It’s On: Putin Deploys Troop Battalion: Russians Raise Flag Over Ukranian Republic of Crimea

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Headline News | 327 comments


A couple of weeks ago President Barack Obama joined Bob Costas in an interview during the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympic games being held in Sochi, Russia. The President, who didn’t attend the ceremony or games with other world leaders, chalked off his absence to his busy schedule. Obama sent a delegation in his stead that consisted of various gay and lesbian members, which was an obvious political move intended to highlight America’s outrage over Russia’s recent anti-gay legislation.

Though the President claimed in his interview that his relationship with Russian head of state Vladimir Putin was warm, one can’t help but wonder if things between the United States and Russia have soured significantly. A week after claiming he had too much to do and couldn’t support America’s athletes at the games, Obama took a three day golfing junket with buddies.

Then, out of nowhere, just as Vladimir Putin prepared to showcase his $51 billion games to the world, rioting and rebellion broke out in neighboring Ukraine. Some might say that it is pure coincidence, but as Franklin Roosevelt once opined, “”in politics, nothing happens by accident.” Within days of the uprisings investigations began to reveal that U.S. covert operations groups more than likely played a role.

Coincidence? Maybe. But when considering the same modus operandi appeared in uprisings in Iran, Egypt and Syria over the last several years, we can conclude that the United States was heavily involved in the Ukraine as well.

The timing of the Ukranian revolution was just… a little too perfect.

While it may seem, from our perspective, that the United States has the upper hand because Russian-backed Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych has been deposed in a mirror event of what happened in Egypt, it should be clear that Vladimir Putin knows exactly what’s going on.

This past August, ahead of a possible conflict in Syria Putin reportedly deployed some 160,000 Russian troops to the region and thinly veiled threats of the potential for a nuclear counter-strike made headlines. President Obama, in an attempt to save face, backed down, claiming the situation had been defused (though no resolution to the alleged chemical weapons attack had been reached).

Now we’re back to the Ukraine, where a similar set of events are in play. And, once again, not willing to blink in any way, shape or form, and as the Olympic Games came to a close, Vladimir Putin is flexing his military might.

According to a report from Zero Hedge, though Ukraine proper is currently in the hands of pro-Western allies, Putin has deployed troops to the Ukranian autonomous Republic of Crimea.

 Today at 12:00 from the Russian port of Temryuk should arrive in Sevastopol [Crimea], the large landing ship “Nikolai Fil’chenkov” with 200 soldiers on board. This was reported today by the chairman of the Ukraine “Freedom” faction Oleg Tyagnibok citing sources in the Crimean.

“I can show you the text message” – said Tyahnibok and read: “Today at 12:00 is expected the arrival from the port of Temryuk in the Russian Federation in the city of Sevastopol large landing ship Nikolai Fil’chenkov from the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. It will bring about 200 armed soldiers from the 328th Marine battalion, who are based in Temryuk and 10 BTR-80.”

He also noted that “on February 22-23, … IL-76 flights airlifted from Kubinka (Moscow region) to Anapa, personnel from the 45th Airborne Special Forces unit and additional divisions were relocated via four Il-76 flights from Pskov to Anapa. And from Sochi to Anapa were transported six Mi-8 helicopsters”- said Tyahnibok.

This appears to not be an isolated move as the naval build up seems to be escalating. In a concurrent release, Izvestia Kiev reported that out of Kubinka, four ships carrying special forces, are being relocated to Anapa. From there, in four hours, they will depart fo Sevastopol at a speed of 10-15 knots, citing “Izvestia in Ukraine” as a source.

A report from indicates that not only are Russian troops now on the peninsula, they have raised the Russian flag over the city of Sevastopol, Crimea and a total annexation of the Republic may be in the works.

Crimea has signaled secession from Ukraine and possible annexation by Russia may be acceptable. The Guardian reported earlier today that a Russian flag was hoisted over the city hall in Sevastopol.

Rumors are rife that Viktor Yanukovych, the deposed president of Ukraine, may be hiding out in Crimea.

John Little at penned a brief analysis of the situation in the Ukraine. His insights were eerily prescient. Well before the world was aware of Russian troop movements Little noted that Putin would more than likely be forced to engage in military operations. You see, the Russians simply cannot let the Ukraine fall to the west.


Because of the Carpathian Mountains.

…since Ukraine is on the Russian side of the Carpathians… those mountains would no longer be a barrier to invasion and would double Russia’s vulnerability. Russia would need twice the army to guard that border. And, Russia cannot afford to support an army of that size.

That is why Russia CANNOT allow Ukraine to fall into the hands of the European Union. So, expect Russia to quietly and firmly up the pressure. If Putin can take back Ukraine by covert means, he’ll do that. If the US and EU block covert action, Putin will send in troops.

Though we don’t foresee any widespread military conflict as a result of the U.S. and Russian moves in the near-term, the mobilization of troops and covert forces from both the East and West is indicative of a growing trend, and one that doesn’t bode well for the future of a peaceful co-existence.

Whether it’s the middle east, Asia, north Africa or eastern Europe, Russia and the United States continue to bump heads.

President Obama backed down in Syria.

What happens in the Ukraine remains to be seen, but it should be clear that these regionalized skirmishes will continue in an effort by both Russia and the United States to realize hegemony over resources, geography and political influence around the world.

In an interview with Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief, it was noted that the eventual result of these mini-conflicts will be nothing short of thermo-nuclear warfare.

President Obama will be on his way in a few years. We can expect Vladimir Putin to be the President of Russia for decades to come. And you can be assured of one thing: Putin wants Russia to be at the top of the food chain and he’ll stop at nothing to make that happen.

One of these days he’s going to get fed up with the games, and along with China, they’ll begin the process of attacking America. In fact, the process has already begun on the economic playing field. Sometime within the next decade, as noted by Joel Skousen, we’re going to see someone push that legendary “red button” and all hell will break loose.

Ukraine may not be the trigger event, but it sure as heck provides an insight into the mindset of the leaders vying for power.

We can be fairly certain that Vladimir Putin is willing to go all the way to protect Mother Russia’s interests. How far is our Nobel Peace Prize winning President willing to go to do the same for the Homeland?

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    1. eppe

      Get ready, it,s gonna get nasty…

      • admin

        It’s obvious these guys hate each other. A LOT.

        I don’t necessarily see Ukraine being the “trigger event,” but we’ll never really know exactly what sets the whole powder keg off.

        I feel strongly that there will be no peaceful resolution here.

        America, Russia, and China didn’t build all these nuclear weapons just to let them rust.

        These things are going to fly one day — I just hope I am tucked away at home in the mountains when it happens.

        • eppe

          Just like 3 bullies in a sandbox, some one will start slinging sand, and everyone will go home crying… What the world would be like if we could all live together in peace. What could be accomplished, achieved, and mastered… Is is a shame this cannot be fixed, and all this money be put to better use….

          • Be informed

            @ eppe. Please see my comment in the previous article. Putin cannot allow the Ukraine to fall to the west. This would be worst than losing the Soviet Union. All invasion points come through the Ukraine. The Black Sea is Russia’s ONLY warm warter port and access to the oceans during the winter. This is why they went after Georgia like a pit bull 6 years ago.

            The U.S. government just can’t get it through their heads to stay out of other people’s lives. They can’t leave people alone in this country that are not hurting anyone. They can’t leave other countries alone and stop this imperialistic state of mind.

            EVERY single one of past empires that tried to expand themselves into the other nations and control them has ended in their downfall, especially economically. This is happening right now. It really started when the U.S. went off the precious metal standard. Just like almost all past empires they have fallen back on their militaries to get them out of the mess that they created for themselves, and collapsed hard and lost. decentralization will take a country down every single time. You would think that people would learn from history. You would think.

            • Anonymous

              Putin would probably love to reconstitute the USSR, minus the msslim republics that were mostly a drag on the old USSR. If they have natural resources, Putin may allow them in.

              • Fukishima

                America and the EU-SSR are the new USSRs and they are both run by the inventors of Communisn as well. Stop trying to spread your childish disinfo because it is boring.

              • Eagle Eye

                I was sorting out a few bulls for culling from a mob of thirty today. The psychology is exactly the same. Once they get to fighting they do not care, they just wreck everything until one backs down.

                Someone needs to pick up a length of poly pipe and lay into both of them. Either that or an 8 shot 12 gauge full of rock salt.

                • Unreconstructed Southron

                  It’s funny to watch to Kommies fight.

                  And then it’s not.

                • OutWest

                  Hmmm – seems like the Olympic games continue,
                  only under a different format…..

                • Abingdon

                  Obama has done nothing but embarass America. He has showed Putin he is a sissy with his red lines and the Olympic gay delagates.

                • Yasha7

                  Or maybe just make steers out of them.

              • Jasmine

                What happened to all of the conspiracy theorists who screamed about Obama telling someone the after the elections it would be easier for him work with Putin? Doesn’t seem as though that is coming to pass.

                “Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

                Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

                Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

                Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.””

                • tayronachan

                  @Jasmine, I guess Obama lied to Putin too.

              • USCORP

                It’s funny how everyone speaks of these “leaders” as if they are actually calling the shots. Obama = thesis puppet, Putin = antithesis puppet (depending on which side you favor of course).

                The play goes on and on. And the folks in the theatre lap it up like puppies. Humanity can stop it anytime we want to.

                • TheGuy

                  … said the heroin addict.

                  “I can stop any time I want to” 😀


              • RickInOregon

                Here is another slant.

                After the break up of the USSR, Ukraine was left with nukes, as long as there was a Russia friendly government in Ukraine all was well. I haven’t heard any recent reports on the status of the nukes in Ukraine. If I remember correctly, Ukraine resisted returning the nukes to Russia. I don’t know if they were sent to Russia or if they were destroyed or if they remained in Ukraine and under who’s control. Preventing a West friendly nuke neighbor may be Putin’s real motive. If there are nukes in Ukraine then that’s the only legitimate argument that Putin could make for interfering in Ukraine. If Russia wants to make a historical argument for controlling Ukraine, then Ukraine can make historical arguments for resisting Russia.

                Putin has no concerns of an invasion from conventional land forces via europe. The EU is not a threat now or in the foreseeable future. To say that Putin is doing this because he fears a land invasion through Ukraine is to say that Putin is paranoid. Putin doesn’t come across as the paranoid type. He’s more like Mussolini in which Mussolini wanted to resurrect the Roman empire, Putin wants to resurrect the Soviet empire. Putin Il Duce.

                • RickInOregon

                  I guess I should have looked it up first, Ukraine sent all the nukes to Russia and has been declared nuke free since March of 1994. So I guess there’s no good reason for Russian troops to invite themselves onto Ukrainian soil.

                • Them Guys

                  Nukes may not be a good reason for russia to “Invite” itself..BUT…That 32 year long treaty, 2010 to 2042 that Putin made with the govnt. of ukraine where that warm water port is, for Russias navy to use it sure sounds like a Real good reason eh.

                  Plus the fact that eastern ukraine where that port is already has a new nation name picked out for when it seceeds if it needs to. They call it “Little Russia” in english, in ukrainain its something like Russolandia or some similar spelled name.

                  Those TWO items may be a good reason.

                  ps: folks who keep trying to comprehend Todays issues, while still thinking of russia as the Old soviet under jewdeo kommie bolshevik rule are Never going to fully understand things properly.

                  About the Only thing even worse to rely upon for comprehension of Todays events where russia is involved, is to view it all thru that narrow scope promoted by most “Dispensationalists” , Prophecy “Experts” also known as Preachermen or Pastors. It is quite obvious they all view all issues russian as same as old soviet…Thats due to they refuse to aknowledge that those they so “worship” aka zio jewdeo commies, were in fact the actual rulers and inventors of what used to be called the Kommie “soviet USSR”. (Today the grandkids of ussr soviet khazar jewdeo kommies are who Rules Israel state).

                  There is a difference from jewdeo commies,To, Christian Mother Russian you know. You can debate weather or not you believe Putin is a real orthodox christian man, but none can reject that Putin is definatly NOT a jewdeo or zio anything. If he were then all those jewdeo zio kommies running usa and EU nations would Not so Hate Putin eh.

                  Also another thing one Must take into account of todays russia. Is the fact that Many Thousands of American, British,and other european nationals, have Permanantly Moved To Russia. To Reside there, started very sucessfull companies and buisness’s of every type or stripe.

                  Even a few Cattle ranches and regular Farms growing produce and hay and wheat etc. Masssive Huge ranches and farms as once seen out west before usa got so screwed up by its crop of kommie bolshevik nation wreckers now controling usa.

                  Now why would so many Brits or usa folks amoung others of european background ever move to russia “if” it was still the same as USSR soviet ruled as was prior?

                  NOTE: Putin has been on a massive rebuild project across the lands of russia rebuilding as he has vowed to do, ALL of those 24,000 christian churches that were demolished by those bolshevik jewdeo commies aka USSR Soviet rulers.

                  Thats quite a bundle of cash spent if its just for his “immage” and putins not sincere eh…Many other ways much less Costly exist to prop up ones Immage if that be the case, compared to massive Billions in costs to rebuild so many churches. Go See online Photos of the Main russian church recently completed. Its considered very “special” as its not just the Main one in russia, but is one of the few left standing by the jewdeo kommie soviets. Who used it as a Torture Place, and mass murder place to “spite” christians by so desecrating a church in that manner. Must be due to mass Hate of christianity by those jewish kommies eh?

                  Remember a KEY point is that…Putin Is Rebuilding Christian churches…jewdeo Kommies of ussr soviet era are who Blew up or demolished them all.

                  Who would You prefer as usa Prez if we can choose? A White Nationalist christian man? Or some bolshevik jewish kommie like of that soviet ussr era? Think very HARD now!

                • John W.

                  After the time involved they will most likely not work. Nukes have to be rotated out for upkeep every so often and I would bet that Ukraine does not have the facilities required.

            • Mark273

              You should stop saying “the” Ukraine. That is how Russians talk about the country. Ukrainians simply say Ukraine. The former is a carry over when Ukraine was simply a region of the Russian empire.

              • AZ Ready

                Mark, you are correct. It is Ukraine, not “the” Ukraine. Same as saying “the” England or “the” Canada. It really does bother Ukrainians when they hear or read “the” Ukraine.

                • rustic

                  But Russian language has no definite article, no word for “the.”

                • Jus'Say'n

                  “The England” actually falls under The UK or The United Kingdom. And NOBODY ever mentions Canada anyway – except may be NatGeo or Discovery when explaining Polar Bear Migrations!
                  Do people actually live there?!

                • Smokey

                  Ukraine is the country, the Ukraine is the region. You could correctly call it the Ukraine when referring to the farm belt or the wheat crop, but Ukraine is correct when it became a country. Before that it was Ukrainian SSR.

            • Merree

              Add that to the number of times that Russia has been invaded, especially their losses in WW2. They have learned to be paranoid. And several of those invasions were from countries that has grown too arrogant to believe their military could fail. Sadly, history may be in another repeat mode.

              • RickInOregon

                Don’t forget that before they were invaded by Germany, they were allis with Germany and were also aggressors that were doing their share of invading.

                • Them Guys

                  I bet you still believe that it was a great thing that usa was allies with Soviet Kommies russia in WWI and especially WWII eras huh?…And that less than two yrs after WWII ended by some stragne ‘coincidence” all a sudden Russia was Mortal enemys of that “cold war era”.

