Report: Public Demand For Precious Metals Skyrockets: “The Whole Supply Chain Could Be Cleaned Out”

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    Though we’ve seen a significant drop in precious metals prices over the last several years, new evidence from one of the world’s leading retail brokers further suggests that there is a massive disconnect between the paper price on global exchanges and demand by the general public.

    According to a report from Money Metals Exchange, buyers were snapping up everything they could get their hands on over the last 45 days:

    Public demand for gold and silver coins, rounds, and bars suddenly skyrocketed since mid-June – particularly among first-time customers – to multiples of earlier demand levels, according to Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals dealer in the U.S.

    From June 16 to July 31, Money Metals Exchange experienced a 135% surge in gold and silver sales over the prior 45-day period (which was representative of the early months of 2015). Since June 16, the number of first-time customers rose even more dramatically, with 365% more new purchasers than the prior period.

    “As the Greece default debacle unfolded in late June, something clicked in investors’ minds, and many have since bought whatever physical gold or silver they could get their hands on,” said Stefan Gleason, president of Money Metals Exchange. “In particular, we experienced a dramatic and unprecedented surge in first-time customers clamoring to obtain the financial insurance that gold and silver represent.”

    Many government and private mints, including the U.S. Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint, have been unable to keep up with demand and have either temporarily halted silver sales or rationed out their insufficient supply of silver coins.

    We’re seeing more buying interest than at any time since the 2008 financial crisis. If we see a further spike in demand, the whole supply chain could be cleaned out,” said Gleason. “In that event, customers will face long lead times and limited product choices. Gold supply is showing some signs of strain, but silver could become completely unavailable.”

    Full Report and Data Via Money Metals Exchange

    And while financial pundits argue that the paper prices are reflective of supply and demand, the reality is that investor demand for the physical assets is starting to overwhelm government mints. Last month the U.S. Mint was forced to suspend sales of Silver Eagles after unprecedented buying.

    And soon, as we learned from Money Metals President Stefan Gleason in a follow-up interview, Canada may run out of their famed silver Maple Leafs for similar reasons:

    “We just learned that the Royal Canadian Mint is having a severe problem sourcing silver blanks for the Silver Maple program, and they have told wholesalers that all previous commitments as to rationed deliveries may not be possible to fulfill.”

    So, despite what we are hearing about a lack of demand for precious metals, the data is crystal clear. Investors are terrified of another economic, financial or monetary crisis, and they are rapidly shifting their assets to real money that they hold in their physical possession.

    It seems that physical buyers aren’t the only ones piling into gold and silver. A report from Zero Hedge suggests that the smart money may be getting ready to move back into gold as hedge funds reduce their net short positions.

    One thing we can say in the gold bugs’ favor: what had mostly been a headwind for gold for the past decade or so is no longer the case. While it may not make an immediate impact, the “smart money” Commercial Hedgers are now more aligned with them than at any point since the bull market began in 2001.

    Commodities, including precious metals, have seen what can only be described as a financial massacre over the last several years. But according to Callinex Mines CEO Max Porterfield, we may soon begin to see demand outpace availability simply because many of the smaller and mid-range firms involved in mining precious and other necessary industrial metals have either pulled back on production due to lower prices or closed up shop entirely.

    With the exception of a few companies like Callinex, exploration has almost entirely halted. This will have a decade-long impact on supply lines that touch almost every sector.

    Layoffs are happening worldwide and there is blood in the streets.

    It’s the savvy investor who understands that now is the time to be acquiring these assets. 

    Indeed, we’ve all heard the wisdom of buying when the market is at a bottom.

    As Portefield notes, this is what blood in the streets looks like from a financial standpoint. Gold is off 40% from it’s highs and silver is down 70%, not to mention other commodities that have taken a significant hit including oil, copper and zinc.

    The question now is, should investors continue to put their life savings into tech darlings selling near their all-time highs while their balance sheets bleed out, or is it time to start acquiring physical assets that have been tested time and again throughout history during times of economic and political upheaval?


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      1. Heard it all before, PM’s are just a bet on gov stupidity. Forget all you read and just keep stacking with your extra cash

        • Yep… Just keep stackin’

          if government stupidity is what will drive gold and silver higher then it’s a good bet for sure.

          Government gets dumber and dumber by the second.

        • What will happen to real gold when the Stock market shortly crashes & the ETF paper gold gets destroyed?

