Red, Blue, Black List: How They Will Handle “People They Deem To Be Dissidents”

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    This article was written by James Wesley Rawles and originally published at his Survival Blog website.

    Editor’s Comment: There is little doubt that activists, preppers and freedom loving patriots across the Internet and reading this and other alternative sites have managed to get themselves on one or more government “lists.” Despite official denials, there are many specific reasons to think that the government is compiling numerous watch lists that could be activated as “round up” lists for dissidents in the aftermath of a major emergency. FEMA and Homeland Security keep Continuity of Government (COG) as a top priority and will target anyone who could undermine that objective.

    With that said, what is the most effective way to avoid being rounded up in the event of a crisis where martial law could be declared? How can you keep yourself off the radar and out of trouble before that time comes – the biggest tip is regard online comments and posts to social media outlets like Facebook with serious caution. Shadowy intelligence agencies and police departments alike now troll social media build profiles of people they distrust and wish to watch more closely. After that, keep off their radar and off the beaten path before they come for you.

    Red List, Blue List, Black List, You List

    by James Wesley Rawles

    There has been a lot of conjecture in the past 40 years in patriot circles about the existence of government “round up lists”. Large-scale disaster and war planning exercises, like REX-84 (Readiness Exercise-1984) and Jade Helm 2015, have stimulated endless discourse about whether or not the government maintains a so-called “red list” and “blue list” of people that they deem to be dissidents who they might target for harassment, travel restrictions, or even detention without due process of law. Because any such lists would presumably be developed and updated under the wraps of a security classification and the Need To Know rule, this topic is understandably rife with conjecture, speculation, and even downright fabrication. So, in this essay, I will do my best to restrain my inner John Bircher and just stick to the facts. I’ll simply state the facts and add a bit of well-reasoned extrapolation, based on known technological trends.

    The Real Face of FEMA

    The centerpiece of all the speculation is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In my estimation, most of the chit chat on the Internet about “secret FEMA camps” is highly sensationalized. Civil internment is probably the lowest priority of any of FEMA’s contingency missions, and some would describe it as an almost hypotheticalcontingency.

    Most Americans don’t realize it, but FEMA’s key mission is not disaster relief to the general public. Instead, their highest priority mission is assuring Continuity of Government (COG) following an external attack or following a widespread disaster that disrupts command, control, communications, and intelligence (C3I) assets and processes. If FEMA’s budget were ever drastically slashed, then the very last of their missions to be de-funded would be COG. In FEMA-speak, the COG part of their mission is listed under “National Continuity Programs”. They prefer to use the term Continuity of Operations (COOP), and that same term is used by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). These taskings fall under the purview of FEMA’s National Continuity Programs Directorate and are organized per the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan (NCPIP).


    Main Core

    According to an article written for Salon magazine by Tim Shorrock in 2008, the NSA was the lead agency in developing a comprehensive personalities database called Main Core. This is the code name of a database containing personal and financial data of millions of U.S. citizens who are believed to be “threats to national security”.


    Black List

    If anyone reading this is politically active and is an outspoken champion of personal liberty, then it is probably safe to assume that you are already on some sort of list, at least a “watch list”. You might also be on a cyber black list, targeting you for disinformation/discrediting campaigns or perhaps for DDOS ping attack hacking… The key question is: what is your priority on those lists?

    [CONTINUED AT Survival]

    Read more from James Wesley Rawles on the continuity of government (COG) plan to round up dissidents like YOU during an emergency in his post at


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      1. How are we going to handle these traitor? That’s a better question. We need to kill them.

        • Their makin a list
          Their checkin it twice
          Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
          Government pukes are comin’ to town…
          Their guided by their masters
          They have no fuckin brain
          Just do as you are told and get on the fema train
          Oh you better watch out
          You better not cry
          just do what your told and never ask why
          Government pukes are comin to town
          They see you when your sleeping
          They watch when your awake
          The NSA is on your tail so shut up for heavens sake
          Oh you cannot escape
          So don’t even try
          just do as your told and never ask why
          government pukes are cominnnngg to ttoooowwwnnnnnnn… 😛

          • Genius,
            Now you got me singing that ditty.

            • Haha ha, it is kinda catchy lol.

            • Haha ha, it is kinda catchy lol.

              • HERE IS THE BASICS OF IT ALL


                Born from the dark,
                In the black cloak of night.
                To envelop its prey below,
                Deliver to the light.
                To eliminate your enemy,
                Hit them in their sleep,
                And when all is won and lost,
                The spoils of wars are yours to keep.

                Great nations built from the bones of the dead
                With mud and straw, blood and sweat,
                You know your worth when your enemies
                Praise your architecture of aggression

                [Solo : Marty]

                Ensuing power vacuum
                A toppled leader dies
                His body fuels the power fire
                And the flames rise to the sky
                One side of his face a kiss
                The other genocide
                Time to pay with your ass
                A worldwide suicide
                Born from the dark
                In the black cloak of night
                To envelop its prey below
                Deliver to the light
                To eliminate your enemy
                Hit them in their sleep
                And when all is won and lost
                The spoils of war are yours to keep

          • YOU make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice IN YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS.

            You are responsible for the US Constitution & Bill of Rights where you live. IF. And that is a big “if” anyone comes to confiscate your guns.

            Kill them.

            We know what happens to populations who give up their guns. 🙁

            • “We know what happens to populations who give up their guns.”

              Yep – they die anyway; actually I’ve never known anyone to get out of it. “Those of the enemy you take with you are your honor Guard in Hell. Don’t go alone!” If ya gotta go, get the most use out of the trip!

          • Very well done, kudos!

          • Genius, it’s funny and it’s not funny, if you get my drift. that’s only one reason why I’m armed.

          • L M F A O !!!!!

            EI EI OOOOOOOO…………………..

          • That’s hilarious!

        • Mac,

          Why does equity erode when interest rates go negative?

          Aren’t the negative rates a gimmick to increase equity (even though the equity might not be held in the areas the free market wants it to be held in)?

        • Does ANYBODY remember the Constitution?? Especially people who actually work as PART of the government? This is absolutely insane – suddenly we’re friggin’ Soviet Amerika… I feel ill; think I’ll go lie down awhile. *sigh* And Caucasian – you’re absolutely right, sad to say. And I remember so CLEARLY when being a patriot, or a vet was something one was honored for. How was SO MUCH turned so TOTALLY AROUND so FAST??