                  A quick study of who invented and Funded communisim when it first began in 1917-18 ad era, goes far in understanding how warped our educations have been regarding WWII and even WWI, acording to usa history school texts and all we were told to believe of it all.

                  Seems a vast Majority still cling to all that and refuse to Open eyes to the true facts, hidden from americans all that time. I know many of Us had fathers(mine) or uncles etc in WWII…But that don’t change the facts that Yes we all were lied to massivly our entire Lives of the truth and actual real details of it all.

                  Thanks to internet website sources of today, and folks who have gotten hold of Millions pages formerly hidden, and secreted cia, govnt, state dept, KGB, germanys papers etc…And after rigid study of it all have within past 10 yrs or so written aricles, posted scanned documents, and basically Uncovered, and Exposed most of the Lies we were all taught to believe regards WWI, Soviet russia, jewdeo kommie bolhseviks, and the Biggie! WWII.

                  I recomend a good look see at several such websites and a RE think of it all. Either we seek and learn real truths…or remain under that cloud of lies and delusion perpetrated against us all since our Births.

              • John W.

                The biggest problem Russia has is its’ birth rate. Like Japan they are not replacing themselves as fast as the old die, that is what will be their demise. Same in the US but we solved that by bringing in millions of Mexicans and Muslims. What a plan, eh?

                • Jus'Say'n

                  “NewThe biggest problem Russia has is its’ birth rate.”

                  That’s because I’m not there!!! May be a few of us could go help the Ruskies out with the repopulation issue?! That’s my field of expertise!!!

            • sgt. Dale

              Don’t forget that they are the Russian bread basket.

            • 1braveheart

              BI, good morning, my friend, and once again I must agree. The real victims in this whole affair are the Ukrainian people. It’s bad enough the US won’t stay out of it but Putin has to get involved as well. I can’t help but think WW3 will take place before monkeyboy leaves the WH. I wish the people of Ukraine well and hope they can solve their problems by themselves. Obama and Putin both need to stay out. Now Putin is sending in troops just because of the CIA. It remains to be seen how the government of Ukraine reacts to it.

              • John W.

                Perhaps the deal was that Obama would foment an uprising and then stand back and let Putin move in, after all he is also a communist.

              • AZ Ready

                My wife is very cynical about what is happening in her home country. She believes and I believe her that the protests and a number of the protesters could give a rats ass about the country and which direction it moves. They, those at the top are in this for themselves. The system there is SO corrupt that a real fix is impossible. Throw on top of that, Russia, the EU and the USA all meddling in their affairs to pull the country in a particular direction and I tell you nothing is going to change. The oligarchs will get richer and the average Ukrainian will suffer as they always have.

            • JayJay

              Has anyone seen a map of pipelines running through Ukraine??:-(

              • JayJay


            • YH

              Be Informed,

              The United States is already rotting from within. Today the U.S. is a nation of exceedingly low moral standards, and every other country on earth knows it. That is enough for other countries to limit, to the best of their ability, any American influence from harming their citizens. Granted, other governments are no different, but the U.S. government has it down to a science.

              Not only is the U.S. government attacking our way of life while aggressively pushing their immoral, lazy, and fiendishly debaucherous mindset upon Americans, but they are also engaging in empire building to spread their deleterious influence. While at the same time racking up ludicrous levels of national debts.

              Just once I would like to hear this President publicly rebuke a cancerous blight like Miley Cyrus, just once to set the correct moral tone. That’s not too much to ask is it?

              This government has bitten off more than it can chew. They just don’t know it yet.

              • Be informed

                @ YH. I have to agree with you so much. The country I grew up in is gone. The rot is quicker than a bad tooth. This is a sure sign that rot will try to infect the entire world. This is why war is so much more likely. Past rotting empires that usually don;t last past 200 years go through the same sickness, like mass orgies, lose of morals, etc. Anyone that would think of miley siren as anything but a diseased dirty whore is part of this rot. You look at lady gulp gulp giving alliance to satan and the audience is fully going on with this. It is so disgusting and so depressing. We are in the rapid decline but have not even got close to the rocks below.

                • YH


              • John W.

                The Obama administration, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the psychos are an accurate reflection of the American people who are now by a large majority scumbags.

            • dylujenaw

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          • Harold Smith

            Correction: Just like one bully – and a few other people who’ve had enough and aren’t going to put up with it much longer.

            • Them Guys

              A HISTORY Type QUESTION: For all folks to answer.

              if you consider ALL of Known, Recorded, Historic Events that You know of or know they existed or did occure etc.

              And the main Question of ALL Known History and events is.

              Can ANYBODY Please name One era, One event, one thing, time, place etc that is OFF Limits to Discuss, Or especially to Question at ALL?

              Other that what historians calls the “Holocaust” of WWII era…Because That Is the ONLY One event worldwide in ALL of known history and known events or eras, that so far has had LAWS Passed with severe Huge monetary Fines, along with 3 years to 20 years prison terms attached to all violators.

              In at Least 56 Countries now, Including Canada!, hate ‘speech” type laws originated and as Claimed by the ADL org, authored/written BY ADL persons. Have All made those severe penalty crime offences for.

              Any person who dares to Ask, question, or even just Discuss that event called the Holocaust.

              The ONLY exception to those Laws where NO violations are ever charged as an offence, is when any person speaks or discuss the events as Taught to believe.

              Which are the same things we all were taught to believe of that event. In other words as long as you stick to Their ‘versions” of true facts regarding holocaust event…You are A Ok…But dare to even ask ONE little question, say a question refering to “offical” numbers.

              And You go to Prison! where currently Many Hundreds, maybe even Thousands are at in prison for violating those Speech hate laws as its called. Nobody knows for sure How many in Prison as that Info is also OFF Limits to avg folks inquires!

              So put on Thinking Caps folks, and who can come up with even One Single event, time, era, facts, claims etc of a historic thing or event that Folks are BANNED from questioning or discussing like that is?

              And “IF” You can find one thing even(doubtfull) that is offically against the Law to speak or question of…

              Please include in Your answer “Why its a GOOD thing to have state laws that BAN Free speech, BUT Only on ONE main event in ALL History?”..Cause I cant think of any good reason…

              Unless it is due to FEAR that by such discussions or questionings of that event it “may” cause some folks to Dig Deeper and perhaps…Uncover a few…Lies maybe?

              uncovering Lies is all I can think of for a reason for such laws that relate only to that One subject or event.

              Hopefully somebody here can provide answers. Thanks in advance if You are that person and do so!

              • no justice

                Sounds like the illusion of Sandy Hook.

              • Mcdave

                Yea try “Slave” era America, pre War of northern Aggression.

                • SWFL

                  You might want to include the Irish slaves in colonial America. (predating the African slave trade into the colonies)

                • Them Guys

                  If Slave era is in answer to My question post?…Sorry but there are no such laws disallowing debate or questionings of the usa slave era or civil wear at all in any nation….The ONLY historic event that has laws to stiffle questioning etc Is the Holocaust event, and of course especially that “six Million” claim.

                  Persons are IN prisons across europe NOW as we Type, for violating those “laws”. research Ernest Zundle.

                  NOBODY is allowed to voice any questions, nor offer opinions either way, except of course if it fully Agreees with the tribes official “story/claims”.

                  If by slavery you meant its that way too? No sorry but thats simply Not the case here or in europe. Remember we aint talking of “If one questions official civil war/slavery claims Libs and negroes will throw a Hissy fit or call you vile names”…We Are talking of going to PRISON for that type free speech and for some as long as 15+ yrs! Hard time! Real actual Prison! because they Dared question, or offered counter Evidence, that the six million number is False. And many Other opinions or questions related to other than that number claim.

              • slingshot

                Them Guys.

                There has been little exposed of The Japanese conducting biological/germ warfare experiments on US POW’s during the WW2.

                • Them Guys

                  Slingshot: Yes I am aware of that…But…It seems you too Misunderstood my orig question posting. I asked can somebody name Any event in all of history OTHER than holocaust event etc. Re read it and my reply to, McDave’s Posting.

              • John W.

                Your Jew hatred is pathetic, every thing with you is about the Jews. Maybe you have not been paying attention but there are now numerous topics besides the Holocaust which are off limits. They are even calling for killing NRA members and glo-bull warming deniers. Germany is the only country with the holocaust laws and that is because they were the ones that did it. Guess what numb nuts if your Nazi buddies had not wasted all the resources killing the Jews and instead used the them as an asset they would have won the war.

                • Them Guys

                  JohnW: it is You that spews Hatred of anyone who posts info You do not like to see or read. I do notice You have a fun Ole’ Time bashing mexicans and negroes here quite Often eh…But if it is You doing that then thats somehow different eh?

                  I Do NOT Hate jews, NOR any other race or religion or group…Even islamics I do not hate…Thats a claim John W and many othere here cannot honestly claim eh.

                  I DO HATE: Lying, Thieving, Mass Murderers, Destroyers of MY RACE aka White folks, and of MY nation aka usa, as well as Kommies of every stripe. Especially kommies who did and caused near total Genocide of whites and christians based upon Their Tribal/talmudic Master Race beliefs as Taught to them since birth.

                  Who then go on to USE their master race ideals and beliefs in the tribal Insane quest at, creating a NWO/Jwo even when it means they Must first rid the world of all or close to all whites and definatly ALL christians.

                  It is people like You JohnW, who consistantly Refuse to even spend 10 minits reviewing ANY type or form of proofs, Links, evidence to the Contrary which is certain to Upset Your beliefs in all that tribe has taught You to believe in.

                  Sorry but You John W are a very Pathetic individual…Not a true Patriot at all, rather Pathetic and Lost soul.

                  Part of being a true Patriot is to seek and Learn Real facts based Truths..Even if it means finding true answers one may wish later they had Not found out.

                  That is Precicely why so many Lies and so much Time has been afforded to WWII era/events etc…

                  Because most every Boomer age persons had at least one family member take part in WWII. And Most folks prefer to believe in that utopian glimmer and fantasy, of they were the Greatest generation ever.

                  But once one discovers Truth of WWII, and ALL of the allied nations, usa, soviet russia, british, france, and what Really was done, even After WWII officially Ended, yet Many Millions More innocent german women and elderly and small kids to age 16 or so got brutally treated and killed off…Well for some folks Thats too Much truth to accept.

                  They are Weak minded folks, or emotionally attached to greatest gen fantasy beliefs.

                  Some of Us rather have Truth, facts based 100% truth.

                  Perhaps one day You John W may indeed make a decision to JOIN us and also be a seeker of Truth rather than exist upon a Multitude of jewish falshoods and fantasy claims.

                  Bottom line all who seek WWII Truth and Facts discovered that #1, NO such number as “six Million jews exists”…#2, Sorry but Our parents gen were Not so “Greatest” when one considers the abject atrocities done during and Especially After end of WWII in europe.

                  If You John w cannot handle such truth thats OKay! But it dont require You to use vile names at folks like me or others who prefer truth and do post info so Others can learn or Re think Lies they long held, but are still Lies nevertheless….Cheer Up John W maybe a new article on Blacks is comming soon, and Then You can Bash the living Hell outta them blacks eh…You do enjoy That as your Postings shows…Its Just “jewish issues” You cannot handle right.

                  PS: JOHN W is WRONG on Germany ALONE has those type Laws I mentioned in my above first posting…it IS LAW in aprox 56 Nations including Canada.

                  Anybody that Dares to speak in Public(private too if anybody present reports you!) of the Holyhoax issues, or especially if they speak or POST Online that they do NOT believe SIX Million Jews died at nazi hands…Are going to Court, WILL be found GUILTY, and pay Massive $100,000 to $250,000 Million Fines, OR go to Prison or BOTH!…Thats FACTS!…Even if John W can’t handle it.

                  He cannot discover any other events as my orig questions asked for….So he reverts to the jewish kommie method of vile name calls…”jew hater”! aka, all who disagree with jews claims, and dare say so!

                  Antisemite: ALL Goyim folk that jews Hate!

                  Lib Kommie term, Anti-Racist: True meaning is, ANTI WHITES!

                  No, more like another wide wake person who took the time to discover what Lies jews told us all, so to use Guilt, whitey guilt to subdue us and our Nation!…I reject those tactics…John Makes Use of it!

          • Thad

            Divine intervention is our only hope for womankind!

        • Be informed

          @ Mac. It is not the skin off those little rooster U.S. politicians if the U.S. goes nuclear with Russia. They and their families have reservations in those huge underground bomb and fallout shelters under Virginia and other locations where they can watch on some TV screen from a satellite feed all the nukes going off. Plenty of food and supplies and safety hundreds of feet under solid rock in their Hilton style stays in luxary bunkers. “Beat those war drums, let’s go get them Russians and Chinese”. After all how dare anyone stand up to the U.S. empire.

            • Miss DeeDee

              Thanks for that link
              I wonder if I am ever again going to have confidence in any statement an American diplomat speaks.
              This Victoria Nuland is another piece of the corporate propaganda machine.
              I only wish I did not live in New England where the ground surface is frozen over. I feel like digging a deep tunnel hole in the hillside and hibernating until sanity returns to this countries meddling in other’s affairs.
              Thanks everyone here for helping me understand issues far over my head.
              — Miss Dee Dee

              • Them Guys

                Miss Dee Dee: Check who her husband is…neocon of PNAC fame Kagan. Cannot get any more jewdeoisraelineoconwarmonger than him I rekon.

                Wonder if She is also a Dual israeli citizen like most are?…NObody can have any Dual Loyalty to nations. It will always be Loyalty to One or the other. No dual citizens should ever be allowed ANY official positions in ANY form not even as a city Dog Catcher position.

                It aint as if out of over 300 Million Other citizens we cannot find qualified persons eh.

                How anybody can proclaim fears of islamic rule over america today?… Sure wish they’d Provide Proof and Names. Cause every place I checked its all Names like that woman Nuland. And by a stragne “coincidence” most Every officials name coincides with membership within that oh so small less than, 2% of total population in america tribe. Yet we have folks telling us beware islamics and moooslims are controling fed govnt of usa?

                Whats next barn Cat? you gonna claim all those muslim islamic rulers in usa also speak, Yiddish next?!

          • Miss DeeDee

            @ B.I.
            Thanks for the information yesterday regarding Puerto Rico and the House of Reps . A long time ago I was not in favor or annexing them. Thanks to you I feel even more comfortable with my thoughts.
            — Miss Dee Dee

          • JayJay

            BI–and that is where part of the 9 trillion unaccounted for of the Pentagon budget went? 🙁

        • OhioRiver

          President Obama is a very weak leader thus Putin and world leaders smell blood to bring down the United States.

          America needs to have a strong leader….we don’t have that so we need to accept more defeats on the world map.

          • That would be right!

            “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon.
            The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and
            then struts around like it won the game.”

            • Be informed

              @ That would be right! BO comparison to a pigeon playing chess is hilarious. 🙂 One little problem though, pigeons are actually quite intelligent. BO, well……..

            • laeagle

              @ TWBR: Excellent discription. I have a young son who does the same thing. Very hard to play a game of chess under those circumstances. The Russians have mastered the art of chess and are many moves ahead of our poor occupant in the people’s house leaving him with fewer and fewer options. Frightening thought that is!

