Real Live Battlefield: Video Game ‘Map’ Mirrors Ukraine Tank Depot, Pits Russia vs. USA

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Headline News | 274 comments

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    The new Battlefield 4 video game from Electronic Arts, in which fictional forces from the United States, Russia and China go to war with each other features a curious, perhaps coincidental, new ‘map’ that is an almost exact replica of a massive ‘secret’ Ukranian tank depot.

    The map, dubbed Zavod 311, engages players from around the world in various scenarios that feature tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters, foot soldiers, and a host of weaponry with the goal being “conquest and control” of specific targets on the map. Up until recently it was just another map to play. But a report from The Daily Mail suggests that the video game could become a real-live battlefield in the very near future, because it houses hundreds of dormant tanks that may be re-commissioned should Russia decide to move its mobilized military assets from Crimea into Ukraine sovereign territory.

    After hearing about the strange Soviet-era tank cemetery from a friend, photographer Patvel Itkin, 18, spent months trying find its whereabouts.

    Despite the area being heavily monitored by guards, Mr Itkin managed to sneak in and spent several hours taking dozens of photographs.

    Once a thriving tank repair plant, work at the depot wound down after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, with many of the vehicles on site abandoned.

    This may all be just a coincidence, but given the World War III story line in the game and the way events are playing out around the globe with China now coming into the mix, the game could soon become reality.

    Should Russia choose to send troops into Ukraine one of its first strategic targets could well be the depot located in the Slobozhanshchyna region of Ukraine just 20 miles from the Russian border.

    The resemblance between Slobozhanshchyna and the Battlefield 4 Zavod 311 map is uncanny. Apparently, it’s not as big a secret as once thought, considering that the developers of Battlefield 4 have matched some of the facility’s key features. The detail is of such high quality on next generation machines likes the PS4 and Xbox One that it may be difficult to discern between the digitized version and the real thing.

    The real thing:






    The video game:






    The developers of Battlefield 4 describe it as All Out War on an Unprecedented Scale and Scope.

    It may not be just a game for much longer.

    zavod-actual-flag(Pictured: Russian soldiers raise flag over Ukranian military base)

    zavod-game-flag(Pictured: Battlefield 4 players raise Russian flag in Zavod 311)

    Could it be predictive programming? Or do we chalk this one off to coincidence?


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      1. Only way to win is don’t play the game.

        • Many “games” are made to practice skills used in real life. I fear many around the world will be “pulled” into this and forced to “play”.

          Remember this Executive Order?
          National Defense Resources Preparedness – 3/16/12

          Obama Authorizes Gov. to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

          The gov. will send laborers where needed.

          • It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
            What an assclown this guy is.
            Hope For Change…..soon

          • Does this game have an A-10? Just asking. 🙂

            • DK, One of America’s greatest planes along with the “Flying Fortress” and “Puff the Magic Dragon”. Its being contemplated to take them off line soon. How sad.

              • His plan is to take the whole damned country “off line” soon.

              • PO’d…Puff the Magic Dragon? as in Spooky or Spectre?

                I’d give my left nut for one of those if shtf.

            • DK,
              Yes, BF4 has the A-10 in it, along with a few other tasty bits.

            • Yes, yes it does have an A-10. Great game. Great map.

          • This executive order scares me. With my job, I am considered a first responder. My job is with water and as such it impacts public health.

            There are actually regulations in place to conscript folks like me to be “sheltered in place” at the treatment plant for the “duration of the emergency requiring all first responders”.

            I’m also not sure if it makes things better or worse that in addition to that I have military experience and a good bit of it.

            That executive order has bothered me for a while.

            • You get a choice brother…you go to work as they say or stay at home and protect your family.

              You’ll make the right choice.

          • Executive Order 13603. Legalizes slavery by the government, nationalizes the entire economy, and puts a forced draft in place. Welcome to Amerika.

          • I was talking to a former ranger who works where I do. He said that he thinks the DOD was so eager to help in the development of these games because they use the recorded results for millions of rounds as a sort of out-sourced system for wargaming different scenarios.

            In other words Battlefield and CoD are just giant covert distributed simulations so that the DOD can determine the optimal strategy/tactics for the inevitable real life equivalent encounters.

        • “Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence.” ~ John Locke, 2nd Treatise on Government.

          • Most likely they’ll kill your family if you resist. Those people aren’t stupid. I’m sure they will be willing to do whatever is necessary to get people to do what they want them to do.

            • They are going to kill them anyway. Resist, or not.

            • I see a few people thumbed you down for this comment, but if history is repeated, or “rhymes”, we may see this actually happen. Anyone who truly believes that this govt won’t harm family members to gain compliance, needs to study the LIBOR scandal in more detail. There are some people who were set to testify in that scandal, who might disagree.

            • WHO is going to kill who’s family?! You are utterly delusion if you think American soldiers are going to fire on the civilian population here in their own country. It would be an unlawful order, which they are required to disobey. Grow up. Read a book. Take your meds.

              • Ever heard of Kent State?

              • Or – Ever heard of the Stalinist Purge? Mao’s Cultural Revolution? That is EXACTLY how soldiers were coerced into to killing their fellow countrymen

              • The folks that wouldn’t fire on our family got fired from their jobs already. They got weeded out ahead of time. Who’s kidding who?

        • My group prepping since the 50s Look we came full cirle right back to one of the orig threat that started us in the first place.

          Who would of though.

          Survive First order of business in this old game becoming new again.

          • Duck and cover fb..

            • I don’t know about our fictional forces from the USA,
              but I do know we have a fictional Commander in Chief.

            • you got it right, those who keep their head low, usually live a bit longer.

          • FP, I hate it when paranoid Chicken Littles turn out to be right all along and magically transform into visionaries.

          • Just proves that this is all part of tptb big plan; it’s been in the works for decades.

        • In related news, I wonder if it was merely a coincidence that my ex put out on our first date and turned out to also be a filthy, lying, cheating, skanky, whore.

          • You had sex on the first date. What does that make you???

            • That makes him a caring, giving person.

              What else would he be? 🙂

              • The same things he called his ex. Obviously.

                • @McLovin,
                  I was wondering yesterday what had happened to you. Glad to see you’re around.

                  • Thanks Wilson, took a new job that frowns on net surfing so my contributions have been limited compared to the old days.

            • “You had sex on the first date. What does that make you???”

              It makes him…Mclovin

            • Happy!

            • A barn (tom) cat?

          • Is she a drug addict as well? And an alcoholic? Is she that one that caught eating newborn babies?

          • And after that first date you still married her???

            • actually most of the women I’ve been with in my life were ether 1st-daters or less so she was par for the course looking back on it.

              • You definitely need better selection criteria. Less than first date??? Damn son. Might as well stick it in a blender. Been tested lately? Sorry, nothing personal, really, but wow man, that is some terrifying stuff there.

          • every time MY ex gets a pap smear, several crimes are solved with the DNA. she’s the west coast distributor for AIDS now, i hear.

          • Her putting out on the first date was an EXTREMELY bad sign. So, no coincidence there.

        • I recently sold my gaming systems and my games and put that money towards prepping. Next step is to say good bye to Direct Tv. I’m 29 and have played video games since the first Nintendo came out but in the past couple years I finally realized how much time I have wasted playing those damn things!! The money I got for the systems and games got me my first AR ( Colt 6920). I have to say shooting my AR is much more enjoyable and empowering than playing a video game.

          • Ditto Chazz, gave them up myself. It was easy after I spent half a lifetime getting to be level 80 on World Of Warcrack.

          • It will be a loooooong time before the AR is obsolete too, the gaming stuff, last years gear is already worth zip…

            • Kula, no doubt. Great deal on the Smith and Wesson mp5 Scout right now in town for 599 NIB out the door. Might finally have to break down and go get that dreaded black rifle. Getting it past TW is another job in and of it self. I can just hear her now “another one, how many more do you need?” Damn hard to justify it when you already have over 10 weapons in the house.. *sigh*

              • @.02,
                I can help you out there. You buy it then drop it off at a friends house. Have him stop by later in the day and say, “Thanks for letting me try this out. I’ve decided to buy one of my own.” Or you can refer to it as your 5.56k plan, which is better than a 401k plan. Or, you could just have her call my wife. My wife’s mantra is, “You can never have too many guns.” Seriously, she has helped a few women see the light. There are no restrictions on ammo or firearms purchases. To put it another way, there is no infringement on firearm or ammo purchases. AND, she doesn’t ask for an equal amount of money so she can blow it on shoes, clothes, etc.

