“Godzilla” Sunspot Takes Aim: X-Class Flare Thought To Be Responsible For Widespread Power Outages and Internet Problems

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    A massive sunspot dubbed ‘Active Region 2192’ has rotated into an earth-facing position. NASA says the Jupiter-sized magnetic anomaly on the sun is crackling with energy and several days ago it fired off an X-class flare right in earth’s direction. Then, yesterday, it launched another flare that was measured to be five times more powerful than the first.

    Though the classification of both flares was fairly low and rated in the 1.0 to 2.0 X-class range, the earth’s power and internet infrastructure has experienced some unusual effects over the last 48 hours.

    As of this morning, numerous power outages have been reported by internet providers, electrical utility companies, cable companies and even large inter-networks like MSN.com and Amazon. The outages are being reported by users on Twitter all over the northern hemisphere, including from Canada all the way down to Boston. Many of the companies involved have suggested that the outages were planned or the result of wind storms, but what is curious is that at the very same time all of these outages were being reported on earth, the National Weather Service’s National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) announced that their space-based satellite systems stopped reporting data.

    Coincidence? Perhaps.

    But an alternate theory is that the solar flares emitted by AR 2192 have something to do with it. How else can we explain widespread outages for literally hundreds of thousands of people occurring almost simultaneously at key utility and internet nodes across thousands of miles on earth, and happening in tandem with a breakdown in communications from the NCEP’s weather monitoring satellite?

    Video: Sunspot AR2192 causes Internet & Power Outages Worldwide:

    (Via Steve Quayle)

    An X-class solar flare designated in the 1.0 to 2.0 range doesn’t usually take down power grids and communications infrastructure, though they have been known to temporarily knock out satellites and cause problems with Global Positioning Systems and radio communications.

    The outages being reported by users are more than likely temporary without any permanent damage to the physical equipment involved in carrying the signals from point-to-point.

    However, historical examples of large-scale outages resulting from solar flares have been well documented. In 1859 a massive solar flare known as the “Carrington Event” left newly developed Telegraph systems inoperable and reportedly even led them to explode and set stations on fire. In 1989 a geo-magnetic storm caused the collapse of Quebec’s hydro electric power station. The flare that took only 90 seconds to bring the electric company to its knees was a fairly powerful x15-Class discharge.

    Given these examples, it’s not out of the question to suggest that a solar flare directly targeting Earth could potentially take out many modern day systems hooked into the grid.

    In fact, 18 months ago the sun emitted what researchers called a “Carrington Class” solar flare. It just slightly missed earth, but had the sunspot been earth facing at the time it could have been the Kill Shot that took the majority of the planet back to the stone age.

    ‘The world escaped an EMP catastrophe,’ Henry Cooper, who now heads High Frontier, a group pushing for missile defence, told Washington Secrets.

    ‘There had been a near miss about two weeks ago, a Carrington-class coronal mass ejection crossed the orbit of the Earth and basically just missed us,’ added Peter Vincent Pry, who served on the Congressional EMP Threat Commission.

    Major Ed Dames, who has long proposed that a massive solar event known as the Kill Shot will eventually hit earth, says that when it happens, expect widespread global outages. Unlike what we experience with lower classification X-flares, however a Kill Shot will be a long-term event:

    Yeah, if any particular grid goes, they’re not all going to go down at once and some will never go down. The ones that are stretched out over long wide spaces, they will. They will under the right circumstances and the right circumstances are happening real soon, watch the solar flares from (sunspot) 2192 as a harbinger of what’s coming real fast.

    When the grids go down, we’re looking at easily no less than 6 months, but probably 2 years. A lot can happen in terms of Mad Max scenarios.

    (Full Interview and Transcript From Holly Deyo)
    (Also see: Kill Shot, the documentary)

    It’s a sentiment that has been expressed by many, including members of Congress, who say that that the threat of a massive solar flare is a clear and present danger to the United States and the world.

    We are only one act of madness away from a social cataclysm unlike anything our country has ever known.
    -Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ), Senior Member House Armed Service Committee

    EMP is one of the small number of threats that could hold at risk the continued existence of U.S. civil society.
    -Dr. Robert Hermann, Commissioner US Congress EMP Commission

    Just one violent active region on the sun can cause continent-wide, perhaps even planetary-scale impacts to our critical infrastructure.
    -John Kappenman, Principal Investigator US Congress EMP Commission

    The Likelihood of a severe geo-magnetic event capable of crippling our electric grid is 100%.
    -Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Senior Member House Homeland Security Committee

    One study concluded that, because of our complete dependence on electricity for everything from food transportation to gas delivery, should such an event take place it could leave up to 90% of Americans dead within a year.

    Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, says that if there’s one event that could cause the veritable ‘S’ to hit the fan, this is it:

    So, what happens if and when the grid goes down for an extended period of time? Aside from the aggravation of not being able to determine what is happening through traditional media channels, for the Average Joe, his problems have only just begun. Our dependency to the grid doesn’t just stop at lack of electricity in our homes to power our appliances or an inability to charge our cell phones; it is much broader and affects every aspect of our lives.

    We are regularly inundated with news reports covering outages that last several days or weeks resulting from inclement weather like snow storms or hurricanes, or heat waves in southern states that threaten to overload the system. During those times, when entire metropolitan areas or regions experience black outs, we get a glimpse into what a truly widespread emergency might look like. It is often the case that the first thing residents of affected areas do is rush to grocery and hardware stores hoping to acquire critical supplies like food, water, batteries, flashlights and generators. And while these supplies acquired at the onset of crisis may provide short term sustenance, any long-term grid-down situation that lasts for many weeks or months will prove dangerous, and perhaps fatal, to the unprepared.

    Consider, for a moment, how drastically your life would change without the continuous flow of energy the grid delivers. While manageable during a short-term disaster, losing access to the following critical elements of our just-in-time society would wreak havoc on the system.

    Tess goes on to suggest various strategies designed to prepare you for a widespread power grid outage occurs.

    While such an event is unlikely, it remains a distinct possibility. Moreover, as Pennington notes, it is one of the only natural disaster events that would have near cataclysmic global consequences.

    The AR 2192 sunspot is just a reminder that it can come at anytime.



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      1. Even my Ray-Ban Aviators couldn’t
        stand up to this kind of blitz.

        • I wont ever be ready for the grid to go down for two years. That would be a bummer.
          But i am sure my government will save me.
          My confidence is high.
          Within minutes FEMA will bring me candles and food.
          And within days DHS will provide safety for my home .
          I am sure that the National Guard will see to it that my town is safe and well supplied and prevent people from looting or other nefarious activities.
          I am sooooo confident that i have thrown all my firearms into the swamp and will rely solely on my government to save me. Big O has my back.

          I also know that voteing straight Dem ticket in two weeks will raise my minimum wage and give me the benifets i deserve and am entitled too.


          • Ahh… Humor, right??

            • Regarding the Synod on the Family:

              “The covers shown … are a cropping of a painting by Marc Chagall. The painting is named Song Of Songs III and it is a depiction of King David and his lover Bathsheba. We at Call Me Jorge… find it very revealing that for the cover they chose two people from the Bible having an affair which displeased God. People often ask for signs from God, what more could you ask for than an explicit sign like this?”


              As I have mentioned before, in two millennia the Church has suffered dozens of anti-Popes.

              • The sun better hurry…’cause Obummer ain’t gonna leave it anything to destroy.

              • Thank you for this info! My hubby noticed the internet was out earlier today, for awhile. I asked him if he was going to “faraday” some radios….he said no. Maybe now he will change his mind…

                • BC55;
                  A solar event is probably my biggest fear. That is an instant lights out game changer. Panic, riots, etc would happen almost immediately.

                  Other events (imho) tend to start slowly, with the snow ball effect. I think they are easier to prepare for.


                • Just WTF does this have to do with the original article??????

                  • What do “Bible Believing” Protestants think about blaspheming the Holy Name of Jesus?

                    Have they forgotten the 10 Commandments?


                    Or have they just bought into the rabbis’ claim:

                    “God smiled and said: ‘My sons have defeated Me, My sons have defeated Me!’ God’s sons ‘defeated him’ with their arguments. Rabbi Yehoshua was correct in his contention that a view confirmed by majority vote must be accepted, even where God Himself holds the opposite view.”
                    Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Metzia 59b, Steinsaltz Edition, NY: Random House 1990, Vol. III p.237

          • A CME would definitely mess up the sheeple’s normalcy bias.

            Speaking of which, what do SHTFplan readers think of this idea to jolt non-preppers out of their normalcy bias:

            Was listening on the radio to an interview by Tony Dungy, former football player and former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. He was discussing the suicide of his oldest son. And he said there was no way you could prepare for something like that. And that he’s had conversations with other folks who lost children to suicide and one of the things that gets discussed is “Were there any warning signs?” Of course, that’s a hard question because the grieving relative adds to the grief load thinking what s/he might have missed, and what s/he could have done to prevent the suicide.

            So I listen to this interview and think, “Aha, this is a novel way to get my close friends and family to think of normalcy bias! I’ll talk about the topic of suicide. Then I’ll introduce the idea of national suicide. And how Obola is leading the country to ruin and to suicide.

            And tah-dah! there are warning signs, demmit! Don’t you want to take steps to handle the impending suicidal self-destruction, Mr. and Mrs. Non-Prepper? Obola refuses to close the borders and stop flights, yes? Get some extra water, extra food, etc…!

            Must find ways to penetrate the thick fog of normalcy bias!

            • He committed suicide cause his dad is a loser. Dungy is a phony, hides behind his religion and never paid any attention to his kid. He has like 8 kids. Dungy when in Tampa lost like every football season. Lost every replay red flag call. He only won in Indy cause of Payton Manning. That’s the cold hard facts behind the phony headlines. Dig deeper into reality of the story.

