Report: MASS EXTINCTION Event Now Under Way That Will Decimate The Global Human Population

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    This report was originally published by Mike Adams at


    A hotly-debated study led by Professor Gerardo Ceballos at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexicowarns that the human population explosion is leading to the widespread contamination and destruction of the planet, ultimately collapsing life support systems upon which human civilization depends. As reported by The Times of Israel:

    Human overpopulation and over-consumption are leading Earth to its sixth mass extinction faster than was previously thought, with the human race likely to be eradicated along the way, a new study warns…

    These findings indicate nothing short of “biological annihilation,” the scientists conclude, “a massive anthropogenic [human-driven] erosion of biodiversity and of the ecosystem services essential to civilization.”

    The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and was co-authored by Paul R. Ehrlich, a population control advocate.

    Adding to the controversy of the study, Paul Ehrlich’s views have also been cited by population control advocates like Bill Gates, who calls for an engineered depopulation of the planet in order to achieve long-term sustainability. Bill Gates has donated millions of dollars to infertility technologies and vaccine “innovations” that include vaccines in Africa being covertly laced with infertility chemicals to achieve a race-based “medical cleansing” / genocide by making sure black people don’t reproduce.

    To some, the warnings of Paul Ehrlich echo the hysteria of globalists like Al Gore, who claims that climate change, not chemical poisoning of the planet, will destroy human civilization unless everybody agrees to pay him $15 trillion dollars. In truth, “climate change” only predicts oceans rising less than a meter in a hundred years, yet the mass chemical poisoning of our world will collapse human civilization long before rising oceans becomes a relevant issue (and that’s assuming the temperature data are accurate, but we know much of those data are routinely faked by the pro-climate change science hustlers).

    The entire “environmental” movement ignores all the real, immediate threats to our planet

    What’s my take on all this? The real threat to sustainable life on our planet isn’t so-called “climate change,” it’s the mass contamination of our world with pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical runoff, hormone-disruptor chemicals, genetically engineered crops, heavy metals in medicine (such as mercury in vaccines), industrial chemicals and biosludge. Yet, astonishingly, no mainstream environmentalists seem to care about any of these threats. The entire environmental movement has become nothing more than a mindless climate change echo chamber, totally clueless about the real threats to our world that are destroying sustainability right now.

    For example, left-leaning environmentalists are now openly denying the chemical gender-bender effects of atrazine because they all want to believe that gender is a “choice” rather than something that can be altered by chemical exposure. So they deny all the science surrounding atrazine because it conflicts with their LGBT narratives. In a similar way, the same Leftists who warned about cigarette smoke causing cancer now believe that marijuana smoke is somehow harmless, even though it contains many of the exact same carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Meanwhile, California’s hemp farms are producing massive tonnage of toxic runoff, poisoning thousands of acres of land across the state. And nobody seems to care, since it’s all being done in the name of “pot legalization.”

    In my view, if we don’t stop the mass chemical poisoning of our world — and of ourselves — we will of course destroy ourselves in the process. That’s why I’ve dubbed humanity a “suicide cult.” In the name of corporate profits, humans are poisoning their food (pesticides), poisoning their minds (psychiatric drugs), poisoning their agricultural soils (glyphosate) and even poisoning their children (toxic vaccines).

    Watch this Natural News video to learn more, and see all Natural News videos at this Vimeo link.


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      1. it is about time, extinct away

        • Mass Extinction Event????

          Must be Hillary Clinton doing her manspreading on the subway.

          • Oh for all that’s sacred – send bleach to wash that image away!! To quote: “the horror, the horror!!!” (doesn’t the Geneva Convention prohibit such toxins?)

            • “If I can’t unsee that then neither can you.”

          • But wait. Hey Mac how about doing a follow up Article piece to see how many people went blind during the eclipse on Monday, that not even doctors could repair the eye damage as your article claimed. How many people went blind on Monday? Tell us.. Do a follow up to that. Lets see how true your article was.

            Here I did a search for you, and this is all I found.

            Man Who Experienced Eye Damage During 1962 Solar Eclipse

            Looks like just one guy from 1962. Wow.. LMFAO!!

            • I did research also. I found that there have been dozens who have injured their eyes during past eclipses in various parts of the world, but almost all just had blind spots, and a number of those people got better in days to months.

              So actual blinding from solar eclipses seems to have been pretty rare in the past, even without all the widespread warnings we have nowadays.

