Report: “Intelligence Says There Will Be An Attack on American Soil”

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    Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are heating up, with rhetoric from the North Koreans suggesting that an attack of some kind is being planned. This isn’t the first time the North Koreans have made threats against western powers and their southern neighbor, but the level of American response is unprecedented. The United States and our allies have re-positioned Naval battle groups, deployed Aegis missile defense systems, and a host of other technology to counter-act any potential threat.

    Military analysts have already warned about the possibility of North Korea exploding a high altitude nuclear device high above the continental United States using a “Super EMP” weapon capable of disabling the power grid in the lower 48 states. The North Korean space launch vehicle, a ‘weather’ satellite put into space in December of 2012 and carrying an unknown payload, will be passing over the geographic heart of the United States on April 10th. Curiously, the 10th is the same day that North Korean officials warned they would no longer be able to provide protection for foreign embassy officials in Pyongyang.

    Moreover, the North Koreans are said to have mobilized some of their long-range missiles, and communications intercepted by Western intelligence agencies reportedly indicate that a planned launch of their KN-08 intercontinental ballistic missile is imminent.

    The situation has become so serious that the Japanese military was given the order to shoot down any missile launched from the North, no matter if it is a test.

    Reports that China has mobilized tens of thousands of troops on their border with North Korea and has put their military on its highest alert level also don’t bode well for peaceful resolution. The Chinese seem to be positioning their military to either counter North Korea’s military, turn back refugees who  may attempt to escape to China should war break out, or, as has been suggested by some analysts, to aid the North Koreans should Allied ground forces invade.

    Mainstream news coverage indicates that something is about to go down.

    And, slowly but surely, reports from military personnel and contractors on military bases are starting to leak, and some of them indicate that the United States is preparing for serious confrontation.

    They are gearing up for something big via Steve Quayle:

    I just spoke with a close associate who has been working for the last three years at Barksdale Air Force Base, on various construction projects… This man is just a guy…a construction worker…been there all his life…salt of the earth kind of guy. In his words…”I am just a working man…doing the best I can do.”

    Tonight, he called to let me know that the security and activity at Barksdale has been stepped up in his words, “by 300%”.

    I asked as many questions as I felt that I could and took notes so that I could simply use his quotes to accurately report what he has stated.

    “We were working on a scheduled job in the munitions dump area…building new blast walls, when AF personnel came in and told us we had to leave right now. We asked if were being given a “work stoppage order.” They replied “Get out now.” and escorted us out. “More like they rushed us out.”

    On April 1, AF Chief of Staff and a bunch of other DoD dignitaries flew in to Barksdale. Those coming on the base usually have a sidearm and maybe a rifle, but since the 1st, “dignitaries are also wearing flak jackets.”

    “They are gearing up for something big.”

    “They are bringing in serious junk.”

    “Moving in warheads…I was working in an area where cruise missles are brought in, put together, armed, and shipped out.”

    His exact words were, “They are shipping some serious s*** over there.”

    (Here I tried to ascertain whether these were going on ships or planes.)

    He replied that “they are going everywhere.”

    He also stated that “they dropped a bunch dummy bombs on some islands off the coast of North Korea”..(I just read a confirmation of that from an intelligence newsletter, and confirmed by WND an hour ago.)

    I asked him if Chinese officers were still on base. He replied that he had not been working in the area in which he first saw them, for the last three weeks, but he did say this…

    “The Chinese and the Russians are here…let me put it this way…everybody in the UN plus a few more are in here. (U.S.)”

    He heard and directly quoted one officer referring to the testing of anti-ballistic missile defense system, “We are going to see a real test, now.” He then said that he heard “Intelligence says there will be an attack on American soil.”

    He then stated that these defense missile systems were ” being shipped to several bases.”

    (Full Article)

    Our sources report that military personnel at the largest Army base in the country have been instructed by military leaders to have their bags packed in the event that the situation goes hot. Troops have reportedly been told to have their financial affairs and family matters in order. Likewise, in the United Kingdom, some personnel have been asked to be prepared to deploy, as well as several who were deployed (location unknown) without warning over the course of the last week.

    All signs point to a military confrontation.

    Whether North Korea will start this, or whether Western allies are finally going to preemptively initiate regime change in the North is anyone’s guess.

    There is also the possibility of a ‘false-flag’ event designed to completely upend the global economic and political paradigms, a scenario recently suggested by Kurt Nimmo of

    The Federal Reserve plan to crash the economy and make room for world government and an authoritarian globalist economic and accompanying police state control system will necessitate a sufficient prerequisite – and that prerequisite may very well be a new war on the Korean peninsula.

    Economic depressions are highly scripted affairs and the banksters use them to initiate big wars – not only because wars are remarkably profitable for the military-industrial complex, but because they serve as an ideal tool for wealth consolidation and fire sales held in their aftermath. Big wars are also exploited to enforce rigid discipline on the masses. It gives the plebs an excuse to accept grinding poverty and servitude. (Read full article)

    To even consider the possibility of global war, or a large-scale attack on the continental United States, is a difficult notion for many to stomach.

    However, members of elite banking conglomerates, the military industrial complex, and political power structures stand to benefit greatly should a war break out.

    There are Trillions of dollars at play.

    War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

    Smedley D. Butler
    United States Marine Corps Major General
    Two Time Medal of Honor Recipient

    Though we hope that this is nothing more than posturing by North Korea and/or the United States, crazy things have happened throughout history, with some of history’s most horrific events stemming from seemingly unimportant or impossible-to-occur scenarios.

    This is an alert and a recap for those concerned with the possibility that things could take a turn for the worse overnight.

    Be vigilant. Be prepared.


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      1. Well, shit.

        • EMP ATTACK!

          16 Trillion reasons why the US Government would welcome one.

          • Obama has been moving troops, subs, ships etc to the eastern Pacific for the past year. No Korea may be reacting to that and the recent oversized “practice” that the US and So Korea just ran right off the coast of No Korea ( not to mention running fighter planes into No Korean airspace and over their soil! Who wouldn’t be upset about that?)
            It seems Obama has been positioning our troops/ships/missles for something big but against whom? Or are they just trying to provoke a situation that will allow martial law?

            • Obama isn’t postitioning anything friend. He knows nothing of military tactics. He has purged the military of the top patriots…the ones that know how to make decisions. The US “was” once prepared. The US “is” a castrated force of a politically correct bureaucrats.

              • Crisp analysis BlueGirl,

                I am – and remain, as do many others here – WHOLLY of the conviction that the rein’s of government passed into the hands of those who serve as the ‘handler’s’ of the politcal class long ago. Inasmuch, as it is not in the best interest of those at the very ‘Top’ to have a fully armed, aware and resentful underclass threatening them broadly one has to consider the ramifications of the current imminent hostilities. That our military is being methodically ‘pruned’ on a host of levels is beyond question. Why?

                As has been mentioned here many times, “The World IS Round”, one can ONLY RUN so far, no? IF those at the top cannot disarm the American populace adequately so as to assure thier safety…then what is the altenative, the ‘back-up’ plan?

                As a first point to those here, consider that ‘sequestration’ JUST became to modus operandi of the Federal government…this THREATENS the Military-Industrial complex in a fashion that is absolutely unacceptable to those who profit from the ‘Art of War’. The answer thereto, “Start a WAR”. Few here would not beleive that such as those are Excellent planners…I would assert that they are EXTRAORDINARILY talented at forseeing the various intricacy’s of the political environment and that not only is what we see TODAY a direct result of that planning but that quite possibly additinal ‘other’ plans have been laid and implemented long PRIOR to what we see as well.

                Much is made of the ‘errant’ NK satellite whose orbit is so erratic in the estimation of many…even those here. That some ‘Super-EMP’ device is even technically feasible for the like of the NK is HIGHLY doubtful in extremis….but it is NOT difficult for US. Would not the simple co-location of the NK satellite above the continental US, along with other previously deployed ‘silent’ packages not be a windfall for those at the ‘Top’? Would that not be a PERFECT opportunity to ‘wipe the slate clean’, to erase the records of thier perfidy which are ubiquitous EVERYWHERE in the system as it has been constructed?

                There have been dozens of launch’s of ‘classified’ nature by NASA over time, including, but not limited to the Space Shuttle (before it’s retirement) and a variety of less high profile orbital lift systems. Of these only a few were to refurbish the aging ‘Keyhole’ satellite net which serves as the primary orbital intelligence gathering platform for such as the NSA, CIA, et al. What of the many other ‘packages’ so deployed, wholly hidden under the rubric of a ‘classified mission’?

                As always, regardless of what the LEFT hand appears to be doing, WATCH BOTH ‘hands’ with a hawk-like intensity. SHOULD anything ‘happen’ over the blue, sunny skies of the good Ol’ US of A tomorrow I submit that the NK is SIMPLY technically incapable of having done so…PLACE THE BLAME ELSEWHERE without fail.

                Tommorow will be on us before we know it…EYES OPEN here Folks…


                • I too find it increasingly difficult to believe the North Koreans are capable of starting a war with the knowledge they have three days of fuel at most. What I don’t understand and I think I’m one of many here, why are the Americans suddenly falling for this? With the knowledge NK is piss poor and hardly militarised. So this is leading the world to believe a false flag is imminent? Possibly. the US has also grounded or has at least decided to start grounding air fleet. 16 trillion reasons to start a war I guess… America is not a free country anymore, the puppet that is Obama is just that, as is our own prime minister whom is just a tool if I’m frank. Fingers crossed we are all not being lied to again, thing is, I have a suspicion we are.

                  • Well, a H.E.M.P. attack would be devastating to the US. In seconds he would shut down all banking and travel. Maybe forever.
                    Ditto the internet.
                    Ditto ATMs.
                    Ditto all electronics.
                    Ditto most energy sources including the power grid.
                    Ditto Anything and EVERYTHING with a computer chip in it.

                    So, maybe this war will end before it begins. Not all small packages are harmless and maybe that ‘weather’ satellite will change the political weather across the world in an eye blink? Makes tomorrow worth seeing doesn’t it? ^_^

                  • “The North Korean space launch vehicle, a ‘weather’ satellite put into space in December of 2012 and carrying an unknown payload, will be passing over the geographic heart of the United States on April 10th. Curiously, the 10th is the same day that North Korean officials warned they would no longer be able to provide protection for foreign embassy officials in Pyongyang.”

                    April 10 has come and gone in Korea. Yawn, nothing


                  • Steve Quayle? LOL. I think he’s more chicken-like than quayle-like.


                • Are you in the real world or a fantasy world you have created?

                • Thanks for posting that. Opened my eyes a bit more.

                • I agree w/ you BlueGirl. Remember when Obama, declared he would emence the world’s greatest Civilian Army? Couple that w/ the greatest government ammo purchasing, so much so, it has starved our military from aquiring ammo for itself and most of the Police Depts. across the country, being similarly starved for its own ammo supply.

                  Some thing is surely going down here and NK is the perverbeal tail that wags the dog, again!!

                • JustOneGuy, you had a correct estimation of the situation down to one final point. Don’t simply place the blame somewhere else, but squarely on the shoulders that will profit from it most.

                  When anything in this world happens, ask: “Who will profit from this action?” Most often you will get the answer of who perpetrated the action at the same time.

              • The worst part is our current military is in shambles. Many troops are on psycho-drugs, “mood pills”, and the bar has been so lowered as far as an enemy goes.

                Its like how any champion team suffers a bad loss because they were previously beating up on JV squads and now that they face a somewhat formidable foe, faulter due to out of being rusty because they hadn’t been challenged in awhile.

                Combined with the arrogance and over confidence partly due to the aforementioned point.

                UPSET…. the text book makings… COME ONE MARCH MADNESS wasn’t that long ago

              • You right on the money sister. Could not have been put beter.

              • Blue girl, all that simply means is that the militia will have viable new recruits to help shape a defensive fightig force that does not have to be held accountable to UN lawsr, geneva conventions, and even better, feel good politicians that wouldn’t know what a rifle was if the bayonet end was shoved up their a**

              • Bluegirl: I agree that Obama knows nothing of the military. I was simply stateing that significant numbers of our troops have been moving into the east pacific from Japan down to Australia for the past 18 months. Why I do not know but it seems odd when the White House and State Department are talking about possible intervention in Syria and the middle east.

              • They aren’t politically correct, they are stalinist commies.

            • NK reacts to one thing and one thing only… food. And clearly they’ve run out of it… again. Mr. Un also needs to firm up his base and nothing does that better than stoking up nationalism and rattling the saber.
              He’ll probably execute a general or two as well. Yep, good ol’ fear keeps ’em in line too. After that, it’s time to shell an empty island and/or launch his latest missile into the Pacific. I didn’t see the bottom of his checklist of things to do, but if he’s like his father, it will involve booze and hookers.
              Understand, this country has done NOTHING to mobilize its million plus army. NOTHING. If I was hell bent on starting a war, I’d be mobilizing. But that costs money, fuel and food. And the good news is, NK has none of these things.
              If anything else ‘happens’ on the Korean Peninsula, it’s because China said to do it.
              I’m more worried about Helicopter Ben coming for my 401K than I am about nut case hermits in North Korea.


            • If you want to know when something big is going down then just track the movements of the dear leader and his minions. Odds are, he will be in his underground bunker right at the white house, not on the gun grabbing campaign trail.

              • Maybe the bunker under the white house but more plausible that he will be at the bunker under Denver Int. Airport.

                • “”The United States and our allies have re-positioned Naval battle groups, deployed Aegis missile defense systems, and a host of other technology to counter-act any potential threat.”””

                  The US and YOUR other allies have put these items in place prompting North Korea to prepare to defend itself. The US, nor its allies, have any association with me nor me with them.

                  Note, the people of these countries DO NOT want war. It is the governments that want the war.

                  We can STOP world war, but only by stopping the corp US from initiating it.

                  As for me, I stop war by refusal to participate or support it in ANY way. I know the enemies, and most call them collectively the employees of the United States government, answering directly to the money printing criminals called banksters.

                  I am not responsible for the crimes of the governments of the world. Let them all rot in the hell they create, and may it send me home soon.

                • Does anyone have a good link about the existence of the underground base at the Denver Airport? I’m just curious and live in Denver. I also work construction (or used to) and bid many jobs at the airport and have done work there.

                  I am very familiar with the underground baggage system. The excavations go down about 25 feet below grade. I bid to do the waterproofing on the exterior walls and have seen the plans. If any bunker is there, it would have to have been tunneled in and connected after the original construction. Anything that I have seen that refers to the 2 Billion dollars over budget is just due to the original planned budget was expanded as more runways were added.

                  This bunker idea seems to have grown due the murals and freemasonry plaques, etc. Sorry, but I don’t buy the whole bunker idea. I’ve lived here since long before DIA was built and my company has been involved in many defense and large commercial projects. I have spoken with many employees of HVAC and electrical contractors in the area and find it unbelievably odd that no one ever mentioned anything to me. You can talk about secrecy all you want, but us guys talk. I worked on the MX missle silo trainer in Cheyenne Wyoming and I can tell you a lot about those missles and what they are capable of and why they were built.

                  • I don’t know about a Denver airport bunker but, if you Google “missile bases for sale”, there is a nice underground facility that has been for sale very close to Denver. It would make a good prepper property.

                    I always thought the bunker was actually at Cheyenne Mountain.

                  • Jesse Ventura did a show about the Denver airport. You can find it on youtube.

                  • heres a good link youtube jessie ventura denver airport bunkers shows them all

                  • Ok I’ve looked at Jessie’s video. Here’s my take for what it’s worth.
                    1) They were standing in the terminal and looking at the weird artwork then they immediately switched to the guard with the gun. Watch closely and pause when necessary, the guy with the gun was at a station in Cheyenne Mountain (and I’m not going to argue with anyone about that underground base, because it is for sure real)
                    2)They are riding and seeing “mountains” of “excavation”. Look closely – It’s broken up concrete. They have been replacing portions of runways and tarmacks for years, it’s ongoing maintenance. Also when they show the construction staging areas, do you see all of the traffic control devices? Electronic signs, cones, etc.?
                    3)The precast for underground “tunnels” – Here’s where a bit of personal information has to come in. My company worked for PCL Construction (as the General Contractor) and we were a subcontractor. To do our work, we had to drive out amongst the runways and taxiways (actually this was really cool). We were working on a fire control building where they actually house the firetrucks and crews. All access was VERY controlled, but we actually had to stop at ALL taxiways and runways. We even had to follow a DIA vehicle. Large jets would at times be in very close proximity to us. Look at the size of these pieces of precast for the “tunnels”. They are either for drainage or to place under runways, etc. so vehicle access by people like us would not have to cross the runways, etc., that’s all. I’m sure they don’t like to excavate under these runways because that would undermine the soil compaction (these runways are at least 12″ thick).
                    4) Last point – That Weidner guy who refered to talking with painters, drywallers, and utility/mechanical people at the very end of the video. That’s the only part I don’t get and obviously it was painted as these tradesman were talking to him about working in “the bunker”. Truthfully, I don’t believe him. The rest was craftily laid out. I have seen this video before also, which led to my original question about does anyone have a link? I really never bought this one but it was nice to see it again to look at it closer.

                    Just a last thought – there are three above ground buildings on the north end of Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs which is adjacent to the Colo. Spgs. airport. I worked on these too in their initial construction. They are 3-4 stories high and are called Air Force Space Command, Army Space Command and Norad Space Command. Theres an open space for a future building called Navy Space Command. I don’t know what they do, sorry but I believe the higher ups have offices there since they are office buildings.

                    So again I ask – knowing what I have told, does anyone have a good DIA Bunker link?

                  • Oh one more thing. DIA was originally going to implement a new fangled electronic baggage system (I think from Germany or somewhere). Remember the 25′ below grade, one level was for the tram system and one was for the baggage/electronic conveyor system. A “major” reason why DIA went way over budget was because the baggage system never worked. they scrapped the whole system and now use the conveyors with manual backup but I believe they tried to save the original system by paying a lot of consultants to get it working right. Typical government boondoggle, whole system a waste of money, consultants a waste of money, the people do a good job though.

                  • It would not be hard to make an underground base anywhere in North America these days. All you have to do is avoid the ground water. You tunnel down from a secure area (like Area 51 for example) and build a machine on site that is capable to drilling through rock. That’s how huge aqueducts have been made in the East for a long time.

                    The excess dirt has to be surfaced or placed in a natural cave somewhere, but technically a relatively small force of dedicated construction crews could locate an underground bunker well below ground and no one would ever notice, except perhaps some geophysical monitoring site that could notice some background “noise”.

                    Look where there are no large faults, secure entrances, or where the monitoring equipment may have been tampered with, and you could find such an installation – if it actually exists.

