Report: Homeland Security to Build Bio Safety Level 4 Virus Research Facility Centrally Located In Kansas

by | Mar 12, 2012 | Headline News | 214 comments

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    Because building a nuclear power plant in a heavily populated area, next to the ocean and near fourteen active fault lines turned out to be such a great idea, Department of Homeland Security has approved $50 million for the construction of a Bio-level 3 and 4 virus research facility geographically located in the center of America.

    Reports indicate the new facility in Manhattan, Kansas is intended to replace the Plum Island bio-warfare testing facility, and like its predecessor, a DHS risk assessment says it will be used to research advanced biological pathogens and emerging threats that are not only hazardous, but highly contagious to human and animal populations.

    NBAF will contain 580,000 gross square feet of facility space which includes BSL-2, 3, and 4 shared research space for the development of vaccines and other countermeasures. Approximately 10% of the space will be for BSL-4 research.

    Some of the research to be conducted there will include the study of the following diseases:

    • Nipah Virus
    • Hendra Virus
    • African Swine Fever
    • Rift Valley Fever
    • Japanese Encephalitis Virus
    • Foot and Mouth Disease
    • Classical Swine Fever
    • Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia

    This facility will now be on the campus of Kansas State University. Yet, DHS does not admit there is danger to surrounding populated areas near by. 

    Professors and students of Kansas State University have protested the facility being built on their campus. They’ve had no success in stopping the development. The Bio Safety Lab will be completed by August of 2012. The transition from Plum Island to Kansas will be final by 2020.

    Via Doc Medina’s Soapbox

    An advanced virus research facility that may also be involved in weaponization experiments smack dab in the middle of America? What could possibly go wrong?

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      1. i dont know about anyone else, but this sort of thing scares the hell otta me. glad they are leaving michigan,but why the middle of kansas on a college campus?

        • I agree – we can almost guarantee that a leak will occur and the wipeout of a huge number of people will originate in Manhattan, Kansas.

          • Wouldn’t be that surprised if they had an “accident” while moving it…

          • Not the first time a highly virulent pathogen will originate from Kansas. The Spanish Influenza epidemic that killed tens of millions at the end of the First World War was first observed in an army hospital in Kansas.

            A modern engineered virus such as a weaponized version of Ebola that is airborne would have an almost 100% mortality rate and would be virtually impossible to prepare against. My money is on a pathogen which is airborne, persistent, and extremely high mortality. Something which would have an animal host so there would remain a reservoir of disease from which to kill survivors for years afterwards. The elites have read Malthus, and see the writing on the wall. Our numbers will be reduced, either through the harsh indifference of Mother Nature, or through the deliberate designs of evil men. One can hardly blame the elites; if a supersized population was in desperate need of reduction, that they would choose the means which will spare themselves and their families and ensure only those of inferior breeding are culled, should not be that surprising.

            I have resigned myself to the fact that such a plague is imminent, that it is impossible to prepare against, and freedom is preferrable to servitude. At the first sign of unexplained deaths from a strange new disease, I and my family will head out to sea towards the island archipeligos of the South Pacific. I would rather face the dangers of the sea and self-imposed isolation than the horrors of plagues and wars which will surely result from a deliberate attempt at depopulating the planet.

        • If the people of Kansas don’t tear it down brick by brick, they seal their own fate.

          • Well stated, John Q. I’ve always considered myself an eternal optimist, but having spent considerable time living and working in Kansas, I have SERIOUS doubts. However, there is a strong revolutionary streak in many of the people there, let’s hope it ‘activates’.

          • Err, one caveat: They may not want to tear it down once the germs get cooking…

            That said, I’m way west of it, and prevailing winds would carry it eastward. OTOH, it would massively suck to have to start watching for zombies earlier than expected… 🙁

        • Why would that scare you? The viruses and other deadly things can be distributed from anywhere and will be when the corp interest is served by doing so.

          Accidental release is nowhere near as likely as a purposeful one. Leaving Michigan is not enough. The must be made to leave the Earth.

        • TORNADO ALLEY….and a little help from HAARP, maybe?

        • EWEEEEEEE, Cooties!

        • Now when you say “i dont know about anyone else, but this sort of thing scares the hell otta me. glad they are leaving michigan,but why the middle of kansas on a college campus?”, do you really mean “First!”???

        • Michigan? Plum Island is off the Eastern end of Long Island in Block Island Sound. Where the heck you beans?

        • This makes no sense! Why should I be surprised.

          Having the animal diease research lab on an island in the ocean is bad enough. (Plum Island is located off Connecticut, near the northeast end of Long Island.)

          But, to place a bio-warfare testing lab on a college campus and in the middle of the “farm belt” of our country is CRAZY and DANGEROUS!

          Why is it most Americans don’t hear anything about things like this until AFTER they are built?

          • “But, to place a bio-warfare testing lab on a college campus and in the middle of the “farm belt” of our country is CRAZY and DANGEROUS!

            Why is it most Americans don’t hear anything about things like this until AFTER they are built?”

            You answered your question before you asked it….

          • This has been in the news in Kansas for years. People have protested but too many people welcome the dollars it brings with it. This is being pushed by the big agriculture people (think Monsanto) who only see the profits they can make. They have the money to buy politicians and positive press especially Governor Brownback who vows to find private funding if government funding doesn’t go through.

            Besides- the Dept of Homeland Security reassures us that there is only a 0.11 chance of a leak and if you eliminate tornadoes, that goes down to only 0.08% chance/fifty years. Of course, you know how well they rated the levees in New Orleans.

          • This has been in the works for years…I first heard of it being a reality back in ’05(aprox)while involved in fighting USDA/FDA on the animal Id (NAIS)…I believe personally after some years of study that this is intentional,not that it should be a suprise…its not…its just mind-boggling that men can be so stupid…so evil>
            They think they will be able to murder a large % of the earths human and animal population and gain control over some kind of natural paridise…not gonna work out that way though,even if they pulled this off they have no concept of what/how this planet is wired….nature has a built in process of neutralizing threats….and possibly has weaknesses that science hasnt even begun to understand and cant understand until they throw this/other “monkey wrenchs” out there into the gears…what happens then is anybody guess, but I can tell you this, if something terrible happens they will record it as a tragic accident!

            Theres a proverb the elitist scumsuckers would do well to ponder…”Who ever digs a pit to trap his neighbor will be taken in it…and anyone who sets up a stumbling block for another will fall on it”….couple that with what goes around comes around and these bassturds are gonna wish theyd never been born…and thats the “best” scenario for “them” to fall into…we the people with ropes and rifles would be the worst for “them”…for our sakes I pray for the worst scenario …”for them,BEFORE they turn this planet into a hell”

        • hammerhead :Think,Location,location,location…
          Bet THEY did!

      2. i just watched the video, plum island is not on lake michigan…..more like atlantic ocean
        good fact checking lmao!
        put the damn thing farther out to sea or better yet nowhere

        • They originally put it on the east coast because in the event of a leak the winds would in most cases blow it out to sea. I leak in the middle of kansas would in m ost cases wipe out only the south.

          • Joe, I think you might be wrong there. I watch weather patterns quite a bit. It looks to me that the north east would suffer as much as if not more than the south.

          • From the responses, I’d say maybe Americans are finally catching onto the future the globalists intend for us.

          • Joe- just in case you don’t read history, back in the 1930’s the winds in the Dust Bowl ( KANSAS) blew clouds of dust to: Chicago, DC., then on to New York, THEN out to sea to reach … wait for it… AFRICA! Our Senators and Representatives in DC did NOTHING until the dust reached them! Then all of a sudden, they woke up and realized that, YEAH— they don’t know crap! So what did they do? The Gov’t sent ONE USDA representative to the area to teach farmers how to farm land without stripping the top soil. Good solution, I know…. took years for resettlement for the mid west. So does anyone here trust our Gov’t??? AND think this doesn’t have global repercussions? Who cares about a little area such as Africa or Europe, anyway? Yeah right! (major sarcasm intended).

