Receipt Shows Paddock Had Another Guest in His Room Before Shooting

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars


    An image posted on Facebook by a man who claims he served Stephen Paddock room service shows that the gunman was with a guest during his time at the Mandalay Bay hotel four days before the massacre took place.

    The receipt shows an employee named Antonio served two guests an “IRA_MB,” which means “In Room Dining, Mandalay Bay.”

    The table number is “32135” – which equates to Paddock’s room number (135) on the 32nd floor.

    Paddock ordered a burger, a bagel with cream cheese, a potato soup, one bottle of water and two Pepsis, suggesting that there was another person eating with him in the room. The receipt shows the number “2” next to the word “Guests”.

    The date on the receipt also says September 27, whereas authorities assert that Paddock checked in the day after on September 28.

    Paddock’s guest could not have been his girlfriend Marilou Danley because she was in the Philippines at the time.

    The individual who posted the receipt appears to have deleted it from his Facebook page, although the page still shows that he works at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

    Another source told Laura Loomer that the gunman actually checked in on September 25, three days before authorities said he did.

    Authorities must surely now be on the hunt for whoever Paddock dined with in order to ascertain whether this individual was involved in the plot and whether or not it was the same woman who reportedly told concert-goers they were “going to die” 45 minutes before the shooting took place.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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      1. Yikes! Last time I was in Vegas $68 would buy buffets for two for a week. Signs outside casinos saying guaranteed 98% winning on their slots. Of course obvious BS, the winning. Organized crime are the roots. How could anyone trust anyone involved with such outright thievery? The allure is quickly deadened.

      2. He had company? In Vegas? Escort? Check this out. There is a story going around that Paddock was working with the FBI on a gun running sting operation inside the US. The buyers? Jihadis inside the US. The deal went bad, they killed Paddock and fired up the crowd down below. Let’s wait and see. Keep your ears open.

        • Good speculation. I think the other person killed him. Maybe the two of them used the additional weapons, the Mossad Agent killed him, and then skee-dattled. Just saying.

          Maybe a THIRD PERSON was in the lobby looking for cops and radioed the SECOND GUY that they had entered the building. That would have given shooter number two time to shoot Paddock, exit the room, and move down the hall to another room before the elevator hit the 32nd floor.

          Planning of this event was meticulous and obviously a number of other individuals knew it was going to happen. There is more to all of this than meets the eye and it will all come out; including DNA evidence, unless the records are sealed like Sandy Hook.

          Then we will know with 100% certainty that the NWO Deep State was behind this murderous action against Americans and will not want to be discovered. 🙁

        • Except the gun runners in the US are Eric Holder and
          Gay Obama. “Fast & Furious”.

      3. He checked in under his GG’s name. His name would not be in the receipt. You guys spend all this time perpetuating BS, at least take a little pride in your work and cover your bases so the BS is believeable and makes sense.

        • Where did you read he checked in under his girlfriends name? I only read he used her gaming card in the casino. He could have used her card if it had comps on it to check in, but would have had to give his name if using someone else’s comps. If they were a couple it wouldn’t be unusual. They were likely well known at the Mandalay Bay if they were frequent players with club cards. None of this means anything, if you ever lived in Reno or Vegas. Do you know for a fact Mandalay Bay does NOT put guest names on receipts for room service?

      4. I’ve seen all kinds of utter trash online espousing all manner of theories and pure rubbish.
        Let’s let the LVPD Metro do the8r jobs, before we start the “whole inside job”theori3s, shall we?

      5. I’ve ordered from room service and they don’t ask how many people are in the room. They base it on what is ordered and it’s reasonable that he would have ordered two meals if he thought it was one of his last meals.

        • Room service doesn’t have to ask how many people if the waiter noted two people and annotated it on the order. 🙂

          • Don’t the rooms for “whales” come with a fully stocked fridge ??? 🙂

          • perfectly relevant to ask how many diners to supply adequate utensils, glasses, condiments, etc.

            clearly the info coming from mass media and the police is bullshit contradiction the evidence not under their control like the multiple locations of shooters in and out of the hotel.

            the # of ‘guests’ might also mean two additional people present with the host who may or not be eating.

            there’s no reason for confidence whatsoever in any official or mass media account. zero.

        • They always asked as to be assured to provide the correct amount of place settings…

      6. How does 1 burger/1bagel/1 soup/1 bottled water &2 sodas count as a meal for 2 automatically.The guy was on heavy side and obviously enjoyed eating/drinking.

        Do not get me wrong,a lot about this story does not “add up”,no need though to grasp at straws.

      7. Consider this, he was bored with life. He had tons of money and he couldn’t buy happiness. He gambled excessively and went to strip joints regularly. His girlfriend was an over the hill money grubber. He was 64 years old. Probably starting to have geriatric related health issues. He said screw it, he didn’t like Trump supporters and figured he’d kill ’em all before he snuffed himself. Best scenario yet.

        • That is all possible except he never needed 23 weapons
          to kill all these non-Hillary supporters.

      8. so he bought a meal for the hooker he wes with on his last days. big deal. that or he ate like a king knowing he wasnt going to be around to work off the weight gain

      9. you mean to tell me there are no surveillance videos of hallways, elevators, stairs………. etc???

      10. More speculative crap with zero basis for it…

        By the time you guys get through with this incident, it will be an alien invasion…

        So far there is ZERO to suggest that this guy had any help, with the possible exception of the alleged female and/or couple that allegedly went around warning people they were going to die.

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he had other people around who knew what he was up to, but weren’t directly involved. He lived in Mesquite, which by some accounts I’ve read is allegedly full of loners, bikers, militia members and who know what other nutcases. Which is probably where he got most of the illegally converted firearms and bump devices and anything that was actually full auto.

      11. security(s) running from scene
        security on same floor as paddock
        multi security shooters one stayed behind to shoot paddock

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