Report: 50 North Korean Submarines Vanish From Western Radar: Could They Be Armed With Nukes?

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Headline News | 135 comments

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    (North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversees the successful test launch of a submarine-based ballistic missile in May 2015)

    Last week North and South Korea exchanged live artillery fire across the demilitarized zone known as the 39th parallel. The standoff has led to threats from both sides, with a reported doubling of the military personnel and artillery on the northern side of the border.

    While negotiators discuss a settlement behind closed doors, the situation remains tense and both countries are maintaining high alert levels.

    This morning, it was reported that some 50 North Korean submarines stationed around the peninsula and visible to Western radar systems suddenly vanished, suggesting that the leader Kim Jong Un is preparing his forces for pre-emptive strike in the event that talks between the two nations fail.

    North Korea seems to be stepping up preparations for a military provocation even as ongoing high-level talks seek to avert the worst.

    More than 50 North Korean submarines have apparently been sent out on mystery missions, and artillery strength and warfare-readiness along the frontline have been raised to the max, a military source said Sunday.

    That suggests the North has embraced a two-prong strategy tempering its traditional brinkmanship with diplomacy.

    “The current sortie rate of North Korean submarines is as high as 10 times the rate in ordinary times,” a military official said. “Scores of subs that have left their bases on the eastern and western coasts are off our radar, which is an unprecedentedly serious situation.”

    Due to North Korea’s notoriously secretive military protocols, it’s anyone’s guess what mission the submarines were given. Some suggest they may be transporting commandos who would launch surprise attacks should talks break down. Other analysts indicate that the North may be preparing for attacks against military and commercial shipping vessels, which would not be unprecedented as evidenced by the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel in 2010.

    One major concern among officials in South Korea and the United States is that some of the submarines may be armed with nuclear weapons. The country successfully launched a submarine-based ballistic missile in May of this year and has had an active nuclear weapons program for over a decade.

    It has been previously reported that North Korea has developed a high-altitude nuclear weapon known as a “Super EMP”  that could be exploded over the United States causing significant damage to the national power grid. In 2013 North Korea launched a satellite into space that, according to some U.S. officials, may have had a space-based super-EMP weapon aboard, suggesting that such a weapon does in fact exist in the North’s arsenal.

    U.S. officials quietly are expressing concern that North Korea could use its “space launch vehicle” to explode a high-altitude nuclear device over the United States, creating an electromagnetic pulse that would destroy major portions of the U.S. electrical grid system as well as the nation’s critical infrastructures.

    The concern is so great that U.S. officials who watch North Korea closely are continually monitoring the status of the North Korean “space launch vehicle,” whose status could suggest a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States.

    Two years on, it’s quite possible that North Korea has modified such a weapon for ballistic missile deployment from a submarine, the effects of which would be catastrophic should Kim Jong Un’s regime decide to attack the United States with a first-strike destabilizing blow in an effort to prevent a coordinated military response should the country move on the South.

    This concern recently has been reinforced by a little-publicized study by the U.S. Army War College that said a nuclear detonation at altitude above a U.S. city could wipe out the electrical grid for hundreds, possibly thousands of miles around.

    The impact would be catastrophic.

    “Preparing for months without a commercial source of clean water (city water pressure is often dependent on electric pumping to storage towers) and stoppage of sewage treatment facilities will require net methods of survival particularly in populated areas,” the military study said.

    The May 2011 study, titled, “In the Dark: Military Planning for a Catastrophic Critical Infrastructure Event,” concluded that there is “very little” in the way of backup capability to the electric grid upon which the communications infrastructure is vitally dependent.

    An earlier report from the Center for Security Policy warns that a high-altitude nuclear weapon would be so devastating to the United States that as many as 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead within the first year following the attack:

    A small-scale, five to ten kiloton weapon detonated 200 miles above Nebraska, or a few weapons detonated 50 miles or so above the eastern, western and central United States would do the job.

    The effects would be nothing short of disastrous – literally the end of the world as we know it.

    All unprotected and unhardened electrical devices would be left useless.

    This means that everything, from the refrigerator in your kitchen to the semi-trucks that carry food across the country, would be non-functioning.

    If an enemy of the USA wants to bring America to its knees without rendering the land completely useless, they could do so with an EMP weapon.

    We’ve always believed that a mainland invasion of the United Stated would be difficult, if not impossible. But, if an EMP weapon were to be used, our country could effectively be invaded within a matter of months, as most of the population would be wiped out and the government and military infrastructures in disarray.

    Source: EMP Threat: ‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’

    Last year Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief warned that the World War III triggering event would likely come from a confrontation between North and South Korea, which are both essentially proxy regimes for the East and West:

    The trigger event has to be North Korea… North Korea is the most rogue element in the world and yet it’s been given a pass by the U.S… We don’t do anything to stop its nuclear progress, unlike Iran.

