Report: Gunmen Steal Radioactive Device From Mexican Research Lab

by | Jun 14, 2014 | Headline News | 188 comments


radioactive-deviceAmid the tense security situation created by thousands of illegal immigrants compromising the southern border of the United States, Mexican officials say that a radioactive device has been stolen from a government research facility.

The device containing cesium-37 and americium-beryllium was housed at the National Construction Laboratory located in Tultitlan just north of Mexico City, reports Fox News Latino.

The theft, which involved an unknown number of armed gunmen storming the research building, has left the Mexican government scrambling. “We have the report regarding the theft of this material and the alerts and protocol we follow in these cases have already been implemented,” said Government Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong in an address to law enforcement officials.

Mexico’s federal government has distributed alerts to law enforcement officials in Mexico City and surrounding regions.

“Handling the material without proper safeguards or spending an extended period in close proximity to the radioactive substances could result in temporary health problems, according to the bulletin.”

The theft of the device highlights growing concerns that rogue terror organizations or extremists may attempt to cross into the United States via the porous southern border, which has been overrun in recent weeks by a flood of people taking advantage of lax border security policies.

“The ones we are losing are convicted felons, aliens from special interest countries, and other high risk individuals,” reports one Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent speaking with Infowars.

Though it’s not clear who is responsible for the armed robbery, there is a distinct possibility that the device could be modified into a ‘dirty bomb’ and smuggled into the United States by drug cartels or another organization.

In 2010, Atlanta’s WSB-TV2 ran a special report about what officials call the “Other Than Mexican” border security threat, citing federal detention center records that show individuals from Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan have previously attempted to enter the U.S. from Mexico. Though the Department of Homeland Security is aware of the OTM threat, the border is now as exposed as it has ever been, giving smugglers and foreign enemies a perfect opportunity to bypass the heavy security often found at international airports or the northern border with Canada.

Further concerns about the possibility of a serious, and perhaps coordinated, border breach have been highlighted by Youtube channel DAHBOO7 which followed up on a Drudge Report story from earlier this week that a Nogales, Arizona power station located just miles from the border was sabotaged with a crude explosives device. The bomb which targeted the station’s diesel generators failed to ignite, but had it achieved its goal experts suggest it could have taken down electrical power to the entire border region, further hampering efforts to secure the influx of migrants.

“It would have pretty much blown a hole in our defenses, and anyone and everyone gets through.”

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are investigating the attempted attack but have not released any information regarding suspects or motive.

Mexican officials continue to search for those responsible for the theft of the radioactive device but have provided no additional information about their progress.

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      • FuckingPissed

        The scum in power are going to either allow or orchestrate themselves something that will take many civilian lives in order to further their agenda. No matter what, do not go to their ’emergency centers’ or do anything else they tell you to do. If they attempt to force you to go, kill them. It’s them or you.

        • Defiant

          Obama conferred with Hillary on this,
          and they came to a mutual conclusion,
          “It just doesn’t fucking matter.”

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Looks like every Military Installation is now a FEMA camp for Illegal Refugees or Americans who need NWO retraining. This is a dress Rehearsal for whats coming. Get your “I’m not going to a FEMA Camp Bug-Out Bag” in order folks.

          • John Q. Public

            Bishop Williamson and ‘Holocaust Denial’: Why the Uproar?
            by Mark Weber

            “The furor over the “Holocaust denial” remarks of Bishop Richard Williamson is not a controversy about historical truth, the role of history in society, anti-Semitism or “hate.” This affair is really about power — about those who really wield it in our culture, as well as about how and why that power is used … A society’s real hierarchy of values, and of power, is shown by what it prohibits. The Williamson affair underscores a well-entrenched Jewish-Zionist bias in the cultural life of modern Western society, and reminds us, once again, of the power behind that bias.”

              • AnotherGreatOne

                What was the largest genocide in history? central Africa? China? native americans? Probably there was one so complete its nation is not remembered.

              • Them Guys

                Thats right folks! the SHOAH Must go on!

                Ironic eh, that most Everyone from the WWII greatest generation folks, Globally too, are already Dead or very close to dying now due to old age even if they are healthy folk…

                However, unlike EVERY other Group, race, nation, peoples of that WWII era, for some Unexplained reasons the jewish folks group has massivly Increased! Do they live forever? or do they die off same as everybody else does?

                Even More ironic, is that International Red Cross(not american red cross but International one) Records revealed not too long ago, coincide with a close match to those Russian Soviet Sealed secret file records, that remained sealed and secret since end of WWII…UNTILL…the Fall of soviet ussr soviet bloc when Gorbachev RELEASED the Aushwitz Camp records and names etc in 1991 I think it was.

                International Red Cross files and records noted only 62,000 or so jews that exited the nazi camps still alive at WWII end…Red Cross records goes on to state that Of that number, about 22,000 jewish campers died too from Starvations and mainly of Typhus disease from Lice. All Caused by ALLIED carpet bombings during final 6 months of WWII, which destroyed supply lines and Rail lines that took meds and foods to the camps.

                What is so ironic is that while almost everybody from that WWII era generation Globally is dead or close to death now today…Somehow the jews has Increased the original 40,000 aprox Camper Savivahs(survivors) into Todays massive numbers of almost 4.2-MILLION so called nazi camp survivors that today are Collecting a Monthly Paycheck of reperations which to date number in Tens of Billions from Germans, most of germans that were never yet Born til way after WWII events!

                Many websites contain Tons of info on this swindle scam, as well as even a few jewish websites that track and keep track of all fraudulent “survivor Claims” to get Paid too!

                Although none of said websites I am aware of ever actually Do anything to Toss those fraudulent Holohoax claimants for cash reperation checks monthly, off the records and Cancel their fraud paychecks…

                WWII era worldwide peoples generation of that era are all almost dead today…While survivor jews Increased from 40,000 in 1945 TO today over 4.2 MILLION “savivahs” collecting cash….Whats wrong with That picture folks? Fuzzy-jewish math perhaps?…Or typical as expected of them. No wonder Christ called them Liars like their father Satan, in John 8:44 huh.

                Yes folks the SHOAH(what They call the holohoax) Must Go On, and On, and On, and On as well as those nice monthly Paychecks from German folk not yet born till Long past WWII events ended…What a swindle eh.

          • KY Mom



            The Washington Times
            (Posted on Drudge Report)

        • Be informed

          A true dirty bomb no one wants to deal with. A true dirty bomb makes a large city or larger that able to go near for decades or longer. A plutonium dirty bomb is the ultimate nightmare for any city and some regional areas as the wind blows. These dirty bombs with low grade radioactivity are meant solely as an economic devastation and fear big time. Most people would not even receive a dose that would increase the chance of cancer. Again, a true dirty bomb is what human life has to fear.

          • John Q. Public

            Typo? Cesium has no isotope with atomic weight of “37,” but cesium-137 is among cesium’s radionuclides.

            But typo (?) or not, what thinking person believes one word of the government story? …that the only radionuclides involved are the ones in the government fable?