          • I hope SOMETHING big happens in September or there will be a big “falling away” as people get sick and tired of the doom and gloom. 🙁

            • I wouldn’t lay any silver on a bet that it is September. And yeah, there might be a great falling away but they’ll come inching back ’cause they LOVE IT.

            • Agreed, and some were expecting China to be included in the IMF and that’s now been put off till next year. That was an event Brandon Smith was keen on happening. I just hope those who have called on a late 2015 event not to make shit up because people are getting tired and complacent. Even I have gotten tired after following this trainwreck for years without seeing an actual wreck.

            • As a long time (40 years) trader I have heard and read a lot about September 2015 as a crash month. I disregard most of it. What does catch a trader’s eye is the historical stats for September and October being down months. The reason they are down months is when wall street analyst in the first half of a down year tell their clients “…this is just a glitch…the second half of the year will be better…” When the second half of the year comes in bad the market sells off big time. I have done very well with these fades over the years.

              I do however think the next 4 years starting in September 2015 could have a major sell off. Since 2009 markets have been artificial from bankster’s pulling the strings. We should have had many big selloffs in the last 8 years to be considered a ‘normal’ market. Because of this any incident that disrupts the artificial nature of this market will create a big selloff.

          • Won’t matter what the price is. You won’t be able to find any.

        • I miss when this page used to post survival ideas and tips.

        • Buy food, much more valuable. Commodities must go lower, silver around $8 and gold, who knows.

          • Food sure… but how do I save the money I have in the bank. The folks that usually say its worthless don’t have two nickels to rub together. I have a significant stockpile of food and ammo. But after things come back online your going to need things that people want or something that’s considered money. I don’t need your food… and more than likely you don’t need mine. What else you going to use as money? Ammo? I don’t want to be the one with that fires a squib because you took the powder out.

            • Spent $400 to take my son offshore fishing today. I love real estate, wall street can’t touch that. Any hard asset. Or give money away to loved ones to pay down debt, vacation, whatever.

          • Yep. Went out this morning and bought a lot of canned meats and vegetables as well as T.P. Our local food stores had canned veggies for 38 cents a can (15 ounce can) which is less than half price. I stocked up. Bought 24 cans of chicken on sale as well.
            When the poop hits the fan it will be smelly!

        • Obama will not finish his second term! Banned independent documentary
          reveals the truth. Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Propheciey.

      2. You feel fully prepped excepting metals a few in hand not a bad thing.Brass/lead/copper are essentials,not metals,metals are when essentials full/you find even more storage and that also full/then,consider gold/silver,in hand!

        • Warchild, I’m invested heavily in brass and lead. Plus goldfish.

          • Me too Braveheart. I just picked up another bag of #4 shot to load shells with. $49.99 now for a bag of shot!!!
            WTF…everything is so expensive anymore. $38 for a 1000 primers. I used to be able to load a shell for something like 7 cents each.

      3. Its the Abe Lincoln statement regarding fooling people. They just can’t keep up the fooling.

      4. Meh…I’m a bitcoin millionaire, too.

        Precious does not work in a deflationary environment.

        It also does not work unless you have a functioning monetary system in place to value it. This is why nobody can state the value of their PMs unless they quote it in FRNs…WTF…y’all are only valuing it as a commodity and not “money” if that is the way you operate.

        Face it, only 1 % of the population considers it as money and the potato farmer will use you as fertilizer if you try to pawn off one of them “Winged Liberty” dimes as worth more than a clad Roosevelt.

        Precious is a commodity. Unlike oil, it does not produce heat as a byproduct. It is an energy sink and not an energy producer. Thermodynamics tell you it worth the same as bitcoin or FRNs…NOTHING.

        • I could quote you the value of mine without comparison to FRNs. An ounce of silver is worth about 10 loaves of bread. An ounce of gold is worth a really good suit of clothes. That’s what they have been worth for over 100 years.

          Gold and silver have been used as money for thousands of years. When things settle back down after SHTF, they will be used as money again.

          • Whether gold or silver will be used as money again is merely speculation…that’s what hedge funds do.

            Try spending it without it being converted to FRNs and see how far you get. You still need to convert it to buy bread or suits.

            You can spend your precious all you want now as long as a system is in place to value it. When that’s gone, good luck getting anything near what you think it’s worth from broke people. They could care less what history says when they are starving and all you got is some shiny to trade.

            PMs suck up hydrocarbons to mine nowadays. They are worth less than the energy it takes to mine them. They provide no return in energy. Better to have a gallon of fuel than a hunk of shiny metal.

