Real Clear Politics: “The Media Should NOT Have Called This Election!”

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Headline News, ORIGINAL | 5 comments

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    Information from Real Clear Politics declaring that the mainstream media should not have called the election for Joe Biden is being buried, while they whine about Donald Trump’s refusal to concede. There’s some very interesting information to be made aware of.

    President Trump is contesting the reported results in those states where the race is close, and the conduct of election officials and the processes used appear suspicious. He is clearly within his rights to contest the results; his supporters generally want him to do so. After all, Trump was winning by wide margins until the media decided he wasn’t…


    If you would like to see Real Clear Politics live election map for yourself, please click here. Biden is still below the 270 electoral votes needed to win and several states are too close to call.

    This move by the media was one to foster division, and that’s ovbious. Calling the race for Bden means there’s no trust from those on the right that elections were fair or that Biden actually won.  If this goes back to Trump, the left will lose their mids. There is no unity now at this point, no matter what Biden says.

    Unity is much less likely, however, when the media simply declares a winner before the matter is resolved. In 2012, many Republicans felt disappointed when Mitt Romney lost to President Obama. Very few felt cheated. That will not be the case in 2020 if the current president’s supporters believe that the media preempted the official process so as to disparage or prevent a full investigation of the president’s claims. –Real Clear Politics

    This is a tactic to divide and deceive using the left vs. right paradigm that is clearly keeping the masses from realized who is really in control and enslavin them.

    Again…any conversation about national elections that does NOT include the control that bankers and corporations have over politicians in Washington’s District of criminals is, at best FANTASY and at worst DISHONESTY. Bankers control both PUPPETS and both PARTIES. Banksters want us distracted, deceived and divided so that we don’t bring them to justice.Brian, Higgh Impact TV

    The New York Times exacerbated this problem when it announced in an odd Election Day tweet, later withdrawn, that “the role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media.” Of course, it does not. That responsibility falls on Congress. But that tweet told the president’s supporters all they needed to know about the media’s intent, which is to deceive and divide.

    If this election swings back to Donald Trump, then brace yourself. The left will not act rationally after the media declared their puppet the new master. Be safe. Stay aware and alert.  This could get interesting.


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      1. U.S Postal Worker Richard Hopkins came forward to expose specific irregularities with the back-dating of ballots which he personally witnessed.  Several U.S. Senators demanded AG Bill Barr immediately investigate the claims and sworn affidavit.  However the Washington Post ran a story yesterday (has been re-written several times) claiming Mr. Hopkins recanted his statements.

        More lies from WAPO

        Richard Hopkins denies the allocations HERE

        • Hopkins is denying the FAKE NEWS. He did not recant and is appearing before court to testify. Also, considering suing the Washington COMpost for the lie.

      2. Thank you Real Clear Politics. I believe the MSM will be dragged into this same conclusion eventually. The MSM is owned & managed by those with a huge bias toward the DEMONRATS – their reluctance to admit mistakes (like the close Vote-count in Arizona that was called for DEMONRATS early on) displays the depth of the problem. Will the truth win – we’ll see.

      3. Highly relevant, posted at ZH a while ago before all the Election Shenanigans were afoot, titled;
        What Happens If No One Wins?”
        The author(s) progress – in exquisite detail – the mechanism(s) involved in our Constitutional process of selecting the President. Surprisingly, not every possible permute has a clear, definite answer though most do. What is particularly interesting is the following,
        IF it reaches a certain level of ambiguity as to WHO the Victor is then it goes to the House of Representatives…BUT with a serious twist; each State cast two and ONLY two votes as to select the Presidential successor. Given that math and the fact that numerically Red States outnumber Blue ones, the outcome is certain…Trump wins. Period.


      4. In 1975, the Church Committee hearings exposed the illegal CIA MKULTRA program and formally out lawed it.Transferring the same program to EO12333 and to DARPA is equally illegal and is a confession of high crimes and is in total violation of the Supreme Law Of The Land, The Constitution sworn to be upheld under oath and affirmation by every president and person in the military, which also makes them guilty of Treason. It was not the fact that it was the CIA that was doing it that made it illegal. It was illegal in and of itself for the barbaric nature of it being a crime against humanity. Congress never said that they wanted to transfer the program to the president and the military. To insinuate that the same concept would be illegal by the CIA, but not illegal by the president and the military is an asinine assumption that defies all logic. Unfortunately, we do not have a government in America. We have an organized crime ring of corrupt, retarded, sadistic, criminal psychopaths running the country.   America is not a country. It is a crime against humanity!   Publicly confess to what you have done to me on national media re false diagnosis in medical fraud, illegal medical experimentation, DEWs, hacking, stalking, break ins, theft, vandalism, gas-lighting, spying, and vault7 technology being used on me!

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