          • because people have had their heads in the sand and afraid to face any truths !

          • Hi Ian
            Things went under quickly when Scalia voted for Citizen’s United and McCutcheon. He turned our system into a constitutional oligarchy. He died before he could back out and is no doubt rotting in hell.

      2. Is there a secret handshake and decoder ring that goes with each list?

        • D R I N K Y O U R O V A L T I N E …

          • Awwwwwww Fuuuuuuuuuudge!

          • @JustMe,

            You’ll shoot your eye out kid!


          • What is IITYWIMWYBMAD?
            IITYWIMWYBMAD is If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink

            Did you leave off one of the ‘I’s ?

            • Grandee. You got it

              I had a sinus headache from pollen. Eyes were a little off. Better today. The trees don’t know whether to bloom or shed. Pollen is so bad it is like flour on dark colored cars. Temps from high 30’s to Mid 70’s. Freeze in the morning and sweat in the afternoon.

              • Hey Slingshot, You must live in my “neck of the woods”. Central Texas?

              • Pollen?! Count your blessings…. the daytime high this coming weekend (in Maine) is forecast to be around 4 degrees Farenheit…. well below zero at night…. brrrrr

                • Karl V
                  I have been running down in the teens at night. Low 40s npw, feels like spring

        • You got to eat all the Crackerjacks first.

        • PDXer If you are white and Christian you are on a lst. No hand shake no ring.

        • This article has zero information that was not known years ago ? But that is nothing new for most supposed prepper sites. I gave up on JWR some time ago and many others as well. Just telling people what they want to hear and selling all manner of junk ? There is a much better way.

          • DowntoEarthThinking, I’m also very skeptical of Rawles myself, but the archives of his have a gold mine of survival and prepping information, from 2012 going back. After 2012, not so good.

      3. When it hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


        If you’re planning to tap a nearby stream in SHTF…

        Best believe idiots upstream have dumped raw sewage into it.

        Cholera only takes 2 days to incubate and can kill you in hours through explosive diarrhea which leads to dehydration.

        Electrolytes minimize this effect. Consuming salt aides with fluid retention by rebalancing osmotic pressure.

        At minimum, bury your shit. Even better, build a lined latrine and sow your waste with a biodegrading and sanitizing agent.

      5. A cyber black list. Each day my front door isn’t kicked in by a goon squad is a good day.

        • That’s a pretty low bar for a good day.

      6. I really think there will be many more dead than imprisoned. There will simply be no reason to feed and house people for other than labor. And pretty much, if it comes to that, they will break their social contract with their own admirers and minions. It would be a free for all.
        When hunger hits, a lot of liberals are going to feel betrayed. And I’m talking about fair skinned intellectuals who shudder at the thought of holding a weapon. Of course, everyone here has already garnered some attention:)

      7. As far as lists go, at least I can still fly on commercial aircraft.
        I’m a Vet, NRA member, and I post on sites like this, indeed I get banned on sites like this for being too radical( although I can’t match Acid E or others).
        I suspect that in a really bad situation TPTB will withdrawal to protected areas and let the rest of us to our “humanity” and at some future time emerge to “save us”.
        We will slaughter them as they emerge.

      8. Someone forgot the comma that’s supposed to be in front of Rawles’ name. I wonder if the list has his name both ways.

        I’m probably on a list too.

        • First, let me say I dislike James Wesley Rawles. He wrote a couple of ‘survivor’ books and people think he is a prepper god.

          I think he is a self promoting jackass who only pushes prepper issues so they will buy his crap. He is only in this for the money and is not a true prepper.

          Secondly, FEMA is nothing to be afraid of. The only thing FEMA could do is trip over their own dick, just like the did in Hurricane Katrina. They were a total embarrassment. So bad that the Louisiana National Guard had to step in and handle everything. (and fuck the Red Cross too, but that is a story for another time)

          So, in conclusion, James Wesley Rawles is a dipshit and FEMA is a joke.

          Also, the American military has been reduced to pre WWII sizes and can’t fight shit. The ISIS JV team has been kicking their ass for two years now.

          • ISIS is just another arm of the US military why would they be allowed to defeat them? Rawles supports them and is a sheep. Fema is just a bunch of idiots that can’t get a real job. The cops and nat guard do their dirty work. I can’t believe people still sign up for the military….

            • Genius, folks joining the military now remind me of how it was 30 years ago in the much-romanticized Reagan years of the 80s. A lot of kids join the military because there is no way for them to make a living in their communities. They don’t join out of patriotism, they do it out of economic necessity. I am of an age where I was in my 20s during the 80s. When I graduated in the mid-80s there were literally zero jobs to be had in my community nor in any of the surrounding states. Good old Ronnie was already firing the opening salves of “free trade” and companies were already bleeding jobs off that never would return. The military really was the only viable option for me and a bunch of my classmates.

              • Foxglove666
                Sad but true. A friend in Texas’ kid left for the military. .. no real alternatives.

                • I was in the same boat but I never joined and would rather die of my own failure. Reagan scared the shit out of me and I got by doing odd jobs. I was young and not as wise and I did sign up for the draft out of fear. I would have never went though. I wish I knew then what I know now. Fuck the war machine and the powers that be, I will take them out instead….

                  • Genius,
                    Glad you did not go. My son wanted to enlist at one time. I talked him out of it. He is grateful now. I would defend my country. Our military is not for that.

                    • Rebecca, I never even signed up for the last draft before it ended in the 70s. Never heard anything about it either.

                    • Braveheart,
                      Then you had it figured out before I did.
                      By my son’s time, I already knew that Bush Sr had implemented the use of depleted uranium in munitions and nuked our own children with them. Bush Jr did the same. Who can send their children into that? It is a huge grief for me that some of our kids are sick from it and some of their children are deformed.

                • Some of us believed we were doing the right thing back in the day. I volunteered and did my best. Maybe I was a bit of an idealist but it was what I thought was right at the time. I have never regretted my service.

                  • Swinging richard,

                    I appreciate your service to our country. Tptb perverted that to something bad and nuked servicemen with depleted uranium.

                    Most of the men in my family have served in the armed forces and I appreciate and admire them all. For me that is completely separate from LBJ, Darth Cheney, Bush, Obama, Hillary and their sins against humanity in general, Americans, and service men and women and their children in particular.

