“Rebranding Liberty As Evil” As Globalists Prepare to Blame Populists for Everything

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 83 comments

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com and first published at PersonalLiberty.com.

    Editor’s Comment: Taking Brandon’s point into account, what is happening now appears to be a mass hoax in that crowds from the “liberty” movement, the “truth” movement, the “conservative” movement, the “populist” movement and several other labels are being goaded into supporting an overreaching executive branch, a fresh rally for war in the middle east, and a brutal police state crackdown at home – a crackdown that appears to be developing in the effort to deport many illegal immigrants, ban migrants from middle east countries and beat back protesting and rioting liberal crowds.

    There are so many fronts to this game, that many people have lost their identity and completely abandoned their principles in effort to cheer on ‘their candidate,’ whether that is Trump in the White House, Bernie or Hillary outside the White House or anyone else in between. As Brandon Smith has pointed out in many of his previous articles, there have been many short term gains against the globalists, and they can never true to defeat the liberty movement (in particular) if-and-only-if liberty-minded individuals maintain their principles – of freedom as an ideal, of protection for the Bill of Rights, of economic freedom for individuals and small businesses, etc.

    If people only hold onto liberty and other high-minded ideals when they advocate candidates, movements or issues, we could hardly go wrong. On the other hand, if people look the other way to back a particular individual, their entire stance/movement/policies can be debunked and set aside, if it can be shown that people who originally advocated liberty/freedom have instead endorsed or participated in evil, in unconstitutional acts and, ultimately, defeated themselves.

    For those who advocate personal freedom to the extreme point of self-reliance, off grid living, and readiness for any/all emergencies, those people can never be defeated as long as they live up to their principles. Somewhere in there is the hope for the future; the rest is dragging us back down into chaos and agonizing poverty and dependence.

    The Globalist Long Game – Redefine Liberty Activism As Evil “Populism”

    by Brandon Smith

    One of the most favored propaganda tactics of establishment elites and the useful idiots they employ in Marxist and cultural-Marxist circles is to relabel or redefine an opponent before they can solidly define themselves.  In other words, elites and Marxists will seek to “brand” you (just as corporations use branding) in the minds of the masses so that they can take away your ability to define yourself as anything else.

    Think of it this way: Say you want to launch an organization called “Movement Blue,” and you and others have gone through great struggle to grow this organization from the ground up.  However, just as your movement is about to achieve widespread recognition, someone else comes along, someone with extensive capital and media influence, and they saturate every outlet with the narrative that your movement is actually more like “Movement Red,” and that Movement Red is a terrible, no-good, bad idea.  They do such a good job, in fact, that millions and millions of people start calling you “Movement Red” without even knowing why, and they begin to believe all the negative associations that this label entails.

    Through the art of negative branding, your enemy has stolen your most precious asset — the ability to present yourself to the public as you really are.

    Negative branding is a form of psychological inoculation.  It is designed to close people’s minds to particular ideas before they actually hear those ideas presented by a true proponent of the ideas.  But beyond that, negative branding can also be used to trick groups and movements into abandoning their original identity.

    For example, the concept of economic freedom for individuals –the freedom from overt government interference or government favoritism for certain people over others, the freedom to compete with ideas and ingenuity to build a better business and a better product, the freedom to retain the fruits of one’s labor — used to be widely referred to as “free markets”, as defined by Adam Smith.  The very basis of free market philosophy was to remove obstruction and economic oppression from the common man in order to inspire a renaissance in innovation and prosperity.  The problem is, you rarely hear anyone but libertarians talk about traditional “free markets” anymore.

    Though Karl Marx did not coin the term “capitalism,” he and his followers (and editors) are indeed guilty of the pejorative version now used.  It has always been Marxist propagandists who have sought to redefine the idea of “free markets” in a negative way, and the use of the term capitalism is how they did it.  They have been so effective in their efforts that today even some free market proponents instead refer to themselves as “capitalists.”

    While “free markets” denote freedom of the common man to pursue a better life through productivity and intelligence and merit, “capitalism” denotes a monstrous and blind pursuit of wealth and power without moral regard.  One gives the impression of fairness, the other gives the impression of tyranny.