            Good luck with all that pretty gold you got. I’ll invest in fuel production and storage. The world runs on hydrocarbons, not shiny rocks. Why do you think the corporate US is fighting for oil and not gold? Should give you a little insight, not?

            • Actually the most significant industrial use for silver right now is solar panels for energy. Build a panel and it could make power for decades regardless of the cost to mine, drill, or refine!

              Most all the silver mined annually is used in industry. Unlike gold where most is kept, and much of the industrial gold use is recycled.

              In this lousy collapsing economy Silver is still holding value, if the economy ever recovers, Silver demand will balloon.

              In a deflationary cycle PM’s are lousy. However a deflationary cycle will have a bottom and if governments have been printing money like crazy, hyper-inflation will follow, and then your PM could save your bacon!

              Expect the government to block PM sales at the bottom, they will want to control it. They will want PM for themselves. This is what FDR did, he waited for things to bottom and then confiscated gold and raped the public.

              • On the silver and solar panels deal; what keeps the demand low for panels is reliable,long lasting batteries.

                To get enough energy from the sun, to make anything of size, operate, that is beneficial in a shtf scenario, one needs a “bulky bank” of panels and a “heavy bank” of batteries.

                The majority of people aren’t that energy conscious right now, and I believe the technology exists, but has been squelched by the gov/utilities for lighter and longer lasting batteries.
                Currently, any long lasting and durable batteries in the 12 volt arena are still heavy as crap, and very expensive. That nearly 100 lb. each weight, is a major drawback when it comes to portability.

                There are budget systems available, and I operate one, but to have a viable system with enough high quality panels to operate quality batteries, for long term use…. be prepared to shell out a couple thousand bucks.

                The big draw back of having a system in place now, is if the big EMP/blackout, happens over your area, and the solars get fried. Lights out, and they stay out until repaired and replaced panels are acquired. Batteries are more easily protected.

                Of course, there are those that have the extra funds to have a bank of panels and batteries stored and protected for such an event.

                PS, don’t forget the controller and DC/AC Inverter, they are a must have accessory.

                • My electronics for the solar are protected by aluminum box that contains them under the pannels. Anothe layer of protection. If anything blows in an EMP it will be the controller and maybe the inverter. I dont see the solar panels them selves blowing up in an EMP pissinginthewind. Yours may though. Ha.

                • You can buy great batteries, Google “Edison Battery” it is an iron nickel battery. They are big and bulky so they are useless for electric cars, though are used in rechargeable electric rail yard engines and mining equipment. Big and bulky in a basement is not a problem though.

                  These batteries seem expensive, but have a 25 year life span in heavy use. So the comparison is five sets of deep cycle lead acid batteries that rarely go 5 years and can’t be cycled as hard as iron nickel batteries.–iron_battery

                  Yes they work great in solar power systems, if you can afford the up front cost!

            • Right now you’re right but two or three years down the line things may change a bit.

              Today you can’t buy many groceries with gold or silver because everybody is conditioned to respect FRNs as “money.” If there is a full-on financial breakdown those FRNs will lose the respect we’ve assigned them and will be good only for starting fires.

              PMs have survived countless emergencies and financial breakdowns over the years and will do so again. When the farmer is unwilling to give you a cabbage for a handful of fancy paper he will look more favorably on a pre-1964 Eisenhower half-dollar – or two – we can’t completely ignore the possibility of inflation.

              No, you can’t eat gold but if you have money in a bank or retirement account you CAN preserve it in the form of precious metals.

            • It’s always funny how some people dismiss PM’s as some useless relic with absurd comments about “starving people don’t care about gold.” Really? You sure about that? Go over to Zimbabwe with some gold and see how “useless” this metal is to starving people who clamor for this shiny metal. Guess what? They work day and night to mine gold for food, not oil. Yes you may not want to dismiss history so fast bub.

          • At this point Today, Gold has a ways more to drop. This article soulds like the ProShorters (pump and dump scheme) that are looking for a new sector of more buyers at this price, in helping them make a killing by shorting Gold more. Im a big believer in the Charts 10 Yr. and trends of price direction.

            Silver .999 is a great buy right now and the downside may just be a few dollars. But it wont stay low for long if everything emplodes in a few months. Just my opine.

            • I don’t see PM’s dropping much more, they are literally at the cost of production and high demand continues.

              Only if we have a deflationary crash will the price drop much more. If that happens you may have money to buy gold but no one will be selling the real thing, only paper gold. It just won’t trade, or the trades will be fixed.