              • I know of two kids that fit your post, 1 going into the Marines, 1 going into the Army
                they dont have the money to go to college ( thats a whole nother story)
                so they basically told me , this is my only option to further my education , and possibly get a good job ..yeah if you survive it , or end up completely brainwashed and left for dead someplace after they get done with you

                they dont want any more Vets,, those cost money and talk ..they may never come back, and even if they do, they wont be right

                I talked to both of them , they know or at least been told the truth from 1 person , but their options today are bleak, and I feel that is on purpose to fill the ranks of our military machine as we will be going to war soon my lifetime I feel

                • and kids now play so many video games about death, killing, slashing with swords, running cars off the road, with no consequences, they just hit the restart button….or wait a couple seconds, until the next go-round…their car is new again….or they get a new body… my sons 12 and 14 y/o have been destroyed by these things(my ex lets them play ALLL DAY)….it’s a babysitter, yuh know.i used to think it was kinda nutty to think this way, until my 14 y/o ended up in a school for kids that want to kill themselves… now i know how bad these things are for our kids, FIRSTHAND….i never liked them, and have always tried to find games fun that aren’t violent, but there are virtually NONE….at least none they will PLAY with. so they go into the military having no hope for a real job, and they are already killing machines, with little training required to make them want to kill “bad guys”… just put a target in front of them, painted with a “nasty muslim”. then they come home broken, with no help from their gubmint to put their lives back together

                • Rebecca, I understand what you mean. Now there’s some talk of HAVING WOMEN SIGN UP FOR THE DRAFT. It would be interesting to hear the ladies’ thoughts on that one.

                  • Hey brave, I’ve said this beforeview and ain’t really popular. I think if women want TRUE equality with all its rights and privileges they should be eligible for the draft just like men. You don’t have to put them in combat positions – put them in support slots. I don’t think women should be the equivalent of the old 11B though. They simply don’t have the muscle mass to hump an 80# ruck 30 miles a day for days on end nor carry a 200# guy and his ruck at a dead run. Not a population opinion with a lot of females I’m sure. However I was in the Army for a hitch and saw this situation firsthand regarding physical capabilities. The women were tough and could take physical and mental stress and privation better than men. However, the men were just physically stronger.

                  • Braveheart,
                    I support drafting women. Better for them to be fit and trained. Women are not as strong as men but can be just as dangerous. In Mexico, young people get a free university education, but have to serve a year community service. That could work also. My son served 2 years as a missionary and his wife served 18 months. Service helps mature young people.
                    Freedom and equality have a price.

                    • Foxglove and Rebecca, personally I’m against bringing back the draft for ANYONE. But I’ve always recognized and respected it’s every individual’s own decision what to do with their lives. However, I could support drafting feminazis. THEY are the ones who pushed for this since the 70s.

                    • Braveheart, I always laugh when I see you old boys refer to feminazis. What on earth is a feminazi? Who ever saw one? Must be some bugabear made up to scare little boys. I grew up in the backwoods of Oregon and it wasn’t tea parties and face makeup. I laugh at men who say their wives would not walk a few miles through the woods and set up camp to save their children’s lives… sounds like potential for a feminazi to me. Or just a psychopathic bitch from hell. Could it be those gals that agree with everything a man says so she can get her hands on his paycheck? Prolly not… that is called a con-artist. All you guys seem to know with 100 percent surety that feminazis exist. Are they as vicious Acid Etch?

                  • Braveheart: Fair is fair. I think everyone, both legal and illegal, male and female, should be required to sign up for the selective service once they reach the age of 18.

              • In 1973, at age 17, I needed work yet none existed (such as I would have preferred), in my neck of the woods. My only choices were drive a chicken-truck or join the Navy (SF). As most here already know I chose the latter and made a career of it @ 21yrs. Now-a-days, I’d never entertain the thought of it as even the ‘core’ of the military has been changed/redirected/fubared.

          • I think FEMA was a joke after Katrina on purpose. It was too soon to show off what they’re capable of.

            • They are capable of the same bumbling ineptitude that everything else government is run with,,,
              The reality is that if these assholes had to actually perform and do it on a budget, and accurately they would all be fired,,, Good job for the Donald, he likes sayin that,,,

              • I have yet to meet a govt. worker that was very bright. But then I don’t know very many as I do not hang with that crowd.

                • Genius gubmint is the employer of last resort. If they could do anything else they would or maybe that’s the only job available. I would hope most folks especially prepper types have enough gumption to make their own opportunities in a better place.

                • all you got to do is go to the post office, DMV, or social security office….you’ll know MORE THAN YOU WANT TO about them after that…i swear they hire only the retarded, so they can be gotten off the welfare roles….we get to pay…one way or another!

                • Kula and Genius, that’s what you get with affirmative action.

            • Nope. Bush put a guy in charge who was an expert……at horse racing.

            • I worked with many government agencies over the years. They always have a plan. If things go according to plan all is good. But one single flaw in the situation and things rapidly go to hell and the nasties start flying. I cant tell you how many times I heard the “Im in charge so you do what I say” as the whole plan is coming unraveled. Then quickly out comes the blame game and CYA and if they have a means of force, the threats and guns. These guys (and gals) for the most prt have little real life experience. They all seem to have a chest of awards for competence in made up training scenarios and a wall full of completion certificates but Id rather trust my life in someone who follows common sense than some checklist.

              • Yup,
                One recurrent quality (if you can call it that) i have noticed with government employees, except maybe a few low level public works types, and even with most of them, is arrogance, incredible arrogance and inflated ego. Really interesting, they seem to think they are somehow in charge of everything, and these are just the state and county douches i have to deal with,,
                It sucks, collapse cant happen fast enough IMHO

          • John, agree with you on Rawles. He only does guest articles on his own blog anymore. Some dude named Hugh actually is managing editor these days. Rawles is busy writing his truly crappy fiction and promoting himself all over the place anymore. He won’t get any silver dimes from me on a postcard……

          • John Stiner, yes FEMA were hopeless with Katrina, but civil assistance is not their primary mission, remember? It’s continuity of government, making sure the proles don’t become unmanageable. When the time comes, they could round up of dissidents under the cover of emergency aid.