    Russia and China… it’s too early… they’re not ready to go to a third world war over Iran…

    When you see a North Korean launch against the South… and they do some minor military attack every year, so you’ve got to be careful not to confuse those with a major artillery barrage on Seoul. If this ever starts you know you’re days away from nuclear war. People ought to get out of major cities that are major nuclear targets.

    Source: The Trigger: If This Ever Happens You Know You’re Days Away From Nuclear War

    With the world in economic panic and financial markets failing, it is only a matter of time before government officials start pointing the finger at their foreign competitors. It is a story that has been oft repeated throughout history where those in charge, rather than taking responsibility for the failure of their own policies, instead take their countries to war as a way to maintain power.

    Whether North Korea is planning to attack or simply doing this for show as they have done before remains to be seen, but tensions around the world are heating up on the economic front, in cyberspace, and now in military hotpots.

    There is a reason that those in the know continue to prepare for widespread disaster. It’s because the reality of such a scenario is more probable now than ever before.

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      1. Geezzzz….

        • I wasn’t ready!

          • Anyone who believes that 50 North Korean submarines have “disappeared” and are no longer visible to the USA has been reading too many news clips issued by Dear Leader.

            IMPOSSIBLE !!! 🙂

            • Diesel subs can be really quiet when running on batteries, but they can’t go more than a few tens of miles that way. The rest of the time they have to run their engines, making enough noise to be heard for a hundred miles, given today’s sonar. Maybe 1000. Disappeared, my azz. Unless they’ve all sunk.

              • Yep, NK has diesel boats, and they are noisy. The sea there is also shallow, not good sub grounds. Ask any US skipper from WWII, and consider modern sonar capabilities, helicopter-borne sonar arrays, listening posts, etc., etc., and suddenly the threat proposed by this article is pretty well non-existent.

                I’d give them about 2 hours of life expectancy in a war.

                Birdseed article.

            • Well, I don’t have them.

          • To all the Gullible Gus’s who can’t count, nor know nothing of weapons systems, here’s a clue: The picture is at best, only probable. Even if true, it was only this May that they ‘tested’ an SLBM. It takes years to manufacture a host needed to be of any use like we and the other nuclear nations have. Besides, we have tactical nukes at bases in the South as well as our own very sophisticated subs nearby hiding under water.

        • These are old fashioned diesel subs, they can do nothing unless Obama orders US navy to stand down.

          They are the clown cars of the worlds navy’s

          With Obama’s blessing they would strike, and not a moment sooner!

          • Norks don’t have a SLBM. cant do shit. I think the Stock market this week could be on the “DEAD CAT” bounce.

          • Yes, diesel electric subs are old fashioned technology and according to the information I was able to find the ones North Korea has are Soviet designs from the 1950s. But there is something important that needs to be pointed out. A diesel electric submarine running submerged on its batteries is essentially impossible to find on passive sonar. So unless you somehow manage to get an active sonar system close enough to the diesel electric submarine that it can pick up the return ping from the submarine you’re not going to find it. It is practically invisible.

            Given that’s true, why don’t we still use them? Quite simply a diesel electric submarine can’t do what we need our submarines to do. Diesel electric submarines come into their own when they are used for relatively short range operations. To give you all a for instance: Top speed of a North Korean Romeo class submarine operating on the surface – 18.5 knots, operating submerged – 13 knots, endurance on batteries before it has to start its diesel to charge them – probably 3 – 5 days depending on how fast it’s going. Once it starts up its diesel it makes a lot of noise and can be found on passive sonar. It would have to run its diesel for several hours to charge its batteries back up to full after they had been seriously depleted. It doesn’t need to surface to do that, it can use a snorkel mechanism to get air to and exhaust from its diesel while it remains submerged. But even though the snorkel is small and hard to spot, it can be picked up on radar. The North Korean subs sortied on August 23rd. By sometime between August 26 – August 28 they are going to have to start running their diesels, and thus there is a reasonable chance they can be located.

            A fast attack nuclear submarine like the ones we use by way of contrast is noisier than a diesel electric submarine running on its batteries. But it is far, far quieter than a diesel electric submarine running its diesel. Maximum speed of a fast attack nuclear submarine submerged is classified, but I have seen unclassified reports suggesting that it could be as great as 40 knots, and depending on the class of the submarine in question could potentially go upwards of 20 knots without making any significant noise. Endurance of a fast attack nuclear submarine is primarily limited by how much food and toilet paper they can cram on board her. In terms of range, how many laps around the world do you want to do before you go back to port? She can operate for years without needing to be refueled.

            In terms of submarine combat, a diesel electric submarine these days is pretty much a one shot pony. Once a torpedo has been launched everybody, their brother, and his dog who has a passive sonar system is going to know (1) that a torpedo has been launched, (2) where it’s going and (3) where it was launched from. You fire a torpedo back at the sub that fired its torpedo at you and then run. A nuclear fast attack is not faster than a torpedo, but it has endurance like nobody’s business. If the torpedo that was launched at it was launched from far enough away, the nuclear submarine has a reasonable chance of simply moving far enough and fast enough that the torpedo runs out of fuel before it can hit.