              I think all the news may have made some stupid people stare on a dare, but I haven’t heard of any of those being hurt yet. It sometimes takes a day or so before someone notices they have a blind spot.

              • They were just getting a tattoo to commemorate the occasion…. on their eye ball.

              • It wont be reported by the MSM unless they can find a way to blame Trump for it .

      2. “according to the Times of Isreal…”

        Isrealies have ten or twelve kids. Charity starts at home. Let Isreal lead by example…

        • If the economy collapses and welfare programs like social security (yes it’s welfare per the SS Act of 1935 & Supreme Court) collapse children will be the only resource for those technology is permitting to outlive their usefulness by decades. The elderly are a cancer sucking the life out of the healthy.

          • Old or ancient, I intend to remain useful. There are many things that can be done even in a rocking chair (when that time comes). One useful thing that the elderly can do is tell the stories of what life was like way back when. Youth have no idea how much freedom they don’t have unless they have the stories to become aware.

            Sorry, but unless one is completely comatose, there are many useful things to be done at whatever age or level of fitness. I am aware that there are many that just go on endless trips or other self-centered activities but then so are many young people. That is a state of our modern culture.

            Personally, I keep imagining how much nicer the world would be if more retirees did some volunteer work. (or anyone really) Seems like more people contributing to their local communities would make what taxes we pay go farther.

            • Yahooie: Many retirees esp. single ones, do volunteer, and ones that don’t (me) have enough work keeping house and a large yard, cooking meals and other things like shopping and laundry. Most are self centered overall and only want to “toot their horn”. Hubby and I are social recluses because most people are stuck in stupid and shallow. P. Pastor: People that worked for a living payed into SS and not on welfare, the street bums are ones who get welfare, SSI and medicaid. Many draw disability that are able to work.

          • You’re some kind of pastor, and I mean that in an unflattering way; and remember you will be old one day too. Calling “the elderly a cancer sucking the life out of the healthy” is so disrespectful. Those elderly at one time worked and contributed to society’s betterment, fought in wars to protect this country, and still contribute by volunteering their time to hospitals, etc. People have no control over their ageing, this is just a fact of life. Please be a bit more Christian like in the future; you never know some elderly person may come to your aid one day.

            • This character isn’t Christian. Only bunch he could pastor would be brain dead cult members.

          • Prepared Pastor,
            You aren’t GOD. So fuk off.

          • The elderly are the only productive people left in this country, it’s the young useless fucks being raised now that are sucking the friggin life out of this country! No one over 50 has ever taken welfare, they are too proud, and they paid into SS as an insurance not welfare.

        • Times Of Israel? NEVER trust a tribal source for information.

          • Israehelllites should know they frequently spray chemicals on the Palestinians crops to poison them. They cut off water supplies and ban the fishing areas where all the good fish are that the Gewws take for them selves. They shoot holes in the Palestinians water tanks on their roofs and Israhelli snipers shoot at the Palestinian children playing. I say the biggest threat to Palestinians are Para-sites theChews fromIsrehell.

            Misspelling was on purpose so I would not be put into moderation. Lets see if this get posted right away.

            • Nope got put into moderation anyway. They sure don’t like me calling them out for their crimes against humanity do they.

              I say BOYCOTT All of their 500 3ews list

      3. We are all going to die from the situation in Japan some years ago, Fukushima!! Radiation is still flowing out of that place every single damn day….think about it.

        • Yes he only talked about predictions, not for sure predictions. One cannot lie to physics. I say that as Gates dims the skies without a control\alt\delete ability to reboot his mistake. The same mentality that brought us the nuclear power industry. Greed for profit and control. We used to call it philanthropy but now it is something else, something like a hideous genetically modified form of greed. Another for sure prediction. The Constitution was doomed to attack and constant belittlement and usurpation because it put constraints on greed. It will die undefended.

        • Wake-up,
          Shhhh! Fukushima is a real issue that Japan, the US, China, Russia and the EU could probably fix, if they faced it and worked together.

          Too bad the entire environmental movement has been totally coopted and exploited by the global warming crowds carbon credit Ponzi scheme. Al Gore will go down in history as the greatest grifter in human history. Unlike Bernie Maydoff, Al Gore’s victims don’t even realize they’ve been robbed.

          • well said !

      4. Pessimist: Things are so bad they can’t possibly
        get any worse.

        Optimist: Sure they can.