              • Smokey

                Americans play poker, Russians play chess.

                Big difference.

            • YH

              That would be right!,

              Outstanding! Bravo!

          • DMONIC

            Sadly you are correct. I fear we will also have a very weak female next president, unless we can make her accountable for Benghazi. I have very little faith in our elections any more, due to the high voter fraud (ALL demonrats) and the fact there are WAY more low/no information voters who are all takers, not makers who outnumber us 2-1 now. There are only 2 things we could do that would guarantee to turn this country around:

            1) VOTER ID IS MANDATORY

            2) If you don’t pay taxes, or get a refund that’s MORE than what you paid in (effectively not paying any taxes) YOU DON’T GET TO VOTE. PERIOD.
            We all bust our asses normally at jobs we hate so we can put food on the table and provide for our families, and these parasites cancel out my vote? WTF sense does that make?

            I’m sure Ill get vilified on this next thought but oh well!
            If anyone receives any sort of Govt assistance like food stamps, section 8 or other forms of welfare YOU DON’T GET TO VOTE.

            Now, who’s with me?!

            • JayJay

              I have considered this for some time, DMONIC.
              But the part of the ‘welfare Queen’ not voting needs elaboration.
              If you have been on welfare for more than one year, no vote.
              Others fall on hard times and that is what assistance is for.

              • DMONIC

                I agree that there are some people that fall on hard times, but there are opportunities out there for those who are willing to work hard. Just look at North Dakota. Just 3% unemployment rate. 3%! Sure, it may not be the ideal place to live, but those guys working on the rigs are making 6 figures in no time. I work in the energy sector, and I have seen first hand all of the opportunities out there. And its not just working on a drilling rig. Hell, the people working at the local walmart are making something like $20 an hour (if I remember correctly) but it sure as hell aint just minimum wage! Zero schooling is required for most positions. You learn on the job, hands on training from the old timers. If you cant find a job after 6 months or even a year, what do you have to lose by trying something different?
                But to answer your question…. I think perhaps a year on welfare would be sufficient to note get a vote.
                Why not have an IQ test? Or perhaps an American History test before being allowed to vote? I don’t know, but there has to be something to stop these parasites from effectively nullifying my vote damnit!

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah, the “energy sector” as in, fossil fuel industry- which is screwing up our planet’s climate to the point that we won’t have sufficient food in the near future– Yeah, doing a great job, there Demonic!

                  IQ test? Don’t even go there…On the other hand, Bush could never been elected, or his female counterpart- Sarah Palin, “I see Russia!”

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  why don’t we just require an income tax return as proof of eligibility to vote.???if you PAID taxes, you get to VOTE. if you SUCKED on the gubmint teat, then you DON’T VOTE! the right to vote should be EARNED maybe?

            • Smokey

              Just raise the voting age up to 35, a lot easier.

              And require photo ID and a paper ballot.

          • Anonymous

            I hated Bush to the point he almost made me nauseaus… but one thing I have to give the nitwit credit for– he WAS a strong leader. He didn’t give a damn if the whole world said, “no” to the war in Iraq– he went ahead and bombed the smitherings out of thousands of innocent people anyhow! Yep, he had (excuse the expression!) but old Bush had balls, unlike the present Commander in thief.

          • BonusGift

            Be careful what you wish for, as the last thing we need is a “strong” usurper in the Black House writing checks you and your children will have to cash. Better to have a weak and idiot than a powerful and mean child with their finger on the trigger. At this point I’d be happier if Barry Soetoro had no power, or better yet, was charged with treason and subsequently executed.

            • buttcrackofdoom

              a lot of people don’t believe in the electric chair, BG, but if yer gonna go there with obama, there’s a whole LOT more of ’em to deal with after him….yer gonna need ELECTRIC BLEACHERS!

          • Jus'Say'n

            We need to ALL quit beating around the Bush and just start calling America by her true name!
            BABYLON!!! Mystery Babylon the Great!!! Mother of Harlots and of all the Abominations (Sex, Drugs, Rock-N-Roll, Power, Greed, Abortion, Divorce, Gay Rights, Rolling Stone, Play Boy, Pornography, Child Molestation, Slavery, War, Genocide, 1-900, Swingers Clubs etc. etc. etc.) of the earth!!! She – who leads the Whole World Astray by her many sorceries an all her potent spells. She that will BURN IN ONE HOUR!!!

        • QuantumBubbler

          Such birds of a feather as Putin and Obama naturally knowing of their inner ilk are of coursed destined to hate each other.

        • sgt. Dale

          You are right. I don’t like Obullshit either.
          The enemy of your enemy is your FRIEND!?

          • KY Mom

            Off Topic…

            California ‘lifers’ leaving prison at record pace

            Be aware. This is not isolated to just California. Due to overcrowding and budget cutbacks around the country, many in jails/prisons are getting early release or probation.

            True story. I know a young man who was granted early release from jail. He has multiple convictions including drugs, robbery, and other charges. He been in and out of jail for the past decade. He is now working as a salesman selling cutlery door to door.

            Please warn your loved ones to be careful.

            “Since Gov. Jerry Brown assumed office in January 2011, a record number of inmates with life sentences are winning parole. Brown has allowed the release of nearly 1,400 lifers, while going along with the parole board about 82 percent of the time.

            Brown’s predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, authorized the release of 557 lifers during his six-year term, sustaining the board at a 27 percent clip. Before that, Gov. Gray Davis over 3 years approved the release of two.”

            “This dramatic shift in releases under Brown comes as the state grapples with court orders to ease a decades-long prison crowding crisis that has seen triple bunking, prison gyms turned into dormitories and inmates shipped out of state.”

            Drudge Report
            (Direct link below)

          • laeagle

            SD, that has always been the case!

        • Harold Smith

          What does “hate” have to do with it (at least as far as Russia is concerned)? Putin is basically just sitting there trying to mind his own business, but you keep trying to misrepresent that. Why?

          Also, you seem to not be aware that “America” is the one that built the first nuclear weapons; “America” is the one that first used nuclear weapons against civilians; “America” is the one that began threatening Russia and China (among others) with nuclear weapons.

          There may be an arms race going on, but History shows that “America” started it, and “America” keeps it going with its never ending aggression and dreams of complete global domination and control.

          • Tom T

            Harold, you are turning a blind eye to history as we developed nukes to counter the fact that both Germany and Japan were working on it first. Once developed, our own scientists gave the information to Russia. Yes we used it first but it was to stop a war that would have cost an additional one million + US troops not to mention several million more Japanese lives, which was the “low ball” estimate of what an invasion of the Japanese mainland would have cost in terms of casualties.
            The communist ideology has resulted in 25+ million murders in Russia and over 100 million in China but WE are the aggressors? Your statement is flawed on so many levels. I agree that our government needs to stop being the policeman of the planet as our attempts to prevent such murders only seems to increase animosities toward us but look at the sources of that ire.

            • Aurelius

              Tom T; You have no knowledge and therefore no understanding of the Jewish connection but you are a good man who has a good heart. Search, my friend, knock, and the door will open, seek, and you shall find!

          • laeagle

            HS, Thank God that America beat them to it. You would not be talking like you are if the USA had lost the race. Perhaps you would be speaking German or Russian.

            • Maudy Frickett

              Laeagle, better than having to speak the Mexican dialect of Spanish.

          • Them Guys

            Harold Smith: Also consider that the Two citys in Japan usa nuked in WWII, were Both Christian Catholic, and in all japan they were the ONLY cities christian at that time basically.

            Now as always promoted as a christian usa nation, what sense does That make?…Unless…Christians were not whos controlling usa then nor now eh.

            What Does make much logic or sense is that those who decided to use Nukes on two christian jap cities were all of those zionists who totally surrounded FDR, Truman, and every Prez ever since Prez wilson in 1912.

            America is like that Old TV soap opera show.

            “As the Log Burns…So are the Days of Our Lives”

            Except the usa Log Burns from Both ends at once!

            • John W.

              You are so full of shit. Why do you embarrass yourself?

              • Them Guys

                JOHN W: What is Your problem? Check facts. Japan had TWO main cities that were Major Catholic centers with catholic churches and predominantly christian catholic citizen. BOTH were the two cities USA NUKED!. Thats facts based on Record You idot fool.

                That goes for all the assholes who red thumb my post info on it. Try research facts instead of relying on emotional based fuzzy feelings based responces, or if you are of that bunch with an insane defense and support of bolsheviks just due to they are also jewish.

                maybe if More folks like John W would Learn truths, then folks like me wont need to inform others as often or as much to these issues truths.

                No wonder america is so fucked up…1/2 the nation is 3rd world scum, and “Most” of other 1/2 are delusional jew firsters and israel firsters so dumbed down by a lifetime of kommie jewsih propagandas and outright Lies, its beyond Pathetic!

                • Smokey

                  We get it now, the Jews made us nuke the Catholic Empire of Japan in 1945. Thanks for clearing that up for us morons out here, couldn’t have done it without you.

                  There were American POWs held there, too. Guess that Jew Roosevelt wanted to kill them so they wouldn’t rat him out on Pearl Harbor, right?

                  You need to re-line your tinfoil hat, some kind of gamma rays are getting through.

        • IIC

          What is seriously upsetting is that Putin is “almost” admirable in the way he puts Russia first, something no American president has done since Kennedy. Reagan was okay as president…for an actor…although he meant what he said (a nonexistent commodity for our present Commander and Thief unless it means an Executive Order furthering his masters’ desires).

        • laeagle

          Mac, Hope springs eternal and I sure hope you are wrong for the sake of all humanity.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, beter still– UNDER the mountains. : ) I hear TPTB have an underground facility in Va. that is so big you can ski in it…

        • sixpack

          Covering your country’s ass and protecting your borders IS NOT trying to “be at the top of the food chain.” It’s more like trying not to risk getting eaten.

          The old Russian cold war propaganda is getting a bit old, don’t ya think? Just because our idiot-in-chief swung our borders wide open, doesn’t mean other countries have to be as stupid. Putin is doing everything we should expect our sorry assed leaders to do. He is protecting the interests of his country, and it sounds like he’s trying to do it without rolling out the tanks and regiments.

          Have we really forgotten what it is like, to put your own country FIRST?

          Have we been so worried about what goes on under some eastern person’s bed, that we’ve forgotten how to protect our own interests here at home? Looks like it to me.

          We could use a little “Nationalism” right now. Just imagine what we could do, if we could get the EBT crowd to defend their country, as fervently as they defend their own govt benefits.

          Does anyone remember what it’s like to be proud of your country, proud enough to defend it against all comers?

          Then you should recognize “национальная гордость” when you see it. That’s “National Pride” in Russian. They have a right to have some, even if we’ve thrown our away.

          • laeagle

            SP, Kak dela?

        • TheGuy

          That would be “on the beach” at that point, man. Once again. 300 General Electric piece-of-shit underdesigned fission reactors, all with the kiddie wading pools full of death.

          All you gotta do is cut the power and have a major seismic event nearby.


          *Tinfoil on* John Titor doesn’t look quite so nuts NOW, does he? (Russia nukes US in 2015 prediction)…

          • Jus'Say'n

            I’d almost wager it happens in 2014! But it’ll come from Russia AND China! With a probable EMP First Strike off an Iranian Dingie!!!

        • sixpack

          Ain’t no mountain high enough, Mac.

        • spike

          Heck, Obama hates America more than the Russians do. Putin should shake Obama’s hand and give him an atta-boy for putting the final nails in the coffin of what was once a great nation.
          Scary part is Obama has a few years left.

          • Jus'Say'n

            Those FINAL NAILS will probably be Topol-M’s and Yakhaunt Cruise Missiles!!!

        • Anonymous

          it’s not like ukraine is the prize here to save either side.

        • Sue

          Ah, come on. Being incinerated into ash is 1.5 seconds isn’t that bad. I mean really. Much worse (and longer) ways to die.

        • Jus'Say'n

          “It’s obvious these guys hate each other. A LOT.”

          Can you Blame Putin?!
          Obama’s friendship meter is pegging dangerously close to ZERO!!!

      • durango kidd

        The annexation of the Crimea would be no surprise. An obvious miscalculation by the West. Russia will never let its warm water naval bases be compromised. Ports they have controlled since Catherine the Great. (Mother Russia).

        If I remember correctly, Russia had an Agreement with Ukraine for those ports and naval facilities since Ukraine’s Independence.

        Now they will take the entire region. Still, Ukraine is a dagger into the heart of Russia and those fertile plains make for good tank battles. Time to sell the New Regime all of those excess A-10’s sitting around in Marana. 🙂

      • Man on the inside

        If Putin losses Ukraine he loses Georgia and other states. Coupled with the big finds of gas and oil of Israel’s coast (which they will sell to fellow Arab’s and the EU)…. Cutting of some of Mother Russia’s money. Putin can be non to happy. And a pissed off Putin is a dangerous Putin. With the leader (sorry I just barfed), we have the white house…. Well this will not end well. Add to the slow collapse of the EU… good times are a commin….. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

        • JayJay

          All these points forget one thing.
          Psychobama cares not for this nation.
          In fact, he has displayed behavior for 5 years that he hates this nation; his aim is to fulfill the plans of the elite–to totally destroy America.
          Now, where does this leave us??

          • sixpack

            Pretty much leaves us rootin’ for Putin…about the only leader more worried about the interests of his own country, than playing games with the globalist banksters.

            • durango kidd

              You got that right. Putin is a nationalist and does what is right for Russia. If only there were a Patriot in the Oval office. 🙁

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                The durango kidd says:

                “If only there were a Patriot in the Oval office.”

                Q: What is you definition of “Patriot?”

                • sixpack

                  A patriot is the exact opposite of what we have now.

                • yourmotherwaswrong


                  Was/is G W Bush a patriot to your mind?

                • sixpack


                  NO, Bush is not the opposite of what we have now—he’s just the same, a puppet with his own marching orders, just like the halfrican.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  i will take a crack at that one, yourmotherwaswrong. a patriot would be someone that leads with the good of the country in mind. saying NO to the special-interest/lobbyists that shove money in the faces of ALL ELECTED officials(and others too), to do what’s WRONG for america(ns). we don’t need the smartest guy, we don’t need the best foreign-policy guy, we don’t need the best business guy. we just need a guy that follows the law of the land(constitution), a guy that JAILS the bad polititions, a guy that will just, for the lack of a better word, be “GOOD”. we just need a “goodguy”, that’s all.

                • BJ

                  I can do better than Buttcrackofdoom

                  A patriot is one who strictly follows the constitution and only the constitution….not any ones interpretation of what is good for the country. No laws should be followed if you can’t find it’s validation in the constitution….FUCKING POERIOD!!!!!

                  The Constitution the whole Constitution and only the Constitution.

                  Anything else is a freaking progressive compromiser!

            • Sigi

              If you root for Putin, you might as well root for the devil. He’s not a good guy.

        • Jus'Say'n


      • Tom

        Gog and Magog war?