            Their every word is a lie, even “a” and “the.”

        • EH

          Since the NSA knows everything, it that devices is made into a dirty bomb and the .gov does not stop it and allows it to happen, then you know it was an inside job.

      • Rodster

        Who said 2014 was going to be boring? 🙂

      • jerrytbg

        I read about this a few days ago and have tried to find out how much was stolen…

        Anybody know?

        I’m left to believe it was a “relatively” small amount…

        If one is set off, and it’s more than couple of city blocks… well, draw your own conclusions…

        Let’s see how big a dirty bomb they make out of it… if they do.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Does anyone remember the old Soviet “suitcase nukes”? Supposedly, 100 of those were built and under the control of the KGB. They went missing sometime after the USSR collapsed. That was the early 90s. never heard another word about them. We should all still be concerned about those.

          • Anonymous

            How right you are braveheart! You can NEVER get enough doom porn!

    1. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      Great… A Nuke Bomb in the making. Folks load up on your Potassium Iodide tablets. They even have these for pets. All to protect your Thyroid Gland.

      • y99

        I prefer a nice red wine, works the same just maintain a warm buzz.


      • Paranoid

        Get real, Get an education, This is not about I=131

        • y99

          So what is your concern? Is it the 28 side effects of I=131 or the fact that most people over forty already have over half the symptoms?

      • Paranoid

        Get real, Get an education, This is not about I=131

        • John Q. Public

          Who believes the fable that this is about Americium-241, the radionuclide in your home smoke detector? …or limited to the few isotopes mentioned in the fable?

          Unless you believe government fables about Fukushima and 9/11, WhoWuddaThunkIt’s suggestion is a reasonable precaution.

          Remember first principles! Their goal is 95% depopulation and enslavement of the survivors.

          So….. Take all reasonable precautions.

        • John Q. Public

          The thyroid is very effective at sequestering and concentrating iodine, no matter which isotope. If any Iodine-131 is absorbed it will go to the thyroid where it can kill the thyroid or cause thyroid cancer. Children are especially sensitive.

          Look at the spike in childhood thyroid cancers in Japan (and the Pacific Northwest).

          By now, we all should have learned that no government story can be trusted. If there is a radiation event, it is a prudent precaution to use potassium iodide to overwhelm the thyroid with non-radioactive isotopes of iodine, keep the thyroid busy pulling in non-radioactive iodine (called, “thyroid blocking”), until enough time has passed for Iodine-131 to decay (half-life of just less than 8 days).

    2. Jim in Va.

      Just what we need coming across our border,a potential dirty bomb. Now that might get us to really seal off the southern border. Then we could impeach our president for malfeasance!

      • admin

        Given the “Other Than Mexican” OTM threat that has been an issue since at least 2008, it is nothing short of dereliction of duty on the Executive level.

        Americans are being sexually molested at airports, listened to when they email or talk to friends, marked as extremists for what they read online – all in the name of safety and security…

        Yet, our southern border is so exposed that literally hundreds of thousands of people – some of them no doubt of the extremist influence from non-hispanic countries – are pouring into this country…

        This is a clear indication that all this ‘Homeland Security’ is not actually designed to keep us safe, but rather, to keep us under control and living in fear.

        And if something does happen, say a dirty bomb, widespread grid outage or poisoning of our food/water supplies by rogue elements that entered through the southern border, they’ll say ‘no one could have predicted it.’

        This kind of stuff makes me sick. We have what essentially amounts to a nuke roaming the Mexican (or perhaps the US by now) countryside and not a single domestic news agency has reported on it in any significant capacity.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Obama is keeping the troops thinned out across the Globe, that it leaves our country defenseless and our boarder porous. Put the troops on the boarder, not 50 miles inward to harass the public, on the boarder, with crows nests and gatling guns. All of this could be self funded where Americans could pay $20 for shooting spot position every 50 yards, for say 4 hours to play shooting gallery. Night vision included for night watch.

          • Steve

            Sign me up !! I’ll even bring extra ammo.

          • watching and waiting

            I’LL bring my own night vision.

          • John Q. Public

            Your just anger is misdirected.

            Why kill hungry peons when the Master Race kingpins are to blame for our woes?

            The banksters’ favorite plan is for all their victims to fight each other over skin color while the Master Race rests comfortably in their gated and guarded mansions counting the trillions of shekels they have looted.

            Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

            • Sierra Dave

              Borders, Language, Culture. Those peons respect none of those.

              Sure, they are being encouraged to come here. That’s half the problem though.

              I like my culture and would lke to keep it intact and not have to compete with 30 Mexicans living in a house pissing and shitting in the back yard. Shipping half their money to their country. Drying up money in my community.

              Used to be American kids did lawns and learned some work ethics. Not anymore.

        • slingshot

          We are on our own.

          • Facebook Page

            Are you just now figuring that out

            Survive Its Death. Then its time to form up.

            • slingshot

              Facebook Page.

              No. But I told you so!

              Having some fun Facebook. Too many domino’s that have dangerous implications.

            • lastmanstanding


              Sides should be completely clear to those paying attention right now. Those who are on the fence will show their clear colors within days of a collapse.

              FB… I concur…survive its death.

        • Horse'sass

          Since Syria, Ukraine, China haven’t panned out, it wouldn’t surprise me that the US govt has tried a Fast and Furious 2.0 with an “inside job” of theft of nuclear material to deflect attention away from itself when the bomb ( false flag) blows.

          • Jim in Va.

            It’ll happen in the Washington district,district 3!

        • rockelle

          Amen to that. For 98% of the sheep out there, if Scott Pelley or Wolf Blitzer doesn’t say anything about it… just doesn’t happe

        • Nopittypartyhere

          @Mac, not long after 9/11, an investigative reporter did a story on Hamas or Hezbollah using camps in Venezuela courtesy of Chavez. He had ‘confirmed’ reports of these characters aka terrorists learning Spanish and changing their appearance to at tamper to cross our boarder to set up sleeper cells. The story Ran ONCE and I never heard or saw it again. Do you know anything more about this? That’s 15 years, and whole lot of jihadis if it was true.

        • VRF

          “This is a clear indication that all this ‘Homeland Security’ is not actually designed to keep us safe, but rather, to keep us under control and living in fear.”

          No truer words were spoken, Mac

      • Confederate

        Obama will never be impeached, he has the communist media watching his back, the republicans and demorats are cowards and lastly, he’s black.

        • grandee

          that’s why TPTB picked him.
          he would have racial immunity

          • sixpack

            And that’s why they’ll pick hillary, because she can use the “sexism” card as a shield…just like obummer uses the racism card.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Obama is too busy working on his Golf Handicap this weekend in Palm Springs to worry about such silliness.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        When they finally bring him up on treason charges, he’ll remind everyone he’s not really president because he’s not really an American and laugh his way to his golden parachute retirement.

        That’s why he was chosen to put the nails in America’s coffin.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          and not even a US citizen, so we just deport him, back to kenya.