            The diesel electric on the other hand effectively can’t run, and with the active sonar sensor in the torpedo focused on the sub it can’t hide. So the only option the crew has is to decide whether or not they want to scream like little girls before they die.

            • You’re pretty spot on for most of it, except the duration run time of the diesel boat. They can’t last days at those speeds, even with an aftermarket AIP system. Also, although quiet, that class of boats are noisy and easily detected. The US Navy may have her weaknesses, but with training and technology available, NK Fleet is little threat.

              • Minarchist_1776 and all those worried about NK underwater targets. I was in the Navy as well AW3 to be exact and nobody uses “passive” sonar or “active” sonar to find a rickety old noise box like a diesel sub. You use SONET or a Sonobouy (i.e. underwater mic) a single bouy with mic can tell you EXACTLY which submarine you are detecting not the TYPE, but EXACTLY which one of X number of IDENTICAL subs you are listening to. I am not authorized to go into detail. But trust me, I studied the material and it’s EASY to detect a simple noise making diesel sub. p.s. it doesn’t matter if it’s running electric or not. You WILL be found. I hate to say it but Hunt for Red October gives some good insight into sub-hunting. Been there, done that. Got an award to prove it.

            • Excellent Review. Thanks! Good stuff. Learned more in three minutes reading this….

        • The Sexiest Man Alive?

          BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA even I wouldn’t touch that meatball.

          Glorious leader should try the fucking salad once in awhile?

          • He be a bit chubby and probably has a little dick….

          • I laugh too I heard a guy on the radio yesterday say
            were not in any trouble in this country , there has been a 250 thousand jobs created this year

            250 thousand jobs is SHIT when 100’s of thousands of jobs have left this country over a period of 14 years or more //.. and there is probably over 250 thousand people just in my state alone needing REAL employment

        • Not worried. Half of them will probably never surface again anyway, probably littering the bottom of the Pacific.

          Liberals are more damaging to the US than North Korea ever will be.


        • For pity sakes, has anybody stopped to put the headlines in order?

          Kissinger says get out of Ukraine, fix US-Russia ties

          Stock market plummets and it’s China’s fault

          NK off sneaking around our coast, possibly with nukes

          I hope everyone can see what’s happening here—DISTRACTION

          Plus, since the NWO patriarch says to back off Russia, we have to trot a new scary monster out for the public fear factor.

          NK is probably NOT sneaking around with nukes to kill us all with. Russia couldn’t care less what the NWO wants, and the banksters need to distract everyone while they pull of another wealth distribution (from us to themselves).


          The only one that makes sense, is the Russia thing. Even the NWO is smart enough to see that Russia will not back down, and the globalists do not want to preside over a nuked up globe. There’s simply no satisfaction or profit in ruling a dead planet. So they’ve just changed tact.

          • Sixpact… It does not make any difference what you or I think or anyone else.The powers that be are all in on what ever happens.i am backed up in the southern woods waiting.I have no way of knowing how it will end. Prepare best you can and hope the hammer hit the nail in our favor.May you and yours be blessed.

          • Yuup…

          • Commifornia could be EMP’d. Just take a look at all the Nuke Plants on the WestCoast. Yikes…

            Id be a heavy stack and packer of Potasaium Iodide.


          • Wow, Six is back. Give em hell girlie!!


            • I just took a break to go try out my camping and fishing stuff. Here’s what I learned:

              I can put all of my gear on my back and on my walker AND make it over some rocks and downed trees…I don’t do deep mud too well, but trails and brush are doable, but slow going.

              I’ve determined that neither my tent nor my blow-up raft have any leaks, and I can set them up by myself.

              My fishing pole will pull a big log up from the bottom, with 100 test spiderwire in my reel. Don’t know about fish yet, there didn’t seem to be any around…

              I can’t climb trees, but I can hoist my stuff up there for safe keeping, my throwing arm is still pretty good.

              I know I need something better to sleep on, up off the ground, and my outdoor cooking skills have not suffered at all. I’d almost forgotten how good a cup of coffee is, made on a camp fire at daybreak.

              I can still swim if I leave my walker on the bank…it will not float.

              I finally got my scope sighted in on my crossbow, and my crossbow is too strong to target trees less than 50 yards away—retrieving my first arrow was NOT FUN. I thought for a minute I was going to have to chop down the tree to get it back, LOL.

              All-in-all, I had a great time.

      3. They probably all sunk.

        • Or defected to a country that has luxuries…like food.

          • I love it…

            A smile was unable to be suppressed!

      4. They both came to a mutual agreement earlier today, so give it a few more weeks or months till they ratchet up the war threats.