              It would be silly to wait for lower prices. Even if I expected lower prices, I’d be a buyer here with money ready to buy more at a lower price, wash rinse repeat. This kind of buying will get you a low average price.

        • I dont know about potato farmers but I come from a cotton and cattle farming family and I will take gold and silver as payment right now!

          • The small convenience store I frequent, the owner said you bet they accept Silver for payment. An Oz today will about buy a case of beer.


        • Oh yea JRS Glad you put a sure bet on that digital Bit Coin IOU Money. One night hack and poof gone baby..

          If somebody is going to steal from me, I’m damn sure they are going to have to work for it to get it. Like them dodging bullets.

        • Hmmm….I have a little silver coin (smaller than a dime) that was dug up from a Greek colony on the Black Sea…’s 2500 years old, and there wasn’t an FRN around at the time.

          Seems thousands of years of history negates your assertions.

      5. Have been stacking gilded lead for years

      6. For those in the Houston area, I have been buying and selling my silver through the Houston Numismatic Exchange.

        I like doing business with them enough that I am recommending them. Here is their web site.

        • Agreed, this is a great local company… Good people, always fair prices on the buy and sell side. I worked with them for several years before we left Houston and never had an issue.

        • You have to call them to get a price ?

          People you can do better then this place.

          • They’re old school

      7. If gold and silver are USELESS,

        THEN why are wars fought over it for the past 5,000 years?

        First thing a defeated nation sees is its gold reserves pilfered. That’s history.

        I don’t see wars being fought over bitcoin or fiat paper.

        Why did America see gold and silver as a store of value in past?

        Hey, to each his own.

        • I believe we are fighting wars for it now. Iraq, Libya , Ukraine.

        • Centurion. What do you think all the wars in the Middle East have been fought over? A: All to keep the proper puppets in line to use exclusively the fiat paper Petro Dollar. It wasn’t for they hate our Freedims. Thats right our Free is getting Dimmer.

        • For all my 50+ years of reading history, I cannot point to a war started over gold. Salt, slaves, food sources, trade routes, water, religion, iron mines, yes. Gold, no.

          • Civiliztions have been destroyed over silver and gold. The conquistadors killed thousands of native tribes in pre columbus North America and South America. They enslaved, raped…etc for gold and silver. The proof is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Hundred of Spanish Galleon’s loaded with the so called “Useless metals”.

            There was also…

            The SS Gairsoppa was a steel hulled British steam merchant ship that was built and launched in 1919, likely named after Gersoppa falls in India. Owned by the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd of London it had been a civilian merchant ship until it was enlisted for the war effort as a cargo ship for war supplies.

            During a supply voyage that began in December, 1940, she was loaded with silver ingots, pig iron and tea sailing from Calcutta, India to Britain. The Gairsoppa had sailed around the Cape in South Africa to the South Atlantic where she met up with a fleet of other merchant ships at the port of Freetown in Sierra Leone under Master Gerald Hyland. She was to sail from there to Galway, Ireland where the cargo would be offloaded.

            But not long after leaving Sierra Leone the fleet was beset by high winds and heavy surf in the open waters of the Atlantic. The Gairsoppa began to run low on coal and was forced to separate from the rest of the fleet in order to make a more direct route to Galway. She never arrived.

            On February 16, 1941, the S.S. Gairsoppa was spotted by a German Focke-Wulf Fw 200 aircraft and was subsequently torpedoed on February 17 by a German U-boat designation U-101 under the command of Ernst Mengersen and sank with 85 hands lost. 1 life boat under the charge of the second officer, R.H. Ayres managed to escape with 6 other crew members, but only Ayres was pulled from the sea alive after the boat capsized.

            For almost 70 years the Gairsoppa sat at the bottom of the sea, nearly 3 miles deep in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles Southwest of the Irish coast. After a couple unsuccessful attempts to find a salvage crew on September 26, 2011, Florida-based Odyssey Marine Exploration confirmed the identity and location of the Gairsoppa. Recovery began and as of July 23, 2013 a reported 61 tons of silver bullion had been recovered. The majority of the silver recovered (3 of 4 lots) was 915 pure Dore (partly refined) bars.

          • You may have heard of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Adolf. Adolf and Co were the biggest pillagers and thieves of that time icluding gold.
            The gold from Libya, Iraq, Ukraine has all gone. Sanctions imposed against Syria including a ban on gold purchases from Syria has led to economic problems for Syria which has lead to selling off their gold via the back door.
            This is just history repeating.