                    My guess is that the entire NK thing is a joke, and its been put on hold if it isn’t by the pending pandemic of bird flu. Remember, the job of the military is to be ready, so the fact that they are moving into place and ready to deploy overwhelming force does not surprise me. They have battle plans for every contingency, right up and through a global war, and getting ready for the most likely scenarios plus a margin of error is no small task. As for NK, the NYPD could take over that country before the 10 AM doughnut break on any given day and be on the beaches by noon.

              • My brother (USAF Colonel)just went to S Korea (Kunsan sp? Wolf Pack)and told our mother that it was scheduled long before any of this, that his job hasn’t changed and he will only be there for three weeks….blah blah blah. But mom told me that she knows that 1. He might not be able to tell her anything and 2. He probably wouldn’t tell her the truth if it was soemthing that would scare and worry here.

                I am very concerned. And now I have a new work assignment in PA for 9 months. Way too close to the East Coast for me and no way back to the upper midwest with Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo/Detroit and Chicago in the way

                • Welcome at my house friend. CT.

                • Go through West Virginia, north through rural Ohio, avoiding both Cleveland and Toledo, and into Michigan or Wisconsin that way. If the Mackinac Bridge seems safe, you can get into Wisconsin via the UP which is pretty safe.

                  • The U.P. IS THEE place 🙂

                    The bridge will be a choke point and sure to be closed in the event of something real big

                • hey bj if detroit is in your way your going the wrong way you do not need to cross michigan to get anywhere but upper michigan. Unless your plan is to swim after you hit the lakes.

                  • guess I’ll be swimming, Upper Michigan is thee place

                • Welcome in my neck of the woods if you find yourself stranded near Toledo, be safe out there

                • If there is an efficient emp attack, you will not be going anywhere you cannot walk. bet your car has computer chips in it somewhere, likely the electrical system. Gone! Ditto any form of transportation newer than the 1960s except muscle power.

                  • your atv can and will get you any where as long as you have a gallon of gas

                • Yes, “Kunsan” is the correct spelling.

                • Don’t worry. If NK erupts it will be over before the news has a chance to tell us about it. Our forces are trained, well equipped (or should I say “well regulated” as in the language of 1789), and very ready. Within minutes of an attempted attack no one will live in parts of NK for about 1000 years, unless we decide to waste a clean asset on them, and just take out all living things in the area. Don’t forget we monitor their phones, their radios, and their written documents. KJ can’t write a dirty note on a napkin to his prostitute and keep it secret from us.

              • Lil Kim un is nothing but a spoiled, rotten, ignorant tyrant. He blows a lot of smoke but has nothing to back it up. Little man syndrome is what drives him, dictators like him should be squashed like cockroaches. I do not believe there is anything to fear from him but our government wants you to think otherwise.

                Let the games continue; scare the people into believing what a threat N. Korea is and then bring in the troops. If you are buying the theory of a EMP from N. Korea then you will buy anything they want to sell you.

                • 1 million troops and 15,000 harned artillery bunkers and something to fear. artillery bunkers are traind Seou, I’m sure a high percentage of the 1,000,000 troops are on the DMV ready to go but hungry….. nobody believes Hitler either….

                  • Yep, nobody thought Japan was a threat either, and they sure messed things up in the Pacific, only reason they capitulated was because someone dropped some atom bombs on their homeland, the american continent is the only one that hasnt seen horrendous war destruction

                  • In 1950 perhaps, but today the only fear would be the environmental impact of the runoff when it was over. With the wind blowing in the right direction we could create a new DMZ that would glow in the dark. It would take about 30 minutes, primarily just to double check the map coordinates.

              • Nope, he’s going to be at the WH, partying with celebrities like Al Green, Justin Timberlake, Cyndi Lauper, Queen Latifah, et al. So, they’ll all get to enjoy the TWO bunkers under the WH.

                • Thank God. I would hate for any harm to come to Queen LaQueefa.

                  • LOL,LOL…That wasn’t nice…LOL

            • Yeah, and a few months ago it was OMG war in the Gulf of Arabia is coming, repositioned carrier groups, a carrier deployed from WA six months early, OMG the sky is falling, NOTHING, NOTHING, and NOTHING.

              Bring on the thumbs down, I’m not saying the party line.

              • “Intelligence Says There Will Be An Attack on American Soil”

                Is that the proverbial oxymoron of military intelligence?

                • Translation
                  Keep your eyes open for a false flag event

              • Yep, I call BS on this whole dog-and-pony show. The last thing any of the rich and powerful want is an actual exchange of ordnance. Wagging of their male bits is the whole point. Sit back and enjoy the idiotic kabuki dance if you have the patience, I have better things to do. What are the Kardashians up to today?

                • How does one insure the funds for military, etc. be continued–or even expanded??
                  This article is one way.
                  It’s like the TSA…there must be a boogeyman or they get axed.

            • Why does everyone refer to them as the US GOVERMENT since most of them are from different countries wouldnt
              it sound better if we called them the HEINZ 57 CORPERATION

            • Not likely since The SOD has called off some of those practice military actions for fear of provoking NK

            • Make things up much? Very little is moving anywhere for lack of money.

            • so much sensationalism…another un named source…a construction worker at that!

              This is not how it works. You people are very very gullible.

          • Let’s get ready to rumble.

          • Would an EMP event over the USA clear up any illegal alien problem?

            Wouldn’t the EU, China, and other countries import replacement crap to the USA to jump start their economies?

            In the offhand chance of an EMP event, no Citizens have the unalienable Right to steal from another Citizen, any type of gov forced confiscation of personal property is unlawful, thus null and void. Government power comes from the People. If we don’t have it (stealing), then neither do they. So, that being said, if local gov tries to confiscate personal property, a form of theft or looting, I can shoot their ass, right?

            Is a conflict with N.Korea just a distraction so the gov can steal our retirement funds?

            Is an EMP going to be used to inact Martial Law, thus gun confiscation?


            Keep Stacking


            …lefty loosy, righty tighty…….BA.

            • I think this gives Obumer a way out of his failed economy. Also, gives him an excuse to declare marshal Law and stay for another term.

              Pass the ammo and stay frosty folks.

              • Obama is hoping for an emergency so he can declare martial law and when that happens it will be the end of the USA! Unless we get rid of him first by impeachment.

            • Please, turn on your TV and watch the Big Bang Theory or Ancient Aliens if you want to get cerebral. The first will make you laugh, the second will make you think. Both will keep you from needing Zanex. Remember, “news” sells just like “sex” sells, so most of the unconnected dots are little more than pictures being drawn on a canvas of misinformation being spread just to make sure you’ll tune in several times a day. It’s a distraction for the ratings designed to keep CNN and MSNBC marketable. Nothing more.

          • live in Virginia Beach VA. near Oceana. Jets are working double time……same type of action right before the Gulf War.

            • Being five carriers are tied up at NOB, Norfolk where are the planes going to go without a carrier deck to transit on and then operate from? You people think the movies are real life.

          • @Helicopter, actually it’s 16.7 trillion reasons…wait, it’s now 16.8 trillion…16.9 trillion…17 trillion…ah, never mind.

          • the fearmongering is getting tiresome. steve quayle is about as reliable as the National Enquirer. please stop the nonsense- it tires people out who honestly are trying to prepare in a sensible, reasonable manner without scare tactics and sensationalism

          • Yes the next 911 inside job.

          • The ultimate false flag

            • I love the way all the nut cases always use the “false flag” charge.

        • I know I am harping on this, but biological attack. Here is the terrifying thought, it already happened and the incubation period is still on going. I think biological warfare is something you see in these horrible science fiction movies, and the stark reality is so frightening that most people don’t even want to talk about. Each one of us MUST keep in touch with what is going on, IF you start seeing waves of people sick all of a sudden with something weird, LOOK OUT, time to hunker down and finish up the supplies run and get inside. IF you see even one case of smallpox, the hell has started.

          The EMP threat is absolutely real, but so is a bio-attack. The EMP is a one time shot, and at least will not kill most people at first, other than people with a pacemaker or something. A bio-attack just doesn’t stop unless it is something that is not contagious. Even anthrax attack is horrifying because that f’en hell can ride on so many objests to other areas. I truly hope that I am being over alarmed by this, but I truly believe that I am not. Bio-weapons are pennies on the many dollars in comparison to nuclear weapons and have an endless source of fuel. You can grow death in a bottle or petri dish incubator, or usually cannot grow fuel for nuclear weapons, other than some Japanese reactors that can produce a net gain of fuel.

          Trust me everyone out there, watch for the biological aspect of this, it is the Joker in the deck, or the Ace of spades in the deck, mass uncontrollable death where people that want to survive will have to isolate themselves with enough supplies. Preppers/survivalists can make it through a hard core bio-attack, especially if they prepare for the possibility of it beforehand.

          • I don’t know if you’re taking in account the severity and magnitude of an EMP strike over a biological strike. Bio is horrible, yes, but EMP destroys the grid that makes our modern life possible.

            Far from only killing those with pacemakers, think of the large picture. How many tens of thousands are in the air over the US at any given moment? All dead. Fires caused by falling planes: more dead. Within a week elderly who rely on medical care available only via the power grid would begin to die off. Diabetics would be on the list as insulin requires refridgeration. Do many people you know have any more than a week or two of food let alone know how or where to obtain food if it doesnt come from the store or is in a can? In time starvation would set in, killing more.

            It is estimated that within one year about 90% of the population would be dead. I’d say that beats a bio attack any day.

            • Why not both? You know, double your pleasure, double your fun!

              • A close friend of mine works at the pentagon and he is on vacation right now playing golf so I’m thinking that’s a positive sign things aren’t as crazy as we think

                • Or is he?!? : )

                  One thing about Preppers, and SHTFers in particular, is we love to look in our crystal balls and make predictions about the future.

                • Are you 100% sure he is playing golf? Or getting his affairs in order? Is this golf trip “out-of-town?”

                  • well i guess you got me there It wasn’t me (sarcasm)

                • Playing golf doesn’t mean a thing. Big O has played the last two weelends during the S. Korea crisis. Similar to Nero fiddling while Rome burns?

                • I believe the commander at Pearl Harbor was playing golf we he was notified that they were under attack.

              • Bio is too hard to control, terrorists would, other nations, very unlikely b/c of possible boomerang. Most likely is C483R event, P R C launches at $ system buy weigh ov there 8A(KD00R5. Short term, schott X bough, NK takes credit. Oui R N $ & 7R4D3 \v/4R already. That’s what this is really about ($ printing, rsrv crrncy hldngs, nflatn, BRICS Bnk, food, oil…), dangerous part is miscalculation, clinically insane lil’ big tickdater or just a plain stupid move by someone.

            • @ Sully. Most preppers/survivalists are fully ready for life before the modern era, most of the masses are not. At least with an EMP, those that have prepared and are ready will likely survive, those that have not made that truly ignorant choice not to take some of their money and put away for their families.

              The problem with bio-attacks is what type of bio-attacks occur. Almost no one, including many preppers are ready for a biological holocaust. Most plagues have been extremely mild, even the natural Swine Flu of 1918 was nothing in comparison to the black death of the middle ages. The black death would be nothing in comparison to a doomsday type virus. Disease leads to extinction of species in the human and plant kingdoms all the time. 100% to 90% EMP I would take the EMP. Viruses can mutate and become so out of control that only when hosts have died out does the virus stop.

              From a prepper’s perspective after an EMP times are tough but liveable and not that bad because they have the knowledge to be able to live off the land and forage for what they need. 90% of the population dies is awful, but without an EMP and some other widespread disaster this number would be similar because they all walking blobs that again have choosen to be this way. A vaccine resistant smallpox would kill about 1/3 of the population, BUT would also kill the infrastructure of all countries and lead to something very much like an EMP in which probably more than 90% of the population would die because of so many of the people’s weakened state that survived the virus.

              Biological weapons destroy not only people, but destroy what they depnd on to live. I scare myself with these thoughts, but imagine if most cities were attacked with anthrax. Those cities become dead zones, as shown by the test areas that are still too dangerous to get around that the British and other countries tested anthrax on during the last world war. They have estimated that an anthrax attack over the east coast could cost more than the debt of the U.S. 17 trillion+ if it was widespread enough and the winds were right.

              An EMP will destroy modern life, but not biological tissue, and that is important. People will still have much of the modern NON electrical tools left and shelters that remain intact to the most part. It will be difficult, but is recoverable over the long term.

              A biological attack that is nationwide or worldwide is a nuclear war, it is death to those that are not prepared very well. Viruses will continue to pop up for centuries afterwards if an effective vaccine is not developed and the virus has some sort of reserviour to sit in waiting. Without modern technology a vaccine could be centuries away. Much like GMO crops, when you screw with the genetics of something alive, viruses are sort of alive, you get Frankenstein type of mutations that are extremely difficult to cure and find vaccines for. Those psychos in North Korea and Iran have been doing this for many years now. That nut cake in Iran wants the end of the world so their messiah will usher in some muslim paradise.

              You lose electricity, that is hell, but liveable afterwards and eventually recoverable as long as the nuclear power plants don’t go to meltdown. You have some Andromeda type strain of virus out there, everyone is at risk, even those hard core preppers. Even if you have something as deadly as something between smallpox and Ebola, the civilization is fried and practically nowhere you go someone can be considered safe. An EMP is over, but with a virus you can get nailed from it one day when everything seems okay. Biological weapons scare the hell out of me, and other than a full scale global nuclear war, are the true and ultimate manmade SHTF mega nightmare. Let’s hope that some psycho doesn’t decide to unleash them.

              • Don’t overlook the fact that the most deadliest of the viruses around today were engineered with “modern technology”. They were spliced and diced for maximum damage. The genetic code making us more susceptible to these new franken-viruses has been written into our very DNA by GMOs. They don’t want us to know about that yet.

                Personally, I’d rather have taken my chances with the old natural epidemics, than have to deal with the new, maxi-mixed bio-weapons they have created for us today.

                This is why I fear bio-weapons more than doing without TV and heating water on a wood stove…

                • I’d rather a virus than an EMP. Why? EMP is a slow burn: everybody is alive and they will “use up” 100% of the stored food, gas, supplies before starving. People will be like locusts eating everything, destroying everything.

                  A virus? If you survive the initial sickness, everything is still here for the taking. Cars on the side of the road will have gas, houses will be stocked with whatever things they had when the virus hit, etc.

                  EMP = slow death for mankind and all the available resources are quickly used. Virus = quick death for many but resources will remain to allow survivors to easily rebuild.

                  • Old man, good points.

                    However, the EMP is the choice of the corp. It does not want the people to have any resources to rebuild with.

                  • Gotta disagree,
                    Rather go back to the 1800s than start seeing blisters opening up all over my person and my family.

                • Not an epidemic perhaps, but, EVERYBODY I know seems to have a sort of chest infection, including me. It is severe, lasts about two weeks, first week real bad. Then lingers on with minor coughing for weeks. And I haven’t heard or read any info. We are in Maryland. Is this a problem elsewhere?

                  • Its been bad down here in Texas too.
                    Some have had it three times. I got it
                    Once and I never get sick. Thank God
                    For pet meds. Check out Doom and Bloom
                    today for great Med info.

                    Keep preppin’

                  • Had it a couple of years ago. Took me a year to finally shake the cough.

                  • @Rick – Sinus infections for all! Yes, I am to the point of having my nose, sinuses, and all associated organs removed! I would be safe in saying that at least half of the pollen in North Alabama now resides in my left nostril. Starts in the throat, moves to sinuses, then happily settles in the chest for a week or so. So, yes, you are not the only poor soul suffering from seasonal respiratory infection. Be Well!

                  • Herbal tea for cough and colds:
                    Burdock root

                    Brew these herbs 30-45 min on very low heat.
                    Strain. Sweeten with raw sugar or honey.
                    Make a quart and sip on it all day. Stops
                    The coughing and has a decongestant effect.

                    Keep preppin’

                  • Yep, it is all over So. Cal and I have it.

                  • Same story in Northern Ireland. A very heavy snowfall a few weeks ago was being blamed. Thanks to this cough I’m back on my asthma medication after being off it for years. My little kids are both sick with it too, disturbed sleep at night, etc. Hope it’s nothing…

                  • Yes, it is prevalent in Ohio. We’ve been “sick” all winter and we’re a pretty healthy family. My doctor said it was Walking Pneumonia (viral) and two of the younger girls still have traces of the illness, whatever it is. We’ve wondered also, as have our friends and neighbors. Relatives in Kansas and Oklahoma are reporting the same thing.

                  • Woke up one morning three weeks ago and was coughing up blood, and this never happened before. Then I got hit with what appears to be a stomach virus. Food goes in and the next thing that happens is abdominal cramps and run to the loo. Several friends have the same thing. We are in central Texas, Austin area, along the Highland Lakes, and we are sprayed heavily with chem trails almost constantly, several time a day some days. These lakes are the water supply for the towns along them and for Austin as well. Something is being done to us but the media and everyone in officialdom keeps it totally quiet. There is no way to get answers. I was hoping Alex Jones would expose it on Infowars since he lives in Austin but haven’t seen anything precisely about what is being done to us in the Austin area. Still feeling sickly here after three weeks and never had this before, plus I was in excellent health with lots of green foodstuffs, no processed foods.

                  • Well, I’m in Ky.
                    No signs of that here, but I stay inside during winter months and take lots of vitamins.
                    Not even a sinus flare-up this year and that’s very unusual for me.
                    No teeth pain or ear aches…cross my fingers as I speak/type.

                  • Yes, not me personally but others I know. Hungry people not only cause civil unrest (e.g. Arab Spring) they also breed illnesses. PRC has outbreak of bird-flu that many think killed tens of thousands of pigs. Bird have significantly higher body temp than mammals, so if it can live and spread in swine it might be able to in us. Not that I think its in America yet. But all sorts of tiny awful things that attack people thrive when there are hundreds of millions of starving and borderline starving people in the world. And with ships planes trains trucks and automobiles they spread quickly around the globe. Also interesting we are due a big comet pass, ISON 5km nucleus, about size of Halleys, in late Nov 2013. In the distant past people frequently correlated comets with plague and pandemic.

                  • had it after doing a clinical at a daycare site, had it real bad, thought i would have had to be nebulized and i have never had that, now two of my teens just got over it and one still coughing from it week or two after it was done, very bad sinus infections on all of us.

                  • Same here in Western/Central MA. Except me!!!! “I’m the sole survivor”

                  • Same here in Western/Central MA. Except me!!!! “I’m the sole survivor”

                  • Same here in Wyoming. Everyone gets this crud and it doesn’t ever seem to go away.

                  • @ Rick:)

                    Had it. Just like you said. First week was the worst…fever…incessant coughing (pulled abdominal muscles)…lasted a full week after with weakness…spacey feeling. Lost 10 lbs.

                    Sickest I’ve been in 20 years.

                  • Yep, had that myself, kicked it in 3 days with Liquid Silver in a nebulizer. Healthy as a Horse.

                  • Same here in metro Detroit…and there have been alot of chemtrails the last few months.