          • VRF

            not if he trips on a rope first!

    3. watching and waiting

      That wasn’t a nice thing to do.

      They should bring it back.

      Don’t they know, Jesus is watching?

    4. Confederate

      How many terrorist have already crossed the boarder with potential weapons of mass destruction? Remember, Obama will never take responsibility for anything, he’ll blame Bush.

      • sixpack

        The damn govt flies the terrorists in! Then flies them out on a govt-protected plane. “Border security” has been an illusion for a long time.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        More than enough.

    5. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      Another reason to legalize Pot, so the nuke device won’t be smuggled in via Human Mules with calves the size of cantaloupes. Fast Track that will ya Barry..

    6. km

      Sounds like DC is getting all their ducks in a row to light-up this summer.

      Don’t think the timing for all these illegal kids coming here was accidental. If you think so, you just haven’t been paying attention.

      It’s always one distraction story after the next. And what it all equals is disaster and chaos!

      Watch your backs, it’s going to be a rough second half of this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        These so called kids many of whom are MS-13 soldiers since they will be classified as refugees get to reunite with their families here not where they came from. Any idea what this is going to cost before it is all over not just in money but control of the country. All they have to do is spread these migrants out and they can control who wins elections in states that are small or where the elections are always close. The Stupid Party sees no problem and is pushing amnesty. Insane.

    7. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      OK; The Missing Malaysian Aircraft + Missing Nuke Device = Massive EMP over America to knock out the Power Grid, Communication Grid, Water supply pumps. Oh then look for this to occur on July 1st when the FACTA Banking Law begins. Sounds like a false flag event to me for a total reset. So refer back now to the Training Films @ SHTFPlan June 13th article on Post Collapse will be Violent and Brutal.

      • The Last of the Real

        Ehh, not so much. Air dispersal of nuke materials, perhaps, but dirty bombs do not produce an EMP. A dirty bomb is basically a conventional explosive surrounded with highly radioactive nuclear material. The purpose of the conventional explosive is to break up and disperse the nuclear material over a large area, contaminating the food/water/population to cause relatively soon death via radiation poisoning, and slow death via cancer. The EMP from a nuclear warhead is a property of the nuclear uncontrolled chain reaction commonly referred to as an explosion. While possible to generate an EMP using conventional explosives, the amount of explosive material required is enormous.

        That being said, if we get EMP’d and TPTB blame this device, they’re lying. In that case, I would suspect either one or more of the missing nukes from our stock, or one or more of the missing Soviet suitcase nukes. Yes, those are real. Everyone who tells you differently is either ignorant of the truth, or is lying.

        • jerrytbg

          I agree with you that an EMP weapon from this material ain’t gonna happen.

          The problem with Soviet era “suit case” nukes is that they needed to be serviced. Which is not likely to have occurred but certainly possible…however, they would be a great source for dirty bomb material… and much more effective than medical grade.

          Just an fyi…

          • the renegade braveheart

            Jerrytbg and Last of The Real, I just mentioned those particular nukes in my last post. They went missing shortly after the Soviet Union collapsed, 1992. Never heard anything more about those ‘suitcase nukes’ since then. I would still be concerned about them in any case.

          • The Last of the Real

            Jerrytbg, you are 100% correct on the maintenance and service requirements on the suitcase nukes. If none of them have been serviced since 1992, the chances of them undergoing a nuclear detonation is rather minuscule. My major concern is that if you are capable of obtaining a suitcase nuke (let’s face it, it’s not exactly something your average person can obtain quietly) you are the type of person who could probably convince a couple of old Soviet nuke techs to do the maintenance for you. At the very least, the weapon probably comes with the manual.

      • slingshot

        Another showing of the T.V. series, “Lost”?

    8. y99

      This situation really forces you to ponder the events coming our way over the next 2+ years. Two major crossroad elections approach that could provide a delay in the inevitable collapse, but that’s only assuming we can still have fair elections.

      Have TPTB become so inpatient that they will allow/create a false flag in order to maintain power? Are they so far down the path of their plan that they can’t turn back, or return some semblance of power back to We the people?

      For those of us that are awake the amount of current scandals along with the lack of justice being found is almost more than any sane person can take. Things are coming to a head, choices are being made, and the world is on fire, power plays fraud and false flags seem to be the only real way they can keep and maintain power over those of us awake.

      Thinking out loud.

      • Confederate

        I think most of us are starting to suffer from Apocalypse Fatigue.

        • y99


          I TOTALLY agree, not sure if it’s sensory scandal overload or just the fact that we the living have front row seats to the engineered death spiral of the world.

          • Confederate

            @y99, It’s probably both and a whole lot more.

        • jerrytbg

          I also agree… and it IS by design…

          Keep prepped’… got water?

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        You know Damn well TPTP can’t take full control of America, as long as the public is Armed and dangerous to resist. So it will be more drip drip drip boiling frog in a pot of malicious Tyranny. NEVER Give up your GUNS folks!! Or as the saying goes, “Stick to your Guns!!!”

        • y99


          I see your point, but by that logic gun control is part of the drip, drip which means they need to push us into a shooting war in order to ultimately take the guns.
          So at some point along the drip drip we either win or lose.

          • sixpack

            Then if we have to go—we’d better go all in.

            • y99

              I think right now that many people are hoping and praying for the next George Washington, we’re waiting for one man, there must always be a leader whether it’s the second coming or just another man that moves us forward along the path.

              Many of us are made to survive and we will, but we are so close to needing a focal point. Likeminded people truly need to come together and be prepared to fight for a set of virtues and values that we want to pass on.

              • Nopittypartyhere

                Obama paving the way for the antichrist? Or is he the antichrist?

                • VRF

                  did someone say Hillary?

          • the renegade braveheart

            Y99, we would damned sure lose if we surrendered to the NWO. Braveheart, for one, is not about to surrender. Someone will take my guns ONLY after I’m dead.

            • y99


              I believe historically we need to understand where we are at as people, some want us to react in a cascade because that allows a sense of control, meaning certain segments of people will react at certain times allowing TPTB the ability to manage the collapse.

              We as free people must be bold and savage at every turn if freedom is the goal.

    9. Socrates

      Firstly- The material was stolen from a ‘research lab’. Typically they are only allowed to have smaller amounts on hand for testing that other facilities.

      Secondly- The article tells us ‘what’ materials were stolen, but not the quantity. Knowing the quantity would give you an idea of the effectiveness or threat level of any dirty bomb made from those materials.

      The REAL threat IMO, is the influx of ILLEGALS (yes, I called them that)pouring across the border. If you cross the border into the U.S. without a valid passport or work visa, then you are an illegal, plain and simple.

      What will be interesting is if a dirty bomb incident occurs with a larger yield than what was possible with the materials from this theft. Can you say, yet another sloppy false flag event? Nothing surprises me anymore.