              • Go ahead and red thumb me about my above comment about Dungy’s kids suicide. Then Dungy writes a book about it and profits, then plays the victim and coping. Can you tell he feels guilty? Dungy lives in my area, so I got the inside skinny on that suicide case. If you notice the kid committed suicide right after the game the colts lost on their 13-0 winning streak in the 2005 Season. Connect the dots. Look up the dates for yourself. Unless you have facts to back up your red thumbs your negative red gestures are not worthy. Do you want facts and the real story, or do you like to be fed phony BS?

                Here are the Facts:

                Dungy was found by his girlfriend on Thurs Dec. 22,2005

                Colts 2005 Season
                The Colts finished the season 14–2,

                Indianapolis started the season with a 13-game winning streak and were heavily favored to go to the Super Bowl.

                Here is the Colts 2005 game schedule The colts were 13-0 for the season then lost their first Game on December 18th 2005 just 4 days before Dungy’s kid committed suicide, and lost their winning streak and the season for good when the Seahawks put them away the following weekend after Dungy’s kids suicide. Coincidence? I think so. He’s dad was a loser, and probably got a lot of flack at his college for it.

                14 December 11, 2005 at Jacksonville Jaguars W 26–18 13–0 Alltel Stadium Recap
                15 Game December 18, 2005 SundaySan Diego Chargers L 17–26 13–1 RCA Dome Recap
                16 December 24, 2005 at Seattle Seahawks L 13–28 13–2 Qwest Field

                Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_Indianapolis_Colts_season

            • FreeSlave, have no fear. Where there is a will, there is always a way to affect normalcy bias.

              • Thanks renegade.

          • Off Topic…

            New York’s First Ebola Case? Doctor Treating Ebola Patients in Guinea Rushed to Bellevue Hospital

            “A New York City doctor – who returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea 10 days ago – has been rushed under police escort to Bellevue Hospital…

            He is being tested for Ebola.”
            •Patient has 103′ fever and gastrointestinal symptoms
            •NYC says Ebola test results expected within 12 hours
            •NYC tracing ALL of patient’s contacts

            • Update…

              Doctor tests positive for Ebola.

              Drudge Report

            • KY MOM, Yes like how many people did this Doctor come in contact with before the signs started appearing? These Doctors Abroad Program are bringing this Ebola Virus back the States.

            • He is a freakin doctor! If he left his home and was out and about and anyone else gets it, he should be charged with attempted murder. AGAIN, HE IS DOCTOR!

              • all the book smarts in the world but not a lick of common sense!

          • Bless you Brother, i feel the same way,,,,,

            • We had a pretty good wind storm here, at the foot of Mt. Hood. The driving rain kept my scanner from working. It usually gets SOMETHING, but yesterday and last night, nothing at all. Dead silence.

          • Man that has me rolling holding my side 🙂

          • You almost sound like you are being sarcastic, I can not tell for sure.

            However, even in the little county I live in they have an “emergency manager” employed full time, recently, he got a Federal grant to hire 2 more people to work on a “disaster plan”.

            3,000 households in the entire county.
            $300,000.00 spent SO FAR this year to get a plan in place. ( don’t worry, all taxpayer dollars, so they can always get more….)
            Add to that another $100,000.00 budget from the county taxpayers.

            I have to feel confident that they are going to be completely prepared for ANYTHING !!

            Otherwise…. It would all just be a big waste of the taxpayer’s money

            • That’s $400,000 for three people, I hope they are actually getting something done for that !

              I would think the first thing to do would be to get several plans that have already been created in other places and build from there….or are they re-inventing the wheel?

          • Amen,
            Bless you brother,
            They will saaaaavvvee us alll

            • Yep, that’s my prepper plan… the Government!! 🙂

              • Yea, the government is so awesome they just about replace religion huh,,,

                • “Where’s the government? Where’s the government?”——-survivors in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

          • Hammer–>



            ..’cuz, at the moment, ‘SOL’ has a case of the celestial farts(see recent ‘X’ class)..

            ..call it warm-up / practice for the..OBAMA-class flare / grid kill shot..

            ..once his scope is ‘dialed in’!!!


            All joking / sarcasm aside folks.

            We’re seeing a quickening / acceleration of the ‘birth-pangs’ stage!

            -(see varied, changing manifold global events)–

            It ain’t gonna get better or go away, its only gonna get worse..per time!


            For now:

            Your job..ditto mine..is to ‘stay’ ahead of the curve!

          • Has your back! oh oh

          • Sounds like some really heavy sarcasm.

          • Ya right, but the government will at least send you a presidential text message and tell us all what to do.

            Hey, my phone just went dead….?

        • Emp is my worst fear. Since reading “One second after ” and meeting the author. It scared the crap out of me!
          Preparing for a 1870’s type of lifestyle. God Bless, James

          • EMP is my worst fear as well.
            Just because it is most probable.
            The US aint makin alot of friends these days and there are alot of countries that would love to bring us down a couple pegs.
            ( not to mention current administration, see false flag).

            • I’ve said this a hundred times if it is CE rated and grounded, EMP will not hurt it. Most COTS computers running the electrical plants are ancient and will go down. My cheapie 17″ Toshiba laptop could run all the Dams in WA state. The refusal to upgrade it what will bring us down.

              • Rellik, would you mind elaborating on the CE rating and how that might prevent damage to these electrical devices? Is this due to the standards for immunity to electromagnetic emissions requirement for a device to receive the CE rating?

                I wasn’t aware of all the CE rating requirements until you brought it up and I looked it up. Interesting stuff.

                • CE is just the European version of our UL rating. It is a little more strict, but I have no idea how it could effect how it could prevent an electronic assembly from EMP damage.

          • Yes James, it sure is something to be concerned about, i have known for many years just how vulnerable the power supply is around the world. When I say power it includes gas and fuel oil/diesel, also.

            Without the electrical grid, everything would become a new kind of grid, called “gridlock”.

            We may get caught out, away from the retreat if and when it should happen. But, nowadays we don’t travel far without a bugout bag in the vehicle and that includes several tools for protection while we are trekking back to the retreat locale.

            At the most we would normally have no more than a three to four day trek based on our usual fishing/camping waters.

            Prepared for 1800’s style living as best as we can. There would be a hectic three or four days of cooking,drying, and canning meats/veggies, from the freezor, but just maybe our solar/12 volt battery system would give us some extra time. It works, but we definitely aren’t going to 100% count on it.

            Anybody living in colder climates should have an emergency plan in place that should include an easily installed wood/corn/pellet burning system for cooking and heat. Even if it requires closing off most of the rooms and everyone camping out in the living room or den/basement.

            I can tell you from experience as a child, there is nothing much worse than being cold and hungry at the same time.

            Have a plan in place, cause things are truly ramping up and from which direction we get hit, nobody truly knows; but almost anyone with common sense will say that they believe a SHTF situation is forthcoming.

            It could be weeks, months, or even years. But, nobody that is a prepper, actually believes it will be decades.

            • ..812–>

              The assault / attack / blind-siding event(s)..are varied and likely asymmetrical or perhaps, a combination of conventional + asymmetrical methinks, per current Earthbound sit-reps.

              That said, suppose our side of the planet gets bitch-slapped 1st?

              A San Andres, New Madrid, Obama-class flare or Yellowstone popping per a divine sucker-punch..followed up w/ a Russian / Chinese nuclear left-hook!!??!!



              This regime of ours (per District of Criminals)..would surely f#ck-up the other side, if such happened to them..what makes one think..they wouldn’t be inclined to do likewise???



              A play on words: -(contemporary)-

              Float like a butterfly,
              Sting like a bee,
              The Lord’s pissed off**,
              Here comes the 1-2-3!!!!!!

              **(at us)!


              ..just an opinion of course.

              • Pardon the ‘pissed-off’ wording reference, per the Lord!

                ..but methinks if he ain’t,…he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology!

            • We might have several months at most, but no way we have years left. This upcoming winter may prove to be ‘interesting times’ as the old Chinese proverb goes. Mega-SHTF in winter will be a MEGA BITCH!

          • I couldn’t even finish that book. Scary indeed. I just make sure that I keep an emp in mind while prepping and hope I make the right decisions.

          • Try reading “The Hot Zone”… or “Climate Wars”…I read “One Second After” and it didn’t scare me at all…

            Guess we all scare differently. My brother said that “Jaws” scared him but not scarey movies… I’m the opposite. “Jaws” didn’t scare me but I can’t stand scarey movies… scare me too much.

            • Like many others “One Second After” was my awakening. It wasn’t so much scary, as it was more of an “oh shit WTF am I going to do now!” kind of book.

              I just downloaded “hot zone”, looking forward to reading that.


          • I look forward to the EMP great reset to rid the world of useless eaters. The rich will get crushed since money will become worthless all debt will be erased. The planet will become clean again. No more phone solicitors. The oceans will replenish themselves again. Fish will become abundent the skys will be clear, we will listen to birds again instead of thumping rap mucic. Live music will be popular again. The youth will look at something besides their iphones and no more twitter face book and people will actually learn how to speak to eachother again. No more GMOs small farms will rise. Corner markets in neighborhoods will bepopular. Lots of benefits. One big negative will be the nuke plants that will crumble and radiation will spew in unknown directions or with the wind. That will be the X factor.

          • James and everyone, I’m also prepped for EMP. I’ve also read “One Second After”. That was one tough book for me to get through. It affected me emotionally. When I got to the part about the guy’s diabetic daughter dying, I put the book down and broke down myself. It was 3 days before I could pick it back up and finish it. “Lights Out” is another tough read. Both scenarios are very, very plausible.

            • Here’s a link to the .pdf of “Lights Out” that you can download and read at your leisure on your computer.

              ht tp://files.meetup.com/3499102/Lights_Out.pdf

              • thanks, can’t beat free!

