Ready Or Not Here It Comes: US Continues To “Explore” Digital Currency

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Headline News

The endgame for the ruling class is getting closure. The masters continue to “explore” a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in order to make sure the slave class stays as such.

Under Secretary of Treasury, Nellie Liang said in a speech Wednesday that a consortium of government agencies will meet regularly in the coming months to discuss whether to adopt a central bank digital currency or CBDC. The United States is currently studying options for adopting a retail or wholesale CBDC.

The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

“We are thinking about whether a U.S. CBDC, to the extent it has functionality that traditional forms of central bank money lack, could help to preserve the dollar’s global role,” Liang said in a speech at the Atlantic Council on Wednesday. “We are also thinking about whether a U.S. CBDC could help reduce undesirable frictions in cross-border payments or other activities.”

Rulers Prepare To Take Control: CBDCs Inbound

A CBDC would usher in a complete and total inescapable slave state. The good news is that it’s taking a long time for the rulers to roll it out, so more and more people have time to figure out that this will be a form of slavery that will be almost impossible to escape from. The bad news is that they aren’t giving up and the goal is to control as many as possible through complete control over every single cent they manufacture out of thin air.

Liang’s comments mark the most comprehensive insight and reveal the administration’s latest thinking on a CBDC. The remarks also come at the one-year mark since President Biden issued an executive order directing agencies to study a central bank digital currency and come up with a government-wide approach to regulating digital assets.

According to Liang, a CBDC would be legal tender, convertible one-for-one into other forms of central bank money — reserve balances or paper currency — and would clear and settle nearly instantly. A U.S. CBDC would also need to both protect the privacy of users and minimize the risk of illicit financial transactions, according to a report by Yahoo News. 

The Federal Reserve has emphasized that it would only issue a CBDC with the support of the executive branch and Congress, and more broadly the public. Liang said interest and support from the public will be key factors in deciding whether to adopt a CBDC.

Right. Becasue the masters always care about what the slaves want. If anything, they will attempt a massive propaganda campaign to try to convince the public they need to be owned more completely. They already did a pretty good job convincing people that democracy is freedom and that they aren’t slaves already, so who knows how successful this could be.

“A digital dollar is just a digital form of a current central bank liability,” Liang said. “It’s just a different form of money. Some of the main reasons countries do implement one is if they feel like they need to have a connection with the public as they stop using cash regularly. In the U.S., it is not entirely clear that’s needed and that’s why this space is still open and the discussions are ongoing.”

We have few options except to simply ignore their currency out of existence.

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