Read The Memo That Rocked Washington And Exposed The Deep State Plot Against President Trump

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    This report was originally published by Susan Duclos at All News Pipeline

    While North Korea dominated much of the news of late and the recent events in Charlottesville, VA have been the talk of the internet over the last couple of days, the recent revelation of the “Memo that rocked Washington,” which exposes the deep state subversion against President Trump and explaining the tactics being utilized, is being spun as “crazy” with the writer of the memo being labeled a “nutcase” by the MSM, who has converged on a narrative in a weak attempt at damage control.

    The memo is embedded in full below, so readers can read the seven-page memorandum produced in May by the former director of strategic planning at the National Security Council, Rich Higgins.

    Before we detail some of the highlights from the memo, then offer the document in full, lets take a look at Higgins credentials, the man that the media is doing their best to discredit with labels like nutcase (MediaIte) with outlets like Washington Post calling the memo itself “crazy.”

    Not only was Higgins the the former director of strategic planning for the NSC, before being fired by Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster for writing the memorandum, but perhaps more impressive, the Army veteran was also a former Pentagon official who specialized in irregular warfare.

    Department of Defense defines Irregular Warfare in a 100 page document from 2007, in the following manner:

    Irregular warfare (IW) is defined as a violent struggle among state and nonstate actors for legitimacy and influence over the relevant populations. IW favors indirect and asymmetric approaches, though it may employ the full range of military and other capabilities, in order to erode an adversary’s power, influence, and will. It is inherently a protracted struggle that will test the resolve of our Nation and our strategic partners.

    Our adversaries will pursue IW strategies, employing a hybrid of irregular, disruptive, traditional, and catastrophiccapabilities to undermine and erode the influence and will of the United States and our strategic partners. Meeting these challenges and combating this approach will require the concerted efforts of all available instruments of US national power.

    Influencing foreign governments and populations is a complex and inherently political activity. This Joint Operating Concept (JOC) describes the military role in protracted IW campaigns; however, these campaigns will fail if waged by military means alone. The nature of IW requires the US Government (USG) to achieve the level of unified action necessary to integrate all available instruments of national power to address irregular threats. The USG will have to develop “Whole of Government” approaches to waging IW at the political, strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Other government agencies must build their capacity to operate in unstable or hostile environments.

    Irregular warfare is about people, not platforms. IW depends not just on our military prowess, but also our understanding of such social dynamics as tribal politics, social networks, religious influences, and cultural mores. People, not platforms and advanced technology, will be the key to IW success. The joint force will need patient, persistent, and culturally savvy people to build the local relationships and partnerships essential to executing IW.

    So a man that specialized in irregular warfare tactics for the Pentagon, writes a seven-page memo which details a plot to overthrow the President of the United States, by globalist members of the deep state, with the intentional help of propaganda being fed to the media in order to influence the public, using tactics he was responsible for observing while at the Pentagon in order to save American militarylives, and the media starts screaming “nutcase,” and “crazy,” and “conspiracy theory!”

    Something doesn’t smell right here.



    The memo is titled “POTUS & Political Warfare,” and starts off detail some background on the “information campaigns designed to first undermine, then delegitimize and ultimately remove the President,” calling it “political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle.”

    While naming the actors, such as the media, Democrats, establishment Republicans, and explaining what each gains in their political warfare campaign against the president, it is on Page 5 of the document embedded below, where Higgins detailed the “Adversary Campaign Plan,” in the following manner:

    Adversary Campaign Plan.

    Political Warfare has been described as “propaganda in battledress.” The effort directed at President Trump is executed along one overt, as well as two covert, lines of effort:

    • The overt line of effort is PUBLICITY. Publicity is the straightforward projection of a case that builds a picture in the audience’s mind designed to garner support. It is facts without context and information the adversary wants the audience to possess that creates an impression and sets conditions. It seeks to establish good will and receptiveness to additional inputs.

    • There are two covert lines of effort: PROPOGANDA and INFILTRATION/SUBVERSION.

    Propaganda is the deliberate direction, even manipulation, of information to secure a definite outcome. It is an attempt to direct the thinking of the recipient, without his conscious collaboration, into predetermined channels that are established in the Publicity line of effort. It is the unwitting conditioning of the recipient by devious methods with an ulterior motive that seeks to move them incrementally over time into greater belief and acceptance of message transmitted in the Publicity line of effort.