        • I used a magnifine glass to watch the eclispe today. What a view.
          J/K. Ha

          • You watched a solar eclipse with a magnifying glass, and you can still see? Damn.

            • Wow Six, You are smart and caught that eh? J/K means just kidding. lol Yeah my eyeballs are like leather.

              • Same with your brain.

        • If you guys go to YouTube and look up suspicious0bservers he does videos everyday about the sun and CME/flares/star water etc. Its a good place for those wanting to learn more about how the sun affects earth

      2. We will know pretty quickly if the grid goes down, all I can say is I hope you are ready!


        • Hydro-Quebec got dropped in ’89 within 90 seconds, so yes, definitely.

          And that was an X15…. Last year’s flare was believed to be an X40+ (the second time that has happened within a ten year time frame) … Truly an ‘End of The World As We Know It Event‘ had it hit… the crazy thing is no one reported anything about it until a year later!

          I realize this is an outlier, but it really is a ‘luck of the draw’ type situation… With the new detection systems in place we may have up to 48 hours warning, but more than likely, given what we’ve seen with government emergency response in recent years, we’d be lucky to get even a few hours notice.

          A flare capable of downing our grids has been detected TWICE in the last 10 years. The only reason we avoided it was luck… or providence.

          • I wonder if a Faraday cage would help with this kind of event. A couple hours is all you’d need to get a few key items into an emergency cage before the hit.

            • Get a big 30 gallon metal trash can, with a metal lid… line it with cardboard, put everything in it…

            • Yes a Faraday cage would protect items kept inside it. A surplus ammo can made of steel is an excellent Faraday cage.

              I do keep my last best working cell phone, it’s chargers, and retired but working portable radio in an ammo case. I have a set of (ten year shelf life) lithium batteries, separate in a plastic bag in there. I also pull out the phone and recharge it every six months to keep the battery alive. There’s also a folding solar charger panel in the box and a set of rechargeable batteries. It all fits in one ammo case. In a separate metal tin, I also have a spare modem router for the Internet left over after I upgraded to a better unit.

              None of this stuff cost me anything except the panel that I built from surplus parts, and the $20 ammo case.

              • I use a galvanized metal trash can [home depot for $25] as my faraday cage. I use packing bubbles [fedex or ups store] for insulation and keep my electronics in it.

            • I am actually on a nationwide EMP study group and get all the inside scoop. I called the EBT FACTOR, Food riots factor to the group, since I am also a credit card EBT processor company. A few months after I told the group abot food riots they flung the EBT glitch out there. I hope no direct connection but maybe the powers out gave it a test to see what would happen. Yeah I was right eh. Watch for mass rioting and looting as machettes will become very popular as well as tommahawks and baseball bats. That is why you all need guns and lots and lots of ammo at the ready and high capicity mags.

              • what the fuck does a EMP have to do with a solar flare… CME? EMP is caused by a nuke and destroys electronics such as the ebt readers at walturds. a solar flare as in CME destroys long transmission wires as in the grid.

                • Dave. Glad to see you are thinking. Both can have similar affects. Destroying electronics without discrimination.

                • Solar flares also produce an EMP. The solar EMP just doesn’t have the component that directly kills electronics. It will hit the long wires, but that means that any electronics that are plugged in at the time will be killed. Storing backup electronics in Faraday cages protect against both types of EMP, nuclear and solar.

                  • EMP has E1, E2, and E3 pulses

                    CME does not produce E1, that is why they can take out electronics in space, but not electronics on earth, unless they are connected to the grid….and still that is a “maybe.”

                    The grid itself (long lines) is however destroyed for a very ling time….IF it is a big enough CME and a direct hit. Important to remember that many experts say the Carrington event was probably an xclass of 100 or greater.

                  • What’s the matter red thumber, did I make your hard on for fear porn go limp?

                  • Solar EMP??? Whats that? Is there a Pulse (ElectroMagneticPulse) in a CME?

                • ROFLMAO

              • WWTI, I do have a ‘ventilation team’ and plenty of ‘groceries’ for each member.

            • The only thing affected by a solar storm like this will be long wires; so basically, the power grid and everything connected to it. If you simply unplug all your critical appliances, that will protect them. The real problem comes with an EMP burst which will come without warning and sends out a wave that destroys solid state devices. In that case you’d better have your backup electronics already stowed away in the cage. Don’t be surprised if there is a second round of EMP which nukes anything you’ve taken out of the cage after the first one.

              • @ Nathan..Sorry, I read your reply after posting mine. Dave

              • Nat that is a pretty good explanation. The best thing to do is pull your main circuit breaker out to avoid a house electrical fire. Main transformers will start collapsing in a cascading fashion causing all sorts of power surges and power line fires. Quickly disconnect from the grid if you start hearing transformers blowing. Fricken mess.

              • In addition to the power grid, a solar EMP will also hit the phone lines. This will take out your telephones, fax machines, and any computer equipment using either dial-up or DSL for internet.

                • there is NO solar emp….similarities, yes, but not really.

              • That is why with certain things of utmost importance, it’s good to remember what JWR says……two is one and one is none

            • Faraday Cage: As a last resort you can stuff your electronics into your microwave, unplugged of course. A microwave is a faraday cage. So if you see those out there at a yard sale for $5 even if it is not working, buy it for electronics storage. Good for laptops etc.

              • WWTI, for a few small items a microwave might do but it really depends on how many items you want to save. I have a few radios and a few LED flashlights stored in my faraday trash can and could possibly add a few more items. I would go with the metal trash can [home depot for $25]. Use shipping bubbles which come in rolls [fedex and ups store] for insulation. That should do the trick.

          • MAC – I dont think that the GOV would give us any heads up on this type of thing.
            They would just let it happen, and then take advantage.

            • Know for yourself what’s happening. This is a great place to check daily.


              • You can subscribe to email alerts of solar flares from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology at:

                ht tp://www.ips.gov.au/mailman/listinfo/ips-flare-alert

                There are many helpful pages and links on the main site.

                • Solarwatcher on youtube has very good videos about this as well and he seems to be one smart cookie

          • I remember the LSM reporting on it a year later and I also remember them mentioning a blurb a year before that about some tinfoil hats reporting the flair. So much shit has happened since we tend to forget but they said us so called “prepper/nutjobs” thought the world was going to end. Then a year later as you say Mac they are reporting on it like it was a civilization ender. No mention of tinfoil hats in that report. I’m really tired of the LSM shitbags. We no longer watch network TV and very seldom even turn the idiot box on anymore. Thank god we’re still allowed access to sites like these.

            • Maddog, AMEN to no TV service. I cut loose of DIRECTV awhile back. Nothing on the boob tube I want to see, either, but still watch a DVD on it on occasion or even a VHS tape. Got a DVD/VCR player and 2 big boxes of old VHS tapes in storage. the rest of the time I’m an internet freak.

          • mac have you heard from b.i.? my other name used to be tiredofny bs

            • BI is still here, he just goes by the name Mr Rodgers now.

              He’s right below my post here….say hi.

              • OOps, I stand corrected. Not BI, but say hi to JOG.

                I have had the same name from the beginning 4 years ago….I guess I just don’t understand the changing names thing.

          • Amyone mind if I chime in here?

            The Quebec event occured on the mass of the eastern Canadian ‘Laurentian shield’ which amplifies the effects of a CME notably. The causative agent here is the hard rock underlying the electircal grid. After that event Quebec’s utility services installed shopping-mall sized surge arrestor facilties to mitigate any future such occurances. Thus, if such an event did ocuur, it is likely that only the north-eastern section of Canada’s grid would be left unvaporized, afterwards.

            Now, the Carrington event was rather singular – historically – and can be anecdotalaay grasped from reports given after the fact by rail workers of the day; the ground currents were so large during that, that the segemented rails that were then all that existed, were later found to have welded thier butt-ends together …just like the ribbon-rail that we see being used today. Food for thought…

            The current state of 12192 IS frightening given it’a vast size, magnetic complexity and worse, it’s history over the last 36 hours. During that time we have seen the region effectively ‘re-chrage’ it’s potential, post-flare and thus it is now right back to where it had been. The evidence for that is seen in high magnification of the trailing apot in the current NOAA HMIB9C) imaging which has a ‘curious anomaly’ which I had been watching some few days previously…one which I could not clearly identify…fancy that.

            There is a visible, small area located in the center of that trailing region whcih is clearly of opposing polarity relative to the region surrounding it; that is identically at the heart of the region’s highest negative potential. Now, this is something that seems ludicrous at firat glance; such as that simply doesn’t occur in nature….not as we have seen it previously. Therefore, I did not know whether to interpret THAT as actual or artifactual (ie, RREAL or a function of data processing or sensor error) over the previous few days. As of tonight NOAA has settled that question, definitively … drop over to SolarHam and read the daily report (NOAA’s report)…where they identify that – there – explicitly, in it.

            Thus we have a spot doing something that we have seldom – if ever – seen previously, of IMMENSE size and complexity…and which is NOW in perfectly geo-eefective position. WHAT will happen here?…your guess is good as mine Folks; but if it does it will be ‘hell come to breakfasr’ and likely the bulk of Humanity will be on the ‘elevator to Hell’.

            Finally, one small last point here. The effects of a flare ARE limited to the sun-facing side of the Earth, Yes? Just so, however, the effects of a CME are completely global as the currents induced are either cicumpolar or circumferential, either or. Hence NO ONE ‘gets a paas’ on the aftermath from somesuch…except for eastern Canada/Quebec, that is.

            IF any extreme event occurs – now- you might have as little as 14 hours (the speed of the CME increases with severity of the Flare), as seen in the Quebec flare’s effects (then only 14 hours) from time of flare’s incidence.

