Report: Congress To Move Against Guns: “It Will Ban the Sale, the Transfer, the Importation and the Possession”

by | Dec 16, 2012 | Headline News | 722 comments

Amid heated debates about what to do in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting which took the lives of 20 children and six adults, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is prepared to take action on the first day Congress meets after their current break.

Come January 1, 2013, Feinstein will introduce new legislation that would ban assault rifles similar to the bill she championed in California.

“I’m going to introduce in the Senate, and the same bill will be introduced in the House — a bill to ban assault weapons,” Feinstein said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“It will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation and the possession, not retroactively, but prospectively.”

“The purpose of this bill is to get… weapons of war off the streets.”

“Who needs these military-style assault weapons? Who needs an ammunition feeding device capable of holding 100 rounds?” Feinstein wrote on her campaign website.

These weapons are not for hunting deer — they’re for hunting people.”

In November, less than 24 hours after the re-election of President Barack Obama, rumors swirled that Feinstein was looking to bring back an assault rifle ban even more stringent than the one passed in Congress under President Bill Clinton.

Though no specific details about the coming legislation have been released, according to earlier statements from Feinstein and individuals close to the situation, the ban would not only restrict access to certain rifles deemed as “assault rifles” but would eliminate grandfather protections altogether, meaning that ownership of such firearms would be illegal and subject to criminal prosecution.

…sources tell me California Senator and longtime gun-hater Dianne Feinstein’s legal staff held meetings on Friday with FTB/ATF legal staff to discuss a new “Assault Weapons Ban” Madame Feinstein would be looking to push through Congress if President Obama wins reelection.

This same “pretty good intelligence” says the items that would lead to a banwould ban pistol grips and “high-capacity” magazines, eliminate any grandfathering and ban sales of “weapons in possession”.

It should be clear that Congress is now moving for a complete ban on the purchase and possession (even if you currently own them) of any guns deemed ‘assault weapons’ under the new legislation.

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    1. European American

      Zionists, like Bitch FEENstein should be banned, along with the SSRI’s she’s on.

      • Odd Questioner

        You do realize that a ban on “assault rifles” is easier to push for (especially when accompanied by an emotional upheaval fueled by the press).

        After all, it beats having to get the budget back under control, and affords a lot of hand-waving to avoid the real problems facing our enterprise…

        • Anonymous

          Hit the nail on the head. They needed a diversion and they got one. The fiscal cliff is nothing other than taking the blame from the bankster class. We could debate all day long, but it still comes down to how they have to destroy America and get the guns away from law abiding citizens.
          Take heed when you hear of the U.N. soldiers running freely here in America.
          Americans are on a collision course with the evil of this world!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • largetarget

            Un small weapons Ban

            they’ll just have the UN collect those danerous guns

            wouldn’t that go just swell

            • clint hospo

              Ladies and young people and older people please comment on this if you know 100 positive on this

              YOU dont have to give up your guns if they ask or stop by. All you have to do is say you sold them at a gun show. There is no way to track or ask what was the persons name(such selling one to a friend or a gunshop etc.) You get cash many times and that’s it if you don’t want to stand up(I wish you would though). I will never open the door and let them in. If they come in its illegal I believe for the ATF to ram in the door asking for a guncheck in your home. I could be wrong on this. Does anybody know this for sure? I know it takes a judge for a warrant, but im not sure if there is special powers to breakin to private property in your home. That is why do not open the door or even respond back.

              • Odd Questioner

                Slightly off-topic – looking for advice:

                I’m looking for a good edged-weapons dealer with a good reputation. I’ll only consider recommendations from folks I know and respect, so you know who you are… can you recommend anyone?

                Thx in advance.

              • G-force

                Sadly, they won’t follow any law currently on the books. They will follow the evil edicts of the satanic to take your guns and, quite frankly, your life. They won’t come for your guns…they will come for you. You need to understand that it will be wholesale slaughter once the UN troops and other foreign forces are unleashed in this country to “round up guns!” We are reaping what we have sewn.
                Did you or I think to mourn for the 3000 infants slaughtered in the womb on Friday, December 14th? I didn’t think so. That question caught me off guard, too. It’s become so status quo, we no longer grieve daily for the loss of life due to abortion, in addition to all of the other wholesale slaughter that takes place everyday in this country. When you destroy the value of life, it permeates, distorts and mutates the way the nation values life. Hence, we have slaughter like we saw on Friday…and the incidences of this kind will proliferate as the days become increasingly evil!
                Listen in:
                BE A BLESSING!

              • PuffyPete

                At the rate our government is going, I don’t think the 4th amendment will save you from an unwarranted seizure or search. They’ll just barge in and take what they want. Our rights are being stripped and our puppets in Congress will do nothing to stop the lunatics from gutting our country. Every media outlet, even football (Costas’ comment a couple weeks ago), are pushing their agenda. I wish the damn collapse would happen already. We, America, needs this to happen if we are to hope for the restoration of our beloved country. Chances are that I may not see prosperous times but maybe my children or their children will.

              • JustMe


              • btruth

                If they’re at your door, be prepared to fight, because you’ll be on their kill list, REGARDLESS, if you have your weapons or not anymore.

              • Facebook Page

                Clint the ATF can enter if you are a licensed dealer or have a register Class 3 license for “Inspections”.
                They also can come to the door and require you to produce any Form 4 items.
                Telling them you sold them at a Show won’t stop the harassment if they have a hard-on for you.

                Best defence is to never buy a gun on paper period. Sell all you have on paper and buy other without. Only way to clear your name. Or at least so they don’t know what you have. Once on the ATF list you can not get off it period. Ever. Even after death your name is still traced.

              • eeder

                clint , listen to yourself. wake wide up pal. remember the guy from tennessee on here this summer that was babbling on about the no guns sign in his bank and how he thought it was a joke? and i said, first they will warn you, than they will arrest you? Stand up for your rights and your country guys. you have lost almost all of your freedom.

                • The Old Rebel

                  You sir are 100% correct. I have been saying this for a long time now myself. The Gov. already has decreased our freedom and liberties, by using the age old excuse of giving up some of our freedoms for the protection of the public from terrorist. Especially since 9-11. Now to put the iceing on the cake, they want our as they say assault weapons. Do you for one minute think it will stop there. I know not. They will get your old trusty 30-30 and shotguns too.This is the same thing that Nazi Germany did in WWII. Hitler got the guns from the people and next the undesirables went to the concentration camps for extermination. Who are the undesirables? That will be all true Americans willing to fight once again for freedom and liberty, plus some misguided folks that did’t believe this could ever happen here. Well look around, we no longer have a say in any matters of politics. The greedy congress and senate no longer listen to the people, but to the underhanded money they get from lobb
                  iest. I’ll stop with this because all it does is boils my blood. Have a great day the Old America and its followers.

              • Zoltanne

                Odd Questioner, Re: edge weaponry

                Check dirttimeforum dot com (see the section “The Edge”).

              • Bayou Bob



              • seawulf

                I have to agree with my counterparts. I don’t know for 100%, but I strongly believe that the way the current adminstration is overstepping it’s boundaries and the way the mainstream media is backing it, it won’t matter. They will use whatever means they deem necessary to enter your home…with or without a warrant. They certainly aren’t afraid of a single individual standing up to them. They may knock with their hands or they may knock with a battering ram, but either way, if they want to come in, they will. You wouldn’t even get a by-line in the newspaper.

              • Justice

                Presently a warrant would be required. That could and probably will change in the future. Depends upon the future situation. Should the Government declare that all owners of a semi-automatic weapon who refuse to turn them into the government during an amnesty/grace period are domestic terrorists, all bets are off. A warrant is easily obtained and your door can be breeched in order to serve a Felony warrant to a dangerous armed Felon. It is best to sell or loose your firearms before any of this happens. I lost my ar-15 when on a camping trip my canoe turned over. I sure do miss that thing.

              • harp1034

                Guns? What guns? I ain’t got no stinking guns. I don’t need no stinking guns.

              • MinoaMike

                You need a permit to own a hand gun in New York. And when you sell it there is a paper trail. This will work only with a long gun.

              • WorriedinGeorgia

                Yes, technically they must have a warrant, but all that requires is the NICs records that you purchased an assault weapon. The law now making you a criminal, your local LEO’s will come with SWAT and will very surely break down your door.

                If you assemble the guts to resist this last resort to your destuction of freedom, you will find yourself shooting your neighbor who happens to be the sheriff and maybe some assorted BATFE, or even royal canadian mounties. This actually happened to a friend I know personally, Rick Celata from up in PA, when he moved out to Montana. He chose not to shoot, but lost $80,000 in property and was never convicted, but still has none of his property back.

                If you are like the rest of the big-talking gutless americans you will not resist while they ransack your house and steal anything they choose and leave a “list” of what they took, though you were under gun-point and did not see to verify that list. You will live whatever is left of your life in shame and guilt and likely, poverty, dependent upon the great state that raped you of every right you dreamed you had. You will tell later generations of slaves that you never thought it could get that bad. And when the actual skining and raping and gassing is happening for real, you will know you did nothing to stop it because you didn’t have it in you.

                If you are a true patriot as in the days of 1774, then you will shoot to defend your rights, your freedoms and your religion, and you will be gunned down in a hail of assault weapon fire and die an ingnominous death at the hands of a tyranny you cannot hope to conquer because you waited too long and gave up the weapons necessary to defeat them. In the final seconds as you bleed out you will realize what the founding fathers meant by a militia and a right to bear all arms, not to be infringed. You will know that there is no right to anything that you are not willing to fight and to DIE for! You will know that you chose to die for freedom and that death is not the worst thing. Not living and fighting for freedom is the worst thing. Your death WILL have purpose even if no one else ever knew. But chances are they will know and someone else with more ability will do something and maybe that spark of freedom that flowed out with your hot, liberty-loving blood will refresh those stripes and ignite the stars and hope may again spring in the land of the free!

              • Mitch Freeman

                The patriot act lets them become storm troopers. We are not going to have any rights. This idiot Feinstein, is the most liberal anti gunner in the senate. The government is going to impose it’s will on the people. It is coming. We can’t agree on a budget, but we can ban these weapons, and reduce the spending on mental health. This women is a nut job. Why is she not touting getting people the help they need?

              • Mike

                The title that will be used is ‘the threat of terrorism’, hence, your Constitutional rights will be forfiet. Welcome to the new world order…

                May God bless everyone.

              • Mordecai

                Time to watch the movie, “The Patriot”, starring Mel Gibson.

              • Odd Questioner

                Brace yourselves… it only gets worse.

                Truns out the rumors further down the thread were true. The MSM is starting to portray the shooter’s mom as a “prepper”:

                I popped it into the (newly minted) tweet feed:


              • Southpaw

                More like time to live the movie, “Red Dawn”.

                None of us (even though there are millions) can stand up to this assault on our rights alone. They will pick us off one at a time without regard for the law. Each time they ‘confiscate’ weapons from one of us, the result will be 100s more are either made to obey their demands out of fear or branded terrorists because of the violent response from some individuals.

                If the states do not retake their sovereignty, whether through secession or not, I see no options other than civil war or slavery for Americans.

                I believe that before any of us see heaven, we will go through hell. God Bless.

                Esse Quam Videri

              • T.R.

                Arm up now and learn a foreign language , you may need them both depending on the situation . I believe civil war is not only a possibility , but now a necessity .

            • KY Mom

              You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
              – Rahm Emanuel

              Those who wish to advance their goal of disarming America are not going to waste the opportunity this crisis presents.

              • Cede or Bleed

                Yes, disarm everyone early next year, just before they make it mandatory that every US citizen and resident receive an RFID chip under Obs new health care system. Tick tick tick tick not long to go now. Keep your eyes closed sheep. Keep doing nothing till its too late. That’s what they want. Hey America can you say baa baa baa baa? Oh, you already are ……l

            • Anonymous

              Dianne needs a Dirty Sanchez…volunteers needed.

          • jim.cousins

            To correct Diane Feinstein, weapons of .223 and 762.x39 are legal rounds to hunt deer in Minnesota as well as varmints and even moose. I took my buck with a 7.62 x 39 this year.

            • ARIZONA

              MY DEAR FRIEND,do you in your wildest dreams,think for one second they give a flying fk about laws and hunting????LISTEN,they want control of the world and they can’t have it till they take down america,you want your children to be slaves for the next 500 years?LOOK at the homotralians,after they took their guns then they took all their rights………..

              • SimonP

                If, by “Homotralians”, you are referring to Australians, the ban on semi-automatic weapons and large magazines after the Port Arthur massacre has been widely popular, even amongst hunters and farmers such as myself
                I still have enough firepower to hunt and defend myself, with no fear that someone can wipe out my family before I get a shot into them

          • Anonymous

            UN soldiers can around freely all they want.They just better stay out of mine.

          • TheGuy

            They needed a diversion and they… “got”… one.


          • Anonymous

            Don’t worry. Those little blue hats will make sighting a little easier for those that choose to disregard the legislation and hold onto their guns and their regard for liberty.

        • BJ

          Assault rifles were already banned and made illegal for citizens to have all the way back in 1931. Words have meanings and you can’t change them. According to the military definition of an assault rifle, it has to be fully automatic to be an assault rifle.

          • Facebook Page

            Ts time I believe they will banned each weapon by model not by a point system. And use the point system for future made ones.

            • BJ


            • Facebook Page

              Remember a point was given for a Flash suppress, Pistol Grip, Bayonet lug, Magazine quantity.
              That’s why the AR was made with no flash or bayonet lug and all cam with 10 rounders. You were allowed one point.

              That why the Mini 14 were not affected in the band. Remember Ruger help draft the first Ban. And voluntary took their 20 and 30 rd mags off the market.

              And you are correct about the Military definitions. But the law read different for the definition of an assault rifle. Military guideline do not guide US Law.

              The Congress can call anything they want a Assault weapon. Just by passing a law.

              • John W.

                Considering how few now serve in the military or ever even handle a gun misnaming is easy. The average stupid American believes a semi auto Daisy BB gun is a assault weapon. They will also believe that FEMA camps are resorts.

              • PO'd Patriot

                Good point FBP. You are exactly correct. Most folks don’t know/have never heard of it though. But you needed to have some parts that were of US manufacture on the AR or AK to be in compliance and they went by a “points” designation.

              • MXLord327

                I have an MAK-90, which is just an AK-47 with a cover welded over the threaded barrel end and a thumb-hole stock instead of the pistol grip. This was done to get around the stupid cosmetic ban in the ’90’s. Still shoots 30 rounds as fast as I can pull the trigger though!!

          • Odd Questioner

            That’s why I used the quotation marks…

            • BJ

              I figured you knew that….just wanted to post for those that might not be aware of it.

            • y99

              Odd Questioner

              Look up “Elite Knives By John Horrigan” his brother was a friend and made the best knives, John his twin took over after Bob was KIA.

              • PO'd Patriot

                y99, might we be also a Larue Tactical customer? LT also has a big write up (Bio)on Bob Horrigan and his knives. Great looking blade. BTW, you wouldn’t have any “dillo dust” you can spare do you?

          • Cool Clo


            “Assault Rifles were NOT banned and made illegal” in 1931. The National Firearms Act of 1934 requires individuals to register them with BATFE and pay a one time $200 tax and submit a form 4. Today 32 states allow law abiding citizens to own them.. After May 15 1986 no new registrations were/are allowed, so the pool (around 230,00) remains the same and prices have soared..

            More info at

            • BJ

              Thanks for that……didn’t know, I thought machine guns were banned in 1931

            • Joe

              Well,you can still buy a class III made before 1986 (fully transferable), but yes, very expensive and climbing. Anything made after 86 is a dealer sample, is much cheaper, but can only be transferred between dealers/manufacturers,LE, and military. Of all these weapons, 4 have been used in crimes since the NFA act. Kinda begs the question: why the 1986 law?

              • Cool Clo

                Post 1986 dealer samples cannot be kept by the dealer once he closes out his ffl/sot business. Also a letter of request is needed from a police dept stating a need to demo the weapon. In other words…post dealer samples are pretty worthlies…

          • Bob

            Jim, BJ–They don’t care.

          • shropster

            Pay the license fee and you can get a 50 cal machine gun.

            • Facebook Page

              I you can find someone who will let it go.

          • Smokey

            Stop trying to split the hair. The definition is whatever the law says it is, no matter what anyone else thinks. This is a serious assault on the 2nd Amendment and any American who values their freedom. Get in touch with your Congressional representative or senator, now. And tomorrow, and the next day. Every day for the month of December and every day next year.

          • MinoaMike

            Some one finally got the definition right about assault rifles. And for the news media, the rifles you are talking about now are actually a semi-automatic rifle. Ban it if you want, but at least get the names right.