                • I don’t like being deceptive in my marriage, but she don’t really pay attention so the trick I read about is you tell her you are going hunting and take two gun cases out to the truck with one being empty. when you return from “hunting” you have it in the empty gun case you left with and if she says “when did you get that” you say “oh this ole thing, I’ve had it for years.” And of course if that don’t work you go into politician mode and deny everything and attack the accuser.

                  • Don’t be deceptive is a good answer. I’m sure if you tell her how much it potentially has to gain in value, she will look at the guns as an investment (which they are) instead of a new toy. I’m a woman and I didn’t care how many my ex had. But lying is not good, and you are too straight forward to be dis-honest, especially to your wife.

                • Wilson, kinda reminds me of when I was in the Navy in the olden days. Went to Atlanta on liberty and wanted some shine, saw a guy standing on the corner with a shoe box, so I ask him if he could get me some shine, and he said sure, be $20 for a quart, so I said how do I know you ain’t goin to rip me off, and he said well just hold onto this box until I get back. So I gave him my $20 and he took off. After about an hour I knew he wasn’t coming back, so I thought I’ll just keep his box, and when I looked inside guess what was there? BullShit just like I been feeding you. You thought I was going to say shine didn’t you? That’s what Cuz thinks every time I tell him this story.

              • Just buy it and give it to her as a present. I’m sure she’ll let you borrow it.

            • I play MW3,I found out that if I’m flash banged and I keep shooting sometimes I get a kill. If SHTF ever happens and someone flash bangs me I will keep shooting I might get a kill,video games do have value and makes you think strategically.

              • Difference is the real-life distraction devices are insanely loud and the sound alone will be enough to disorient you and severely compromise your balance and might even drop you to the ground.

                Also, such loud noises can and will cause some pretty serious pain and by reflex you will try to clap your hands to your ears, not to mention trying to break your fall if your balance gives out completely.

                Add the flash component to this. Your vision will stop working for several seconds. And combine that with the disorientation and you will have absolutely no real control over where your bullets are going. They might hit the intended targets as a fluke, but they could also go through the wrong wall, floor or ceiling and find your wife and kids. Remember one of the most basic safety rules, make sure of your target and beyond? It also covers shooting blind.

                In the real world, your buddies don’t soak up bullets endlessly without dying or respawm after getting shot.

                • What a coincidence! I Just now,15 Minits ago got done watching RT news. It was a special documentary show on these type Video games!

                  And guess who was one of the several, many, “expert” show commenters offering their views on the subject at hand…

                  One of the New Poster guys here. Evan Marchese who began posting here in last article was on RT commenting on war game videos etc. He’s the younger looking black guy in about the middle of program. Seemed to know what he was talking about too.

                  Basics of RT’s gamer video show was to spotlight how the effects of these type games are designed to create war monger minded persons, and add’s to the overall recent changes in america towards a vastly more violence prone society.

                  And how games like these are being used to mind condition folks, especially youth, to accept war and join militarys to partake in wars.

                  • Truer words were never spoken.

                    The ancient Greeks crafted and disseminated their mythology in a much more controlled, less haphazard manner. As did the ancient Israelis. To name two that pop immediately to mind.

                    Think they did that because it has no effect??

                    It has a HUGE effect on a society.

              • The downside is they also make you think you can run. And run. And run and run and run and run. For 20 minutes straight. Without getting tired.

          • Check out the SCATT MX-2 trainer if you want gaming that doebles as training, well sorta, it is a trainer for shooting, not a game but could be entertaining…

          • I am the opposite of you. I spent most of my formative years shooting for fun and competition, countless hours reloading and tweaking the best loads etc. Then I got married and got the..”What do you need all these guns for!!!???” “We can’t afford you going out and blah blah blah” routine. I used to have at least one in every room of the house just in case. Well in the middle of my marriage I started playing video games on an old Dell DX 360 and haven’t looked back since. Shooting is still fun but so are really good video games, and quite alot cheaper too.

        • Nice “wargames” movie reference po’d patriot

        • We will not be involved in this match up. Putin knows that our leaders are week and the U.N. and EU even weaker. This is the start of the shift. With China and Russia becoming the new power players. The EU will not mess with Russia due to the amount of natural gas they get from her. They may throw out some basic sanctions (which will do nothing) but beyond that Ukraine is on its own. Also this will give the speculators on oil and some other commodities a reason to raise the cost of these. Many of these Russia exports. So Putin gets more cash in his coffers if he stays this course. If you can’t stir it up in the middle east to keep the price high… then go for Eurasia. Kind of a buy one get one free. Putin is a cold war KGB bully. He will not back down. Ukraine is divided, bad for them and great for Putin. China has already sided with Russia (BRICS… what did Obumer think was going to happen). So we look even weaker and broker and Putin wins again. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS. ….. And boost up your prep cuz prices on everything are going up.

          • Ukraines Top 5 Navy and Military leaders, along with a huge majority of reg military men, have Vowed loyalty to Crimea, and to that ousted elected Prez.

            RT news had navy top commander on tv stateing this and vowing to remain loyal to ukraines const, and to its duly elected prez.

            At UN meeting called by Russia, the russian ambasador showed the UN folks a signed letter requesting russian military be sent to ukraine to restore order. Signed by Ukraines elected official Prez.

            Meanwhile usa MSM, fox, cnn etc are reporting that russia had invaded ukraine. Hogwash! RT interviewed Many crimea avg reg folks on the streets, women holding a baby, old folks, younger folks etc and every single person was very Happy to see russian protectors arrive in crimea.

            One older man was shown taking a bag full of Sandwich’s and some Tea in a jug to the russian troops whom he then passed out sandwiches and tea to.

            it sure makes usa msm like fox reports, as well as John Cohn(kerry), look Bad. Look like they are LYING about whats really going on there.

            Meanwhile several other tv movie channels have again reverted to airing Old WWII movies, one after another non stop all day long. Thats a “sign” that they are useing WWII old movies to geek boomer folks up to “Feel” all patriotic, so when Neocons and AIPAC type operatives begin to Gin up War with russia etc, you folks will be Gung Ho!…

            What a “Coincidence” besides Lies galore on ukraine events by Fox and CNN etc, mixed with reruns galore on WWII old movies again….AIPAC is holding its Annual Ziojewish Fest attended by…NuttyYahoo himself whos here in usa from his home base HQ Israel!

            Anybody who still believes what fox and cnn msm are reporting on events in Ukraine, Putin and Russia. And also believes its All simply a huge “Coincidence” that Netanyahoo is in DC, AIPAC is holding its annual ziojew fest meet, and several tv channels are again broadcasting so many back to back WWII movies….Is a Lost cause person at best.

            I find it difficult to believe that Fox and CNN and all MSM TV news are still using their many decades old same ol same ol methods of cultural marxist type propagandas and overall brainwashing techniques eh…I mean has not anyone yet advised Fox or CNN et al, that for the past Decade or longer many honest websites have been informing folks of what the Truth, and Real facts are surrounding every issue these MSM’s have been using as propaganda tools or what?

            Not to mention that now with RT tv news actually showing Real actual videos and reports From inside various regions like Ukraine…ISRAEL!…Palestine folks! and many other areas in question…How can FOX and other msms even think they will much longer retain viwership once those folks discover Alternate sources which Are reporting Factual truths from On Scene locations?

            Maybe soon msm TV news like fox and msnbc and cnn etc will go the same way as newspapers have recently…Huge Loss of viewers, and then huge Loss of advertizers, and then gone for good!…That Cacoon of falsehoods, lies and denials of facts those tv MSM type folks reside within will soon burst wide open, with so many americans wakeing up due to alternate news sources etc eh.

            • RI is nothing but Russian state propaganda. You are a liar and a purveyor of hate and disinformation.

        • how about a nice game of chess.

        • A scary wrinkle in all this is China giving their support of the invasion to Russia. While not all that surprising (given how they always vote the same way at the U.N Security Council), what bothers me is that China wouldn’t normally risk pissing off their export customers by publicly supporting it. This lends me to think there were concessions by the Russians for China’s support. Something along the lines of “You support us invading Ukraine- we’ll support you invading the Senkakus”.

          • They have long-term military treaties, have been working on them since the 1990’s, but no one was paying attention. Russia has been selling serious hardware to China. This benefits Russia, short term. But, war with Russia in China’s “10 Inevitable Wars” list.

            But, that’s after they break the US…

            • I’m aware of their pacts- but that isn’t related to my point- which is China openly backing Russia’s play on this is MUCH more than a simple nod-and-wink. This also tells you just how big China has gotten for their britches- they could care less what (if any) our reaction is to their support of Russia. This speaks VOLUMES about their attitude towards us. Dismissive. As though we’re nothing but the junkies passed out in the hallway of their shooting gallery. “Meh- just walk around them…they’re nothin but garbage”. They’re looking at us as nothing but useless feeders. THAT to me is the scariest part of this whole mess….so far.

