Report: All Of The “KKK Members” In Hillary Clinton’s New Trump Attack Ad Are PAID ACTORS

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    Hillary Clinton would like people to think that if you are reading this you are considered “alt-right,” and thus associate with the Ku Klux Klan and other racially divisive groups. She made this point very clear in a speech in Reno, Nevada this week. You, and the other 50 million Americans who refuse to support her candidacy, if you show any signs of supporting Donald Trump’s policies, are nothing short of a white supremacist.

    Clinton doubled down on this sentiment with her latest Trump attack ad which likens all Trump supporters to racists:

    But if you know Hillary Clinton, then you know that every single word coming out of her mouth is designed to obfuscate facts and demonize anyone who might stand in her way of being elected to the highest office of the land.

    According to Joe Wayne at The AntiCoIntelPro Show this is very much the case in her latest attack ad (above), which reportedly uses no actual Klan members, but rather, paid actors masquerading as Trump supporting racists..

    Make no bones about it… I am going to let these videos run and you be the judge… I have a high degree of certainty that you will come to the same conclusion that I have… where there is smoke there has to be fire… and there is a wildfire at the feet of Hillary Rotten Clinton…

    And while Clinton hammers Trump because he didn’t immediately disavow the support of KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, perhaps the most telling aspect of this story is that it is actually Hillary Clinton who hob-knobs with racists, as evidenced by her comments about the late Senator Robert Byrd:

    “Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd… Senator Byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility… Robert C. Byrd led by the power of his example, and he made all of us who had the honor of serving as his colleagues better public servants and better citizens. “

    As it turns out, Byrd is a confirmed member of the Ku Klux Man:

    When Byrd was 24-years-old, he joined the Klan because he was worried that during World War II, he might have to fight alongside “race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” Bryd wrote those words in 1944 to Sen. Theodore Bilbo, a staunch segregationist

    Of course you’ll never see this report carried by ABCNBCCBSCNN, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

    And just to prove the above, here is all the evidence you need from Twitter user Nat Shupe:

    If anyone in this Presidential race is a supporter of organizations whose sole purpose is to divide the American people through race wars, it’s Hillary.


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      1. Wish this Bitch would hurry and die….

        • Tom T, welcome, and so does everyone else here.

          • AMEN to that!! and take her hubby as well!!!

            • Wonder how many times he has got VD and the Press failed to report that fact.???

        • Not intentionally trying to ruin anyone’s day here, but typically, the good die young, bitches live forever.

          • Your comment proves just that~




              • bundy stood against the gov’t…for right or wrong…but the gov’t is clamping down on useage of land in the U.S. that the gov’t simply doesn’t own it is PUBLIC land and bundy was paying the state for that use. then along comes the blm saying he now has to also pay the fed gov’t…the U.S. gov’t is WRONG. on top of that they brought snipers in to collect their fee…so where do we live, russia?

        • Amen and let her take her good buddy Trumpster with her.

        • To have some HOLLYWEIRD ACTORS do a LYING cLIP for SHILLARRY is NOT a surprise….BUT the SURPRISE FOR THIS Barking SOW was a REAL KKK Leadaer say tat the KKK SUPPIRTS HER!!
          Now let’s see what SPIN her Klan wuill come up with…..

        • We may get our wish but probably NOT SOON ENOUGH. Trump has to get a grasp on his mouth (also) or he will become his own liability.

        • I have my boots custom made. They cost about $200.00 but last longer than off the shelf.

          In a conversation with the bootmaker I stated that Timberlands make my feet stink Bad.

          He said all major boot manufacturers use the cheapest pig skin possible to make their boots. “Pigs not even fit for eatiing” and that the hormones are still active in the pig skin mixing with human hormones as your feet sweat.

          He stated pig and human hormones don’t mix and thats what gives you that “GARBAGE smell” after a short time.



          Todays shoe manufacturer sticks your feet in swine cause thats what they think of you.

      2. If Trump is really tied to the KKK than just 1 more reason for me to vote for him,, thank you Hitlery Klinton for letting me know

        • You may be interested that David Duke is running for office as well:

        • Yep.. Fast forward 60-70 years later, the KKK was spot on who was destroying the fabric of America. And they were painted as a Hate group. Well the proof is everywhere you look now. Look who’s running the show, and who creating the chaos, and that tribe that’s funding those, who are destroying and burning American cities down.

