Report: Could North Korea Launch An EMP Attack Against the United States In October?

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Headline News | 112 comments

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    EMP Blast Effects - USA(Pictured: An EMP detonated over middle America could take down the power grid nationwide)

    Most are aware of the tense situation that exists between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States.  You all probably know that Kim Jung-Un, the son of and successive dictator of deceased Kim Jung-Il is just as much of a power driven megalomaniac as his departed father.  Everyone has heard the repeated threats of North Korea that they will visit the United States with a nuclear attack.  Most of the time the big bad wolf is ignored, but there has to come a time with the law of averages and probability that he will not just huff and puff but actually blow the house down.

    Let’s reiterate the weaknesses of the United States in this area.  For years Congressional Committees (with such people as retired Representative Roscoe Bartlett, (R), Maryland, among others) have outspokenly declared Iranian and North Korean intentions to use an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) nuclear device against the United States.  Such assertions were not “darts in the dark at the dartboard,” per se: they were bona fide assessments with plenty of U.S. military intelligence documentation to back them up.  These intelligence assessments were augmented with captured documents that clearly state the intention of each nation to use an EMP against the United States.

    The current U.S. posture versus such a weapon is lackadaisical, if not entirely nonexistent.  Plans to protect and shield infrastructure (such as power transmission generators and substations) and vital, sensitive, American computer and communications networks (such as Wall Street, the Federal Monetary Databases), as well as military facilities and equipment in the U.S. have never been carried out.  Our own response times have been decreased (the removal of TARS in March of 2013, and the unwillingness to scramble fighters with an intrusion or threat to U.S. territorial skies or waters) or altogether abandoned.

    Pyongyang announced the decision that a rocket launch to deliver a satellite is planned for October 10, 2015 to commemorate the communist Workers’ Party 70 year anniversary.  This came on the heels of a revelation by North Korea’s Atomic Energy Institute that a previously suspended (2007) Nyongbyon reactor that produces North Korea’s main supply of plutonium for weapons has now been restarted.  This is serious, folks.  The proof of the seriousness: defense officials for the U.S. and South Korea met on 9/23/15 to discuss possible allied responses “to the possibility of an imminent North Korean rocket launch and later nuclear test.”

    The main allied concern is that North Korea will perfect its development of the Unha-3 rocket, an ICBM capable (if they iron out the glitches with its re-entry problems) of striking the continental United States.  Remember, readers, most of the planet’s officials are not “far-seeing statesmen” that can forecast trouble before it happens.  Furthermore, if they do realize a problem exists, they also usually make the wrong choice as to the predicted course of action.  In this case, we also have the news media that is nothing more than a mouthpiece for these politicos.  CBS News gave a statement that shows these “blind visionaries” as clearly being clueless about the true threat:

    “It [North Korea] is thought to have a small arsenal of atomic bombs and an impressive array of short and medium-range missiles.  But it has yet to demonstrate that it can produce nuclear bombs small enough to place on a missile, or missiles that can reliably deliver their bombs to faraway targets.”

    Hello?  “It has yet to demonstrate,” right?  And what would show that the demonstration is successful…an American city going up in a nuclear fireball?  Or the probable course of action:

    The North Koreans detonate a nuke-carrying satellite as it orbits directly overhead and central to the U.S. and deliver a crippling EMP to the whole country.

    This course of action isn’t science fiction: it is science fact, and is a capability that is currently enjoyed by several nations of the world.  What the North Koreans have lacked in technology they may very well have borrowed from the Chinese, the Iranians, or the Russians.  Miniaturization regarding EMP weapons has been around for several years, now, and this satellite launch is another golden opportunity for one of the main enemies of the U.S. (such as China or Russia) to use their lackey (North Korea) to deliver a fatal blow to America.

    Remember those 50 subs that went missing from North Korea?  Where are the subs?  The Chinese just sent 5 ships to patrol off the coast of Alaska when Obama went there recently.  How hard would it be to either tow or “disgorge” a Korean sub from one of those ships and zap us with a sea-launched missile (remember that California incident from 2009?) while we’re expecting the ICBM?  Or even both, simultaneously?  Of course the complacency of the U.S. government and the listless apathy of most Americans will present an appealing target to our enemies.

