Refugee Crime Driving Germans to Buy Guns: “Huge Influx of Foreigners Has Frightened Many People”

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    Michigan Law Allows Citizens to Carry Guns In Schools, Day Cares, Churches and Stadiums

    Germans are adjusting to the new normal, and they aren’t taking it lying down.

    As SHTF reported, the first reaction of many Europeans to the violent wave of Syrian refugees flooding their countries was to take arms for self-protection, and as a result gun sales soared, and where those weren’t available, sales for things like pepper spray also soared.

    Back in September, everything was controversial, with headlines driving discussion about whether or not countries should accept largely-male populations of Muslim ‘refugees.’ Many people did not want them to be accepted, and as a result, many people have been extremely concerned for their safety.

    But as the headlines are dying down, that sentiment is proving NOT to be a passing phase.

    People are lining up for firearms, self-defense tools and training. And the underlying reason why? A crime wave of rapes, robberies and violent crimes by “black sheep” individuals in these migrant groups.

    Via the Gatestone Institute:

    Germans, facing an influx of more than one million asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, are rushing to arm themselves.

    All across Germany, a country with some of the most stringent gun-control laws in Europe, demand is skyrocketing for non-lethal self-defense weapons, including pepper sprays, gas pistols, flare guns, electroshock weapons and animal repellants. Germans are also applying for weapons permits in record numbers.

    The scramble to acquire weapons comes amid a migrant-driven surge in violent crimes — including rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults — in cities and towns throughout the country.

    […] The spike in violent crimes committed by migrants has been corroborated by a confidential police report leaked to a German newspaper. The document reveals that a record-breaking 38,000 asylum seekers were accused of committing crimes in the country in 2014. Analysts believe this figure — which works out to more than 100 crimes a day — is only a fragment: many crimes are not reported.


    Since Germany’s migration crisis exploded in August 2015, nationwide sales of pepper spray have jumped by 600%, according to the German newsmagazine, Focus. Supplies of the product are now completely sold out in many parts of the country and additional stocks will not become available until 2016. “Manufacturers and distributors say the huge influx of foreigners in recent weeks has apparently frightened many people,” Focus reports.

    The governments of these countries are doing all they can to keep appearances and maintain political correctness. Angela Merkel and other European heads of state have taken strides to strike a neutral, inviting tone, but under the surface, native populations are clearly deeply unsettled by the crime wave that has accompanied a failure to assimilate.

    Local police and city officials are giving a different account than national leaders, according to Gatestone, while residents are doing all they can to protect their daughters and wives while out in public.

    The Gatestone Institute rounded up reports from local papers across Germany, and the themes are consistent – sales are increasingly sharply because people are in fear. The rates for gun permits, pepper spray and home alarm systems are all skyrocketing:

    According to KH Security, a German manufacturer of self-defense products, demand is up by a factor of five, and sales in September 2015 — the month when the implications of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door migration policy began to dawn on many Germans — were the highest since the company was founded 25 years ago.

    […] citizens in Saxony can regularly be seen queuing up in large numbers waiting for gun shops to open.[…] Andreas Reinhardt, a gun shop owner in the northern German town of Eutin, said he now sells four to five self-defense weapons each day, compared to around two per month before the recent influx of asylum seekers. “The current social upheaval is clearly driving the current rush to self-defense,” he said. “I never thought that fear would spread so quickly,” he added.

    […] In Heilbronn, another city in Baden-Württemberg… one shopkeeper, the demand for pepper spray began surging in August, when many mothers started purchasing the product for their school-aged daughters. “Our clients are extremely afraid,” the shopkeeper said. “We are seeing this everywhere.”

    […]  A woman in Gera who bought pepper spray for her 16-year-old daughter said:

    “I think it is fundamentally proper for me to protect my daughter. She is at that age where she is out alone in the evening. If she says she needs this for protection, I think this is not unjustified. Of course, due to the current situation that we now have in Germany. We just do not know who is here. There are quite a lot of people who are not registered.”

    The people who come to the store are afraid. They believe that among the refugees there are ‘black sheep.’ Some customers openly admit it.”

    The German people are lining up to arm themselves and look after their own self defense. Will it happen in America next?

    The United States is heavily armed today, apart from gun free zones and liberal states. But recent moves from the Obama Administration and their allies in the gun control lobby make clear they will stop at nothing to reign in the 2nd Amendment and take away the birthright of every American.

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    Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As “Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees”


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      1. Never give up your weapons.

        Eyes open, no fear…

        • Just got two new arms on Sat. Gonna keep and pass on to my kids. All in the family.

          • Eppe, I just recently replaced one of my two favorite handguns that were taken in the burglary. Went to the range yesterday, got it sighted in, and broke it in with a couple of hundred rounds. Will try to replace the second one between now and xmas. I wish I could piss off the gun grabbers even more but resources are limited. BTW, I’ll be headed back to GA Thur. if everything goes right.

            • This seems like a good thread to repost this:

              Disclaimer: All information in this article is for educational purposes only. Actual use of any and all information is the sole responsibility of the reader.

              Most people know the basics of security. Here are some ideas that may help enhance your security
              measures and give you a better chance of escaping threats.

              1: Security window film: Using high strength window film greatly reduces ability to break in through windows and is blast resistant. Learn more here..

              2: Solid steel/fiberglass doors: Most exterior doors are wood and can be crashed through without much problem. Use fire rated steel or fiberglass doors with heavy duty hinges. Also reinforce the door frames with either steel and bolts or wood beams and deep lag bolts. Interior doors should also at a minimum be solid wood. Remember the movies where the main doors had the wood beam across them held in by steel U shaped brackets? You can do that too pretty easily!

              #3: Shrubery: Plant window high thorn bushes under your windows at least 2 feet out. This will certainly slow down or even stop anyone trying to get window access. Plant berries if you want then you can also harvest food from your effort!

              #4 Strategicly placed furniture: Most home crimes are likely to happen at night when your in bed. Use a fairly tall bookcase packed with books either on the outside or inside of the bedroom wall that faces into the homes interior. This will make an effective bullet stop in the event of a firefight. Leave a gap in the books just large enough to shoot and see whats outside the wall. Cut the drywall out behind the window you made in the bookshelf. If someone breaks in you can engage them without being seen and have some protection. Also have a lock on your door into the room. Use this with a dresser too or any heavy furniture you can pack with stopping material. This is for any room you want to have a form of cover in a firefight.

              #5 Surviellance cameras: Cameras and monitors are not very expensive and will give you a great advantage should you come under siege. Place a camera on the front, back, sides or any place that you feel is best around your house. Night vision cameras are best and cheap too. Have a monitor in your bedroom and saferoom or wherever you feel you need it. Here are some links to get you started..
     cameras monitor cables
              Put a camera in your living space inside to see whats going on in your bedroom etc. You can also get 4 channel monitors. For long distance surviellance use wireless with this…

              #6 Gas grenades: These will help protect your home while your away. Guaranteed to scare the crap out of anyone!

              #7 Floor escape hatches: Make a hatch in the floor of a closet or other unoticable place as a way to get under the house and away if you have under house access. Make sure you can close it after you enter and it remains unseen. Once under the house make an exit to underneath a deck or getaway area. This is another good place for a monitor for your surviellance. Place a 12 volt battery nearby to power the monitor.

              #8 Escape routes: Make an escape route from your home concealed by plants/bushes, anything that can be used to hide you and get you away from the house. You can also bury a septic tank with a hatch that is concealed to hide in next to the house or getaway area.

              #9 Safe rooms: You can build a good safe room out of solidly filled concrete blocks and a good security door. Make sure you can access it easily and keep it stocked with water, food, cellphone or 2 way radio.

              #10 Smoke bomms: You can use smoke grenades to fill your house with smoke. This will confuse the intruder and give you an opportunity to get away since you already know the layout of your house and they don’t.

              #11 Alarm systems: A good battery backup home alarm is essential. Here is one that is affordable, long range, has many many accessories, battery backup…

              #12 Motion detector lights: These are cheap and available everywhere. Install them on all sides of your house and if you want add some to the inside too! Night lights also help, make sure they expose the area you want too see NOT the area you will defend from!