          Had enough? Then Vote Trump.


        • Hitler killed millions of Germans and destroyed their country. You Hitler freaks are playing with dreck.

      3. This stoops to an even lower level, using KKK as an ad against Trump is misleading enough but paid actors? This entire farce would be hysterically funny if not so painful. And sadly enough, there are plenty whom will be duped. It’s disgusting. Let me out of this madhouse!

        • Except that David Duke was on film supporting Trump in exactly these terms. Not sure why she didn’t use real footage, IF she did not. Mostly she uses real footage. Who verified these statements?

          • Seems like you are one of the dumb woman supporting Hitlery just because she has a veejayjay.

            • David Duke WAS in the KKK aprox 45-50 YEARS ago!!

              He Later on also got Twice elected state senator in LA state, achieved a PHD in History. Has written Several GREAT Facts/Truth filled Books.

              And is one of the small FEW folks that actually take a Stand FOR White folk Today in usa! That inlcuded take stand for even loony bin white females rebecca.

              It is too obvious how every tv news or talker head on TV always when Dukes name is mentioned or hes invited to a very RARE TV chance to voice his side opinion or self defence of issues on TV…

              EVERY fuckin time hes announced as “And folks after the tv commercials, we have a special new Guset!! Its a Former Grand wizard, Big Bad evil man KKK-whitey supremecist-jew hater-antisemite-neonazi-hitler lover and anti African Black hate monger…Mr David Duke Yeah!! give em a hand audicence folks! Clap Clap clap hands!”

              Then Duke gets hammered with twenty questions at same time by Six or more idiots and MSM Lib kommie jews or shabozz goy sell outs and made the fool.

              Is it any wonder Duke refuses to go on tv shows any more?

              But notice an important Factoid folks. David Duke, Nor anybody else ever, is ever made out to be a worse baddy guy than Hitler was!

              This is very key important info and wisdom folks.

              Because in order for the ethnic tribe we aint to name here as its a huge Taboo, to always Remain the worlds biggest ever victim group…Then they Must always Keep Hitler rated as Number ONE worst ever bad guy bar none!

              For if anybody ever locates a worse bad guy than hitlers made out as?…Then whomever else besides jewry were that new guys victims would Pass Up jewry as new worlds greatest victim group! Thats even more of a huge Taboo!

              NOBODY else can never ever be a bigger victim group bar none. Consider that as if it was FED LAW, US Const Ammendment! and Gods 11th Commandment too!

              Zioboy has to remain always worlds biggest ever victims class period.

              And nobody here can argue I am incorrect for their entire lifetime has been brainwashed to believe that ethnic group is victims #1 always and no others can apply!

              I Hope Duke gets elected or better yet Trump wins and appoints Duke to high office.

              Hows about Trump apoint Duke to head state dept’s Office to Monitor antisemitism in usa and worldwide and write several quarterly reports to us congress each year eh?

              Yep GW bush created That idiotic state dept agency office in aprox 2005…Why do ONLY jews need a usa fed state dept at tax paied costs to monitor antisemitism?

              WHOM is Monitoring Anti-Whiteyism? and Anti-Gentileism?

              And Why Not?!..Much greater pure Hatred is spewed weekly against Whites than jews ever hear of. And negroes? forget about it!

              WE NEED a Few Hundred More pro White folk and Orgs in usa now more than ever before.

              If That makes me rayssist? or a hater or antisemitic? Then swell and good gimme a nice Gold badge to proudly wear on every Lapel of each jacket I ever wear in Public arenas…When others inquire “Whats That gold bagde stand for Them Guys?…Oh That? Its My Proof Bagde in HONOR of how pro whitey I am and how HONESTLY I speak or write about Niggers and jews! Because somebody Has to eh!

              HILLARY and Hobammy/Sharpton AX’ES You: “Lemme Ax Yuz howz doez we getz to Dat Concord Bridge?”

              Them Guys answers em all:..”You Asshole antiwhiteys Just Keep PUSHING Us white men and soon very soon you will be right AT concord again!” (where that 1st shot got fired from eh).

