RED ALERT: Removal of Trump Will Trigger a Massive Civil War and the Globalists Will Lose

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Headline News | 229 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The establishment is playing with fire in their attempts to get rid of Trump.

    In light of Robert Mueller’s recent move against General Flynn, Alex Jones issues a warning to President Trump that he’s the next target for the deep state, and his removal would end with civil war.


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      1. “Removal of Trump Will Trigger a Massive Civil War and the Globalists Will Lose”

        I doubt it….

        • It will be a bloodbath.

          • hahahaha the only bloodbath would be NRA members sitting around picking their noses.

            • Well, I’m an NRA member; and ya, I’ve picked my nose a time or two. But remember; How well the last Gandhi did. So bring it on.

            • I got ur’ “Gandhi” hangin’ bitch! We’ll see who’s on the receiving end when the bloodbath gets goin’. Come ta’ Papa!

          • I doubt that, too.

            Americans are cowards — fat, addicted to technology and pharmaceuticals, obese, uneducated, and unhealthy.

            The stuff worth defending and fighting for — a house, a home, your family — no longer exists. “The American Dream” is only for illegals and undocumented, and still a broken promise, a lie.

            Truth, Justice and “the American Way”? You’re kidding me, right?

            • amerikans are gay, snowflake, over taxed, gender confused, God hating filth. but…you can count on the NRA to make sure that the few men that are left get background checks snd registered with the govt. hahaha get permisdion to own a gun to fight the tyranny of the ones you get permission from. hahahshaha

              • Piss off, you filthy wog

            • I have to agree with The Blame-e. Most Americans are so anesthetized with our generation’s “Bread and Circuses” — their smartphones, kneeling footballers on cable TV, the Kardashians, and the Sheeple List goes on and on — that Trump being tossed out on his butt would be largely ignored. Americans who care are increasingly isolated and while many do feel like they could do something that counts, I’d wager the majority would feel they can only stand by helplessly and watch. Our society has been dumbed down and Rome is falling…it’s more important now than ever to get things in order and be prepared.

              • Don’t get me wrong. In the event that a duly-elected president is removed by a coup d’état, nothing would please more than to wake up and see tens of millions of Americans show-up in Washington, DC with guns and bulldozers and tear the place down brick by corrupt and criminal brick. But the logic and the reality of what the American people are today does not support such an outcome.

                • Don’t nobody go to Washington, that’s not necessary. People in red states just need to secede, get a new plan, Stan, hit the bus, Gus. Secession is the ONLY answer. Population exchanges need to happen after that, democrats and liberals need to be forced out of seceded Red States. Trump can then be president of the newly forged republic, likely with it’s capitol in Texas.

                  Believe me, the Marxist Leftist Progressives will do that to us and much worse. When these Hillary-ites finally get into power, they will make even Mao or Pol Pot blush. Does anyone believe that after tipping it’s hand, that the left will ever ‘calm down’. Nope, once they are back in power, they will proceed 100 miles and hour to rip this country apart and turn everything Marxist. 10 years later, your kids will be in state Barracks, being turned into obedient Marxist ‘Super Citizens’.

                  Without population exchanges, a seceded Red State will simply slowly turn Blue as Liberals move in from failed Blue regions.

                  Who are really the vicious enemies on the left? They are far more accessible than what you would think:

                  1. Officials of your local democrat party, city and county level.
                  2. NEA conventions.
                  3. Practically any government deep state, swamp denizen, state, local levels.
                  4. MSM

                  They don’t call Patriot activist’Three Percenters for nothing, there likely will only be 3% of the public that would try and stop the Marxist overthrow/coup.

                  • I have never seen so much hatred for a fellow citizen by so many people, not all on the left. The common denominator seems to be Globalism. There is a lot of wealth and power in their control and they are not going down without a fight. I worry a lot for POTUS! I don’t know if he truly realizes what he is up against. I have hope that the American people will rise up when push comes to shove. It will take a while for strong visionary leaders to rise up, but rise up they well! Look at how a bunch of sheep herders have fought off the most powerful armies in the world. Technology, drones, robots, and advanced war machines and weapons systems will not be enough to control this population. We must not entertain defeat, especially even before the fight has been joined. I am not what I was 40 years ago but there is still a lot of fight left in me. Stay strong, and be courageous. Do not go looking for trouble, there will be enough trouble looking for you. Keep your supplies and powder close. Be alert, pray for this country, its citizens, and its leaders, and especially for our dear POTUS. The time is near when the wheat will be separated from the chaff. May God bless and keep everyone reading this.

                    Merry Christmas,

                    Louisiana Eagle ?

                    • Merry Christmas!

                    • Laeagle, good to hear from you and Merry Christmas in case you don’t make it back here between now and then.

                    • Merry Christmas and God Bless you and yours.As well prayers to you and all the patriots here.Never surrender.Best wishes from SC.

                • I totally agree with you, on both counts!

            • Re: Americans – obese and unhealthy

              Poor eating habits and processed foods…

              Eating poison is making American children fat and sick

              “Only those children with a current healthy weight have less than a 50 percent chance of becoming obese by the age of 35 years,” said the study.
              In other words, children currently at a healthy weight who are currently eating a balanced diet comprised of real unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables and lean meats are in the minority in America today.”

              “There are already some 4.5 million children in the U.S. considered severely obese. Unfortunately, only one in five of them are statistically likely to achieve a healthy weight in adulthood. The researchers say this is because excess weight gained from poor eating habits during the formative years is especially hard to reverse.

              And that is going to compound national complications surrounding an already out of control obesity epidemic. Currently, around 36.5 percent of Americans are considered obese, meaning they have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher– doctors usually advise patients that a healthy BMI lies somewhere between 18.5 and 24.9.”

              “Adult obesity is linked with increased risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer,”

              “Our findings highlight the importance of prevention efforts for all children as they grow up, and of providing early interventions for children with obesity to minimize their risk of serious illness in the future.”

              “…compared to Americans who reported making a daily effort to avoid processed foods, those who ate the most were 37 percent more likely to be obese and 41 percent more prone to belly fat. Heavy processed food consumers also had a 34 percent higher risk of elevated inflammation throughout the body.”

              ht tps://

              • Our food supply is poisoned by manufactured foods designed with one purpose in mind — to fill you up but provide absolutely no nutritional value what-so-ever.

                • “…but provide absolutely no nutritional value what-so-ever.”

                  ain’t it the truth!!!

                  no one remembers how to garden or put up what they do manage to grow. 🙁

                  • Remember that vid called super size me, the guy ate nothing but mcdonalds for a month or something like that,,,

                    • yeah and he almost died. put on like 20+ pounds, BP was sky high, cholesterol soared. at one point puking in parking lot because there was so much fat in the crap he was eating.

                      wife and i talking just this morning about how serious this NK shit is and its like page 5 news. this country is F’d.

                      if you haven’t done so read the book serious by A. American. you won’t e able to stop reading it or sleep for a month.

                  • Even when you garden you must be careful of what you plant. Remember to only plant non-GMO. Go heirloom.

                    • Yes. I agree.

                    • Yahoole.We now have to worry about what falls from the sky onto our gardens.They spray something on us here in NW Florida every few days and I know it affected my garden last summer.

                • We know the elites want to greatly reduce the population. Maybe the GMO crops and food have been allowed for another reason.

                  Mounting evidence that GMO crops can cause infertility and birth defects
                  “The endocrine disrupting properties of glyphosate can lead to reproductive problems: infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, and sexual development (see notes).