        • Rick:)

          Keeping comments very reserved on this one.

          I always wondered how it would start. Feinstein, do you have any f*ing idea what you’re about to unleash??

          • Anton Hackl

            @ Rick

            Of course she does!

            She knows it will devolve into Christian gentile fighting/killing Christian gentile, over the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment & the Bill of Rights versus her Talmud’s declaration…that we gentiles have no soul & are thus “EXPENDABLE”.

            Thus its a WIN-WIN situation for her tribe & their NWO auspices.
            Think about it, brother! We’re running out of time.

            • PuppyPrepper

              This is not about Jews versus Christians!!!! It about good versus evil, freedom versus slavery. This goes way beyond religion or race – quit villanizing the Jews!

              • Gunsmith

                @ Jonny

                …..Hey pal, before you light my ass up, per your lame defense of the enemies of GOD and mankind….go here (see link below):…


                …sorry, its very in depth to the tune of 28.5MB(PDF file)…so maybe you might want to limit your reading exposure to page 121 (maximum)…pages 1 thru 49 will enlighten your (zionist-supporting) religious ass quite a bit….so, get busy Jonny-boy…do your research/homework!!!

                When finished, get back to me…I’ll hit you w/ a POP quiz…just to see if your for real & actually read the truth!!!…..& btw, I won’t deviate from your KJV!!!!!


                …are we cool?

                …Ping me when finished & prepared…OK!!!???!!!

                …have a blessed evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • eeder

                this is the jewish controlled congress against the mainly christain populace. all of the biggest pushers for gun control are jews. and you fucken know it!

              • eeder

                oh well, look at it on the bright side americans. you might not have a totla ban. they may go to the same laws as israel for guns. which are EXTREMLY restrictive. but hey, if youre at least 27, have an inside track politically to get a license, and many other restrictions, you still may be able to have a gun. its you fucken yanks that have supported israel through your passivity. fucken sick slaves. youre a bunch of cowards. land of the free and home of the brave? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…LLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLL bwwahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaahahahahA

            • clint hospo

              I still think we have the advantage over the UN. We know our neighborhoods and we have the best of the best but auto and in my opinion a ar-15 in semi auto has more accuracy and controlled shots in semi mode for strong shooters. We will lose with a chemical drop or a nuke etc or tanks etc. But troops going neighborhood will be at a disadvantage I believe. We are highly trained many of us and will not fear and do some serious damage with small groups of troops. Of course if a call is called in with dozens its over but you get what I’m saying. People to troops around the whole United States we have a tremendous advantage or I just have high confidence and that’s a good thing even if you suck. Having confidence can really change how you do when shooting and will do wonders with people in stressful times. Someone calculated the number of armed americans vs troops and many of the troops in a civil war will be very confused or even go AWOL. I’m just curious how far they are going to push this. I wonder if they are going to ban just internet sales like cheaper than dirt or go for all guns turned in or (face the federal government bullshit speech)

              I think and this would make sense that background checks and ammo sales on credit cards are all tallied according to amount of guns purchased the style and the ammo purchased and possibly they will get the local authorities to make their rounds under peace times and start covertly going to the highest amount of guns/ammo on the list without the public knowing before word gets out and this is seen with resistance. I think that’s what might happen. But again if you burry which people will say they have medal detectors etc the time and manpower wasted just on one person would be mind blowing. There are so many endless places to burry your gear etc. The satllites can’t track everyone so that has not even crossed my mind. These bastrds really think this is going to go smoothly. it’s not. Or they going to ban future sales or imports of sigs,FNH(FN and other gun parts and ban on all pmags 30 round and higher crap. It’s going to be hell soon on earth

              • JT

                I’ve always heard that, (If it’s time to bury your guns, then it’s really time to dig them up!)

              • Infections Sense of Dread

                I’ve always heard that, (If it’s time to bury your guns, then it’s really time to dig them up!)

                I’m begging to think the same thing. I don’t want to get into a firefight if I don’t have to but…why the hell is everyone talking about figuring out ways to hide the guns that a tyrannical government would be confiscating? What are we waiting for, the boxcars and cyanide to show up? At some point, you have to decide if you’re going to go Full Founder and do what you KNOW will need to be done eventually, or keep kidding yourself that things will get better on their own.

                If you’re going to die in a camp, isn’t it better to contribute to enemy attrition instead?

            • Johnny

              Anton Hackl you are a NUT who hates Jews. Why don’t you get off this website and go to a skinhead site where your views will be welcome.

              • shropster

                Educate yourself and the truth will illuminate your slavery to Federal Reserve, a consortium of privately held banks controlled the UK semi-autonomous City of London, the square mile financial heart of the UK, which is controlled by…guess who?

              • eeder

                @ Johnny, why dont you go to a jewish gun control website where you are welcome? why not? why not do it now and never come back? why johnny?

            • Gregory8

              Anton H: Too little too late. The EU is more bankrupt than we are and we’re screwed, just look at QE4. There is no NWO because everyone is broke and things will devolve until political unions and nations begin splintering into smaller and smaller entities. Things are going to from global to very local. Time to buy up before our government desides, in one last effort of its last great power grab, to ban many types of firearms, magazines and ammo. Also look for a big hike in taxes on these items and some form of licensing. Things may or may not get grandfathered this time, so look to “safely secure” some of your stuff. Good luck all.

          • Kate

            Yes, she does. She’s a zionist jew who wants to destroy our country and the white race. Everyone should read the protocols of the learned elders of zion wherein they state that the last generations of the white race were being born back in 1928. These scum are bringing in non-white, non-Christian peoples here, they’ll start a race war, and we will be disarmed and unable to defend ourselves. However, read George Washington’s vision–they won’t win. Washington was shown the future of our country, the invading troops, and God helping us when all seems lost, “leaving the people of the land victorious.”

            • Johnny

              Kate, your antisemitic rant is the talk of a foolish person who believes every nutty thing they have heard.

              It ain’t about the JEWS. Get over it.

              • Kate

                The jews refer to gentiles as goyim, or cattle. They believe that the lives of gentiles are worth nothing to their own. There are many jews who have spoken out about their plans for a one world government and implementation of the mark of the beast. Their own rabbis have stated publicly that gentiles exist only to serve the jews. Another rabbi has stated that the god the jews worship is lucifer. It is obvious that you are just a loud mouth without access to facts. I suggest you read By Way of Deception by Victor Ostravky, a former mossad agent who revealed plenty about how the jews operate. I would also suggest you watch Brother Nathaniel’s videos, who is himself a jew, and educate yourself. By the way, I have jewish ancestors and do not hate jews. I do however, have a problem with jews who openly admit they worship satan and all that it entails, like human sacrifice.

              • Kate

                Seems no one likes your comment enough to bother rating it, Johnny. My reply to your reply is still awaiting moderation.

              • T.R.

                Kate , pay it no mind , if SOME jews are like you say , I find it very hard to believe that MOST jews are that way and are in fact embarrassed by those that are . Sort of like the regular Mormons are very embarrassed about the extreme fringe sect Mormons that have hidden compounds , 20 wives , and marry and have sex with 14 year old girls ………both groups are the deviants , not apart of the normal beliefs . Thats like saying that ALL conservatives belong to the Ku Klux Klan …………when the truth is , very few do . Just sayin

          • Cede or Bleed

            I’d say it could ‘unleash’ Civil War. Not Jew v Gentile, but more like Patriotic Constitutionalists v The Corupt Government State. Feinstein of course is on the Corupt Government side backed by Jew lobbyists, Dirty Banking, Big Pharma and the War Machine. And Constitutionalists? That would be us. The over taxed, the under represented, the persecuted, the down trodden, the poor and those who will damn well fight back at the oppressor overlords that what us dead.

        • Gunnernc

          Yes, except they are going after all semi-auto weapons, pistols included. Fox News, call semi-autos(pistols included) weapons of mass destruction. It is coming and this time it won’t stop.

          • Kulafarmer

            Well i suppose we need to get our web gear in order and our magpul mags filled with lots of reserve filler

            • slingshot


              Gear up! ;0)

            • omegagrayknight

              this is the time to truly ask yourself how far are you willing to go for your rights. guess i have to start to load up on a lot more ammo.

              if congress passes that bill, it will cause civil war. i know this will make me sound weak. but i am almost in tears, because i can see this passing right now. i know what i am willing to do and how far i am willing to go. but that is not what is bringing me to tears. what is almost bringing me to tears right now is the fact that i am honestly thinking, will i have to go against my brother that is in the army or against my cousin and friend which both are good cops. i know one thing. i will protect my beliefs, my rights, and my family even if i die doing it. i will not freely hand nothing over to them i will go to prison and die before i do so. i plan on enjoying this Christmas with my family. after that prepare like there is no tomorrow.

              • PO'd Patriot

                Omega, hopefully they’ll stand down and join us.

              • vaportrail

                If your brother, cousin, or friend would try to enforce a law like this against any American, let alone you, then they aren’t worth worrying about. No man or woman ordered into a situation like this can justify taking such an illegal and unprecedented action with the words “I was only following orders.” I believe and hope that most of them will refuse to do it. Would any of you do this to relatives or friends or anyone else to save your stupid job? Its going to be a hard sell to the police or the military if it comes down to this. As far as UN troops are concerned they are targets as soon as their boots hit the ground.

              • Another Comment

                @omegagrayknight –

                >> what is almost bringing me to tears right now is the fact that i am honestly thinking, will i have to go against my brother that is in the army or against my cousin and friend which both are good cops

                It happened during our first civil war. I imagine if it comes to that, it will happen again. This is a polarized nation and there is no leadership to heal the wounds and bridge the gaps.

                Hell, just look on this board. To many we’d be “preppers” and “cut from the same cloth. But we’re even at each other’s throats here. All kinds of hateful verbiage and threats. It seems the die is cast.

              • Kulafarmer

                I hear ya, for me it means walking away from my family and my love to stand for the constitution and the future freedom of people i dont even know
                God save us all

            • PO'd Patriot

              Already ahead. Just ordered more magpuls in 7.62(20 rds) and .556, 30 rounders. In my state, we’re only allowed to purchase 20 round mags or less. No one will ship the 30’s to me cause of my state’s limitation. However, at I can order the thirtys and for an extra $1.95 for each mag, get the “kit” version, and they’ll ship the mags, floor plate, springs and followers in seperate bags (all in one box) to get around the restriction. Takes about 30 seconds for me to assemble each.

              • Hamburglar

                @ Vaportrail

                When I came home from Iraq in 05, I was sent to New Orleans for Katrina. At first we were to be armed and help stop the looting. Then the comment was made about Bush not liking black people and we turned all our weapons into the armory and were sent house to house for survivors. I hate to say this. The first thought my dumb ass had was “it’s going to be so much nicer being deployed inside the US.”. While I didn’t participate in confiscation weapons or lock people into the super dome, I have since asked myself if I would have thought it was wrong to do so if ordered. I woke up to the world right after I got out and took up contract work in Afghanistan.

                I have seen first had the corruptness of our govt. I have seen US soldiers used to protect heroin fields. For the last 5 years I have taken prepping and my constitutional rights very seriously. I don’t even care if the govt knows what I am saying and doing. I want to live the American dream of the pursuit of happiness. And though I don’t desire a fight, I swear to God I will take as many of them as I can out before I go down if they come to tread on my inalienable rights! Any laws passed against the 2nd amendment aren’t legal and were never in their right to pass in the first place. And for you govt trolls lurking around here, think on this shit seriously since it may be you they send for me.

          • TheGuy

            9_9 “weapons of mass destruction”???

            God in heaven we need to ban merketing slogans is what we need to ban.

            So, apparently you can blow up a city with a pistol.


            Did not know that.

        • SonOfSam

          @ Odd Questioner
          @ GW

          I wish that TPTB would use some logic, and understand that firearms have been around for centuries. But of course, they will instead use this as convenient excuse to push their pet agenda of crippling our GOD given rights to self defense, as expressed in the 2nd Amendment . I wish they would look at the real source of the problem, as related here:

          Having worked in the mental health field as a lowly worker in a “behavior house” while I pursued my teaching degree, I can vouch for EVERYTHING this mother of a profoundly mentally ill child is going through. Been there, seen it all, got the t-shirt.

          What I want to know is, when will the SHEEPLE ever figure out that even though we have had guns in this country for centuries, we have only had these massacres in the past 20 years? When will they draw the connection between the mass “de-institutionalizing” of the 80s and 90s and the rise of all forms of deviant public behavior, not just mass shootings?

          The point is, we could ban every gun in the country, and it still won’t solve the problem. It will, however, leave us defenseless against the criminal element, both in and outside of the government.

          I’m just wondering, is there anyone here who has ANY intention of leaving themselves defenseless? For the life of me, I don’t see how they our so-called leaders even believe they could enforce this! Let me put it this way: if TPTB plan on giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens, if they’re going to turn a blind eye to the flash mob violence plaguing our cities, if they can’t be bothered to upload the LAW, which is their damned job, why would they expect any American citizen to agree to this stupefyingly evil proposal?

          • elcid-77

            Agreed. The politicians have legislated themselves out of credibility.

            • Walt Kowalski

              It is beyond an issue of credibility…’s an issue of legitimacy.

              Read the text below… It was perhaps THE most important phrase in the entire document….the hinge-pin, so to speak.

              That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

              We need to return to the principles upon which this country was founded. And we need leadership that will honor the Constitution….not use it as a substitute for toilet paper.

              Those who will return to these principles, need to be thrown out….by whatever means becomes necessary.

              • Walt Kowalski

                Correction at the end….I missed a word.

                Here it is corrected.

                Those who will NOT return to these principles, need to be thrown out….by whatever means becomes necessary.

          • Tucker

            They are not concerned about the deaths resulting from these senseless mass shootings. Hell, the majority of them have been government / Mossad staged black operations anyway.

            What evil jews like Feinstein, Schumer, Lautenberg, Bloomberg and company want is to disarm WHITE MALES and, if they can do that, then they can repeat what their jewish cousins did in the USSR and proceed to slaughter another 66 or so million White Europeans here in America.

            The American Hebrew September 10, 1920:

            “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world.

            What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

        • shropster

          The only new national gun law should be to allow universal concealed carry by all law-abiding citizens, any time, everywhere.

          • Gods Creation

            “””The only new national gun law should be to allow universal concealed carry by all law-abiding citizens, any time, everywhere.”””

            That is already the Law, codified in the Constitution as the 2nd Amendment.

            • shropster

              Tell that Mayors Daley & Bloomberg.

        • stan522

          The turd who killed those kids used handguns…. this Fienstien bill is purely a reaction that has no merit in reality.

        • VaultBoy

          Hey OQ, loved your book.

          This is my first time posting here but since you asked I thought I’d try and help. (It didn’t let me respond to your actual comment so im doing it here.)

          Albion’s swords are probably the best quality out there, if you’re looking for swords anyway. Their designs are based on museum research with the intention of creating historically accurate, battle-ready weapons with the correct balance and strength to fight the warriors(and armor) of their day.

          Albion reverse engineers the swords found at archeological sites to learn how they were forged and heat treated to get the desired compensation of hardness and flexibility.

          You’ll have to look through the different types to see what fits with your idea but I’m sure you can find it there.

          The only one I’ve personally had the chance to handle was the Crecy(Oakeshott Type XVIa) a friend of mine had. It was pretty damn amazing to be honest. It’s hard to describe it really, the way its balanced just makes you want to handle the thing… and fight an armored knight or two..

          From the reviews I’ve read the rest of their swords are of the same quality, the biggest downside being their cost. The Crecy will set you back close to $900, which is why I don’t own one myself just yet.

          From the prepping side of things you might be much better off just getting a machete, kukri, or an axe from Gransfors, they’d be cheaper and a bit more multipurpose. It is going to be a few years before the world runs out of ammo anyway, even if every grid world wide went down tomorrow…

          Still, the sword has always been a thing of interest for me, so I thought I’d throw it out there.


          • Kate

            Unless you’re going to get a light saber which deflects bullets, swords are pretty useless these days.

            • VaultBoy

              Oh I’m aware a sword would be pretty outclassed at the moment. Odd Questioner asked for an edged-weapons dealer with a good reputation so I was suggesting albion.

              I can see value in having such weapons in a collapse scenario but they’re very much towards the end of my list of ‘preps to acquire’. I’m more interested in them from a martial artist’s perspective than anything else.