      • The Last of the Real

        Excellent point. You can’t hurt as many people with 2 ounces of material. 2 tons could ruin a whole lotta peoples’ day!

        • burdenofknowing

          And don’t forget, flight 370 is still “missing”???

      • jerrytbg

        I knew I should’ve read all the posts first before making mine above…

        Yes, the quantity is key.

      • jerrytbg

        I knew I should’ve read all the posts before posting above…

        YES, the quantity is key…

        • jerrytbg


          I’m sorry about these dbl posts…
          I don’t have an answer…

          This time there’s a bit of a clue… they’re not exactly the same…


    10. Mr. Wolf

      National Militia Arise

      It really is time a “National Militia” was created in ZOG AmeriKa, who’s soul Mission is to “LOCK DOWN DC” and remove ALL POLITICIANS from public office in WASH DC, including the WHITE HOUSE!

      Then establish a grass roots paper ballot with proof of i.d. voting system with a militia over watch in each state of the union and have new electrocutions. that do not allow any foreign or corporate donations to the politicians campaign coffers.



      • Mr. Wolf

        “damn you” spell check!

        ooops i meant “elections” not electrocutions ;0P

        electrocutions will com,e later for the Zionist traitors found guilty of treason.

        • Confederate

          My exact sentiments. Spell check is fine if a list or correction is provided. Hey Mac, upgrade the spell check from 1.0 to at least a 2.0. Thanks

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Yep a one time 5-min edit button, like Disqus.

          • Them Guys

            Mr.Wolf: Just make certain that when Trials are held, NONE of the Jury members are self identified jewde-christians or christian zionists.

            You won’t get Any convictions no matter how bad the evils and wrongs done, otherwise. Any of that 50+ million group that sits on any jury will cry out NOT GUILTY! Every time.

            This is very Important too since we know at least 90+% of all Top key persons that need be charged and convicted are Tribe members.

            just picture if Today we could still locate Leon Trotsky(birth name lev bronstien), and haul him into a court to face charges of mass exterminating over, 10 Million white and christian russians etc…if any of the aforenamed group got on a jury for that trial?….They’d certainly give a NOT Guilty verdict as soon as trotsky’s jewishness was revealed. The fools would think it is “Blessing a jew” and Gods gonna reward them and the usa for doing so!

            Because just look how swell our entire america nation has done the past 50 yrs ever since 50 Million of these delusional characters, and the entire usa fed govnt in DC, both has blessed Israel and jewish folks for 65 yrs now….My former dirt road is now paved with pure Gold! from all those great national blessings we are supposed to be getting acording to that group. Hows your street doing Wolfie? Prosperity for ALL in america like we never dreamed possible eh! Hallaluyah keep blessin that rabid aprthied state israel and its ziojewish master race folks!

            America since 1960…Blessings that Overflow! Just ask them preachermen. usa never been better eh.

        • Grafique

          Hey Wolf, I’m a Zionist. Who’s gonna electrocute me? You?

          • Grafique

            You’re a big man behind an anonymous keyboard, aren’t you?

            • Mr. Wolf

              i am what i need to be, till it’s time to be something else.


              • feisty old broad

                wolfie…”i am what i need to be, till it’s time to be something else”
                That is rather disturbing….almost as if you perceive yourself as larger than life…not unlike some others we KNOW….
                Evil is as Evil does….repeatedly….
                May GOD bless US in the midst of all evil….and show US the way to defeat the evil which is now among US….

                • River Rat

                  FOB: WOLF I believe is one of them guys.

          • Mr. Wolf


            • Facebook Page

              Be nice now. You were 238 miles wrong last time and your mouth cost you your taxpayer supported job.

              • Mr. Wolf

                i doubt that.

              • Mr. Wolf

                so how does it feel to be a “traitor” to the american people fagboypuss?

                inquiring minds want to know?

                • Them Guys

                  Mr. Wolf Welcome to the Millions of…”THEM GUYS”!

                  Some folks were not paying atten when their mommas warned them to Beware! watch out for…Them guys…indeed, Them Guys, are Everywheres! and ALL are Very jewized-Up and ziowized-Up too…..Some of them guys are even called…”Agents of the Lord”!….nobody can mess with the Lords agency!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            speakin’ of electrocutions, a lot of people don’t believe in the electric chair, but if I’M ELECTED king, we will have electric BLEACHERS for these traitorous sons-o-biches that are dragging our country into this barakalypse!

        • the renegade braveheart

          Mr. Wolf, aka Nina0, welcome back. How’ve you been?

          • slingshot

            Something about the word “Respect” in a pass post.

            Agree. Good to have NinaO Back

    11. Mr. Wolf


      Every year on June 8th of every year — the anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty — USS Liberty survivors and our families gather to hold a memorial service in Washington DC. This year it was held in the Navy Memorial.

      Members of Congress were invited to send an official representative to honor our fallen shipmates as were the Department of Defense and Navy Department, The American Legion, the Navy League and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

      These are all organizations who never miss an opportunity to honor the American military especially those who have been Killed in Action during an attack by an enemy of the United States.

      And no on showed… “SHAME ON YOU AMERIKA!”

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Are you aware that Jack Ruby who killed patsy Lee Harvey Oswald was really Jack Rubenstein a (Jew). As Kennedy was going after the Rothchild Banking Cartel called the Federal Reserve and trying to shut them down. Check out this Link:

          The Kennedy Assassination:

          On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. The Christian Law Fellowship has exhaustively researched this matter through the Federal Register and Library of Congress. We can now safely conclude that this Executive Order has never been repealed, amended, or superceded by any subsequent Executive Order. In simple terms, it is still valid.

          When President John Fitzgerald Kennedy – the author of Profiles in Courage -signed this Order, it returned to the federal government, specifically the Treasury Department, the Constitutional power to create and issue currency -money – without going through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. President Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110 [the full text is displayed further below] gave the Treasury Department the explicit authority: “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This means that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation based on the silver bullion physically held there. As a result, more than $4 billion in United States Notes were brought into circulation in $2 and $5 denominations. $10 and $20 United States Notes were never circulated but were being printed by the Treasury Department when Kennedy was assassinated. It appears obvious that President Kennedy knew the Federal Reserve Notes being used as the purported legal currency were contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America.

          “United States Notes” were issued as an interest-free and debt-free currency backed by silver reserves in the U.S. Treasury. We compared a “Federal Reserve Note” issued from the private central bank of the United States (the Federal Reserve Bank a/k/a Federal Reserve System), with a “United States Note” from the U.S. Treasury issued by President Kennedy’s Executive Order. They almost look alike, except one says “Federal Reserve Note” on the top while the other says “United States Note”. Also, the Federal Reserve Note has a green seal and serial number while the United States Note has a red seal and serial number.

          President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 and the United States Notes he had issued were immediately taken out of circulation. Federal Reserve Notes continued to serve as the legal currency of the nation. According to the United States Secret Service, 99% of all U.S. paper “currency” circulating in 1999 are Federal Reserve Notes.

