Renter Nation: “What You Are Feeling Right Now Is a Modern Day Depression” *Micro-Doc*

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Headline News | 243 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    The analytical evidence is all but irrefutable. The anecdotal evidence is everywhere.

    Americans all over the country are suffering and as this economic contagion spreads it will leave more victims in its wake.

    The following micro documentary, brought to us by our friends at Future Money Trends, highlights the fundamental reasons for why there’s no way out of this mess and explores how the system will continue to degrade over coming months and years.

    What you are feeling right now is a modern day depression.

    We will get through this.

    But like any major economic shock, the future is being altered dramatically due to the circumstances and actions by our central planners today.

    Fresh in the memories of Americans is a boom that lasted for nearly 30 years from 1980 to 2008 with minimal interruptions.

    Prosperity rained on America. The credit bubble that started in the 1980’s helped fuel our economic expansion, coupled with bad monetary policy that gave rise to a tech and housing bubble…

    Renter Nation: How America’s Depression is Becoming a Rental Boom

    Watch at Youtube

    Learn more about these trends at Future Money Trends.

    Though we are seemingly in an impossible situation, there is hope for those who have taken steps to prepare, especially as it pertains to the ownership of hard assets, and especially those assets with productive capacity like arable land, micro-farms, or even rental properties.

    During the 1930’s not everyone was without work and standing in emergency food lines, and the same will hold true this time around.

    Even in the midst of this Greatest Depression, there are opportunities to thrive.

    As noted in the video, where one group of asset classes collapses, in this case the consumer real estate market, another will go into a period of boom.

    If you can position yourself to take advantage of these trends, all the better.


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      1. The MAJOR difference between the 1930’s and now…people were largely self-sufficient. Farms did still exist and many people still knew how to farm, can and preserve food and repair things themselves. Can’t say the same for the entitlement generation. The are X-Box, ObamaPhone, handout junkies. Not good.

        • YUP you hit the nail on the head, gonna be whole different ball game!!

          • My generation grew up with John Wayne, the following generation grew up with MTV, then Microsoft and now Apple. So we went from whiskey drinking, tobacco using hell raisers to cocaine snorting polyester dancing shallowniks, to basement dwelling techniks, to vidiots. The people of today couldn’t survive the 70’s let alone the 30’s. The people of today can survive without a wifi connection. They can’t find their own ass without a GPS app.

            • Edit: can’t survive without a wifi connection

              • I saw a typical O’Bummer family on TV today, on one of those Court TV shows. One mother, eight kids, she gets FREE RENT, FOOD STAMPS, and $635 month from one child’s ssi/disability payment.

                The judge wanted to know how she was able to loan her boyfriend $2,000 to fix his car ….. which he didn’t pay back.

                Somehow as the sole provider, who was a “stay at home mom” she couldn’t explain to the judge how she was able to save $2,000 to give to her boyfriend. Your guess is as good as mine.

                Engage your employees and initiate the Change YOU want, or YOU will be paying the rent for another eight families times how many more just like her and her family ???????

                If not YOU, who? If not now, when? 🙂

                • Just one tidbit to keep in mind no matter how it turns out:

                  “Sometimes the only thing that keeps me from being pessimistic is knowing that when the country collapses, the people most responsible will die out in the first winter.”

                  –Frank Fleming

                  • Unless there is a very early Nuremberg 2, it is highly unlikely that those responsible will die out in the first winter.

                • DK, etc: These type folks loaded with cash are hookers, drug dealers or pimps, some even steal, rob houses to get cash. DK exposed certain foodbanks are for UN troops; donate to children’s group homes, local shelters, church pantries. Landlords will be bogged down in a mess when people refuse to pay rent, tear the place up, refuse to vacate. I know several landlords, “the law is always on the side of the bad guy who had to get legal help to evict. What a crock the system is backwards.” People will lose jobs, can’t pay rent.

                  • Vison shitory is smoking massive pounds of Hopium

                    It would absolutely suicide to own rental property nowadays.

                    The state and mumcipalities are going belly up and the easiest way to balance is to crucify small business and property owners.

                    How long you think you can absorb carrying cost of the state before you have to pass it along to your good tenant and how long do you think they are going to stay??

                    unless your in bed with some pretty big fish you can hang it up

                  • Property taxes make everyone a renter.

                  • Laura m: Exactly. But I thought I would let someone else say it. Thank you. 🙂

                • Probably received food money in her food stamp account also. How is it so many of their kids draw SSI checks? Don’t forget heating assistance.
                  Around here some get a habitat for humanity house. Many are abandoned dumps in a couple of years.

                • Probably sells her state funded ‘scripts…..

            • Gluteus-Maximus Positioning System

            • yupe you nailed it RickInOregon VIDIOTS on the ELECTRIC CRACK DEVICES…

              • Was traveling for work this week, up in ATL. Just, wow. Went to restaurant, all unaccompanied “men” at the bar were buried in their iPhones. Later on was in another restaurant, table with 2 kids and their mom, all staring at iPhones. New colored iPhone commercial was on, my teenage son said “are they, apple, encouraging people to skip work and get fired?” I ‘splained that, no, they want to reinforce that it is,”normal” to slavishly stare are your smart phone all the time. FYI, he spends inordinate (imo) amount of time doing just that, but perhaps lights are coming on? He does complain that all that the kids in his high school do is listen to music on their phones, text, and talk about sex. Sad.

          • “The MAJOR difference between the 1930′s and now…”

            Back then people looked to the future with great hope.

            Today the future looks hopeless.

            • Ghostrighter some may not have a future but here we do that’s why we prep,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


        • @ Socrates

          Correct indeed.

          But if I may add, back then the general populace possessed a deeper sense of Christian morals, self-respect, honor and gonads!

          Today, everything one sees is basically, superficial.

          • @ Hunter. There are not only practically no morals and decency left in the world, but the basic sense of fairness to your fellow person is also gone.

            • I was going to say the same thing, we need a collapse because we need a cleansing, a shift of paradigm, the American culture that founded this country is long gone, we have millions of free loaders here.

              I suggest this pepper card game to get your mindset and your family’s mindset ready, very valuable tool.


              • I think the biggest difference between
                the people of the 1930s and the people
                of today may be in the fact that the
                folks of those earlier years absolutely
                took nothing for granted. Nothing.

                If they didn’t work for their needs, it
                just wasn’t going to happen.

                There were no illusions, unlike today.

                • I’d like to expand on this a bit.

                  Not only did they work for their wants and needs, They cherished everything they had. The few possessions these folks did acquire were taken care of, repaired, not thrown away for the latest version.

                  Back in the 90’s I helped take care of a wheelchair-bound woman in her 70’s. Having grown up in the first great depression, she had a completely different outlook on things than I did at that time

                  I made small repairs around her house, cut grass, trimmed bushes, raked leaves and other oddball things. Something I noticed in that time was her reluctance to throw anything away; small appliances, old electric space heaters, lamps etc. Even though they were terribly outdated and inefficient, they were hers, she worked to acquire them and was proud of that fact.

                  It made me take a look at myself and my ideas. It was a bit of a turning point for me and I thank her for opening my eyes.

                  • Uncle Joe: I went through in laws house after he died, they went thru the depression, married in ’28, had stuff like you mentioned, much broken, useless. The pile out by the road was huge. Much was donated. I’m seeing this with people 70+ now, may be dementia or OCD. In the 40’s and 50’s people were frugal, canning, sewing, fixing things, kept stuff in boxes in basements much was useless.

                  • Those pushing to implement the New World Order and Agenda 21 have been working hard to reshape society for many years. When we look back now, we can see how far morals, common sense and values like being self sufficient have eroded.

                    A goal of Agenda 21 has been to push/nudge the population into apartments in cities. That makes it so much easier to control the population.

                    If people in certain areas are being rebellious, cut back on their food supplies, electric, and/or gas supply.

                  • Unclejoe, my aunt Basically raised me she never Married nor kids. I couldnt sit still an it always had me In trouble, I would be labled for that today, Quit school at 17yrs old everybody thought I would be in jail or dead, but she beleived in me. we always made fun of how she lived her house inside an clothes look like a Thrift store.But learn plenty from her, its not preping its being Frugal, she coulda had nice things.I’ve lived that way since my late twentys, my house looks the same way inside but every loves my place, its useable.Because I am frugal I own 3 Properties one being a farm, and I dont owe abody a penny Except Unconstitutional taxes every year. my aunt was kill in a car reck over 20 yrs ago. My Regret at this point in my life is the I never put my arms around her and told her I loved her and what a great teacher she was..

              • The collapse is not so much “necessary” as simply the natural the result of a society that has been rotting from the inside. Having lost all independence, resiliency and industriousness, the slightest hiccup in the fragile and huge trellis on which our society now hangs — the federal government and international banking system — will result in chaos and privation such as haven’t been seen in many generations. Whichever of our descendants that emerge from the cleansing fire will be hard as nails.

            • Bi, Hunter, Socrates …….You all have stated the truth and amen to what you have stated since it is the absolute truth. My personal view and how I feel about what is happening to all of us as a nation and certainly to the world excluding the elites is such that, they really raped us. I honestly believe the banisters, CEO’s of multi national Corporations such as Monsanto, and many leaches who made billions through the suffering of others are at the minimum at the level of rapists and child molesters. What is the punishment for such sub humans? I hope the humanity decides the punishment and soon enough before they destroy us.

              • Tactical

                Their ultimate punishment will come from GOD.
                That said:
                When Revolution 2.0 kicks-off…it becomes “our job” to arrange the meeting!


            • BI. I heard my grandfather who was born in 1892 say many times that the depression of 32 made crooks out of half the people and one more depression would make a crook out of everyone. I can remember back in the forties and fifties that we did not even have a key to lock our house up. No one even thought about locking their house when they left for a day or a week. Even in the sixties I had a truck I drove for over 100,000 miles that never had the key taken out of it. I agree that people are basicly getting more moraly depraved every day.