    The point is that on October 10 the North Koreans may show themselves to be cleverer than we thought them.  Remember “Mein Kampf,” written by Adolf Hitler.  It clearly detailed all of the things he intended to do in Europe, and he ended up doing those things!  We were caught napping on that one.  We may very well be in a soporific stupor of somnombulence on October 10, and then Fortschen’s novel “One Second After” might be the result.  In one second, life as we know it can change for the next 100 years.  North Korea should be taken seriously on this one.  For something of this magnitude, it is better to overreact 1000 times than to under react 1 time and have the worst happen.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. There are things to be concerned about. North Korea ain’t it.

        • This is my worst nightmare! Maybe they can or can’t but IF, and that is a big word, this were possible it would be SHTF in spades!
          I have read One Second After and also had a one on one conversation with Dr. Forstchen the author who also signed my book. He was terrified about it when he was doing the research for the book. I really think that there is a distinct possibility this could occur. If it does God help us all!! God Bless, James

          • Nah they won’t do it. Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson assured us that they had taken care of the North Korea problem.

          • James, welcome. I’ve also read ‘One Second After’ and that was one tough and emotional read for me. When I got to the part where the guy’s diabetic daughter died, I had to lay down the book and it took me 2 days to pick it back up. But it is a very plausible scenario and could damn well become true. “Lights Out” is another one available for free online that I highly recommend.

            • There is now a sequel to One Second After called One Year After that just came out a couple weeks ago. Also a good book which takes a look at what our country might be like as we try to get back on our feet. Both books are excellent and should be required reading at the high school level. Maybe if we educated our younger generations of the threats to our country something would start getting done to prevent this.

        • I agree, if they did use an EMP bomb on us, our retaliation on them would be total devastation and they know it. Iran on the other hand believes that by doing this they will usher in the 12th imam and then Islam will reign over the entire world.

        • Y2K……9/23… oct 10th? Oy vey!

        • Well Yeah and no. Korea might be that proverbial dark horse that no one bet on. Most of their people are starving. What’s to lose?

        • Does anyone know will a gun safe act as a faraday cage?

          • Throw your cellphone in it and give it a call. If no service, the frequency the cellphone operates at is blocked. Generally Faraday’s can’t have any gaps in the cage material. How your gun safe is built will determine if it will block some, all or none of the RF energy. To answer your question…maybe.

          • Try a microwave oven. They are built to keep microwaves in, therefore n the same token, keep microwaves/ radio waves out. So it may well work better than a gun safe.

          • Thx guys, I live in a house that has sheet metal roof and sides and we get 0% cell coverage inside. Just wanted to know if my night vision scope would be ok in my safe.

          • Like most things related to EMP and faraday, the answer is “sort of”. While your electronics will certainly be better off in you gun safe than they would on you roof, the safe will not seal out all the damage from the EMP. If you sealed the door will metal tape you would be much better off but then opening and closing the safe would be a bitch. Get a galvanized garbage can, fill it with your emergency electronics and seal it with metal tape. That’s what I did.

        • Still waiting for all their subs to get here. Man they’re slow.

          • Of course they are slow. Peddle power isn’t easy.

        • They could ……but they won’t !

        • North Korea is a threat only to North Koreans.

      2. Sure,and the “Blood Moon”could have been the end of times,the markets were supposed to crash today ect.The Blood Moon was a awesome nature show,blood red in my area with a circle of bright light at one point,howled at the damn thing,doubt will make the next one in 17 years,weather for viewing couldn’t have been better!

        • Warchild, here we are and no market crash yet. It was overcast in my area so I missed the blood moon.

          • Bummer dude,not only made me day but week if I avoid any more deaths of those close to me/nk doesn’t nuke us ect.

            • Warchild, I don’t normally trust datesetters on anything. I wouldn’t have any problem with someone taking out the NK rocket while it’s on the launch pad. My next trip to the BOL is scheduled for the 3rd week of Oct. On the other hand, plans do have a way of being changed if circumstances require it.

          • It did drop over 300 points.

            • Does the market need to drop 5,000 points in one day or three months?

              What’s the difference!

          • I’m gonna buy a tee-shirt that says I survived the blood moons, I’ll put it next to the shirt that says I survived Y2K.

            Watching Jim Cramer’s Mad money, and he’s finally come around to be a buyer of very very few stocks. I’ve been in cash for months now. Waiting for the bottom, it’s gonna take a while.

            Watch the hot development, the IMF is very close to recognizing China as a reserve currency for trading oil! The dollar will be toilette paper after that happens. Got Gold?