          Kennedy knew that if the silver-backed United States Notes were widely circulated, they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve Notes. This is a very simple matter of economics. The USN was backed by silver and the FRN was not backed by anything of intrinsic value. Executive Order 11110 should have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level (virtually all of the nearly $9 trillion in federal debt has been created since 1963) if LBJ or any subsequent President were to enforce it. It would have almost immediately given the U.S. Government the ability to repay its debt without going to the private Federal Reserve Banks and being charged interest to create new “money”. Executive Order 11110 gave the U.S.A. the ability to, once again, create its own money backed by silver and realm value worth something.

          Mossad And The JFK Assassination

          “Israel need not apologize for the assassination
          or destruction of those who seek to destroy it.
          The first order of business for any country
          is the protection of its people.”
          Washington Jewish Week, October 9, 1997

          • Grafique

            You people have the sin-ugliest minds I’ve ever seen.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              OK I figured it out Grafique the shill on this site, who votes thumbs down to everybody. You could say the sky is blue, and he would vote thumbs down, then he replies the “sky is owed by a Jew.”

              • Grafique

                WWTI, I guess it’s a radical idea to you that someone would stand up for his beliefs and to speak for those who are being sucker-punched. That’s what real men do…they don’t attack people behind their backs.
                Is that what makes me a “shill”? Then you’re a shill for every Nazi/KKK/communist/socialist/Obama-loving liberal in the country.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Speaking of sin-ugliest minds check out this website:

              JAHG-USA Official Website
              Jews and Hasidic Gentiles
              www dot noahide dot com/yeshu dot htm

              While at that website read their version of Who Was Jesus and also Why not Christianity.


              “What is the true key to salvation? Those who return to the Law (the 7 commandments for the children of Noah, according to the eternal covenant made with Noah in Genesis 9) and who assist the Jewish people will be saved and will participate in the miracles and revelations, including worshipping in the third temple, under the kingship of the Messiah.


              Ours is the last generation of the era of sin and evil and the first of the Messianic Era. Indeed for the first time in history, there is a growing consensus of LEADING RABBIS WILLING TO NAME THE MAN MOST SUITED TO BE THE MESSIAH, AND THEY ARE AGREEING THAT HE IS:


              The Rebbe is the spiritual leader of our generation having boldly stirred up the controversy over vital issues in which other leaders have remained tragically silent or have even caved in to the growing forces of darkness. He has upheld the Law perfectly and has worked mightly to strengthen the laws of the Jews, as well as the OBSERVANCE OF THE NOAHIDE LAWS BY GENTILES.

              Through his teaching of CHASIDUS(Jewish mystical teachings preserved from Moses and Mt. Sinai) he has taught the world THAT G-D IS ONE, the infinite Who renews creation at every moment.

              The Rebbe is a direct descendent of King David and has recieved a TRUE PROPHECY FROM G-D, that we who are alive in this generation shall be the first in history to see THE COMING OF THE TRUE MESSIAH.


              My note:

              To all you Bible believing Christians out there who believe that Jesus is the Messiah has any of your teacher/preachers taught you anything about what this article says about Jewish beliefs. They believe that a dead Rabbi will be reincarnated as their messiah. Does that square with ANYTHING you have been taught/believe?

              Google the Noahide Laws they are talking about and see if it is an America and the world you want to live in. Google this Rabbi and see what he believes will happen to gentiles that do not accept their noahide laws.

              Is it your belief that there is such a thing as Judeo-Christian. This article should go a long way to dispell that theory.

              Time now for the naysayers so all I ask is prove this article is not truth………

              • Them Guys

                They worship a DEAD Rabbi!!!!!!! as the jews Messiahboy!!!

                OyVey!! and HOLY Smokes! their Satanicly warped minds, and two headed god of Money+ self-worship as some master Race jew…And a DEAD rabbi as jews messiah!

                You just cannot make this stuff Up folks!

                This alone outta cause most jews everywheres to dump talmudic phariseeisim and convert to Jesus Christ christianity ASAP eh…Not likly though after 2000 yrs rejection after they caused His murder.

                From, Deicide to mass genocide(russia 1918) they keep going Deeper into evilness. By time Christ returns he wont need cast any into lake of fire with their daddy satan! Most will go so deep evil they be there already soon.

              • Pissed Off Granny

                NY Poat dot com/2014/06/07
                How one Rabbi modernized judaism and began a movement

                “Rabbi Schneerson married Chayna Mushka and his father-in law gushed “I have given my daughter to a man who is totally fluent in the Babylonian and Jerusaleum Talmud and knowledgeable in the entire writings of the (classic and modern commentators of the Talmud) and much,much more.”

                Hasidem “pious ones” in Hebrew is a branch of Orthodox Judiasm. Schneersons leadership from the grave seems to be working fine.It has been 20 years since his death and the organization has grown twice its size. IT IS THE LARGEST JEWISH GROUP IN THE WORLD WITH A BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET.”

                My comment: Look up what the Talmud teaches and then tell yourself that book and its teachings has anything in common with Christianity.

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  New York Post

          • George Washington

            If you try and fight the Tribe it will not end well.

        • Them Guys

          Mr.Wolf: None of them military groups and orgs showed up due to they are unable to ADMIT that #1 they were LIED to massivly again and again on many war issues etc.

          #2 Most have bought into that bless jews, bless israel spew from phony preachermen nationwide.

          #3 They just cannot ever Admit that one of the Biggest Lies they all were ever told to believe in was that “Israel Is americas best firends and best allies in the Mid east regions”!

          #4 They Fear being called hate mongering antisemities by ADL-SPLC-300 More pro jew orgs in america alone!

          #5 admitting to ANY of the above list is also admiiting that with such great allies and best friends?…

          Who the hell needs any Enemys?!

          But they ALL shall answer to the Lord one day for their silence, since to remain silent when they Know the real facts and Truths of the USS Liberty ship events, as well as many more similar jewish zionist swindle events and jewish Spies caught in america acting as Traitors.

          Is the exact same thing as Condoning it all.

          Silence is NOT golden rather it Is Traitorus and evil as the actual Perps themselves are.

          “Evil will always Triumph, when good men do and say Nothing!” Edmund Burke

          Does a car get away Driver get set Free when involved in a bank robbery? NO! that get away drivers charged the exact SAME as the guys who went Into that bank to rob it! And if ANYBODY ends up Dead or shot dead, then he too gets charged with MURDER! even though the driver never went inside that bank ever!

          Silence from Fear of jewish and zionists perps, is approval and acceptance of their Criminalitys period.

          This will get tons red thumbs as we seem to have ammased a huge group of “Truth Haters” here eh…Most claim to be christians too!…NO Joke! perhaps it should be a joke though…I rekon Truth and christianity no longer work as ONE huh?

      • John W.