              #13 Hiding spots: Make false walls or hidden floor comartments to hide your valuables. To protect against fire bury your items in a well sealed pvc tube outside. Make sure any firearms are accessible!

              #14 Driveway alarms: These are fairly cheap and great to have! If you need long distance (mine works 1/2 mile away) try this… search around for the best price..

              #15 Distractions: At home depot you can buy remote control light switches for about 15 bucks. Use these to operate lights or anything else that will take attention away from the area you are in. For example.. You are in your bedroom and have the bookcase window mentioned earlier. Someone breaks in and its dark. You turn on a light that is the opposite direction from you and it will make them immediately focus on that area meanwhile you do what you need to do from your bookcase window..

              Thats it for now I hope this helps you. 🙂

              • That last idea there is a real winner and super easy to implement.

                Already got the cams. Sigh… so hard to get good ones lemme tell you. The main issue is the switch between day vision and night vision. Swann has zero hysteresis. They keep flopping back and forth between night and day, and Zmodo is bad in many many other ways.

                I went Q-See but I think Lorex and Samsung are equally good. If I had it to do over I might go Samsung.

                16 channels. Got the interior all set up, there’s nowhere INSIDE I can’t see. Exterior’s going to be more interesting.

                • TG, as far as cameras I get the ones with sony ccd 1/3, The cmos are shit. They are about 25 bux on ebay and I have been using them for several years now. I have had no issues with night vision, it works well always. I have not tried the invisible IR units. If the unit says night vision to 100ft. it is really around 60ft.

                • The problem with cameras is the data that needs to be moved per frame. If you want really good resolution the amount of data is huge. 15 MB per frame for 2k and 50MB per frame for 4k. Even USB3 will barely move data fast enough for 4k and that is only for 1 or 2 meters. So if you really want resolution you wont have a decent frame rate.
                  Just saying.

              • About the windows. If you are in the process of replacing your windows. Opt for the thicker tempered glass on the exterior part.
                I had a tenant who left the house locked when they left. I didnt have a key so I decided to just break a window and get in. I had installed new windows because they kept getting broken by kids playing baseball.
                I tried to break a window with a sledge hammer and almost broke my arm. It really took quite a few blows to break that window. If you add the film im sure the average person would just give up.

                • Ed, if you have 20kw of solar panels (80 panels at 250 watts) thats a lot to put on a roof. Do you live in a mansion? At 18sq. ft. per panel thats 1440 sq. ft. All modern panels are hail rated too. What kind of panels do you have?

                  • I live in a place with no zoning or building codes. Its a concrete building that used to be some sort of switching facility for AT&T built in the 1940’s. They later abandoned it and built a much bigger place a few miles away. Someone turned it into a shop with a apartment attached to it. I bought it from them 20 years ago. It has a huge roof that just happens to face south. I have room for about 80kw on the roof if I want. I had originally planed on putting 80kw on the roof but gave up after all the damage. I have a mishmash of all types of panels . Everything from old Arco panels to almost Kyocera panels.
                    Dont get me wrong. Solar is great. I just happen to live in a crappy place for it.

                  • About the hail rating. I dont know where you live, but hail can get big enough to destroy roofs and cars around here. It is very common for peoples windshields of their cars to be bashed out from hail. I have a couple of cars whos sheetmetal looks like a golf balls surface.

              • “Use a fairly tall bookcase packed with books either on the outside or inside of the bedroom wall” If one or two intruders, they get the lead treatment. If they brought too many buddies, then…

                I keep a 6 ft tall bookshelf right behind my bedroom door. I keep a wooden wedge under the front of the bottom shelf. Canned goods on all shelves. If I had to, I kick the wedge out and I can tip that whole thing across by bedroom door, blocking it completely for a while. If I couldn’t get out my window, I ALSO keep a 30oz framer sitting by my bed.

                I’ve demo’d plenty of stud walls in my day. These are old and spaced 16″ OC. I could step through to the apt next door in less than 5 minutes. They couldn’t stack enough guys outside my bedroom door to move that shelf and cans before I could get out.

                • I have noticed the mainstream media continues to focus on “Europe’s border crisis”, yet remains SILENT on the crisis at our southern border.

                  AZ Sheriff Babeu: We’ve Had 10,000 Unaccompanied Juveniles In Two Months, Obama Admin Says ‘Border Is Wide Open’

                  “Pinal County, AZ Sheriff and Congressional candidate Paul Babeu (R) stated, “just the last two months alone, we’ve had 10,000 unaccompanied juveniles” who are “staying here” and that “the Obama administration says the border is wide open, that there is no law (when) it comes to immigration” on Monday’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on the Fox Business Network.”

                  (link on Drudge Report)

            • Currently running a Makarov in 380 acp as my CCW (hornady critical defense) and a Ruger Blackhawk 41 mag with semi wad cutters for bear and home defence. Can’t bring myself to buy another AR sadly just don’t like the platform

              • Don’t like the AR?

                The hell you say!!!!

                • Honestly unless it has a fixed full length stock M16 style and a longer barrel it doesn’t feel right, Ak’s are to front heavy for me, to me the best semi auto is the FN FNAR in 308 20″ heavy barrel solid stock plus 308

                  • I have all sorts of AR-s including a pistol. The pistol has become my go to gun for most purposes. However in case of real combat I prefer my FAL because of its knock down power. It is a lot heavier and ammo is much heavier but when push comes to shove I can always use it as a club. No so the AR

                  • Johnny, my ‘go to’ rifle is the M1 Carbine, a proven weapon from WW2 and Korean War. It only weighs 5 lbs. empty. 10, 15, and 30-round magazines are available as well as parts kits. Auto-Ordnance came out with a new version of it 2 years ago. Prices on them are averaging anywhere from $600-$1300 at the gun shows over the past couple of years. I bought mine from a collector at a gun show in 2011 for $400 and love it. Mine is one of the old Universal models. They went out of business in 1983. They’re easy to operate and fun to shoot. Plus, the .30 Carbine round with 110-grain bullet will do more damage than a 5.56/.223 round.

                    • M1 carbine is good at close range but at longer range, I’ll take the AR any day. The M1 carbine was made to replace the pistol in WW2 for close quarters combat in towns and trench warfare. Most soldiers that were issued them in WW2 stated they’d rather have a M1 garand and a 1911 pistol. The carbine is a fun weapon to shoot, and would be an excellent home defense weapon, especially outfitted with a light and or laser.

                  • My go to rifle of choice was an M-1 Carbine 30cal. I think it is the best carbine rifle ever made. My favorite from my collection is a M-1 from WWII made in September 1943 by Inland Division of General Motors. A true piece of history that is thoroughly enjoyable to shoot.

                    But, I had to get with the times and get the AR-15 platforms. The best part about AR-15s is being to build your own platform. Lots of fun.

        • These people need to learn the Geroge Zimmerman lesson.

          Don’t call the police!!!!!

          Just shoot the fuckers and get the hell out of there. Not calling the police does not make the shooting any less justified. If you call the police then it will turn into a media circus and all the blacks will be protesting until the political pressure results in your arrest.

          If the police do get called, then request and AMBULANCE for yourself and insist on going to the hospital.

          When people are taking pictures of the aftermath of the shooting which looks better: you in the back of a police car or you in the back of an ambulance?

          If you are in the back of the police car you look like the bad guy. If you are in the Ambulance you look like the victim of a crime. Which would you rather see on the news?

          • The just-us system will try to crucify you even if you wait for ‘the authorities’. At that point, YOU are the only one around to arrest and convict.

            Go ahead and add flight to avoid prosecution to the laundry list of charges. I don’t mind the other year or two added to my 250 year sentence.

        • “[T]housands of young Muslims who proudly proclaim “sh*t on Germany!”

          And Lutheran Angela Merkel is encouraging more immigration of Muslims into Germany.

          Go figure.

          Quoted from:

          ht tp://

          • Germany is about as much as a vassal state to the US/Globalists as one can find.

            “We want our gold back that the Federal Reserve is storing in NYC for safekeeping”

            “No you can’t get it back”.

            “Ok, no problem”.

            Trained like a pavlovian dog.