            • I lived on Florida’s east coast for 25 years and yes if the wind was right we got dust blown across the Atlantic from Africa.

      3. Time to re watch the movie “Andromeda Strain” ..poor Kansas…wonder if they got to vote on it…

        • We never get to vote on anything any more…and even if we did..we would get what ever they want anyways.The last 40+ years of elections prove that

          • If voting could really make a difference, it would be illegal.

        • Hell no we didn’t get to vote on it. I live 50 miles or so from that damn thing and at first they made a big deal about promoting this to Kansanas. I think they met with a lot more resistance than they anticipated so they just quietly shoved it down our throats. Manhattan is right in the midst of cattle country. All it will take is one tiny mistake or some disgruntled employee to figure out how to F us and we’ll have some kind of plague right in the middle of the friggin country. Great idea!!!!

        • Believe me the average person here in Manhattan knows nearly nothing about what is going on here. The college has all kinds of “stuff” going on,genetic modification of our food being one of them. Why are we kept in the dark? That is the way evil works,it all seems so good and harmless. I know that I am not alone in praying for our Town,State and Country. We need more public info out there and for those who are in the position to do something….to wake up and make changes,now. When the people bind together and hit Washington/Our President with the fact that we do not accept what is happening-no matter how much money or jobs it may bring,Then changes will come. Of course all this is dependent on our still having the right to speak up.That may change too if we don’t make our feelings known now and take back the rights we are already losing each day.

      4. Good morning from the UK

        Forgive me if I am being stupid, but surely advertising to the world exactly where you are putting such a facility does not seem to me a wise thing to do….especially if the US government believes its own propaganda regarding “home grown terrorists” an educational campus, with it’s mix of cultures is in my insignificant opinion, not going to be the easiest place to police.

        Does placing such a facility in the centre of the United States make for easier dispersal of pathogens should an accident happen? Or are they relying on nature to help to help them along? Wind patterns and earthquakes etc could make life much easier for those intent on population reduction.

        Maybe just the musings of a past middle age woman….I really like to be right, in this case I truely hand on heart hope I am wrong.

        Take care folks.

        • yes, them telling everyone sure does go against their fear of the boogie man doesnt it? what does that tell you about the lies of the boogie man? or what does it tell you about their complete lack of common sense?

          either way, ignorance abounds!

          • VRF

            I agree with you or the most part, but I have got to the point where “their” version of common sense and mine differ. Like beauty, common sense I believe is in the eye of the beholder…to normal people this move is nonsensical, but to those with major skewed thinking it may be perfectly logical. I view it as a bit like suicide by cop…to me and you pulling a gun when faced with armed police is madness, but to the man who wants to die but cannot effect this by his own means it is a logical thing to do., it ensures he gets what he wants.

            It has a good chance as you point out, that the boogie man is fiction. Or maybe he is fact and this ensures the required result allowing blame to be attributed to the boogie man and not to the PTB.
            Or maybe they are just plain foolish and again, as you say, ignorance abounds.

            Knowing just a little about pathogens I have to say that whatever the reasoning behind this move is, to plant such a facility in a major population centre is mad beyond belief. A release of such pathogens just cannot be dealt with by good preps. However, social distancing and self-imposed isolation can be. The issue here is how much time would pass before people would know about a release/accident, and therefore how far would it have spread before the public had a clue that there was an issue. Global travel means any of these bugs can be anywhere on the planet within hours of the first infection taking place.

            Smallpox, supposedly irradiated was released in a lab here in the UK, about three miles from my home to be exact in 1972. It got through a crack in a fume cabinet and into a vent behind the cabinet, the secretary in the office below, who had her desk near the vent in her office died, her name was Janet Parker. It was 14 days before they found out definitively what the problem was, though they had a good idea there would be an issue as the crack in the cabinet was found the day after the release. This happened at a medical school lab in the centre of the UK. I was 12 at the time, and at a school very local to the event. We were off school until all contacts were checked to make sure the spread was contained, it was chaos, and that was for a known/admitted to release that involved 2 people.

            Chills me to the bone thinking about what could have/may happen.

            Take care

            • just saw the movie “contagion”..maybe this is where this is headed?

            • Burt the Brit.

              We need it now and it has to go somewhere.

              Yes, we do manage to tell everyone what we are doing.
              The Chinese even hacked a set of plans of the W88, the most advanced nuclear warhead detonation device. Nothing is safe. How many working in top secret facilities have sold our secrets. Yepper, they put it right in tornado alley and the jet stream is a very good dispersal tool.

            • At that point in time everyone was being or had recently been vacinated. Today that is not true with most vacinations having been done more than thirty years ago. Most of the population would be vulnerable to smallpox with deaths in the millions. I don’t believe that even the military receives smallpox vacinations anymore.

            • @John W,

              Yes, the military still does receive smallpox vaccinations; I have firsthand knowledge.

        • This is just the publicity BEFORE the false flag operation.

          Satan hates that saintly humans are filling the heavenly thrones from which his devils were driven. To prevent more of “his” thrones from being filled, he makes sure that there are fewer of us and that we are steeped in sin. The Synagogue of Satan assists his Culture of Death and his Culture of Sin.



      6. Irradiated…sorry

      7. Bloody iPad.

        IRADICATED. There done it lol

      8. Perhaps the prevailing winds in Ks will do the job quicker

        Nothing is by accident

        Everything is by design


        • possee- it not the winds,maybe an f4?

          why not use gitmo for this or maybe at least under ground on mexican border, at least there security for the facility would help protect the border.a thought

        • I am inclined to agree. I am sure you have rules and regulations regarding hazardous substances over there, just as we do.

          We can’t store butane gas canisters above a given size in our homes…far to dangerous, but they can build a nuclear facility or a virus lab where ever they like. Personally I’d take my chances with the butane but I am not allowed to coose.

          I am sure it is the same over ther Possee, we are all mere pawns in a game.

          Take care

          • Burt

            Every law passed in the US is sponsored by lobbyists to benefit the corporation(s)..

            of course under the guise of ..”it’s for the people..”

            quaint ..isn’t it?

            problem is ..the vast majority of Americans lap it up like well trained dogs..

            • Tell me about it it is exactly the same over here

            • Most Americans are too busy working and raising families to pay attention. The media is worthless as it has become simply a cheering section for the Democrat Party and it’s policies. Very little real news is ever presented anymore especially without a leftwing bias or agenda behind it.

      9. Virus Research Facility? What’s the objective/agenda? On the one hand, the state of science and technology is really amazing/miraculous these days. HOWEVER, a major risk that remains that I’d be concerned with is the control/management of research tissue cultures and any plans for human trials – this is a man-in-the-loop process that cannot be automated. The most horrific escape in this area is directly related to “the origin of aids” – if you have not already seen the video summary on this “hypothesis”, go check it out on youtube. And it’s happened many times.

      10. Wow! My oldest son was looking at a job offer in Manhattan,KS last year…Glad now he didn’t take it! I’d like to know whose great idea THIS was!! On a college campus filled with radicals? Oh please!

        • And filled with kids wanting an education, all looking forward to going home for holidays, seeing family and friends all over the USA…should an incident occur, they will become the vectors for spreading whatever it is that gets out. Poor sods, going to school should not expose young people to this, it is abuse of the first order.

          It’s an appalling but very effective way to spread disease should you wish to do so.

          Step 1. Something gets out of the lab
          Step 2. Wait a week
          Step 3. Announce something JUST escaped the lab…campus is closed
          Step 4. All kids go home
          Step 5. Job done.