              • They are looking at US, exactly as we have become. I live in PDX, and do not have to go too far out the front door, to see lots of “useless feeders”. Lot’s of them, half of them illegally here, live in the same apt complex.

                Don’t be scared by this. Civilizations rise, and they fall. Usually due to weakness, complacency, apathy, etc. There was a time when real Americans cared about this country, and her future. Now, they think they are entitled to a big screen TV, and all they can eat.

                Our country was usurped from within, a century ago. The WW2 generation nailed the coffin shut. We have been on borrowed time for a long time. There are no longer enough real Americans left to restore America.

                America’s fate is plain as day to the world. China, most of all.

                • I don’t disagree IN THE LEAST about the weakness in this formerly great country. I work in Springfield (Springtucky to locals) and in the entire building of nearly 2,000- about 90% of the “men” are nearly indistinguishable from women in their mannerisms/behavior. It’s disgusting. BLEEPING METROS!! Hit me up on email sometime- we could meet and have coffee or a beer somewhere in between. while on that subject- I think there’s enough of us mossbacks on here to where it might not be a bad idea to start networking. No reason we can’t meet, get to know each other and weed out the douchebags while maintaining OPSEC and having a cold one!

                  • might help if I put my email address in there:
                    [email protected]

                  • Everyone buy a cheap used computor… craigs list, ebay… what ever. Stirp it of everything except an operating system and the basics to email. Make a google e mail count with all fake info. Only use the computor with the fake google acount and your “new” monicore here at a coffe house, or anywhere you can “borrow” bandwith for free via wifi. If we all do this then we have our underground via here and the distro list we build. Then we plan. Pay cash for the computor and give the person you buy it from now info. Try to find one with out a web cam. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS. …. starting here.

        • NAVY VETERAN (Connecticut)– video “I will not comply” at

        • SGT Report– “Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate (steal) Firearms– gives Gun Owners 90 days…” My, but money is such a strong incentive!

        • Currently have the game. Very fun. No joking. I don’t see the reason why not to play.

        • Nope… the video game that most resembles real life (5 days into such a war, were it to occur) would be… Defcon.

      2. I’d probably shit in my drawers w/ those electronic versions. We still like to bring out the old hex board games from Avalon Hill. Slow and steady, roll of the dice.

        • This is one move that really concerns me…

          Hmmm. We know a strategically placed EMP over the center of the U.S. could be a game changer.

          Russia Seeks Access to Bases in 8 Countries for its Ships and Bombers – including CUBA

          “At a time of escalated tensions with the West over Ukraine, Russia says it is negotiating with eight governments around the world for access to military facilities…


          “Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday the military was engaged in talks with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Algeria, Cyprus, the Seychelles, Vietnam and Singapore.”

          • Yes, Dangerous stuff.

          • KY Mom-

            Well, if one pokes & antagonizes the Russian ‘grizzly’, what does one expect?

            As the USA-ZOG pushes for global hegemony for the benefit of the pernicious money-grubbing tribe..methinks they’ve pushed the envelope too far..this time!

            Time will tell, I guess.

            • NO!! I said DON”T poke the bear!
              Silly Buckwheat.

          • There’s talk in the alternative media that Obama wanted to detonate an EMP over the US last fall but was thwarted by the military. I believe it was reported by Dr. Jim Garrow who founded the Pink Pagoda ministry in China to help baby girls get adopted. Given that he’s a Christian I would tend to believe what he says.

          • Ky Mom, there is probably already more than one EMP parked over us right now. China and Russia and maybe North Korea have them.

          • KY Mom didn’t we go through that Cooba thing with JFK?

        • You had to think with those games.

      3. I have been playing Battlefield4 for a couple of months. I never realized this was based on an actual place. And in the Ukraine, WOW!

        • I am a BF4 fan myself… In addition to the entertainment value, it is actually a fantastic simulation requiring strategy and communications to achieve military goals. For me, it’s the next best thing to Airsoft and Paintball.

          I happened across that Daily Mail article this morning and saw the actual pictures and it hit me that it closely mirrors the BF4 Zavod 311 map. Looked into it, and it turns out the developers used that specific tank depot to build the game!

          I don’t know what to make of it… I REALLY want to say it’s a coincidence that this is happening in the Ukraine now and that this facility is coming into focus.

          But you never know…

          • I’ve played damn near all of them mac but Joint Operations and Tribes had to have been the best of them all for multiplayer war gaming.

            • I remember .05 pinball at the bowling alley!

              • Pitchin’ pennies.

                • Mumbly Peg.

                  • Steal the bacon

                  • Loved playing that, just wasn’t tall enough to keep going.

                  • My all time favorite is still hide the weenie.

          • supposedly there is a Tom Clancy book (Command Authority) that almost mirrors what is going on in the Ukraine right now. I have not read it, but my husband, who is a huge fan of Clancy said it was shocking the similarities between what is happening right now and the book.

      4. All Out War on an Unprecedented Scale and Scope.
        – As opposed to global scale with nuclear weapons, which we have already had.

      5. This article isn’t worth reading. It is boring and silly. Please on.the real deal going down and if its serious or propaganda.

        • There is A LOT of info out there about what is happening in Ukraine… I just happened across the Daily Mail report and thought it was of interest. I found it quite intriguing.

          For continued coverage of what’s happening with Ukraine/Russia/Crimea/US/Eruope, check out ,, … and, of course, we’ll most certainly report on key developments here if necessary.


          • Fuckem The prepared are allow a minute to laugh and reflex.

            • ya facebook , laugh and relax is important.
              As i dream of all that scrap metal tonnage $$$$$$$$$$
              Pure bliss !!

          • Thanks. ill look

        • Go to RT for another side of the story…

          • BINGO! RT tv News has one woman reporter that really made a great point of how can John Cohn(kerry) have the Audacity to go live tv and tell the world that russia has no right to “invade” another country!….has Cohn(kerry) already forgotten how usa invaded Iraq? Afgan? or has close to a thousand army bases across the globe?

            Then she really came in for a kill shot! When she asked “How in the world can any usa officials and msm tv news shows keep bashing any atrocities done or percieved to be done, when usa officials like Cohn(kerry) and Fox news reporters NEVER say a single word of what Israeli officials condone, and promote being daily done for decades to palestinian innocent little kids, women, old folks there?”

            Very Good Point eh. Especially now that Tons and Tons of yutube type videos exist that shows IDF israeli military men shooting 4-5-6 yr old kiddies in the heads and in their Back’s as they try to run away in Palestine. Then bust out laughing and congratulating each other for it.

            DAILY SHEEPLE Website, Today had a very good expose’ article highlighting these very atrocities perpetrated upon palestines folks by israeli IDF soldiers. And outlines the many “rules” imposed upon palestinians By Israel state govnt laws etc…Laws like NO groups more than 10 persons allowed publically OR private in a home or they get 10 yrs in an Israeli Prison.

            RT tv documentaries also shows how every daily normal activity We in usa take for granted as a right of life, is Forbidden to palestinians folks BY state of Israel laws. They must obtain a state permit to go to the store, to work, to a friends birthday party for the kids and so on.

            Ironic FOX TV or CNN et al Never report on ANY such atrocities perpetrated by israel state govnt and its horrific killing machine called IDF soldiers.

            This won’t last too much longer due to RT and many Online websites, as well as private individuals and various reporters and journalists have about Had it up to their eye balls with israel gets a 100% Free Pass on such behaviours, while at same time israel and their self chozens cousins in america at major msms and hollywood continue to beat the drums of “Oy Vey Woe is Us jewish victims”!…Too many folks have awakened to their many Lies, and hoaxes. Soon that proverbial Ballance Scale of justice is going to be Lop sided and the side of Justice and Truth is going to weigh so Heavy on that truth justice side of scales…That no amount of further Lies, swindles, scams, or MSM Goyim sell out traitirs as seen on Live tv daily are going to ever again convince a majority of folks to ever believe another word they say in defense of israel, or idf, or the many jewish issues always promoted. Even self chozens, master race believers cannot keep getting away with blatent lies and atrocious actions as they have been doing.

            Once enough usa folks wake up, every major MSM persons like Hannity and wolf blitzer etc will have to go deep into hideing I rekon…They won’t get away with claims of “gee I never Knew that stuff!” or “Gee I just reported what my Boss says to report”!

            Dat dont fly swell at Neurenburg II eh! Up against that Wall MF’ers!