          • The NY Times said the recent Mideast refugees in Norway commit 17 out of the 20 rapes that happen… and Germany wants to bring this to her country? And Obama wants this in ours?

            • “Germany wants to bring this to her country”

              Germans have little control over Germany. Its a world wide trend.

        • Ur of the Chaldees did not exist until 800 BC, about 1000 years after the time of Abraham. Abraham did not come from Ur.

        • Germans better rethink the whole notion of ‘permits’. Do they actually think the ‘refugees’ will apply for ‘permits’?

          The muslimes make their intent very clear. Take them at their word. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Your daughters need more than home alarm systems and pepper spray.

        • With Christmas in just a few days, remember 30 round P-mags make great stocking stuffer’s

      2. LMAO.

      3. In the end the official analysis will be:

        1. The rate of gun ownership increased

        2. Crime increased.

        3. The increase in gun ownership was the cause for the increase in crime.

      4. There will be a lot of unauthorized CCW I’ll bet. Good for them.

        • Is that an AR-15 in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

        • A commentator in Argentina said that after the economic collapse there everybody was carrying. He said that shootings were a constant occurrence, not uncommon to step over a dead body while walking to work.

          • Another good repost I had:

            Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. Use of this information is solely the responsibility of the reader.

            Most people reading this already know the basics of prepping (food, water, etc.). This is a list of things you may not have thought of that can greatly add to your preparedness plan. I will only list the basics and some links as room will not allow great detail.

            #1: Baking Soda: This cheap and readily available item has many uses. Toothpaste, deodorant, laundry, masking odors on hunting clothes, curing heartburn, nuetralizing acid. Search 101 uses for baking soda.

            #2: Granulated pool chlorinator: This is much more compact and has a much longer shelf life than bleach. It can be used to sterilize water and disinfect surfaces. Add to water until there is a slight chlorine odor then wait about an hour and your water should be sterile.

            #3: #10 can stove: A simple stove can be made from a #10 can. Drill several holes at the very bottom of the sides and cut the metal lid (leftover from opening the can) along the sides about 1 inch in around the sides of it and bend them down to make a sort of platform. Drill holes in the lid for air to enter from underneath then set it in the bottom of the can. Use 1/2 inch hardware cloth to make a top for your pan to sit on and drill some holes around the top edge of the can for venting. This will work with small wood or charcoalj just put the parts in the can and fill it with charcoal or small wood, put the plastic lid on and tape it and you have a portable cooker. Keep it in your car for emergencies.

            #4: Dollar store first aid: Bandages, wraps, antibacterial cream, slings, braces etc. are very reasonably priced at dollar stores.

            #5: Solar power: A small power station can be made from ebay items to power radios, cell phones, small lights, recharge batteries, etc. all in a .50 cal ammo can. Items to include are: 5 watt solar panel, 12ah sealed battery, charge controller, 12v outlet, 175 watt inverter (plugs into a 12v outlet), a multi voltage dc power adapter with various plugs, rechargeable AA and AAA batteries with a 12v charger, a small battery powered shortwave and am-fm radio. Add other items as needed but be sure to check the dimentions of the solar panel to be sure it will fit into your ammo can. Ebay has everything you will need very reasonably priced. Solar panels are also great barter items.

            #6: Solar dehydrator: A simple and very effective dehydrator can be made from plywood and small glass panes. First aquire about 4 small glass panes (12-16 inches wide) then cut some plywood to the same width as your glass and as long as neccissary to be 4-5 feet long (depending on length of the glass). Screw plywood sides along the edge of the larger plywood base and make them about 5 inches high. Cut some galvanized sheet metal to the dimention of the base and srew it to the base with short screws. Attach some 1×2 wood strips along both edges at the base. Make a simple 1×2 frame that fits on top of the strips (so it will slide on top of them) and attach 1/4 inch hardware cloth to the inside of the frame (this is where your food will sit). Make end caps out of plywood and drill 3- 1inch holes in them and attach them to the ends. Now use silicone adhesive to glue your glass panels to the top of the unit (do not cover the end pieces) and your ready to
            go. Simply take off one end and slide the tray out, put your food on the screen and slide it back in. Attach the end piece and tilt it towward the sun at a 30 degree or more angle and your in business.

            #7: Mainstay bars: These food bars are great for keeping in your car because they are not effected by heat and are compact with a long shelf life. A 30 day supply is about 60 dollars and is the size of a shoebox. I also use these in my BOB because they are compact and high calorie.

            #8: Spare auto parts: It is a good idea to have spare belts and oil, water, hose repair kits, tire plugs with a compressor, fuses, tool kit, etc. Also an empty gas can and siphon hose.

            #9: Tarps: These have a million uses. Make a shelter, hide things underneath, protect items, keeping things dry, etc. Keep a couple in your car.

            #10: Baggies and foil: You can never have enough baggies! Get an assortment of sizes for everything from storing used food to protecting small items to keeping your TP dry. Foil has many uses too. Use it to blackout your windows keeping prying eyes away.

            #11: Basic reloader: Lee makes a simple reloading setup that is all contained in a small plastic box. All you need is a small mallet or board to use it. Have one for every caliber they are inexpensive.

            #12: Communications: This is a very important thing to have! I like the programmable UHF/VHF radios. They are cheap and have a long range and many accessories are available. I reccomend this one as it has many accessories including a repeater option.. NOTE: these require a license to operate..

            #13: Scanners: A good scanner can give you info on what the police etc. are doing. It can be very valuable to keep informed on what is going on in an emergency. Basic scanners are not very expensive and can be a lifesaver. To find out what frequencies are in your area go to..

            #14: Thumbdrive survival info: This emp proof thumbdrive has some very excellent and hard to find books on survival and how too info as well as some of the out of print poor mans james bond books and ACB probably over a thousand dollars worth of books, I guarantee you will like this one!

            #15: Laptop emp: Used laptops are cheap and can be used to read and download thumbdrive info and store other needed data. Keep it and other small electronics in a bubble wrap lined galvanized garbage can to help protect it from emp.

            #16: Alcohol still: A basic still can be made from an old pressure canner and copper tubing. Use it for fuel and or drinking. If tshtf Im sure we will all need a stiff drink! Look on youtube for info on making ethanol and moonshine. If you use it for fuel add a little marvel mystery oil to help prevent drying out of seals and gaskets.

            #17: Fuel: Here is a very important item that is worth it’s wieght in gold! Store it in 5 gallon cans for portability and be sure to add stabilizer. I reccommend pri-G and pri-D stabilizers and have used them for years.

            #18: Surgery kit: Surplus field surgery kits are cheap and could save your life. Be sure to buy some sutures in various types to go with it. All your preps would be for nothing if you died from an infection. Look on you tube for info on how to do suturing. Make sure to have a good supply of antibiotics also and iodine, gauze, tape, etc. A colloidial silver maker is cheap and very good to have also. Search colloidial silver kit and shop around. Here is a place for antibiotics..

            #19: Herbal remedies: Making your own herbal remedies is a lot cheaper than buying them. You can get all the supplies you need here… Also stock up seeds to grow your own, they are also available at that site.

            #20: Spices: Beans and rice will get old real fast unless you stock up on spices. CVS and some other stores have 1.00 bottles of spices in all different varieties. Salt is another thing you will need a lot of. Making brine for smoking meat, hide curing, etc. Bulk soaps are cheap and very valuable, try costco or similar place and get as much as you can.

            #21: Camoflauge: You can make your own guillie suit from a pair of green or camo overalls and cammo netting. Just glue the netting to the coveralls and add local vegitation for a very effective suit. Wrap your weapon with netting to help hide it too. Space blankets will help hide your signature from thermal image detection also. Glue netting to the blanket and make sure you touch the blanket as little as possible.

            #22: Night vision: Although thermal night vision is pricey it works very well! There is no illuminator to give you away and no matter what camo the person has it will detect them as it detects heat signature not visual. A good thermal device for the money is here.. we have one of these and it is amazing.

            Thats all for now I hope this has helped with your prepping and given you some ideas 🙂

            • Insure pool chlorinator does not other additives mixed into the granules. Read the ingredients.

              • sling, you are CORRECT! I use this stuff that is 99.9% (can’t remember the chemical name) and never had an issue.