        • Soapdish, spot on. it’s only a matter of time until the NKs start talking trash again.

        • Yep ratchet up the demonization of each other. It allows each leader to fleece its own Country’s citizens and centralize more control and power. Oh all with the pretext tp keep the Citizens safe. Are there still gullible morons that buy this BS? Yep watch the other hand pick-pocketing us. Watch the Feds suction cup tenticles for starters.


      5. My self and 12 of my shipmates got to visit the ASW facility in Jacksonville. We flew P-3’s during the cold war (67-69). Our squadron tracked more Russian subs during that time than any other squadron. Guess what they are doing with all the old ASW planes. Moth balling them in the desert of Arizona. The new planes are being delivered, but as we talked to the sailors who will be flying them, they won’t go on line for months perhaps years. On young man I talked to a few weeks ago was really impressed with the hours we had all accumulated chasing live Russian subs. I flew 1500 hours in 2 1/2 years. He said that it would take them two four year tours to accumulate that much flight time. So we have these big fancy P-8 airplanes and the crews are untrained and inexperienced. Kind of scary when you think of think of 50 subs on the loose and no one knows where they’re at. Would never have happened in the old Navy.

        • Cee.

          Mad Foxes or War Eagles

          • Obama probably gave ’em Crippled DoDo’s, slingshot.

        • Theres a lot of things that would not happen in the USA of 40-50 years ago, its a damn shame.

          • Yea, we’ve let everything slide. Is our Constitutional Republic lost?

            • I dont know my friend,,,
              I can tell you one thing for sure though, people just dont have the same stuff as the older generations did and do, the younger generations and even some of the group that grew up inthe 60s and 70s are scary stupid

              • Kulafarmer, I always enjoy your posts, but WHOA on the generation from 60s and 70s! I’m from that generation and while there were SOME that weren’t right in the head, a lot of us came out RIGHT. The later generations are definitely a lost cause.

                • Thats why i said, “even some of the group”
                  Wasnt calling out all, but i know a lot of old hippies who are as progressively liberal as the summer days are long!
                  You know what i mean

                  • Kula, OK, the LIBTURD ones are a lost cause, I agree. Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix libturds.

              • 100 % babyboomers fault. yall forget how liberal babyboomers were. its in your music. tv shows. movies. its all there for every one to see, except babyboomers are blind to it. sorry but its what yall wanted so own up to it. future generations get the blame for it, but they not running the country yet

            • Yes.

            • “Is our Constitutional Republic lost?”

              U’mm, yea…like a long, long, long time ago. Way before any one of us were born. None of us here has experienced a “Constitutional Republic”.

              We were all born into this fake “Democracy” bullshit.

              Want to save the “Republic”?

              Please, step into the Time Machine, and set the Time Circuits to: February 21, 1871. May not be a bad idea to set it to a complete day or a few hours early. This should give you ample time to scout, and infiltrate your way onto the Congress floor.

              Tell them to stop immediately of what they are considering.
              Inform them that they are voting, to turn a country into a Corporation….and “We The People” can’t have that …. that’s BAD BUSINESS!!!!!!

              • If you went back to 1871 you could meet some people who were alive when these United States were still a constitutional republic prior to 1860. The republic died when the tyrant Lincoln illegally declared war and invaded the confederacy.

                Remember, a civil war is two sides fighting for control of the government. The south legally declared independence, as allowed by both the US and most state constitutions, and formed a separate nation. The south wanted nothing to do with the US government, hence no “civil war”, and was forced to rejoin the former republic at gunpoint.

                • Reb,
                  Great response. It is good seeing someone out there that has done their research. Got any suggestions for resources? take care

                  • Tom DiLorenzo has written two books in recent years. “The Real Lincoln” I would highly recommend.

                • Ok, that may correct the history books on the subject but how exactly does it change the outcome and the effect of it on subsequent generations? I’m not trying to instigate argument, but it is what it is, regardless of who started it, and it’s impossible to change the outcome of those events.


        • @Cee, the new normal is pretense. I see it everywhere. Reality doesn’t matter any more, just the virtual reality within the organization. I fear the military has become insane as well.

          • If there was ever a good time to Buy Silver. Currently @ $14.76. Besides yesterday, its Today!! Back up the truck on 1 Oz Silver rounds. .999 pure. I see Silver at $20+ by end if year. I would also think stock market pullouts will buy silver as a better safe haven. Ride this sucka to the moon. Buy low sell high. Pretty simple.


        • I was an AW3 on P-3’s out of NASJAX as well, and all the subs that NK has are old school diesel-electric. Those are about as stealthy as a freight train rolling past a glass shop. They CANNOT get past the SONET without easy detection. Those subs are literally so noisy all you need to find them are a couple of underwater microphones. I mean REALLY a ROMEO class Russian sub? What a piece of junk – think YUGO.
          Just sayin

      6. They have a satellite in orbit, launched 12-12-12 named KMS3-2 that regularly crosses over the mainland US. If I recall correctly, our side made fun of them after the launch because it didn’t achieve usable orbit for whatever type of satellite they claimed it was.. I have wondered since if that was not a perfect placement, rather than a mistake. You can see the track here. You can view the projected track up to 10 days in advance.