            Keep watching Folks…if it goes it will ‘be taking no prisoners’ when it does at, this point. Oh..and remeber, IF so, then CUT your ‘ground straps’ at the utlity poles AND your HOUSE before THAT arrive to prevent the ‘ground currents’ from toasting eveything. Think 800-1200 Volts on the grounds here…it would ‘run back’ into EVERYTHING via that path…

            In a rush here tonight, forgive all typos please.

            • I really don’t know how this slipped by me over time; it i something I shoulf have posted here long ago. For those who have not seen this as yet, a rather comprehensisve look at historical Solar Storms – the best I am aware of in succinct form – is at:


              This does go all the way back to the Carrington Event and is a rather easy read for those wo are ‘Solar inclined’.

              • @Mr Rodgers: Glad to see our Chief Resident ‘of all things solar’ back in the house…and yes, quite a show over at the solarham…..have been watching on and off all day…that is some huge sunspot!

                Think I also heard yesterday there was a 5.1 quake south of Ancourage Alaska….So much going on, hard to keep track of all! Take care all. CC p.s. Hope the moose hunt went well..

                • Well INDEED Hon!

                  The ‘boys’ lined out on a big bull in less than 4 hours. He was on his way to ‘the larder’ shortly thereafter. Damn 375 H&H KICKS like a MULE!…I am bruised from the shot, about 8 cm across. ss till, “hmmmm, hmmm GOOD”!

                  On a another note – solar here – THIS is why I mitigated (previously…for ONE reason) in favor of ‘your’ location…the placement of those vast surge-buffers that are installed as a consequence of the Quebec event, all over the Canadian grid; they are about the only component of the Global grid that is ‘protected’.

                  How’s DH Sweety? Been so busy here, I have NOT been ‘keeping up’.

                  • @Mr Rodgers…..All is well here, and I was hoping when you mentioned Que. that Central/Eastern Ontario was included in that area too. Happy to hear that it is!

                    Hubby is counting the days till the ‘pre-op’ testing on Nov 3rd….and then the big day on the 19th….trying to keep busy to keep his mind off ‘everything’….One day at a time…we will hope for the best.

                    Glad to hear you got your moose (in such a short time) and hope your arm/shoulder is ok….yikes, that hurts! take care of you, CC

          • Would a solar flare effect only one side of the earth facing the sun????

            • Initially, the flare’s X-component would strike the sunlit side, causing large comm’s difficulties, satellite problems, etc…but that is about all it would do. However, IF that did eject the magnitude of CME that was seen in the Carrington event (or some few others over time) and that struck us here in this ‘modern age’ where we are so VERY reliant on the grid for all that we do…then it’s ‘lights out’…likely forvever, consdier this;

              HOW do you “rebuild it all”…when there is NO electricity, anywhere; refine iron, drill plates, refine the copper for the windings of the transformers? Dwell on that just a bit, “Grim” is the word that comes here to mind. As it take a YEAR to build even one of the UHV transformers which form the backbone of the grid…and there are thousands of those, then most of humanity is simply ‘gone’ in a month or two, via starvation.

              Almost to ‘bad’ to be beleived…really.

          • Mac: if you are interested in getting real-time alerts on CME’s and solar flares, go to: http://www.spaceweather.com
            You can sign up for text alerts that come within 5 minutes of a detected solar flare. In fact, an X-3 solar flare JUST erupted about 8 minutes ago, and I got the alert 3 minutes ago. This way, you actually do have 48 hours notification.

            • Thanks Doc! Much appreciated. That is a great resource link!

      3. Grid? I don’t need no stinking grid.

      4. So the sun farted……..eat two chocolate chip cookies and call me in the morning.

        • What concern I have from a possible solar flare pales in comparison to what our government would do to the power grid and blame it on a solar flare(cme). Excuse me while I freshen up the edge on my knives and machete.

      5. “Oh my FREAKING GAWD!”



        “BEFORE WE ALL GET A … sun burn!”

        bwaaa ha ha ha ;0p pssszzt

        talk about your “fear porn gone wild!”


        • LMAO

          • YEP LMFAO TOO!!!!

        • facebook, fester ….whatever your name is today….you crack me up…thanks for the laugh. Ive missed your truthful postings lately.

      6. I don’t thing anyone except maybe the Amish or very wealthy people are truly ready for a total grid down situation.
        I feel I could make it but it would have many hardships and challenges. A lot of pain and loss of life.

        • The very wealthy may be ready in the sence that they have supplies , but they also have to know how to use them and keep them.
          Not a thief, just sayin..

          • The wealthy are not stupid, blind, deaf or dumb. Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, and many, many other wealthy, celebrity, and Hollywood types are completely aware and follow these SHTF kinds of sites regularly.

            Most of them are pretty bright, actually, and they know what questions to ask. Don’t be fooled by their money. Money doesn’t make you stupid, but drugs and alcohol do. 🙂

            • Reality is a crutch for people who can’t handle alcohol.

          • Many of the wealthy are not prepared, they are very dependent on their electronics. Unless they prep they will be the biggest losers. Money will not buy you EMP Smarts as the last minute. And their castles will become instantly vulnerable. Ripe for pillage. lol Go for the Cigar and Wine cellar.

        • Mike,
          There are more people than you realize that have lived with basic necessities for years.
          My Grandparents on mother’s side lived with electric lights only, into the sixties. When all the kids were grown and moved out, about 1962, they finally had a well drilled and stopped carrying water.

          Never once had a water heater, but granny finally did get an electric range for the hot summer days, only.
          I remember grandpa bitchin’ about the “light bill” being over ten dollars. Granny could always shut him up by telling him he could go back to hauling water from the spring box. Didn’t take too much water cause they never had a bathroom, just cold water to the kitchen sink.

          There are some Appalachian families that still live like that. I’d say they wouldn’t have much problem adjusting, just as we will. But we have taken years and thousands of dollars to prepare to go without electricity. Horse power is our biggest expense.
          I’m feeling Amish already, just talking about it.

          • You’ve got me turning up and turning down
            And turning in and turning ’round

            I’m turning Survival Prepper
            I think I’m turning Survival Prepper
            I really think so
            Turning Survival Prepper
            I think I’m turning Survival Prepper
            I really think so

            – Turning Japanese Prepper Lyrics

          • Humanoids have been on this plant for 5+ million years, existing,and not until the late 1800’s did only a few have electricity. People who understand History, Antiquities, farming, and the Handy Farmers Almanac should survive just fine. Gathering some livestock to pull the plows will be needed.

            • Duck tape.. loads of duck tape too.

            • In the history of humans, an industrialized society is an anomaly. Just the last 200 yrs or so.

          • Oicu

            I agree with your point. I no some people that just put in indoor restroom facilities about 15 years ago. I understand that. Still compared to the rest of this country it is so small. We are lucky if it is 1 percent. Even in there case all stores, banks, services and such would be gone. It would cause some hardship for them as well.

        • The Amish presently are a unique novelty and pain in the ass on those winding hilly roads in Lancaster County Pa. Under these circumstances they would become a very well known soft target as heavily populated cities are not too far away. Hopefully their “English” friends would have the good sense to guard them in what would become a symbiotic relationship. They’re experts at not only surviving but thriving in primitive environment and they’re good people too.

        • It’s surprising at first to see how much the Anabaptist folk also depend on the grid. At one remove, of course. I live close to many Amish/Mennonite families. I see Amish folk in my local grocery stores quite often. They use quite a few farming products that are grid-dependent, either to produce or to distribute. They buy their seed and fertilizer. Many use tractors, (but not cars or trucks). No electric refrigerators, but many have Diometic propane ones. No telephones in their houses, but when they advertise to sell stuff locally they post the number of a neighbour. Short term, they’ll hardly notice. In a TEOTWAWKI event they’ll hurt along with the rest of us. The less so because they are closer to God than 98% of Americans.

          • I agree. Seen an Amish couple in Staples having an advertisement on a computer made up for them. The Amish man with beard (husband) was pointing to the screen obviously directing the Staples employee. I would have taken a picture of it because the scene was so interesting but I respected their (by my standards) unusual sensibilities to that.

            Yes they buy goods that are modern made but they stand a damn good chance short of protection to be least effected. Their kids know how to work too. That is a huge help right there. They all contribute.

            • Africans who have never seen an electric light will be hard hit. Africa as a whole is very dependent on outside aid. Haiti doesn’t have a chance. Aid is all they know.

        • Mike, how did your surgery go?

          • Tex

            Much better than anyone thought. My ACL was not torn all the way. They chose to shave it. So instead of a large incision I have two small holes. They repaired some meniscus tears. The partial tears in the ACL, MCL, and LCL they say can be healed with proper therapy.

            Thank you for asking my friend. It still hurts but such is life. Therapy today has made it very unhappy. I so hope I can get back to Krav Maga. It was doing so much for my health and stress.

            I hope you and your family is doing great.

            • Thanks. Ice, lots of ice anytime you fell the slightest discomfort. Aleve helps with flexibility later on. You will reach a point of diminishing returns in your therapy and that will be time to move on.

              Take care.

      7. Just another warning about the end of the world as we know it. Been watching this for a couple of days now. Maybe its finally time for the reset. Who knows.

        • I gotsta feeling that any reset will be beyond our wildest imagination.

          • One can only hope!

            Oh wait,

            You mean its a bad thing,,,

            • Not really a bad thing. Depends who on the list falls…. and its a long list. We might hit those Georgia guide stone numbers after all.

              • I’d like to see somebody rearrange those guide stones with a D9 cat…flat is good. Gone is better.

                • I am surprised someone hasn’t already destroyed them long ago

                  • A little C-4, some brewskies and a tailgate party would be appropriate, I think.

