Real Life Spy Drama On U.S. Bound Plane: “I’m Dead Already, They’re Gonna Kill Me” *VIDEO REPORT*

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Headline News | 128 comments

(Passenger Daniel Perry is escorted off of a United Flight originating in Hong Kong.
Is he a national intelligence asset?)

To add further drama and confusion to the story of Edward Snowden, NSA Spying and Central Intelligence Agency involvement, a passenger on a U.S. bound flight out of Hong Kong Monday claimed that intelligence agents had detained him, were going to kidnap him, take him to a safe house, and that they planned to kill him because of his knowledge about the recently released leaks.

According to witnesses, passenger Daniel M. Perry relayed to other passengers aboard the plane that he was a government worker, a claim that was later confirmed by sources.

According to law enforcement officials the man went on a “bizarre” rant. His actions were described by a CBS news report as an “erratic and disturbing anti-government rant.”

Read the eye witness accounts below and listen to some of the audio and decide for yourself.

Are these rantings of a madman? Or, given that Perry has been verified as a federal employee and was on his way to the United States from Hong Kong, where Edward Snowden is reportedly hiding out, could there be more to this story then just another deranged, unruly commercial airline traveler?

“He complained about being shot with darts during the entire flight,” passenger Jacques Roizen told CBS 2’s Tracee Carrasco.

“He never threatened any individual on the plane. He didn’t threaten to blow up the plane. He didn’t threaten to divert the plane. He was just saying he had information relating to Ed Snowden,” passenger Peter Jones added.

He said he worked for the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi and he was being detained by the CIA and was being transferred and his life was in danger,” Jones told Diamond.

The situation got pretty unnerving in a hurry, passengers said.

All of a sudden, there’s a guy screaming about national security, CIA, covert operations,” said Roizen, of Manhattan.


A man who said he was on the same flight as the unruly passenger and recorded the incident with his phone played the audio for reporters. The passenger who recorded the clip did not wish to give his name.

On the recording the man who caused the incident screamed and repeated “I’m dead” 23 times.

“Snowden? No, he’s right! I know this now, I know this because of what just happened to me. He’s totally right,” the disruptive passenger said, then continued to rant about the NSA.

Jones said he never heard the man threaten passengers or the plane. While the plane was still in the air the FBI said the man had claimed everyone aboard the plane was being poisoned, but the agency later said it was working to clarify what the man said.

“He said something that people are going to poison him, that he was going to die,” Jones said.

On the recording the man claimed to work for the government.

“You work for the CIA! If you work for the National Reconnaissance Office, you will not get a trial by jury. You will not get a trial by jury. They think I’ve done something wrong, put me in front of a judge,” he said, “say I’m guilty.”

In the audio the man claimed to be “dead already, they’re gonna kill me.”

Via Washington Post


“Please God, somebody help me, please somebody help me, somebody help me,” the man is heard screaming on an audio clip that was recorded with a passenger’s smartphone.

“I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead!” the man repeats over and over again.

Roizen said he and several other passengers tackled the agitated man and helped flight attendants handcuff him. They helped keep him settled in place until the plane landed five hours later.

Via Fox NY

Who is Daniel Morgan Perry?

Is he really married to a Chinese spy?

What was he doing on a flight from Hong Kong to the United States, given that he is reportedly a mid east embassy employee?

And why did he freak out about being murdered by the NSA, FBI or CIA?

Some additional videos, reports and interviews follow.

He was screaming something to the effect that he had information about something Edward Snowden released, and that he had information for the U.S. but he was being hussled away by the CIA and being taken away to some safehouse, never to be seen again.

He did not seem excessively disturbed. He was not running up and down the aisles. He was not attempting to hurt anyone. He was not moving about in any agitated fashion.

He was just yelling in a loud voice to make certain that everyone heard him.

That eye witness report is a far cry from the erratic anti-government rant claimed by mainstream media.

Via Thomas Brinkley and Investment Watch Blog:

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    1. DRD5508

      Honestly Mac, everything seems to be excellerating with unlimited distractions away from the White House.
      God help us all.

      • Rodster

        When it comes to the US Govt and it’s leviathan govt branches there is not one thing I can read anymore and dismiss it as conspiratorial.

        • OutWest

          I may be paranoid, but that doesn’t
          mean they’re not out to kill me.

