Re-Default: Up To 46% Of Bailed Out Homeowners Can’t Pay Their Mortgage (Again)

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    The Treasury Department and managers of the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) are scrambling to figure out why homeowners who used the government’s bailout mechanism to save their homes are re-defaulting on their payments.

    The program, originally designed to assist homeowners who were facing foreclosure following the 2007 sub-prime crisis, has reportedly saved 1.2 million people from losing their homes, but a report from the Special Inspector General who oversees the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) says that the loan modifications that were supposed to get American families back on their feet aren’t working as well as expected.

    “We launched this program in response to the worst housing crisis since the great depression,” Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability Tim Massad said in a press call.

    “There will always be an inherent risk of homeowner default in programs like this,” Massad added.

    Approximately 10% of homeowners with an active HAMP permanent modification — a total of 88,000 out of 865,100— have missed one or two monthly mortgage payments and are at risk of redefaulting out of the program.

    Redefault rates of the oldest 2009 HAMP permanent mortgage modifications have continued to increase as they age and have reached a 46% redefault rate. The 2010 HAMP permanent mortgage modifications are redefaulting at a rate of 38%.

    The Treasury department is going to launch an investigation into why the program isn’t working.

    Not only has the program fallen far short of that goal but with each year of the program, a growing number of homeowners have re-defaulted, the inspector general found.

    Treasury needs to research why so many borrowers are dropping out of the program,” said Christy Romero, the head of SIGTARP.

    In 2009, as President Obama assured the nation that his multi-billion dollar economic bailouts would restore the economy and the housing market to stability and growth, we noted that you can modify these mortgages all you want, but that one important factor would be essential to their success.

    Unemployment is a ticking time bomb, and no mortgage modification is going to help if the home owner lost his or her income stream. Real estate will continue to collapse because of continued job destruction despite what we are being told about recovery. Couple this with rising costs for essential goods, a collapse in retail consumer lending and increased taxes, and I’d say hopes of recovery are just that… hopes.

    For those who live in reality, it’s obvious that the American people are living in the Greatest Depression.

    Via SHTFplan (October 21, 2009)

    It didn’t take a Nobel Prize winning Keynesian economist like Paul Krugmann to see this one coming. It only takes a working knowledge of basic arithmetic.

    If your mortgage payment is $1500 monthly, and you just lost your job and are collecting $800 in unemployment insurance monthly, then it is impossible for you to make good on your loan. Even if the government helps to reduce your mortgage payment to $850 monthly and provides you with emergency funds to cover all of your other expenses like food, health insurance and utilities, you still can’t service your debt.

    It’s that simple.

    The situation for America is dire.

    According to the June 2013 jobs report, less than half of able-bodied Americans have a full time job.

    The following report further illustrates the problem(s) we face.

    Two food stamp recipients have been added for every job ‘created’ under President Obama’s watch:

    Since February of 2009, the first full month of Obama’s presidency, 9.5 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force.  Nearly 90 million Americans are not working today!

    That means that 1.3 Americans have dropped out of the labor force for every one job the administration claims to have created.

    There are 15 million more Americans on food stamps today than when Obama assumed office.

    At the end of January 2009, 32,204,859 Americans received aid from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. As of April 2013, there were 47,548,694 Americans on food stamps.

    That means that more than two Americans have been added to the food stamp rolls for every one job the administration says it has created.

    CNS News via The Daily Sheeple

    There is no recovery.

    There will be no recovery any time soon.

    Despite the rhetoric out of Washington, the Fed and mainline financial pundits, this economy is on the brink of complete disaster.



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      1. Surprised? They even stated they saved Detroit by bailing out the Auto Industry….Look at the end result now. The fact is these bailouts and programs have only one purpose and only one… make selected few RICHER and screw the rest of the society.

        • You eliminate full time jobs with Obamacare. You ship off good paying jobs with NAFTA and Globalization. What else did these fucktards running Washington think the outcome is going to be? Prosperity? No a collapse of the entire economy. Detroit just got there first, there are many more large municipalities that are as bad or worse than Detroit.

          Where are people going to find the money to pay for their houses?

          • I think Detroit could be thought of as the canary in the coal mine.

            Here is a very good article about Detroit.

            By Frosty Wooldridge
            October 5, 2009

            “That’s because the story of Detroit is not simply one of a great city’s collapse, it’s also about the erosion of the industries that helped build the country we know today. The ultimate fate of Detroit will reveal much about the character of America in the 21st century.”

            “If what was once the most prosperous manufacturing city in the nation has been brought to its knees, what does that say about our recent past? And if it can’t find a way to get up, what does that say about Americas future?”

            News With Views dot com

              • I kinda wish you would go make your own blog.

                Annoying you posting the news all the time now.

                • Her opinion is well respected on this site….who are you??

                  • She never posts her opinion anymore…. does she?… its always a cut and paste from ANOTHER NEWS SITE. A plain old Fuck Detroit would have been just fine for me….. right? If she wants to be an online news correspondent she should do it somewhere else.

                    All I’m sayin’ is that’s getting old.

                • Peterson,

                  KY Mom takes the time to post informative and relevant information here, and I for one appreciate reading it. KY Mom, pay no attention to critics. We enjoy your articles!

                  • YH and ILmom,

                    Thank you for your support!

                    I do post my opinions sometimes.

                    We know the mainstream media is doing a poor job of informing people of what is going on or of news everyone should know about. I appreciate the information that others here have found and posted.

                    I am just trying to do my part and share informative or useful information.

                    Take care! Keep praying and prepping!
                    KY Mom

                  • YH…agreed!….you just keep on keepin on KY Mom! 🙂

              • The end of the article should be cause for concern.
                Terrorism coming out of the proverbial, Left Field.

                • The “mortgage” programs were just a way for the banksters to forestall an inevitable default and fleece the suckers of their last remaining equity. As a side effect, it delayed millions of homes from hitting the market while there was already millions of homes that could not be put on the market.

                  As an aside, has anybody seen that National Realtors Association commercial that says there are plenty of buyers and shortage of homes?

                  I want some of what they are smoking….

                • Guess you did not read the article by KYMoM.

                  As their numbers grow, so will their power to enact their barbaric Sharia Law that negates republican forms of government, first amendment rights and subjugates women to the lowest rungs on the human ladder. We will see more honor killings by upset husbands, fathers and brothers that demand subjugation by their daughters, sisters and wives. Muslims prefer beheadings of women to scare the hell out of any other members of their sect from straying.

                  Multiculturalism: what a perfect method to kill our language, culture, country and way of life.

              • Ask yourself which “chosen” tribe was behind the push for more and more immigration into America. Hint, their name rhymes with “blues”.

                • Rodger Dodger: Ok Cue that jepordy show music while put my thinking skull cap on and take a wild guess at what rhymes with “blues”…Hmmmmmm….Ok alex how about those SCV’s? aka self chozen Vampires.

                • The Sioux?

            • In 2008, via the auto bailout, the Federal government became the primary revenue generator and downstream provider of revenue for the detroit area. They also became controller in chief of the factories which of course can easily be retrofitted to produce military vehicles/

              Now, through fuzzy math and a corporate shell bailout game, they’ll physically take possession of detroit and surrounding areas.

              I guess that what were witnessing is the first formation of a federal government controlled territory on US soil.

              Oh yay.

              • Because of state bankruptcy laws there are 23 states where municipalities do not have the option of declaring bankruptcy. I understand Baltimore for example would qualify for bankruptcy in Michigan but Maryland law won’t allow it so the debt just accumulates. I suppose there will be a point where the feds will step in because creditors are not being compensated but my point is due to these state bankruptcy laws we do not know how bad things really are.

                Mac talks a lot about PM’s being an important wealth protector and we frequently see the food backlashers jump in because you can’t eat them. Land seems to be ignored for it’s wealth protection but land also provides the ability to be self sufficient and develop a secure site. If you live in the city or the suburbs and you “own” a home you have a refuge in a heavily populated area and ANY security or food processing improvements you make are being observed by potential adversaries. Invest in some land to give room to prep in peace and defend what you create more easily and in a less congested area where resources are more spread out.

                TPTB were stupid to refinance failed mortgages because the default had occured once. Of course I shouldn’t be surprised they screwed up.


                • @Dick

                  Q: Do we have rule of law, or rule of men?

                  • yourmotherwaswrong

                    We Live with a “rule of law”.
                    So working, voting, living are all subject to that and I choose to participate in what is reality. On the other hand I would like to know of an era where the “rule of man” was more successful than the “rule of law”.
                    I prepare for disaster, natural or man made.
                    I expect that such a disaster could result in a few days of hardship or total devastation. But should SHTF I will work to return to a “rule of law” that better reflects the liberties of the individual much like “The Constitution” is designed to provide. I continue to work for such an existence now. The fact I still can put my thoughts on this forum means there is some semblance of “The Constitution” still in existence.


            • I for one appreciate you giving us and this blog new and information

            • Hi KY Mom,
              Liked the link. I believe the problem stems from how we now bend over to accommodate immigrants.
              Probably up until the late ’80s immigrants learned to fit in, work hard and try to get ahead.
              Now days it seems we all are expected to be “PC” and hyper-tolerant to accommodate immigrants legal and illegal.

          • I think Detroit could be thought of as the canary in the coal mine.

            Here is a very good article about Detroit.

            By Frosty Wooldridge
            October 5, 2009

            “That’s because the story of Detroit is not simply one of a great city’s collapse, it’s also about the erosion of the industries that helped build the country we know today. The ultimate fate of Detroit will reveal much about the character of America in the 21st century.”

            “If what was once the most prosperous manufacturing city in the nation has been brought to its knees, what does that say about our recent past? And if it can’t find a way to get up, what does that say about Americas future?”

            News With Views dot com

            • How sad and how true.

          • Not enough liquor stores in Detroit that are open to hold up with illegal guns.

            Gov. printing too many fiat debt bills also known as “money”.

            • fiat debt is called “currency” or in street jargon I.O.U.
              however precious metals like gold,silver and platinum is what you can also call “money” that is the distinction.
              money will always retain its value and paper IOU’s are just that ,paper, and the faith in that paper is what keeps its value. right now people are losing “faith” in it hence we have devaluation and inflation. the rush to gold will remain a constant.