    Is there even such an animal as “capitalism?”  I can’t really say.  What I do know is that the system we have today, a hybrid mutation of corporatism and socialism, is certainly NOT a free market system if we are to follow the true definition and the original intent.  Yet, whenever cultural and economic Marxists attack the notion of economic freedom, they use the system we have now as an example of the failures of “free market capitalism.”

    This is the magic of negative branding, and it is used in every facet of social life and geopolitics.

    Now, before I get into the term “populist,” I recognize that people opposed to my position will immediately spring into a tirade about how liberty and sovereignty champions brand those against our ideals “in the exact same way.”  This is not quite true, though.

    When we refer to “globalists” in a negative manner, we are taking a pre-existing label, something that they often call themselves, and pointing out that their philosophy is flawed and highly destructive based on historical evidence and verifiable facts.  We are not seeking to redefine them as anything other than what they already are.  We are merely exposing to the public what they OPENLY promote and believe and then offer our side and our evidence as to why their beliefs are wrong.

    This is not what they do to us.  Instead, globalists and their cronies prefer that the public does not get to hear our views directly from us.  They rarely, if ever, actually use our publications as a source for their attacks on our principles.  They would much rather tell the public what we are and what we believe before they are ever exposed to us.  This is why you will often find that many participants in protest groups at events held by anti-globalists like Ben Shapiro or Milo Yiannopoulos have never actually seen or heard a single speech by the men in question.  They have no idea what we really stand for.  In fact, they protest our speakers, groups and movements based on what they were told we stand for by other biased sources.

    This brings us to “populism.”

    There has been a deep and concerted propaganda campaign taking place against liberty activists, sovereignty champions, anti-globalists, anti-SJW groups, and conservatives in general.  I noticed this particular campaign accelerating at the beginning of 2016, and it was the primary reason why I chose to take a hard stance on my predictions for Brexit passage and a Trump election win.  The propaganda narrative could be summarized as follows:

    Since early 2016 (according to globalists and the mainstream publications featuring their opinions), there has been a rising tide of nationalists and “populists” in western nations.  This sudden surge in “populism” is inexorably tied to the Brexit movement and the support for candidates like Donald Trump.  Populism will overrun the existing “stability” of globalism and cause severe economic crisis in numerous countries.  It finds its roots in the “less educated” portions of the population, as well as in older generations that think they have something to lose if globalism succeeds.  It is also driven by an “irrational fear” of economic change, global interdependence and multiculturalism.  Populists are predominantly naive and desperate for “strongmen” leaders to fight for them.  Some of them are motivated by self interest, while others are motivated by racism.

    You can see these sentiments expressed bluntly in numerous mainstream media outlets.  The Guardian has no qualms about linking the Brexit to “racism” and populism, for example.  The Washington Post also has had no problem linking the Tea Party and Trump supporters to racism and populism as well.

    Beyond the paper-thin accusations of racism, the general thrust of the negative branding is clear; if you are against globalism (or elitism) and its major tenets, then you are a “populist.”  This is reiterated in recent articles from Bloomberg and The Guardian.

    But in such publications, the most egregious argument is the one that is not directly made.  The insinuation is that “populism” is not just defined by a fear of corruption through organized elitism, but that this fear is UNFOUNDED.  Meaning, anyone who argues against the mechanizations of globalists, for instance, is not only redefined as a “populist,” but he/she is also, essentially, ignorant or insane.  See how that works?

    The populist label is often used to describe a political movement built on the cult of personality, a sycophantic love affair with a celebrity dictator that tends to have ulterior motives.  Thus, the philosophical underpinnings of that particular movement are further eroded because they don’t even know why they are doing what they are doing; they are only playing a foolish game of follow the leader.

    So, to recap, according to the establishment and their “press,” conservatives and sovereignty activists are actually “populists.” Our concerns over uncontrolled immigration and open borders are not based on rationalism and historic evidence of social and economic instability as well as the highly evidenced threats of terrorism; they are based on “xenophobia.”

    Our concerns over the increasing fiscal weakness generated by the economic interdependence of globalism and our lack of self reliance are not based on math and logic, but our “lack of understanding” on how interdependence makes everything better.

    Our concerns over rampant organized elitism and the corruption this entails are not based on numerous concrete examples, not to mention exposed documentation and the words of elitists themselves; they are based on a “fantasy world” of “tinfoil hatters” who just make stuff up while consuming heaping helpings of “fake news”.