          Alternatively, someone inside the lab is the boogie man/woman, there are bad police, bad teachers, bad doctors, what’s to say scientists can’t be bad? I do not believe for one moment all scientists are altruistic any more than I believe in the tooth fairy.

          Take care

          • burt

            perfect population control

            silent and deadly

            curious as to what these damned chemtrails overhead are really for…never ends here..

            perhaps testing the prevailing winds for ultimate spread of contagions when necessary..?

            oh well

            enjoy your day..

            • Chem-trails? You must be nuts. Just where do you think the folks flying the planes and planning the operation live? On the moon? Get a clue, those are contrails. Where did that chem-trails nonsense start? No wonder the pols think we are all stupid sheep.

            • John w. I posted 2 links farther down, that is getting cleared (so it will be a while before it clears spam) One shows PICTURES of INSIDE a jumbo jet, half the seats are missing, replaced with tanks and pictures of techs working inside, and us military outside of aircraft. The other video is taken RIGHT BEHIND A JET SPRAYING SOMETHING,If you think that is just comtrails YOU are nuts. I don’t know what it is. Will you watch them, when they clear the spam?? probably not. PROOF IS A BITCH!!

            • @ John W.

              For the time being, I am going to assume and hope that your comment is based on complete ignorance. And I hope I am right, because “ignorance” can be fixed and excused. After all, we are all ignorant about various topics.

              Chemtrails vs. Contrails has long since been elevated from “conspiracy theory” and “lunatic opinion” to ACKNOWLEDGED FACT. THEY even acknowledge that IT is a “budgeted program”.

              Do yourself a favor and type “chemtrails” into any search engine. Spend a month or so reading through a small portion of the information available. If at that point in time, you can still return here with your current “viewpoint” intact, I can in good conscience replace ignorant with “willfully” ignorant. Good hunting friend.

            • Chemtrails a farce? I recommend you consider studying what is known about the phenomenon in the public sector. The original “chemtrails” were temporary antennas laid by the Air Force. As for the chemtrails we see today, thank Dr. Edward Teller…read it and weep:


              As far as the lab is concerned, when I read about it, I thought of “The Stand”, by Steven King.

              A pathogen outbreak would be just the thing to require you to get your chip, and “vacinations”. No chip, no medical treatment…

          • Maybee they picked that campuss to profect the “nude bomb” sinerio, from get smart, alot of good lookin farmers daughters there!!! I took a 3 day weekend at keywest and partied with 4 such babes about 12 years ago, at the end of it, I felt like an abandoned piece of meat, used and abused, and then left there, for a long drive home alone, with the thoughts of what happened to me that long weekend. As the guys reading this can imagine, it was terrible!!!

            • It was like a plauge was released and destroyed the world.

            • lol….Just don’t bend over in your speedo when you are in Key West or you may have some unwanted attention.

            • As I said…. steeped in sin.

            • What gender are you?

            • anon 10:02- I tried to tell them,I’m just a man, I’m not a piece of meat, I need romance!!! Those women just wanted to have their way with me all weekend, and kick me down the road,yep, used and abandoned. I think of that weekend everytime I hear the word florida, the scars of that weekend linger for life. Yeah, that drive was terrible,I was exhausted. I put the top down of the convertable, catching the rays, craked a beer, enjoyed the drive to the mainland. How can anyone red thumb a weekend like that.

            • John Q- This is the one and only thing I share in common with the gubmint. Kevin yells *I don’t repent my sins to john q public* Perhaps you should look in the mirror and consentrate on the sins of the person you gaze upon. Your own.

            • As if boasting about your fantasy/experience is manly? Or even believable?

              Even without any consideration of the sinfulness of fornication, you boast of just a different kind of immature self-gratification of which many of you accuse the welfare entitlement crowd.

            • John Q- “sinfulness of fornication”?? That was what we were put on this earth for!! Fruitful???Multiply??? Don’t be jealous and hateful. If you didn’t have any fun in your younger years, thats not my fault. I don’t need the Q publics belief or blessing.

            • That’s exactly right. You do not need MY blessing.

              At the Judgment Seat it will be essential to have HIS blessing.

              Have a nice day.

            • John Q- Perhaps you should worry about your own jugement day. If that weekend (which ranks in sin with that cassette tape I stole from a store when I was ten) Sends me to the pits of hell, no one reading this will be going upstairs. NO ONE is completly righteous!!! Including YOUSELF! The big guy upstairs knows what I’m all about, I’ll do ok, and I appriciate your concern for my day in judgement. P.S.- yesterday was a great day Thank you!

        • college + students = radicals? Or does the concept of education itself seem radical? Hmmmm.

        • Hey SMoky! There ya are…

          did ya walk away form those debts yet, deadbeat?

      11. Building this hazardous lab in Tornado Alley?

      12. Has anyone seen Stephen King’s movie “The Stand”? sounds like the beginning of that movie to me….

        • Don’t fear the reaper!

        • Thanks, I was starting to google “The Stand” to see if I was remembering that correctly!

      13. this idea has been on the burner for a while, i heard about this a few years back.

        • So has it only just been approved?

          • Must be..I need to read some more about it, but I have read stories that were aluding to the island off the east coast (i forget the name right now, but its the facility where they have been doing this type of research all along, for many years)they have said thy were going to close it and move this type of research to the placement, and idea of this move has not just poped up overnight..I have heard rumblings about this at least 2 years ago..

            • (plum Island..yeah thats it…lol…duh..)

            • That would be Plumb Island, the place in the US where Lyme Disease started from…just an accident, of course.

      14. I was disappointed to see that liberalism isn’t one of the diseases being studied at this new facility.


        • They killed me Mal, they killed me with a sword, how weird is that?

      15. you can prep for a lot of different scenerios….but this one would be the hardest.

      16. Sure glad I live upwind!

        • Upwind is not enough, contact is as big a problem.


          • Fortunatly, I am very remote as well. Contact would not be a big issue.

            • Can I come and stay at your place then? Lol only kidding.

              Take care

            • Burt, many people can’t handle it! Imagine driving from London to Bournemouth then back to Southampton. That’s how far the next closest city is!

            • Sounds ideal to me. When can I visit lol.

              I was all over that area last weekend funnily enough….ah the joys of the M25 lol the rest of the trip was fine…the M25 is never fine, it’s the biggest car park I have ever seem.

              Take care

            • AZ Ready– unfortunately, as I’m also in az., Freedonia or Chinle come to mind as being 137.6 miles from a city. Even Tuba City has a McDonalds, so I suggest not getting take-out. Here’s another tid-bit… let’s say that Las Vegas is infected by jet travelers.. how long will it be that an airborne contagion travels, via westerly air currents to ALL of Az.? And the entire west coast? Airborne means that a cough or even a fart somewhere can travel long distance via air currents. Remember, in the late fifties and early sixties, nuclear testing outside Vegas? I too am a “down winder” from that era. I don’t have any effects (yet) from those wonderful “scientific” gov’t tests that were secretly and magnanimously BESTOWED on us. However, my older sister has had adverse symptoms– thyroid gland removed. Any contagion can go by the wayside from the very first take-out hamburger!

            • curious george, I agree with you on all points. Let’s face it, nowhere is completely safe or immune (no pun intended). My understanding, though limited, is that bacteria and viruses cannot live very long outside a host, or victim. Being airborne would be bad in a close contact situation, which I don’t intend to be in if indeed this is how the shit hits the fan.