                  • LoL yupper

          • Howdy PO’d

            As I see it, no matter HOW the fall comes, Solar, WAR, Ebola…don’t matter…when it’ GONE, ended…there will be around – Oh Say – about 50 million LEFT…thinly distributed, a fair portion by simple ‘happenstance’. Reason, anything that STOPS ‘civilization’ now would leave billions of people without FOOD…and almost instantly…3 days later, ANARCHY, 30 days later, 6.5 billion corpses…laying there, poisoning the bio-sphere beyond any hope of survieability were one anywhere NEAR ‘civilization’ when it happened. And then, the Nuclear Plants will start to BURN…with no one attending to them. Ever WONDER why JOG left? I WAS a Nuclear Engineer, “Reactor design Specialsts” point-in-fact, I KNOW what a ‘deal made with the devil’ the PWR reactors we use are…all because H. Rickover wanted a ‘nuclear navy’…AND the Plutonium that PWR’s naturally produce…unllike – say – a Thorium reactor.

            We are in a place that WILL survive it ALL…the right wind currents…so no fallout, a million years of ‘stored water’, unbeleiveable game, PLENTY of everything….millions of acres, lush, FERTILE.

            Re-think your plans when you get a minute…mot being critical here, simply being truthful and precise…

            Truly Friend…get the HELL away from ‘it all’ while you can. People just AREN’T getting ‘what will be coming’, icluding many here…that’s why me – and MINE – ‘are long GONE, through the tall corn…with the short drawers ON…”, Eh?

            • @ JOG You can post your comment #3253441 a hundred times and most will just scroll on past it. You are right, but your solution is a costly one that requires people to make hard decisions and do alot of work. The first step in securing a decent BIN is LOCATION, but that is very dificult and requires Sacrifice…such as lower wages, smaller house, physical work doing the farm chores. It aint gonna happen.

              • Howdy Dave,

                Indeed, EVERYTHING you say is ‘spot-on’ friend! Surely.

                Most cannot understand what is reqired…most cannot pry themelves AWAY from the teat of ‘civilization’, now can they? I concur on ‘location’…it IS EVERYTHING in terms of what I think is coming. Humanity is approaching ‘singularity’ all too soon I beleive, be it either War, or Famine or Solar or the destruction of the Financial world, leading to what naturally follows. One way or another, “It’ a ‘comin Folks”…it’s just a matter of TIME, No??

                Nice talking with you Brother, Keep on keepin’ on.

                • You are partly correct with some as far as the TEAT goes….mainly wages. But how is one to support a family of 7 on $15 an hour at BEST!…….and that is without owning anything as far as land and home first.

                  I lived in Anchorage in late 90 to mid 92 and remember it being expensive as hell and why I left. I found it almost impossible to get work on the slope without having a union trade card and I had no interest whatsoever in hitting the high seas as a fisherman, not for me at all. I have always missed it since leaving. But now earthquakes what they are and the whole Russian scenario back on the list…..not sure about that place anymore. I still have cousins there, one who is married to a very successful man in an auto garage muffler chain. So 2nd best is still from Bonners Ferry ID to the Yaak area MT…….but no work to support a family of 7.

                  Oh how I have missed the lights and Big Lake, AK and listening to the baluga whales up on the point in Anchorage.

            • JOG,
              Are the PWR’s really any worse than the BWR’s? I have only worked one PWR at 3 mile island, mainly I have always worked the BWR’s in Illinois.

      8. In yesterday’s article someone threatened to shoot friends who would come to steal their shit in SHTF.

        Now if 85% of trained soldiers will not shoot across the battlefield to kill during a war, chances are very high that you will not shoot a friend face to face in SHTF.

        Therefore just simplify things by NOT TALKING TO ANYONE ABOUT PREPPING.

        Now in my old locale I had two individuals use that famous line on me “I’m coming to your house.” I really regret talking to people about SHTF.

        Now fortunately I have moved and nobody around me has the slightest idea that I prep, except that people ask me if I have seen some retarded reality show and find it strange that I don’t have cable TV. WTF would I use it for? “News” channels? That ask me what I do for a hobby. I say birdwatching, cooking, and gardening.

        • “Now if 85% of trained soldiers will not shoot across the battlefield to kill during a war, ”

          Don’t know where you got those numbers, but they don’t reflect my experience in battle; nor do I believe it represents the experience of any one here who has been in combat.

          Another ass wipe who doesn’t know a thing about what he is talking about. 🙂

          • Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Read on killing by lt col dave grossman. You’ve never been in combat.

            • Neither has David Grossman.

              • True

          • Sorry but that is the most ridiculous statement I have seen in a long time. When bullets are flying you will shoot to make the darn things stop flying at you.

            • Read the book I mention fuckwad

          • No one should know ass wipes talking out their ass better than you.

        • The 85% number came from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s research, which was based on WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Each of those wars were fought mainly by conscripts. Since the draft ended and the military is professional 85% is probably on the high side. I suspect all those battle hardened Sergeants that trained post-draft servicemen instilled the need to smite thine enemy as efficiently as possible. That and the fact the human life has been devalued by modern society. As for me and mine, two to center mass and one the head.

          • It’s completely unpredictable who those 85% are regardless of personality, beliefs, and social status.

      9. Tip: keep a multitool, patch kits, and foot mini air pump for your bicycle. Know how to disconnect the front tire to transport the bike in your back seat.

      10. A tip :
        I bought some of them 100 hr candles.
        I put a little modeling clay around the top to hold a glass globe from a gas lantern.
        Works great!
        Leave a small gap for air in the clay.

        • From the last article we could use all the dead fat peoples fat for 100 hour candles.

          • That’s just sick

        • Here’s one DIY 100hr candle solution. I’m sure that there are others out there. I have not personally tried this one, yet.

          If you have some left over food jars on hand, you won’t incur the expense of purchasing canning jars.

          ht tp://knowledgeweighsnothing.com/diy-emergency-100-hour-candles-cost-1-each/

          (take out the spaces between ht and tp)

        • Those 12″ glass prayer candles from dollar tree burn about 1mm/ hr and there is roughly 10″ of wax in the candles. The bet is they are only $1 each! You can order Them online too.

      11. So who had power problems? Mine flickered for about 30 seconds and then was OK.

        I’m having some screwy internet problems with page text disappearing, but I always got ‘puter problems. MK Ultra is jamming my brain waves…or maybe the Skynyrd music they were playing on CNBC today did it.

        Yeah, they were playing “That Smell”. I almost fell into the wet tile thinset I was spreading. Up is down and down is up.

        • Post script…

          Off Topic

          Did Satori disappear? I was offline for about a month and I don’t see him posting. Or VRF.

          • Neither Be informed ! With the eclipse we’re in for a biggie …

          • JRS, I’m just now noticing myself that Satori and VRF haven’t been around lately. I hope they’re OK.

        • We lost power here yesterday about 12:30 pm central, for about an hour to an hour and a half.


          • BJ was that your power or your phone? Trekker Out.

            • Power


      12. Great site, SolarHam.com for updates on solar activity.

        • 2 thumbs up AK. Good Website to add you your cell phone list.

      13. I have a large metal trash can that I put my 1800 watt inverter in for my two solar panels along with the 30 amp charge controller, a short radio wave radio & two cb radios. The only problem with the two 100 watt solar panels is that the diode in each one might be fried by an X15 class flare. Where might one get two spare diodes to replace the ones in the solar panels if they get fried?

        • You don’t necessarily have to replace the diodes. The solar panels will function without them, but will cause a current drain after dark unless you manually disconnect the panels then reconnect in the morning.

          • Thank you for that information Nathan Cline. I appreciated it very much. Here is an EPPE wanna be joke: In W.VA. the train stations are usually located a ways from town.
            My uncle Zeke from W.VA.was hanging out at the local train station one day when a somewhat annoyed city slicker wanted to know why in the sam hill the train station was located so far from town. Uncle Zeek looked at him & scratched his head and said, “I don’t know rightly for sure, but I reckon they want to get it as close to the tracks as they can.”

        • Amazon

          • ebay

            do a search for schottky diodes.

      14. Instead of listening to the bs go to YouTube channel called suspicious observers guys a scientist or something sand does a show every morning about sunspots flares and weather

        • Suspicious observer is not a scientist! Actually Mr. Rodgers and Nightbreaker know a whole lot more about the sun and the havoc sunspots and flares can create than SO on youtube!

        • One can also get limited from NOAA’s web pages here:

          ht tp://www.swpc.noaa.gov/

          and here:

          ht tp://www.swpc.noaa.gov/SWN/

      15. How is it that all these people with power and internet outages are able to report it online without power? Hmm

        • Tonight I was listening to the local hamm radio chatter. They were also discussing the benefits of CB radios. Everybody who wants to be in the know after a grid down better get their comms in place now and store them is a faraday cage with their solar power chargers. Just saying..

          • I kinda was just thinking about CBs
            Used to ise them years ago in all our ranch trucks, was thinking a base station and a few mobile units for the vehicles could come in handy, unless of course everything gets fried, if thats the case my little Baofeng hand held hams will be all that will work

            • Yeah Kula you should pull in great reception up there on the hill. Hamm you could pull other islands as well maybe. And if you had to you could bug out in a dugout. Koa wood style.

            • For communication with your group try marine band radios. They are wonderful. No static and have great range. Yes you can get much farther range with a souped up CB but marine bands are great for your group. I know you are not supposed to but we use them hunting. No background noise so the game we are hunting does not hear it. Nor would an enemy in the case that the shtf.

      16. It would not be just the CME caused grid down we have to worry about.

        A strong CME can disrupt the Earth’s tectonic plates and trigger earthquakes and other natural disasters.

        It can also effect a persons electromagnetic energy field (EEF)causing heightened anger, fear and even jealousy, conscious or unconscious.

