Ready For War: Parks and Wildlife Officers Now Heavily Armed As Military-Style “Force Multipliers”

by | Jan 11, 2014 | Headline News | 528 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    (Official Photo: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

    You best not be a terrorist or homegrown radical extremist hiding out in the boonies of the Texas wilderness, because if you are you may well come face-to-face with the Parks and Wildlife Department’s newest rapid deployment “Scout Team.”

    The unit is made up of 25 highly trained game wardens capable of deploying anywhere in the state of Texas within four hours. Armed with AR-15’s, BDU’s, and kevlar helmets, the team’s mission according to the TPWD website involves border operations, dignitary protection or any form of high-risk law enforcement, such as serving felony arrest warrants or hostage situations.

    As The Dallas Observer’s Brantley Hargrove notes, “the militarization of every possible law enforcement entity in America is complete.”

    [The team] is modeled after what military types call a “force multiplier,” which basically means that these guys can shoot a bunch of bullets. 

    “We’re steeped in tradition and very mindful of our past,” said special ops chief Grahame Jones. “It’s an important part of who we are, but we have to look to the future.”

    And the future is a camo AR. Now, if Texas truly intends to secede, it’s got its own military force ready and waiting. We’ve even got a Navy! TPWD has 564 vessels, including a 65-foot gulf patrol ship, and gunboats mounted with .30 cal machine guns.

    Maybe we’re a little paranoid here, but doesn’t it strike you as a bit odd that every possible government related entity in this country – be it federal, state or local – is being heavily armed with assault rifles, weaponized drones and battle wagons?

    The Social Security Administration, the IRS, the Federal Reserve, property code enforcement teams, and now Parks and Wildlife are all putting Department of Homeland Security’s multi-billion dollar budget to good use.

    What, exactly, are these organizations planning for?

    Do they know something big is about to go down?

    Or is the intention here to strike fear into the populace by instilling in us that America is now a battlefield and the government is ready to go to war with anyone that stands in its way?


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      1. i’m sure they’ll SHOOT FIRST, and ask questions, NEVER!

        • This is another example why we MUST come together with all of our combined knowledge to help each prepare for what is coming. Let’s try to stop the inner squabbling amoungst each other and focus on what we can do for each to help each of us have a better chance of surviving what is coming. Remember, those that that want control, want us to fight and remain unchanneled towards the true goal of being better prepared and ready. It doesn’t have to be manmade either that destroys the civilized world. Let’s all try to make the New Year more prepper orientated and share what we know about surviving SHTF and mega SHTF.

          • Rid the term “prepper” from your vocabulary. It is a tool used by the media to marginalize people who think for themselves. It is derogatory.

            • Fair nuff.

              • buttcrackofdoom,

                Judging from the three so far red thumbs, they are reading, watching, scheming and hiding like the filthy cowards that they are.

                It is all about POWER and CONTROL of the masses, especially the ones that know very well what they are up to. In actuality, they are dirty little cowards who use force and intimidation to make themselves feel superior when in fact they are simply bullies who need their asses whipped.

                • There’s BS, and then there is Texas BS. This is Texas BS.

                  • We already know what they are up to. Articles like this stir up more fear than anything else.

                    These programs get “leaked” out to scare the People and keep them in fear. I assume all criminals are armed, and that includes those working for the corp.

                    A team of 25 people that can deploy anywhere in Texas in 4 hours doesn’t pose a real threat, unless they attack you specifically. I suspect it would take a substantial cause to mobilize them.

                    There is a big difference between the corp trying to scare you out of the Texas wilderness with a threat of force, and having the ability to actually control it by force if it wanted to.

                    It’s highly unlikely you will run across a pack of 25 game wardens carrying machine guns. You will win the lottery 2 weeks in a row with the same numbers before that is likely to happen.

                    They must be controlled, to be sure. And they have no right to exist either. But the war has been declared against the people and the enemy is building up.

                    There will be no hope of stopping it until the bullets begin to fly. Then you can be afraid, just like every hero who stood up before you. Now is the time to seek courage, not cultivate fear.

                  • These Elmer Fudd’s have AR-15’s for Texas Wabbits.

                  • Someone in Texas, is having a laugh. The picture above is quite funny to me. To the untrained eye, he looks big scary and hairy. However, to the experienced eye, with years of Military and private security experience, this guy is a little cherry ass not long off basic training. A year Max!! At a quick glance I counted nine things that I’d bitch slap this Try Hard for. He’s a sack of poo. He’s poorly trained. This is not a picture of intimidation!!!! (for me)
                    OMG!!! If the government is reading my post ….. Please train your Militarized Civi’s to a better standard than the peanut in the above picture!!!! It’s embarrassing!!!!
                    Oh and if the government IS reading this post ….. Can you please explain why you are giving ex Iraq war, Mine Resistant Vehicles to Police Forces around the country? They are top heavy!! They are only effective and safe to operate on flat ground!!! Even Gommer Pyle could tip one of these babies in the right place. They look big and mean but they have several weak spots! Seriously they are an ambusher’s wet dream. Come on US govt!!!! If you’re gearing up to take over the country in a NAZI style Militay Coup by implementing Martial Law ….. Then at least try to look as if you know what you’re doing! Homos

                  • My small county of 16 thousand population in the rural part of my state just received a fully functional and operational MRAP about 4 months ago. According to our sheriff in the local paper, its to keep his deputies safe in the event of “high shootout scenarios” although there have never been any in recorded history in this county.

                    Hum. Makes ya wonder.

                  • My small county of 16 thousand population in the rural part of my state just received a fully functional and operational MRAP about 4 months ago. According to our sheriff in the local paper, its to keep his deputies safe in the event of “high shootout scenarios” although there have never been any in recorded history in this county.

                    Hum. Makes ya wonder.

                  • coming to your state too…

                  • Fact is all these Gov.goons can arm all they want they are outnumbered and will get there ass’s handed to them when the shtf . They will run because of the sheer outnumbered factor like they always do. L.a. riots Katrina and any other event. If the grown ass men would have showed some balls during the Boston Bombing and started rioting against the men in black kicking in there doors and holding weapons to there family’s heads it would have been a differnt outcome. But the cowards of Boston showed how pussified they have become and bullies will always keep bulling until you stand up and put a bullet in a few of there skulls. They can arm all they want to but they can only kill me once.

                  • Off topic, but a great idea if you ever have to go to a protest…


                • absolute power corrupts, absolutely!

                  • “Do they know something big is about to go down?

                    Or is the intention here to strike fear into the populace by instilling in us that America is now a battlefield and the government is ready to go to war with anyone that stands in its way?”

                    I vote for the former AND the latter.

                • SterlingSilver: Not surprising at all, I saw our Sheriff’s MRAP last year and I too live in a small rural county in north Florida. Two big things we’ve got here are the pot grow houses and the meth labs. I’m sure it’s the same in your county since they are such money makers and harder to detect in remote areas. If anyone is worried about them being used against the citizenry at large, they shouldn’t. These vehicles are made for use on fairly level surfaces and in somewhat open areas. These vehicles run into problems where the roads are rough, where there are obstacles, and where maneuverability and visibility are limited. If anyone is concerned all they need to do is get the Army Manual on anti-armor tactics. Things such a large heavy obstacles, tank traps (covered trenches), and even paintballs to the windshield and side windows really slow them down. These vehicles also have a giant weak spot and that’s the rear exit. If the exit is covered by even one or two shooters, the MRAP becomes nothing more than a vehicle for them to safely retreat in from any engagement. For every measure that the enemy brings there are counter-measures to be used-learn them!

                  • The other major weakness of the International Truck built MRAP is the engine cover (hood) is the fiberglass International piece! The radiator is protected but anyone above could put large caliber rounds into the engine until it shits the bed. Now, with no A/C, it’s a death trap for whoever’s inside.

                • you are loved

            • I actually like the term. I like the media having disdain for me. I don’t want them to like me. I seek not their affection nor their counsel.

              • I don’t give a rusty fuck what “they” think of me.

                What matters to me, is that I can still hold my head up and proudly look at myself in the mirror each morning.

                What matters to me, is that my loved ones can look me in the eye without any shame for my actions.

                What matters to me, is that my friends can look me in the eye, knowing without a doubt that I’ll have their six no matter what.

                …the fear may I see in the eye of the enemy is just a nice little bonus…

            • This is all starting to smack
              of the movie, ‘ghost busters’.

              Who ya gonna call — chipmunk busters!

              Really now, what a joke…..

              • If anyone needs some heirloom seeds…

                25% off all Heirloom seed packets, through January 17th at My Patriot Supply. (mypatriotsupply dot com)

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                • Thanks for the link!

                • Thanks for the info.

            • Yet tis one of the words that sets off nsa,there are 100’s if not 1000’s,so,use the words in every e-mail/call ect.Just say to friends,prepping dinner while listening to Anthrax,keep those nsa computer drives humming!I will not allow the msm to belittle or make me use other words,am a proud motherfucking prepper!

              • My wife’s dinner last night was truly revolutionary. I shot farts all night.

                • Hope you aimed them at DC.

                • Careful you might have to register that meal!

            • Real Advice,
              you are correct! that term (prepper) is now a “dirty” word and is assisting to help in there term of divide and conquer, we must all be able to come to together as groups and that is what will allow us to get our country back and throw the scum out of office, period end of story!

              • I like the term prepper. It let’s one know who is who by their reaction. If they just smile a wee bit… Good to go. Laugh or role their eyes… Sheeple.

            • Get rid of the term prepper? We can call ourselves “transitional storage assets”.

              • OK Maud,that was pretty damn good!

              • Maudy F – That is an outstanding construct. We now have our own “TSA”.

              • Maudy,
                that was GOOD !!

            • What’s a good alternative to prepper? What about planner. I agree that prepper should be dropped.

              • I’ve never been a prepper, I’ve been a doer with an interest in homesteading and self sufficiency. But if Prepper is now a bad word, you can call me a prepper. If the condescending tools have to try to make themselves feel superior by belittling me, they sure have a small life and no confidence in who they are.

                • I’ve always been a prepper, plus a doer and interested in self-sufficiency. If prepper is now a bad word according to the PC crowd, then I wear the badge with honor. Nobody tells me what will be in my vocabulary. I’m the only one who makes that decision.

              • How about “contingency planner?” After all, isn’t that what it’s really about?

              • How about self-reliant?

            • Just a question: what is the alternative term? Do we have a new code word? I’m not really a “prepper” or a “survivalist” or whatever. Just trying to protect my family from criminals and Obummer.

              • How about “Common Sense-er” ?

                • Have you noticed that COMMON SENSE is not so common??

                  • How about….PATRIOT???

            • Very good and valid point. I agree!

          • “involves border operations, dignitary protection or any form of high-risk law enforcement, such as serving felony arrest warrants or hostage situations”

            I thought border operations were handled by the Border Patrol, serving felony arrest warrants could be done by any police officer or deputy sheriff, dignitary protection by the State Police, and hostage situations by SWAT teams from local police or sheriff departments? Maybe we are seeing a glimpse of the real I-wanna-be-President Rick Perry.

            Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Sam Houston, and others, must be rolling over in their graves. Getting rid of Mexican tyranny that is now being replaced by American tyranny.

            • Her is how I see what is going on.

              At this time with the true unemployment rate being 32% with a false economic promise of strength being projected our government learning from past history is now “managing” the greatest depression this country has ever experienced.

              The President is only a figurehead at this point thank God who is being told what to do by the extreme wealthy and foreign powers. It is their intent to hold on to what they have by portraying a massive cover up of the true facts.

              If you have not noticed the White House no longer has State dinners for dignitaries from around the world. The elite know that there is no power left in the U.S. Government. It is all a sham. The façade of the President is only for the common citizen to believe in. When that belief is dispelled and that is happening very fast the truth will destroy what is left of our constitution.

              But I digress. The reason you see the militarization of such entities such as the park rangers is because the President has so few resources in which to draw upon. Case in point, when the sequester happened who was the only agency who stopped the citizens of this country from seeing say the war memorials, the monuments around the country up to and including the Grand Canyon. It was of course the National Park Service.

              The Department of Homeland Security as did most other agencies ignored or found a way around harassing the American people. This as we all have known or hoped for was a rebellion of “government forces” that was just not mentioned by the manipulated and bought for media.

              The time for a complete unraveling of our social and economic system is at hand. The stock markets are about to collapse as well as federal and local governments. Retirement accounts are going to disappear as well as Social Security and all the other government programs the fat and lazy American population believed would last forever.

              We, the 1%, of which some call preppers will be the last bastion of strength here in America. We will not have to worry about outside foreign governments invading or mettling with what comes out from the ashes of our country as the American economy is what held all of it together and what happens here will happen around the world. We need only to worry about how we 1% survive and come out of this.

              So get ready to go at it ladies and gentlemen. It is coming and it is getting real. Prepare and God Bless.


              • BigB, everything you say is spot on. It hurts me inside every time we have to even have this discussion about a possible shooting war between the people and LE. bit I know it’s coming and still preparing for it. It would be great if the feds would turn around and join us in doing away with the tyranny, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part or anyone else. It’s a safe bet all of the feds will follow their orders and that will get them killed. Most local, county, and state cops will be at home with their families. Same for judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, corrections personnel, etc. Courts will not be in session. all of the rules we live by at this time will go out the window. It will be no holds barred and anything goes. Rules of engagement? The only rule that will matter is stay alive, regardless.

                • 1braveheart,

                  Is the reality different? Unfortunately, yes it is. Millions lack the honor and morality to be free, productive people. But ideally a free man or woman needs no rules imposed from the top down. Rules agreed to among equals … yes. Imposed from the top down … no.

                  Liberty’s primary principle is Non-Aggression. The only justifiable use of force is defensive, in response to an imminent dangerous attack. And proportional to that attack.

                  Liberty continues with “I own me. You own you. I own the fruits of my honest labor. If I don’t have the authority AS AN INDIVIDUAL to pick your pocket I can’t delegate what I don’t have. Whether ten or ten million people agree the principle holds.”

                  No matter how many free lunch types aggregate in the wishful thinking that “If there’s enough of us, we can rob the other guy by banding together.” Calling ourselves
                  “the government” and achieving our theft by as much force as might be necessary.

                  Since the 1930’s the Amerikan people have grown accustomed to believing society as a whole owes them their subsistence. Until Roosevelt’s NRA [National Recovery Act of 1933, AAA, WPA, etc.] individuals and families felt a moral obligation to be self-reliant. [1]

                  Whether it’s the multi-generationally dependent, or the suddenly desperate, or thugs in the tyrant’s employ, nobody has the right to aggress against you. To deprive you of your safety or the fruits of your honest labor.

                  Last but not least, I concur with your rules of engagement.

                  [1] reference on FDR: Burton Folsom, Jr., New Deal or Raw Deal, how fdr’s economic legacy has damaged america, c 2008.

                  • John Allen, ever since LBJ started The Great Society aka the freeloader programs, the NAACP has been teaching black people that white people owe them their subsistence because of the alleged wrongdoing under slavery and segregation, ad nauseum, and the effects of that propaganda campaign are there for all to see. Within the past 2 decades the program has been extended to illegal aliens who refuse to play by any of the rules, learn English, have no love for us but have no problem taking our tax money, etc. The only way I see to end the programs is EMP/CME or cyberattack on the power grid. the grid will be taken out one way or another; that is inevitable. That will be MEGA-SHTF. that will be when the party begins.

                  • John_Allen,

                    “Since the 1930′s the Amerikan people have grown accustomed to believing society as a whole owes them their subsistence.”

                    That’s only partially true. You must remember that they were sold lies, just as we have been. Here’s but a few examples to illustrate my point…

                    1. When they told us that society “owed” every man, regardless of race, the right to freedom and personal property and respect—what they really meant was, every man will now be able to work for the corporation, and be robbed of their earnings through taxes, equally. No longer would the slaves toil solely for their plantation masters, but now their corporate masters.

                    2. When they said women were “owed” the right to vote—what they really meant, was that now women’s issues could now be used as political fodder, to manipulate the entire masses. Women were still legally beaten by their husbands, but at least now they could contribute to their chosen political platform…

                    3. When they ended prohibition, what they really did was open a revenue source. It really had nothing to do with people having any more “freedom” to drink alcohol if thery chose, they were doing that for generations already…but NOW it could be taxed and controlled by the govt.

                    4. I’m not going to waste our time going through ALL of the wars individually, but each time we were told that we were fighting for “freedom”, if not our own, then somebody else’…WE ALL KNOW THE REALITY OF THAT LIE—it’s always been about some hidden agenda, oil, opium, cocaine or some other natural resource they wanted to steal. Our supposed wars for “freedom”, have NEVER resulted in ANYBODY being more free…EVER.

                    5. They said that by “helping the down-trodden” we’ll be doing a service to mankind and humanity in general—what they really meant to say, was that by getting everyone they can dependent on them, they can manufacture the control that they’ve always secretly dreamed of. Helping anyone was NEVER the goal, just a means to their end.

                    They tell us they are watching us FOR OUR OWN SAFETY AND SECURITY…

                    They say they want to take our guns to make us all more safe…

                    GMOs will FEED THE WORLD and put an end to poverty…

                    The lies go on and on. Each time we were told these actions were for some other purpose. Most people believed what they were told…WE DIDN’T.

                    People didn’t believe they were owed “subsistence, they believed they were owed a right to survive, just like everyone else…you see, it’s all in how you frame it.

                    We’ve been fed lies for an alternate, hidden agenda for generations.

              • 1%??? Shit, I’m on the wrong damn website– sure as heck ain’t part of the “one percent” (who is destroying the planet out of greed!!!) Hate those bastards!!!