            • Most newer cars have anti-siphon devices (screens, etc) built into the filler neck. Gas thieves now tend to puncture the tank.

          • When the S(really)HTF in Europe, you will see how many Europeans cached guns heedless of stupid European gun laws.

            • A friend of mine working in Holland says he has heard of old caches of Wehrmacht stuff coming out. Don’t know the truth of it, but certainly must be a lot of small arms squirreled away.


        Watch the whole series of 5 videos, although they are anti-white liberal propaganda they do teach one a few things.

        Algeria, Monaco, and Algeria were French colonies. White French colonials were 10% of the population and controlled 90% of the limited, arable, precious land.

        Muslims were not able to vote unless they renounced Islam.

        That’s how it should be. Islam and Judaism are seditious against every nation on Earth.

        • How about just leaving them alone? France had colonies that exploited the indigenous people. France hired foreigners to be mercenaries in their, “Foreign Legion”. Post WWII in Indo-China they were largely composed of ex NAZI’s. Great bunch of guys I’m sure. In Algeria they hired locals that after 25 years became full French citizens and immigrated to France pension in hand. They then sponsored their extended families.

          The UK was little better.

          In the end the above was all over economics and very unfair to the locals they occupied and ruled over . No “Freedom”, no “Democracy”, as they’re just words for public consumption.

          You reap what you sow.

          • For every 100 years of British colonization the GDP per capita increases by 40% and the life expectancy increases by 30 years.

            Colonialism had been a great blessing upon the Earth, overall. It is questionable, to which direction the transfer of wealth flowed and in what magnitude, overall.

            Where should we be without colonialism? Colonialism taught these ignorant brown apes about civilization and Christ our Lord and Savior. It netted the white man free pussy and resources.

            • Acid, google the British Royal Family and the British East India Company. Everywhere the British ruled, they stole people’s natural resources for themselves. Also google the Boer War in South Africa. Colonialism had its dark side. The Royal Family started out with blood on its hands and will end the same way. That’s why I’ve always been ashamed of my English heritage.

              • Name a civilization on this Earth that didn’t commit atrocities. You self-hating whites are disgusting.

                Who is better suited than whites to be the dominant power on Earth? China? Saudi Arabia? Mexico? Kenya?

                America should be kept white and right.

                • “Who is better suited than whites to be the dominant power on Earth? ”

                  Somehow you manage to incorporate this philosophy into both the Bible and US Constitution. You have to run for office or at the lest become an attorney.

              • BH, name one, just one, European nation that did not have an empire, or attempt to get one, either in Europe or abroad, or was part of another empire.

                By the way, just who do you think the Boers were? They were Dutch colonists who ruled the native Africans with a far sterner hand than the British ever did. Hardly objects of sympathy.

                India was a declining empire when the British arrived 500 years ago. The wars in Africa were against native kingdoms that warred against their neighbors in quest for local empires, the Ashanti, Zulus, Kongo, etc. Islam came to India and Africa at sword point, with the deaths of millions to show for it.

                You should be proud of your heritage, not ashamed of it. Don’t let others tell you what to think or how.

            • That ‘free’ pussy has turned out to be very expensive, indeed.

              AE is right. White Christians basically built the world. Africans are talking apes.

        • Aren’t you on Trump’s campaign staff?

          • Trump is a fucking flake. You stupid old bastards don’t know a charlatan when you see one?

            Scholarly conservatives are always in short supply.

          • I’m actually a Rand Paul supporter.

        • Acid…

          I am likely your harshest critic, here at Mac’s site.
          That said, I’ve given you credit (a wee amount, to be sure) such as it may.

          But @ the end of the day, when ones life is in its closing minutes…does not the consequences of judgement become revealed or reflected upon?

          Hence, thank you for the above historical / back-ground videos.

          I watched them all. Which prompted a trip down the memory-hole, researching.

          ..and thus, I recommend the following video be reviewed by you…& every so self-identified ‘Evangelical Christian’ to watch this film…in its entirety…provided you, they possess the guts, courage to do so!!

          Yes, it will be uncomfortable. Yes, it will challenge the mainstream -[redacted]- praising dogmas.

          Yes, its long / time consuming…yet, said time watching & paying attention to its message, is a mere eye-blink, relative to one’s destination in the afterlife. See link below & scrub the space…

          ht tps://


          P.S.) ..hey Test, Mac, Passin’ or whoever is manning the censor’s gate tonight.

          Just this once, don’t toss my post into purgatory or trash it…’cuz in the end, y’all would likely benefit from the truth provided in this video…and the amazing thing is…the Baptists & other Protestants are awaking to said truths, for the most part.

      6. With over 300 million guns in this country any gun control measures now are a mute point.

        • I think that too, but I think Ammunition control will be the next target. California is already doing it. Limiting ammo to 50 rounds a month.

          Every time I go shooting at the range I shoot 200-300 rounds. How anybody will handle limiting to 50 rounds a month, i don’t know.

          • Any gun owners living in cali should order their ammo online. That’s anyone’s best bet for now. I usually buy between 500-1000 rounds just at one gun show. This past weekend I took my new replacement .22 to the range and shot up 200 rounds. First time I shot up that many rounds at the range in a year-and-a-half. I hope to have my 9mm replaced shortly.

            • .22 Mag is my favorite. Costs a bit more than LR but has such a sweet satisfying sound. It’s music to your ears!

              Braveheart- hope you get fully re-armed soon. Any particular 9mm you’re looking for? The Ruger semi-auto my son shoots is nice. I think it’s the LC9, but not sure of the exact model.

              • SmokinOkie, the one that was stolen from my home was a Ruger SR9C. I had bought that pistol only five days before the burglary and hadn’t even been to the range with it. I still had it in .case it came in along with 2 mags and 2 boxes of ammo I bought. I’m getting another one. LC9 shots good but only has 8-round mag capacity. The SR9 series has both 10 and 17-round mags available. of course I’ll get the 17-round mags.

                • Brave, have you checked the Ruger P-95? I believe its a 16 rounder. Fairly easy on the pocketbook. Full sized and has a hammer.

                  • Swinging Richard, I had a P-95 once and yes, it had 16-round mags. Damn good weapon and I sold it back in 2005 to pay a bill. I might look around and see if I can find a P-95 or even a P-89. those P-series pistols are out of production now, but can still be had and parts are still available for them.

                    • got a p93, an inch or so shorter, a couple p89’s, and a p95, and i swear by them…stainless so they don’t rust….ruger somehow got a grip on me. 10/22 is also a great gun

                • 1776. I stick with the same make of gun and rifle. Short range I have two Remington shotguns, medium 25 yards, I have several 9mm Glock 17’s. Longer I go AK and 223 long. I own multiple weapons in each category. I have parts if needed and I don’t have to internalize different weapons when I train. I do have a glock 26 for concealed carry. If guns become unavailable either by the government or chaos, I can canabalize broken weapons. Just a thought but I would stick with similar cal and then you don’t have to search for ammo for specific guns during an incident.

            • i’m not aware of any law limiting ammo purchases in so cal except for the gay communities, LA, san fran, sacto, and oakland…those counties can’t have ammo shipped to them from out of state…maybe even in INstate,…don’t know. but where I live in hi-desert, ca, no restrictions i see online at all….those are county ordinances, you should pay cash at walmart, gunshows, or gunshop, if you are worried about anybody knowing where you are,…or buy on craigslist. yes, lots of ammo is sold on craigslist.

              • BCOD, I also have a 10/22 and love it.

          • I live in California and shoot on the regular, that law you speak of does not exist. You are misinformed

            • Fill us in …. What is the law there?

              • The law here is….. You can buy ammo. Do your homework.

            • California is actively proposing ammunition control. What he says is true. Bitch.

              • Acid, you could have totally made that point without having to interject “bitch” into the conversation… I am not trying to limit your speech here, but, you know, can we be just a bit more civil with the conversations?

                There are many here who value your opinions and reference material, myself included. And I understand you get fired up , but I hate having to delete an otherwise good comment because of insults that just aren’t necessary to get your point across.

                Just throwing this out there for your consideration. Thanks,


                • Mac,

                  1. Trolling is an art. I don’t even really mean half of the insults I make.

                  2. Aint no civility in the constant barrage of anti-gay insults, recriminations, insinuations, admonishments, and threats baby boomers make.