                  • This year has been a bad one. In addition to being active for influenza, there has been a number of norovirus outbreaks and a mutated mycoplasma going around.

                    Norovirus causes what is often called “the stomach flu”. People have nausea, vomiting and diarrhea for two to seven days. It’s the virus that has made the news by infecting some cruise ships. This year it came through my area in January and made a return trip in March.

                    It can be spread by poor hygiene after a bowel movement but it is also spread by oral secretions, coughing and sneezing. The most serious problem was the likelihood of dehydration by people hit the hardest. There is no treatment except to suppress the symptoms.

                    There is also a strain of mycoplasma going around. It is commonly called “walking pneumonia” like Vicki’s doctor said. This year there has been a variation/mutation that is resistant to the usual antibiotics which is why it has been hard to get over. It also irritates the lining of the respiratory tract and the constant coughing maintains the irritation and prevents normal healing mechanisms. Using a cough suppressant can decrease the time it takes to recover.

                    It also seems like I’ve seen an increased number of strep throat infections too.

              • @BI,
                As usual your treatise is lengthy. The fact is is that an EMP will create a biologic nightmare with the death of humans and animals, the spread of disease from the corpses and the garbage laying around, and, over time the rise in uncontained diseases. @Bob is right, “Why not both? You know, double your pleasure, double your fun!”

              • Are most preppers prepared for 100 odd nuke plants all melting down at once in conus ? Somehow I doubt it. LOL

                • Yep.

                  I feel a tiny hair better about that (not really). I read something from a nuke plant designer. The PLANT won’t melt down even in a total power loss situation. They’ve got gas generators that kick in instantly and automatically and the plant goes into an automatic shutdown routine. Of course then I read something from the nuclear regulatory agency that is all discussing upgrades (not yet in place) for handling an extended power outage so… I don’t know who to believe now 9_9.

                  If the entire control circuitry is fubar? Yeah… I dunno then.

                  I’m more worried about the inflatable kiddie pools full of spent rods sitting on the roof…

                  • I work in nukes and it is not gas, but diesel generators. They all have (at least the ones I have been in) very large and numerous storage places for diesel and agreements to be the first ones that diesel is delivered to no matter what in emergency situations.

                    All nukes industry wide are doing what they are calling ‘Fukushima’ upgrades from lessons learned from Fukushima. Some have already happened and some are in progress and some that were scheduled to happen this year have been pushed back to 2014 due to budget issues.

              • Good Post BI. One thing that some folks don’t understand about EMP is that it isn’t a super weapon. I used to be what was called CBRN in the Army. Back in the 80’s when I first started that gig, Nuclear Weapons were focused on much more than today for the soldier. Anyhow much of the literature out had that the Soviets could knock us out with two 10 Megaton weapons detonated 60 miles or so up in the atmosphere. One over Nebraska and on over Columbus Ohio area. A smaller weapon has a smaller EMP signature. Even a stick of dynamite has one. Anyhow the technology to produce a 10 MT weapon is much greater than to produce a 15 KT weapon, the size weapon, there abouts, we dropped on Japan. This is a Fission Bomb. Later we created a “Hydrogen Bomb”. This used an isotope of Hydrogen, Tritium. The fission bomb would go off and fuse the tritium into helium like what happens in the sun. More energy is then released. This is Fusion Bomb. Like I said you need degrees more precision and technology to do this.

                In my assessment NK can’t have more than a 25 KT weapon. Interestingly the site has the NK satellite passing a bit East of New York city at 9:06 AM EST and Eastern Nebraska to Central Kansas at 10:41-10:42 on the April 10th. It doesn’t cross the U.S. again until 21:22 or 9:22 PM. A smaller weapon detonated at the correct time would take out the grid in the NY area and of course the financial center. Billions of dollars in real time movement would be lost instantly. Of course real time backups are probably taking place of that data. If the UPS systems buffer the voltage spike and with the use of fiber optic, this may save some of the data. Even if it were all saved, the grid in that area would be toast. Cars “MIGHT” be OK. It take quite a bit of EMP to fry them, but they can be fried. It’s not automatic tha EMP will render your car inoperable.
                As for the Bio option. The problem here with engineered weapons that are doomsday capable, is that they will get back into NK and bit them in the butt too.

              • You can google ebolapox. Combination of lethality of ebola with the transmissiblity of small pox. Russians worked on it awhile ago and supposedly some vials went missing when they shut the program down. No factual proof, could just be rumor, but sounds like something they would come up with.

                • Ebolapox… that would be some nasty stuff.

                  • @ Walt Kowalski. The old form of smallpox actually in certain people can become hemorrhagic and has a similar fatality rate as Marburg and Ebola. IF that was isolated that caused this in certain people to inflict everyone, smallpox could once again become the number one killer of people. I am hardly a virologist, but I would think that splicing two viruses together would make a vaccine ineffective against either one of them, so maybe this is what some whack job is planning. I know Marburg has a little less fatality rate than Ebola, but it much more stable in air. So probably Marburgpox is another possibility. I read about different forms of smallpox also that had very short incubation periods. God help us if that fat Porky decides to end the world in this fashion because he is losing some war or just because he decided to.

              • No, an EMP is not survivable. Every damn nuclear reactor in the country would melt down, and that would be the end. No survival, and no hope of recovery =)

            • Emp worse then bio? Sure if your too stupid to know how to camp or hunt… bio kills emp no power…dumbass

              • This has devolved into a variant of the “Which caliber round would I rather be shot By?”. Any strike of any time with a casualty rate high enough ends America as we know it. Pain and death are the result and the vector is relatively unimportant. Let’s hope this is another saber rattling event for more food concessions and not something larger.

                I used to think that I want this thong to just get started but I don’t think like that anymore. I am just not that anxious to see that much suffering.

                • Same here, but as I get older, it becomes more frightening. We have children who deserve a chance to live their lives, and I’m just too tired to push through everything. Given the ability, I’d try to alleviate suffering for anyone, but our world has never worked that way. OTOH, the longer it takes to pull the trigger, the more fiendish are the means of causing the catastrophe. It just gets worse as time goes by. Camping and foraging are fun when you’re young, but less so as you age. We’d be okay for a while, but I don’t like suffering of any type for anyone, and am not at all sure we’re mentally/psychologically prepared for this scenario.

              • @ sideshow, sure, IF you can camp and hunt amid unbelievable amounts of radiation! Eventually after an extensive EMP, nuclear reactors and power plants would run out of fuel for their generators, then they would overheat and cause multiple melt downs and melt through scenarios. This would cause extreme amounts of radiation to be dispersed into our atmosphere.
                By the way it’s you’re NOT your, that’s correct in your comment. Dumb ass!

                • Rick, your comment “run out of fuel” needs clarification and may not be fully accurate. First, depending when they were last overhauled, most nuclear reactors have fuel to last for years even at full power. Second, an EMP would probably cause a reactor shutdown. This is not a big deal. By design, reactors have their spring loaded control rods regulated by drive motors. If power goes off, the drive motors (holding the control rods OUT of the reactor)shut down, and the springs ram the control rods back into the reactor effectively shutting down criticality in the reactor. There is residual heat to contend with, yes. But again depending on the design, and ability to sufficiently bleed off the heat through natural circulation to the steam generator which is possible, many reactors would remain safe even with backups disabled. Those using Fukushima as a model for every nuclear power plant disaster need to be better informed.
                  Now after an EMP, which we’d eventually recover from, the reactor (having plenty of fuel by the way) could be restarted with nominal effort and begin generating power once again.

              • Sideshow…it’s good to know you are prepared to hunt…because no one– and I mean not one of those 30,000,000 citizens with guns– have thought of that!!!

                EMP will kill. Those with no way to heat will freeze. Those with no way to cook will starve. Those on supporting electronic equipment for health reasons will die.
                Those on pacemakers will die and those relying on insulin refrigerated will die. All the life-saving medicines not manufactured will cause many deaths.
                That’s just a limited example.

                • Well, in view of all this cheerful talk I want to remind everyone one thing.

                  Life is a Terminal disease from the time your Born, no one knows the time or date when you will expire.

            • Sully, good points. And don’t forget all the gangs that will have the green light to rob, rape and pillage.

              • No more green light than they have now in the big cities. The animals are already in charge there. At least if the Lawyers get out of the way we can get rid of some of them. To be truthful, I don’t see N Korea having the power to do as much damage as Obama care.

              • @SilverFox, the flip side is, don’t forget all the armed-up law abiding people, that might take advantage of the situation to knock the gangs back on their asses. I know it would go very badly for any gang members that tried to take anything from me or my neighbors.

              • I kind of think with all the weapons purchases in the last two years or so, it might be a green light for gangs to try, but also open hunting on these thugs too. Neighborhood watches in many communities might become the scariest groups around. If I were a minority teen I would quickly take to wearing a button up collared shirt and tie anytime I left the house. Just a thought.

            • Thanks for pointing out the obvious to those who prefer to think it cannot happen, or if it does, it will be BAU in a few days or weeks at most and few will get hurt. It is the cheapest, most efficient fastest, way to bring the Empire to it’s knees outside of a comet hitting Kansas. In the first minutes millions would die. In the first weeks millions more would starve. In a month the gangs would roam the land. In a year, most would be dead.

              Still, the infrastructure would mostly survive, unless the nuke plants lost coolant and then, game over for the planet. But, in 100 million years, Mother Nature will have recycled all of the continents back into the core anyway and she would be starting again with new continents and new life forms. The world goes on, just without us.

            • The next amnesty should just about finish off the old US of A. No reason for any war like actions. The country is destroying itself at a very good pace.

            • I’m sorry Sully, an EMP attack is an unknown based on a lot of assumptions that would have to be perfectly aligned, which is unlikely. There is just as much chance that such an attack could induce resonant ringing, demagnetize the planet’s core, and destroy all life by exposing us to cosmic radiation.

              The risk is simply too big. Multiple hits would just increase the potential for an end of all life scenario, and the only place to be safe would be under the oceans (where the alleged aliens now live “according to some ancient astronaut theorists”).

              Getting back to basics though, we can survive quite nicely without “the grid”. Power would be harder to transport (I hope you’re not in California), but local generation would continue. Coal might become invaluable very quickly because it does not require any high tech transport mechanisms.

              If you want to feel safe, wrap your old radios in tin foil and put them in the basement, disconnect your antennas when not in use, and keep a few old blankets around to add insulation to your freezer.

              If by some chance a resonant event is triggered, no one will survive anyway, which is why its unlikely anyone intelligent enough to create an EMP would actually try it.

          • They have had plenty enough time to set up and co-ordinate everything: crop-failure, droughts, man-made famine, GMO poisoning, bio-weapons (new bird flu?), currency crisis, etc, ect, ad nauseum… And what better way to kick off the show, than with an atmospheric EMP burst?

            The crap tptb do to the world is very tiring. It must be a very strange neurosis they have, to be compelled to force people into accepting thier twisted will. Or destroy the world, if they don’t get thier way.

          • Hi BI,
            Yeah, and here we go with yet another ‘first hand report’ of UN Troops on our soil…
            More things that make you go Hmmm…

            I have been going hmmm so much lately I can see why the DGI’s want to sit in a corner and suck their thumb hoping somebody will just end the pain.

            I never liked any bio scenario, simply because of the possibility of it getting out of control and spreading back to the aggressor.

            But these MSM jokers really frost me… I mean, the little NORK SOB, has orbited ‘something’… yet they still say he can’t reach the US Mainland? BS, if you can orbit anything, you can reach anywhere on planet Earth…

            This new NORK crazy man needs an enema… I still can’t help wondering why China just lets it go on … and on… would they, be the only ones to gain? Too many scenarios to contemplate.

            Best to just step up the prep.

            • Really, they don’t even need anything in orbit, or on an ICBM. Lot’s of container ships at sea, and at US ports at any given moment. Container lauched missles are not a new idea, was thought up 20 years ago. Get a ship to a port, pop the container, launch the short-range missle with a nuke inland and detonate at 30,000 feet. Do several at different ports, they may not wipe out the country, but it would hurt bad.

              Of course, that would be thier last mistake…

              • Agreed,emp would be no trouble for lil Kim,… many could be in containers or subs or cargo ship at sea,just off the coast?…if he plans an emp,surely he wouldn’t just launch ONE.
                It would be multiple,no one would put their eggs in one basket case….

              • Hmmm… (there I go again!)
                Yup, but I had always thought of that in context with the Iranians… didn’t think NK HAD any container ships…

                But… hmmm…(!) Iran IS an Ally of NK….

                Where’s that corner…

                • Lot’s of random flagged container ships and frieghters out there, need not neccessarily come from NK, or Iran. They have lot’s of allies, or people who tacitly agree with them, and would help, or look the other way…

            • @ Piper Michael. You are absolutely correct, if you can orbit something it can reach anywhere eventually on the planet, like some vulture waiting for the right place to set down. I hate the mainstream media, it is painful to watch or listen to. Very seldom do I hear about the EMP danger on anything. I NEVER hear about the biological danger, and this is strange. It might be the hussein lies that went out, but hussein before the first Gulf War had a very well developed bio program. He killed thousands with his chemical weapons.

              I think people are getting tired of hearing this, but the world is sitting on a freaking time bomb, and it takes just one terrorist to start it. While USSR had their germs on ICBM’s, North Korea could have their death on the backpacks of terrorists or state agents of NK. I have read too much on this to disregard that fat Porky and his aunt and uncle over there. IF anyone wanted to flatten a country without having a traceable signature on it, a contagious virus would it. That is what is so frightening, that fat round boy could take the coward’s way out and let loose some germ and blame it on some terrorist group like Hezbollah. It is something we should all at least consider a definite possibility and try to plan for it. Plan for the day when nature unleashes a contagious hell.

              • Piper, BI,

                So true, but the weight issue is key in what you can put into orbit…

                Unless my knowledge is so outdated, the miniaturization of a device necessary to cause the desired effect is beyond north korean capability. It would be obvious they had help if they achieved it…all bets are off at that point…

                That bio hazard will occur after an EMP.
                6 months down the road, with all those dead bodies…
                gives me a headache just thinking about it.

                • Hmmmm…(!again)
                  Remember the case of the Chinese spy, back in the 90’s, that was supposedly about them gaining access to our hydrogen bomb designs? Our ‘miniaturized’ Hbomb designs…
                  I don’t think they have to engineer anything… just like China hasn’t engineered much of what they have… we did the engineering, they stole it. All they have to do is send ‘students’ to our schools…

                  Jeez. We’re so smart.

              • forthcoming anon post is mine…not that it matters if this all goes hot…just an additional thought though…

                a crude emp device, 10 to 20kt weighs 3 to 400lbs…
                that sat can’t weigh more than 100… but again, if they had help than maybe…

                • Late to the party, but the satellite weighs in at about 225 pounds, according to North Korea’s specs, and unlike its predecessors it has a video sensor (low resolution, but it can still “see”) and a video downlink antenna as well as an assortment of UHF antennas. It has foldout solar panels for power.

          • Bioweapons are a serious danger. For example, anthrax stays permanently in the soil and can generate infections for centuries. It is already in the soil across the US at a low level.
            But I do not think Korea would attack with a bioweapon anytime soon. Military men and crazed dictators seem to like things that go boom. They are excited by loud explosions and flying bodies. From a psychological perspective, I think some type of bomb or missile is more likely.
            I’m glad that most of these folks don’t think like you, BI.

            • Me too Merree… 🙂
              but wouldn’t the pestilence from a lack of sanitation be almost as bad after an EMP?

              • It could be, but that’s why you stay to yourself and have lots of soap, bleach and vinegar on hand. Also, learn how to make soap (although I found it very difficult), using fat, wood-ash distilled lye and an iron pot. A large can of Crisco can start you off, but then you have to manage killing an animal with a lot of fat, butchering it and rendering it. It can be done (We’ve done it. And once was enough.) It’s physically taxing and the results are varied. The best explanation I found was in one of the Foxfire books. We used that as the recipe. The article featured a woman from Kentucky who looked to be around 90, and I figured if she could do it, so could I, but she was a LOT better. Experience often trumps youth and strength.

          • We are in biblical times here. Wars and rumors of wars, a small war here and there a couple false flags attacks on our own citizens there. Half of Americans of working age unemployed and not paying taxes, taxes going up on the rest of us, free stuff for illegals, drones and tracking technology available to corrupt and power hungry nerds. Government sanctioned stealing from bank accounts, laws and endless chatter about limiting gun ownership, the VP calling for a New World Order, money printing out of control so it’s not a good time to start a 401K. The money folks that bank roll both sides of a war always make money by indebting both/all sides in the conflict while also killing off hundreds of thousands of useless eaters and Co2 makers. The strongest and bravest of men will be wiped off the face of the earth with all of their traits not to be passed on and their children and wives forced to fend and provide for themselves. It’s time to get close to your family and friends, make a plan A,B,C and D, repair relationships and stock up on supplies. FOOD IS A WEAPON when you have it and others don’t you will live as others starve. If you have guns and know how to use them you will live and others that don’t will not live it’s that simple. The fix is in. Just the other day I found this lifelong CIA/State dept. croney from Washington D.C. bought a place in the boonies of central Idaho 60 miles from the nearest gas station. I was looking for a bug out/hunting cabin and found that tidbit. This person was in the thick of things in Benghazi and the whole region handing out US dollars to “small start up companies” to spread democracy. Quit being destracted, pay attention, connect the dots and read between the lines. Folks making money right now will do all they can to keep taking yours until the balloons up. If you are not rich enough to crush someone with your wallet right now you are the ones that need to pay attention and prepair to live and fight for what is coming.


            • The Lord says Fear not For I am with you!

            • Gunny4: It’s telling when an “insider” moves so far out into the boonies they have to pipe sunlight in. Another tell for me is when Obamination just called for banks to ease up and start lending to folks with questionable credit. That’s the crap that got us into problems last time. This is a real “Hail Mary” move which signals panic about the total lack of recovery to me. Well, the hall has been rented, the orchestra engaged, it’s time to see if we can dance.

              • +1

                Molon Labe

          • Time to buy Cipro. I use (and no, I have no financial connection with them.) for pharmaceutical grade fish antibiotics. Our main problem is that I don’t know if I am able to recognize anthrax in time to treat my family. Need to look up the symptoms before an EMP, but I think Cipro is the only drug that will touch it. Please research it yourself, of course. I’m not a doctor. As far as am EMP goes, my mother has a pacemaker, but think the rest of us could make it through. We have lots of experience camping, but also growing up in rural Oklahoma. All of our grandchildren will be in terrific withdrawal (good), and I’ll miss NCIS and this blog. We have thousands of books and will be busy trying to cope, but surely this community is better prepared than others to handle loss of electricity and mobility. Be Informed, what are the ramifications of the earthquake in Iran? Anything else it might set off?

          • As always BI, a very thought provoking post. I am trying to keep ALL exigencies in focus, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Thanks again BI.