        They also locked the survivors away where no one could see or talk to them when they were brought onboard the America. Remember it well, all the armed marines around sick bay so no one could get near the survivors.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Yes the USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli Jets, as a false flag all to drag America into another war.
          HEADLINE: Boston Bombing – Good for Israel?
          Top Netanyahu Aide Sees Diplomatic Dividends for Marathon Attack
          by Jason Ditz, April 21, 2013
          Print This | Share This
          For most countries last week’s Boston Marathon bombing was a grim reminder that violence can break out anywhere, at any time. For a select few it became a huge inconvenience, as with the Czech Republic, whose ambassador has had to explain to Americans that Czechs and Chechens aren’t the same thing at all.
          And then there’s Israel, who, if you listen to (top Netanyahu aide Ron Dermer, may as well have just hit the lottery with this bombing.) Dermer is seeing it as a “big boost” that is going to make the average American more pro-Israel and even (more eager to increase aid to them.)
          In the video interview Dermer, seen as one of the front-runners for the next Israeli Ambassador to the United States, insisted that there was a “big change” in a pro-Israel direction among Americans after 9/11, adding that he believes the bombing in Boston will convince people to “identify more with Israel and its struggle against terrorism.”
          Though Dermer’s comments are likely to shock the uninitiated, they reflect long-standing beliefs among Israel’s ruling Likud Party, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu famously causing controversy in 2008 when he told university students that 9/11 was hugely beneficial for Israel.


          • Grafique

            Conspiracy theorist.
            And that’s the best that can be said for you.

            • Anonymous

              More like nutjob, which this site contains plenty. And they wonder why they’re on a government watch list, LOL!

            • Pissed Off Granny


              And thats the “best” that can be said about you.

              • anonymous

                Thanks granny, I’ll take that as a compliment from a religious fruitcake like yourself. By the way,have you saluted tour picture of hitler today?

      • the renegade braveheart

        Wolf/NinaO, do you have any plans to update your website? Nothing new since March 23.

        • w69

          Brave, what is the Web address? I’d like to see that. Thanks!


          • Anonymous


            • Them Guys

              Anonymous: Resorting to Personal slanderous attacks now?

              Obviousy You like Graf alinsky are unable to refute true facts, real evidence, and just plain common sense Logic.

              Yet instead of acting Normally as most folks do and seeking to research at least “some” of the vast numbers of articles, websites, Links, Book titles many free to read online too!, You are so damn FEARFULL of actually Learning real Truths, that You Know are going to utterally Shatter your every mass delusional ideas, thoughts, pre-concieved Notions, and most Every jewish fable claim you were told to believe by MSM, Govnt, and jewish Hollywood alomg with jewish TV(talmudvision).

              That is has rendered you, like Many other folks here simply Unable to even roll back the curtain and take a fast “Peek” at what Really lies behind said camo curtian.

              Thats too bad as it must be a true burden to go thru life too fearing of factual truths so you remain forever deluded and dumbed down tremendously eh.

              But that still gives you NO right to personally attack me with your assinine false website atributed to me and implying I am a hitler.

              Heres a clue for you fool…Research hitlers germany era and see that them germans was correct as germany was flooded by russian and polish Bolshevik jew KOMMIES, there to assist the Top Money men jews already fully in control of germanys Banks, newspapers, Arts, Radio, Govnt at every level and operating as kommie jews always do…In jewish concert to destroy the Host nation, Rob it Blind, and kill off as many of the host nations TRUE citizen folks as possible…SEE also 1918 Jewdeo kommie revolt Against russian white christians for the worlds largest EVER Mass Genocidal extermination murders known in all recorded History!

              Murderous jew kommie methods that make the Roman Colleseum Mass killings of Christians with Lions, Gladiators etc Pale in comparison.

              There is no other, has never been any other race nor group nor religion, that has killed more innocent folks and done so in the worst most Savage Heathen Pagan brutal ways other than jewish mass killers and jew genocidal freek methods…Bar NONE!…FACTS! research That, then tell us all what You learned foolish one.

              • Anonymous

                Hey there tg, it’s not my fault that you’re one of the great acid casualties of the sixties man, one too many bad trips and falling off your bike without a helmet on will DEFINETLY take it’s toll……

    12. Ace

      I’m guessing what they stole was a nuclear density testing machine for soils. They are used to check soil density when filling an area before construction. My materials testing lab has 4 of them, and they have the same nuclear materials. There is not much material, but it doesn’t take much to make a dirty bomb that would contaminate a small (3-4 block) area. These machines have been disappearing from construction sites in this country also, you just don’t hear about it. See here, second report for “troxler moisture gauge stolen”. These machines have no value, other than their intended purpose, and to make a dirty bomb. Something is afoot.

      • sixpack

        I’d hate to be the one assigned to gather radioactive pellets with tweezers…

    13. Ace

      I’m guessing what they stole was a nuclear density testing machine for soils. They are used to check soil density when filling an area before construction. My materials testing lab has 4 of them, and they have the same nuclear materials. There is not much material, but it doesn’t take much to make a dirty bomb that would contaminate a small (3-4 block) area. These machines have been disappearing from construction sites in this country also, you just don’t hear about it. See here, second report for “troxler moisture gauge stolen”. These machines have no value, other than their intended purpose, and to make a dirty bomb. Something is afoot.

    14. Mr. Wolf


      … why else would the zog fedgov be starting all this crazy shit here stateside and mexico , ukraine , syria , africa , china sea and in iraq.

      every day it’s something crazier than the day before…

      Zionist misdirection at it’s finest.

      it is all building up to something and looking at these last few ZOG FALSE FLAGS.

      it isn’t going to be much fun for anyone but the Zionists.

      something BIG is coming … prepare.


      • feisty old broad

        Yes, indeed….something Wicked This Way Comes….but methinks that you could care less….and may actually yearn for the fall ….eh, nope…..NO ONE is Really that stupid….

        • Mr. Wolf

          fob – know your place.

        • Grafique

          Don’t bet on it, Broad. Some people refuse to learn.

    15. White Fox

      You would think a porous border would be a national security priority but no. This isn’t the first time, lots of radioactive material have been going missing lately. To keep a timeline:

      -September 2013, secret transfer of nuclear warhead(s) to east coast from Dyess AFB.

      -December 2013, radioactive Cobalt 60 stolen in Mexico, shipment recovered.

      -March 2014, Malaysia MH370 disappears with 2.2 tons of mystery cargo. Status unknown, but speculated plane may be used for a future terror attack. Obama worries about a nuke going off in Manhattan.

      -April 2014, 1.05 tons highly enriched uranium stolen from Pakistan.

      -May 2014, 1.5kg uranium imported to Ukraine from Transnitria for dirty bomb, caught and seized by SBU.

      -June 2014, radioactive material stolen by gunmen from Mexico, US border collapses with influx of illegal immigrants.

      It’s not enough to only have potassium iodide, that’s for the thyroid to counteract radioactive iodine with a half life of only about eight days. Also have zeolite, spirulina, chlorella, sea salt, baking soda, prussian blue (if you can get your hands on that). Two cup of sea salt and baking soda in the bath daily for at least 20 minutes, or sea salt and baking soda in water (1TSP of both in 1QT water, 8OZ four hours apart for the first two doses, then two hours apart the next two doses, then three hours apart as needed until radiation poisoning symptoms are gone) to remove radiation from the body.