        • A pessimist is a realist!
          Most times anyway

      5. WUP: Fukushima will be the least of our problems if the psychopaths running the world instigate another World War. It will go Nuclear. It will, for all intensive purposes, be the end of civilization.!!!!

        • It’s “all INTENTS and purposes”… not”intensive purposes”

          • Your comment was pretty intense . . . I mean intensive.

        • Only for the United States because the liberals won’t let the US fight back.

          AntiFA will be the 5th column for North Korea.

      6. The smartest animal on the planet does the dumbest stuff and keeps its head in the sand about the results. Its all about the money and it will ultimately kill us. The less people the less problems.

      7. You people are so stupid you make me vomit..! Of COURSE CLIMATE CHANGE MEANS A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN JUST A FEW METERS SEA LEVEL RISE!!!How can you verbalize shit like the stuff in this article and live with your self?

        Yes, the article is correct about the population bomb and the destruction of the earth due to chemical poisonings, etc. Still, please stop the bull shit about climate change, which you obviously have NO KNOWLEDGE OF!!

      8. Oops…! had wrong name down…

        You people are so stupid you make me vomit..! Of COURSE CLIMATE CHANGE MEANS A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN JUST A FEW METERS SEA LEVEL RISE!!!How can you verbalize shit like the stuff in this article and live with your self?

        Yes, the article is correct about the population bomb and the destruction of the earth due to chemical poisonings, etc. Still, please stop the bull shit about climate change, which you obviously have NO KNOWLEDGE OF!!


        the only reason it does not seem so bad in most parts of the world is because there are sinks, which absorb most to the CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuels. the oceans are the main sinks (absorb most of the co2) and thus, the acidification of the oceans. This will end around the middle of the century– the oceans will become saturated, meaning they cannot hold any more carbon dioxide and then will start emitting it. At that point, its game over for humanity. Then it will become hotter than hell.

        • And methane that dissolves in sea water then precipitates out into methane hydrides on the bottom of deep oceans, where is collects, becomes covered in silt. Given time and pressure those deposits turns into oil deposits.

          • And no one seems to listen when I point out that oil doesn’t contain the same elements as either dinosaurs or ancient plants. Russian scientists say that oil is formed by a natural process in the earth that has nothing to do with rotting animals or plants. Oil is still being created in the earth and will never actually run out.

            • Also there have been warmer periods on earth. See this article about climate during early medieval times. ht tps: //

              This information is based on hard science such as core samples. There’s more but I won’t spoil the fun of reading the story.

        • Did Al Gore tell you all that? WOW!

      10. CLIMATE CHANGE= torrential rainfall in certain areas, thus preventing the possibility of growing crops. (Famine/death).

        CLIMATE CHANGE= hotter than hell in certain parts of the world/the US, thus, preventing the possibility of growing crops. (Famine/death).

        CLIMATE CHANGE= no more water in western regions of the US and in other parts of the world. (No water= death).

        CLIMATE CHANGE= wars over the remaining water systems and arable land.

        This is the future of our children.

        READ “CLIMATE WARS” by Gwynne Dyer. Or “STORMS OF MY GRANDCHILDREN” by Jim Hansen, the world’s foremost climate scientist. (the preview pages of “Climate Wars” at Amazon are NOT CORRECT. Its not a true synopsis… its some other book. Don’t know why they put a false book form there but its not correct!! Best to go to a book store and see exactly.

        • I tellya what, that torrential rain thing is a pain in the butt,
          Ive had crops ruined more than once from super heavy rains,,, whole fields of lettuce, zucchini, other stuff too, lots of times its not so much the rain, that it could recover from, its the insane amounts of soil splash, even when growing through plastic mulch, just the soil from the pathways ruins stuff if the rains heavy enough.

      11. Natural News is a phony website publishing bullshit.

        • I thought ‘climate change here at was trolls blowing hot air.

          • No. Just you breaking wind, Brevefart.

            • No kidding. Big tough guy Dep BH shooting off his mouth, how hes gonna ventilate everybody. He needs a shrink and meds.

        • you’re an idiot and a troll. That is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful to humanity websites that exist on the interwebs

      12. All this engineering depopulation of the planet is all well and good until it is Bill Gates depopulating you off the planet.

        I wonder how black people are going to feel when they find out about “race-based “medical cleansing” / genocide by making sure black people don’t reproduce.” Think that is just being reserved for black people?