                  3. We been civil for years. What did it profit us? If people started taking things personally and got mad as hell we might actually gain ground.

                  4. Paul Ryan is Mr. Civility. Look at all the friends he just made. Where is the righteous anger over the omnibus spending bill? Amerikkka is doomed, Mac. I don’t know how the lights have stayed on this long. The time fast approaches. All what we got is going to be put into use.

                  5. Jesus was a kind man; he wasn’t a nice man. Moral outrage is a blessing on humanity.

                  6. I have a true-to-the-bone hatred of what the older generation has done to this once-magnificent country.

                  • The BB generation can’t deny that they’ve been the dominant political force in USA for a long time.

                • Mac, I’ll grant you that acid has his faults, but it’s the trolls I believe who are the real joy. They’ve really been after me ever since the burglary at my home.

                • thanks for sayin’ what i wanted to, mac…

          • That is a good point. It is a really obvious strategy and less emotive that actually taking a gun off someone. I think they have tried to mop up ammunition product via those large government ammo purchases. The next step will be limit what you can buy as you mentioned.

          • Yeah, that’s why I can buy 250 round bulk packs of 9mm, .40, .38 spl, .45 acp at wal-mart cash in hand no id. Then I go to ammo depot and buy 500 round ammo cans of .223 and .308 whenever l choose, don’t lie, the government loathes competition 🙂

          • Where can I find that documentation that CA is limiting ammo to only 50 rounds per month? My brother has one of the larger firearms store/range combos in the state and says that has only been proposed and has not gotten out of legislative committee.

            • It’s just a proposed law right now. Expect it in 2016.

              Elections have consequences.

          • Stateline Liquor and Ammo Sales, opening soon on the east side of Lake Tahoe.

        • moot

      7. Good deterrents to crime are only effective when the bad guys are afraid. If they believe there is a good chance they won’t see justice then the crime wave accross the EU will continue.

        I once told a woman at work who wanted guns banned about an article I read. The article was a comparison of crimes in England vs the US. In a key point the article compared home robberies. Apparently in the US only about 25% of home robberies occur in occupied homes, and a third of those occur in error, where the thief believed no one was home. In Britain the home robbery rate is similar, but 70% of the homes are occupied when the thieves break in.

        Why the difference? In the US, thieves clearly express a fear of homeowners with firearms, in the UK there is no similar fear. In fact in the UK homeowners are often tortured to reveal hidden valuables, as well rape is a crime of convenience. Since UK thieves have no firearms, they usually carry knives and clubs, upon discovering homeowners they usually assault the homeowner to establish their possition of power. Further assault and torture are used to warn homeowners to not report them to police.

        My remark to this woman, you do not need to own a firearm to receive the extra protection you receive by living in a country with a second amendment. If you like the idea of thieves assaulting, torturing and raping you, be my guest and move to the UK. I added that the US statistic is jaded because some of the highest crime areas in the US are also the areas where legal gun ownership is at its lowest. I suggested she enjoy her nice safe life in the burbs, and be careful of what you wish for.

        • Used to be a bright porch light would keep the criminals away, but now it only helps them see what to steal.

          • Thus I have an array of motion detectors that produce an audio alert in my house, while the bad buy is still outside. Pats handle of Sig P227 45cal.

            It also lets me know when the herds of Bambi stroll through the yard. In the SHTF, a crossbow, a second floor window, a beep, and thwaap …. dinner!

          • nah,the porch and exterior lights help ME, to see the predators. Screw ’em! make the thugs afraid of US.
            We outnumber them and outgun them.Urban and suburban renewal is always a good thing for society.

        • I once provided a similar explanation to a family member that lives in Chicago, causing her to reverse her long-standing position on the banning of so-called assault rifles. I explained it this way:
          My city’s metro area has about 1/3 of the people that Chicago has. We have Los Vagos, The Black Berets and Banditos motorcycle gangs. We have Crips and Bloods, we have Haitian drug posses, MS13, Cuban, Central American and other drug gangs. We have crazy people, angry couples and garden variety carjackers, armed robbers, the occasional serial killer and stalkers. Chicago has Hells Angels, Mongols and also Banditos motorcycle gangs. They have Crips and Bloods, They have Haitian drug posses, MS13, Cuban, Central American and other drug gangs. They have crazy people, angry couples and garden variety carjackers, armed robbers, the occasional serial killer and stalkers. Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation. My city has no gun laws. Chicago has 500 murders a year. My city has 39. ‘Nuff said

          • my uncle in chicago voted republican his whole life. but since he died, he’s voted straight democrat.

      8. Just wait — the REAL trouble hasn’t even begun ….

        Most of these single Muslim guys still have sore feet from the trip – give them a few months of German winter in ad hoc refugee camps …

        When the Golden Ring never comes around on the Muslim carousel they’ll be out there not only demanding it but rioting and looting ….

        Hope the Euro Christians are praying real hard this Christmas – going to need all the divine intervention possible ….

        • Time to fire up auschwitz again hmmmmm.

          • They were work camps NOT death camps. Ever wonder why you go to prison in parts of ZIO occupied Europe for even questioning the official lies of a supposed historical event? Research Ernst Zundell & David Irving.

      9. It’s a damn shame when what you fear isn’t some random home invader but your own government that was once “for and by the people”…

        I guess that went away about the same time “to protect and serve” did…

        • Vet1

          “Living In America”

          By James Brown.

        • Vet1, I’m still on edge after my home invasion 3-and-a-half weeks ago. I’ve had to really struggle to keep from losing my temper with anyone over anything.

          • B.H-

            That my friend is truly a personal invasion with a capital “P”…

            Knock on wood, but that kind of violence can happen on the street, in your car and sadly even in your home with you in it or not…

            Not legal to set trip wires but let the toilet flush and the rules will go out the window…

            Even when I’m sitting at the dinner table I have a 1911 in 45cal at my side…

            B.H. hang in there and remember situational awareness is life and in the end scumbags always pay…

            • 1vet, thanks for the concern. I’m carrying my pocket .380 in the truck again now because of a small increase in carjackings in my area. I’m only more determined than ever now to protect me and mine. I don’t care about legality of any methods I choose.

              • The .380 ACP in your pocket has infinitely more stopping power than the Glock .40 you left in the safe.

          • 1776. I have read a few articles and subsequent comments before posting. I think you mean your house was burglarized rather than a home invasion. A home invasion is when you are at home and there is a siege on your house and you are held at gunpoint or killed. A burglary is when you are not at home and a person breaks in and steals your belongings. Home invasion is more dramatic sounding but not accurate in your case. You can also be at home and asleep which is called a burglary to an occupied house.

            • Contentant divide, welcome aboard, and sorry for any confusion I may have caused. Definitely a burglary and I’m still on edge over it.

            • This link is for the trolls who have been attacking me over the burglary. Comment #3478290 is where I first mentioned the burglary in full detail. I’d like to think they’ll read it and learn something but I doubt it.

              • I don’t think he’s attacking you, he’s just slicing the legal term “home invasion”.

                I have a relative who’s house was robbed, the guy admitted it and bragged he was so quiet, she never knew he was in the house.

                The thief got an extra 3 years over simple burglary, because that state had a home invasion law that kicks in if someone is home when they break in. If you are home, confronted and restrained by intimidation or force that is now considered kidnapping in many states.

                I know you posted the story to get us to think about home security and to warn others. For that I thank you for your courage, full well knowing you’d hear criticism, and a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking.

                The conversation you started, generated had a lot of good discussion. It has me thinking I must raise the priority of a couple home security items on my list.

      10. PTPO, spot on.

        • I wish they would. I have several really crappy guns that I would sell really cheap.

        • So… then they want to buy my guns with MY money. Yep that sounds like DemoRats.

          • Not your money, they are buying them with fake money they just printed……

        • The government is broke. I guarantee they don’t have enough money to by mine much less everyone elses.

          • Texasprepper, the feds somehow still find money to support all the free shit army and the muslims they keep bringing in.