                  Fetuses, infants and children are especially susceptible because they are continually experiencing growth and hormonal changes. For optimal growth and development, it is crucial that their hormonal system is functioning properly.

                  There are increasing reports of glyphosates and glyphosate formulations causing sexual dysfunction, low birth weight, fewer births and sterility in laboratory animals, farm animals and humans…”

                  “A Russian study found that feeding hamsters GMO soy resulted in complete sterility after two or three generations.”

                  “Glyphosate was first marketed in 1976 and its use has exploded since the advent of Glyphosate resistant, genetically engineered (GE) crops in 1995.

                  The herbicide-resistant GE crops ABSORB glyphosate through direct application and from the soil and it cannot be washed off. It is in the food.”

                  “Only one generation has passed since the introduction of GE crops so it may be a bit early for the full effects to become apparent but the data trends are showing that strange things are happening.”
                  ht tp://

                  GMOs: Miscarriage, Infertility, Preterm Labor, and Birth Defects
                  “Consumed on a daily basis by most Americans, GMOs have made it into nearly every food on the market.”

                  “Numerous independent studies demonstrate again and again that GMOs are not safe, while industry sponsored studies claim them as safe. Of course if I produced a several billion dollar profit product I would do everything in my power to keep it on the market.”
                  ht tp://

              • My BMI is around 30. I’m in my early 40’s. My body fat content is 15%. My resting heart rate is in the low 50’s. I’m not obese. I’m fit and have a lot of lean muscle. BMI is not the definitive indicator for obesity. It’s one of many tools that indicate overall health. Don’t believe the bullshit that bog pharma and insurance companies have been spewing.

                • Krush, “bog pharma” describes them perfectly.

            • the blame-e: gotto agree, even most retirees are shallow morons, addicted to Android/I phones, celebrity gossip, trash TV and various social activities, setting zero examples to younger. Hubby and I are social recluses and gave up on humanity as a whole. Hard to find friends w/ critical thinking ability. As older ones die off or become “home bound” or move in w/family, less patriots to be found. Kinda like we are in “zombie land”. Others I know become bitter.

              • Well, I can only control what I do, not what others do. I’m planning and preparing to a standard I can achieve and afford. It may not be good enough, I might be toast within days of the SHTF, but I hope I;d at least go down trying, not sitting on the couch going “what the f**k was that?” 🙂

              • I am in the same place Laura except that I am alone. I’m off all social media and TV and my phone is only a phone for occasional chat with family. You are absolutely right about friends and critical thinking.

            • I am ashamed and actually disgusted with what this god damned nation has become. The solid, white men that built and made and run this place are now hated by everyone and the country now seems to think the only good things are: Muslims, Illegals, He-She’s, Queers and god damn savage rat coons, etc, etc. The moral decay of society sums it up really well. The average person has no manners nor ethics and does not give a shit about shit. And don’t even get me started on the clown ass Gov’t. . . . .

              • You are not alone,

              • Our society is degrading more and more, just take a trip to Walmart and observe the walmartians that roam the isles. Fat trashy women with purple hair, ugly people with faces like a pin cushion, body tatoos, ear lobe holes that look like I’m supposed to put a padlock in them, exposed buttcracks everywhere, societal trash pushing carts full of sodas, ice cream, chips and nothing at all healthy. How the fuck did the human race degrade itself like this is beyond me. Oh plus most of them whip out their EBT cards at the checkout. I fear the time has come for mother nature to cleanse the earth of the parasite scum trash that has infested it.

                • BlackMoe, you and everyone else here sum it up exactly right about what has happened to this land. I’ll be back with the family in GA before the balloon goes up. AT least I know I can last awhile longer over there.

                • Totally agree: this is why I only hire and work with Asians and stylish Europeans. When I turn up at work, I do not want to see some fatso in high-waister jeans, riddled with tatoos, ear rings. I do not want to deal with somebody who is still trying to work out if they are a guy or a girl and all the weird lifestyle and health issues that come with that.

                  This is what I want to see:

                  1) In the front of house, hot Asian women in body con dresses and tiny skirts. A slim pant suit can work as long as it is designer. But, lots and lots of Asian women for the public-facing stuff and the marketing etc.

                  2) Guys need to be physically fit, have tidy hair, know how to dress and behave. Sometimes I like to go for a run and I expect the guys to be up for that. I expect men to men and know their way around a gym, Little, faggy Asian guys should be doing the IT stuff and the science stuff. They are quiet and obedient.

                  3) European ladies and Asian ladies in the action teams and especially in the travel teams. You never know when you will be stuck in a hotel on a work trip because of a snow delay etc. When you meet for the hotel breakfast, do you want to be looking at some sweaty, obese guy telling you about his new diet and how he is so happy he has a same-sex husband now, or a beautiful young Asian woman who likes to swim, dance and f#¢k.

                  4) Women only in two groups: just starting work and up to 25 or 30. Fire them when they start talking about having a family and then re-hire them when their kids go to university (that means they reaally need the cash for tuition, so they will do anything you ask them). Women in their 30s who are ‘broody’ are a pain in the ass and not a good hire. They will either spend all their off time cruising with their ‘girl crew’ trying to find ‘the one’ and getting wasted. Or, they find some schmuck who will put up with them, and start popping out babies and milking the company for every benefit and time off. You will get zero work out of her and be paying through the nose to raise her family.

                  5) Never under any circumstances hire mouthy black women or obese black women.

                  6) Muslim women: only hire the ones who want to be free.

              • Amen to that.Totally agree with you Come on people.

          • you can join the old fart schuffle brigade with your NRA approved weapons

          • u’r dreaming

        • “I doubt it”. I have to agree that due to the absolute idiocy of most in this country, the abject overall cowardice….. nothing at all would happen. Trump’d be kicked out and the news sluts would just wax poetic in orgasmic glee for being able to ‘report’ such an event. Do I wish this to be the case – hell no. But, it is. And we more or less all know it to be true. My worry isn’t some force or legislative/judicial process taking Trump out at all. It is his health. He’s obese, driven and ripe for a heart attack or stroke. I’d counsel him to lose his bulk and get in shape.

        • Genius, well I really do not agree with you. I feel we are headed for a civil war and the removal of President Trump could trigger the event. I for one would take up arms to defend the president and would have no issues with placing 2 to the head, 2 to the chest if required. I really think you need a new name….

          • Yup, 4g wf targets of opportunity, thin the herd

          • TS, ok report back when you do. You will have maybe 100 others behind you in the whole country trust me. Git er done smart guy…

            • @ Genius, I think you are trolling us to see who is a serious threat to the Deep State. Meaning you may work for them. If Trump calls for 100,000 men to come to Washington to protect his presidency I will go. If as you say there are 100 men there I will go back home. If the whole 100,000 are there don’t get in the way.

          • I agree Trump Supporter, however it is not about Trump himself as far as I’m concerned. This is about the Communist/Globalist/Progressive/ morons overturning the vote because they want their own puppet in the White House. Trump good or bad is the president chosen and the idiot left need to deal with it just like we did with Oblahblah.

        • agreed , i doubt it. They’re doing just fine keeping him form doing anything. They will let him sit in the office for few more years and then he will be removed.

        • Genius, I’ve read your posts and I don’t think much of them. Of course there will be a civil uprising should the “leftist” prosecutor Mueller and his band of merry leftists “trump” up charges against this president. People are SICK AND TIRED of left wing, globalist leaders. If Trump is removed from office, people who put him there will rise up and destroy the left. Watch and see.