              I have found too that the consumption of mass quantities of adult beverage seem to kill any pathogens entering my body! Just saying!!!LOL

      17. i live in manhattan kansas literally within a stones throw of the facility. i have been screaming for weeks for someone anyone to help me with the dilema that no one else seems to see brewing here in manhattan kansas. the “new” NBAF is being built right next to an already existing level 2 bio research facility which is literally right next to the world renown K State Veternary Medical center (what better place to have a level 4 bio center than right next to an ag research facility world renown for research on animals and animal vaccinations, hormone therapy and antibiotic resarch not to mention the idea that if you wanted to create a food/livestock virus what better place to study it, everything is right here) The Vet med center also has a large crematorium on site and what I believe to be the BIG ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM HERE IN MANHATTAN KANSAS….THERE IS ALREADY A LEVEL 2 BIO FACILITY RIGHT NEXT TO THE NEW NBAF WHICH IS RIGHT NEXT TO A LIVE ACTIVE NUCLEAR REACTOR FOR KSTATE!!!!! So within a 20 mile raduis you have the new NBAF, an already existing level 2 facility (which it looks like to me that they are constructing underground tunnels from facility to facility the const site is mysteriously blocked off from view and what looks like an underground concrete ramp is hidden from view on the construction site mind you this is before the primary foundation has been laid)the Vetrenary medical center, an active nuclear reactor, and FT. Riley military base all within 20 miles….keep in mind that the 1918 spanish flu started here at FT. Riley….i live here in manhattan with my young family and this is starting to scare the shit out of me…..thoughts anyone??????

        • Maybe you can sell your home to one of those transferring in to staff these facilities. If I absolutely had to work there, I would drive an hour each way and live in a more rural (and hopefully less expensive) location. Gas prices being what they are maybe even this is out of the question.

        • yeah… MOVE! To Wyoming! Looks just like Kansas! ;0) Less IMF Guberment Gestapo NWO.CFR Fascist A-holes!

          Cleaner Safer Freer Environment for the Whole Family!

          That living situation in Kansas for you and your Family, is only going to End in a very Painful Death by Cancer and Disease for All living there within a 200 miles radius of the facility!

          Get at least two Full Gas Tank Fills away from the Facility, at least a mile off the Main Road in your New Cleaner Environment Town!

          With Your own Family Garden and Private Water Source!

          Good Luck! Look to Western Wyoming!

        • Thoughts? MOVE!

          Wow, that was hard.

        • Justin,

          Thoughts? Um…move? Like ASAP…

        • yeah…you`re a deadman!

        • Justin

          Fort Riley is the real scare. They have the atomic cannon so you can imagine all the other scary things:) I grew up on Fort Riley and am very healthy and approaching 50. The Spanish Flu was not limited to Camp Funston.

          The Manhattan economy is booming based on all the construction. I’d stay, but I like to hang out at Milford Lake and will be at Acorn Cabins this weekend fishing and watching/listening to the Cats, Shocks, and Hawks.

          Manhattan, where you can watch your nephew return home from Fake Patty’s Day with a black eye and a smile.

          Low Plains Perspective

      18. I’m sure everything is going to be just fine, look at the really great job that they did with the VOLT, or managing our National Debt. Good God, it’s The Government people, they know what their doing, DON’T THEY?

        • Wouldn’t this be safer in D.C.?

          • Hollywood. Where does Jane Fonda live?

          • I like the way you think. So we’re going to keep developing the type of weapon which we went to Iraq to stop them from developing? WTF?

      19. The only smart thing they did with Plum Island, was it wsa on an island with a low probability of any of that stuff spreading. This is a little to close to CO for me.

        Off to get some gas masks!

        • I live in central CAnada and in a city whith a level 4 lab what a place to have it located right in the heart of my CITY thats messed up! o yah right smack dab in the center of canada! peace

      20. Makes me sick it’s in my backyard and at my college. Accidents will happen.

        • what do you think about the new center going in right next to the bio research facility up on manhattan avenue which is right next to the vet med which is right next to the nuclear reactor in caldwell hall which is all just 18 miles from Ft. Riley???

        • Manhattan Kansas look way up to the north over the border and you will see WInnipeg Manitoba level 4 bio whatever lab. Funny how its centerd right over Manhattan Kansas geographicly speaking and right in the middel of your country! same GRABAGE up HEAR! BIO level 4 facility in the middle of the CITY! WHAT CAN go WRONG righT! this is just BS! i wonder about that PLACE sometimes ! is it safE? NAH! SHTF

      21. How is Plum Island any safer than Kansas? And it’s an old facility, obsolete technology, considerably worn out. Like the reactors at Fukushima.

        • Seems logical that they could have built the same hi-tec facility on plum island to replace the old worn out one….but naw.. they HAD to locate it in Kansas…thats deliberate and for a reason!

      22. The smartest move would be first, to not fuck around with such pathogens. The second smartest, if in fact you are so compelled to fuck with that which should not be fucked with, build it deep underground with many levels of isolated containment. Anything short of this is dangerous, negligent and abhorrent. Yet, these geniuses build it on a college campus. Not on a military base, not underground, not in space, no, around a bunch of kids and a population center. Anyone else thinking of Stephen King’s “The Stand”, when they read this?

        • Yup

        • Home run bro!! If we had the most competant government in the history of the world, it still wouldn’t alleviate the problems of this facility. Unfortunately, we have the most incompetant beurocratic system in the history of the planet right now, filled with collage (un)educated people in charge, who were promoted out of departments because they can never get fired, so thats the only way to get rid of them(I have alot of family in state gubmint, and they have seen(and done) this many, many times), so the incompetance get promoted. WOW! I just scared the $hit out of my self.

          • Yep..WE call it “Fuck up move up”

            It was a rolling joke for some of us that have done contract work on our Nuclear Power Facilities.

            we would see a complete dunce move up thru the ranks, as the intelligent or critical thinkers would stagnate in the possitions they were in for years.

        • rename manhatten “racoon city”

          that didnt end well either

        • Spot on, JoeRep! Especially the statement, “if in fact you are so compelled to fuck with that which should not be fucked with”. That says it all.

      23. What the hell is the department of insecurity doin in the biz of opening any kind of a facility, ANYWHERE!! Nice central location though. They will tell us they put it there because it would be such a long swim, osama bin ladens water soaked skelital remains would never be able to swim that far inland, for he would drown first!!

      24. Okie: You’ve been around a lot of corpses. Is that normal?
        Beefcake: What, the feet thing?
        Okie: Yeah, the feet thing.
        Beefcake: Yeah, it happens.
        Okie: Well I’m having a hard time concentrating. Can you do something about it?
        Beefcake: Like what, kill him again?

        • Hey okie, Its not a school of 5 pounders out there, just a minnow swimming in circles. Don’t waste your time casting a lure out, and I forgot the pool net. You got the bottle opener?

      25. Theres junk az trailers in the adirondacks with a dozer on one side and a pit on the other. Dont worry .theyll probably secure their laboratories the same way.. Drink well my friends…

      26. Plum Island is actually located off the east end of Long Island, about 100 miles from New York City and about 120 miles from Boston and about 15 miles from the famous resorts to the rich of the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

        Read the book “Lab 257” written bby a local researcher to see the failures of this lab: Lyme disease, Dutch Duck Disease which wiped out the duck farming industry on Long Island, West Nile virus (likely) and a host of others.

      27. Looks like the thumbs downers have just dragged their arsesout of bed, shame, the conversation was going well.

        Scares me too Kevin, and most sane people I would think.

        Take care

      28. News Flash
        Students at the University of Kansas have been disappearing for the last two months. The government has admitted because of documents leaked that they have been experimenting on the students without their knowledge.
        Many of the students have died from the experiments but the government says it has the right to their lives in the name of homeland security. You are the property of the government so shut up and act accordingly.