        • It’s not there anymore Brave,

      11. Just a passin’ observation:
        So we’ve been in the sandbox for 15+- years. Wrecking their governments, stirring up **** and generally making their lives miserable. They don’t want us over there. They hate our guts.
        They can’t beat us with conventional warfare. So mass immigration into supporting countries coupled with raping and killing our offspring may be their choice for asymmetric warfare.
        Wonder what would happen if we just got the **** out of that region and let them be?

        • It started in Korea, rednek101, but you’re too late.

          The genie’s out of the bottle. Our enemy, Islam, has declared war on us and we declared rules of engagement on them. We’ve got more airplanes.

          To paraphrase, from an old saw: if you have an enemy, an enemy so true, stick a dick in your enemy, before he sticks you.

          Our enemies also have rules of engagement and that includes “no rules” where taking the engagement is taking their engagement to the USA. No rules rule where our enemies are concerned and that includes our domestic enemies.

          Should have declared Constitutional war with Korea and all others since 1950 if we saw a need to kill a countries war making people, including their armies.

          Warfare since WW11 has been to build air strips close enough to the enemy to defeat the enemy with bombs and missiles, but now we have “rules of engagement,” that is don’t kill the enemy.

          In the long run, grunts are on the ground to secure airstrips and territory, but at sea we have powerful aircraft carriers, guided missile ships and subs, always have and they are all supported with overwhelming air power.

          Here it’s terrorism now, sabotage next.

          As long as we have domestic enemies (and that includes forever, it seems) we’ll be in the “sandbox.”

          Standby, rednek.

          • @Son of Liberty
            Good input sir.

            ISIS…It’s like your standing there watching a rabid pit bull charging in on you and all you have is a pocketknife to defend yourself. You know your fixing to get bit but you can’t do a damn thing about it until he gets in range.
            Like you say…”stand by” it’s coming.

            My view of rules of engagement:
            “In times of war, the law falls silent. Silent enim leges inter arma” 
            ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

        • We’ve been in the sandbox for 100+ years.

      12. Friends, What’s happening in Europe, and especially Germany, is going to be “imported” here by the traitors we call “politicians.” TPTB, Soros, the ruling elite, and globalists are using Europe as their “test tube” to regfine their methods to be used on US.

        Boy, are they in for a surprise! The anger, bile, and hatred against these tyrants is building up daily here in the US of A. It’s like a volcano. When she “blows her stack,” look out!

        Honest, decent, and God-fearing people have just about had enough. Finally–I hear and see my neighbors talking and implementing “Neighborhood Defense Groups,” with “check-points,” daily ID, code-words, and even “fields of fire” along each street in my development. Nurses, doctors, and EMS people are stocking extra supplies and have volunteered their places as makeshift “Field Hospitals” when the SHTF. Food, water and necessaries are being stockpiled.

        We have a decent amount of ex-mils, LEO, and avid hunters. Needless to say, the 2nd Amendment is taken very seriously and 5.56, 7.62, .30/06, .45ACP, 9mm, and 12ga buck ammo is not only stockpiled, but “stashed” and cached in critical areas, should one or the other be “over-run,” besieged or captured.

        Every one of our families started from the premise: “We’ve worked like dogs all of our lives to have what little we have–ain’t NO ONE, repeat, NO ONE going to take our property or lives. PERIOD.” Add to this, the assault on our religious rights, free speech and assembly, and you have a highly motivated force. We understand what these MONSTERS are doing to us. We have had ENOUGH. I believe the German word is: “Genug!”

        God has given me 70 years and I am training neighbors in their 30s, and a few in their teens. PASS FREEDOM ON! We sure are.

        • 100 THUMBS UP

          • Ditto

        • SC, spot on.

        • SC

          At the ready. ;0)

        • too late to fix the problem, too soon to start shooting.

          • both my thumbs up!!!

            • X2!

          • Yean John, USA is at that awkward stage.

        • Never thought I would be siding with the Germans. But I actually feel sorry for the people of Germany. The people there have suffered much over the years, their 1st mistake was to let Hitler disarm them. That being said, they are not a people that will stand for this very long.

          Black market gun runners are getting rich in Germany and Sweden now.

        • Dude, I want to live in your neighborhood.

        • bravo

      13. Time to bring back the wild west.

        Ride into town in or on your bronco, .44 mag lever action in your saddle scabbard, your favorite .44 mag revolver on your hip. Extra ammo and extra weapons on two pack horses, or your bronco.

        f Dodge City, Wyatt and pepper spray.

        Robert Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society.”

        Don’t leave home without them, and we do have 300,000,000 firearms in the unorganized militias hands.

        And f all you gun control commies. You wanna fight? Keep it up.

        • instead, we got the mild mild west, with all the dumbed-down muricans in their SUV’s and pickup trucks, that should be sent to the witless protection program…as long as they got their big-screens and dancin’ with the stars..PFFT!..they aint doin’ sh*t ’til they’re cold and hungry….well, i’m here to tell yuh, it’s comin’….SOON! i tip my hat to all americans that actually are courageous enough to spread the word on prepping and readiness…these days a lot of people will ostracize you for speaking up….maybe what’s happened lately will wake a BUNCH more up…..meh, probly not….but it IS time for the DEATH of politicly correct crap.

        • Apparently since the NICS checks began in 1998 there have been over 220 million background checks. That’s a lot of guns being sold.

      14. AS to Freeslave’s post.

        Muslims say Shit on Germany.

        Oh yes they will come here and say, Shit on the USA.

        What is the problem.?

        When you hear these shit stains say that type of message, you can’t kick the shit out of them.

        Why can’t you kick the shit out of them? Because the lawman will put you in jail and then some damn Lawyer Goodie Two Shoe will side with the Mussie and sue the hell out of you.

      15. The Germans will be fine,they will find a “solution”!You really think the camps kept as museums/memorials to insanity?!Pay the gas bill and they will be good to go!

        • Seems the Germans are buying more guns???

          Funny how sh*t works…

      16. Did you notice the advertisement for UNHCR on the side of the page.

        Help the Refugees

        Nice touch Mac.

      17. The Libs and other groups think that Europe and America has lost the will to fight… The truth is that most or us just dont want to fight, but are waking up to the fact that the fight is coming to us.

        When that happens they will be $hitin there pants.

        • USMC1982

          To error on the side of caution.

          There are many in the USA that have not seen War. Never seen a person killed. Never was in the military. Have never been hungry. Never had the fear of being bombed while they sleep. Fear of being shot while looking for food or water.
          As a visual one should look at the images on google of war torn Syria. These people have severe war trauma. Then wonder how women and children can detonate themselves.
          They have lost the fear of dying and we must be very aware of that.

          • Sling-

            I agree. I was referring to the DemoRat Libs in America. You are 100% right on the Muslime Islamists. They are worse than Nazi’s, the Nazi’s at least had a strong will to live. These people would just as soon die as live. Most Americans have no idea what is coming.

      18. I looked up German Gun Laws. As a former resident that escaped from New Jersey decades ago I sympathize with those applying for the privilege of firearms ownership in Germany. I’ll bet that the citizens in Germany will be surprised at the difficulty and often futility of applying as self defense is not a valid reason.

        Two phrases come to mind.

        “Beware what you ask for because you might get it”.

        “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

      19. “they will stop at nothing to reign in the 2nd Amendment and take away the birthright of every American.”

        We need to make sure they are stopped, somehow. I know it’s possible, it has to be.
        What if no one voted next election? Just dreamin’…

        Several years ago I was perusing pepper sprays online and found pepper spray hand &renades..I’d search again but they’d never ship to my locale. All you can get here is a little 1/2 oz. size.

        Offhand tip…in a pinch, ink from a sharpie type pen is a decent rust proofer. I tried it on fish hooks and it works for quite a while.

      20. **** The Night Before Kwanza ****

        Twas the night before Kwanza
        And all ’round the hood
        The pickins were easy
        The livin’ was good

        I put on my bling
        Had my dreadlocks all shaggy
        Walked out to the Honda
        In trousers quite baggy

        I drove down the street
        With the rap music thumping
        Went by the projects
        To see what was jumping

        Cruised past the liquor store
        And on to the park
        Where I made the acquaintance
        Of an undercover narc

        I showed him some powder
        He said ‘Is it pure?’
        I replied ‘Snort this stuff
        And you’ll go blind for sure’

        Then money was passed
        In a large cash transaction
        He smiled when I said
        ‘Guaranteed satisfaction’

        I turned then to leave
        He said ‘Now you’re busted’
        I just shrugged my shoulders
        Can’t anyone be trusted?