          • The market has dropped over 2500 points in less than what 5 weeks how low does it need to go to make you happy? No people are not jumping out of windows , YET. But we were hoping to pull a little money out this year , but it’s gone now.
            Keep your head in the sand and have a nice life BUT if or when the SHTF don’t come around here for help.

        • Well, the only problem with the next lunar “supermoon” eclipse in 2033, is that NONE of it will be visible from North America.

          Perhaps what was most significant today was the brief appearance on TV by Obama and Putin after their private meeting. You could almost see the steam coming out of both their ears. Now THAT is a situation to watch.

      3. As long as I can make it to the BOL BEFORE that happens, no problem. All the electronics I’m preserving are in a faraday cage and my family does the same for theirs. Just keep stacking and praying.

      4. Kevin,Warchild not concerned about anything.As the founder of the UFLA and it’s off shoot,”Black Sheep Matter have no fears.Before you write me off as a arm chair warrior consider my past(if children viewing or you have a weak stomach please move to next post!).On a regular basis enter stores thru the exit,and yes,you guessed it,leave thru the entrance!I have spit on the side walk/removed low flows from shower heads,and if that is not enuff to prove me mettle,have removed tags from both pillows and mattresses!I am not proud of some of these actions and realise some of you may consider me insane but a man does what he has to do in tough times.I hope now you realise I am one not to be trifled with!

        • Warchild, I missed the one about UFLA. What is that?

          • My Goodness Brave,surely you have heard of the United Front Liberated Artichokes!Damn,you pull a Ripvanwinkle on us?!

            • Warchild, sorry but I sure did miss that one. I did catch the Black Sheep Matter. I’m a ‘black sheep’ according to DHS, so I matter. Proud and honored.

        • Nice WAR , I jaywalked in a big town last week!

          • See folks,it’s beginning!

            • I don’t stop for stop signs in shopping centers. I hope Wal-Mart doesn’t catch me. Ha.

              • I pulled all the tags that say do not remove from our mattress and pillows!
                WhaT a rebel!

                • Kula, I used to do the same thing to mine. Great minds do think alike.

                  • I run with scissors.

                    • Now THAT
                      Is livin on the edge!

                  • Hah, I’ve been exiting through doors that say “entrance”. And entering through doors that say exit. They’ll never take me alive……..

          • I laminated my social security card…..

            • I fell asleep while texting……
              Thank God i was sitting at a stop light.

            • I’m not worried about the Norks, but am terrified of the Popular Front for The free Ejaculation of Palistine.

            • Oh Cookin’ Mom ! You didn’t ! ? !

              You’re doomed.

        • I’ve been known to wind-up a whole case of kitchen timers.

          The sure do make some noise when they all sound off.

      5. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the “event” everyone has been waiting for already started. Yep. It started back in 2001 and it’s conclusion probably won’t be for another 2-3 decades. This is a slow drag. Not a nail biting, hair raising, adrenaline pump everyone seems to want. EMP is highly overrated. If you all really want to do something worth while you should pay off your debts, downsize, relocate, store long term 25+ year food, and start spending more time in the gym or range opposed to the Internet.

        • Egads! We have done just that in the last year! Killed our TV also. God bless all here.

        • Whitewolf, I sincerely hope you’re right about EMP being overrated but I’m not holding my breath on it.

          • The real problem from an EMP is not cars, electronics, or your cell phone communication. The biggest initial threat would be planes, national defense grid, nuclear reactors, and the stock market. But think about it from a practical stand point. If an EMP attack is released at such a high altitude that it could affect the entire US who would reap the gains? The entire place would be radioactive.

            If an EMP attack were to occur I don’t doubt it’d be done surgically and in a populated city like NY to maximize the economic fallout. Why? Imagine the terror a person feels when they realize a sniper is shooting at them from an unknown location. They don’t kill anyone. They just shoot someone in the leg. If that happens the rest of the country would watch news media pile in to show us the horrors of this terrorism or attack. No doubt to propagate nationalist war time enlistment efforts. But I digress……

            Simply put, I don’t think those of who are prepared are lucky enough that a full scale EMP should occur. It’d be a simpler scenario, kind of like zombies. Besides, a lot of independent testing shows your less sensitive equipment may still kick back in after awhile.

            • I have to disagree.
              Things that are designed to take direct lightening strikes like aircraft, they will have littered problem with an EMP.