          • Luther

            Not Yet!!!

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              This story [as if it’s a story] is pure, 100%, AAA grade, distraction!

              Boobus sucks it up! Ooooh.

              People wonder why we [as a nation] are circling the toilet bowl.

              Americans are the most propagandized, and ignorant people on the face of the earth!

              And that’s being generous.

              At least the Russians’ under Stalin, and the Chinese under Mao, understood the nature of their tyranny!

              Boobus Americanus thinks he’s “exceptional”. He will chant USA… USA… all the way to a FEMA camp.

              • roast duck

                There is another possibility. If Perry had done something that caused people other than the government to want him killed, and he knew these people would be waiting at the airport, then he found the perfect way to sidestep their actions. He scored himself a police and FBI escort. He may have cheated someone out of a large sum of money, stiffed someone on a big drug deal or slept with an elite’s wife. Curious to see how this plays out.

                • Ghana Serapis

                  May we provide a new term or name for this group described as elite? They are the middle men/women of strife, avarice, and prejudice. Being in the middle is like being a taint between the anus and genitalia. I believe it is the proper definition of where they lay and everything touching them is foul emitting in purpose and aroma. Would it not help the consciousness become educated if we were to use the proper names of things, people and places? The West taints, Europe’s taints, or the Global taints? Genocidal and environcidal policies are the evidence of some form of possession and loyalty to the Ancient of Days. There can be no other explanation. They live from the core of hate for all of earthly life; Satan’s throne. Can we vote on it somehow and properly name murdering, thieving, and raping psychopaths by their proper metaphors?

                • j

                  Anyone that high could easily arrange an accident for him in a holding cell

              • Rabbitnexus

                Watching those cretins in Boston chanting exactly that as they got the full fascist lockdown over a minor crime incident at most, certainly was the most craven and disgusting bit of grovelling idiocy I ever witnessed. Sheer cringeworthy Bathos overload.

          • Be informed

            It seems that the more truthful you are and the more you want that truth to be told to others, the more hated and targeted you become. In this Bizarro country, that ihas become, the concept of honesty and integrity are replaced with lying and spreading as much bull manure as possible to grow as much roses for the rosy covered glasses.

            Seriously, you get further in this world by being a deceitful manipulative butt faced liar. I sure was taught that be dishonest was wrong, and to tell the truth and it will set you free. Instead someone that makes people aware is facing death or life imprisonment. For letting the freedom of information act go way too far in the “government” point of view. It used to be considered that the people were the boss of the government. And they wonder why people are so frightened about even a sliver of 2nd. Amendement being watered down. The one Amendment that protects the people from a runaway government poisoned with control freakness.

            To those that still value the truth and just plain telling that truth, you are a rare breed that use to be so much more common, you are the true patriots and appreciate true freedom for what it is and was meant to be.

            • Cowdoc

              Be sure to read Daisy’s article on Organic Prepper about our Supreme Crooks taking away our fifth ammendment rights today.

              • BraveFart

                Daisy is not even an American.

                She is selling fear and not doing a very good job of it at that.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  BraveFart says:

                  “Daisy is not even an American.

                  She is selling fear and not doing a very good job of it at that.”

                  Daisy is not even a real “Prepper”, although she plays one online.

                  Take away her laptop, her car, the grid, and the country store and she’s fake.

                • Ter ber

                  What is this jealously? The global elite have nothing to worry about because we kill are own.

                • jp

                  Bravefart….you sound like one of Bams cyber people!

                • John W.


                  You must be a govt. dis-info shill. Are you saying that only an American can clearly see the BS that our govt. employs? That only an American can criticize the stupidity? Bet you voted for Zero, admit it numb nuts you did,

            • Rabbitnexus

              I noticed that “you get further in this world by being a deceitful manipulative butt faced liar. ” years ago and have had to make the choice to stay honest and true to my values or throw them away and get rich like my brother for example who adopted the code as soon as he realised that’s how it works. I chose truth and honour and accept I will never get past the ceiling which exists and is able to ensure that nobody who doesn’t play by their rules which ensures corruption to the point of being compromised and controllable, will get to sit at the table.

              Today it is more like a Global Lord of the Flies reality show.

        • Luther

          So true, I believe conspiracies as of late are just the prelude to the truth.