      4. “which reportedly uses no actual Klan members,”

        key word here ???


        reportedly by WHO ???

        great investigative journalism
        LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        and for crying out loud
        tell the rest of Byrd’s story

        “reportedly” Joe Wayne is an asshat
        this guy puts jigsaw puzzles together with a sledge hammer and chainsaw
        the pieces WILL fit damn it !!!

        • actors or not, is irrelevant. hillary clintons quotes and allowing a kkk member to place his hands on her face and kiss her cheek as she kisses his is fact! get your priorities right and get your head out of your reportedly asshat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • facts are not your strong suit are they ???

            thanks for the laugh

        • Joe Wayne sounds like another MSM talking head.

          • We have 2 choices, Either Jump on the Trump Train and get somewhere…. OR, Jump on the Clinton Carousel and go around and around and around, for more of the same.


      5. Duke was never a grand wizard only a spokesman for a couple years .

      6. elections are about “choices”

        our “choice” this year is which one is less mentally ill than the other ???

        Congrats USA: Oxford Scientists Declare BOTH Trump & Clinton Likely Psychopathic

        h ttp://

        I have no idea how accurate that article may or may not be
        but damn
        it does have a ring of truth to it

        • ‘Reportedly’ accurate, right, Shit-for-Brains? You got any other cherry-picked articles you approve of, Satori?

          • you know what Rush Limbaugh says about people who immediately engage in name calling ?

            I’ll give you a minute to look that up

        • When so-called professionals are declaring political candidates mentally ill without having treated them as a patient or made any legitimate diagnosis, they are acting unethically and unprofessionally, in short practicing medicine without a license under the cloak of the title ‘scientist’.

          You know how corrupt the society is when this is given credence in the media. And how barren of ethics or intelligence the public is that chooses to believe it.

      7. Hopefully, come November, MAC won’t need to create a “Tips On Surviving The Hillary Clinton Presidency” thread.

      8. The hildebeast is just as much of a liar as anyone in the tribe-controlled MSM. Her staff will stoop to literally anything to stop Trump.

      9. Maybe the klan will rise again? I live in Newton & Searcy countys. Our neighboring county is Boone County Home Of the National headquarters of the KKK. They invited me to join. and quickly rescended the invite when I told them I wasn’t a Christian.

        • Oh there are plenty of Midnight Riders out there, they just don’t wear those silly costumes anymore. The butcher, the baker and candle stick maker, etc…


          • Yes there are secret societies at work in most places.

        • Old Guy think we are neighbors.

          Have you seen the KKK signs about keeping their part of the highway clean. One day we were driving by when they were cleaning said road, kinda funny to see them out there with their hoods on. We blew the horn and waved. They were doing a good job of it.

          • Possibly we are neighbors. If so we likely don’t know each other. And that’s the way I want to keep it. Yep the Klan adopted a mile of highway. They had to take the state to court to get it approved. My Ancestors where Members of the Peace Society during the civil war.

      10. Want to get a big laugh at Racist? Visit the daily Stormer website.

      11. HILLARY SHOULD BE CAREFUL….AS A RACIST HERSELF… This neglects the fact that Hillary’s own campaign was responsible for purveying the birther rumor in 2008. Hillary also associates with race-baiters like Al Sharpton, and panders to the racist Black Lives Matter movement, which has called for divestment from Israel (calling Israel an “apartheid state” in the process), and stokes racial divisions on the basis of criminals like Michael Brown being rightly shot. Hillary has thrown her own husband’s successful crime policies overboard to pander to BLM; meanwhile, BLM allies riot in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Milwaukee. Just because the media have mainstreamed BLM doesn’t mean they’re not a racial solidarity terrorist movement. And when Hillary attempts to say that there’s no history of a mainstream nominee ever stoking racism, someone ought to ask her about Democrats ranging from George Wallace to Woodrow Wilson. Someone ought to remind her of the 1924 Klanbake – the Democratic National Convention. Hillary also called Senator Robert Byrd, her mentor…. Byrd was a Grand Wizard in the KKK in past years. Hillary’s adoration of Margret Sanger should also be called into question. As the founder of Planned Parenthood, she was also a life long Racist who desired to erradicate the african america race in america and, set up most of her abortion clinics in black neighborhoods to this day. HILLARY SHOULD BE CAREFUL AS SHE SO EASILY THROWS AROUND THE RACIST TERM. LOOK IN THE MIRROR, HILLARY

      12. May be true, but there is nothing in this hyped up video that show it other than the word of the guy hyping it all up

        • Me, just leave it to the tribe-controlled MSM to always lie about white people. Everything those talking heads say about white people is just that, hype and propaganda.