              • rudy, rudy, rudy.

          • Detroit may be third behind Camden & Allentown but it damn sure is not the last.

            The US government hasn’t operated in the best interests of the US people in a long long time. Most of the moves in this direction were covert with ostensible reasoning but it has become more and more overt over time as the powers to be have little concern over the political fallout of their globalist actions.

            See the TV commercial:

            US NAVY a global force for good.

          • Guess “Free Trade” has real costs, HUH? Glad to see people waking up to that fact. The gutting of the American economy was DELIBERATE.

            ALL of the criminals in DC, past and present need to pay for their malfeasance in office and TREASON!

            OWTFH !!! 🙂

            • You would never hear any of these jackasses in DC say anything contrary to free trade, look at the pacific rim pact they sined on to, all after NAFTA killed agriculture (vegetable farms mostly) in the southern part of the US, we are being ruled by a bunch of idiots who appoint more idiots to buffalo the idiots who elected them.

            • @durango kidd

              We don’t have “Free Trade” DK!

              We have Fascism (Mercantilism).

              Mercantilism is the philosophy of state legal sovereignty in economic activity.

              Just because they call it “Free Trade”, dosen’t make it “Free Trade.”

              Free trade means free choice. The State hates free choice, so it hates free trade.

              Boobus thinks we have “Free Trade.”

              You said: “The gutting of the American economy was DELIBERATE.”

              Sure it was… it benefits the Fascist State and their Cronies… Duh!

              And, if you have been voting over the last 30 years, you’ve had a hand in enabled this!

              Only suckers still vote.

              • Mother

                Only suckers quit because things get tough.
                If you quit when adversity strikes why prep?
                If you don’t prep why do you give a shit if it hits the fan?
                If you don’t give a shit why are you on this site?


                • Dick, what are you trying to say?

                  Dick… That I quit?

                  Dick… That I don’t prep?

                  Dick… That I don’t give a shit?

                  Dick, Is that what you’re trying say?

                  Dick… Do you know me?

                  • Well mother

                    I can read.
                    That is what “I” got from “your” post.
                    No I don’t “know” you.
                    But I believe my “questions” were clear.
                    Since you didn’t answer any of them then what I am saying is
                    If you think your “vote” or the act of voting, or participating in the process is quitting and as a result that to participate in things that effect yourself, your family, your community or the laws that govern than keep laying down and accepting what happens to yourself etc…

                    I prefer to participate, vote, prepare and work towards what I think should be.

                    I think if you don’t do at least some of the above I don’t see why you are on this site.

                    Is that clear enough?


                  • Dick says:

                    … I think I’m a bit confused.

                    “Is that clear enough?”

          • Man I love seeing the word FuckTard being used!

          • they arent going to find the money, This Scam is made to take away all homes and give them to the Chinese that we owe trillions to, that has always been the plan

          • So…we haven’t reached bottom yet have we? Off topic, kind of, I hear the Zimbabwe stock exchange is at US$ 5,867,769,914 today. And there were a total of 71 trades by 10:30 am. I think I’m reading it right at Are we on that path?

        • Tactical,

          What the brain trust calls a crisis, I call a correction, and corrections are not only normal but a necessary part of a functioning economy. Cheers.

          • @YH,

            Well said friend.

        • I think they’re planning on repeating their tactics from the 1930s… When everything collapses and either defaults or loses its value, those who stole billions and trillions from the masses will scoop up assets for pennies on the dollar.

          • That’s the plan

        • As I’ve been noting: Banks changed the rules several years ago. Now, RE-POSSESSION is 9/10ths of the law.

      2. What’s to say: Green Shoots anyone? (But no Ammo)

        • Time to cut the SNAPERs loss. Thin the herd. I agree we should just step back and stop supporting the other half. Think of them as the gold digging ex wife expecting her maintance dollars to continue for ever. The show is so worth a it when they/she see you the light. Makes some of the abuse worth it.

          • Real easy one, that baboon helicopter ben will simply get those old printing presses going if they decide on any sort of bailout. This time they may just let most people flouder so their robber baron elitists friends can swoop down and pick up all that real estate for cheap.

            There is so much pure evil right now I have given up trying to speculate about what the intentions are from BO and the beast government. There are so many lies to cover the lies, that the truth is buried under mounds of horse crap. I just know, that like I said before, Mac has no short list of issues to post as articles that are of utmost importance to all of us as individuals and as a country and world. That in itself should tell everyone that the end is coming on like a train carrying toxic waste without brakes, careening down on a very steep slope. Prepare as much as possible and then push yourselves a little harder to get that extra that you will likely needs WHEN the sledge hammer finally hits.

            • As usual BI, right on the mark. The incredible level of evil is absolutely mind numbing, and heartbreaking, this evil will be the herald of the collapse.

            • Be informed

              After the unCivil War they called those plundering
              vultures that swooped down on the South and stole
              their land for pennies on the dollar, carpet baggers.
              I’ll bet you can come up with a name that is equally
              befitting the scumbags that are fleecing the very
              shirts off Our backs today. Give it a shot, eh.

              • @ OutWest. Those who rip off the people and exploit good honest hard working American through deception or just plain old exploition have a name: Blood sucking leech driven parasitic toxic crawling cancers. Here’s another one: disease carrying tapeworm.

                • Be informed–I knew you would come through! lol


                  • Dear BH, I learn much from your posts…could you please tell me what NOMI CATIMF means….I tried to find it in the urban dictionary but was unsuccessful…thanks.

                • Okay BI,
                  You’ve vented your frustrations, called the big money players names, you feel a little better, and what has changed?? Nothing!! This what America is all about in the new millennium. Get mad, call people (the ones conveniently put in front of us)some names, feel good about ourselves because “we really showed them”, and then on to the next distraction. Anything change? NO. Do the people we called the names stand up and take notice? NO. Did they stop doing whatever it was that made us so upset? NO. Will the issue that made us so upset rear it’s ugly head again in the future? YES. When it does rear it’s ugly head again in the future, what will we do? Vent, of course, and call them some names. It’s not easy being an American, but someone has to do it.

                  Baby Boomers- The Complacency and In-action Generation

                  • UMmm??….. I’m missing your point sd mule….?

                  • Outwest,

                    If, by reading the post you don’t grasp the point, I can’t help you. Good luck and enjoy your in-action and complacency.

              • Yeah and it is OutWest. And her Name is Liz Chaney! Trekker Out.

              • OutWest, I had some ancestors in GA who lost their land to some carpetbaggers during the Reconstruction era, but later took their land back at gunpoint. Just let anyone come to me with bad intentions toward me and it won’t end well for them. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES BRAVEHEART

              • How bout the name “Traitors”.

            • AMEN, Brother BI, AMEN! braveheart

            • I truly enjoy your posts BI. I have not had television since 1990 so am out of the loop so to speak. I have heard the phrase “Helicopter Ben” and wonder what it means or refers to. I’ve managed to figure out the anacronyms such as CATIMF etc. but cannot get a handle on “Helicopter Ben”. Would you condescend to enlighten me? By the way, thank you Mac for this site and also thank you Preppers for the invaluable information I receive here as a result of your posts. God bless and protect us all!

          • That is cruel, FP.
            However, it is amazing to see what they buy and how much food is stored in their pantries for the future looks bleak.
            There will be no job recovery.
            They have not a clue when picking up those $4 chips that they can feed their family for a day for the cost of those chips.
            ‘You can’t fix stupid’…but you don’t have to associate with it!!!

            • “As of April 2013, there were 47,548,694 Americans on food stamps.”

              Many additional Americans are receiving ‘food assistance’ from other programs.

              “The National School Lunch program provides 32 million students with low-cost or no-cost meals daily;

              10.6 million participate in the School Breakfast Program; and

              8.9 million receive benefits from the Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) program each month.

              In addition, 3.3 million children at day care centers receive snacks through the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

              There’s also a Special Milk Program for schools and a Summer Food Service Program, through which 2.3 million children received aid in July 2011 during summer vacation.”

              “That means the number of Americans receiving food assistance has surpassed the number of full-time private sector workers in the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 97,180,000 full-time private sector workers in 2012.

              The population of the U.S. is 316.2 million people, meaning nearly a third of Americans receive food aid from the government.”

              “The number of Americans receiving subsidized food assistance from the federal government has risen to 101 million, representing roughly a third of the U.S. population.”


            • What is cruel about it.

          • Statements like this piss me off. Me and my wife own our own business and we work our asses to the bone. It sucks real bad to have to rely upon SNAP to help us through, but it is what it is. My wife suffered from heat exhaustion yesterday, yet we go out again. Only to compete with the mexicans. There is not enough hours in the day to make enough to live on when competing with low-priced illegals. To clarify, we lost our home to foreclosure, homeless now, and we dont buy big bags of chips with our measly assistance. Try bags of rice and beans. We are killing ourselves, and there appears no hope on the horizon. Yet, we will go out again tomorrow, and pray that one of us does not injure ourselves to the point we cannot labor anymore. For what? Just to survive.

            • Anonymous, I’m sorry to hear about your situation and will keep you and your wife in my prayers. Try to keep your heads up, have faith in God, and he’ll help you get through these perilous times. Sounds like you’re holding up good despite the circumstances. braveheart

            • @anonymous
              Good luck and God bless you for trying.
              Nobody with any sense would look down on you for your situation.
              That is, unless, you are leeching from tax payers and not even trying to provide for your self.
              You have the choice to be a problem with America, or a victim of the economy. The victim will overcome their situation. The problem will wait for someone else to overcome their situation for them.

              I would rather tax dollars go to help someone who is trying, than go towards making some politician or insurance exec even richer.

              Again, good luck.

            • Anonymous–get every benefit you can get.
              I will pray for you and yours.
              I put two water-soaked sponges inside ziploks and froze them.
              I then used iron-on hem tape and secured them inside a hand towel.
              After overnight freezing, I used a diaper pin to secure it around my neck.
              I did yard work @ 92 degrees and for two hours never got hot.
              And, when the sponge melts and drips, it cools you.
              It’s in the freezer waiting for another 92 degrees day.
              If you carry a cooler, even better to put the towel in while not wearing.

