Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While “Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food”

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    The situation in Venezuela is reaching all out chaos, as crippling socialist policies have resulted in a devastating power and food shortage, as well as looming political instability.

    The point was reached long ago where people were forced to wait in long lines for basic rations that may not even be there, or turn to the black market.

    Now, hunger and scarcity have apparently reached a tipping point that is driving people to poach stray animals and even pets for food.

    According to the PanAm Post:

    Ramón Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao in Caracas, said the streets of the capital of Venezuela are filled with people killing animals for food.

    Through Twitter, Muchacho reported that in Venezuela, it is a “painful reality” that people “hunt cats, dogs and pigeons” to ease their hunger. People are also reportedly gathering vegetables from the ground and trash to eat as well.

    The crisis in Venezuela is worsening everyday due in part to shortages reaching 70 percent […] six Venezuelan military officials were arrested for stealing goats to ease their hunger, as there was no food at the Fort Manaure military base.

    As pure desperation sets in, crime also becomes inevitable.

    A man accused of mugging people in the streets of Caracas was surrounded by a mob of onlookers, beaten and set on fire, according to the Daily Mail, who published a pixeled-out but still graphic video of the man burning:

    An alleged thief suffered the most brutal mob justice in Caracas, Venezuela, when he was beaten up and burned alive in the street.

    Roberto Fuentes Bernal, 42, was reportedly caught trying to mug passersby in the Venezuelan capital, and before police arrived at the scene, the crowd took the law into their own hands.


    Local media reports that Bernal was taken to a nearby hospital and is receiving treatment for burns covering 70 per cent of his body.

    One witness said Bernal had been caught trying to rob a man as he left a nearby bank, while another version of the story has Bernal arguing with his wife in the street. 

    Here’s the video (Warning: Graphic):

    There are factions vying to oust Maduro, but signs that he may hang on and force his population to endure more of this socialist nightmare.

    Let us hope that these events don’t come home to the streets of America, and prepare to avoid them in case they do.

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      1. Coming to a neighborhood near you, soon.

        Same shit, new day.


        • GM, hate to see that happen here, but the way things are headed, seems inevitable…

          Be well all…

          • “Ideals are peaceful … History is violent”

            • My Peeps, while you are prepping, don’t forget your BOV(S). Get new tires, batteries, oil change, etc. While I believe you need to be there to get there when SHTF, if you have a Secondary BOL that you are stocking, prep your vehicles.

              I am upgrading everything on the used Motorhome I bought for the Secondary (MOBILE) BOL. It was top of the line when it was new. I am replacing tires, batteries, generator, etc. Resealed the roof. It looks GREAT!!! Turned it over with the new batteries, it fired up like a rocket engine (454). It will provide a measure of comfort and is better than camping for an extended period of time.

              I am planning to stay put but if I must have an exit strategy, I am thinking my RV, plus my 4×4 and a storage trailer will pretty much cover things for a while.

              In other words …. to coin a phrase ….. plan twice, prep once. 🙂

              • Synthetic oil lasts a long time.

                • GIBMEDABALL

                  Having worked in the industry have I seen documents about Mobil1 and petroleum based lube oils. First of all the best lube stock in 1980 would be the absolute worst today as the oils, even petroleum based have got so much better. Regarding synthetic, test engines were blueprinted, reassembled and have run Mobil1 under varying load and conditions for 200,000 miles. At the end of the test the engines were still within factory specifications. Tolerances are much higher today, manufacture due to robotics far more precise and hence 5w 20 has replaced 10w 40 of old.

              • One day to go… SHTF this Friday, 13th… Of May…!!!
                This is not a joke…!!!
                If it does hit it, we’ll still have 3 weeks left to prepare.
                Farewell to all…!!!

                • Huh,Friday the 13!That is a strange coincidence!Am wondering though,why 3 weeks left to prep afterwards,is this common core math at work again?!

                  • This is the fruit of 5 years of serious study.
                    Unlike most bs here, I actually did invest time to do the research because knowing the cause and the nature of calamities is important.
                    Most here, have no clue what’s going to happen and will perish soon. Probably within weeks from now.
                    Most don’t know that this is a question of saving the planet. Has nothing to do with politics or economics.
                    The only way to save your life is to be in Asia… NOW!