          • @BI-
            I’ve been following the H7N9 news.
            I think that’s the bio attack you’re looking for.

            • @ afterthefallpa. If it is we are all in trouble. I am looking for just where in the respiratory tract does it concentrate. Deep in the lungs, another not so contagious bird flu. Towards the throat, nasal cavities, look out, highly contagious and a possible world wide game changer.

              • @BI- I’m not sure if it’s upper respiratory or not. I’ll have to look into it.
                But the thing that has me concerned about H7N9 more than SARS or H1N1 is that the number of “reported” cases have grown exponentially: yesterday afternoon it was at 18 infected/6 dead, last night it was 21 infected/6 dead, as of tonight at 11:30pm est we’re at 28 infected/9 dead. I think that comes to something like a 64% increase in the amount of reported cases in less than 24 hours.
                The concern is again that this is only the “reported” or “known” cases.
                China doesn’t have the best reputation for reporting things like this to the public (i.e. SARS).

                If you’ve ever played the internet game “Pandemic” (also on iphone) or if you’ve seen tbe movie “Contagion” you’ll find the simarities scary.

        • Well said!!

        • The NK Sat will pass over the center of the United States on April 15, 2012 hours.

          Isn’t that Un’s father or grand father’s birthday?

          • If you look at the site linked to in the post, the satellite passes over the US once a day. So the April 10th date is a bit melodramatic. April 15th is the birthday of Kim Jong Grandpappy (don’t remember his name), the founder of the PRK.

        • HEY! While everybody is worring about NK. Better pay attention at home. RECESS IS OVER. Flood your Senators with emails, Calls and Letters. Don’t let them infringe on our 2ND Amend Rights. No BACKGROUD CHECKS, No Gun bans,No Magazine Bans, PERIOD. Also Protect the Border, Make no ILLEGALS, Legal. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • good catch MT.

          • Wouldn’t that be just like the SOB’s? To pass onerous legislation in the middle of a ‘conflict’…

            Good thoughts.

            • Thats the American way PM!

            • Remember “Don’t let good conflicts go to waste”

        • This is kind of related to this. The man who lost two young girls in a cave-in where he was digging a hole on his property is, I think, being harassed. It seems like someone thinks he might have been preparing an underground bunker, judging by how they keep describing the hole he was digging. Now, they decide to search his trailer looking for guns. They found them and A pot plant.

          I think they are avoiding just coming out and saying they think he is a prepper. I think they are after him because of that thought. Here’s the link to the latest story of the disaster.

          It isn’t hard to read between these lines…

          • The guy from the gov. brought him that plant as a sympathy present. Here I will trade you this plant for all your guns and liberties.

          • Good lord, that is horrific. If someone is going to be a dumbass and build a Darwin Award sized unreinforced big ole hole, they could at least have the courtesy to die in it themselves, rather than creating a situation where two innocent children are destroyed. I think it’s more likely that they are “out to get him” because he is a gun owning felon who killed two kids.

            I caught the end of a snip about the two children on the radio, but this is the first I have read the story. I have been blissfully news free the past week as we have been in JayJay and KY Moms stomping grounds at Mammoth Cave National Park. Very beautiful, but I couldn’t help thinking about all the hill folks who had their farms and family legacy taken away through eminent domain.

            • Or the Cherokee either! This story is horrific. Dude was probably trying to build a grow lab. I remember a story a few years back where same thing happened to two mexican youth who were construction workers building a school in SC. Sad. No reason for these things to happen.

            • Mammoth Cave–a great place to hide your stuff!!!
              Isn’t it awesome??

              A fellow in Tennessee, and in my former county, has a cave about 1 mile long and asking for folks that need storage place to contact him.
              I actually think I know where it is or in what little community the cave is in.

        • These claims have been circulating the Internet for years. It is always some one who knows someone who knows a guy so deep his identity cannot be revealed. I’m not saying it isn’t possible or even probable given that our borders are open and we have what other people want. I’m saying an unnamed source is not a credible source.

          Students of the Bible agree one-world government is a certainty so we do not fear it. The Great Tribulation is only three and a half years so be prepared for that length of time and you will be ready for anything.

        • Smedley Butler is supposedly a two time medal of honor winner. NOT!! Can’t be given twice. So I wonder how much of the nonsense is accurate.


            Smedley Butler is one of TWO Marines who received TWO Medals of Honor for SEPARATE actions, Vera Cruz, Mexico and Haiti. With his award of the Marine Corps Brevet Medal in the Boxer Rebellion, an award considered on par with the Medal of Honor, he could technically be called the only TRIPLE recipient of the Medal of Honor. During World War I he was awarded both the Army and Navy Distinguished Service Medals.

            • ack! sorry for the fat thumb mac…

          • Who says you cant earn a medal of honor twice?

            According to wikipedia, you’re wrong 19 times. and your breath stinks.

          • Jon: Incorrect sir, there are 19 double recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor according to the Congessional Medal of Honor Society and Butler is listed second in alphabetical order. The rules may have changed because it appears that the last ones (2x) were awarded for actions in WWI. So MGen S. Butler is in fact a double recipient of our nation’s highest award for valor. Sorry, Not So Much, I didn’t see your post until I typed this.

            • No worries. It’s confirmation for the lazy people and the red thumb bandits.

          • To be fair, what it took to get an MOH one hundred years ago differs greatly from what it takes to get one now. The Medal of Honor was invented in the Civil War, and for a while just about anyone who showed up for combat would get one. Not to knock Smedley Butler, he was a natural born ass-kicker and Marine’s Marine.

            • “The Medal of Honor was invented in the Civil War, and for a while just about anyone who showed up for combat would get one.”

              Can you cite that?

              • Nearly half of all MOHs ever awarded were given during the Civil War. It was basically the only award given for bravery, and as I said, sometimes just for showing up. “Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton promised a Medal of Honor to every man in the 27th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment who extended his enlistment. 311 accepted, but because there was no official list of their names, the War Department issued 864 – one for each man in the unit.”
                The first 20 recipients were participants of the Andrews Raid, which was arguably not even a combat action.

                • That is super interesting. Can you cite where you got that info. Thx.

              • Don’t know why my response was deleted. Yes, nearly half of the MOHs were given during the civil war. Some of them just for showing up and enlisting. The first MOHs were for the Andrews raid, which wasn’t even combat, just a bunch of guys dressing up in civvies and stealing a train.

          • There are numerous double recipients of the award.

            Just for the record, though, prior to WW1, the MOH was our only award for bravery, so what would get you a Bronze or Silver Star today got a MOH in 1914.

        • Shifty? Are you still in Alabama? I’m in Bham.

        • ROFL, my thought’s exactly!

          • Sorry, that last comment was directed at Shifty’s initial comment of ” Well, shit…”

        • When a story begins with “I just spoke with a close associate who has been working” then I don’t believe the information.

        • Well, shit, summarizes more succinctly than I can muster. Amen.

        • how did you get that name. it is my name to im on a football team im 17 and im a preppers and i like if you cold tell me my football team gave me the name shifty my email is [email protected]

        • that’s the very first thing that popped into my head when i saw this.

        • All this hype and talk of EMP and missiles transported. Well hey it was some good story writing right? Entertaining right?

          Hmm… what can we work ourselves up about next?

          There is talk about that Kardashian celeb having her rear end done… is that? no never mind.

        • Steve Quayle is a schmuck – and that is putting it nicely. He has screamed about everyone and everything the last ten years and its too bad he’s still squawking.

        • I love you Mac

        • N2yo is back up as of this post time.

          • Still up as of 9:58 am Eastern time 4/9/13

        • @ Mac. I don’t think you get this question very often, so here goes. What is your gut feeling on what is going to happen with the Koreans? This I am curious about.

          In fact what are others’ inkling on what is going to happen in North Korea or the world?

          • I dont know if the north koreans are going to do anything however if they dont i think our government might which i think is really sad that we have to worry about a(possible)enemy from within as well as a possible one from outside.
            A quote that the US government likes I believe is never waste a good crisis. Which to me is very sad that they want to capitalize on anyone suffering ours or someone else’s(sp?)

            • @ spark. Good point. I remember as a kid we were taught to trust “our” government and they had our best interest. The garbage we are conditioned to think as children. 🙁

              • Ya! Right on! Like the Boogieman lived under my bed. Little did I know he was long gone . . . moved to Washington.

                • Sorry Shootit! My damn fingered slipped to the downside. Totally agree about the Boogeyman moving to Washington. I’m more scared of him there than under my bed!

            • That’s what I was thinking, spark… the U.s. government always says, “why let a good crisis go to waste?” They’ve wanted to eradicate the “evil axis” for some tome and now that Porky is threatening us, seems like a good time to take them out…

              What I couldn’t figure out, though, was why would Porky give a date for war? I mean, if you hate someone and want to annihilate them, do you say, “I’m going to kill you on March 30″? And when we went to war with the Vietnamese, did we say, ” I hate you dirty ba—s! I’m going to kick your a– on May 10, 1965?” It sounds like a dinner appointment.

              But now I think I see why the date— the little fat pig was thinking of the EMT SATELLITE event.

          • I think we are in for a major false flag event that the gov. is going to blame on N. Korea. . .I’m thinking an EMP or a missile is going to “get by” the defenses a.k.a the US is going to launch a missle to the U.S.

          • This is what I think about this whole situation. North Korea was invaded by the Japanese in 1937. Next, they had the Korean War, another war of US aggression. Since then, they have been under economic sanctions for 60 years, enforced by the big bad USofA. South Korea was the breadbasket for this country. The US has been trying to starve NK into submission for 60 years. You have to ask yourself why NK doesn’t threaten to bomb or attack Russia or China…they share borders with them. Seems like a lot have bought into ole shrub’s “axis of evil claim”. US .gov loves to bully smaller nations. If you honestly think the DoD and CIA don’t know exactly what is in that satellite you are mistaken. Did you ever think that NK has a sense of national pride and has been kicked around for 60 years now by the West and are getting sick of it. If the USA would be treated this way what would YOUR reaction be? The propaganda runs 24/7 everywhere to incite Americans into another war of aggression that benefits no common man and enriches those that foment these conflicts. How’s the saying go? Cui bono?

            • “Next, they had the Korean War, another war of US aggression. ”


              • In Seoule S. Korea there are three gates built at the beginning of time. There is for each cardinal direction except North. People from the north were not welcome. So much for the u.s. being the aggressor.

          • North Korea- Gut says nothing at all. We have more evil going on here in the US and this is pure “jingle keys and shiny objects” meant to distract our attention From the “homeland”………They could’ve just as easily put on a marathon of Housewives of Beverly hills or dance moms to distract our idiotic masses….Stupid Americans (say it with a snotty french accent, sounds funnier)

            • That was my thought too. Fatboy bangs his spoon on the tray, and there is a coordinated media event to get everyone’s knickers in a twist. And, as stated above, bipartisan legislation, the only kind that now strikes terror into my heart, is passed by the left hand while everyone pays attention to the pretty jingling keys in the right hand.

              Maybe Fatboy is an evil genius mastermind and existential threat, but I think it is more likely that the lying, psychotic, tyrannical, mendacious, duplicitious, jackbooted, vicious is itchin’ for some kind of action or event. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them, and I confess to throwing like a girl.

              • I agree Mama Bear.
                I think Lil Kim is much more terrifying than his father or grandfather.
                Here you have a spoiled child of fortune in control of the world’s 4th largest military and the master of a terrified, brainwashed, and fanatical country.
                Whereas his grandfather and father perpetuated the myth of them being the equivalent of “God Kings”, this kid seems to actually believe his own propaganda.
                He’s a whackjob and I put nothing past him.
                He probably sees this as just one big game of “Call of Duty” sans the Xbox.

        • I wonder if that NK Satellite is one of the missing Russian brief case nukes? More speculation, thinking outside the box, guess time will reveal the truth.

      2. I’ve tarted and I cant get up Louise !

        • The Duck of Death…

      3. Sounds bad. Would be a great excuse for economic collapse and a massive thinning of the herd. Time will tell.

        • I know I’ll get mostly thumbs down on this but,I’m all for a thinning of the herd….
          Darwin was correct,and bleeding hearts keep everyone alive..
          Starvation,depleting resources,packed cities,lose farmland everyday,and useless non contributing people multiply like rats…
          Weird bird flu crap popping up every year because of MASS production facility’s .
          God intended us to survive and thrive,not just exist …

          • Modern medicine was the worst thing that ever happened to natural selection. I don’t mean to sound terrible, but our country is full of people who cannot fend for themselves due to shear IDIOCY. I am not talking about those who cannot fend for themselves and when their loved ones pass there is no one looking out for their best interests. But the blatant Dumba$$e$ who never took the time to learn how to shut off a water valve, change their oil or tire. I am astonished at the people I know who do not know HOW TO COOK! Don’t come knocking on my door.

        • Yep! Gerald Celente said we would have WW3 before the year was over.

          and this past christmas, I had a VERY BAD feeling about the new year!

      4. I am betting that our military knows exactly what is on that NK satellite. If it is an EMP weapon they will knock it down. (I hope)

      5. Its also a good time to eliminate NK. The price WE will have to pay later will get higher month by month as their technology and weapons improve.

        Take the fat little SOB out now while China is playing on OUR team. And they are.

        • DK,

          China has always, does currently , and always will, only play on China’s team…

          Anything they do for anyone, is only done because it serves an expedient purpose to them…

          Never underestimate China.

          • China is great at playing all sides to they’re benefit. If China wanted the current situation to end it would be over. They would curtail north koreas belligerancy with a single call.

            Truth is they stand to benfit from many scenarios. In a limited conflict, China would see the US military’s capabilities and response times and would be able to study tactics for a future conflict with America of they’re coasts over taiwan or the disputed south china sea islands.

            Also the amount of money which would be spent would severly inhibit a future conflict with China. China could just sit back. Let us launch billions worth of missiles and exhaust our jet fuel and maintenance supplies for the fleets and planes.

            It would then be a perfect time for China to get involved. It happened that way in 1950. With our resources running out or limited and our people fearing a larger conflict with China and a lack of intestinal fortitude to fight a full war (many dead) we would limp back to the west coast abandoning our pacific allies and ceding pacific interests to chinas sphere of influence.

            China could also easily be itching for a fight and are using their dog on a leash to provoke a larger conflict. They’re economy has its own troubles and what better way to hide that than a nationalistic fevered war with America.

            China sees itself as the future super power and maybe this is they’re chance to stake its claim. Defeat America through a proxy state or just let it go all out. They have the resources and the people for it. China is confined to its borders and are literally almost overflowing out of them. To just sustain they’re population soon they will need new land or have a massive reduction of their popupation.

            Just last week they announced the creation of a world bank on par with the IMF and World Bank. Some are speculating it could be backed by gold. To get a new monetary system in place and have world standing the old system (USD) would have to be abolished. What better way than tbrough WAR.

          • Never underestimate any enemy..First rule!

          • JustMe: I agree that China will do what is best for China but would you rather have a cousin that mooches off of you incessantly, or a rich Uncle like Sam who is willing to transfer the wealth of his family to you?

            Folks NK and Iran have a treaty and the other will join in any attack on either one of them.

            Should the USA wait until NK or Iran has hundreds of missiles and dozens of nuclear warheads given their fanaticism? Or should WE eliminate the threat from NK NOW if SK is attacked.

            I vote to eliminate the threat NOW!

            • China does not need the US, the US needs China. We only hold a thin margin of technical advantage over them now, thanks to unchecked technology transfers. And money, we owe them, not the other way around. Yes, they will be happy to continue to take from US what they can get, without conflict, but if the war started today, they would not hesitate to do anything neccessary to take the US down.

              They have already said they would defend Iran, recall they have over 10,000 personel there to work on thier oil/gas projects, and defend them. They are probably also there as thier own “loine in the sand”, the tripwire that will generate hostilities with the US.

              They could easliy put a stop to North Korea’s antics with a phone call, as has been noted. It is in somehow in thier intrests to allow this issue to continue, and NK is thier buffer zone. Do you think they would allow South Korea to over run the North, and allow US military bases on thier border? That is very unlikely. If we go to war with North Korea, China will take thier side.

        • They are not on our team.

          They didnt buy 1.3 trillion of our debt because they wanted us to succeed.

          They don’t steal trillions in intellectual property if their on our team.

          They dont build up their military over the last 20 years to directly counteract our militarys strenghts if we are friends:

          ASAT missiles to knock out our satellites.
          Electronic warfare capabilities to blind or disable our electronics.
          Nuc tipped missiles tracking and aimed at all us naval groups in the pacific and our bases.
          Thousands of daily cyber attacks.
          Bio weapons developed to attack people with western european genes and markers only.
          Announcements to set up a nwo of financial institutions wo the usd.

          Just go read chi haiotains speech from 2005 and the book Unrestricted Warfare. Both are online and free to read.

          • Millions of cyber attacks hourly. They are continually port scanning networks. My company works/produces equipment to stop it. We trapped 110 attacks on one network in one day. 60 were from different China IP addresses. They are no ones friend.

        • What would Sun Tzu do?

          • Merree: Sun Tzu indeed.

            “17. Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory: (1) He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. (2) He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. (3) He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. (4) He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. (5) He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.

            18. Hence the saying: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles……… ”

            WE have overwhelming military power in OUR confrontation with NK. If they attack SK it is time for “regime change”.

            • I’m actually thinking more about China with that comment about Sun Tzu. I could see China using NK as a pawn, possibly to test the US. I think anything that happens between NK and the US will be strongly influenced by whatever agenda China may have.

              • China’s agenda, the agenda of the CCP is to continue in power and enjoy the wealth that America has given to them. After all they now know the real meaning behind the slogan, “Wealth Is Glorious!”.

                China is for all intents and purposes the richest nation in the world. They will kick their poor cousin to the curb if push comes to shove. tTeir troop movements on the Yalu River border with NK is designed to keep NK IN NK.

                Would you share your supplies if your neighbors refused to prep? The Chinese will not engage US as it would mean their own demise as well.

                China has real skin in the game now and that skin is more than a trillion dollars in US fiat stashed in their coffers to buy anything and everything they want.

                War with the US who is militarily superior to begin with, would mean that their wealth and power would disappear in a flash and more than 1 billion Chinese would be up in arms against their own government.

                Never under estimate the power of the brib. It is the modus operendi of the NWO. Regime change is necessary in Iran and NK if the NWO is to complete its program of world domination.

                The CCP and GB’s are PARTNERS and this police action in NK will prove it.

                • DK, go back and reread the whole book, and this time take your sense of American exceptionalism and put it back in its box.

                  Do you “know” your enemy? Or are you endlessly parroting an atitude towards them you have been taught to have by MSM propoganda?

                  • Eagle Eye: I have read the whole book, I have the whole book and I read it cover to cover 20 years ago before it became the latest rage. There is an online link for you to the book at SHTF Times.