      17. If the US grid ever went down, I would be more worried about Russia or China taking the chance to invade. Any solar EMP would only hit one side of the earth, Lets hope its their side.

        • They would wait a year before invading. They would let us kill ourselves and make their job far easier.

        • It’s not the Russians or Chinese we need to worry about.

          WE ARE BEING DESTROYED FROM WITHIN, by dual-citizen elites who have INFILTRATED our sovereign country.

          Forget about the old propaganda and, watch the other hand.

        • Resist. And how would they get here to invade? Via sailboat or snowshoe?

      18. An update on what is going on with the New Madrid Fault Zone (NMZ), and the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone (WVSZ). Ongoing studies along with continuing monitoring is revealing more data, on the possibility of a 90% chance of a 6+ quake on either one of the Fault’s in the next 25 years. Speculation by many geophysicists is that it will happen within the next 5 to 8 years, some say anytime sooner. Most recent activity on the Atlantic Ridge and with increase of micro quakes of 1 or less in the Caribbean is indicating this.

        Micro activity in the NMZ has increased, but the micro activity in the WVSZ in the last 18 months has also increased to an alarming rate all indicating a major built up of pressure deep in the faults. Some experts believe that a 6+ and/or above quake is very possible in the WVSZ, which was previous not thought would occur. If this were to occur it more than likely would trigger the NMZ to give way. The strata of both zones are very dense and this will increase the damage. Now on the WVSZ the damage will come from soil liquefaction in South-Eastern Illinois and South-Western Indiana, due to the heavy amount of sandy loam soil in those areas, also the water tables are higher. The person giving this information was just a little nervous about the two areas mention (NMZ-WVSZ). No one knows for sure when it will happen, one hour, one month, one year, or 100 hundred years, but it will happen. Just research and prepare for this event, and not just the in these zones, a major quake here will be felt many miles away, and more than likely with damage. Another possibility that a quake here; will also trigger the San Andreas Fault to fail. Just more doom to think about. I wish BI could see this and give his take.
        (Source was a USGS employee, for what that’s worth)


        • Copperhead; Nice to see you still on the UP! I seen yesterday an increase of what BI would call a “notable” on the mid atlantic ridge@ 14 degrees north the zone of importance.But has surely been stimulated by the the Barbunga Volcano.I think JOG is right in suggesting that the uptick in the Caribbean faults will be a precursor to the NM.I am also watching the Aleaution Isl. Volcano as its connected to the western volcanos and Yellowstone . With the current activity of the sun,will see if any thing further develops? Like JOG says “Eyes open Friends” just to many thing happening all at once. eh? Wish we new where BI,could be? He could pin it,but JOG has a pretty could take on most things GEO.
          Take Care! As we take back America!!

          • Thinker: A PS on the WVSZ; there has also been an increase in large amounts of oil well stimulation work in the oil/gas shale zones(fracturing), that may be helping the destabilizing of the fault, who knows. The old saying is when you start jacking rock something must give.


        • Copperhead, long time no hear from, welcome back, how have you been? Last year I finally made an arrangement to be at a cousin’s BOL in north GA with other family within ten miles of it. I’ve made 10 trips since that time moving most of my supplies there. Now I finally have a place to bugout to when the time comes and won’t be stuck in this concrete jungle I’m in. At least I’ll be further away from NMFZ and less vulnerable than I am now. Take care and keep those reports coming. I still miss BI and JOG all the same.

          • RBH: Been working my a$$ off preparing, so much to do hell you know how it is. Have you ever thought about here comes the Judge? The more I mess with the Taurus Judge and Circuit Judge the more I like them. For every day carry around the house, they are for me. Both worlds here 45LC/.410 and a wide range of different types of Ammo. Again for me this is my ever day around the house carry. I know you and Bertha have a thing! (LOL).
            Take care my friend and keep your eyes open. I’ve got your six covered.


        • I wouldn’t worry about shit that very well may be beyond the 12-24 MONTH period……we will be lucky to make it that far….and I am not sure lucky is the right word.

          • BJ: I agree our days are numbered. Yet it may just happen today. We must plan for such an event, just like we prepare for the collapse (SHTF).


        • Copperhead…well I’ll be damned, must be ‘old home week’!

          Howdy Friend, JOG here…yeah, new moniker for various reasons. Thanks for the seimsic read above…what with BI vamoosed’, for some strange reason I find myself a ‘bit pre-occpied’ of late trying to cover it all…Damn, where IS that one?

          Welcome Back!

          @ Thinker,

          Good work on noting the last Atlantic Ridge event….start watching South America as well, since we have had another – slightly lower latitude – event there of 5+ just around 48 hours ago. BI previously indicated that – historically speaking – the NM went off after a big SA event. Needles to say, as long as Bardabunga keeps spewin’ tain’t gonna do nothin’ other than further pressurize things…

          God forbid we werte to have a BIG CME get launced anytime soon, THAT striking the magnetospere would simply wreak HAVOC on seismic with it all so torqued up right now.

          Well then, g’evening Friends, sleepy-time. 😉

          • JOG/Mr. Rodgers, welcome back. Wish we had BI here with you to collaborate with you. That would be a real treat for us.

            • Howd TRB!

              Been a while Friend! Certainly, I wish BI was here..so much to discuss…SO much going on! Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner…been ‘just a tad busy’ lately, as I’m sure you already know. I Hope all is well for you Friend.


      19. In a total grid destroying solar flare or EMP, four words. “God bless printed books”!

        As for rich folks? Money in banks is all digital. There’s not a banker in a hundred that could even do an interest calculation with just pencil and paper. Stock markets are all digital, so basically in the same hour as the event, the rich become the poor. Their fancy car will be as dead as the poor guys car.

        • Instantaneous equalization; a communists dream. This reminds me of something a Cuban refugee told me about Castro. “In the end we were all equally poor”.

          • Nah, communists want to confiscate wealth, take a cut, and redistribute what’s left. In an EMP event, all wealth vanishes including the money the communist leadership has been skimming.

            • Pol Pot

          • kevin2, my wife was from Cuba. On the second day of our honeymoon she broke down and told me about her life under Castro, how she lost family to his butchers. it was far worse than any of us could imagine. We’re headed toward the same thing here in the US. I’ll die standing up fighting it if need be.

            • I was in Balize in the last year, the wife fell off a bike and cracked her head, she was fine, but we sought a Dr. mainly because of the terrible infections that can occur in a tropical country. The doctor turned out to be a Cuban exile, and her husband who ran the drug store, was from Texas. We actually enjoyed the visit and gladly paid the tourist rate for the visit.

              A couple months after we returned, I read that a doctor in Cuba is paid about $32.00 per month. Yeah we gladly paid about seven times that, and I know we covered one or two locals that couldn’t afford the doctors services.

              If Ebola got to Balize, it would be a disaster, but at least they aren’t stupid superstitious fools like in Africa, they would fair far better, but it would be such a struggle. Understand the cost of the guy from Africa with Ebola that infected two others, probably cost several million dollars for just one patient.

              What we learned in Balize was a humbling experience, both my wife and I have had significant life threatening health problems over the years, had we lived anywhere South of the US border, yeah we’d be dead!

              We talked with one of our guides. His mom had breast cancer, there’s only one cancer hospital in the whole country. The rich just fly to the US for care. His Mom was given pain killers and sent home to die.

              I see ObamaCare bringing third world healthcare to the. US, yeah we’d be dead!

              Shaking head, I have seen a thousandth of what your wife from Cuba has seen, and I share her tears!

        • Maybe that’s why the elitest of the elites have been socking money into gold and other hard assets lately.

          • I guess we need a good map to locate the elites and their locations. I don’t care how much gold or money they have since I have different plan when I get my hands on them.

      20. Who needs a Carrington Event when already Obungler and his band of crony socialists have already done more economic damage that 100 Carringtons?

        • Maybe that is why the Government does care about how much debt is rung up. It all goes to Zero when the grid crashes. Along with SS benefits EBT Welfare Medicare Obama care. Game Over

      21. “Ahhh Nooo….It’s GODZEROOOO!!!!!”

      22. I think we have more problems to deal with than the actions of mother nature. If it wipes out the grid then we all have the freeze dried food and fire steel and guns and ammo and all the stuff to be alive for couple of month assuming we don’t run into medical emergencies requiring surgery etc.. etc. if the flares hit the DC and the White House then I’ll Thank the God and will open a fine bottle of something hard to celebrate.

        Npw back to pay my bills and see if I have any money left to buy some meat even though the stock hit another high and the AIPAC cockroaches made their blood money again.

        • If it would keep, I’d buy ground beef instead of PMs. Average price now said to be over $4.00 a pound. Personally I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t been able to afford it since I retired (in 2009).

        • I know this is rarely mentioned but do you all have your clothes washing preps in place? 2 – 5 gallon buckets with a clothes plunger to agitate? A mop squegee to rinse and a clothes line with clothes pins for drying all ready to go? How about your 5 gallon bucket portapotty? Grid down be the hero. The more prepared you are the less stress you will have. How about cast iron cookware? For fire pit cooking?

      23. EMP!!! What’s next Little green men.
        If we go back to 1870 I will look forward to it. I have always said I was born 100 too late.
        This is way we PREP!

        • Don’t get ill and illness would be common. Better raise an Army to protect your preps. Better hope elements of the real Armed forces / Law Enforcement rogue or otherwise don’t want what you have.

        • Your career wouldnt exist…what would u do without someones rights to violate every day?

      24. Just picked up an old 1966 Ford pick up truck the other day. I hate walking. Think i’ll get a spare set of points for it tonight.

        • The only thing better is put a 1970 or so vintage diesel in the truck. Not because of the engine but because of the stability of the fuel.

          Regardless its a fantastic choice.