          • Ok for one, Who cares what you think of my posts, this aint a popularity contest. And of course most people are sick of leftist crap. And three, Trump supporters will destroy the left if he is removed? Sounds like YOU need a reality check, get out much?

            • Genius there are many times that I don’t agree with you, but your first comment at the top of the column is 100% correct. We hear a lot of tough talk but that’s the extent of it. Trekker Out

        • Exactly. Its just another Alex Jones wet dream.

        • And you call yourself “Genius”? Penis is more appropriate! Trump was elected by people you could not possible understand – Patriots and we will not stand for the removal of a man of the honor and integrity built for us by our forefathers. Stand in line, ninny, your wait will be short. Every communist member, sympathizer, terrorist, and ILLEGAL immigrant is marked for removal from our land.

        • “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…
          There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American Flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English Language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American People.”
          −−− Theodore Roosevelt, 1907

      2. “The establishment is playing with fire in their attempts to get rid of Trump.” You can say that again! Let them bring it! They have no idea of the hell they’ll be unleashing on themselves. You play with fire and you will get burned. Back your sorry asses away from my POTUS.

        • haha i bet you said the same thing about barry soetero

        • BH, Trump supporters starting riots or going on shooting sprees will only give them the green light to confiscate guns, which is one of their main goals because an unarmed populace is more complacent and controllable. Let’s not give them reason.

          • And how heavy of a casualty rate do ya think they can sustain? Not like theres a predator drone out there for each of us, and how many in the LEO/mil pop are on the right side of this? Again, it wont be a cakewalk

        • ABC Makes “Epic Mistake”, RETRACTS Bombshell Flynn Story

          “ABC News reports, correcting their earlier report, that Michael Flynn is prepared to testify that Donald Trump directed him to contact the Russians as president-elect, not as a candidate. Reaching out to foreign governments during transitions is standard procedure.”

          “Having caused chaos in financial markets briefly, set the liberal media on fire with ‘I told you so’s, and sparked a renewed round of #ImpeachTrump demands, ABC News issued a ‘clarification’ to their bombshell Flynn report that not only negates the entire story but provides President Trump with another round of ammunition to fire against the ‘fake news’ media.”

          ht tp://

          Direct link is posted below. Hope it comes through. Direct links have been disappearing.

        • i have a great idea! lets start a national arms association that pushes for background checks to get permission from the Kim Jung un govt secret FBI police. if you break any of his laws you will not be allowed to own a gun even?. oh wait we already have that in amerika?

      3. I hope AJ doesn’t have a stroke.

      4. People will piss and moan but they’re eating, have a roof over their heads, a cell phone, laptop or similar and circus entertainment. Caucasian populations have to get get pushed a lot further than this before mass violence occurs actually to the point of desperation. Even the minority segment of society, had relative to their percentage, isolated violence post Dr Martin Luther Kings assassination.

        • Kevin2, we could already be much closer to that point than any of us realize. I have that feeling. I’m not looking forward to any of it.

          • you are at that point when your house is surrounded by feds willing to kill you for not vacating your house for back taxes and you own nothing to fight with. bundy’s understand

            • Or your sitting there with 12,000 rounds of 7.62×51 a converted AR10 and two 55 gallon drums of deisel fuel mixed with potassium nitrate with feed sacks full of 1.5 tons of filter rock and commected to 50# of black powder in a pressure cooker with an electronic detonater hooked to a deadman switch in your hand and 4 5 gallon buckets of tannerite for good measure just for the hell of it,,,,,, just sayin

              • Damn NB, I see what you mean by the cost of logistics moving here lol.But I like it!

                • That was theoretical of course,
                  Now wheres that damn fertilizer bill, already first of the month

                  • Not as far out as one might think. Here’s a story about a bunker that went through the Utah forest fire. It didn’t do well.

                    ht tp://

                    • wonder how he’ll do in court with that.

                      seems he should have dug them deeper, maybe?

                      says he was at it for 30 yrs.

                      he lost a lot.

                  • Just be sure it’s not urea, that’s the real big bang theory! Trekker Out

              • what do you have for the artificially intelligent drones at 10,000 feet?

        • Didn’t take that much for the Revolutionary war. They were taxed a LOT more lightly than we are today, and they went to war over it. Not sure why we haven’t revolted already.

          • I ask that at least once a day,, all you need to do is read news and your blood starts boiling

            • Or the tax reform going through Congress now. I fail to see how this will help any average citizen.

          • we/you are cowards that is why

        • K2, you are correct. I ain’t holding my breath.

        • K2, hope you are wrong. I understand that Caucasian’s have had an extremely long fuse in recent times. With that said, if the people do not stand when an elected President is forced from office by a hidden power structure within our government, then we have already lost our country. If that is what you were implying, I am in agreement. Though, I would like to think that there are more than a few that will rise if this scenario becomes reality. – Hale

        • Sadly you are right, but then again, III% is what? Most people dont have the balls to even voice their displeasure with this house of shit that is amongst us, they are too worried about the next game, the next weekend, their promotion at work, and what their kids will do if they dont get em a new Xbox and cellphone for Christmas. In reality, we need a reset so deep and so painful that having batteries for a flashlight is considered well off, sad but true, people have no clue, no clue at all and scoff at the mere mention that anything could be amiss, the democrats are gloating, while their elite are getting outed for their excesses they scoff at conservatives like we are a disease, little do they know that the left is the parasite that is killing the host that actually does all the work, tick tock

          • Nail B: Like Europe w/ invaders and leaders pushing for sharia law, more crime, terrorism and filth, we will fall likewise. Euro males are cowardly geldings. Amazed it ain’t already happened here!. I think a series of false flags will be the downfall, then a Tet style offensive w/ UN troops, w/ few American patriots left to fight. Folks, downsize get house in order. See videos: preppernurse1 on you tube.

          • or which episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” is up next.

            Even tho they have sliced and diced for extended commercials sooooooo bad as to be hardly recognizable.

            DH loves the show is will, mostly, to tune out the other mess. He can fill in the deleted parts ’cause he knows them all by heart.

          • Nail: I so agree with you 500% Everything is seriously so beyond fucked up.

            • Its sad, really is sad, everything i was told as a kid that i was supposed to believe in of our country has been compromised, im not alone, not in my angst, not in my beliefs, not in my resolve, theres powers working against us that we will never vote correct no matter who gets installed. Corruption, greed, hate, arrogance, thats the only legacy the US government can lay claim to,
              Free country? Yea we still got guns, but we are not free nor do any of us actually own anything.

        • yes the more facts one knows the least likely they will be brave. even Thomas Jefferson ran like a monkey when the kings men came to his mansion. he was hiding in the hills with his horse while “his” slaves hid his silver and lied to the feds for him. smart guy, he would love the NRA? snd he penned some catchy phrases too.

          • I like Jefferson, we could be great friends. Whats the lesson here? If you are in immenent danger BUG OUT don’t hunker down like a moron. Hell I could go 500 yards away from my house and kill the invading pricks 1 by 1. Or set the propane to blow the place up with a couple tracers (once they enter of course).

            • jefferson was a slave owning coward that raped children. that is what i meant is all.

            • Or maybe you dont even need to be there to blow it,,,,

              • I like your thought pattern, I could do that too lol.

                • But it wouldn’t be as fun as watching them fly out the side of the house ha ha ha ha.

                  • Damn I have sick sense of humor….

            • i doubt jefferson would give a peasant like you the time of day. he might like to booger your kids though?