        When later I stood
        In the courthouse in cuffs
        I said to my lawyer
        ‘I’m calling their bluff’

        ‘Your Honor’ I said
        ‘Take a look for yourself
        That’s plain powdered sugar
        From my kitchen shelf’

        I’m an entrepreneur
        In business I am
        I sold him this sugar
        He paid by the gram

        There’s been no deception
        No lying or fakery
        I innocently assumed
        This gent ran a bakery

        They dropped all the charges
        And let me go free
        The D A was pissed
        But that’s no sweat to me

        Went back to my crib
        And kicked off my shoes
        Flopped on the couch
        And started to snooze

        Dreamed of my homeys
        And days long ago
        All the tricks that they taught me
        For selling fake snow

        The lessons I’ve learned
        Bring in riches galore
        Happy Kwanza to all
        And to all a big score!

        • Outstanding Smokin.

          Brave looks like my Thurs thru Sun has plans.
          Will let you know if anything changes…

          • Eppe, it’s OK. I’m planning on being at the BOL a whole week this time if everything goes right. We’ll see.

      21. How Merkel can think that a million largely ignorant, non skilled and non German speaking people that are culturally and religiously at odds with German society would fit in is totally beyond belief. She has exposed her people totally.

        There will be a massive backlash given the attitude of these useless people – what are they good for in a modern industrialized society? The only thing they are good for is leaching off benefits. It would be better to turn off the benefits and cheaper to build high quality camps in the Middle East and ship them back.

      22. It ain’t about assimilating them. Or even showing compassion to so-called ‘refugees.’ It’s about the PTB mixing in lots of trouble makers in any given society. The turmoil is just what they want. It gives the excuse to implement ever greater CONTROL over the populace. But y’all already knew that, didn’t you?.
        Make no mistake, the USA is indeed a prime target for dumping millions (yes millions) of these folks. The One-Worlders need to reign in the last few freedoms we Americans have. Especially the 2nd.
        Keep stacking….

        • SmokinOkie,

          I agree!

          The Syrian “refugees” have NO intention of assimilating.

          “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the ONLY accepted religion on Earth.”
          – Omar Ahmad, Co-Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

          I have noticed the mainstream media continues to focus on “Europe’s border crisis”, yet remains SILENT on the refugee situation in the US.

          We are seeing a textbook Cloward-Piven strategy at work…
          This is NOT sustainable and the government KNOWS that. They are overwhelming the system to crash it.

          Last Friday, the House and Senate voted to fund nearly 300,000 Visas for Syrian “refugees” in one year (2016) in the $1.15 trillion spending bill. The president signed the bill late last Friday.

      23. At least Hitler in 1938 lifted restrictive gun laws, allowing Germans to own as many guns and as much ammunition as they wished. He also dropped registration requirements for long guns and ammunition, requiring only concealable firearms be registered.

        But you did not know that; did you?

        • Tedx- I didn’t know that Hitler had loosened the restrictions on guns to the extent he did. Especially the long guns. I suppose it’s true that we never stop learning…

        • Only sucked if you were a Jew.

          Gun regulation of the Third Reich

          The 1938 German Weapons Act, the precursor of the current weapons law, superseded the 1928 law. As under the 1928 law, citizens were required to have a permit to carry a firearm and a separate permit to acquire a firearm. But under the new law:

          Gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as was the possession of ammunition.”[5]
          The legal age at which guns could be purchased was lowered from 20 to 18.[6]
          Permits were valid for three years, rather than one year.[6]
          The groups of people who were exempt from the acquisition permit requirement expanded. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, and NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, aka the Nazi party) members were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions. Prior to the 1938 law, only officials of the central government, the states, and employees of the German Reichsbahn Railways were exempted.[5]
          Manufacture of arms and ammunition continued to require a permit, with the revision that such permits would no longer be issued to Jews or any company part-owned by Jews. Jews were consequently forbidden from the manufacturing or dealing of firearms and ammunition.[5]

          Under both the 1928 and 1938 acts, gun manufacturers and dealers were required to maintain records with information about who purchased guns and the guns’ serial numbers. These records were to be delivered to a police authority for inspection at the end of each year.
          Disarming Jews in Nazi Germany
          Nazi law to disarm Jews

          On November 11, 1938 (the day after Kristallnacht) the Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons were promulgated by Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick, effectively depriving all Jews living under the Third Reich of the right to possess any form of weapons including truncheons, knives, or firearms and ammunition.[7]

          Before that, some police forces used the pre-existing “trustworthiness” clause to disarm Jews on the basis that “the Jewish population ‘cannot be regarded as trustworthy'”.[5]

        • Yep, German gun control was for the minorities and enemies of the state in 1938.

          Nazis, good German citizens who did not speak out against the regime, and the elite, of course, did not have to be concerned about such laws.

          Just like it is today. Criminals and political elites, and those favored by the political elites, will still have access to guns. The rest of us, not a one.

          Gun laws are used to disarm those the regime wants to disarm.

      24. Bumped into a Mom/Dad/6 kids who knew no English, and looked right out of the jungles of Mexico. They were walking around Walmart in a daze looking at all of the neat stuff.
        I was so pissed off, as it was most likely my taxes that got them here, that I started to whistle the old turn from West Side Story “America”.

        As for Europe, both England and France have nukes. Just wait until their Governments are run my Muslim savages hell bent and killing infidels for Allah.

        • ANITA
          Puerto Rico
          My heart’s devotion
          Let it sink back in the ocean
          Always the hurricanes blowing
          Always the population growing

          And the money owing
          And the sunlight streaming
          And the natives steaming
          I like the island Manhattan
          Smoke on your pipe
          And put that in

          I like to be in America
          Okay by me in America
          Everything free in America

          For a small fee in America

          Buying on credit is so nice

          One look at us and they charge twice

          I’ll have my own washing machine

          What will you have though to keep clean?

          Skyscrapers bloom in America

          Cadillacs zoom in America

          Industry boom in America

          Twelve in a room in America

          Lots of new housing with more space

          Lots of doors slaming in our face

          I’ll get a terrace apartment

          Better get rid of your accent

          Life can be bright in America

          If you can fight in America

          Life is all right in America

          If you’re all white in America

          Here you are free and you have pride

          Long as you stay on your own side

          Free to be anything you choose

          Free to wait tables and shine shoes

          Everywhere grime in America
          Organized crime in America
          Terrible time in America

          You forget I’m in America

          I think I’ll go back to San Juan

          I know what boat you can get on

          Everyone there will give big cheers

          Everyone there will have moved here

        • I went to Merida Mexico last year. Merida is in the Yucatan, about 20 minutes from the ocean.

          I was totally shocked at what I saw. It was a beautiful town of over one million people. The roads were better than my town in Texas. The streets were cleaner and they had all the American stores we do including a Walmart and a Chilies Restaurant.

          I think a lot of people have a vision of Mexico that is not correct. Yes, Mexico has a lot of un-developed country, but for the most part it is no different than the USA, except for the dead bodies strewn about by the drug cartel.

          • Once you are outside of the resorts, Mexico is definitely not a well-run country.

            Go ahead and leave your tourist hotel next time in Merida, and walk several blocks to the limits of the controlled area. You will find armed police on patrol, and you may be warned about leaving the tourist area, especially at night.

            It’s true, though, Mexico has a trillion-dollar economy, and is about the world’s fifteenth largest economy, if they get rid of the drug gangs they can definitely take off.