        • Sigi

          Nope. #1) By the descriptions of Ezekiel 38 and 39, Gog is in the vicinity of Meshech and Tubal. Looking elsewhere in scripture (earlier prophecies in Ezekiel but also Jeremiah, and Psalm 120)we see Meshech coupled with Kedar (Bedouins of the areas now covered by Syria and Turkey) and also among the regions conquered by Nebuchadnezzar. Russia cannot fit the scriptural context for those precisely named lands though cold-war era prophecy nuts try to make it fit like Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters trying on her glass slipper. (That said, they may be among the “many peoples” who will join in with Gog on that doomed attack run, but those weren’t significant for the people of the original audience ot know by name). #2)The attack of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is against Israel, not Ukraine. #3) The allies named in that passage are not in one accord at this time, though that may not take much. I say give it a few years.

          • Jus'Say'n

            Nope Sigi! Not even close!
            America is Babylon! Russia is GogUMagog! The war of Ezekiel 38 and 39 gives a detailed account of Gog’s attack on Babylon (Understand that the USofA has been refered to/called – The New World, Atlantis, The New Jerusalem, Mount Zion, etc. – why Washington built on the 77th Meridian). One of the main things mentioned – that Gog comes for in Ez 39 – is CATTLE!!!!
            Israel has NO COWS!!! That’s us!!! We have all the CATTLE!!! And the rest of the World is Beginning to Starve!!! Our Cows are starting to look mighty tasty to the Russians, Chinese, Iranians etc. Amerca is the “Land of UNWALLED villages”. You’re wrong to say it’s Israel!

            All these Chapters are about America!
            Is 13, 14, 21, 47
            Jer 50 and 51
            Ez 38 and 39
            Habakkuk 2
            Revelation 17 and 18

      • Anonymous

        Great article as usual from Mac. However, hearing the word, “Homeland” in reference to the United States, makes me cringe. In Naomi Wolfe’s book, “Give me Liberty” she explains how certain words (Including “the homeland”) were used by Hitler when he came to power, in order to evoke emotional responses from the public, the better to dupe them by. It wasn’t just this word that George Bush adopted after 9-11, he also adopted other words– in verbatim– that Hitler used. It was as if he were reading from text and simply copied Hitler! Please read the book–its a very small book but IMO, EVERYONE in the United States should read it– it is simply too powerful to dismiss!

        • Anonymous

          Ever since Bush adopted this term for the United States, its becoming the accepted phrase. However, before 9-11 (and the Patriot Act), the United States was referred to as “The Republic”.

          • Them Guys

            Naomi Wolf is a far leftist marxist trained media clown. And as a bonafied tribe member what else do you expect her to say about words hitler spoke or supposedly spoke?

            In other words…We should believe that every word he ever spoke was evil right?…And that hitler never cared about German white christian folks right?

            Maybe you should go direct to the source or try NON marxist leftists and enviro whack jobs articles.

            Micheal Hoffman website has great stuff, so does Prof Kevin McDonald, although They have a Vested intrest in promoting Real facts and truths. of which some folks sensibilities and pet agendas may be offended by.

            Try asking Naomi her opinions on Facts about soviet jewish Kommie bolsheviks and how many They killed. See what she says on That issue then report back to us all ok.

            Its long past due to give nazis and hilter a rest, so everybody can now concentrate on the truths to all those many Lies we was told about WWII and nazis etc.

            Aint saying nazis nor hitler were any angels…But when compared to jewdeo kommies of the soviet era its akin to compareing 5yr old school kiddies(nazis) to PHD advanced experts(soviet jew kommie Butchers etc).

            Funny we never heard of that nor seen any hollywood movies of those horrors eh?

            98-99% of all we were told or taught on WWII etc is akin to same for Global warming and all the rest of enviro whackos claims…Lies! Lies! and More Lies yet!

            But the TRUTH is available Today…If need help locating it? Just ask.

      • Sue

        We all gonna die.

        • Sigi

          Someday, yes, if the Lord tarries.

      • Единая Россия

        Americans, you’re just bloody zionist terrorist imperialists and this has to be fought. What are you ??? Nothing just a country created in 1776, where you killed all the native americans so shut up with lessons ! Russia was born in 824 and China before JC. So you’re just nothing, just decadent persons forcing everyone in this world to think and act like your liberal, decadent and paedophilian ways ! Without us !

        You won’t destroy us FASCISTS ! We love our country and are ready to give the last drop of blood to defend it ! But it’s true, what can we expect from Americans who bombed Hiroshima, Nagazaki, killed more than 2.200.000 vietnamese (80% civilians), whose Madeleine Albright is proud having killed 500.000 irakis kids, who created Al Quaeda, who bombed themselves the 9/11 with the help of Mossad … No there’s nothing good to expect from you. You have no soul and no heart. And if you come to play with Russia and its allies, we will reduce USA to simple powder for toilets !

        BRAZL RUSSIA INDIA CHINA AND SOUTH OF AFRICA, we are partners ! And do not forget we have other allies like Syria, Iran, and North Korea so do not try to mess up with us ! Hitler tried … He died !

        The World does not belong to you and I know well your plan created by Zbigniew Brzezinsky to partition The Saint Russia. But who are you for telling lessongs to the whole world, with your obesity, you level of inmates never reached in any other country, with your porn mini-pageants, you killed Khadafi and now Lybia is a mess, and I could ad Syria (fortunately, Asma and Bachar are stil alive), Serbia, Yemen and so many are in the plans of your fucking CIA like Venezuela … Disgusting … And above all I forgot all the native americans you killed … Not an once of humanity by you all.

        So we will protect Our Noblle Saint and Orthodox Russia, which is not depraved by your sucking gay weddings and manners, we do not need them here !!!

        Да здравствует моя Россия Владимира Владимировича Путина и наши!

    2. Let's Go!

      Hot diggity; we can stick our nose’s into someone elses business AGAIN.

      For all those that thumbs down me this is the same position RP takes.

      Well, I hope it goes hot in a hurry if it’s going to happen. No sense in playing games anymore.

      • skinnymoose

        Putin IS the bad guy, Obama IS the bad guy…Don’t be fooled, they`re all bad guys.

        • Sigi

          Someone gets it! yes! And the EU are not the good guys. I just hate to see Ukraine get trampled and destroyed as a proxy battlefield like they did in WWII.

    3. European American

      Sorry Mac, I don’t agree. Russia, specifically, Putin is not the danger here, unless one is programmed to believe the lies spewing out of the MSM. If anything, he’s on the side of the law abiding citizens of America. It’s the mulatto in the White House that is the ticking time bomb, waiting to explode. Every sovereign country should be concerned about America. Our fascist corporate government is the global bully on the block.

      • admin

        EA, thanks for your comment. I want to be clear that I am not making Putin out to be the bad guy here. That was not my intention. (though, I will also suggest I don’t look at him as the ‘good guy’ either)

        He has his interests… we have ours.. there is no peaceful solution here long-term.

        As eppe noted above, once someone in the sandbox starts throwing sand everyone gets involved.. and we all go home crying…

        Putin is doing what one would expect… And instigating revolutions in foreign nations is nothing new for us (or the Russians)…. Business as usual.

        My purpose here was more or less to highlight how this ends… I suppose how we get there makes no difference once the bombs start flying.

        • European American

          I agree to that.

          In terms of the foreign policies of USA and Russia, sadly, I see Russia as the lesser of the two evils, now.

        • Be informed

          The ONLY good guys here are the people under the thumbs of ALL these despotic leaders of the world. BO wants to be a king and intelligent, something that is a pipe dream in both aspects. I don’t trust Putin, but when I see BO and Putin’s picture side by side, I ask myself whom is a better man. Putin hands down gets this nod in everything. Pretty pathetic when an American, lots of Americans beside me have more respect for a foreign leader than the president. BO fits him well.

          • 1braveheart

            BI, I agree. Say what you will about Putin, but across the board, Putin is a real leader and beats Obama HANDS DOWN. Yes, it is very pathetic when Americans have more respect any foreign leader than for our own President. The only sitting President during my lifetime that earned my respect was JFK for standing up to the CIA and military-industrial complex. He paid the ultimate price for his stand. I’ve never seen another President since then I could say anything good about.

          • Sigi

            And who wins between Hitler and Stalin?

          • buttcrackofdoom

            karl denninger had sumthin’ to say about how our media portrays these 2 leaders the other day…they tend to use their worst photo of putin against their best “doctored photo of obama when they compare the 2…heres’s a link and BTW, i commented earlier about what we need in a leader of the US….look no further than karl denninger…HE’s the SMARTEST patriot i KNOW OF!!!

        • hammerhead

          “He (putin) has his interests… we have ours.. there is no peaceful solution here long-term. ”

          yes , Putin has his interests and WE have ours , but what are Obamas interests ?
          CERTAINLY not the same as the American people .

          • VRF

            That’s a fact!

          • slingshot

            Does Hilary C. have our Interests at heart?

            If and when we have a nuclear exchange, just what are they running to the bunkers to Preserve? Is it to save their own skins? I have this vision that a big bunker is filled with all sorts of STUFF for the People. Ipads and X boxes and 80 in flat screens.

            Here take this G4 phone. It will save your life. Now move along.

      • clint hospo

        EU- Why can’t putin then just come on TV and say he is for the american people but not the US White House? Then say the US always is trying to steal land and resources. I can’t believe I said that and wounldn’t be supporting our country. But it’s hard to since Obama/elites are trying to strip our freedoms and I no longer am supporting actions by the US. I feel very concerned for our troops which have no say in this or control. Those are the people I’m behind over 1000 percent if there is such a thing.

        • European American

          I think you answered your own question. Putin knows that every country has it’s “haves” and “have nots”, Russia and America, no different. Those who “get it”, who see the writing on the wall, have a certain “awareness” of the world around them, now. It’s becoming a “universal” awareness, that transcends culture and language. It’s all part of the “waking up” process. I believe we have to be careful in America. There are US troops who, like those of us here, are waking up, but they aren’t necessarily the majority (not necessarily the minority, either), which means there are troops that absolutely, unquestionably, side with Obama and the Left. Hard to believe that American troops would side with the Left. But they have their reasons and I believe there are many reasons, ranging from the power and control that position entails, to, believing IN, hook, line and sinker, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, duh?:

          Anyway, the sides are being drawn. The “haves” know full well the value of the US Constitution and the Bill of RIghts and what it will mean to stand up for against those that would take them away. Then we have the “have nots”, and they are many and they can be found anywhere, from the streets of America to politicians to high ranking military officers and grunts. Which is why we are teetering on the edge right now

          Putin walks a tight rope. I could be way off base here, but I don’t think he is the same guy who worked for the KGB, years ago. I think he knows how the propaganda works, how easily, malleable minds can be manipulated, no matter what country they live in, but I think he knows there is a great Awaking taking place and for those that “get it”, especially in AMerica, he doesn’t have to come on TV to say “he is for America”, those that get it, know it. They know HE KNOWS and even though we have our differences, there is now a common ground, a common bond, that we all have to use to our advantage if we have any chance of overcoming this “dark entity” possessing hearts and minds of a large portion of the world wide masses.

          Anyway, I’m rambling here, and my point is, we have to be able, as Free men and women, to discern, using whatever “tools” we have at our disposal, who are the good guys and who aren’t, ’cause there on both sides of the oceans.

          I recently posted a youtube on SHTFPlan where this guy was telling the audience of a letter he got from a military person who said how the troops were divided, how “toxic” and “sick” many were becoming, physically, emotionally and mentally, and that many were definitely bending to the “Left” and that there were/are groups of good guys but they have to be careful not to let on. Weird to even consider that our own troops would side with the slut in the WH, but look at the many Officers that the Imposter in Chief has “removed”. Seems like a War raging WITHIN the US military.

          • European American

            Here’s the text from the video with some adding their two cents at the bottom…

            “A soldier letter sheds light on a problem that is becoming more and more frightening everyday. Some have wondered why the military doesn’t come to our aid against the tyrannical administration which is currently devastating our country. This is one brave military man’s response to that question: “Here’s the problem for us soldiers: we can’t trust each other, as there are those who are extreme liberals, socialists, and those who love the current administration.

            We’re infiltrated with these traitors and we don’t know how to organize without others turning us in and sabotaging our plans. That’s just one problem. Outside of that, as an organization we have become plagued with disfunction, toxicity, illness, injuries, and betrayal. It does not allow for a good foundation at the current moment for us to clean house for a country. They know this. They created the environment as it is right now. We didn’t see it until it was too late. Militants are forming, but in small pockets, and unable to fully unite and plan our strategies in secrecy. And there are watch dogs out there watching us attempt to plan.

            I’m sure every word I am typing right now is watched. There is no privacy in which we can operate on our own soil. Our best efforts will only be when they place us on orders against you. That is when we will know what soldiers will bleed for you, and which are loyal to this regime.” These words are extremely chilling coming from someone within the United States military. We have a President who has literally divided the American people against themselves to the point where we are dangerously close to another Civil War.

            Share this with your vigilant Conservative friends. The liberal community will surely dismiss it as fanatical rightwing nonsense, or just consider it as more ammunition for their agenda. If we do not stand up and do something about this socialist/communist/marxist movement within the government, McCarthy’s interrogations of suspected communist leaders and celebrities will be a foreshadowing of something even more dire in our future. Can you imagine a day when they put Conservatives, Republicans, and the Tea Party on trial? ”Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Tea Party?”. I promise you, that is not a radical thought. It is a reality that we very well may have to face if we don’t begin to do something now.”

            • Mcdave

              @ European American,
              Comment ID: 2948872 and subsequent posts,
              Clear, cogent, well thought out and expressed.

            • Sigi

              I think the situation AZ is in now is part of deliberately dividing the nation and driving up antagonism.

    4. Frank

      Quit messin with everybody especially if they are nuclear armed. The Russians didn’t start this. We did. This is on their front door step.
      We have big problems here.No more foreign adventures!

      • Walt Kowalski


        Can you imagine what the response of Washington D.C. would be if Russia started stirring up problems with the people in Alaska? What if the Russian equivalent of our CIA sent agents into Alaska and started trying to get the people there to shift their alliances to Russia instead of the United States?… effect, causing Alaska to revert back to Russian control.

        Think we wouldn’t send in troops to restore order?

        • sixpack

          In a New York minute.

        • Sigi

          Big problem with that scenario- Ukraine is not a Russian state! Change Alaska to Canada or Mexico with all the attendant problems of separate sovereign nations and you’ll have a more accurate picture or why Putin is out of line.

      • Sigi

        The Russians did start this. They could have stayed out of Ukraine’s business.

        IMO, Obama never saw this coming and doesn’t care about it. He said what he needed to say so as to appear to care that people died last week, but that’s it. The Ukrainians knew it too. This is not something he’d involve us in. Instead we’ll have to sit back and helplessly watch a rerun of the Prague Spring.

    5. Full blooded rez

      Man…”we the people” our voices and votes no longer matter. When we can’t voice our opinion with words…we are going to voice our opinion with a bullet. It’s inevitable, all it takes is for one individual to pull the trigger. If our voices can’t be heard the “pop” of a gun will. And why raise minimum weigh? Being the proud working class of this nation I worked my ass off hard laboring to make a decent pay, when someone who doesn’t try gets started at ten an hour pay? Bullshit.

      • Kulafarmer

        “Why raise the minimum wage?”
        Because it fits in with praising mediocrity,,,
        Sorta like giving all the kids on both teams in an AYSO soccer tournament trophies,,,
        Everyone is a winner now,,except they are really losers being told to believe they are winners,,,
        I say prove your salt and pay your dues then rise up on your own merit,
        But thats not the way of progressives is it,,
        Bullshit is right.