        • @oUCH: Thanks, I honestly thought their satellite had crashed and burned and sank into the sea months ago. That’s what I get for thinking. Again thanks.

        • @oUCH: Hey guy, it’s not Halloween, so stop scaring me. I checked out the website in detail and that Korean satellite comes right over Nebraska at the exact location and altitude required to do the absolute most harm via an emp. And it sails over Nebraska quite often in fact. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. If N. Korea has a super emp weapon on that thing, then our grid is toast. We are toast. But we won’t eat toast because there will be no electricity. Good call and excellent info, thanks for putting the cross-hairs on it for us.

        • That’s just flippin cool…thanks!

        • Where’s the like button?

      7. As I have stated before. If a nation puts its ships to sea. They mean to go to war.

        • @Slingshot: You hit the nail on the head with that comment. Was it Clausewitz or Machivelli sp. that said, “Never concern yourself with your opponents intentions: His capabilities are his intentions.” N. Korea has the capability and that, in the end, is their intentions. Especially when they have nothing to lose and everything to gain and we everything to lose and nothing to gain by nuclear war.

        • What does that say for a nation that ALWAYS has ship at sea?

          • It says we are always looking for war. It’s what we do.

            Just like niggers out strolling the streets at night. Are the looking for jobs, or to contribute to society with acts of kindness? Fuck no they’re looking for their next crime opportunities. It’s what they do,

            • Nobama, Thats why they sleep all day till about 3pm,, then get liquored up for their nightly troll stroll.

              The worst thing our country ever did was provide wellfare checks and food stamps. Massive abuse. And you can add the disability abuse as well, fraudsters getting checks for headaches. Stop drinking for starters.

      8. What does everyone think the markets will do tomorrow?
        500+ points down today
        Hurry hurry step right up and spin the wheel
        Watch as the worlds wonders unfold before our eyes,,,,

        • At 9:31 tomorrow. The North Koreans will set off their high EMP pulse and effectively shut down the electrical grid and save the country from a stock market crash and another great depression.

          What? Trying to put a positive spin on it. Hahaha!

          • Zipperheads wil foul it up, instead of placing the EMP device center of the country … they’ll focus it more towards the West.

            Everything west of the Mississippi River will be blacked out …. Jade Helm Troops will save the day and Wal-Mart will be open so those unfortunate ones can receive their “free survival gift bag”.

            This way to your designated Bus or Train to receive Government Assistance – we’re here to help you –

            ‘El Presidento Obungholio & Mooch’nTwig’nBerries

            [sarcasm OFF]

            • ‘El Presidento Obungholio & Mooch’nTwig’nBerries

              Hhahahaha fuckin hilarious

          • @slingshot,
            Ha! Made my day.

          • @Slingshot: Positive spin; We get off work early, we’re going fishing, and screw the size and limit laws.

        • I believe the Asian markets will continue to bleed off, and the USSAG markets will be less volatile, but will still loose value.

          The Aussie and a few European markets will stabilize.

          It’s the week of the 9-11 anniversary that I am anticipating and especially that following weekend.

          Two weeks away.

        • Asia markets are up sharply so far over there this morning, and we usually follow suit, so my guess is we’ll be up tomorrow too. An attack upon America will bring the collapse. Not the marketplace. thanks

      9. North Korea Submarines are all diesel electric, as silent as The Who on stage performing at 125db. I suspect this story is yet another farcical invention of the writer.

        • I hope you are correct, but we are dealing with fanatics here(not the writer.)thanks.

          • Mac,

            Vice sent a reporter to North Korea. He illegally recorded video there and smuggled it back across the border. They made an episode about it.

            Balls of fucking titanium!!!


          • And we all know exactly what an article’s popularity with the MSM means…it means it’s obummer approved and probably bullshit.

        • In that picture up there… would someone be that close to a “test” launch or that close to any launch at all?

      10. They could be,they could also be loaded with unicorns/sunk 20,000 leagues under the sea(good movie and better book!),hell,possibilities endless,could be the red dawn army on it’s way with others!

        • they’re after ur goldfish

      11. NK doesn’t have any nukes.

        Those things it tested were either gobs of TNT with a little bif o radioactive materials released to simulate having one or Iranian EMP devices it was testing for Iran to see if they worked or not without directly involving Iran as the culprit.

        If they have one, let them prove it: Nuke something. Anything. South Korea or Hawaii or Japan or something.

        But they won’t because they don’t really have one.

        Of course, it does let someone else pull off a false flag and blame Korea to get something they want started without directly involving themselves in its start.

