Ready for a Cashless Society? WHO Says Contaminated Cash and Spread the Coronavirus

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 11 comments

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    The World Health Organization is saying that cash could be contaminated with the coronavirus, and you should avoid using it if you want to stay healthy.

    Instead of urging people to practice effective handwashing techniques and try to naturally and safely boost their immune system with proper nutrition and adequate amounts of sleep as a means to protect from the coronavirus, the WHO is saying cash is contaminated. Again, the simple fix here is a good hand washing routine, however, it seems like propaganda towards a cashless society.

    People have been warned to wash their hands after using banknotes and if possible to use contactless payments instead. This warning comes after both China and Korea last month began disinfecting and isolating used banknotes as part of their efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

    Back in 2014, a website called PYMNTS wrote an article posing the question of whether or not “dirty money” can push us to a cashless society. It expressed that elitists are making sure everyone knows that cash is “dirty” and can carry germs that make us sick. But so can a plethora of other things. Unless you live in a bubble, you’re going to be exposed to germs.  Still, many are on board with not using cash.

    MasterCard found that 39 percent of Europeans are open to the idea of using a credit or debit card or contactless payment instead of cash to be more hygienic. In terms of replacing cash, the majority of surveyed individuals – 63 percent – chose card payments, while 35 percent said that they would prefer to make online payments instead of using cash. –PYMNTS

    Others say a market crash would be needed to usher in a cashless system.  If you’ve watched the news or read anything lately, you’d also already know that the markets aren’t doing well in spite of authoritarian interventions from the Federal Reserve.

    The Rush To A Cashless Society Only Serves Globalist Interests

    Warning: ‘They Need The Markets To Implode’ To Usher In Cashless System



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      1. So the WHO is assigning people by sheer force to use a bank or credit union? That is a human rights abuse! Shame! Shame! Shame! WHO the fuck are you?!

      2. Obama’s DNR water plan resulted in a letter that I received from the government wanting acccess to my house to snoop around for a cross connection control inspection and first the letter said that they need to change out the water meter, then said that it is for an inspection of the meter. I don’t even have inground sprinklers or any pond or water fountain connected to my plumming! It doesn’t even make any sense! Like I want the sa,e psychos that decided to spend seven million dollars to replace plumbing in a highschool to tell me what to do! What a bunch of theives! Leave it to the sewer socialists that started in Wisconsin! Psycho World!

        • And what n the hell does change out mean anyways? That is a new one on me! I’ve never heard of that before! It didn’t say change, or replace, it said change out your water meter, then when I spoke with them, they repeated the phrase! I’ve lived for over a half of a century, and I have never heard anyone say that before! Like they changed out the plumming in the highschool outing 7 million in change to themselves! Must be some sewer socialist coded lingo or something!

      3. If cash is potentially contaminated (which is doubtful if it has been in your sole possession for an extended period of time, because you made a point of having a stash of $20 bills), think about the keys/buttons on an ATM!

      4. I don’t care which denomination or commodity I’m paying with, but will never take an indelible mark in my right hand or forehead.

        “Carl Sanders was an engineer on the world’s first implantable microchip, and in the process of working on this incredible end times device, Carl got saved and spent the rest of his life warning people about what was coming.”
        h ttps://
        h ttps://

        I think, most of us, in these online communities, have known the basics, since the 1990’s. Then, some time between the last couple of outbreaks, everyone quit being a faithful watchman, to warn the oblivious.

      5. cashless? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. SCREW THEM, I don’t want those idiots monitoring my transactions, it’s none of their business and they can’t have that level of control. THEY CAN SUCK ME.

      6. This FEMA plan for the coronavirus is just total bullshit. This is just fascism from a totally discredited and out of control mob of psychopathic criminal terrorists that really deserve to be executed!
        Of course it is all completely illegal since they have no authority to suspend the constitution! Who the fuck do they think they are? I would rather starve to death than go along with this fucking bullshit! Taking orders from insane, sadistic, retardred, evil, criminal treasonous, terrorist, heathenistic, hedonistic, morons is fools errand! Count me out on this one! 

      7. “Rosa Kiore 2030” on youtube explains what is happening
        Also Deborah Tavares on youtube at StopTheCrime. N e T
        Dana Ashlie also has interesting latest video on youtube.

        Fresh Healthy Food
        Good Water
        Stay away froom hard booze,drugs, and all meds.
        Gear squared away, cleaned, repaired.
        Well rested/good sleep when allowed
        Right with Jesus
        Now you are who the Beast system fears.

      8. You may send my way all your contaminated dollars

      9. You may send my way all your contaminated dollars

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