                    • The people in charge have given us plenty of clues and infos, all of it public…!!!
                      From my years of studies, I can say that ALL the info that was officially released was for only a few. The very few who are extremely awake and aware.
                      That is perhaps 0,001% of all the preppers.
                      Knowing that only a few will read this… here is the secret, basically we live on a very, very, very sick planet.
                      But don’t panic yet, we still have a few more years.
                      I will stop here, no need to give further details.
                      Those who can still read between lines will know what that means.

                    • saving the planet my ass. The earth changes are a natural occurance. Man hasn’t caused them andman cant mitigate them. Every thing on the planet is a natural thing. All man has done is arrange those natural things in a unnatural manner. and the earth changes we are seeing would still be happening even if man had never walked the earth.

                    • You are obviously living in “L4” (liberal la-la land). Why would anyone move to the world’s most populated area of primarily 3rd world impoverished countries that are unable to support themselves and could easily be overwhelmed by the populace simply on numbers. Quit drinking that ideological Kool-Aid from the left and the mainstream media. You conclusion is just plain idiotic, non-sensical, illogical, non-factual, left wing coprolite. Get a life – and get out of your mother’s basement and off food stamps and go to work instead of trolling.

                • Thank you sir. Best wishes to you and your family. Regards, M. (aka – lazy bum)

                • Thank you for your input. Best wishes always. M. (aka – lazy bum)

                • 05/13/16 7:31 pm cst. Still waiting. Regards, M. (aka-lazy bum)

              • Nice. My family is practically living at the dentist this month getting all necessary repairs done now.

                • Old Guy
                  You are absolutely right. It’s all caused naturally.
                  All we can do is buy time and that’s exactly what they’ll attempt to do… buy a few extra years.
                  However, don’t expect that it will be done by greening the planet.
                  No, it can’t be done that way. Drastic (apocalyptic) measures are necessary. I know, it’s insanely contradictory but that’s exactly what will take.
                  Again, if you are not in Asia, you wont make it.

              • If we see your motor home coming over the bridge we will tip it over and turn it into a road block. Sorry you can’t come here.

                • Jim: I have no intention of coming “there”. I have a Secondary BOL in the mountain foothills of Arizona. Lots of clean, abundant spring water (will still purify) and game to augment my preps. It has a relatively mild fourseason climate with the extremes easily mitigated with advanced planning and afore thought.

                  No one without intimate knowledge of this area would imagine coming here in their worst nightmare or wetest dream. For someone with knowledge of the area, it has all the elements for survival and prosperity.

                  Having lived in Arizona for forty years, much of it spent outdoors, I have identified several such locations in which to move if necessary, including a huge hard rock mine that I could damn near drive the RV into to escape the elements. This location also has aboundant game and fresh spring water.

                  These locations would not support millions of people from California, or even thousands, but they will do just fine for me and mine. I am ready, but I am not expecting SHTF to manifest soon for Arizona, however other geographic locations may not be as lucky. 🙁

              • Durangokidd,

                Motor homes have an interesting twist. They are in fact a legal residence, so when police want to haras people they often have little difficulty claiming probable cause to search a car or truck. Motor homes however have been universally upheld that they can’t be entered or searched by police without a warrant signed by a judge, or overwhelming evidence of a crime in progress.

          • its going to happen because americans dont give a shit about what happens to their country, their children or grand children, americans are now helpless and victims of their own making, america will experience the same hell these other countries are having, then lets see how far your fing vote takes you.

            • America is FAR different than Venezuela in that WE HAVE FIREARMS while they have virtually nothing, especially now.

              Americans would NOT have to leave America if it fell. Where would Americans go …exactly?

              We have more alternatives, mainly because we ARE NOT (yet) communist, fascist or otherwise “controlled” like puppets. We still have freedoms, we still have A Constitution, and it can STILL be used to “quell the flow of evil” that is surrounding us.

              I’m more than ready for the sob’s. Are you?

              • Hey, we could go to Mexico they have lots of room now!

                • Americans can not own land in Mexico. How’s that for you.

                  • Yes they can, if only through a Mexican Trust or Corporation, but who would want too ??? 🙁

                  • just take it like we did in 1848. these spineless maggots run their pie holes in America because they are protected by this treasonist non-government. President Polk should have routed these parasites all the way to Guatemala in 1848! these parasites wont fight for their own country but they sure want to take ours! I have no respect for these latinos

        • “Coming to a neighborhood near you, soon.”

          Second this sentiment, but not soon. Remember that Japan has gone 20 plus years playing the game the usa just started in 2009.