      5. Now that Flynn has been adjudicated guilty with his guilty pleas and a plea agreement, Trump can pardon him. Problem solved.

        • I would love to see that. Would totally make my day.

      6. Genius, I still believe the globalists can and will be defeated. 100,000,000 gun owners in the US CAN’T be wrong.

        • 30,000 drones, a military run by psycopaths, psycopathic troops, cops, etc. (they don’t need many), bioweapons, sonic weapons, emp’s, shut down of infrastructure, food for people who rat, propaganda war, chem spraying, etc. can defeat 100 mil gun owners (95% of whom aren’t preppers). Watch how fast 2/3 of them turn in their guns when they are starving and have nothing…

          • Being armed against the Tyrant basically gives you an option where you just might be able to determine the conditions under which you pass and might allow you the opportunity to take some of the tools of the oppressor with you.

            Lots of conditionals in that paragraph, but it is an honorable path if you want to take.

            Chances are slight that a revolution would succeed without a major defection in the various branches of the Military and the LEOs.

            And then there’s always the Blue Helmets…


            • Oh cool, another opportunity for one of my educational poems! 🙂

              Patriot Bob bought all the cool gear
              From his couch he had little fear
              He had camo this and camo that
              He had XXXL because he’s so fat
              He read all the fear porn and bought shit from the ads
              The world will end soon good god and eeegads!
              He had freeze dried water and freeze dried beer
              For any day now the end would be here
              With a pallet of chips and onion dip too
              He was pretty sure he could make it through
              His nails were chewed right down to the bone
              What’s that I hear, I think it’s a drone
              His pants were filled with a big mighty mess
              He wondered how they got his address
              A big heart attack took out the old slob
              And so goes the story of patriot Bob…

              • Genius,

                Eppe would be proud that you can bring on a smile. 😉

                Loved it!!!

                • RIP Eppe….

                  • “G”

                    Eppe is a FRIEND I really miss!!!
                    God bless his family.
                    I believe Eppe is looking down on us.


                    • so sweet to think so ! 🙂

                      we miss ya, Eppe.

                    • Rest in Eternal Peace, Eppe! We miss you!

                      Louisiana Eagle ?

                    • What happened to Eppe…. For those of us not in the know…

                    • Eppe passed away about a year ago. His daughter informed us here on the forums.

                    • Thanks, Mac. I’m a reasonably regular reader but somehow I missed the info on Eppe. I miss his posts, too.

              • That was great! Yep, RIP Eppe. He would have enjoyed that poem!

                • I wrote that while he was still here, maybe he helped me? IDK but I know he appreciated it. We had a lot in common. He was a good man from a similar background, I miss him too 🙁

              • Hah! Freeze dried water. Can’t tell you how many times I heard the boys in scouting hikes ask about that especially for the weekend or week-long hikes. Those were some fun days.

              • Thanks for the laugh, good one.

            • And again this year, the largest gun sales took place on Black Friday.

              • Black guns matter!

                • Thats racist! What about wood stocks and parkerized gun’s huh? What about those lil’ pink pistols some women have? Camo gun’s matter too! Don’t forget those stainless steel feller’s either. 🙂

                  • Ok ALL guns matter. Except faggoty rainbow guns, if those exist.

                    • Maybe FDE guns matter too or some in OD,,,

                    • I saw a Hello Kitty gun in Phoenix last year. I say, whatever floats ya boat. As long as ya got good gun control = a tight group, fire what ya brung!

                    • Here’s a link to an article with Hello Kitty weapon pictures.

                      ht tp://

                      Personally, I wouldn’t own a flaming pink weapon. Might as well put a target on yourself.

                  • All other than black guns are like a red headed step child!

                    • Well I love my stepkids too lol 😛
                      Sportsmans warehouse has Blackhawk canting bipods on sale this week for 60% off! Reg. 79.95 now 24.95! 30% off Nosler brass too!

          • You are correct. I doubt even 5% of gun owners would use them against the state.

          • I doubt that even 5% of gun owners would use them. This will all hinge on the military. If they choose the right side. The cops will be in the globalists bag.

            • cops would take you out if they thought their pension was at risk.

          • yep, you just described the NRA membership

          • Genius, as someone else pointed out, there are over 100,000,000 gun owners in this country. So lets say that 99% of them turn in their guns, that still leaves 1,000,000 gun owners to fight.

            I’ve got to say i don’t see the government shooting hellfire missiles into local neighborhoods, or driving M1A1 tanks over houses, or using chemical weapons without running the risk of quickly loosing the support of the rest of the population.

            So that means this will be a deadly urban fight, and urban warfare is the worse, just ask any soldier who has fought in an urban environment. So that means this be is going to become 4TH generational warfare.

            Trust me, 1,000,000 pissed off people, many of them exmilitary can do alot of damage. Oh, and that infrastructure you talked about is a two way street, the powers that be need that alot more then we do.

            Reason being, the government needs that to keep the masses happy. Case in point, look what happened in Iraq when the Iraqi government, and US military couldn’t keep the power on, or the water running.

            In a VERY short amount of time, they lost the support of the local people, who then turned on them. The way i look at it, there is a hell of alot of exmilitary here, many with guns and training, that can do alot of damage to the government.

            Along with that, there is tons of infrastructure all over this country that will need to be protected so the military will be spread thin. So those 1,000,000 pissed off gun owners, located all over the country, will be able to cause BIG problems for the government for YEARS.

            A conflict like this would be like what our military is dealing with in Afghanistan, its a war that would never end, nor be won by the government.

            • Not to mention, how many within the military will walk off with their hardware, numbers are higher than most would think, yea theres some left of center, but theres far more who go along for now but are like WTF, when their relatives are being targeted blood will be thicker than a paycheck,

            • why would you damage your own infrastructure, seems stupid to me?

          • Genius, OK you mention EMP. THAT would be the BIGGEST game changer. We’ve all heard stories about what SHTF may become like. Cops will go home to protect their families and same goes for judges and lawyers so nothing gets enforced and courts will be shut down. Most of our military is overseas. Your drones and all other weapon systems will get fried. The free shit army, gangs, muzzies, etc. will be out in force. UN ‘peacekeeprs’ would have to be brought in to restore order and the UN couldn’t possible raise the number of troops necessary to subdue a country our size. While they might be able to control the cities even that will be very problematic. Maybe 5-10% of gun owners will turn yellow and surrender but I can’t picture 2/3 of them doing that. I think there’s more preppers among gun owners than we’ll ever know thanks to some damn good OPSEC being practiced by SOMEONE.

            • Spot on sir

            • I think the big game changer is when food is used as a weapon. The government will implement that weapon when the buck crashes, which is just a matter of time. When people start riots to obtain food is when they will be rounded up and placed in my FEMA Camp 37. After that, who knows for sure. Once the dogs, cats and rats are gone in the big cities maybe they will start eating each other. Hunger is a powerful motivation tool.

            • BH, True except once the control grid is in lockdown the vast majority will be begging for food etc. It doesn’t take a lot to grind the transportation grid to a halt. A lot of gun owners around here but like I say, 2/3 of them are not prepped whatsoever and will cave in when faced with no food or power I guarantee it. Just because you own a gun doesn’t make you rambo. A LOT of idiots have guns. Going up against the military is suicide, not to say that I wouldn’t do it if backed into a corner. Like most folks here I will go out in a pile of brass and torch what I leave behind. Remember to leave some nasty suprises for them before you check out, you know, a gift that keeps on giving (or taking) 😉

              • Oh and as far as the enforcers quitting and going home to care for their families, how many of them can go say more than 30 days on what they have? Once the majority of them (say 80%) are out of supplies what do you think they will do? I would bet you they join back up in exchange for food etc. It would be a temporary glitch.