              Industrial hydrogen explosion proof equipment like nuclear power plants, will also be. EMP proof.

              The problem occurs if power plant emergency power systems fail that provide cooling to spent reactor fuel, because they will explode, if cooling water is lost. Across the whole country this scenario will play out!

              • I am a first responder and serve in a nuke 10 mi evac zone. I have spoke to several nuke techs at the plant and have been assured the back up systems are nuclear, therefore an emp will have no effect.

              • Sorry, perhaps I didn’t go in to enough detail regarding nuclear plants. My fear would be the personnel forced to stay behind in the event of any SHTF event would fail to comply. I would not be so worried about the infrastructure itself for obvious reasons. Human error is what set us on this path to begin with.

                P.S. If you work for a nuclear facility. Yes, there are plans to lock you in and attempt to make you put the reactors in to a two year cool down. If you have a family- leave your job and have them hire a single person instead. Not kidding.

      6. Does anyone know if EMP can be controlled/managed to effect specific city or the damage is wide based on the explosive size?

        • Yes it can , depending apond the size of war head

        • Yes, depending on the size to some extent, but more so by the altitude at which its detonated.

      7. While ol’ pie-face Kim may be a megalomaniac, he is still to some degree a rational actor. Just like the mullahs in Tehran, he knows fully well that if he uses any of his toys the US will not hesitate to turn his country into a glass parking lot for the next few millenia. It’s kinda hard to keep playing emperor if you evaporate in a radioactive cloud. So the DPRK, like Iran, is fairly low on the list of tangible threats to the global order.

        • Not worried about NK. I’m worried about a US false flag.

          Isn’t it scary that Americans trust foreign dictators more than US elected politicians?

          Seriously, N. Korea’s Kim was caught partying in Japan, this is not a guy that wants to die. He likes to f¥ck hot Korean girls. If a EMP bomb goes off, Obama was likely behind it!

      8. 300+ points may not be a crash but a few more fender benders and the wheels may come off.

      9. N. Korean EMP? Anything could happen. If they do there will be nothing left but ash in N. Korea. The Subs will hit them so hard that their grandmothers will feel it.
        If there is an EMP I’m ready. If you aren’t sucks to be you.

        AS I set in front of my computer reading some of the back articles on Sept. I just wonder how much FEAR PORN has been spit out. Only two days left in Sept. and not a Damn thing has happened. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy nothing did happen. All the money I spent on extra things. Well now I got them. From here out I spending my extra money on my up coming Deer Hunt at my BOL#2.

        • Sarge, spot on. I went to another gun show over the weekend. Picked up some more ammo and gun cleaning supplies. I’m looking for a heavy-duty barrel for my 10/22. Found one at but I hesitate to order from them after the stunt they pulled last year. Just recently bought another stock for the 10/22 and changed it over. Blackhawk with pistol grip and adjustable shoulder stock. What a difference a new stock makes. I’m also happy nothing happened. Still have October to get through. Could have an ‘October surprise’ or even a ‘RED October’. We’ll see.

          • Re Ruger 10/22. Picked up a takedown 10/22 it’s one of the most useful and fun to shoot guns I own. Not as accurate as10/22’s with a ridged barrel mounts, but it ain’t half bad either.

            Here’s what I did to tune it up for under about $30.
            1. Buy the kit on eBay or Amazon that replaces the trigger group steel pins with stainless steel very slightly oversized pins. The trigger group really perks up! About $15

            2. Replace the factory plastic trigger with a metal one. About $12

            4. I did hand tune my sear group with a fine Arkansas stone. There are you tubes on this, but it’s a bit more advanced. Perhaps I should repost this in detail later with exact directions. It did achieve an incredibly smooth trigger pull that is well inside, but low end of factory specs.

            5. Hottest tip yet, my own invention. Yours for free! Go to Home Depot, buy the smallest O’ring they sell. It’s a 2 pack for about a buck. Take one and slip it over the trigger return plunger, while installing the oversized stainless pins. It will eliminate the absurd trigger over travel, and provide a soft landing for your Ruger’s trigger. There are several trigger over travel methods that include drilling tapping and adjusting, but this is really simple, totally reversible, and idiot proof.

            A couple simple changes, cost under $30 and you can tighten up any Ruger 10/22’s group.

            • Ptpo, thanks for that info. I’ll look at that. Did you have to modify the pin holes any? Or did the oversized pins go right in? What was the size on the O-ring?