        • ARIZONA

          ODD Q. I hearing ON dec.21.just before christmas,there planning a surprise attack on america with nuclear weapons and a full fleged ground attack to follow,if this be the case,everyone had better make sure they have ,food ,water,and lots of ammo,I’am hearing there coming on quad tracks up all dirt roads in groups of seven,at NIGHT,it will be take no prisoners in the first wave of attacks,AS I understand they have thirty cities that will be targeted with bombs and the out laying areas with parashoot troops,watch “small local airports”,they’ll be landing troop transport planes,filled with russians and gear for a ground assault,NOTICE,THE RUSSIANS will be waring american uniforms not russian and they SPEAK PERFECT ENGLISH,do not be fooled by them…………

          • Odd Questioner

            So was that Reynold’s Wrap, or one of the cheap in-store brands? I’m thinking the latter, since it apparent;y isn’t keeping all the CIA rays out of your skull.


          • Infectious Sense of Dread

            If you’re not the director of the CIA, you should be. That’s the most detailed narrative of a top secret invasion of the US mainland I’ve ever seen. One could almost think you pulled it out of your ass.

            • T.R.

              I think he has been playing too many video games , particularly ” Red Alert 3 : world in conflict “

        • Vicky

          Unfortunately, I have to admit to reading the Daily Mail, the English (Great Britain) version of The National Enquirer” as my son is stationed over there. They are definitely pushing the “Mom as crazed lunatic prepper” angle. All references are to her “arsenal” and canned food, which I didn’t realize was that dangerous in itself. Now is definitely the time to STFU about everything. Also, why bother with a judge and a warrant when you have hysteria on your side????

        • The thinker

          Its not that they got a diversion — THEY MADE THE DIVERSION like so many other events. Start asking probing questions and the media reports fall apart as laughable

        • mom of 4

          Time to open carry in protest. Show them that law abiding citizens who own guns are actaly out there. The only time people see guns are in a bloody movie or on some headline lets show them peaceful offence instead of defense. Who is with me?

        • Lawdog

          I am an attorney. The article is wrong about not grandfathering previously legally owned weapons. Under the U.S. Constitution, that is called an Ex Post Facto law and it it unconstitutional. So the government cannot take away any guns previously legally owned. All they can do is ban future sales or transfers. So whoever already has one of these and is worried about losing it – don’t. Even the evil Diane Feinstein can’t do anything about that!

      • Odd Questioner


        Would someone care to ask Ms. Feinstein how that national ban on methamphetamines is going?

        • Zoltanne

          Feinstein is a War Whore. Just look who her major political contributors are! How can she push through legislation against “weapons of war” when she herself is a weapon, used by the Defense industry to profit from?

          I urge people to learn who her political contributors are at opensecrets. And as much as we may think Congress is impotent, they are only worthless when they want to be. When they WANT something bad enough, they get it. The time is now. We MUST fight this one. If we do nothing, we become nothing. We have GOT to become activists NOW!

          There are ways to organize campaigns on a single issue and it is not that difficult. If this can’t become a forum asap, we can gather at another site, one that is political. We can develop a basic plan and flood the phones and inboxes, just as it was done with “Amnesty”. What say you?

          • Zoltanne

            Everyone who is leaving a comment, cut and paste it, then send it to Feinstein.

            Flood her email box:


            And call tomorrow. And the next day.
            Senator Dianne Feinstein

            United States Senate
            331 Hart Senate Office Building
            Washington, D.C. 20510

            Phone: (202) 224-3841
            Fax: (202) 228-3954
            TTY/TDD: (202) 224-2501

            This bullshit might get the pass in the Senate, but the (R) majority in the House will never vote it in if they want to keep their positions.

            • Gunnernc

              Chris Wallace called all semi-auto weapons, handguns included as weapons of mass destruction, Senator Durbin said no one should own a semi-auto weapon! It will pass just like Obama care.

              • Tarheelbilly

                I caught that word, too. Weapons of mass destruction? So ARs are as destructive as chemical weapons? My gosh…

              • clint hospo

                BOY Obama the lying POS would love to get best of both worlds at once- His gun agneda and obamalove/care. This is getting unreal. I sure hope the people ban together at this point and do the right thing. We must not let this happen. We can change history again in a big way with this. On top of that we have fake leaders telling us that we must lay down our guns? We got a guy who lied probably to get into columbia and corrupt senators and congress who sellout the american people to make their friends rich and they get a cut of it under the table in accounts overseas for them to enjoy when the time arrives for their fucking enjoyment. Well they just pushed to far. I sure feel sadness and more sadness for those children but this has just made me grip my guns even stronger and get even more ammo etc. They want this to happen, well the people are not going to go quietly with this. sorry for so many posts, this has got me fired up like no other. YOU CAN SEE THE LYING AND REHEARSED LOOKS ON GEROGE STEPHENOPOLIS AND ALL THE SELLOUT MEDIA ABOUT GUNS. THEY ARE LOVING THIS. I WOULD LOVE TO DRAG THEIR FACES TO WATCH THEM PULLOUT A CHILD BEING ABORTED AT THE 7 MONTH MARK TO SEE A HUMAN BEING KILLED WITH A KNIFE OR A HANGER CRYING. SICK SOB’S! I BELIEVE IN ABORTION NO MORE THAN A MONTH ETC.

            • SonOfSam


              We should point out that the real problem is not firearms, which we have had in this country since the beginning. The REAL problem is the un-addressed mental health issue in this nation. We have had a lot of happy talk about “mainstreaming” and “de-institutionalizing” the severely mentally ill, and NO ONE wants to recognize the deadly results. NO ONE wants to talk about the fact that semi-automatic firearms have been around for several decades, but its only been in the last 15 years that we have had these mass shootings.

              I think that everyone needs to read this article:


              Having worked in a “behavior house” years ago, I can vouch for EVERYTHING this mother has had to deal with. As heartbreaking as it is, we MUST realize that some people are far too deranged to be out in public, never mind within a mile of a weapon of any kind.

              If this is not addressed, we can have all the “gun laws” in the world, and it won’t change a damned thing. Except that good people, innocent people, will be deprived of their rights, and perhaps their lives. All because of the evil designs of ruthless hypocrites, who shriek of gun control while hiding behind their armed bodyguards

              • Harold

                Your reply is excellent and does justice to explain why this unfortunate incident happened. When guns are banned and taken, then your country will follow. I have always believed something like this would happen and soon after all guns would be banned and the country disarmed. Once this happens the USA will be divided and occupied by foreign interest because resistance would no longer be a reason not to invade.

              • Zoltanne

                SonOfSam, Thank you. This is the point of view we should convey when we discuss “gun control”. There is no proof that a gun ban or “gun control” will minimize mass shootings or murders. In fact, so far, we have just the opposite findings.

                (Previous comment to you evaporated, sorry if it shows up later.)

              • Gods Creation

                “”The REAL problem is the un-addressed mental health issue in this nation.””

                The real problem is the drugs used to treat “mental illness”, and the fact that Pharma has, in fact, addressed the mental health issue.

                If the med quacks would stop putting everybody having a bad day on pills of unknown effect, that escalate the problems the victim is already having, the shootings would stop and mental illness would become a private matter dealt with by families.

                But really, too many people are too far gone for any of it to matter. I no longer care about the world. I don’t listen to the news put out by the MSM, I didn’t even know there was a shooting in Conn. for two days.

                It is possible to find peace in the world. All you have to do refuse to mingle with the evil. Lock it out of your world.

                Everyone has a right to free speech, but they don’t have a right to a listener. And I have no obligation to lend them an ear.

            • Nailbender

              Thanks Zoltanne.

              Just sent my email! Hope everybody does the same.

              • Zoltanne

                Thanks Nailbender and JOG. Evidently my comments are no longer showing up if there is a link….

                For those who want some reference info, go to the nraila dot org (NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action). There are a few helpful pages for activism.

            • JustOneGuy

              Excellent post Zoltanne,

              Goodness, I’ll be so busy the next few days!!

            • jayjay

              Like they voted against NDAA, Ostupidcare, and the Patriot Act??
              Yeah, right. This is no longer a right vs. left, a dem vs. repub., a christian vs. atheist country.
              It is a NWO vs. peon citizens country.

              • John W.

                Seemingly the peons have already surrendered without a whimper. EBT cards are powerful leverage when so many use them.

              • SD Mule

                Hallelujah jayjay,
                I think you’ve got it!!!!

            • Bubbainthe woods

              Looks like her email server is getting slammed, couldn’tsend her my thoughts, oh well I will just call

              • John W.

                She wipes her ass with our comments. Unless there is a million dollar bribe attached she could care less what the prols want.

              • Zoltanne

                Keep trying. Don’t let “them” discourage you. Get up and put your fight on, Bubba!

            • Vicky

              I don’t know. Once they’re elected, we become the “little people” and important only for campaign donations. Take Ohio’s Rob Portman (please) who campaigned as a conservative Republican. Once in, he apparently went into fan mode and voted for NDAA which he was warned strictly again doing. Letters of complaint were answered by a reply requesting donations…..

              • roger

                another POS politishin

          • clint hospo

            I said in a post down below that if you have to stand up and never give them up if they try to break the laws and you fight, you can never do wrong for doing right on this. diane and the president are breaking the laws and have no right on this. We are good people that are following the laws. They are not and this will be the biggest mistake if they do this. at 615 sunday on ABC they are talking about how many background checks are record numbers. No shit idiots. We must stand up and not question this. We are in the right with no question.

            • Kulafarmer

              This is why we have the 2A , as a patriotic American i will not allow my liberties to be taken, i will die fighting before allowing anyone to strip me of my tools.

            • jayjay

              Ky only has 4.5 million citizens; but, last year 2.5 million background checks were performed.
              Hey, Ky. is first in one thing that matters–background checks annually to check firearm status.
              No, they didn’t perform those for gun sales. They are required to do that every year.
              To make sure your status is unchanged–don’t want those wife-beaters with guns..and I’m NOT smiling when I print that.

              • clint hospo

                I did not know that! Very interesting topic. If they try and do this what happens then if a crime is committed on your property and you defend yourself and the guns was not background checked. what its your ass and your charged with a felony or some crap. That is nuts and I did not know that it was a law. that even pisses me off even more. No wonder people want to pay cash for an item so police have no idea what you have.

              • Facebook Page

                Prove your statement. The Nics system is not used for updating someones status. It is for instant checks.

                Or they are all for concealed weapons.

              • Sebastion T.

                It’s not SUPPOSED to be used for that. The reality is different.

              • roger

                build your own
                www thehomegunsmith dot com /

          • Gunsmith

            Ms. Zoltanne

            Excellent post!!!

            …Although, your point is relative to one’s perception of reality here in 21st century “Blade-Runner Amerika”….

            …that said, I hereby propose a two-tier(level) system of resistance, patterned/based upon the IRA(Irish Republican Army) & their struggle against the Crown(England).
            Am not taking sides, per that conflict….merely embracing their strategy/tactics…….’cuz they worked/were successful….& to a lessor extent…the Chechin’s(see Chechnya warfare/21st century).



            You are advocating/mirroring a political philosophy/system first proposed by Durango Kidd***…FYI, he & I have disagreed ofttimes & yet sometimes agreed in the past…that said, I realize that I have been AWOL from these threads for a while now & after much personal reflection, have come to support his…”ENGAGE” philosophy…
            …….with a minor caveat, of course!!!

            ***(yeah, I’ll give you credit DK…you’re one smart SOB)…no sarcasm intended, btw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Kudos to you………………………………..!!!!


            That being (IMO), tyranny only respects/fears a counter-balance of raw-force, capable of extreme/precise violence!!! History supports my assessment.
            Thus, per DK’s dictum…(though never clarified for the masses)…is an absolutely essential variable in the equation, per the fight/struggle for freedom/individual liberty. Thus…………………:

            We need/require an ‘above-ground organization’ for media exposure, public relations & ideological presentation purposes…(google ‘Sinn Fein & Jerry Adams’)…for details.
            Yep, its late in the game & we’re playing catch-up…,…..form your cells, vets/soldiers…& do it NOW!!!!!

            Set-up your ‘dead-drops & cut-outs’…..establish your comm procedures/OPSEC & call-signs…..DO IT NOW!!!!

            …and remember:……………….

            …..the fighters/soldiers must remain underground….below radar. Resistance must encompass political/social/academic & economic realms….no base exceptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            …expansion of priorities is free-reign!

            Sorry to be so “in your face”, Zoltanne….but, this is ‘WAR’….& war is ugly/dirty/repulsive/horrifying…in the extreme!!!!
            …read between the lines of some who post here(my brothers)…they speak only…TRUTH…& it ain’t pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Notice we….DIDN’T START THIS SHIT……THE REGIME IN DC/UN DID!!!!!!!

            Thus…….-(grin)-**….aim small, miss small!!!!!!


            Am sorry DK…but this modus operandii is the only way I can substantiate & endorse your position….& whose validity, I leave to the individual, reading this post!!!
            You’re not my enemy & never were!!!!!!
            I’d have your six……irregardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Am not trashing your ideas(they are sound in a normal environment, where logic & honor prevails)….But, I am merely hedging/leveraging my bets, right now….as are the alphas here!!!!!!!!

            …’cuz in the end, its not about whether you or I were/are correct/right……its about our progeny…our children & grand-children…..& whether or not we possessed the courage to confront tyranny & shove/push/strike back(hard)…….so said progeny has a decent shot at…life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness!!!!!

            …thus, all I can say is:………..


            …& may GOD assist our aiming…………..!!!!

            • Highspeedloafer

              As usual you are right on the money Gun. We are at war with these lunatics and violence is all they understand. Thanks for stating the truth in a clear and precise manner.

              • Gunsmith

                @ High-speed

                Brother…(read between the lines!!!)
                …the “Matriarch” of these boards…has my contact data!
                She is free to forward such to you…Contact her!!!

                …I am 2-hrs(max) driving time from your locale….close to the ZOO.

                …Anton Hackl is a friend of mine, he’s close by…will introduce you two if we ever hook-up!


                …GOD BLESS you & yours, sir!
                You’re one of the good ones here & please overlook some of my past “forwarded” traffic……………


              • snake eater

                i dont know where you are but i`m in,,,,its time


            • Zoltanne

              Gunsmith, organization is the key. We have them with the numbers but they have been better organized than we have been. They cheat, slander, and writhe as they try to silence the Conservative majority because they KNOW we outnumber them.

              Yes many of us have been discouraged, even disgusted. We even laugh at the collective mindset but we too can use that collective mindset to our advantage. When looking at the ownership and sales of guns during the Obama administration, we get a clearer picture. PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP. And it is this reason that TPTB are acting and over-reacting. If our numbers increase, their power-scheme for the NWO will win.

              We must assemble. For now, it must be on even ground, calm, and ordered. The battle cry has not yet been called. Now is not the time to step out of line.

              • snake eater

                guys and ladies
                what are we wAITING on????


            • yental

              Good to see you back “in-the-board-game” gunsmith. WE can only bite-our-tongues for so long and then the proliferation of “trolls” and others with honestly ignorant comments finally drags US back into the fray.

              90% of the guns in my possession are semi-autos. Funny how the lame-stream-media still refers to such as “automatic assault rifle/pistols”.

              The “crimegress and present-dent” can attempt to pass whatever “law of the day” THEY want. While I breath, ownership of said firearms will remain in my possession. We are witnessing the beginning of what most of us have warned about for sometime now. The near future will reveal THEIR game-plan. Good. The sooner it is revealed, the sooner WE can prepare a defensive/offensive response. Tally-ho!

          • MXLord327

            Zoltanne, why would you insult whores that way??? Shame on you, comparing them to the disgusting senator from CA.

      • DieselDan

        Just came out the CT shooters. Mother was a survivalist doomsday prepper, here comes the bad press!

        • jim.cousins

          it came out she was a gun enthusiast, not a prepper. She collected guns as a means of self defense after divorce and enjoyed shooting. She did not stockpile food and water. Not everyone who collects firearms is a survivalist or doomsday prepper. Go spread your neocon crap somewhere else.

          • DieselDan

            Well Jim you jack ass her sister said she was a survivalist who fortified her house and WAS storing food and water and when they talked the conversations were about prepping and preppers, see DIPSHIT what happened here is you read one of the articles but I read that one and four more, I’m guessing you feel like an ass now and I don’t accept your apology. IDIOT!

            • DieselDan

              Cites she was preparing for an economic collapse, I unlike idiotic Jim check into these things before opening my mouth, I was contacted by a site I sometimes write for this morning with this information so that we would know that bad press was on the horizon!

              • clint hospo

                DIESELDAN is right, you can’t read one article and believe everything you read just once. there is so much inconsistancy in the media its bad. just like they call our ar-15 automatic guns. they have no idea if they are comming or going. just like a report the ar-15 was in the trunk and didnt get used and now they are saying it was. too many misleading and misinformation.