    6. Hammerun

      Obama is so pathetic. Putin has got his number and is cashing it in.
      Every time Obama mouths off in Putins house, he takes Obama and rubs his nose in it. That little saying; the most powerful man in the free world. That comes with a caveat, you have to have a little experience to buck up against a real pro.
      Something about letting ones alligator mouth overload ones twittybird ass!
      I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Kremlin when this subject comes up.

      • Miss DeeDee

        WANTED — President of the United States of America
        QUALIFICATIONS. — Community Organization skills
        You’re Hired

        —- Miss Dee Dee

    7. The Lone Ranger

      Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to pray, because this could very well be the start of World War III.

      As far as being away in the mountains, this war will involve the whole world. As the Earth turns, there will be no safety from radioactive fallout and radiation from nuclear weapons if the theater of such a war escalates to that.

      Think Fukoshima to the 600-milionth exponent.

      This is quite serious. And we need to pray.

      – the Lone Ranger

      “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschylus

      “The root of all war is fear.” – Thomas Merton

      • lena

        2nd that.

        if this is WW3 starting, hiding wont work. food shortages, monetary controls, martial law and possible nuclear fallout will strike every corner of the usa.

        best thing is to enjoy things now and hope forsome sort of return to sanity by world leaders.

      • QuantumBubbler

        Everything will regrow in 32 million years.

        Do not worry.

      • Tonto

        Sort of OT, but the latest Snowden revelations confirm government trolls on “conspiracy theory” blogs.

    8. Socrates

      The battle is on for resources and lines are being drawn/redrawn in the sand and elsewhere. Russia does NOT want the west taking the Ukraine ports as they signed a multiyear ‘deal’ with the Russians for naval operations there. If the west gets foothold there it the backdoor to all kinds of problems, not like they don’t enough already.

      This starts out as a ‘shoving match’. The west pushed first and now Russia is pushing back…harder. Each side will shove and push a bit more till someone takes a swing…and then it’s game on. This, my friends…is exactly how wars start. Neither wants to back down because of their cards in the game, each thinking they can win. Reminds me of Wargames…a great movie from 1983

      [after playing out all possible outcomes for Global Thermonuclear War]

      Joshua: Greetings, Professor Falken.

      Stephen Falken: Hello, Joshua.

      Joshua: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

      • Be informed

        @ Socrates. Beautifully put about how a regular puffing out like two peacocks pushing at each other between two persons envolves into a drag down fist fight. As in the logic of a computer and the raw blind emotionalism of people. Since when has the human species ever been logical and sensible? 🙁

        • Brane Frees

          Two peacocks?

          More like one peacock and a peahen.


          • sixpack

            Well, the globalist who finance all sides of all wars are in line to make a killing—in more ways than one.

    9. Harold Smith

      You make a series of ridiculous statements implying that “Obama”/U.S. is on the same moral plane as Putin/Russia.

      You say things like: “…an effort by…Russia…to realize hegemony over resources, geography and political influence around the world.”

      Russia is not trying to overthrow the governments of Mexico and Canada, is it? No; Russia is simply defending itself in its own backyard.

      You end with the statement:

      “We can be fairly certain that Vladimir Putin is willing to go all the way to protect Mother Russia’s interests. How far is our Nobel Peace Prize winning President willing to go to do the same for the Homeland?”

      That’s simply laughably absurd. Putin is a “leader” obviously doing what he honestly thinks is best for Russia. Whereas “Obama” (if that’s even his real name) is a puppet, doing what his handlers are telling him to do; most or all of which is clearly AGAINST the best interests of the “Homeland”.

    10. Acid Etch

      The Russians have already murdered 10 million of them to “save face”, lets kill a few million more over a couple of fucking mountains so these psychopaths can play soldier and “save face”. I hope all you veterans are really proud of yourselves for what youve unleashed on the world.

      No more foreign entanglements. No more war. No more nuclear weapons. No more military buildups. No more adulation and medals for soldiers. No more bullshit movies like “Lone Survivor” glorifying these invaders, terrorists, and murderers. No more glorifying the 2nd Amendment.

      • Boss Hog

        @Acid trip I was about to write something very witty and sarcastic to you about your post, then I thought about it a second and either your a very bad troll or your 12yrs old and your mom doesnt know your up this late. My bad carry on.

        • 1braveheart

          I hope Acid Etch isn’t eisen posting under a different name.

          • laeagle

            @BH, He sure sounds like your old friend! Perhaps he is a clone!

        • Miss DeeDee

          Boss Hog,
          I commend your restraint. I think we as a group are doing our best not to create another Sybil. Don’t feed this troll.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      • Jim in Va.

        yeah yeah Acid, everything is our fault. We’d be speaking German or Japanese if it weren’t for the US. We do need to bring everybody home and let others fend for themselves mainly because we’re broke,but there still are a lot of bad hombres out there and talking doesn’t work with them.

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          Jim in Va. says:

          “We’d be speaking German or Japanese if it weren’t for the US.”

          That is grade A, 100 percent, horseshit!

          The Nazis couldn’t even manage to cross the English Channel to get at England.

          Q: What could possibly cause one to believe the Nazis would be able to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and impose the German language on America???

          A: Grade school US military propaganda/horseshit!

          As far as the Japanese concern, I would refer you to this quote: “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” ~ Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.

          So much for the spoken garbage, “We’d be speaking German or Japanese if it weren’t for the US.”

          • sgt. Dale

            You are right they couldn’t at that time. But if the USA wasn’t attacked by Japan. We would haven’t gotten into WW2 until it was too late. Germany was on the verge of the A-Bomb and might have had it before 1945 if we wouldn’t have gotten involved. They wouldn’t have had to cross the channel or the Atlantic. But that is history, and we won the war so I guess no one will ever know for sure.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              @sgt. Dale

              The US military of today is orders of magnitude far, far more powerful than the Japanese or German militaries of WW2. That being said, one takes note that the US military couldn’t control Bagdad, and after 12 years in Afghanistan, it still can’t manage to subdue lightly armed sandal wearing goat herders. The idea that “We’d be speaking German or Japanese if it weren’t for the US” intervention in WW2 is ridicules. It’s government propaganda!

              BTW, the USG knew before the event that the Japanese were planning an attack on Pearl Harbor. US intelligence had earlier broken the Japanese naval code and knew it was coming. The USG welcomed the attack, and used it as a justification for entry into WW2. The idea that there was a Japanese “sneak attack” on December 7 1941 is ridicules. It’s government propaganda. But that’s what one learns in government schools!

              • sgt. Dale

                Good points.
                Yes I believe that the USG knew that we were going to get hit. They wanted to get into WW2.
                Like I said what if? We didn’t get involved? What would the world look like today?
                Again Very good points.

                • Truth avenger

                  @Sarge, the Syrian FALSE FLAG failed and Putin was a key player in that fact. The “Ukraine crisis” will be GLUED to the “Syrian FALSE FLAG” as “payback”.

                  There are MULTIPLE fingers on the potential WWIII trigger. The only question—What do the Rothshchild/Bilderberg PLAYERS want at this point on OUR collective timeline.

                  That simple/complicated question will very soon determine the next move on this unpredictable chessboard. Due to the global, and especially American economic clusterf*ck, I am betting on WAR! VERY SOON! An unprecedented EVENT that history has yet to record.

              • 1braveheart

                YMWW, good morning, and everything you say is true.

                • sgt. Dale

                  How are you doing with the smoking. I pray it going well.
                  Nasty weather here again Colder than a well diggers A#$.
                  Going to get some more reloading done today 45ACPs. 230 H.P. Things are getting spooky out there.
                  I don’t think Ukraine will start WWW3, but Who Knows????

              • oldguy

                Yes it was a sneak attack on pearl harbor. The men in the ships at pearl harbor where not aware until the first plane attacked. I have a neighbor who was sleeping in his bunk when the attack occurred. He ran dressed only in boxer shorts to the top of the ship to man his guns. He shot a Kamakazi in the face that was so close he could see the japs eyes . The blast caused the pilot to pull back and the plane went straight up he kept firing and the kamakazi plane slipped down into a narrow space between the two ships ancored in the harbor. That man is a hero saved the lives all the men on two ships. He is way past 80 today and I dare you to tell him it wasn’t a (sneak attack)

                • Maudy Frickett

                  The only people not in on the info was our Navy. It was no surprise to Roosevelt. Who ever was in charge at Pearl really screwed up. Even without a Declaration of War at the time, the Navy should have been on higher alert.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  The oldguy says:

                  “I dare you to tell him it wasn’t a “sneak attack.”

                  Why don’t you tell him for me!

                  The December 7 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor was NOT a “sneak attack.”

                  The USG was well aware of it in advance. That is a fact!

                  Some folks just can’t accept the truth. It’s too painful. And thus they live in a world of denial.

                  This state of denial partially explains why this country is in such decline. There a just too many dumbed down, propagandized, American fools out there.

                  People get the government they deserve.

                  USA… USA… USA.

                • 1braveheart

                  Howdy, Sarge. I tend to agree about Ukraine. I don’t like the way things are sounding either, so I’m just continuing prepping. MOLON LABE braveheart

                • db427

                  what you say is true, your friend didn’t know it was coming, but the gov’t did. and as for kamakazi plane, just call it a zero. kamakazi is the reference to using the plane itself as a bomb. I am not trying to offend, because I do like your posts, and your patriotism.

              • Yasha7

                Our military will be a laughing stock if Hagel has his way.

                • yourmotherwaswrong


                  News Flash… The US military is already a laughingstock and in ill repute!!!

                  Any credibility and “soft power” this country once had, has been squandered by those who claim the right to rule over you.

                  How’s that “social contract” thing working out for ya?

          • Them Guys

            At Dunkirk was it? England would have DIED as a nation if it werent for the fact that Germany Had 300,000 British Troops Boxed in totally, NO way out, NO ammo, NO foods left, ZIP nada!

            But germans allowed all 300,000 brits to return safly home…..Most Pro WWII talkers never discuss That affair eh. Oh thats probobly cause it sheds germanys army in a Good light I rekon.

            Anybody who still believe what we were taught of Hitler declared war and desird to gain control of entire world etc?…Wake Up already!

            CHECK Global Newspapers Headlines of 1933, June issues if I recall it right, or maybe July 1933 where every headline stated “World jewry Declares WAR against Germany!” 1933, was Before hitler even got elected!

            Its today, and back then, and always been for at least past few hundred years, Zionists and jewish intrests who has real desires of global NWO control.

            To be Run From their 3rd temple built In Israel period.

            If thats allowed…Say Hello! to the Antichrist system NWO you heard of….For proof evidence: SEE talmudic verses.

          • Sigi


    11. SmokinOkie

      Several potential uses for this conflict-
      Putin shows the world (once again) what an inept wuss the kenyan is.
      A conflict of any duration will use up materiel. Which provides profit for the supply and replacement of such.
      The headlines will be deflected (yet again) from the economic cliff on which we teeter.
      Any sense of so-called patriotism could be used for further encroachment upon Constitutional liberties in America.
      It provides a great setting for some other event closer to home. (NEVER take your eye of the magician’s other hand)

      Who was it that said “If my sons didn’t want war, there wouldn’t be any.”?

      Large or small, there’s always a use for conflict, at least as far as the demon spawn known as the powers that be are concerned…

    12. John Q. Parvenu


      America isn’t Luke Skywalker, it’s Darth Vader!

      The tumult, havoc, and chaos devouring the Ukraine (and Venezuela, and Syria) is almost exclusively the byproduct of the American DeathStar’s lust for global hegemony, a campaign that began in earnest when George Uno invaded Panama and abducted Noriega, only to be exponentially elevated in the aftermath of 911.

      America has been cruising for a bruising for a long, long time.

      Has there ever — in all of human history — existed a nation-state so conspicuously corrupt?

      How is this not achingly obvious?



      • CrabbeNebulae

        “Has there ever — in all of human history — existed a nation-state so conspicuously corrupt?” Yes!! England!!

        • sixpack

          What gets me is, the U.S. isn’t trying for world hegemony. THERE WILL BE NO HEGEMONY in the NWO for ANY country. The banksters are trying to financially destroy and dominate ALL countries, including America.

          In the NWO world, NO COUNTRY WILL BE ON TOP. All of the world will be dominated by BANKS AND BANKSTERS, and the families who own them. There will be no such thing as “national sovereignty”.

          It will only be rulers and slaves, slaves of all races, creed and ethnicity, from all former countries.

          It will be Poverty and Slavery Without Borders.

          We ALL, in all countries, need to keep our eyes focused on the REAL enemy…and it ain’t each other.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Rome, France, England…all corrupt.

        Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        For instance, our problems with Iran go all the way back to our CIA involvement in the overthrow of Iran’s duly elected Prime Minister and installment of the Shah back in the early 1950’s.

        Basically…we overthrew their elected leader and installed our own puppet.

        And we wonder why they hate us?

        • Jus'Say'n

          Yea! And MANY Persians Died as a direct result of that !!!!

          America is Babylon – and payment is coming due!!!

    13. Archivist

      There was an X 4.9 solar flare about 3 hours ago.

      • lastmanstanding

        It was put out by another 6″+ (overnight) of snow here in the Rockies. Nearly 40″ in the last couple weeks.

      • BJ

        X class flares are the biggest class I believe….but still not near big enough to do much until you get into much bigger numbers. the Carrington Event was like an X class 100+

    14. Y'all Beware!

      Just look at how one of our past president’s foreign policies compared; and thanks Mac for the great overview as this situation will in history, repeats itself.

      March 23, 1983 – Reagan Proposes ‘Star Wars’ Missile Defense System

      Feb. 24, 2014 – To the Olympic games, “Obama sent a delegation in his stead that consisted of various gay and lesbian members, which was an obvious political move intended to highlight America’s outrage over Russia’s recent anti-gay legislation.”

      Y’all Beware! All kinds of shit is gonna break loose!

      • Miss DeeDee

        Y’all Beware,
        I would bet that if we included our heaviest hitters Richard Simmons , Rue Paul and Chaz Bono to the Olympics these pesky Russians would fear for their lives.
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • laeagle

          MDD, I had to laugh!

        • Y'all Beware!


          Good laugh with that one (heavy hitters).

          Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’ and thanks.

    15. zionist stooge

      Dear President Putin

      We here in the zionist owned jU-SA would like some kind of “Humanitarian Aid”sent to us also, so we can free ourselves from the zionist owned DC (district of Criminals) and the jew bnakser run jeWALL ST usuarer VAMPIRES, to bring “FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY” in our OCCUPIED illegitamte phoney nation with an approval rating of 6% for the Government. That is less than IVAN THE TERRIBLE”S rating
      Please we ask you as the Pilar of DEMOCRACY and RULE OF LAW to help us now. We will FREE ourselves from the rothschilde locusts that now are eating this once great nation BARE!

      • sixpack

        Dear Russia,

        We have a mutual friend. His name is Kalashnikov. Could you please send him to us? We would welcome many of his brothers as well. In return, we will gladly send you one mulatto’s head on a stake…and dinner for two at a local steakhouse…drinks included.

        • eppe

          Ryan’s Steakhouse?

          • sixpack

            Hell, I’d even consider throwing a quartered on the barby and spiking a keg!

          • sixpack

            I’m in Oregon, eppe.