          Conspiracies are what the gov. calls it when the people are on to the truth, they use it to deflect what is true to if you believe it you’re a nut job and they take your guns away.

          I like hanging with crazy people I guess!

      • Swinging on a star

        I’m not sure if this guy is nut or not but when they say he will be evaluated and charged, with what? What will they charge him with, he did not threaten anyone, he did not hurt anyone, he spoke loudly and he was subdued. Everything is half ass backwards, don’t know what the hell to believe anymore.

        The fact of the matter is, if he is legit then I hope his story has a chance to come out, if not then he is paranoid but who isn’t today? Think about it, ten years ago we would have all said he was nuts but not today, different world, scary times.

        Either way, this will get buried and the mass media will not cover it. Sick bastards!

        • jimbo


          • Luther


            In a heart beat you say, OK first virtually all the American people belong to a National Militia, it is called We The People.

            Those ready to defend the Constitution and B.O.R. are in your local area, there is no say one General running an all in one Militia.

            Each Militia represents protecting our way of life, why do you think Clinton took down, on the surface, the Militia’s, it’s because we represent Freedom, Liberty and Rights.

            Now if you can’t find a reputable Militia, then the only thing stopping you from furthering your statement is yourself!

            Find a Vet learn from him, start conditioning yourself, spend time at the range, save ammo and use a .22 until you can spare the big ammo. Find a Survival group learn the art of survival, then find a friend of like mindedness, then you have a “Buddy Team” and push each other.

            If you are serious, learn what a Minute Man is, strive to become one, people need to learn to put their mouths into action, not aimed at you Jimbo unless you don’t act.

            So are you truly serious about your statement? Prove it, prove it to yourself Bro.

            • slingshot

              @ Luther.

              Comes back in a few weeks and let me know how it is going on putting a team together.

              • Luther

                slingshot says:

                @ Luther.

                Comes back in a few weeks and let me know how it is going on putting a team together.

                I’m sure you’re referring to Jimbo?

                • slingshot

                  No it was you. As you said.

                  Find a Vet learn from him, start conditioning yourself, spend time at the range, save ammo and use a .22 until you can spare the big ammo. Find a Survival group learn the art of survival, then find a friend of like mindedness, then you have a “Buddy Team” and push each other.

                  If you are serious, learn what a Minute Man is, strive to become one, people need to learn to put their mouths into action, not aimed at you Jimbo unless you don’t act.


                  Easier said than done and I have been doing it for awhile using the Pick 7 principle. People do not have the time and what materials is needed to become an effective team. I do have a team of four and I hope their military skills kicks in when it all goes down.
                  Many would be hard pressed to put a 4×7 battle dressing on a wound. Not taking a snipe at you just making a statement.

                • Luther

                  Slingshot, you are right, it’s easier said than done. I’d say you and I are in the same boat. No snipe taken and I respect your point.

                  “Easier said than done and I have been doing it for awhile using the Pick 7 principle. People do not have the time and what materials is needed to become an effective team. I do have a team of four and I hope their military skills kicks in when it all goes down.
                  Many would be hard pressed to put a 4×7 battle dressing on a wound. Not taking a snipe at you just making a statement.”

                  First there is finding someone you trust, that’s the hardest part. Jimbo made a bold statement and I couldn’t help but to chime in. If a person believes he/she will find the means, if they are truly serious!

                  Funny you mentioned time, some of the best advice I heard was, if I have to beg you to show up and learn to protect your family, then you’re not needed.


            • CiC

              Luther: I’m training my son to be the General. You will know him when it is time.

          • JustMe

            No need to worry about “voting fraud”, the “vote” has been a fraud for decades already, and now, illegals get to “vote”. Yay! You will still have to show your ID, and prove you are eligable to “vote”, but they will not.

            Gosh, being “meek” is great!

        • Malcolm

          Isn’t that the whole point of this story it seems.

          It gets a lot of mainstream media coverage. And in a few days they will openly write about how nothing happend to him and he’s a paranoid.

          Because he spoke about Edward Snowden people will automaticaly won’t believe what he is saying.

          It’s just smart propaganda. I worked with PR for some time. This sounds like one of the techniques to get your competition out of the game.

      • BraveFart

        PLEASE dont tell me you all believe this SHIT. You think the CIA would be hussling him away to a safehouse???

        These tales on here get taller and taller.