        • Hey now,, dont be draggin my neighborhood into this thing,,,
          We got maitais and hula girls, dont need no freakin nukes on our party

          • there goes the neighborhood.. AGAIN!.. i mean isn’t Obungholio moving there soon?

        • “NK doesn’t have any nukes.”

          Never underestimate your Enemy or potential Enemies.

        • Anonymous

          The nuclear test NK had produced a tiny sub Kt explosion. That is either:

          A. A highly advanced mini nuke
          B. A pre fission of a gun type “Little Boy” bomb.

          Considering NK technological position and the general steps in nuclear weapons development the B answer is the most plausible.

          NK wants to intimidate and shake down the Western World by “Saber Rattling”. If it had a functioning nuclear weapon it would have demonstrated it and bragged accordingly.

          Having nuclear weapons gets you respect which translates to power and money. Using them with a return address guarantees your demise. The NK leadership would cease to exist if they used a nuclear weapon on another nation, any nation.

          • They used to have working nukes, but some soldiers got really hungry and chewed all the insulation of the wires.

        • Don’t dismiss the possibility that they just simply bought one from Pakistan, or several, and will say “see our nuclear program is as good as anyone’s!”

      12. Finally an article that really has some seriously scary stuff in it. And it’s based on fact. The fact is, according to the people that are supposed to know these things, say that at least six of N. Korea’s submarines have nukes on board. Their best guess is three on each. The subs would need about six days to reach the west coast of America. Who knows when it is going to happen. An emp/cyber attack is out there somewhere in our future. Only God and the attacker knows when, but it is going to be off the charts nasty. The ‘talks’ have supposedly ended cordially and all is well. I hope that is correct. thanks

        • SIX DAYS !!!!!! How many guy’s do they have peddling the damn thing, or are they up to hand cranks ?

          • stroke , stroke , stroke .. er ahh how you say in zipper speak ?

      13. Why would a thinking person believe anything said by radar operators from the West?
        What a load of Hot Cock.
        America is probably about to nuke itself as it’s economy slips down the toilet and the people riot.
        Any nukes going off won’t be sent by North Korea….the first ones will come from Uncle Sam’s Filth Brigade..

        • That would be a plausable scenario, set off an EMP, one of these turd groups that the CIA trained and outfitted could do it, the people would never figure it out, everything would be in total chaos and that would enable TPTB to try and enact martial law to try andcontrol things, they could crash the financial and banking sector and say it was hacked and the $ all disappeared, of course hundreds of thousands of armed Americans could be a problem for the plan, but arrogance abounds and TPTB will figure its in the bag and control of the plebes is right around the corner,,

      14. This is more warmed over “be afraid … be very afraid.”

        If the sources quoted aren’t pure propaganda, consider this.

        In a bilateral NK – SK war, NK would get quite far into SK, and heavily damage Seoul.
        Before SK, with or without US help, reduced NK to paste.

        The NK leadership knows it.

        NK might be a threat to SK. But they are a mouse roaring at a lion against the US.

        If we don’t wet our pants worrying about Russia or China, NK is of no consequence.

        Militarists need for there to be enemies. They need their managed farm animals to be afraid. Oh we beg of you, man of destiny atop the stallion, protect us. Sic.

        If there weren’t enemies behind every tree, many would realize we don’t need militarists. And then what would they do?

        They might have to earn an honest dollar producing something everyday people actually want rather than shit that goes boom paid for with stolen tax money.

      15. Its interesting that North Korea, one of the most backward nations on earth is occupying news print and discussion while the global economy implodes. North Korea diesel subs not tracked? Every day or so it surfaces to recharge its batteries. No doubt tracking them is an exercise for sailors in training. North Korea with weaponized operational nukes? Their test so far consisted of a pre fission fizzle which points to a gun type fission bomb (little boy) which is the most primitive design inferior to implosion.

        I don’t believe that they possess a functioning nuclear weapon delivered by rocket.

        South Korea can well handle North Korea. No one can handle banksters.

        • They probably have a bunch of M-80s wrapped together. lmao.

        • Kevin2, NK is backward in many respects. Their arsenal is nothing but old Soviet-era weapons from 50s, 60s, and 70s that Russia doesn’t even build or make parts for anymore. Their air force consists of nothing but old Mig-17, Mig-19, and Mig-21 fighters from 60s and 70s and have supposedly been losing some in accidents because they can no longer get parts for them. they’ve never had any serious upgrades on their arsenal. The only weapons they have for anyone to worry about are their old artillery buried in mountains on their side of the DMZ and those date back to WW2. Even old artillery can still cause a lot of destruction. they also have the old katyusha rocket launchers which date back to WW2 but are still devastatingly effective. The NKs LOVE the katyushas. Go to youtube, type in north korea in the search engine, and watch some of the videos of their military parades and other events the regime stages. the NKs can put on a helluva show. It’s scary to watch the bastards marching doing that old Soviet-type march. If you ever wanted to see mindless robots, they are the ones. If their turd leader ordered them to march off a cliff, they would do it without question. Those bastards are truly insane, no less than chicoms or japs from WW2.