            • Actually there are loads of good people out there. But they have learned to hide quietly in the bushes. When the bugs stop biting, and the hot muggy sky turns green, Smart people go inspect the basement.

          • Maybe, Hunter, but my Dad was born in 1925, grew up on a farm in Texas in a Christian family, and tried to get laid every single weekend of the 1940’s and 50’s. He didn’t get married until he was 36. My Mom remembers his brother saying a girl wasn’t worth taking out unless there was a chance she’d sleep with him. Of course, they went to church with the family every Sunday morning like good Christians. My Dad went to Korea and talked about how he never had to “pay” for a girl. He said the other service men would form a line down the street waiting for their turn with a Korean prostitute.

            There was plenty of immorality going on back then, but it wasn’t on TV, in the movies, or on the radio.

            • it wasn’t posted on youtube or facebook either. They didn’t twitter it.

              Immorality knew it’s place—NOW, it owns the place.

              • Morality is a tool to keep slaves in line, what is immoral about sex between two consenting adults?

                • The fact that you do not know is part of what has happened to us as a society over the last 50 years. It is a sad testament.

            • consensual sex is a piss poor example of immorality…in my opinion.

            • Cal girl: This is why so many stay out of church today, phonys and hypocrites, just there for biz/social reasons. Folks, ditch these 501c3 gov. controlled pol. correct churches and home church/meet in small groups. If living in a HOA keep it small or meet elsewhere.

        • I truly believe this. What Americans are feeling now is NOTHING in comparison to what is coming for almost everyone. Right now people are feeling bee stings and what is to come is more like a Great White Shark CHOMP to the middle section. It is the calm before the category 6 hurricane comes roaring in. There are just too many indications of extremely severe times to come. Those whom fail to at least try to prepare for it, well…………

          • Hey BI – Superb analogy, a Cat 6 “Feces Vortex” is what is building.

          • BI, good evening, sir, and I know exactly what you mean. I occasionally advise newcomers to the site to go back in the archives and look up your article from 5-12-12 titled, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonpreppers?”. You spelled it out in that article better than anyone else could ever have. Once TSHTF, we’ll have hell on earth in this land. People will be hit by the biggest curveball in their whole lives. It will be so horrific and tragic.

            • @ braveheart. I just hope that there are more and more newcomers to the site all the time and they spread the word to others. The country is so much stronger when the population is well prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually. Unfortunately only one out of about a hundred are now, this makes the U.S. very weak. I grew up with civil defense meaning something, now the Chinese and Russian are the ones with a civilian population knowing the importance of the squirrel and ant. The rest of the population have become the locust, the grasshopper. Sad, so sad.

              • @BI I’m a newbie to all of this. I read the articles on here everyday and appreciate all the information I have gained. I’m trying to get things together before TSHTF.

          • Posted this on the last story thought it was important to bring to the front leading post.
            BI ,
            Remember you said to comment if animals were acting stangely.
            I have two cats they have been howling in the night and hiding all of the time in strange places , behind furniture in bottoms of closets , in bottom of the gun safe when the door is open ( I have to check before I lock it) they dart from one hiding place to another and are extremely jumpy .
            A friends dog goes out to do his business and barks at the sky until brought in , I am not talking one or two barks , barking like something has invaded his territory.

            No Canada geese in the area there used to be hundreds at the lake year round.

            Could they be sensing a pizo- electric field ? Earth quake precursor ? I am on the North East US coast.

            This is definitely odd behavior.


            Semper Fi 8541

            • Made me think, the weekly Emergency broadcast system test seems to be 2 or 3 times a week now. Maybe just my moronic cable company playing with cable boxes?

          • Be informed, for it is written,…”for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the worlds beginning until now, nor will occur again. In fact unless those days were cut short,no flesh would be saved; but on the account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short. Matthew 24:21-22

        • Socrates – well stated. Another major reason is the lack of respect and responsibility of the the moocher & taker class compared to the thankfulness of those suffering in the 1930’s. I recall the stories of my grandparents and parents. The needy would knock on the door and hold out their hand on the street.

          Just look at the earlier article about the flash mobs. That is the mentality of what will be the vermin mobs pillaging & looting. Attack, kill, beat,rape, and steal. No door knocking and politeness this time. Probably burn every house these animals hit.

          This is why your “pointy” lead investments will be the best precious metals you have.

          Stay safe everyone.

          • 9er Xray, another difference between people who suffered back in the 30s and those of today. When someone asked for help back then, they were polite and actually appreciated the help. But the ones today you should avoid them if possible. You hand over money to anyone with their hand out today you’ll just end up supporting that person’s drinking habit or drug habit. In the last 4 years I’ve been approached by more people with their hands out than I was in my whole life before Obama. Avoid today’s bums. They’re not worth it.

            • Like I’ve said before, when someone asks for money, I ask them what they want it for. When they tell me, I drag their butt into the store and buy what they wanted and give it to them. I know most of them really wanted the money for alcohol or cigarettes, but it’s fun messing with them. And if they really needed food, then they still got helped.

              • What happens when they quit asking for your money and start trying to just take it?

                • They hope they get away, so they can lick their wounds and try it again someday.

                • They die.

            • The beggars of today do not even appreciate help. They sneer if you offer them one dollar or even some food! I carry some cards with phone numbers and addresses of business local that are hiring and I now hand those to the nasty beggars instead. Teach a man to fish…

        • So right you all are. What is coming will dwarf anything that we in our life times have seen. I remember reading a quote from a depression era person who stated “the closer to the earth you lived the better off you were”. In other words learn to grow your own and trade off your surplus.

          Any side jobs I do anymore my bill is for livestock, feed and antibiotics and I always state “ON DEMAND”. Don’t pay me now as I don’t want to maintain them critters till I have to. I want when the time comes for others to owe me.


          • Big B: My grandfather was a grave digger during the Great Depression. He supported a wife, a house, a car, (gasoline was rationed) and five kids on those wages;

            because he was never out of work. 🙁

            • I don’t get your point DK. What’s wrong with what your grandfather did? That is the way it works. I was not implying anything different. Funny you brought the grave digger part up. When I was about 13 and living in Superior AZ oh so many years ago I used to dig graves by hand to earn money for 22 shells. I graduated to hunting coyotes for if I remember right for $2.00 per scalp. Good times!

              Maybe I am missing some thing. The old mind of mine drifts some times. 🙂


              • I think the point he’s making is, there was no shortage of death.

                • VRF: My point exactly. 🙂

                  Big B: Superior is set to make a comeback with the new mine. Resolution Copper I think. Lots of silver for the silver freaks. Lots of copper for copper “jackets”.

                  Note for the Silver Freaks (this should make your mouth salivate): Once upon a time 50 lb nuggets were discovered in the area. Might still be some. Buy a detector.

                  Just saying, for all you silver freaks! 🙂

              • Here in my part of Kentucky, it’s around $550 to the city for grave digging with a backhoe. You have to pay it or no burial.

            • When you die, your family dresses you up nicely, then throws dirt in your face.


          • I am a baby boomer and I had nothing to do with any of the crap the government foisted on us. Furthermore, I, unlike you,am not an asshole.

          • Eisenkreuz: Not only B Boomers, but my parents generation who allowed social security, medicare ponzi laws to pass, the UN to come into being after ww2, grandparents generation: let the Fed. Reserve act pass with no protest of any kind. The baby B are taking us down full speed into the abyss. You can’t fix stupid, won’t do any good to warn others won’t listen anyway, so be ready for a melt down.

            • Correct.

          • Eisenkreuz,

            Brush up on your history. The “big entitlement” state of which you speak is a natural by-product of the “Progressive” Era between about 1890 and 1920.

            The “Trust Busting” legislation of that era wasn’t written or enacted to protect the public from rapacious capital. It was written to protect the “Robber Barons” from the rest of us. To make competition difficult if not impossible. To ensconce a favored few in lucrative positions at the expense of everyone else.

            First the elite capitalists thought they were “entitled” to financially rape us. That is what the Federal Reserve Bank’s creation was designed to facilitate. Eventually. Having been bred and educated to rule, “eventually” in those circles means within their childrens’ lifetimes if not their own.

            A century of careful planning and astute purchasing of political vermin is bearing fruit today.

            The blueprint, the plans for the “Big Entitlement State” were in their earliest stages of happening before anyone on this board was born.

            Clean up your punk attitude or go swallow your Glock. For someone who allegedly represents a libertarian point of view you are a disgrace.

            Huff Post is the natural home for whiney shitstains like you. Say something that adds to the discussion or shut the fuck up.

          • Its your generation Eisen that has its hands out waiting for Uncle Sugar. you can kiss my ass!

            • John Allen, I like your condemnation of Eisen better than the one I gave, plus yours is more accurate. I get so sick of trolls like eisen coming on here and running down this country. he sounds like anyone from MSM. Eisen can get f#$%ed!

            • Who taught him to be the ass hat he is. Even his scripted stuff. And in his family upbringing what he does here for a living is acceptted

            • Well if we got the good jobs and easy money from the baby b credit expansion. No hands would be out. Let me cut a check to O-care so i can contine to enrich the lives of the baby b’s. As if low work high pay government jobs, union jobs, and profiting off the building of America during the largest credit expansion in world history wasn’t enough. Be straight with us and yourself the baby-b gen was the most hooked up gen in all of world history. But at what expense?

              • Daveyboy, etc: I must of got the dates wrong on my low rated comment above or insulted some GOP folks; perhaps left out other info? I know the Elite are way up in their 80’s 90’s now. Their offspring elite are B Boomers. Today most the elite puppet politicians are BB too.