      6. Things don’t look too good. Sure glad Obummer has our best interests as his main goal and that Ketchup Boy is going to do all the negotiating.

        • No need to worry…

          Obama’s negotiating has been compared like this…

          Putin is playing chess, and Obama is playing marbles – and badly at that.

          • More like Putin Il Duce is playing chess and Obama is bowling an 86.

          • Or , The chicken shitten on the chess board ?

      7. The people of the Crimea are not the ragheads of the middle east. They do not drag their woman by their ears or shoot little girls going to school. I have known many from this area, they are educated and have all or more of the weapons of the west. No matter ocommie’s red lines or other rhetoric Russia will defend this area.

        • And the millions of the Russians there will back Putin as well. This port has been Russia’s for 200 years. Nato and the USA’s henchmen have no right to say fvkall about who what where.. Asshats all of em.

          • If not for Putin .02, ocommie and McLame would have started WWIII in Syria. Maybe they will succeed in the Crimea.

            • agree 100% dog

          • Guantomano Bay has been a US base for over a hundred years. The difference is that we negotiated a lease with Cuba for the right to use their territory. Kind of like the British did with Hong Kong. I guess Putin Il Duce would rather invade than negotiate a long term lease. The 15 billion the Ukraine needed for their economy would have been a good down payment along with a token annual payment. It’s not too late to make the offer, no major blood has been spilled yet. It can be avoided, if it’s not then it falls squarely on Putin Il Duce.

            • I’d like to add that if Putin Il Duce was to negotiate a lease, he would receive the Nobel Peace Prize and be received at the UN as the greatest leader of our times. He’d be the runner up for the first global president, nudging out that other nobel peace prize winner.

            • Rick, the Russians do have a long term lease with Ukraine for the bases. Also the Russians came to an agreemnent with the Ukrainians, Germans, French and somebody else that I can’t remember right now, about the status of the current government. The Ukrainian rioters refused to abide by the agreement.

              • Correct maudy, they had a deal with a hand shake back in November. It actually included the aforementioned monies. Then McLame went Kiev and stuck is bomb – bomb Ukraine two cents in and started the shit as he and his pals have been doing around the world. Reality is the Russians need the area to be stable for their safety and the EU and US need it in chaos to hide the coming collapse.

              • They do have a lease, my mistake for not looking it up. What I did find was that the lease is and was opposed by the Ukrainian people, the Russians controlled Ukraine government negotiated the agreement. The people of Ukraine wanted a referendum and a constitutional amendment to allow the lease. The will of the people was ignored.

            • Man turn OFF FOX TV! Russia did NOT Invade crimea. A Signed letter from ukrains duly ELECTED PREZ, Illeaglly ousted, was shown at UN special council meeting russia requested be held. ALL world leaders reps there at UN Saw that Letter Requesting Russian Military’s Help to Protect Ukraine folks. The ONLY folks in crimea angry and against it are that very tiny 2% that are Tartar Muslims opposed to Putin and russia.

              Oh and that $15 Billion, Putin already PAID Ukraines govnt $3 Billion of it. Putin is only holding back the rest untill ukraines govnt gets their phony act together again. The Only Violations are being perpetrated BY usa state dept, Its jewess Nuland, AIPAC neocons and liberals dems, and usa’s Master rulers in Telaviv israel. Vidoes, Leeked Tapes of her and ukraine usa ambasador plans, and tons More proof solid are very easy to locate.

              Do You really believe 5 TOP Ukraine Naval and Military commanders would go on RT TV live to tell world they are vowing loyalty TO: Ukrains Const, its elected Prez exiled in russia now for his own safty, and so has a vast Majority of reg avg navy and army men pledged loyalty to same. They are now even talking of creating a NEW navy and Military based in Crimea!

              Now why would all them do that if russia invaded ukraine?

              But maybe what really motivated them all is the Facts that usa state dept jewess Nuland has Funded Rogue neonazis, and rogue new govnt replacements SHE hand Picked eh.

              Like the 3 new Olygarchs multi Billionaires rogue new govnt has appointed as 3 new ukraine governers.

              One of which LIVES permanantly in Switzerland! Not lives in ukraine! Lives in swissland!…And either he or one of other 3 guys, just recently was taken off INTERPOLS, Most wanted List for charges of corruption, and Murder!

              But You think thats good or what?..Or perhaps think whatever Fox tv says to eh. Wake Up!

              USA Is being Used BY telaviv, aipac, zionist jews to create that NWO system. Putin is the ONLY nation Leader who is against Jewish banksters, and jewish zionists NWO efforts. we should be so Lucky to get a White Pro america Leader 1/2 as good or smart as putin.

            • The Russians had a lease on the naval base until 2042, the “new” government wanted to invalidate it. Russia’s major Black Sea port. Your example of the American base in Cuba is an excellent point. What would we do if the government in Cuba changed and they said we had to get out of Gitmo? I don’t see American saying OK we will be gone in a couple of weeks.

          • Just Obumber trying to drag US into a war,,, again. Speak out people. We stopped him from invading Syria by turning public opinion against him. No WW3!!

            • At least Putin has the support of the Russian people. What’s Obama got?

              Saw a photo today of Obama ‘on the phone’ talking to Putin in Russia for 90 minutes. The caption basically says Obama gave Putin an earful! Whaa hahahaha. Yeah right! Horse shit if there ever was. More like Putin told Obama to stick to something he’s good at, like golf.

              Seeing as how China is backing Russia over their handling of the Ukraine, the US should sit down and be quiet before we get a bloody nose and kick in the ass for causing trouble and meddling in Russia’s front yard.

          • There may well be millions of Russians there, but in spite of Stalin- there are still more Ukrainians there, and they haven’t forgotten Holodomor.

        • And the women there are gorgeous!!!

          • Well, mine is. Yours has a mustache.

        • The people of Crimea are fleeing to Lviv, west Ukraine, out of fear of the Russian invasion.

      8. Think thats scary? Read “Daemon” by Daniel Suarez. Now that is scary (if not happening now, hard to tell).

      9. I’m sticking with Mario. 🙂

      10. Things are not looking good. In Ukraine. I never thought it would come to this, because we have a prez. that is so week! This might the reason it is happening!

        Just read an article that Poland is mobilizing its military. Stated they will not fall to Russia again.
        It dose look like we have some leaders in Europe with some Balls.

        I still think this is a European problem, but like Poland it is part of NATO.

        Let us all PRAY this doesn’t get hot. If it dose it might get as hot as the sun in some areas.
        also the first that strikes with an EMP will have an upper hand.

        Just looking at what I have read in the last several days it looks Like.
        N. Korea
        The rest of NATO States (I think around 15)
        S. Korea
        Saudi Arabia
        CAN WE SAY W.W.111

        • It is NOT Putin against Obama, it is Putin against the central bankers. Obama is temporary office help that takes memos for the real powers.

          • LOL .02!!!!

            That was a home run, in my book!!!

          • .02

            It is the pushers and shakers of Wall Street and the Central Banks aided by Politicians.

            Three dimensional chess.

            Top layer are the Bankers.
            Middle Layer are the Military.
            Bottom Layer the Politicians.

        • It is weak not week it is DOES not dose. Everyone of your posts have fucked up mistakes and you became a Sgt of police? Fuckmeblind *shakes head* I would hate to read your reports.

          • No need to attack .02. Give it a break.

            • Ok SGT, I quit.. no more attacks…

              • .02
                I don’t want you to give up your beliefs. You have an opinion and the right to state it.
                What I have said all along is I don’t believe it is right to put all LEO’s in the same box, because I live on the other side of many LEO’s and I’m put down by them all the time. When the time comes we will see who is right. And I believe it will be me.
                What upsets me the most is that people will put all LEO’s in the same box. That is like putting all Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, ECT. in the same the same box. It is not right or fair.
                I also request from you when you reply to some others watch the language. I believe you are smarter than that. I have read a lot of your post, and I believe you are a very smart guy. You don’t need the foul language.

                • Foul language adds effect. For example I could say something like “you unclean contusing penis sucking female dog” but it just don’t seem to have the desired effect..

                  • 02
                    See I said you were a smart guy. It doesn’t sound as foul but it is funnier. I LMAO. Very good.

                  • My wife tells me this all the time. Those nasty words just help some times.

                    Example… Her.. How was your day? Me..Bad
                    Her.. How was your day hotbuns? Me.. Fucking Bad. See that? You KNOW I had a bad day.

                  • It was a buttfvkin whore hopping shit kicking nightmare! Now see.. THAT is a bad day.