      29. Plum Island was a biolevel 5 animal research center.The only way it was granted a level 5 was because it was an island.There was only one way to get there…ferryboat.All the people and animals were ferried in and out to a dock in Conn. or one on Long Island.The facility was opened in 1954 to study animal pathogens with no cures or vaccines. They also studied zoontoic (ones that jump species) pathogens.It was taken over by DHS in 2003.In 1993 Newsday unearthed documents proving the existence of biowarfare experiments on Plum Island.Lyme disease was first found in Lyme,Conn. near the ferryboat dock for Plum Island. In 1999 there were reports of West Nile Fever on Long Island and later in Queens, NY. A boy scout camp on Long Island had to be closed because of Malaria.Coincidence? Maybe.They did have a tick program and a bird program(West Nile carriers). Although Congress questioned the wisdom of this facility in Kansas because of the potential infection of the “beef belt” it didn’t matter.You don’t over rule DHS at this time.BTW wasn’t that the possible vacation spot for Hannibal Lector in “Silence of the Lambs” for helping to capture someone?

        • “Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center.” Sounds charming. You’ll tell us when you stop hearing the lambs crying?

        • Morning JRS

          Thanks for the info, I was going to look later. You raise a couple of good points, it only takes a very small shortcut by saff, or a genuine absent minded moment for escapes to occur, as could have happened with Lyme disease at the dock. At least an island can be policed a little easier than a oil ledge campus, and yes, I believe Hanibal the cannibal did holiday there.

          Take care

        • This 3 minute video is interesting. At 1:30 shows pictures of the INSIDE of a converted jumbo jet with tanks AND half the seats left. They ARE spraying something. Beleive your eyes people, not what they tell you. I don’t know what they are up to, but if it is done in secret, its because I wouldn’t like it.

            • kevin:
              Thanks for the video showing just what the UBER-RICH and their mega corps are getting those “fine,upstanding and oh so truthful” folks that “run” this country are letting the new “FASCISTS” (HLS and the rest) do to the rest of us….
              Big question is since we can’t get those mentioned above to stop(or even have accountability for what they’re doing)
              How can we protect ourselves?
              I don’t have enough tin foil for a hat much less my house or outdoor area…
              Thanks again for the video

          • I see a red thumb down, Why don’t you just watch it. You just might learn something red thumb. You just might ask yourself,,, why are they converting that? what are in those tanks?? PROOF IS A BITCH ,AINT IT!!

            • NICE day to day it would be if it wher not for all the CHEMTRAILS in the SKY zig zaging all over the DAMN PLACE this is sICK!

      30. If this country was called Iraq and it’s leader was named Sadaam Hussien we would be carpet bombed for having biological weapons of mass destruction. DC govt corp…the worlds largest terrorist organization.

        • Thank God the American people will e spared that but I get your point.

        • The Plum Island–Lyme Disease link is fairly well documented. Basic maintenance at Plum Island was lacking—filters on vents to the outside were poorly maintained, and there were many other safety violations there. Net, we are probably lucky that Lyme Disease was the worst thing to escape Plum Island (as far as we know……….)

      31. A short story about lab developed bugs.

        Back in 1976 while I was in the military. The swine flu was running amuck and they said it was a deadly strain.
        The call our shop up to the medical dept. and told us we were getting a swine flu shot and it was mandatory.
        After I get my shot the Medic says to to go and sit down in the lobby for a half hour and do not leave. I ask why and he says I could die from a reaction to the vaccine.
        You know what was going through my head. I make it past the thirty minutes and go back to work. All is fine till early in the moring hours I wake up sweating, fever, body aches and coughing like hell. I thought I brought the farm and just laid there in bed. A few hours go by and I feel better.
        To this day I have not had any flu or major sickness while others around me came down with the bug during the flu season.
        Go figure.

        • Cpt. Joyce Riley, USAF (nurse) did a series of lectures showing a photocopy from an early 1970’s Federal Register appropriating funds to develop “an atypical biowarfare agent” that would not itself be infective, but would lower resistance to microbes that were not typically pathogens. A few years later we had AIDS.

          They want us dead any way they can do it—plague, vaccines, famine, fracking, GMO foods, war, abortion, sodomy, extreme sports, SWAT…. ANY way they can do it. Their plan is 90% depopulation and enslave the survivors.

          Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

          • dumbass…can you hurry up and die?

        • Probably because you never took another flu vaccine 😉

          • Your right! Never had a flu shot again.

        • Slingshot,

          I was in the US Army at the time, and we were lined up and given the “vaccine”. I only ended up w/ a huge red lump on my arm, but some of the guys got very sick.

      32. Labs like this exist in a number of parts of the world without any releases to the outside world.

        • Without releases that have been made public Barn Cat

        • yeah but but BUilt in the DOWNTOWN in my city oh WAIT its nEAR suberbs in the middel of a city bio 4 lab give me a break! MIDDEL of MY CITY one lab in 12 in the world or somthing like THAT! why have these labs built around POPULATIONS IS BEYOND! ME FUCK! alll goberments all lies but what else is NEW! i KNOW WHY! DUH!

        • Barn Cat,
          And you know this for a FACT how?
          I smell a Govenmt troll….

      33. From a guy that lives near Kansas City, this is not happy news. Not prepped for outbreak. Prevailing winds where I am are North and South though, Manhattan is mostly West of us. Wouldn’t matter with contact transmission.

      34. RON PAUL








        • HANG TEN
          WHAT ME WORRRY
          WHERE’S THE BEEF
          HOW’S IT HANG’N

          oh you forgot the best one: LIVE FREE OR DIE!

          • How about: AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE or MY COUNTRY RIGHT OR WRONG, IT’S STILL MY COUNTRY! (a special note to all Ron Paul supporters)

            • DR. you must be a proctologist. Whom do you support. “My country right or wrong”. Thats the stupidist thing I have ever heard(well its in the top 50). In your personel life, if a relationship with a person,church or institution does things you don’t like, do you stay with that person, continue to go to that church, or associate with that institution????? Any sane person wouldn’t, you would break those bonds that make your life bad. As for “america, love it or leave it”, what you are saying its my way or the highway?????? You sir, are a jacka$$!

            • Kevin, AMERICA, Love it, or Leave it

            • Dr. Sheldon…please stop drinking the kool-aid…its having an adverse affect on your ability to have critical thought patterns.

              Question? I served my country in the armed forces because I loved it.
              Now I hate what it has become….does that mean I should leave it?
              Never mind don’t answer as your answer will probably only piss me off….I’ll fight to get the republic back.

              P.S. I as many vets support Dr. Paul….so FUCK YOU!!

            • Doc- It allready left ME. It left the bill of rights. It left the constitution. It left the rule of law. It left sound money. It left YEARS ago, you have been living a lie, you think you have liberty? You think you have freedom?? DEFINE each and explain your freedoms to me.

            • Kevin, what if were a colon rectal doc, I guess that would mean that I make more and maybe have a better education than you? Your tiny little mind is on display. As an OB/GYN Dr. Paul looks at the south end of women all day, What does that make him and what’s your point?

              Why so snarky, it is still a free country is it not and I am entitled to my opinion, but I guess just not in you presence, huh?

              You know knowing about me, or what I believe, or what I’ve done for my country. So my opinion is, America, love it or leave it….twerp.

              As for the other guy, nice mouth, do you eat with that? In case you haven’t noticed there are women who read this, so try real hard not to make yourself look like trash. You’re really some American, free speech as long as YOU AGREE. How American of you!

            • Doc-hahahahahahah! You are a funny man.I laughed all the way through your response. Insults and your academic pedigree say nothing, and don’t win a debate. Freedom of speach??? I told you the FACT that our country has left the constitution and gone to hell in a hand basket and you shout ME down with caps!!(if you want i can give 50 things that show you america has and is gone as a republic, AFTER you list 15 examples of your freedom, free from government) You are the intolerant one. As for ron paul delivering babies and I would add to that a medic, he brings life into the world. Romney(hedge fund guy)Newt(career politician)santorum(2007 most corrupt senetor) THESE CLOWNS BRING NOTHING BUT BS AND CORRUPTION! By the way, do you think the german people of the 30’s and 40’s said of the nazi’s- “my country, right or wrong, its still my country”???? What a$$clown came up with that one. Some socialist so-called profesor?