              • Oh, these sell at Lowes for $15.
                Cost to me—$0!!!

              • I mow yards for a living here in Dallas. I find it helps to eats sunflower seeds through out the day, that and drinking about 4 gallons of water.

      3. People think because a bank approves you for 300k you can afford a 300k home. I had a friend who fell into that trap. We bought a home that was less than what we were paying at the apartment we were living. Grateful everyday GOD blesses me! I still can’t get over the fact some people have over 15k in credit card debt!!!

        We had one card that I settled and paid last year with a bank loan. I was paying $2-300 a month and didn’t even touch the principle because they jacked my interest rate to 23% I did a 3 year loan and in 2 more years it will be gone!!! They only card we have now is a kohls card we use when they have big sales to help build my wifes credit.

        GOD BLESS

        • I know people with over $250000 in credit card debt alone. 50k limits maxed asking for mor

          And then add 2013. F350. New Lexus. 1000 each a month. Plus line of credit on new home on top of a 4500 month mortgage. Payment.

          • @Facebook Page

            Sounds like they need a good bankruptcy lawyer

            • No Indy Colt! It sounds like they need to live in poverty. If they’re that stupid. They need to go under along with Detroit. Why should they get to keep anything as they do in a bankruptcy. That kind always gets to live high, with no responsability. Trekker Out.

              • Howdy, MT, and you’re absolutely right. They need to just fall, take their lumps, and start all over. I don’t regret for 1 minute not having any credit. By being debt-free, you can buy more preps at one time and prep faster than you could otherwise, which I’ve done since the 80s. The only bad part is i can’t buy any land without using credit, but oh well. braveheart

              • I agree bankruptcy is a bunch of crap. At my job I have to deal with people and businesses that pull that crap all the time. It was just a joke my friends.

          • My God.

            … that’s impossible.

            Hell man, I thought I was bad. And… yes I was. But my God. Where you gonna get $250,000 if you have to keep taking out more credit cards just to live off of? The money fairy???

            $1100. Almost there. This is taking too damned long.

            After that, never touching the things again as long as I live. Let me be clear, if I needed credit for a life-saving medical operation, I choose to die.

            Yes it was that bad.

            • Theguy, I hear you loud and clear on the medical part. The only thing i was ever willing to use credit for was a BOL i found back in 1997. I had the entire down payment saved up, plus I even had a co-signer with me with an excellent credit history and debt-free also. my mortgage application was rejected, so to this day i still RENT! I know what everyone says about renting, but it’s either that or become homeless. braveheart

        • Just heard a radio ad spot where a young couple were excited to buy a house with no money down and a variable rate mortgage. Isn’t that what got us in this mess to begin with?

          • Me here, that sounds like one of those mortgages that were available only to minority people back in the Clinton era, but I heard that Obama has made them available. doesn’t matter what kind of credit history you have; you only have to belong to a minority group. when I applied for a mortgage in 1997, I had to have my entire down payment PLUS a co-signer. my co-signer had excellent credit plus was debt-free at the time. I had to walk away empty-handed and unhappy because I was white. braveheart

            • Braveheart/ You can if you have a 20% down payment buy land. Plenty of land in Arkansas for sale by owner> Owner finance with a contract for deed. Also lots of forfeted tax land sold at auction and on the ngotiated bid list. the arkansas commissioner of state lands. If you really wanted to own land and not be a renter you could. Stop with the lamenting and excuse making becase of you white race. Ive never had a bank loan to purchase land. I paid cash for most of my land.

      4. First came “Obamcare”, then “The Obama Phone”, now “The Obama Home!”.

        It will only get worse as long as The Fed keeps us on the path that we are on. Can anyone say Argentina, how about Greece, maybe Detroit?

        A stealth redistribution of middle class wealth to Wall St. and the Banks, with a percentage repaid to the “The Party” in the form of election money. It’s worked in Chicago for decades.

        • Speaking of Obanaphones am I the only one who think they did the so they could organize all the thugs to gather for the rally’s and protest that seem to go on all over now. And who is paying for all the signs they carry. Probably some offshoot of ACORN that our tax dollars are funding.

        • No one should be ‘surprised’ there is another wave of many homeowners defaulting on their mortgages.

          Many forget the millions that lost their jobs (the good paying ones with insurance and benefits) several years ago. The initial mortgage bailout may have helped some who were trying to adjust their budget to live on the unemployment insurance payments.

          Well, it is now several years later and the next ‘leg down’ for the economy. For many, the unemployment insurance payments have stopped. Most of the jobs that are available are part time (no benefits) and low paying. Welfare payments and food stamps don’t add up to what the prior job paid.

          The ‘official jobs numbers’ count every new job EQUALLY as a job added. But we all know a part time job flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant won’t equal what was made in the manufacturing and other jobs that were lost.

        • As i understand it the Obamahome is exactly what the fed is doing buying up bad mortgage backed securities from the banks to the tune of 84BILLION$ a month! It is to clean up the bad paper that is supposedly screwing up these banks balance sheets.
          On NPR this morning the gov is basicly trying to say things are all groovy!
          Never mind that more than 3/4 of all the new jobs are part time!

      5. We should split the country in half and “give” one side to the liberal socialists, and the other half to the free market production oriented part of our population. Let them run their own economy with the Federal Reserve, and over on our side run our own banking system based on value and sound monetary policy. We’ll trade with the other side according to who has value and see where we’re at in 5 years.

        The other side’s economy will collapse rather rapidly since there will be no real private sector from which they can rob. What babies they have will probably be killed off before they’re born, and not many new ones will be born due to the fact that two dudes can’t procreate the same as two dykes can’t either. So I see this problem taking care of itself if we just divided and let nature take its course biologically as well as economically.

        • I’ll sign that petition Sterling!

        • Count me in too.

          • Me three.

        • But what of the people like me who worked over 40 years then one fall broke back now disabled. I used to play harder than most people work,now can’t pick up 35 pounds do you want me to starve links the ones who stubbed their toe and collect disability?

          • If federal, state, and local governments were scaled back to what they should be, taxes would be next to nothing. Then we could afford to donate more to needy individuals, churches, and other charities. Then you could get what you need privately instead of from the government. I give away food and clothing occasionally now, but with a severe reduction in taxes, I could give even more. Charities and private people will do a lot better job of giving to the deserving that any government will.

        • sterling wins internet post of the day .
          could not agree more .

        • SterlingSilver, give the commies the west coast and the Northeast only. Don’t need them in the rest of the country.

        • Sterling S…I get your point but with respect how bout we give them nothing except the boot out of OUR country? 😉

          • REB, I like your idea better. I stand corrected. braveheart

      6. I guess I don’t understand this. If you cannot afford it, don’t buy it. If you don’t have the cash, then wait. It’s sad that soooo many twenty-somethings that I know are living way beyond their means… They don’t have the virtue of patience, don’t know how to cook a homemade meal, and certainly seem to be alluded by balancing their check books. (Yes, that’s right, a checkbook). It’s their own fault!!! I say let them learn.
        What’s that quote about doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result???
        Stupidity seems to be running rampant. Buckle up, it’s going to be one heckuva ride. And I think it’s getting ready to pick up speed.

        • And if you cant afford to keep paying for it walk away!
          Why should anyone be bailed out PERIOD!

      7. Anyone see the article out today that has the Brazilians bitching about inflation? Who’s next.

      8. And get this the anointed one is giving a speech today at Knox College in Illinois titled “A Better Bargain For The Middle Class”, yea right ! Cant wait to hear what kinda crapola he is selling to the sheep today !

        • Just another crap speech. I ain’t buying what he’s selling.

        • BWAAHAHAHAHA Really, is that what the teleprompters telling him to say.

        • We’re rapidly approaching the point where breaking rocks all day for a sandwich is going to be a better deal for the middle class.

        • Yes, I heard part of it. He was yammering on about a “recovery” and what it will take to “keep it going”. I nearly puked!

          • Ive got a few bottles of Pepto in the preps, want one?

            • TY! 🙂

      9. Name one single bill the rethugs have put forth that have any jobs attached. You can’t because their record is zero.
        They would rather drum up fake scandals and regulate women’s lives than help fix the country and jail the banksters. Yet here you all are laying the blame at Obama’s feet. He didn’t create the deregulation push that allowed the criminal bankster class to start this mess. This depression is all on the rethugs, it has been thgeir plan since Reagan’s days. Plenty of conservative books out there to prove it. Try ‘American Theocracy’ for a start!!

        • *snore*.

          Why do you criticize the Rs for ‘regulating women’s lives’ when clearly the Ds aim is to regulate EVERY aspect of EVERYONES lives? You progressive dolts are the biggest bunch of rabid totalitarian fascists this side of Hitler and yet its them DAMNED republicans.

          So please tell us, why should we ever elect a democrat?

          I mean you assclown idiots basically controlled the congress from the depression to the Gingrich era.

          You assclown idiots controlled Detroit for the past 50 years.

          The democrat party has essentially ALWAYS owned the racism in this country from defense of slavery, to the KKK to anti civil rights.

          And yet, to you slobbering dolts, your party is never responsible for anything. Its always the republican’s fault. Hmmm, Why is that?

          See: LIVer (thats Low Information Voter). That’s YOU.

        • So, the irs targeting conservative groups for unlawful harassment, denying their civil liberties, The president and secretary of state openly lying to the American public about the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, and the subsequent cover ups and denials to cover their sorry asses while being protected by the news media, the doj lying under oath to congress about the crimes they committed regarding the tapping of phone lines of people not even suspected in criminal activity, these are all ” fake ” scandals,are they? That’s damned fascinating! And president chimp and his doj are doing such a GREAT job of going after those bankers,too! Thanks for truth, we’ve been laboring under these delusions for months now!

        • Obo is YOUR King! Not mine.

        • Someone damn well better start “regulating women’s lives” as they’re pissing away the majority of the money in this country.

          • Not in THIS woman’s house!

            • Nor in this one’s!

          • Mine either.

            I’ve been known to pinch a penny so hard it screams (so my kids tell me).