        • How does the battery recharge process work on these old subs? Why do they need to surface?

          • Off the diesel engines with generators. Surfacing? I guess fresh air.

            • Yes fresh air. Even if equipped with a snorkel the noise alone would rattle the ears of a Sonar man that was almost def.

              South Korea would mop the floor with North Korea. A friend stationed on the DMZ a few decades back was under the impression that the US is at the 38th Parallel to keep the South Koreans from North Korea as the ROK troops had good weapons (ours) and were harder than nails. He drove to the DMZ in a 2.5 ton truck passing ROK troops running up there every morning in extremely cold weather w/o winter clothing. This was an everyday occurrence.

              The South Koreans have it pretty good and I have no doubt would virtually fight to the death to maintain it.

          • Pant, pant, even I need to breath fresh air Mr Acid.

          • To Acid Etch –

            They have to resurface in order to run the Diesel engines on board the sub. When the diesels are running they charge the batteries. When the sun runs underwater the batteries are used. The Diesel engines don’t run underwater just the batteries

            PS I hope you liked your hiking down in southern Utah. I live up in northern Utah in the mountains and my state has amazing outdoors all year round state wide

            Take it easy man

            • Edit *sub

            • Ah, yes, they do run underwater on diesels. The Germans invented the Schnorkel, remember?

          • The batteries need recharged by the diesel engines. That requires surface running to feed air to the engines.

            The diesel boat is essentially the same boat of WWII, submerge by day, surface by night. Modern sonar gear made them about useless by 1960, but they’re cheap, fast to build, and within the capabilities of most economies with steel and a shipyard to build.

      16. I would think that all the subs in the world are tracked at all times by our military.

        • Unfortunately that’s not entirely correct. the walkers back in the 70’s gave away a lot of secrets that the U.S had developed for “silent running” for submarines. so in a nutshell, like old coach said “diesel” used snorkels and aren’t very effective anymore, diesel electric “non-threat” due to excessive noise even on batteries they still make noise. Nuclear noisy pre-walker really silent post-walker. so for example an October class sub has ICBMs on board and runs very silent, with it’s hull design it could (at the time) go too deep for torps to get at it. The newer post-walker Victor class attack subs have gone undetected in certain situations. I can’t go into detail because I swore an oath not to. But rest assured the NK subs are literally a joke compared to newer subs. If anything the NK subs are a diversion to keep U.S. sub-hunters busy while someone else is moving into position.

          • EDIT – I said october class oops. I meant Typhoon class. Thinking sub, typing movie. 😉

      17. Chinese Stocks Are Crashing; Yuan Devalues, Deposit Rate Spikes To Record High, Japan Denies “G7 Response” Planned

        ht tp://

        “Chinese Stocks are Crashing”

        not breaking news anymore

      18. north Korea is the fall guy when it all goes to shit. It is ironic that the economy is failing and this is going on. it’s like the Koreans know they are gonna need to defend themselves.

      19. In other news, Abe Vigoda is still alive.

        ht tp://

      20. I wish some would take this spoiled little Bastard to the wood shed.
        And would some body cut his frigging air!!!


      21. North and South Korea have already buried the hatchet according to CNN. The author of this article is a little late…

      22. if we stopped sending them money, the subs would run out of fuel and just sink to the bottom of the sea.

      23. Ho Lee Fook! This cat tortured and killed his own uncle so killing a shit ton of Americans ain’t goin’ to be a reach for him.

      24. Wouldn’t it be something if you didn’t have to wade through a pile to filter out the truth. I was kind of shaken in my boots till I read some comments. Thanks. Some of you guys say some really mean things but at least you’re not trying to sell something or just trying to scare us kids. Besides I bet most of you wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it presented a mortal danger. Oh if Kim is the sex man alive, than I’m going to put his picture up for all the girls to dream about. But I’ll have to cover it when I go to sleep cause it would give me nightmares.

      25. Wouldn’t it be something if you didn’t have to wade through a pile to filter out the truth. I was kind of shaken in my boots till I read some comments. Thanks. Some of you guys say some really mean things but at least you’re not trying to sell something or just trying to scare us kids. Besides I bet most of you wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it presented a mortal danger. Oh if Kim is the sex man alive, than I’m going to put his picture up for all the girls to dream about. But I’ll have to cover it when I go to sleep cause it would give me nightmares.

      26. May we have your undivided ATTENTEION please: Do to the shrinking economy, the falling markets, and the FRN’ losing its value. We will have to raise TAXES and FEES’ to cover OUR LOSSES. In doing so we would like to say how THANKFUL we are in your participation in this time of OUR need, so to show that we are taking away more of your FREEDOMS. Remember we are the GOVERNMENT and WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!