                    Right now China cannot begin to match the US in either conventional or nuclear weapons, if that is who you are referring too. In ten years they maybe our equal militarily.

                    I do not perceive China as OUR enemy, but as a partner of the Globalist GB’s. China shares the USA world view of crony phony capitalism for an elite few.

                    I do not base my perception of China and its people upon American exceptionalism. I base it upon many years of reading Chinese newspapers and periodicals; all the links of which you can access at SHTF America.

                    Do yourself a favor: educate yourself on the Chinese.

      6. Anyone who believes anything Steve Quayle has to say,needs to have their head examined.He is classic disinfo.Mix in a little truth sprinkle in some lies fear mongering sensationalism and folks are now hanging on his every word.His track record speaks for itself…..nuff said.

      7. public safety message


        * Hint –

        If the DHS FEMA MILITARY drills you do, do not include you taking your family with you to a secure underground D.U.M.B. facility TO HIDE WITH YOUR NWO ZOG MASTERS during the great kill off on the surface , then you are on the NWO ZOG list of 90% people to be killed.

        RADIATION and BIOLOGICAL weapons will eventually poison All – kill All on Earth , as the Earth is just a Big sealed Gold Fish Bowl in the end !

        As we the 90% are poisoned and die so to will you and your children .

        DUMMIES . ;0p


        • So you think the ‘NWO ZOGs’ are going to live underground forever?

          They’re gonna become the Morlocks are they?

          • @Not so Much ;0P

            what i tink’ … is i’m going to collect a lot of badges on shtf day from all them mislead brainwashed nwo zog dhs gestapo blue shirts who think they’ve a right to f’ with me and mine as i move to my bug-out camp .

            that’s what i tink’ !

            everything else is just ” entertainment ” for me now .

            PREDATOR or PREY of the NWO ZOG FEDGOV the choice is yours !


            • Ok, but that looooonatic fantasy has nothing to do with what I was asking.

              If they poison the whole Erf then they gotta live underground forever right? Is that what you’re claiming they’re gonna do?

              • @Not so Much

                you don’t seem to comprehend the big global picture here .

                and i’m not gonna lead you around by the hand as your obviously ” dumb prey ” .

                as for my lil’ fantasy .

                time will tell wont it .


                • I comprehend that you’re a nut bag and you’re desperately trying to not answer the question by changing the subject.

                  • yep your right … i’m very wrong . ;0P

                    America is doing just great !

                    might i suggest you try the Pacific Salmon grilled steaks and the Gulf of Mexico Shrimp cocktail for dinner tonight !

                    it’s delicious … and wash it down with some california milk and maybe a glass of californias best wine .

                    oh and the fresh monsanto grown vegatables from california freshly picked are just scrumptious .

                    try that bread Mmmmmmmmm good .

                    keep living the dream … nothing to see here .


                  • You only figured that out now?

                  • And by the way, if you’re gonna call someone dumb, you might wanna spell “you’re” correctly.

                    LMAO at you!

      8. Is this the possible “event” that we have all been waiting for to usher in whatever it is they want to foist on the American debt slaves?

        Take your pick as to “whatever” means.

        Good luck to all on this site. And may God bless you and keep you safe.

      9. Maybe if the North Korean people weren’t so hungry their leaders wouldn’t have to make distractions for them the SAME WAY ours do.

      10. I wonder how many Americans think North Korea is one of the 50 States?

        I wonder how many Americans know that EMP is not EBT, thus not free food?

        I wonder how many Americans know about Aphganistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Burma, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and soon to be Iran and North Korea. And who are the terrorists again?

        I wonder how many Americans know that our time is coming soon?

        I wonder whom they will blame and how they will react?

        The MSM News talks about nothing. Absolutely nothing.

        • @ Ugly. You know what I wonder about with an EMP either from another country or the Sun, is if all the planes in the sky come crashing down to the ground. I also wonder about if you arfe driving along on the freeway what happens. I just stated above that an EMP would not kill most people, but then I though what about the people in a vechicle or in a plane. This gets more disturbing each day doesn’t it?

          • BI….Yes, it does get more disturbing each day. Some of your recent posts have been good and spot-on. Keep it up. And good luck in the future.

          • One of the scariest aspects, and potentially the most life-endangering, of an EMP is that natural gas buildup through the gas lines throughout the affected area would likely lead to many explosions and self-feeding fires. These could devastate entire cities, as of course it’s unlikely that emergency services would be unable to respond, and even if they could it’s doubtful that water could be pumped.

            • Make that “it’s unlikely that emergency services would be able to respond”… I’m in multitask mode again, and that’s always dangerous for me, ha.

            • Toss me the Sword…

            • Natural gas lines have compressor stations every 50-60 miles that are used to compensate for friction loss in the lines or increase the line pressure to store gas for expected surges in usage. An EMP would most likely knock these out meaning the natural gas pressure would actually go down.

            • The natrual gas lines want build pressure. There are up stream pressure regulators controlling the compressors. In the case of a rupture there are low pressure shut in valves that cut the gas flow off both up and down stream, so there cant be a self feeding fire on a pipeline. Only the volume between the valves are avaiable to burn. Those valves dont need eletric to operate.

          • actually BI a EMP would also shut down the nuclear power plants as well if im not mistaken and with out water to keep them cold it will turn that water to steam and give a gas explosion if im not mistaken and then worst case scenario a meltdown

          • BOB and GHB in your truck…rule#7. Most folks here should be prepared for what ever happens.Right? We live it everyday

          • BI…I just began ‘One Second After’ and the interstate had trucks and cars stalled everywhere.

            Will share the book to anyone who’d like to read it; bought it used online.

        • There’s a comprehensive report on EMP effects at (www.) — it’s lengthy but well worth reading.

        • Ugly–did you see the video questioning citizens about the ‘sequester’?
          It was obvious not one knew what it was, how it was proposed, and how it affected them.

          So, in answer to ‘how many know’??
          Not many!!

      11. My father was in korea during late 40s and 50si they train all there troops to believe everybody else in the world wants to rape there mothers and sisters it is no surprise that a regime like that would try somthing stupid

      12. Ala Lloyd Bridges in Airplane! – “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.”

        • looks like i picked the wrong week to stop drinking

          • “The Autopilot ! It’s DEFLATING !!

      13. Mac,
        Thanks to your blog and the information sharing that goes on here through people commenting I can say I am as prepared as possible. Prepared for the Alas Babylon moment that my dad was concerned with in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I still have some of his preps mixed in with mine. Here’s hoping that all is well, and the NK posturing is just that.

        • @Mac

          Thanks to all you and all the good caring folks on this site, I do believe my husband is becoming a believer/prepper.
          He just finished up the cabinet job he was working on and is going to fill up everything we have with gas to run the grill, compressor, mower,(?) generator, etc. Then he is going to top off all the 20lb cylinders we have.
          He even mentioned going to the store to purchase one of those bigger tanks that the gas companies can fill.
          I called the LP gas company we deal with to top off my
          320gal propane tank.
          Our generator will run the lights, ceiling fans, TV for the news (I also have a radio that is solar powered).
          This will not last us very long but with careful use we can be functional for a while.
          My oven has an electronic ignition and will not work, but the top can but I have to light the burners with a match which I have bunches of.
          This is so scary to read about, but I hope God uses it to get the non-preppers attention.
          I do’t under estimate Korea on what their capibilities are.Biochemicals scare the daylights out of me. I hope our masks (N95)help. I will have to glue my stubborn husbands pants to a chair to keep him in and off the road.
          If I can do anything else to keep us safer and better prepared please let me know.
          I do have approx 10 months of food, water, meds, paper products, etc.

          4 year prepper

          • If husband is handy, I believe he can void the warranty and bypass the electronics that control the oven so that it can be lit manually. He might want to look into getting any necessary parts. Your local gas man might be able to give pointers.

            I already have a very old manual gas stove in storage.

          • M+ Good for you!!
            I am a former Army Airborne Catholic Chaplain 20+ prepping for aboout 10 years and way behond plan B,c,d
            I believe we will be in the business of bartering. Hot items: cooking oil, spices, “comfort foods”, cig lighters, vinegar, clorax, veg seeds (many)I would encourage you to go to the Library and read “Patriors” by James Rawles. Bookmark
            St. Padre Pio often said “Pray, hope, and don’t worry”
            It’s better to have something and not need it, than need something and not have it.”
            “Start digging the well before you get thirsty.” -Chinese proverb. God bless!

      14. zog amerika and isreahell have already announced they are planning a false-fag attack (possibly on a south korean navy ship) to kicked of a new korean war .

        the goal is not korea , the goal is to tie up china and russia in a war on the korean peninsula to drain their global power and resources in a un-winnable war .

        as that happens the dollar / euro will crash and die as will the zog amerikan / european economy , wallstreet , zombie banks and isreahell will attack all its neighbors in a attempt to expand its size and resources .

        all done as you All Suffer and die for the nwo zog globalists .



        • I’m with you on this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the usa is personally responsible for paying the North Koreans to act as they are, so the elitists can stage a false flag event. Everything has pointed to a cataclysmic event in the Spring and here is a prime opportunity. Too bad Obumnuts couldn’t pass a gun law in time. I’d ask God to be with us, but I think God has left us (humanity not individuals) long ago. It’s time to let the filth be ridden.

          • as opposed to just passing an executive order to seize all our guns ??

            like he wanted in the past ?

            remember all us middle Americans cling to our bibles and our guns. and OBUMMER wont let us go back to our old ways.

          • N. Korea = state patsy

          • ~~~I’d ask God to be with us, but I think God has left us~~~

            More like we left Him.

            • 1962 society removed prayer from school and turned out the lights.

              God is still here waiting for us to return as country.

              Pray for a miracle.

      15. If Ugly Could Run 2,000 Miles Per Hour!

        Time goes one way. On Earth, it goes East to West as with the Sun Rise and the Sun Sets. Earth has 24 time zones because it is 24,000 miles at equator and Earth rotates at 1,000 mile per hour, thus 24 hours in one day.

        Time goes East to West at 1,000 miles per hour. If Ugly could run 2,000 miles per hour from West to East then time would be reversed. You would see history. If you could run faster in the opposite direction of time, you would go back in time.

        I want to run 2,000 miles per hour and go back to September 10, 2001. I will sit 5 blocks away. I think you know what I mean.

        • Hey Ugly,I got some good news for you. You don’t have be able to run 2000 MPH. All you have to do is go to the north or south pole and you can walk to any time zone you like in a matter of seconds. However, your idea of going back in time has more holes in it than a block of swiss cheese. You forgot about the International Dateline that not only changes time zones but resets the date to make it impossible to pull off your time travelling scheme. Watching time travel in movies like Back to the Future is fun, entertaining, and thought provoking but in real life, time travels only in one direction. You’re stuck in the present like the rest of us. Sorry.

      16. Next piss-ant country to fall if he has balls. This is getting real.

        • Yo Teddy, are you and Mary Jo partying hearty?

          If I’m wrong you all can walk over next week from where you reside and tell me so. If I’m correct wrap your minds around this: the U.S. has a 125 year history of trumping up war against much smaller and weaker nations based on lies and bullshit so the bankers and war profiteer corporations can benefit. You’ve heard the expression, “banana republic?” Where do you think that comes from? Using the USMC as hired goons to invade Central American countries to make them more compliant to United Fruit and the banksters. Ever hear of Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, late USMC, War is a Racket? We know absolutely nothing about NK except from official sources. The government is good at two things: lying and murdering people. Those NVnam patrol boats didn’t attack those destroyers (Robert McNamara, US Sec Def at that time) Sodom Insane didn’t have WMD. Iraq had nothing to do with Sept 11th. But a country with the population and resources the size of a starving mouse is going to attack us so we have to preemptively attack them? You heard it here first: Bullshit piled upon bullshit. But any excuse is good if it profits the bankers and fills the cemeteries with credulous working class guys who bought into believing the lies makes them patriots.

          • Thanks…this, folks, is the REAL truth…not the fearmongering hype put out to get people fist pumping USA, USA, USA. I should have scrolled down and read your comment before I posted up above.

          • You need to go on Youtube and watch the video from the escaped NK prisoner. To sit by and let this atrocity continue is inhuman.

            • Which brings me to this??
              Do you thank God every night and day for your placement on this earth??

              I do.

          • You sound like your ass looks angry.

      17. Right now all i can say is i am going to be stocking up on canned food, rice, beans, flour, sugar and powdered milk. Just in case..

        • You should have already done this long ago.

          • …and don’t forget plenty of water, a cast iron pan, and charcoal or wood if you’re planning to cook all that food.

            Geez, seriously, you read with website and you’re just “right now going to be stocking up”?

            • Were you just being sarcastic?

              For some reason, I just cannot comprehend your thought process if you’re actually being serious.

              Oh well, my desk is beckoning me…time to go.

            • Met-Rx Protein Plus whey protein isolates and casein proteins, etc. 46% of one’s protein RDA and assorted vitamins per one ounce serving. Two pound resealable tube five by ten inches. $24. Mix with water or milk. Use on cereal or soup. Does not need to be fed, watered, housed or protected from predators. Not as tasty as meat or fish. Not as romantic as waking up one day to decide you’ve always wanted your own livestock herd. (respect to you professional farmers and ranchers, you are amazing). Just saying Joe Suburbanite who lives on half an acre suddenly has a herd of goats and chickens he might as well put up a billboard saying Raid Me, You Starving Improvidents. I have no intention of owning chickens or anything similar because my protein needs are met.

      18. I bet a successful EMP attack over the USA would be far more damaging to us than all the nukes we could throw at North Korea. What bankers could benefit from this?

        Probably 80% of the US public would be dead within a year because without the electric grid working, production would cease. No gasoline being refined, no water systems working, no sewer systems working, no tractors running, no food being delivered to cities, no trips to stores, no hospitals operating, and worst of all no water pumps working at nuclear power plants after the diesel runs out, — just about everything at a standstill.

        They would never want an all out war because it would take them out, too. What they want is actions similar to Iraq or Afghanistan where we don’t win, but we spend a bunch of money we don’t have and must borrow from them for some purpose that nobody understands.

        If this happened it would not be because it was planned; it would happen because it was unintended or the result of a madman, not a profiteer.

        • TPTB are madmen… Look what they have done to us for the last century already, what might be coming would only be icing on the cake for them.

          The real owner parasites don’t even live here, the will not shed a tear over the demise of the US.

        • Sid… You’re thinking inside the box. This has nothing to do with monetary or world conquest. The currencies are all bullshit in the first place, pure Monopoly money. It was just a giant scam to get us to build and engineer our own death. If your mind can handle it, consider TPTB are not even human. They have flipped this planet before and they will keep doing it as long as we are too stupid to stop playing their game, or Earth becomes another Mars, which ever comes first.

      19. First liberty port: Guam. Tink, McConn, Dye & 35’s have been busy.

      20. Ugly and the Rainbow.

        I saw a Rainbow. I walked to it. I walked under it. I looked up and saw all of its beauty. The Suns Rays of Waves and Frequency shown in its maginificant colors of red, blue, indigo, green.

        Yes, all 8 were there.

        Then under the rainbow, there were two ends. One end said Evil, and the other end said Freedom. I know there is a pot-of-gold at one of those ends. I needed to choose which end to go–Evil or Freedom.

        I was told about Evil by MSM. Hitler killed millions. Torture. Greed.

        I wasn’t told about Freedom though. It was a hidden gem. I lived in a Country called Freedom, and I saw what has happened their.

        I did not choose. I realized that Evil and Freedom were connected to the same Rainbow. Beautiful colors, but those colors come with a cost.

        • * stop it with the glue sniffing you guys.

        • Hitler killed millions? Stalin killed 10’s of millions, Mao may have killed 100 million, but the conditioning is strong.

          • Crusades killed millions.
            Hitler Killed Millions.
            Stalin Killed Millions.
            Mao Killed Millions.
            The US Gov. Killed Millions ( we are talking Pre 1900 here not even modern day killings in other countries )
            The Catholic Church Killed Millions.

            Ask this question. What do all of them have in common except Mao?

            • I can only think of one thing, and stating it will bring out the parasites…

      21. Steve Quayle rocks. He’s a true Christian Patriot.

      22. WOLVERINES

        • and for the late Gen Y’rs who aren’t familiar with the Ruskie threat — something more current…

      23. N.K. really does have a low yield nuke in orbit with the trajectory going straight across the U.S. and the United Kingdom. The kicker is that we have 2 hunter/killer right behind it waiting for any change in the N.K. satellite status.
        Hunter / Killer satellites have three ways to attack. 1st weapon is a shotgun type weapon, 2nd is a “whip saw” and the third is pulling the satellite away into a higher orbit or down into the atmosphere at a severe angle.

        The N.K. EMP threat does not concern me, crashing the economy or a attack on the U.S. gives me pause for concern.

      24. hmmmmmmm…..guess I’d better do a SAM’s and COSTCO run, fill up the jerry cans, buy some NVG’s, refill my perscriptions, buy a case of condoms and hit the liquor store for a few cases of barterables before the party starts….

        • A normal day of prepping..peace

      25. The thing that confuses me about a serious North Korea attack, even if false-flag, is this: Doesn’t it mean the US has to destroy NK in response? I don’t see the sense in that. It assumes China would go along with it, otherwise it’s WWW III with China. And, if China and the US were in agreement over taking out NK nuclear installations, they’d just do it and not wait for an attack– like Iraq. Wouldn’t they?

        One way it makes sense to me is if the attack results in the complete disabling of the US including its military capability. Then the US is out of the picture. Global chaos ensues and everyone begs for an authoritarian rescue.

        The other way it makes sense is if there won’t be an actual attack but US and China are creating impression that NK is so dangerous that it needs to be destroyed.

      26. OBAMAS playing golf, we are shopping and watching sports, No aversge person is any more prepared for a WAR than they are for a snow storm! Our heads are in the SAND. Escape to the country. Go NOW ! You must be out of the city when the SHTF!

        The Government is keeping the general population in the dark as usual so when war breaks out there is only one place to go for help your freindly FEMA center.

        • This small city loses power for a week or two every couple years due to snow storms, but since our heat is not electric dependent and the Jeep will keep the fridge cold for a month before refilling, we will be staying right here for anything short of an EMP, pandemic, or other world changer.

          We will move permanently to our secluded off-grid retreat only when I expect an event will trigger a human reaction which will be delayed because most people are slow and clueless. I know that could possibly mean biking or hiking the 72 miles if my 1980’s manually-aspirated diesel would get knocked out, but caches buried every twenty miles facilitate that alternative.

          • There is quite a few items that can survive a EMP attack. Older models vehicles with carburation and points/rotor/condensor ignition system. Older diesel like my 1989 f450 with a 7.3 liter diesel. A older 6.9 diesel. Your old home portable generator. Equipment and vehicles without circuit boards should survive. My older freezer should be fine. My new one is a goner until I figure out how to bypass the board and use a temp sensor for on and off and manual defrost it. A lot of equipment @ some powerplants and military bases are shielded. It will be bad, but EVERY thing electrical will not be dead.