                • It is believed that only 1 % of us in the United States are prepping for a SHTF scenario. I was not referring to the 1 % who have the wealth as I assume you are referring to.


                • Anon,remember,that term is also used by motorcycle,uhmmm….clubs,know a couple of 1%’s

                  • Yup, came from the AMA who said that 99% of motorcycle riders are law abiding citizens, the “clubs” like the 1% label.

              • Ref: BIG B….

                I am sure all the “Sane” folks posting here gave you a “Standing Ovation” for that one….Ok….maybe not a Standing….but at least a ” Sitting Ovation !!! ” I know I did …


          • If we argue now, what will it be like when the balloon goes up. Many of us will kill each other.

            • I would not fire on you fellas. I also don’t call myself a prepper. Not because it has a negative connotation, but because to me a prepper is the last of the real Americans. I use this screen name because his pictures capture the generation of Americans that made the nation great. At 31 I doubt I’ll see the U.S. restored to those standards again but it doesn’t mean I won’t try like hell to make it happen. The biggest threat to us is our inability to communicate and organize post shtf. These gov officials that are militarizing need to realize we are no threat to the U.S. only globalists.

              • The Last Boy Scout, sounds about right. Multiblade knife, mess kit, compass, wool stuff, fire making abililty, food gathering stuff, binoculars, tools, all weather tough clothes and an

                M1 Garand, lots of ammo.

                “Toto, this doesn’t look like Kansas anymore.”

                Semper Fi

              • HAM radio…

              • Unfortunately, the U.S. has been taken over by the globalists, so yes, will will probably remain enemies of the USSA for some time yet, because we don’t serve the same masters.

            • Slingshot, etc: There is bickering in the churches, to incl tea party groups which contain stuck in stupid folks in gov. educ and gov churches! what a crock.

              People are dropping out after trying to inform others as church leaders refuse to take a stand and warn their flock. Bickering over finances, power struggles on committees cause many to ditch out and drop out of any Get with close knit friends/family and make plans for bartering networks in the community. Plan logistics for future freedom fighters and be discerning who you interact with. Few will gain your trust even now. It’s getting crazy folks. for ex: Target was slack on security; now it’s over 70 mill plus victims to incl online buyers. No gov. regs on securing data? Are we turning into a third world hell hole? Politicians are scum/do nothing low lifes.

              • I resigned from my church, when the wimp of a pastor, made the comment that like the rest of us he was a hard working, tax paying American. WTF! What is so virtuous about being a tax payer? As with many items we buy (e.g. gas, alcohol, ect) there is a tax/fee/charge already included in the price of the item. Just try and tell the clerk at the register that you are NOT going to pay the full price, because you don’t want to pay the taxes on it.
                Church to leaves me bored. Pastors will not say anything that might cost them their tax exempt status. Or some body might get their feeling hurt. Most churches will be totally unprepared for when the SHTF, and the .gov LE agencies come after them. I tried to sound the warning but I was tolded that I was a “cultiest” (what ever that is supposed to mean). AMF, I am gone

                • Ole left foot of fellowship eh?…ya I been there a few times…itll be okay….

                  • Let me hijack this for just a second—Every time I post something, both the text of the post and the (submit comment) button text disappears for a couple of seconds, then returns. It does this while I’m still typing, not after I hit the submit button.

                    It didn’t used to do that. Has anyone else noticed this?

          • It would be great to come together for mutual support and advice, but we are all alone in actuality because of our distances. Am I really going to be able to defend my home with just my wife and I? Everyone close to us thinks we’re nuts.

            • @Basstard,

              You are not alone. There are others around you. Being on this site for a few years I have identified several others who visit here that live in my neck of the woods. (Greater Sacramento area) I have also made up a email address that I use ([email protected]) for communication and verification of people that have responded. After I get to know them I use my regular address.


            • Bsstard, there are a Lot of people who know what’s happening. Just the other day, I sat next to this guy, we started talking, and before you know it we were talking about guns and the corrupt government.

              He said he would not give up his guns, no matter what. (He said he had 20. I believed him because he was the one who brought up the subject!). Also, on other occasions, I’ve talked to people and they KNOW how dire things are and are suspicious of the government.

              I think, what we need to do, is when we come across people who are on the same page, its important to exchange addresses/phone numbers, so when SHTF, we can visit them and talk in privacy. (Take battery out of phone first so gov can’t spy on us!)

              Basically, TALK to people– now! Find out who you can count on. If family members are clueless, there are bound to be other people who do know what’s happening. Get ready now!

              • I had a similar incident at our mail boxes the other day.

            • Same here, we have a nice place and plenty of room and would like to connect with “like minded” individuals or couples, but do not know how to do it safely. Am open for suggestions…Please

              • Ref: ARBY

                Firstly, I understand the fact of who the hell can you trust in this world these days and feel safe interacting with…We are EXTREMELY private and have gotten to where we talk to very very few people about what is going on….
                Like a lot of other folks on here….We are looking for people like ourselves and our mind set..not that we expect anyone to think just like us…but are ready and know or feel what’s in the air…and CAN bring what we bring to the table….

                Ok….but how do we connect ? Nobody really knows where anyone else is located….There are ways for people to check other people out….Who they are…background…What do they bring to the table….etc….

                I am located in the Gulf Coast Pandhandle area…any groups around here ? Anybody on here from this area…I have looked around this area…so far…just some Rambo Wannabes who think deer urine is a cologne !!!

                Damn…now my head really does hurt !!!

                • LOL. “Eau de Cervidae” — my fav!

                • NoRegretVet: Tough situation to be in, not being able to find the ‘right’ people, but also not knowing who to trust. The FBI occasionally makes these phony sting operations with real meat-heads because they’ve advertised their intent and then let anyone into their group. First thing is I’d avoid anyone who’s new to the area, but even then it could even be some local who’s on the hook to the feds for some legal beef could be used as a snitch. Here in Florida it’s illegal to have a paramilitary/militia group, but there is nothing illegal about military re-enactors because we have plenty of them. Most of them are Civil War groups, but there are also groups that do WWII. In fact, there are groups for many of America’s wars throughout the country somewhere. If you don’t find a group, you can start one that does some Viet Nam (jungle warfare) and/or Iraq (urban warfare) reenactments. There are many famous battles from both wars that have many training/learning experiences to teach, and they could be a lot of fun. All the gear and tactics are real except the firearms, and those are for the range anyway. You can also have a “mutual aide” group that prepares for all types of natural and manmade disasters and you can even get training for these. We’ve seen after Katrina and Sandy how little the government can really do in response to disasters so any training and preparation is actually encouraged by our helpless government. The biggest problem is avoiding/ridding yourself of folks within the group who actively seek conflict with the government, these are the guys that cause opsec/comsec problems and will bring in the feds and their snitches. If your group has a few $$ you should seek out a friendly attorney in order to formalize this/these group(s) and get advice on what you can do and say and what NOT to do and say. Good luck!

                • No Regret.. Are you looking for a new place to hang your hat? Given any thought to South Central Va?

                  • Ref: Arby….

                    I have given thought to a whole lot of places other than Florida…..I have been up and around that Beautiful part of the state…..Is there any firewood left where you at !!! 🙂

                    I had actually been talking with some relatives who live in W VA….Yep 1 of the 9 counties that got the Big Surprise with the chemical spill….guess that area is out….

                • No regret vet – i too feel the same as you I am on the other side of the spectrum in southern cal. I too am looking for people who are on the same page as i . Contact me please there is strength in numbers . [email protected]

            • Ref…Basstard

              That is exactly what I was attempting to convey in my earlier post….Hell…I don’t have 1 person in my community that thinks anything is wrong !!! I have tried to talk with them and they look at the wife and I like we are aliens !!! I have gotten to the point where I think about what a guy posted on some other site….” Do you feed em…or Whack em !!! ” They are on their own…don’t come to me looking for sympathy…I tried.

              I just wonder if there is something in the water around here !!!

              • HOW DO YOU FIND other people who are prepared in your area?
                Most people I talk with are not concerned. So, I no longer tell people that I am a prepper.
                When the shtflan, I plan to take 50 pounds of rice and 50 pounds of beans to my church. Church as a full kitchen and walk in freezer. Then,I plan to find out who has prepped and try to set up a working relationship–trade, defense, bible sessions–then hopefully, enjoy a more comfortable/secure life.

                • Easy, come to Wy. Ask how many of you are going to vote for BO next term? The rest of the people are packin, Ask it with a laugh in your voice or some 80 year old lady is likely to blast you.

                  • Ref: Paranoid…

                    Damn…..After reading your post….I think I may be looking at my Future Home !!! 🙂

              • Unfortunately my wife and I are in the same situation.
                Clueless neighbors. Would love to connect with others of like mind.

                • Kinda hard to build a bridge, when you don’t know where the other end is going…what part of the country are you in?

              • Hey No Regret We NEED some common sense around here. Makin’ any plans to travel?

          • Be Informed: RE: sharing information….

            Was watching the movie Deep Impact last night in one scene Tia Leoni (sp?) was talking to the president and as they panned around the room there were stacks of cases of Ensure. Wow…lightbulb….

            Ensure is packed with calories, nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, etc. They are a meal/ nutrition in a small can. They make various formulas for different problems. I am going to go pick up a few cases asap.


            • PK…what if those were cases of EX-lax???!!! with Tia…

              Would you be so excited!!!

              • Lastmanstanding: Uhmmm….cause they said Ensure on the cases? Sorry….I am missing the humor. Still think it’s a good idea.


                • Lastmanstanding: Oh, I get it….

                  The post was about Ensure, you moron.

                  I’ll make sure not to mention a female actresses name in future posts as it sends your brain into the gutter.



                  • You still didn’t get it…purchasing fucking Ensure to survive.

                    You just keep supporting corpco, hellywood and that gmo shit that they crank out in your best interest. wtfu.

                    My brain is on real survival with real food that I grow/source from my local community.

            • Not to mention they were a really big sponsor, But a good idea, thanks

              • relax guys, just thinking about it but not buying Ensure

          • @BI, I am wth you. We must form communities of preppers wherever we are. More information on organizing, building networks locally, regionally, and nationally. United we stand, divided we fall!

            I’ve had 3 patients in the hospital with flu. One is dead. One is dying. One is getting better.Please folks, It is not too late to get the flu vaccine. Those of you who have not yet been vaccinated are at extreme risk!

            • @Star Gazer, you’re spot on, Community is the key here. My thoughts on this are taking pages out of the monotheistic religion playbooks, convert or be killed in the end. I don’t advocate violence. Rather, I think engaging neighbors to a discussion, and bringing up examples like Katrina, Sandy, Recently West Virginia, heck, even unemployment, as all good and valid examples of SHTF scenarios, and state reasons why it’d at least be smart to start buying a few extra cans a day, or having that handgun by the night stand. All it takes to build a community is a spark of interest. Giving and showing enough to light that spark ensures an opportunity to think about it. After all one of the most common views of prepping is an everything else insurance, and you everyday people would love insurance that has no premiums, deductibles, or stupid claim processings

            • Forget that, star gazer! There’s no such thing as a safe vaccine. Haven’t you been keeping up? Look for this title: There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and there Never Will Be.

              You might also want to check out Jon Rappoport’s blog where he discusses how, of all the supposed diagnosed flu cases, only ~16% of them are the flu, the rest is something else. The doctors and the MSM are feeding people hog wash on this issue. And so are you, if you keep this up.

              • Average Guy: Do you mean all vaccines, or just those for influenza? You’re right, but only slightly, on one point, and that’s there is no such thing a totally safe vaccine. But I’m still taking my chances with medicine and the science that brought it about rather than listen to some hysterical nonsense by uneducated buffoons like that pseudo-scientist Rappoport. Yeah, Rappoport is a journalist married to a Doctor but they both sell ‘alternative medical advice’. There’s name for folks like that and it’s “quack”. Rappoport also sells cd’s on magic, past life regression, and other such new age bullshit. He’s nothing more than a new age snake oil salesman. Now back to reality. Polio was still a threat when I was a child and I even knew a few people who had been crippled by it. With massive campaigns to vaccinate everyone you no longer see the victims of this disease. When’s the last time you heard of anyone contracting polio? Small pox, typhoid, cholera, and a host of other diseases are all but gone thanks to science. Since 1973 (military for 22 years) I’ve been getting vaccinations and I’ve haven’t died yet, of even know of anyone who has. I’ll take modern science over that witch doctor Rappoport and his kind any day. Crawl out of your cave man and join the modern era of science rather than superstition.

                • Diseases are on the rise again because the “public health” department fails to properly do their jobs. I know this and what I just moved away from…Old neighbors hiding a faulty septic many years. Household on our street were breaking out with rashes and heart problems..The health deptment informs them they are coming, so they have time to cover their tracts. When he has covered the piping with a cement slab. and she rips out the 3 foot tall dandelions before they get there. All you hear is prove it! No one really knows what their neighbor is doing in the middle of the night, as they LIE to the community. Well it will be exposed eventually after enough people are sickened from people eating off the organic field they are dumping the waste into. But what do I know right? I only caught them admitting they were doing this… Can you say OUTBREAK… it is real life to me. Soo many of the people in the nation are clueless to the laws that protect the criminal, and do nothing to protect the innocent. And NO MEDICAL doctor is THAT smart to figure out what is REALLY going on out there. Enjoy your ice cream folks. I tried every thing in my power, to stop it.

                • G8 and all, thanks for your support. Laeagle got his ass kicked by the idiot red thumbers, I iknow who some of them are, but all I can say is that they are risking their lives for absolute hearsay and junk pseudoscience. I have personally received every vaccine that I recommend from 60 years ago. I am hear thanks to these life saving vaccines!

                • “Polio was still a threat when I was a child and I even knew a few people who had been crippled by it.”

                  Now back to reality.

                  I think you need to go check your dates, my friend—polio became an epidemic AFTER the vaccine was introduced to the public. Not only that, but they were caught intentionally putting live cancer viruses in the vaccines.

                  Do some more research, bud.

              • Have studied this stuff for over 30 years. What are your credentials ? I have been in the trenches taking care of the sickest of the sick. Have worked in the ivory towers and in the jungle villages. I have sat helplessly watching dying patients. I know what I speak of and am confident that I base my warnings on solid research and sound science. I don’t know any health care worker willing to risk their lives taking care of sick and dying patients who have not received the appropriate vaccines, including the flu vaccine.

          • Ref: Be Informed & Everyone else !!!

            Firstly….what nationality do you think the picture of the park ranger is ???

            Now…..Be Informed is stating the ultimate truth….All others..the alphabet groups…. seem to be forming…organizing …and arming everyone..It would not surprise me if they armed the “Jehovah Witness ” folks next !!! No disrespect to the Jehovah Witness folks….But Damn are we as a people doing anything to come together…do our areas…our communities…our neighborhoods have a plan….a clue….on how WE will work together when it all comes down…and it is coming…It appears that other than these blogs we are not communicating very much….and we have begun to fight amongst ourselves….and that is EXACTLY what THEY want us to do…WE have to turn this around.

            What I see and hear is:

            We all have our stuff….we have organized our stuff…we are ready with our stuff and thoughts on what we are going to do when it hits….We as singular or with our small families can’t do shit to defend ourselves with 1 or 2 guys and gals up against the hordes…We will not last very long…So…here is what I ask…

            What can we do…and how can we do it to come together….in your area as a LARGE group of like minded people….Chime in

            I don’t know about everyone else but where I live most everyone is in a trance…or they have their little bug out trailers….and stuff and what they think is a Rambo plan….If we don’t figure out how to group up tighter…our asses are grass….Just think how the Military is formed/works….Patrols…Squadrons…Companies…etc etc
            Now think of yourself and 3 others …..So…now what is your plan ???

            This may seem a little whacked to all of you…but has anyone watch the entire series of the TV show ” Jericho”….it was made back in 2005 or so….want to see how people will react/respond…and how the SHTF will most likely happen….and I am talking about the people …not what happened…but that it finally fell apart….watch it….You may just see a lot of people you know in the series !!!

   the guy said…” Somebody throw some ideas out here…My head hurts !!! “

            • It’s simple really @NoRegretVet. From now on I’ll be known as Cede (WA) I think people should at least show their State. Its a start. If you think the govt don’t know where you live and what computer you’re using to communicate you’re going to be very surprised. Doesn’t matter what name we use to hide our identities, the govt can actually monitor any computer. It’s location, what it’s being used for and who’s using it.
              So it’s pointless trying to hide from anyone. My name’s Cede from WA state, west of Olympia and south of Forks.

              • Sixpack in Oregon here, at the foot of Mt. Hood Nat’l Forrest. @NoRegretVet, I’ve been thinking the same as you. The govt knows everything about us that we’re trying to hide…the question is, WHO ARE WE REALLY HIDING FROM?

                Answer—only each other…and the trolls.

            • No-Regret, it will be hard to organize because their surveillance system is so obiquitous. We have to figure out a way to by pass their system. (think of the underground railroad). Check out Derrick Jensen.

              • It’s easier to organize if you find people of (other)similar interests(also) and organize around that, keeping the prepping below the radar.

              • Ref….Anonymous

                Yea I know….maybe just wishful thinking…it just seems like we have all be divided in so many different ways…And society and the way of life we had known for decades + seems to have totally vanished..

                I oft times think of my time in the Military and knowing that someone always had my back…and have come to realize that it is all but impossible to get that feeling back….

                I just hope and pray for all the “Sane” folks on here and that each of you will stay safe….

            • Vet – cant figure away to communicate with other fellow patriots without compromising (trusting) the other party . Who can you trust?

          • Obviously, a coup has occurred and we have a police state. Whenever totalitarian governments show their ugly face, they always slaughter a large portion of the population.