    Infiltration and subversion operate internal to the targeted organization in order to inform, target, coordinate, and amplifythe effects of the publicity and propaganda. Both operate to gather intelligence, obstruct legitimate courses of action, provide inside information, and leak sensitive information that undermines the leadership and suppresses the morale of friendly elements.

    o Infiltration of political and social groups within a target state is done for the purpose of extending counter-state influence and control. The endgame is concealed and may involve illicit activities.

    o Subversion undermines or detaches the loyalties of significant political and social groups within the target state and transfers political and/or ideological loyalties to the counter-state. As thcounter-state forms, a counter-elite of influential individual and key leaders within the target state will later facilitate the legitimacy and permanency of the new regime.

    On page #6 we see “Political Warfare Executive – The Meaning, Techniques and Methods of Political Warfare,”  which accurately captures what we at ANP have been documenting and reporting on for years, including how the media is being used to deliberately push “pseudo-realities,” in a campaign to “delegitimize President Trump,” with preferred narratives including the “Russia hacked the election”, “Obstruction of Justice”, “Hiding Collusion”, and “Putin Puppet.”

    As is explained, each of these “pseudo-realities,” is geared toward a specific propaganda point, the first an attempt to push the “illegitimate” narrative, the second to push the “corrupt” narrative,” the third to push the “dishonest” narrative and the last to push the idea of “treason.”

    Supporting Narratives. Meta-narratives are supported by an ongoing series of supporting-narratives that can be swapped out as circumstances warrant. It is important to recognize that these stories do not have to be true, valid or accurate to serve their purpose. Over time, deserved or not, the cumulative effect of these supporting narratives will result in a Trump fatigue. From a political warfare perspective, President Trump’s inability to meet this challenge will cast him as a weak failed leader.

    The entire memo is embedded below, read it and decide for yourself.  Below the memo we analyze why a man that specialized in irregular warfare for the Pentagon, was fired by McMasters for detailing what many in the Independent Media have been documenting since Trump won the election.

    Former NSC Staffer Rich Higgins Memo by Kristina Wong on Scribd


    We have largely refrained from weighing in on H.R. McMasters, despite the fact that his stances on Iran, Islamic Terrorism, the Paris Accord, were more in line with Obama policy than President Trump’s policy, where in each case McMasters lost his argument and the President aligned himself with the promises made, keeping them rather than allowing McMasters to influence his decisions, but according to recent reports, the second McMasters saw this internal memo, he “detonated,” and then proceeded to fire the man that wrote it.

    The memo was written in May, but after McMaster discovered it, Higgins was called into the White House counsel’s office on July 18 and questioned about it. On July 21, he was fired by McMaster’s deputy, but not explicitly given a reason why.

    As to McMasters stances on a variety of issues that do not align with the president’s base, that can be chalked up to “politics” as Trump the businessman was well known for hiring people with opposing views as to look at all angles before making his decisions, it was not surprising in the least that he brought McMasters on.

    The firing of the director of strategic planning for the NSC on the other hand, for utilizing his experience in known irregular warfare methods for and tactics for the Pentagon, to warn of a campaign against a sitting president by multiple factions, including globalists, deep state members within the intelligence community, and the media, forces us to ask the question of whether McMasters is part of the “political warfare” campaign against President Trump?

    That is a question President Trump should be asking.


    The fact that the media was called out directly in the memo, highlighting the part they play in pushing “pseudo-realities,” in order to generate a narrative to influence the general public, explains clearly why they are in all-out damage control mode trying to discredit the writer of the NSC memo that rocked Washington, because he just publicly exposed them all.

    The fact that the media, Trump haters, neverTrumpers, establishment Republicans, and Democrats are all supporting McMasters, also begs the question: Is he one of the enemy within?

    The fact that he fired a man trying to protect the president from other enemies within, might be the answer to that question.

    A couple other articles detailing other Trump loyalists fired by McMasters and the campaign to #FireMcMasters, discussed below:

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      1. Thank you Susan Duclos. Your analysis and documentation are evidence of bad actors within the central hub of power within this country. How many bad actors are there? Who knows? Remember this subversives, patriots keep track of who is naughty or nice.

        • This Higgins guy, well I have it on good authority, from someone speaking on the condition of anonymity, that he lives in the wilds of Montana with 3 cats…..

        • This was the Article I posted a few articles back here exposing all of this Anti- Trump BS. Sure it is good to know what they are thinking and how they are rolling out their plot to sabotage Trump. So when Mac Post these articles understand these friggin shills are a slim minority. And NOT all of the Left thinks this way. It is Propaganda, and pushed by a few shadow Government shills and the MSM. Expose these bass-turds at every turn. For we shall hang them all in time. Expose them, Identify them and hang them. Kill them off like the parasites that they are, American hating cockroaches.

          Stay Well armed and prepare to defend America at all costs.