          • I like the caches, been doing it for 30 years. I dig them up from time to time and test the contents. The best caches in my AO are those in 5 gallon buckets that I hide, many hung in thick evergreen trees. I wrap the buckets in “ghillie” made of burlap.

            Not many stalinist commies in my AO, but you never know.

            Good hunting, PP.

      27. The Civil War……all the powder keg needed was a spark to ignite a war. Lincoln sent the war ship flotilla to Charleston and it was on. Lincoln had his excuse.

        The North prevented southern independence because it threatened their financial interests. The South wanted independence for its own best interests, in the tradition of the American Founders. It sought peaceful separation, but fought in self-defense when invaded and blockaded.

        I predict that history will repeat itself…..all Obama needs is an excuse to ignite another Civil War

        • founding fathers killed the original peoples of america, and shoved the ones who remained alive into reservations.

          Sounds like agenda 21 been around for a long time to me. Just now it is focused on white ppl not just red.

          • @anonlegion
            soon the whites will also know what it is like to watch their babies, young adults and elders expire from sickness, hunger and any type of abuse that you can imagine as well as some you cant imagine from two legged individuals whom we created!!!

            • Unlike American Indians, we are technologically equal to an invading force. More than half the homes in our state have guns and those that do have more than enough. There would be a rifle behind every tree and blade of grass as an invading force attempted to purge us from mountain hollers that cannot even be reached by 4WD.

              Not only do we have more deer than people, we will eat the inner bark off a tree (500 calories per pound) and as the Wrong Turn film series shows, we will even eat you.

              • 500 calories per pound of sweet, delicious bark? Sign me up!

        • Interestingly, it took a concerted media propaganda and demagoguery effort to ensure many of the Northern states didn’t go copperhead. There is definitely a lot of hidden history there. Lincoln was a born and bred Southerner, married to Southern nobility. He knew and understood the South. Southerners may not realize it, but his death was also a tragic loss for the South, as his intentions were to treat them with a gentle hand. Instead they were horribly abused and exploited and destroyed by lesser men during so called Reconstruction. Makes you wonder who was actually behind the murder, especially with the questionable circumstances with Booth’s capture. (Fun fact: there was a travelling mummy made from the remains of a deathbed pretender who claimed to be Booth.)

          On the bright side, Sherman had the good sense to burn Atlanta to the ground. Perhaps this time we could all agree to burn Detroit. And possibly Atlanta again.

          • Mama Bear,

            Thank you for the perspective on Lincoln and the War of Northern Aggression. Personally, neither Detroit nor Atlanta have ever done me any harm. The statist precincts of DC, letting the entitlement crowd flee if they are of a mind to, definitely need burning. Bring rope. There are plenty of lamp posts. Also Wall Street and the New York Federal Reserve. Just fantasizing out loud here. It is more productive in the long run to pass over the people who are merely annoying in favor of taking out the people who are truly dangerous because they are unabashedly in the tyrant’s service. One tenth of one percent of the population couldn’t loot and oppress us without the willing complicity of a lot of people who lend the vile enterprise their talent.

            • Well, technically Detroit is already burning, and Atlanta is going to get a six pack of Tennessee whup ass opened on them if they keep trying to steal part of the Tennessee River and Lookout Mountain for water rights, so I guess they are not a concern.

          • Lincoln was a commie. Get real, mama.

        • This time it won’t be eyeball to eyeball. No uniforms for resisters, either.

          Wouldn’t want to be a stalinist commie.

      28. mmmmm just kinda wondering how much of all this stuff is setting up yet another false flag. How easy is it to demonize the little chubby guy from NK? He does a good job himself to have people hate and even fear him. Mix in the films probably made in the usa like all the Bin Laden films that just showed up here and there. Tha fans are heating up the want for war and most of the American and Canadian public would like to see him eliminated. I mean an EMP? no cable tv no facebook no fun. Anyway dont get sucked in the vortex of hate. God Bless ya’ll and keep your heads up.

      29. I mean what timing for the CIA hollywood machine to redo the Red Dawn with NK troops. Darn so funny how it all ties together, just simply to neat. I once heard if you want to know lots of the future just keep up with the movie industry. God Bless and ya’ll have a great day

        • so far with the time line the only thing that did not happen from the game Homefront is the unification of north and south korea. The sub was sunk, the fatehr died, the son took over, ( they said it would be fat boy who took over )the bird flu is spreading in china again, they launched a “weather satellite” the one thing I do not think that will happen from the game is the take over of the euro zone by NK. After launching the sat. they emp the us and attack coming in from the west. This is also after the gas prices climb to $20 a gal. and there is a freeze on us banks and money.

          • AL, your comment makes me wonder about something. Forgetting NK for a moment,
            how are the dreaded scores of divisions of the PLA, the Chinese army, going to cross the Pacific? They don’t have the airlift nor the ocean liner capacity. They’re gonna fight their way through Pacific Russia, across the Bering Strait, through Alaska, through British Columbia and breeze through the PNW to seize Salinas, Kansas? I don’t bloody think so.
            The majority of what makes our military formidable depends on digital this and electronic that, granted. But as all those asymmetrical wars we’ve been losing the last 50 years show, much can be defended by a few thousand people with guts and working rifles. And I think those in command positions in China know it.

        • @mikeincanada….hey Mike, do “THE HUNGER GAMES” come to mind? Just watched “The Day after tomorrow” a couple nights ago on TV….Yikes, That was scary!! take care, CC.

      30. How convenient

      31. Geez… I wake up from a great night of sleep. I make my first cup of coffee. Give the dog his morning cookie and let him out. Sit down with my nice hot cup of coffee in my nice chair, open up shtfplan and read all of this…

        Great way to start the day. I’m going back to bed.

        • Bill, I got my cup of coffee too and it tastes great. Slept in this morning so I have some idea what will be done today. Life as usual here in the mid west.

          Look! What ever happens with the situation in NK will take place no matter what we do. Chill, Have your contingency plans in place and for Pete’s sake, have a great day!

          Ive got to get one of those skittle shitting unicorns Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha

        • Amen. Took a long time to go to sleep because daughter in law called last night and asked if an EMP does hit and we have to walk to your place what do you want me to bring. She is a smart girl but I did not think she was “that aware”. Fortunately we are pretty well fixed here so I was able to say your guns and bullets and get going. They live about 25 miles away. Let’s hope this is all just noise and all will be OK by this time next week.. If not, thanks for all the help and we will be standing ready for the next phase.

          • You might suggest she bury a cache half-way between the two homes. 25 miles is a long day hike especially with children. A five gallon bucket with a good seal will hold plenty of essentials. Just make sure it is heavy enough that it will not float so it does not work its way out of the ground.

      32. Well if we are still reading this….nothing yet

        • Vendetta, I’m not the charter member of your fan club but I don’t know why 57 morons red thumbed your comment.

          I saw that on zerohedge last night. The document is real. But the “For $299 we’ll let you read the secret report” at the end of is bullshit.

          It’s a US Government document. There’s nothing “secret” about it. By law it’s open to the public. If you want a hard copy GPO will sell you one.


          Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions,
          A joint paper by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England,
          10 December 2012.

          It’s 18 pages. Read it and weep then get off your butts and do what you think is necessary to protect your wealth.

      33. Almost sounds like a false flag event. do I hear Martial Law? Confiscation of guns? Chaos? Sociatel breakdown? See ya all on the other side!

      34. A personal asset worth millions or more.
        Stockpile knowledge.
        Cost is between $1,500 and $13,000.
        1) Laptop computer
        2) External storage for PC, this is the biggest variable
        3) 300W inverter
        4) Manual master switch
        5) 45W Solar System(12V)
        6) Faraday cage(s)
        7) Wiring
        The above list is for an independent knowledge base, ONLY connected to the grid while transferring data.
        #5 can be stored in its own Faraday cage and only needed when the SHTF.
        #2 can be increased in increments with a 10TB storage goal.

        I have had this system for 5 years and have only used 4TB.
        I am in the process of upgrading #1 and #5, so I thought I might share this info.
        A thought to ponder regarding Faraday cages: Would you protect a million dollar house with a $4 latch bolt?

        A man-made EMP is an IF, a galactic or solar EMP is NOT an IF, it’s a WHEN.
        An unprotected digital tool or device can become a fancy and expensive paperweight.

        The internet is NOT a giant computer in Cheyenne mountain, it consists of millions of computers managed and MAINTAINED by millions of people, when the SHTF, how long will the internet remain useable?

        • @Breadandcircuses:

          what do you think of the suggestion of using an old microwave as a faraday cage for a small laptop?


          • It doesn’t work b/c the signal can get through the cracks in the door of the microwave.

          • @GOP4EVER
            If it’s plugged in it might help in a mild EMP, if not plugged in, you might as well use a metal box. It has to be grounded.

            an EMP is similar to lightning, it follows the path of least resistance to ground, it doesn’t stop and look for holes to crawl through.

        • Got all of that plus over 10TB of storage. I have been downloading technical books and magazines from the Usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.e-book.technical (plus some other newsgroups) for a while now using NewsRover. I have downloaded a backup file of Wikipedia (minus the graphics). I also have copies of entire websites grabbed using Black Widow.

          • @Archivist
            I started out grabbing everything too, but found that the info was very difficult to search and a lot of it was either dated or worthless. Initially ended up with 3 HUGE folders: Misc, Misc2, To_be_categorized.
            Redid the whole system 4 years ago and now I’m selective in my downloads and categorizing as I go. Currently have less than 200 “folders”, but, finding what I need is MUCH easier.
            I commend you for your efforts, though.

        • EMP and N Korea
          Here is some info that might help some people put the N Korea “threat” of EMP or thermonuclear attack into perspective.
          The largest thermonuclear device that N.Korea possibly has is under ONE megaton.
          The maximum known missile range is under 6,000 miles with a payload capacity of less than 1,000 lbs. The nagasaki bomb(Fat boy) weighed 10,200 lbs and had a yield of 21 Kilotons, one megaton is equal to 1,000 Kilotons. Thermal energy is roughly equal to electromagnetic energy(EMP). Fat Boy’s thermal energy radius was under 2 miles, to put that into perspective, it would cause 3rd degree burns on UNPROTECTED skin. Increasing the yield to 100 kilotons only increases the thermal energy radius to 3.2 miles(see the law of diminishing returns). The largest thermonuclear device ever designed was 100 Megatons, by the USSR and the projected thermal radius was less than 50 miles(it was NEVER built). The N.korean satellite has a payload of ~170 lbs. The smallest thermonuclear device ever created was over 200 lbs with a yield estimated at 3 kilotons. The accuracy radius of the missiles launched by N.korea is estimated at 100-500 miles depending on range, and that is assuming that the missile doesn’t blowup on launch or less than halfway to its target. The U.S. cruise missile has an accuracy radius of 30 FEET. The area of the USA is 3,794,083 square miles. The N.koreans would have to launch around 47,400 thermonuclear enabled missiles to effectively disable the USA.
          Can anyone see how ridiculous a N.korean “threat” is ?

          BTW: I built my Faraday cages for galactic and solar EMPs. A CME in the mid 1800’s disrupted our telegraph transmissions, imagine what another CME would do to our digital equipment, which are much more sensitive to EMPs.

      35. Feds are telegraphing what they will do next.

        Tell me Mr. President – is this just another Banker-driven war intended to milk us dry?

      36. Quote from V. Putin (Russia’s ex-kgb Czar)

        (read this carefully): There are RIGHT NOW mobile Russian Nuke Payload Missles based on Cuba soil , as well as Russian nuke armed subs based in Cuba . Only 90 miles from Florida !!!

        The only response to this (AmeriKan illegal global military expansion around Russia) could be an asymmetric expansion of the Russian military presence abroad, particularly in Cuba.

        In Cuba, there are convenient bays for our reconnaissance and warships, a network of the so-called “jump airfields.” With the full consent of the Cuban leadership, on May 11 of this year (2012), our country has not only resumed work in the electronic center of Lourdes, but also placed the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles “Oak” on the island. They did not want to do it the amicable way, now let them deal with this,” Putin said.



        • ” DAMN YOU RED THUMBS !” ;0p pssszzt

          • Suck on my cinnamon red thumbs! (Yeah, fag!)
            Come put’em in your mouth and suck’em!
            Yeah, suck on my thumbs!

        • FYI, Amerika has been check mated for decades.

          “Boomers based in Cuba,” you say? Bullshit. The most recent generation of Russian boomer subs can hit their targets while moored at their home ports. That was true of their Typhoon class too which entered service about 1978. If one searches YouTube there is a video of one of their top of the line strategic bombers landing in Cuba a few years ago.

          Why so shocked? Where do you think the missiles on our boomers are aimed, ditto the ICBMs in our Redoubt?

          Our military trains to take them out. Their military trains to take us out. It’s called The Great Game. So how are they uniquely evil for doing what we’ve been doing since about 1950?

          I”m not particularly a Russophile. I just have a low tolerance for bullshit and warmonger propaganda.

          I’d like to see you cite some verifiable sources for this if you have any.

      37. This guy’s (Kim Jung un) rhetoric is seeming to intensify … I would hope the feds are taking him seriously … he may be just as crazy as his talk.

      38. I don’t buy that a war is coming. NK is repeating it’s previous saber rattling to obtain economic concessions from us. Unfortunately for them the well is running dry and we decided to break this cycle with this new leader.

        NK will not start a war that will destroy their government within a week. NK missiles will not reach any further than South Korea. SK would get bruised but NK forces would be decimated.

        The above being said it would be wise to short stocks in businesses in SK.

      39. were already being attacked….by our own government

      40. “The war is not really with East Asia, but with Eurasia.”

        “Eurasia is our ally. Eurasia has always been our ally. Our war is with East Asia.”

        O’Brian: “Tell me Winston, who is Oceania at war with?”

        Winston: “East Asia”

        O’Brian: “East Asia…good. And Oceania has always been at war with East Asia?”

        Winston: “I remember, that until a few weeks ago, we weren’t at war with East Asia at all. It was Eurasia, for the past few years I think.”

        O’Brian: “Another example of your delusions”

        The lie becomes truth, and then a lie again.

      41. Ok, finally filled that metal garbage can aka the faraday cage and not a moment too soon, it seems. Now, I just have to pop in the laptop tonight before I go to sleep….just in case. On the other hand, I ‘ve been listening to ‘insiders’ talk about how this is all sleight of hand manoeuver by the elite to take our eyes away from the real ball in play; Syria. That the real move is going to be on over there while we’re all looking int he other direction. Any thoughts? I’ve listened to so much my head is spinning. All I know is this: What will be, will be; I’m as ready as I can be at this moment in time. God will sort out the rest.

        • Be sure to ground the trash can to a pipe or the ground lug of an outlet.

      42. Yesterday the Navy tested a Laser weapon and shot down a drone from a ship. In the past there have been videos of star war weapons in space. Also the laser weapons on aircraft bigger than a 737 flying around the USA. Ground mounted stations of laser weapons have been around for years. Looked to be portable.

      43. If a war like that is coming – I am not prepared at all. I used to believe in prepping but don’t anymore. If we’re really at that point in time where millions around the world will die, then that means the NWO will be ushered in. I don’t care to survive that. To be absent in the body means to be present with the Lord. We just moved a few months ago where we don’t know very many people except from my husband’s work. We bought a foreclosure and live in a nice home. My children are grown and moved away – one living hundreds of miles away. In this scenerio, there is nothing to be done. I don’t know our timetable so I don’t know if this stuff will happen or not. But I can’t live my life in fear or give into it. I live 5 miles or less from a nuclear power plant and if that gets messed with, we are downwind from it. The Bible talks about billions dying in the Book of Revelation. There won’t be enough water, there won’t be the ability to grow anything…and if you have a large stockpile, you truly can’t keep that a secret…the government has tracked it all and will come after it. If we are to be living in a Stalin-type world, I can’t survive it. The most important prep is to get right with God because NONE of us live forever. And if you survive, you’ll be defending yourselves day and night, seeing horrors you have never seen before. I’ll do my best for as long as I can but if war is on the horizon, get on your knees and pray.

        • If you’re going to be taken up in the rapture…I only have one question:

          Can I have your preps?

        • Daniel 11:32b
          But the people that do know their God
          Shall be strong, and do exploits.

          Keep preppin’

        • Since you are quoting the Bible, I will share with you my Biblical reasons for being prepared:
          1. 1st Timothy 5:8 teaches that anyone who does not provide for their family is worse than an unbeliever. Safety and security is a valid need and since I have perceived that need it is my responsibility to provide it for my family to the best of my ability.
          2. In Luke 21 Jesus instructs the Jews to flee from the coming destruction of Jerusalem by heading to the hills. He did not say to simply give up because everyone dies eventually. Instead he set the example of taking action on our own behalf.

          I believe you are overestimating the government’s desire and/or ability to track a thirty year-old truck to the wholesaler in the next state to pay cash from a ton of grains. A few smaller purchases may be recorded, but they are all connected to our city house and not the retreat which is neither in our name nor does it appear on county property records.

          Since you live downwind from a nuclear power plant, I might suggest you plot a route 90 degrees from the downwind direction so you do not have to travel toward it during an evacuation. Rent a small storage unit and fill it with supplies (food will have to be rotated regularly due to heat). Fukushima did not vent radioactive gas into the air until about twelve hours after the evacuation order.

          “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.” – Proverbs 22:3

          • Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

      44. Lets get real! DHS is going to be the war machine. Via to Obama administration .

      45. “Our sources report that military personnel at the largest Army base in the country have been instructed by military leaders to have their bags packed in the event that the situation goes hot. Troops have reportedly been told to have their financial affairs and family matters in order.”

        I have a relative in the Army stationed in South Korea. They reported a week or two ago going on high alert but it has been relaxed. Their commanders are telling them the news media here is majorly blowing this out of proportion. Not sure what to think.

        • That coincides with other’s perspectives from boots on the ground (i.e. Steve Pieczenik) in S. Korea. They say the western media/military industrial complex is hyping it up.

        • morgan the relative part of the 8th army?

      46. “Mainstream news coverage indicates that something is about to go down.”

        Stopped reading after that. The MSM is doing all they can to blow this all out of proportion. North Korea is just trying to shake down the West for aid, just like they always do.

      47. Fear not. There’s nothing to this. It’s won’t be the first time Steve Quale would be wrong. Anyone remember H1N1? He said to Alex Jones at the time that “This IS it”, and nothing ever came of it. I would be surprised IF something did. Time will tell, but I think not.

      48. It’s in the Dictator’s Handbook that Teh One keeps on his bedside table: “When domestic situation gets sketchy, distract the sheeple with a war.”