            • Maybe there’s a way we could start posting alerts from our own FEMA regions on that site. National access to local info might come in handy.

          • Big fan of but was wondering why no article yet of the chemical spill in W. Virginia that has left at least 300,000 without fresh water for days?

            Perfect opportunity to show why it’s necessary to prep and in this case, store potable water. Just wondering.

          • Well when are we going to come together. We need to be very organized and well thought out. its gotta start now and maybe when can have someone not just one person but a small group of people start in all the major cities. if they are preparing we need to people. We have to start now people or its going to be too late don’t you think friends and patrons??

            • Clint I absolutely agree with you We need to start grouping now our survival depends on it

          • BI,
            That guy in the photo should shed the big-ass college ring and get some 5.11 gloves. But seriously, your heart’s in the right place. People need to stop quarreling over the niceties and fine points of PMs, race, and regional culture. Whatever happens in 2014, we are at the threshold of a set of problems that will require the utmost integrity and concentration just to survive.

        • This just proves they know what’s coming thanks to the Central Planners and Central Banksters. This shell game/ponzi scheme can’t go on forever. When it fails and we have the Gubmint EBT card members looting their favorite Walmart and going out in the streets rioting like it was a Rodney King reunion, you can expect these hired Govt killers to show up at your door.

          • I’m more afraid of the organized, govt paid thugs with the MRAPS and high caliber arms night optics and kevlar, than I am the unprepared EBTers..

            Cut the hatred and use some common sense…know who the REAL threat is.

        • Nah!

          If they have been funded by Uncle Sam, their primary mission is to meet illegals at the border and make sure they don’t step on any wildlife or shit in the bushes on their way into the country.

          • “shit in the bushes” ?
            Naw , they are at the border to help sign them up for obamacare and register them as democrat voters .
            Dont be silly ! LOL

            • Hammerhead,
              Still stuck in the right/left paradigm, I see. You’ve got to get rid of the old programming or you’re doing “the man’s work for him”. Throw off the mental chains!!

              • no not really stuck , just havin a laugh .

        • is he wearing eyeliner?

          • I would hate to be killed by someone who looks like such a douchebag like that guy. How embarrassing. When I get gunned down , I want to be looking up at John Wayne or Lee Marvin type guys, not dickheads.

            • You have to admit that helmet IS cute…
              but what might be of worry is if that unit on top is FLIR…
              I hear it’s the latest in fashion for the hip gov fascist…

              • Oh it did post…kool

          • The dude’s blue. Must be taking too much colloidal silver.

          • Ref: STAN…

            I can’t really tell about the eye liner…but I do know that he could have ” Accessorized ” a little better !!!

            UH OH…..Now here comes the “Fashion Police !!! “

          • stan, you mean “guy liner”?

        • I’m pretty sure this is what the King referred to when he kept promising to establish a “National Security Force that’s just as strong, just as powerful as the military”. Combine all the different “militarized” LE agencies across America and you DO HAVE a very strong, well equipped “military style” security force. Welcome to the new America guys and girls….

        • LOL Kevlar helmit but no body armour…hmmm. Anyhoo if you have worn a piss pot in the heat before you know it sucks so he wont be wearing it for long.

          • Ramaadiron – Your observation is a fact. Jungle hat was always my favorite. As a civ now, the Buff headwear is my favorite..a multi use snivel gear item.

        • Slavo is an idiot.My brother is a park ranger.They are Armed to fight the drug cartel LOS Zetas who are former Mexican Special Forces deserters trained in Ft.Bragg North Carolina by the Green Berets.They left the Mexican Army for better pay working for the drug cartels.The organization is based in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, directly across the border from Laredo, Texas

          After Osiel Cárdenas Guillén took full control of the Gulf Cartel in 1999, he found himself in a violent turf war. In order to keep his organization and leadership, Cárdenas sought out Arturo Guzmán Decena, a retired Army lieutenant who lured more than 30 army deserters of the Mexican Army’s elite Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales (GAFE) to become his personal bodyguards, and later, as his mercenary wing.[20] These Army deserters were enticed with salaries much higher than those of the Mexican Army.[21] Cárdenas’ goal was to protect himself from rival drug cartels and from the Mexican military.[22][23][24] Some of the original members, who had come from the GAFE unit, had during the 1990s reportedly received training in commando and urban warfare from Israeli special forces and American Special Forces units, which included training in rapid deployment, marksmanship, ambushes, counter-surveillance and intimidation.[

          • Thumbs up because your comment supplies another point of view, but no need to call derogatory names.

            Two years ago, I was approached by NC Department of Wildlife and Forestry agents, whatever you call them, when I took my old daughter fishing.I have never fished or hunted, never gotten a license to do so,etc. Under 12 or so I don’t think you need a license. I was holding her little Barbie toy pole ( no other fishing poles there at the site). She had already caught a few sunfish which we had in a bucket and were planning to let go when we left.

            These enforces made a big deal of whether I had purchased a fishing license, which I had not. They were armed, and had the swagger and attitude of being tough guys. I didn’t get a ticket, but they ran my license etc. Even when it was blatantly clear that I was not fishing. So yeah, I think there is a little bit of this both ways.

            The bottom line is, sometimes when you allow people to be armed, it changes their attitude for the worse.

            • sounds like you went FISHING where they LIVED…i haven’t learned that part yet, horseass

            • Ive dealt with these woods nazis myself in the past…full of attitude and that swagger as you call it…(if you have a child with you they will go out of their way to try to intimidate you and shame you in front of the child…guess it makes them feel tough)thanks to their actions my kids now have lost respect for them(which is okay cause I have too …the times Ive had confrontations were the times I wasnt breaking any of their rules or even hunting/fishing for that matter…just in the woods on private property even a couple times…Ive found theyre a lot more respectful when Im armed…they’ll last about 30 seconds in a real confrontation.

          • @EX-POSER…and with THAT information, mac’s an IDIOT? PFFT! i think mac has done a HUUUGE service to the community, and if you don’t think so, why don’t you go to HELL, General FATTEN…..and furthermore, why don’t you stop talking in code, we know it’s what mama did when cousin daddy visited, but seriously…STOP IT!

          • EXPOSER, I’m not questioning the content of your post except for your first sentence calling Mac slavo. when he brings us articles, he has no control over the quality of the information in them. I agree with everyone else that the photo was definitely tampered with but that doesn’t mean Mac did it. Yes, we get questionable articles here on occasion, but as I said, Mac has no control over that.

            • I can’t speak to the nature of the photo and whether or not it has been photoshop’d, but it was pulled DIRECTLY from the TPW Magazine web site.

              This is an OFFICIAL PHOTO and is noted as such on the image itself – here’s the reference link for those interested:


          • Uhhhhhh hey exposer…

            How about you not PLAGIARIZE when trying to make a point!

            Your ENTIRE second paragraph is a cut/paste job from wikipedia!

            fourth paragraph down under the “Foundation” heading

            Methinks thou hast “exposed” thyself as being the purveyor of high douchebaggery!


            • Ref: Snisha

              That last sentence in your post cracked me up…I may have to steal that one…it is just toooooo good to let lay…..

              And he should be tried for the crime of ” High Douchebaggery “…..We will allow you to decide on the punishment !!!

              Thanks I needed that !!!

          • EXPOSER, your post was good except for calling Mac Slavo an idiot. he’s not an idiot. When he presents us these articles, he has no control over the quality of the information in them. yeah, we get some questionable articles on occasion, but it’s not deliberate. I’m not questioning the information you presented. I’ve seen it at another source and know it’s true. The head of our community is not an idiot.

          • hmmmm.. you mean the drug cartels well financed by multi national banks…right?

            hsbc’s $1.9 billion agreement with the U.S. to resolve charges it enabled Latin American drug cartels to launder billions of dollars was approved by a federal judge. ?

            or fast and furious sponsored by our own state dept?



          • EXPOSER, please cite the place you copied and pasted that info from, I’d kinda like to see how propagandized the online book or article is.

            • NOTE: Next time you plan on posting text from someone else’s book, remove the footnote references first.

        • I’m sure this is the guy Facebook profile picture too!

        • Pissed off white guy idea, You are 100% correct that is why I have moved into a rural setting after spening the last 40 years in the city. As the ghetto types move in smart working people leave because the ghetto types are just going to create a new ghetto!

        • Reminds me of Seinfeld’s “jack-booted thugs at the Pottery Barn.”

      2. for the apocaloptimists(you KNOW the SHHTFAN, but you don’t want to believe it) this is probly no big deal, right!…sarcasm off

        • Buttcrackofdoom,

          Re: “I am interested in desert plants that are edible.”
          This might be helpful.

          5 Local Edible Plants And How To Identify Them
          (From Central Texas)

          YUCCA or SOTOL
          ONION and/or CHIVES

          Survival Life dot com

            • Ky I’ve read and studied and went to seminars and spent a lot of time in the woods and wilderness of this great country, and have tried about everything I came upon that was edible. And I’ve heard how rosehips have more vitamin C than oranges and how this other plant has Vitamin A and how this plant cures gout, but when your in a survival situation or a shtf senario for a month or so, you won’t be interested in vitamin C, you’ll want Calories. Now all these plants are great, when they’re in season, which they’re usually not and usually it’s very short. These things are good to know. But from what I’ve seen you better have a gun or a bow or some snares or some kind of traps or hook and line. My motto is “If It Ain’t Meat,You Ain’t Gonna Eat!” But then again,thats why we prep. Trekker Out.

          • The prickly pear cactus is both plentiful and a huge resource. the fruit, flowers and paddles are edible.

            • With all the feral hogs in Texas how can you starve? They should last a few months anyway.

              • Well, John, there might be more pig BBQ available but they eat agricultural products.

                • i thought PIGS ate doughnuts?

                  • Butt, you wild and crazy guy!WASP

          • KY Mom, you just reminded me of dandelion’s and some of the things I just learned about. It appears that this common weed is or can be used for a number of medical things. Heart rate, sinus conditions etc. But the big purpose that I found amazing is that dandelion bulbs are very high in the drug atropine which is used to treat subjugation to and from the effects of nerve gas. Something I have been wanting to share with everyone for a while. Thanks.


            • thanks KY, any moose and bigbutt for the suggestions! now i gotta see if any of that stuff grows here in Kattleforneeuhh. probly a lot of cactus’s are edible but let me take this opportunity to WARN about those gourds along roadsides all over our mojave desert…a few years ago i read a story about some men stole some tv’s i think it was, at the train depot near baker. they had left a lookout a ways away with no water. he saw those little watermelon-looking gourds and ate them to quench his thirst and it killed him. whenever you try to ingest something you don’t KNOW about…do it in baby steps! and maybe try rubbing the juice from it on your skin first to see if you have an allergic reaction to it.and…party like it’s 2006!!

              • @BcrackofD:


                miner’s lettuce

                lamb’s ear


                —lots of edibles in cali—–

                …from the Monterrey Bay……BA.

                • Cattails are an awesome food source as well as raw material for fires, insulation and Vario’s other uses

                  • When considering edible wilds….
                    Anything within a few hundred feet of a roadway will most likely be toxic…
                    I know most of us are aware of this but we do have newbies coming by…

                    And…Linda Runyon is a great source on the topic.

                • BA. Looks like dandelions will be all you get, cause miners get real pissed when you take their lettuce. And Shepards have the same problem if you mess with their lambs, as for the catstail, it would be alright with me, but women frown on that quite a lot.WASP

              • Any alkaloid containing plant is dangerous.

                • be careful of mescaline in the desert—or not. LOL

              • thanks for the info badam and mom!

            • Not so, KY. You need 2 mg of atropine to block cholinesterase’s action when exposed to nerve gas. And you’ve only got seconds to INJECT the atropine. A truck load of dandelions won’t help.

              Dandelions are good food though, one of the best where plants are concerned.

              Semper Fi, and get an M1 Garand, shoot the nerve gas bastards.

              • Acetylcholine jumps the synapse to continue the depolarazation of tissues. Cholinesterase stops acetylcholine’s action at the synapse. Nerve gas prevents cholinesterase’s action. Acetylcholine continues to work. You breathe in, for example and you can’t breathe out. All systems work this way, causing instant death.

                Forget the dandelions.

                Semper Fi

                • Thanks SF, that’s what I was looking for.

            • BigB, please post a dandelion/atropine link, somebody has to figure out how to extract enough atropine to be useful….any organic chemists, please chime in.

          • dandelion root bulb when dried and roasted then ground can be used for coffee as it does taste like it !

            • ahhhhhh….maybeeeee….ahhhh… 🙂

            • really?

          • I’ve read and studied and searched and went to seminars, and heard about all the things you can use for medicine and how you can get vitamin C from this Rosehip, and vitamin A from that plant and cure gout with something else. I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods and wilderness of this great country and have tried about everything I came upon, in the way of wild edibles, which is fine and dandy if they happen to be in season, which they usually ain’t, and if they are it’s very short. So if you find yourself in a survival situation or even a short term SHTF senario you better have a gun or bow or snare or some kind of traps or hook and line, cause you ain’t going to need Vitamin C, your going to need some Calories. My motto is “If It Ain’t Meat, You Ain’t Gonna Eat”. But that’s why we prep. Trekker Out.

      3. @ Be Informed ~ I left you a message at the thread we were talking at.
        @ Be Informed ~ There are 2 dead, and 81 hospitalized in Oregon with the H1N1. I would provide the link, but I don’t want it to be in Moderation Land. You can google it and the information will come right up.
        You may be onto something with the disease factor.

        • @ Emily. Fortunately the H1N1 is just beginning to start up mid way to later through the flu season. It would be awful if this strain started up in October. It is similar to the 2009 flu season. By mid February most of the time any flu has begun to wane a lot. It takes time for a flu to spread into an epidemic. Spring is a good time to see the last strong hold outs to die out until the next season. Spring is only 68 days away. I bet a lot of people don’t want to hear the word winter any longer.

          • BI ! 5.0 quake Mid Atlantic Ridge 27 degrees north! New Madrid??

            • @ Thinker. Earthquake too far north to affect the New Madrid. Between 14 and 20 degrees is what you want to look for on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This earthquake though does signal an almost certain major earthquake coming as well as the one on the West Indian Antarctic Ridge. These point to the northern Australian plate from south India to Tonga and Samoa, northwestern Pacific plate from north central Japan to Kodiak Island in Alaska, and especially the Cocos and Nazca plate from Mexico at 20 degrees north to south Chile. This helps confrim the other precursor earthquakes that had these spots also targeted for one or more major quakes, 6.5+. I am also seeing stress lines coming from the Taiwan area.

              I am glad that people are watching the earthquake maps, sometimes I am off the computer for many hours and don’t catch them until later.

          • I had a patient die from H1N1 last August. They were a young family of four. All got sick. The old man, in his 40s, died. All flu vaccines since 2010 contain the H1N1 vaccine. It is not fun taking care of these patients!

            • la eagle,
              do you know if they had taken the vaccine?

              • @Everyone:

                Elderberry extract to combat h1n1.

                Keeps virus from reproducing.

                Stuff works.

                ….prevention is the cure….BA.

                • Bad American
                  we make our own elderberry elixer from the sambucus niagra ( spelling is probably wrong) common name is black elderberry and we have been for several years now and we have not been sick with any type of flu and many around were sick. It works and there is other things you can take as well!they don’t want people to know how to stop taking the big pharma drugs! you don’t need them

              • Sadly, they had not! We threw everything we knew to do at him, including antivirals, antibotics, ventilator, dialysis, hypothermia, pressors, etc., but he died within a week. It shook many of us up to the core. We didn’t have a definitive diagnosis until we got back reslts from the CDC. The man would be alive if he had received the vaccine. I hope to see more green thumbs than red ones ith this posting. You red thumb me at your own risk. Sooner or later a pandemic will hit and before you knowit you will be infected. If your are lucky you will die quickly, if not, you will have a whopping medical bill easly exceeding anything you’ve saved up for emergencies or retirement. What waste of a life and good money! I write like this because I considervall of you, including the trolls and the red thumbers, my brothers and sisters, fellow preppers, rangers, watchmen. It is not too late to get the flu vaccine. Just do it! For your own sake.

        • Thanks for the story. Too bad we have to dig to find out what is happening. To me, that should be headline news!

          I wonder if the affected *had* their flu shots as they suggest that we do?

          • …or, how many of them that didn’t have the shot, had been around someone who had been vaccinated…just saying.

        • Is there anyone on here from the Panhandle area of Florida…..Gulf Breeze to Perdido areas…My neighbor is a lab tech at 1 of the major hospitals in this area and they have had ” Several ” deaths from H1N1 …..and a lot of folks hospitalized….Yea, this just what I needed to hear !!! She said they are not talking about it or letting much info out….

          Would someone please come and get me ….I think I am about finished here !!!

        • Emily, please post that link here—I’m in Oregon.

          • never mind, I found it.

      4. Meter readers are next!!! Engage your employees or be enslaved by them, one SWAT Team at a time!!! 🙂

      5. This is the last thing we need. Fish Cops and Twig Pigs acting like wanna be commandos.

        • Anyone considered what might happen if any of those people in militarized agencies decide not to play along with the program? There have to be at least some.

        • Here along the Chesapeake, we call em Crab Cops and Oyster Officers.

          • I just gotta say it. The picture of this guy reminds me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon character. The little black martian wearing the helmet with the upside down brush on top, always trying to blow up planet Earth, saying “You have made me very angry”.

            • Marvin the Martian.

              • A explosive space modulator,I am going to blow up the planet earth!

                • Eh,I blew it,thought about it as one of my favorite cartoons,I believe it was the Q-37 explosive space modulator!On a side note,did not cheat and look up online,just thought about while outside having a smoke(Dr.’s orders).My other favorite is hunting season when Daffy acts like a fiddler crab,love that stuff!