                • Howdy, Sarge. In the last article, I read the exchanges between you, CJ, and .02. I agree .02 is not facing reality in lumping all LEOs together. I’m not familiar with CJ, but he sounded sincere and to be a straight shooter. I almost jumped into that debate but I was called away for something else.

                  • Brave:
                    CJ dose sound a lot like me. I believe that people just might find that there a lot of us LEO’s that will take the side of the people.
                    I can’t wait to hear some more wisdom from him. He dose
                    seems to be a strait shooter.
                    02 is alright he just thinks different that I do.
                    How the smoking going. I pray that you quit.
                    Been to any gun shows lately. I’ve been working on 45’s 9mm’s 223’s 6.8mm’s. got all of them done now working on around 700 Rds of 30 Carbine. Lot of work for me, but way things are going with Russian and China acting tuff, I might need them.
                    AIM SMALL MISS SMALL.

                  • Thanks…I don’t post on here much but will jump in on certain topics. I’ve been doing the job long enough to know that no matter what people will hate me just because of my job…and I know there is a long history of well documented police abuses in this country. I’d like to think that there are a few of us out there though who actually do the job the public expects of us. I’m not trying to convince anyone that abuses don’t occur, just simply that we aren’t all “bad”. If people like .02 want to hate me, trust me…I’m not losing any sleep.

                • Dale, I’m pretty sure we all are adults here, and you don’t need to police this site, if you or anyone else doesn’t like it get the fuck off. Isn’t freedom of speech a right you recognize? I myself find it extremely hard to be so nice when it comes to making a point about the fucked up corruption, and with all the other attacks on the constitution, you don’t need to tell people what they can & can’t say. If its offensive, skip that comment or thumb them down whatever, buts it our choice.

        • I forgot India Our side
          Pakistan has agreement with China
          Pakistan their side.
          India and Pakistan hate each other.

      11. Have they found the Halo rings yet…tell me when THAT happens.

        • Ha Ha.

      12. Veteran Alerts( I have a vet here, but he is old and if they checked his VA records, they know to not waste their time)


        They stop immediately in front of my driveway, look up at my home office window above the garage. I can see into their cab compartment and they generally make a notation on a lap-top. They will be on location for about 3 or 4 minutes and then depart

        100 HEADS!

        • That was your local cable company.

        • Veterans Alert…

          Obama Declares Countless Veterans Incompetent So That He Can Take Away Their Guns

          “Starting last year, Veterans started receiving letters declaring their incompetence and demanding they hand over their guns. … Veterans are fighting back.

          So far, Obama’s gun grabbing agenda has created victims out of over 129,000 veterans—a number that is still rising. We all know that Obama is seeking to disarm the American people and is finding any means in which he can do so.”

          “VA officials report these ‘incompetent’ veterans to the FBI’s NICS database, sometimes WITHOUT the veteran’s knowledge.”

          “The veterans are allowed to fight back through an appeals process, but several of those that have filed appeals claim the VA administrative office will not release the agreed upon information. As it turns out, the VA has been ruling these veterans incompetent without a hearing but instead with the stroke of a pen—sound familiar?”

          “The USJF (United States Justice Foundation) has received numerous complaints from military veterans around the country who are being declared incompetent to handle their own financial affairs and then told that they can no longer purchase or own firearms or ammunition.

          This determination is being made WITHOUT due process protections for the veterans and the basis for the incompetency ruling is often arbitrary and without a factual or legal basis.”

          • Ain’t you got some dishes to wash woman ?

        • You’ve been into the vanilla extract again?

          • Funny.

          • lmfao!!!

        • I was listening to the scanner on Broadcastify the other day and a young woman called in an attempted home invasion describing two males carrying rifles. She got pictures of them and the getaway vehicle on her phone so every available unit was dispatched to the area.

          They caught the guys doing the same thing at another house up the road, but their rifles turned out to be metal detectors. It was the water company checking meters.

        • JayJay-

          Sit in that office window & watch them thru a scoped rifle..when they look up, they’ll get the message!

        • Yup, this concerns me. Has anybody seen Old Vet? He said a white truck with dark tinted windows was in his driveway and he stared them down for about 3 minutes and then they drove away.


      13. According to an official estimate for 1 January 2014, the population of Russia is 143,700,000.

        • That’s one thing the U.S. and Russia have in common, we can both increase our populations rapidly, we just use different methods. That Asshole Bully Putin in Russia just rolls out the military and overruns all the surrounding countries, and Wahla double the populations. Now on the other hand this Whimpy Socialist Obama just opens the border with Mexico and we add Multiple Millions to our population. Only difference is, Russia enslaves there increase, and our increase enslaves us. Trekker Out.

      14. Trippy… “predictive programming”.

      15. There is a total MSM blackout on the $5 billion spent by the Globalists to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine. First it was the Orange revolution that didn’t work, now this. The poor Ukrainians don’t have a chance. They’re stuck in the middle of a power grab by two different geopolitical entities. Don’t pick sides. There are no good guys in this one. Just victims. The Globalists went after Russia with the nonsense in Georgia that didn’t work. Then the war in Syria, which is a war for natural gas business in Europe that is currently owned by the Russians. The Russians better wake up. This whole mess is nothing more than a full court press by the Globalists to knock of Russia. I hate the Globalists more than I hate the Russian government. Remember, that it’s the Globalists that want your guns, your borders, the north American Union, etc.

        • The globalists want a one world government and they want to reduce the world’s population to 500 million or so.

          It’s hard to consider Ukraine’s government to be democratically elected. Especially when it was pro-Russia. Russia murdered 5 million Ukrainians through starvation in the 1930s. I can’t imagine that any country hates another one more than Ukraine hates Russia.

          • Where is the list of these “Globalist” and their addresses, pictures, families?
            We need a Mike Vanderbough for these folks as well.
            Maybe Snowden can help us, again…

            • Mcdave, you have them in your community. They are easy to spot. They are the ones with their hands in everyone else’s pockets.

              Get busy and know who they are.

              • Ahhh..yes. I know of these people.

            • The Rockefellers are part of it. They were rich enough to own part of the Federal Reserve. Other people who are part of it are members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg group. The Bush family is rumoured to be a part of it too. It would explain a lot if people like Bush and Obama were really on the same side.

          • It was the Bolsheviks in power and the Russians know who/what they are. But still, it was Russians killing Ukrainians but the lower levels always do the corrupted powers bidding. Today, the slimy Zionists are not as invisible as in the past and I hear the average Russian Ukraine in Crimea are well educated.

          • Barn Cat, it was 7 million, in only 1 1/2 years in the early thirties. It was the Jewish Led NKVD that did the dirty work. Led by Lazar Kaganovich. Probably the reason the Ukrainians joined the Germans during WW2 against the commies.

            • Sure, blame the Jews when the bad guys were the Russians.

              • Now you’ve done it. time for one to the JoooHater sock puppets to pull out a cut-and-paste regurgitation of their usual talking points, then change sock puppets a few times and give themselves lots of thumbs up, back slapping and congratulating themselves on how “AWAKE” they are and what fools the rest of us are. Ptui.

          • Barn Cat-

            Again…since you appear to be overly dyslexic when it comes to correctly processing information and historical truth. FYI…

            It wasn’t Russian gentiles who murdered millions of Christian was a bunch of ‘Synagogue-of-Satan-Jewish Bolsheviks’ in self created positions of authority within their revolutionary apparatus.


            And don’t even try to tell me otherwise, as while in college, the dorm room across from mine was occupied by a Ukrainian guy named Anatoli(sp) and he set most of our floor straight..when it came to identifying who the real monsters of the hood where..per the HOLODOMOR!
            Yep, they were jewish!

            Then there was Peitor Dombowski from Poland, a chemistry major. He educated many concerning the (jewish)NKVD massacre at Katyn the same cretins.


            Please don’t take my word for it Barn Cat..but do get.. OFF YOUR LAZY ZIO-CHRISTIAN ASS..and at least research the above yourself.

            You’re a sad case many here have provided you w/ links, data and truths, in an attempt to get you to see thru the zionist lies clouding your otherwise sound intellect.

            ..and per your christian-zionist religion..don’t you find it odd, that many such denominations, submitted their bibles to the “US Council of Rabbis” for proof reading and verification of text..prior to hitting the printing presses?

            WTF was up w/ that idea?

            Can you grasp the concept of “subversion thru infiltration”…call it the 5th column types..on a mission against Western Civilization, so to speak.

            Have the guts to go down the rabbit-hole BC & find the truth…otherwise, stay in the barn..and cower..whilst clinging to your synagogue-of-satan supporting religious dogmas..sans a kosher pacifier, of course!