            I agree that Rawles is unsound – his idea for a shared isolated retreat is a recipe for bitter rows and aggression even with a bunch of friends holed up there during a standard winter snowstorm, never mind during a global grid-down event.

            • Y’all didn’t REALLY think that FEMA was for any kind of assistance to ‘we the people’ did ya? Heck no! All of the abc agencies are anti-citizen at the very core (can you say “common core”?)…and therein lies the problem which, if unchecked, will decidedly become the death of all of us (rural or metro). Let them put me on all the damned lists they want. I have them on a list as well:starts with Treason and goes from there …ending with what ‘we the people’ are supposed to do about such things. For now, just biding my time and keeping an ear on the rail.

          • @John Stiner

            “FEMA is a joke”…… I wouldn’t underestimate the power of a government agency. If they have to provide money and resources to you (i.e. help), they are woefully inept.

            If they want to arrest you or take your money/property, they are very good at it. They, as with any federal agency is never to be trusted.

          • JS, nothing wrong for being ‘in it’ for the money. Rawles can do that and still be a true prepper(measurements do vary). Now I don’t know the man, never met him. Read his first book and never bought any of the sequel books. Don’t see why you couldn’t make money and prep for your family too as in Rawles’ example. Just sayin’, no flamin’.

            • i don’t give a DAMN what anyone thinks of rawls….but his survivalblog is a TREASURETROVE of very useful information. and i agree that there’s not a damn thing wrong with ‘making money”…it’s the american way. i salute rawls for educating MANY people on how to prep, why to prep….where to prep….

            • Pop, I’d be the last person to down on another entrepreneur. Making money is all well and fine. However, the quality of the information and editorials on his site have taken a real header since this Hugh character took over. I know he let this guy take over because he wanted to do more consulting and dedicate more effort to writing his books. And I agree, there is great info there – just in the archives…..

          • I wrote to him once after the Fukushima disaster and asked what he thought of the escaping radiation and he said Paraphrased-“nothing to be concerned about” another thing, seems all he’s doing here is quoting from DHS pablum. jeez…

          • John Stiner,
            I don’t deny anything you say about John Rawles. I will say that I have always gardened and preserved food, lived beneath my means, and that kind of thing. A gal I know with dyslexia gave me his How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It book to read so I could tell her what it said. I got his shtick and looked at his website. I grew up in the woods and thought some stuff was ridiculously stupid and written by an obvious townie that will get people killed. In spite of his obvious failings, I started looking at my life and decided to make a big change. I did and still am. I was already over halfway there because my parents gifted me with invaluable information and skills. I have given up the rat race and am sliding back into my parent’s world… one which is much better prepared for the current problems. I am adding skills. I survived economic hardships with modest expenditures, savings, and a one year food supply. This one will be much harder. I don’t think a “stack” will be enough. I don’t think living in a city will be survivable. I don’t think people will survive without skills. Money will not be enough because liquid assets will disappear. So, whatever you say is true, but a lot of people read his books and shifted.

        • Why does everyone act like they are on a list of some sort? Why does it make people gleeful to think the government has their name on a list? What would the gub be doing with said list? Coming to take you away…

          • It’s better to know you’re on a list than to be totally oblivious.

          • @ Tunkcuf: Did you listen to a single word of what Snowden said? What are you even doing on a prepper site if you can make a post as uninformed / naive as that?

          • tunkcuf, how’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

      9. Good article. “Never get on the bus.” Get to know a pilot or a boat captain just in case.

      10. well been collecting all the things I need to build my homestead a little at a time. I get free lumber from work in pallets and plywood 2×4 and 4x4s. Gonna build a water tower for my garden. Had pipe from another job so gonna use that. Just need to buy some fittings. As soon as weather breaks gonna get nuts with projects. Might try to build a wind turbine out of a alternator if I can scrape up the stuff to do it.

        • Put that stuff “ON THE LIST!”

      11. I like your song Genius!

      12. Here is the bottom line, unless they confiscated all the guns first, the governments, federal, state and county simply don’t have the resources to round us all up. Last time I checked there were about 20.3 million government welfare recipients; oh my mistake employees, and 1.7 million military. We also know that 70% of those employees are women and minorities, which even with training wouldn’t fight for anything rougher then abortion or gay rights. Case in point during hurricane Katrina, officially 250 officers deserted their post, unofficially it estimated that over 500 were MIA for more then 48 hours.

        It is still a numbers game and the odds at this time are still in favor of the citizens. I think Isoroku Yamamoto said it best ” there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”.

        Remember too we have an overwhelming tactical advantage just in knowing our neighborhoods, terrain, wilderness and claimant. We have as much chance of being rounded up as FEMA has of handling a large scale localized disaster. Slim and none!

        • The most likely scenario is that they will hand pick a few people to make examples of and do some high profile raids in hopes that it will scare everyone else into falling in line. A lot of people WILL fall in line at that point because they feel they have too much to lose in terms of family life, property, retirement savings, careers, etc. However, I do think that enough people will be left over after that to mount a real resistance. Whether that materializes or not though can not be known until it happens. It may well be that at that point, enough people will have voluntarily neutralized themselves that it becomes feasible for the government to deal with those who remain.

          The issue at that point is whether or not the remainder can come together for a fight. It would be easy enough to divide us as there are many issues that could be used to divide and conquer us. The number one is race and number two is religion. If the government can convincingly enough paint the resistance movement as being one that is about white supremacy or religious fundamentalism then many people will not join and the movement will become fractured. Thus they will instill enough confusion to prevent the mass movement that is possible without those two issues. This is why I always state that any movement of this sort needs to be clearly inclusive and fight for the general rights of all American citizens and not just a narrow group. It is the only way to get enough people of different backgrounds on board to present a united front.

          • We can do anything they can do. But if things are that bad the government employees, politicians and propagandist media are going to feel like the prettiest girl at the party and everyone gonna want a piece of their ass. Also I personally don’t think the racial divide is as great as they want us to think it is.

            • PO: I agree about the racial divide not being as deep as TPTB want it to be. But they sure are working overtime to keep stirring that pot.

              • No, the racial divide is not that bad, but that’s really got nothing to do with my point. My point is that by stating that those opposed to the government are doing so for racial reasons, they divide those opposed to the government. It’s a propaganda tool that could be employed by the government to keep people from joining a revolutionary group as most Americans want nothing to do with racism. Making it look as though opposition to the government = racism would split the revolution or keep it from gaining enough popular support to get off the ground in the first place.