        Seriously. Think about it. That guy never would have made the plane, let alone being shuffled away to a SAFE house.

        You people will believe ANYTHING. Anything that fits your convoluted, paranoid thinking.

        • yental

          “convoluted, paranoid thinking”. A rather transparent attempt to sway what few morons might take your “pseudo-analysis” and blatant “trolling” as somehow relevant in a time when SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL is the SOP of every level of this traitorous “gooberment”.

          Enjoy your short stay “coward fart”!

          • sixpack

            So the sickness has hit home. Almost all I’ve seen here in comments so far, is people shooting each other down. Have we become “a house divided” too? Are preppers dooming themselves to fight and argue and insult each other like the sheeple do?

            I thought we all knew about how that tactic works to our detriment…guess not.

            • Bastet

              A hell of a lot of thumbs down too. I think it’s maybe govt people sabotaging the site?

            • jp

              No sixpack, there are just droves of trolls on here right now….which means that there is a little too much truth here for Bams cyber squad to handle…..! They make money for this ya know!

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                jp says:

                “No sixpack, there are just droves of trolls on here right now….which means that there is a little too much truth here for Bams cyber squad to handle…..! They make money for this ya know!”


                Hey Slavo… People like this discredit your site. And, they get “thumbs up.”

                Maybe you don’t even care.

                I’ll wait for the moderation.

        • jp

          Actually Fart, we don’t believe everything…..BECAUSE, we don’t believe you! 🙂

        • Mojo Nixon

          “Seriously. Think about it. That guy never would have made the plane, let alone being shuffled away to a SAFE house.”

          BraveFart: You are either a programmed and delusional idiot or a paid troll.

          • Grasshopper

            …or just plain stupid!

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              @The Morons who Infest the SHTFP

              This is a perfect illustration of just why this country is F**KED.

              The “media” puts out a story, and poof… it’s fact [non fiction]!

              And Boobus sucks it up!!

              Did it ever occur to you that this may be a “false flag” event?

              Americans truly deserve the government they get.


              We now thank you for your contribution to the insanity that is the Fascist States of America. Without your insanity, the government could never achieved it’s goal of putting this country in the toilet.

              Again, thank you [fuck you].

      • godsmiles

        This is a staged event to give fake snowden
        credibility. what is correct is he works for
        the government

    2. CIA-OP

      Holy crap! This is insane!

      The one video said Snowden could STILL be an NSA asset. Maybe that’s the information Daniel Perry has, and he was going to reveal it publicly?

      I have a hard time believing that this was some random mentally disturbed person… Something BIG is going on.

      • John Q. Public

        Given the CIA’s ugly history of MK/Ultra use of LSD, other psychotropic drugs, and mind control programming, there are many possible explanations for Mr. Perry’s behavior.

      • BraveFart

        Yeah CIA-OP…it would be REALLY hard to believe an insane person in a Country with 300 Million people.

        Sheesh you people are crazy.

        • John Q. Public

          What part of “many possible explanations” didn’t you understand?

    3. Oldfart

      Ah yes… He’ll get a “complete” mental and physical check-up. Then he’ll be transferred to a special facility to help him.

      We may never see him again. Requests for information about him will be turned down as a possible violation of his right to privacy.

      How many will believe it?

      • John Q. Public

        You caught that too.

        “We’ll do a medical and mental exam and then we’ll charge him.”

        Foregone conclusion—guilty unless proven innocent.

        • BraveFart

          They do the med and mental staus exam to find out if they even WILL charge him.
          If they find he is a paranoid schizophrenic, like many on here, they would then be sure he is helped. NOT HURT.

          Everything is NOT a big conspiracy. Lunatics.

          • yental

            Your making quite the impression…I wonder, do THEY doc-your-pay based on green vs. red thumb ratios? SEE YA!

            • BraveFart

              HOw is my impression now Yental? Better?

              • yental

                Yes, the “troll patrol” is quite active this evening. Means nothing to those that “know the score”. As stated, enjoy the “rigged ballot box” while you still can.

                The “real readers and contributors” have better things to do than contribute to an abnormal response ratio. What I have that YOU don’t, is years of history here. When something THIS OBVIOUS appears…YOUR agenda is all the more exposed.

                But then WE knew this was coming…hired OBAMANOTS to screw with sites that have a history of actually making a difference.