            • Sure, blame the Jews for everything. That’s what Satan wants and you’re so quick to fall for it.

              • Barn Cat, you are a troll. You cut and paste the same response over and over. You have the exact same post every time any light is shed on the Jewish atrocities. You change you name about every week or two. You wont look at or recognize any arguments because you have an agenda and quite possibly are being paid by the Jewish mob. In Short. You suck.

            • Hey .02, I think they have begun to sneak in truckloads of jews into the ukraine to stir up trouble. I heard from a reliable source that they are using exploding commodes to wipe out ukranians before they can even wipe their butts. It’s just like them jews to pull something like this while a guy just wants to take a crap in peace. You know how they are all greedy and such and I wouldn’t put it past them knowing what you are up to. If i was you I’d put my money up under my trailer where they couldn’t get their greasy jewish fingers on it and you really should get rid of them nasty pictures of you and them farm animals…..

          • PURE BULLSHIT Barn Cat! Why do you Keep repeating this crap when You KNOW after AHAB’s Post yesterday, as well as many posts by several more folks here that the Ukraine Holodomere was perpetrated By Jewish Kommie Bolsheviks who Controled Russia back then entirely.

            Seems any facts that involve jews in a negative way barn cat you cannot simply accept it as Fact or Truth huh?

            you need to wake Up!….And you can also Bet ye ass if we do see a WWIII, it WILL be another swindle, instigated, Run, Profited BY jews same as the first Two world wars were!….Jewish Banksters, Jewish zionists, jewish AIPAC, jewish SPLC, jewish ADL and jewish 300 More jewish run Orgs that care NOT for Goyim gentiles at All.

            Its their Religion fool…research some talmud, and truth websites of the issues…Russia Today is NOT still a soviet ussr run by Jews. Russia is re instituting its ORIG Christian heritage, and counts Putin as a christian member. Go view some ussr soviet BIO’s and actual PHOTOS of the Top Soviet leader JEWS barn cat…Read their jewish Birth names before they changed names to HIDE that Fact….Jew Butchers of CHEKA Mass Murdered MILLIONS!

            get Over jewish fables and get with Real Facts.

            Or else you Will get HOLOHOAXED…Again!

            • Thank you for being honest up front- that what followed in your post was pure bull crap.

          • Brother Barn Cat; Please , get it right! Russian White Christians were themselves murdered by the same devils as the Ukrainians were, Bolshevik JEWS!!! With information that was hidden for decades now flying across this planet, one must wonder, how is it that you don’t yet know this?

        • Oh make no mistake Putin is wide awake. Remember, he arrested the Jew power behind Yukos. He knows the score and between us two, I would trust Putin over anyone of our sold out politicians.

        • Sorros, is in the mix somewhere.

          • Bingo!

          • I knew Zorro had something to do with it.

            • The Gay Blade!

      16. The globalists definitely want World War III. Obama failed to deliver that last fall. I think they also want a limited nuclear exchange as a way to achieve their ends. If Washington DC was nuked while Congress and the Supreme Court were in session Obama could rule as a dictator. It also might collapse the economy. I think a nuclear strike on New York City would achieve that.

        The flashpoint could be Ukraine or it could be Japan but it’s coming.

        Some say that World War III will be blamed for the collapse of the dollar. If that’s the case, something very serious would have to happen soon. I’m not saying it will but it’s definitely something to watch for.

        • World war 4 will be fought with clubs and stones.
          Arabs have a saying: My father rode a camel, I drive a car, my son flies a jet, his son will ride a camel.

      17. JayJay that’s interesting. Makes ya wonder what all those people will eat if the breadbasket is destroyed by war. Or if the Ukrainians refuse to plant for the Russians.
        We sure live in interesting times.

      18. America is no longer serious about keeping a battle ready military. Unfortunately other things are more important to this current un-United States.

        The New American Soldiers Somehow, I don’t think they would fare too well against the Russians in a serious war.

        • I really did NOT need to see that.

          • Hell Mcdave. maybe you should try one of these since you don’t seem to be able to pick women very well.

            • ops sorry got you mixed up with mclovin

              • Yea, you’re not the first one to say that. I’ve been known to use that handle, when I’m acting single…

        • A more explicit warning would’ve been nice…yuck~

        • Wild Goose, that was 1 tough video to see. Those gay troops could be defeated by any gangs out there. they won’t stand a chance against anyone.

          • Hard to maneuver well in high heels. And what if one breaks a nail trying to reload?

      19. Our government, under the auspices of the Globalists, attacked Serbia, killing about 3000 civilians and destroying the Serbian infrastructure. Why? So the Globalists could steal a big part of Serbia (Kosovo) and give it to Albanian Muslims who had only lived there for about 30 years at that time. Why? Pipelines. We still have two large military bases there. Camp Bondsteel and Camp Montieth. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), was put on the international terror list by the US. Until the Globalists decided they could use them. Then we took them off the list and turned them loose on the Serbs. The head of the KLA, Hashim Thaci, is now the President of Kosovo. He had been listed by Interpol as a leading Heroin smuggler into Europe at that time. Go figure.

        • Maudy, there was never any good reason to turn against the Serbs at all. They were our allies in WW2. they helped to rescue hundreds of downed American bomber crews and get them back to Allied lines. I had a relative who was a tailgunner on a B-24 who was shot down in 1944 after a bombing raid on the Romanian oilfields at Ploesti. Those oilfields were a major source of fuel for the Nazi war machine until the Russians captured it later in that year. My relative and his crew were met by Serbian partisans who helped get them back to Allied lines and avoid capture by the Germans. I can’t blame the Serbs for their hatred of us.

      20. Satan is delighted with the hatred and strife seen all over the earth. Nice work Barry. You will receive your 72 virgins as promised, and as requested all male.
        (head pats)

        • He’ll be doing more than patting those heads.

          • He was taught well by his two Kenyan brothers. Neal and Bob.

            • 🙂

        • Mcdave; Our glorious President may, from time to time, accept a penis into the country’s First Anus, there is no reason to put a label on the guy!

      21. The US said we were in a Global War on Terror. Thousands of our troops were killed and thousands more injured. Trillions of dollars down the tube. But wait. The US uses terror groups when it suits the US and the Globalists. Here is a partial list just from my memory. The KLA in Serbia/Kosovo, the PKK (Kurds) against Iran, the MEK against Iran, Al Qaeda against the Russians in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda (Sunnis) against Assad in Syria, Al Qaeda against the new Iraqi government, because the Iraqi government is Shia. Also, Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Globalists have no shame. Soon, they will get around to us.

        • BY way of deception….

        • Maudy, it’s sad but true. The US will pay dearly for everything it’s done around the world since WW1.

      22. Would you like to play a game? Maybe you would like to play ‘Thermonuclear war’.

      23. We are NOT engaged in War with Russia! That is a sensational statement. The continued weakening of our military, economy, and gross lack of leadership internationally, plus the awareness that Obama is a liar by our allies and enemies alike, have created an international atmosphere where Russia and China feel emboldened. Russia (Putin) has wanted the Ukraine back into the Russian fold since the departure and establishment of that new country. The Ukraine holds strategic positioning for Russia with two deep water ports that will greatly help the Russian Navy. The mineral and other resources of the Ukraine, along with the strong cultural history, makes bringing them back into Mother Russia all the more important. Putin knows Obama is not even a good “paper tiger” and Obama is a radical ideologue transfixed with transforming America into the new global community. In essence, America has quickly slipped from being the scary big brother with a big stick on the international stage. Obama is talk, not even good talk, but all talk with no action and no intention to engage, and Putin has dialed-in on Obama and has him figured out.

        There have always been (on and off) Russian ships in our hemisphere, and Chuck knows this as well. There is a verified report of one Russian Navy ship docked in Cuba to move quickly, if need be, to assist with the spiraling out-of-control events in Venezuela which has strategic importance to Russia, as it should to us but will also be purposefully ignored by the United States and those in office sworn to defend our nation from all enemies.

        Russia is moving to consolidate regions and gain strategic positions as I mentioned above with the Ukraine, plus many Ukrainians’ want back into alliance with Russia; many do not which sets up the classic civil war scenario unfolding. We are NO CLOSER to being engaged in a war with Russia than we were a couple of weeks ago when the Ukrainian situation began to unfold.

        The United States along with France, England, Canada are now going to boycott the G-8 Conference in Russia at the site of the Olympics. But other than some economic sanctions against Russia, there is nothing America can do. The real story here is the transfer of international influence now taking place before our eyes…America is on the decline on the international stage, and the world knows it, as well as the enemy states.