      25. What is the deal with taking up contributions for a Retired Navy Veteran that already has all of his medical expense covered by the taxpayers? Furthermore why didn’t he have the taxpayer funded colonoscopy to prevent this cancer? I don’t make lite of anyone having cancer, but we are being scammed. Now on to Germany. The destruction of Germany was ordained by the ptb many years ago after WW2. Herr Hitler wanted to and almost did bring into being a Whites only utopia. He came within an inch of wiping out Russia and all the “Slavic” races in the East. It is a little known fact that had Germany been able to destroy Russia then he was going to conquer America using England, Iceland, and Greenland as ‘military bridges’ to the North Eastern United States. His first order of business was to ‘cleanse’ America of its African Content, as he put it. Well, he couldn’t conquer the East and the rest is history. I’m not saying I agree with his purposes or methods, but it is a fact that those were his plans. Repayment, now that Germany had regrown to the predominant military and economic power on the European continent is their total destruction via a legal government invasion. That is exactly how Germany will be destroyed, and that is exactly why it will never return from the ashes this time around, except as a Muslim Caliphate.

        • @taxed

          Kinda think your way wrong about the Germans. If memory serves me right, when a group of people offend them to the point of disdain, which our pesky little muslims are currently doing, they have a tendency to do bad things to them. Just takes a little ignition source to get the party started.

          • @rednek101: I sincerely hope you are correct on the Germans striking back. But this time there is no Herr Hitler to pull them out of the abyss. Like us, Germany has a traitor (Merkel) in the driver’s seat. Either way, God bless and take care of yourself.

        • Hitler had no problem with Slavs or any Aryan Russians. The Russian POWs were treated well. However, the Jewish Communists who accompanied Russian troops to spy and report to Stalin were removed from Russian POWs and executed. They were not covered by the Geneva Convention.

        • I think if you read between the lines on that donation request you will see that this veteran has had all the treatment possible. These donations will likely be for the expenses after this honorable man dies.

      26. Can you hear the thunder? there’s a storm coming……..

      27. See women, ” bitch” runs over 40 people in Las a Vegas last night. Cops were told not use the term terrorism.. its obvious that the word is now used to describe American white men… is really getting our of control.. I am unable to post the link from this site. When i taught that this was bad. Pete Santelli..was set up nd put on a terrorist list a d was almost shot and killed by cops in hos state. Forgot where I read this.. patriots are being set up al over the country and the cops are starting to see that whites are being set up to executed by cops who believe that what they are reading. The cops then let him go, and saw that he was set up..Had Pete Santelli not comply he would have been killed. Mac, if you find that article, please post it. needs to address this issue.



        Talk about crazy phucking sh….t..

        • Note the source: there is probably a good bit of bias and sensationalism

          “The culprit responsible for the horrifying incident, which killed one person and injured another 35, has been named as Lakeisha N. Holloway. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo said he doubted the attack was “militant” in nature, but refuses to rule it out at this stage. He added that Holloway “didn’t appear to be distressed due to her actions” and was “stoic” when she was arrested.”

          • Sensationalized BS?!? All the religious channels are stating she was yelling Alahu Akbar. Looks like she just flipped out.

            ht tp://

      28. Dear Europe:

        We don’t look like a bunch of bloodthirsty maniacs anymore, now do we?

        Dumbasses. We’ve only been dealing with this for something like 40-50 years.

        Welcome to the party, pal.

        As an aside: Um don’t piss off Germany. I hear they like to start shit. Over and over and over again.

      29. They believe that among the refugees there are ‘black sheep.’


      30. Over at Steve Quayle.

        Article says the woman who ran over the people in front of the Paris Casino was yelling Allah Arkbar.

        • She was a black homeless person. She was yelling, “where is my welfare check!”

      31. Study: NOAA Overestimated US Warming by 50%

        “at least half of the “global warming” in the US since 1979 has been fabricated by NOAA.

        While satellite records have shown no global warming for at least 18 years, the land based data sets like the ones maintained by NOAA for the US Historical Climate Network (USHCN) continue to show a warming trend.

        One reason for this discrepancy, the study suggests, is that NOAA has been cherry-picking its raw data. That is, it has ignored the evidence from those weather stations showing little or no late Twentieth century warming and instead placed undue emphasis on the ones that do show warming.

        But the ones that do show warming also happen to be the least trustworthy. These are the ones, the study shows, which have been most corrupted by the Urban Heat Island effect – and other environmental factors.

        Some, for example, have been surrounded by buildings or had roads built next to them since they were first sited. Others have had airports vastly expand next door to them. What this inevitably means is that their more recent temperature measurements have been running hot – i.e., they have been distorted by factors which have nothing to do with weather or climate.”

        Breitbart dot com

      32. Amos Moses those people you ran into in Wally’s can’t speak a lick of English and have no modern marketable skills either. What good are they to America other than a vote for the left. Useless eaters. Gun for me is glock 22 40s&w with 22 rnd mags more than enough I feel. Goes bang everytime. Germans are fuckin stupid stiffs merkel sold them up the creek just like Obummer does us. Living in fear in your own country just isn’t right. These muzzies aren’t welcome in my community they get told by people to go back where they came from. They must be stupid to want to live here under those conditions. im an islamaphobe and I admit it my mind won’t be changed on this. Islam is evil.

      33. Pepper spray is weak I’d grab a kukri or some other big blade. Kukris are made to behead animals with big necks muzzies don’t stand a chance beat them at their own game.

      34. Germans: “Huge Influx of Foreigners Has Frightened Many People”

        Gee Germans, why do you think your government is doing this to you? Do you possibly think they hate your guts? The same thing is happening in France, England, Sweden, Canada and the US. Do you think these combined governments might have something up their sleeves?

      35. what a bullshit
        I’m from germany. Nobody is buying guns or pepper spray or anything such stupid things. Instead the people are thinking if they can donate some blankets, winter clothing or hygiene articles to the refugees.
        Some even invite refugees to live with them in their houses. A lot of people building groups to provide some support for the refugees. Teach them german language, play socker with refugee kids an so on.
        So don’t believe in this ill informed article.
        Looks like hate propaganda to me.

      36. The Main reason for this sudden flood of immigrants from mid east regions is two fold.

        #1 Note: That it is only happening to WHITE Majority Nations aka western nations aka 1st world nations, and done in order to cause said whites to become a Minority and eventually to Destroy if not totally exterminate whites thru various methods like civil wars, Race wars, race mixed baby producers aka white female Coal Burners.

        And #2 and this you shall NEVER read or hear said even at 99% of Online article sources or websites…

        that in order for the jewish state of israel as nuttyahoo always now calls israel, to become “Greater Israel” IE: for current israel state to Morph into ALL Lands as spoken of in OT bible to Abraham etc…

        Hence the reason their state israel Flag contains at top and bottom a Blue color Line across flag…It is to represent the Two Main Rivers as Boundrys and Borders of a greater israel lands…This land includes MOST of all current mideast nation states…A couple it only includes aprox 2/3rd of a states current lands.

        And finally another important Fact you will Not see nor read nor hear on any tv news or websites articles except for a small few sites online, before Nuttyahoo and Crew can enter said lands to, like done in palestine lands, bulldoze it all, and build New jewish ONLY settelemnts.

        They MUST have ALL current Live NON jewish arabs etc and muslims aka all Goys, first Killed off in fake wars on terrorists, or any other means, and those who remain alive….MUST be turned into REFUGEES and Sent into White nations as stated prior.

        Because besides israel cannot own all said lands with arabs and muslim goys still within the lands, it also is a MUST of TOP priority bar None, that white folks must be exterminated or left with but a skeleton of its former population numbers of global whiteys…Or else How can the jewish state of greater israel also become the JWO world ruler power state and peoples?…It/They Cannot! do so otherwie…

        So why has whites been so dumbed down and all relevant infos so well Hidden for past 100 years from whiteys?

        RE-READ this entire reply again! for proper answer.

      37. Maybe we should aim those weapons first at the criminal polititians who accepted them, in the first place. Draconian rules, effect immediatly. only couples and children allowed in. Limited number per year. Priority to Syria / Lybia, all others stay out. Babies born are not nationals, but considered foreigners and refugees. They all must return when crisis over. To ALL, even residents for a long time. Any individual who speaks ill of country, of europe, anyone who supports terrorism, even by words, or who sympathizes with their points of view is to be immediatly stripped off nationality, residence permit and deported. If country of origin unknown he will choose one that will accept him or he will be arrested indefinitely.
        All individuals in europe will observe european culture, values and habits. Anyone not complying will be outcast.
        All misbehaviour will be dealt with extremely harshly

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