      Another terror event real or false flag on the magnitude of 911 or bigger or using WMDs and the establishment drops the hammer.

    16. slingshot

      Never let a crisis go to waste.

    17. Stew Pedaso

      That’s twice…the first time they didn’t know what they had…we will see.

    18. Too many people all flushing the toilet on the planet

      Sorry folks.

      There’s too many folks on the rock.
      A real good war, pandemic and so on is needed to weed the place out.

      Just a fact of nature.
      Sooner or later..something has to give.

      • Facebook Page

        Thin the herd. It is way overdue . About 47% would be about right.

        • Mr. Wolf

          how about we start with you first.

          here let me help you…

          • feisty old broad

            Methinks WE should begin With YOU Woofie…..

            • Mr. Wolf

              any time baby , anytime.

              you’re more than welcome to try.


              • Grafique

                Wolf talks about “electrocuting” people he disagrees with, but for some reason he doesn’t like it when he’s the target…

              • Them Guys

                I bet if Paul re wrote Today what he wrote 2000 yrs ago when in book of corinthians paul wrote “let Your women remain SILENT in Church”….Written Today Paul would likely ADD “Silent in church and as many other places as possible!”…..If I recall right that women remain silent verse is soon after the verse that mandates women Submit to Husbands as the Head!

                Great advice no…

                And before anyone tries posting a loony statement that shtf site is Not a church…The bible also states “Whenever Two or more christians are Present, discussing in Christs name etc, the Holy Spirit is also present there and so That is Church too”

                I do believe it definatly Fits swell on a webiste like here with so much Christ related talk or postings eh…

                What a novel idea of women remain silent! Almost as good was women cant Vote only males that Own property can vote!

                The good ol’ Days when Mostly white men ran america and all was super swell…I bet back then most churches were run far better too eh.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          yes, but who’s gonna hang the bell on the CAT!??

        • the renegade braveheart

          FBP, welcome back. How have you been?

    19. km

      A must read from American Thinker: here’s a snippet:

      Obama’s Children’s Crusade
      James Lewis
      …is nothing more than large-scale, highly organized criminal child abuse.

    20. Uzziel

      Beaner-Men; Beaner-Men,
      Does whatever Beaner-Men do.
      Can they compromise northern gringos?
      Yes, they can; they are beaners.
      Look out… here comes Beaner-Men!

      • slingshot

        I see a Beaner and I want to paint him Black.
        No other color works for me, so I’ll just paint him black.
        I see them drive around in brand new Chevelet’s.
        They have free cell phones that I pay for everyday.

        I see them park down at the Family Taco store.
        They use their credit cards so they can eat some more.
        People say they take the jobs that don’t pay very much.
        There the kind no white boy thinks that he would ever touch.

    21. George Washington

      Everything is going according to plan, Obama’s plan. What would expect when you allow tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into this country with nothing? All of us 53% that actually work and pay taxes will have to pay for them. Pretty soon the majority of people in America who do not work and live off of the labor of others will outnumber those that do work.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Keep in mind, there were only 8.5 million illegals in the US when GW Bush stole the election in 2000. When he left office in 2008 the number of illegals rose 3 Million to to 11.6 Million. And that was even after the 9-11 Commission findings said the Boarders need to be strictly guarded. Under Obama the number of illegals rose from 10.8 Mil in 2009 to 11.8 Million in 2013, only a 1 Million person increase in 6 yrs. So you can’t totally blame Obama on this, as he is way more proactive than Bush was.

        Source: DHS Stats Taken 1/1/2014

        Year Illegal Immigrant Population in the US.
        2013 11,700,000 Obama
        2012 11,300,000
        2011 11,000,000
        2010 10,800,000
        2009 10,800,000 Obama
        2008 11,600,000 GW BUSH
        2007 11,800,000
        2006 11,300,000
        2005 10,500,000
        2000 8,500,000 GW BUSH


        • Calgagus

          Add in the illegals who were granted citizenship by Obama and your Bush-Obama comparison goes to shit. Bush and Obama both let them through to the US and both are treasonous bastards. Obama just screws w/ the numbers better.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            @Calgagus – Your points are valid, as I stated the source of the stats as the DHS. Take it for what it is.. Of course they may be skewd since the DHS may want the statistics to appear their department is effective. Or they use state to create fear, for more Fed Funding. I don’t believe much of any Federal Government statistics. Just look at the Unemployment numbers. They claim 6-7% when it is really about 25% unemployment. There is so much scandal, ineptitude and fleecing by the Feds that it is hard to keep up with it all. One thing is certain though, their house of cards is crumbling, and we just need to get out of the way of their flash flooding that’s soon coming.

            • Calgagus

              Like you, I cant believe anything the govt says. Its all lies and propaganda. Numbers are skewed, folks are screwed.

              Im just wondering why all the media speakout on these kids overflowing the borders right now. There aint no coincidence. So why now? Whats the plan? Here in the states, if any of us parents ever abandoned our own kids for one hour, Social Services would have already seized our kids and we’d be lawyered up. But if your illegal, you get the red carpet treatment. Gotta love how the govt does liberty and justice for all.

              Guess I should mosey over to NumbersUSA to see what the latest is.

    22. aljamo

      Sounds like a setup for an excuse for a false flag event here in the states. One that many will buy. Off topic, a really good read on Political Vel Craft is SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA, Documented evidence of a secret business and political alliance before, during and after WW2-up to the present. This includes The real reason the government won’t debate medical cannabis and industrial hemp relegalization. It’s all about the fascist traitors, large u.s. corporations who aided Hitler, including GM, Ford, DuPont, Standard Oil and more. They and the politicians involved got off free and led to the current fascist government.

    23. leeholsen

      It’s thing like this that make living in Texas scary. Why would people risk going all the way to New York when they’re waving thru everything there is across the Texas border.

      We are just whistling past the graveyard these days. At some point, something like a dirty nuke will go off in the usa and Texas is the easiest and quickest target.

    24. Dan

      The material in question would be Cesium 137 not Cs37.

      The device is likely a testing device used in industry
      as Americium/Beryllium is a neutron emitter. The actual amount of isotope inside the unit is quite small. Dangerous if not shielded and you are in close proximity to it for a period of time. Use it for a “dirty bomb” where it is blasted over a large area with explosives and the actual risk change from exposure to ingestion/inhalation.

      In reality a “dirty bomb” using this material would not be large enough to pose a significant health risk….the
      risk from the explosives would likely be more significant. However because the word “radioactive” would be bandied about by ignorant candyassed media whores there would be widespread panic and THAT is how
      the damage would be done by this type of terrorism. Not
      by the device itself but by the ridiculous response of people and government to the device.