              • SD Mule

                Jim and Diesel Dan,
                What difference does it make if they badmouth preppers or not in the MSM. If you want to prepare then DO IT. All this name calling and bickering about silly shit while “Rome burns” plays right into the hands of those lighting the fires.
                GOOD CALL, Gunsmith!!

            • G-force

              And this dialog is precisely why the nation will be destroyed…because we don’t even try to treat each other with respect and dignity!! You two don’t know each other…can you extend each other a little grace, the freedom to have a different opinion, a schedule that doesn’t allow one to read the articles that the other has time to read so he’s better informed? Come folks, BE A BLESSING…even here!!

              • jayjay

                G-Force, we do talk that way to each other under stressful, upsetting situations…but know what?
                If ‘IT’ happened, these folks will be the first to aide their neighbors if needed.
                This I know. Amen. Halleleujah. Praise the Lord. Pass the ammo.:-)

              • slingshot


                Ever been in the Military? This is mild.

            • Odd Questioner

              So, when y’all are done calling each other names, does anyone have a source for this allegation?

              Just askin’.

              • DieselDan

                I believe now its been picked up by the NY times and the Washington post, sry bout the negative attitude has not been a great day I’m over it now!

              • Odd Questioner

                s’okay – turns out you’re right.

                To short-circuit the moderation, just hit up my twitter account at twitter(dot)com/OddQuestioner with the link you can use.

          • John W.

            Jimmy Boy,
            You better pay closer attention. That is in fact the story that is being spread. You are the one that should get your head out of your ass. This way they get to go after the nut bar preppers and the gun nuts. Not much we can do except get ready for some rough times.

        • Wilson

          and a homeschooler

      • BigB

        As passed by the Congress:

        A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

        As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:

        A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.[8]

      • Feisty Old Broad

        Does not feinstein have armed body guards? WHY? and what are THEY armed with??


      • Gunsmith

        So sorry EA….& Mac—–off topic!!!! Please excuse!

        >>>>****LD…..(brother of a different mother)****<<<<


        >>….game has shifted to domestic, Gorden’s right!….<<
        …have hard-copy…watch Ncom. closely…window is 60 days…max<<

      • durango kidd

        I have been telling this community for two years that Patriots and gun owners must “organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote …”

        If Patriots do not have a political party to push their legitimate Constitutional rights, the Globalists in power will erode their guaranteed liberties, destroy their economic power, and eventually, merge the USA into the NAU.

        Yet there are some here who say WE cannot change anything. If not US who? If not now, when? The loss of POLITICAL power is the one thing they fear.

        Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them.

        • Gunsmith

          @ DK

          …Six months ago, I’d argue your point till I was blue in the face………………………….NO MORE!!!

          DK…for the most part…you are right!!!!!!!
          …call it a 98% batting-average…you swing well!!!!


          …and thanks for the “”SIDE-EDUCATION””…………!!!!

          ….you’ll figure it out, I’m sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Zoltanne

          DK, I haven’t been at this site for 2 years, so let’s defer to you and “the mission”. I’m with you on this and so are others. If we sit back and simply complain at this site via the keyboard, we’ve lost.

          Where can we go to organize better? This site isn’t a forum where we can post links or lengthy messages. I’ve already lost several posts this morning and just don’t have the time to re-write things that disappear. (Not to mention how it’s so discouraging.) Is there a site where we can gather?

          • durango kidd

            zoltanne: Before you exit and “submit” your comment, always outline your comment with your mouse and copy it with a right click before you hit “submit”. That will save you from retyping if you lose the comment.

            As for organizing, start with SHTF Patriots and find the links there to organizations and individuals with like minds: GOOOH for example.

            Or move to take control of either political party in your town. You must get active. WE must all become politically active.

            Start a FREEDOM CELL.

            First, for NOW, WE must carry the message of Patriots to the MSM comment boards, overwhelm them, and get OUR message out to others; black, white, yellow, brown, and indifferent.

            The PTB listen carefully to the voices of the people because they fear losing control. If WE resist vocally, loud and strong, they will crumble like a paper bag.

            Consider the clout of the Gay & Lesbian community in America. They are only 3 to 4% of the population yet they are transforming the nation’s laws to suit their fancy. How? They are loud. They are vocal. Gun owners represent a third of the population.

            Too many Americans do not know or understand their rights; and WHY these rights are so important, so WE must educate them as WE post OUR comments. Most of them are still unaware of the conspiracy to dissolve the USA. This is particularly true for younger people who have been brainwashed by the system.

            The globalist left (and right) have infiltrated OUR schools, erased the idea of American Liberty, and separated that understanding from the reality of the spiritual essence of each individual which REQUIRES free agency.

            Every nation in the world should embrace and adopt the American Constitution; not some paper rag written by the UN designed to create have’s and have not’s; subservient to a special group of people who are creating a system to set their power in stone.

            Nothing resounds, reverberates, and vibrates with the human soul like the cry of “Freedom”. For all of OUR inter connectivity (think a spiritual internet where each of US has a spiritual IP address) WE still must have the right to think, act, and breathe free, independently of each other, yet co-creators with the Divine.

            Second, We must engage Divine Providence to bless and magnify OUR efforts. If We will collectively, as individuals, acknowledge the Spirit of Freedom and honor Him once more, He will carry the message to every village and town, every school and university, and the hearts and minds of Americans will burn once more with His light.

            He will make a way.

            A “battle plan” is in the works. The road is long and it is hard but WE must maintain OUR commitment and spread that energy to others; and if WE do, He will keep His promises to US. Its that simple. America is awake. America is becoming aware.

            If not US who? If not now, when? Engage.

            • Zoltanne

              Thank you for taking the time to explain your ‘mission’, DK. We have an active TP here. I’ll pursue a few more avenues, too. Thanks.

      • Makati1

        Why not ban cars? They kill 90+ people PER DAY in the US. And some of them are children. They cripple thousands more every day. Drunk driving causes at least 1/3 of those deaths, why not ban alcohol? Or the sale of cars or…

        • Tomas

          If you ban alcohol, what will congress run on?

          • MXLord327

            Hookers and coke, of course!!!

      • Anonymous

        Resistence(peaceful) to tyrants IS obedience to God…Thomas Jefferson….we must not let such control freak reptiles like Feinstein deny we the people the right to self defense….Never…..

      • ARIZONA

        E.A.tell me what do you think they’ll do after guns are gone in america?KILL everyone in europe,canada,mexico,england,what??the world will be their dinner plate,who will be able to stop them?the russians,the chinese?YOU want to see a blood bath,give them your guns,you got young daughters,wives,not after they get your guns you won’t ,they’ll just take anything they want and if you complain,they’ll just shoot you in the head and take it anyway…like they do in china..FOR the first time in the history of america,even the cowards are going to have to fight,OR DIE………

        • European American

          Sounds like you already answered them, yourself.

      • Jeff

        You are wrong about zionist and Jews. In Israel we have the right to bear arms and we train every child in how to use full automatic weapons. In the USA, you have groups like the Jews for The Preservation of Firearms and many whom studied the Holocaust who know arms bans lead to genocide. Your antisemetic ignorance only proved you are ignorant.

        • European American

          Tell me Jeff, what did I say about “Jews”? I said NOTHING. Zionists can be Christians. It is your assumptions that make you the one who is “ignorant” and, your ignorance has to be exposed because your delivery is typical of how ignorance functions.

          You are welcome.

          • poggie

            AND You must have ” S T U P I D ” written on your forehead. ZION originally is Jerusalem.

      • RickInOregon

        This came to me and is still being sorted out in my head.

        1) The shooters were all on pharmaceuticals

        2) The drugs were created to give a quality of life to those that would have spent their lives in a hospital

        3) One of the risk to having people normalized that would have in the past been institutionalized are these mass shootings

        4) What is the greater humanity, to give the majority of these people a better life through pharmaceuticals and risk the rare but sensationalized mass shooting or institutionalize a great number of people to protect us from the few?

        5) For now our society has chosen to normalize as many as possible through pharmaceuticals. How do we deal with the side effects? Just grieve for our losses and then move on? Pass laws that restrict the act but in reality the law does nothing to stop it? Pass a law to restrict the tools but in the real world the law does nothing to stop it? Create a big government big brother to watch over everyone at all times? Arm the whole of society? Take government control of all media and entertainment and propagandize a new consciousness? Rethink pharmaceuticals and let nature run it’s course in regards to mental illness and institutionalize those that are a danger to society and themselves while condemning those that can be helped to a life of mental hell?

        For me there are no easy answers, every solution has dark side because of the dark nature of greed, politics, corruption, organized crime and unstable minds.

      • TX84

        ^^Truth talk!

      • digger

        who needs them? WELL OBVIOUSLY WE DO!
        These idiots are dangerous!

      • David

        If these Tyrants pass any legislation against our 2nd Amendment/Bill of Rights, there will be series consequences! I’m talking SHTF!!!

      • brian

        i love to hunt, i love to shoot, but a 223 and 308 semi-automatic round has limited purpose in the field…is it necessary in civilian hands?

        • Smokey

          Yes, they are necessary.

        • poggie

          My first deer rifle was a Winchester Model 100, .308, 5 round semi auto. A perfect deer rifle. You seem too ignorant to own any type rifle or handgun.

      • poggie

        What does Zionist have to do with a gun ban? You are too stupid to listen to!

      • Capt. Colt

        And she talkes out of both holes. She has a carry permit. What an Ass wipe

      • European European

        meanwhile the rest of the world thinks (some) Americans are just hopelessly stupid when it comes to gun ownership…

      • Anonymous

        anti semitizm reigns supreme!

        this site, is also a good example of antisemitzm




      • Dynamag

        And why does the Government need hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow point ammunition ?????

      • Thomas W Brocato

        Bravo, I agree !this woman is poison to the human race !

      • Already oppressed

        the question is.. Not will we band together.. but Who will lead?

        we have alot of loud voices here.. but who will lead?

    2. European American

      Between now and the 1st, gun sales and ammo will beat Barry’s re-election records.

      • largetarget

        Time to start burying guns

        vertically under metal fence posts

        • mikrat

          If its time to bury them then its time to start using them on the enemy.

          This country needs to get some balls.

          • largetarget

            easier to use if your first shots they aren’t expecting

            ask the red coats shot from cover when they were out in nice little rows 1st revolution

            oh thats right they didn’t speak after

          • John W.

            Good luck on that.

      • Patriot

        Have a Patriot Brother in the retail gun business, he said that this weekend was off the wall busy.

        • clint hospo

          I heard that the background phone system was so busy that it took hours to try and get thru. Women don’t forget to get ammo too. they might try to up the tax on it or make it harder to get online etc. Don’t worry about the round size ladies for the most part. If its reliable gun and you shoot 2 shots in the chest they are going to drop even with a .22. they wont be able to breathe. IF your getting a gun ladies, look at the sights that look clear to you and it feels comfortable. a 380 or 9mm will kill someone eazy ladies. YOu dont need a 44 mag or a 10mm or really funky rounds. A gun will kill your enemy.

        • y99

          Walked in to a local Gun shop on Saturday, it looked like they’d been robbed.

      • JoeinNC

        You are right because a lot of gun owners are stupid.

        • wnc mountainboy

          The fact that you use the moniker JoeinNC in no way reflects the vast majority of those here in NC. You sir(and I use that perjoratively) are an absolute disgrace to the people of NC. yes, a lot of gun owners are dumber than a box of rocks, but I’m fed up with you and you’re mighter than thou attitude. When the balloon goes up, or the shit goes down you’ll be begging one of us for help.

          God help your soul…you’re going to need it.

        • John W.

          Since you say you are a gun owner I guess there is alot of truth to that statement. You really are a maroon.

        • Smokey

          So is everyone in our office named ‘Joe’.

      • Dboy

        Yup. I fully expect to see empty racks in the gun stores….I give it about a week.

    3. Dio

      I pray that Americans have at least as much courage as our cousins to the north ( Canada) who refused to register their weapons when their Socialist government
      demanded it!

      • largetarget

        Don’t bet on it

        we have lost the back bone of our forefathers.Standing up for what is right isn’t out there anymore.

        • JustOneGuy

          @ largetarget,

          …then it’s time to get it BACK. Mount of up, Ladies and Gentlemen, it just about time…

          • largetarget

            in this climate they’ll just pick off us “crazies” one at a time

            By the time your neighbors realize there is a problem it will be to late

    4. MT Prepper

      HOLY CRAP! TWO DAYS AFTER THE SHOOTING, AND INSTEAD OF HELPING THE FAMILIES THAT ARE HURT THEY WANT TO PUSH LEGISLATION?? Call your congressman, and make sure they stand to protect gun rights, not to abolish them.

      • YH

        Thank you for the article Mac.

        Not even if the liberal/progressive turds offer money for my collection will they get their filthy hands on it. Theft by any other name is still theft. Voluntarily surrendering our weapons to these Constitution/freedom hating monsters will only further weaken the nation.

        This is the moment in our history that kept the Founding Fathers awake at night, I’m sure.

        • arco

          They can have mine when they dredge Lake Superior where I lost all of them in a boat accident.

          • YH

            You lost your’s in Lake Superior? I lost mine in Lake Michigan.

            • largetarget

              What a coinsidence grand traverse bay

              • Kollege Kid

                Torch lake for me

              • MomTo3

                Buried mine with Jimmy Hoffa.

              • largetarget

                Mom 2 5

                After the right to work vote jimmy just might use it


              • hammerhead

                LOL , little muskegon river…………long story

              • Odd Questioner

                Funny, I sold mine to Jimmy Hoffa, in a gun show parking lot. He borrowed Elvis Presley’s pickup to haul it all home.


              • JoeRepublic

                Amazing, mine dumped overboard in Tampa Bay.

              • DeezNutz

                Lost mine in Lake St. Clair…

          • lower40

            well i dont know if you guys remember the moron that got lost in the everglades and lost his shoes,pants ,and his gun ,well that were’nt me ,BUT ! i decided to go looking for his gun (and being worried about the pythons) took all my guns to make sure i didnt get constricted ,well about the time i got near one of the muck ponds ,my piro tipped over ,and my guns slipped into one of them bottomless muck pits ,i by the grace of god ,grabbed a gators tale and he pulled me up in a cabbage hammmock

            • P J

              LOL, you

          • MXLord327

            My gun safe was abducted by aliens……

          • roger

            Tchoutacabouffa River, Mississippi…………no shit..;)

            chew da cuh buff

            • P J

              Careful there, every fairy tale begins with “ONce upon a time, every sea story begins with “now listen guys this is no sh..”

        • Rick:)

          Didn’t keep them awake at all. They full well expected it at some point in time. That is EXACTLY why the 2nd Ammendment was instituted. They knew, that of all the forces to ever terrorize humanity, GOVERNMENTS and CONTROL WHORES are top of the list. At least they “tried” to give the People a fighting chance. What happens now is up to us.

        • SonOfSam


          Just curious, do you actually plan to give up any of your firearms? Ever?

          How about everyone else? Who here plans to EVER give up so much as a round?

          • slingshot

            @Son of Sam

            I do not plan to give up anything. I await the passage of laws that makes me a criminal. If I get killed along the way. Eh! Come back and haunt JoeInNc.

          • Dboy

            I will only give up my rounds one at a time.

          • Odd Questioner

            I have an old Dan Wesson .357 that’s got a busted (loose) cylinder shaft, and it’ll likely cost me more than the damned thing is worth to get it fixed.

            I figure if they come door-to-door, they’ll get that one, and won’t know about the rest even existing.

            • European American

              Yes, it might be worth the investment, say $500 worth of almost junk guns, to have in place a bogus (cheap) arsenal, to divert “their” attention. But the ammo would have to line up with the guns and who’d want to part with their ammo? You know they’d be asking for your .357 rounds, and with ammo being worth it’s weight in gold…

              But then, sometimes one has to take a step back to take 10 steps forward. Whatever it might take to keep their dogs and metal detectors from canvasing ones property.

              • Odd Questioner

                A reloading kit and some dummy rounds in a box would handle that, no?

            • MXLord327

              Same here, I have a old, non-functional rifle, shotgun and handgun that aren’t worth fixing or can no longer get parts for. Don’t really care about them too much and would hand them over, but they better not come for anything else!!!

          • YH


            When I’m too old to focus on the front sight and squeeze the trigger I might consider selling my collection as an investment, but I’ll keep at least one. Short of that, I’ll part with them when hell freezes over.

        • KY Mom

          To accomplish the libs goal of disarming America, they would rather use the “carrot” method (buy back gun events, etc.) – it’s easier. But, be assured, using a “stick” method (fines, punishment) will work for them too.