            • Dr.S.C.,
              That also applies here as well(get the point?)
              You another Fed Troll??
              You do type like one….

      35. Oh come on people!!!! This is the US guvment under Obama, the 50 mil for the the one in Kansas is going to be a decoy , that is why they advertised where it would be. They will then build one for 100 mil some place else and not let anyone know aboiut it. Might as well waste twice the amount of money since it is not really ours because we are borrowing it from the chinese. Obama spends money just like his food stamp minions spend their money, just waste it on junk since it is not their money.

      36. Obviously, the unfolding Agenda 21 plan, to reduce the human population by 90%.

        • What are you doing to be in the remaining 10%?

      37. Don’t worry it would only kill a bunch of Americans and the PTB could contain it before it goes to Canada or Mexico.

        • NAh they would just simotanisly realease bio shit from the lab in the north too bio level 4 lab in a CITY population of aprox 700,000 people thats a PROLBEM wait tell they trip the lab in the north WInnipeg! ZOMBIE CITY EBOLA ect testing in these labs up hear

      38. Here is to Cardiac Break for mentioning to me that he hasn’t seen me blog lately!

        First, I hope you enjoy and use the distillation unit, thanks for the bonus! May you only need it for peacetime.

        As for the article: Raccoon City and Mila Jojovich come to mind. Also remember Omega Man and the modern remake with Will Smith?

        How about a nice case of rabies re-done with no vaccine?

        And a question. Has anyone heard of Homeland security stopping people on highways? Some one mentioned it at work.

        Geo-man, your unit is almost complete and ready for testing.

        Arkansas, tower is done, needs reflux, main condensor is done, boiler needs top and nozzle completion.

        Bond guy, Your tower is done, main condensor complete, boiler needs bottom and top, needs reflux.

        Marine, boiler is in the works, have parts ready for building other components, cut out.

        Salt water guy, same as Marine…

        Have had some down time as TIG welder is burning torches, waiting on third torch….have a 3 day weekend coming up and expect to make progress.

        Waiting on sugar cane to come up, planting potatoes, pickled a bunch more eggs. Time to buy handloading supplies…again. More powder, more brass, more match grade stuff.

        There will be an article in Horse Back Magazine in May, with my distillation unit in it. Look for it.

        Terry W. Reed

        • @Terry , What is the manufacture type , gauge diameter of the Wire / Twine you use for Snares please… is there a website or two you suggest? what do you use for scent bait??? Thanks for the Answer! ~ninao

          • For the largest animals in the lower 48, including wolves, I use !/8″ thk aircraft cable.

            I do not use scent/bait with snares, they are “blind sets”.

            For regular land trapping I use hawbaker, carmen as well as other commercially availabe scents. Occasionally I will make my own from urine and parts from target animals I have caught. Don’t want to groos anyone out but you can imagine.
            Websites, no, books, yes, trapping north american furbearers by Hawbaker is a bible for me. There are others, search amazon. Fur Fish and Game magazine.


      39. it should be built off shore..G-bay?
        any where other then inland..and why put it just about at the center of our country?

        idiots i tell ya , were fuckin surrounded by idiots

      40. FAKE cnn broadcast from saudi arabia durring gulf war 1. Leaked by someone inside. Our media is such a fraud, This is comical. If this doesn’t open eyes nothing will.

      41. 12 monkeys

        • Gooooood Movie!

      42. Well one good thing is that the economy is improving so we are on the up and up

        • Rich, I see silver is almost to 33 bucks, I hope the illusion of recovery continues till silver is well below 25 a troy oz. lol.. peace

          • Me too, then I will be able to afford a bit more of it.

      43. I have no doubt the people doing the research where told and believe that its for the peoples good. I bet there is a small group of people in the know that have something else in mind to use this research for that is no good.

      44. hello capt. tripps…

        • I was going to post a video of the guy in the stand with the sighn, couldn’t find it. here is monty python “bring out your dead”. Might as well laugh at our eventual, painful and bloody deaths a little.

      45. @All… Its not so much “How Well These Facilities ARE BUILT! How Deep The Lab Levels Go! How Many Pretty Colors they use to Warn “Us” of Obviously Dangerous Substances! How many Guns and Black Jack Booted Goyim Soldier Slaves Guard Them!”

        It’s “WHO” is “IN CHARGE” of the Disease Development Programs and Has the KEYS to the Disease Stocked Labs and Refrigerators!

        Since 1900 Man has been Playing GAWD with Micro-Organisms, Disease Cells…

        And it is Known that every time they bring their Weaponized Abomination to the Natural Law of the Earth Biological Sciences to FULL MATURITY!

        That the “Power That Be” IMF NWO.CFR , Carnegies, Rothschilds, Warburgs, DOW, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer etc etc… As well as their Jacked Booted Soldier Slave Goyim, the CIA Mossad KGB M-16 , all are Known to Have “Intentionally Released” unto their OWN Civilian Populations as Field Tests!

        This is REAL has happened repeatedly INTENTIONALLY RELEASED before AROUND the World, Even in AmeriKa, England, Russia, China, Africa! And will Most Definitely happen AGAIN in our immediate future!


        The IMF NWO.CFR BilderBoyBuggers WorldBank U.N. are Now Fully Engage in their Global Enslavement AGENDA 21 Eugenics Program! 90% of YOU must DIE!

        This is ALL Planned! Intentional! Your Failure Ignorance to Recognize this “CONSPIRACY FACT” brings only DEATH Early to Your Families, Your Childrens, Front Doorstep!

        “KNOCK KNOCK!”

        … guess who that is???

        • MONSANTO=US.FedGov.FDA.Approved.Eugenics.GMO.DEATH.Sterilization

          Monsanto is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide “Roundup”, as well as producing 90% of the world’s genetically modified (GMO) seeds.

          Over Monsanto’s 110-year history (1901-2011), Monsanto Co (MON.N), the world’s largest seed company, has evolved from primarily an industrial chemical concern into a pure agricultural products company. MON profited $2 billion dollars in 2009, but their record profits fell to only $1 billion in 2010 after activists exposed Monsanto for doing terribly evil acts like suing good farmers and feeding uranium to pregnant women. Below is a timeline of Monsanto’s dark history.

          Monsanto, best know today for its agricultural biotechnology GMO products, has a long and dirty history of polluting this country and others with some of the most toxic compounds known to humankind. From PCBs to Agent Orange to Roundup, we have many reasons to question the motives of this evil corporation that claims to be working to reduce environmental destruction and feed the world with its genetically engineered GMO food crops. Monsanto has been repeatedly fined and ruled against for, among many things: mislabeling containers of Roundup, failing to report health data to EPA, plus chemical spills and improper chemical deposition.

          The name Monsanto has since, for many around the world, come to symbolize the greed, arrogance, scandal and hardball business practices of many multinational corporations. A couple of historical factoids not generally known: Monsanto was heavily involved during WWII in the creation of the first nuclear bomb for the Manhattan Project via its facilities in Dayton Ohio and called the Dayton Project headed by Charlie Thomas, Director of Monsanto’s Central Research Department (and later Monsanto President) and it operated a nuclear facility for the federal government in Miamisburg, also in Ohio, called the Mound Project until the 80s.

          • Top 10 Facts YOU Should Know About Monsanto

            No GMO Labeling Laws in the USA!
            Lack of Adequate FDA / USDA Safety Testing
            Monsanto Puts Small Farmers out of Business
            Farmer Suicides After GMO Crop Failures
            Monsanto Products Pollute the Developing World
            500,000 Agent Orange Babies
            Monsanto Blocking Government Regulations
            Monsanto Guilty of False Advertising & Scientific FRAUD
            Consumers Reject Bovine Growth Hormone rBGH in Milk
            GMO Crops Do NOT Increase Yields
            Monsanto Controls U.S. Soy Market
            Monsanto’s GMO Foods Cause NEW Food Allergies

            Some GMO foods have been proven in laboratory tests to…
            CAUSE: cancer, sterility, miscarriages, seizures and even death!

