Record High Grocery Prices As Farmers Smash Eggs & Dump Milk

by | May 21, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 9 comments

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    Food prices have soared in recent weeks while at the same time, farmers are smashing eggs and dumping out milk. Farmers are wasting more food than ever while most Americans are feeling a pinch at the grocery store.

    The power-hungry elitists have done their job.  The wealthy will get to eat while the poor, who were forced out of work will have to just “figure it out.” A lot of Americans will soon be eating a lot less. Grocery prices spiked by the largest amount in nearly 50 years last month because of the draconian shutdown of most the economy, including food facilities. There is now much more demand there is supply, therefore, food will go to those who can afford to buy it.

    Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages

    “Just about everyone is looking for assistance because the pandemic has hit every kind of person,” said Paula Murphy, a spokesperson for the Houston Food Bank. “We’re serving the clients we served pre-pandemic and we’re serving the clients who never thought they would need to visit a food bank,” she said according to Yahoo News.  

    In addition to food factories closing in obedience to government demands, farmers are destroying their own products. An unprecedented amount of food is getting dumped even before making it into grocery stores. Governments are the cause of all of the food shortages. Around the globe, production is handled through what’s known as just-in-time methods. The output from farms can be shuttled into stores or restaurants within just a few days, and the next batch of crops and livestock is ready to take its place immediately.

    “Any Crisis Can Bring About Immediate Food Shortages” – Food Is A Weapon In The Hands Of The Powerful

    With all of this waste happening while demand is high, food prices will soar even more. “People who can barely afford to feed themselves now will face even more problems,” said Marc Bellemare, a co-editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. “What worries me is human welfare.”

    Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages


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      1. Send me anudder Big Donnie $1200 stimulus check so I can afford to buy some more shit. The Orange Man hadda have his name put on my first check cuz he’s an egotistical old fool.

      2. DR. WHO IS DR. EVIL !
        If this vaccine hoax is supposed to be about world health, WHO should change their focus from vaccines to food and water?
        Every year 5 million die of starvation, another 2 to 5 million children die of malnutrition, and 5 million die of diseases as a result of lack of access to safe, clean water!

        Even in America, we have a homelessness and poverty epidemic! That cannot be good for people’s health!

        WHO is a NAZI terrorist institution! The facts speak for

        Vaccines kill and debilitate at a highway robbery price! Big pharma whores and Nazis!

      3. Prepping for food, is not all about how much canned food you can put back, or how much grocery store food you and pile. You need to be preparing for sustainable and renewable food sources. Like Raising rabbits and growing a small garden with heirloom seeds for continuance of your personal food chain. Which is rewarding and empowerment. When this went down in March, I immediately scavenged a trailer of free wood pallets. I built a 4 bay rabbet hutch and now almost completed another 4 bay hutch and acquired 6 rabbits, 2 males and 4 females. I bread the 2 large does and will have more rabbits of 6-8 kits within 31 days, and will stay with mom for another 8 weeks before they are separated and in their own cage to grow for a protein meat source. I will cull the weak and non producers and produce a good stock of renewable meat. I now throw the rabbit poop into a worm farm with other veggies left overs for the worms to make good fertilized casting for my small sprouting and seed green house, to then transplant into a premaculture raised garden that will be fenced from deer and other wild rabbits I attract with some feed corn.

        I moved out of the city and Off the Grid 5 years ago to the rural country on fresh water, and built a Solar renewable power source, and have had no electric bill in over 5 years. Do the math. Got to get busy folks, wasting time waiting for inflated pricing for food to show up on the grocery store shelves is not a Prepping plan. Got to get out of the dangerous cities and into a rural hidey hole far enough out to get your self sustaining home stead set up. That takes years. Property taxes are $100 a year per acre. Cheap.
        I also terminated my cell phone tracking device that spied on me. Few cell towers out here any way. That’s another freedom I can enjoy and no bill or spying on me. I have internet via satellite dish that runs off my solar and has a phone line. Stack to the rafters and reduce all your expenses. I recycle 80% of my trash and burn the rest in a burn barrel. No trash mill either. A rain catch system and septic onsite. No bills there either. No home insurance either witch is a frigging waster of fraud. I am self insured and building rated at 165 MPH. Buy some fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. If you have insurance you are probably carrying a mortgage. Get rid of that also. Live below your means. Gut all the excess money wasting devices out of your life. Everything here is paid for. I have auto insurance and internet monthly bill and small feed bill for the critters, and my food costs. But growing a garden and raising livestock is like printing your own money and a hedge against food inflation. Get your tools and fencing and wood and get building. Lots of How To videos out there to lean from. Take charge of your life.