              • That’s the point of the oversized pins, they fit perfectly, no slop no play. You can put them in with your fingers, they aren’t tight, they are just right. I found them on Amazon.

                One other Ruger 10-22 mod, when the bolt flies back after firing it strikes a steel cross pin in the receiver. There is a definite clang and minor impact recoil that can effect follow up shots. One fix is to get a long 1/4″ nylon bolt from the hardware store and cut the unthreaded section to fit in place of the metal one. It is an improvement.

                My solution was to repurpose the used shaft from a Dremel worn out grinding wheel that was 1/8″ diameter chrome plated, hardened steel and sleeve it with a piece of 1/4″ OD 1/8″ ID Tygon fuel line. That assembly replaces the original steel pin and does a wonderful job of quieting the bolt. I’ve put thousands of rounds through it and I see no wear on my shock absorbing bolt stop cross pin assembly. This was free since I had the parts, though. I’ve seen similar for sale that used something like vinyl aquarium hose. Not as good as Tygon in my opinion. Tygon is that yellow fuel line tubing you see on newer model two cycle yard tools, it replaces older fuel line materials that the newer gasolines were eating up. I like this mod, and think it will extend the life of the bolt and receiver.

      10. N Koren has an EMP? ARE U KIDDING ME?!

        Their may have 1 or 2 nuclear bombs, but EMP, i dont buy this story.

        • Actually an EMP is easy, and relatively untraceable.

          If N K EMP’s the US, you won’t be worried about much.

          It will be all about the slow death.

      11. “North Korea has declared its own time zone that they are calling ‘Pyongyang Time,’ and set their clocks back half an hour. So if it’s say, 11:40 here now in New York, in North Korea it’s still 1925.” –Jimmy Fallon

        “North Korea has the same ability to launch a nuclear strike against America as I do. It’s like walking through a parking lot and getting barked at by a chihuahua locked in a car.” –Bill Maher

        “Tensions continue to mount in this North Korea situation. The U.S. has moved a Navy warship off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. Is that going to scare the North Koreans? If you really want to scare them, don’t send a warship. Send a Carnival cruise ship.” –Jay Leno

        All be well…

      12. SGT.Dale.

        “Only two days left in Sept. and not a Damn thing has happened”.

        There’s always hope.

      13. Kim Jung Junk aint doin shit , relax.
        The fat POS dont wanna die in a counter strike.
        As long as he just saber rattles , he gets all he needs.

        • Yeah, what you said. The odds of North Korea attacking America are less than a tenth of the odds of a attack launched by a “unknown ” submarine of the coast of North Korea on the same day. I think the EMP would not be near as effective as the map suggests though- think pearl habour where the crusial aircraft carriers were sent out to sea and the expendable battle ships told to put their sailors to shore. My pick is a west coast false flag.. or just pull the financial system and hope to get away with it.. interesting times!

        • Hammerhead, I used to call his dad ‘ding dong-il’. I just call the son ‘junior’ because he hasn’t really proven himself yet.

      14. Most guys here have read my posts about EMP. I’d worry more about dangers posed by natural disasters and Democrats.

        • And crack smokers

      15. While an EMP and resulting Mad Max world would be bad enough, the thing that scares me is the all of the nuke plants melting down. East coast would be a dead zone, and in a matter of days it would be global.

        The government has prepared, but only for themselves. There is a reason they suddenly started building bunkers all over in the last few years.

      16. I’m beginning to feel the naysayers’ pain. When I first started reading this and other websites first it was August, then September now October….? I know the authors don’t have any control over what happens but I’m all dressed with no where to go.

        • Smooze,unfortunately even a broken clock can be right twice a day,one of these doomers will get lucky,glad to be a long time from now but will as always live for today while prepping for tomorrow!

        • Might as well relax, its more likely you will get caught in a blizzard or tornado or flash flood than get nuked, attacked or FEMAd,,,,

      17. Until someone cuts off North Korea’s drug and currency counterfeiting and the cash for all the luxury goods dry up – North Korea isn’t committing suicide!!!!

      18. Why would one communist nation attack another communist nation?

      19. There’s a NORK satellite that passes over the US every day. Here’s the tracking tool:

      20. if N Korea actually attacked us they would be burned off the face of the earth-get teal

      21. If an EMP is in our future, it will probably happen in the winter so there would be max. casualties. If this is our future, this really sucks. As big of a cesspool that the U.S. has become, we are deserving of everything that we get. I guess. Still sucks.