          • Braveheart: what they do is called “Projection”.

            The MSM’s constant use of white sepperatists and rayssist and such is ALL total projection of what They themselves are the worlds most Guilty of being and doing!

            only ONE ethnic group alone is guilty of promoting and Believing and even their Religion proclaims and Teaches it. That They alone constitute a “Special chozen” Race.

            Yet they freely admit that Many have and still do Convert to That religion and become a tribe member also.

            How is That a race? it aint a race per se any more than mexican is a race or Latino a race.

            ALL they are is a Religion period. but they claim also to be a Race when it suits their agendas. Other times its Race and religion Both to suit that new agenda.

            Their very Own set of 65+ religious books state within the verses that they are far supperior to all others and all others are Lower Goyim.

            Goyim means in english: a Sub Human Animal that God created withOUT a soul and only created goys to Serve jews in same way as a Donky used to Pull a jewish Cart etc is used.

            Since all Goyim gentiles have NO soul from God..That makes it always A-OK for any and all jewish folks to Lie to goys, Rob and steal from Goys, and Kill even the very Best of goyims! and when done such things to goys.

            it is Never any Crime nor any Sin…ONLY when situations reversed and a Goy gentile robs or lies to or kills or harms physically a jew is it Then a HUGE crime deserved of Death by beheading!

            So please all the israel/jew firsters here tell us all how or why That is all Okay?

            Tell Us here how all That crap don’t make jews the worlds biggest rayssist and anti gentiles? and worst sepperatists of all peoples anywheres else?

            And whomever decides to again attempt tp convince us here that the bible tells you “God says we Must bless every jew to ever live or yet shall live”?…PROVE such a bible verse exists please!

            ps don’t waste time looking for such a bible verse as NONE was ever written so. And NO you Cannot switch a word of “Seed” into the word of “jew” to make that apostate falshood Fit.

            • Them Guys, the tribe belongs in the same sewer with muslims as far as I’m concerned.

      13. Her old man sent more blacks to jail for life than the klan ever hurt. Yet they’ll vote for more of the same.

      14. Nubria, that’s correct. Slick Willie had more black males jailed for life under federal law than the KKK ever hurt. But they still insisted on calling him the first BLACK president. Go figure.

      15. Don’t forget bill’s comment….”…a few years back, (O’bummer) would have been carrying our bags….”.

      16. Werent most of the Klan members southern democrats?

        • The Klan was in the north and Midwest too.

          • Correct you are and, Geographics has nothing to do with it and never has. It’s not just a Southern ‘Thang!

            Though I disagree with a few things that the Klan does and believes in … I strongly believe … [especially in recent events] that there are a lot of “closet” future/followers for the movement … and … technically … who can blame these people for feeling this way?

        • Nail banger
          Yes, they were Southern Democrats until LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964. They were furious and shifted en mass to the Republican Party. Blacks shifted en masses to the Democratic Party for the same reason. So the Republicans invited racism into their camp and it was no longer the Party of Lincoln.
          This is pretty well known, but a lot of right wing pundits pretend they do not know this. I know it was in both my high school and college textbooks. They say they went to college… anyone see their transcripts and can they prove they went to class?

          • Not to mention I was in the 4th grade when LBJ signed. I saw that shift and remember listening to my dad talk about it. Surely some of you are at least my age, 62, and have memories? Alzheimers?

            • LBS did say they (Democrats) will have N#goers voting Democrats for the next 200 years. BTW,The Democrats created the KKK. Know your history old lady.

            • Rebecca, I was in the 2nd grade when that POS LBJ signed the bill. I also recall that it was REPUBLICANS who pushed for the passage of the bill and the DEMOCRATS fought against it. That’s a piece of history no one from either party dares to bring up. One thing LBJ said still rings true. Most blacks still vote Democrat to this day.

            • You’re delusional, Rebecca. The Dems voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and you know it.