      4. And for those who fail to prepare, I hope you saved all your skinny clothes. You fail to eat healthy you will get weak, sick then die.

        Get involved in Tiny Tyrant take downs. Expose their Government fraud on the people.

      5. Farmers are not dumping or euthanizing anything by choice. Most of the euthanizing being done on hog farms is by corporations who hire farmers to custom feed and care for the animals. With processing plants closing because of Covid-19 there is no place to take the animals for harvest and distribution of product. We all need to go back to work unless you have health afflictions that make you dangerously susceptible to Covid-19. The reality of a vaccine for Covid-19 is poor at best. Viruses mutate rapidly so the vaccine would have to be changed annually. We see how effective the flu vaccines are. Some years the flu shots are only 10 percent effective. In the state we live in many acres are unable to be planted because the soil is too wet. Please don’t blame farmers, we are out here doing our best to keep providing food and fiber for a nation we love.

      6. In my region, was a multi-generational pattern, in which great, big tracts of the founders’ land was never bequeathed to their own children. We were told that farming just arbitrarily failed, though all the same cover crops and trees kept on growing, feral. You absolutely could not buy this supposedly abandoned land, for some decades. Then, we saw these same, old, white clapboard places, from our very own Podunk, in home improvement shows, being resettled by assorted human wreckage and especially by replacement demographics, who have their own lines at the bank.

        Deut 28:43

        These kind of “farmers” can be up their literal knees in manure, and still claim to be starving when their fake “business” is bad. (Seeds are 6 packs to a dollar at the 99 cent store.)

        Landrace livestock, under private conservation, has been confiscated, in order to make these scumbag essential workers competitive. Too-big-to-fails will literally break your stuff and poison it. I can post names.

        On the highways / frontage roads, are billboards which say to remember who is feeding us. (Migrants and prison labor on white buses.) Ranchers will have this praetorian swagger, like they’re on an important corporate welfare mission, and you’re just a civilian paying them tribute. There is no actual reason to dress like the Farmer Boy’s commercial.

        Luke 12, Matt 6

      7. Where is all the sad sad stories about the honest working man that earns $100k per year and pays in $33k in personal, state, local, property taxes and fees?

        Enough with handing out free money to those that don’t work or destroy the products they ‘grew’ or produced.

        Sons of bitches demand even more free money stimulus. Fuck them all.

      8. Repricing to value is what it’s about. Let me explain. The West, especially the United States, is VASTLY over-priced and over-valued for what it is. As an outsider I can see America for what it really is: an oligarchy with a vicious military and spy system and a population of ignorant and badly behaved n#ggers, Mexican gangsters, braindead rednecks and a small cadre of super-intelligent, skinny Ivy league guys and dolls who run the US and the world economy.

        The US could keep fighting the economic forces or it could, by stealth, lower the cost of US labour and make America competitive again. And so that is what is happening now.

        The same is happening in the UK, which is also a place full of ignorant and obese morons run by a super-smart elite.

        We have to do this if we stand any chance against China. China also is a competitor with a highly intelligent cadre running a mostly rural population of ignorant morons. China has a huge advantage because they not only have super intelligent women, they are also extremely beautiful and physically tip-top. Compare that with your typical American ‘beast’ woman with obesity and diabetes.

      9. Bloomberg knows the farmers are stupid. THAT is the way of the tribe as they yearn for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin!!!

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