        Topping off my gas tanks this morning.

        • Why do people say that?? Topping off tanks.
          My tank is NEVER below 3/4 full.
          I just don’t get it–if something happens, it’s like you think you will be the only one at the pumps?
          No, hundreds will be.
          I just don’t get it!!!

          Keep $50 in your car–on the way home replace gas used.
          Replace the % of $50 used.
          Easy–make it a habit–I did!!

      49. The other day I decided to hit youtube and download a few videos about the subjects of EMP and faraday cage construction, which I see being discussed quite often in many of the survivalism and prepper website forums that I visit and read. I was curious about
        these topics and thought it might be worth looking into. Well, I grabbed a dozen or so videos and then put them on a DVD and sat down to watch them the other night. First thing I noticed right off the bat – was that these ‘experts’ who had uploaded some of
        the more professionally made video presentations – were all harping on how N. Korea might be conspiring to do an EMP attack on the USA – but, NEVER did any of these manure spewers ever offer any legitimate sounding reasons to explain why these ornery N. Koreans might want to do that. I mean, I heard exactly ZERO explanations as to what would have suddenly motivated the N. Koreans to do such a thing, assuming they even could if they wanted to. So, my suspicions were immediately elevated as to what the ‘agenda’
        might be for those ‘experts’ to be uploading videos that are trying to scare the pants off of the sheeples. It didn’t take me long to notice the next suspicious aspect to these scare mongering EMP attack is imminent videos – in every single one of the professionally made
        videos, the ‘expert’ would mention N. Korea and then quickly also mention that Iran was their good buddy and that they were allies.

        That’s when the light bulb came on. The evil neo-cons are rolling out this new propaganda campaign to try to demonize N. Korea and use the wacky stooge in charge of that country as the new Asian Hitler and assure us all that he is a monster and that he is crazy and dangerous, and oh, by the way, he is big pals with Iran and so those two countries are probably secretly conspiring together to launch an EMP attack on the kwa and that will fry everyone’s Talmud Vision devices and that means we will all not get to see the NCAA basketball championships or get to see the NFL this season, because everyone’s TV will be toasted and useless.

        And, of course, the neo-con remedy to save all of our TV sets and wives vibrators – will be for the USA to take Israel’s advice and attack and destroy Iran for them!

        • SteveW, what one Main thing do all these nations IE: Iran-Nkorea-Iraq-Syria-Afganastan have in common?…All are the only remaining nations in the whole world of about 200 total nations that DO NOT YET HAVE Jew owned Usuary Central Banks and the Bankster jew owners who Profit from it all. Now which nations is usa gung ho to attack and destroy to cause “regiem changes”? ANSWER= Only the FEW remaining NON JEW bank countries.

          And for such truth I present here expect within several hrs of posting this it will be massivly thumbed down by those, so wide awake folks, who refuse to wake up to This part of it all.

          Pray for usa enangelicals to learn to READ their bibles instead of consuming every crap word spoken by sold out preachers all over america. For the resident atheists, read the newest latest DNA Proof of who these zio devils truely are!(hint= they sure aint jews related to ancient 12 tribes of israel!). DNA don’t lie. Latest dna proof is from Dec. 2012! John Hopkins and Hebrew Biotech genitics institute or something like that. Look it up and Learn truth’s massivly hidden to assist many False preachers lies about those so called “Chosen Persons”.

      50. Good morning, BI, and once again you’re on target. There’s an interesting and frightening combination of things at play here. Since 911, I’ve been expecting another 911-type event or worse to come along. Now with all these reports of our bases being on full alert and our troops being told be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, it sounds like the precursor for WW3. I’ve always expected SHTF will be a combination of numerous things, but we just don’t know what combination until it occurs. Still prepping up til’ the last minute and hope everyone else is doing the same. Braveheart

      51. I read the thing from the QUAYLE site… the things that a contract construction worker is telling someone here is pure nonsense. There is NO WAY a construction worker would know, or be able to interpret ANYTHING like what he is supposedly saying. Let me just say, I know first hand. This is pure hysteria… and that puts the whole Quayle thing in doubt.

      52. Mac, this QUAYLE source is pure nonsense. Email me. I’ve been there and I can give you the straight story.

      53. Be Informed,

        A couple of sizeable quakes in Iran. Any thoughts on this?


      54. The Natl. Guard base in North Riverside, Il. now has at least one armored personel carrier in plain view. Never saw one there before. (Not the war trophies on the First Ave. side). They used to have 2 old tanks in there, decades ago, but this is current issue. 4 wheel APC with a gun turret. The turret would normally have a .50 caliber MG. Just an observation.

      55. I’m not particularly worried about an EMP, due to what I’ve heard from a friend with a contact who told her “You don’t have to worry about an EMP. What I can tell you is your health is going to be your best asset.”

        That said, situations do change and you can never be too careful.

      56. Any report that contains information from the notorious internet fraud and faker, Steve Quayle is got to be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing, repeat–nothing that Steve Quayle has reported in the past has proven out to be credible or true.

      57. Sunday morning we were treated to the heavy long slow rumble in the sky of the C 17 and C 5’s leaving Albuquerque. I asked my wife if she had seen anything on the news about N Korea as this was an odd thing for the planes to leave and fly north north west out of town. I figured we were moving some nukes in to theater range. I have a feeling Russia and China are ready to come to our aid if you get my drift. Good luck and God bless us all.

      58. Doom fail. nothing will happen.

      59. WORLD WAR 3!!!!!!

      60. I work for DOD and live in what is most likely the largest military city in the USA. We have Space Command, A huge Army base, Air Force training and a pile of .Mil contractors. We see nothing of this here but I would like to see the cruise missile assembly shop. From what i know major assembly is done at the point of contract {POC} and in the AO.

        • Biden can cut his New World Order idea in half, shove one half of it up George H. W. Bush’s evil ass and the other half up his own ass.

      61. Do you not undertand at this site that it is the US fake shadow govn’t causing problems for N.Korea and attempting to make N.Korea look like the problem, China can handle their own, and the FAKE US shadow govn’t need to get ur of EVERYONE’s busineess,a ndthey need to stop trying to create a war, but that won’t happen because China and Russia are trying to kill the US$, as is the sneaky suadi backed immigrant obama, he’s trying to do it from within and China and Russia will help those efforts unknowingly. But obama needs to piss off Russia and china because he needs them to ATTACK the America’s he so hates and has set out to destroy it and it’s people. So although they are not working together, the US shadow govn’t is the aggressor and wants to create a war that will have America attacked, so if not China and or Russia, then teh US shadow govn’t WILL CREATE ANOTHER FALSE FLAG ATTACK and blame N.Korea, this is the proven history of the US shadow govn’t that has been infiltrated long before many of us were born, and president after president was CORRUPT and now the worst president of all time the lying immigrant muslim terrorist obama! And still the people sleep??????????

        • I agree with most of your comment. For 125 years Amerika has been trumping up wars with smaller and weaker nations to benefit the banksters and the corporate war profiteers. War also plays into further entrenching the police state that is well along in its plans to enslave us. I do agree that as annoying as pineapple face is he is far more frightened of our imperialism than we need be of him. He has a nuke or two does he? And how many thousands of nukes, and the demonstrated ability to deliver them, do China and Russia have? But we won’t threaten them because that would be suicide and even the psychopaths in our national leadership know it. Good post Truth Seeker.

      62. Good Morning!

        I am taking this as a test run and treating it like a real threat. To error on the side of caution not panic. My fellow preppers, you have done well and are probably the best prepare people on earth. Used your head and don’t despair. There has been plenty of chatter as to the posturing of the military. No national news to warn us. We don’t know for sure and that is the problem. Simular to the Cuban Missile crisis.
        This might not be the right thing to do but if it goes down, I will make a pot of coffee, put some 9 year old Bourbon in it, lite up a smoke and get my check lists.

      63. In a city of about 35,000…My teenage son returned from a high school trip to Southwestern US last night. Before picking son up, I was heading to the store and he asked for some orange juice.

        Walked down the rice isle. My jaw almost hit the floor. Out of four shelves (with a variety of sized packages), there were six bags in the whole store. One size was on sale, but this one size doesn’t fill four-6′ sections of shelving, either.

        • @ VM Rice isn’t as nutritious as the noble bean but when both clean water and fuel are at a premium it cooks a whole lot quicker than dried beans from scratch. Did you happen to notice whether the Paul Newman’s sauce was sold out too? Eating half a ton of rice will keep you alive but without some spice or sauce you’ll pray boredom doesn’t kill you first.

      64. So if the US and its “allies” dont give Lil Kim any food, what will he do then? Can he just go back in his hole and stay quiet? If China is really his ally then they could give him food without any problem Im sure they would rather give up some food instead of having all of this activity so close to their homeland.

        Anyone that says he cant figure out a way to get an EMP or bio-weapon to the US shores is crazy. Maybe he wont do it,but the NK’s definatly can get their weapons on our soil.

        If the Saudis can get men to hijack 4 airplanes, and fly them into buildings, Lil Kim can enlist a few crackpots to spread some germs around.

        It may not happen, maybe this will all blow over and things will just be “normal”. Since we really dont know who is pulling the strings, or what the agenda is concerning NK, it is impossible to predict what he will do.

        The first causality of any war is the truth, so I would put too much stock in what the media says. MSM says he hasnt mobilized his troops. How do they know ? I have always thought the spark to WW111 would come from Syria or Iran, using their stooges in Lebanon to kick things off. Keep your eyes open

        • Most folk’s in America have not yet learned who really started WWII!…They still believe every falshood lie told since 1945 by usa msm’s and of course, about 10,000 Hollywood movies of WWII, and continue with kneejerk reactions whenever a person attempts to tell them who actually declared war and on whom!

          Even when a person post’s the actual NY Times newspaper headlines from 1933 which state: Judea declares WAR on Germany! and war on all germans worldwide! ps that was Prior to hitler elected too. I guess in their search for truth most folks refuse to consider looking at such evidence as NY times paper headlines, along with a few hundred other nations newspapers with similar headlines from the Same period in history.

          Please! tell us the truth! (just not the Entire truth ok, so we can go on believing msm/fed govnt Lies)

          msm & fed govnt lies about everything….Except of course whatever they told us all to believe about WWII! That is the one time they told truth right?

          I recomend learning wwii truth’s Prior to figuring out about the current flap on N. Korea and “who is running This show”. It may be the same culprit’s!

      65. Anyone who thinks that a BIO attack is worse than an EMP is barking up the wrong tree.

        An EMP will cause a drastic degrading of society and changes in the standard of living. This correlates the uprising of water born illness and other contagions.

        • Andrew C @

          Not trying to call you out here or anything, but can you explain how you think the EMP would be worse? Millions of people dead in the US. Pretty much all at once. The people that do “get over” the sickness will be weakened. Imagine millions of dead people, who would bury them all?

          You cant go out for fear of catching it yourself, all you can do is look at all of the dead people with the stray animals feasting on them ?

          Im sure either one of them would be terrible but not sure one would be worse than the other.

          • Make a note, fellow preppers. Stock up on N-95 masks and as much Fabreeze Air Freshener cans as you can afford.

            All those dead kwans are going to smell really ripe, as the summer heat arrives.

        • @ Andrew About seventeen miles up this thread Be Informed took on your opinion that a bio attack is less a threat than an EMP. He answered you with distinction. Scroll up and have a look.

      66. @ Norse Prepper. Earthquakes in Iran are definitely from the movement of the African plate that forces against the Arabian plate. This though is not what to worry about, it is from Mexico to Chile, especially Mexico. The South American plate and Nazca plate are going to unleash a huge one, and/or the Cocos plate that affects the Mexico and Central American area.

        @ Merree. I agree that these despotic “leaders” like to see things go BOOM and fly in the air, however as a medical professional you know that biological weapons you get far more bang for your buck. IF North Korea was solely interested in nukes they would not have such an elaborate bio-weapons program. The part of it that I don’t like is that biological weapons are difficult to trace. When someone flies a nuke you know where it came from. When some psycho lets a bug loose, no one knows if it came from nature or what country it originated from. These dictators are cowards and to destroy their enemy a germ is the most advantageous for them.

        The way I think is in terms of logic, much like someone in terrorist studies does, find out what weapon is going to be used so you can prepare for it. North Korea has a very advanced bio and chemical weapons program, WHY? Because, God Forbid, they are planning on using it. Just like the USSR at Vector and other nightmare zones, bad people know how to inflict the maximum amount of suffering and death on their enemy to take them out. Biological weapons do this all to well as throughout history proves with Mother Nature alone.

        A nuke might or might not work, there is a 33%-50% dependablity rating on a nuclear bomb reaching its destination, including IF it detonates. This is one reason why countries have an overkill for their nuclear arsenals. If 100 nukes takes out a country, then you should assume that your arsenal for that one country alone should be 200 minimum up to 300 or more. Nukes are expensive to manufacture and difficult to get the fuel to make them operational. A germ can be grown cheap, in many cases as you know using chicken eggs. I remember reading something a few years ago that North Korea had an unusual number of egss being imported in from various countries.

        I don’t like to alarm everyone, as I don’t exaggerate the earthquake potential. I don’t call for 10.5 earthquakes, I try very hard to get the facts as accurate as possible because I expect the same from others on what I don’t know. Biological weapons scare me because they are so cheap to make, can be genetically altered to something that we have no vaccine against or ANY anti-viral would work against, and so catastrophic when let loose. Preparation for this is difficult but can be accomplished, one is complete isolation and enough supplies to survive staying inside long enough.

        • BI,

          Remember that cabinet member of Saddam’s who had a Ph.D. in biology? Clearly she could have made a bio weapon. One must wonder that she did not. However, I think it highly probable that drug companies are engineering viruses and releasing them as a way to drive sales. All one has to do is to look at the food products to see that greed outweighs ethics for many people. Now that an Ebola vaccine has been made, it is a clear and present danger. All one has to do is snag some bats from India (to super over-simplify!) A bio weapon does make huge sense as a tactic for a desert-locked country or other country where the animal vectors are low to nil.

          Also, thanks for tracking the earthquake activity. Its striking to me how geologic time sees humans as mere instances.

          Rod out

          • @ IMO_Rod_Ansell. I took much military history in college and the one issue that kept knawing at me was how the United States because of the vastness of the oceans was allowed to continue to manufacture everything they needed until the supplies of the Germans and Japanese ran out. This also included fuel to run the military machines. I thought what IF The Japanese and/or Germans had something to hurt the infrastructure of the U.S. enough during WW2 that the U.S. could not replenish their supplies.

            This is the issue why in nuclear war movies and real life war scenarioes that the Russians or Chinese ALWAYS take out the manufacturing ability of the U.S. with an EMP, nuclear bombs, OR biological weapons. North Korea is a tiny country in land mass, just over 45,000 square miles. IF NK had a fleet on 100 ICBM’s and literally fired them all at once at the U.S. most would be shot down because of the small area that anti missile batteries and ships have to cover. With China at over 3.5 million sq miles, or Russia at over 6.5 million sq. miles forget it.

            The issue with the North Koreans with an EMP is getting it here. Again shot down before it reached here. That “satellite” IF it was armed, you would think the U.S. would shoot it down. There are plenty of space weapons up there for U.S., Russia, and China. Unless of course BO wants an EMP from NK to false flag something. The best option for NK would be an offshore ship based missile with an EMP. This is of course IF their buzz rockets will work.

            To take out the U.S. infrastructure, a hard core cyber attack could be the answer, this is a risk. This though would be traced back to NK and they would be annihilated. The germ however is not easily traceable and the North Korean could vaccinate SOME of their people against it. A pandemic of smallpox level or more, nature driven or manmade, would destroy the infrastructure of any country. The ultimate goal of anyone stopping their enemy is to stop their ability to resupply their armies. Kill the country’s ability to manufacture military hardware and fuel to run it, you stop the enemy. This is what worries me so much, the right germ would do this.

      67. Lets just all go watch to newly released version of Red Dawn. Something to do while we wait.

      68. War has always been about money and power. Those who are in power right now, need the money and an economic change. War is good for business. There is always enough friction somewhere in the world that we could agitate someone into giving us a reason to go to war. North Korea may be just the excuse needed. Hunker down.

      69. War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

        Smedley D. Butler
        United States Marine Corps Major General
        Two Time Medal of Honor Recipient

        {{And apparently he didn’t have a problem with that?? Hmmmm.}}

      70. false flag here we come

        • Does anybody recall about 6-7 years ago when without warning 1/2 of entire usa electric grid went down? It stayed down for about a week long. MSM talker heads along with many dem and neocon pols ranted on every concievable cause. From a squirel ate a power line to terrorist’s enemys galore did it!

          Then they, msm etc, said nobody will be able to give acurate answers for 18 to 24 months…If Ever!

          Then the exact same thing occured to England…Same exact MO, then France! Then a couple More euro nations. Untill a grand total of about 6+ nations since it began in the usa all had an exact without warning elec grid down scenario. Each event had the exact same pol’s and msm talker’s pontificate what may have caused it.

          Now to date none have as yet ever told us the answer to what caused it all. In fact just as in most every “Event” it was simply swept under the rug so to speak and forgotton of entirly. At least by all polititions and msm talker heads.

          They kept repeating after the second day here in usa, then again every other nation it happened in the exact same thing. #1 “We do NOT know what caused this event!” and #2 ” But remain Calm since we KNOW it wasn’t any terrorist attack”!

          99% of usa Kwans sighed relief. About 1% asked the question of “If they do Not know what or who caused this event, how can they say for Certain it is not a terrorist attack”?

          It seems too complicated to decipher for the 99% I guess. What if that was a practice run to gage reactions(recall the repititious mention’s by all in msm how gratefull fed gov was that no major riots broke out?). Gage reactions to prep for such as now with N. Korea?

          Because as BI say’s if one uses logic to deduce events, since 6 or more nation’s all had an Exact same grid down event and all 6 occured within about 4 months time frame, logic say’s…Each elec grid down event was a False Flag event bar none. Or else yes each of 6 nations grid down event was a for certain terrorist attack. NO other thing makes sense.

          How easy for our fed gov to create massive histaria for a few weeks with N. Korea is a deadly terror enemy(who has no zio owned usury bank system as yet), then again trip a main switch and shut down 1/2 or even all 100% elec grid power in entire usa? And simply Blame N.Korea and of Course include Korea’s super pal IRAN in order to gin up hate and yells of usa!usa!usa! so as to make War on Iran and N.Korea to force changes in both nation’s “Banking” systems?

          Oh and also to rid Israel of another nation they so hate and allow Israel to “occupy” That land in the never ending quest for “Greater Yisrael” lands.

          Sometimes those we were told to believe as loyal “friends & Allies” really are Not! Especially when speaking of allies in Mid east area’s. Follow the MONEY & Connect the Dot’s, when too many reach the same point or end can it always be just another “Coincidence”?