          In light of the recent shootings at the school, over 450 people turned in their guns for a $100 grocery gift card at a buyback gun event in Baltimore, MD. Many people said they wanted to get rid of their guns to prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands.

          (from what was said, I assume the gun buy back event was held yesterday.)

          Police “say” the guns will be destroyed.

          • PO'd Patriot

            KY Mom, not surprised. Baltimore City is pretty much a third world country. BTW, most of the gun there are STILL in the wrong hands. They’ll never turn them in. If this legislation does pass by hook or crook, then alot of us will become a criminal. If not turning in my guns is going to make me a criminal, I’ll wear it like a badge of honor.

        • John W.

          Don’t worry about that. They will not give anyone a dime. Hope they don’t come after the BB gun I have for shooting rats that get in the aviary. I expect the really nice stuff to find a new home in various govt. agents private collections. Anyone who has not yet done so needs to read Matthew Brackens novels. He called this situation right on the money. Whatever you do get the heck out of any militia type groups, and shut your mouths.

        • digger


      • mikrat

        What do you think these shootings are all about?

        • old radio nut

          Nobody is saying it so I will.

          Demonic Possession.

          Yeah, I said it.

          End times? Dunno, mate. Seems like it to me.


          • G-force

            I think you hit “that nail” on the head, my friend!

          • lower40

            i said 30 years ago when you take morlatity and accountability out of our schools and our young peoples lives ,you are going to wind up with a genaration of vipers ,i heard it said in this forum a few days ago when you remove God all your left with is evil ,i think this is going to excelerate ,it used to be once a year then now and agien ,now its almost every week ,remember the movie “the happening ” make ya think

        • SonOfSam

          Having worked in a “behavior house” while I pursued my teaching degree, I can tell you that our society’s attempt to “mainstream” and “de-institutionalize” the seriously mentally ill is a HUGE part of the problem. Guns of all sorts — and certainly the semi-automatics now under fire — have been around since before I was born. Why is it then that it is only in the last 15 years that we have had these mass shootings? My take is that we are no longer serious about treating the severely mentally ill in this country… we think that we can solve every problem with pills, and then we just throw these people out into society. Some of them cope..sort of. Many of them fall through the cracks and end up as the “homeless”, which is such a bullshit term… giving them homes won’t solve the fact that they are off their meds and are talking to buildings. Still others end up listening to the voices in their heads, and they go on a mass shooting rampage

          I offer this article as a “must read” for everyone, and I mean right now:

      • arco

        Of course, there is nothing more important that congress should be working on. They got spending under control and a solid plan to reduce the deficit while preserving Social Security and Medicaid without raising taxes on the middle class. Right?

      • Larry Petersen

        Congress should be banning development, production, sales and rentals of violent video games, violent music videos and violent movies.
        Before crimes are committed physically, they are committed in perpetrators’ minds aided by visual imagery produced by the above mentioned.
        The visual and spiritual garbage produced by companies domiciled in California is aided and abated by Feinstein.

        • Ben


          I could not agree more.

        • mikrat

          CONgress should NOT be in the Business of banning anything.

          Why do people keep asking to have things taken away?

          I have played many violent video games and i do not go out and shoot people or blow up things.

          Stop inviting your own slavery – If you don’t like it Then Don’t do it – but do not tell me that I can not do it.

          And we wonder why this country is in the shitter.

          • New Prepper

            Seriously. Ban violent video games? Since when do the American people have to be babied and coddled? This is sickening!

          • Dboy

            Exactly! Above is an example of the brainless American. Please, oh powerful and wise government! Take away my rights! I cannot be allowed to think for myself! Please protect myself….from myself. PATHETIC.


            • Larry Petersen

              The point has entirely eluded you. Back to Resident Evil.

          • Bob

            If USA is still in one piece in five years, the pharmacutical industry will be under seige just like the tobacco industry has been, only they have commited even worse crimes.

            FWIW, smoking is a choice, but the industry did everything they could to make their product more addictive. Pharma has done worse. It will be a tough road, because of money and power, but the tobacco industry was once all powerful, like pharma is today. Millions of people will not want to admit to what they have done to their children, and Dr.Quack and his ilk will be running for cover because they KNOW what they have done.

          • SD Mule


            Great Post!!!!

        • roger

          sorry, 1st amendment

          • roger

            this was a reply to Larry Peterson

      • lonelonmum

        MtPrepper – my sentiments exactly! “Instead of helping the families that are hurt ………..”

        On a more serious note, my mother and I (in association with my pharmacist Godfather) have been reading up on the newer generation of anti-depressants like serotat and prozac. I’m no medic, but it’s made me uneasy that these drugs are handed out as “safe” to the under 25’s on a regular basis.

        One too many anecdotal links with suicidal or seriously violent behavior in individuals that were’nt before iykwim. It’s a pattern seen across many nations. The brain doesn’t mature till 25 years of age & I’d like to see these drugs some serious clinical trials can be done to prove their saftey. If you are looking for something to ban and legislate against then for public saftey reasons I think this new generation of anti-D medications need to be consdiered.

        Here in the UK they are piloting a ban on air-gunsin Scotland. (These are currently v.low powered tools, only suitable for rat catching that kids use, not decent weapons.) It’s so silly it’s crazy iykwim. Street thugs use knives and wolf-hybrids now on a regular basis as weapons. My point being that the wicked will always find a way to main and murder the innocent if that is their clear intention.

        From a prepping perspective, perhaps it’s time to master black powder and reloading. Old tech tools that your average jobsworth goon won’t recognise. (“Antique collecting is my hobby officer”).

        I have no idea how likely you are to be successful in your fight to retain your rights to bear arms over the pond, but I really hope you succeed. If you lose them in the US, every tin pot dictator gloablly will follow suit and the global corporate plantation will be one step closer to reality for all humanity.

        • Feisty Old Broad

          Hello! This is exactly why I have been researching to discover herbal replacements for commonly utilized drugs…for example…I have to take 6 pills a day in order for my heart to keep beating, or so they tell me….bs I call it….I am currently growing my own herbs which I hope will provide solutions for many people…..

    5. minime363

      Amen Brother!

    6. NetRanger

      “A well regualted militia, being necessary for a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      Will someone please read the definition of “infringed” to Ms. Feinstein. The founding fathers are flipping her the bird from the grave. Pass it, congress, see what happens. Go ahead: WE DARE YOU.

      • largetarget

        wait until obama has a chance to add to the supreme court.

        infringe won’t even slightly reasemble the Websters definition

        • Arkaden

          And if that doesn’t work, he’ll issue an executive order and bypass congress anyway.

      • senormechanico

        Especially the part “SHALL NOT BE” !
        It doesn’t say possibly might be…

        SHALL NOT means exactly that !

        • largetarget

          but the dems have debated the meaning of what “is” is so they might not grasp it

          • JustOneGuy

            Yeah, beginning with, “I did NOT have sex with that woman..”, sound familiar?

            • slingshot

              It is all about what the definition of “is” is.

            • snake eater

              bro.he didnt ,,she had it with him,,,,


      • NYC Monsters

        I agree with your statment, Net Ranger.

        Yet I think they will try to pass this law, and waste everyone’s time.

        It would be better if the government was merely overthrown.

        I think the time is ripe. After all, that’s what the militias are for, in order to overthrow Tyranny.

        It’s a realization that many are having. Then people would never allow actual assaults to happen in ther communities. It would be far too costly.

      • Dboy

        The Constitution only means ANYTHING if the PEOPLE protect it (not the government)…as you already know of course. They can’t “legally” do this gun ban. But they will do it anyway. Because Americans are weak. The values now are suburban lifestyles and constant entertainment. Very few of us train. HELL, very few of us are even in shape. I think a VERY restrictive gun ban is coming, regardless of the Constitution. It is well-understood that in order to advance the global agenda (UN), a gun ban had to eventually happen. The people must be disarmed before “democratic” rule can be folded into regional/global government. This is a multi-stage process, which is progressing over a long (multi-generational) span of time. We should ALL see this for what it is: a long-term strategy by corporate/globalists to consolidate power in their few hands. They’ve seen Syria, Libya, and Egypt. They are aware of the power of social networks to organize common people. And they realise that these technologies can be rendered harmless as long as people lack the tools and equipment to ACT against establishment power structures. The first priority then, has to be in disarming the population, just as Hitler did.


        • Kulafarmer

          Thats what the second ammendment is for

    7. Buford

      Make sure your geo-storage plan is in place!

    8. AR SheepDog

      The FIRST of many steps to total gun confiscation.
      Ms. Feinstein, please review the oath you swore to uphold.

      The moment after you introduce such legislation, impeachment proceedings should begin. Ma’am, you are NOT above the law.

      • clint hospo

        Thank you well said. She is a sellout and only a lying bitch. SHe is a conniver and should be taken out of office asap for even trying to break our laws. I hope all of you are ready to do what needs to be done, I mean this. If you choose to not standup burry them and if they ask where they are, all you have to say is I sold them at a gunshow. No tracking and was paid cash for them. There is no way they can find out, too much work and people just to find one weapon. With millions of them they cannot do this. I recommend that these liberals are breaking the laws.

        You do whats right in your heart and don’t be a sheep. Think about this. We are slaves to rich people that try to control us. They think by stripping our rights slowly and giving things to us will make us obey. You do whats right and standup even if you believe in freedom or not. I will not lay down. We True americans know the truth and laws. You can never do wrong by doing right!!!!!!

        • Dboy

          The sad thing is that it is not “they” who are stripping our rights. Millions of mentally-weak Americans are demanding that the government takes away their rights. Just look at a few of the posts HERE. There are people posting on this website who are demanding that the government solve all their problems…thankfully just a few. But the mentality IS out there. “Small government” is dead.


          • jayjay

            You are right, Dboy–I just checked the petition page.
            It’s bad folks, really bad.
            For my neighbors that voted for this POS, I have few words.

          • SD Mule


            You are “SPOT ON”!!

    9. Bill

      We all knew this would happen 5 minutes after it happened. She’s so full of shit I can smell her from northern Michigan.

    10. Nicholas

      It’s one thing for Congress and/or the ATF to make guns illegal, it’s another thing for them to enforce it. Shoving through a ban on semi-automatic weapons while not enforcing current laws–can you say Fast and Furious?–absolutely won’t fly with gun owners in this country. Obummer is an absolute idiot if he thinks he’ll be able to ram any sort of ban down our throats while he’s destroying the country while trying to tell us that he’s doing it for our own good. The tree of liberty is about to get watered on a large scale, my friends.

      • largetarget

        Gunn control one kicked in door at a time

        • Facebook Page

          Hopefully the kicking force will get thinned as they go down the many blocks they will have to go

          • NetRanger

            FBP, thats called “culling” and it would. They start trying to take the guns and it would require a full blown SWAT operation and the states will not go along with it.

            Anyone hear what Morgan Freeman said about it?

            …you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

            • Daisy

              Morgan Freeman’s statement:

              “”You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here’s why.

              It’s because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you know the name of a single *victim* of Columbine? Disturbed
              people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he’ll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody.

              CNN’s article says that if the body count “holds up”, this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered the killer’s face on all their reports for hours. Any articles or news stories yet that focus on the victims and ignore the killer’s identity? None that I’ve seen yet. Because they don’t sell. So congratulations, sensationalist media, you’ve just lit the fire for someone to top this and knock off a day care center or a maternity ward next.

              You can help by forgetting you ever read this man’s name, and remembering the name of at least one victim. You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem. You can help by turning off the news.””

              • Odd Questioner

                While I agree wholeheartedly with the words, it is most likely that Mr. Freeman didn’t say that.

              • Zoltanne

                Daisy, Sorry but you fell for a hoax. I can’t say I disagree with it though, but Morgan Freeman’s politics are as far left as they go. Just do a search on a few of those sentences.

      • John W.

        No one wants to accept it but there is really very little that can be done if in fact they move to outlaw every gun. Bitch at me all you want but it is the truth. Trained teams against fat,out of shape and untrained home owners is no contest and they know it.

        • SD Mule

          John W.,

          Can’t argue with your logic! You won’t be popular but you will be right!!

      • GMIller

        Based upon all the outrages to the Constitution he’s successfully perpetrated already, don’t be sure he won’t try and even be allowed to get away with it. Time to push back- HARD.

    11. GregorKlusar

      This is the beginning of the end. Sadly, this will most likely become law because people are acting off their emotions rather than logical thinking. The government would love nothing more than to ban our weapons in case of civil unrest, social economic collapse or other tragedies that would cause the people to rise against the government. But the government never had the people on their side to do this. They do now. And the press will push the issue of the massacre and all other massacres for as long as our government demands them to. Keep the tragedy in the public eye to keep the public emotionally charged.

    12. Bil

      The problem is not guns, its the erosion of a decent society. Blame video games and their disconnect from realityand the fact that asylums are no longer used. Ive seen my young relatives play these games and it is scary just to watch them. Rather than taking the mentally ill off the streets we pump them full of meds to be taken at their own descretion. It is becoming a more and more scary world. Plan B remove the pistol grips from your ARs?

      • GregorKlusar

        I don’t see how video games are to blame for violence today, nor movies and television. For as long as humans existed there has been violence, murder, rape and all other horrors that we are all capable of committing. Kids understand that a game is a game, it does not desensitize them from anything, it is purely entertainment; pixels on a screen are just that. People think that these violent acts are becoming more prevalent and widespread. The reality is that as technology improves, so does communication and therefore the reporting of these violent acts. Now everyone in the world is capable of being aware of every single terrible act. Out of 7 billion people, only one or even several psychos mass murdered others is a pretty clean record to me.

        • lonewolf

          your comment is so full of holes its not even funny.

          • GregorKlusar

            Do you wish to challenge me on the subject instead of making a vague claim without even a hint as to why I am wrong? Not very professional. I am surprised you even got thumbs for it. I explained myself very thoroughly, the least you could do is oblige.

          • GregorKlusar

            I am going to self analyze, as I see you never even responding. I will defend my argument

            1. “For as long as humans existed there has been violence, murder, rape and all other horrors that we are all capable of committing.” This is a fact, we are all capable of such crimes. The majority of us never have the intentions of doing so, but we all have the ability and we are all violent at one time or another.

            2. “Kids understand that a game is a game, it does not desensitize them from anything, it is purely entertainment”
            I suppose this is debatable. Although, kids DO understand the difference between a game and real life. They do not walk through the streets with assault rifles shooting at civilians, buildings, choppers and the like. They go to their Xbox and do it. Desensitization…that is the argument. I do not believe this happens myself. It is no more desensitizing than the news media reporting horrible graphic events(that actually happen and have an effect on people as we currently see).

            3. “People think that these violent acts are becoming more prevalent and widespread.”
            They really aren’t, technology just allows us to report all of them and as soon as they happen.

            4.”Out of 7 billion people, only one or even several psychos mass murder others is a pretty clean record to me.” This is essentially a fact expressed through opinion. We are all capable of killing others. In America, 70-80 million Americans own firearms legally. Those 70-80 million could kill others quite easily. But very few ever go on a massacre. This is a great accomplishment of the human race, the majority of the gun owners are responsible and peaceful. There are roughly 50 thousand gun related deaths a year…out of 70-80 million gun owners. And also take into account that many of those gun related deaths are criminals that do not even legally own guns and therefore won’t be counted as part of the 70-80 million legal gun owning Americans.

            According to the CDC, “The adverse health effects from cigarette smoking account for an estimated 443,000 deaths, or nearly one of every five deaths, each year in the United States; including 49,400 deaths per year from secondhand smoke exposure.”
            Cigarettes kill more people than these terrible, horrible, dangerous weapons that everyone wants to ban…and I am betting many of those second hand smoker are children too!!!

            Video Games are not responsible, or we would have a violent epidemic on our hands considering the amount of children and adults that play video games on a daily basis and are exposed to violent music, movies and TV(which is nearly everyone in the U.S)…Instead we get a few gun wielding psychopaths for every 70-80 million people that pop out every few years and get attention. Also note that Adam was not even a gun owner, and also not included in that 70-80 million figure.
            Be logical.

        • Feisty Old Broad

          Tv shows, movies, and video games are more graphic then they were years ago….and the difference now is that there are no definitive lines between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”…..and there is virtually little or no parental interaction regarding these….when I was young, oh so many years ago….there was no internet, very little cable access….and we, as children, used our great imaginations to have fun….this is virtually non-existent in this day and age…..the wonderful part of my youth was my parents desire and ability to share the wonder of my and my siblings imaginations….

      • BamBam

        Blaming video games is just like blaming guns. The people made their own choices, not the stuff around them.

      • John W.

        Back in the nineties the Tuttsi and Huttu killed 750,000 of each other with machetes. Where there is a will there is a way.