    If this is the case, then I suppose I should fasten my own tinfoil hat tightly and note that this narrative is part of an ongoing long-game by globalists.  They are not attempting to achieve the demonization of conservatives and sovereignty advocates today or tomorrow.  This is about preparing the public for a near future, perhaps five to 10 years from now, after they have sufficiently sabotaged the global economy and scapegoated us for the crisis this will cause.

    Not possible, you say?  By all means, read my article ‘The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017’ for further explanation.  If we are not careful, we will be redefined not just by establishment propaganda, but by a global calamity that will be gift wrapped with our name on it and tied around our collective necks.

    In the meantime, how do we fight back against this disinformation campaign?

    One factor that a “populist movement” generally does not have is the ability to remain self-critical.  Populism, at least according to the mainstream media, requires a mentality of mass blind faith in a cause that is misunderstood or a leader that is dishonest.  The liberty movement and conservative groups still have some members who are not afraid to point out when we are going astray in our logic or our actions.

    We have not been silenced by our own peers, yet.  Given enough crisis, it is hard to say how people will react.  A major terrorist attack, an economic panic, a war; these kinds of rip-tides can inspire a lot of intolerance for contrary views.  We are not there at this point, and as long as members of our movement are able to retain a critical eye, we will never be “populists.”

    Another method is to refrain from adopting the “branding” that the establishment tries to use against us.  Beware of anyone within our groups and organizations who begins referring to himself or us as “populists” as if this is a label of which we should be proud.

    In the long run, people with ill intent will call us whatever they want to call us.  The real issue is, will those labels stick?  Will we help them to stick by losing our composure and acting the way the propagandists always said we would?

    Negative branding is about burning a hole in the historical record, because memes last far longer than people.  In 100 years, how will we be remembered?  This is what the globalists value most — future impressions of today by generations not yet born.  Because wars are not just fought in one moment over one piece of ground or over one idea; they are fought in ALL moments, for days not yet passed, for the posterity of all ideas, even those not yet thought of.  If we do not fight back with this in mind, winning will be impossible.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com and first published at PersonalLiberty.com.


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      1. Life is a struggle, a conflict of sides that oppose each other.

        As in all conflicts, one side wins and the other takes a backseat as the loser.

        This time will probably be different, though.

        One side will win and the other will be dead and gone, settling things in perpetuity.

        How realistic are the plans you are making, if you are making any, to insure that your side will be the winning side?

        • Brandon, very nice article. But you missed out on an opportunity in your neuro-linguistic analysis.

          And that was the use of the term “fascist” by the Liberal Left to brand Liberty Activists. That’s the current term of choice by the Liberal Left.

          See the videos by BAMN leader Yvette Felarca. She slops around the term “fascist” to justify her violent speech suppression.

          That’s the negative branding term that you needed to point out.

          Also, one minor quibble. What you call “negative branding” is typically called the “strawman fallacy” in Logic 101 classes.

          But since most people don’t know Logic 101, then “negative branding” is perfectly fine. It’s funny in a way: “Strawman fallacy” is rebranded as “Negative Branding.”

          Carry on, soldier!

          • FS, I’ve already seen a couple of videos on BAMN. I dare that commie bitch to confront me. It wouldn’t end well for her.

            • “I dare that commie bitch to confront me.”

              I hope you don’t end up like that guy in Sacramento did. He was carrying a pole for protection and talking to the police in broad daylight. And then little Yvette goes up to him and starts punching him in the stomach and chest!

              And then a couple of her BAMN cohorts grabs the dude’s pole (which he refuses to release) from behind him, and pull him down backwards! Then he gets mob rushed and stomped on!

              Finally, the police do something and break it up. But the guy gets stomped on!

              Deplorable Braveheart, I would hate to see you get stomped on in a video. That would just be so wrong.

              • Great article! It makes me think of these quotes.

                “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”
                “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”
                -Thomas Jefferson

                “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”
                – Adolf Hitler

                “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”
                – Adolf Hitler

                “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”
                -Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945

                • The last three quotes sound like they came out of the Frankfurt School. You know who they were. And I wonder whose propaganda Hitler was talking about? Because the people who are in charge of the propaganda machine today, you know who they are, seem to be the ones that created it. No, actually, they are the ones that created it. The neo-Nazis of today aren’t German. They aren’t even white.