                • BraveFart

                  Yes, people think you are an asshole so of course lets turn it into a conspiracy….THE TROLL PATROL.

                  Your a loser.

                • Highspeedloafer

                  I can’t believe all the thumbs up fpr farthead and thumbs down for yental?????

                  Trolls are active indeed!

                • yental

                  “cowardfart”, you ran out of real ammunition and flinched very early in YOUR GAME. So soon you must resort to personal attacks via name calling?

                  Rule number one: Give a troll enough rope and it will hang itself every time. Swing long-n-low, YOU ARE NOW VISIBLE to anyone capable of “looking” and not simply “seeing”. WE are DONE!

                • John Q. Public

                  One favor the NSA unintentionally gave us—the widespread knowledge of NSA spying on everyone has killed the mojo in that magic word “conspiracy.” The word no longer magically stops thought and discussion.

          • Bastet

            So, why are you here and bothering to post if we’re all just lunatics. Seems like a bit of lunacy in itself…

          • Jr

            Everything is not a conspiracy…but everything is not a coincidence either…

    4. Eisenkreuz

      The USSRs favored tactic was to put dissidents in a psych ward.

      • John Q. Public

        Keep your eye on the psychiatric diagnostic manual (DSM) revisions.

        Be sure that the synagogue of Satan is working to ensure a diagnosis for every one of their opponents, a diagnosis that will incarcerate you or disable your rights.

        They are very experienced in using that weapon.

    5. Archivist

      The only Daniel Morgan Perry I could find was born 3-12-1978 in Middlebury, Addison County, Vermont, son of Andrew Hartwell Perry and Susan Anne __________. The only one I could find in Binghamton, NY lived there at least during 1995 to 2002 at 15 Dennison Avenue, Binghamton, NY 13901-2106, phone number 607-724-0830.

      I hope none of that was supposed to be secret, but I found it all online.

      • Archivist

        Actually, there was one more, but he was born in 1840 and died in 1865.

        • Rasputin

          That must be him then.

        • BraveFart

          The one who died in 1865 was taken out by the MMB, which later became the CIA. They found that he had three gallons of milk that he had not accounted for. They did a OP on him and watched him for months before deciding to take him out. He was shot thru the head with a musket by gubmint agents.


          • Stand up for something or...

            Why are you even on here if everyone is so crazy? You know you believe some of it or it scares you to think about it or you wouldn’t be wasting your precious sane time.

    6. JoeRepublic

      Lately, I’ve been feeling as if I went to sleep sometime in the early 80s one night while reading some bad spy novel about a future oppressive society. The shit is so strange lately it could’ve come straight out of a poorly written spy novel for teens. Seriously, time to relocate,….TO ANOTHER PLANET!

      • sixpack

        I’ve got enough old tires in my back yard to build a slingshot—you can even go first!

        • sixpack

          …no offense to slingshot…

    7. David

      Get used to reading these types of stories, or hearing rumors of stories. Lots of people just kinda “went away” in the early days of Stalin, Mussolini, Idi Amin, and other historical depots.

      Whistleblowing, or freelance journalism cannot be tolerated in an authoritarian system.

    8. braveheart

      I hope it’s not one of Eisenpuke’s relatives.

      • Facebook Page

        Didn’t you use to climb up my ass for getting on the Nina. Do you ever listen to yourself anymore.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Stop whining you pussy. You want to hold hands with me or what?

        • BraveFart

          You cal him a pussy, you anti American COWARD? I think YOU are off your meds.

          Your old, your paranoid and your worn out.

          Give it a rest Coward.

          • BraveFart

            BRAVEHART is the anti American COWARD I was talking about, just so you know.

            Mr Big Balls Lives in Memphis…

            yeah..good luck. Maybe you can think about moving to Detroit with your gangbangin bro’s.

    9. ScoutMotto

      It’s a race to the finish line at this point. Between government pulling their garbage, and people exposing said garbage, it is a race to the finish line. May the people win this race!

    10. kynase

      Has anyone been able to find any of the cell phone recordings on youtube or anywhere else online? I have looked and can’t find a single one. This strikes me as very odd…and screams of silencing the truth.

    11. 3n3my of th3 Stat3


      question everything and everyone in the the NEW ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A.

      step back and view it from a protected distance before you react as NOTHING IS AS IT APPEARS ANYMORE !