                • Genius, when the balloon goes up, there will be ONLY so much food available for whoever. The stores will emptied out in only a couple of hours. Might not be anything left for tattlers, cops, etc. Even the electronics in 18-wheelers are vulnerable to EMP. If we get EMP’d, no food deliveries for anyone. It’s going to be everyone for themselves. We are truly on our own. I’ll be at the BOL with the family. sorry but I can’t see any TEMPORARY GLITCH with an EMP. I’ll grant you that everything still remains to be seen.

          • genious, dont forget the efforts of the NRA to get background checks and defacto registration that helps the globalists tremendously.

          • Didn’t work all that well in Vietnam, and Afghanistan.
            When patriot turns on patriot the will to fight wins.

        • You have two things going on here at the same time.

          You have Russian Expats, like this Dmitry Orlov, loose. Telling the American People that it is futile to resist the collapse of the United States of America; that a revolution (even a guerilla war), against the U.S. Military — with their drones, and surveillance, and their NSA, and CIA, and FBI, and IRS, and their B-52s, and smart bombs, and their Secret Police (the Deep State) is suicide.

          And about that whole “the world’s largest and most powerful military in history” — in the same breath these Russian Expats (and our “closest allies the British), are also saying how the world’s most powerful military in history hasn’t won a war since WWII.

          Tough call.

          • Six U.S. F-22 Stealth fighter jets arrive in S. Korea for joint air drills

            Exercises with about 230 aircraft
            including F-35a, F-35b, F-16c fighter planes, and B-1b bombers…

            English yon hap News

            • Direct link…


        • Brave: 95% of those gun owners will NOT do a god damned thing. As many above have said, most are lazy, no good fucks – please don’t think for a damn second they will do anything close to grabbing guns and doing anything with them other than stroke them at best…majority just simply does not care enough, about ANYTHING.

        • Sorry Braveheart, but 90,000,000 of them do think that the 2nd amendment is about duck hunting. Trekker Out

          • Not to mention 90% of them are SHITTY MARKSMEN AND WOUND ANIMALS AND LOSE THEM ALL THE TIME! I said before, ALL hunters need to pass a marksmanship course NOT a safety course. If your stupid enough to blow your leg off you deserve it! Who gives a fuck about some moron who probably shouldn’t have a gun anyway. I used to love hunting and I was good at it, now, I lost my appetite for killing 4 legged animals and am developing an interest in killing 2 legged ones….

          • Ive seen that first hand having belonged to a few different hunting clubs over the years, note belonged, as in no longer, i cant stomach Elmer Fudds and their brain dead crap

      7. If Trump is impeached (seriously doubt it will actually happen, though) killing innocent people isn’t the answer.

        There is no excuse in the world for mass shootings or for mayhem and murdering people, including those who aren’t responsible for the impeachment but are a Hillary-supporter and Trump-hater.

        Acting out of anger always leads to regret and shame.

        The majority of the millions (now close to 60%) who hate Trump are not behind the possibility of impeachment even though they are Trump-haters who hope it happens but none of them have the power or direct influence to get Trump impeached.

        ***It is actually only a small group of a hundred or so wealthy and powerful people who could or would actually make it happen, not the general public who are Dems/Libs.***

        You can’t just kill people you hate because they don’t share your political views. Going out and shooting up the place, murder, and creating anarchy isn’t the answer and won’t solve anything. It will just get you thrown in prison.

        On another note, they will regret a President Paul Ryan. Deeply regret it.

        • Pence is next in line, then ryan pretty sure

        • Anonymous I must disagree, those people of power are there because the majority put them there. Example,Obama is still working behind the scene to impeach Trump, and he is in a position to do this because he was elected president of the U.S by the majority, otherwise he would still just be a small potato in the communist state of Illinois and wouldn’t have that much influence, the same with the Clinton’s. The Minority is always at the mercy of the Majority unless your Black. This was not meant to be under a Constitutional Republic, but it is a fact of life. So don’t be trying to excuse those Dems/Libs like they are innocent of what’s happening, those protest and rallies and events that are played up by the MSM are used to justify the Globalist causes and to try and remove President Trump from office, even if they are just useful idiots. Trekker Out.

          • On another thought Anonymous, on your line of thinking, it would be like saying that it’s not the Majority liberal/Progressive voters fault that California is where it is today, it’s just the Leaders at the top that have made it the scum hole of the nation. But who put them there! But your not totally wrong, we can’t just start shooting people. Trekker Out

          • No, you’re wrong MT, the “majority” did not put them there.

            The elitists, the shadow government that operates behind the scenes (whom some refer to as the Illuminati) put Trump in Office. And these wealthy, powerful elitists (many of whom hide behind the scenes) would never have done so if they knew Trump wouldn’t go along with their cashless society and NWO agendas. They knew Trump would work for THEM, not US, or else he wouldn’t be POTUS.

            Yes, Obama is still working behind the scenes to get Trump impeached. And in fact he’s one of the hundreds I was referring to in my comment: **”It is actually only a small group of a hundred or so wealthy and powerful people who could or would actually make it (“it” meaning impeachment) happen, NOT the general public Dems/Libs.”**

            My point (that you missed) was that it is wrong for anyone to go out shooting up the place killing innocent people (even if they are Dems/Libs and we’d be better off without them) and cause mass destruction if Trump gets impeached. Because it’s a small group of hundred or so extremely wealthy, enormously powerful people (Obama being just one of them) who will be responsible for Trump getting impeached, (if that even happens) not mainstream Dems/Libs because they have no power whatsoever to do so.

            No where in my post was I trying to excuse the Dems/Libs, I can’t stand them. But the mainstream Dems/Libs, like your neighbors, local business owners, etc., don’t have the power to get Trump out. Wealthy, powerful Dems/Libs (and some Repubs in power who have turned on Trump)who are members of the ‘exclusive elitist club’, are the ones trying to get Trump out, and if it does happen you can blame them. Not your average Dem/Lib who has no power to do anything regarding Trump’s impeachment.

            The problem is that specific group of a hundred or so of the most powerful elitists, the shadow government, who use partyism to divide us, not your everyday stupid Dem/Lib voter who is really powerless to get Trump thrown out. All they can do is rant about it. Or protest. That’s it. They have no power.

            If anyone wants to shoot up others go after them, the elitists/shadow government, if you can find them and get to them, an impossibility. But no one, no matter how angry they are, has the right to shoot their fellow man or go out and cause mass destruction, harming and killing innocent people simply because of their idiotic opposing political views. That was my point. That you missed.

          • MT, Trump didn’t win by “the popular vote.”

            FACT: No Democrat has been able to take the baton and keep party control of White House for a third term since Martin Van Buren in 1836.

            Trump was selected. And he would not have been had he refused to go along with the NWO agendas. Presidents are selected by the most wealthy and powerful people, most of whom we’ve never seen, but who have evil agendas that the incoming POTUS must be on board with if they want to be POTUS. Trump was, and still is on board. 100%. Your vote didn’t matter. Get over it.

            • Nice response. Trekker Out

      8. The all-powerful US Government and its military is why the primary language in Vietnam is English.

        Oh, er, uh, wait a minute…

        • Me no habla.