          • I agree about the term ‘fascism’. I believe Google has recently changed its definition of the term to mean anyone ‘right wing’ hence rebranding anyone not snowflake as a Nazi.
            I am also aware of Pavlovian conditioning, whereby words such as sexist, racist, homophobe, chauvinist-pig, anti-Semitic, Nazi, etc are hard-wired into the brains of the snowflake generation via decades of State propaganda. The intention, as discussed in the article above, is to shut out anyone who thinks differently, to close down the minds of the snowflakes, and to ensure they never even consider thinking outside of the box/matrix.

            • Antifa is Marxist. Marxists hate Fascists, its speak from 1917 and WWII.
              In short, Marxism was started by Jews in Russia. Jews were hated in Germany and thrown out of every European country over hundreds of years. Germany instilled fascism to rid themselves of Jews through nationalism. How they did it is up to debate. This is the basis in short.

              Therefore, according to the Left anyone who wants its country to be free from Global Marxism is a Fascist. Globalism is Marxism.

          • The article was long and boring and I quit reading after a about a third of the way down, then looked for the highlights, but there were none. When you write an article get to the point. We don’t have all day to read a Novel.

            I could have summed this article up in about 2 simple paragraphs. Just like here.

            • This article is not for low-info idiots.

          • It’s equivalent to the Hasbara Troll here on this site throwing around the political terms to describe one group as leftist/brown shirt/fascist/socialists, along at the same time implying/comparing that they are Nazi/fascist/socialists. Yeah, making Communists into National Socialists. This article pretty much explains what the agenda is of those who like to label and then marginalize is, and what is the troll’s agenda here is too.

        • Anonymous

          My plans are realistic and have shared them with all who read here to help in their preps.

          Anyhow we are all now a bunch of Racist and Fascist. Before we were Racist, Cowards, Terrorists, Unpatriotic, Bible Thumpers and Gun Clingers. So are we getting better or worse?

          But agree with you on one side will be the only one left.

        • More deeply than the “one side wins” concept is the truth about how evil men tend to start wars, quickly gaining ground and ugly oppression prevails until the other side gets into the fight.
          Things get very intense until the initial aggressor starts to falter and ultimately loses.
          THEN and only THEN is peace established.

          • Vocalpatriot, damn good points. If someone starts something with me, I’ll damn sure finish it. You take out the threat. That’s the only way you’ll know for sure that the POS is no longer a threat.

          • There are no losers anymore, everyone is a winner, and everyone gets to take home a trophy.

          • My point exactly. Problem is, when you wait to long, you don’t win.

            • Take note, parents who homeschool…

              “The legislation introduced by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) would give the federal government control to fund, and defund, homeschooling, making it subject to federal oversight.”

              ht tp://www.selfreliancecentral.com/2017/02/14/federal-funding-homeschooling-big-mistake/

              • KY Mom,
                ALL should pay close attention to WHO is pushing this bill and WHO votes for it, THOSE are YOUR traitors as they know allot of us right wingers (if you wish to call us that) are coming from HOME SCHOOLERS, and the NWO order knows to stop it they need to get more or total control of it. so the feds can mandate the type of studies and control the program and tailor it to a left view!

      2. Who determines what is principled and what is not.

        Perhaps, and this is purely from an academic viewpoint; perhaps the best way to deal with this oppressive situation, is to not ask for anyone’s permission, just find the likes of Soros, or Rockefeller, and kill him. Maybe that is not losing your principles.

        In any event. It is certainly worth giving it some consideration. What is right, is not always so easy to determine.


        • “Who determines what is principled and what is not.”

          The winner.

          • Anonymous, I know I’m principled so I don’t care what any libturd says.

          • No anon, God has established what is principled.

            • vocalpatriot.. Depends on who’s God.

            • OK Preppers. You Got your Heirloom Seed Vaults, Now What? How to turn that into Real Food year after year.

              Here are a couple of great articles to save, and get you ready for this next growing season coming up, and Save these articles also for the end of times/ grid down, etc, when your life depends on it.