        • Kevin2

          But neither group can stand up to official government forces armed with AK-47s with machetes in hand. The goal of gun control is not crime control. Governments can more easily govern when they possess a monopoly on coercive force.

    13. largetarget

      How about arming the teachers, movie workers, And any one else near large groups of people.

      Principal and teacher both got between kids and crazy person with Stolen Gun.

      But an empty hand is not nearly as affective as on with a gun

      • GregorKlusar

        In my school days, there were many of times that I thought the teacher might kill someone. The students had just riled those teachers up to breaking point. I wouldn’t want my kid to be in school with a teacher locked and loaded.

        • largetarget

          that to is about the person not the weapon. If they are that close to cracking maybe they shouldn’t be there.

          • GregorKlusar

            I agree completely. I don’t understand the thumbs down on my post, however. It is a factual statement of what I experience many times. I would not feel comfortable with a teacher owning a weapon around my child. Schools have a strict no weapon policy.

            • hillbilly SC

              I’m one of the people who gave you a, thumbs down…

              I did this because of thinking back in time, 30 plus years ago when I was in junior high. I was jacking my jaw like a Chihuahua on crack, (Hey… I was young and dumb) my science teacher was taking me to the office for disrupting his class. After having enough of it, I found myself body slammed into the lockers in the hallway. Did that get me to shut up?

              HELL YEA!!!

              I was shocked that a teacher would do this. Did I deserve this, just for being a mouthy Lil’ brat. No he went a Lil’ over board by today’s standard. But, I learned to shut up because I feared what he would do next.

              Sometimes that is what it takes to get a young mind to work. I would not have a problem today with the principle at my Lil’ hillbilly’s school tearing his tail up for getting out of line. He has already had his tail tore up at the house 3 times so far this school year. (The apple does not fall far from the tree) 🙂

              GK, I wish my boy’s teachers, those that choose to be CWP could carry at school. It is the STUPID law that says that can’t that pisses me off. It is the politicians who passed these stupid laws who have the blood of these children on their hands.

              Who is screaming for their blood? (Crickets say: chirp chirp…) I’m CWP and I say screw them. I pray that if my son’s school is ever attacked, that a teacher there felt the same way about STUPID laws that the psychopath ignored anyway.

              hillbilly SC

        • largetarget

          or maybe if the teachers were armed they wouldn’t push a teacher that far.

          which they shouldn’t anyway

          • GregorKlusar

            Sounds a bit like a dictatorship by force and fear..Aren’t we all against such rule?

        • drillerman09

          Too late!!

        • SonOfSam

          @ GregorKlusar
          In my day, I remember fellow students bringing rifles into school as part of ROTC. Funny though, school shootings like this NEVER HAPPENED back when you and I were in school. Even though guns were just as commonly owned back then. Even though gun laws were not nearly as strict as they are now. Nobody wants to talk about the real issue, that we have idiotically tried to “mainstream” the profoundly mentally ill.

          You might try reading this article, and reflecting upon it.

          They can pass all the gun bans they want: they won’t work. They might try to strip us of our defenses, but it won’t stop the insanity, because we are still letting the insane run loose in society

          • GregorKlusar

            I was in ROTC for 2 years as a lad, we used high powered B.B guns for the rifle range and real weapons for rifle spinning, color guard, honor guard and when marching, although the guns were modified. The firing pins were removed, and the barrel was filled with either concrete or metal. Of course, it may have been different at your school.

            As I said earlier, these things have always happened, few and far between. They aren’t widely known because social communication was not as plentiful as it is now.

            Aug. 12, 1986: Five people are shot and one killed by a student at New York Technical College in Brooklyn.

            Nov. 26, 1985: A high school student in Washington State dies after shooting herself the previous day. Police say the female student earlier shot and killed two 14-year-old boys, one of them her former boyfriend.

            Oct. 23, 1985: The dean of Bates College in Maine is shot in the back by a sniper while standing in his kitchen in a house just off campus. The dean survives the shooting, and the captain of the school’s swim team is arrested in connection with the incident.

            Feb. 22, 1978: After being taunted for his beliefs, a 15-year-old self-proclaimed Nazi, kills one student and wounds a second with a Luger-style pistol in Lansing, Mich.

            Dec. 30, 1974: In Olean, N.Y., Anthony Barbaro, a 17-year-old Regents scholar armed with a rifle and shotgun, kills three adults and wounds 11 others at his high school, which was closed for the Christmas holiday. Barbaro was reportedly a loner who kept a diary describing several “battle plans” for his attack on the school.

            May 4, 1970: Four students are killed and nine wounded when National Guard soldiers attempt to control an antiwar demonstration at Ohio’s Kent State University.

            Jan. 17, 1969: Two students are shot and killed at the University of California-Los Angeles during a student meeting.

            Aug. 1, 1966: Charles Whitman climbs atop the observation deck at the University of Texas-Austin, killing 16 people and wounding 31 during a 96-minute rampage.

            • John W.

              Charles Whitman was later found to have a brain tumor which accounted for his behavior. Also the students at the college many of whom had gun racks in their vehicles with weapons helped subdue the shooter. In fact a civilian and a police officier together took the shooter out. Look at the video footage and you will be amzed to see a dozen or so civilians with rifles taking positions and engaging the sniper.

              • GregorKlusar

                Brain tumor or not it still happened and it continues to happen, but on rare occasion. It is not a good enough excuse to ban weapons for 99% of the law abiding citizens.

          • PO'd Patriot

            When I first got my drivers license @16 and could drive to school, I always had my 870 Remmy laying on the back seat. Manys the times you could pull into the student parking lot and see pickup trucks parked with shotguns on the rack in the back window. Most of us went hunting after school and it was never an issue. They’d bust your ass though if they caught you hookin school.

        • Bob

          Arming teachers is a stupid idea. Many are already grossly self-important, and adding “protector” to their ego-driven self-image would make them believe they were Gods. I wouldn’t want any kid of mine around some Barney Fife teacher who thought they were “trained” because they sat through a one hour class five years ago.

          If the subject of sending your kid to a “professional” or “medication” is broached, politely accept any literature handed to you, and start working on homeschooling. You can always say (to yourself) “Over my dead body!”

          • jayjay

            You are misinformed–as a former teacher, I had inservice, 12 hours EVERY year to teach.
            I had CPR EVERY OTHER year to be in a classroom.
            Get a grip–I do believe training in handguns would be more intensive than CPR and inservice.

    14. Kyrathyel Nielsen

      I call them velociraptors! These soul-less beings use the murder of innocents to further their grab for control of the Earth. I will never give in. I will never surrender.

    15. YH

      Thank you for the article Mac.

      Not even if the liberal/progressive turds offer money for my collection will they get their filthy hands on it. Theft by any other name is still theft. Voluntarily surrendering our weapons to these Constitution/freedom hating monsters will only further weaken the nation.

      This is the moment in our history that kept the Founding Fathers awake at night, I’m sure.

      • GregorKlusar

        You know, if this bill passes, as it likely will, you won’t have any choice. You will be left with three options.
        1.Give up weapons willingly.
        2.Have weapons taken by force.
        3. Fight back, eventually die and become a “martyr” to which the government would make you look like a terrorist and would only further support the cause to ban weapons.

        Either we all refuse, or our weapons are gone forever.

        • largetarget

          i was just calling to report those guns stolen.

          those darn criminals ya just can’t trust em

        • senormechanico

          If pressed, I’ll pick #3 and take as many of those zombies with me as I can.

        • YH


          Giving up weapons is not an option. Not when we know the horrific lessons history teaches us about global civilian disarmament. It always ends badly for those who resist and for those who comply. At least those who resist have “attrition” on their side.

          If this is the point in our history that the Founding Fathers feared the most, and why they created the Second Amendment, then it is an imperative that Americans not be disarmed at this specific point in our history IMO.

          I believe option #3 will take care of #2. That is not me being a loose cannon in any way. That’s just me not wanting to be governed by tyrants and a government created class of parasites who can and will do anything, to anyone, at anytime, for any reason with impunity. That is my definition of hell.

          • GregorKlusar

            I certainly hope the 70-80 million gun wielding Americans will stand their ground. It will take all of us, including non gun owning Americans if we are to ensure our freedom.

          • Sebastion T.

            How we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? Or if, during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes? Or what about the Black Maria sitting on the street? What if it had its tires spiked? The cursed machine would have ground to a halt! – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

        • Archivist

          There is a fourth option. Don’t let them know what you have.

          Black powder pistols and multiple extra cylinders can be bought with cash and leave no record at all. Get plenty of powder, primers, and lead. You save money by not having to buy brass. Preload the extra cylinders. When you empty one cylinder, you can replace it with another preloaded cylinder pretty quickly.

          • rockymtn

            Just watched a youtube video on the confiscation on weapons in Australia…they are warning Americans not to fall for this BS agenda

          • sixpack

            they will come for those/ too.

      • John W.

        Feinswine was behind turning the water off to Central valley farmers which destroyed orchards that had been thirty and forty years in the building. All for a little non native fish. No money was offered and she and Boxer have refused to even consider a change of policy. They will flush us down the toilet like the turds they think we are.

    16. ziglviet b schtoonk

      zyGooz love unarmed serfs. Just ask the Palestinians.

    17. Jelco Cathlon

      And suddenly, all FEMA camps will be activated.

    18. Justme

      Google “Feinstein’s CCW” third find down will show that she had a CCW when she was threatened, but gave it up after the threat passed. Ok for her the have it, but not the public at large. hypocrite!

    19. FNTM

      They are going to be used for hunting people like her real soon. That is probably her only reason fro wanting to ban these guns.

    20. Uzziel

      A traitor before a camera lens is still just a traitor.


    21. freebird


    22. largetarget

      Guns are not the problem!

      When i grew up highschool students routinely had guns in their cars in the school parking lot

      Hunting before or after school And even the sketchy kids would look at you as if you wre crazy if you sugestedtaking a gun in school.

      in the old days even the stupid kids had more sense thab this

      • ziglviet b schtoonk

        Born and raised in Iowa. Kid named Ray brought a 30-06 rifle into shop class in junior high to have the shop teacher take a look. It wasn’t ejecting shells correctly. The shop teacher, named Earl, took it apart and fixed it right in front of us.

        Ray said to Earl as he was fiddling with the bolt “it’s a bolt action”. My cousin Danny being the trained smart-ass that he was piped up; “yeah Ray he can see that”. Lots of laughter erupted. The only reason I remember this was the laughter. Other than that it was completely unremarkable.

        Earl then told Ray to put it back in his locker. This was ~1970. Nobody batted an eye.

        • largetarget

          now Ray gets arrested and at ;east expelled.

          THen Earl gets fired.

          And everyone remembers

          • Tarheelbilly

            An honor student at my son’s HS was suspended for the entire school year and sent to the “alternative school” last year for leaving his deer rifle on the rack in his truck last fall.

            I work at a school in the next county over, where the neighborhood consists of 42 separate gangs in a town of less than 20,000 people. Do we punish the honor student who hunts and maintains straight A’s and works on his family’s farm or do we try to clean up neighborhoods where illegal firearms are owned by just about everyone? Oh, and I’m defenseless in my classroom, even though I have a CCP, training, etc. because it’s illegal to even possess my legally obtained firearm on school property.

            Gun laws are a joke. Thanks, America from keeping me from protecting myself from criminals, gang bangers, and violent felons. If something happened at my school, I’d be shot in the hands covering my head like those poor teachers in CT.

            • PO'd Patriot

              But Tarheelbilly don’t you see? Even though your response here is very good common sense, there are those out there that don’t possess that. Therefore, you run a risk of becoming a victim of not wanting to become a victim.

      • Dboy

        If you are the GOVERNMENT, and want to do things without interference by the PEOPLE, then guns definitely ARE a problem.


      • Kindle

        One of the things I noticed between the bill she is currently proposing and the previous one has to do with
        the statement;

        “It will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation and the possession, not retroactively, but prospectively.”

        The bill from november said listed items would not be grandfathered and today she stated on Meet the Press that it would be “not retroactively, but prospectively.”

        Either way it’s not good.

        • Kindle

          I’m guessing the reason she changed the language in the bill from “not being grandfathered” to “not retoactively, but prospectively” had to do with the fact that the first one probably would not have gotten passed.

          By changing it to not “retroactively, but prospectively,” people will assume if you already own them then you are OK. People will be more willing to pass a bill that basically is saying “future sales are banned”.

          My guess is that by changing the wording they will get it passed. Then a couple of months from now another tragedy will happen and they will come back indicating that they need to change the existing law to include the gradfather clause.

          Just a guess. Kinda like “creeping”. Start with one law then keep adding to it.

        • Dante

          To me it sounds like by using “retroactively” it means they won’t procedure you if you bought one before the ban (unless you don’t turn it in.) I don’t see anything in the wording that suggests to me that what you already own you can keep. It seems to be an attempt to create a phrase which means confiscation but won’t sound like confiscation while they debate the bill.

          • Kindle

            I don’t know…I’m just guessing. They probably will get the wording so muddled that it will be hard to tell. I saw another spot on her today where the wording was “future sales….”. Who knows.

        • mirbach

          One thing to consider is that retroactive (ex post facto) legislation is unconstitutional. Ex post facto laws are expressly forbidden by the United States Constitution in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3

    23. BlackDog

      ‘Congress To Move Against Guns: “It Will Ban the Sale, the Transfer, the Importation and the Possession”’

      No it won’t. It would be suicide to try to confiscate, ban or otherwise declare firearms illegal. Suicide for politicians, suicide for law enforcement, suicide for the entire effort. What they WILL do, however, is change what’s available domestically. The weapons are only half of the equation. Do I really need to spell it out for you?

      • largetarget

        on the other hand great way to boost the economy

        gun and ammo sales are way up

        suppose you have to start somewhere

      • SonOfSam

        Just curious BlackDog, do you think that the police where you live will go house to house searching for/confiscating weapons? I’m trying to picture it in my neck of the woods, but I just don’t see it happening. Not as if they don’t have ENOUGH on their plates already; ya know, what with protecting and serving and fighting crime and all.

        Btw, does anyone else here have ANY intention of ever giving up so much as a single round? And, do we all start to band together to protect one another? Just askin’

      • John W.

        Ten million more third world immigrants and they will be able to pass any law and do anything they want. That has been part of the plan all along.

    24. Oathkeeper

      Firearms are tools to commit great acts of violence or valor. You can only do so much to reduce tools before you’re left with nothing to blame but the individual, edged weapons have caused more deaths than projectile wielding weapons. An instance of an unstable Chinese individual killing 22 with a kitchen/butcher knife is one example. Blades have been killing people since the stone age, are compact, silent and even more deadly in the right hands. I guarantee the deaths by that are expotentially higher than firearms, yet you don’t see restriction on those now…

      • NetRanger

        OH YES YOU DO! The are VERY restricted in the UK. VERY. I work with a guy that makes knives as a sideline and he follows this stuff.

        You’d be surprised how restrictive they are. I think 3″ blade is max and if you use a knife for self defense, its jailtime for you.

        • Daisy

          There is some legislation regarding knives in Canada too.

          You can carry non-prohibited knives, but they must not be concealed.

          There are some knives that are prohibited. They are ” a knife with a retractable or folding blade which, by design or through wear, will open by centrifugal force or gravity, or by a spring or similar device. This has been interpreted by the courts to include a butterfly knife; a push dagger, namely a knife where the blade is perpendicular to the handle; any item under 30 cm which looks like another object but which conceals a blade.”

          There is no length restriction on blades.

          You are also wise in Canada to refer to your knife as a “tool” instead of a “weapon” – this comes directly from a provincial police officer. It’s noted in the Criminal Code: a weapon is “any thing used, designed to be used or intended for use (a) in causing death or injury to any person, or (b) for the purpose of threatening or intimidating any person….”

          • Odd Questioner

            …and here I am sniffing around for Katana-length swords.

            Oh well. fuck ’em. I’m buying two (the missus was talking about a halberd-like weapon for her, but she’s 6′ tall and rather stocky, so she can swing one pretty well…)

          • Highspeedloafer

            I’d rather be in a jail than a cemetary.

    25. Helena Handbasket

      Interesting that no “assault weapons” were used in this senseless attack on children. Unless a semi-auto pistol is now an assault weapon.

      • GregorKlusar

        Your name, Chandlers dad…LMAO!

      • TnAndy

        Please…..don’t allow fact to get in the way of a good case of hysteria.

      • largetarget

        No assault weapons

        come on in time of crisis

        don’t confuse the issue with the facts

      • Dboy

        According to recent reports on CNN, a Bushmaster AR was found WITH the suspect (not in the trunk as previously reported). The reporting is still fluid though.