          • One of the things I love about SHTFplan is how Mac listens to everyone that posts, and when you give him a good lead, he goes deeper for the full story. You’ll never see CNN do this, LOL!

            CSS, I saw your post, and read the memo, thank you. Mac, thanx for taking it to the next level.

            I found a site that had the memo in a form I could download and save. I suggest others do the same. This memo describes the high level structure and forces involved in the destruction of America. To block a low level terrorist, would be wonderful, but to understand the high level structure golden.

            Amazing how the memo directly implicates that the Democrat globalists and deep state are working directly with the Islamic brotherhood a terrorist organization through CAIR to destroy the USA.

            The defense of America may finally fall to the people. Americans can’t fight a war when they don’t know who the enemy is. CAIR is an Islamic foreign political lobbiest group with deep money ties with Washington politicians, that has already been directly implicated in supporting terrorists, but under Obama were able to skate free, because their terrorist attacks on America supported Obama’s agenda. Watch CAIR very closely. Note that any condemnation of CAIR or Muslim terrorism will be labeled Islamiphobia……..see the memo. Nuff said.

            The attack on our homeland is multifaceted and the high level structure complex.

        • Quite welcome and a huge thanks to Mac for sharing this.

        • David Axelrod warns all this loose talk about removing Trump from office makes him nervous and this would be a dangerous road to go down, and that we have a constitutional government. Glad to see someone making sense.

      2. Higgins was Bundyfied. The plan for all Constitutional patriots is to be Vinicummed. The deep state lying within the iron triangle of wall street and their bankers the military industrial complex and their purchased politicians are rampaging now driven by their globalist masters. Thus we save integrity and honesty for use by some future human endeavor. The fervor of laws directed at what can only be described as our “duty” as described in the Declaration of Independence has severely constrained redress and in fact are unconstitutional. But undeclared martial law has been enveloping us since 2001 and still we wait. The subservient let others decide their destiny for them. As tensions build realize why the slaves battle each other. The true modern day slavers direct our attention to past slavers to save themselves from those less subservient at this time. Perhaps only a Constitutional re affirmation has any chance to peacefully reverse course. We must call their bluff on their oath of office, pull the plug ourselves to drain the swamp. Hold every law past or present but certainly any future law to compliance with Constitutional principles. That duty as described in the Declaration of Independence now falls upon us to defend, or not. We the people must take charge at this time but can we? Will we? I am thinking not. Ready…set…No, and hope that judge Gloria Navarro doesn’t try your case.

        • GrandpaSpeaks,
          That’s exactly what I was thinking after reading the memo.
          I’m so sick of the propaganda being spewed and more sick over the fools that are brainwashed and believe it all.

      3. Kinf of echos what Eisenhower warned us about.

      4. Moderation? Got to be kidding, I trashed no one!

        • Yep most of this is from the Chews and Neocons and Lefty war mongering shill parasites. Hang them all.

      5. what the hell it again!

        • You are feeling the power of the “deep state” my friend

        • Jim, it appears the mere use of some words sends you into moderation limbo. I used the word *ewish and it was the “Moderation Zone” for me.

          I found the experience instructive. Enough said.

      6. I think the REAL question is why Trump allowed him to be terminated?

        • Because the guy deserves a medal. However, he will never be on main stream TV news. Also, when they call you or a story crazy, it means that “they” cannot/will not debate the truth of the matter.

      7. Changing the CEO of the corporate state is like changing the conductor on the Titanic.

        The music sounds better but the direction of the ship stays the same.

        You can’t vote prosperity in and you can’t vote the deep state out. Trump has been fully absorbed.

        • Proves that if Trump cannot then no one can. How is that spurned vote tasting right about now? Mine is tasting very bitter. Our vote goes down with Trump. Never be another peaceful transition of power either. We have got to face up to the facts.

      8. McMaster should have never been hired. He and Dina Powell are both CFR and McMaster has ties to George Soros. Kudos to this guy Higgins.

      9. So the fake media dispenses the propaganda nonstop, run through CIA control to the faked and lesser faked out Americans. Reminds me of a warzone. I was sent to Vietnam in 1971 to help with that effort printing propaganda leaflets. Seeing as how the fighting war ended in 1973 that was overkill from my vantage point. The fake news running the psyop here have their control here with newsprint and the mother of all brainwashing, the boob tube. It works like a charm.

      10. Check out a Great website with Top Notch article writers of many articles that totally detail real truth etc.

        Names Names etc,,,And…The Comment Forum has ZERO censoring and same as here at shtf forums, posters can use Any name and ANY or NONE email address, Same as is done Here at shtf for posters!

        Many very smart informed poster forum members, and many are also Very, Very J-Wized up!