              • Davy boy your partially correct. It was a one time anomaly in the history of the world that created the US middle class. After WWII Europe was bombed out. the USA was untouched by war on our soil. We had the workforce, natural resources and infrastructure to build & produce. We became the makers builders & producers for the entire world. If someone needed something they came to the USA to get it. The very first wave of baby boomers those born from 1935 to 45 came of age at a time when blue collar workers where in demand. They had a great economic advantage. Plenty of high paying productive jobs when there was cheap fuel & inexpensive houses & cars ect. That didn’t last very long. It began to declined during the Jimmy Carter era. I was decided by the UN & NWO crowd that the USA middle class had more then their fair share. So that Jew traitor kissenger helped the Arabs create OPEC and the fake gas sortage. That created inflation. So dumb ass Carter put on price & wage freezes. that was the beginning of the decline of the US middle class. The latter wave of baby boomers didn’t do as well because they where too many chasing after two few jobs & goods ect. Its just a fraction of the Boomers and a Fraction of their parents who benifitted from the anomaly. Bill Clinton passed NAFTA and relaxed the credit. the credit worthiness of the buyer was of no importance when obtaining a home loan. That let too many low lifes get in debt who shouldn’t have.

          • It wasn’t the Boomers, get it straight. It was the leftist Marxist communists and the idiots who loved them, that took over our schools, an entire political party, and now the government, while the rest of us were making a living and trusting the folks who we shouldn’t have trusted.

            • Smokey: And the same strategy that worked for them can work for US. Remember the Gang of Four in China were in control and killed tens of millions of people in the “Cultural Revolution”. Today China is the most prosperous nation on Earth and the kids have little idea of their own recent history.

              Infiltrate. Become a Freedom Cell. A whistle blower. Engage! 🙂

              • No offense, DK, but China is second. If you count the EU as a single entity, they’re third. The USA still has double China’s GDP. And while the coastal cities are certainly getting rich, the hinterlands are still Third World. The USA usually falls in the top ten or top twenty when statisticians try to measure “standard of living”, and China ain’t even top 50.

                • Old Coach: Agreed our GDP is still much higher but that number is skewed by bogus financial assets and an inflated marketplace.

                  When you consider that Assets Minus Liabilities = Net Worth and that their infrastructure is brand spanking new and OURS is falling apart everywhere; when you consider that OUR economy is waning while their economy is waxing stronger day by day; that WE generate a trillion dollar deficit every year while China is stacking, packing, and prepping with lots of foreign reserves and little national debt; I think I would rather have economy number two.

                  In another crash, OUR numbers could slide precipitously. And OUR “hinterlands” are not much better than theirs and also in decline. Business Insider had a map showing areas where population is moving “from” and “to”. With Agenda 21 in full bloom, OUR hinterlands will become a designated “Wilderness Area” soon enough.

                  Interestingly, there are many thousands of hot Chinese babes in those cities of Southern China looking for a Western man. Many have their own businesses or rich fathers, and are doing quite well financially, with houses, cars, etc. They just need an American MAN to keep a smile on their face. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t get an invitation and a proposal. LMAO 🙂

          • Eisen, go f#$% yourself, you Nazi bastard!


            • Baby boomer want life to be easy for their children. They just didn’t see what it would do to their great grand children.

            • yea eisen – the libtards that just happen to be of that generation .
              making blanket judgements of an entire generation is kinda foolish , aint it ?
              We will always have “bleeding hearts” and we will always have socialists , the problem is you need to be able to tell them apart .

            • Hey Mr. Eisenidiot- I was three when the Great Society was enacted. Please explain my role in wanting free stuff for all. I didn’t realize a three-year-old had such political power and savvy.

              • I was 19 when the Great Society was hatched.
                My thought at the time was,

                “This can’t possibly be! There Goes the Neighborhood!”

            • I was born in 1957, started my first job in YTD grade as a shoe shine boy at a barbershop. Did that for 4 years, then got a job at the shoe repair shop for 2 years, cut 1 acre yards in the neighborhood for 5 bucks a yard, shoveled snow in the winter, in 1974 got a job as ishwasher at a burger joint, worked my way up to cook ( worked 40+ hrs a week during my senior year of high school, worked in the body shop of an Oldsmobile dealer for a year, worked construction & roofing for a year, drove truck or a couple years, went back to school @ WVU & graduated with a business degree, ( paid my own way throughout) had a used car lot with a partner, got into sales, Regional Sales Manager, International Sales Manager, lost my job when company was sold to a competititor, relocated to Texas, & have been working as a Manufacturers Rep for the past 16 years. Neither my family or myself was ever on a government handout program. So you can bad rap Babyboomers all you want…..but there were many of us that have more than pulled our own weight since forever. Blame the Libtards that have created the entitlement FSA that will be visiting a town near you…..
              Montgomery County Texas

              • 6th Grade I started my first job….

                • Big B
                  son those debts may be hard to collect when the time comes have you ever heard a bird in the hand is always better than two in the bush????????


          • Sorry dickhead, i want every dime ive paid into this fucking system plus interest back, dont care what you fucking punks want, you can go to work and pay in like the rest of us have.

            • hey kula ,

              Off topic:
              i see the chicoms are visiting the islands to help celebrate the GRIDX test.
              be careful ……..

            • Another whiney boomer crying “I paid into it!”. The average SS recepient breaks even in less than five years. After that, it’s just welfare for seniors. SS worked as long as the recepients didn’t live too long. Now retirees expect a 25 year paid vacation.

              • Wen SS was started, most folks didn’t live past 70. Retirement age never adjusted for advances in medicine. Either way. We’re outnumbered. I don’t begrudge it, because these folks worked and were made a promise. Not their fault the politicians are asses who can’t manage a whore house.

              • So give US the money WE paid into it and a compounded 3% rate of return for the 45 to 50 years they used OUR money.

                Deposited in a bank, the compounding would amount to a small FORTUNE, even in today’s dollars. I want mine but will never see it. Of course after 66 you can make all the money you can without a deduction in the payment.

                Understand youngsters, its not a BENEFIT, its a return of capital.

                Engage your employees or have your money stolen and your guns confiscated, while you are taxed to the max! 🙂

          • And recieved the lions share of it’s benefit.

          • Yikes. It’s scary when I almost agree with Eisen.

            The BBG fell for the entitlement state promises, but the progressives designed and implemented it.

        • We could always eat all the boomers. ha

          I don’t plan on ever retiring…so the new gig is to not teach anyone shit and hog your skills.

          Looking back.. I should have never married, had a kid and just lived in a shit hole and loaded up on metals and bought my love by the hour. ha.

          • I feel sorry for your kid.

        • Most definitely! People are different now than what they were in the 30’s. I grew up listening to stories about how my grandparents survived the great depression. There are going to be many people falling apart because they don’t know how to DO things other than talk on the phone, play with their apps, play games, etc. My grandma told me about how her mom fed them all saltines and beans for a week because that was ALL she could get. No way in the world will the zombies be willing to do that now. They will strip out all of the cities for what they can and move into the country side. I just don’t believe for a minute that people will be the way it was in the great depression, where neighbors helped each other, people came together more than they fought one another, and people had to make do with what they had.

          This is a society that is spoiled rotten, and for most to get thrown back into another time will make them crazy. Look at how they act on black Friday.

          My grandfather told me that his mother couldn’t afford to buy him any new shirts when he had outgrown them, so she cut the tops off her old dresses and made some of them into shirts for him to wear. He said he felt humiliated and was made fun of, but he dealt with it because that’s all there was. A zombie will break into sports authority and steal racks of shirts before suffering or making do.

          Our country is different and not for the better. We need a reset.

          • IMHO, a store owner who is being victimized by a flash mob ought’a be perfectly justified in opening fire on the perps.

        • Adding to the misery is this high tech society…No matter how many “A” are achieved, degrees are awarded…Everything has a negative ethic reasoning. We have built ourselves into a totally throw away society. Short term sales will plummet, those cost accountantant designed comodities will be thrown away, no repair capable assets like the 1930’s will permit the rebound. I can envision a mad run away situation…The necessity to replace almost everything, and it must be bought on credit.

        • As for rentals everyone needs a roof over their heads, especially in colder climates.

        • Time for the US to implement austerity measures, to provide relief for the few working people left in America. And should the career welfare moochers offer to riot, B52’s loaded with GPS napalm bombs can be used to supress the rioters. Time for the leaches to be scraped or burned off.

        • Farmers were only 21% of the labor force in 1930. People weren’t largely self-sufficient then either. According to this article, 7 million died of starvation during the Great Depression.

          The biggest difference between then and now is a reliance on electricity. Back in 1930 people burned coal or wood. Today very few people are able to heat their homes without electricity.

        • IDEA
          Business/humanitarian idea: Purchase 5 to 10 acres. Build tiny houses on wheels(skirting around the bureaucracy). Create agriculture/animal husbandry on every other inch of the land. Charge $100 per month rent and apply a work agreement towards maintaining the land and help to produce the agricultural products. This isn’t serfdom or indentured servitude, thus, it’s actually goal oriented to each renter. The idea will allow every unit to work within the monetary system and save tremendously to benefit each living unit. All utilities are supplied(via solar/wind/hydroelectric). All food is supplied(agriculture/animals). etc. etc. etc. This is not new. This is a way to rise above the societal restraints through community.

          A microcosm of self-sufficient governance. Many large farm land holders should start this and stop losing to the U.S. government divisions that keep them in borderline poverty….
          Though if the direction we as a nation are heading towards comes to past…this will be the norm, but without a monetary system to allow those certain folks to raise their quality of life (vacations, entertainment, etc}…. In the far future, a strict resource based economy will be the norm, out of necessity…

      2. Socrates, that is oh so true. The nonpreppers will pay with their lives for not listening to us andrefusing to take steps to prepare themselves and their families for what’s coming. As far as renting goes, I’ve already been doing that for my whole adult life. It was the only option I ever had for any kind of housing. For me, it was either rent or become homeless. I tried once back in 1997 to get a BOL I found in the Ozarks; 10 acres with a single-wide, well, septic, a barn, some room for a garden, and the land bordered on a creek. I was turned down for a mortgage. So I’ve been stuck renting ever since. I’ve heard that properties are for sale at sheriffs’ auctions all the time and you can get something only for the amount of property tax owed on it, but those auctions are supposedly only for investors.

