Report: ISIS Had The Ingredients For A Frightening Weapon: “Fires Off Just Enough Radioactivity Upfront To Kill You”

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    This report was originally published by Will Porter at


    When the Islamic State captured the city of Mosul in its 2014 blitzkrieg, the militant group obtained access to a highly lethal material that would have been useful for a “dirty weapon,” the Washington Post reports.

    In taking Mosul, the Islamic State controlled a city filled to the brim with with guns, bombs, rockets and tanks, due in part to the number of military garrisons and bases located all over the city, but these were by no means the most deadly of the weapons to be found there.

    Hidden away in medical devices stored on a college campus in Mosul were two quantities of cobalt-60, a synthetic radioactive isotope produced artificially in nuclear reactors. The isotope emits gamma rays at high intensity, making it effective in radiotherapy cancer treatments, however its high radioactivity also makes it perfect for a “dirty bomb,” or a weapon that uses conventional explosives to disperse radioactive materials across a targeted area, making it uninhabitable.

    Indeed, even brief direct exposure to cobalt-60 without protective shielding is enough to kill a human being. The isotope, according to Slate science reporter Sam Kean, “fires off just enough radioactivity upfront to kill you (or at least cause serious cancers),” but retains enough radiation to make any area affected by fallout “inhospitable for future generations.”

    In 1950, Manhattan Project scientist Leo Szilard calculated that a tenth of an ounce of cobalt-60 sprinkled on every square mile of planet Earth would be enough to wipe out the human race. Granted, this would still be quite a large quantity of the isotope, but it nevertheless illustrates its lethality.

    In Washington, intelligence agencies were aware of the presence of the substance in Mosul and kept a close watch for any sign of its use, while nuclear and military experts theorized about the potency of the isotope and the potential damage it could do. Since cobalt degrades over time, its exact potency was not known to the experts.

    Fears were peaked in late 2014 after an ISIS member announced the group had obtained radioactive material, in this case uranium, from Mosul University. While experts said the material was likely not potent enough to be cause for concern, Dina Esfandiary, a research associate with the Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Program at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, told Newsweek “Nothing is impossible. If they’re determined enough then they’ll find a way to develop a radiological weapon and use it.”

    As they approached the location where cobalt-60 was last known to be stored, fighting neighborhood-to-neighborhood in Mosul’s densely populated districts, Iraqi commanders were brought into the fold and informed about the presence of the material.

    Finally, after years of anxiety, earlier this year Iraqi government officials entered the storage room where the cobalt-using machines were housed.

    What did they find?

    The cobalt still sat inside the machines, untouched; the Islamic State never actually made use of the substance, though it sat under the group’s nose for years as it occupied Mosul.

    “They are not that smart,” an Iraqi health ministry official said of the militant group.

    While it isn’t clear why the group did not take advantage of and weaponize the material, U.S. officials and nuclear experts speculate the militants may not have had any practical way to remove the cobalt from the machines’ thick protective shielding without exposing themselves to lethal doses of radiation in the process.

    American officials, however, said their concerns extend far beyond Mosul, as similar medical equipment containing radiological materials are used in many cities all over the world, some in conflict zones.

    In several incidents earlier this year, ISIS demonstrated that it possessed some quantity of chemical weapons after victims of ISIS shelling and rocket strikes reported symptoms ranging from respiratory problems and vomiting, as well burns and blisters on the skin.

    Mosul, now largely free of the yoke of the Islamic State, has been devastated by the group’s years-long occupation, as well as the U.S.-led coalition’s efforts to retake the city. While the battle for Mosul is finally over, rescue, aid and morgue workers are now burdened with the dark task of cleaning up the mountains of corpses that virtually cover the city’s urban landscape.

    “A lot of blood has been shed,” said an employee at a morgue in Mosul. “Iraq used to have two rivers: the Tigris and the Euphrates. Now we have a third: the river of blood.”

    This report was originally published by Will Porter at


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      1. Let’s ALL be glad the ragheads of ISIS were dumbasses and didn’t tamper with that radioactive shit. It’s bad enough they managed to get their hands on some of Assad’s chemical weapons stockpile. BRING ALL THE TROOPS HOME AND GET OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES’ WARS. The CIA and MIC were behind ISIS.

        • Wasn’t it a few years ago
          that some Mexicans hijacked some
          medical equipment and didn’t
          know what to do with the white powder
          inside the machines.
          That powder killed them.
          It was Cobalt 60.

        • Want to know whats going on over a wall or from concealment without giving yourself away? This tool has 1000 uses and something every serious prepper should have. I have thought about it before but it kept slipping my mind. It is a PERISCOPE! Inexpensive and truly TACTICAL. Everything from looking in small places to recon from concealment. Here’s a good example… ht tp://×20-Periscope-Scope-Durable-Light-Weight-Construction-with-Carry-Case-/322393520922?hash=item4b1026bb1a:g:Q0oAAOSwNnRYfd2l

          Yer welcome 🙂

          • A baby cam can serve the same purpose. Place it and safety view from a hundred feet or more. Many offer remote pan and tilt options and they can see in the dark. Downside, in see in the dark mode, they have trouble seeing through windows.

            If you see one at a garage sale that works, snatch it up.

            • True but they require power, are not portable and need a monitor too. You can get a night vision cam, tft monitor 7 inch, and a sealed 12 volt battery for about 75 bux on ebay and it is portable somewhat. I really don’t want to be packing all that shit around if I’m on the run/hunt.