      THE ONLY THING YOU CAN TRUST is yourself .

      N.O. ;0p

    12. Satori

      justa heads up

      medical info for when help isn’t on the way

      The Survival Medicine Handbook Second Edition Is Out!

    13. Fed Guy 20002


    14. SilverSurfer

      When exposed government scandals are becoming the new norm, at what point will the masses wake up and say ‘Hey, I think something’s screwy in Washington’?
      Seriously, there have never been this many rapid fire scandals and coverups in so short a span of time. Even though the mega-media mentions some of them briefly, the stories either get buried quickly, or lost with the next big scandal.
      What happened to America??

      • Hedge

        What happened to America? She’s going down by the head sir, do you have a lifejacket?

      • Some Guy

        Well what is happening is that the USA’s job in the NWO is almost complete. That job was one of standardising the rest of the world. Once this is complete there is nothing left to do but bring the USA down to that standardised level. Oh the power elite will not be affected as they have never served the country you call the USA and consider themselves apart and more aligned with their internationalist buddies.

    15. 3n3my of th3 Stat3



      they are the Enemy of the once free Sovereign American Citizen .

      trust them not if you want to live a healthy long prosperous fruitful life .

      REMEMBER THE FIFTH AMENDMENT of the US CONSTITUTION , WHEN DEALING WITH THE FEDS AND COPS even if your just a witness , protect yourself from the NWO GESTAPO by Remaining Silent .



      N.O. ;0p

    16. Anonymous2

      Why do these government agencies have kids sites? I mean, we’re 13T in debt and we’re paying to have subsites for kids and kid games?

      In addition to the, there are several other Intelligence Community pages in which you might be interested. Check out these links:
      •Central Intelligence Agency Kids Page
      •Federal Bureau of Investigation Kids Page
      •National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
      •National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Children’s Page
      •National Security Agency CryptoKids Page
      •Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

      • Iowa

        Remember, P is for prison according to Sesame Street.

    17. buzzfix

      I smell $17T of BULLs***! Everyone. Hope y’all do to. A Bad Moon’s A Risin.

    18. MomTo3

      Off topic but similar –

      I went to the credit union today to withdraw $450 in small bills for an upcoming trip. I was asked “why do you need this?” by the teller, and then she went and got her supervisor.

      Keep in mind I was not cleaning out my account or anything and I had my ID with me (both bank ID & personal drivers license). Plus, I live in a small town and these folks KNOW me. I go in there once a week to withdraw money, pay bills. I just never ask for it in $1, 5, 10s.

      It hit me really weird. It makes me feel like EVERYONE is watching EVERYTHING you do ALL THE TIME.

      • JayJay

        I cashed dh’s SS check and the teller asked ME what I wanted..big bills or small.
        I love small time banks.:-)

    19. CrabbeNebulae

      Really scraping the bottom of the barrel to run an article like this. Total bullshit… in the same category as Octomom’s new porn movie.

      • yourmotherwaswrong


      • BraveFart


        Aint THAT the truth! TOTAL BS story. And the nuts here are all over it!

        SOmewhere, Mac and his friends sit around and probbly smokin a BIG joint, they all laugh and say…. “Wait! I have a story! Print this…bet you they all believe it!!!”

        then they concoct a huge crazy story, take huge hits of the hookah, and laugh their asses off while they open the checks they get from the advertising click thru’s on the site!

        Booga Booga Booga! They are comin to get ya!

        • slingshot

          He gets his stories from the “Big Giant Head”, like I do.

          Transmission ending in three, two, one. Poof!


    20. Becca

      Sometimes I feel like ranting the same things ;p Knowing things about the government’s involvement in horrific things and seeing what happens to those who have fought against these powerful entities can be a scary experience. I feel for him deeply and I’m very saddened that we as a society allow this to happen.. People out there don’t think it has anything to do with them but it does.. if they do it to others, they’ll do it to us and they are in fact doing it to us.. covertly as they do most things that are real and harmful.

    21. Luther

      Just listened to Rep. M. Bachman R MN. Snowden committed treason she says. Go drink some more cool aid Congresswoman.

      So if anyone exposes a Nazi/KGB style gov. to spy and collect data on it’s citizens is OK. Why don’t these Representatives visit the graves in Germany and U.S.S.R of all those died because of Tyranny!