          • Yep, OC, that is about it.
            wwti is a moron. It has never been about paper petro dollars in the middle east.

            The middle east wars from their standpoint, has always been about religious/governmental control via land grabs/control. Those land grabs include resources.

            Our freedoms could never have been touched by others in the outside world, had it not been for the corrupt tyrants inside our own gov. “We the People” fell asleep at the wheel, and let them take control of the ship of freedom. It has now become a ship of fools and sailing for the abyss.

            Personal freedom through the blood of Jesus Christ, is the only true freedom. All people wanting an escape from terrorism (foreign and domestic) that is soon coming, best be covered. Otherwise, you are clinging to an old styrofoam cooler, in a storm, with your lifeline tied to the ship of fools.

            • Pissininthe wind. Thanks for the laugh. Histiry is more than soind bites. Not sure what wars you refer to…. give specifics. Besides Israel who is at war with everybody. Thats your religious war freak show on steroids…

              Who do you think installed Gadafi? Saddam? Afganistans Pres past and former? You can go down the list. Installing puppet leaders who will support the Petro dollar since the 1970’s. And when these puppets try to get off the Petro Dollar we uninstall them from Pres. Gadafi did Not do to well did he?

      8. 999.9 silver can produce colloidal silver.

        • Yes sir Sling. I bet a medicall facility would pay top dollar for 999 Silver rounds. Post SHTF when suplies chains are interupted.

          Silver is a safe buy right now. Cheaper to maybe $10. But not for long, after the shorts cover. Then $20 bucks.

          Gold still over valued. I can see $600. Look at a $15 year chart..

          A balanced prepper portfolio does not all egs in one basket. Stay Alert.

        • I use lab tested 99.99 silver rods to make my silver solution, have not tried to turn the ionic solution into the colloid yet as im not to sure about the protiens you have to add to make it colloidal. I heard silver protein solutions are bad news and not a true colloid, i stick with a 30 ppm silver hydrosol, ( ionic silver) or buy a lab tested true colloidal..


      9. Got all mine in stocks and bonds. silk stocking and bonded whiskey.

        • mmmmm–whiskey–EXCELLENT barter AND a few sips make the world way more palatable–for a while anyways, till morning at least–stay in the mud my friend

        • If you keep that whiskey in case of snakebite, you better start raising snakes or you may die of thirst!

      10. After you die, your children will be digging through your stuff. They will throw out or donate your clothes, sell your old pickup truck, then take a few pieces of quality furniture and put the rest in a yard sale. They will take your tools and add them to their own, they will take your banks accounts and add them to their own, and if you are lucky enough, they will take your guns and precious metals and add them to their own.

        • NorseMan

          I know what you are talking about.

          • Been there Norseman with my Pops. Beware what you save for others to find upon your death. Cause the kids will go through it. And the oddities. For some strange reason my Dad saved every cancelled check he ever wrote out since the 1960’s. It was wierd funding that. Also check for hideys up in the attic.

        • I do hope that to be the case–anything to help the grandkids thrive in what is best an uncertain future–my pop, myself, my son are all vets–we ALL have seen worst the world has to offer–pretty much everywhere is a shithole EXCEPT here–the good old US of A .Aside from learning the skills needed for survival which I endowed in my son way before he ever enlisted, he already has explicit instructions on my accumulations when my demise occurs. It’s not a matter of if–it’s a matter of when–at some point we all become ineffective due to age in a shtf scenario. I hate to leave him with that responsibility BUT that’s life–a crapshoot at best. May god grant mercy on all our souls for what is inevitable to happen.

        • Thankfully (for me) a lot of them do not keep silver, or the guns either. More to find at the dozen or so estate auctions that occur within 50 miles of me on any given Saturday, and a dozen more during the week.

        • True NM but it won’t bother me any. It’s what I hope they will do.

      11. Sling,you got a easy way(i.e. not a lot of money)way to produce that either you or someone you know has done?A recipe/creation process proven would be nice along with a reliable source of purity silver and a way to test said purity,trust but verify!

        • WD.

          I use to buy it. Now I make it. Taking small amounts of a tablespoon/sip each day for more than 2 years. I have not been sick for a long time. Does not work against pollen.

          Glass container to hold distilled water.
          2 .999 fine silver,coins
          3 9 volt battery’s
          1 PPM reader
          Coffee filters

          Brown glass bottle for finished product. your choice of size.