    26. largetarget

      This punishing the law abidding folks you can find.

      Cause it’s to hard to solve the real problem.

      Bad people do bad things

      with a machette there would have just as many fatalities.
      Although he would be alive to drag it through the legal system.

    27. RickInOregon

      I will not turn in my bows. The French considered them to be an assault weapon during the battle of Agincourt. So Pluck Yew Feinstein, I will not register them or turn in my high capacity quivers.

      As it’s been said, this is no surprise. The surprise will be if the cowardly and stupidly out flanked and out maneuvered GOP will grow a backbone and some grey matter between the ears. Most likely they will compromise another piece of our constitution to the knee jerk, opportunistic, conniving, agenda driven, Feinsteinesk dog wads that occupy the Democrat party.

    28. iliveinky

      There is a lot of BS going around, The rifle was found in the trunk. He used two pistols in the shooting. I don’t even believe it is an AR-15.
      Rahm Emanuel: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste

      • largetarget

        obamas comments included the movie shooting as well as chicago streets. he’s going for the UN small weapons ban.

      • Scavenger

        Early reports that I had read clearly stated that a Bushmaster .223 was found in the car. Then reports started placing the Bushmaster in the school, and, that it was the primary weapon used. Funny how it migrated.

        • John W.

          The truth will be what ever they want it to be and what best fits their agenda. The media is totally on their side and payroll. You don’t get hired in the media unless you pass the agreeing with their point of view test.

    29. Estamos Jodidos

      Such a law is counter productive. I absolutely guarantee that an attempt to enforce such a law will result in a number of deaths several orders of magnitudes greater than one of these tragedies. I hope any law enforcement agents that may come to disarm me believe in that action enough to risk their lives and enough to be willing to take mine. I shall never surrender my arms. There is a point which I am certainly willing to fight and die for. I took an oath once to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION!!! I meant it then. I mean it now. They may not understand what they would fight and possibly die for, but I sure as hell do! Molan Labe!

      • clint hospo

        I second that! You can pass all the illegal laws you want you stupid bitch. Estamos jodidos and myself will not lay down and you will kill more innocent people all for your beliefs that are illegal. This will be the biggest mistake and you will not be able to blame this on the republicans. We follow laws and believe in helping young and old people. We are good people that protect areas we live in when police are not around. You will see more deaths and damage than you can ever imagine if you do this. Diane you are a sellout. You make deals under the table for cash to be sent to your accounts overseas while we the people are being lied to and your power hungery asses stay in power even when your 80 years old. Is it that addictive diane? Do you get a kick screwing people over and seeing people hurt and broke. YOu have done more damage and deaths than anyone simply because you pass laws that are illegal. You will regreat this diane and the people all around feel the same way. People will not give up their rights. I guarantee this

        • JustOneGuy

          A reminder,

          “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

          -Norton v. Shelby County, US Supreme Court Decision 118 US 425, 442 (in 1886)

          ….dwell on that for a bit Ladies and Gentlemen.

          • Dboy

            It’s also not “legal” for the government to torture people, or lock them away on an island without trial, or smash digital cameras, or break up peaceful protests, or prevent workers from freely associating, or starting wars against defenseless enemies, or seizing assets without due process….and yet they do it.


          • Feisty Old Broad

            While this particular case(norton v shelby county) did not concern gun ownership, the quote from within the argument is valid….


        • G-force

          That is one of the reasons the SF-itch and her ilk are desirous of banning weapons…because as things get worse – on their watch – for the American people and more do die because of their decisions (Obamacare, loss of income, food shortages, etc), they are very concerned that they will be the targets of our anger as we fall off of their “fiscal cliff!” Bulls Eye!!

    30. Kulafarmer

      Heres my question to you folks,
      Why should we relinquish our constitutional rights? Is this not the reason for the second ammendment? Would not the defenition of treason be elected officials attempting to infringe upon our constitutional rights? Should not our duty as patriotic Americans be to assure that there are no further assaults upon our liberties? Would you just lay down and allow your rights to be taken so your kids can live under continually increasing repression?

      • clint hospo

        ATF I hope you record all of this what we are saying because we are in the right and this is nothing but abuse of power by this self centered stupid bitch. She can drop dead. Take a vacation and enjoy your life, we don’t need someone who sells out for money and screws over innocent people and their lives you stupid whore. Us patriotic people are here to protect this great nation from all foreign and domestic threats. You are wrong and can shut the fuck up. We are not in the wrong bitch! You are. We are following laws, maybe you should try it sometime you 2 faced snake. I can’t stand her and these sellout!! We will not lay down and have our rights taken over.

      • Dboy

        “Would you just lay down and allow your rights to be taken so your kids can live under continually increasing repression?”

        Ask most Americans this question and you would not like the answer. Americans are BEGGING to have their rights taken away. They want to be taken care of. They want government to be responsible for their lives. And it’s not just democrats. This is a widely-held feeling of both democrats and republicans.


        • Kulafarmer

          Unfortunate to be sure, wasnt it Franklin who said a person who will trade freedom for security deserves neither? Im feeling that quote, i want nothing from government, except for them to leave me alone.

    31. NRA Fan

      I have 2 words for you Senator; Molon Labe. I have another 2 words, but I will leave them to your imagination.

      • clint hospo

        diane Feinstein, we the people have no repsect, zip for your lies and bullshit.We don’t have time for your lying sellout for money 2 faced ways you stupid bitch. You are the problem not hard working honest people. IF you do this you will have millions of people that will not just do what you want, but will cause many many more deaths! I suggest you stepdown out of office and retire and enjoy your life. You have pushed people to far if you try this and you are a conniver and your nothing more than a self centered lying cold hearted bitch!!! That is all you are.

    32. Andrew J. Jackson

      CT has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country and the use and transportation of the weapons used by the mentally ill man were against the law. He chose to attack an area guaranteed to be gun free.

      Why do people think that if you disarm the law abiding, the criminals and mentally ill will turn against violence.

      It will be interesting to hear our justice department’s take on this considering their recent support for the arming of criminals with assault weapons under Operation Fast & Furious…surely Holder and company will believe that law abiding citizens should have the same gun rights he has supported for Mexican drug cartels!

      • largetarget

        havn’t you heard the fast and furious thing is just PR campain by those rasically republicans

    33. Unreconstructed Southron

      United State Military Questionnaire, since 1993: Question 46 – “The US government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting firearms. A thirty (30) day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms to be turned over to the local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to turn over their firearms. Consider the following statement: I would fire upon US citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the US government.”

      The question is not if they will do this, the question is “what will YOU do when they do?”

      • ColtM4

        The ole 29 Palms Survey, yeah we can’t forget this one, +1…..

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          You can bet they haven’t.

    34. Ugly

      Its sad how quickly the tragedy of kids and teachers gets turned into a politcal agenda by MSM and the Left.

      The most puzzling part of this whole thing is where was the security guard? I read where the principle, psychologist, and several teachers lost their lives protecting the kids.

      Did this school have a security guard?

      • Tarheelbilly

        Most schools don’t have security guards. Some have “school resource officers” but not all.

    35. Ugly

      I read the other day where a Union Boss threatened ‘bloodshed’ over the Right to Work law. Maybe the FBI should investigate and check out his arsenal.

      All threats should be investigated, including the Boss’s statement.

    36. SmokinOkie

      Against all enemies, foreign and domestic….

    37. DBAL-I2

      Clackamas man, armed, confronts mall shooter

      Email this article
      by Mike Benner
      Bio | Email | Follow: @MikeBennerKGW
      Posted on December 14, 2012 at 10:15 PM
      Updated yesterday at 10:32 AM
      Clackamas victim Forsyth ‘had vision, belief in others’
      Clackamas victim Yuille was ‘a compassionate caregiver’
      Photos: Clackamas Town Center shooting
      Friend describes helping injured Clackamas victim evacuate
      Clackamas shooting survivor upgraded to fair
      Clackamas Town Center reopens
      PORTLAND — Nick Meli is emotionally drained.  The 22-year-old was at Clackamas Town Center with a friend and her baby when a masked man opened fire.
      “I heard three shots and turned and looked at Casey and said, ‘are you serious?,'” he said.
      The friend and baby hit the floor.  Meli, who has a concealed carry permit, positioned himself behind a pillar.
      “He was working on his rifle,” said Meli.  “He kept pulling the charging handle and hitting the side.”
      The break in gunfire allowed Meli to pull out his own gun, but he never took his eyes off the shooter.
      “As I was going down to pull, I saw someone in the back of the Charlotte move, and I knew if I fired and missed, I could hit them,” he said.
      Meli took cover inside a nearby store.  He never pulled the trigger.  He stands by that decision.
      “I’m not beating myself up cause I didn’t shoot him,” said Meli.  “I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself.”
      The gunman was dead, but not before taking two innocent lives with him and taking the innocence of everyone else.
      “I don’t ever want to see anyone that way ever,” said Meli.  “It just bothers me.”
      Email this article

      • NetRanger

        …and he was confronted and stopped by a CCW, not the cops and not mall security. The LameStream lies by omission. Good example is this. No one ever heard of this because the LSM BURIED IT!!!

    38. deano

      the polics of government and the way they do things is wrong, they have no concept of reality.. so therefore it is my belief that if everyone was allowed to carry a gun anywhere, then tragadies like this would never happen, after all the evil people are removed by their actions then the crime rate will drop
      a disarmed public is a fearful public, because criminals dont obey the law and are armed to the teeth and yet the cops dont show up fast so why cant we be armed just as good as the criminals?

      • NetRanger

        Deano, keep saying it, often, to people who do not understand. Good verbage, practice it and repeat often.

    39. VRF

      I didnt see anywhere in there that they said anything about paying us for them..what, do they think they are going to get them for free?


    40. VRF

      Second Amendment is not about the right to bear arms to hunt game but rather to resist tyrannical government. Thirty round magazines come in handy for that.

      • largetarget

        muskets were military comparable for the day. Ar 15 and ak 47s are military comparable now.

        they should be happy we gon’t claim a right to rocket propelled grenades and M60s

        • VRF

          Heck, I want a rocket propelled grenade, and the place to play with it..

        • NetRanger

          Maybe you don’t. I do! Read The 2A over a few times and look up a few words and you’ll find, it recognizes an unlimited right. TOTALLY UNLIMITED and anyone that tries to limit it commits a crime of the highest order.

    41. Saved By Grace

      Doubt her Bill will get through the House. This could backfire on the New Marxist Party and their Islamarxist President. She might make the people in New Yuck or San Fagcisco happy but we Red State Red Necks are not going to “go along to get along”.

      I believe that this is a political wedge to be used against the GOP. The goal being taking back the House so Czar Barry can have a 3rd,4th, 5th, term. Until his girls are old enough to take over.

    42. SmokinOkie

      ‘Scuse me while I whip this out..,’

      Tadpole Jenkins, 3rd cousin to my friend Bubba, was in town the other day. He don’t wander into town very often, usually just to do his yearly shopping. I saw him out front of the post office, arguing with Milton, one of our local Barney Fifes.
      ‘Dang it, Tadpole! They was right to tell you to leave! You can’t wear your sidearm into the post office. It’s a federal building.’
      Tadpole, who’s about 70 years old, but in better physical shape than most guys half his age, just scowled, ‘Dammit, Milt! I wore this gun to my wedding. I wore it to my wife’s funeral last year. I carried one like it in Viet Nam. Hell, I been carrying since my 8th grade graduation. I ain’t surrenderin’ my arms for nobody.’
      Milt looked a little nervous. He knows about Tadpole’s temper when he gets riled. ‘Now look, I ain’t wanting no trouble with you, but you can’t carry in the post office. Besides, I’m not even asking you for your permit. I’m lettin’ that slide.’
      Tadpole just fumed, ‘Permit?! My permit is my God-given right to defened myself. You wanna see THAT?!’
      ‘Now, Tadpole, I said I wasn’t wanting no trouble. Why don’t you go buy your stamps at the grocery store? They sell ’em there…and they don’t care if you come in the store armed.’
      I could see Milt was more than a little scared that the situation was getting out of hand. (Milt is a bit of a dipstick sometimes, but overall, not a bad kid.) I decided to help him out.
      I said, ‘Say Tadpole, if stamps is all you need, I just bought three books of ’em. How many you need?’
      He pulled out a twenty, ‘Just one book would do. Thanks, okie.’
      I didn’t have any change, so we decided to skip the currency and just barter for the stamps. He put his wallet away and handed me six shiney .45 shells. I gave him the stamps and turned to leave.
      ‘Just a minute. What about my change?’
      I fished in my jacket pocket and came up with three .22 shells, ‘Will that do?’
      He smiled and pocketed the 22’s. ‘Right on the money. I like a guy with exact change. ‘Preciate it.’

      • NetRanger

        Actually, it is quite legal to carry a sidearm or a long gun into the post office. If you read the federal law regarding that, it says not guns but the exemptions later in the law exempt CCWs and people hunting or for whatever purpose.

        So many people just listen to what other people say. …especially if those other people are on the TV. The brainwashing of America takes place at 60hz.

        • Good Try

          60Hz is the cycle rate for electricity in the US.
          The refresh rate for NTSC television is 29.97 fps.

        • SmokinOkie

          Thanks for the correction, NetRanger. I honestly didn’t know that. Of course, there’s still lots of stuff I’m having to unlearn from my sheeple days. Thanks to Mac, and a hundred or so regulars here, I’m starting to fill in the gaps.

        • jayjay

          NetRanger, not funny–because I believe when the super soldiers & the brainwashed begin the onslaught of we patriots, the tv WILL be used.
          Crazy?? Or what?

      • Feisty Old Broad

        @okie….I just have to say I truely enjoy your “tales” and wish you would put them all together for the “Wit and Wisdom of a Smokin’ Okie”…..I am sure there would be many other people other than myself who would line up to purchase such a novel literary offering…… 🙂
        Thank You!


        • SmokinOkie

          Thanks FOB. You’re far too kind. 🙂

          • Feisty Old Broad

            @okie…Nope…not kind, just state the truth as I see it – you smokin’ okie!! You are one of a kind…and I appreciate that…btw…I am a big OU fan…Big OU fan…..:)


      • PO'd Patriot

        Ahhhhh…. another Okie anecdote. One of the main reasons I come here. Many thanks ‘ol boy!

    43. Be informed

      “These weapons are not use for hunting”, THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME AGRUMENT THAT THESE LIBERAL ANTI-SELF DEFENSE, ANTI-PROTECTION CREEP WILL USE TO TRY TO BAN HANDGUNS ALSO. Those whom want to take away your self protection also want to take away your rights to free speech. These libturds want to make you into andriods all walking around with stupid little smiles on everyone’s faces and nodding up and down like those bobble heads.

      I would hope that not one single person would use this horrible tragedy for political and/or agenda gain, but there are some slimey people that will. There are pieces of garbage out there that will use this devil’s work to abolish gun rights. There are people too stupid to realize that getting rid of guns will not help the situation, but they do want to protect children and other innocents, they are just ignorant and are not bad people. Then there are those that just want to get rid of gun rights, TASER rights, stun gun rights, pepper spray rights, ALL self defense rights for the innocents to protect themselves. Those scum are the evil because they give the advantage to the criminal and the maniacs.

      I can understand in which someone honestly doesn’t understand the dynamics of gun control and how destructive it is towards giving the criminal the advantage and take away the deterrent, they just don’t get it. However there are a large section of the population that just want to FORCE everyone to behave and think a certain way, their tunnel vision of some unrealistic utopia that EVERYONE MUST accept or they are the problem. These liberal tards want everyone to be political correct no matter what and will attempt to pass laws and regulations to make you fully comply with them. They want you fully assimilated, so you have no opinion of your own, they want you to be just a regurgitation of what society and the masses says and thinks.

      You see, to the liberal tard that wants to take away gun rights, unless you recycle your sh^&, drive an electric car that cost twice as much to charge up in an electic kilowatts than gasoline, drink only a certain size soft drink, use proper language on all counts even though the constitution guarantees free speech, and too much else to mention, you are the problem to them.

      They preach freedom, yet these hypocrites shove you into a corner miles away from an event like some dictator does to prevent you from having your word and say. They preach freedom, yet put all sorts of restrictions on how you can behave if it just might offend someone. They take Santa Claus and Christmas away from streets because it “offends” some bah humbugs scoorges that hate for others to celebrate their holiday and or their belief. They preach freedom yet they don’t allow a person to carry a non lethal stun devices to stop a vicous dog from ripping you apart.