      9. I miss Eppe…..He was a wise one for sure.
        What happened to him?

        Genius, good poem bad example! lol

      10. What comes after Trump will be 7 times worse then anything before.

        • Next in line is Pence, if not and they somehow try to install hitlery, your going to see some shit, wont be anything like anyone in this country has endured before. 4th generation warfare

          • Nailbanger, If they get rid of Trump, which I doubt, but if they do, they aren’t going to install Hillary. Getting him out to get her in, is not what this is about.

            If Trump goes down (again, doubt it) so will Pence. Whatever happens the plan is not to install Hillary Clinton.

          • “They” can’t install Hillary. When Trump goes, it will be Pence, when Pence goes, it will be Paul Ryan. And if you go out against your own leftist countrymen with warfare, you will die in vain.

            • Better than living on my knees

        • What will replace President Donald Trump will be the enemy of the people. White Males will be exterminated. And White Women will become the property of the illegals and undocumented (which is actually a better fate than what they deserve).

          • wait wait blame-e

            I’m female and white and am the sole property and free-slave of the Lord of Glory, Christ Jesus.

            and just because “they” (the illegals and undocumented) think others wise…

            DON”T make it so.

          • I don’t think they want the lazy arsed princesses.

            Those of us who are industrious may have a problem. Having an equalizer on hand will make a difference though. There are lots of ways for very subtle protection as well.

      11. As of 2017 there are one and a quarter million active duty personnel with another eight hundred thousand in reserve components…

        It takes five to six people to support one soldier in the field…

        Not big numbers given the square footage of the lower 48 alone???

        I finished my last tour in support a reserve unit… capabilities were very limited compared to active duty… couple that with going to war against your family and neighbors???

        Control of food and water is real power… when your family is starving you will be at your weakest…

        Stay fit if your body fails you all will be lost…I can still deadlift 315lbs…no sh*t…

        • Do you know what the veteran’s greatest enemies are? Joining the ranks of the homeless. 20-percent of the homeless are veterans.

          The other enemy is their own veterans’ administration and hospitals. These government entities are run by clueless and callous American “Heroes” like Chuck Yeager, who hold to the propaganda for dear life (but mainly death), that the American soldiers who came back from war broken were broken before they even entered the service.

          According to these nimrods The real American, the real soldier stands tall and takes it, whatever “it” is. People like this wash their hands of their fellow soldiers. The idea that these wars were founded upon insanity and executed by zealots doesn’t even occur to them.

          Perhaps the greatest enemy of the veteran is that this country is run by war-mongers. You cannot keep a whole country on an endless war footing, fighting endless wars. They go insane.

          Case in point. The other enemy is suicide. Look up Captain Jamie Ann Brunette and see what happened to her, and tell me she deserved her fate.

      12. Dave, people have NO CLUE how bad this will be.
        They think they do, but the coming calamities are so horribles that fighting with guns will look more like pissing against the wind,… none of us is ready for it.
        The thinking here is sooooo… WW2.
        Globalists know it and are now positioned 1000 years ahead of the crowd.
        Anyone who is really serious about surviving, left the country long ago.

        • Nope, most people have no clue, your right, but i refuse to take a defeatist attitude about any of this, the fact of the matter is the taliban have gained strength rather than lost it and the US military has been fighting them for what 15-16 years now? Asymetric warfare, think way outside the box, some of us are old enough that we dont give a shit about our own safety, i know a lot of guys like that, i on the other hand know lots who dont want their apple cart tossled, guess what, theres not going to be anything status quo for anyone if this shit kicks off, its going to be messy, bloody, and just freakin awful, so be it, i imagine the founders had the same sorta rap as what were looking at,
          And so what? Just sit back obediently? Keep working and working to pay for all these assholes in congress, illegal immigrants, welfare, you never ever really own a house or land or anything and have to kiss the gubbermints ass? Screw that crap, enough is enough, what the fook we got to lose? Already basicly will have nothing if these pricks get their way, so might as well go out with a bang rather than worn out and down and on your knees begging to keep your illusion of whatever the fook the American dream was supposed to be, its all bullshit anyway

          • we all gonna die one day…

            ain’t going out on my knees…

            standing by some culvert as they line ’em up and pop ’em in the back of the head…

            waiting for your turn???

            don’t give up before you begin…

            • Yup, dont plan on it, thats for damn sure, i will definitely go down but i will also be another pain in the ass to whoever thinks it will be a piece of cake, arrogance is their downfall, everyone close to me is on the same page, eggs will be broken, milk will be spilled, such is the price, im ok with it and long long long ago made peace with my maker,

              • I will set up a roadside stand and sell kneepads. I will be the richest guy in the area!

              • NB, Vet1,

                I am with you guys! I like pragmatism and optimism but defeatism should not be entertained on these pages.

                Louisiana Eagle ?

                • I am not a defeatist in my own personal realm. I will kill as many as possible on my way out. And I know how to keep killing them long after they kill me. If you go out and observe the public at large, you know where the defeatist attitude comes from.

                  • Genius, same here. I don’t take up any of the public’s bad habits.

                  • Genius,

                    Great to hear that! I was getting just a little worried, I know better than that, but ….! People do change! I believe there is a significant silent cohort that will not stand idle if the Constitution is threatened and the people’s house and the POTUS are compromised. A lot will depend on the level of threat that presents itself and who embodies that threat. Hopefully those who have sworn themselves to uphold the Constitution will stand firm and resist any outside or inside threat. Our efforts as patriots should be to support them in their efforts.

                    Louisiana Eagle ?

          • Nailbanger, you just took my thunder but that’s OK. You said it better than what I had in mind to post. At age 60 I don’t give a flying f#$% anymore myself. I also refuse to have a defeatist attitude about this. Anyone who does will damn sure be finished and will never know if the final outcome would be any different had they been more positive about it. I’ve always known there’s a good chance I won’t make it ALL the way through but I’ll hang in there as long as I’m physically capable of resistance and have my ‘liberty tools’. I don’t give a shit about any comfort zone or an apple cart being overturned, etc. Like you I would just prefer to die in a pile of brass and empty magazines.

            • Thats about it isnt it bud, at some point along the way you wake up and realize what a bunch of crap we have been fed and that we are nothing more than an inconvenience and potential revenue stream to the machine, the matrix is real, it is metaphoricly correct to the t and you get shut down when you wake up, just depends how far off to the shadows you lurk, just look around you, people going along oblivious and just keep working and paying and never saying boo. Im sick of this shit, all the condescending polititians and the holier than thou government people, like life wouldnt go on without them gracing our existence with their presence. Somethings gotta give, everything just seems off these days, people are acting retarded and it feels like the screws get turned ever so slightly dayly so nobody notices. At some point ya just gotta say WTF!

              • Nailbanger.. people are aware and afraid like some kind of mind control.

                • Like when they are wandering around town tapping away on their phones looking like they are in a trance

              • Nail: I have truly felt this way for several YEARS and I thought t was just my crazy ass. They just push and take and push and take, wash, rinse, repeat over and over and over again. It’s all fucked for the average person folks.

            • To all who will listen, stop giving personal info like age, where you live etc.

              Really, make it at least a little difficult?

              • My name is William Jefferson Clinton
                666 McMansion Drive
                Little Rock, Arkansas
                1-800- EAT-SHIT

                Call me sometime 🙂

                • tax slave
                  911 liars street
                  anytown, USA

                  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
                    Five gold stars!

          • The U.S. created ISIS and look what happened to them.