        • Bummer BH,that sounds like a hell of a place.Though small 10 acres gives me room to play on and neighbors a bit down the road so we know each other but do not get in each others way.

          • Warchild, all i wanted was my own piece of The American Dream and the bank told me to forget about it. I’ve always HAD to use cash to buy anything, EVEN CARS. Always went to private owners to buy cars they had for sale. No dealer anywhere would do business with me. never had a car note, period. Nobody would let me use credit back in the 90s when I was willing to use it, so I’m not interested in it now, especially not in this economy.

            • Hell,why not,it hits the fan payments no longer a issue!

              • ell,why not,it hits the fan payments no longer a issue! Ill tell you why not. Because two wrongs never make a right. The ten commandments will still be in effect even if their are no laws or goverments. The Law of Karma will still apply. If its not paid for and you don’t make the payments its still not yours. the rightful owner can still kick you out. Or maybe the rightful owner will barter his equity to a mean ass who will remove you?

            • I wanted that at one time too, had a house, sold it to build a bigger house to try and step up a bit at a time building then selling, my own labor mind you, not someone els, lost my ass more than once, im just lucky my family has land, so here i am growing veggies and not stressing financial ladder anymore, just wasnt my lot in life, and its ok, we rent but its family so feels ok, not like i would get evicted if i didnt have yhe dough for a while, so am blessed and realize it.

          • Warchild, all I wanted was my piece of the American Dream but the bank told to forget about it. I’ve never been allowed to play the credit game to get anything, even a car. I have a company vehicle now since 1998. my employer wanted me to stop buying vehicles that were “on life support” as he called them. vehicles for cash from private owners were the only option I ever had for getting one. I’ll probably end up getting another one, anyway. I miss those older ones. Less complicated and cheaper to get worked on. I always knew how to make do with the older ones. When people find out I’ve never used credit for anything, they look at me like I just came in from Mars. I would ask them how much trouble did THEY have trying to get access to credit in their younger days and that would usually stop it right there. I was always barred from using credit in a GOOD economy. I wouldn’t even fill out a credit application for anything now, not in this economy. As long as I can keep using cash to get anything, I’ll be just fine. to hell with credit. I don’t need credit.

            • braveheart says:
              Comment ID: 2840190

              November 8, 2013 at 10:10 pm

              Warchild, all I wanted was my piece of the American Dream but the bank told to forget about it. I’ve never been allowed to play the credit game to get anything, even a car
              ————————————————– kinda reminds me of when I wanted to get some pussy from the hot cheerleader chick. Took her on a dozen promising date,s and she never even allowed me to play with her tits. I could have spent the rest of my teen years jacking off & lamenenting about the missed pussy and blaming the stingy prick teasing bitch. Instead I went after something that was just as good and got the pesky virginity thing out of the way. Now a days when I see the former Hot cheerleader I think of the song (thank God for unawnsered prayers!!!

            • I think credit scoring is bs, a way to control and have power over people.
              In some states like ky, your credit score can be used to determine your car insurance. So the ones who can’t afford it are charged more. Ky will now cancel your vehicle registration if you don’t keep car ins, this new law was just enacted this year, guess car insurance companies help write it, more bs.
              My transmission went out, vehicle not being used, screw them if I’m paying insurance on it, value not high enough and it sure can’t be driven away.

        • The tax sales can be a good place to pick up a property but most get redeemed before they go up for sale. Also around here most of these sales are haunted by investors who drive up the price beyond reason. When you buy at the tax sale, you have to have the full amount for the property the day of the sale.

          I haven’t checked any sale out lately but last I checked, here in Kansas, investors from California were coming in and buying properties for California prices. They were driving us locals out of the dales and buying for prices that made no sense financially. I know some of those “investments” are now sitting vacant and being foreclosed. Missouri requires the bidder to be a resident of Missouri, if I remember right, but they just use proxy bidders.

        • Those auctions are for any citizen with the cash to pay the final bid.

        • but those auctions are supposedly only for investors? You are nothing more than an excuse making failure. You the type that stated (I would Have But?) If you really wanted land you would have it. You are blaming other people things or conditions for your failure to be successful at owning land. Those auctions are for anyone who has cash. Cash is King at tax forfeiture auctions. The Arkansas Commissioner of Lands has Tax delequent land for sale to anyone with the money. They are on the internet and have parcels for sale on the negotatiated bid list . Tax sales at the county locations will be held in 2014. Ive bought tax land as low as $30 per acre. and a much as $14,000 per acre. Crying that the bank wouldn’t give ma a loan is self defeating. Remember that a self reliant person dosent have to rely on the time & pleasure of others.

      3. Beware rental properties. Check your local laws to see if landlords have any rights, or you could end up supporting deadbeats for months while they destroy your property. You will still owe taxes, payments, and upkeep, and may possibly not collect any rents during tough economic times.

        • americuh: I’ve known of this to happen to landlords, I’d never own rental property agree with you 100 percent, high risk, laws everywhere protect the tenant/bad guys and they can steal anything when they move out and police won’t do a damn thing.

          • Just see what the Clintons did when they moved out of the White House.

            • The china ended up on Ebay. (kidding)

          • I’ve had it go both ways for me. I’m a landlord.

            I’ve had scumbags destroy the inside of a house and stiff us on the repairs and I’ve had one tenant get into a sloppy divorce right after moving in. She took a little while, but she paid us back every cent.

        • As a renter I am afraid of getting taken advantage of by our landlords when we get to the end of our lease. I’ve never had a situation where I’ve gotten my full deposit back.

          • Find out where your local housing board is, it may be through the county. If you don’t get your deposit back or think should have gotten more, contact them with full documentation (correspondence copies, the lease, etc.). In some cases they will advocate for you.

        • RE: rental prop.

          Less is more.

          Buy better prop. in better neighbor hoods and only rent to professionals with dogs.
          60 day lease. Huge appliances and treat them well.

          That’s always worked for me. Zero issues.

          I get $10k a year just by going to the mailbox.

          • We have (fixed, older) cats and live in a place that had been rented to dog owners in the past. HUGE claw marks inside the doors from something German Shepherd size made it clear that nothing our pets could do would be as bad as what was already done.

            • That’s why god made cheap cameras with time n date stamps.

              Have been stiffed by some slum lords . However what goes round comes round . Pictures of slummies being all kissy face with single mom renters to their wives . Was fun reading the divorce announcments in the paper. I don’t get mad , I shove a stick up your ass and break it off.

            • Sigi,

              Dogs claw the doors to get out. Owners leave them alone too long and the dogs get desperate. That is why motel owners who allow dogs insist that they not be left alone in the room. The dogs get frantic — as you would if you were locked up somewhere and didn’t know when anyone was coming back for you.

              • I replaced the doors inside my house last year, from the hollow core builder standard to a colonial insulated type. So I had 9 doors to get rid of, the local Habitat store has dozens, so won’t take them.

                My neighbor, who has dogs, got them for free. Her mutts had ruined every door in the house.

          • If you wouldn’t live there, don’t buy it for a rental. Dogs tear up a lot.

      4. “We will get through this”. Like thin broth soup, that statement is tasteless. We MIGHT get through this but it won’t mean we’ll do so unscathed. I know quite a few families that have sold their houses to go back to renting so they can just up and leave if one or more of them lose employment. Its a wise choice for some who still are paying mortgages. There are some who are “Waltonizing” and have three generations under one roof. Neither one is anything to be ashamed of and it also brings some advantages. Times like these its, “whatever it takes to get the coon” resolve that’ll keep you ahead. A good evenin’ to you all…….

      5. The new asset class, that your 401K or pension is invested in, is the new NINJA, <500 credit score, 84 month, no down payment new car loan.

        They are packaging these up into subprime securities now.

        Hurry and get your broker on the phone and get into these valuable securities before it's too late. s/off.

        N(o) I(ncome) N(o) J(ob) or A(ssets)

      6. We are fortunate enough to own two homes. Our former home is now a rental that we are lucky enough to make a bit of an income on each month. The wife is an RN and the Dad is a “Mr Mom”. Not really the norm, but hey, whatever works for them. They’ve been there for two years now – also were victims of the economy when they had to short sale their home. They’ve been great renters so far. This article made me feel better about my prepping short falls. At least we did something right.

        On the other hand, tomorrow I have to give up my beloved horse to a rescue. She has needs that I cannot fulfill right now due to the economy. I have a horse related business and it has lost money every month this year with the exception of one. People nowadays barely have enough money to FEED their animals, let alone buy extras for them. There just isn’t enough customers in the horse business to go around and as a result, I can’t afford mine anymore. It’s been a struggle just to feed her let alone give her the vetting attention that she needs. I am heartbroken and feel like I failed her. 🙁

        I will be taking whatever money we can save from her absence and be putting it towards preps. Onward and upward….

        • Nunjo… Sorry to hear about your business. I have seen several for sale signs on horse farms in my area along with others falling in disrepair. Its very sad to see it happening.

        • I gave away my horse. I just didn’t need him anymore. I never rode him. Wasted time to keep his feet trimmed and worm him ect. and to have to pay for a coggins test every year. There is a old farmers saying a pig is fast money a cow is shure money and a horse is no money. another saying is a good fence is hog tight at the bottom goat high and strong enough to hold a bull. sadly Ive never seen a fence that met that criteria. I think its mythical. all pigs are part bulldozer. every goat is an excape artist. and no fence will hold a bull that wants what is on the other side! there are lots of folks who will work for horses and other pets. In for profit or survival self sufficient situation you cant be in love with your livestock. they must be viewed as food or useful beast of burden sometimes both. If I needed to I could eat a horse. Folks used to give me no longer wanted pot belly pigs. I ate them they where the best sausage I ever had.