      This Adm. and Representatives on both sides of the isle are upset only because the cats is out of the bag, our Government is spying and collecting data on the common citizen.

      We the People need to call for more whistle blowers to step forward, they should not have to go overseas for protection, it should be We the People protecting them.

      Stand up and be accounted for, we are responsible for the protection of our families, each other the Constitution and B.O.R’s.

      • NorCal

        She also said, “No work, no food”.

    22. Polite Society

      I travel all the time and none of this crazy shit ever happens on the Greyhound. Of course, everyone has a gun.

    23. Boss Hog

      Heres what we know, jack shit, and it shall remain that way until further notice. Is this guy a spook? Could be. Is he just your average paranoid skitso? Who knows could be. The one thing we know for sure is someone freaked out on a plane and thats all. Is there a reason to question this occurance? You betcha. Will we get an answer we can believe? Dont hold your breath. That there is the new norm, things happen and we try to see the ugly or righteousness in the event. As of late due to the complete lack of trust and for very good reason we hold for our govt the truth will never be known. Lets face it folks even if the most respected govt employee told you word for word the reasons, motivations, actions and a play by play walk through of what happened on that plane and why this guy felt he needed to get this stuff off his chest. You wouldnt beleive them and neither would I, it could be totally innocent and it could be nefarious but the truth is we will never find out nor will we ever accept the account fed to us any longer. Bottom line here is this “All trust is gone” very sad days in the nation I love.

      • Sigi

        This is THE best post I’ve seen so far. I’m reserving judgement- I can see both possibilities and know that I will not know the truth this side of heaven. But I do know that we can’t trust anyone to tell us the truth any more. Sigh.

    24. jim in Va.

      Twilight Zone revisited….

    25. Watchman

      When Obama and his smiley-faced socialism take that one step beyond, domestically, you can bet your sweet a$$ he’ll recoil with stunned disbelief at what he has unleashed. And when he can’t fix it, talk his way out of it, or duck the responsibility, he’ll exit like a bad Broadway play.

      Keep the FAITH

    26. KRYPTO Skip

      They’re coming to take me away HA HA, They’re going to take me away HEE HEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Cowdoc

      Go to Daisys Organic Prepper site and read how the Supreme crooks just took away our fifth ammendment right to remain silent.

    28. Slobesky O'gorki

      Juicy Fruit moment! Just remember we’re all here voluntarily, folks!

    29. Grasshopper

      Reminds me of what I wrote to a friend… they will extradite the young whistleblower, shut him out, prosecute him behind closed doors and we will never know what happened… we ARE Red China.

    30. Anonymous

      Major gas pipeline explodes in Louisiana — Mushroom cloud reported, residents evacuated — 3rd blast in 5 days for state

      1 time okay

      2 times maybe

      3 TIMES WTF ???

      someone is blowin sheeit up in Louisianan and its probly the zio-jews ISRAELI mossad/ ZIO-FBI doin’ it !

      N.O. ;0p

      • JayJay

        Is it near Bayou Corne??

    31. BackSpace



    32. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      Major gas pipeline explodes in Louisiana — Mushroom cloud reported, residents evacuated — 3rd blast in 5 days for state

      1 time okay

      2 times maybe

      3 times WTF ?!

      the zio-jews israehell mossad / zio-fbi is blowin sheeit up in Louisianan for some ZOG JEW political financial reason .

      wonder who in Louisianan pissed em’ off ???

      N.O. ;0p

    33. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      Experts: Shock during first trip to Fukushima — Radiation levels so high far away from reactors that full protection suit would be used in U.S., yet people were walking around — “Contamination far more widespread than most Japanese understand”

    34. aljamo

      I was a conscientious objector upon drafted for Vietnam, told them I did’nt believe in killing. They put me in a non infantry position. What a waste of humanity that debacle turned out to be. This terrorist government will continue to pillage and murder accross the world. When I got back to the states, I was a rabidly non violent dissenter, remaining so to this day. Before the mid 90’s the press would print my numerous anti system rants. They reject them all now, though the content is unchanged. They know exactly where the people stand. Like the government and our so called representatives, it all falls on deaf ears.

      • bigtoe1111

        there were no oil wells off the coast of vietnam before that so called war. seismic readers around the bombing of laos? there was no oil found in laos. no need to invade then. ghw bush was deputy director of CIA when kennedy shot. bush family deeply invested in insurance. do you have mandatory insurance now? i do.

