‘Real Indian’ Running Against Elizabeth Warren Sues City For Telling Him To Stop Calling Her ‘Fake’

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    A self-described “real Indian” who is running against Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is suing after city officials demanded he take down his signs calling her a “fake Indian.” The independent Senate challenger, Shiva Ayyadurai, filed a federal lawsuit alleging his free speech rights were violated.

    Infamously described as “Pocahontas” by president Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren has lied for years about being of Native American heritage to secure jobs, including one as a Harvard law professor. She’s also refused genealogy tests to prove her heritage and Ayyadurai is finally taking her to task for it.

     According to The Washington Times, since March 17, Ayyadurai’s campaign bus has sported two identical signs picturing himself and a rendition of Warren wearing Indian attire. Emblazoned next to the images are the words: “Only a REAL INDIAN Can Defeat the Fake Indian.” The bus has reportedly been stationed in a parking lot in front of an office building owned by Ayyadurai for more than a month, just a mile from Warren’s home.

    Earlier this month, the Ayyadurai campaign received a notice from Cambridge building inspector Branden Vigneault that the signs lacked the appropriate “approvals and permits,” according to local reports and the Ayyadurai campaign. Vigneault threatened fines of $300 per day plus additional legal penalties if the signs remain in place, according to Ayyadurai.

    But he’s fighting back.  “We will not remove the slogan from our bus,” Ayyadurai told The Washington Times. “We will defend the First Amendment, and we will fight this egregious attack on the First Amendment, at any cost.” Ayyadurai’s campaign also said that the building code doesn’t apply to the signs because they’re on a bus, not a structure.

    Warren has faked being of Native American heritage for a long time, and even Cherokee genealogists claim she’s lying and casts doubts on her story of her parent’s elopement.

    “The problem with Warren’s story is that none of the evidence supports it. Her genealogy shows no indication of Cherokee ancestry. Her parents’ wedding doesn’t resemble an elopement. And additional evidence doesn’t show any indication of her Herring grandparents being Indian haters.” Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes

    When asked in March whether she’d agree to calls for genetic testing to resolve the heritage controversy, Warren launched into a family history, as purportedly told by her parents and grandparents, before saying, “It’s a part of who I am, and no one’s ever going to take that away.”

    Of course, Ayyadurai’s campaign has problems as well, such as his long-standing claim that he invented email. Ayyadurai supposedly faces “long odds” at beating Warren.


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      1. These no good, rat bastard, cock-suckers just HATE the actual TRUTH!! The left-wing, liberal, progressives are so vile and disgusting. That Elizabeth Warren is about as much Indian as my balls are (and I am WHITE). There is 1 way and only one way to deal with this bunch of feces. . . . .

      2. CC, I hear you loud and clear and agree. I would’ve told that city official to go stuff their censorship.

        • There are ads on TV for genetic testing. People are shown as being surprised to learn where some of their ancestors are actually from because that isn’t what they were told growing up. Maybe I’m Lizzie should get her DNA checked to find out her REAL heritage.

          • I have been hounded by a few family members to do the DNA thing.
            I told them what our heritage was and I don’t need to be tested.
            They did the tests and I found out I was right. I didn’t have to waste 100’s of dollars. They did.

            • Rellik, I already know what my heritage is from research I did when my wife was alive. I don’t give a shit about DNA testing anyway.

              • Agree, Brave. That’s DNA testing stuff is all bullshit. I don’t care when a test would show about my heritage. Matters zero to me. I’m comfortable with who I am and don’t need to get “tested” to be edgy

                • People are “comfortable” with who they think they are, and are afraid of learning who they really are since that would be different from what they’ve been spoon-fed.

      3. OFF TOPIC: I hear of a grid down training scenario going to happen in Omo Wisconsin in mid May. National Guard are going to go door to door for “welfare checks”. Anyone from Wisconsin have any info on this?

        • Local Wisconsin news:



          Known as Dark Sky, the exercise runs May 15-17 in Brown, Calumet, Dane, Fond du Lac, Milwaukee, Outagamie and Winnebago Counties and will test the abilities of private utilities, law enforcement, first responders and the National Guard to respond to the scenario as well as its second and third order effects.

          The Dark Sky scenario includes a variety of incidents that require local, county, and state-level response operations designed to exercise each participating unit and agency. The Wisconsin National Guard will exercise its joint staff and the National Guard Reaction Force in support of private utilities partners, nongovernmental organizations, and local, county, state, and federal agencies for infrastructure security. As part of the exercise, Wisconsin National Guard Soldiers will conduct door-to-door health and welfare checks in Omro, Wisconsin.

          • Martial law and FEMA “fusion center” (concentration camp) roundup drill.

      4. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

        Some people with Native American ancestry look white. I had a relative by marriage who grew up on a reservation. She had blue eyes, fair skin, and light hair. Her father was a white man. Her mother was Native American. Because “whiteness” is recessive, her Native American mother could have dark eyes, hair, and skin yet still be carrying the genes for blue eyes and other white characteristics like fair skin and light hair.