              *How To Start Seeds Indoors- The Easiest Way

              *Next Step: How To Transplant New Plants Into The Garden

              ***If anybody here has some good tips on harvesting regenerating seeds from your 1st set crops after the first year, to plant again, and how to get them ready and how to store them for the next growing season, I am all ears for the info. I know there is a dormancy period, drying period? Fill us in. Thx Zeus~

        • Dear globalist scum, it may come as a shock but we want to kill you just as bad as you want to kill us.

        • Dear globalist scum, it may come as a shock but we want to kill you just as bad as you want to kill us.

          • Menzo, I love how you and I get on the same page. Who the f#$% are they to classify us as anything? Let them bring it. I have some nice hot lead waiting for them.

            • Exactly.

            • make that three of us, i’m waiting frickin statist pukes!

          • Menzoberranzan, I think the single most important point you’ve actually hit on is summed up in Brandon’s use of the word and your implied concept (aligned with my own as well, mind ya) of ‘fight’. Words are not fights, or fighting. Ever. Fists, clubs, knives, guns and worse… are. Fighting causes real physical pain and often dying as the outcome of the action(s). Words; well, they yield only more words, paperwork, … things. Not the loss of blood or life. Certainly words can precipitate ‘fighting’; but in and of themselves, words are not truly actions. When all is said and done…. yeah, to quote you MB “…. we want to kill you just as bad as you want to kill us”. And those words reflect actions to come. Unfortunately for all – those actions ARE coming.

            • Some of us will man up, some won’t. We’ll see who I guess.

        • B from CA, good points. I’m in the ‘basket of deplorables’ that Hillary spoke of during the campaign and I’m also ‘irredeemable’. In other words, I can’t and won’t be ‘re-educated’ to become a libturd, commie, etc. Let the libturd/socialist/NWO POS bring it. I’ll show them the TRUE meaning of deplorable.

          • Hiel Hillary’s basket of deportables are about to meet their match

        • “Who determines what is principled and what is not.”

          God does. God also determines what’s moral. He even wrote it down for us to read and heed.

          But much like the US Constitution, they are only just words unless followed and revered.

          • CA Res – “God does. God also determines what’s moral. He even wrote it down for us to read and heed.”

            Question: If there is even a God to begin with, and if he is so mighty and powerful, then why are we already not living in Utopia with peace and prosperity? God has no control over anything, so why worship a failure nd a fraud?

            I think there is No God, and No control on humans, and religion is all a sham, and praying is a waste of time for lazy procrastinators who think they are holier than thou.

            Now watch the morons chime in here, with some excuse out of the excuse book. lol

            • Question: If there is even a God to begin with, and if he is so mighty and powerful, then why are we already not living in Utopia with peace and prosperity?

              The short answer: Because of sin. Our sin.


            • Why? Because God gave us free will, and loves us enough to allow us to make our own choices in life – good and bad; smart and dumb.

        • There is no guy in a white hat saving the day. Good guys finish last. Took me a long time to figure that out.

      3. End result? Revolution…..

      4. At this point, I give less than a fuck anymore. Lets get it on, this incremental bullshit while we are ruthlessly oppressed downward by treasonous scum in our streets is tiresome. They (TPTB) are trying to do this by sheer unrelenting building pressure. They wont be able to flex plans if we just go ahead and say the bubble of tolerance has popped. Time to start wiping out their stormtroopers or else we are going to be just the bastard sister of the Ukraine, being raped the same way, but our own NEOCON traitors doing the humping.

        • Its not about Left and Right. It is about being a TRUE loyal countryman to your Constitution and family or being a cowardly fence riding sell out to the scum PTB and NEOCONS.

          • Neal,
            YOUR CORRECT, this country WAS based on the idea that ANYONE could think and live (within reason) the way they wanted to AS LONG as they DID NOT harm the other people OR try to do harm or change the way they think! NOW that has changed and this country is NOTHING more than a TOTAL BRAINWASHED country that if your not a LEFT then we have to convert you or kill you, just like the muslims think! and NOW the right is being FORCED to defend themselves or surrender to the NWO,LEFT,LIBTARDS,Commies, etc. etc. so WHAT is the OPTIONS to change this?? well for ONE thing IF people are so braindead that a violent forced change is there ONLY option then that gives the opposing VIEW NO ROOM for anything other than removing the cancer. I see we are left (no-pun) with no options!