            • Corrected, the same powers trying to get rid of Trump created ISIS
              Domestic Enemies and Traitors

              • I like your conclusion better. Let’s just say “the U.S. government.”

      13. I am sure we will see Pence as President, as Trump, unfortunately will not complete his elected term (this term, or possibly a second). Several scenarios could occur, use your imagination. He is upsetting too many people. I would love to see him build a wall, lower taxes, repeal Obamacare, and Make America Great. But the powers that be will not let that happen. I voted for him simply because he was pissing off the right people!

        • TPTB need to create desperation without it appearing to be desparation, they also need discord that removes to some degree the ability of people to unite and organize, Trump says or tweets the crazy shit most normal folks think, TPTB cant stand that

      14. Whenever the people voluntarily start drilling, unarmed, but militarily organized for close and extended order and self-disciplined to be able to defend, in stalwart formations as mass-commanded household squads, block platoons, street companies, city battalions, county regiments and state armies of Militia, then the people will be in an immediate position to react in a self-well-regulated manner whenever they deem it necessary for the security of their free states. It’s up to the people to do it. Everything else is excuses, inaction, and waiting for capture by their enemy to be their signal for “action” that will then be too late.

      15. Almost everyone is missing the point. TPTB and their minions do not really care about good gov’t, deficits, taxes, national defense, quality education, jobs, the environment, and so on, it is only eye wash. Their most overarching goal by far is to permanently change the demographics and culture of our country (the same for Western Europe, and those countries of the English-speaking world). When that is accomplished they can and will do anything they want with no opposition, their power will be unchecked. Regardless of the issues or events, TPTB frames them strictly to this context (though it may not appear so). Federal policy is formulated to this such as Obamacare, immigration, social policies, taxes, standard of living, and more. Hell, now there are even sanctuary cities and states. This is what the relentless and organized attacks on the President are really about. He is interfering with their progress. They despise him and they despise those who support him. They want the country to be an oligarchy, ruled by the “elites”, with the citizens (subjects) powerless and with no opportunity to challenge the NWO. They are motivated by two factors; one is an insatiable desire for wealth, power, and status. The other purpose but no less intense is their visceral and pathological hatred of the people. Secession, let’s get right this time!

        • We’re gonna need a lot of rope and large oak trees.

        • Andrea, I read the article and I agree. It’s like the country is operating under cognitive dissonance. With all major news outlets endlessly babbling on about the latest titillating story and little else, I would wonder what is going on in the world if it weren’t for various alternative online news sources.

          • Agreed. After the election, I disconnected my TV because the 24/7 assault on reality and the truth was literally driving me seems that many Americans have done the same. Many only had TV for football, and now that football is being boycotted by many, they have finally cut the cord.

      16. Just picked up another case of long term storage food.

        Seemed like the thing to do.

        It includes freeze dried, diced tomato, yummy diced peppers, and mushrooms.

        These are all good toppings on all kinds of meals. Including grass, or pizza!

        President Putin made the remark that N. Koreans would rather eat grass than comply with US demands, implies that Americans may need to do the same if war breaks out. I’m sure all my prepper friends are ready to eat grass?

        • Well, not so much grass but maybe ground up grass seed used to bake loaves of bread,,,,,

        • PTPO, I hope you are using the trick I posted a few times here before. Searching craigslist under… freeze dried, survival, prepper, emergency, dehydrated, etc. You can get spectacular deals on storage food there just try it about once a week. I have made a number of absolutely awesome scores!

      17. If it does happen I’m ready to fight.

        • you are too old to fight. you would not even survive long enough to run to cover before some antifa mowed you down.

        • Sarge, I’ve come to the point where I realize it is not the SJW’s and other such that are looking for an excuse to fight. I am as well. I don’t think that any form of Trump removal would be the kick-off for some civil war; but, you know?…. I’d be more’n happy if it was. I just am so damned sick of watching my country – all of those of us who feel it is a wonderful nation, I should say – go down the tubes. So? If it what this author writes about that sets things into motion; or, most any other……. fine by me.

      18. The MIC is impotent if the river of cash is interrupted to any degree or for any length of time.
        Who’ll buy Treasuries if USA is in a major upheaval?

        Look at most of the American weapons systems. Impressive capabilities, but horribly expensive to operate. Our high-tech systems are usually easily countered by using cheap, low-tech tactics.
        That’s why USA will never win in the ME or against Russia. They can afford to spend hundreds a week longer than USA can afford to spend billions. USA will finally go over the bankruptcy edge.

        • When the printing press/ +key on the comp fail… we are done for.

      19. A big part of the problem is that too many Americans don’t care enough to keep up with current events;they certainly aren’t active politically. Our republic can’t function without this! I can’t stand to listen to liberals and they never stop talking!!! Arrrrgh! May all of you have a Merry Christmas!!!

      20. I like most of Trump’s policies, but not him. He IMHO is becoming unstable in his coments and will do anything to remain in power. A lot of you may disagree, but if they try to push him out, I see him declaring martial law and trying to disarm the populace. Trump cares only about how people view him and his family and nothing more. In his own words “I stand for nothing”.

        • Id be perfectly fine with rocket man poping off his first nuke in DC, that would be an improvement

        • JAS, I couldn’t agree more.

          Most people either can’t see the truth in plain sight or don’t want to. We can see it right here on shtf. They trust Trump when he’s already shown us whose side he’s really on.

          I voted for Trump. Can’t stand Hillary. But Trump is not going to MAGA. He’s going to push the NWO agenda forward or else he wouldn’t have been selected POTUS.

          Trump didn’t win by “the popular vote.” No Democrat has been able to take the baton and keep party control of White House for a third term since Martin Van Buren in 1836. The NWO and Globalists wanted Trump. Plain and simple.

      21. 14 million veterans can pick up a weapon and walk into combat…
        I may not walk but limp into combat… I have children and a grandson to fight for..Libtards believe it will be easy.. It wont go easy..
        My oath didn’t expire with my discharge from the military.. and I know I am not alone.

        • There’s a bunch of us brother…

        • @ Navyguy, I agree 100%. When we were discharged we are still bound by our Oath to protect the constitution.

      22. Nothing is going to happen. Not now, the only thing that needs to happen is that PIZZAGATE needs to be opened and all the perpetrators need to be dragged out into the light. The sadistic child molester and murderers need to hang in a public square with all cameras on them. Shown world wide for who they are. All this other stuff is just noise and distraction from what really needs to be done.

      23. I don’t listen to Alex Jones a lot if much at all. Then after listening to this current report, I remember why I don’t. This man is such a fool. He claims to be a Christian and lay his life down but the last time he almost got in deep trouble, he said hey I’m just an entertainer. Talk is cheap and he is truly a cheap suit if there ever was one. Plus if he has any understanding of Scripture at all, when the deep state evolves into the final anti-Christ kingdom, he dominates all the nations, unless of course, America is part of that great deception that appears to be actually the coming of the kingdom of God but it’s not. A deception so good even the elect might be deceived if possible and it seems Alex already is.

      24. In the name of border control, he would impose a smart grid.

        While moving the embassy to Jerusalem, he would reserve half of that city for Palestine, effectively dividing the land.

        In light of Biblical expectations, for the End Times, who did you think were the globalists.

        AJ says, “Number one, you better get yourself right with God. That means Jesus Christ. (Donald Trump.) IW is now devoted to one thing, entirely.

      25. No, silly. Removal of food stamps, fried chicken and malt liquor would cause a civil war.

        • Donchoo even trie et whiite boy!

