trained(lifesaving, emergency rescue, and other things), we don’t SEE them again…sure, there’s 5 or 10% that stick around for a while, but a huge percentage won’t even respond to an email. it’s POSSIBLE they will mobilize after a REAL disaster, but i have my doubts. thanks for participating!…the other thing that’s very disturbing is that i really don’t think these people have ANY idea what it will be like out there if they ever ARE called out….i get the idea they think they’ll go out for an afternoon, drag someone out of a building, and sit around at the pizza parlor afterwards, bragging how they saved somebody’s life, before they go back to work the next day. BTW, you MIGHT become an “insider” if there IS a disaster…being privy to information others won’t know, not to mention rubbing elbows with gubmint officials could put you in a better position….check out your area and see if there’s CERT training….it MIGHT just save some lives.

            • CERT sounds a lot like the Oathkeepers Community Protection Team. We train all the time to be the trainers when the SHTF. Of course, the government thinks we are domestic terrorists as well as all of the mainstream media.

      16. It is going to happen one of these nights we are all dead asleep.

        Watch Sam and the Neutron Bomb

      17. Pasta–it cooks fast with no smell to alert 2 legged predators (under no circumstances should you whip up bacon pancakes and coffee), can be mixed with any number of things, can be eaten cold, keeps a couple days without refrigeration, carbs you up and soothes nervous guts, and the sale size 89 cent box of multicolored pasta twirls will feed a family of 4 for 2 days.

        • Gotta have lots of protein as well or that pasta will cause lots of problems. And I am NOT a full on Paleo guy either. I realize we need carbs for massive energy and stamina. Just need the correct balance of both.

          Balance in everything is the key issue to success in every endeavor.

        • hope you got lots of water saved up to COOK that pasta with. i got lots of rice, beans, and pasta, but i ALSO got lots of canned chilli, soups, fruit….all of that can be eaten without adding water….or HEATING.

      18. I’m converting.

        It’s either Russian Orthodox or Cabala.

        ******** *******

        • Converting to Cabela s ?

          • Why, Yes! I DO worship at Cabelas fairly regularly, even take the grand kids in, they appreciate the fisshies in the tanks, and the stuffed formerly lie animals to gaze in wonder at God’s creations here on Earth.
            Makes sense to me…

            Besides, my local one (only) occasionally, will have a decent sale on stuff I need. I’m green and “environmental” by combining my trips to worship and to re-supply. Makes me feel extra special.

      19. Just watched a ww2 lies video. Hitlers big mistake . As letting those British fags go at Dunkirk. . Should of exterminated them . Like we did at Lexington . Got a problem with that . Your next. Hitler was right. Got a problem with that . You and yours are next. We will not go quietly into the night . F your PC. Crap we see you . And we will not lie down. Time to clean house .expecialy the bimbos. Try an stop us. Bimbo.

      20. Go in to get the link to listen to Donald Trump Jr.. one bad ass epic speech beyond anything I have ever seen or heard..


        Donald Trump Jr, internationally known locally respected..

        • I saw the speech and will definitely review it a few more times.

          Live Free or Die…DT Jr is phenomenal!

          • Very powerful, unifying speech! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Donald Jr. has a great future ahead of him, whether he runs for office as a public servant, or continues as a businessman.

      21. Pfff “take out Texas”. You Russians sure do love to exaggerate. What the hell is the thing armed with, 500 tons of antimatter?


      22. Russia has no plans to invade the USA but it does have plans to drop nukes on the US in the even of war which might start in Syria, Ukraine or the south china sea.

        The US is playing away from home and is starting trouble all over the place so it’s a case of “Look what the cat dragged in”

        These missiles that the US have installed in places like Poland will be removed one way or another and my american freinds need not think that we the people in Europe were given a vote on them being installed and want them gone along with the US occupation force thats spread over our lands.

      23. Trump’s kids are sharp for sure. That in itself is telling.

      24. The first rider of the Apocalypse is conquest. ( War) Some of us can see it coming soon. The second rider is where people start killing each other in mass. The third rider is famine. Thanks again for your prepping as you will be the backbone of this once great country. The fouth rider is death. Probably a pandemic of sorts… Only the most prepared could survive this.
        Why are they called the horsemen? Because they COME QUICKLY!
        It’s websites like this that lets me know I am not the only one that sees the future racing at him.

        • Good to see you nlightened2… Did you stock up on Alpo?

        • Yep.

          One second you are standing on the street and the next, ZIPPO, you’re in the abyss.

      25. Assumingly that we don’t have a false flag of some type before years end…what’s interesting is that he mentioned that one his friends was a special forces soldier who was in this is how they found out the facts about what when went down, so everything that we have heard and known about what really happened is true..So like we have known for some time, there is a split and we have white hats and black hats waring against each other for control of the country under the United nations..dumping muslim soldiers into our country to take us out, and this explains why they would need over 30,000 guillotines to use on people who oppose islam..

        Just saw that Alex Jones got attacked in Cleveland. See Info wars. I am really praying that the future changes for the better because I would not want to be thrown into and shtf end game scenario that I have preppped for. I just met with the scientist last Sunday in person and even he is telling us that things are still not looking good even if Trump gets the nomination, because China and Russia did not build up their military to not use it somewhere, so we still must prepare just incase.. Trump Jr said that if another country gains too much strength that they will destroy the US, once they gain that capability and this is how nature works..So China must be destroyed and Russia take out..