        Website is owned by guy named “Ron Unz” he is one of the Few jewish folk that write Factual truth, and don’t try to Hide facts regards his tribal “cousins”.

        The Only issue I saw that is frowned upon for poster persons here is…Don’t try to use Multiple screen poster names!….That is The Only issue I ever yet seen that causes any censoring problem…..All in All, it is one of the best websites with best informed posters I have seen to date.

        Read the several updated articles about the downing of confederate ststues etc. and also well written, Loaded with documented factual proofs on many articles about Israel’s nefarious events, Past and Present!

        I mean NO holds barred articles that awaken and inform even those who are already very wide awake!

        www dot unz dot com

        Check it out you won’t be sorry and be certain to read the comment forum section!!

      11. “Read The Memo That Rocked Washington And Exposed The Deep State Plot Against President Trump”

        No need to … the Media … the Dems & the Reps have been against Trump from the very beginning.

        How is Trump able to drain the “swamp” and return the manufacturing jobs back from Asia?

        It will NEVER … EVER HAPPEN – it’s a pipe dream of WORDS for the gullible to believe in.

        Maybe the next Presidential nifty slogan will be …

        “Keep degrading America & Trashy again”

      12. There’s no question that McMaster and virtually everyone else around Trump except his family and perhaps Tillerson are either military-industrial complex shills, Pentagon war mongers or outright neocons.

        Essentially since Trump only ran for President because of 1) ego and 2) it would be worth billions in business opportunities once he leaves office, what we end up with is a completely isolated President who is totally ignorant of how to BE a President and is merely acting like one without the necessary acting skills.

        There has been essentially a “Seven Days in May” coup without the troop movements. The Pentagon, the Deep State, and neocons are now running the US – just like they were under Bush 2 and Obama, only more so.

        This utter nonsense about “surging” back into Afghanistan is clear evidence that Trump is utterly under the control of those around him and has zero ability to actually lead in any way – even if he wanted to, which is not evident.

        This will not end well for Trump or us.

      13. The “Deep State” and officialdom in general despise the people, especially the working people that they see as disposable managed resources. E.S. Herman and A.N. Chomsky wrote a book titled “Manufacturing Consent – The Political Economy of Mass Media” show how how the people simply do not get the truth or facts, only distorted or “filtered” by the following means; concentrated ownership of the medium, funding sources for the medium, sources, flak (actions taken by people or groups to maintain their spin or prevent disclosure (this can be from public or private sectors), and employing fear ideology.
        The political, social, and economic situation in the US is all but hopeless. TPTB are hell bent on extinguishing our constitutional rights and our economic well-being to render us powerless. I have read TPTB have become stratified, and political progress frozen; the people’s allegiance is taken for granted, at the same time they undermine the citizens way of life; social mobility, quality of life and standard of living is declining and TPTB fiercely resist improving conditions; rather, they work to maximize their own wealth, power and status; and finally, authority is becoming militarized, and they call it saving our civilization.
        Some of their weapons are propaganda, making public education a fraud, and colossal gov’t borrowing and debt that is destroying the financial stability of our country. Every word and action, whether official or corporate, must be held as false or completely suspect. The gov’t is nothing more than a tool of TPTB to use against the people. The internet is really the only place where we can communicate, exchange information, to be informed and organize resistance. The internet in general however is becoming censured and “filtered” as some large sites already are deciding what they want you see to fit their agendas, some elected officials have stated the need to eliminate independent news sites, and everything on the internet is monitored. This shows TPTB HATE your freedoms and rights.

      14. There are more and more and more leaving the fascist left state. William Binney, intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency turned whistleblower who resigned on October 31, 2001, after more than 30 years with the agency. Eric Snowden is another. There are others, and there will be more and more. Truth is, there ARE fair minded people out there who believe in justice, truth and the Constitution. These are just two, now the fellow above.

        All is not lost. We still have truth and justice on our side. All they have is lies, fake news and the brownshirts of Antifa

      15. So…America now experiences regime change? Karma at its best!

      16. May I say I am incredibly disappointed with my fellow readers here. ONLY 27 comments at this point. I believe the memo this article discusses is one of the most important artifacts available to the general public. It ties together all the lose ends and provides plausible motives for all the players in the current attacks on the US constitution, Presidency, riots, demonstrations, legal maneuvers by judges. It’s the blueprint for the current coup d’tat going on in the US.

        Stop looking for a war with two clear sides, with people wearing brightly colored uniforms. In Charlottesville both sides were bought and paid for by Soros. It was a scripted show to build a foundation upon which the next attack on our Republic would be launched. In Charlottesville the MSM rebranded every conservative in America (regardless of color) as a white supremacist and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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