              • The image is exactly that! Cartoonish

              • “Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!”

                If you want to hear what it would sound like if Marvin Martian sang, follow the link to hear Mel Blanc sing “I Love Me” in the same voice.


                • I can do his voice…that out to be interesting to try…thanks!

        • The laws they are trying to enforce are written by lawyers with 8 or 10 years of law school and college and written in legalese.

          Yet most LEO cannot do elementary school math.

          How in the world do they even understand the laws they are supposedly enforcing?

          Police state thugs “Just doin’ what I’m told”.

          • Actually had a great talk with a game warden once,was on my dads land,he thought was on another piece of property,he bet me on it and gps’ed,realized I was right and bought me a breakfast.While we were talking I realized he either turned his head or got grit in his eyes when locals who were poor got a non licensed/out of season kill,he realized was difference between family eating well or not.His big thing and agree with him was folks killing bear and just going after claws and other internal organs and dumping whole corpse to go to waste.meeting many locals around my dads place never heard anything but good about this guy,hope he is not the only one in whole damn state that does his job this way.

            • we got NOTHING against the GOOD cops, BOTH of them.GRRR!

            • Once long ago I knew a few good wardens…(now theyre mostly nature nazis)…who would make sure to look away when someone was really in need… a couple would even go get some meat for a truly needy person themselves…sad but those days seem to be over…

      6. that guy in the picture looks like he’s ready to administer another of their warning shots to the chest.somebody said the other day “call 911, get SHOT”…how appropriate.

        • oh well, at LEAST they’re “up to 4 hours away.”

          • Besides being four hours away, remember that they work for the government .
            There is a one in four chance that when they are called to arms it will fall on
            1- A sick day
            2- A vacation day
            3- A personal day of leave
            4- A holiday
            ( I intentionally left out all the days they are too incapacitated to awake )
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • vacation day….you mean like when they shoot a citizen and get a few MONTHS off to “heal” while the investigation CLEARS them, right?…don’t forget the OTHER day they aren’t at WORK!.
              5. testifying in court

      7. In the more than 200 years since the American Revolution, we have faced existential crises three times: the Civil War, the Great Depression, and NOW. The preconditions are almost all it place. We face historic levels of economic inequality. We have suffered an economic shock whose full consequences are not yet known. Finally, our vitally important middle class is perilously weak. What would happen if a trigger were set off?
        Bruce Judson

        • How many trigger events do we all need before we say enough?

          I agree with your post, but the fact remains, the people most apt to be the mainline warriors on the front lines are coddled spoiled babies who got trophies in school just for breathing. My generation (gen X) is small and getting middle aged and older. We are stuck between taking care of our children and our parents.

          God love the old Vietnam vets, but you all aren’t invincible and some of you are who my generation is taking care of along with our kids.

          Don’t get me wrong, gen X has been labeled everything from lazy to unethical, but there is a difference, we are used to fighting for our scraps in society and have been saying since our youth it was broken, the country. But no one listened. What we got for our troubles was marginalized for the coddled Millenial generation.

          I look around and see it every day, the only thing most are willing to fight for anymore is their own little spot in the world. Their family and nothing more.

          Serving in the military used to mean something. I know, because I did. When I first got out, if it was on your resume it got you interviews, now it’s an obstacle to overcome. A stigma, a blight on the resume. It means nothing anymore.

          Regardless of what triggers they deploy, it is gonna take something that rocks this country to her knees and then some before you get anything like the force needed from the generation after mine to respond. Gen X will be there, but realistically right now we are so busy getting our parents to medical care appointments, taking care of their house and yard and our kids and our house and yard we haven’t barely got time to breath without getting swamped with another to-do list.

          • Amnesty will be the death stroke. If that passes be very concerned as to what happens next. I expect that they will just throw open the borders.

          • I am a gen X’er, 43 years old. I’m a prepper, I’m not lazy, and not down with the trustafarian entitled occupy types. My parents were blue collar factory workers. We grew up with just enough, but we were not rich. I’ve worked for everything I have, because that’s what my parents imbibed in to their children from the get go. My dad taught us, you can’t pay cash for it, you don’t buy it. I’ve never had a credit card to this day.

            I really think the older folks are going to be surprised when they find there are many of us X’ers out there who are woke up and are no longer under the illusion that things are going to be fine. Not all of us are living in our parents basement, play x box, ordering pizza, and laying around all day watching star trek the next generation!

            I do have memories of what this country was like when I was growing up and it was a hell of a lot better than what it is now. I don’t remember gang fights in school, school shootings, and internet bullying, and I sure don’t remember flash mobs robbing stores and knock out games. I want things to get better for my children. I want them to have the childhood I had, but that’s not going to come until we have a reset.

        • @oldvet,

          What do you consider a trigger? 30,000 people being forced out of their homes because of an un-explained chemical spill?

          Or will it take 100,000 people being herded into a FEMA camp or similarly so called Red Cross camp by an earthquake. Or perhaps a evacuation of the entire West Coast because of Radioactive contamination. Either could happen at a moments notice.

          In thinking what if they did evacuate the West Coast on that pretense to shove the masses out of that area into a denser killing area? Whoa! Imagine such a thing. It could be done. Once the area has been depopulated the elite along with favored military assets re-populate the area. Very small and easy to defend entries into California. Lordy, I am scaring myself on that whole idea.


          • And then the San Andreas lets loose.

      8. You ought to see the black ops preparations for war that the brown bears and raccoons are mounting. Creeping stealthily through the woods like … like a wild animal. Closing in to pounce on their six. Be afraid, be very afraid TPWD.

        Tacticool gear that they have only because stolen taxpayer money enabled it isn’t the same thing as having a Navy SEAL skill set.

        • Hmmmm.. Hell of a lot more than joe or Josephine has. Hmmm…

        • By the way he is dressed and lack of a substantial size pack, he isnt planning on staying out in the woods very long. Not even over night.

          • The image is heavily altered, therefore false. Propaganda at its finest

            • I think it might be an image out of a video game. I don’t know, because I’ve never played with a game console. I played Pong a couple of times when it came out back in about 1970. And I played something like Doom on a PC many years ago (Windows 95), but it gave me motion sickness.

        • If he is coming for me he forgot 1 very importand piece of equipment…..Snowshoes!!! The key to not being messed with when stuff goes sideways is live where noone wants to go.

      9. Yea, but most of them can’t shoot straight

        • i SUUURE hope so!

      10. re-post don’t vote please , read if new reader or need help …


        as individuals like fingers we are weak

        together like many fingers closed into a fist we are strong dangerous lethal

        if anyone needs help preparing for what is coming or has problems they need help with or needs help with education knowledge even starting a biz from home to get a lil’ more money coming in …

        let us Veteran Preppers @shtfplan know … we can help you get things fixed or started no matter how big or small .

        Together we will Survive and Thrive in the harder times coming .

        just post your questions and we will guide you .

        good luck and there is no such thing as a dumb question , its only dumb if you don’t ask it .

        so ask and you shall receive , our help .

        N.O; ;0p

          • why the 4 thumbs down on the hatchet review????????

            • it just reminded me that I I don’t have an axe in my tool box…note to self—shop for axe.

            • I think some people are selling the items they post, or get a commission off the links. Anything I ever post is FYI only. I don’t sell anything or have any stock in any product I post about…I just like to share cool stuff I fund, but I got thumbs downed too.

              • …”cool stuff I FIND”.

        • N.O., I thought of you the other day, reading an in-depth investigation in the WSJ about how WWII vets were forcibly lobotomized by the VA….I said, “Holy sheeeeit, Nina was right!” Just thought you would be highly entertained by that. 🙂 Link below.

      11. C.S. Lewis: “Mankind is so fallen that no man can be trusted with unchecked power over his fellows. Aristotle said that some people were only fit to be slaves. I do not contradict him. But I reject slavery because I see no men fit to be MASTERS.”

        The power hungry leaders today like Obama and just one of his nominees said; (Donald Berwick), “Any health care funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized and humane must, MUST redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition REDISTRIBUTIONAL.”

        As I have posted earlier only one box will work now, why because they are preparing to use that box on us. It’s the only thing they will understand. It will come to CHECK-MATE time soon very soon.

      12. just aim real small for his weee lil’ lone star flag …

        CENTER MASS !!! ;0p

        aim small

        hit small

        n.o. ;0p

        • If the mods understood that, they might filter it. Definitely filtered at MSM/LSM. 🙂

        • Hell,just aim for and hit em in the small wee,either way works!

        • Its really conveniently placed isn’t it?

      13. whats funny is the ZOG FEDS GESTAPO thinks we’re gonna fight / attack them like a regular army in the daylight

        let em’ keep thinking that way


        is how i plan to play

        from the shadows of darkness in the middle of the night

        n.o. ;0p

        • I think the police should not use more than a knife and a slingshot (besides the car, of course).

        • This isnt the movie The Patriot Nino. Smaller factions always use guerilla style warfare against a larger opponent. EVERYONE knows it.

          • @any mouse … lol ;0) you got me .

            wait till my video clears moderation .

            it’s from THE PATRIOT ;0p

            he kills EVERYONE , even their dogs FIDO and cats FLUFFY too !!!

            ;0) lol


          • Guerrilla Warfare Tactics 101

            The fundamental tactics of Guerrilla warfare are completely different from that of conventional military warfare, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less effective.

            In military language, tactics are the practical methods of achieving the grand strategic objectives – winning the war. The tactics of Guerrilla warfare does not require soldiers willing to die in every battle nor does it require that every attack should result in enemy kills.

            That may sound completely backwards to a conventional soldier, but the advantage of Guerrilla warfare become clear when its characteristics are closely examined.

            Guerrilla warfare is a repeated “Hit and Run” style of combat designed to confuse and disrupt enemy operations.

            The enemy soldier in a zone of operations should not to be allowed to sleep, rest or organize.

            The enemy should always feel that they are surrounded. Continued disruptions can be very demoralizing to an enemy force.

            Five or six well-trained guerrilla soldiers can cause enemy units ten times larger to retreat in haste.

            Guerrilla Tactics:

            To be effective, a guerrilla fighter must have a good knowledge of the surrounding countryside; the paths of entry and escape, the possibilities of speedy maneuver, and good hiding places.

            A fundamental characteristic of a guerrilla is mobility. How fast and effectively can teams move from point A to point B and then back again.

            Guerrillas never engage in frontal head-to-head confrontations against enemy forces.

            Guerrilla actions are designed to keep enemy leaders confused so that they must constantly rethink strategies and change plans.

            Aggressive actions cannot endure for long, but must be rapid; there must be of a high degree of effectiveness, lasting only a few minutes, and be followed by an immediate withdrawal.

            Nighttime attacks can be more aggressive and can be more direct.

            Attack and fall back to safety. The enemy believing that the attacker has departed will begin to relax, when suddenly a new attack bursts forth in another place, with the same characteristics, while the main body of the guerrillas lies in wait to intercept reinforcements.

            One of the weakest points of the enemy is their transportation line. Guerrilla fighters make it virtually impossible for a military force to maintain a steady transport line: road or railroad. Explosive charges can be planted on bridges or railways to make them impassable.

            Guerrillas can directly attack vehicles by lying in wait to ambush them at the moment of passing and annihilating any survivors.

            These guerrilla tactics forces the enemy to find new transportation routes making it harder to get fresh supplies and reinforcements to their men in the field.


            PREDATOR or PREY of the NWO ZOG the choice is YOURS .

            N.O. ;0p

            • Thermal vision targeting on a dillon minigun would wipe out a 100 guerilla’s in a couple of seconds. Keep living the dream. Vietnam tactics in modern warfare won’t work.

              • And how many od those are there in your average state?
                And thats assuming they havent already been IDd and being watched for reassignment.

              • rednek101- You may be right, but the guy behind the targeting screen has to sleep…sometime…somewhere. There’s ALWAYS a point of vulnerability if you look for it. When the s truly has htf, guerilla operations will be occurring in the most unlikely places.

                • Smokin
                  If SHTF does occur i really think i’m spending a whole lotta time making sure me and those around me are safe and secure. I don’t think the gov’t will have either the resources or incentive to go after individuals. I think the gov will be looking to crush big uprisings like the Rodney King style riots. Just my opinion.
                  I think a little rednek with a mosin is no match for a apache with a dillon. Live to fight another day.

                  • Sure it is. Take out the ground crew.

              • Uh,Oh…the ole “the enemy is too big and bad and we are just worms” tactic again…see…its really old but its still used…wont work anymore though…we will have our liberty,not just dream about it… 🙂

                • The bigger they are, the farther they fall—and the farther you must run to get out of the way…LOL.

        • You got that right :)…aint playing by their rules!

      14. i just had a thought…i wonder what our police and military’s gear would look like if we had to pay CASH for it….no more CREDIT? naked with maybe a BB gun for a squad of soldiers? wonder if they/we could afford bicycles?…oops, i just woke up in AFRICA!…the OTHER turd-world country.

        • emm Africa is a continent, not a country

          • i stand corrected! thanks a LOT, .02! now my wife knows i’m NOT perfect!

            • Hate to break it to you man…but these ladies,well they already know we aint perfect…theyre just very good at hiding the fact they know from us…guess they must love us eh? 😉

      15. As a Taxpayer. I want to know where their bases of operation are.

        They might need my help some day.

      16. Got a little money from short business spike. Got some “camping” things and took family to a nice restaurant. Something tells me that meal will be a dream in the near future.
        Websters dictionary Future shock n : The physical and psychological distress suffered by one who is unable to cope with the rapidity of social and technological changes.

        • Future Shock: The response from TPTB when they find out we’re not the push-overs they thought we were…

      17. What we need to remember is that the individuals serving in these units are not yet our enemies, and hopefully never will be. Even though they work for the government they may and should be loyal to our constitution. I don’t agree with large government or tons of government agencies. But these units are American citizens (us). So since they are here, for now, we should seek to educate them as well as become some of them. If those with our beliefs and philosophy are serving in this aspect then we are one more step ahead of being totally control.
        Does this make sense?

        • yes, it sounds good in theory, but they seem to ALL have the same US against them mentality. they will always cover up for each other…remember dorner in LA? he ratted out a/some bad cops and he ended up crucified for it! the internet is FULL of videos of BAD cops beating the f*ck out of people and or KILLING them, and they NEVER(maybe even less often) go to prison for it! go google “bad cop videos” and be prepared to sit for the next few MONTHS of uninterrupted viewing. THEY aint fixable, just like our politicians/country!

        • Sure…they could be a great individual ally if they wished.

          But, in being one, they would recognize the evil corporate system they support and would quit the organization or, at the very least, become an insider and relay any and all pertinent info to the common man.

          Do you really believe the corporate state cares one iota about you or me? Hell no. And these guys are the enforcers for the state. We could do much better defending ourselves.

          Loyal to the Constitution? pffft. If you want something loyal, get yourself a dog. These guys are loyal only to state directives.

          • Insiders-thats the key.

      18. Keep in mind that the govt. wants to arm the TSA and add it to it’s list of force multipliers. Watch the news because if arming the TSA doesn’t go through there will be more airport incidents until the TSA gets the guns.

        • I work in a medium sized city in Wisconsin. We have a regional airport. The city I live in used to have its own combination small police and fire department. They had one person working everyday that was a trained law enforcement agent and served as airport crash rescue firefighter. Starting the first of the year, these employees lost their policing duties to the TSA. The federal militarization is happening slowly but surely and in ways most people are not even aware of.

          • Meant to say one police officer/firefighter working at the airport. More cops and firefighters work in the city and assist with larger incidents.

        • PJ,

          Are these the same TSA people who chose to work there because Mc Donalds rejected them?

          Putting a firearm in someone’s hands does not make them an Army Ranger. Especially not if they are, as the groin pokers are, somewhat stupid, somewhat craven and make it to the range 3 times a year.

          I would put my money on a dedicated hunter over almost any armed TSA.

        • you can tell when he says something traitorous/stupid by listening to the crowd of STUDENTS clapping. when he talks of “investing” in the future, for example…i didn’t get past the first minute and a half. yer in the wrong place at the right time, eisencroozin. take it elsewhere, K???





        • What age is considered old??
          Just curious,,

          • Kula- probably anyone over 17!
            Still, I like eisen’s passion. The boy swings with everything he’s got…even if he does keep fouling into the bleachers.

            batter, batter, batter…

        • Put a freeze on tuition. Obama wants to give every student tuition but it is the colleges that raise it. It ain’t the “OLD PEOPLE’S fault! Get over it,go back to your kidnergarten nap doofus!

        • Eisen, I’ll go easy on you this time. for once you made a post and presented a video I can agree with. Except for the part about us old people being responsible for student loans. You know damned well the colleges and universities have pushed that all along. The academics for the most part are a bunch of dickheads. Noam Chomsky is one of the few in academia who at least have a clue. Chomsky had a lot more than a clue. I’ve lost count of how many books he’s written. How many other academics can make such a claim? I’m even giving you a thumbs up this time. good job.

          • Noam Chomsky tends to see through the propaganda BS, and I think he has probably forgotten more about the middle east than most of us will ever know.

            • I meant:

              “forgotten more about what’s really happening in the middle east”

        • Eisenkreuz,

          Correction, barista boy or cubicle farm rodent: if you are speaking of Student LOANS, or perhaps credit cards for college kids, the BANKSTERS pushed that. So they would have those individuals in hock for their entire lives. As everyone knows, “work study” for generations has been a way for colleges to have captive wage slaves to do entry level stuff. But at least the student was contributing toward his own support.

          I agree with your online learning point. It isn’t just sleazy diploma mills any more. Top shelf universities such as MIT have world class professors teaching online courses. Then there’s The Great Courses.