      7. Get the fed out of the student loan/home loans and watch costs drop.My parents and grand parents attended excellent collages and with a day or two a week gig could pay for school/have time for school and even a social life.For some folks renting a good thing/gives you freedom to easily move ect. or perhaps you rent a room near work but have a place in the sticks.I need the place in sticks as I enjoy noisy activities at times but the work is very slow in these parts compared to more “urban areas”.

        • Better than rent is a motor home or fifth wheel travel trailer. If you don’t like the neighborhood just drive away. I know folks who summer and garden in the north and in October pull up stakes and winter and garden in the south. We have a few acres of land on a river a few miles from our house. Everone else around there has a cabin on the river. They spend most their vacation leisure time mowing the grass repairing the cabins. and the rest of the year worrying about the cabins flooding or being broken into. Not me. I have a old motor home. I keep it at my residence. I never license it. When We want to use the river land I just sneak it down there in the middle of the night. Its fenced and I keep a few cows there during the summer to keep it mowed. I imagine we will see an increase of the nomadic lifestyle in the future.

      8. Its when blue turns to grey.

        I’m not depressed,
        cannot figure why I have no energy.

        I’m not depressed,
        the skies are always grey.

        I’m not depressed,
        I cannot find any work.

        I’m not depressed,
        my favorite colors don’t exist.

        I’m American and I am not depressed….

      9. I admit it,I have a addiction,drool/drool! ,admitting I have a problem is the first step!Of course the next step is feeding this addiction!

        • I want to get a full set of the new Festool power tools with alllllll the accessories,
          Now that makes me drool!

          • Festool,ohhhh,they make nice stuff but damn,expensive,still,a few bucks saved and suddenly they are in your hand!My favorite power tool is my portable on wheels Bosch table saw,got it dirt cheap in comparison to what local dealer said and would have to wait a few months,BS on that one.I got it on line with all the extras cheaper then he wanted for basic saw,portable,great extension fences and with a Diablo blade can only blame me if something does not work out as planned.I had the money would buy everyone one of these3 table saws!

          • Kula

            I own several Fesdrool power tools. They are really nice. Very expensive but once I had them I didn’t regret it at all. Dust free is especially nice.

        • Warchild, I know what you mean. A few months back, I was on my way back to the shop and spied a large, several family yard sale off the highway. I turned the truck around and stopped there. I left there with a two-man crosscut (one handle has to be replaced) with great teeth. I also picked up a Griswold cast iron, propane dual burner camp stove, two cast-iron skillets, one a Griswold and the other a Wagner.

          • Damn,nice score.I hit yard sales for old hand tools ect.,my buddy got a box full of old German mill files,one had broken tip and he is hand grinding to a full tang knife,will say this project has been on going a couple of months,need to see what is going on there.

        • Damn you. I clicked on the link.
          Now, where did I put Daddy’s Santa list?!

      10. Over the years, I have become less and less inclined to make assessments or presumptions based on SINGLE source projections and prognostications. That said, there is much fact, logic, and analysis that cannot be ignored in this video.

        As always, the TRUTH will always trump/defeat the well planned and perpetrated LIES that support and condone…BUSINESS AS USUAL. But, for how much longer?

        My observation is hardly an epiphany for ANYONE that is “tuned into the REALITY channel”.

        Here is the “twist”…REALITY as propagated by the Dow Jones, paper metal worth, and EVERY OTHER LIE that appears in the MARKETS/MEDIA/SHIT HOUSE TALKING POINTS…IS DECEPTION WITH ONLY ONE PURPOSE.

        Most HERE know the “endgame purpose”. THEY WILL PULL THE PLUG and leave “those not in the club” (most everyone) to live or die based on preps and LUCK! WHY? Because they have demonstrated repeatedly…THEY CAN, THEY ARE, AND THEY WILL.

        ANYONE, tell me how OVERT Revolution and massive arrests of the entire DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS is not THE ONLY ACTIVITY THAT CAN STOP THIS INSANITY? I’m serious…ANYONE!

        • By turkey day.

      11. Yental:

        I know you are past serious; but go to utube and type in send out the clowns.

        Someone did a great job morphing these clowns into our least favorite DC Criminals of all times.

        • @ POG, a perfect morphing of the CLOWNS that are ACCEPTED BY THE VAST MAJORITY of sheeple in this country as the “elected(selected) representatives” and “leaderless ASSHATS” of the remnants of this once CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.


          TIME TO “DANCE”! God Bless POG, and long live the resistance to the LYING AND NOW blatant TYRANNY!

          • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

      12. What did you expect 67 % of all home sales in the last 18 months have been to hedge funds. Politicians bailout the banks, banks take the cash and invest in hedge funds, hedge funds buy the banks toxic asset at a bargain basement price and rent it back to you via HUD section 8 housing. Thus the hedge fund has guaranteed income from the government and the banks get richer.

        Let’s face it folks a hedge fund is merely an unregulated arm of the bank. The majority of hedge fund owners came from the banks or Goldman Sachs. National socialism!!

        • A Closer Look At The Decrepit World Of Wall Street Rental Homes

          Your New Landlord Works on Wall Street

          I’ve said this on another thread
          they DELIBERATELY crashed the economy
          then come in and buy up assets at fire sale prices
          and former home owners
          now become renters
          ain’t nothin’ accidental about it

          • SO TRUE.

            My personal plan is to keep buying silver and gold.
            Then…when they do crash things.. I’ll just do what all the Jewish bankers are doing and buy rental also.

            Hey..there’s a reason that Hitler wacked six million jews. History repeats and they did the same shit back then. Now I’m not saying anything of the sort.
            But ever notice that people are programmed to not discuss why an entire nation of people killed off a segment of the population? Yes, Hitler was an evil guy..but he had an entire nation helping him. Get my point. You cannot enslave an entire nation with debt..then take their property and expect them to be all peaching and talk sweet to ya.

            Observe history.. this is why the govt. are packing so much ammo.
            They know the indians will be rising up in time.

            No I’m not a skin head. I’m just a student of history and I read a few massive books on what went down in Nazis Germany.

            History will repeat and the govt. and the Fema camps are ready.
            But this time… instead of the jews getting the short do you know they don’t have plans for you and your family.

            I’m just saying.

            Just food for thought.

            So stay out of debt and make sure your kids don’t get there.

            Haven’t you noticed that all the jewish politicians are trying to take your guns?
            Think about it. Then you cannot fight back or defend yourself.

            I did read there was a hidden caste sys. in the jewish culture…
            So the jewish bankers helped engineer the war…so they could profit from all the nation debt.
            They did not care if some of their own got killed off.

            Kind of like how waspy whites look down their noses at red necks.

            We’ll I’ve said enough. Mac, thanks for letting us post annon.
            This is the type if dialog that everyone is scared to have as the Anti Def. league gets your ass fired from work for having an opinion from reading too many history books.

            Good luck everyone.

            ps. Go read the Elders of the Protocol of Zion.
            It was written before Hitler’s day in 1908 I believe.
            The English museum has a copy of it.

            Proof that the Jewish elite had a plan to enslave the world with debt.
            Gee…no wonder folks in history were never too positive about them.

            Final thought… for the average guy.. take a lesson from these guys and get your own rental property.
            I rent to the gent upstairs and get 20% of his take home pay each month.
            Slavery is not dead….it’s just nicer and they are called renters, tenants and so on.

            I personally plan on leaving my kid about 5 houses.
            My end game.. all fixed up, in a trust fund and with audited mgt.

            Are you a goyme? Go look it up.

            • I’ve read that during and after WWII, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill collectively wrote several thousand pages about that war, and no mention of 6MM dead jews was made.

            • Idiot – the writer of the Protocols admitted he faked it. Only an evil twit such as yourself would continue to promote it.

          • Satori,
            Thanks for those informative links . Seems like there is probably little or nothing the average person can do to correct the situation , it is yet still another weapon of economic destruction being used to steal wealth we should be aware of.
            Thanks Again.
            -Miss Dee Dee

          • Bank of America, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo hatched this plan back in mid 2009. The residential single family rental home REITs now exist in the hedge fund world. How did you think HUD was going to move baby Momma’s into your neighborhood?

        • They’re using these as rental properties. The next big thing is rental property backed securities.

          Bonds secured by fantasy-land rental property income – it’s not sustainable. I presume most were being obtained with interest-only loans (for the first 5 years) – and this started about 2 years ago, as far as I know.

          In another three years, it’s going to implode – worse than what happened in 2008 – when the reality that these rental properties can’t bring in enough to cover the loans, much less the bond payments.

          Gosh, I wonder if these bonds are covered by credit default swap contracts?

          The big companies are already trying to exit the market, trying to leave someone else holding the bag when things go bad.

          • I hate to tell you but they already exist. In fact the rental bonds are touted as no risk!

      13. This makes sense: ,and in keeping with it’s spirit I,Warchild will be very happy with gift certificates for ammo/a piece of glass for rifle/and yep,you guessed it,a crosscut saw!I will buy the made in US stuff in keeping with this tradition,this also saves you all the effort of going out shopping for me!

      14. Who can keep up with the rent increases? Every year it goes up between 10 to 20 dollars per month. A crappy 1 bedroom apartment starts at $600 a month here. Lower incomes are being pushed out of rental options.

        • Up here a total dump two room addition facing the alley will get $500 a month. Apts. are running $800 and up, a home rents for $1000, and it’s not worth it. $1250 is about the norm for a decent house and $1500 is common.

          The big city prices in Seattle are even worse.

          Middle class is being priced out of home ownership, and forced into 2-hour commutes just for a house they can afford.