                Remember: Political spin is part of both sides of every conflict. In order to win, we would have to master the propaganda side of things, not just be willing to fight. Read what Mao Tse Tung wrote about the political side of revolutionary movements to get some idea as to what I mean.

                You also need to learn how to debate properly: Always attack, Always answer a question with a question and keep control of the conversation, Turn the other side’s pereieved positives to negatives and your perceived negatives to positives by managing your verbiage. I have destroyed several liberals this way as I initiate and assume that their perceived negatives of my side are positives. For example, Gun Control: Instead of defending my right to bear arms, I criticize US gun laws as being excessively restrictive and give examples. This throws them off balance as they assume I am coming into the arguments with the same givens as them. By changing the givens, you force them to defend their assumptions rather than having to defend your opinions. I also refuse to see their arguments as relevant to the overarching morality of gun ownership. By refusing to defend, I keep control over them rather than letting them control me.

                • Your right Winston, but these idiots think this is the 60’s & 70’s and none of us have read rules for radicals! Most of us serious conservatives have studied their writings and manifestos, we’ve studied their tactics of packing and using the courts and unelected bureaucrats. We’ve studied the koran too. We are smarter than them and most of them are going to have a mental break down as soon as Facebook and twitter go off line.

                  • PO: indeed.

            • the “divide” will be between the haves, and the “havenots”.

              • Bcod, you are correct. Since sticks and stones times conflict has ALWAYS been about stuff. You have stuff, other people want it. Whether it is oil, hegemony, racial purity, land, prestige, power, it is all about taking the stuff.

          • Asymmetric warfare, the best cant get the taliban in line, i doubt TPTwantTB will be successful against us, if the people i know are any barometer of the country overall theres going to be a whole lot of vacant tyrant positions…theres not only milions of solid patriots, theres lots of LEO and vetrans who will flip the big middle finger and take up our side,,,

            • You’re correct Kulafarmer, but the bureaucrats think they will snap their fingers and everyone will move into a diamond formation to protect them. Fact is they will be lucky if they have any security detail left.

        • I have posted this before, my apologies. The numbers are in our favor, not theirs. With every active duty military member and law enforcement officer that adds up (roughly) to about three million. There 100-million-plus gun owners in the US.

          Quote from Game of Thrones, last season: “We are the many. They are the few.”


        • Little do you know about the activities of your Gov. The Drone program (Gray Eagle, Reaper)are being honed to take out any threat from ten miles away without you knowing its there. As soon as they fit these platforms with the new laser weapons next year, you won’t even hear the impact. We are honing these weapons overseas to be deployed domestically. And they work really well. You can only hide from them under the cover of weather. They see you day and night,(optics+Infrared+radar). All they have to do is take out the key leaders of any resistance and its over. Total Slavery.

          • Some of us know. Matt Bracken wrote about the tech more than 10 years ago in his books, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic.” But thank you for the update.

          • Thats the beauty of leaderless resistance,,,
            Were like ants, just keep coming,,,
            No quarter

            • Kulafarmer,
              That’s why Occupy Wall Stree, with its millions, never had leader killings. It was just millions who were angry and tired of the banksters and wall street criminals running our country. A shame our corporate-owned government did not get a clue. They think the did, they built 30000 drones to use against the people of this country.

        • “P.O.”

          My brother we think alike.

          LEO’s will desert! I can promise you that. We will go home and take care of our own, because we know that the Scum Bags have made them targets. We will not let anything happen to our loved ones just like anyone else would let anything happen to theirs. I have told people to be ready for this for years, and if they didn’t listen to me it is their own fault.

          You are right about outsiders coming into our areas. We know the area and they don’t. I once trained with a SWAT team out of Shitcago/Chiraq. They were training to go into a wooded area to take out a bad guy. I got to play the bad guy. In simulation I killed all 7 of them three times. The FBI agents that were dong the training told me to let them get me. So TPTB will be out of their FRIGGING minds, and environment, and will DEI!


          • Thanks Sgt., but I was talking about deserters. You are talking about hero’s who are obeying their oath to protect this country.

            The deserter will likely use their skills for no good deeds, usually they become warlord, raiders, looters and rapist.

            We have 3 classes of people, the sheep, the sheepdog and the wolf. Most of us fall into the sheepdog category, though I’ve seen a lot of wolves trolling this site.

        • Patriot One,
          I don’t believe tptb can win if we say no. Period. Even passive resistance will bring it all down.
          But don’t underestimate the effect of legions of petty bureaucrats and losers. Hitler used them to great effect, as has China and the Soviet Union. They are the provacateurs, petty enforcers and informers that are looked down on and who snoop, tattle, snitch, and take down anyone they are jealous of. They provoke others to make injudicious remarks so they can roll them over. Every oppressive regime since Hitler has followed the same model. It doesn’t require big strong men or women, it requires jealous little failures.

          • Very true but the little panty waist failures won’t last long without protection. Americans don’t like snitches… As I’ve stated in previous comments we are smarter and have more common sense than all the members of congress. The dumbest people I’ve met on this site are above the average intelligence of politicians. Aristocrats, elites, politicians and professors all think they are smarter than us common men and women. In reality most of the ones I’ve met only want to tell me about their credentials and them selves because they are pompous asses and couldn’t get a real job. There is an old saying about people with higher education ” those who can Do, those who can’t teach”…

            • Hey pop, the sister saying, “those who can do, those can’t work in gubmint.” -;)

              • Aren’t most schools run by the government?? That would make the majority of teachers and professors government employees and union employees, what a racket!!

              • foxglove, you missed an important couple commas there…please insert a , after the words can, and can’t,…we’re americans here, and we (some of U.S.) probly can’t figger that one out without the commas …i DO like the idea/statement.

                • Bcod, I stand corrected. 🙂

      13. Well, I was going to comment about ______, but then I figured those darned ______ might be watching everything I ________ so then I thought I would just say _______ and ______ about _______.

        And I’ll bet even THIS will put me on some list, even tho the blanks to fill in are: 1.) Santa 2.) Elves 3.) peek at under they tree 4.) Darn you elves 5.) your little troll friends 6.) your night vision.

        • Hey! I like elves! I play one on LOTRO! Dammit.