          For the liberal arts at least, if one bought a set of The Great Books and read all of them, one would gain a better education than 95% of college graduates have, without going in debt to do it.

          Charles Hugh Smith has written about the disconnect between what one pays for a traditional college education and its benefit. To be specific, its lack of benefit.

          of two minds dot com

        • Eisen, tis is one time I have to laugh at you. those loans were pushed by the banksters along with the government and universities. I agree with your statement about college professors, but you present us a video of Noam Chomsky, one of the biggest commies in academia? thanks for the laugh, eisen, I needed it.

        • Eisenkreuz, Eisenkreuz, Eisenkreuz!….you COULD have been one of the finest minds of the 12th century….

        • Eisenbuttcrust, your a moron. Enough said

      20. sab·o·tage (sb-täzh)
        1. Destruction of property or obstruction of normal operations, as by civilians or enemy agents in time of war.
        2. Treacherous action to defeat or hinder a cause or an endeavor; deliberate subversion.

        • Better sabot, like a foot in a wooden shoe. Toss wooden shoe in commies’ machinery – sabotage.

          Semper Fi
          Better to carry an M1 Garand at all times. Leave the wooden shoes to others.

      21. The image used for this piece has been heavily altered. Its glaringly apparent on the 10 inch screen of my tablet. Looks like I may have to fire up the big machine to see if I can pull it apart. The roofline is all jacked up and a few other things are going on in the background. Parts of the rifle look suspect, the name tag is suspiciously blurry. I’ll have to get it on the big screen and have a good look-see.

        • There is something going on with the Texas state flag, on the small screen the shadowing doesn’t look right.

      22. I, too, can buy camo, a big-ass gun, and go play in the woods.

      23. Entre 1985 e 1995 trabalhei em Parques Estaduais no Brasil.
        O máximo que eu portava era um revolver Taurus 38 e uma espingarda calibre 28 de dois canos.
        Uma mochila enorme com comida, visto que a cada saída para fiscalização, uma semana fora de casa.

      24. Between 1985 and 1995 I worked in State Parks in Brazil.
        The most I carried was a Taurus 38 revolver and a 28 gauge double-barreled shotgun.
        A huge backpack with food, since each output for monitoring, a week away from home.

      25. @ Old Vet; Nice quote, So true…Carry on Sir. May all here be blessed and enjoy what good, change what we can, accept what cannot be changed, yet not go silent into that good night…

      26. Texas Parks and Wildlife radio frequencies for anyone interested.


        73, de KA8YPY

      27. Today in America, we are living in a fool’s paradise. We seem to believe we’ve found the secret that eluded the ancient alchemists: we believe we can slap ink on paper and somehow it will turn into gold. The money manipulators have successfully created the illusion of prosperity through the most massive creation of debt and paper money that as ever occurred in history. That debt bubble is about to burst again; when it does investments your friends and maybe even you, think are safe-CDs, and bonds and mutual funds—will be in deep, deep trouble. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg about to ram us.
        Larry Bates

        Anyone with a lick of commonsense knows that is what is happening and the sad thing is there is no stopping it. Most people just don’t want to believe anything is going to happen, so wake up fool, when it smacks you between the eyes as far as I’m concerned you’re on your own.

        It’s your life——-make it count!

      28. A game warden huh? Looks like an a-hole to me. While this clown is suiting up in his GI Joe Halloween costume, some real Texans will be getting a B-line on his bucket full of mush…

      29. We’ve got secret weapon that is our own ‘force multiplier’.

        What is it? Why, its the fact that no matter how much fancy high tech gear that ZOG gives these jackbooted thugs, 99% of these totalitarian assholes will still be addicted to doughnuts.

        So, while most dedicated hunters who have a sense of integrity and fair play would never approve of shooting a deer over a salt lick or some other baited location – I don’t think this courtesy will be extended to any jackboots who are seen frequenting a doughnut shop.

        • Force multiplier number 2…. All of the younger ones who have been taught to be marksmen by their parents. The Patriot…aim small miss small.

      30. Patrick Henry – “These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging. And what have we to oppose to them? Shall we try argument? Sir, we have been trying that for the last ten years. Have we anything new to offer upon the subject? Nothing.”

      31. There was a forest fire in western NC late last year. I saw tow LEO for the Forest Service, both were packing TWO, yeas TWO, 40 cal Glocks and at least 4 mag.

        • Good deal,more g n a for us when the time comes

      32. If you were a Leo and only needed official letterhead to get whatever class III your heart desired you would create a swat team too….

        As far as I am concerned it just means more guns and ammo available for scavenging when everyone else dies off from Spanish flu.

      33. Watch out Yogi.

        • wrong:

          Look, I was more afraid of puma, they were in the treetops.
          Was not afraid to gold miners, when they hear these noise shoot, I shot back.
          Yogi saw, never can believe.

          • Wrong

            If they are anything like the ‘Ranger Ricks’
            we know here, they couldn’t tie their shoes
            and chew gum at the same time. They aren’t able
            to point out the climb if they’re standing on it.

            • Gunner:

              The barrel of my 28 always had the right cartridge with SAL (the same that is used every day to stop snow, simplles thing to load a cartridge – but it hurts when taking Pacas chest, back or butt-Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk), the upper left, lead 3-T, thick pellets to kill himself.
              The Taurus 38 with nearly six inches in crisis but never used, was very good at killing nhambu (a common type of chicken here).


      34. Sgt. Dale; jump in here and correct me Sir, I think a lot of all this Rambo Shit is nothing more than to prop up the intimation factor notch. I’ve meet a lot of LE both active and reserve that has the gear and are training, but 95% have told me that when the bullet is about to strike the bone, forget it I’m not stupid. Some has told me hey people know where I and my family live and if I acted, they will be dead meat. So for this BS the Government wants to do they are going to have to bring in outsiders everywhere, not enough time or transport do it. Any build up will tip their hand so to speak of. But first and for most they have to get the guns if they are to use the stupid locals ones for the task. Just me thinking out loud.

        • Old Vet:

          I agree with you.
          We do not need D’a FAL or an M-16, still a Kalashinikov to do shit.

          Hands and accurate intelligence do best.

          Bration there!


        • Vet:
          You are right about the Rambo shit, but would rather go up against someone like a Rambo if he was REAL, or the Energizer Bunny?
          What I believe is that we dress like this to intimidate the Bad Guy. When we wear this type of garb we also intimidate the good guys or at least some of them. It is not intended, but it happens.
          We use the biggest and baddest shit that we can find to try to make the bad guys think twice about shooting at us, and if they do all hell will rain down on them.
          What we try to do is not to have a shots fired because you don’t know were the shots are going to hit.
          (little side bar, 5000 rounds were fired in the Shoot Out with the SLA in the 80’s no body was hit.)
          So what we are trying to do is not have anything going down range when we are up against and bad guy. Do you remember the 1990’s or may early 2000’s shoot out with the guys in LA with the full Auto AK 47’s. When this happened most Police Dept’s said never again we will have Ar15/M4’s ready for our Officers.
          I know that Texas is having problems with drug cartels and we want to put on a strong image so that they don’t think we will be push overs.
          I hope this answered your ?.

          • A big THX Sgt.

        • And, the trouble with bringing in outsiders to do the dirty work; the victims and their families will not know or care they are outsiders. They will still be LEO and the backlash will be against the locals who can be found and hit. The local LEO who do not wish to participate will have to block the effort or close ranks with the government for their own safety.
          Better to have them realize they and their families are part of the civilian community and stand with us. That won’t happen if we automatically assume they will be against us and act accordingly. For them to take a stand now would be best but it also risks their standing at work and their future effectiveness.

          • SWFL:
            If you have read my writings in the pass you know where I stand.
            If they bring in blue helmets I will do my best to stack them up like cord wood.

            • Where you stand IS clear, and I wish that were true of everyone. I am not, however, going to automatically condemn someone who has not yet come out on our side. Everyone lives in their own situation and will do what they can for the advancement of their goals. If someone is staying underground and helping when they can while keeping their family alive I would rather accept help on their terms than alienate them and receive none.
              Not everyone who fails to follow my lead is deserving of contempt, even if it seems like they do. I will reserve judgement until I see what actions are taken when the chips are down. No army fields all of its forces,including reserves and trainees, at one time.
              I’m saying this as clearly as I see it, sorry. I’ll try again if I ever get some sleep.

              • I’m (NOT)saying this as clearly as I see it…
                See what I mean?

      35. Actually, the guy in the photo does not look intimidating, he looks bufoonish with all that gear. Yet he would still be somewhat dangerous and cause trouble because now he can act out his fantasy of how tough he is, and slavishly show his state masters his gratefulness for helping him fulfill his desire to push people around. These people are the type who would wreck lives to prove they have some measure of power.

        • I know if I were a Texas state game warden having to deal with possible drug gang crapo along the border I would want to be as well equipped as possible,
          so despite my other posts, I do get why these guys would NEED to be so equipped,, this isnt the 1960s game anymore, we face elevated threats these days, so just imagine what eh LEO and other such agencies face,,,
          the feds are a bunch of pricks, that just goes without saying, but we here do tend to look at stuff through a different filter than others, if you take a step back and look at what these guys are potentially going to have to deal with,,,
          just taking into account the bad guys that are out there, the good guys need to be armed to advantage,,,
          I just hope they dont make us the bad guys,,, it wont go well for anyone involved.

          • Why is the Game Dep’t. fighting the drug cartels instead of calling in the Border Patrol or other Feds?
            Shouldn’t they be the eyes on the ground guiding in the combatants?

            • Yes they should.

              Sealing our border. You’d think it would be a common sense thing. But the Feds don’t want it sealed.

              • Then why arm up, to supposedly defend what they want left open? makes no sense, unless they are just pre-positioning their assets.

                • Keeping the border open is pretty obviously a political maneuver. Current immigration theater is no more about human rights than the TSA is about American security. If closing the border were important it would not have been “stood down” during the sequester while we spent extra money to seal off previously open monuments and other public-access areas.
                  As for why up-arming? Local fiefdoms preparing for the worst when they see the kingdom falling apart, maybe?

      36. I do believe that the gov. Knows something is going down whether it be natural or disaster or man made /false flag, etc. We will all find out soon. I expect a dramatic rise in rioting and every sort of crime.

        Off topic : I needed to respond to Hunter on a previous post almost a week ago. I have been gone and didn’t get a chance to. Per comment id:

        Hunter, I have all the gcode memorized. What I was looking for is by far a long shot – something I doubt is available. I was hoping to get my hands on the source code that Fanuc /G.E. Uses in their controls to calculate tool paths in a turning canned cycle (G71). Even if it is documented somewhere it is probably all binary ones and zeros, which I would not have the skills to interpret anyway.
        Sorry for not catching your post.
        My apologies for this off topic subject – just didn’t know how else to get back to you on this. Thanks for your help, Hunter.

        • I’ll bet we all have some “side projects” going on, that someone else here could help advance—IF only we could communicate…

        • W-69

          Hope you catch this post!

          Ditto, suspect binary..have asked tool room programers/software engineers for anything related to FANUC/G.E. “source-code/base”…didn’t matter if it was ancient stuff.

 alot of funny looks…and HUHs????

          ..even mentioned ‘octal & early hex stuff’ relative to a compiler… luck!

          Sorry, but this ain’t lookin’ too good!

      37. Hmmm….,just more resources to hunt in tough times,long pig,it’s whats for dinner!

        • the OTHER “white” meat!

          • you guys are making me want to be a vegan!
            cant think of anything I would rather eat less,,,,

            • all that FAT poppin’ and snappin’ and the smell of it burning in the fire, mmmm, yummy…HUH, WHAT the…oh, hell, you woke me from my slumber, kula

              • OHHH, SH*T! did i write that OUT LOUD?….didn’t really mean it…i think those ribeyes i got planned for this afternoon will probly taste BETTER, so lets put off the BARAKALYPSE for another day!

                • Ribeye steaks from a cow! Yesiree!!!
                  Mystery meat from some stray, not so much

            • well, kula, how ’bout a congressman’s liver? would you rather eat THAT less? now, see what yuh git fer makin’ me THINK……WOOOPS! i just sunk to a new LOW, didn’t I?

      38. Game wardens are the civilian cop version of military specwarfare. Police departments have their SWAT teams but Wildlife and Fisheries (both State and Federal), play the cop game out in the woods, in the dirt and on the waterways like the quintessential green beret portrayed in movies like Rambo. I know some and almost all of them are former military (Rangers, marines, etc…), still playing war, running around in the woods catching people having sex under trees, or harassing hunters and fishers about their equipment or licenses and in some cases confiscating their equipment (guns, tackle, boats etc) all under the guise of protecting endangered species or upholding limit laws placed on various fish and game. When they confiscate meat or fish, it usually winds up in THEIR freezer. One even told me he could go into anybody’s house anytime he wanted and inspect their freezer or refrigerator and take their frozen meat or seafood as evidence (all without a warrant of course), and there’s nothing anyone could do to stop him. They think they are indestructible, invincible and all powerful because they get to play with all the night time military grade equipment on a nightly basis. Game wardens are adolescent minded cretins, dirty cops playing in the woods and they have adopted the same (us vs them) mindset as all cops and WE are the enemy.

        • A game warden would have one time to try to force his/her way into my home and they’ll have “Bertha” pointed right at their heads. They’ll have only one chance to turn around and go away alive. One stupid move and they’ll get blasted with 00 buck from “Bertha”.

        • Ya they told me that one too…I asked the sheriff about it…not so much it seems…told me to tell them to leave and get a warrant…force their way in?…shoot em dead…same as any intruder…then call the sheriff…

      39. I don’t believe that these guy are going to dress like this in a normal day of work. but if they get a active shooter, kidnaspping and they are looking for them they will use this equipment.
        I have all this equipment and I don’t wear it more that 3 or 4 times a year.
        Well I hope they aren’t wearing this while they are just doing thier daily patrol.
        Take close look what he has on. Do you have it? If not you should!

        • Sarge, look closer, you say you have this gear. What other inconsistencies with it have I missed.

          • Any:
            You are right this picture is all messed up. I did look at this picture at 0530hrs when I first got up to go to work this morning and I wrote on this site around 0800hrs. I didn’t look that close.
            What I was getting at is that I have tactical equipment that I only wear when called up. The gear I have is a tact. vest with 8 ar mags, and 3 HK USP 45 mags. knife radio holder water bladder, flashlight, cuffs, ect.
            Helemt but no night vision on it.
            What I did see also after looking at the picture is the guy dosn’t have any elbow or knee pads. These are a must, He also dosn’t have on gloves. I wish I had a way to blow up the picture, so I could see more. Thanks for the insight

            • Its sorta funny,,
              my neighbors kid looks sorta like that when he and his buddies are going out to have fun with their airsoft gear,,, they actually even have NV and other stuff too,,
              ironicly the kid is also an ace with an AR15,,
              Ah what I wouldnt give to be 20 again,,,,

              • We need a new kids game. Instead of Cowboys and Indians. We need Patriots and Traitors.

                I can see it now ” Aw shucks, I dun wanna be the stinking traitor again!”

      40. When they are dressed like that they are not very fast or agile…. Good… more free weapons for the Patriots…

      41. Sarge,you mean the wedding ring?!I ended up not marrying Julie,talk about dodging a bullet!

        • War:
          That ring is on his right hand. But if you want to add a big ring to your gear go ahead. I would rather use the money on a weapon.
          Your comment made L M A O.

          • Eh,really not paying attention this morning,good thing I do not have your job!Would be bad news if suddenly called into work and lives depended on it!(Actually,knew was on call would not be hungover!)That said,have enuff weapons(@ least for me),what I need to work on is skills to be able to help others in times of strife(yeh,I know,may get me killed),that is my goal though in a after situation,otherwise my point in being is lost as far as I am concerned,think about this a lot and try and add info./ skills.It is not the change that scares me so much as it is I may actually be growing up!

            • War:
              Your heart is in the right spot. When the SHTF.

          • that RING could cost him a FINGER, or even his LIFE…..LOSE It!

            • or could cost him whoever is on the other side of the ring,, when the target evades the patrol and figures out who they are and where they live,,,, recon is a wonderful thing,

        • yeah, i feel yuh mouse…i met MY wife at the club….and it wasn’t MENSA! that girl could make a BISHOP kick out a stained glass WINDOW!

          • Bishop kick out a stained window!Good phrase,has a Monty Python ring to it!

            • i tell yuh, that woman could make a good-humor man slap a KID! only the OLD guys will get that one.

              • BUTT
                Are you saying I’m old? LOL

                • hell, in a couple more days I WILL be the older one by yet another year…..ahhhh, i guess it’s better than the alternative!

      42. Fired up the big screen and guess what I found? This has got to be one of the worst photo shops I have ever seen.

        1. The roofline is broken near the top of the image.
        2. The apparatus attached to the top of the helmet has been added
        3. The Texas state flag has been added/altered.
        4. The trigger finger on the right hand has been tampered with.
        5. The numbers on the upper left side of the image have been tampered with/altered.
        6. Between the number on the building and the helmet apparatus something has been removed/covered over.

        There are other flaws in this image that include partial zooms/blow up as well as many coverups.

        The poor selection of this image immediately brings the rest of the “information” contained within this article under suspicion and should be treated with extreme scepticism.

        Whoever altered this image really screwed the pooch.

      43. Peace and rest has been taken from the country.
        In its place is terrorism, fear, worry, distrust, paranoid, anxiety and uncertainly about each day has replaced it.

        I remember as some of you do when a person was not afraid to walk down the streets of America, in most places without
        fear. Try that now. I remember going to bed with the front door open with the screen latched to let cool air in.