            • You Are what you EAT! Eat Only NON-GMO Fresh Foods Produce and Whole Fresh Meats! Filter your tap water… learn what reverse osmosis is??? Take the cancerous tumor causing Fluoride out of your Fed.Gov FDA poisoned tap water in your home!

              Otherwise Your only killing yourself… through intentional Eugenics based GMO Poisoned Foods!

              Do you want to Die by/ at age 40???

              No… then LEARN THE TRUTH of WHAT you are buying at your own local grocery stores! You are ALL paying your hard earned monies TO KILL YOURSELVES and YOUR CHILDREN!

              Monsanto GMO’s, Soy, Corn Syrup = IMF NWO.CFR Eugenics EARLY premature DEATH by Cancers and Tumors or eventually STERILITY!

              You are WHAT YOU EAT!

            • Yes, we have to protect of pretigious body fluids, don’t you know.


              2.) ANTI DIARRHEA MEDS
              4.) CHARCOAL FOR INGESTION
              8.) EPINEPHRINE


      46. I am all for finding cures for disease, 30 odd years in the medical profession makes you that way, but it seems to me that these are the “wrong” diseases. The sum total of those becoming infected and dying from these viruses is minute when compared to diseases such as asthma, bronchopneumonia, and even plague. Hantavirus is increasing world wide(from mouse droppings) as is leptospirosis (from infected animal urine, most commonly rats and mice)I could give you a huge list but you get the idea. It’s well known that West Nile is caused by mossies and stagnant water, remove the water, massively reduce the virus, what is there to research? Hendra virus has killed one person to date…an Austrailian horse trainer. Agreed it is highly pathogenic, if it crosses from horse to man, and I wish no offence to the bereaved family, but ONE person? If they want to research diseases for the common good why not go for the ones that are causing increased morbidity and mortality in humans on a grand scale? Continued and repeated drought will see a rise in Hantavirus, areas that suffer freshwater flooding see really massive increases in leptospirosis rates, why not research how to halt these diseases?

        Rant over, thanks or listening.

        • Hi Burt,

          The Hendra virus belongs to the same family as the Nipah virus. Both have a human fatality rate in excess of 70%.
          Although the Hendra virus has only killed for 4 people so far. Its very near and dear relative the Nipah virus has killed a few hundred in outbreaks in India through to Indonesia. Both are easily tranmissible.
          A sad aspect about these viruses is there has also been a small percentage of victims who have relapsed and died 4 years after the original infection.
          I would expect if these viruses could be weaponised they would be a lot more effective than swine or bird flu.
          Why anyone would mess with this sort of s$%t is beyond me, and certainly not in the middle of America’s foodbowl.

      47. If we killed all our servants, we would no longer be masters. Just like in chess we expose the king and court be removing the pawns. Sure, there are acceptable losses on our side, but in the end someone has to clean the toilets.

        • Good point…sad but true

      48. Hiya

        I think Ebola is too messy…too visible. No, if depopulation is what’s going on it will be something clean and quiet with a longish incubation period so the infected can continue to infect for a couple of weeks before the symptoms show. It would also help the cause if there were a artery of symptoms, the variation would slw the pubic response allowing even more spread. Lyme disease is actually quite a good one, many symptoms that differ in individuals though probably not lethal enough……let me think, VRSA would be a good start, the extremely nasty big brother of MRSA.
        Drug resistant TB, pretty lethal and currently popping up all over the place. There would be quite a lst to chose from.

        Take care

        • Good old fashioned plague? Mice and rats still make a good vector?

          Time to grow and make a batch of “vinegar of the four thieves”.

      49. maybe the reason for moving this research center is because they already found the contagion that they are going to inflict upon society..they just need a new place to launch it from, and a good “excuse” as to how it got out.

        maybe the cattle rich area such as Kansas is the perfect “vehicle” for their new contagion..maybe it cant live long enough to host being too far from the animal that will bring it to your kitchen table

        • remember you cant think in ideas that these people are not part of the big game of fool us wont be able to fool us the second time.(’cause we’ll be dead)
          They may not even know they are being used by a corrupt government , that isnt even ours..bent on retaliation even if it comes to germ or contagion war fare.

          so the argument that “true scientists” would never allow a contagion to enter to worlds all rights could be true, but that would involve them being told the truth to begin with

          when were you told the truth by our government last?

        • You are probably right, as someone said earlier, all planned.

          Take care

        • ….once they get an animal pathogen loosed they can slaughter all the livestock like they did in England a decade ago,destroy all the smallfarmers and smallholders and impliment their NAIS(animal Id)system to totally regulate and control all livestock in the nation and eventually the world,leaving only the giant foodsludge processors who have govt permission to own/control the food supply…introduce their own animal/plant varieties and eradicate all the old standards…this isnt just a USA plan/problem it goes alot farther and deeper then DC!
          No doubt monsanto/govicorp has both the disease and the cure waiting to be used!
          They(TPTB) fully intend to control the food/water planetwide(and everything else)and to cull the herds…animal and human!

      50. That does it! No more trips to go noodling on the Kansas River with my redneck buddies from Topeka. Guess we’ll stick to the big cats lurking in the muddy Red.
        This whole story about the lab smells fishy(no pun intended.) Mainly, I think it’s more of a diversion to give the people around K State and the few others who care, a place to target their anger and frustrations. Meanwhile….watch the other hand. No doubt our goobers in gubmint have lots more nefarious plans being worked out as we speak. Probably including some bio-warfare crap that almost NOBODY knows anything about.
        Then again, this could just be my suspicious nature when contemplating the actions of an evil, scumbag, lying, thieving, tyrannical bunch of sick, twisted, carpet-munching, black hearted, moron SOBs who want to kill us.
        Either way, I’m keeping an eye out for a flutter behind the black curtain.

        Snowball/Flying Pig 2012 pass it on!

      51. Captain Tripps, man.

      52. FREE YOUR MIND =




      53. This is totally off the topic, but I just wanted to thank the creator of this site for what he does(waking people up to preparedness). This past weekend while out shopping my one year old got some hand sanatizer in his eye. We had used some after shopping and when we flipped the lid to close the bottle a drop flew in the back seat of the car hitting him in the eye. Thank God we had my emergency bag with some bottled water which we used to flush it out. That situaton was a reminder that disasters come in all sizes. Thanks to sites like these we were prepared.

        • DB, thank you so much for the kind words. I am glad you had an emergency med pack with you when that happened! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used our emergency gear – be it a personal ‘survival kit’ in my wife’s purse, or the emergency gear like panchos, food, water and extra clothes we keep in the back of the van just in case…. Always a good idea to have at least some basic preparedness items while out and about.

          And, on DB’s note, thank you to all those who regularly contribute your ideas and recommendations in the comment forums. SHTFplan only works because of you!

          Keep on keepin’ on!


      54. Lets just say we have a contested election and the good old South does rise again. (Yeeeehaw!!!!)

        Any way, instead of fighting it out in Atlanta or Dallas, just spray a superbug over a few big cities. Give the vacine only to O butthead’s supporters, and wait until the Rebs are too weak to fight back. Sounds like a plan to me

        • REBS never get too weak to fight back…just meaner and more determined….TPTB and their peanut gallery arent gonna win this easily if at all!(something about the best laid plans of micey men…. 🙂

      55. It looks like incompetence.

        Its not incompetence.