          Points…. EMP that!

      25. Just a thought if the grid does go down now I would think that Ebola would be a serious pandemic for sure.

        • not really because travel would be limited.

      26. 5 Ebola LIES our government is telling you

        The biggest threat to American health isn’t Ebola — it’s the people who are supposed to keep you safe from Ebola.

        Because Ebola is oozing, bleeding proof that Uncle Sam’s incompetence is putting folks like you at risk. And while our politicians scramble to cover their backsides (and keep you in line) they are spreading five dangerous lies about this disease.

        Today I’m pulling back the curtain — and showing you how to stay safe.

        Lie #1: A travel ban won’t work. A Liberian man practically hand delivered Ebola to America on a commercial airline — and Obama STILL insists a travel ban won’t keep you safe.

        Well, Obama is a politician, not a mathematician. Because a new statistical model from a Northeastern University physicist has PROVEN that a travel ban would slash America’s Ebola risk by 66% — nearly overnight!

        Lie #2: Our hospitals are ready for Ebola. Remember that “preparedness” song and dance the CDC was selling weeks ago? In a recent survey, four out of five American nurses say they’ve received NO EBOLA TRAINING WHATSOEVER!

        Now two nurses who treated an Ebola patient in Dallas have contracted the disease. That’s a giant, Vegas-style marquee that an effective treatment protocol does not exist. That’s criminal, because Heaven knows where the next Ebola patient will turn up.

        Lie #3: The Ebola virus is being contained. If you watch the news, you know this is a load of bull. One of the Dallas Ebola nurses actually boarded a packed airplane — with a fever!

        Uncle Sam says the airplane passengers aren’t at risk — so why is he burning up phone lines trying to track down every last one of them?

        Lie #4: You won’t catch Ebola because it’s difficult to transmit. Well, thousands of dying Africans would disagree. In fact, according to a report just published by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, Ebola can become airborne!

        That’s because when your body expels fluids, it creates aerosols that can stay breathable for hours. In one study, one group of monkeys passed Ebola to another even though their cages were feet away!

        Lie #5: We’re working on a cure for Ebola. The fact is the U.S. government, Big Pharma and mainstream medicine have spent DECADES suppressing safe, natural cures that have the potential to destroy nearly all viruses — including Ebola!

        Just look at intravenous vitamin C (IVC), which has been used to kill viruses remarkably similar to Ebola, like Dengue hemorrhagic fever and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever.

        Why isn’t our government testing these proven treatments, instead of bankrolling billion-dollar drugs that may NEVER work?

        Find out where you can get IVC where you live, because we haven’t seen the last case of Ebola in the United States. Prepare to protect yourself, until our politicians deliver a REAL plan to keep Ebola out of America.

        Or at least until they start telling the truth.
        William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

        Feed Jake

      27. As far as Boston? Huh. Our lights flickered, but I just thought it was because of the Nor’easter that is currently hammering us. As for Internet weirdness, the only thing I saw was that there was an error message displaying in the Internet Explorer window instead of the MSN homepage. (It’s on MSN because this is a Windows laptop and I’ve been too lazy to set the homepage to something different.) I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

        • Always amuses me that I can say something that is not in any way controversial, but I still get thumb’s down. **shrugs** Ah well. Can’t be liked by everyone, I guess.

      28. All I can say is we have no control of what the sun does or a volcano or an earthquake, both of which are significantly on the rise according to those who track,record and follow such things.

        We are along for the ride. All we can do is pray and prepare.

        We seem to be on the edge of a major event of some sort.

        But this I do know, each day, the world is sliding into chaos in all areas. We need to be able recognize the situation as it unfolds, regardless of how insignificant it seems.

        A small leak can turn into a flood.

      29. The paedophiles who work as professional classes of workers such as teachers, daycare workers, politicians and guidance counsellors will be glad of a power outage that affects the internet.

        Paedophiles are filth how dare they commit atrocious crimes on children!

        When there is no electricity, keep the child molesters away!

        • LM, when TSHTF, there will be NO LAW AND ORDER. It will be no holds barred, anything goes, and vigilantism will become the order of the day. pedophiles will be subject to being shot just like any other scum out there.

      30. Off topic: The results are in and as I postulated in the Michael Brown case here some time ago to the chagrin of the cop haters, the forensic evidence in the investigation has confirmed:

        1. Michael Brown was on drugs at the time of the shooting, according to the toxicity results.
        2. Brown attacked the officer first.
        3. Brown was first shot inside the police car.
        4. Brown’s hands were not up at the time he was shot according to the autopsy.
        5. Brown had his head down as he charged the officer and received the fatal shot to the brain.
        6. The officer was justified in shooting young mister Brown and will not be charged.

        Are there too many deaths by cops? Yes. Was young mister Brown one of them? No. He brought it on himself and another young black thug is dead. 🙁

        • D
          Thanks for the Info.
          I do agree with you. Wish that there no killed by Police. Just look at the stats. More people are killed by Doctors not doing their jobs correctly.

          • Sgt Dale

            With Physicians its accidental. To the dead its meaningless but saying, “This ain’t so bad because we tolerate worse here” does not alter the fact that bad is bad regardless.

            Physicians will testify against other Physicians but cops are a funny breed. Cops protect cops and good cops look the other way allowing bad cops to operate with almost impunity. Philadelphia’s “Elite” narcotics officers have been disbanded time and time again and its Federal Law Enforcement that catches them. Having a 750K home at the Jersey shore should raise suspicion to ones peers but hell, “Louie knows how to throw a party”.

            • What do you call a med school grad with a c+ average…..Me Doctor. I’m sorry but there are some (they are few and far between) who are plain stupid and unsafe and get ushered through residency programs.

              However I do agree most deaths are accidental in medicine/nursing.

          • The largest percentage of people killed by cops is due to the person doing something stupid,
            The cops are on edge and a bit skittish, the world is nuts now, people have no common sense or respect, the cops have to deal with the absolute lowest common denominator more often than not,
            I dont condone unreasonable use of force but some of these drugged up idiots deserve it,
            Just sayin

          • Americans are 400 times more likely to be murdered by a Cop than a Terrorist. That fact is out there.

          • Howdy, Sarge. I always knew that somehow that Ferguson cop was justified in killing that boy. Just needed the confirmation that DK gave. It’s sad that someone had to die but that boy brought it on himself. Kudos to that Ferguson cop.

        • Unfortunately, none of that matters to the folks who are going to go out into the streets again once the jury is done.

          They will scream “Racist Coverup” and “Perjury”.

        • DK

          This guy is not the poster boy for excessive force by the police. Actually the community’s support for him championing this incident weakens the legitimate claims of unjustified homicide at the hands of law enforcement.

          You pick your cases and this one isn’t it.

          • Trayon Martin wasn’t it, either. Why do these troublemakers pick such obvious FAIL examples? Maybe because they are FAIL themselves?

        • Durango. Of course everybody accepts the facts except for the blacks. Cause Rev Sharpton likes to raise hell.

        • dk;
          Would it be politically incorrect to mention a certain dreadlocked negro who allegedly has been preying on white girls and dumping their bodies around the country. Should we riot now and then again after he is convicted?

        • I hope the public take care of the pig themselves,,,,fuck the courts.

          Pig has radio and didn’t use it. Pig isn’t under the influence of a drug…..still made just as bad a choice. Pig could of followed while in car or went xto his residence to pick up later. Pig had taser that these low lives use so freely a lot of the time but chose lethal force………


          Cause the pigs are PIGS, doped up on adrenaline and some sort of false sense of authority and power.

          • Sounds like you have authority issues BJ. Police officers are not pigs. Because we have men and women who are dedicated to our safety we can sleep well at night. You are a moron.

            • I have but one authority above me and that is God. And my safety is not anyone’s responsibility but my own. Like yours is your own responsibility but you would rather be lazy and let another man dictate your ways and shuck your own responsibilities….it is YOU who are the moron and void of historical truths.

      31. Don’t worry, too much. An X class flare of 7 to 10 are expected and normal. Yes Normal but we’re not getting them.
        The worry is in our Earth’s magnetic field to repel and deflect the magnetic influence. Our magnetic fields are “moving” an “significantly decreasing” hence the possible disruption from a minor X1.6 flare.
        Every morning, for the last 2 yrs, I watch a free video from a site suspiciousObservers .com on youtube.
        Anyone from this sites viewership will also be able to tell you that. In actuality, we need CME’s to help our planet, but we are experiencing a LOW Maximum cycle.
        The number of flares and cme’s is suppose to be at a maximum level this cycle, yet it’s failing.
        Did any of you know the sun flips it’s polar axis about every 11 yrs? It’s now in the middle of a flip cycle, oh and my addition: the mayans knew it also. (OK for the off kilter stuff)
        To see such a low flare/sunspot cycle is what is alarming those who actually know this stuff, I just observe and have actually bookmarked multiple sites to be able to monitor stuff myself.
        Our planets’ weather is so tied to the sun’s cycles, I giggle at the thought that our weather changes are due to man made pollution, which I take seriously, BUT TO SEE GOVERNMENTS SEEK TAXES AND FEES TO POLLUTE THIS WORLD IS ABSOLUTE BULLMALARKY. YES BULLMALARKY.

        • Two downs? People should find out for themselves, not believe the hype.
          I say to the two naysayers, what causes earthquakes?
          Here’s another one, what is typical solar wind speed?
          What causes increases in solar wind speed?
          OR BETTER: Did you know things move in outer space? That “space” moves?
          Here’s a better one: Our movement through the galaxy is spiral? Like a top going upwards? Our path is not flat, it is constantly moving ahead. Therefor our orbital path is like a spiraling cone. Now if you can grasp that, you might be able to grasp that the sun’s changes are affect all the planets within our solar system. All you have to do is research planetary changes on Venus, Mercury: and exoplanets: Mars Jupiter Saturn… So I say research before thumbs down, because your ignorance should not reflect on my prudence.