          Set of cables with alligator clips. Four clips
          Suspend coin in water One pos. side one neg. side regular electrolysis

          Voltage determines size of suspended silver particles in water.
          Do not let the clips end touch the water!

          Distance between silver coins faces. No more than two inches. 1.5 is the best.

          I use 27 volts. One coin turns black and water turns golden yellow to brownish depending on the PPM
          Filter out black deposits check PPM

          Some people want smaller particles and use only 9v. Long process time. Check it out on Utube. You can taste it. I do 20 ppm batches. Go to about 22ppm and it settles back some. 10 ppm will do it. No higher than 30.
          Some people have done 50 ppm.

          Not going to fend off the plague.

          • Amount of water in batch determines how long it will take to make your desired concentration also. It takes about 4 hours with 27 volts to make a 2 qt. jar. If you can’t afford a ppm meter, use a laser pointer or laser level, etc. The more solid the beam shines through the solution, the stronger it is.

            Don’t drink a cloudy solution. It should be between slightly yellow to amber colored. If you forget it and it you think its been working too long, don’t throw it out. Use it as an external wash, cleaner. You might think its odd, but its the best underarm, wherever odor killer there is. And that proves it kills bacteria..

            I’ve found that hydrogen peroxide is more beneficial all around. Inhaled or as an external cleaner, soaking solution. But they are 2 different things. One for bacteria, one for viruses.
            molon labe

            • Funny ive found 27 volts to be perfect as well, at least somewhere between 25 and 30, 27 is what i shoot for.


          • being ex military I had so many plague shots I should have caught the plague–not worried about any of that stuff–obviously–lol–it’s the simple shit that always kills ya–seems like you got that covered–I do like to keep a large broad spectrum stockpile of antibiotics on hand just for the stuff the military DID NOT try to fill me full of injection holes for. That was not much BUT–better safe than sorry-

            • Folks,thanks for input on the silver meds/will give it a try when time available,this is the reason I like this site,the sharing of information!

      12. The whole supply chain is fixed. The APMEX is fixed. The COMEX is fixed. It’s a rigged game. Why are you speculating on a rigged game?

      13. No they should not put their life’s savings into gold or silver, in fact not one dime. No disrespect intended to you, but honestly, couldn’t you have chosen a better article than this one! Can’t speak for anyone but me, but these prepper sites are wearing thin or either just plain running out of steam. Which one is it?

        • You should move on the MSNBC then–probably right up your alley–your the guy that was belittling Vietnam vets a few posts ago–based on that your opinion on prepper sites is one step below chicken shit–

      14. I just saw the funniest picture. It’s Michelle calling Barack:

        Michelle: OMG! You’re OK! I heard a “lyin’ African” was killed.

        Barack: Calm down, Michelle! It was an “African lion”!

        You can see the picture at:
        ht tp://

      15. Apmex has more silver Eagles than you can buy. Yes, demand may be high but there is plenty of supply out there. Anyone care to prove me wrong? I’d actually really appreciate it because I’m sick of this constant manipulation

      16. All I know is, I can snag 5, 1 oz. Maple Leafs off Ebay for about $90.00. At the current spot price for Silver, that’s about a $4.00 premium per coin. That’s nothing out of the ordinary.

        I would think that if the physical shortage were significant, the premium above spot would be much higher. That’s what will determine whether or not the physical shortage is real….the disparity between the paper price and the ACTUAL price of the physical metal itself.

        If you start seeing $8-$10 premiums on Maple Leafs and Eagles, then you can assume that demand has significantly exceeded supply.

        • At current melt value, that’s about a 25% premium on those coins. Up until about 4 to 6 months as go I was only paying about 7 or 8% premium. With the premiums now 3x that much, I believe this reflects a shortage of coins or at least a coming shortage. Simple supply and demand. As demand goes up and supply goes down, prices , or in this case, premiums go up.

          • The actual dollar cost of the premium hasn’t changed that much. It costs them so much to make the coin. The premium has pretty much always been pretty static. In fact, if anything, the premium is lower than it has been in the past on a per coin basis. I’ve seen $5 and even $6 premiums on Eagles and Maple Leafs when the spot price of silver was higher. The actual cost of minting the coin doesn’t vary that much. So…percentage wise, the premium was lower when silver was $40 an ounce, but you still paid $4-$6 per coin regardless.