        The sheople don’t realize what FedCo is willing to do for its survival. It will murder an entire continent of people if its interests are served. FedCo is a beast, an animal. Oh, sure, it is populated by (wo)men but lump them together in a fiction called a corporation and they become, as they act, evil beasts and anything that stands in its way, it will devour without a second thought.

        But, all this is academic. The real problem is what feeds the beast and what steers it. The bankster elites are calling the shots. You may think its an incompetent government, and it is, but the incompetence in most cases is a cover story for the agenda.

        The prevailing winds should be used to push it out to sea if there is a containment breach. North or South Carolina, a few miles inland from the coast safe from hurricanes, seems like a much better place.

        I keep stringing disparaging adjectives together to describe these people. Criminal Bastards, Criminal Bastard Thieves, etc. Well, I’ve got one more to add. Incompetent Criminal Bastard Thieves. But, remember, the incompetent part is a ruse.

        Its all about them and if you stand in their way, you’ll get eaten. Problem is, if you breath, you stand in their way.

        • Time to look at Global history folks.

          It won’t be the first time whole continents have been wiped out. Talk to the smart elders of your first nation stuck on their reservations. Our fave strain of home grown beans is “Trail of Tears”. Look at who the Australian Aborigines survived.

          Lastly look at Africans they’ve SURVIVED in huge numbers.

          Whatever you think of Africans – give em credit for not becoming extinct without being plundered. It’s a mindset that means a mother will walk days through the desert to get help for a sick child.

          Fedco doesn’t always win in the final analysis when it tries to anniliate whole continents.

          This is being done on purpose – anyone who thinks otherwise is plumb dumb.

          As an aside how effective are those bars of old fashioned carbolic soap? Keeping the sick room sanitary when this goes down will be critical to have any hope of coming out the other side. I’m thinking of things like laundering bedding minus modern conveniences.

          My reasoning is that I’m convinced they’ll let the cities cannibalize themselves via the economic collapse and then release some nasty germ to “mop up” any stragglers in the outlying regions later on. By that time people will be hungry and the grid will be long gone so natural immunity will be weakened anyway.

      56. I am not surprised by this one bit. And really the fact that it is in tornado alley doesnt cause any shock either. I mean after all they have a level 4 research facility on Galveston island, right in the middle of UTMB campus.

      57. According to reports, the Plumb Island lab had a couple of accidental releases of foot and mouth disease, thankfully it was contained on the island.
        It would be helpful if websites like this one could post links for public comment when the government accepts them. Of course accepting comments does not mean they will not ignore the public’s opinions. Many of us commented against moving the facility to the center of the country, but obviously not enough of us to matter.

      58. Ah Netranger, you are talking about the people I refer to as the insidious mass, they flock to others of their kind and devour anything and everything that stands between them and their goal.

        Take care

        • Yes! The insidious mass! I laughed long and hard about the term when you first used it.


      59. Get back in your pens people. I have spent 53 years on this planet listening to people yap about government and here we are… STILL. Yap, yap, yap. At the rate all the yapping is going all these years, imagine where we will be… and still yapping.

        • That is correct! We are out of the pens and have been for a long time. You, however, are caged.

          Maybe if you had been “yapping” like the rest of us, the US Government (aka The United States Federal Corporation) would not have wrecked the economy, the money supply, the health system and taken away many, many of our rights.

          Sure, just stay in there. Enjoy your shackles.

          The thing about people that “yap” is that we also tend to do things. People that tend to tell other people to “get back into your pens” tend very much to follow the establishments story and plan and then become awake once you’ve actually been abused.

          Open your eyes and shut your mouth a while, you might learn something.

          • Ah yes, the truth stingeth and its victim attempts to sting back. Pal, I have been in the so called patriot movement for 30 years. I have seen and heard it all. There is NOTHING new under the sun. The yapping you are doing today, is the same yapping that was being done 5, 10, 20, 30 years ago. And nothing has changed, except your chains choking the crap out of you until you take that one last… yap. And as long as you and your fellows keep yapping, you are no threat to TP’sTB other than an amusement. When enough of you stop yapping and start getting dirty, they might take you and your fellows seriously.


            Let me guess. “He must be an agent provocateur.”

      60. @Dr. Sheldon Cooper , ummmmmm apologies doctor dik but you spelled America wrong!

        You spell it with a “K” now as in KILL… AMERIKA!

        As in its now okay for our IMF NWO.CFR CIA ILLEGAL.ALIEN PUPPET PREZ barry soetoro aka obsama barack obama to order NATURAL BORN AMERIKANS KILLED for not liking the fact they are RULED AND ENSLAVED by a natural born KENYAN national!



        please try and keep up with the rest of the class…

      61. @ Justin & Mac,

        Sorry that this took a while but Mac we need a place that folks can go to get the latest info/answers to their posts that may not have been answered right away(INFO GRAB).

        Case in point Justin was looking for an answer (7:32 AM) , and a few folks suggested the move. I would prefer to offer he and others an alternative. Acquire solutions and my suggestions can be received when emailing me at [email protected]

        I may not have all the answers but pathogen control as tested in homes, agricultural facilities, businesses or institutions have been positive with our methods proven for the past six years.

        Justin – google North masks. Review what they have and I will post what I use and suggest after your emai.

        Y’all Beware!

      62. Fort Riley is the 2nd largest Employer in the state of Kansas. Kansas State University in Manhattan is the 9th largest employer in the state. Manhattan has a population of 50,000 plus.

        The Manhattan Kansas Air Port is the east border of Fort Riley. Junction City Kansas (population 20,000 plus) is the west border of Fort Riley and it has the hookers, strip joints, and people like myself. Manhattan is the goodie-two-shoes picture perfect town.

        There are 120,000 people in the Fort Riley area and we love government jobs and government subsidies. The support for this project was over-whelming. Roads along the Fort Riley and Manhattan border are expanding and their is construction all over Manhattan.

        Tornado’s are not a factor if you dig deep as we are over 1000 feet above sea level. A tsunami or hurricane could sweep Plum Island onto the east coast and NYC.

        I believe that Fort Riley being next to Manhattan was the primary reason that KSU was selected. Just guessing the other places this could have gone is Lawton Oklahoma/Fort Sill or Killeen Texas/Fort Hood. But KSU is a world class agricultural university and it makes sense to have it in Manhattan.

        If if exists, I say build it in my back yard!

        Low Plains Perspective

      63. If the Iranians are looking for a good target for their first nuke, I have a suggestion. And a suggestion for the second one as well.

      64. DHS is in charge?


        What happened to the CDC?

        If that does not scare you nothing will.

      65. Manhattan project ..sound familiar?

      66. Some strange things going on in Kansas with the government and military bases. In 2002 a guy I worked with took his family on a week long vacation to visit relatives somewhere in Kansas. While there, they told him about the shut-down of a nearby military base and how concerned citizens were in an uproar over civilian jobs being lost etc,etc. The kicker was that the base was closed and just days after the American Flag was taken down, a United Nations flag was being flown. WTF is this all about. With heightened security, no one had any luck finding out anything. According to info I located on webs as of june 2010, there are 20 US Army Airforce Airfields, and 47 US Forts in Kansas. Three of these are major military installations.

      67. A lot of you guys are nuts. Yes, it is a bad idea to put the facility in the Midwest and I happen to live in Manhattan so I’m pissed. We did not get to vote on the project and the local whores could not say no to more Federal money. Our friggin country is broke and the Feds keep trying to scare us for more DHS funding. Our government is too STUPID to pull off the “culling of the pleabs” plan that a lot of you nuts keep saying. Give me a break. The plan has been put on hold, the funding got cut by Obama as of March 2012, the one thing he did right so far.

      68. WTF – I was worried when DHS was given more authority…this is downright horrifying. The people who run this department are not the kind you want playing with these kinds of toys…period. I notice in the new Emergency Powers directive from the white house that FEMA is no longer a player

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