      15. That video was mostly a waste of my time. It had some useful facts here and there. But the assumption is that all will be well.

        We’re at $17 Trillion in debt and the Federal Reserve is about the only one buying treasuries. We are on the cusp of serious inflation. Not sure we can make hyperinflation as we don’t have thousands of printers all over the country like Weimar Germany did.

        IMHO, something will break at the top. The Dollar will tank. And then we will have massive societal chaos when people cannot buy food.

        • I agree with you, I did not like the comment “we will get through this”. Made me think of when the Great Recession started and everyone said the same thing. Sure we are all still here but in what shape? I for one have learned more about finances of the world, prepping, survival and spiritual advancement. So I guess in some respects it has been a good thing because learning is never harmful; “knowledge is power” and we are using what they have taught us from them collapsing the system to not trust in this system but to hope in a future, better one. We can all create this future by working together in a positive light and not give up. We have to decide what we want our new world to look like and just begin making it. Lets start now.

        • They’d love to ban our fireplaces, too, and have the power to sit out in the street and check your chimneys so they can give out high-dollar citations.

          Of course, they’ll idle the engine on their car while they check you out, seeing as how it’s a cold morning.

          • Actually,they may die of carbon monoxide poisoning parked out there,can almost gaurentee that is what will happen to a citation giver in the Northlands.

        • Fuck the epa,will use what I want.They come for my stove,well,that is the start of civil war for me,time to defund em till we get some kind of sanity back in the laws.

        • They’ve got to increase the winter death toll somehow—banning heat is a good way to do that….then there’s the extra REVENUE from ticketing people who are trying not to freeze to death.

          Evil bastards.

      16. Is Fox News reading your website? Congrats Mac…

      17. So? The Chinese and Pakis and other assorted non-residents were buying up properties like Pringle’s Potato Chips during this latest “recovery”.

        Of course they’re going to try to make return on investment before they have to jump off this shit sandwich they purchased.

        That’s all this is… them trying to financially justify their stupid-ass purchase.

      18. Check this out at The Daily Sheeple: Gov Cancels SNAP Cards: Louisiana Free-For-All May Come At A High Price. Supposedly LA state govt. will kick out up to 12,000 people from the food stamp program, the ones who ripped off the stores. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

        • They get what they deserve.

          • They may get thrown off the program for a short spell. ( But ) I would be willing to bet that a taxpayer paid attorney’s group will step in and have any sensible decision reversed with retroactive compensation for the claimants.
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • You bet your butt they’ll sue and be compensated for being punished!

      19. Something BIG is about to happen. And when it happens it will not be like any other calamity that has or will happen since the creation of man. It will be unfixable, because a NEW WORLD ORDER will be put in place. We will never see a peace or a calm as was in the past. It will be chaos, calamity,and sin.Because the man of sin will be the ruler of the nations until the man of Peace comes for his children. How horribly bad it is now,and “it is bad very bad across this planet” it is just the calm before the great and final storm. ARMAGEDDON. This recovery the deceivers invent to sooth the sheep will never take place. We will never recover from our greed and sins. We will start afresh with a N.W.O. and then a new HEAVEN and EARTH.

      20. Here’s some info.
        The United States is going down.. a long slow slide to the bottom.
        They will use the derivatives to create a domino collapse.
        The Federal Reserve…actually owned by private foreign banks.
        This graph looks just like Weimar Germany in 1923.

        Go google: (Economists)
        Peter Schiff
        Gerald Celente
        Lindsey Williams
        John Williams

        The elites plan… a new global currency that is transactionally taxed. All electronic.
        You get paid…they tax you, you buy a candy bar…they tax you.

        I’ve done all the research and done the mental exercises…so I’m not too worried.
        But imagine the masses when this hits their lives like a thunderbolt!

        So what you do is not wig out.
        You just plan like you are preparing for a long winter.
        Warm sleeping bags
        Army blankets.
        Here’s a nice link…

        • That wool blanket at a Military surplus store cost $8.
          I have one in my car BOB. Also bought wool socks there.
          From Ft. Campbell Blvd., Ky. near Ft Campbell.

      21. Build your own. I would not take a EPA stove enforcement job in my area, as it would be suicide.

        • Gone,I still see on a regular basis wood stoves for free on CL ect.They may need new brick/gasket ect and a coat of paint but got a couple for friends and this was all they needed,am sure they are epa compliant!Spell check,you really believe I will capitalize epa?!I see a new market though for metal epa certified tags,let the games begin!

          • Agreed. There are a few states like mine that quite alot of residences are toally dependant on wood for heating. These same states have tough people that would not let someone “inspect” thier woodstove without the presence of a swat team. Stoves average 300$ on CL here. I own a welder and have plenty of steel. I always have a couple of boxes of firebricks. A friend just gave me two, 2 man saws.

            • Well,one man can hardly use 2/2 man saws,hint hint!I do need to learn how to weld,just basic would be fine,have access to welders and even a hard core plasma cutter.I would like to add for lack of better word “ears’ to a few friends stoves and put on soapstone plates for lack of better word(have access to free pieces),friend has one with soapstone and amazing how much more/longer heat he gets from same fire.I got one stove,a miser on wood yet heat great,was going to give to a friend and he said give to another as other just laid off ect.He took the dragon,a bit wasteful but basically burns anything including cleanly,split that day softwood ect.Gave to a friend some recently split wood neighbor dumped off,told him story about layoff ect.,said not selling but gift,he smiled and said more cords in my future for free,he has always told me to sell some but always have friends who could use a hand in challenging times,get it free,give it free.

      22. Planetary Devastation……..

        Anyone who agrees with me, thumbs up.

      23. The Philippines in many areas in the south have been hit by a storm surge of 40-50 feet from that hurricane. That is the same as a 40-50 foot tsunami. This is the same as if there had been a 9 pointer nearby and sent a massive tsunami like in 2004 after Christmas day tsunami. Then you have the rain and the wind destruction, and of course the runoff from the hills and mountains.

        The Philippines in many places just had their SHTF event and then some.

        America take notice, this could EASILY be the east or west coast. Not from a super hurricane, YET, but a tsunami from several different sources. This could be Florida and much of the southeast coast WHEN the Caribbean plate gives way. The west coast WHEN the Cascadia fault goes, AND/OR WHEN the Aleutian Islands chain to southern Alaska gives way. WHEN some of the offshore faults of California cause a massive localized undersea avalanche. This happened on a small scale back in the 1920’s off of Santa Barbara for example. This could happen to all Gulf Coast cities if the methane bubble off the Gulf should ever decide to reach the surface under the crust. How prepared are any of these coastal cities? Other than some places in Oregon and Washington and of course Alaska, not at all. How prepared is the U.S to handle a 100 times worse event than Hurricane Katrina or Sandy? I would say the same as Hurricane Katrina, with complete ineptness and failure.

        The majority of the people of the U.S. have that same asinine invulnerability that they had before 9/11, before hurricane Sandy, that it won’t happen in the U.S. Then WHEN it occurs, the population either goes into mass panic and runs around like rabbits with no place to hide, or like an animal staring at the on coming headlights until WHAM, roadkill.

        Where are these worthless “leaders” speaking out about the importance of readiness. BO is as much a joke as all the previous presidents about national preparedness. The congress speaks nothing about this. “The U.S. is way too strong to be at risk”. “Can’t happen the us”. “The USA can absorp anything and easily recover”. Famous last words spoken like the idiot fool jesters that has become the 99%. Much praise 🙂 needs to be shown for the 1% that still understand what it means to be able to weather the storm.

        • Just look at what happened from Sandy, and that wasnt that strong of a storm, if a cat 5 blows up the eastern seaboard it will be curtains for everyone there,

          • @ Kulafarmer. I didn’t get a chance to answer your question about Oklahoma earthquakes. This is likely just fracking results in the area. Lots of 3-4 pointers, but not too much damage, lots of little fractures to people’s homes.

            There was just an extremely rare earthquake on the Pacific Antarctic Ridge. In a radius of about 35 miles, or 1/2 degree of latitude and longitude ONLY once has there been an earthquake of 4.5 or more here June 25 and 26 of 2008. This lead to three major earthquakes within a week; 6.6 south of India, a 7.0 in the South Sandwich Islands, and a 7.7 in the Sea of Okhotsk in eastern Russia and a depth of 630 km, a deep focus earthquake. This is the 37th time out of 42 that says a 7.5+ is still coming, likely before Nov.16 of next week.

            People in the this country just don’t understand the impact of something like what just destroyed much in the Philippines. A category 5 along the east coast would mean 30 foot+ storm surge, same as a 30 foot+ tsunami. This is what storm surge is, a wall of water coming inland in sequences, just like a tsunami.

            One scenario very few people in California don’t even think about is you have a mass snow fall in the Sierras. Then you get what is called a Pineapple Express that brings very warm amounts of rain to the mountains that rapidly melts the snow and sends too much water into the Sacramento and Central Valley regions. The dykes there could not hold all that water, and the region could look like Hurricane Katrina or Rita. If there was a 6.5+ earthquake and those dykes broke, there would be tens of thousands of square miles of land underwater, lots of feet underwater. The devastation would not just be the Californian residents, but the entire crop industry and food supply for the country would be severely impacted.

            These type of disasters happen and are beyond possible, they are actually likely within our lifetimes alone. Yet, that invisible shield the masses still PRETEND exists around the U.S. protecting everyone. Pathetic illusion isn’t it?

            • BI,
              I have begun to check this site on a regular routine as of lately. I have learned a little about the ass rants of the trolls and Gov. Sponsored misfits. More importantly I have learned information and suggestions from the well intentioned and companionate folks here. To those individuals I am grateful. There seems to be people here that are knowledgable . There are people here that are practicable . I think you are both of these qualities and once again I learned something from your post. Sometimes I am bewildered with the sun spot , the hurricane and the earthquake data you present. Have patience with me . I am slowly learning.
              Thank You.
              — Miss Dee Dee

            • BeInformed

              Highly suggest you watch the dutchsinse latest video concerning the recent earthquakes and 2 superstorms in the Pacific..