        • Clinton signed both NAFTA & China Free Trade and penned the demise of Glass-Steagall that put the financial industry into self regulating mode making the unethical legal.

        • Clinton forced banks to lend to the poor that’s what caused the problem!

          • That was a smokescreen to increase housing construction to keep employment up to mask the loss in manufacturing. The root cause was globalization with the loss of wealth creating manufacturing complements of the various Free Trade agreements that eviscerated the once mighty US industrial base. The demise of Glass Steagall was a significant factor too but secondary to Free Trade as a cause.

            OBTW 83 % of US Senate Republicans voted for China Free Trade while only 80% of US Senate Democrats did likewise. Certainly not a difference of note. The “Champions of the Working Man” Democrats that voted for it included Edwards, Kennedy and Biden.

            The blame Obama is foolish. The blame any individual or party is the thought of the ignorant. They’re all in cahoots. The numbers don’t lie.

      10. Name one single bill the rethugs have put forth that have any jobs attached. You can’t because their record is zero.
        They would rather drum up fake scandals and regulate women’s lives than help fix the country and jail the banksters. Yet here you all are laying the blame at Obama’s feet. He didn’t create the deregulation push that allowed the criminal bankster class to start this mess. This depression is all on the rethugs, it has been thgeir plan since Reagan’s days. Plenty of conservative books out there to prove it. Try ‘American Theocracy’ for a start!!

        • You are powerless.

      11. We are ALWAYS ON THE BRINK……..we were on the brink in 2008!
        Anybody want to place bets that we go another 5 years like this ??????

        • Do you REALLT think that the royal couple ( INSIDERS ) would be having babies if the global economy was on the brink ? The last thing you would want to deal with during a collapse is a newborn …..thunk about it !

          • Hey RICH99…The royal couple are not the people in the crosshairs. Any collapse could happen and the royal family won’t notice.

            God Bless,

            • Are you freaking kidding me Norse ??????? You seriously think they will be forever safe from the fallout of an economic collapse ?????? What about inside turning on their own cuz that doesn’t happen right… a mad max situation , anything can happen … are one naive person

          • Rich99

            You obviously haven’t looked at her or do not understand human reproduction.
            I did thunk about it though.


            • WTF does her looks have to do with the topic ?????

          • who the fuck cares about that brat, this is America!

            have you forgotten who it was that killed so many of us Americans , possibly your forefathers , family of your lineage..we got our independence from those blood hungry savages back in the late 1700’s so we wouldn’t have to give a shit about those so called “Royal assholes”!

            and you need to wake the hell up, many have brats when they don’t have any money to support them, and so do Brits., especially those that think they are better then the “common man”.see a connection? they are Parasites! get it?

            Are you even an American?

            • VRF

              Don’t bust your chops over this guy.
              He’s totally naïve with the questions
              he asks and the statements he makes.
              The 99 in his handle must be the year
              he was born, or else he’s just another
              slithering troll not worth your time.

              • I hear ya, very true

                Guess its just a sore spot with me, Americans walking around with brit flag shirts on, painting their rice burners up with brit flags or the rising sun flags on them..etc.. gimme a dam break and wake up to where you live and have some dam pride eh?

                than a fag like Pierce Morgan thinking he knows whats best for Us Americans..go back home or to where ever it is of the flag your fling that isn’t ours, and STFU about how this country is..

                sorry thanks for letting me vent

            • Amen…that’s basicly the point I was making before and got some weasel upset…you said it so much more “eloquently” than I… 😉

          • They could always eat it.

        • @Rich 99, YES, we were on the brink in 2008. If “smarter heads had prevailed”, the “reset” would have occurred then, with less “pain” than we all now face. Congress was threatened with MARTIAL LAW if they did not cooperate with the BAIL-OUT, STIMULUS, AND QE TO INFINITY.

          Now it is 2013…THE PARTY IS OVER. I have already made my prediction, and action related should my timeline prove wrong.

          If I am right, and WE don’t see “turkey day” without a major life changing event in America, if not the globe…WHAT will you surrender/offer as a conciliatory gesture?

          • I would GLADLY make you that bet ….turkey day …your on !!!!!

            • Done!

      12. Re wrapping the same pig in a new bow. No thought behind this except lets lead more sheeple to the trough. I am beginning to believe that all is lost with NO ONE in Washington willing to do anything except talk more BS about how they plan to fix this or that when really they are all without even the concept of a clue.
        Pray for Gods mercy….our leaders are taking us to destruction, full speed ahead.

      13. When I was a kid in the 1950’s-60’s, a loaf of store brand bread was 7 cents, gas .25 cents a gallon, a coke was 5 cents, a Hot Dog was 10 cents and a Mac Donald’s hamburger was 15 cents.

        In collage, 1970’s a six pack of Bud was $1.25. and a Big Mac was under a dollar.

        I purchased my first home for $35,000 in Ft. Lauderdale Fla. and my second home for $78,000. in Coconut Creek Fla.

        It’s really difficult for people to understand that things are not getting more expensive, your money is losing It’s buying power due to Fed/Government policy.

        Nobody ever said that life was fair.

        • My senior year of High School I purchased a brand new VW Bug for $1,800.00 Yup, a new car for less than 2 grand!

          • I bought a 1974 Beetle for $1400 in 1976. Put it on my MasterCard as card interest rates were capped in Washington, but not car loans. The dealership squawked for an hour, but they had the card logo on the door and had to accept or lose the franchise.

            • Brand new Maverck, Full tank of gas; $2638.04, 1973

              • I will “join” the walk down memory lane. I built a mini-bike in 1967. In C.C., Texas, I could buy a gallon of gas for .18 cents/gallon at the neighborhood Benefields gas station/convenience store.

                For less than ONE DOLLAR, my Saturday was a SUPER VACATION in place…drinks, candy, and sweat included.

                INFLATION…a figment of the imagination.

                • My husband’s first cycle from Sear’s when he was 14 in 1962.
                  He can’t remember the price. But it was delivered!

                • I am pretty sure everyone has moved on but I too wanted to go with the car memories. First car was a used VW purchased for $1200.00 in 1970. Also had Vega(piece of junk), a Chevet Nova(dependable but boring) and a Pinto Wagon(also junk). Owned all these in the 1970s. Then in 1984 dh bought me a 1965 black Ford Mustang. I loved that car! No smog stuff and it would fly. Only car I ever sold for more than I paid for it. Guy from Ohio bought it and put in his garage and only got it out on weekends. Today I own a VW, went back to dependable and fuel efficient. still miss the Mustang though.

              • 1972 Ford Pinto “Bomb” $2,100.00 I put over 200 thousand on that bean. I was cool back then so I had Cragar’s all the way around. Deluxe 8 Track. 4 Speed with Hurst shifter. Hot baby hot!!! LOL What a dork I was…

            • I remember mcdonalds commercials were. Hamburger fries and a coke and change back from your dollar

            • A car today may be expensive but they last a whole lot longer. In the 1960s / 70s 100K was the kiss of death for a car. The computer manufacturing / design coupled with lube oil that is multiple times better have made a better vehicle where 200k is not at all uncommon. The lube oil requirements are much thinner because the tolerances are much tighter and the best petroleum lube oil in 1975 would barely make the worst today with synthetics literally off the chart.

              • Cars in the old days didn’t make 100,000 because used car dealers set the odometers back. You could buy a beater and it would have maybe 25,000 or 35,000 on it. You know it had more miles on it than that. I bet there were plenty of cars that would have passed 100,000 otherwise. I have two vehicles right now with over 100,000 on them. But everything but the engine block has had to be replaced in both of them. I never had that many problems in the 1970s. I wore out the body on a Maverick in the 1970s, but the engine wouldn’t die. I finally gave the car away for parts. I only paid $500 for it.

                • Archivist, remember the Chevy Vegas? those were real POS cars, worse than the Corvairs that Ralph Nader raised so much hell about. funny he never said anything about the Vegas with their aluminum alloy engines. Oh yeah, during that time frame they start making the Chevettes and they had the same engine as the Vegas; another POS mistake by Chevy. I never see any of those on the road anymore. Saturn was also another GM mistake; give it time and they’ll disappear too. braveheart

              • Kevin2…I agree wholeheartedly. 75-80 thousand and the old engines were burning oil for the most part. I bought a new vehicle with the “iron duke” 4 popper in 1990, ran it for over 300,000 without cracking the motor open. I sold it about 10 years ago. Still ran like a top but I got tired of patching the rust on the body.

                Back on memory lane…I was poor as a kid (still am) and had to buy my own first car. I went to the bank and got a loan for $150 dollars to buy a 1962 Falcon station wagon. I junked it as soon as it was paid off. POS.

                • My first was a 68 Impala with 75k miles and a 307 V8 that took a quart of oil per every tankful. The “slip and slide with Powerglide” was problematic too. I bought that in 1974 after mowing lawns for 3 years saving $600 .

                  By 1991 I bought an S-10 pickup new with the 4.3 liter V-6 (350 V-8 with two cylinders lopped off in the casting). Used Mobil 1 from day 1 and ran it 200k w/o using oil or breaking into the engine. The ac even worked and the suspension was tight but I fought surface rust because it was silver.

          • Hey let me get in on this car race, bought my first car when I was in the Navy. My wife need something to drive to work so we bought a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker, gave $25 for it and it needed a battery and it was about like driving a Sherman tank, but it was great to have my first car, since I was only 23. And I now live in the first house that is younger than me. Bought it when I was 65. Trekker Out.

        • When I was 16 and had my first real paying job, my $300.00 in savings bought me a 1964 Chevy Nova 2-dr. post coupe, inline 6-cylinder engine and 3-on-the-tree. This was in 1973 BEFORE the Yom Kippur War and the Arab oil embargo of 73-74. Gas was 28 cents per gallon and I could fill up the 13-gal. tank for $3.64. I got 25 MPG on the highway. I miss that car; especially those old column shifters. There was no way to miss the gears on those. you can’t say that about any of the 5-spds. today. braveheart

          • bh – Bet you would like to get your hands on that car now. That was a great ride. I had a 64 Ford Custom 500 with 3 on the tree. 500.00. I could stand next to the engine under the hood to work on that thing. First car I ever had sex in…. Opp’s. To much information.