      5. Brandon, thanks for another great article.

      6. I thought everything was GW Bush’s fault? Hmmm

        An ex-KGB agent named Yuri Bezmonov in an interview on TV told of a Communist plan called “Active Measures”. In the interview he laid out how The West was to fall to cultural Marxism. Find the interview on UTUBE

        The second to the last stage is massive civil unrest, and destabilization of the Government. SOUND FAMILAR?

        The last stage is when the new Socialist Government sends in the tanks/troops to reestablish order.

        • SW, I’ve seen that video. The ‘collapse’ of the USSR was engineered; it was fake. Today’s Russia is run by ex-KGB operatives. Putin has been rebuilding the Russian military over the past 10 years or better. They supposedly have weapons systems now that are better than ours. The Soviets were stealing technology from us BEFORE the Chinese ever did. I still have the same reservations about Russians today that I had during the Cold War. I think all of the old cold War rhetoric could be applied to today’s Russia. In Russia itself, communist influence never really died out. Russians who grew up under the Soviet system actually long for that system to come back. They claim life was better for them under communism. All of the old communist symbols and statues are still in place in Russia itself. Only in the former Soviet republics like Ukraine, Baltic states, etc. have any communist symbols been removed. Those countries still have fresh memories of what life was like for them under Soviet rule and won’t go back to it. Who the hell can blame them? In Ukraine, they overthrew their President because HE WAS PRO-RUSSIAN AND UNDERMINING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THAT COUNTRY. About 15-20% of Ukraine’s population identifies themselves as Russian but Ukraine wants to be free and independent. They don’t want to be under Kremlin influence and control ever again.

          • Wow. Sounds like “The Story of Us”. And who knew that you and Victoria Nuland had so much in common?

          • Brave BH- You say – “The Soviets were stealing technology from us BEFORE the Chinese ever did.”

            Let me correct you. Both the Chinese and Russia have had help hacking the US and stealing our technology. Read these several articles.

            *Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

            *Israel Second Only To Russia In Providing Arms To China
            By Carol Giacomo Diplomatic Correspondent 8-31-2

            WASHINGTON (Reuters) – China and Russia have faced repeated U.S. sanctions for their arms sales, but a largely unheralded player in what Washington considers the troubling proliferation game is Israel, one of the closest U.S. allies. The Jewish state, recipient annually of $3 billion in U.S. aid, is second only to Russia as a weapons provider to China, U.S. congressional investigators say. Some experts fear sensitive U.S. technology may show up via Israel in systems sold by China to Iran and North Korea, which President Bush termed “axis of evil” states after the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. “Israel ranks second only to Russia as a weapons system provider to China and as a conduit for sophisticated military technology, followed by France and Germany,” according to a recent report by the U.S.-China Security Review Commission, a panel established by Congress to examine security and economic relations between the two countries. “Recent upgrades in target acquisition and fire control, probably provided by Israeli weapons specialists, have enhanced the capabilities of the older guided missile destroyers and frigates” in the Chinese navy’s inventory, it said. The commission, which holds hard-line views on China, cited Israel as a supplier to Beijing of radar systems, optical and telecommunications equipment, drones and flight simulators. “Israel has established itself as an important exporter of high-technology niche weapons containing more sophisticated technology than what is provided by Russia,” it said.

            ***So if you want to know who the real enemy of America is, just look to the Tribal A-holes standing next to you here in the USA. Its not Russians.

            Now lets get back to this Quote again:

            Netanyahu’s Real Feelings about America were revealed in a secretly tape-recorded conversation in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem al-Quds in 1990.
            Netanyahu’s Quote: “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.
            Why? Because it is God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” Smoloko.com

            WAKE UP AMERICA!!

        • Communism is not coming from overseas but rather the tool of fascists to control the masses. Think of it as communism being the administrators.

          NCFC NeoCon Fasco-Communism

      7. I think that this fits in there somewhere.

        Capitulating to the lesser of two evils doesn’t make it right. Are there fifty shades of morality? Even if you are not a bible thumper, there are a lot of lessons in the book to be learned, or emulated, to keep you on the high moral ground. Let’s not get into the contradictions, or who wrote it right now.