              Titled..November 8, 2013: Microwave Pulse

              He invests all his time as you do on earthquakes and,also weather anomalies..


            • @Bi
              Did you ever check out that piece over on urban survival peoplenomics site?

              I concur with your assessment that people in this country have no clue about natural dizasters,
              those who went through katrina maybe, but the folks on the east coast and definitely the west coast, unless they are transplants who have been through a true dizaster are living in lala land.

              If the cascadia slips in just the right way it could wash the west cost like fukushima.

              The storm surge is a big issue, a cat 5 with a large eye and a really high internal pressure will create a huge surge, then on TOP of that are the waves!

              The surge comes in and stays there like a stinky houseguest from hell and only leaves when the storm passes. Gnarly stuff,

              • Based upon geological records spanning billions of year, the Western United States is on a “hinge”. When it “slips” you get the Great Salt Lake or the Bonneville Salt Flats from Lake Bonneville, or the submergence of much of central and southern Arizona, the soil of which consists of sediments and sea shells.

                In this case, I believe that past actions are a strong predictor of future performance. Find some high ground. 🙂

            • We get the Pineapple Express, warm rain on snow, up here in Washington, quite a bit. Seem to have 100-year floods twice or three times a year.

              When the snow has a 50% water content, and 10 feet deep in the mountains, when it releases 5 feet of water in three days, makes for interesting times.

        • You need to get hit by a storm to…heh heh, “Find Out What’s In It”.

          • If you like your gun’s…..You can keep them.

        • Thier government had trucks, army, coast guard and supplies deployed in advance. Good job.

      24. I love our Gov’t. It’s about time the mentally disabled acquired some high paying jobs. Today they are running the show. Millionaires who just care about their campaign warchests and how they can steal, cheat & lie without getting caught and look you in the face and tell you things will get better. I believe that things will get better , much better for them and there cronies. Feinstein,Pelosi, Reid & lifetime Supreme Court Justices who are surrounded by guns (body guards) but want to dismantle the 2nd amendment. Rich fuckers in D.C. That could give a rats ass about us. If I was calling the shots, upon the Kings exit from 1600 I would stop all lifetime protection and let him wander the streets of his fucking hope and change.

        • Sickofitall:

          Read an article that pointed the finger at the “Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) here in America that has their annual meetings to determine how far along in their plans to destroy America they are, and what needs to happen next to speed up their agenda.

          You will find most enemies of this once great land are members of the CFR; google it to find how this group was set up, who belongs to it, and what their agenda is.

          These people are the first of the tribe that you and I, if we were king, would send out wandering the streets of f@#$^#g hope and change without any protection. They are the “king makers”, “power brokers”, “theft banksters”, “political clowns”, “corporate owners”, that are participating in tearing America apart.

          AND THE BEAT GOES ON……..

          • POG…..excellent post. Richard Hess is their master… Remember that name…….Satan learns from him.

            • Hi Tactical:

              I think you meant Richard H. Haass

              And of course he is a member of the tribe.

              • Thanks for the correction POG.

      25. So the epa bans wood stoves WTF is next a ban on Thanksgiving?? The Jew fucks will never outlaw Christma$ we all know the rea$on behind that one. When is enough, enough? Keep taking a bite of the shit sandwich Amerika. What time for a second sandwich? We’ve eaten too much shit as it is time to regurgitate. Maybe the coppers will write you a ticket for puking. THIS COUNTRY IS DONE

      26. Used to be…. I would lay my life down for the good old U.S.A. Now it seems I will lay it down to fight the NEW AMERIKA.

      27. welcome to the new age, ohhh.

        when we forget history, we are doomed to repeat it.

        to defeat your strongest enemies, you must make them think they are your friends.

        only the blind cannot see thier own face’s, the rest choice to belive who they are.

      28. I like Dent, but he is still not seeing the big picture here. He is still thinking like someone who believes all this will turn out ok…HOW is that!? It’s not the fact that there are more renters, heck, before and after the Great Depression most people didn’t own there own homes! Ours is a far more complex global problem, and the moral decay is vastly deeper than back in 1929. Then, most people lived in rural areas, and many still farmed based on 19th century practices…today most people can’t even cook a decent meal, let alone grow even a tomato plant!

      29. Does anyone REALLY know what goes on in the world of finance and banking? There are ten different opinions on this blog alone. There are hundreds of opinions by “experts” in a hundred different blogs.

        The more you investigate it on the interwebs, the less you really know how it works. Perhaps the only ones who know what is really going on are those in the BIS or the Square Mile and they ain’t tellin’.

        It’s all a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

        Well, I guess I’ll go feed the chickens and then have a couple shots and just worry about my own little Green Acres. Still need to get some more photovoltaics and solder up a couple more panels before the lights go dead.

        “Arnold. Get off that couch!”

        • If you can do simple math,addition and subtraction,you know all you need to.

      30. Sorry bout the off topic, but I have had a few strange occurrences this week of which I will share one now. A week ago, I filled up my bird feeders with sunflower seed and as of yet not one blue jay, not one chickadee, not one cardinal, not one bird of any kind has shown up at my feeders. This is extremely unusual. Anyone else having this?

        • It takes a while for them to locate the new food source.

          • Yes smokey I am aware of this. But I have never seen so little action for so long after putting it out.

          • eeder

            Happens to me all the time, my friend.

            They are here by the hundreds, then all
            of a sudden I don’t see them again for
            two weeks. Go figure.

            Maybe there’s better pickins’ down the
            road where the well to do lay out a real
            spread for ’em. Fickle little buggers.

        • I can fill my flat feeder in the morning and between the doves and the bluejays it’s empty in the evening. Whatever is left the deer come up and chow down. I like putting a handfull of peanuts in the shell in the feeder. Those are gone in 30 minutes or less. Just bought 40 lbs of sunflower seeds at Ace an hour ago. $16.95

      31. @ possee. That was an interesting video and weather modification I know something about. During the 1960’s they steered hurricanes using exhauast from very large planes. They would go to the feeding areas of the hurricanes where thunderstorms could be enhanced. like cloud seeding, and the hurricane would sort of follow the path of this cloud seeding. Heating up the atmosphere would definitely give a storm additional strength. I don’t think though they have enough energy per se to create such a storm. What would be the purpose of this is another question to whack the Philippines.

        Experiments I could see on already established storms. The planet has a natural cooling effect, hurricanes are nature’s air conditioners. Storms this strong have occurred before, some strong way before any technology was around. Hurricane Nancy was an example of this. I could see maybe they are trying to divert away the heat and cause an air conditioned effect away from areas such as the U.S. I though think that the Sun has much to do with what we are seeing. There has been many X flares in the past couple of weeks. I could see where these microwaves pulses could be some sort of experiment though to just add to what was going to happen anyway. Another strange way of thinking is that they were actually trying to lessen the effects of the hurricane on Manilla for example, steering it to the south. This of course would mean that someone was trying to do good, and I doubt this.

        The earthquake activity created by man I almost completely doubt for several reasons. It takes an amount of energy of tens of thousands of 1 mega ton hydrogen bombs to equal what Japan got hit with. Other than what they are fooling around with in Switzerland with that collider, they don’t have nearly enough raw energy to create even a 7 pointer. Next these earthquakes are following the same exact patterns that they have for decades before. The same precursor areas are hit, then you have a major earthquake in one of the same areas hit before. The 7.2 Philippines quake had many precursor quakes on the divergent zones and why I mentioned the Philippines several time as a danger zone because of this.

        Could they speed up an immenient earthquake that was ready to break? Not likely at this point of technology. Even directing an intense heat source into the crust would have to be directed at dozens of miles along a fault to cause it to rupture. Right now what it appears is that they can only direct pinpoint, like a laser beam at certain target areas. Again, I see absolutely no evidence of earthquakes following any other pattern than they have since recording keeping begin. ALL past 7 major earthquakes had the same precursor zones getting hit and then the major quakes occurred. Nature working like it has for likely the past millions of years. These precursor zones again are extremely tiny and show that at least the crust is not being influenced much at all, if any.

        I will continue to watch these videos that this person puts out because I do think that weather modification is at least being attempted. What I am waiting for is when a weather system hits Russia or China and the they blame the U.S. Then the Russians or Chinese create their own weather diaster for the U.S. Weather wars has longed beeen predicted. Still I think that much of what we are seeing comes from the Sun, and I think that JustOneGuy the ultimate expert on the Sun and space would think this to be the case also. Thank you for letting me see this, I will further watch this and research it.

        • BI-

          I am curious if you think an earthquake could be initiated by hitting the frequency of the fault line thus amplifying the overall frequency and possibly causing a break?

          thanks for your insight.

          • @ kynase. ONLY if the fault was ready to break, on the threshold, would this at the present day technology be possible. Faults take years, decades, centuries, or eons to build up enough pressure to go. Causing a type of fracture through some disruptor type of weapon would immediately cause a weak point, but it would take much time for pressure to build up to cause the fault to go. Other earthquakes even with their massive energy release don;t usually trigger other earthquakes for some time after. If humans had that type of energy to actually rapidly build up the energy required to cause an earthquake, all weapons now would be useless in all country’s arsenals. Not to say that the future doesn’t hold this. I believe that most weapons and energy systems now would resemble a pre Star Wars type of level of usage, if that.