              • The transmitter can most definitely run off a solar charged battery. I have no trouble handling that tech. The receiver is rechargeable off any USB.

                The big advantage, they go to power save mode, and awake upon any noise.

                I think in terms of my current home as my bug out location. So having extra toys is no heart ship. To stick something like this so it can see around the nearby blind spot down the street is golden.

        • the west should nuke the violent iraq, iran saudi arabia & afghanistan

        • the shitfromhell diaperhead camelfuckers may be dumbasses but they get their backing from the globalists new world order enemies of the common peoples. their weapons, technology and money supply have no limits and they hate free countries like the United States.

        • One of the “benefits” of arming ISIS is having intelligence agents littered through it. If ISIS was about to “Go off the reservation” the CIA would be well aware. If it was counter productive to their agenda it would be stopped one way or another. A drone strike, radiation released, Russia and Syria blamed, a compliant Main Stream Media to disseminate the official story.

          Never let a crisis go unused and create them when necessary.

          “All the world is a stage”
          William Shakespeare

      2. Zio-States of America.

        “They hate us for our freedom.”


        • Whats freedom?

          • freedom

            [free-duh m]

            the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint:
            He won his freedom after a retrial.
            exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
            the power to determine action without restraint.
            political or national independence.
            personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery:
            a slave who bought his freedom.
            exemption from the presence of anything specified (usually followed by from):
            freedom from fear.
            the absence of or release from ties, obligations, etc.
            ease or facility of movement or action:
            to enjoy the freedom of living in the country.
            frankness of manner or speech.
            general exemption or immunity:
            freedom from taxation.
            the absence of ceremony or reserve.
            a liberty taken.
            a particular immunity or privilege enjoyed, as by a city or corporation:
            freedom to levy taxes.
            civil liberty, as opposed to subjection to an arbitrary or despotic government.
            the right to enjoy all the privileges or special rights of citizenship, membership, etc., in a community or the like.
            the right to frequent, enjoy, or use at will:
            to have the freedom of a friend’s library.
            Philosophy. the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.
            Compare necessity (def 7).

            18. Something that the U.S. Government at one time took very seriously, before the theatrical show of Politics turned into a Circus Show.

            “you’re welcomed” … ツ

            • So they hate us for our freedom? BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😀

            • FTW,
              You have pointed out very well that
              we are not really free, nor can we ever be.
              True freedom is actually very selfish, and
              something only a God can achieve.
              We take on all sorts of obligations,
              religion, family, country, and yadda, yadda.
              that restrict our freedoms to be carefree.
              Maybe only atheists can be free
              and only then when they are dead.

              I’m a self disciplined man, but I’m not
              a free man.

              What is important, is that
              I’m generally , but not always,
              free to select the limitations
              on what I want to do in life.
              That is my definition of freedom.

              • Virtually all things relating to human behavior fall on a bell curve. I will state that societal freedom does as well. A member of a tribe, a gang, a neighborhood, city, nation!

                On the scale of human freedom where the US sits, I find it much more desirable than the place N. Korea or Venezuela occupies. Even EU nations and Britain arrest people fo saying things we say everyday here without repercussions……so far.

      3. If the US had not invaded Iraq to steal their oil millions of people would still be alive and would likely not be the mostly dumbed down American peoples enemies. That murderous rampage was put into action by Illuminati Zionist control, through CFR infested globalism dictates. The same groups bringing down America presently who realize people are waking up to their overall plan and thus the needed urgency to finalize the slaughter of Syria, Iran and all who resist the plan.

      4. FTW, damn good post. Something we’ll be fighting for before very long.

      5. using such a weapon wouls distroy much of the life in an area both human and everything above plant life. the plant life would also become unusable. making the area unusable to anyone.this includes anyone wanting to invade. this is what holds the semi civilized nations from using such a weapon. now conciser the mentality of the muslim doctrine. they dont think any farther than the destruction of the infidel. destroying all the nations that contain the infidels would stop all flow of goods and services into these countries. it would be gratifying to watch them violate their quran and turning to cannibals to survive.that is the future of the ones who would use this. think zombies are bad read about the Donner pioneers.

      6. Some Mexican gang members stole a container of cobalt 60 from a hospital in Mexico, they were later all found dead from acute radiation poisoning after they opened the shielding container, and the cobalt was recovered. Acute radiation sickness occurs in hours from unshielded exposure. The same would happen to the jihadists, they would get so sick trying to build the bomb they would never get to employ it without US/Israeli intelligence assets HELPING THEM.

        This article is fear porn extraordinaire UNLESS they had a US scientist or intelligence assets helping them to create the bomb to start with (they would, no questions asked nor care either of who would die from it.) The Globalist and US/Israeli intelligence monsters are the ones employing dirty bomb through ignorant and ideological motivated morons. End of story.

      7. Anything we can do to get the population of the Middle East down by 2/3 is fine by me. The whole place became over-populated because of oil wealth. Islam means they will never be able to provide for themselves without the free ride of oil and gas wealth. And the oil and gas economy is going to be wound down as we move to renewables. So we do not millions of millions of desert-dwelling dirtbags practicing a medieval satanic death cult.

      8. “They are not that smart,” an Iraqi health ministry official said of the militant group.”

        So let’s make them smarter by posting how deadly this stuff is and where it can be acquired!!! FKing brilliant…

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