        John Adams in a speech to the military in 1798 warned his fellow countrymen stating, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams is a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our second President.
        Reading what the Founding Fathers wrote on various subjects outside of the Constitution are the subject of good reads too. Nobody said that putting every concept, or philosophy into words would be easy. You know, like, I can’t put a description on exactly what pornography is, but I know it when I see it. And (good) people know instinctively (with a little guidance) what’s right and wrong. Unless you are a narcissist, sociopath, or a psychopath then it will never matter. We are in a world wide Psy-Op at the moment for a reason. It’s all about divide and conquer. And the ones at the top orchestrating it will do anything, do the most evil of things, to control or eliminate those at the bottom.

        • Yeah right, I agree totally. Very good post. Never be a pushover for anyone.

      8. Globalist are Marxists! Populists are simply people who want national sovereignty.

        RINO’s, NEOCONS and Lefty’s are TRAITORS it’s just that simple. The line was drawn with the TRUMP vote, legally.
        RINO’s, I am sure you will see a purge in your ranks coming up. The more American people are subjected to leftist tactics the more irrelevant you have been made.

        Now if you traitors want to get scrappy I am sure you will find too numerous to count huckleberries!

        Deplorables, Mediocres and Huckleberries the TRAITORS are afraid of you, remember that. The true power lies with the people.

      9. What is wrong with wanting your country and it’s people to succeed and to have freedom along the way? If you look at the countries that have had open borders in the past, you will see the countries that have had unending wars. Nations have to have control of their borders, this is not just one big happy world. If people put as much effort into bettering their own country as they do into trying to take over someone else’s country they could make great strides. There’s just too many consumed with power and greed. I don’t see the mega-rich willing to share their wealth with the less advantaged. I mean really sharing, not just donating to some charity in order to get a tax credit. Liberty is not evil, it’s almost sacred. The early patriots thought it was so valuable they were willing to give their lives for it. Americans soldiers fought for that freedom, at least in their minds that’s what they thought they were fighting for. I resent being branded as a racist just because my skin is white. I give everyone I meet a chance to demonstrate by their actions before I brand them. You cannot put a label on a person if you do not know them. We are all very diverse and have different ideas and opinions, and have that freedom to have them. We don’t have the right to force people to believe as we do. That’s what the freedom of discussion and compromise is for. That’s why the people in a free world vote and the majority decides and everyone excepts the out come. Honesty counts, freedom counts, and respect counts.

      10. Sometimes we’re given no choices but to act.

        • Waiting ,
          and that is where we are at this point!! I see no other way out of this mess!

      11. How about that. Calling evil good and good evil.

        Sound like the average criminal mind

      12. When we move past who is right and who is wrong. To the who will live and who will die part. Then the B.S. will stop.

        Don’t get shot.
        Don’t get captured.
        Prep for War.

      13. how come enemies of the USA dont just occasionally disappear with no explanation ever found ? by this I mean internal enemies who refuse to accept the results of the election.

        • One would think that the CIA, DIA, NSA,…would be happy to terminate with prejudice these anti American communists.
          Why car accidents,slip and falls in their showers, assisted suicides random acts of violence, sudden assisted heart attacks…plenty of methods available.

      14. it seems to me that since the elitists and globalists are concentrated in the cities, a good strategy might be to block off roads at pinch points and bridges to keep food from being sent in to cities. In a few days attitudes might change. All you truckers should think about how to protect the USA by simply parking your trucks for a few days and not delivering. When the chaos is at a certain level you cant deliver anyway. I am not advocating anything, just thinking out loud.

      15. Off topic but I want to post this. There are several U Tube Videos about bringing dead batterys back to life by dumping out the acid and adding a mixture of Epsom Salts and distilled water and recharge them. And then remove the Epsom salt water and refill with sulpheric acid. Well Ive tried it and it actually works. If the battery is sulphated and doesn’t have any dead cells they will revive. You cant get back 100% but you can get them to where they will start your car. ALso might be helpful to someone building a off grid battery bank.

      16. III%
        Come n get it fuckers

      17. Just one more thing:

        If I call them a bunch of mother fucking Jews, does that make me a racist, facist, populist mother fucker ???