      22. Well, 9/28 is almost over and our island is still seeing no sign of Nibiru. But didn’t HCKS say from now until April is when it’s predicted to hit?? Meh, more time to prepare.
        and I see by the map in the article that the emp will miss us..
        to be continued..
        Tax Slave 426-907-xxxx retired

        • Ketchup, I hope nothing happens yet either. A man can buy a lot of preps between now and april.

      23. Seems if emp can take all electronics out then we should be less reliant on technology. North Korea is the boogyman man ooh. I’d take an emp over the bomb hitting and melting everything for miles around. At least with an emp you stand a chance to survive. I really don’t see an emp attack but to see and Internet hack infecting systems and stealing personal info. It would be shtf if this happened. Our gov wouldn’t do anything about a cyber attack from a nation like northkorea or China. There are many ways to take an enemy nation down without dropping bombs.

      24. The Koreans and/or the Iranians are crazy enough to do it. The military has moved back into Cheyenne Mountain because it is hardened to EMP. Most countries know that if they pull this stunt they are history. Korea has everything of theirs buried in their mountains and has little to lose. They would be China’s proxy to do this. They are fanatic enough to try it as would Iran. Iran would get us neutralized and then take out Israel. Wintertime would be the ideal time to hit us…people would freeze to death or starve and other foes would move in and clean up the remainder. Don’t rule it would be the easiest and cheapest way to take us out.

        • Jim, I agree on the Iranians and NKs. Either one of those countries would do it faster than Russia or China. China wants to take us intact if possible because the African virus gave away our natural resources to them to settle the debt. You can be damned sure they want to ‘collect the payment’. The ‘bill collectors’ will be the chicom military.

          • I hope it happens. Time this shitbag country gets a smack down. EMP would be fun. We’d all get to use our guns and vindicate our preps. It would be return of real christianity and all the other losers would be chopping each others heads off at Kmart

      25. The US does nothing militarily against a nuclear armed nation. They wont touch North Korea even when they say they will attack…bunch of wussies

        No Balls Obama has done his best to screw us all as a nation. I fear it’s beginning to work

      26. No way North Korea launches anything that crosses the Pacific. But it is very easy to imagine a North Korean sub or ship or fishing boat pulling up to the west coast and launching a short range missile into the air over California, Oregon, or Washington.

        • One on the west coast, a few minutes later. One over the central US! Then one over the eastern US! The central US and then the Eastern US. Then it’s over!

      27. North Korea launch an EMP nuke in October? Hahahahaha fat freakin chance. You have a better chance of being hit by a bus (driven by North Korean midgets) in October than you do of getting nuked by them.

      28. An other truck and trailer load of Hard Maple firewood will be picked up Fri. From my deer camp in northern Wis. Can’t have too much in the northern states. The amount of people with no situational awareness crazy.

      29. Anybody know if a metal surefire flashlight would survive an emp attack?

      30. Enough with all the FALSE dates of doom! Prep for now and be ready for tomorrow….

      31. Recently canned over 24 quarts of chili and over a dozen pints of breakfast sausage patties. Being prepared makes even more sense when you know your govt is NOT.

        • That sounds awesome ! I’ll have to look up canning breakfast sausage and try it.
          I recently made some beef maple sausage and froze it. Having some canned up would be helpful. Thanks

      32. Chinese millionaire’s buying shopping centers.

        An international crime family known as the Rothschild.

        Gangs, drugs, homelessness.

        Loss of rights to water, land, our own children.

        Our tax money paying for Isralis to go to college, wage war, and more.

        Our government spying, lying, and selling us out.

        Oh and you really think chubby cheeks scares us.

      33. And one more thing:

        If our “dirtbags in charge” actually did demolish the twin towers, would you put it passed them to simply shut down the grid in order to further their plans of war against the American people. I wouldn’t put it passed them, in fact, that is exactly what I think they would like to do. And only those people who are successfully off grid would be able to survive. That would explain why they are making it so hard for these poor families to go off grid. Get prepared for our government stooges to pull a fast one. It will be all for the money. Money pulls the strings.

        • Living off grid is nothing special but the norm when you’ve known nothing else.

          The more it pisses off the authorities the better.

      34. If we have anyone with balls make sure N.Korea knows we have a NUKE BOAT parked off the coast so if they try anything its all MISSILE TUBES gone its MILLER TIME……….