      Yes, I am fully for gun rights, but I am also for others’ rights not being taken away to live their own personal lives without infringing on others’ rights. It is not just guns here, it is basic freedom. It use to be if someone being sexual harassed you could say something like get away from me you faggot or dyke, now you can be nailed for gay bashing. It is accepted that some homo comes on to someone from either gender that this is their right, but if you respond to their sexual advancements you have committed some gay rights violation.

      I am not affiliated with any particular religion, I do believe in God, but I fully support the rights of others to practice their belief. As long as someone is not harassing another and trying to pester someone to death, what is wrong with someone putting up a scene with Christ in it to honor Christams. For pete’s sake there are liberal strongholds that won’t even allow any form of Christams to be displayed. Yet they sure allow gay pride parades right down main street. If this is not a double standard I don’t know what is.

      Yeah, I am upset about gun rights and self defense rights so the innocent can protect themselves from this evil that is being unleashed. I am also upset about the hypocritic stance of these liberals on basic freedoms. There way is perfectly OK, but when it comes to another enjoying freedom that doesn’t conform to the lib tard aura of acceptance, then they attempt to lawyer up to deny that freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. It is is not just gun rights, it is fairness and basic common sense towards so many other rights that are being attempted to be prohibited and watered down. That is the real undertone here that people need to address.

      • Anonymous

        Awesomely stated, excellent points now its time to stand up and UNITE.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Spot on BI! I for one would use an AR or an AK for hunting. But my main reason for owning them is for protecting my rights, my family and myself. As for putting rights first, without them, my personal belief is that there is no life.

    44. VRF

      California COWARD is shooting up a parking lot ..think 50 rounds fired

    45. VRF

      NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – A man was arrested after firing about 50 shots in the parking lot of a Southern California shopping mall, prompting a lockdown of stores crowded with holiday shoppers.

      Marcos Gurrola, 42, of Garden Grove was taken into custody by bicycle police officers patrolling around the open-air Fashion Island mall around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, police spokeswoman Cathy Lowe said. She said he fired into the air and onto the ground in the parking lot near a Macy’s department store.

    46. VRF

      Here we go people

      A man was arrested with 47 guns, according to a Dec. 16 Global Gazette report. A northern Indiana man named Von I. Meyer, 60, of Cedar Lake threatened an elementary school near his home.

      When police searched Meyer’s home, they found 47 guns and ammunition throughout his Cedar Lake residence.

      Maybe its time for the packing crowd to take out the trash our courts and society have allowed to walk among us?

      • VRF

        Or maybe this is all Bull Shit brought to us by bad info?

        Its getting to the point where most if not all of this is planned

        • VRF

          who’s word can we trust?

          are we all going to start getting “set up”

    47. Arccher25

      And so begins the Boots on theground, 2nd American Revolution.

      • Mikey


    48. Zoltanne

      Where is the outrage when gun owners are being profiled????

      Or is this only valid when profiling is used against a minority?

    49. JoeinNC

      I can’t believe how pathetic you morons are. You are not smart enough to be allowed to have even a BB gun. Too bad you don’t shoot your own eye out.

      • Orwellian States

        Yo, dumb ass, didn’t I run into you on another web site spouting the same crap? Apparently, you are on a repeating loop. Get a new thought.

        Sign me,
        Armed in East Tennessee

      • SmokinOkie

        JoeinNC- I know a guy who did lose an eye. But only one of ’em. He said….”Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!”
        I’m with him…

        • Feisty Old Broad

          John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in the “original” True Grit….

      • wnc mountainboy

        Second time in the same thread!

        Go fuck yourself!

      • rusty

        joe in nc if you are really from nc or just a damn yankee who lives here in nc i dont know but you dont speak for all of us tarheel men who love our constitution and our liberties and know our rights come from God and not the govt, even the 2nd admendment comes from the new testament so or back to russia,china,england or what ever rock you came out underneath and we will forget you were ever amongst us.

    50. Cameraman

      People we are up against Half of the Country the Liberal Democrats, The UN, The MSM, and countless, Faceless Obama Voters..They have said They WANT Our Guns, you will be a lawbreaker if you keep, transfer, sell your semi-auto Rifles! And either be Killed or put In Prison..WHEN are we going to tell Them HELL NO? When they are kicking in our Front door? We need to go to DC by the Millions, with our weapons and Protest this Outrage! We have a cure built into the Constitution, its time To Water The Tree! I will never surrender any of my arms Legal or Otherwise..People this is the Start of Civil War II….

    51. JoeinNC

      It is you fuckheads with your “keep you hands off my guns, even ones which have no legitimate civilian purpose” that have brought this about. If you idiots had one ounce of common sense, you would realize that unfettered access to guns would lead to to these actions. You have brought this upon yourselves and gun owners who have common sense. And don’t give me that stupid bullshit about having guns to fight government tyranny. Government forces have tanks, artillery and helicopter gunships. If the government chose to bring these to bare on the population, I do not care how many AR-15’s you have, you would be toast. Although I believe witht the delusions I see expressed here, you idiots would try to fend off a tank with an AR-15 then wonder why it ended badly for you. And yes, I own guns.

      • slingshot

        Hello Joe,

        Ever wonder how a small Southeast Asia country defeated a world superpower? Small people with limited education. Lightly clothe. Bare foot. A small bag of rice and a bamboo canteen. Killed more than 58,000 of us.

        All our tanks,artillery, air power did not prevail.


        • Odd Questioner

          “All our tanks,artillery, air power did not prevail.


          …leftist politics, unfortunately.

          Now if we were allowed to turn Hanoi into a B-52 carpet-bombed parking lot on a regular basis…

          • Kevin2

            That war could not be won regardless what was done. Changing a peoples politics requires a political solution. Killing a communist gets you a dead communist but converts no one over to capitalism. Read “A Bright Shining Lie” by John Paul Vann.

            Curtis LeMay said, “I’ll bomb them back into the stone age”. He forgot that for all intent and purpose they were already in the stone age. They did not manufacture their own weapons hence you have no industry to destroy. They fought China for 1000 years and France for 100.

            There are limits to raw power. Fly’s cannot be effectively killed with sledge hammers.

            A peoples tenacity has time and time again been underestimated by major powers and leaders throughout history.

            • Kevin2

              General Giap said, “I will loose 100 men for every one of yours but you will eventually tire and leave. I cannot leave for I have nowhere else to go”.

              Giap was one of the greatest military leaders in history. He is working on almost 100 years old now.

          • Sebastion T.

            They had a bunch of traitor congressmen on their side. Most of them are still in place.
            And yes, I was spit on when I came back through the LA airport in uniform.

        • Dboy

          OH OH I KNOW! (And it’s NOT because of leftist politics). I know Vietnam and the Vietnamese people very well (and likely you DON’T). The reasons they won:

          1) The Art of War…to win an offensive war you must have 3 times the force of the defending army. The US did not have this.

          2) the Vietnamese would NEVER have surrendered. They would have fought to the VERY LAST man…the US was NEVER willing to commit to that type of war

          3) The US was on the wrong side. The US chose to support a minority power elite, against the majority of the population.

          4) safe havens, and superior military strategy by the Vietnamese

          5) And most importantly, the Vietnamese had ALREADY been at war, on a near-constant basis since around 1944. They had an extremely skilled and experienced fighting force, well-developed supply lines, and the will to fight for their freedom. Americans seem to think that Freedom is a uniquely-American value..It isn’t. The Vietnamese people were not fighting for Communism. They were fighting for Nationalism and Freedom. And they were willing to die to protect their freedom. And they were right to do that.


          • Kevin2


            Accurate analysis

        • PO'd Patriot

          Ho Chi Minn trail, a bicycle for a pack mule, women and children pushing those loaded bicycles along the trail…..anybody here still own a pair of “thousand milers”? Their logistics were crude but damn effective.

      • NetRanger

        Joe, I was going to dress you down, but, as I now see you as a shill, go screw yourself, I’ll not give you the satisfaction. You sound like an ignorant moron but I can tell that you’re not. You’re either a provocature or a shill. Either way, I will ignore you posts from now on. You get the idiot click.

        Everything you says is wrong and you give mixed signals.

        Later ShillinNC.

        • SonOfSam

          Netranger, Joe would reply, but he’s too busy licking Feinstein’s wrinkly asshole

      • Legion7

        Yo. Joe Dirt (bag),

        the second amendment is EXACTLY there for the Gov’t troops and tanks etc. Guess what, ALL my buddies and I are ex Military. I would LOVE to get my hands on a tank if they come for me. Or any other goodies they bring to the game. In WW2 the Americans air dropped little .45 single shot pistols into the occupied territories. The thinking was, you use the 1 shot to get yourself something bigger, then use that for something even bigger etc.


      • Feisty Old Broad

        Sadly, joe….you would be someone who would not be welcomed in any natural disaster situation….your thoughts are disjointed and you come across as a whiner…..and, whilst you may agree with your perceived other’s “delusions I see expressed here, you idiots would try to fend off a tank with a AR-15 then wonder why it ended badly for you”, you paint others with the same brush as you have painted do not acknowledge any intelligence within this group here, nay, you denigrate them whenever possible……. If it came to a point where this Country was invaded, I would not ever depend upon you for “going to the point”…….
        I wish you well….and I wish you a Merry Christmas


      • Dboy

        “legitimate civilian purpose”

        You have no idea what you are talking about. The Second Amendment was NEVER about hunting. It was ALWAYS about protecting the private citizen-soldier as a counter-balance to the power of the central government.


      • Kevin2

        Westmorland said the same thing to Vo Nguyen Giap. I think the USSR said something similar to the Afghans.

      • Kevin2


        When a government unleashes heavy weapons upon itself it succeeds only in destroying it’s own infrastructure which it must replace while alienating the remaining civilian population converting them to the opposition. The more power it uses the more it looses.

        Here is an example. The VC would set up a mortar in a village and fire on the ARVN / USA forces knowing in short order a barrage of 105 and 155 shells would be coming in. The mortar team would flee and the village would be destroyed. The following day the VC would parade the villagers from neighboring villages through the area. The VC just gained a whole lot of very motivated recruits.

        You can’t kill fly’s with sledgehammers.

      • Gunsmith

        Oh horseshit joe!!!

        …you claim to own guns!?!

        Why is it you lack the brains to recognize/identify the reason we need them….& the balls/gonads to defend their legitimate purpose in society??????

        YOU’RE THE EPITOME OF A YELLOW F#*KING COWARD….and are hereby commanded to surrender said WEAPONS, AMMO & what little balls you possess… somebody with the guts to use them…when the time comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Smokey

        We’ll start the civil war by getting rid of folks like you.

    52. Arby

      Say how many people did that guy burn up with a gallon of gas in that stairwell a while back?
      Its the person not the weapon that is the problem.
      You could dump a 100 high powered rifles with big mags in the school yard and if no one loaded them or used them everything would be fine.

      • Odd Questioner

        Three guys (or so) with a U-Haul (well, Ryder truck), fertilizer, and diesel fuel managed to take down an OK City building and kill well over 150 people.

        • jayjay

          Nah–there were more than that there –compliments of the govt.

    53. Lowtolerance

      Which begs the question, what are you doing here?

      • Lowtolerance

        for joe in nc

    54. Feisty Old Broad

      What will come next? Will all of our guns be taken away? If this bill to ban fails to pass, will obama sign yet another EO with much hidden within it? Or, if it does pass, what else will be included in the very fine print? Our handguns, shotguns, and rifles? Have you noticed how many shootings there have been very recently? Most have been limited in the number of victims,(and I do not mean to sound as if I am discounting any life- just stating statistics) but the frequency seems to be escalating…..


      • RICH99

        If we don’t act now under the constitution then we are truly finished and you may as well get your suitcase ready for the train ride

      • Kulafarmer

        Thats what i worry about, an EO, fast implement by DHS and no action on legal challenge to an unlawful seisure

    55. Kevin2

      “would eliminate grandfather protections altogether, meaning that ownership of such firearms would be illegal and subject to criminal prosecution.”

      Lets hope she puts the above language in. With any luck their ego and zeal will be writing checks like this that their political capital cannot cash.

      • NetRanger

        There is no way they’ll be able to take them from us. The states won’t go along and if the congressmorons pass it, they be putting the law enforcement officers in the state at risk. …and, I’m better a lot would quit in light of its passage.

        BRING IT ON! This showdown has to come sooner or later. I’d rather it be sooner while I’m younger. I figure I’ve only got 30 more years before I can’t shoot any better than a government jackboot.

        The forces of evil see one of their own footsoldiers make a strike so they can continue the war. Liberals got an early Christmas present at the expense of 20 sinless children in Connecticut.

        Evil knows no shame.

        Someone please remind Ms. Feinlib that 99.9% of these types of things happen in Gun Free Zones. Please ask her to explain that. Explain to her that she just looks like a fool to the rest of the planet.

        Gun Free Zones kill because good people cannot defend themselves and cops can’t get their to do anything but cleanup.

        • Justin Case

          The states will absolutely go along with whatever Uncle Sugar tells them to do. The Feds will threaten to withhold “federal money” for whatever, roads, schools, etc.
          And the states, with very few exceptions, are in shit-shape, financially. The feds threaten to cut off the gravy-train, and the states fight over who gets to go first.

          Cops would quit? No way.
          OK, maybe 3 of them will.
          Out of all the cops you see, how many are dressed in para-military gear every day?
          How many get out of their cars and talk to people in the neighborhood?
          None of them will want to be first, but they’ll be happy to show up in kevlar with tactical weaponry.

        • Kevin2


          If you would like some fun (and good exercise) drive a few dozen 2ft long pieces of 3/4″ rebar about 20″ long throughout your yard (especially where you wish to plant trees in the future). You then wait until the big search commences and watch them dig up your property. As they uncover a rebar say, “better luck next time, maybe try over there”. Even more fun would be to drive the rebar into your neighbors yard that you don’t like and make sure you E Mail a friend or two telling them you hid your stuff in the neighbors yard. Oh how funny to watch the Keystone Cops use a shovel in a futile chase to no avail. Think of it was a modification of the proverbial false flag.

          Really if it went down and people were frightened into compliance throw your gun in the river. As long as they don’t get numbers they presume that “They’re still out there”. That in itself has a deterrent effect.

      • Kevin2

        I don’t think Confiscation would get by Congress and Senate but seeing the vote tally would show John Q Fencesitter that yes a significant percentage of elected officials in the Federal Government do support confiscation. The “They would never do that” thought would come to an abrupt halt. Thinking then progresses to, “OMG, what else are they planning on doing”?

        To anyone that bad mouths the NRA I’ll tell you this, “They’re what you have right now between legal possession and forfeiture or felony”. They are THE MOST effective grassroots political organization in America and your guns would have been gone long ago without them.

        Confiscation comes with the legal authorization to use lethal force to obtain compliance. This force would be used upon someone that previously passed a NIX Check to purchase the firearm to begin with. Let that sink into the brain of the guy that only owns a 38 revolver and 30-30 rifle. When the fence sitter firearm owner looks at it from that perspective (and there is no other perspective to gaze upon it) the political backlash in subsequent elections would be massive.

        • Kevin2

          If the 30-30 owner says, “They’ll never go after my gun”, tell him; “Yea, well their willing to kill the AR owner to get his”.

        • snake eater

          odd Q
          bull crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont think anyone to date has ever shaped,,diesel fuel and fertilizer,,thats what it would have taken,,,but seems to me as i looked at that building it came down,,not up and over,,,kinda like towers falling down instead of exploding out,,,,,makes me wonder,,,


    56. Sgt. Dale

      Here we go again!!! As a Police Officer. I WILL NOT GO HOUSE TO HOUSE TAKING GUNS FROM AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! If I find out that there is something like that coming. I will notify as many people as I can. If they send in Blue Helmets to take them. I will do my best to stop them in any way I can. If I die trying to stop them I can only HOPE some one picks up my guns and KEEPS FIGHTING and so on! I have been told that I don’t bleed just red, but RED, WHITE & BLUE! If this does happen I will do my best to stack Blue Helmets up like cord wood SO HELP ME GOD!!! “GIVE LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH” GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

      • RICH99

        Sgt. Dale ….they won’t use you silly ……they will use foreign troops and the military

        • Sgt. Dale

          Good point. But if they don’t use me that just means that I’ll play hide and seek with all the Blue Helmets just like we did during the Revolution. This also means that I can get into the fight sooner so I can try an protect the Country I LOVE. I took an oath over 30 years ago to uphold the Constitution, and by the GRACE OF GOD I WILL. LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!

        • Dboy

          Well, he does have a good point though, in that some LEO’s may be able to act as a tripwire. It’s likely they would leak any large UN/Fed operation. And with advance warning, the state militias could all go active very quickly.


          • Sgt. Dale

            Are you reading my mind!!! (Ha-Ha)