        In a previous posting, the question asked was all this prosperity was an illusion? No, it was not.
        We are losing it. It is our fault. Each of us should search our selves and inquire why? What has caused this?

        I will tell you what is not an illusion.

        The country is dying/imploding from within. I could look at you and you at me and neither one may not know that there is a cancer eating that person alive from the inside. And we all know that sometimes when cancer is discovered, it is usually too late. Or, look at the news…

        We live in a culture that promotes no boundaries…very little in moderation…living out side the box….

        There is a growing call for a march on the nations Capital.
        That is not the solution at this time. That may be what
        someone wants to occur. Our problem is the spiritual condition of the countries heart. Look how we treat each other… Our standards are the highest in the world, why do we act like we do?

        There is a term used by the tea party folks “We want our country back”!

        I say, from what time period?

        Much anger and resentment in hearts towards our government. But, if certain actions are carried out with the wrong intent, it could be a disaster.

        Just my 2 cents worth……

        Everybody be safe……..

        • excellent post friend,,,
          Have a good weekend!

        • We are NOT dying from within.

          We are only seeing and hearing the Obama-ites running wild in our streets, on our TVs, in our advertising, in our movies, etc.

          It will end. And it will be tragic for them them when things return to normal.

          They will not take over the country any more than they have…and look around…have they?? Of course not. They’re just acting out and strutting around as if this will never end for them. It will. And then they will return to their places in society — being the lazy parasites they have been all along.

          Imagined defeatism such as your comments only play into their hands. You act as if they have won. Far from it.

      44. I am not sure this is something I will worry about. These people are not dangerous just because they received a few weeks/months of training and will receive no other. I think it’s an opportunity for some enterprising prepper to acquire their equipment when they go down (as they most certainly will). These are someone’s friends and neighbors — I am betting most of these people will not fire on innocent people. Hopefully they will see what the government is doing is wrong and turn their expensive equipment over to someone who will use it for good.

      45. Sharon dead and a new moon Jan. 30, it just may mean 2+2= a go!

        • party like it’s 1917!

      46. @anymouse has a VERY GOOD photo eye .

        the image up top has been photoshopped / altered … IT’S NOT REAL !!!

        just look at the roof line it’s obviously out of alignment altered . and around the traitor ranger its blurry and blended .

        IT’S A CUT AND PASTE JOB !!!

        ummmm @MAC , stuff like this hurts your credibility as a blog reporter … might i suggest you find a better more realistic photo for us All to rant over . please .


        • It is so bad.

          The apparatus on the helmet appears to be enlarged in addition to the colour of the building not being consistent resulting in a halo effect around the foreground subject matter.

          • @any mouse … good eye .

            i’m sure @Mac just missed it , made a simple mistake , as he was creating the blog report and posting it . he’s just a simple family man , very busy , Patriotic AmeriCan , who is just trying to stay afloat like the rest of us in a Sea of Zionist fascism .

            i think we can forgive @Mac just this once for overlooking the photo being Photoshopped .

            N.O. ;0p

            • It’s the same pic on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, first link in the OP. Blame Chase A. Fountain, works for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

              He’s overpaid too:

            • I hope that is all it is. You know I completely missed the biggest fault with this photo, whether it is accurate or not and I’m sure Mac and everyone else will appreciate the humor of it.

              It is such an utter OPSEC failure.

              • Mouse this is an official TPWD photo – there is a link in the article you can follow to check it out

                • Mac, I think you may have inadvertently exposed the lengths that some of these agencies will go to to spread their own propaganda. We only have the word of the author in the original article that Warden Cullen actually exists. Which is immediately suspect because the name tag is conveniently blurred and considering the rest of the content contained.

                  • within the photo.

              • why would TPWD put up a photo of a REAL officer? i sure as hell wouldn’t want MY picture all over the world….OPSEC, like YOU say moose.

                • Maybe this is the start of a modeling career?

        • A. M./N.O. Article was also posted at westernrifleshooters.

          Wonder if it will pass the smell test over there?

          • @LastManStanding … my Respect .

            thanks for the Heads-Up

            westernrifleshooters has strong creds with me

            i’ll email em’ so they know whats up and can change the photo to a REAL ONE .

            thank you

            n.o. ;0p

        • You’re an idiot. This is a properly licensed image….which is the paramount concern. You can’t just google an image…or goto photobucket like you say to do in later posts and use it because that is a violation of US Copyright law.

          In addition, the “warrior” is actually a model, who is actually paid a modeling fee.

          This is a commercial site. All image content must be licensed accordingly. The image is correct.

          It doesn’t matter that the light was layered in, it doesn’t matter that the flag was layered in (I don’t know of any cammo that has bright colors in it), it doesn’t matter that the logo was brushed out of the image in the upper right….

          The image is the image and it conveys the point accurately.

          • an idiot? just because they saw some discrepancies in a picture? spidey forgot to take his meds today? take a chillaxative! and quit callin’ people stooopid, unless it’s really called for…purty pleeeze?

      47. I grow sooooo tired of the wait…let get started already.

        • Im growing grey waiting!

          • That’s the plan Kula. Look at the upcoming generation.. all they have to do is let the current generation die off and they win the war without a shot fired.

            • When im gone, i dont really care what goes down,,
              Guess thats selfish but…..

              • One of the very rare times I disagree w/ ya Kula. The future is the only reason I prepare. If it wasn’t for the future then I’d be a selfish mofo in the here and now, but then I think of the Founding Fathers and what they gave for us.

              • i got boys 10 and 12, but i’m feelin’ yuh kula

      48. SWAT Team Mania: The War Against the American Citizen

        By John W. Whitehead
        June 13, 2011

        “He [a federal agent] had his knee on my back and I had no idea why they were there.”—Anthony Wright, victim of a Dept. of Education SWAT team raid

        The militarization of American police—no doubt a blowback effect of the military empire—has become an unfortunate part of American life. In fact, it says something about our reliance on the military that federal agencies having nothing whatsoever to do with national defense now see the need for their own paramilitary units. Among those federal agencies laying claim to their own law enforcement divisions are the State Department, Department of Education, Department of Energy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service, to name just a few. These agencies have secured the services of fully armed agents—often in SWAT team attire—through a typical bureaucratic sleight-of-hand provision allowing for the creation of Offices of Inspectors General (OIG). Each OIG office is supposedly charged with not only auditing their particular agency’s actions but also uncovering possible misconduct, waste, fraud, theft, or certain types of criminal activity by individuals or groups related to the agency’s operation. At present, there are 73 such OIG offices in the federal government that, at times, perpetuate a police state aura about them.

        see link …


      49. Good grief! what’s that, a 1964 8mm camera sticking out the top of his helmet? haven’t they heard of GoPro?

        Like I’ve said in the past; How are they going to handle 5 million snipers with very accurate, optic-laden rifles?(rough estimate of seasoned deer hunters in North America)
        I think they’re completely deluded if the have a notion that the populace can be controlled by force.

        btw, those here that have analyzed the photo have proven once again the utter incompetence of government. They can’t even put out a decent photo.

        • closer to 14 million

          • hope so…the more, the merrier!

      50. They created that SWAT team to protect the Mexican cartel marijuana fields in our US parks. They will stop and search your camper to see if you’re stealing from them.

        • Plenty of growers in the states,bless em along with the programming nerds!Time the country realized we have a quality product made in country,am a firm supporter of locals growing keeping out the violence associated with growing and just feeding a demand,feel the same about moonshiners and anyone working under the table providing a product or service at below govt. mandated(theft) costs.

      51. They (Texans) feel they need a “beefier” law enforcement due to conditions south of the border. It could just turn into another boogie man like Al Quaeda, though aka more checkpoints and searches ect ect , emergency powers. I would like to point out and it is funny but we love to point out the police with all of their militarization and high speed gear, but we preppers have made the same evolution, how many of us cry about police with AR’s, vests and gear when we all have the same stuff. And for good reason, obviously we should be on equal footing but it is no shock when that is the current trend all around.

      52. Yeah, go ahead and hide in the woods. I’ve told people before that’s not going to work! To those that thought I was way off base – read it and weep!

        • Oh,,,
          Do tell, please by all means refresh our memory,,

          It took over 400 LEOs to track down C Dorner and then they only found him because he went into that one house and that was it.

          Think about the same sitch, x 100,000

          I agree that bugging out is a bad idea, but if your AO includes some rough terrain like mine does the possibilities are endless, especially if things have come unglued,
          A few hundred LEOs vs 100,000 unknown civilians will be no match no matter how you slice it,
          These game wardens are in texas and we all know what is across the border and the potential threat, so giving the benefit of the doubt to the game wardens it is prudent for them to be well equipped, dollars to donughts they are not doing it for guys like me, but for drug running thugs from south of the border and their co horts….

          • Stuck on stupid will be on your gravestone!!

        • it’ll work here…tens of thousands of rugged, remote acreage prime for the hidin’ type. The only problem I see is airborne Infrared tech. The question is, Do they want to spend lots of money and manpower ferreting out a few hillbillies hiding in the deep and steep woods when they could accomplish more elsewhere.

          • Drones don’t take a lot of manpower (relative to SnD teams). Armed drones will take even less. (This statement included for the paranoia impaired.)

      53. I have studied the picture and reread their intended function. These people with their uniforms and bicycle helmets, I am just not that impressed. They should be embarrassed. As a Texan, I know I am…

      54. Yea they will probably be the first to shoot at little old ladies and women holding babies peacefully protesting cuts in food stamps. I can hear the press conference “Yea we didn’t want to open fire but they rushed us so we had to cut them down”. How many were killed? “UH ALL OF THEM”.
        Better ready your preps, check here at:

      55. NinaO’sMOM.

        Who is going to lead these strikes? How about INTELL?
        Majority here are 50+ years in age. Lots of Ladies too.
        Don’t get me wrong. You have my attention.

        • One shot,easy.Once one accepts you will potentially die in hard times kinda easy instead of giving away freedom,those that fight against,well….lets see who resolve lasts longer.

        • @SlingShot … my Respect .

          you may not be aware of it … but Retired and Active Duty Military Combat Veterans and Special Forces across once free ZOG AmeriKa are not only getting ANGRY , they are getting organized , they have already launched a series of very real Anti-False Flag operations against the ZOG FEDGOV NSA MOSSAD DHS TRAITORS and warned the nwo zog fake puppet prez BARRY the FAIRY ‘no more or else’ .

          the whole of U.S. NAVY SEALS are pissed off and looking for payback as well for the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION assassination of 32 of them to cover up cia al-cia-duh agent provocateur – TIM OSMUND aka osama bin ladens faked death raid killings of their own by a cia planted i.e.d. BOMBS and other cia killings assassinations of their own to shut them up , keep them from telling all of ZOG Amerika the truth .



          military folks are awake now

          so just be patient … the Vets and Active Duty Troops are getting organized and are truly awake .

          in time the real AMERICAN PATRIOT FIGHTING LEADERS will step forward and do what is necessary .

          till then organize locally , stay in the shadows and …



          • I hope you are right,,,,

          • Hope you counted Chris Kyle in those 32…or is he 33.

            That deal stunk like shit…another fucking lie.

            To our fallen troops…we honor you and will never forget your service to us and to the United States of America.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • 4TH GEN warfare,,,
          check out Mikes writings over at Sipsey Street Irregulars,,
          ANYONE who thinks ONE person can not make a difference is kidding themselves,
          we may die, but how many do we take with us???? and how many times is that replicated??? and how many more people does that turn to our cause??
          Personally I would rather die by a dozen or more gunshot wounds from resisting these POS pukes than live a long life on my knees.

          • @Kulafarmer … i believe you are under estimating the POWER OF ONE .

            example: NELSON MANDELA


            • Im not UNDER estimating anything,,,,

              I know ONE can be a real pain in the ass,,,

              I have been one most of my life! Why change now?

              • @Kulafarmer … my Respect .

                and sincere apologies . i missed the ‘NOT’ in your post .

                thank you for correcting my misquote post .

                n.o. ;0p

                ‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.’

                John F. Kennedy

                • Minor!
                  I miss stuff lots of times so get it,,,
                  Thumbs up

            • NinaO, I understand your points, but you could’ve found a better example than Mandela. He’s only an example for commies to follow.

              • @BraveHeart … my Respect .

                i politely beg to disagree

                ‘commie’ is just a word a label nothing more

                look behind it and you see abused masses of humanity suffering , poor under educated ignorant common people who have struggled fought bled and died for the right to be free of fear oppression genocide and foreign fascist Zionist capitalist banker supported dicktators

                no one system is perfect … they are all corrupt

                communism fails its believers followers only in that it is too oppressive and not enough free will free market

                once one achieves power his greatest fear is losing power

                its really that simple

                no matter whether they are commie fascist republic democrat anarchist pirate or sovereign


                Nelson Mandela is the ‘perfect’ example of …

                ‘THE POWER of ONE’

                n.o. ;0p

          • Kulafarmer:

            “If you think you are too small to be effective you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”

            • Huh?
              Better check the ole eyeglass prescription granny,,
              Im quite sure ONE determined individual could cause a whole lot of problems.

        • just put yourself in the shoes of ANY country we invaded in the last 60 EFFEN YEARS, slingshot, it has NOT worked for US since ww2! i REALLY don’t see it working out for our gubmint, what they got planned for U.S.

          • buttcrackofdoom.

            It does favor us that there are idiots in charge.

            Oh, but the toys they have.

            • “where does he GET all those WONDERFUL toys?”….joker asks of the Bat-man

              • WE got a bunch of toys of our OWN…and with the american inginuity(now, where’s my spellchick?), i got a feelin’ we are gonna be a force to be reckoned with!

      56. These guys run into some very bad people from time to time. Way more going on out there than most of you kow about.

        • agreed,,,
          And a good point I might add,
          If they are truly doing the job they are SUPPOSED to do,, and not being thugs then I am all for it.
          Much of the time these guys are a bunch of arrogant SOBs
          not all the time, but definitely more than is comfortable,,,

      57. “Maybe we’re a little paranoid here, but doesn’t it strike you as a bit odd that every possible government related entity in this country – be it federal, state or local – is being heavily armed with assault rifles, weaponized drones and battle wagons?

        The Social Security Administration, the IRS, the Federal Reserve, property code enforcement teams, and now Parks and Wildlife are all putting Department of Homeland Security’s multi-billion dollar budget to good use.

        Don’t forget the Department of Education. If you will recall, about a year ago, a Dept. of Education SWAT team kicked the door down in a Las Vegas neighborhood (a nice house by the way), handcuffed the husband (for several hours), threw the little kids into a squad car and ransacked the house looking for his estranged wife (who did not live there). Apparently she was behind in her student loan payments. The story went on to describe how the Department of Education has its own court system and police force.

        So, if you get behind in a student load they really can kick your door down and hold an “Assault Rifle” to your head. Kind of cracks me up, really, think about it, (A boot on your back, the barrel pressed against the back of your head…) “Okay, make the check out for $173.45. No, just $173.45, this is for last months payment. Now, don’t make us come back here next month!”

        And then the brave, American, Federal Government enforcers, giving themselves a High Five as they amble through the broken door back to their armored vehicle, the check clutched tightly in their gloves hands.

        Really, it is kind of funny. True, but funny.

        • a correction for you estella….did you mean to say FERAL government enforcers? i KNEW you DID!(think mr. rogers).

        • Estrella,

          One wonders what kind of people do that work.

          Do they really think they’re “warriors” (sic)? Do they tell themselves, “I’m enforcing THE LAW. US Code section whatever, paragraph 3 (a).

          Do they take a secret joy, getting a chuckle from doing what the Mafia’s strong arm types do … but it’s all “legal?”

          Or are they totally cynical, thinking “This isn’t warrior work. I’m nothing but a well paid thug. But Susan and the kids sure do like my take-home.”

          William Wallace was a warrior. So too was Sitting Bull. So was Joe Basilone, the Marine awarded the Medal of Honor for his courage on Iwo Jima.

          The thugs acting as the power elite’s muscle … are in no sense “warriors.” They are nothing more than thugs. But exceedingly few leave for more honest lines of work.

          Why? Let me hazard a guess. For very few it’s the money. The stinking truth is they like thuggery. And many would be thugs whether or not they were paid.

          One on one, millions of mundanes (just plain folks) would put down the thug. And they know it. That’s why they always show up with 30-to-1 odds.

          Let there be two, three, ten thousand Chris Dorners, the “rogue” LA police officer who had ten thousand government thugs wetting their pants.

          Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win

      58. An interesting point to be made is. Is the average prepper, prepping to be able to ride out the storm and be defensive in nature. Or is he preparing to go on the offensive?

        • hopefully … both .


        • Sling,tis a tough decision if you have family/friends/others you are caring for.Millions of solo folks,thus easy choice,personally would die in fight for freedom though if can avoid it and work with others to actually help others tis my first goal in a man made or natural disaster.Those with evil intent i.e. murder/rape/theft,well,will do what I can personally to stop that and aid if possible others with same beliefs,beyond that,only time will tell.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            There are a lot of issues that bother me as a prepper.
            An older one at that. I think I know too much. Ask too many questions. Make too many comments. The reason being is that the government continuously pokes a stick in my eye. I just can’t stand it!
            As NinaO’s MOM said. He hopes both. So do I. If you can’t get in the thick of the fight, you can always give support.

        • the best DEFENSE is a good OFFENCE!!!

          • Ohhh goody…I love being “offensive” when govticorp is involved…mmwwhhaahahahahaha 😉

      59. I have all that same gear,,, and perhaps some better,
        SO WHAT?

        • Can I have the same stuff,you really only need the “some better”!

        • Kulafarmer.