        Stop Feeding the BEAST!!! As long as we do nothing they will do EVERYTHING for their benefit.

      27. You don’t see subs on radar. You see them on sonar. NK only has a couple nukes at most so they can’t all be armed with nuclear weapons. You also have to wonder how many them are capable of launching an ICBM.

        • You see them on radar until they submerge.

      28. Im throwing the Bull Shit Flag… of them maybe….but 50?????

        Come on Sheeple….Wake up!!!!

        Think about it…..that would mean that we got’s all kinds of subs surrounding this nation from all over the world..

        All of a sudden the North Koreans have better technology than we do??? The Giant BS flag has been thrown.


        THIS STORY IS B.S.

      30. I don’t believe NK is an enemy of TPTB. Don’t they have a Rothschild controlled central bank also? They are just a useful puppet for appearances of yet another scare tactic source. Western governments are responsible for 60 million deaths worldwide since WW2. There is your one and only enemy and the enemy of the entire world.

      31. The American people rest comfortably in their beds trying to get to sleep…… closet door opens just a tiny bit, an arm with a puppet reaches trough the crack in the door. BOO HOO WAHH HAHH *shake shake* Arm retreats back into closet and door closes.

        American people mess themselves in their beds.

        As a listener/reader for over ten years I find it funny how you cant believe anything the government says EXCEPT when it comes to north Korea and Russia.

        North Korea is a bad joke of a movie plot to scare wanna be conservative adult children.
        Wake up, and quit helping the governments propaganda push. This punch and judy show is getting more stupid by the minute.

        • please dont do scary puppet hand again. if you wouldve said scary puppet hand at night drawing a shadow, i wouldnt be able to handle it

      32. For the author to imply that North Korea has 50 submarines capable of delivering nuclear missiles is incredible. I don’t believe that for a minute.

      33. “A small-scale, five to ten kiloton weapon detonated 200 miles above Nebraska, or a few weapons detonated 50 miles or so above the eastern, western and central United States would do the job.”

        My standing question was answered, but I strongly disagree. 10 KT over Nebraska isn’t powerful enough to do widespread EMP damage. You need Megaton sized weapons. To insure full EMP coverage of North America a 5 MT over Omaha at 200 miles, possible 10MT. Y’all going make me did in my storage unit for my books with the calculations of what level of MeV will be needed to do this.

      34. It’s the 38th Parallel, not the 39th. I’m not nit-picking, because I’m sure it was just a typo. I can’t type worth a crap either, but please proof read. Accuracy is important.

      35. This just proves that the writer and/or the web site owner Mac Slavo is truly a fear monger and /or just a plain idiot! With current satellite technology that most of the industrialized countries possess, all subs are clearly tracked. None have the ability to hide whether cruising under water or sitting on the bottom. Actually I read some other posts that the number was around 75. It makes you think, what are the true purposes of these type of posts? The alt. media now how become worse than the MSM. This just disgust me and I hope all others readers!!!!!!

      36. an EMP device won’t wipe us out coast to coast. maybe local to the device. some disruptions across country. Electricity doesn’t work that way. It would take multiple devices period. Over different parts of country.
        Go back and study the largest nuke ever tested. Russia tested the biggest airborne device. We nor they have any that big 60+ megaton. Why? law of diminishing returns.

        NK is not a threat. but that probably would be the trigger for WW3. Its still a shit sandwich and we all are going to have to take a bite.

      37. the new diesel electric sub now days can go quite a ways underwater and are very quiet due to there is no reactor cooling pumps needed and if necessary in shallow enough water can just sit on the bottom totally silent and nobody would be any wiser.

        • sorry, your information sounds good but, based on what? Nobody I’ve heard of wastes resources on building “modern” diesel subs. The NK subs are used Russian diesel electrics. They are noisy POS’s. could they build a modern diesel electric sub? probably, but nobody actually would want to build that. too noisy. even if they could sit on the bottom of the ocean nice and quiet, they would be detected in a heart beat once the diesel fires up, miles and miles away.

      38. Will some country just snipe this guy already, good grief. Take a team in and be done with it. Next guy’s a problem repeat step one. But then again, these clowns serve a purpose or they would be dead.

      39. Maybe North Koria is playing war games just like the USA does in the south all the time and also on the borders of Russia as they try to get Europe into another war.

        All we ever get from our Zionist controlled media is lies when it comes to NK and the sea is full of listening devices in that area that the USA can tell if a whale farts.

        Half the world is under occupation by the US military and they never went back home from Europe after the second world war and are used to prod nations when banker bribes won’t work on our politicians.

        Kim might be small but at least he is not eating the shit that the USA makes the rest of us eat.

      40. …On orders from the U.S. Government to attack American cities so it can be the excuse for martial law (“continuity of government”)?

      41. how does even one submarine disappear??? do they have a star trek cloaking device????

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