      35. It don’t have to be a Nuclear EMP attack to shut everything down. We could have a major solar flare.
        I am sure that most of us have some gear in faraday cages. We talked about it long enough.
        The real test is what do you do if one day you wake up and everything electrical is done for. While you were sleeping, was it a solar flare or a nuclear detonation that now has put you in the dark? Time is critical. Can a solar flare be capable of setting off a Nuclear War?
        Are your prepared for the radioactive fallout. What about the food in the fridge. Do you know what to do first or who does what? Then consider the neighbors. What are THEY doing. You might have from sunrise to sunset to get it all together before the real fun starts

      36. A grid down situation is our country’s worst nightmare. We can deal with a lot of different problems, but our lives are so ingrained with electricity that it is hard to visualize many people surviving in a total grid down country. As far as the fat little egomaniac dough-boy in NK, he is our biggest threat to a nuclear attack. He is a total whack job, that would not hesitate to do it just for the notoriety of it. I am afraid he will eventually make good on his threats. I just hope we have a couple in the tube aimed at NK and if he does, we turn NK into a complete wasteland.

      37. An EMP is a real and serious threat. An unmarked freighter in the gulf with a Scud could deliver a single warhead at sufficient height to take out most of the country. If you have a warhead it’s easy to modify into a HEMP. And the radioactive fallout would be minimal at 300 miles altitude. The biggest immediate threats would be to get our reactors off line. In this scenario, who would we retaliate against. Everyone? And how crippled would our arsenal be. If it’s not a legitimate threat, why did NORAD move into Cheyenne Mountain??

        • Unmarked freighter(s) off our coast is a likely threat. Short range missiles could be hidden inside shipping containers. After the rocket is launched over our airspace, the freighter would be scuttled. Who do we retaliate against?

      38. I’m more worrid about the nuke subs germany gave israhell.

      39. Korea could EMP us, but they won’t because they’d hurt the economies of their closest allies and because once America detected a launch of a nuclear weapon it’d be shot down.

      40. As I have looked at why Sept. was uneventful, and that God seemed to be silent. His judgement could be about to be seen by everybody. I don’t know. Only God knows. I’m still going to be expecting trouble to be coming. Its just not in anybody’s time frame except God’s. I have to believe that the coming storm is going to be far greater than anybody could have thought. Thats just what I’m feeling. That said, have a solid Rock to hold onto, we may need it.

      41. Jesus is the Rock.

        • I have a “Rolling Rock”!

      42. Oh here we go again. Nothing happened on Sept. 28 so now it’s an EMP attack in October. What’s it going to be in December when nothing happens in October.

      43. Yes I remember the California incident from 2009, as in live and in person. Plane my ass.

        That said… ok is North Korea that stupid…

        Eh it’s North Korea, don’t answer that one 9_9.

        Our missile silos are EMP hardened I’m sure. As are all of our nuclear submarines. Carried upon which, alone, we have enough ordinance to level every major city on the globe twice.

        Ok… so… you’re trying to kill yourselves huh?

      44. – The TV series, “Jericho” taught me as much as any book about having absolutely no electricity and fried electronics, maybe more.

        – For what it’s worth, the NSA BEHIND our NSA already knows this dictator’s every move.

        – I believe any country could launch an EMP at ANY time against another, but with failsafe systems in place (so-called failsafe systems) any nation launching an EMP would be engaging in Mutually Assured Destruction.

        My good people, let’s not let ourselves get distracted here, including by our OWN country who:
        – mandages health care coverage while permitting every state and citizen to be chem-trailed with disease-laden sprays;
        – permits GMO cancer-causing foods while forbidding the labeling of such;
        – permits the evisceration of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights;
        – taxes the middle and lower classes while lessening the taxes of the elite and corporations;
        – permits the killing of unborn babies while minting coinage that states “In GOD we trust”; (really?)
        – covers up what really happened at 9/11;
        – permits our children to have history books that lie about who Really killed the President on November 22, 1963, and why– which murdered the Office of the Presidency itself– either with pre-selected presidents and/or controlled ones.

        I like Mr. Johnson, and I will like him even more should he write about any of the aformentioned.

        Until then, let’s not be distracted by what COULD happen and focus intead on what IS happening– to ALL of us!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “It is no secret that evil is live spelled backwards.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        • Whoops, I meant mandates, not mandages!

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