      The same thing can be said about the 9/11 attack. The actual physical damages and loss of life PALE to insignificance compared to the self inflicted destruction
      America has inflicted upon itself in response to the attack.

    25. River Rat

      If we all say F’-it and start the second revolution over gun control we just removed the door off its hinges, meaning wide open for a foreign invasion. So this is what I say F—K It let’er happen Captain. Let’s start it and get it over with. I’m so tired of all these dirt bags screwing over everyone and laughing at us. We need to serve them a Sh-t Sandwich like they have never ever seen. LET THEM KNOW WHERE THEY GOT IT!
      Off and on, lock and load, Ruck Up and move out. The force is with us.

      River Rat at the ready!!! (Just flat PISSED OFF)

    26. Mr. Wolf

      GRTV: Propaganda and the Ukraine Crisis

      Full Length Documentary


      It deconstructs the rhetoric and propaganda of the Obama Administration and its European allies regarding the crisis in Ukraine and takes a look at their growing frustration towards the Russian media, particularly RT, for challenging their account of events on the ground in what they have declared is an intensifying “information war”.

    27. feisty old broad

      Let Them Bring It On…..many of US are plain tired of the same ol same ol “statements” …..WHO cares who comes into this Country who was NOT invided….mexico sends millions across the border for a reason….do not d

    28. feisty old broad

      So sorry for fat fingers on keyboard….Meant to say “who cares who comes into this country of they follow the now standing law… is those who wish and Want to believe in their tripe. Sad that would keep my son very, very far away…..

    29. southside

      Can’t governor Brewer call out the Guard to secure the border?

      • Nopittypartyhere

        I’ve been wondering where the national guard is myself! Perhaps they’ve threatened the administration with this and are being blackmailed? It would start a second revolution if the guard deployed. Has anyone ever visited the minutemen website? I’ve heard nothing of them lately (2-3 years). I wonder if they still exist. Of course they request volunteers do not bring firearms…

        • Calgagus

          Bet you one thing, Nopittyparty. Bet the illegals aint dumped in Arpaios Maricopa County.

    30. Mr. Wolf


      A man going for a swim in the Sydney harbor almost bit off a little more than he could chew…


      “SHARK SHARK” and then it comes for him.

      *awesome video, a must watch.

    31. GoodDay_2EnterIntoEternity

      Holy Crapola,

      The show never stops, nothing better than to use a group of people for political gain…..make people turn on each other, take advantage of racial divisions….etc…..distract from other issues….Pure evil and smells like the making of a false flag or maybe overwhelm the system (from all angles) to bring it partially down……maybe bring in martial law while the military is bogged down overseas somewhere…..hmmmm part of the communist play book? Dang these puppeteers are good at what they do. Definitely a spiritual warfare as well….but we know who wins in the end.

      May the Good Lord have mercy on us all! Peace out

      • Them Guys

        The SHOAH Must go On, and On, and On, and On and On.OyVehy!

    32. Salamandra

      Its a False Flag because our government is about to sign a fucking Energetic Reform that will harm our nation by selling out our oil to international private companies and want to distract people with football and false news. We also have smoke curtains, false flags and government theaters up here. And it was normal Ppl (not drug cartels) who robbed a Soil Compactor Meter, near Mexico city, that info in the report is wrong. They should make a good research before posting something that can make people get freaked out.

      This is the real one, by one of the best reporters in Mexico, hated by government bwt

    33. slingshot

      Happy Father’s Day.

      • This Texan Has Had Enough

        Happy Father’s Day to your and yours! My dad has been dead for 25 years and I still miss him and want to ask his advice. Gone too soon.

      • This Texan Has Had Enough

        Happy Father’s Day to your and yours! My dad has been dead for 25 years and I still miss him and want to ask his advice. Gone too soon.

        • SmokinOkie

          Same here, Texan. A good Dad is invaluable in the lives of his children. And to all the guys here- even if you didn’t have a great Dad, you can be one yourself.
          If Mothers are the glue which holds a family together, Dads are the rock on which the family stands. Happy Fathers Day!

    34. River Rat

      I said it before off one bus on other one headed for DC.

      River Rat at the ready!!!

    35. SmokinOkie

      Pop Quiz….

      Who said-
      “I came for the entertainment, but the reality of the situation scared the crap out of me”

      A- Bystander at the anti-government rally in Baghdad.
      B- Bystander at the anti-government rally at Kent State.
      C- Bystander at the anti-government rally in Tiananmen Square.
      D- Bystander at the anti-government rally in Berlin.
      E- Bystander at the anti-government rally in Kosovo.
      F- New intern during the Nixon administration.
      G- New intern during the Bush administration.
      H- New intern during the Clinton administration.
      I- New intern during the Obama administration.
      J- okie logging on to shtfplan each day.
      K- All of the above.

      • Be informed

        Another answer to the question by SmokinOkie, “I came for the entertainment, but the reality of the situation scared the crap out of”.

        L. Anyone that tries to get into Washington or really any politics and “THINKS” that they can actually make a difference for the good AND that other “leaders” will take this good and become ONE for the people.

    36. Mr. Wolf

      Muslims Gang Rape Elderly American Woman

      The victim was an elderly woman who was invited by the Iraqis for what she believed to be lemonade; and what occurred afterwards, the woman cannot even remember.

      Muslims Gang Rape Elderly American Woman In Colorado
      Five Iraqi men have been arrested in Colorado Springs in connection with a rape so disturbing that Lt. Howard Black, who heads the Police Department’s special victim’s unit, said: “We don’t see these types of assaults typically in Colorado Springs.”


      • Mr. Wolf

        the youtube video report is censored.

        imagine if this was you, your mother, sister, daughter drugged and gang raped by a gang of iraqi’s serving training with the u.s.s.a. ZOG army at the fort carson army military base colorado springs colorado.

        a naive lamb lead to the predatory Muslim lions slaughter by her own ZOG FEDGOV lax immigration and foreign military visa policy.

        Welcome to the NEW ZOG AMERIKA.


    37. Pip-Boy

      I hear they stole the P38 Space Modulator!

    38. slingshot

      Mr. Wolf.

      Somewhere I have read that Muslims first enter the community and obey the laws and be quiet. They then start to grow and establish Mosques and when they outnumber those and are strong in the community they establish Muslim Law at any cost.

      A race between the Muslim sword or the government Guillotine to behead us all.

    39. thomas

      Sounds like they stole a “Nuke” which is the tool that Construction Materials Testing Laboratories and their Field Technicians use to test soil compaction, moisture, density and materials such as asphalt. These machines have a piece of radio active material about the size of a pin head in them. “Nukes” are lost, stolen, misplaced all over the U.S. on a daily basis. Awhile ago there was an issue in the Wash. D.C. area where a guy who worked for one of these companies had 3 or 4 “Nukes” in his apartment when he just walked away from the rent. Generally these machine’s locations and possessors are well documented. My understanding is that it would take several thousand of these machine’s particles to make a dirty bomb of any magnitude.

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