        • “China and Russia did not build up their military to not use it somewhere, so we still must prepare just incase”

          Didn’t see Russians on the Mexican border. We’re the aggressor.

          “So China must be destroyed and Russia take out.”

          That philosophy is why they’re armed.

          “Trump Jr said that if another country gains too much strength that they will destroy the US

          I missed that.

      26. At TRUnews

        Special forces will leave military if Hillary wins.

      27. Anyone that thinks Trumptard is going to do right by you or America is smoking crack. He is the establishment and Agenda 21 fan. So stop fooling yourselves as though he will save the day. He had a Muslim close out in prayer to Allah at the convention. Are you just stupid?

        • When I was watching the convention in Cleveland Monday night I heard the people shouting “Make America Safe Again”. 1 Thessalonians 5:30 immediantly came to mind. “While people are saying “Peace and safety”, destruction will come on them suddendly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, they will not escape.” Trump is not what he says he is. Remember Obama’s speach’s? How he promised to make changes and all of the promises he did not keep? He did make changes didn’t he? He took America down and the people let him as long as they got the “free” stuff. I hear the same things coming out of Trump’s mouth. He’s going to save America. It’s too late and we are looking for the wrong person to save us all now. America has chosen whom it will follow and there is no going back. There is no correcting wrong back into right. No putting God back into the schools or government. (If indeed He was ever there.) Jesus is the only way so I highly suggest you seek Him while He can still be found. You all sound so brave but I wonder how brave you will feel when there is a foreign tank parked in your driveway. There is fear in everyones heart right now (or at least the ones who are awake) but fear and faith cannot live in the same heart. Choose today who you will serve: Man (Satan) or Jesus. You cannot serve both so choose wisely and quickly. We are not fighting against flesh but the evil ones who are surrounding us for Satan has come into his element and he knows that his time is short. Pray for wisdom and the strength to endure. God help us all.

          • Watcher.

            We are going into the abyss. Don’t let the Normal Bias fool you.

        • In that case Annie Oakley, you better be as good a shot as your name suggests.

      28. The smart folks here have been doing this for years.


      29. The Russian government builds 5000 nuke proof shelters for it’s citizens; the U.S. government builds shelters for government and it’s employee’s. There’s something wrong with this picture. If war does come, we’re on our own in this cover your own ass country…

      30. for America-civil war will come long before war wih russia/china

      31. Repost

        Prep Tip

        Is it time to update your Paper Maps of your Area of Operation or to your BOL. Use Google maps prints so you can identify land and major structures.

        Use old maps to write notes upon them.

        DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer is a good pick. Lots of info.

        Prep for War.
        No more internet or WiFi ;0)

      32. 6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

        7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

        8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
        Matthew 24:6-8

      33. Fully 90% of the expected casualties here from nukes are avoidable IF people knew what to do beforehand, which is same as saying all threatening nukes, regardless their origin, could easily be made 90% less lethal.

        Proof of above and easy to grasp ‘to do’ strategies to survive nukes to share far & wide here…

        – Shane

        • Shane , not even close. There are some ways to avert the basic fallout but there are many more drastic affects like nuclear winter and many other affects that you cannot avert. You are wishful thinking. If any nukes go off we are all likely toast for numerous reasons than simply radioactive particles

          • Nuclear winter has been discredited and dismissed long ago. It’d create an affect on world climate much less than major volcanoes have had historically in the past.

            Your statement that “If any nukes go off we are all likely toast for numerous reasons than simply radioactive particles.” will be self-fulfilling true to the degree statements like that discourage the public from ever seeking out beforehand what to do and not do if nukes ever unleashed. That continued ignorance, alone, will be the single greatest contributor for the high body count later.

            Did you even read

            It’s really simple, telling people “If any nukes go off we are all likely toast…” discourages them ever seeking out, much less to embrace, those proven protective actions that could save most families affected.

            Fostering that attitude of futility guarantees the highest possible maximum casualty rates.

            Nobody knows how many or few or where any nukes will get unleashed relative to their location in the future, but to assume whatever it is will be un-survivable and thus futile to have tried to prep for, that then assures they will be minimally prepared to survive whatever comes and to maximally suffer the worst possible loss then.

            You don’t want to be that guy that won’t let his kids or anybody else wear seat belts in his car cause he’s convinced himself that the only accident they could ever get into would be going over a cliff, crashing in an un-survivable fireball at the bottom, where seat belts would not have done any good.

            That’s what telling people nukes are un-survivable does, it guarantees the highest possible casualty rates. The anti-nuke, ban the bomb, crowd that have ridiculed Civil Defense as being futile in the publics’ mind will have the most blood on their hands then, regardless their noble intent.

            • “Nuclear winter has been discredited and dismissed long ago. It’d create an affect on world climate much less than major volcanoes have had historically in the past.”
              It all depends on the magnitude of an exchange. And my comment is exactly accurate because most likely any exchange would get out of hand quickly , so again you are simply wrong !

              I fully agree that there are numerous ways to avert the immediate affects if you are outside of a blast zone and have any warning time at all and it is rather easily done.

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