              The South went Republican during the Vietnam War and Hippies. The blacks went Democrat due to welfare.

              My stepkid’s school texts don’t even mention Russia being a partner of Germany in early WWII, nor did North Korea start the Korean War. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, though.

      17. “All the world is a stage”

        William Shakespeare

      18. If her mouth is open, she’s lying.

        • Or eating pussy…

      19. I was starting to get bored with this site, but this KKK actors story reminds me why I come here.


        • Did you notice Mr. sincerity pick up a cigarette.

          Did you know when a famous actor/celebrity does an ad for a drug, they are acting. They don’t use those drugs. It’s a script. You are supposed to be sophisticated enough to know that. Silly me! I thought they were sharing. I guess I should have known better. Oh, by the way, cigarettes give you wrinkles, age you before your time, yellow your teeth, cause bad breath, make some people cringe with disgust, and sometimes rot your lungs until you choke to death.

          Just saying.


      20. There are many white nationalists in gov who wear suits and are professionals. The movement needed to get away from the hoods robes and swastikas because it was casting a negative light on white nationalists. I agree if you wanna be taken serious you gotta be serious. Trump could quite possibly be a white nationalist. If he is good I definetly will vote for him my three white children need a future. Our ape in chief don’t care about white people. Nothing wrong with white pride world wide. This is good news for our white brethren. Every race of people has groups that advocate for them but if whites do though it’s racist. ?

      21. People have been sitting around camp fires breathing all kinds of smoke for thousands of years. This anti smoking is all about taxing us . And distracting us from the real problem breathing in synthetic carpet fibers. Think about it.

      22. I am soooooo tired of this shit…

        amerikans have allowed our leaders to do as they will. regardless what the people say…

        the only good thing I can say is the repubic party will never recover…

        either a third party rises or let it all fail…

        • unfortunately i agree with what you’ve just said here…the republican party is keeping abe lincoln company at this point. and the new up and comers do not understand the meaning or importance of the republic, they have been fooled into thinking the government will and wants to care for them…pity..

        • Vet
          Agree. I will vote 3rd party to get movement in that direction. Bust the D/R corporate machine. Let there be more parties aand more representation of citizens.

      23. Wonder what Trump will counter with?

      24. There are more than enough white power types on here to supply actors for the next round of ads. Maybe you fine citizens,and you know who you are, should contact the dnc and apply. Ya may make bank and find a nice side job to boot.

      25. Why would anyone expect truth in anything Hillary does when she is out for power or money – oh, that is all the time. Of course, if the establishment Republicans had any but greed in their minds, they would quickly work to end these dishonest ads. I am sick of Clintons, Obama, Bush, Kasich, Soros, none of whom give a flying fig about we the people!

      26. the country is in the shape its in bacause of the rah rah the govt can do no wrong generation. the next 2 generations were brainwashed into sheeple. alot of people are going to die way before this even starts to get right. a whole generation has to die. but its starting, so you better get your shit together. anybody that thinks trump is going to fix this has not been paying attention for the last 150 yrs or so. and they ALL say what you want to hear, while the AGENDA steadily marches on.

      27. This video is so blatantly phony that only someone with less intelligence than a stone could believe it.

        • The HRC supporters are notoriously insouciant, listening to everything she says, with credence; ignoring everything she does, the resulting damage and evils, and all the deaths that follow.

          Ignorance (willful or otherwise)+ destruction= stupidity.

          • That hillary suporters description is the exact same description one can state of how those of that Other third of mostly white folks are, when it comes to Blind Obedience, 100% unquestioned defense and full support of anything and everything said or done or planned by israel and ziojewry.

            And like dem lib hillary foolish duped defenders, those others act the exact same way when anybody attempts to awaken them or provide facts and proofs to them so they will Re-think their idiocy and nation wrecking support of the real controlers and nation wrecker tribe.

            It appears that of all total white americans today, at Best one third are neither israel/jew firsters nor dem lib leftist marxist types.

            It probably is even fewer than one third that do not go with leftist hillary or neocon rightwing jewry stuff.

            So that spells bad, very bad news for any hope for usa fixes eh?

            And when folks from Both sides tell you “Do not speak of or show facts as my Minds already made up so facts or truths will not change my mind buddy!”