        Lyle Rapaki

        • Vlad,
          You don’t have to love him, but ya gotta like him.

        • Nice find Jay Jay…

          It’s my belief at the end of all this Crimea will go from Autonomous Republic Of Crimea to Independent Republic of Crimea…
          Under the protection of Mother Russia…

          This, I believe, is the goal, and I further believe it will succeed…This can’t be stopped nor do I think it should be…

          Crimea was part of Russia for about 100 years after the Crimean War in the 1850’s and was only given to Ukraine in 1954 …Most speak Russian… The Tartars are very small minority…
          Last but certainly not least…Vlad is not going to give up his largest warm water port ever!!! No way no how!!!!

          • The Tatars are a small minority because Stalin had them shipped out of Crimea and replaced with Russians just as he did to east Ukraine and again after the Holodomor. There is no genuine Ukranian or Crimean support for what Russia is doing. Those are transplants.

      24. People, people, people.

        Buck-toothed runt Laddy Putin knows perfectly well that more than enough Cold War warriors who know how to hit him where it counts still are around in these here United States and still have what it takes to take him on and grind him into a fine powder.

        He need only reminisce back to the late 1980’s to recall what was done to him, to his KGB, to his economy, and to his society.

        It can be done again. Without breaking a sweat.

        This Obama nonsense will pass soon enough. Putin has had his fun, but his ball is about to be taken away.

        Not to worry, America.

        Meantime….work hard, be honest, be honorable, do the right thing, and say your bedtime prayers cuz God is watching and listening.

      25. Off Topic…

        9 Must-Have Survival Items For Under $9

        1. Tea tree oil – a natural antibiotic. “It can be used to soothe sore muscles and to clean wounds. Apply in small amounts on lips to prevent and reduce blisters, and spread on the skin to deter insects.”
        2. Fire Starters
        3. Small sewing kits
        4. Portable gun-cleaning kit
        5. Hand warmer packets
        6. Sample packets or travel size containers of generic bandages, aspirin or Tylenol, and a roll of gauze
        7. Flashlights
        8. Signaling mirror
        9. Pool floats “If you opt to travel home or to a safe location by going through the woods to avoid roadways, water may become an issue. Blowing up a pool floating mat or inner-tube may allow you to take a shortcut and wade through water while keeping your bug-out bag dry. If you are tired or injured, floating on the pool toy may also help you reach your destination easier.”

        -Off the Grid News

        • Signaling mirror” emmm I don’t know about that..Why not use smoke signals?

          • .02

            Can’t carry fire in pants pockets. Too hot!


            • Ahahaha lol that cracked me up!

        • #4. Otis deluxe kit.
          #5. Take your .22 and kill two birds and stick them in your pockets for your hands. They’ll work for awhile if you don’t have store bought warmers. (no I’m not making this shit up I’ve actually done this).

      26. Art imitates life, and war is part of life. Who is to say that all data from a game doea not get used by commanders. This is not a game……

      27. Assymetric warfare. War by other means. The Globalists and the US government (one and the same really), have been at war against the Russians for several years now. Using subversion, intimidation, and bribery in eastern Europe. Making Poland and the Czech Republic accept missile systems aimed at Russia. I never thought in a million years that I would find myself defending Russia. The government in D.C. is not our government. You need to remember that when you say you want Obama to be strong against the Rooskies. Before you know it, you’ll be sending your kids to fight and die again.

        • Smedely Butler Maudy– Smedely Butler… I has been this way for over a Century and thank God for the internet or we would still believe Walter Cronkite “and that’s the way it is.” because how would we know any different? It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled, hence the resistance to “awakening.”

          • Howdy, .02. I also have a copy of Smedley Butler’s book, “War Is A Racket”. He was the Edward Snowden of his day. I’ve had his book way, way before the internet.

          • 02: OyVey! we have been HOLOHOAXED!

            DC=Govnt By, For, full of Synagogue of Satan tribe.

      28. Yeah, the killers controlling us need a distraction from the recent pushback worldwide of their attempt on Syria. That and the continuing dismal economic recovery that get’s worse as we speak. Like FBP said, flip back to our old dreaded adversary Russia, time to duck and cover. On video games, I liked the old Mattel Intellivision and earlier systems that preceded all these kill or be killed games, they were fun to play and did not desensitize players to murder and mayhem, which are the objectives of these war video games.

      29. He’s enjoying his day in the sun. At some point he’ll be dealt with just like the rest. Soon as his usefulness is over.

        • Yeah wrong

          He’s just another ‘groid in the hood
          who thinks he can go up against the
          Russian Bear with a switchblade knife.

        • “At some point he’ll be dealt with just like the rest. Soon as his usefulness is over.” Do you mean, maybe he will go the way of the bankers?

      30. I admit I miss the story here.

        • That’s okay, Matthew.
          I think I got sidetracked myself.

          …, where was I…..?

      31. 1. I have always believed that one way we draft boys/young men into the armed services through video games made by Pentagon-fronted companies.

        If I knew a young ‘Woodward and Bernstein’ I’d assign them that story to get to the truth! Call it ‘Video-gate’.

        The video games take their masculine energy and couple it with dopamine release in their adolescent brains which the games themselves trigger, and then teach these young men to kill.

        Do they learn conflict resolution skills? Anger management skills? Dating skills? Heck no.

        Then they sign up to fly drones for real, with their conscience or soul completely deadened to whom they are killing.

        Think that is ok? Well, there are already almost a hundred thousand drones flying over our own air space, and you just might be the next one they are “ordered” to (soulessly) kill..

        2.) About Mac’s article: since the elites/illuminati always signal ahead of time what they intend to do, or will do, then it is highly likely that this game was their telling us about the events to unfold in the Ukraine.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “We hang the petty thief and elect the bigger ones to public office.”

        “War is a racket”. General Smedley

        “In war, truth is the first casualty.” Aeschylus

      32. Repost:
        To Every Vet; this pick-up thing got me into checking with some other vets in my surrounding A O (roughly 15 mile circle). Including my-self a total of 17. Two Korean, 9 Vietnam, 1 Desert Storm, the rest were Iraq, or Afghanistan. Now the scary part of the 17, 5 has said they have seen the pickup, the rest either no or cannot remember seeing it. Now here’s the kicker all 5 of us were in Communications and all of us were RTT (Radio Tele-Type) at some point in time, the common link. For me this is troublesome, because we all had Secret or higher Clearances, of the 5; 3 Army, 1Marine, and 1 Navy. The only thing I can say WTF! This may mean nothing or may mean a lot, but 5 of us in RTT, in a 15 mile circle who would have guessed that. The three Army was Vietnam. I was Army.

        • Old Vet; be careful; very careful! Sounds like what happened in the book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

          • Old Vet: Glad to hear you are safe. Do you mind if I repost your response to another site that is talking about this? There have been many vets posting about being watched.


        • Old Vet, probably just burglars casing your house. There are probably 20 million veterans of all ages roaming the streets these days. Maybe more.

          • Maudy: Vets from all over are reporting being followed or their homes scoped out. This is serious.


      33. Well well well..

        Putin is a crafty KGB operative and is calling the west’s and e.u.s bluff..he maneuvered the troops into Crimea while his own Sochi Olympics were in full swing at a cost of 15 billion to Russia…perfect military maneuvering and strategy..he knows all too well that the western powers will do nothing just as he invaded Georgia in 08..

        The west can posture and threaten all they want with sanctions and whatever else they conjure up and Putin will tell them to fuck off…

        These Russians (and Chinese) are very patient and just as bloodthirsty as the western powers..and they know full well that nothing will result in their operations of invading Ukraine..Our state dept and the Pentagon have been out maneuvered once again by those who know the art of war as they have much history in this global game of chess..Their mindset is totally different than ours by a long shot..

        We always seek consensus amongst our allies(E.U. and NATO)before striking..the Russians never seek consensus..they make the rules and he who first instigates military actions has already made the rules..

        Game over..


      34. Ukraine just happened to be in the wrong place at the wromg time. Last time it was Poland.

      35. Um… I thought World War ONE was the “war to end all wars.”

        • Only till the money ran out.

        • JR it was supposed to be but everyone felt cheated because the flu came along and killed more people than the war did so they put it on the back burner until the 40’s and it was going pretty well but then they all got upset and said we cheated with the thermal nuclear warheads, so they put it on the back burner until..

      36. OK, here’s the way to do it. Let’s say you are Ukraine or Poland, and you either have Napoleon, or the Germans going one way through your land, or the Russians going the other way. Here’s the solution:

        1.) Build giant 20 lane wide highways. Have a lot of road signs saying “INVADERS *THIS* WAY: —>” and point the signs to Berlin or Moscow

        2.) Have a LOT of Motel 8s, McDonalds, Chik-Fil-As, a lot of cheap truck stops to fill up at and play video games for a break.