      26. Q.What is less than zero?
        A.The chances of Trump be impeached

        • Also less than 0 is the chances that humans will ever be free.

        • I still go with the theory that it was a failed assassination attempt on Saudi prince MbS and Paddock was a gun runner and the first victim. Plenty more info to add on that. Remember the first few days later MbS returned home and killed / jailed those who attempted the coup. It starts to make sense of why the cover up is so big. Look around the net and you will find much more…

        • Thanks home skillet, I will check it out!

          • Ok read it. Seriously this idiot can’t see what happened? A BIG FALSE FLAG is what happened. The cops there stopped issuing reports and considered it closed? Why? Because they have been caught in so many lies they are cornered? Or maybe because the story is complete impossible bullshit? Or because the 5th major witness is now mysteriously dead? Ever used a bumpstock? It is impossible to hit that many people 500 yards away? Ever seen the videos of witnesses that report many shooters? I can go on and on but they did a horrible job making a patsy out of that guy….

            • Granddad was a great offhand shot, after a groundhog raided the garden, he went out after dinner with his 22 to see if the woodchuck was back. I watched from the house as he quietly walked toward the garden with the rifle pointed down. Suddenly he froze, brought the rifle up and fired from the hip. I thought it might have been an accidental discharge, it was in fact a clean headshot fired from 40 yards. Years of hunting in the mountains and four years of combat in the Pacific showed through.

              I’m a really good shot, but not anything like grandad.

              Supposedly the Vegas shooter fired by count of empty brass, 1100 rounds in about ten minutes. That’s about 2 shots per second, faster if you account time for magazine changes. No one is tracking targets and firing accurately at that rate. He was simply spraying the crowd, if smart enough to spot choke points that herd people together it would help. The high angle he fired from (about 30deg) and the distance implies a .223 or similar is hitting the ground at about a 45 degree angle, with about a 2 or 3 foot drop. My instinct in a shooting would be to hit the dirt prone. But at this range and angle you present about the same target whether standing or laying down.

              The only factual casualty number given is that 57 died from gunshots. That’s about a 5% hit rate as in one out of twenty shots actually struck people fatally. I see no reason to view the shooting as anything but spray and pray shooting.

              It is disappointing the investigation is so well sealed. The Hotels in LV exert huge power and are expert at protecting privacy and reputation. The motive issue still looms, but mass shootings are always mentally deranged people or are politically motivated like Jihadists. I’m assuming authorities know the motive and are actively protecting the deep state political affiliates of the killer or killers. If the guy was mental they’d of hung him in the press months ago.

      27. Is this what passes as academic discussion amongst you mouth breathing alt righters?
        alt right = pretend right.
        Ignorant college children and angry failures in life wanting good folks to think they have any relevance.
        Fact is, you don’t, you’re nothing more than sad and confused liberals.

      28. Is this what passes as academic discussion amongst you mouth breathing alt righters?
        alt right = pretend right.
        Ignorant college children and angry failures in life wanting good folks to think they have any relevance.
        Fact is, you don’t, you’re nothing more than sad and confused liberals.

      29. Is this what passes as academic discussion amongst you mouth breathing alt righters?
        alt right = pretend right.
        Ignorant college children and angry failures in life wanting good folks to think they have any relevance.
        Fact is, you don’t, you’re nothing more than sad and confused liberals.
        As if there is any other kind.

      30. Why let it get that far in the first place. Remember terms like bloody Shiloh and the burning of Atlanta. Too many patriots will fall in battle to let it get to the point of open war when we can simply arrest the ring leaders and save a million or more dead. they are still finding the bones of civil war dead. the union army camped among the bones of the dead at Chancellorsville prior to the battle of the wilderness. It took a year for the bones of custors dead to buried. War is a very untidy messy business. Whole cities will be in ruins like Stalingrad Dont let it get to that point

      31. US orders 16,000 troops and 230 jets to get ready for WAR with North Korea TODAY
        ht tps://

        Pentagon evaluating U.S. West Coast missile defense sites
        “The U.S. agency tasked with protecting the country from missile attacks is scouting the West Coast for places to deploy new anti-missile defenses, two Congressmen said on Saturday, as North Korea’s missile tests raise concerns about how the United States would defend itself from an attack.”

        “West Coast defenses would likely include Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-ballistic missiles, similar to those deployed in South Korea to protect against a potential North Korean attack.

        The accelerated pace of North Korea’s ballistic missile testing program in 2017 and the likelihood the North Korean military could hit the U.S. mainland with a nuclear payload in the next few years has raised the pressure on the United States government to build-up missile defenses.”

        ht tps://

      32. Pure fantasy. Who will fight who in this “Civil War”? Its nonsense. If Trump were removed people would just complain like they did after JFK, 911 etc. And they will say, “oh well, at least we have Pence….”. But if it makes people happy to Fantasize then let them. Nothing would happen.

      33. The peacetime police force in New York City is about 35,000 cops (including, of course, support personnel of all sorts). That’s approximately two to three combat divisions in strength. If the SHTP, how many more troops are going to be needed to subdue New York City alone? And all of the suburbs surrounding it? The entire US armed forces is only about three million people, and that number will have a hell of a time securing the I-95 corridor from Boston to DC. How is the rest of the country going to be held down? There’s 1300 miles of interstate highways between Boston and Chicago through some really nasty cities (Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Gary, Chicago)… How many mobile infantry divisions are going to be necessary to lock everything down throughout the country? 100? 300? The back roads are extensive and nobody can patrol all of it. There is no way that even the entire US armed forces are going to secure all of that territory, let alone the entire Midwest, deep south, and the Rockies, because a lot of it is relatively sparsely populated and the drain on manpower is going to be debilitating with no high-density objectives to take.

        And does anyone really think the military or police are going to fight against armed civilians when their own families are burned out of their homes and are in danger, in need of protection? Guerrilla warfare is by definition asymmetrical, and anything that weakens the resolve of TPTB will be utilized.

        Personally, I do not intend to go hunting for bad guys, nor do any of my neighbors. However, we will defend our homes and families to the death. We can effectively barricade our rural enclave and make the urban animals pay the price for trying to take what we have.

      34. Dog and pony show. There wouldn’t be any revolution. Even if they are physically fit. It takes a certain mentality to be a killer. Our military drugs and brainwashes the young to be cannon fodder and killers. Very few are actual killers. I only knew one. He was a WWII navy commando. Then a hells angel. Killed lots of humans. He told me his stories. He never showed any remorse. Just laughed and made comments like I nailed his ass to the ground with a 12 guage and nobody ever seen him again. We put up with and suffered through 8 years of Obama and did nothing. We would tolerate trumps removal. He isn’t so great any way. There isn’t anyone that would lead that is worth following. What will eventually happen is a break up of the nation. The real problem is too few makers and too many takers. A good culling is needed. And sad to say but a great number of the culls are white.

        • racist, Trump is the best?

      35. All the way back in the 1970’s I would listen to my father complain about the government and how Americans were slowly turning all of our freedoms over to them with each new law passed. He said the government would start small with things like seatbelt laws, helmet laws, fishing license, taxes on this and that, etc. so that the American population would get used to it and then it would start implementing more and more laws and taxes to gain more and more control over us and take our money. Unfortunately the system is set up to make us think we have a choice by voting but do we really? I’m really struggling lately with how out of control this world has become. I’m beginning to feel that this is so far gone that I just don’t see a way to fix things. We all have allowed our government to ruin the US.

      36. Wow this attracted all the minions. they share the same failed braincell.

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