            • Sigi

              How’s the wood stove ban working for ya? I wonder how they’ll enforce that when the Schumer hits the propeller?

              • sixpack

                I don’t recognize any ban on wood stoves, we can still use burn barrels, way the hell out here. Unless they come up with a way to tell the difference between chimney smoke from a fireplace and that of a wood stove, they ain’t got nothing coming around here.

    16. John_Allen

      Carpathian Mountains as an explanation is good as far as it goes.

      What became the modern nation of Russia began in the ninth and tenth centuries in Kiev and spread eastward. Google Kievan Rus. Russia has chops, has creds with Ukraine that go blood deep and pre-date any European claim to the area by as much as 1000 years.

      It’s preposterous that Europe or the US has any understanding, much less claim, to those people and that land. But the warmongers will exploit any crisis, especially one they engineer.

      My comment isn’t based on some internet “instant expert’s” analysis of what Russia is going to do. It’s based on reading about 700 pages of Russia and the Russians a history, 2nd edition, by Geoffrey Hosking. Who (at least as of 2000) taught at University College in London. And is “one of the English-speaking world’s leading historians of Russia.”

      Tell me please … what credentials do the “internet experts” have? One know-nothing with a web site repeating what another internet know-nothing said doesn’t mean either of them know what they are talking about.

      Putin should not and cannot let this pass. Slava Russiya.

      • Be informed

        @ John_Allen. You’re correct about blood ties and clan relationships. Blood ties always also goes to economical ties and the territory instinct. Someone once said that eventually a man will forgive a tyrant for killing a member of their family, but will never forget anyone for forcing them and their family out of their home and making them destitute. The Ukraine IS Russia. The Ukraine is that protection zone from Russia losing their home and their means of making money.

        Russians will never forget all the invasions of Russia that cost millions of lives and undue suffering, especially from the nazis. Russia cannot and will not allow even the possibility of opening a door to another invasion of their nation from the west. This means even taking the chance of their country somehow surviving of launching their nukes if circumstances become that desperate. This is the frightening part of all of this.

        • Eagle Eye

          The Saker’s blog has a very detailed history of Ukraine that is one hell of a read. If you are commenting and seeking to understand you really need to read it. Without doing so you will fail to realise the nature of the forces involved.

          • Be informed

            @ Eagle Eye. You are very correct about the islam influence of what was the Soviet Union. Much of this can still be seen with Iran and those “stans” that are islamic. Stan means land in islam and they are all over the place surrounding Russia’s southern borders. It is indeed very complex situation over there. The Caspian Sea region is probably the most important area for energy resources in the world. The U.S. has absolutely no business over there. The U.S. should be in this country ONLY saving fellow American jobs from being shipped overseas through the parasite that is free trade.

        • Cede

          Remember, if the west push Putin hard enough for a war in the Ukraine, there’s every likely hood, due to Russia’s extream size, that the first place they’ll wipe off the map is Alaska. Watch out Sarah Palin, the Russkies can see you looking at them, watching you, watching them!!!

          I was talking to my Serbian friend today. He said every Serb from his homeland has never forgotten what the US did to them in 1999 ….. He can’t wait for Russia to put a boot in Americas ass as he said. Yet another country who’ll happily join the fight against America. Seriously, we have not done ourselves any favors with our bully stand over tactics these last few years, and worse still the MSM have feed the general population to believe we’re invincible.

          Unfortunately for us, the erra of Carrier Warfare during a possible WWIII scenario ended 20 years ago. think our carriers will save us? No way. In WWIII they’ll be nothing more than ineffective death traps.

          We … Are …. Screwed.

          • db427

            sarah palin never said that, it was a Saturday night live’ skit (played by tina fey) that the msm played over and over again to fool the dumbass American public. every thing else you stated I agree with.

      • sixpack

        J_A, I don’t need to be an “internet expert” to know right from wrong. I don’t need to “know it all” to recognize the fact that the west has no business in the affairs of foreign countries.

        It really takes little more than common sense to know when something is none of your business…Too bad our leader doesn’t have any of it.

      • Sigi

        One book? It takes reading 12 to become an ‘expert’ on anything. But perhaps just a little more attention to the news will tell you that the people of Ukraine consider themselves Europeans. They voted for Yanukovych because he promised greater relations with the EU and he betrayed them. Yes, Russia was born in Ukraine, after the Mongol hordes came in, their paths diverged. Ukraine stayed under Mongol rule longer. Then came the centuries for west Ukraine under Lithuanian and Polish rule; a crucible in which the Ukrainian national identity was forged and made into something which would not fully integrate with the Poles nor the Russians. In eastern Ukraine their identity was sufficient cause for Stalin to send large groups of them to exile in Siberia and to visit the Holodomor upon them. The exiled and the dead were replaced with ethnic Russians. The same thing happened with the Crimean Tatars which is why Crimea is so loyal to Russia today. That’s your blood ties- created artificially and via tyranny.

        Since you want credentials I studied in Ukraine (where one professor loudly proclaimed that Ukraine is “A European people, not a wild Asiatic people like the Russians!”), further studied the country in graduate school and did my Master’s work on it (non-traditional program, I didn’t have a single thesis but a series of lengthy research papers).

    17. Sierra Dave

      The outcome is going to be Putin sending in the Russian army. Tanks, Jets, Helicopters, troops, what-not.

      IMHO, Obama doesn’t have the balls to do much. Look how he backed off piddly little drone strikes in Syria.

      Unless we funnel thousands of anti-tank weapons and man portable anti-air into the Ukraine. They are going to get waffle stomped.

      Meh, maybe it will be used as a bargaining chip so Obammie can take out Syria.

      • Dave-do-it

        Your troops are demoralized and tired after years of fighting Israels enemies around the globe after the Mossad blew up those three towers. Jewry built America on the back of the federal reserve and Jewry will take you back down again.

        • Snowed In

          Wrong about who built America. The real value in America has nothing to do with the FRB nor the gobblement. That value can’t be destroyed. As long as one person holds the dream of freedom, it can turn into fire. “welfare” is an attempt to destroy the American way by over-populating and funding laziness; but, that doesn’t make true Americans turn lazy. You can’t destroy America.

          • JayJay

            **You can’t destroy America**

            It can easily be destroyed now.
            1) we currently have no leadership in America. Congress vote against war?? Only if you hand them the rifles and say ‘go get ’em’ team’.
            2) even IF congress didn’t wage war, Psychobama has a pen!!!

            • sixpack

              “hand them the rifles and say ‘go get ‘em’ team’.”

              That would be MY vote!

      • Miss DeeDee

        Was it just yesterday or the day before that Hagel announced that the U.S. Was going to drastically reduce the overall number of deployable troops ? So it looks like we may once again start another military issue without any intention of victory.
        — Miss Dee Dee

    18. SmokinOkie

      On the shores of Gitche Gumee
      By the shining big sea waters
      Stood the wigwam of Nokomis
      Daughter of the moon, Nokomis

      ‘Song of Hiawatha’ by H. W. Longfellow

      Every once in a while, a song or a poem heard in my childhood pops into my mind. My mother used to sing this one to me when I was about 4 years old. I wonder what my great grand children will be remembering half a century from now……

      On the shores of old Potomac
      By the shining Fed Reserve Bank
      Stood the wigwam of Soetoro
      Half breed bastard son, Soetoro

      Nah, way too serious. If my grand chillins are any relation to me, they’ll probably be singing a re-write of Amarillo By Morning, Sweet Home Alabama or Okie From Muskogee. Better yet, the originals.

      In Birmingham they love the governor
      Now we all did what we could do
      Now Watergate does not bother me
      Does your conscience bother you…(tell the truth)
      -L Skynyrd, esq

      • Archivist

        My first thought when I saw the Crimean mentioned was “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. This was a battle in the Crimean War during the 1850s.

        “Into the valley of Death
          Rode the six hundred.”

        • Archivist

          My next thought was Alfalfa reciting “The Charge of the Light Brigade” in class while Porky used a magnifying glass to light up firecrackers in Alfalfa’s back pocket.


          • Them Guys

            Don’t forget their buddy little BUTTWHEAT! O’TAY!

    19. braahaahaa

      What about the new arsenal called the “Rasengan”. These things aren’t there for show. Don’t think it’s like that. It’s pretty terrifying if you ask me.

    20. N.O. ;0p

      i volunteer to GO TO UKRAINE CRIMEA for the good of all humanity ;0p

      i after given great thought an scrutiny on the Ukraine territory of Crimea have decided to sacrifice myself for the greater good of humanity and volunteer to be zog amerika’s new ambassador of Crimea .

      i will courageously brave its harsh barren dangerous shores for the zog cause and amerikan fascism

      i accept the assignment with a heavy heart and yet stout resolution and reach deep within for courage to face vlad the enemy on his own nude beaches ;0p

      ;0) wish me luck , i’ll miss you all … kinda ;0p .

      ;0p pssszzt

      n.o. ;0p

    21. Let it happen.

      Just another mayor step towards the rise of the Antichrist. Let these steps increase so that as a fallen world we can wrap this demon infested planet up and continue with restoration which comes from the maker of the universe. Jesus the Christ.

      • Sigi

        With everyone so eager to worship Putin he’s probably the antichrist.

    22. N.O. ;0p

      russia vlad the bear is gonna squash zog amerika’s barry the fairy bug .

      SPLAT ! ;0P

      i’m glad i’m no longer active duty .

      this is one war i’m gladly gonna sit out up in the mountains as the world repeats ww1 ww2 atrociousness BY A 10 fold 10’S of MILLIONS old men women children babies innocent victims all of greed are gonna suffer an die in global ww3 .

      war will come finally to America’s shores .


      * as its already planned out by the ptb – powers that be … so they can finalize their nwo global banker government and control the entire world and it’s once free peoples .

      when that happens everyone 90% will be killed off … biblical suffering at all levels of society below the traitors to humanity Illuminati kings queens royalty , bankers , tycoons and religious leaders .


      • N.O. ;0p

        eyes on me … jut read it

        RUSSIA IS VERY SERIOUS ABOUT GOING TO WAR WITH ZOG AMERIKA if necessary to protect its borders …

        According to the Moscow Times, this is what a senior Russian official has to say: “If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war.” Ukraine “will lose Crimera first,” because Russia “will go in just as we did in Georgia.” Another Russian official said: “ We will not allow Europe and the US to take Ukraine from us. The states of the former Soviet Union, we are one family. They think Russia is still as weak as in the early 1990s but we are not.”

        * i find it very scary that zog cia puppet barry the fairy is kicking sand in vlad the bear / russia’s face .

        america can’t even control the current middle east war with syria now as it is AND THEY WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH RUSSIA AND CHINA NOW ???

        WTF ???

        it’s suicide by typical american narcissistic driven ignorance for once free america plain and simple .

        i hope you all realize russia is very serious about not losing the ukraine and crimea .

        they will mobilize their nukes eventually as they have in the past .

        vlad putin of russia is a very real calculating intelligent murderer (killed polands president deliberately in a sabotaged plan crash) he will not hesitate to launch his nukes not at all .

        then we’re all f*cked .

        the zog fraud very fake cia puppet prez obama is going to get us all killed !!!


        n.o. ;0p

        • sixpack

          It’s what his elitist, global bankster handlers are telling him to do. Obummer has no choice. Puppets don’t get to make decisions.

          Forget the puppet and aim for the puppet master.

    23. Lost In The C.R.C

      Hope you all enjoyed Christmas last year, this year it might be hot – NUCLEAR HOT!

    24. db427

      this could be a trigger of sort, and one that sheeple in this country will never see coming. even people in their forties nowadays never really watched much in television without it being in color, or heaven forbid listen to talk radio. when they look at films from ww1, or ww11, they think of it as ancient history because it’s in black and white. most think that we are so civilized and advanced that we are beyond all that. you mention anything even from ww11, most will equiviate it to ancient roman times.
      most of us americans are so removed from reality, and it’s a direct result of us being sheltered from it for the last 50 years or so. nobody wins / loses anymore, just play to have fun, every kid gets a valentine (hurt feelings), Px-drugs for any kid that’s not behaving the way they should, and so on…
      when shtf, we will be so unprepared for it, and on every level.
      we are looking at a country of dependent garbage that never grew up, wants everything and more than their parents had, and have their debts forgiven because their too smart to shovel snow or cut grass.
      our grandparents had backbone, and character, and spirituality. things essential to living. now we have iphones, google, and commercials. we are so far off the path, I don’t think we can even find our footsteps.
      tip for the day: stay out of ukraine

    25. Belarus

      If organized Jewry should ever get a foothold in a America, either financial or political. A nation with such vast resources but such little intelligence. It will end up resembling a stricken child with elephantitis, a mushroom nation, destroyed before it had even reached full maturity.

      Chancellor Hitler.

    26. 1940justme

      Putin better watch his a$$, Bombo has got his war face on

      • It is I only

        Humhh……… Just wait until the schwarza mamzer son of a whore & his transvestite whore start creaming their underdaks!
        He will be Ceausescued!

      • 1940justme

        I can’t believe this, 9 idiots gave me a neg for being

        • sgt. Dale

          Obullshits war face? No that was Mrs. Obullshit with the war face.. Press. Obullshit wouldn’t know what a war face was until you took away his golf clubs.

          • Them Guys

            in that Photo of Hobammy vs Putin at top article.

            Hobammys face has his “Uppity Monkey Temper Tantrum” tactic.

            Putins looks as if his thoughts are “Who does this skinny ass uppity detroit monkey think he is anyways? I could kick his sorry swartza ass in two minits flat” And Then kick his Shiksa wifes ass after!”

        • Miss DeeDee

          Those that red thumbed you must not have seen the footage of our Leader kicking thru that cardboard door with the plastic door latch. Yep – one mean S.O.B
          — Miss Dee Dee

    27. Second to None

      Allow your imagination to wander: Netanyahu, Reagan, Putin, Gorbachev and Bamma Big Ears (BBE)sitting around the same table. BBE would be like the Kennedy kids crawling on the floor playing the “look at me game.” To make matters worse, we have Susy Rice telling Mr Putin that he would suffer the wrath if… Really? We played the card with him before and he spanked us (collectively) like a puppy peeing on the floor. Does she/he really believe his is concerned about our position. We have lost our position in the world and I believe will struggle to get it back. Where are the leaders who take the strong stand? Sorry, they are gone. Now the leaders are more interested in developing the ultimate welfare plan instead of protecting this great Nation. I think this is all predicted in the Good Book. Just wait for the sound of the trump!!

    28. Anonymous

      Don’t think Russia is coming in alone on this one China And All his ally’s are coming in right behind him very quietly that means we are all Fucked !! We Babylon Are Doomed Our Time To Collapse Has Come!! As It Was Predicted Looooonngg Time Ago !! We Woke The Bear !! Thanks To Our Monkey Man.

      • JayJay

        Don’t think Russia is coming in alone on this one China And All his ally’s are coming in right behind him very quietly.

        THAT is what should frighten us.

        • sixpack

          Apparently, it doesn’t frighten us enough to keep our asses out of Russian business.

          • Sigi

            We aren’t in Russia’s business. They have no business invading another nation.

            • sixpack

              boy, did you read your newspaper upside down or what?

              I don’t even know how to respond to such stupidity.

              Troll much?