            • Wrong, I had a few girls in that Nova, but with it being smaller, we did it with the car parked in a secluded spot and both doors open. You mentioned having a 1964 Ford? On the day MLK was shot, my Dad and I were in his 1964 Galaxy 500 with the old 390 engine. We were only 4 blocks from where the incident took place when all hell broke loose. just as we heard on the car radio that king had been shot, 2 black males with baseball bats came out of nowhere and attacked the car. dad hit the gas and ran over them to get us out of there. We don’t know if they survived; all we cared about was getting out of that mess alive. to this day we don’t even talk about it. That old galaxy ran like a scalded ape. The difference between those cars and today’s cars is this. Those older cars were so much less complicated, so simple, even a shade tree mechanic could work on them. While Archivist did make some valid points about the downside of those cars, he doesn’t mention that with today’s cars, in order to work on them, you have to go to school to learn all about the electronics on them. today’s cars do last longer; however, they’ve become so complicated with so much electronics and are so expensive to keep operating. Unless you’re in a full-size vehicle, in an accident, you’ll either be seriously injured or dead. in the older cars, in most cases, you could walk away from an accident in one of them because they were made with REAL METAL. the newer ones are just tin and plastic. braveheart

            • My very first car I got at age 14 yrs old, from a girl in jr high class whos dad was selling a 1959 ford full size car for $25 total. I went to her crib and asked him why is he selling it. He said to buy a bike for her little brother. I talked hin into an even trade of his 59 ford for my old shwinn stingray bicycle!

              No lic plates-no driver lic-no insurance. My pals and me acted as if we were pushing it down the street while really driving very slow incase a cop seen us. We did that for about 3/4 of a mile till we got to the local catholic church parking lot, where then we could “leagally” drive it all over the empty lot all day learning to drive and shift a 3 speed.

              I was the youngest kid with real wheels! Had many more pals then too! Everybody wanted a turn at driveing it around that lot. I ended up selling ot for $50 a couple months later too!

              Then at age 17 I discovered Motorcycles!!! Lifes never quite been the same since! Got first Harley at age 18 yrs old..Beautifull 1959 Sky blue and white Full Dresser Panhead harley! Paid only $1050 total from an old retired guy who was buying a brand new full dress harley as a Retirement Gift to himself.

              If I had that same 59 panhead in Mint cond today, it be worth at least $20-25 grand…You never think of it like that back then though.

              Keep in mind though while prices was way less back in 1970 so were wages. Fords Union factory line workers got about $4.61 per hr top union pay then. so prices vs pay was close to same as today basically.

              Things was way better then though. We had real Fun, and none of this fed govnt crap was like todays crap is. PC was Not invented in usa yet. Whiteys acted white and others Knew how they outta act too. Less problems and way more fun. Now we are all very pissed and fed up and we got way Less to lose. So they all best keep their distances at this point.

              I have a permanant picture or immage in my Mind that is always present…Its a picture of Many swindler polititions and msm types hung from trees all over the usa. Never had such Visions when younger.

        • ..wish a buck was still silver…it was back when the country was strong…Merle Haggard

      14. …and this is a surprise?

      15. …and this is a surprise?

        • first one maybe but not this one.

        • …maybe the first time it was.

      16. This ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A. LIFE LONG vicious JEW BANKER USURY THEFT – fake fiat paper money – Loan Debt Poverty Cycle will continue till YOU’RE ALL HOMELESS IN THE once free LAND OF YOUR FOREFATHERS .



        • Thomas Jefferson once said:

          “I believe that JEW banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies . . . If the American people ever allow private JEW banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the JEW banks and JEW corporations that will grow up around [the JEW banks] . . . will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered . . . The issuing power should be taken from the JEW banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” — Thomas Jefferson — The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill, (1809)

          • While I agree with Jefferson’s quote and that the zionist banking cartel exists, it is important to note that the word “JEW” in your quote of Jefferson is your insert, not his. Careful that in trying to educate, you don’t lend an element of uncredibility to the very ideal that you are promoting.

            • huh ???

              if Thomas Jefferson was alive today ; he’d be calling them something worse than just JEWS ; especially after ISRAELI JEWS and their jew whores of AIPAC SPLC ADL JEW SUPER FRIENDS ATTACKED AMERICA ON 9/11 WTC Twin Towers , Bldg 7 and the PENTAGON .

              FUCK THE JEWS


              • WANTED : DEAD OR ALIVE

                ‘BLOODY JEW SCALP’S WANTED’

                * (just the bloody jew scalps , leave the stinky hairy diseased jew body where you scalped it)

                1 JEW Scalp = 1 ounce of .999 Gold

                * (to be paid to the bearer of the Bloody JEW Scalp only)

                No Questions Asked ; Deliver All Bloody Jew Scalps to NINAO ;0p



                251 H Street NW, Washington, DC, 20001


                • You got some foam in the corners of your mouth.

                  seek help nutbag.

                  • ummmmm …

                    i’d just like to point out that …

                    i’m not the one who FUCKIN BLEW UP THE WTC TWIN TOWERS , bldg 7 and pentagon then ROBBED AMERICA OF 3.6 TRILLION DOLLARS ON 9/11 AND KILLED 2367 AMERICAN CITIZENS AND STILL COUNTING 9/11 wtc first responders dying of cancer and respiratory failure …

                    THAT WOULD BE THE … ISRAELI JEWS … WHO DID THAT !!!

                    ;0p shall i go on listing All the others Millions of Defenseless Humans Murdered across the world by the JEWS FALSE-FAGS OVER THE LAST 2000 YEARS OF JEW MURDER AND THIEVING ???

                    ummmmmm …

                    so who’s the nutbag again ???


                  • “THAT WOULD BE THE … ISRAELI JEWS … WHO DID THAT !!!”

                    Anyone ever tell you that chewing on the soft metal inside batteries was dangerous?

                    So let me get this straight.

                    1. You believe the Jews are responsible for almost all evil.

                    2. The extremist muslims think the Jews are responsible for pretty much all evil.

                    3. You and all the other anti-semites on here and the muslims are trying to warn us of the evils of DEM DAM JEWS!

                    4. Osama Bin Laden (An extremist muslim) and all his cohorts admitted to 9-11.

                    Please explain to me how/why it is a sworn enemy of the Jews would give cover to those Jews by taking responsibility for something they did.

                    I mean, it seems that there would be no better way for Osama (our sworn enemy) to get us (Big Satan) to fight Israel (Little Satan) killing lots of both of us (Osama’s sworn enemies).

                    So tell me how your idiotic little DEM DAMN JEWS DID IT, makes sense.

                    I’ll wait.

                • Ninao, keeping it real! Some of US go back some years now and KNOW the intent/premise of your perception, understanding, and intent.

                  I am “one of the go-back-some-years now” and understand YOUR mindset…because it is damn near 99% DEAD-ON!

                  REAL TIME permitting, some of the “newbies” may eventually GET-IT! But in an “artificial reality” RULED by “political correctness”, or as I like to reference IT…”politically incorrect diversionary insanity”…MANY fools will remain as such.

                  It really isn’t THEIR fault, it is the fake, phoney, and MSM endorsed reality that THEY can’t “shake-off”. Time is short, otherwise my “hope-for-their-change” would be more enthusiastic.

                  Keep-slingin-the-truth…as if another option existed. ;)!

                  • @Yental … RESPECT .

                    i am a bad boy , couldn’t help myself @Yental …

                    ‘just doin’ what i do best , spreading Hate and Discontent’


                    so they remember the lessons i teach .

                    Peace Brother see you On The 3% Freeman Patriot Fire Line .

                    N.O. ;0p


                    So you’re not gonna answer my post above in regards to YOUR truth? You had nothing on that?

      17. I got the mortgage paid off three years ago. Take that, bankers.

        Off-topic alert:

        Gun show this coming weekend at Douglas County Fairgrounds, Castlerock Colorado.

        Next Denver Tanner show is the first weekend of August (I think, Google to be sure)

        Next Casper Wyoming gun show is the first weekend in September (Google to be sure)

        • House supposedly bought and paid for? Don’t even consider that, for TPTB do not. They will just hike your property taxes and all the other taxes you pay so that you will end up, cumulatively, paying just as much, if not more than
          what you would normally, be paying on a monthly mortgage payment. Not including the principal and taxes, of course.

          • Colorado cannot do that without a vote of the people, Slobesky. They cannot do what they want here without angering a lot of people.

        • Memphis Tn area: The Germantown Gun & Knife Show will be held on Saturday, July 27th thru Sunday, July 28th, 2013. The Germantown, TN Gun Show will be held at the AgriCenter International and is hosted by the R.K. Shows Inc of Tennessee.

          • Howdy, patientmomma. That’s only 8 miles from my home as the crow flies. i will be there looking for soem more goodies. braveheart

      18. Cut them off! People,cities and businesses. Let them fail and the strong ones survive. When they can’t get loans or bailouts they will re-adjust their behavior. When they see that their behavior won’t be tolerated it will stop. Push responsibility.

        • What you are proposing can’t be done as long as we’re under the control of the central banking cartel (Federal Reserve). By definition, the dollar is a debt instrument and can’t be used to define wealth or prosperity. It can only denote debt in a private corporation. Under this premise, you cannot be “sovereign” nor can your country, company, or municipality.

          Its a tough pill to swallow, but until we conduct our affairs with correct monetary policy wherein currency is valued by “something” real (not a mere promise to pay which then becomes fractionalized and sold multiple times to create an out of control debt bubble boom and bust cycle), the problem will persist in spite of our best efforts.

          • Nice SS… repeal “legal tender” laws and allow competing currencies. Oh…and hang some bankers.

      19. It is perfectly okay for black parents to warn their children about cops and any other authority figures, but when white parents try to warn their children about certain blacks and the dangers of being around large numbers of them, this is horrible racism. Political correctness gone amok again that white people and other races are “not allowed” to the freedom of their own opinions and “not allowed” to exercise their right of free speech. The country is dying fast.