        • Ain’t it great, we finally have a President that knows the truth. ISRAEL ONE NATION UNDER GOD! Trekker Out.

        • B from CA

          It makes you what you want to be. Nothing more nothing less.

          • anon, that is a truly profound statement! Trekker Out

      18. Agree ya right the gov works right when people fear god and try to live with morals and integrity. Problem is nobody gives a shit anymore it’s every man for himself. So sad it has come down to this. If you do the right thing you bear additional stress from those that don’t. Why should I work a shitty job for low wages while marijuana dispensaries can sell controlled substances legally and make huge profits. Or why should I be a good employee and come to work daily while the other guy goes out on comp as often as he can and gets away with it. How about the guy that goes into debt say $40,000 plus and settles with his creditors for half while you were a responsible borrower. Problem is there is no incentive to do the right thing. People know it and are tired of getting screwed. The people that preach morality have none themselves.

      19. The News Media is portraying Trump as Hitler. Now some news media is pissed off that they can’t ask questions at press conferences.

        I was reading “Mein Kampf” is in print again.

      20. I don’t give a rats BUTT what they call me.

        I’m White, Male, Christian, Gun owner, that loves his family and friends.

        So call me what you want. I don’t care, but hurt one of mine and you have started a war that you will beg God to stop. Not a threat, but a fact!


        • Totally agree.

        • @ SGT
          AMEN Brother! I’m not one to start any shit…. but if they want to open that can of worms , then it is game on. No Quarter. Take no prisoners. Just like cockroaches … just stomp them out.
          I am so sick of the ALT Left Nazi’s . So go ahead…. just keep poking me…:
          I will solve their problem .
          Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

      21. “If people only hold onto liberty and other high-minded ideals when they advocate candidates, movements or issues, we could hardly go wrong. On the other hand, if people look the other way to back a particular individual, their entire stance/movement/policies can be debunked and set aside, if it can be shown that people who originally advocated liberty/freedom have instead endorsed or participated in evil, in unconstitutional acts and, ultimately, defeated themselves.”

        Ask the good people of Venezuela how that worked out for them.

      22. The editors comment is more insightful than Brandon’s. Brandon warns of being pigeon holed into, or identifying with one of the labels out there and then to later end up marginalized because of that label. The editors comment warns against choosing one of those labels as your own, only because it is tied to ‘the person’ that you identify with, for you to be cornered into his personal ideology, only to be pigeon holed and marginalized later because of ‘that persons’ fractured agenda. The point is that it’s the ideology that needs to stand on it’s own. Not ever tied to a label. And not ever tied to a single person.

      23. Without a movement this all means nothing….

      24. Eh,deplorable/redneck/homophobic/nazi/racist/dirt person and now we can add “populist”to our labels!As I identify as a ring tailed lemur am getting confused with all these labels!What’s a lemur to do?!

      25. Mr. Putin, please nuke New York City, Washington, D.C., Langley Va., Hollywood and San Francisco. Pretty please? With sugar on top? With a cherry on top?

      26. I have read this and have only one thing to say about it. In any contest if I play by rules and my opponent plays by no rules, I loose. Period.

      27. This is a worldwide ideological movement both powerful and all-encompassing. This cannot be co-opted and neutered like the Tea Party or ‘branded’ with such propaganda as alt-right = evil, nazi, etc.

        The globalists, in what is arguably the end game of their 1000 year endeavor is slipping from their grip. The further the veil is lifted, the more desperate and ruthless their tactics become.

        While it appears that Evil is winning the day and the shadows in our world growing darker, its only because the light that casts them is growing brighter.

        Our countrymen are waking up. Albeit more slowly and in fewer numbers than anyone posting here may like, but this trend moves inexorably in our favor.

        Take heart gentlemen. There is a force for goodness and righteousness at play here as well.

      28. The bottom line,,,
        I am a free man.
        I think for myself.
        I am capable of great passion and compassion.
        I am capable of great brutality and retribution.
        I, and I alone, make these choices.
        I do not ask for permission nor forgiveness.
        I am a free man.

      29. Nothing wrong with populism – it’s just another word for democracy.
        I am proud to call myself a populist.

      30. For a year and half straight they tried to brand Trump yet he still won. Too many are on to the parasites today.

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