            • Them Guys

              Ukraine & Putin Signed a Warm water Port deal TREATY that runs from, 2010 to 2042….Thats NOT invading. Its useing what was agreed on and protecting it from jewdeo EU, and zio usa attempts to upset it.

              Ukraine folks must have short memories if they now desire union with a bunch of kommie jewish zionists that control every EU state and control USA.

              maybe they fogot it was a jewish invention that thing called communisim?

              PS Putin Cannot be the antichrist sigi, as hes NOT jewish.

              Read new testement bible verses discussing the antichrist that IS even Now(when it was spoken by Paul) in the world, as You all are well aware of etc etc…

              ONLY One main group 2000 yrs ago fits Pauls descriptions and John’s also of who or what are antichrists.

              That would have been Pharisee Talmudic judaics sigi. The orig antichrists, haters of Christ even up till Today.

              And if the holy bible aint good enough Proof, read some Talmudic verses for more judaics descriptions of their vast Hatred of Christ.

    29. posseecom

      Follow the money…

      If one of our main export distribution ports for natural resources(aka NG or LNG) was threatened to be cut off or seized by Russian operatives promulgating a proxy revolution in that area…just what would the US do?

      Now that we have that answer….

      It’s always about the flow of oil, gas, and vast resources..period.

      State departments worldwide(in conjunction with state controlled medias) continuously promulgate double speak of threats to national security,democracy, for the people,us vs them mentalities,as well as age old ethnic rivalries etc to whip up the respective populaces into a war frenzy.

      and it works every time throughout history..

      We now witness once again, the same tried and true situation throughout the entire region..

      Destabilize sovereign nations..create a boogeyman to demonize,create economic sanctions,send in the troops,many innocents will die, and the multinational corporations now sweep in to claim the prizes..of course all sanctioned and funded by the world banks as they reap huge profits on the military supplies,nation and infrastructure rebuilding, and the eventual financing of collateral debt to the newly war torn, and economically destroyed nation(s)..

      Of course once the “work” is done..those nations revert back to worse disasters than before…and, as usual, the citizens are left to suffer economic and societal hell.


      Syria, Iran,now Ukraine..the verdict is still out..

      This ain’t over by a long shot folks…

      Naturally the super powers in play now,Russia and US ,will flex their respective military muscles once again
      in the never ending game of world chess.

      Check mate!


      • posseecom

        As I just commented..

        Here come the banks…

        KIEV, Ukraine — With a manhunt underway for the deposed Ukrainian president, Viktor F. Yanukovych, who was charged on Monday with mass murder, officials in Parliament pushed ahead with the monumental task of rebuilding the collapsed government. The country’s most pressing problem, however, is largely out of their control: a fast-approaching economic disaster that they cannot solve without international assistance.

        The new speaker, Oleksandr V. Turchynov, admitted as much, warning in an open letter to the Ukrainian people on Sunday that “Ukraine is now in a pre-default condition and sliding into the abyss.”

        Gerry Rice, a spokesman for the International Monetary Fund, which would have to provide the billions of dollars in urgently needed credit, issued a statement on Monday saying only, “We are talking to all interested parties.”

        The Obama administration said it was prepared to provide financial assistance beyond that from the I.M.F., but it did not say how much.

        source..NYT FEB. 24, 2014

        Nough said..


        • Merree

          They have actually proposed to lend at least $35 billion.

          • clint hospo

            you bet, behind the scene the Obama admin is calling Ukraine and saying we will give you billions in an aid package to just have and allow us access into your county with these rights and resources. Don’t worry we will work out a deal with russia as well so this will put no pressure on you. Damn CIA and world banks making this mess happen. So much money in offshore accounts and robbery behind the scenes.

            • JayJay

              Clint–Ukraine ain’t that stupid.
              America’s history precedes that.

            • Sigi

              Obama is saying no such thing. He wants money to spend like water everywhere, but he won’t spend it on Ukraine or anywhere else that people are white and not in love with communism.

          • Them Guys

            Ironic that jewyork Times newspaper article forgot to mention Putin Already promiced $15 Billion to ukraine for starters. but hes holding it Back untill they acheive a New govnt that will operate and function proprly etc.

            New York,,,The Babylon City, ruled over by that “women” who holds a Cup filled to Overflowing with the Blood of Saints(christians over past 2000 yrs so far) and has Babylon written in her forehead…AKA= ISRAEL!

            Many so called prophecy expert pastors have claimed that babylon women holding a cup etc referes to the vatican and/or a pope…Yet all such fraud ‘experts” neglect to consider that her cup is filled with Saints aka christians blood…Now yes history shows a few christians were killed by vatican or a pope or two over the past 2000 yrs…BUT…From the Very First one killed (Christ) up to Today 2014, one and ONLY One “tribe” and its religious pharisitical rabinical master race.

            has killed or engineered or caused the killings of far greater numbers of “Saints” aka christian folks globally, than ANY others at ANY other times over the Past 2000 yrs.

            Perhaps those self promoting prophecy ‘expert” preachers, As Seen on TV(talmudvision) need to REthink their expertize a bit eh.

            Unless things drastically change it appears that new york fits those prophetic descriptions of that babylon city to be destroyed and all her plagues in One hour(a short time frame not a real 60 minit hr)…And no sane observer at this point can deny or refute that yes NY is filled with and run By “cousins” of the others in Telaviv.

            And that Prior to 1948, when israel officially became a “state”(stolen). Most every of the Original Israel State rulership, top and lesser officials, Came to israel From…Bolshevik jewdeo kommie Soviet USSR(russia).(they may have came from euro nations too, but they all originated in the soviet ussr or their ancestors did).

            So the real truth of soviet kommies is that what began in russia 1918, Moved into state of Israel in 1948. And they were of the original actual soviet 1918 group of bolshie jewdeo kommies. So todays communists leaders, and the main base of todays communisim Is located at Telaviv Israel. And that bankster family Rothschild’s are the very Top heads of it all…it even has many huge plaques designating for example that the israel top supremes court building was Paid for by rotschilds moneys soley.

            much else also was funded by same.

            If one were to see it all as a Snake…The Head and Fangs would be named rothschild. And its Main diet is america today.

    30. Babylon=USA

      Don’t think Russia is coming in alone on this one China And All his ally’s are coming in right behind him very quietly that means we are all Fucked !! We Babylon Are Doomed Our Time To Collapse Has Come!! As It Was Predicted Looooonngg Time Ago !! We Woke The Bear !! Thanks To Our Monkey Man.

    31. 82nd airborne.

      Obumer will fold. He’s a gutless fool. He’ll go on vacation until this is allover.

      • sixpack

        So, we should go over and stick our noses in something that doesn’t concern us, risking WW3 and the deaths of millions, if not billions, just to keep obullshit from looking like a fool?

        TOO LATE! The mulatto has looked like the fool that he is, since the beginning.


    32. Ted Kennedy

      Where is our Wookie. We are all knuckle heads.

    33. Patriot Mom

      Why is the pentagon downsizing the military?

    34. lena

      Let’s see.

      Middle east and now Russia about to start up WW3, check.
      usa is such a financial mess, a default and/or loss of reserve currrency status likely, check.
      current usa economic conditions rivaling great depression, check.
      usa’s energy supplies under duress because of regulations, check.
      usa’s food and water supplies under stress because of regulations, check.

      Not that the past 40 years of the US govt hasn’t given the usa a great start on all these problems, but our great president sure has put the good old usa in all sorts of trouble over the past 5 years that it sure wouold be nice not to be in while it looks like the curtain on WW3 is about to go up.
      Sure hope all those people that felt so great voting for the first african american(who had less experience than the average city councilman) and remember to hold to that feeling when the you know what comes down if WW3 happens and food and water becomes a carcity.

      (poster’s note, i’m not against voting for african americans, but voting for one with no experience and with obvious issues with america as it was founded ? i got big problems with that.)

    35. helen

      It’s time for a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. This score has to be settled!

      • sixpack

        There is no score, Helen. There never was.

    36. wastme

      I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling, if anyone knows our military has been castrated its putin. obomba needs to start funding our military better since he likes using it so much.

      • sixpack

        Why doesn’t somebody just kill his ass and avoid the problem altogether? Sacrifice ONE life to save the many.

        • Sigi

          Because this isn’t about Obama. If he died peacefully in his sleep tonight Putin would still be threatening a sovereign nation.

          • sixpack


          • Them Guys

            SIGI: I Bet Your ukraine protest Heros are those Two Boxing champs brothers right?…You know, that Older one who spent the PAST 14 yrs living in Germany, flew in to ukraine for photo opps, and has taken oddles cash from Victoria Nuland(zio jew) of the USA State dept.

            Incase they are your protester heros leaders? Or if its that Blonde women(jewess) wants to be next Ukraine Prez?…Go Look at a real swell color Photo of them two brothers wearing jewish skull Caps, at Bro Kapners website.

            www dot realjewnews dot com His several ukraine articles also has Much infos on the zio jewish connections to that blonde woman, as well as the two boxer champs brothers who MSM and usa state dept zios promote as The leaders of protesters etc.

            oh and infos on that $5 Billion So Far state dept jewess Nuland handed over to the protesters.

            Yet You believe Putins the evil guy there!!!

            TURN OFF FOX TV NEWS, and READ websites unafraid to name the zio jews and REAL kommies doing it all Sigi.

    37. Gonetoolong

      Don’t forget, we are BROKE folks. We are cutting the military and simultaneously posturing up and talkin’ shit on several foreign events. I personally don’t think we have what it takes to mount much of a ground game. We just lost Fallujah, Iraq. Losing in Afgan. Lost the war of words with Syria and doing nothing with Venezuela. Reminds of the tricked out Mustang that pulls up to the redlight asking for a race, only the car has a four cylinder under the hood instead of the old Boss 429. All show and no go. I thinks the other countries around the world are figuring this out as well.

    38. slingshot

      Who wants to go to WAR!.
      Call it what you like as this dog and pony show continues with the Blah, Blah, of the president.
      Go up on Google Map and check out the Russian Seaports.
      Think Ivan Has Gone Away. You will see the Typhoon Subs and other warships.
      It just amazes me how people have no idea what sits off the our coasts. We see the surface ships move troops and equipment, but what lies beneath the waves should concern us more. ICBM’s are about 40 minutes out across the North Pole. When the boomer subs reach launch depth it will be about 23 min. to first impact. Expect more than one device to hit a target rich area.

      I will trade 2 Beanie Weenies for one can of sardines.

    39. LBJ

      It is all a chess game and all we have left is a QUEEN….

      • sixpack

        …or just a king in a dress and heels…

      • Sigi

        You don’t lose until you lose her.

    40. Npgh

      This is completely off topic but I wanted you to know this. Connecticut is now beginning gun confiscation for those that won’t register their guns as the recent new law was demanding. Well, we know from recent stories that people were simply not complying. IT WAS a misdameaner it is NOW A FELONY! P.S. make sure to check out the comments section. This could be a black swan in our own backyard while eyes are on Russia now that the most boring Olympics are over. I’m posting link separately so this goes through. Article on gunssavelive dot com.

        • D.C.

          Is anyone else getting a error on this link.

        • clint hospo

          I tried to open the link but it didnt work. SO i clicked on it over again and again about 10x. then I refreshed it and finally it opened. It fist sayed this URl is not available and the page is white, I was determined to open the link and website. I think the reason for it was they are trying to hide the link from people seeing it or some type of control to hide it. They cant hide all the new news happening. back in the 80’s and early 90’s we would of never heard about any of this. thanks to internet and news online we are finally seeing the truth and its harder and harder for these assholes to hide their illegal movements.

        • JRS


          She’s purty…she must be on the LGBT SWAT team.

          *Nelson Mandela Muntz

      • sixpack

        Some of us seen this coming, including the felony…To anyone wanting to unload before the confiscation gets to you, I could use a good rifle and another handgun…

    41. Asian

      The World needs to stop US and her BS policies – you maybe big brother don’t push too much for you will be wasted with the rest of the world if WW III starts. US has become outlaw and pariah nation for its exceptional busy body interfering into other lives and affairs… Enough is enough – your country is bankrupt – the next to fall is the USD then stock markets (Casino country – Fiat Superpower)

    42. Max

      >> We can be fairly certain that Vladimir Putin is willing to go all the way to protect Mother Russia’s interests. How far is our Nobel Peace Prize winning President willing to go to do the same for the Homeland? <<

      Why would Obama protect Kenyan interests in Ukraine?

    43. Aurelius

      Can’t help but notice that the talk confuses, at least me, with terms like “our government”, “our interests”, what “we” are doing here or there. We have a Corporate monster for a government and have no voice and nothing to do with whatever IT decides to do, not little,…nothing!!! At the risk of being vulgar, and I will apologize if you so perceive this, this country is about “Hebe’s, Ho’s and Hyphenates”! The “Hebe’s” direct the “Ho’s” to supply the “Hyphenates” with stuff so they won’t burn the cities down while they are systematically destroying the Nation of Whites which is what America is and always has been! We Americans, are only observers of our destruction if, indeed, we choose to look and this is awfully hard to do if Justin Beiber is being arrested or Paris Hilton is slutting out in Hollywood! Nation is Race and Race is Nation whether or not you think this is a racist concept and when this Nation, this Race of Americans awaken, the take back and the pay back will begin!! Until then, this government is the most dangerous entity that the American Nation has ever faced! Prepare as never before! Lock and load!!!!!

      • Them Guys

        Aurelius: Man that made me laugh my ass off!

        “Hebe’s, Ho’s and Hyphenates”! !!! Now That would make a perfect Fine Bumper sticker solgan to awaken the sheeps!

        And Yes indeed, Nation Is race and visa versa. Its main reason for past 50-60 yrs whites have been so brainwashed programed to never mention the word “race”.

        The ruler kommies Knows that whiteys are their biggest obstacle ever to a nwo, Jwo. Only by convincing white americans that it is “Racist” and “Evil” for them to promote whites stick together as One race and one Nation.

        have the kommies and subversive dual citizens here in usa been able to get as far as they have in destruction of america.

        If racisim is such a huge problem as lib kommies always claim. And if the solution to “Fix” racisim problems, is to Import massive huge Hoards of NON white 3rd worlders into a nation?

        Then why does this ONLY happen to western white nations?

        Japan, China, Korea, AFRICA! etc et al, nations consists of aprox 99+% of ONE particular Race of persons in each nation….Yet when have we ever heard lib kommies or neocon immigration of 3rd world non whites policy, complain of Japan or china etc or africa needing More mexicans! More blacks!?

        After all if there really was a racisim problem in the world…Then should not Japan import black africans into japan? Same for korea or china?…What about africa aint it Low of mexicans lately?

        No. It seems only white nations needs 3rd world destroyers eh.

        Can’t Wait to see israels Nuttyyahoo on Live TV pissing and Moaning how israel is so LOW on Africans, Mexicans and 3rd world scum in His nation huh.

        Oh Wait! Israel is currently Jailing ALL african Jews, and trying to Export OUT all black jews back to ethiopia, or sweeden of all places!

        When do ya thing we are going to see libs dems like Schumer or Finestien and Bloomberg whine or cry that Israel is so LOW on Non jews? Because after all it Is mostly the leftist dems party who keeps telling us folks we need More non whites flooded into america right?