            How are we to remain hopefull of a usa fix for real eh?

            Them types won’t never change minds nor see that proverbial Light untill and unless they have real life bad experiences that come directly From their respective Idols they so delusionally defend and support.

            And by Then its always too little too late.

            • Them Guys, the hildebeast supporters are the classical “useful idiots” as Lenin called them.

      28. Gentlemen . . . I have a confession to make. Some people have deep, dark secrets they conceal all their lives – from friends, parents, family members, even their wives. Ii is an ugly secret – it involves my relationship with other men: I am a member of the Alt-Right! There, I said it – Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right!

        Wheeeew, I feel so much better now! I guess this is the relief and faqqot must feel when he comes out of the closet. Except, instead of admitting that I want another man’s thingy in my mouth. I am admitting that I was a White Country for my children to grow up in – like our Forefathers envisioned when they wrote that America was given to Europeans for their benefit and for that of THEIR posterity – not the mystery meat member to the World community.

        • NFJR, Nobody here cares who you are porking. You’re a troll who uses multiple screen names here on shtf.

          • Jules, you Cuck. I have been posting on this blog for over two years under this name – I don’t remember seeing your name before now.

            I do NOT have time to generate multiple IDs in order to school the likes of you – who cannot even discern the irony in my statement that, LIKE faqqots (who you probably embrace on Sunday, loving the Sinner, but not his sin), I have to live a double life; that of a milquetoast Rush Limbaughist at work and the other (secret) life – a HardCore Alt-Rightist.

            I am no Troll, but I do like to point out the utter Cuckservitiveness (look it up if you don’t know the meaning) of you pansies who Crap their pants when anyone dares to point out that THIS is/was a WHITE country, founded by WHITE MEN, for the continued benefit of Europe MAN. There is NO Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing that every Featherless Biped you feckless Cucks allow to wade ashore, and claim “I Am American,” gets to STAY here and join the Golden (i.e. NON-WHITE) Horde that will soon be marshaled against the remaining population of the Founders’ RACE (Whites).

            The 2nd Amendment does NOT uphold or protect your RIGHT to bear Arms – The Frick’n GUNS do.

        • Right and Left is an illusion, the old center has collapsed. The old world has passed away. There is now only pro White or pro White genocide. Everything else is a tailgating. The so-called alt-right hasn’t fully realized this yet and until they do, they will not be able to sufficiently hammer the anti-White’s like Hillary Clinton.

          There are maybe 100-200 people in the entire WORLD right now that really get it, and have FORCED BOTH presidential candidates to unwillingly mention the elephant of White genocide in the room. The alt-right didn’t do this, Milo didn’t do this, Stefan didn’t, Alex Jones certainly did not do this, Jared Taylor did not do this, Anne Coulter didn’t do it either.

          This is not necessarily a criticism of the alt-right. Some of the stuff they do is pretty good. I just wish they’d use the figurative laser-guided smart bombs they have been offered free of charge, instead of the dumb bombs most of them are still using.

      29. Please provide more substantiation before publishing an article like this, as pieces like this turn people off. The writer may be correct, but as it stands, it appears to anyone with critical thinking that the author is simply making things up.

      30. Hillary is supported mainly by the white zionist Jewish clan that was responsible for the African slave trade holocaust in the first place. Jewish people, with their racist Tora and racist Talmud were the main evil and racist force behind the most terrible holocaust of all times: the murder of 100 million Africans. Hillary and Bill are nothing but sell-outs to these Jewish murderers, see Dr. Tony Martin’s lectures:

        Jews portray themselves as “victims”, however, their fascists and racists “religion” has caused more victims (murdered people and destroyed lives) than all other religions combined. Jews are enslavers and slave traders by their fascist/racist upbringing, and white woman Hillary is their sell out slave-girl, and shield against exposure.



      32. Folks, interview and KKK guy are real. I don’t trust Hillary for a second but I do work to investigate what I read. This interview was done by local reporter at NBC affiliate in Richmond, VA. I saw it air and you can see it on their website Go there and search on KKK. After your research make up your own mind then.

        We must work to stay physically free of tyranny. We must also work to keep our minds free!

      33. I bet one day we will all have a choise to make. Either join the black panthers , la raza , or the KKK. Or go it alone .