          While I was reading the others posts about the different vests. I started laughing to myself as I envisioned on the day of reckoning, I would go to the closet and say to myself, Gee, what shall I wear today?
          A different vest for all occasions. ;0)

          • its funny,,, I was just down in my dungeon looking at my toys a few minutes ago,, wondering the same thing,
            was actually wondering if I would ever use the stuff???
            check this article out on FTTW
            add the usual www dot from the trenches world report dot com before the rest of the link,,,


        • I’ll take my bolt action and homemade ghillie designed for this area over all that garbage.

          • And there we have the maybe better,,,
            Point was that most guys with their eyes open and who are getting set up have all that crap and more,,,

          • Interesting site .02/all to check out.


      60. People need to understand the meaning of ‘Double Speak’ and outright deception. When DHS (and Soc. InSecurity, Forest Service, NOAA and others)purchased all those rounds of ammo, them ‘claimed’ they were for regular ‘training’ use and nothing more. Any hunter or marksman worth their salt KNOWS that you don’t go out and buy ‘Tactical Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point’ ammo to shoot at paper targets, period. Not only is that the most expensive you can buy, it is a gross fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars, period. Bonded jacketed hollow point rounds are made for one thing and one thing only- to retain as much of their mass as possible while passing through barriers such as windshields, car doors and light body armor. I know because I have access to a real ballistics chamber and that’s what we do…shoot rounds through things …all day long.

        Now that we know that the ‘official’ government lie about “buying in bulk reduces overall cost” is a moot point. let’s think about what the real reason is. The Hague Convention of 1899, (not the Geneva Convention), that restricts the use of expanding ammunition. Even then the restriction is only against its use between signatories when there is a declared war. But that also brings up the point of dual-use ammunition. If you already have all of those rounds (including top of the line sniper rounds)out there and dispersed, that means you won’t have to move more ammo later during civil unrest…it is already there. This is called pre-positioning equipment and stockpiles ahead of events.

        We also KNOW that MRAP vehicles (and others) are becoming commonplace in many police departments and that they are just more militarization of local ‘enforcement agencies’. My question to all the Police and SWAT out there- “IS it worth your life? How about your families?”
        What are you ‘enforcing’? Think about that real hard.
        The Gov. isn’t fooling anyone…they just think they are.

        PS. For all the cammo and gear that Ranger Rick is wearing up there…you can still see his face and eyes, which means he can be dropped like a hot potato. There is no real ‘Face Armor’. 😉 Click, BOOM! Splat! Thud.

        • One MRAP is nothing,,, dump it over then torch it
          you can smack it with a stolen semi or construction equipment,
          a platoon of guys like the one in the pic bleed just like anyone else, and armor doesnt cover everything,,
          if you have good cover and range your target may not be able to find you if you are picking your shots from 300 yds or so
          you dont need thousands of rounds or even an AR platform rifle to cause problems,,, how many guys out there are ace shots at 500 yds with their Rem 700 in 300WM??
          just like an elk!
          what huh? who me?? I was just wondering what all the shooting was about??? quizzical look on his face,,,,
          I was just heading over to the store to see if they got any water,,,
          get a good Ghilly drag bag that blends in your AO amd know your AO!

        • no, the gubmint isn’t fooling ANYONE….that’s why you can no longer buy ammo at means WAR is coming to america…BTW, i am hearing that 22lr is still VERY hard to find a YEAR after sandy hook…there was a time a few months ago that it started showing up again, and i got a strong feelin’ that the gubmint pulled some strings to loosen up supply so we would think the shortage is OVER, so we start shooting our stored up supplies. i STILL hear it’s very hard to buy at a decent price…guess i will find out at the victorville gunshow in 3 weeks what the REAL story is. ’til then, i/m gonna party like it’s 1941!

          • Buttcrackofdoom, I went to a gun show in my area today and there was some .22LR available, although not as much as in the past, plus the prices do suck. I picked up a brick of .22LR plus some more 00 buck for Bertha. Looked for some more .40 for my Springfield but someone else had already come in and bough up all of .40 that was available there. At least I got what I was after the most. .22LR has come back to my area to some degree but mostly 50 and 100-round boxes and they go very quick although the prices have gone up. We can thank the gun grabbers for the ammo situation, talking all of their trash in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. I confess I was part of the panic crowd in Dec. 2012. I bought another .22LR pistol, plus extra mags, and ammo. this Christmas I picked up another .22. Gun shows are the best time now to find any ammo, period. Get what you can wherever you can find it. That’s what I’ve been doing since Sandy Hook.

            • i started selling at the gunshow, and one of the biggest reasons is i get in a day early and get some great deals on preppin’ stuff and first in line for the ammo guys. they all recognize me now and i get the better prices often…..the BAD part of being at a gun show….every once in a while i look around me at all the people that will be trying to SHOOT me when TSHTF….now THAT’S hard to unsee!

          • At my local walmart here in the commie wealth of Ma, we can still buy ammo but are only able to buy 3 boxes at a time.

            • here too, but 22Lr is NEVER there…possibly even less often than THAT! i hear you got to be there when they open at 6am when they DO have it….but i aint believing that story, cause i never seen nor heard of anyone I KNOW having DONE it. my personal feeling is the gov trolls got this story circulating through the internet so we just shoot up what ammo we got, thinking cheap ammo is on the way, any time now….when in fact, it’s just gonna get more expensive and harder to find…

      61. I cant help but wonder how many of these guys will walk away from their post with all their cool gear they got from Uncle???
        the thought crossed my mind, similar to joining the team to get intel,,, I would bet many are in it for the paycheck, The heavy gear is just a bonus that many didnt even know about, and are planning on a hasty retreat with full gear lockers when TSHTF…
        Do you really think ALL these guys will just leave their families at home unprotected? for what??? do you really think they are THAT dedicated to Uncle???

      62. Notice how the idiot looks like a deer? Is the government setting up even their own people for hunting season? Just aks’n.

        • The guy in the picture is an actor, in make up. The real deal wont show their face. It would put them and their family at risk.

      63. Off Topic:

        I started making hard cheese for the first time back in early October, I make a Romano to start with. We tried it out last night on some pasta with homemade Italian sausage and a salad.

        The test results were: the outside of the cheese is too hard and needed to be cut away, the interior grated up perfectly and the flavor is great.

        This weekend I will be making two more bricks of cheese. A farmhouse cheddar and another Romano.

        • RickInOregon: Information on recipe or book you use?

          I read an article a while back about just buying cheese you like and dipping it in the cheese wax yourself. Lasts a loooong time. Just get the “not sharp” as cheese sharpens over time (so I read).

          Might be a little easier and faster to do it this way? You can buy the cheese wax off amazon, if I remember correctly. That is what we are going to do. I have a link with instructions somewhere…I’ll try to find it….


          • The book I’m using is “Home Cheese Making” by Rikki Carroll. As for the cheese wax, yes you can get it from Amazon, along with all the other cheese making supplies.

            I haven’t heard of waxing already packaged cheese.
            I don’t know why I would want to do it. The only reason I can come with for it would be if you had cheese in the refrigerator and you lost power and it didn’t look like it would be coming back on for quite some time.

            I think it’s better to learn how to make cheese, have cheese making supplies and then barter for milk. You can agree to split the cheese with the milk supplier.

            • RickInOregon: Thanks for the book info.

              About waxing store bought cheese….I’m pretty sure you take the plastic off, then wax, but don’t quote me. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and stores a long time if you keep it cool.

              I agree it’s better to learn, but for some us who live out in the desert, there is nothing to milk. Anyway, just a thought.


        • Fun aint it? 🙂

      64. just the other day one idiot got shot playing commando, duh! you wannabe military? these idiots deserve it especially when camo out? especially during the hunting season without a vest, some billy bob will think its a feral hog or something, very bad idea government

      65. Game wardens in my area are almost never seen venturing more than 25′ from their pick-up trucks……the harass people on the roads coming and going …..they don’t wonder about in the woods, most would get lost.

        • reminds me of my story 40 years ago in oregon, where i was from…i joined the USAF and was home on leave duck hunting. i had to walk maybe 3 miles, some of it across sand dunes to get to my hunting spot. left the car in the parking lot, of course. so i shoot this duck, and out pops a GAME WARDEN to give me my ticket! “is that yer car in the parkin’ lot” he says…yup. i say…let’s see yer liscence…here it is, my oregon liscence….how did you get a resident liscence and you got california plates? USAF, i reply. the look on his face was PRICELESS! he walked all the way out there because he knew i was the only one there and thought he would be giving me a nice fat ticket, but there was NOTHING he could do…after checking my magazine to make sure there was a plug in it, and checked the duck, he walked BACK, heartbroken, i’m sure…heeee heee heeeeeeee hee!

      66. N.O. Did you see the article on the organization of the White Mans March taking place on March 15th We need to get our own party started before we get purged? I think in 1970 there were 90% whites in this country we are now down to less than 60% !


        • @Thinker … my Respect .

          if you look hard enough you will find the right organization for yourself … though be careful some of the white boys over in Idaho are a lil’ to extreme for my tastes .

          i like to be more conservative in my views of races , sexuality , as long as no one is taken advantage of , abused or hurt against their will , i don’t care or want to know … ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ works for me to a point .

          it’s religions i’m concerned with , especially ones that begin with ‘J’ and own 100’s of nuclear warheads .

          check out the ‘John Birch Society’ .com and ‘Oath Keepers’ .com / .org .

          that’s a good place to start for a white guy and not to extreme like them white boys in Idaho get sometimes .

          in time a few more National Militias and other Patriot organizations will mature and go public … give it time to grow first .

          it’s coming … this is only the beginning

          N.O. ;0p

      67. These are actions of the afraid , and they dam sure better be
        Quit pushing us around and you won’t have to fear us
        But I guess there will come a time where your jackboots will cross a line , and that’s the only way your going to learn
        I see all of this ramp up as our government fearing the people , and with good reason , they are fucking with the wrong crowd , all these arms in private hands is no mistake people , and the elite know it
        These pawns are their front lines , and they are scared of our numbers
        Never give up and never surrender any arms , your going to need them to level the playing field
        We have The Lord and the law on out side no matter how they try to spin it
        Molon Labe bitches

      68. So is Texas the new California? Seems like Texans don’t really give a shit about freedom when most of the LE’s there just want to be amped up soldiers. Most are over 36, overweight and couldn’t pass a PT Test anyway… I guess they have to give someone a hard time.

      69. Kulafarmer said,
        “Do you really think ALL these guys will just leave their families at home unprotected? for what??? do you really think they are THAT dedicated to Uncle???”

        Which is stronger?

        The will of those who want to impose tyranny upon us?
        Or the will of those who oppose them and their doings?
        A great show of force has been brought against us. Three sides to this story. One as those who want us in chains or dead. The second to throw off the chains and live in liberty. The third we don’t know what they will do. The two major sides have those who will either desert the ranks and the other remain out of sight.
        Those in the middle will wait and watch to see who pushes the most. Who has the most chance of winning. They will have to weigh the social benefits to possible retribution from others in their choice.
        Dedication is very rare these days.

        • Uncle may let them bring family onto the base for safety.

          Logistically. How many can they bring and how long can they feed them? IMHO, I dun think they have enough food for long with that many mouths to feed. Especially in a collapsed society and food distribution coming to a halt.

          Guess the best strat is to starve em by hijacking the food convoys.

          • and that’s PRECICELY what they will be doing to US! they will know in SHORT ORDER that there’s no food coming down the supply lines, so they will be coming for ours!

      70. hope it don’t happen….it will be like shootin’ fish in a CRACKERBARREL!

      71. Kinda Off Topic: Did I read correctly that Region III has been activated because of the coal plant/water chemical spill? Wasn’t it a few months ago that all these things below were ordered by DHS and FEMA for Region III? Coincidence? *sarc*

        15,000 Russians in Baltimore by October 1st.
        82% of our combat forces and their supply elements out of CONUS by October 1st.
        FEMA purchase orders for over $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals delivered to Region III by October 1st.

        FEMA purchase orders for 22 million pouches of emergency water delivered to region III by October 1st.

        FEMA purchase orders for $13.6 million for MREs and heater meals delivered to Austin by October 1st.
        Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning 4th week of July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st.
        $11 million in antibiotics delivered to FEMA region III by October 1st ordered by CDC.
        World Health Organization held second emergency meeting in its history to discuss MERs coronavirus. Determined a vaccine MUST be in place by October 1st.
        2800 MRAPs delivered to DHS by October 1st. (Military urban assault vehicles).

        No leave allowed for US military from September 28th thru November 5th.
        NORCOMM yearly training for civil unrest suspended until September 27th. To be performed in northeast coastal areas.
        Date for release of QE3 report moved to October 16th.
        All DHS agents MUST qualify with sidearm, shotgun, and AR 15 by September 28th.
        Sporadic testing of GPS and Communications satellites is coordinated for the first time with a testing date of September 29th.

        POTUS mandates to FEMA and DHS concerning support for metropolitan communities dealing with the extreme climate change MUST be complete by October 1st.
        Over 300 school systems in the US have determined they need three-day kits for each school AND three-day kits for each student to take with them. All deliveries scheduled for the month of September.
        All National Guard units will complete riot control and disaster assistance training during this year’s annual two week training. All units MUST have their training complete by September 30th.
        Daily testing of the Emergency Broadcast System beginning on 09.25.2013 -10.02.2013.
        Eastern-based Coast Guard units to perform massive group training usually performed in the Gulf, in the Virginia and Delaware areas. This is a 10-day training mission to begin September 26th.


      72. Neiman Marcus confirms security breach

        Neiman Marcus confirms that “thieves stole some of its customers’ payment card information and made unauthorized charges over the holiday season, becoming the second retailer in recent weeks to announce it had fallen victim to a cyber-security attack.”

        abclocal dot go dot com

      73. These guys only scare the sheeple
        They will have their hands full with full blooded American patriots
        Be wary the ground you tread on , for it be mine you are trespassing on

      74. Jus’ puttin this out here. I’ve seen lots of posts kinda insinuating violence upon peace officers etc…. Really bothers me. If ya plan on going all civil war and such you might want to look

        Youtube…Bayji Helicoter kill

        So now we got drones flyin’ all over the country. All kinds of high tech stuff goin’ on.

        The only big gun you have is the vote. Vote the loony liberals out of office so we can get our country back on track. I’m sure this ain’t a popular position. You can throw all the rocks at me you want.

        • 101…I agree with your sentiment, but I’m afraid the fat lady has sung. I’m at the point to believing that voting is pretty much useless. The fix has been “in” for a long time.
          Watch and see…the media machine is going to foist Chris Christie, the fake conservative to the front of the pack, regardless of the current scandal.
          It’s damn near impossible to vote out the liberals when the entitlement system has created 100 million “slaves” that will keep them in office in perpetuity.

          • WNC
            the US went through some hard times during the Great Depression. Kept the vote through those times. We had some good times and bad times since. I think/hope the US survives this depression also.
            I think as the entitlements dry up the entitlement slaves will become very disillusioned and see the light. If you want food on the table your gonna have to work for it. They won’t have any more use for the entitlement Kings and Queens they voted into office. Then maybe we can start getting back on track. One can hope anyway.

            • rednek101

              Its not the welfare that is the problem but competing unfettered with third world virtual slave labor via Free Trade Agreements. This along with a financial system pretty much self regulated and relying on the honor and integrity of the participants sunk the US driving previously self reliant people into governmental dependency. That dependency is a symptom not a cause. Pull the plug on the “handouts” given to the 43 million on pubic assistance and you will see a full blown depression the following week.

              • K2
                Bingo. We have allowed sharlotins who use their social kudos to make their way to the upper echelons of our society. Folks who bank on their societal standing to bolster their accent usually are fairly weak in the academics and training. Especially ethics and moral training. They don’t have the ethical or moral scruples to achieve the standards that our country once cherished.
                Our leadership has failed to lead. We have allowed our most valuable asset, our working class people, to worship the golden calf of prosperity. Everyone expects to have a three story house with maids and a couple of Ferrari’s in the garage. They become dissolutioned when they find they won’t be able to achieve. Now someone else has to pay for their plight.
                When i was growing up the American dream was the white picket fence, a decent house to raise your kids and a decent car. If things were going well you would have two cars. People just aren’t content with this anymore. Jus’ my humble opinion.

                Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood — the virtues that made America.
                – Theodore Roosevelt, 1917

        • Won’t be nothin unless they start something
          The violence hasent been coming from us
          It’s being delivered daily to Americans , innocent Americans with human rights

          So when do we stand up for our fellow man ? Or do we just keep doing the same thing we have always been doing ? Going to a failed system of voting , because they own the voting system you seem to think works
          Sometimes the only vote that gets counted comes out of the end of a barrel
          If they don’t push we won’t have to shove
          Seems they been pushing a whole lot more than we the people have ever shoved back , when does that table turn? And when it does who’s fault was it really, when it does?

        • rednek101

          I’m with ya regarding the vote however I disagree that the typical Republican is much of an option with the general exception of their support of the Second Amendment.

          This is not a Left / Right political battle. The political power is in the primaries of both party’s. If your successful there the actual election is a win de-facto. For example if the Democrat Congressmen and Senators we’re sent packing in their primaries after NAFTA then China Free Trade would never have been ratified and tens of thousands of factories would not have been closed in the US saving a million plus good jobs. If organized labor could not pull off the above more through not trying than any other reason then they compromised and have committed a huge disservice to their members. PAC money for what? To re-elect someone shipping your job to China? Hell let Wall Street finance their re-election being their working for them anyway.

          The “establishment” of both political party’s for the most part put forward Power Elite Approved candidates. They buy both horses in the two horse race. If either win they win. Grassroots at the primary level is essentially the political equivalent of Sinn Fein. That’s where the effort must be made.