            The more mass that is necessary to move, the more energy is necessary to use against it. People see high frequency shatter glass for example, and glass is rock. As the mass increases in size, the more concentrated that frequency needs to be, that means more energy. The sudden release of energy from a hydrogen bomb is the same as released in a typical 6 pointer. Harnessing that energy is another story and then focusing it on a target zone. Again, in the future that might not be any problem. A fault ready to snap is going to break anyway, and with present day technology it might be feasible to speed that up a little. Right now it appears more of an atmospheric level of technology that they can alter. The density of air to water to solid rock is a quantum leap jump. This is why I don’t feel they have done anything yet to change the dynamic of the planet’s crust.

            Also what feeds a hurricane is much more the temperature of water than the air temperature. This is why I am kind of skeptical of successful weather modification with hurricanes. Heating water is an extremely energy necessary endeavor to fuel a hurricane. One can see how much energy it takes for example to keep a small aquirium warm for fish. Not that it can’t someday be done. I still feel lots of what we are seeing has to do with the cycles of the planet and solar system.

            • Thanks for the insight…I figured as much, I was just wondering if my science mind was on the same wavelength as your science mind (no pun intendended there…lol)

              I also agree with you on the water warming. The specific heat of water is pretty darn high…lots of energy necessary to change the temp to induce current movements.

            • Bi I wonder about fracking? Would the injection of fluids under high pressure lubricate the fault thus making it easier to slip? When they where fracking near guy ark. they had small earthquakes almost every day. they suspended fracking and the earthquakes dissipated?

        • I’m convinced weather modification was used for the last two Olympic games – just saying. I have no hard proof, just my intuition joining the dots on my reading around typical weather patterns.

        • Be Informed..

          Technologies exist far beyond our realm of comprehension and known applied sciences amongst us laymen..

          Without delving further into this’s a bit of relatively new info..

          US Naval Research Lab on Feb. 25, 2013..
          U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) research physicists and engineers from the Plasma Physics Division, working at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) transmitter facility, Gakona, Alaska, successfully produced a sustained high density plasma cloud in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

          “Previous artificial plasma density clouds have lifetimes of only ten minutes or less,” said Paul Bernhardt, Ph.D., NRL Space Use and Plasma Section. “This higher density plasma ‘ball’ was sustained over one hour by the HAARP transmissions and was extinguished only after termination of the HAARP radio beam.”
          – See more at:


        • Be informed

          go to this site again and search for this video

          8MIN News – February 27, 2013 – US Navy Labs create Plasma Spheres (rings) using HAARP


      32. A lot of home owners don’t want to hear this, but existing home sales have fallen about 25% in the last month on record. They are near the lows of 2007. The lies told on the boob tube about a small job recovery are just that. Lies. Part-time and low paid employees don’t buy homes. Period. The future is part-time and low paid. I suspect that the Feds hold most home mortgages thru VA, FHA, Fannie and Freddie. The Justice Dept. and HUD say they are going to integrate every neighborhood in the country. Solution? Give minorities free homes that the Feds hold the paper on. Remember, you heard it here first. Write it down. The Feds are so predictable. If you know their agenda you know there next move. Your so called representative system is Marxist. And you don’t have a thing to say about it.

      33. I like it, ,being the 1911 my favorite was a great first choice!These printers in the publics hand,way too late to close barn door!The guys who did the mechanical hand for a kid on a 3D printer for $5 still my favorite 3D story,did post it also awhile back as good news.Now,if I just had one of these printers during my model car/helicopter times,crash,new body and paint in a couple of hours!

        • For those that missed story,was a prosthetic hand that gave kid a bit more of his life back,for $5 instead of $30,000 from hospital and some company,though tech fights us it also enables us in positive ways!


        LATEST! MONUMENTAL Breakthrough in Birth Certificate Case!

        It isn’t over; the investigation took a deeper turn and the information uncovered WITH hard documents is astounding; this information is not reported or exposed since necessity for 100% confidentiality is important here; Zullo has been traveling the country for 2 weeks as a result of this investigation.

        God please bless America and keep these two men, Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo, safe from criminal elements of Elmo and his assassins.

      35. It took me many years of hard work and sacrifice to pay off my home – I owe no banks..

        I Plan to keep it that way…

        Fuck em

      36. I just farted and it smelled like the shit coming out of Obama’s lying mouth.

        In a few years…this beige fucker will be out of office.

        Then we get stuck with Hillary…more DEM tax enslavement.

        I think until we get a repub. prez…we should all contract our spending and let it all collapse!

        Dems are just commies and the Jews own both parties.

        I take great comfort in the fact that all these scum will never find my safe of gold and silver. God’s money was not meant to be taxed by the jews.

        Got it!???

      37. The definition of neoliberalism is that the government exists to serve business to business. That is why American’s jobs are outsourced and military weapon production is so lucrative. These producers of wmd’s don’t have any problems with losses to their union memberships or pay and perks.

      38. I had a talk with my brother the other day and he told me that his taxes are go0ing up again on his house. He told me that at this rate by 2020 he will have paid for his house twice just in taxes. This is after had paid it off 10 years ago.
        I told him that this is just what the TPTB want. They want you to miss a tax payment so they can take your house.
        You see you never really own a house. Like Obullshit said you don’t own that. or you didn’t build that. You know he is right (for once). Just miss a couple of tax payments and some one else will own your house.
        THIS IS BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!(I’m sorry) This just Pisses me off!!!!! Oh hell I’m not sorry. SCREW THME BASTARDS!
        Can you tell I’m Pissed.

        • 30 years ago my taxes were $500 a year for the house and land. Now, it’s over $2500 a year. For that I get absolutely nothing, no new fire hydrants on the street, no new asphalt, no cop patrols, they need a new roof on the school, that takes a special levy since they spent the maintenance money keeping up the sports fields.

          I want the income tax, and property taxes, eliminated and replaced with a sales tax. Nobody gets a free ride.

          • Don’t forget the unsustainable pension levels for state and federal employees. IMHO, one of the biggest abuses by the unions upon America. Partly why towns. cities, and states are broke.

            Prison guards in California can retire at 90% in 20 years. But wait, there’s more! If they get enough overtime, they can retire in FIFTEEN years at 90%. And then they go get a position at a different prison.

            Stockton California is in bankruptcy right now. 40% of their budget is pensions. Detroit pensioners are only getting 16% returns after it filed BK. And there are many more to come.

            • If you look at Stockton’s pension fund (CALPERS) breakdown, you will see the majority of the amount is in police and fire and upper management. Not park, sewer, and maintenance retirement funds, as they(we)had a different multiplier/retirement age.

          • Ha, you got it easy.

            In 15 yrs, Mine went from $800 to $3000 and going up every year by $100! I live on a dead-end road, with a 40 acre farm.

            I’m selling and heading for the deep woods with a very small population.

            Don’t know what else to do?

        • Everyone already knows all of this, If they were actually forged documents, someone would have spilled the beans by now. This is just conspiracy theories.

          • It’s really amazing how conspiracy theories are in fact the truth….of course, to realize that you would have to wake up first! Now go back to sleep jimb……:)

            • If it were the facts, there is no way it would not be brought to life. So you need to wake up

      39. We are running against the clock and only have another year or two to bring the US down. It’s tight but we can do it.

        The day I spoke with an American who talked about everything under the sun (Ga Ga, pulled pork etc.) but the state of their country was the day I thought “oh well, f#ck em, if they can’t give a sh#t about their own people or clue in to being at war for over a decade, then they deserve everything that is coming.”

        And that is where I still am: completely, totally and utterly indifferent.

      40. We are renters formally owners. We sold before the real estate market crashed.
        Why did we sell and now rent? Because really you don’t own. Because liability is so high, you are just a liability occupier.
        So, why have fingers pointed at you and everyone getting into your pocket.
        Since renting, we have had peace for the time being.

      41. BULL ! After Vietnam…..this is all GRAVY !

      42. Pa Farmer: Just say the thanks to her when
        you feel it, or give thanks in prayer for
        having a wise loving aunt. I believe it gets
        where you want it to go

      43. Some great thoughts on here. I see a general dissatisfaction with the entitlement culture. I’d like to add in fairness that as a world war 2 era kid growing up and a Korea veteran, there were a lot more economic opportunities and your money carried you much further the first 30 years or so after World War 2.

        The economics of simply not working are advantageous but the supply side of fewer good paying jobs is also to blame. I think we’d be surprised how lazy people aren’t with more available opportunity.

        But in practical terms, we have a huge economic problem. I advise all my clients to envision a world where they have no income, their money is worthless, and they can’t get utilities conventionally.

        Then work on your survival plan based off that model. If they start to balk and cry conspiracy theory, I simply put them in touch with people I know who were victims of natural disasters and experienced what I ask them to envision.

        Once it becomes real, the motivation for full preparation is never a problem.

        Great article and comments.

        Talking Survival Plans here

      44. It’s a weird situation where real estate prices are low and rental prices are high. There was a condo for sale in my area last fall that was selling for $39,900. You could have rented it out for $750 a month. Not counting fees, you could buy it and get 22% on your money.

      45. libertynewsonline dot com /article_301_30144.php

        good but old (2011) article on communications if internet down

      46. Don’t encourage good people to become landlords. What happens: you rent to ALCOHOLIC DEADBEAT MOOCHERS that are incredibly in debt and they know that they can live at your rental without paying a dime in rent. Deadbeat renters can only be evicted by court order, which sometimes the caseloads are backed up for months. The landlord wins the case, but yet the tenants never pay. Try garnishing a deadbeat renters payroll check when they seldom hold a job for longer than a week. You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. Some landlords even file bankruptcy due to seldom receiving rents, even though they had tenants.

      47. Even If the bank approves your home loan your not a owner. Until you make the very last payment your nothing but a glorified renter. Now I know you never really own it because you pay real eastate taxes. However Arkansas has a $300 homestead tax exemption. So I don’t pay a dime on my 1000 square ft hillbilly shack and the surrounding two acres. So Do I own that. The tax on my remaining unimproved land is a pittance. I get more than that back from the work the county hwy dept performs. Tax land is available in Arkansas. If you have cash. web Page

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