      14. We may have another off day with the Dow on Tuesday.

        The Nikkei is down almost 5%. Chinese markets are closed this week celebrating the year of the monkey. Australia dropped almost 2.5% a few hours ago, and Bombay has dropped in the past hour.

        • An ‘off’ day, sure thing. Nik is down 868 right now. Was hoping to see 1000 tonight but I don’t think we will.

          Re the OP; if you’re not on a list you’re not doing it right! 🙂

        • I was watching Bloomberg a few minutes ago. Gold is up for the 8th day in a row. Silver is settling but still higher than what I paid two weeks ago. (Good timing on that buy!)

          I expect CNBC will be yelling BTFDs, as usual.

          Couple of excellent reports over on SGT. Also on JSmineset dot com.

      15. How are they not administering RFID chips around the world? Surely its got to be the next logical step. Forget border control, the first step in “national” rights is, do you have a right in that nation? A right to access and provisions. If you are scanned and NOT authorized for that region; you go “home”. Governments will issue credits to your id based on your contribution to the state; compulsory contribution to carry out states interests; which are your interests. I can see this coming soon ……the only hold up is that it could be implemented and operated with such efficiency that they would no longer need huge segments of the current administration. It would become very easy to manage your location, credits, and privileges in the system with very few people running things If you don’t get the RFID chip; you are without your papers and are sent out. It’s coming.

      16. Lincoln declared martial law and put a lot of dissidents in jail.

        • Lincoln didn’t die soon enough…

        • Reb, I think a lot of folks give the gubmint too much credit for competency. Those that can do, those that can’t work for the gubmint. Like in Katrina, good luck finding a LEO when SHTF – they will vamoose to take care of their families if they have any honor at all. If national Guard and reserves get called up to look fellow Americans in the eyes and attempt to blow them away I think a great many will refuse. Additionally, there are a shit ton of vets that are not Vietnam Era and 60-70 years old. After all, we’ve been at war officially and unofficially since 1990 what with various actions around the world. I think Patriots will give any form of gubmint mooks a run for their money. It’s like the Confederate private said when asked why he was fighting in Mississippi even though he didn’t own slaves, “Because you’re here…..”

          • Foxglove666
            I hear ya. I can’t imagine any vet wanting to shoot down Americans, but some say they they want us all dead in an EMP attack by North Korea. I think people would fight back and win.

            • Reb, I do too. It’d be a long, death-by-a-1000 cuts kind of thing. But ultimately we’d win. We would be defending OUR land, homes and way of life. Some 20 year old kid from Iowa probably is not going to be terribly invested in getting blown away by grownups in the mountains that are in no mood to comply with his “orders”. Just how committed to getting killed will this Private be?

              • Foxglove666,
                I don’t think these kids will feel any commitment at all.
                What concerns me are the Georgia Guidestones and an elite commitment to a dramatic population reset down to half a billion people. There are no real services we provide for the elite and technology has replaced us to a great extent. Historically that lack of utility to the power elite precipitates some sort of genocide. The need for population reset is a fairly common conversation in higher circles. If you consider that 50 percent of Americans are already extraneous to tptb… then what is the disposal mechanism? Wars are notorious for causing population booms, so not effective. Congress authorized 30000 drones to be put in use by 09/2015. They are in. They aren’t the mechanism though, just a population control force arrayed against us while something else is happening. What is the something else? Tptb are running out of time, the entire planet is degrading and their conversation is about saving the planet.

                • Reb, this is much like the eugenics movement of the late 19th/early 20th centuries. The Rockefeller and Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood founding fame promulgated that movement in the US, it spread to Germany and eventually gave rise to the Aryan/Master Race of the nazis. Planned parenthood’s original mission was NOT benevolent care for women. It was to keep “unfit” poor women of nonWASP ancestry and ethnicity from procreating. Soooooo the reset started long ago. Unfortunately for the power elites it has not been efficient enough for them. Now they are going to Plan Bob as it were, no pun intended…..

                  • And I agree with them on that point. The planet is way to overpopulated. Humans are destroying this place at alarming rates. Like it or not that IS the truth. Mother fookin stupid people will not control their breeding and will take this planet down with their stupid asses. Consumerism is the way man! Fuckin ignorant pricks will get what you deserve along with those that actually think and care about the future you drag down with you. Have some more kids to consume what is left of this place you assholes. People die of starvation for a reason or did that not occur to you? The guidestones are actually a good guide if it wasn’t run by the psyco fuckers that run us now. Use your brain if you have one and do the math! This shit will not and cannot last. The oil/industrial age enabled humans to breed like rats without any care of consequence. You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!!!

                    • Genius,
                      While I completely agree that overpopulation is critical, my solution would be free universal birth control. Every race creed and color will use birth control if available… no matter what the mullahs of the world say. The way it is shaping up… the genocide is going to be the biggest misery known to man. Why make a huge suffering when it is unnecessary?

                    • Reb, free birth control may work in western nations however in 3rd world countries not so much. In a lot of those hell holes if women were caught by their men using bc, the women would be killed. In a lot of the tribes, the sole purpose of women is to produce males. Female babies are killed outright or as young girls are sold into slavery. Look at what is happening to villages in India. They have practiced gender based genocide so long they now have whole villages where the under 30 demographic is 75% male or higher. In a culture that prizes family and progeny, how are these guys going to find wives? Currently they kidnap women from other villages if they can find any women at all. Free birth control won’t fix this. However, the gender disproportionate over time might. And India is trying to make and enforce laws to give women a little more says over themselves.

      17. I just watched this video, dug it out of the comments over on a Zerohedge article:

        Notice that the two armed men don’t have any type of badge or recognizable uniform with insignia and badges that show their name, rank, and service. No flag, no name badge, nothing.

        ZH article, “Dangerous Speech: Would The Founders Be Considered Domestic Extremists Today?” Good question.

        Here is the link:

        A little quote from the ZH article: “The U.S. government has become particularly intolerant of speech that challenges the government’s power, reveals the government’s corruption, exposes the government’s lies, and encourages the citizenry to push back against the government’s many injustices.

        Indeed, there is a long and growing list of the kinds of speech that the government considers dangerous enough to red flag and subject to censorship, surveillance, investigation and prosecution: hate speech, bullying speech, intolerant speech, conspiratorial speech, treasonous speech, threatening speech, incendiary speech, inflammatory speech, radical speech, anti-government speech, right-wing speech, extremist speech, etc.”