        • The country is already dead, just waiting for the plug to get pulled and that last “beeeeeep”…

          Molon Labe

          • Yes the country is already dead. So are most of the people of this world as well. They just don’t know it yet. Some might even call them “The Walking Dead”.

            Seek Christ, for He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

        • BI, I read that article. Sad but true. On the PC crap, people can shove that. nobody tells me what I can say or think. braveheart

      20. “Treasury Department will launch an investigation……blah, blah blub blah blah (party on more of our tax dollars getting to the bottom that don’t exist).

      21. Barack Obama is every bit as stupid as George W. Bush!

        Who says there isn’t equality in America?

      22. This is a slow death of the US economy that is occurring, it will not be a collapse that many think is coming.

        With each month that goes by, people’s costs go up in food asnd energy and their wages/salaries hasnt gone up in years to keep up.

        At some point enough people will not be able to make ends meet, that there will be an avalanche of mortgage defaults, car loan defaults and IMO the US will be at the collapse point when credit card defaults start occurring in massive numbers. we’ll see what happens after that, but if you dont have some metels and cash stored by then; it may be really rough for you.

        • Cash will be worthless, it is all but worthless now. Hard assets, like food, fuel, and other things for trade or barter, that is how we will survive. You can rest assured however, there is going to be one hell of a herd thinning!!

        • Cash will be worthless, it is all but worthless now. Hard assets, like food, fuel, and other things for trade or barter, that is how we will survive. You can rest assured however, there is going to be one hell of a herd thinning!!

          • for a 100 yrs, there has been some form of currency in developed country, i think cash will still work; you just may need wheel barrows full to buy groceries.

            but if you are right, theyre will be priods like cyprus when they just shut the banks down and the USA is still working on cash, you will be glad you have stored cash on those days.

      23. A behavior will continue only as long as it is reinforced.

        • Yeah you can bet apple corp now sitting on Over $100+ Billion in Cash us dollars, along with at least another 100 massive huge corp co’s like apple or IBM or Micro soft etc just cannot wait to crash our money without warning so they too go flat broke and never get to spend their $100 Billion Cash they are sitting on for several yrs now. That makes Perfect sense no?

      24. True story here,3 yrs. ago sold my son my 2200 sq.’ house on 1/2 ac. a stones throw from the intercoastal waterway and a tee shot from the Atlantic ocean for $150,000.The house appraissed for $230,000 and using the gift of equity managed to pass some of his inheritance to him while still young(32).His mortage payment and ins. is $1146/mon.,he immediately rented out the two 2nd floor bedrooms for $400/mon.each and reduced his part of the mortage payment to $346.Good huh,still has same renters today.He has a 40 hr./wk. job and a side lawncare business,looking good!
        All of a sudden he buys a brand new 2013 dodge ram pu,a boat(used),new lawncare equipment and is being BIG MAN.I left most of the antique furniture +chainsaws,power washer,ladders, appliances,etc.,another words I down sized.He literally stepped into the good life and then had to ruin his life and buy a bunch of new crap and become a bona fide debt slave and got into every kind of prescription drugs and alcohol out there.That is a difficult roe to hoe after living with his
        extermely frugal and penny pinching parents,,,wha happin?
        He calls me a couple of weeks ago and asks if I can lend him $1100 to catch up on his mortage,I say how far behind are you,he says I was 3mon.behind and they sent a letter saying the mortage was gonna be accelerated and I’m trying to save my house.How could you possibly fall 3 mon behind,”I wasn’t living right”,he answered.I reminded him of the thousands of $ he borrowed previously and never paid back,silence.I explained,very calmly,that I wasn’t going to sell any of my assets to bail him out cause he’s never paid me back.Sell your own assets,he says he doesn’t have assets,,,what about the boat,lawn aquip,401k,weapons,I gave him,etc.Quit smoking,stop drugs,alcohol in moderation,cut your damned overhead,plant the container garden and chickens back in the coop.He said he’s not selling anything,he’ll borrow the money from someone else,hung up and hasn’t called his mother or me back since!!
        I worked my freakin azz of for what I gained and raised 2 childre,now this 6’2’midget brain is gonna blow it,,,fak me.

        • st augustine

          My condolences. I can say your not alone. Many of us have a similar story regarding the children we tried to help but in reality hurt in the process creating dependency and destroying their independence in our attempt to make things, “A little easier for them”.

          • It’s called ‘tough love’ and when they have children of their own, pray they understand then, or all is lost.

            • On the other hand I know of several that helped their kids financially and they showed great responsibility using the help effectively. In the end if you acquire significant assets the kids will get it after you go.

              We’re advising my MIL that is giving her home to her 42 yr old irresponsible son to include one of our names on the deed. We don’t want anything but wish to stop him from buying a new Harley, Boat, Plasma TV, Vacation and whatever with a home equity loan and eventually loose the home. The thought of a BIL showing up with a big grin at the front door saying, “Well I screwed up again, you know me” is disturbing.

        • St Augustine, you taught them correct principles, you set a good example, but kids will make their own stupid mistakes and ruin their own lives. You did the right thing by refusing to bail him out; but it is a hard pill to swallow. I know.

        • Dear Saint –
          You did the right thing in saying “No more”…sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

          Some people have to just sink or swim…young man will have to sell that boat and other things…we didn’t buy a boat until we could write a check for it. We did without for many years until we could afford to buy certain things at a good price. For years it was like that. I can relate. Hang in.

        • That’s an insane story.

          Guess it isn’t just the women after all. Despite the fact that he’s either acting like one or acting like he’s paying for one.

          Some people are always trying to ice skate uphill.

        • St Augustine.

          I’m in the same boat as you with a son that has problems with Money. What I see is that young people today, look at established homes and families and THEY WANT IT NOW! Never mind it took 20 plus years to enjoy the fruits of our labor. With easy credit they fall into the debt trap and it is very hard to get out. They know the value of Nothing.
          I told him that if he did not change he would end up in a cheap trailer on the back of my property, with me as his land lord. And he or his wife would not like that!
          I tell you, St.A. I could rant so hard I would make a crazy man look sane.

          • Slingshot, you are so right on…

        • @St. Augustine

          I feel your pain brother. I went about a year now hearing from my son who had moved “somewhere out west”. Then one night I got a call and he wanted me to UPS him a gun. And he wouldn’t even tell me what it was for. I laughed a while and told him to return to Earth and visit us earthlings.

      25. The problem lies with people needing their Icrap and Wallyworld trinkets made in China. We are not a nation of producers any longer. Go around your house looking for “Made in USA” on…anything.

        People need to put everything they purchase through a monetary filter. DO I NEED THIS… if the answer is no, then don’t buy it. If the answer is yes, than buy it with cash, not credit cards.

        Icrap – Do I need this? NO!! Move along.

        New car – Do I need this? Nope, car still runs. Move along

        New house – Do I need this? Yes. OK, can I afford this house? Nope. Find a cheaper house. Goal is to have a solid house with a roof.

        Food – Do I need this? Yes. Learn to grow your own as much as you can. A jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread will feed someone for days. Use powdered milk instead of the $4/gallon store bought.

        Smart phone – Do I need this? No. Get a dumb phone and you won’t have to pay $40 for a data package.

        Big screen HD TV – Do I need this? No. Go to a local thrift store and get a TV for $30 that works.

        Cable – Do I need this? No. Get a digital antennae. Now you have free television. If you still need to watch cable type shows you can find them on the internet or subscribe for $8 to a Netflix or Hulu or something.

        The list goes on and on. Go to Wallyworld and look in the carts. They will end up spending $200 and there is probably $30 worth of value in the cart.

        My grandfather paid cash for everything, farmed a small family farm and died fairly wealthy. He didn’t spend a dime on interest. Imagine if everyone only bought what they have with cash in their pockets? More people would have more money to spend and more goods would be purchased creating more profits for the businesses who would hire more people.

        As our currency becomes less and less valueable, products get more expensive, people can afford less. Problem is they still buy the same or more amount of useless junk, putting it on a credit card and reducing their ability to take care of themselves.

        God Bless,

        • NP – Good rant… I only “shop” when I absolutely have to and then I try and talk myself out of it. Can’t stand it. I try and be observant when I’m out it amazes me the shit people buy. Just standing in line at the grocery store and seeing what people eat blows me away! It’s just gross sometimes.

          • Wrong

            I was in the store the other day and walked past
            an item that said “Proudly Packaged In The USA”.

            How did that slip by from being out-sourced?
            Probably packaged by an illegal immigrant in
            the USA, would be my guess.

            • Proudly packaged in the USA, wow, thats pretty pathetic. A nation that fed the world, freed the world, brought constitutional government to the world, brought space travel to the world, became the envy of every man woman and child on the earth so much so that they risk death just to get here. That same nation is now PROUD they can package Chinese plastic shyte. We are done if thats our source of pride, yea seran wrap, go mylar, lets hear it for styrofoam people woooohooooo. Now doesnt that make you feel good, the 8th wonder of the world “USA” is now a proud packing company. We better get right with God or this is going to be our new normal. Hey maybe we can aspire to maybe one day even make the packing material but that may be asking too much. Very very sad.

              • Boss— that’s exactly how I felt–Whoopie Shit

                • Made in China. Sent to the United Stated on a slow boat along with the packaging so it could be repacked here by some illegal. Exactly.

            • I haven’t had fish sticks for years–so we had them tonight.
              Alaskan Pollock packaged in Massachusetts…


        • I bought a hard drive and some thermal paste to ressurect a Core 2 Duo that a friend of mine found for me in the trash.

          It felt like a luxury expense to me.

          $62 for a computer felt like a luxury.

          That’s about where I am now conditioned to be coming from.

          Outdated? Eh not so much… this same guy is in IT and is using several more trashed ones just like it as server-class machines at his home. It was the very tail end of the Core 2 era and it’s the fastest chip ever produced plus it has onboard virtual machine support in hardware.

          • Does anyone do this??
            Once in a while dine out and the entire time eating think about how much rice or ramen noodles could be bought with that meal??

            • Cook up the Ramen, drain it, back in the pot, add spices and one egg. Stir it up and cook the egg. Great meal for about sixty cents. Can of tuna or shrimp added for variety.