    35. Patriot One

      It’s all smoke and mirrors. They have the good on everyone to dictate the out come. They can make a crazy or criminal of any of us and they will. Imagine what happens when they control your healthcare and prescribe the Tin Foil Hat pills

    36. citizen

      I am not sure,as I know nothing about all this NSA spy stuff, but it makes me wonder why he would be on a regular airline flight? Why not a military plane if what he said was true, for the very reason that they would not want to risk an incident as described? It is a disturbing story for sure. I just feel like I will never know the real truth about any of this, and don’t know who to believe anymore. This is all so disturbing.

    37. Anonymous

      He was being detained by the CIA, yet there were no guards with him on the plane? No handcuffs? Not even a zip tie? Sounds like a nutjob went off the deep end and started raving.

    38. Infidels-r-us

      Nothing good is going to happen to this fellow. The CIA demonstrated a dart gun to congress I believe in the 80’s. The gun could be used to kill or create cancer. It shot a frozen sliver of substance which would dissolve in the body, kill and then break down to undetectable levels. The fact this man mentioned darts is significant. I think they are really out to get this guy. Wonder what he found out in Hong Kong and what he was doing there. I doubt you will ever hear from or see him again. He was looking at that loud vocal dialogue as his last chance at survival.

    39. mallardhen

      Back a few comments someone said why are all these incidents happening so close together? Call it what you want but in my mind it is a game of creating so many things at the same time that it will cover up with smoke what is really happening and before we know it our SHTF incident will be here in full force and we will be running to catch up forever.

      We need to keep our nose to the grindstone and prep for all we ar worth something is definiately in the wind. I am so glad that I started reading this site as I would not be as prepped as I am, thanks to all of you.

      An old friend had a saying” I trust me and thee and my little black dog, but sometimes I don’t even trust my little black dog” think about it and take what you want from it; been something I’ve thought about for years, my answer is he may just be right.

      Go to sleep you all sound stressed, tomorrow is a new day.

    40. cabinfever

      Any way you slice it, it makes you question. First time I heard this story – they were saying this guy was threatening to poison everyone on the plane…kind of a ranting lunatic. Now they are reporting that he was calmly talking loudly…repeating his name, etc. Just wanted everyone to know what he thought was going to happen to him and that Snowden was still active. So – I tend to lean towards the “On purpose” public display. If they really wanted to whisk this guy away, he would have never been on the plane. Nothing about this story makes sense. So many eyewitnesses being able to see and hear this guy rant… like someone stated before…you can’t trust anything you see or read anymore. The public is being manipulated…it still all boils down to two lines of thinking: hero or traitor. Meant to divide us with one more thing. That’s the only thing that I come away with. Taking sides…I think one just needs to quietly observe and see where this story goes. Who is this guy on the plane? That’s where one needs to start. Who is he really? What do we really know? Things are getting more surreal in this country.

    41. Indio

      So is he dead yet?

    42. TX Granny

      Reminds me of Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.

      No matter how he made it on to the plane, I think what we heard are the last-ditch efforts of a very desperate man. The fact that he WAS a gov employee, that the news media released info WELL BEFORE the plane landed that he was saying he had poisoned all the passengers – but he hadn’t, and that none of the phone recordings – NONE – have emerged……. REALLY????????????

      “They” laid the groundwork very well even before the plane landed! We were already wondering about the “terrorist” or “nutjob” that would poison or SAY he had poisoned the passengers. Yet the interviews all said Perry was calm and seated – all he did was talk loudly, repeating his personal info so the people around him would remember it. Which they did. It wasn’t until he reached into his pocket that everyone got scared and took action. What if they hadn’t done that??? What if, when the plane landed, he was escorted off for whatever they are doing to him, but all “they” had was a claim that he had poisoned everyone?????????? Wish the passengers had not subdued him (doesn’t that insinuate that he was moving/acting wildly??) – we might have lots more to go on!!!

      And what’s with all the red thumbs, crappy posters, and bickering today????? Guess you really hit a nerve, Mac!!! I’d bet tptb want Perry long forgotten!!!!! Doesn’t that tell you something, guys????


    43. Anonymous

      Zionist run CIA, FBI, Congress and Obama.
      They treat everyone like Palestinians.

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