        3.) Then, just keep herding the invaders to Moscow or Berlin, while SELLING them all the food, gas, etc. they need. Heck, you might even put up an amusement park – and, what the heck – throw in a paint ball range for fun.

        4.) After the inevitable disaster, you sell Moscow, Berlin, or Paris cement, iron, repair materials, etc.

        Am I brilliant or what???

        • Don’t forget you might need to make some “tank parking” available, out back.

          • Me and you can be in charge of Valet parking.

            • Anyone who thinks I couldn’t move one of those bad boys, even if I had to, would be in serious error….and short one tank.

      37. It doesn’t matter what happens world wide, and it makes no difference what happens in America. There is only ONE thing on earth we should all know and care about and this is you cant triple stamp a double stamp. cant triple stamp a double stamp..Lloyd//Lloyd..

      38. I was just looking at some photos of Putin, riding a horse shirtless, his rifle slung over his shoulder and his buck knife at his hip. He was fishing with an open reel, helping to tag tigers and polar bears, and other tasks, like visiting Sochi athletes, and Putin, sitting in the crowd enjoying the games.

        What pictures do we have of OUR “dear leaders” activities?

        …playing golf and one where they had to photoshop him, firing a rifle. Obummer refused to support his own team and didn’t even attend the games.

        Who would you rather look up to?

        • And have you noticed NONE of them ever walk amongst us? They are always surrounded with SS and are distanced from the people. When we attacked and killed Saddam I thought it was ironic that ole Saddam was standing in a crowd of his people all armed with AK47’s shooting in the air and just having a good time raising hell with his people.. Sure Saddam was indeed a prick, but you still have to give the guy credit, NONE of our leaders would even think of such a thing.

        • sixpack that may be true, but don’t give that Thug Putin any praise. And if you think Obama is bad, as he places his foot on our neck, just remember when your looking up to that Thug Putin, he’ll be stomping on you face with his hob-nail boot. Trekker Out. Once A Communist, Always a Communist!

          • Are you saying that Honoi Jane is still a communist?!

            • I mean Hanoi Jane…..

        • Oh Obama does shoot photoshopped guns at Camp David, remember what the hek was that about?

      39. I never played video games. Every time I walked into a truck stop I was traumatized by the sound of the pac man game going off. Every time.

        • and it seems like it’s always close to the door in plain view, huh.

      40. Military will often use video games to simulate real life. In real life people die, cities die, nations dir, the planet dies. In real life death stinks bad and the disease from death spreads all over the place. People have gotten too far removed from what death and suffering really means. The loss of reality is helping fuel everyhting in the world.

        As someone put on the internet, it is death by government. The governments don’t care if you die, they only care about the objective and their own goals. IF the U.S. had a good government then they would never be trying to bully all these countries around. The Ukraine is being instigated by western influences, namely the U.S. The Ukraine people rather be in peace, but the U.S. has this obsession to box in Russia and China. A ploy that is backfiring right into their faces when someone with a huge military says enough is enough. This world must be the laughing stock of the galaxy.

        • Remember when lille shrub was sitting with Putin at the Olympics and thought he could pull a slick inside move on Georgia, and how Russia went in and said “good try, check mate” and did the media squealed then as well? This is such a good thing. If Russia can hold strong and if Putin will check mate the Globalists and their media propagandists once again, maybe..just maybe some of the last die hard asleep deniers with come around. I think it is such fun to watch the total foam out from the talmudvision war shills fall by the wayside.

      41. The information currently circulating through the Western media regarding Russia’s actions is heading towards fever pitch.
        From claims that Russia has seized the entirety of the Crimea to claims that the world power has threatened military action against Ukrainian Navy vessels if they do not surrender, the Western media is doing its best to portray Russia’s military presence as if it were the equivalent of the Nazi invasion of Poland.
        It is, of course, very important to let more rational presentations of the facts prevail, especially when the results of their analysis bear such high stakes.
        To begin with, claims regarding armed Russian troops having “seized” and “taken control over” the Crimea and other cities in Eastern Ukraine are greatly exaggerated. While Russia does have ground troops stationed in Crimea as a result of the presence of Russian Naval bases (which have existed in Crimea ever since the 1990s through lease), there has been no credible evidence that Russian troops are acting outside of the naval bases. Reports that they are have come from largely unreliable sources, including fascist members of the newly installed Western-backed Ukrainian government.
        What is known is that in many areas Ukrainian militias have been formed in order to reject and resist the imposition of Fascism coming from the recently installed putsch government in Kiev. These militias have been occupying government buildings, patrolling streets, and raising the Russian flag in areas they control.
        ((It is important to remember that, simply because an armed group of individuals wearing military style uniforms is seen in a given location, does not mean that they are Russian ground troops)).
        Such is also the case with claims regarding demands of surrender from Ukrainian Navy vessels and the “surrender” of other ships to the Russian military. Sources such as the New York Daily News reported claims that Russia has demanded that two Ukrainian military ships surrender to the Russian fleet on March 3. Immediately, these claims were picked up by other media outlets and reported as fact and examples of how, yet again, the Russian military was taking aggressive action against Ukrainian sovereignty.
        However, the sole source of these claims was the Kiev-centered and Western-backed Ukrainian government. Russia has denied the claims and no credible evidence has been presented to prove them to be true.
        More here if interested:

        • What a load of crap. The Russians will love you, good little useful idiot who spews their state talking points as “fact.”

      42. “What a long strange trip its been”

        We danced and partied like its 1999 for years..smoked, drank,got high, and loved our life and the future that was before us.


        We fell in love and raised a family


        We bbq’d and enjoyed the 4th of July,Thanksgiving and Christmas with family all around us..


        One day we each woke up..on our own time

        Reality came to us each in our own way..


        What have we become?

        What the hell has happened to our nation and the future we held so dear..?

        We are now older and weary from the ways of the world..

        I truly, for the first time in my life, fear for what is ahead of us…for our kids and grandkids..

        “The song is over”
        I’m left with only tears
        I must remember
        Even if it takes a million years..



      43. Another view;You know we had most of this basic armament back in Vietnam and some of the things we had were for our own good ,but years later they came back to kill our health!
        Now this may be a stretch of the imagination( like the video game) but i think most everything we are seeing is just theater for us good little slaves,and when they break out the real weaponry,that we know nothing about its going to be a game changer.

      44. “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” – Benjamin Franklin

      45. Off topic…

        Japan’s Market Breaks

        JPX says Nikkei 225 futures stopped trading after 11 am in Tokyo.

        …system error


      46. Many games and movies actually consults with or advised by various agencies. My thoughts are predictive programing, and the fact it’s on a game like Modern Warfare 3 actually has the Russian’s attack New York City with troops and naval support gives people a reason to ignore the real life parallels and even the consultation between developers and agencies.

      47. Russia’s strategy has always been to ware down the enemy. In the past, they used the vast scale and size of Russia to grind down the French and then the Germans. Draw the enemy in, let them take land, and then let the weather and grim conditions pick them off.

        Now, fast forward to the 21st century. The US has space dominance and space-based weapons, drones, IT, bases across the world, gene weapons, tactical nukes, etc. etc. All this stuff works very well when the object is a shit-box country such as Iraq. But this reach is also weak when the war goes hot. As they found in Afghanistan, the supply lines are long and vulnerable (the biggest user of petrol in the world is the US military). If things kick-off over a wide geographical area – a world war in the truest sense – then watch for the supply lines: they are the vulnerability. Another Russian tactic is to use modern weapons but built ruggedly, quickly and cheaply. So, yes, a Russian tank is not a Mercedes, but it is an easy to repair, maintain and replace weapon. It goes into the field and maybe costs hundred thousand to make, but it takes a million dollar weapon to take it out. At that point it becomes a mathematical formula: cost of deployed weapon vs. cost of destruction weapon times time and divided by space. And, unlike the fanatical Muslims, the Russians can do math.

      48. Nitpicky detail: the flag in the bottom picture isn’t the Russian flag — it’s the Lithuanian flag. Esu amerikietis, bet mano širdis yra lietuviškas…

      49. Grooming young pukes for a draft …… # wto # sanctions

      50. How is this indicative of anything? Games have been doing this for a long time and take real-life. This game has been announced for a long time as a russia vs china vs usa battlefield game, and people act surprised now? This is just sensationalism for the sake of visits on the site. Offers no new information or insight at all.

        News! Game developers use real life locations for games!

        No shit.

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