          Caution= Beware of the Bolshevik’s. What they did to Russia almost 95 years ago IS their plan for America!

          Their evil plans were thwarted as of 1990 when Russia booted bolshevik’s out. Most came here to the good Ol’ USA. Their cousins were already here since 1880’s and controling our fed govnt since early 1900’s. Now teamed up as a whole group, bolsheviks and zionists need but disarm america prior to murdering another 200 million persons exactly the same mo as done in Russia during WWI.

          There is your True Real Main Threat Mr. and Mrs. American’s.

      71. I have been reading a few off and on comments concerning gangs, etc.. The thing to consider is that gangs have been allowed to flourish because the average Joe is banned from taking any sort of proactive approach relating to gang CONTROL. In a SHTF scenario, gangs would be met with a sort of resistance the likes of anything they have encountered, simply by virtue of the fact that we have not been legally allowed to push back (without provocation). In my opinion, roving gangs will be dispersed rather quickly, as community oriented folk will ban together and aggressively protect what is theirs. Just a thought.

        • Dispersed, dispensed…you get the picture.

      72. @ Vicky. The Iranian earthquake is a sign of the African plate, normally fairly stable, is on the move. This is horrible news for the Australian plate, the plate that uncorked that 9.1 eight years ago and the largest strike slip quake ever recorded last year. African plate also affects the Pacific plate through the interaction with the Australian plate. Like in a game of pool, you don’t look at getting one ball in the hole, you try to position the cue ball for the next shot. The plates are positioning themselves for the next very large quake. This being Mexico to Chile (likely first), and then anywhere along the Australian plate from India to New Zealand. Iran and the Arabian plate is no big deal, the cause behind it IS.

      73. Well, I think I’m going to do all my laundry and vacuum. Just in case, if nothing happens all my laundry is done and I vacuumed.
        Honestly I hope nothing happens until next week, we are moving and I need to refill all my water containers.

      74. How exactly is NK going to explode an EMP device over the U.S.? Perhaps they will contract with the bankster state, Israel, whose specialty is the false flag attack. Israel has nuclear armed subs provided by the Communist Merkel in Germany. On 9-11, Israelis were arrested for filming the event (but released by the Jewish neo-con dominated Bush Lite regime). They knew it was coming, and allowed it to happen. We need access to their nuclear stockpile, so forensics could be used to identify any Israeli attack on the U.S. Unlike Iran, Israel refuses to sign the NPT. They are an outlaw rogue state, and cannot be trusted.

      75. I often think about the possibility of using a catastrophic situation for our benefit. For example, if the grid were destroyed it may be possible to gain back the freedom lost with having a social security number/system. If the ability of the government to store our information were destroyed, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. We could realistically become invisible to them. I’d love to hear others feedback on this idea. I must admit, because I value my freedom more than government benefits, that I’m a bit hopeful for a melt down that would destroy our tyrannical governments infrastructure and hinder their ability to intrude into my life.

      76. Still no chat forum…conspiracy.

        • Project Iowa scheduled to launch by the end of April. we have a working forum (and then some) in our dev area as we speak! it’s coming! thanks for staying on me about this.

      77. Anyone who would take an EMP over a BIOLOGICAL attack clearly doesn’t know the first thing about the types of biological cultures our military and others have. They have things that could KILL EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH. With an EMP attack at least society would come back after a few years….if airborne EBOLA were released accidently from a level 5 bio-lab for example it would be GAME OVER. Trust me on this one…an EMP attack is NOTHING compared to an advanced BIO-WEAPON being released. One is cotton candy and the other is DEATH HIMSELF.

        • What happens to those lab-kept viruses if an EMP takes out all energy??
          They are kept in refrigerated containers-no?

          • They will spoil.

      78. actually reverse that….* anyone who would take a bio-attack over and emp attack doesnt know the first thing about bio-weapons.

      79. china is behind all this and is escalating the events with their mule nation N.Korea. If the N.Koreans should decided to launch then the U.s. should not inform china that it will devastate their entire nation and lay it to waste all 1 billion people, no notice just launch and destroy them. kill them all. and what ever commie troops that were invited in the U.S., by Janet the Dyke Napolitano is here will be routed out along with Napolitan and the rest of the commie traitors.

        • China is spending all it’s time and resources to learn to speak Yiddish. I would seek elsewheres for Americas real enemy’s.

          • Shut up and keep sucking, Nazi catamite.

      80. to be clear…bio-weapons are potentially FAR more dangerous than an EMP even though and emp would suck bad.

      81. I live 6 miles from Fort Bragg, NC and have been here my entire life. Its sometimes very easy to figure out when they are up to something. My son works in Fayetteville and just came through the middle of Ft.Bragg..he has observed many combat vehicles, humvees, etc, all taken out of warehouses and are lined up ready to go somewhere. C5A
        transport planes have been leaving Bragg over the last several days, passing over our home..C5A’s are huge transport planes…hopefully this crisis will blow over but who knows?

      82. Oh crap. This means that the mail will not run on Thursday or Friday. The tax return will not be posted to my account. No internet. Just a big thank you Mac for all the useful information these past months I’ve been reading your blog. Also, to all you posters, I want to thank you all for everything I’ve learned from tour posts. If this doesn’t come about, see you here tomorrow. If it does, God be with all you preppers, and especially God be with all those that aren’t prepped, especially if you try coming up my drive.

      83. CNN is presenting daily hour long plus shows
        on “The Crisis in North Korea.” Which I
        won’t be watching. All these shows are
        “What if this happens?, or, “What if
        that Happens?” I rather get my sources here.
        @ Shifty ~ your posts made me laugh out loud.
        Thank you for your humor. 🙂

        • @Emily – 😉 Glad to be of service. Humor is desperately needed these days!

      84. And they tell us this TWO DAYS BEFORE the S is to supposedly HTF?!?! THANX A LOT!!!!

        • When you’re Hot, you’re Hot.
          When you’re Not, You’re Not. ;0)

      85. I think N. Korea may be a big distraction for a strike on Iran. Time will tell…

      86. In a way, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I had a dream abuot a week ago… woke up from deep sleep and told my daughter about the dream. What was amazing was how real it was and I kept telling her “it seemed so real!!”.

        In the dream, she and others were running. I asked, “why are you running?” She said, “Look!” and I looked and there was this huge mushroom cloud… it was in the distance but definitely a mushroom cloud.

        When I told my daughter about the dream, she got mad. (Hates negative stuff!) but I had no fear as I told her– I felt great, after coming out of deep sleep. Since then, I have felt such overpowering stress sometimes I can hardly breath! I haven’t known if it was from the stuff in Korea or SHTF or what… now, I think I know..: (

        All I could think of last night was, “hold your loved ones near… this may be last chance.”

      87. Another story from a guy who knows a guy who works somewhere important?

        How many of these have I read in the past year?

        • Matthew-

          Seriously? Do you REALLY think for just one second people on the ‘inside’ are going to risk it all by stating their name next to any declaration? We all know that the ‘gubbamint’ treats whistle blowers and those who ‘talk’ so fairly…NOT!

          Even more ridiculous is the notion that many believe whatever drivel the MSM shovels out to 100% absolute truth…I mean really? Why would they LIE to us… or YOU? There are always ‘sources’ on the idiot box ‘leaking’ information’ but always do so ‘anonymously’ because they are not ‘authorized’…and the sheeple eat it up. As with all things, the person does their own research and draws their own conclusions, hopefully based on that research. And some of us really DO know important people in important places and they won’t even talk about the current state of affairs unless they are away from any ease dropping technology for miles. Can’t say I blame them.

          • That’s fine. My point is simply that time after time I read these articles (especially on sites like Infowars) from someone who knows someone who sees it first hand and we get the report.

            Alarmism & sensationalism. With that type of “journalism” you can make any story pop.

            Shoot, I know I guy who knows a guy who works in the CIA and guess what he said?

      88. Shifty, in any post-SHTF scenario, nobody will be concerned with “legalities”. There won’t be any law and order, cops, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and even judges will be at home protecting their families; courts won’t be in session. The system will totally collapse. Most likely we’ll all be forced into situations where we’ll have to kill some gangbangers, etc. just to survive. One thing i really fear is prison inmates being released due to food shortage, etc., so there’s even more scum to worry about. I’ll do what i have to and any consequences be damned. Braveheart

        • @ Braveheart – I totally understand post SHTF “legalities”. My post was meant to illustrate the fact that, at the present time, gangs are allowed to flourish because we cannot legally confront them without provocation. Yes, in post SHTF, legalities would not be a concern, therefore, it would open the gates and provide the ability to remove these problematic individuals without fear of legal repercussions. Sorry if my original post was not clear. To your point, I consider inmates as having a major initial disadvantage, as we free folk will already possess the defensive tools that they, initially, will not. Your thoughts? Have a good one!

      89. Let’s be very realistic — in the event of major, sustained hostilities between North Korea and the United States and her allies, even with China rattling her sabres, and Putin having a hissy fit, the military junta of North Korea would assasinate Kim Jong Un in a New York minute, and ‘negotiate’ a truce and subsequent aid (read US tax dollars) for their ‘new’ country. A little democracy talk, some back-room arm-bending, and in less than a decade, the Penninsula Central Bank would have them all under their thumbs. It’s a blueprint, people.

      90. I’d like to put my $00.25 worth here. What if?
        What if the North Koreans do launch? Targets of opportunity are rather “sparse” – given the range of these missile systems – or so the MSM would have you believe. Take it for this – suppose that they’re capable of hitting Okinawa, or Japan. Japan stated that they’d shoot them down – even if they were “tests”.

        Right now,Japan is printing money to pull themselves out of their fiscal nightmare – similar to the U.S.A. Wars have a funny way of providing financial equilibrium for debt, depression, recession. It also has a way to take the population’s mind off of current fiscal worries – no jobs, prices going up, civil rights being gradually wiped out. If the North Koreans were serious – they wouldn’t have to launch anything – they’d do it manually – by going in the Southern Border of the U.S. If they’re carrying “suitcase” nukes, a handful (or more) of 10Kt set off in strategic locations in major U.S. population centers would be sufficient to cripple the U.S. momentarily while they did the “bums rush” across the 38th Parallel.

        Think about it.

        We’re fighting in Afghanistan and don’t think that Iran wouldn’t jump in there – they might just to get their troops some needed “experience” before jumping off into Israel – or going on into Iraq and setting up shop there.

        In any case, this type of scenario was playing through my head while I was looking at the map of both sides, and it don’t look none too good for the U.S. Face it – we’re strapped on military capability. Granted, we’re as well trained up as or better than most-but there’s not enough trigger pullers to do the actual grunt work – and as fanciful as having a lot of drones and advanced weapons systems is nice – it doesn’t do a whole lot of good if they’re deployed elsewhere.

        As regards the North Korean’s hitting CONUS – we’ll have to wait and see what’s what – if they do the big nasty with manpack portable nukes, then someone’s going to have a bad day at work.
        Keep a Get Home Bag in your vehicle, not spreading fear or hype – just preparing for if it does come to that. It doesn’t hurt to have one in there anyway…
        Be well, rest easy and if the SHTF, there wasn’t anything you personally could have done to stop it. Just roll with the punches and pray.

        • Do you think the Koreans will Again rent a high-rise apt. So they can send in those same Five dancing North Koreans to film it all like during 9/11 twin tower collapse?

          Oh! Wait! Ooops! that weren’t Five Koreans filming on 9/11 twin towers event! It was Five Dancing Isrealies! You know, Americasn best allies and friends from the Mid East region. Good thing Bush jr. let them get released to go back home to israel, where their laws never allow any zio jewsih residents to be extridited to face criminal charges by any other nation huh.

          Funny also is how Israel is the ONLY Nuke owner nation in the world who steadfastly refuses to sign the Nuke Proliferation Treatys, like usa and even Iran has done huh?….Say, who Is our True enemys again?

          Look up the who’s which totally Surround our President and you will find it aint 90+% Koreans or Chinamen or Russian’s that hold those many, Many positions of Vast Power in all usa forms of fed govnt. 1/3rd us supremes + USA whitehouse+ USA Congress+ USA Senate+ USA State Dept+CIA+head’s of most Every fed dept like FBI+DHS+MSM etc.

          No it sure isn’t Korean’s-Russian’s-Arab’s-Chinese persons who hold so many Top Key-Power Positions nationwide in today’s America is it. Gee who did I not mention for all those position’s? Think Real Hard now!

          • Now that’s no way to talk about your father’s people, boy. And by the way, tonight you’re sleeping with me; it’s your father’s turn with your sister.

      91. news headline this morning on drudge….”Chinese colonel says bird flu is US Biowarfare”

        Trying to wrap my head around all this shit and just cant stop seeing more possibilities everywhere I look. Family member at Ft Campbell says no rumors of chinese or russians on any base, ( but then if they were and he told me he’d have to kill me) LOL. There is a very strong sentiment against what is going on politically right now. Obummer may eliminate top generals, but if the mass military is determined to uphold the constitution, oh well….

      92. Good Morning!
        Wow! We made another day. Looking at those orbital tracks that sphere is about to go over New York in a couple of hours, if I read it right. We will have a few days of overfly. Betcha Kim Un is dressed up like Darth Vader and sounding like Porkey Pig is threatning Obama, “Be Deb, Be Deb, Be Deb, I’m going to put your lights out, Obamie”.
        I still have my guard up and found a few glitches in my prep run. Couldn’t fine the stuff I needed in aloted time. Getting old and slow and memory is a tad forgetful.
        Like I said, you are the best prepared people on earth and you Newbies, Doing something is better than nothing.

      93. I live in the Hampton Roads area. I’ve been hearing a lot more air activity at night.

      94. Mabey Biden can shoot a couple shots from his shotgun.

        • Hahahahaha…good one! Biden is more likely to blow off a foot. I am sure, however, that a few 12 gauge “blasts” from his balcony will dissuade anyone from trying to ransack his house.

      95. OBOMBMA would go that far in order to keep his records sealed forever.

      96. The Department of Defense is using North Korea as cover to arm against China and Russia. The Elitists are determined to maintain the much debased U.S. Dollar (Petro Dollar) as the World’s Reserve Currency, and China and Russia are refusing to do that. In fact, all of the BRIC nations are refusing to maintain the U.S. Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency. However, if our Department of Defense is actually preparing for war, the first thing to do is to militarize our southern border. All wars have been land wars since the A-Bomb was dropped. Nuke and you will get nuked, so no nation can afford to nuke another. Nukes are just deterrents and gravy for defense contractors: Nukes are not for actual warfare.

        The problem is that our corrupt Federal Government wants to destroy the very independent border states, Texas especially. Texas, which was comprised of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and California should have never joined the union, if they wanted to have adequate defense.

        Our Federal Government just wants states it can control and use, and when people in the U.S. are starving, they will begin gutting the Southern agricultural states again instead of paying for commodities. Our Federal Government exerts complete control over the gold and silver markets through the “Too Big to Fail” banks – has for the past year and a half or more. The big banks paper trade against the market to their hearts content. They will do the same thing in the agricultural markets in a time of crisis. We need to demand that our southern border is protected, and get our corrupt Federal Government out of business and the commodities markets. Enormous Federal Government rake offs in agricultural exports from the South is what caused the Civil War. The Northern Elitists in those huge cities intend to make everyone else take care of them to the point of bankruptcy, personal and national.

      97. Heads up folks,posts are being sensored here.No criticism allowed.Might as well be a gov’t site.

        • bullshit indigo. I’ve been on this site several years. Seen a lot of unpopular posts and posted a few myself. But I haven’t seen you here much.

      98. Wait, super EMP bomb, lol. cmon now.

        • As long as it is not a Super-Duper EMP bomb. We should be ok with just a Super one.

      99. If North Korea EMP’s us, I’m estimating my psycho-windchime-lady neighbor will starve/dehydrate to death within a week or two. The first thing I’ll do when she’s dead is rip down her EIGHT sets of @*!#!% windchimes. Always a bright side 🙂

        • There are commies everywhere, but that windchime squirrel is too psycho to be a commie. She might have been, though, in an earlier life.

          Communism will do that to you.

      100. I was wrong,retract my last post.

      101. Why do you folks keep believing this nonsense! N.Korea won’t attack anyone, to do so is suicide, are you all completely brain dead? Its the same old tiresome distraction game! come on people use your critical thinking!

        • Because False Flag King – Dick Cheney – says be wary of N. Korea!

      102. Its possible that North Korea owns nuke submarines. China has them and so does Russia. So they could of secretly sold them to North Korea. Imagine 40-70 nuke subs in the Atlantic 100-200 miles off the coast. Between those 3 advanced military powers it does paint a gloomy picture for the USA. The USA would be profoundly humbled. But, its nothing that both sides have not prepared for already. Escalate the war mongering by the USA through a lame excuse called the United Nations. To help bring about the demise of the USA military being spread over too thin. Its all to keep the world on track for a one world government.

      103. I think as long as the state of Rhode Island does not fall into enemy’s hands the United States should be fine. 🙂

      104. in coastal SC near the NC line. increased military aircraft are flying north and south. this morning at least a dozen heavy transport planes going north. something is happening

      105. Wonder what the video will look like tomorrow from North Korea, showing America in total darkness.

      106. Until you see North Korean troops massing on the
        South Korean border, it is ALL Kabuki Theater.
        Might as well be watching a Broadway Play.

      107. Steve Quale is a joke. I believe absolutely nothing that guy says.

      108. This is playing out word to word from Revelations which says there shall be wars and *Rumors of Wars* which I am convinced that means false flag attacks.

        Also some kind of big weapon will make Lebanon unlivable where nothing can grow according to the bible using a weapon of fire which sounds like an atomic missile or maybe an asteroid.

        Jesus said while you cannot predict the exact date you will know the season like how a tree blooms in the spring and everything is just right.

        The only thing missing in the equation is the temple in Jerusalem to house the Antichrist due to hammering out a peace accord with the Muslims who hate Christianity to death…….literally.

      109. The North Korean side theatre is a Hegelian Dialect event. Threaten a dictator with military actions in HIS backyard, and then broadcast his reaction as a threat to yourself. This will adroitly keep anyone from opposing King Obama’s domestic agenda, so obvious.

        The BosMarathon event is a version of the dialect too. I’m not saying the Gov set it up, but they’ll use it too steal our rights away. They can’t take guns away without a provacative event.

        Rahm Emmanual said it best, “Can’t let a good crisis go to waste”.

        The sad thing about it is that the NWO plans are out in the open, no secret, documentaries galore have been made spelling out every last detail (Endgame, etc..), and still these guys operate in plain sight with no on to stop them.

        John 10:10 says the Devil came for to “Steal, kill and destroy.” His motif is stealing: guns, liberty, lives. The aging newage hippies that are attempting to bring in their Age Of Aquarius (NWO) are speeding it up, before their dream comes crashing to the ground when they start passing off the scene. Only God can help people now.

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