        And what about the natural tendency of human beings to have sex with whomever and whatever they please. What if those being depopulated spread their DNA and whatever depopulating vaccine they are carrying around to the population selected by “the powers that be” to remain on the planet when everybody else is gone?

        Talk about unintended consequences. We could depopulate ourselves right off the planet. Oops.

        • Ummm – it is highly unlikely that anyone in the process of being “depopulated” is going to spread (or pass)their DNA or anything they are carrying to anyone else. That is how the “depopulation” stuff works – those who have it cannot reproduce. I guess those who want to remain on the planet will just have to learn to control themselves and not “have sex with whomever and whatever they please.” Well darn – that is going to ruin a lot of black people’s nights of fun – yeah? Or maybe they will be the primary target.

          • “Nature will find a way.”

      13. Protecting and cleaning up the environment is not a left/right, Rep./Dem. issue, it’s a human issue. If we don’t take care of it, in the end we all die, mother nature cares not for your politics.
        See how easy that was? Do the right thing or die. Simple.

        • Talk to Tepco. It’s their baby and they aren’t doing shit to stop it. They have killed us already, you tree huggers are a day late and dollar short. So quit yapping at us already.

      14. It is not necessary to believe in the theory of climate change to be concerned with population control. The current situation is ass backwards. Intelligent productive people are childless to support parasitic morons, and I mean that literally. The Australian aborigines are retarded. They have the smallest brain and lowest IQ of any race. In an uncivilized race committing genocide is business as usual. But civilized white men abhor violence. So instead of killing the aboriginal people, they babysit them and support their efforts to procreate.

        White men have followed the same pattern in Africa and South America. Also, inside the USA black procreation was promoted and later sustained through handouts. So now the world is full of dysfunctional races who want to genocide the white race out of existence. If they succeed over population will die out. No race with an IQ of 70 and below can survive on its own. Not in great numbers. Problem solved. Only problem will be that technology, cars, planes, skyscrapers will also die out.


        • I stopped paying tax for this reason alone: I worked out the more I earned, the more it was taxed and handed over to a growing population of blacks and Muslims. I wanted to have more children but could not afford it. I now use every means possible to avoid paying taxes and to instead put my surplus into investments, mostly property.

          There are races that just do not know how to behave in urban environments. They attack each other with knives and acid.

          I encourage any young people I meet to breed beautiful white babies but not to do it in the countries being overwhelmed with third world migrants. There are still places to do this so go to those countries.

          • Me too–I search craigslist before I ever buy new.
            Yard sakes are a great resource for non-taxable items.

        • There are fake genius claims popping up. These con artists are making claims about astronomically high IQs. One man is boasting how brilliant he is. He claims to be the smartest man in the world with an IQ of 200. This is idiotic. If you believe him you are a stupid fool.

          He is obviously part of a conspiracy. He proposes that America submit to rule by a few high IQ people. He proposes something horrific.

          This fraud wants to sterilize every ten year old on the planet. Then only those who receive government permission are allowed to have it reversed in order to procreate. I heard about this plan decades ago. It is real and it threatens us all.

          Watch out for phony claims. Genius can be used to deceive. One fraud was in the Guinness Book claiming a super genius IQ. Another boy from India who does surgery was found to be gifted but not that exceptional. My kids have performed surgery. You and I are smart enough to perform surgery. It is not much different than butchering. In fact, some doctors never rise above the level of butcher. Surgery is as much an art as an intellectual activity.

          Anyway, my prediction is that these phony geniuses are going to use climate change to take away our reproductive rights. It is coming soon. We must confront these criminals.

          For your information, Einstein was not nearly as brilliant as reported. His assertions have actually caused problems in Science. He was a plagiarist. And although he was very intelligent, he was never the great genius we were falsely deceived to believe.

          The global schemes are a Zionist Conspiracy. The 3ews are the world class liars and they have tricked us already into allowing these criminal cart blanch over our money, our government, and more. They did 911 and they brought us the Patriot Act, wars in the Middle East and their AGENDAs 21/30.

          Wake up. These liars aren’t as smart as we are. They lie.


      15. Strange that Natanyahu is under investigation for numerous financial crimes in Israel but I’ve yet to hear one word about that from mainstream US media.