              Still a main hiking food for me, you can keep the freeze-dried stuff.

              • Same thing, but put some Hormel chili. Preferably the no beans one. Yum.

        • These people who are defaulting again just don’t know about the “we will pay your payment” program! There is a program out there that if you cannot afford your payment, you fill out paperwork…it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new car and a BRAND NEW Harley, two iphones on SEPARATE companies and buy everything you want…just fill out paperwork, get approved and they will start paying your payment. I know because a relative of mine has got this going! They lost their jobs 4 years ago working for family (all eggs in one basket)but he had gotten another job. (she went to college…guess who is paying for that too). It didn’t pay enough to maintain the house in the gated community, and the snowball of debt started. Their mortgage company told them to contact this program, that they might could help them keep their house. This program told them do not pay a payment, whatever you do, let it remain past due and keep getting further past due. They contacted their mortgage company, told them they were getting in the plan and forclosure threats & activity stopped. The “program” paid their insurance for a year, sent a check for $8000 to catch their payments up and makes their $1000 payment, a month ahead, for them every month for 36 months or until the girl gets out of college and gets a job and increases their income. This is why the forclosure rates are so low…they are being MASKED with a program…you and I are making no telling how many house payments each month across this country. They only have to agree to stay in the house and can’t sell it for 5 years. I am sure there surely are more requirements to this, but from what I’ve heard, not much. I had never heard of this program and there’s no telling how many other programs we are just not aware of that are propping up families and people all over the USA, MASKING the true status of the economy…imagine that it’s WORSE than we are being told! The only program that “works” is if government provides everything. This is no different than providing housing for all these people in Section 8 & low income housing, and whatever else I don’t know about. This country has turned into a nest with a bunch of baby birds. Every time the wind blows,the mouths open wide waiting for the next morsel to be dropped in so they can go back to sleep all nice and comfey! I am not against someone getting help if they truly need it,short term, but it’s the entitlement mentality lifestyle that sticks in my craw. There can’t be this many people that have to have help…no one tries to better themselves. As long as everything is provided, why bother trying? NO wonder we’re in the shape we’re in…It will has to.

          • gone2hilo–this program was instituted to help the big banks holding these mortgages–NOT the homeowner.

            • Jay jay…I know…that’s why it was so easy to get…amazing that its there in the first place, but wi this circus in charge….what else should I expect?

        • I’m sorry. I cracked up when I saw “new car”.

          My father bought a Chevy Impala in the sixties, paid cash for it. Drove it every day, couldn’t begin to tell you the miles it had on it, but he was still driving it in the eighties when I was in high school.

          He drove it well into the 1980’s, when he drove it to the store, parked it, and the whole engine fell out of the car, literally.

          I have a 12 year old van that I drive every day, and plan to drive it until the bottom falls out of it too.

          Thanks for the great memory of my Dad, even if it was through his car!

      26. I know so many people that are underwater in their mortgage that if they or their spouse lost their job or took even a pay cut they would lose their home for sure.
        Not even mentioning owing way more than its even worth..

        also know three people who bought into the “condo” experience , just to have it bite them in the ass,,really so bad that they owe more than twice what their shit hole condo is worth!

        Im really glad that over 15 years ago I didn’t listen to my lender when he told me “But Sir, with your job and income you can afford 2x or even 3x the cost of the houses you are looking at” Im so glad I didn’t listen.
        and will soon pay off my house and do what I want with the money i’ll have after that day comes. As it is the home I did buy has gone down in value, but gladly I didn’t have a huge note to begin with

        Just ’cause they say you can afford it, don’t make it true, especially as uncertain all of our futures are.

        • But Sir, know what else I can afford with that 1x or 2x I just saved?

          The end of you and your ilk in my life. That’s what.

      27. What a surprise!! (sarc)
        Just 45% of those surveyed in the NBC News-WSJ poll said they approved of the job the President was doing.

        Congress is even worse. What is most stunning is that a huge 57% of those surveyed would vote for a ballot measure to replace all members of Congress.
        from zerohedge dot com

        • Half the population (more or less) is confirming that they are mental midgets if this data is correct…..which it probably is.

        • JJ…what I cant fathom is that 45% anywhere would actually approve of this guy????…how,why?…Im sooo confused!.. 🙁

          • Don’t be confused, because it’s not about competence, or America, it was about ‘making history’, or their student loan interest rates, or the feel-good gov’t jobs, or the union jobs protected, or lowering the sea levels, or just about anything except doing what was intelligent and correct.

            • You are of course correct…my confusion is shall we say…sarcasim or something like it… 😉

      28. The govt is modeling the behavior it expects from the citizens…spend what you don’t have.

        The problem is that bailing people out doesn’t work because no one challenged to modify the behavior. A lot of these people are in financial trouble NOT because of the economy, but because of poor financial decisions on their part. Don’t get me wrong, there are those that are stuck because of sudden job loss/hour reduction, etc.

        If you have a nice car, cable tv, fancy cell phone, jewels, fancy furniture, RV, are going on vacation, etc and you are using bailout money…you are an idiot! These people are addicts…addicts have to work on change of behavior. The govt should have provided a program that would work on this change of behavior and it should have been required if you want bail out money. And then…the govt should also freakin’ CHANGE their behavior. Cut back on vacations (OBAMA), spending of luxuries, etc.

        Most people don’t want to cut back on their Starbucks and toys. Those little luxuries add up. They are gateway luxuries…like a gateway drug, they will lead to bigger and bigger spending habits of things that are not needed.

        • “The govt is modeling the behavior it expects from the citizens…spend what you don’t have.”

          Now that is a good point. It explains why my candidates never win. I am responsible with my money, unlike the candidates in my districts who win the elections.

      29. The plane is going down, I wish Obama would quit pulling my air mask off.That being said, I just wanna know who the Brunette in the ad on the right side of the page is.

        • Click on that ad every day for ten days in a row and her top falls off!

        • Here, here! She’ll probably be FAT in 5 yrs w stretch marks holding the twins up.

      30. Back a few messages someone said young people can’t cook a homemade meal, how true they no longer teach home ec in the schools, parents don’t want kids in their kitchens because they will mess them up or they don’t know how to really cook themselves, microwave isn’t cooking. Years ago when the government handed out “surplus” food was one of the biggest waste and chuckles I ever saw they were giving staples such as flour, cheese, dry beans, and so on that the people who got them had no idea how to use them, most either tossed them or fed them to the dog.

        It is not going to stop because it can’t the slide is so swift that their is no program, buy out , or money left that will not only stop it but even slow it down. Mr. O is also coming to MO with his speech he may as well not bother as it is just going to be same old crap, different day.

        This site has been my go to place for several years now and finding it has been a life saver for me and our family; our garden is coming in great, have ammo, and enough canning lids for 2 lifetimes; lookin great at this homestead.

      31. Niice, no tracking device, no security

        Hijacked cyanide truck still missing


      32. Bank tried to sell me a $450k mortgage, I just found a well – maintained home for half that in the nicest neighborhood in town and spent 75k updating it. All the work done myself and for cash, took 5 years. My neighbor, on the other hand, who bought his house the same week I bought mine, spends so much on car payments, RV payments, now a boat payment, and vacations, he has lost money on his house, as opposed to making any.

        • With inflation your payments on that should hit about $1500 a month by say 2018.

      33. OK, I’ve got to set the record straight on this….and this is a point that was never made public.

        The banks were bailed out in 2008. But, just what is a bailout? Everyone thinks that the treasury just handed the banks money. But that’s not quite correct.

        What really happened is that the banks owed mortgage backed security holders money. And, the banks couldn’t service the immediate debt. If this wasn’t fixed, there would be a massive run on the banks by the security holders and the banks would have had to liquidate via chapter 7 bankruptcy; not a chapter 11 or chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy.

        So, the Fed printed money, bought US treasuries and then the treasury purchased special class stocks in the banks and gave them a whole lot of money.

        For what though? What did they need the money for? It’s not like every mortgage backed security came due.

        Well, the reality was that the capital injection to the banks was used to service the immediate debt and therefore stave off the run on the banks which would have resulted in bank liquidation.

        However, the real reason was to give the banks operating capital so that they could reclaim the properties. i.e. Pay lawyers, taxes, judges, marshals, loan servicers, etc. to perform repossession activities.

        Now this was critical because if the banks had to liquidate, the mortgage backed security holders (countries, big investors, TPTB) would get the default insurance money. However, they could never reclaim the physical properties which supported that security because all the defaulted mortgagee had to do if security holders demanded the property back was to say to the security holder “PLEASE VERIFY THE DEBT” as outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

        And of course, the mortgage backed security holders could not verify the debt. Thus, the defaulted mortgagee would own their property outright since the holders of the mortage (banks) are/were long gone because of chapter 7 bankruptcy.


        Well ,in 2009, the masses were livid. so, politically, they threw the masses a ficticious bone. They instantiated a loan modification program to appear to be “supportive” of the people’s strife. But the reality was, they had no intention of helping the people, they simply extened the terms of the loans. THEY NEVER MODIFIED THE PRINCIPLE relative to market value.

        You see, they knew they were going to reclaim those properties at some point. After all, if those people couldn’t meet the terms the first time, there was a high liklihood that those people wouldn’t be able to meet those terms the second time around either. But the banks went forward with the program anyways because…..IT ALLOWED THE BANKS TO VIRTUALLY QUEUE THOSE LOANS TO THE BACK OF THE LINE.

        Overtime, the banks knew they could recapitalize and over time, they could meet their leverage requirements and thus seamlessly fund the reclamation of those defaulted mortgages. Thus the loan modification program was actually for the benefit of the banks; not those who received the modifications.

        FAST FORWARD TO 2013.

        Well, people are defaulting…as expected. After all, they weren’t supposed to be granted the loans in the first place. However this time, the banks are chock full of cash and can now seamlessly repossess those properties as expected…..all thanks to the Fed.

        In conclusion, know that the “banks” are the forward facing arm of the Federal Reserve. The Banks do the Feds dirty work. In return, they get access to the Fed discount window where they can get low low low interest loans.

        Also, Never forget that if you have a mortgage, you do not own your property. Not now, not even when SHTF.