      34. I am secretly sexually attracted to Hillary Clinton. There, I said it.

        • Trolio the Clown, your moniker sounds PERFECT. so go right ahead and catch something from the hildebeast.

      35. Look we are all Hate speaking xenophobic terrorists now days and that includes anyone who’s not from the far-left and has not turned gay by now.

        Anyone that say something like “Immigrant slave labour pushes wages down” is not concerned that they can hardly make ends meet and realy just want to burn the jews, alive if they can.

        Chopping parts off new born boys and girls is the way to go and we need to all move back to the left and cut our dicks off so we can join the LGBTQ as paid up members and vote for Hillary who’s some say has feelings towards another woman.

      36. Rebecca is a good communist. She uses Marxist pejoratives with ease. She says that if you have white skin, then you have no right to self determination. She says that if you are a person of color, you should be used by the government to deconstruct the west. You see Rebecca, the word racist was invented in the early 1930’s by a communist named Magnus Herschfeld in Germany. His stated purpose for the word racist, was to intimidate westerners (white people)out of the political process so that the communists could destroy the West by multiculturalism.

      37. Should have been Trump-Duke on the GOP ticket, majority representation. The Clintons hate black people, always have. They hate everbody but love bribe payola. When pure evil is protected this tightly common people don’t stand a chance. Any vote for the establishment choice is a brainless vote. The play is the power of the media to continue the lies vs the power of the people to enact justice and change. Any change is desirable from the current establishment which rolls out one controlled puppet after another, the rule of traitors like Obama, both Bushes and both Clintons, all guilty of treason. All deserve the death penalty for mass murder.

        • All that needs to be said about SHILLIARRY is that based on her Indoctrination in the ALINSKY Doctrine that says :” the TRUTH is Nothing bUT lIES, OUR lIES are the REAL TRUTH” all one has to do, bresides Vomiting, after hearing her Bark more lies is to reverse what she says to come up with the truth……PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

      38. Duke is running as a demoncrat. Just goes to show you fuck party loyalty and focus on the canidates who are in line with your beliefs. Trump wants deportation of illegals so do I. Stopping illegal immigration with a wall just makes sense. As soon as illegals get to the us they are led to programs funded by all working people. America is the land of milk and honey for illegals as long as they vote for demoncrats. This has to stop. If they are disincentivized they won’t come here. Upholding the law and deporting millions of illegals is not racist it’s the right thing to do. If people don’t like the immigration laws call your legislators and try to change the laws to open the borders to free movement of people.

      39. Observer yes. And it’s getting more obvious every day.

      40. Mexico Has a Mexican Consulate in Every state in usa.

        According to Mexicos Prez and others,fed Laws and const of Mexico state that every person born in mexico is an mexcian citizen.

        And further stated that regardless what other nation a mexican born natural citizen moves to or resides in or even if he gets full citizenship in any other nation.

        That the mexican fed govnt by Law maintains full and total first dibs or for lack of better term full “ownership” of that mexican citizen. In mexicos eyes that mexican always remains a mexican citizen period.

        This is their main reason used for them to say each consulate has proper athourity over all mexican citizens when said mex comes to the mex consulate for help in any issue.

        This also Included Illeagle immigrant mexicans that enter into america illeagly too.

        And so far at least ever since klintions us prez era if not farther back yet, our usa prez and fed govnt agencies agree with that stuff totally.

        This is why illeagles always win against invalid arguments they have some type “Rights” to remain here illeagally!

        Plus mexicos illeagle immigration laws are far harsher than all of usa’s laws. There they Shoot illeagles at their southern border often times.

        And if YOU Dare enter mexico illeagaly?…You will be convicted and face mandatory two or three yrs hard time prison terms.

        Yet ZERO usa TV News shows ever tells usa citizens such infos eh.

      41. Them Guys, I’ve already been told this by a Mexican I know who came here LEGALLY AND PLAYED BY ALL THE RULES. The illegals have it made in the shade.

      42. Told you that trump is an asshole. Build that wall…not really. Now he wants to listen to illegals and work with them. Asshole! Trump is losing and there are zero excuses. He is as big of not bigger liar than Hillary.

      43. who knows anything about alt-right?