      16. Cannabis being harmful to the lungs depends on who you choose to believe. Some scientific studies claim it is good for the lungs and does not cause cancer, that it actually is good for the lungs and generally has positive healing impact on the entire body. I choose to believe that analysis is factual based on opponents financial interest to deny natural healing remedies.

        • The only thing your lungs were intended to have in them was clean atmospheric air.

      17. “As reported by The Times of Israel: [Human overpopulation and over-consumption are leading Earth to its sixth mass extinction faster than was previously thought, with the human race likely to be eradicated along the way, a new study warns…]”

        I like Mike Adams … but … this Story is full of BULLSHIT!

        Of course those in Israel who fabricated this study think this is legit … it is what they want – Mass Depopulation

        Take NOTES CHRISTIANS … these kinds of Zionist are not your friends. ?

      18. Sounds like Agenda 21 to me.

      19. The only way to stop the inevitable chemical distruction of our Eco.system is to depopulate it quickly? It comes down to Who gets depopulated? Us or them ? Take your pick.

      20. Didn’t Ehrlich say back in the early 1970s that overpopulation would soon lead to mass starvation? Here it is over 40 years later and still the same thing is being said even though the earlier predictions never came true.

        World population has been predicted to level out and start slowly decreasing in a few decades because of the rise in standard of living.

        • Correct. Fewer people are getting married, having less kids. 51% currently, down from 72% in 1960. Source: Pew Research.

          Those having 4+ children were religious.

          Young adults today are too busy, too distracted, don’t believe. Don’t bother. Witness to boomers going bust. Quite happy with themselves. “Marriagephobic Millenials”

          Nature must balance and we’re a part of it.

        • Around 1970 science got seriously behind agriculture and they figured out how to triple grain production in parts of the world where it was most needed.

          The world was close to starvation but like oil with the Hubbert Curve predictions at the same time, the ingenuity of human beings, motivated by profit is amazing to overcome adversity.

      21. Paul Ehrlich – loser of his bet with Julian Simon, and former catastrophic global cooler turned catastrophic global warmer – is an utter incompetent buffoon. Why he even has a job still is a mystery to me. And “no mainstream environmentalists seem to care about any of these threats (outside of global warming)? But of course. The Financial Stability Board said $93 trillion would be spend on faux global warming over the next 15 years, so BIG GREEN MONEY is all over this one like a cheap suit. Meanwhile, at the other end, I’m sure the BIG GREEN MONEY types are in bed with the likes of Monsanto, geoengineering types, ad nauseam.

      22. The socalled nitrogen emergency would have been created by petrochemicals, which once existed as plant materials and are incorporated into new plants — those being algal blooms, useful timber, food, or drugs.

        Tobacco can be used, pharmaceutically. Agrochems can come from plants. Plants, livestock, and labor can improve the carrying capacity of the land, were we not so prone to masochism. We have not upheld one of the first commandments of all, another great commission, which was to terraform terra firma. We fail to make a home for ourselves, here, now.

      23. The movie Children of Men was prophetic also. Good riddance, I hate long waits. Take a look around and think about who MERITS survival, look around and see none deserving. Now look around and see who is capable of surviving, there is you answer. Who MERITS survival, the smart and adaptable. 500000 on the Georgia guidestones is too generous.mankind only has a chance in hell with those who are not the cunning lazy abusers. If a certain group made it solely by their own self sanctifying decrees in their holy books, (synagogue of Satan) they still wouldnt make it because no one would be left to do all their work and agriculture for them.

      24. Well through endless money printing and endless entitlements the world is now 50% morbidly obese. Wait until the USA gets $7 trillion annual medicare bills coming by 2030. American’s too fat to even feed themselves will be the new victim class. So stop picking on them. LOL /satire/ They had to stop running those feed the children commercials two decades ago as they couldn’t find anymore starving beggars.

      25. and what’s up with pesticide use anyway? Why spray? The FDA allows generous amounts of insect parts and larvae in all processed boxed garbage junk food anyway. If they were smart Big-Junkfood would just add ground up grain to their products, that way no one could tell if it was grain or cockroach parts – that would double the nutritional value HA. Average American housewife easily eats 1/4 pound per minute, I’m sure they won’t see the maggots anyway. Tell her it is chewy raisins. Poor girl needs more corn syrup to sweeten that bland 1,200 calorie large chocolate shake. EBT? Sure we accept EBT. How many idiots got married last weekend?

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