        Should anyone be REQUIRED to take an ancestry test? No. We all want and deserve privacy. Wake up. This is how dumb people demand something against their own well being, set a legal precedent, and lose their civil rights.


        • Censorship of free speech violates the Constitution and is therefore illegal.


          • Yes, but isn’t the problem that Warren lied and said she was Indian for political purposes? I’m not seeing a precedent being set.

            If you can prove your native American Indian, aren’t you eligible for things from the Feds? What about her relatives?


            If she won’t prove it, then she has to be lying in this situation. If I was in her position, I would prove it and then easily win re-election because I proved my case.

            As long as she won’t prove it, her opponent can and should use it against her. At least he’s a real Indian.

            It would be like me running for a government position saying I was black, I would be laughed to scorn. And be made to prove it, which I could not.

            • People can now pick their gender or claim they are genderless. Won’t be long before people decide they don’t like the race they were born into and pick a different one. Or worse, decide they are raceless.

            • Genetic testing isn’t accepted for any Federal recognition of being Red Indian. Being on tribal rolls is what’s accepted by them. If you think being socially, mentally and economically confined to a restricted Reservation is a “benefit”, well, you might like to be descended from someone on an Indian tribal roll. The Indians failed, so far, to restrict non-Indian-assimilated whites to their white reservation–Europe.

        • She’s not Indian, or even remotely Indian. She checked a box claiming to be “Native American”, and that’s when her career took off. She’s living a lie; she would never have made it to the Senate otherwise. Are you really so stupid to actually defend this fraud??

          • What about this former NAACP Spokane President Rachel Dolezal who claimed to be black. Even going so far as to change her appearance. Her parents claimed to be white, which pretty much settled the matter. Anybody thought to ask Elizabeth Warren’s white parents what’s going on?

        • OF COARSE you should have to prove you are indian to take advantage of the gubmint that got you hired BECAUSE you were “indian”. you BENEFIT from being indian, you better be able….and WILLING, to PROVE IT. any minority should PROVE they are a minority, if they want to reap the benefits of it.

      5. Elizabeth Warren speak with forked tongue! She is the reason that Native Americans stereotype is that they always saying Ugh!

        • Brian, I also say ‘UGH’ because Warren is an ugly bitch, LOL.

      6. For what it’s worth, the direct ancestor of Apache Geronimo, has blond hair and blue eyes. I believe she does/used to live on the reservation in Oklahoma or the White Mountain Apache reservation. Probably not worth much.

      7. Leave the up and let the fine total tally increase. Its a no brainer victory. Their goal is to intimidate so that they’re brought down temporarily. If you get lucky they’ll have armed police take them down. Video EVERYTHING for a great TV commercial.

      8. I have posted this elsewhere. There are many ways to get her DNA for testing. The police do it all of the time.
        Follow her around and pick up “something” she leaves behind, such as a used piece of gum, a drinking glass with DNA on the rim, etc.
        Easy Peasy.

      9. Deplorable Braveheart-

        Elizabeth Warren – Ugh!
        Chelsea Handler – Ugh!
        Nancy Pelosi – Ugh! Ugh!
        Hillary Clinton – (Unprintable)

      10. Meant to say Amy Schumer instead of Chelsea Handler. Sorry Chelsea!

      11. Money is the only DNA that counts. Just ask George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, the Koch Brothers, etc.

      12. The problem is you end up voting for an East Indian who does not belong in the States??? How about a Native American Indian?

      13. …An East Indian, instead of a Red Indian…. Politics aside, “scientists” will tell a lot of real Red Indians they’re not Native since their maternal lineages aren’t ones that “scientists” (priests of Evolutionism) pontificate are the only ones that exist (mitochondrial dna haplogoups A, B, C, D and, reluctantly X–since X is also in Europe along with y-chromosome haplogroup R (an Algonquian and Iroqouisan ancestral haplogroup that makes up the majority of white Europeans as well!) and therefore is a problem for Evolutionist “scientific” dogmas concerning “the ancient peopling of the Americas”. Ancient Peruvian skeletal remains are being found to have H, J and T haplogroups–notably present in many living Southeast U.S. Indian families as well–in the Americas thousands of years before Columbus! Red Indians also cite legends of white people who dabbled with “white fire” (stone-generated electricity and radiation) and who were, along with their huge and far-advanced Atlantean civilization, destroyed (buried in mountains of magma) by the Great Spirit for doing so and replaced by Red Indians who revered and depended on Mother Earth instead of on human civilization. The remnant Atlantean (Tenochtitlan, Aztlan) civilization of the Aztecs (and their Old World descendents) and, the Iroquois legends of the tyranny of ancient civilization are bywords of what civilization would result in if pursued instead of relying on Mother Earth.

      14. There are lots of Indies, East and West, all throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, not just British India.

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