        • People should find out for themselves, not believe the hype.
          I say to the two naysayers, what causes earthquakes?
          Here’s another one, what is typical solar wind speed?
          What causes increases in solar wind speed?
          OR BETTER: Did you know things move in outer space? That “space” moves?
          Here’s a better one: Our movement through the galaxy is spiral? Like a top going upwards? Our path is not flat, it is constantly moving ahead. Therefor our orbital path is like a spiraling cone. Now if you can grasp that, you might be able to grasp that the sun’s changes are affect all the planets within our solar system. All you have to do is research planetary changes on Venus, Mercury: and exoplanets: Mars Jupiter Saturn… So I say research before thumbs down, because your ignorance should not reflect on my prudence.

      32. I saw several tractor trailers (military) with some weird types of generators on the flat decks with solar panels as well, that in itself was nothing to shake a stick at, but what did bother me, was all the rolls of black coated type barbwire with copper slugs every 2 inches, they has hundreds of rolls of this stuff that looked like it was to be connected to these weird generators. Any idea’s????

        • GAR. – Sound like a portable electric fence they put up around cities to keep people penned in to stop the spread of Ebola. Or gearing up for Martial Law. Concentration Camp Fencing.

        • On what highway and how fast were these trailers moving if you don’t mind me asking?


          • Wonder why no answer?

      33. I’m a power guy by trade (retired) but not an electronics guy.

        Does anyone know the venerability of a home diesel generator with its modern electronic controls to this solar flare stuff? Having a back up system only to have its circuitry fail in this event having me sit in the dark and hear the wife say, “Waste of money” is a very unpleasant thought in and of itself.

        Its not comforting that “The American Rifleman” spells this out (abet in less detail) in the November issue.

        • build a Faraday cage storage shed, keep those things protected. It’s not hard, not too difficult and done correctly can save your stuff!

        • Also look at my comment above.

        • I have a manual transfer switch on mine. I should be fine unless we get a airburst nuke (EMP)

        • @ kevin2

          Howdy Kevin,

          If it is a desiel and NOT computer controlled (Onan rv-type) then yo don’t have much to worry about. The military did an EXTENIVE study about 5-7 years back on the effects of nuclear-grade EMP’s by induction (much worse than any E1 solar induced event) to find out IF thier vehicles would be affected; the upshot there…not much, (most vehicle bodys are steel or at least metallic and so already ‘FARADAY’d’) especially the DIESLES..most survived unharmed…except for computer-controlled stuff, and AGAIN that doesn’t HAPPEN with the solar thing.

          One last point here, the CME follow-on from a BAD solar event gets you via the ‘ground plane’…the ground currents can become EXTRAORDINARY…several hundrred volts easily, so act accordingly…if a BAD solar event occurs, then CUT all the groud straps, gen, house, everything…in sight, to be safe cut those around 10 hours AFTER the event and leave themm that way till it’s OVER (Quebec got NAILED in just 14 hours after the flare that got them….the Carrington event got the telegraphs in around 18 hours) till maybe days later. S’Ok?

          Hope that helps…there IS a LOT of mis-information out there….I know.

          • Mr Rodgers

            So disconnect all the main grounds post event?

            Thanks for the advice. Maybe if TSHTF and steam comes back into vogue I’ll repay the favor.

            • Funny you should mention that, ‘steam’…I AM developing an interest there…

              • @ Rodgers… perhaps you should consider a still for alcohol to run your gas gensets and quads. and a biodiesel plant too.

      34. May I have permission to tell a joke from the ‘Daily Sun’? Screw it, here it is…Enjoy…

        How does grandma do it?

        A young teenaged girl was a prostitute and, for obvious reasons, kept it a secret from her grandma. One day, the police raided a brothel and arrested a group of prostitutes, including the young girl.

        The prostitutes were instructed to line up in a straight line on the sidewalk. Well, who should be walking in the neighborhood, but little old grandma. The young girl became frantic.

        Sure enough, grandma noticed her young granddaughter and asked curiously, “What are you lining up for, dear?“ Not willing to let grandma in on her secret, the young girl said that some people were giving out free oranges and that she was lining up for some.

        “Mmmm, sounds lovely,“ said grandma, “I think I‘ll have some myself,“ she continued as she made her way to the back of the line. A police officer made his way down the line, questioning all of the prostitutes. When he got to grandma at the end of the line, he was bewildered. “But, you’re so old, how do you do it?“

        Grandma replied,“ Oh, it‘s quite easy sonny, I just remove my teeth and suck ‘em dry.“

        • not up to your quality there Eppe. What do you obsereve about my comments?

        • Keep’em coming Eppe!!! We miss your jokes!

        • Keep em Flying here eppe…don’t know about anyone else around this place but I DAMN SURE NEED all the humor I can get these days….and I DON’T CARE how ya’ get ’em!

          Ummm, on a seperate note here Friend, ‘Don’t ENGAGE’…it just goes BADLY, Eh? Learn to IGNORE…

          Glad to have you back Bro…


      35. Prepp’n tip: Tried of plain old rice; throw in a package of gravy mix (Beef, Chicken, Mushroom etc. or Taco etc. mix)when you cook your rice and now its flavored. This really helps.

        Feed Jake

      36. “While such an event is unlikely…”

        The article was good except for that line. A major solar flare is a certainty. The only uncertainty is when it will happen.

        • Morning A,

          Yes…sooner or LATER, the statistical certainty involved in that IS ‘absolute’, is it not? Frankly, I was well ‘suprised’ by 12192 on several levels thus far…I did not think ol Sol had it in him, at this late stage of the cycle. Just ‘goes to show ya’, don’t it?

          As always, Eyes Open….”

      37. Yeah what ever class clown. Degrading to women. Pig

        Saw a bundle of barbed wire on Craigs list today $25. Normally $60 new. Get your property perimeter in place.

      38. Eppe, once again, I had to wipe some drink from my computer screen. You have my permission to post ANY AND ALL jokes you find any time you want. At least I avoided falling out of my chair on this one. keep them coming.

      39. I keep my chicken feed in a metal trashcan to keep it safe. I can drive a car. I’m also collecting thumbs down this evening and placing them in a separate metal trashcan.

      40. Doctor from New York stricken with 0bola after returning from Africa while treating 0bola patients. He returns to New York, goes bowling, rides in Taxi around the city, gets a fever and its now confirmed he has 0bola. How would you have liked to have stuck your fingers in the bowling ball he used after he sweated in it. Six hours the virus will live on a surface.

        • BTW, he also used the subway.

      41. off topic but relative to everything….

        islam is the enemy of the world

      42. X1.0 is nothing. Wake me up when the GOES satellite gets overloaded again then I’ll pay attention.

        Also, don’t use Steve Quayle as a source he’s out of his god damned mind.

      43. Also, from Solarham.net:

        “Region 2192 produced another strong solar flare, this time peaking at X1.6 at 14:28 UTC. An R3 radio blackout producing significant HF signal fading was observed on the sunlit side of Earth during the height of the flare. Unfortunately for sky watchers anticipating a coronal mass ejection, just like all previous events around 2192 up until this point, a noteworthy CME does not appear evident.”

        Since the two flares X1.6 and X1.0 didn’t produce Coronal Mass Ejections, which are the charged plasma clouds, they won’t really have an effect on Earth’s geomagnetic field.

        The interaction of the plasma cloud with the geomagnetic field are what produces GICs (Geomagnetically Induced Currents), which are subsequently what wreak havoc on power infrastructure.

        The proton event, which follows the initial x-ray flare and precedes the CME (if there is one), can damage satellites and other spacecraft, so the satellite could very well have been damaged by it.

        However, were there ground-based power issues caused by these particular two flare events?

        Highly unlikely considering neither produced a CME, which is what causes those issues.

        • This is a site I do watch, and blackouts do occur. BUT THE ALARMIST ARE PIQUING YOUR FEAR. X7-10 flares are normal folks. The problem is not the flares, it’s our earths’ magnetic field to repel these flares. Our field is weakening, at an “astronomical” RATE.
          I hope that you As An Observer, an Educated Internet Person, can look up specific items and evaluate/calculate potential risk. Otherwise, I should invest and make a mint off you’re stupidity. Which doesn’t sound too bad.

        • Wouldnt a flare only effect the side of the earth facing the sun??????

          • Yes and you/we have to consider the angle the “ejecta” takes. Also the type of ejecta, ie cme or plasma.

      44. This is a site I monitor. One should show prudence when commenting, and not biased responses. Radio Blackouts occur regularly but not normally for a X1.6 flare, which may have caused blackouts. Hence, no alarm, I would suggest poor earth protection, but that’s a hypothesis.
        Our planet is in a quandary, poles shifting, the sun in a polar flip/flop, other planets having major changes, adding chem trails is not the answer.
        When are “people” going to see the “bigger” picture that our earth is more dependent on Sun cycles that man-made catastrophes?
        Did you know High and Low pressure cells are geo-electro-magnetically connected? Those cells are earth based, and they’re directly relational to the sun.
        That at least one defunct DoD scientist could predict where the next largest earthquake could happen, watching electromagnetic imagery.
        Global weather change is “in my opinion” real. Not because of man, but celestial cause. Pollution is bad, taxes on pollution are insane, and you should watch more to facts than hype.
        So in recap, watch for yourself the solar influences because it’s a larger “picture” than the media microscope.

      45. Yeah, if any particular grid goes, they’re not all going to go down at once and some will never go down. The ones that are stretched out over long wide spaces, they will.

        Well at least that’s good news.

        You might be able to keep the reactor cooling turned on. Priority NUMBER ONE.

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