            When the premium gets up over $6 per 1 oz. Maple Leaf or Eagle, then we can begin to say that increased physical demand is driving the cost up. But right now, I don’t see it.

        • Maple Leafs….. Nah, I’d stick to 10oz bars @ 79cents over spot. Would hate to have to melt those Maple Leafs down to make solar panels.

      17. The govt is at it again….

        ht tp://

      18. I’d hope colloidal silver would be able to fight bubonic plauge, since it is caused by the bacteria yersinia pestis which can be treated with normal antibiotics like doxycycline. Hey if silver can’t be sold, you can still use it for pitchers for water and such since silver has anti microbial properties. But seriously if gold was as worthless as some of these trollidads say, then why has Texas asked for its 1 billion dollars worth of gold back from the NYC fed and has plans to build its own gold storage facility?

        • Texas will see only a raised middle finger. They won’t even get as high a percentage back as Germany did. If there are any nukes in Texas, better start hatching a plan to seize them. Force is the only thing the feds understand.

          “The government should have a monopoly on the legitimate use of force”– New York congressman. He’ll be sure to let you know when it’s legitimate.

      19. Jim Rogers on kids money, some posters need this….

        ht tps://

      20. Right now the price for silver is 20% over spot. A wee bit high right now.

      21. precious metals are called “PRECIOUS” metals for a reason!

        got phyzzz?

        • got colloidal silver?

          a few feet of 99.99pure 12gauge silver wire is something every prepper should have, with extra rechargeable batteries, battery connectors, solar recharger, glass medical beaker and instructions of how to make colloidal silver. it will save lives!

      22. I was watching on you tube this guy had a whole bunch of computer memory chips he cut the gold pins off then began this process with acids to strip the gold from the other metals and materials. It was a lot of work for almost 2 grams of gold. But if you have the computer chips already fine I guess. I never really realized how much good metals are in shit. You just gotta know how and be willing to go get them. This seems like a better hobby than reloading ammo. Making $ is always the best hobby IMHO. Shit real gold in your hand is where it’s at. Anybody know what 1.9 grams of gold is worth.

        • Todays price is a bit over 35 bucks a gram……


            Adjust settings for gold/silver, what currency, and weight….. Also shows trends….

      23. Got some 10 oz silver bars from shipwreck pretty cool nice pieces with a bit of history a collector might like. I’m not a metals collector but I can understand why people love metals. I’d rather have cash myself it’s what everyone wants across the globe. Whenever I leave the country I don’t bother exchanging my currency. People would rather have the US dollar. I feel the metals market is manipulated. It always will be governments can’t have metals being worth more than their currency’s. Jmo.

        • When the cupboards are bare, and the snow is blowing outside, precious metals will “not” be very precious. Especially, when all the neighbors are in the same boat, and food is scarce.

          The gov has declared martial law, and possession of, and distribution of, said PMs is illegal for exchange; So folks that have stockpiled gold and silver, instead of wheat and honey (sugar), will have a hard time trading them for precious foods. Food bartering will be king. Clean, potable water will be the king in some circles. We won’t be bartering our foods, but with four styles of water distillers, and four mtn. springs, we can make and barter clean water all day, everyday, with three different energy sources. No innocent children going thirsty or hungry in our neck of the woods. Anyone taking from them will soon be “pushing up daisies”, or be coyote droppings.

          This scenario seems more of a reality than a future re-set, and fortunes to be made from previous mass purchases of PMs. Too many pie in the sky dreamers still cling to the “backside” scenario, when prepping.

          That is why reality of coming events should be gleaned from the message/letter our Creator sent to us, and not man’s adulterated message of what the future holds.

          • Should that come to pass, you are correct….metals won’t be worth much.

            BUT, have you asked yourself “what if the world continues on the same course ?”

            In other words, just EXACTLY what as been going on for the last 100 years continues for the next 100 years…..a long slow slide where the paper dollar is continuously depreciated, by design, and for the profit of the bankers and govt ?

            Assuming one is fairly self sufficient already (we are damn near Amish without the hats), why would I want to save in paper promises when I already KNOW they plan to devalue the heck of it ?

            SOMEHOW, that question…..which I’ve asked dozens of times….NEVER, EVER gets answered by the ‘gloom and doomers’.

            My suspicion is there are a whole lot of ‘preppers’ out there that are poor as church mice, and barely scrapping up some beans/bullets/bandaids, and are jealous as hell of anyone that has a bit extra AFTER their B/B/B to put into metals….so they try to sell the same bullshit line the bankers do: “Don’t buy gold/silver !!!”