        Its Akin to Gun control antiguners like schumer and finestien et al…They cry Loudest about us owning guns…Yet They never utter a single Peep word condemning Guns allowed for every jewish israeli citizen eh!

        Then the same antigun kommies use USA tax Funds to Buy israel citizenery Guns and ammo galore!

        “Hebe’s, Ho’s and Hyphenates”! indeed!

    44. sgt. Dale

      This may sound harsh, but this should mean nothing to the USA.

      This area has been under Russian control for centuries.
      This should be a European issue. We keep sticking our nose into every ones affairs. One of these days its going to get broke, ( I forgot we all ready are broke 17 TRIL.)

      Putin is not afraid of Obullshit, and he is not going to give up a warm water port. Everyone knew that he was going to move on the Ukraine after the winter games.

      What is Obullshit going to do lie to him and get away with it. Like he dose to the American citizen? I think not because Putin is a hell of a lot smarter that the SHEEPLE in the USA.

      The USA is not going to war over Ukraine. For one we don’t have the forces. Obullshit has cut down the military so bad it would take a draft to get it back to full strength again. That would take time and we don’t time in todays modern world to build an army.

      Then again this could be a false flag by Obullshit to start a war with Russia, and China, which they have agreed upon, so that the USA would loose to Russia, and China, so they could come into the USA and take it over. Obullshit would have completed his life long dream of the destruction of America.

      The USA should be looking to south America. There is enough trouble down there to hold our attention for a while. This is our back yard not Europe. That is Russia’s back yard. They might be trying to start another cold war to jump start the economies. Who knows? What interesting times we live in.

      • Gonetoolong

        God forbid we ever did get invaded by foreign troops, remember to take out our politicians first (with extreme prejudice). Then we do as we may on the foreigners.

    45. swinging richard

      Two clowns doing a slapstick routine. I would not be so bad if millions of innocent people were not affected. People do much better at getting along than our leaders. You introduce a group of average citizen and friendship is the outcome; introduce politicians and conflict is guaranteed.

    46. aljamo

      And it’s one two three, what are we fighting for. Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn, next stop is Russia’s land. And it’s five six seven, open up the pearly gates. There aint no time to wonder why, whoopee we’re all going to die.

      • sgt. Dale

        Was that County Joe and the Fish?
        Or did they ask for a F–k?
        Can’t remember! to damn long ago 1968 I was freshman in High School.

      • Sigi

        Ukraine is not Russia’s land.

    47. Maudy Frickett

      Almost had a heart attack yesterday. Watched CNN and Wolf Blitzer defend the rioters in Ukraine against charges that the rioters were neo-Nazis. If that isn’t confirmation that the globalists and George Soros were involved, then I don’t know what is. It was funny to see Wolfie defending against charges of Nazism. Wolf Blitzer!

      • Clod

        The lefties always scream ‘NAZIS’ ever since 1945. The EU-SSR is locking up members of Golden dawn as we speak, thousands of nationalists get jailed in Germany every year using Stalin era laws, all over Europe right-wing groups are banned. Yet we must scream ‘Nazi, Nazis, Nazis’ everytime the post-war leftist nightmare, run by the inventors of Communism drags civilization down another notch.
        How many hundred millions did Communism kill during the twentieth century? I think this cebtury they are going to try and better themselves, they are off to a good start, that’s for sure.

      • Sigi

        Most of them are not Nazis. Are you like the MSM that the existence of a few makes everyone else guilty by association? I suppose you believe that all Tea Partiers are also neo Nazis and everyone who wears Birkenstocks are unwashed hippies?

        I know someone who was getting people to go to the city square, someone who was apolitical during the Orange Revolution 8 years ago and very pro-EU during the last election.

        One of the guys who was killed was a nice Baptist kid who didn’t have your special knowledge of who they ‘really’ were- he went to the Maidan to stand for his country.

        Sigh. What does it matter? The US isn’t going to help Ukraine in any case. Still, you won’t be able to say that no one told you different when the narrative to which you are wed is exposed as a silly lie.

    48. Planet Megacorp

      Good thing there is no debt ceiling and the media refuses to report reality.

      • JayJay

        Should read—
        Good thing there is no debt ceiling ‘increase’ and the media refuses to report reality ‘still’.

      • sixpack

        We’re right on schedule.

      • RICH99

        That’s funny my job is busy ….I’m not bragging but not all of the economy is failing …..we got a long way to go

        • sixpack

          Cool. Ride it until the wheels fall off…

    49. N.O. ;0p

      ??? for you


      serious ??? for the shtfplan vets here …

      i’ve come across technical plans to build a illegal in most states home computer terminal controlled automated home firearm defense system


      it allows you to mount a semi-automatic battle rifle on a platform and setup a defensive death perimeter around your property or even inside your home

      it will protect you while you sleep and kill anything that comes within its infrared perimeter when active .

      is this a interest to you folks ???

      i’m curious to know how many of you would use such a system if it was made available to you ???

      how many of you are tech savvy enough to build such a system at home from local materials ???

      green thumbs – yes

      red thumbs – no

      thank you

      n.o. ;0p

      • Socrates

        For the record-

        Turret or computer controlled weapons are highly illegal for all civilians and even most companies. According to the BATF it falls under the category of a ‘Class 3 destructive device’ which for you gun types out there requires a Class 11 FFL,(manufacturer of destructive devices) pretty much the highest category you can get. Don’t ask me how I know. I can neither confirm nor deny, any such statement. 😉

        If you attempt to source or make any said device you will most likely be flagged and investigated for the above BATF violation. A guy at a junkyard had built one years ago and the UPS driver about crapped his pants when he tried to make a delivery and the turret mounted gun was following his every move.

        • N.O. ;0p

          so what ;0p


          f*ck the zog batf

          i’ll say it again … and i mean it

          FUCK THE ZOG BATF !!!

          passing on knowledge educating others is not illegal

          and if it was i’d still do it


          i’m past the point of givin a f*ck about the zog zio-jeeew owned corrupt criminal FOREIGN BANKER OWNED CONTROLLED federal government and joke of a good ole boy oligarchy corrupt criminal run federal court system .


          ENJOY YOUR ZOG ZIO-JEEEW MASTER life-long tax debt SLAVERY .


          n.o. ;0p

      • Kulafarmer

        For after SHTF would be excellent,,
        For pre SHTF could have huge utility especially if no-knockers are feelin frisky,

    50. aljamo

      sgt. Dale…. yeah, that’s Country Joe and the Fish singing “I feel like I’m fixin’ to die rag” also called “Vietnam Rag”. I just changed Vietnam to Russia in the partial lyrics, but do so in the entire song and it fits like a glove.

    51. Be informed

      Israel attacks targets in Syria and Lebanon. When?

      Within the 5 day window of the New Moon. Almost always does when the Moon is dark enough. The new Moon is on March 1. So predictable. The 10 day window closes on March 6. Iran is still in those crosshairs and the start of WW3. Something to watch every month with Israel, 5 days before to 5 days after a New Moon.

      • Socrates

        Already happened.

        Israeli jets attack Syrian weapons convoys in Hezbollah-held area in Lebanon

        Published 25 February 2014

        For the second time this year. Israeli jets attacked targets on the border between Lebanon and Syria on Monday night as part of an ongoing campaign to prevent the transfer of advanced weapon systems from the Syrian military to Hezbollah. In 2013, the Israel Air Force (IAF) attacked military bases and arms depots inside Syria on six occasions — 30 January, 3 May, 5 May, 5 July, 18 October, and 30 October. The first attack in 2014 took place on 26 January. The previous seven air strikes were on targets inside Syria, but last Sunday attack was on Syrian military convoys just inside Lebanon, in Hezbollah-controlled areas near the Lebanon-Syria border.

        For the second time this year. Israeli jets attacked targets on the border between Lebanon and Syria on Monday night as part of an ongoing campaign to prevent the transfer of advanced weapon systems from the Syrian military to Hezbollah.

        In 2013, the Israel Air Force (IAF) attacked military convoys and arms depots inside Syria on six occasions — 30 January, 3 May, 5 May, 5 July, 18 October, and 30 October. The first attack in 2014 took place on 26 January.

        The previous seven air strikes were on military bases and arms depots inside Syria, but last Sunday attack was on a Syrian mlitary convoy just inside Lebanon, in Hezbollah-controlled areas near the Lebanon-Syria border.

        Haaretz reports that earlier today (Tuesday), during a joint cabinet meeting between Israel and a German delegation headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indirectly commented on the air strike, but without giving any details: “I am not speaking about claims that have been made about what we did or didn’t do. Our policy is clear — we do what we have to in order to secure Israel.”

        Al Arabiya News TV reported that a number of Hezbollah members were killed in the raid, a claim denied by Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV.

        According to the Lebanese newspaper Daily Star, the 10:30 p.m., Monday attack destroyed vehicles and targets in the Janta and Nabi Sheet areas in the Bekaa Valley where Hezbollah has several training and recruitment facilities, and which are known smuggling routes for arms between Syria and Lebanon.

        Israel has made public its determination to prevent Syria from transferring to Hezbollah three advanced weapon systems – long-range anti-ship “Yakhont” missiles, SI-17 advanced anti-aircraft missiles, and precise mid-range Fateh-110 rockets.

        The seven attacks Israel has so far launched on targets inside Syria, and the recent one inside Lebanon, were all aimed to destroy these system en route to Hezbollah.

        President Bashar Assad has become dependent on assistance from Iran and Hezbollah in his fight with the Syrian rebels, and thus in no position to reject pressure from these two allies to transfer advanced systems to Hezbollah. Haaretz notes various intelligence sources believe that Israeli air strikes notwithstanding, Assad has managed to deliver large quantities of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah.

        Assad and Hezbollah have so far refrained from responding to the Israeli attacks, for which Israel has not taken official responsibility. Assad knows that if he attacks Israel, the IDF will finish him off and put an end to his regime. Hezbollah’s position in Lebanon has been weakened considerably as a result of the organization’s deep involvement in Syria, and the organization, now in battle against Sunni militias both inside and outside Lebanon, does not appear eager to take on Israel.

        • Be informed

          @ Socrates. I know it already happened, I was trying to say that it happened within the 10 day window. A few posts ago I warned of a possible Israeli strike starting on Monday like I do every month before the New Moon that sometimes gets on people’s nerves. I just wrote it out wrong this morning in a hurry.

          • jerrytbg

            Keep singing BI…Don’t let anyone distract you…
            In fact, this very morning, nice conjunction with Venus.

      • laeagle

        BI, Thanks for the reminder.

    52. RickInOregon

      Spring Break must be close, gas prices have started to rise.

    53. MongoPissed

      The world is like walking down a dark street in the early morning. You must be prepared for what comes out of the shadows. You must also be prepared to play poker with those you encounter. I have stuck my hand into my jacket to simulate a gun, as the joker in front of me did the same. Neither was willing to call the other’s bluff, and we walked away without conflict. Our President is no poker player, and he and his handlers do not know when to bluff or fold. Putin makes him look like a weak sister. Our Congress is more interested in taking Jewish campaign dollars (the “Jewish Vote”, as a cynical Jewish relative calls it), and implementing the foreign policy of Israel and the globalist banksters who run it, than looking out for U.S. interests.

    54. Maudy Frickett

      Sleep well this evening. The people watching over us in the government are the same people who had our backs on 9/11. Feel safe?

    55. TheGuy

      Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more disenchanted with Obama… he goes and pulls a Ronald Reagan. Minus the competence.

      So… basically the difference between Republicans and Democrats now… is that Democrats are pro-abortion… and are rank amateurs at pushing other countries around by comparison to the Repubs?

      And… that’s it, huh?


      So… this is your “thumbing your nose” at Russia over the Syria thing, is it? Good job. Do you ever… you know… FIGURE OUT IF YOU EVEN HAVE A CHANCE OF WINNING BEFORE YOU GO PISSING PEOPLE OFF?

      Because… way I see it? This had less than zero chance of an outcome any different from what you’re now seeing. If, indeed, this is what you just went and did.

      That’s why I couldn’t even believe it. It makes no sense.

      Read Sun Tzu, moron. You’re using Machiavelli’s playboook. Machiavelli’s idol, the lovely and talented asshole Caesar Borgia… ended up quite extrememly dead as you’ll recall. In a very short time no less. Making Machiavelli a fucking retard in my book.

    56. Kulafarmer

      The US senate passed a bill funding veterans benefits,
      The republican house doesnt want to pass it.
      If the house fails to pass this we need to start mailing out targets that have the faces of anyone voting against funding veterans benefits,,,
      I say defund obummercare
      Defund the white house
      Defund the salaries of the house and senate
      If not by their own hand then by FORCE.
      Atlas needs to shrug,
      Stop asking and start telling, we are not servants, and we certainly owe no respect where NONE is due…

    57. Kulafarmer

      Email list, CT State Senate and House Members who voted for the Intolerable Act, 3 April 2013.
      [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

      • Them Guys

        Thats sure a huge list of paid swindlers for so small of a state eh. Plus its just those who voted for it right. so more yet exist who did not vote for it.

        How can they justify that many reps and senators?

    58. RICH99

      Nothing is on ….this will be just like Syria …REMEMBER that one ??? WHO was right on that one …..I know you don’t want to admit it !!!
      Russia will make their move JUST like in Syria and once again we will back down ….ALL bullies act that way when a big boy on the block enters the stage

      • Be informed

        @ RICH99. You were right back in September. You do realize though that human beings have not envolved into more sensible people that can live in peace? War is almost certain, and world war is coming. They talked about WW1 was the wars to end all wars. Yet 21 years later WW2 started. Only 17 years later WW3 almost started with Cuba. Numerous other times WW3 has almost started by accident. Eventually someone does something stupid and miscalculates and it happens, usually quickly. You live close by to one of the worst places in the country New York City. Can’t you feel something in the air with the people that something is really wrong?

      • Sigi

        I hope you are wrong for the sake of Ukraine. That said, this isn’t like Syria; there is no real desire to be part of this. Obama’s just going through the motions and saying what he must to appear presidential.

    59. jpl_texas

      So, which financial power will the Ukraine submit to? Apparently not the West (which owns much of the EU thru forced loans ultimately to the IMF). And the west would love to see the Ukraine as part of the monetary landscape to expand credit into. Who is the West anyway; another branch of central bankers under the IMF – not the common folk. It’s a game to the bankers to watch the Obama and Putin drama; a bet on which way the Quija glass may move. Analogous to watching US republicans and democrats. In the end, they always win – it’s different members of the same family winning at different times – but the family always wins. Only thing is, the effects to non-family members are being felt on a much larger scale. Who do you love?

    60. Maudy Frickett

      Ready for March Madness? Basketball? Nope. If the Globalists don’t blink, we’re looking at something with the very real possibilty of becoming the big one. The US recently moved a number of new tanks as far east as they could in Europe. Also moved a bunch of helicopters in. Also moved 2 destroyers into the Black Sea under the guise of protecting the Olympics. We also have two large military bases in Kosovo. Bases in Poland. Russia cannot let this go. Russia is done if they do. If nobody blinks, it’s game on. Stock up if you haven’t already.

    61. Maudy Frickett

      Oh yeah, I forgot. How do you stop the cuts in the Pentagon budget? Start a war.

    62. dan

      Obama will go ‘all the way’ ruin this country…the one that he has been educated to hate….imho

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