      44. It’s all emotionalism. There is little intellectualism left in these Main Stream (sold down the river slaves) MSM watching generally public schooled brainwashed dumbed down audience. If I want to sell you a car, do I show you a frustrated driver stuck in a traffic jam? NO! Check it out for yourself. When ever a car is being sold, the advertisers place it in a beautiful location with no traffic at all. When I want you to like someone, I place them in a desireable location. Say for example you go check out a playboy centerfold. I hate to disappoint but the reality is not that glamorous. Not only are photos altered and imperfections airbrushed out, the background is made to create a reaction as well. Even when you go to a professional photographer, he will have a backdrop suitable for the occasion along with props. Children’s pictures often include a teddy bear or blocks. If you place a child in the middle of a scene with a train, presents, and a glass of milk and cookies this picture will evoke pleasant emotions.

        Now, when we see a man dressed in a KKK hooded robe, our minds turn to mush. We are reminded of blacks hanged from trees, their homes burned, their children crying, and their wives de botched by vicious white people; all brought to you curtesy of the lying J*wish movie and J*wish TV industry MSM brainwashing mind controlling industry.

        It doesn’t matter if there are actors, it doesn’t matter the facts, the damage to your psyche is complete.

        I like fudge brownies, Donald Duck likes fudge brownies. So what. What does that prove? Nothing. But since I can not think, I can only respond, react, emote; I must therefore connect myself with Donald because I am a robotic programmed fool and an intellectual midget. All because I watch too damn much TV.

        Get rid of your TV. Stop watching movies put out by your enemies. Stop reading trash.

        You will be smarter. You can start cleansing your mind of the lies and become free to grasp truth.


      45. You all do know that Byrd was in the KKK for about a year. He later stated that he had “tunnel vision” at that time and only wanted to see what he wanted to. It was an organization that fostered his leadership, so he joined. But became disillusioned after a year and quit.

        “I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”

      46. I’m also pretty sure that pic of Byrd in the KKK outfit is photoshopped. The shadow on the brick wall doesn’t match, and there’s a little piece of neck just sticking out on the right.

      47. When Byrd Retired from the Senate, he did a Live TV special report carried on every station/channel.

        He Sat in a Chair all alone in entire us senate chambers and spoke to the TV Camaras.

        And he Praised his prior KKK involvements and offered No real regrets for being in KKK. And Nobody becomes top Honcho like Byrd did after just one short year in the KKK org.

        These truths of him should be Very easy and fast to locate online at more than a few websites today.

        Bottom line is Demacrats preach Tolerance of all constantly. Untill ANYbody Dares question or reject any of the too many phony or perverted or wrong positions they so demand we support or agree with.

        like special rights for niggers or jewry and also for faggs and dykes etc…Dare to question that stuff?

        Then every dem has ZERO tolerance for You or That.

        They tolerate every wrong headed evil or wrobg bad issue and only have zero tolerance for Whites and America’s former proper Ethics and Moral values. And especially of the christian white nature values!

        So today dems has proved beyond all dubt that we should have zero tolerance for dem libs and all of their agendas.

        Because we are whom are correct and proper, righteous and good, and when We the whites and christians run it america was and will again be and remain Godly good.

        The Past 50 yrs of american life Proves me correct and in Spades.

        Consider that…If you could wave a majik wand and tomorrow every negroe was gone from usa, or every jew or every non white gone…What would happen? Everything would be good and far Better.

        BUT..reverse it and only every white be gone?…America would then deteriorate at rapid pace and within few short yrs, a decade at best, all of whiteys inventions and all whites Built which is aprox 99% of america and everything…Would turn to Rust and Dust.

        And without any whites left to Fix or rebuild or re-invent-or PAY for-or maintain etc all stuff in our nation and lives needed to succeed and Prosper by would Cease fast to exist.

        The american end game scenario then would be a fast ride Back to a mixture of Jungle Bunnies-Spear chuckers-Canabals-and Jiggers aka Kike niggers and Kommie marxists.

        With america like a huge Jungle overgrown and naked canabals running wild like africa and the small few Tribe kikes liveing in Caves wondering How to Re-invent Fire and a wheel again!

        And guys like lefty Byrd would get booted out of both that new jungle and them caves since neither kikes Nor black savages will have any further need for subvesive sell outs like sen byrd any longer.

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