          • passin your thought process is kinda off.

            1. If martial law is successful it’s already gg.
            2. If the government placed restrictions on precious metals what makes the idea of placing restrictions on food quantities outlandish?
            3.If there is a reset and everyone is hippie community living, people as a whole have always enjoyed showing extravagance or wealth. In example the romans showed wealth by eating in excess and vomiting, europeans and asians used gold in metal working, indians (my tribe atleast) lined shells inside their homes to show wealth.

          • That is such a stupid argument on a prepper site! Do you really think people here are suggesting anyone not buy food, and other supplies, but just gold and silver?

            When the SHTF and no one has food, you are right you won’t be able to buy what no one has!

            A solid prepper will have a diverse portfolio of supplies like any good investor. Food, coffee, alchohol, batteries, water and water purification tools, guns and ammo, energy supplies, shelter, clothing, tools, gardening supplies etc.

            Adding precious metals is just one gear in the survival machine, so just give it up on “you can’t eat PM’s”.

      24. People are a screaming for trump. The guy is a moron people are mad about the Fox News anchor that asked him tough questions . People think this guy is the savior of America. This guy only cares about big corporations he throw ordinary folks away he is arrogant and everyone that has a brain can see this. He thinks he is better than everyone. This is not the kind of guy you want as your president. He has no problem firing people. I’m not saying anyone else is that good but this guy is being hyped up for sure. Do you really want a rich corporate slob as your leader.

        • He is better than another dumbass community organizer.

          • I want to see Pres Trump FIRE half the useless Fed Employees for starters. Half of the Pentagons budget is Fraud and Waste…Simplify the Tax Code and throw some bankers in jail. Heck yeah Pres Trump!!! How can you manage Trillions when these other political hacks have never managed Billions or even millions.

        • People aren’t screaming for Trump.

          Trump is simply the middle finger to the political process that is a done deal from the day the race starts.

          Just like Ross Perot….nobody (well, almost nobody)wanted the squeaky little nerd as president, but he was the middle finger at that time. He got 19% of the popular vote and had already withdrawn as a candidate. People marked his name simply because “none of the above” wasn’t an option.

          My guess is if “none of the above” WAS on the ballot, it would win quite handily.

      25. I’m not seeing any shortage of PM’s anywhere, plenty seems available at every dealer (some specific coins are in short supply, but that’s those coins not the metals they are made from).

        In fact, most of those “We buy Gold” sign waving guys that used to be on every street corner are disappearing and being replaced by “Please buy Gold” sign wavers.

        Gold is on a slow but steady march towards 700 or less, and silver will go to the 6-7 dollar range, so buy now or miss that big tax write off when you sell it for less than you paid for it.

      26. Why are people so hell bent on knocking down precious metals?

        It is a choice one makes like any other item.

        Take the information, Process it. Take it or dump it.

        • I’m thinking the ones attacking Precious metals are gov trolls. They are sick hateful colaborators.

      27. Talked to a PM dealer this morning. He was nearly out of anything silver. Aside from a few (very few) junk coins all he had in stock were Canadian Silver Leafs at $3.00 over spot. He said that 2 weeks ago a customer paid cash for 5000 troy ounces of any form of silver he had. Since transactions of that magnitude (about $85000)have to be reported to Big Brother, I would assume the purchaser wasn’t concerned with any blowback from the government. I wish I had that kind of money.

      28. The paper price continues to head south and if silver/gold is flying out the door then how come i can buy all i want from ebay ?

        Sure we have a disconnect between paper and physical but i think the likes of ZH have gone too long and will say anything to off load the risk on to you.

        I stack myself and i don’t need to panic buy so i will be waiting for my target price of $12oz on paper for silver and then see if the price over spot is low before my powder comes out.

        • I’d be careful with Ebay purchases and other online stores. There are a large variety of gold and silver forgeries that have been entering the market over the past few years, usually in sealed plastic pouches / envelopes. In such cases usually the coin or bar has been electroplated with gold/silver but the “inside” is something else entirely.

          If you don’t have a reliable test kit, you would not know what you may actually be purchasing.

      29. In the end, God, guns, guts and PMs wins the day, and yes, in THAT order.;~)

      30. Public demand for gold and silver coins, rounds, and bars suddenly skyrocketed since mid-June – particularly among first-time customers – to multiples of earlier demand levels, according to Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals dealer in the U.S.

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