      18. Oh no,now I am on the list!!!

      19. Well I for one love my government and the powers that have been established to regulate, brainwash, and commoditize us. There, are we all happy now? Seriously. I will not resist.

      20. Population control needs to happen there are way too many useless eaters. Only useless eaters would think this is crazy because their ass would be on the line. Start with all non whites. The correctional officers can start with the scum in jail kill them off then the co’s will be able to go around and round up useless eaters for extermination. If you had an infestation of bugs in your house you would exterminate them all not just most. You know they would multiply if you didn’t get all of them. I really believe in getting rid of the useless. I know it would solve our problems. Sometimes unpopular things need to be done for the greater good. A true leader would make this a priority. This is the biggest issue of our time. People would realize what a drag bums were on them and vow to never let it get out of control again. All of this is unsustainable and the system is collapsing.

        • Asshat, so you are basically saying we need to go back to practicing eugenics like the Nazis did. Okay, so who decides who goes up a chimney? Any chance of mercy in there? Where is the individual liberty component? Are you willing to personally exterminate millions of people? That’s a slippery slope, my friend…… I agree that aid programs,longterm unemployment, easy jail time, disability payments to keyboard warriors, etc are just bullshit. If you can clack away at a keyboard morning, noon and night spouting nonsense while simultaneously drawing gubmint checks, you are the lowest of bottom feeders. A person like that needs to get a friggin job and get off the tit.
          The freebies need to be cut, not people wholesale murdered. The FSA will be self limiting. The idea of genocide is absurd. I think we’ve had enough of that in the 20th century. After all, who decides who lives and who dies? You? Me? Some bureaucrat.

          • you know….we could do away with a BUNCH of the simps in the world if we would just remove some of the damned warning labels…don’t climb to the top of the ladder, you could DIE….don’t take a bath with yer hair-dryer, you could die, don’t drink and drive, you could be killed….get rid of all the warning labels, i say….and let NATURE take it’s course….we keep the stupid from killing theyseff…hell, we even make it against the law to kill yerseff…does it really MATTER, after yer dead, if you broke the law doing it?…i say LET ’em kill theyselves!…

            • Bcod, McDonald’s coffee – scald from the inside out…..yikes! 😉

          • Foxglove666,

            Considering the approval rating of eugenics, surprised this group isn’t totally in support of the NWO and their plan for dropping 7 billion to half a billion. They are rich, they will pick the useless folks… like anyone on gubmintpayments, including mental disability from the military, nuked veterans from the ME and their deformed babies, social security takers, anyone without a job cuz their are unnecessary. Or maybe they’ll EMP the country and feel whoever is still standing will do.

            Vote for TPP and the NWO genocide.

        • good post adolph…err, i mean asshat.

          • No need to put them in the oven just sterilize them. They will not reproduce anymore. After a few generations they will be gone and the future will be brighter.

            • Genius- you said it.

            • Genius, free birth control is easier and no brouhaha. Just sayin.

              • Responsibility to use birth control has not been a historically strong attribute in the FSA.

                • 2 is one
                  nevertheless birth control availability is directly correlated to population reduction. What better alternative? I just don’t favor exterminations… ya never know when you might be on the extermination list!

                  • Reb, yeah…….I’m not feeling like vermin today either….. 🙂

                  • The comment was about sterilization. Not extermination.

                    • 2 is one
                      Forced sterilization exterminates every one of a person’s babies and entire genetic line. Abortion is loss of one child. Forced sterilization is abortion on steroids, doncha know.
                      All of these Nazi conversation lines will have Americans rise up and genocide right wing nuts. Unfortunately they are likely to take out preppers and conservative folks along with the little Nazi butchers. Sigh.
                      How about free universal birth control? Proven effective at reducing population growth in every race creed color. It lacks the drama and viciousness of forced sterilization, but hey, drama and viciousness wasn’t the purpose, right? Right?

      21. See the for the latest on the EMP threat. The only way that they will be able to come for everyone in mass is if they pull the EMP handle… with the kill ratio if that EMP, preppers will find our selves in deeper sh…t that ever imaginable..this is why my bug our bag failure forced me to upgrade to seal up all the contents.. another thing that peppers need to know is that if you bug our bag does not carry and AX, that bag, you will not be male to chop up fire wood or to make your self one of those wilderness tents made from tree limbs, dirt and leaves..if such and every were ever to commense then we must leave the city because the rotting bodies will be a problem. I keep getting told about this problem from the scientist that we are screwed. One friwnd has a family member who travels for business a lot all over the US and like I told u in of your in another city and that were to happen you are in the 97% of the non survivors in first 4 days.. something bad is about to happen,and I can feel it in my gut.



        • Hi HCKs- yeah, my husband is in DC this week and I am not too thrilled about it with the Korean question mark flying around in the upper atmosphere.

          Just a comment about having an ax in your BOB. There is a “saw” that is very lightweight and portable that consists of a piece of chain on two handles… like a jumprope. You wrap it around a branch and then just pull from side to side- a manual chain saw, as it were.

        • HCKS, In my bob I carry a good hatchet. An axe is too big to lug around. I do have several axes but they are stored in living quarters.

      22. And the coward fascist boot lickers go peck, peck, peck, as they peck away the future of the children the cowards should of NEVER had, while the boot lickers praise their Globalist Corporate Mercenary filth murdering Americans at will.

        • Hey Ron, why don’t you use your own name anymore? Have you become so much of a coward that you can’t handle any type of reply except people who agree with you? I think we know the answer already so you need not reply.

        • And anonymous goes blowing smoke again.

        • Anonymous- Do you have a cogent plan of action we all could consider and follow? Are you writing in Ron’s style to be provocative? What would you have this geographically disparate group do??? What’s your plan of action?

        • Ron Ahrens,
          At least have the Cojones to put your name on these posts calling others bootlickers.

      23. I don’t think they would even waste their energy in a crisis rounding these people up. In the UK, the ex-mayor of London was told what the standard operating procedure was if there were shtf: gun people down at the exit points from London. The rationale was logical: the country would collapse if it had to support with the domestic food system the population of London.