        Know that if you have a mortgage, you are a “renter”. In many ways, you have it worse than a renter because you have to maintain the property and you have the pay the taxes on that property….even though you don’t own it.

        Know that you are only 75 days away from losing that property; regardless of the equity you’ve built up. In fact, the more equity you have in your home, the more they want your property.

        After all, the worse thing in the world that could happen to the Fed banking system is that they actually have to succumb to a person’s right to own property as guaranteed in our constitution.

        • Hands down this is the best post that I’ve ever read on this, or any other site. Thank You!

          One question, I paid off my home loan a few years ago. Got a letter from the bank saying that I did. But I never received a “deed” for the property. I was told by my county land office that they did not issue deeds, am I screwed?

          • Record the letter with the County.

          • Smokey is get a warranty deed when you buy the house and itbis recorded at the courthouse showing change of ownership. you should have been given it back once this is done. Some lenders like to keepmthe warranty deed in your file because they think it will stop you from taking out another mortgage against the property. You will sign a Deed of Trust or Trust deed when you borrow money against the house, either to buy it or borrow $ using the house as collateral. When you pay the lien off, the bank gives you a release of lien letter or statement, but it must be recorded at the county register of deeds office to technically end the lien. Lots of people think the bank has the warranty deed but they shouldn’t…the owner should. Lots of people who have a Land Contract think they own the property because there is a “warranty deed” that the seller promises to give them upon payoff, but this deed is never recorded and the seller still technically owns the house and the buyer is really renting until said amount is paid. Did this for 19 years and had this argument weekly with someone.

          • There aren’t deeds issued for property.
            That’s why a title search is done to ascertain there are no liens on the property when it is sold.

      34. “… scrambling to figure out why…” Ummm… let’s see…. hmm…. The only people who have JOBS are cronies and people who schedule Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama’s vacations.

        • I’m the fucker who went back to school and works 7 days a week…. yeah…they fire off all the lazy negros. Let’s all start using the world NEGRO NOW!

      35. What most people don’t understand is that no one with a mortgage can ever pay their home off due to the securitization process of the Note. Most banks that are foreclosing don’t even have the Notes on the houses they are foreclosing on. The notes are placed in to a REMIC (real estate mortgage investment conduit). The Note gets payed off hundreds of times over. People that are getting foreclosed on are victims, they have been cheated and robbed. And the banks are making up reasons and lying to kick people out of these programs and declare them in default. It’s all fraud and down right evil.

      36. Mortage=Sophisticated Renter.

      37. Everyone, please listen and take this in. “They” want you to feel fear, for fear puts you in a bubble of illogical and unintelligent actions. Everything around us is made to bring us fear. When you have nothing but fear, your whole life is absorbed by what the fear is about. Everyone needs to replace that fear with love. Love will be the thing that truly opens your eyes, not engulfed in fear about what might or will happen. Love will allow you to see the truth and logically see and analyze what is taking place. Everything “they” do is for a purpose, so don’t play right into there hands. Connect your heart with love, no more fear and hate. Once you do that I promise you will see the truth.

      38. Even if you own and owe no mortgage, you still pay property tax…which can be raised.

        • Mortgage…old French words combined…mort=death…gage=pledge,ie death pledge….aint that the truth?!

        • This is why I constantly ask myself, self, who is screwed??
          The neighbor that owns their home or me, the one with the mortgage and owes??
          For when, not if, TSHTF, we both can lose for not paying property taxes.
          Not that I think there are that many Rambos out there willing to take on that dangerous job.

        • We have accumulated considerable land. My wife who is choctaw & cherokee Mix refused to have her name put on the land deeds. She Is always telling me. Just because its paid for you dont actually own that land. She ask,s If its really yours Why are you paying yearly Rent(taxe,s) ? And why are others who had ought naught to do with paying for it deciding just how much the rent will be? She claims the 5 civilized tribes wouldnt have never been removes via the trail of tears if they had been paying Rent (Taxes)! She believes the goverment can & will just swoop in and disposess anyone to furthur the UN -NWO and Agenda 21.

      39. I worked with this fat loud mouth bitch years ago. She bought a MCMansion and I bought a double…renting the upstairs. Guess what… Her hubby keep losing his job…while we both kept getting promoted. While our house is small and tight..the rent paid for a nice new mustang and now it’s paid for and now it will buy another one for our daughter.

        Whose stupid now fat bitch?

        Typical asshole cunt.

        Now they are raising taxes…so I just raise the rent.

        • VRF…NEVER, evah forget—YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID.

          • Ignorant people elect ignorant leadership!

      40. I had a two bedroom, one bath house I bought in Calif. for $149,000
        After I re-financed it several times and my adjustable ARM adjusted my payment was suddenly $1,850 per money and that was about what I was taking home per month. Guess what happened???

        • Come to Kentucky–I’ll sell you a 4 bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bath, two-car garage, laundry room, pantry room(not closet!!), dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, den, and formal salon for 150,000….and a 12 X 14 storage shed that matches the vinyl color of the house!!! 🙂

          • Shhh Jayjay Kentucky is the best kept secret around. Although I’m sure that price isn’t in Louisville or Lexington

            • I see Mexicans one time a year here…tobacco cutting time!!
              I may not be near a theater or shopping mall, but I’ll sacrifice. (sigh!)
              No traffic, clear skies, and the quiet.

              Oh, my neighbor left a bag of tomatoes on the porch last night.

      41. tinfoil hat ???

        Friend: Michael Hastings Was Working on “Biggest Story Yet” About CIA

        many accusations were made that Hastings was murdered
        was he ???

        Forbes Reporter Gets His Car Hacked to Prove How Easy it Is

        and if you havent seen this already
        our so called leaders have failed the country yet again

        In a Close Vote, Congress Shamefully Defeats Amendment That Sought to Curtail NSA Surveillance

      42. This guy, who claims to be a regime insider, was spot on in his 2012 prediction that Obama would stoke Negro “discontent” to energize his “base.” According to this insider, Obama is now going to attack cities, towns and neighborhoods that the regime deems insufficiently “diverse.”

        “Yet another chilling move by the Obama administration and its bevy of Big Government socialists was put out on display this week. This time, Dear Leader indicated his intention of punishing American neighborhoods his government deems not “inclusive” enough. Punishments will be dealt out via withholding federal funding to local and state governments found to be just too darn WHITE. This isn’t a joke reader – we actually have an American president communicating these very intentions. It is centralized control of every facet of your lives, and it is being put in place right now. Please share this one reader – it is a story that is particularly important and one that should alarm even some who remain ardent Obama supporters…”

        • We’ve already seen a bunch of Section 8 housing coming in here, guess what the demographic is? It’s deliberate, in order to diversify the area.

          I don’t think a single one has a job.

      43. i can’t believe were going to go through this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      44. You guys think you have it bad right now…

      45. It should have been called “The Dumb-Ass Bailout Program”. Helping dumb-asses who got themselves into a debt crisis by giving them lots of aid and free money is not going to change their behavior for the better. Instead, knowing human psychology, they will just breathe a sigh of relief and go back to being zombies.

        What indebted people need is dramatic change to change their habits. By all means wipe their slate clean but kick them out of the house first: you don’t get the house and bailed out too.

        This is no recovery if it is just more debt piled on top of existing legacy debt.

        I do agree there is a plan: take the system into another major crisis, pump, then dump and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar.

        Meanwhile, Mr Ling Fan-Wang in Shanghai turns and says to his sexy daughter: “Hurry up and crash Ah-merica already! I need more investiment.”

      46. First off the goverment set up a criteriia for making loans that didnt take the credit worthiness of the buyer into account. second many folks bought more debt than they could afford. They bought a $500,000 debt when they should have only bought $50,000. The thought they where Upper middle class when all they actually where was deeper in debt than they ever dreamed possible. Those folks arent losing anything. It was never theirs. When you buy anything on credit until the very last payment is made is isnt yours. purchasing a home on credit just makes you a glorified renter. If you default the only thing you lose is the Gamble. You Gambled you would stay healthy and you would have a steady income for the life of the morgage. Guess what SHIT Happens. Gamblers commonly lose. Its possible to save up and Buy a home for cash. We did! We have also bought other property at bargian prices Tax Auctions Bank forclosures ect. Then we sold them on credit (contract for deed). And sone folks defaulted and we took that property back and sold it again. That dont make us a evil bankster. Pay cash or dont get too big for your britches . Be fiscally responsible.

      47. Statements like this piss me off. Me and my wife own our own business and we work our asses to the bone. It sucks real bad to have to rely upon SNAP to help us through, but it is what it is. My wife suffered from heat exhaustion yesterday, yet we go out again. Only to compete with the mexicans. There is not enough hours in the day to make enough to live on when competing with low-priced illegals. To clarify, we lost our home to foreclosure, homeless now, and we dont buy big bags of chips with our measly assistance. Try bags of rice and beans. We are killing ourselves, and there appears no hope on the horizon. Yet, we will go out again tomorrow, and pray that one of us does not injure ourselves to the point we cannot labor anymore. For what? Just to survive. when I first read this post yesterday I was mad. So I didnt respond. After 24 hours I dissapointed. The problem is two wrongs never make a right. The real reason Anonymous is on Welfare is that they are somehow lacking. They lack the buisness acumen & Know How to compete & make a fair profit. So they try and justify being a wigger parasite. They blame the illegals. They are blaming other people thngs or conditions for their lack of success. Now that they faslely believe that they MUST? rely on SNAP to hep the through. They are in the dependency trap. They will unknowingly self sabotage any chance to move upward for fear of losing the welfare. Welfare or anything tha you recieve that you personally did not work for does the reciepent more harm than god. good Grief how pitiful is someone that is able bodied and cannott even feed themselves. If thay cant make it on their own now How will they survive the SHTF mega disaster,s that are coming in the near future? And to you folks who posted supportive statements telling them what they wanted to hear shame on you. One Bit of good new,s. The food stamp program has been cut fron the Dept of Agriculture Farm Bill. Myself I resent the fact my hard earned cash has to unfairly compete with so called welfare. So Anonymous lost their home Read my previous post.

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