          • Kevin

            Grass roots is where we’ve lost the battle the past couple of decades. Politicians offer more welfare, ‘Bama phones etc… to get into office. Turns out the folks who vote on that basis aren’t really concerned with how the country is doing. Their voting for perks, at any cost. And then there’s Acorn who registers drug addicts and prostitutes. My opinion here is we should go back to the early 1800’s: Only property owners and let’s add military should be allowed to vote. This would cull out the folks voting for perks in a hurry.

            I guess the job of the modern voter is to try and herd the overall outcome of an election where we have politicians who lean in the direction we want them to go and hope for the best. Like they say “voting for the lessor of two evils”

            • rednek101

              An effort has not been made in the primaries. If its not addressed there the point is pretty much moot in the general election. The person next door needs to be put in while the corrupt big city mayor part of the established political machine needs to loose in the jump up to Federal office be it House of Reps or Senate.

              If the Democratic or Republican establishment endorses them they’re part of the problem not the solution. Anyone remotely independent of the money interests is scorned by their party as can be seen by Dem Dennis Kucinich and Rep Ron Paul. Vote Dem or Rep and you get a deregulated financial industry willing and enabled to liberate you from your life savings. Vote Dem or Rep and you get Free Trade and a pink slip from the place you been working at for two decades. The reason is because the candidates were pre approved by the establishment because little attention is paid in the primaries.

              Grassroots is relatively new in overall politics. The NRA uses Grassroots very effectively.

            • Agree…people who have nothing to lose and only stand to gain by voting themselves some bennies were not something the framers intended…in fact they had rules such as property ownership to weed out these leeches…has to be a better way than where we are now!

      75. When Animal Control starts wearing camo and sporting a shotgun or the Post Office is using Humvees to deliver mail then it is all over. They are getting close.

        • It’s never over

          Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
          ( you’ll only get that sarcasm if you know where that line came from )

          • And it’s not over now! Who’s with me! Hoooooooooo!

          • VRF

            Remember what Otter said to Flounder when they destroyed Flounder’s brothers Lincoln? “Founder you can’t go through life crying about your mistakes”. “Face it, you fu#&ed up, you trusted us”.

            The above pretty much explains the state of affairs we’re in.

          • okay, the germans didn’t bomb pearl, but i’m lost here….an explanation for those of us without that keeeen sense of the obvious?

            • It’s a quote from the movie “Animal House.”

      76. Maybe it’s time we all come up with our own insurance policies
        The 100 heads insurance policy
        Addresses , names , and where all of those loved ones of the opposition forces live
        They make one wrong move , we make 100 right moves

        • Mhmm,,,


        i want to put this warning out to all the ladies here @SHTFPLAN

        i was recently contacted just a week ago by a gal who was suckered into joining a Western Militia Group

        and the Veteran running it , took serious advantage of her and her mother … stole her gear and preps

        ladies please , you really need to use caution here

        you should not be ‘blindly’ joining Militia’s or BugOut Groups blindly and giving these people you only know from online , all your preps and weapons to store for you

        if you do not physically have it on you or in your house LOCKED UP WITH COMBO LOCK AND KEY , YOU DON’T OWN IT ANY MORE , POSSESSION IS 9/10TH’S THE LAW


        please ladies , qualify these prepper survivalist patriot men and women before you make life changing decisions

        or you just might lose more than your preps and firearms


        n.o. ;0p

        • See………
          This warning is also warranted for men…….
          I thought a situation like this might arise after a SHTF situation…But before…
          That warning should also also include relatives…….Store nothing on their property, unless you live there too.

          Think they won’t turn on you? Ever been to a reading of a family last will and testament?

          • Good point I have seen sibling almost kill each other after there parents die for a measly few thousand dollars.

        • You make a very good point I hope its well taken and applied…Id add that anyone(male or female) oughtta execise due diligence in any alliance they get into…lots of bad characters out there and when decency and the threat/appearance of law and order break down completely those trashy types will run hog wild…save a few rounds for them…

        • NinaO,

          Thank you for posting this warning!

          Take care!
          KY Mom

      78. After the SHTF we will see where there loyalties lie. My guess 70+% of the rank and file law enforcement will be on Americas side. That’s puts them and there equipment on our side.

        • Good point.That’s what I’ve been thinking.Although the numbers may be less. Due to indoctrination. What do opposing forces do? They infiltrate. And so should we.

        • Yep. Military also, and their hardware. I jus’ wonder if an M1A1 is gonna lob a shell into the white house kinda of like the Ruskies did at the end of their era?

          • Thats like visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!

            • Glad i could help. You do know they make low yield nuke shells?

        • After SHFT, these personnel will be just like you, looking out for themselves and the hell with everyone else.

          • ncjoe, f#$% you!

          • NC Joe I think your wrong about the majority of Law enforcement, Fireman and the Military. The splinters will be in the 30% that would fire in citizens. That where the warlords will come from too.

            Speaking as a Veteran I would still defend their rights, however those that don’t honor their oath are no longer citizens post SHTF. They would be declared enemies of state.

            Without community you won’t survive long. No man is an island on to himself.

      79. There are more of us than them. And when they come up against people who are REALLY trained and EXPERIENCED they will suck hind tit and be eliminated really fast. More BS cops who THINK they know what they are doing.

      80. ******Go SEAHAWKS******

      81. I thought you people wanted American citizens to have AR-15’s. Now you complain when someone to your liking has them? What a bunch of morons.

        • and yet MILLIONS of american citizens STILL are prevented from owning them joe. an armed society is a polite society! if EVERY citizen was armed weed all be better off.

        • ncjoe, f@#$ you!

      82. It’s time to start holding the individual who works for these crooked agencies personally accountable. They need to ask themselves if they are “Just doin’ my job” or am I working to suppress freedom. Perhaps a new line of work is in order. It might be better for your health.

      83. Machiavelli wrote in 1513: “But it is necessary to know well how to disguise this characteristic (dishonesty), and to be a great pretender and dissembler; and men are so simple, and so subject to present necessities, that he who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived”. Because he must only give the impression to his people that he is merciful, faithful, humane, religious, and upright, in such a way that provides the front for him to act in just the opposite way.

      84. Russian Carrier Group Skirts Britain on Trip to Mediterranean

        MOSCOW, January 10 (RIA Novosti) – A naval task force led by Russia’s largest warship has passed through the English Channel on its way to the Mediterranean, a Russian military official said on Friday.
        The group carried out naval aviation exercises while passing close to UK territorial waters, Captain 2nd Class Yevgeny Kirillov said.
        The group of ships, consisting of the Russian Navy’s sole aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and five escort vessels from Russia’s Northern Fleet, had days earlier anchored in the Moray Firth off the coast of Scotland due to inclement weather, the UK Defense Ministry confirmed on its website on Friday.
        The Royal Navy dispatched the Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender from Portsmouth on December 19 to escort the Russian task force. Goodwill messages were exchanged between the Russian and British ships on New Year’s Eve, the UK Defense Ministry added.
        The Russian carrier group left port on December 17 for the deployment.
        In August, Russian news agencies quoted a military source saying a long-distance sea deployment by Russian warships including the Admiral Kuznetsov would call at Russia’s only Mediterranean naval facility located in the Syrian port city of Tartus.
        A task force led by the Admiral Kuznetsov made a port call at Tartus two years ago.
        The Kuznetsov has an air group including Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker-D fighter jets and antisubmarine helicopters.

        • Old Vet:

          The Russians in the Mediterranean are a huge suppository for Israel and Saudi Arabia.
          When I say “suppository” I’m clearly alluding to that drug that is inserted anally, it becomes clear my statement.
          Do not you think that the Russians did not know that the Mossad and the Saudis are behind recent attacks, they are not stupid, are attuned to things.
          Never play a “slap in the face” with a Slavic, the first slap it takes, the second, that it is “your” will be insanely destructive, that I learned from my Polish cousins ​​(I’m Polish / Austrian descent).
          I do not know if people here agree with this review but, trust me, mess with the Russians is cold, the ass is too big.


      85. Buttcrackofdoom: Desert Survival

        I found some great information on youtube about desert plants/survival. I have seen lists of plants to use in the past, but not how to use/prepare them. I will post links of things I am hoping will help you. Do you know what zone you are in? Are you by a body of water?

        I will post links tomorrow here. Sorry in advance if I repeat links, my grey matter is leaking out my ears with information.


        • many thanks to you! i will go tomorrow and look again…i’m in the high desert/mojave desert calif. near victorville. not much water around here…it will be our MOST important problem when SHTF! there’s a couple very small bodys of water nearby, but the locals will be guarding it like the lions on the savanna of africa(the continent, not the COUNTRY), so having enough firepower will be our biggest problem around HERE….and we better make sure we got plenty of food for the family, along with the straglers coming in needing food, that’s gonna be our BIGGEST problem…and of course if the grid goes down, we won’t have heat…and THAT’S gonna be our biggest problem! hoooo boy! we got a PROBLEM!

          • Buttcrackofdoom…..I hear ya. I live in AZ near a lake, but it’s three miles away and all down hill. Our biggest concern is the heat in summer. This last year it was 126-127 for about three days and our air (of course) went out. Then it went back down to a balmy 120+ for quite a while. I am looking into getting an above ground pool for water storage. Got any suggestions for an inexpensive pool?

            I think I am going to buy some TVP for stragglers. It’s food and cheap and they sell it at Wmart. We won’t be able to bug out, so I am planting as many natural food sources as I can. Fruit trees, etc. Please google Moringa Oleifera. No, forget that. I’ll send you a link. I’m going to plant some of these too. There is a lady who propagates these here in AZ. I can send you seeds at some point, but I suggest you order a couple of these on line and get them started. asap.

            Links to follow in next post…God help us….

            • Buttcrackofdoom: Desert Survival

              These will get you started….there is a wealth of youtube info. Most of these guys have several videos on different subjects…so just spend a couple of hours watching. I learned so much last night after I did the same.

     This tree is amazing and what they call a superfood. It has been described as a supermarket in a tree.

              Also, plant some mesquite trees….you take the pods and make all kinds of food….like bread! I’ll find some more info about that and send it along: collecting, grinding, etc.



            • no on the pool, but if i was you i be lookin’ at the local morman church….here there’s a guy sells those blue foodgrade water barrels for 15 bucks.the mormans are a great resource for preppers..or better yet go to craigslist and search food grade to find the 275 gallon water boxes that you see at the guys doing mobile car washing…plastic with pallet and metal shield…VERY sturdy and 275 gallons will keep you alive for a bunch of days! and u can stack on top of it… make sure you read the label to make sure it had FOOD in it, not chemicals…i have 2 that had “aquacer 580” in them…definitely NOT food grade, but after rinsing them good i still got 550 gallons of water to flush toilets with, so i’m not too disappointed that a friend GAVE them to me! you should pay 100 dollars or less…i see them for 75 often, though i haven’t looked lately. meanwhile, it’s time to party like it’s 1941!

              • Buttcrackofdoom: thanks, I’ll check that out. Not sure if there is a mormon church here. Closest mormon place that sells food is 2.5 hours away.

                I will look on craig’s list…thanks for that!

                And if I may ask…why party like it’s 1941?


          • sound like yall might have potential probs. But hey, yall gots some nicest (IMO) property in the region. 🙂

      86. Head shots defeat body armor.

        • heads are a smaller target than center-mass, and if yer not real close to someone you may not even realize they are wearing it….giving THEM a chance to kill YOU first…i’ll take my chances with the body armor, thanks. you concentrate on reasons to NOT wear it, i will concentrate on reasons TO wear it!

      87. Off topic

        Hey people! Has anyone tried the Liberty Bio Genorator? It seems like an interesting project but would like some feedback.

        I’m new to your site, but not to prepping. The big event is drawing closer each day. I need to get in to high gear and tighten up some loose ends. Any info on the Bio Generator would be appreciated.

      88. Just ordered some more M855 ammo made by GGG. Really nice brass for reloading. Got some really good groups out of them. My favorite 62g so far. Pick some up while you can.

      89. Simon,do not know a thing about em,that said,you move forward with project please post info./results ect.Welcome to the site,hope someone hear has info. for is a great site for a lot of homemade energy,you have not seen it might be worth a peruse for ya’s.

        • Warchild, thanks for reply and the welcome to site…. I will post info if I proceed. I have gas genorators and solar panels. However the Liberty genorator seems interesting..

      90. And your planned ‘Bail-out Location’ is where? (Are you ready for the last roundup?)

      91. Pretty sure that DHS is aware of the fact that a lot of people will bug out in the wilderness if they have to, so now fish and game are outfitted like rambo to catch them.

        This is why I won’t bug out into the woods. Already knew they were going to do this.

        • c’mone, think bout all the firearms, ammo and other gadgets we can get off these wood fairies. Reciprocate their actions in kind, 10x. The Great PIG Roast 2014. Semper Fi. III

          • mmmm, smell the smoke from the fire and hear the poppin’ and snappin’.

        • there’s already gonna be enough simps out there in the woods without these muffin huggers, patriot!

        • AP…I think you are dead on with your comment. It is only a natural progression of events for this “forward thinking” government to cover all points of future resistance. I wonder what percent of our ilk are actually going to head to the woods? Sounds like a pretty dangerous place!! lol

      92. Tell you what guys, if the S-DOES-HTF and they deploy all this crap they are equipping these pencil necks with, all they will be successful in creating is a US version of Afgan Tali-ban. They are going to turn patriots into “insurgents” fighting for freedom, liberty and OUR Great Nation. Anyone that turns their weapons on US Citizens are traitors, plain and simple.

        • baby steps Dmonique, baby steps! in due time.

      93. Lastmanstanding: apologies for misunderstanding your post.

        But, yes, I get it. Ensure was “in addition to” NOT “instead of.” Between chem trails, poisoning our waters and fukushima, how long is our homegrown food going to be healthy for us? That time is running out.

        And when shtf and the hordes raid the small farms and gardens and you are starving, I think you’ll be grateful for that can of calorie packed, nutrient dense liquid. I don’t think you’ll care if I bought it at Wmart or that it might have GMO’s in it.

        Let’s just agree to disagree…


        • been seeing a lot about fuckyousheemuh and the radiation thingy…how good are our “heirloom seeds” now that radiation is all over the WORLD? if one can PROVE their seeds are pre-fuckyousheemuh, they should be worth a PREMIUM! google “radiation mutation” and see what comes up…YIKES!

          • Buttcrackofdoom: I really don’t see any point in any hope other than Jesus. Don’t know if this is where you are leaning, but with Fuku, chem trails and poisoning our water and all the rest…it’s really an end game at this point.

            Hard to imagine I’d see the end of the US.


          • Buttcrackofdoom: I really don’t see any point in any hope other than Jesus. Don’t know if this is where you are leaning, but with Fuku, chem trails and poisoning our water and all the rest…it’s really an end game at this point.

            Hard to imagine I’d see the end of the US.


      94. insurgency:

        1 – Never fight in another city;

        2 – Never talk to strangers;

        3 – Always speak low, do not use cell or FM radios;

        4 – At the end of the day, clean your gun before bedtime;

        5 – Try to sleep on their backs;

        6 – Always have food for at least 24 hours;

        7 – Never walk alone (at least 1 and at most 6 with you);

        8 – Be careful with the socks, do not use stitched stockings, very careful with the kidneys, never let freeze, very careful with the knees;

        9 – Load only what you need and can use;

        10 – Always have one last bullet in the gun to let your friends free of his presence.

        The above reported is not “politically correct” be damned!


      95. Perhaps this is one of the last posts I do in the U.S.’s blog.
        My sense is that probably the Network will be under attack or closed, unfortunately.
        Anyway, it was nice talking with you.

        • @proftel thanks for visiting…sometimes you were hard to understand but i DID get valuable insight from you!

      96. I’m glad to see this team. Texas has 93 state parks, historical sites and natural areas that contain a total of 586,501 acres which is almost the size of Rhode Island I have been to most of them. I know several Game Wardens and every one of them is a shooter and a prepper, if not openly. I see this team as a counter to Federal intervention. These are Texans operating in Texas jurisdictions. They can perform acts on State lands and keep the Feds out. They have extreme familiarity with the terrain and the people, so this is a good thing. Some of the parks on the border serve as pathways for smuggling that the Feds WON’T protect, unless it’s in their political best interest. Texas needs this, because the Feds are in a pissing contest with Texas and will not help with the border problems. So far as the picture, yes i looks amateurish, but never forget – its not the gear, it’s the man that gets the job done.

      97. Did I read that right???? This post was read by 23,000 people? Coming out of the woodwork……I’m telling you. Way more than 3%.


      98. Just tell those boys you’re an illegal alien here to vote for Obama. There. All fixed. No problem. 😉

      99. Take a double look at that photo. Anything seem strange? Not saying it is fake, maybe they are trying to hide something in the background, but someone inexperienced got photoshop happy. Look closely at the sky as well as the obvious building messup. I’m not sure if the Texas flag is real as well. There’s a weird sheen to it.

      100. I’m a Prepper, He’s a prepper, She’s a Prepper. We’re all Preppers, wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper, too?
        Be a Prepper, Don’t drink the Kool-aid.
        Be a Prepper, Don’t drink the Kool-aid.
        Be a Prepper, Don’t drink the Kool-aid.

      101. Obama has a new police vehicle called a T.U.R.D. (Tank for Urban Riot Dispersement), that is driven by F.A.R.T.S. (Federal Agent Rats that Talk Shit). Look for it in your neighborhood soon!

      102. In 2013, Alabama lawmakers passed and signed legislation merging all state law enforcement under a new Cabinet Secretary with all the authority and function of the Alabama Department of Homeland Security. All officers receive the same training, from Highway Patrol to Forestry Service to Game Warden. This is real and currently in force. Check your own states.

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