        Detaining millions of dissidents is hard work: you have to feed them, give them a bed, watch them. Why waste the troops to do that? Better to keep them as ‘slaves’ to debt, entertainment, technology, etc. Just imagine what you could do with digital prisons: turn prison into a giant video game and use robo-sex soothers to keep the prisoners sated as they work away on their digital devices. During the industrial revolution, one of the owners of a clothing mill came upon an ingenious solution to its grumpy female workforce. They would bitch and complain about the work being boring and repetitive. The factory owner then worked out women can pretty well orgasm endlessly all day long. So he designed the work benches to constantly stimulate the female factor workers. They not only whistled while they worked, they were excited to get to work and were many times more productive than other factories.

        • Frank Thoughts,

          That’s pretty funny. Can you cite your source?

        • If that’s all it took, I’d be on a Harley every day-

          • 2 is one
            lol that’s a good one. Instead of driving around in a Texas Farm Truck I need to run out and get a Harley. Hmmmm better a man with a Harley 2-4-1.

      24. Japan nikki index droped 500 + and is at 16060 in par with dow however the dow is same today but should have dropped alot due to drop in japan are they trying to get all markets cordinated then just form 1 along with one currency

        • Plunge protection team,,,

      25. Kulafarmer

        HEADS UP

        Big Island has declared an emergency for Dengue Fever.

        On Reuters.

        • Rellik is closer,
          We have had a few cases over here too, get this though,
          The DOH wont say where the cases were because they dont want to cause a panic,,,,
          Useless bureaucrats,,,,
          Im sure im on the list

      26. WDC and Obama are the best leaders in the world. We cannot live without them.

      27. Fuck it. I’m already on the list, they have my address, and know where I work. Not really concerned.

      28. It depends on what the definition of a dissident is. I would not call the occupy wall street crowd dissidents. They were just protesting the inequality of the system and most were nonviolent protesters. It seems to me massive nonviolent assembly of protest would be a legitimate force to be heard. Otherwise brutality against those peaceful protesters will incite much larger crowds in support, I would think. Peaceful massive public nonviolent protest will not be beat down. This is the key to change. TPTB will back down and concede people’s rights to protest for change. Getting masses to participate publicly is another story. Our voices matter in public, the system fears this eventual event.

        • Aljamo, I hear what you are saying about huge nonviolent protest. But the NWO folks already have their plans in place. The Occupy Wall Street protests accomplished absolutely nothing except creating tons of garbage for weeks on end. Ultimately those protests did nothing but ensure the landfills got bigger and a bunch of cops and sanitation workers went home with fat paychecks filled with overtime tax dollars. The game is set and already rigged. People can protest all they want but the system is already blown. You won’t get people in power to change anything. This system is benefitting them. They won’t kill their golden goose…..

      29. They’ll only arrest the leaders. Wait! We don’t have any leaders. I shall declare myself King. You could do much worse.

      30. The sky is falling no wait that’s not pieces of cloud it’s snow now save me from this retched entrapment or at least put something good on TV now that your king observer

        • The King commands all in His Realm to destroy their televisions. Before it’s too late.

      31. Obama budget released its only a couple trillion+ even included bug spray 2 billion worth for Zika virus that’s alot of cans of off but seriously what are they not telling us about Zika for that kind of cash

        • GS

          There are going to be lots of Cone Heads in the future,

          • sick.

      32. Our “Representatives” in government have not “Represented” the citizens for at least a hundred years, probably many more. We used to have a thriving middle class in the country. Where is it now? GONE. Factories have closed and areas look like ghost towns with the house rotting down….all compliments of your U.S. Government representatives. We no longer manufacture goods and the middle class died. Compliments of your “Representatives”. They keep us racially divided using the media to cause racial friction. States must start printing their own money and must limit its use to commerce within the state and can only be used to by products produced within the state by that state’s citizens. Interstate commerce can be brokered between states. If a central bank is established we will soon be robbed again.

      33. I have my own “Traitors List”….with photos.

      34. You guys are all missing the big picture. The new world order is not going to use our military, or any government agency to take you captive with. They are going to use the banking system. If you can’t buy or sell you are screwed. All they gotta do is put a hold on your account, make paper money useless and they can tell you what to do, what to buy, what you can and can’t own i.e. Guns and ammunition. Give them up or die a slow death of starvation or freezing to death. This will be all compliments of big banking. Why has it been hushed up about all the suicides bankers are committing? It’s because these guys found out probably and were suicided like Vince foster. You remember him don’t you Mrs. Clinton?

        • Doc, my son is a recovering bankster.

      35. Whose the idiot that said it’s the people’s fault if our guns are taken away because we vote on the laws in our towns, States, and country. He obviously doesn’t know a thing. First off we don’t vote on laws we vote for candidates who are set in place by the government. And our votes don’t matter anymore. Look at Hillary vs Bernie Sanders . Hillary has lost all but the state of New York by the people’s votes. But the government made a brand new law that’s pro government, it’s called the super delegates. They don’t have to vote what the people voted. And their votes Trump ours. So now Hillary has won all these states by a large margin when in Arkansas the people’s votes were83% Sanders and 17% Hillary. A candidate has never been so demolished in the people’s votes that was the only state the delegates couldn’t even save her from. It ended up at like 60% to 40% but that shows the power of what the government wants they will get. Now there’s new laws to stop Trump. He’s the only option we have. He’s the only chance at a possible president who will be pro people. Any other candidate will be business as usual and they will make Obama’s horrific 8 years look great compared to what they will do in one year with the executive orders Obama has set in place. Do your homework people. Obama is going to the most powerful position in the world. And he made it that way through his executive orders. It’s the seat in the U.N called the seat of security over all the UNs militaries. So if they get one of there people in it will be that much easier to crumble to USA.

        • Patrick,
          Close but no cigar. The RNC and DNC made the rules for party nominations. Neither party has many members, one of the RNC official guy said 20 million the other day… that is out of 150 million voters. I have no figures on Dems, not much more than Repubs. When in office, they passed a lot of rules keeping everyone else out. They aren’t the government, they are a private club.
          that is why Trump and Sanders are running on party tickets, they are both independents.
          Media now says Republican leaning or Democrat leaning, and it still only adds up to less than 25 percent of voters each party.
          Imagine that. Now explain why over half of registered voters are not forming a new party. Because the D/R corporate machine tells them it is a bad idea? .

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