          But if you are under 60, I think you are likely to go thru some period of time, maybe even years; where you will have to eat cats, dogs and squirrels or starve.
          I seriously considered buying a houseboat and having it ready at the coast to be able to live with a fresh supply of fish daily and be able to move away from the masses.

          • I’ll third it! You won’t know its going on until you go out to get your morning paper. Then your kind neighbors will be in your face.

          • The big difference with Japan is that it is a very old society and country, overall the Japanese are a very polite and patriotic people and work together like no other. They have centuries of history not a few hundred years give or take, thats a huge huge difference between Japan and anywhere in the Americas.

            • Japan is also a monoculture, something the US can never be since we were founded by immigrants not native to this land. We have too much tension and mistrust between our different cultural groups to ever have that kind of cohesion. When crisis hits, that tension very quickly boils over into anger and violence, with each group blaming the other for their problems. These problems are only being exacerbated by allowing millions of people to emigrate here, either legally or illegally, who refuse to try and assimilate to their new land and the culture(s) of it’s people.

            • Japan is not “diverse”. Our strength is in our “diversity”, or so I’m told.

              Countries collapse slowly, then all at once.

            • The most resilient societies are the ones with the most cultural and racial harmony. Japan still has it and can take a lot of pain and still stay peaceful and civilized. Iceland has it. Britain had it in WWII but does not have it today (people rioted for days just because the government hinted at a minor reduction in welfare payments).

              Both the US and the UK lack the resilience to weather any crisis and thus will break out in rioting within hours of any serious economic breakdown. It is why all they can do now is print money and shovel it out the door as fast as possible. As long as that game can keep up, they buy the peace.

              Ask yourself: would today’s multi-ethnic society really be able to endure fighting a world war and live with rationing back at home?

              • Interesting that both the UK and US have practied the global dominance and expansion thing plus have become completely multicultural and are burdened with a huge dependent population now.
                I get to live in the MOST dependent state in the union, yay!

              • Those previous eras were marked by commonalities: Race and religion. Most peaceful nations were culturally and racially homogeneous. As that erodes, so does the thin veneer of civility.

              • Asia and Japan being the places to go in case SHTF? What the hell are you smoking? You’ve obviously never been a foreign resident of Japan or an Asian country.

                Yes, Japan does well in refusing to accept mass immigration and no more than 30 refugees a year. Completely correct as they understand that a homogenous society and culture is so much safer than all the disease globalisation of populations brings – higher crime, the entrance of those who don’t pay a cent but get everything free thus being advantaged over the natives who pay, etc.

                However, the price of Japan and other Asian countries is xenophobia that will not accept even a needed influx of skilled and committed foreigners who will fill skills gaps and lead productive lives. Most Japanese beneath the polite veneer feel threatened by productive foreigners who want to integrate and will make their own money. There is no future in this kind of society for the overwhelming majority of non Jp not married to Jp. And when SHTF the Japanese will do what they always do in emergencies such as disasters – prioritise Japanese people and implement the apartheid they did in Kobe and other places.

                When big earthquakes struck foreign residents including foreign workers received help less quickly and were placed apart from the Japanese in many cases in facilities. If think Japan and Asia are the places to be when SHTF you are very, very wrong. Their homogeneity does not have the experience of hundreds of years of western thought and development behind it. Don’t be fooled by their veneer and their propaganda.

            • They aren’t taking in refugees either.

          • Everything in the ocean seems to be poisoned. From Fukushima to the oil spill and Corexit chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico

          • No Lena, please trust me that you DO NOT want a houseboat.

            In short, we have a 66-foot Hans-Christian ‘sailship’ (a Ketch for you nautical folks). The waters a houseboat would be restricted too are “foul and nasty” …and this nastiness extends outward for over a mile from shore – any shoreline of either coast. You would NOT be able to “fish” for fish that you would want to eat on a regular basis …not THAT close to shore (where the majority of boaters STILL DUMP THEIR TANKS (sewerage) directly into the bays or at night, tied up to the dock they let it pump out hoping the tide will carry it off.

            Consider this. ALL all those gigantic cruise-ships dump their tanks after they leave The Port of Miami as soon as they hit the 6-mile “limit” ….thousands of gallons of sewerage. This sewerage unfailingly comes right back to shore with the next incoming tide (minus whatever some fish may have eaten), settles to the bottom or washes up on beaches and water-grasslands (brine-grass is found in sub-tropical to tropical regions).

            …just my 2-cents. A ship is NOT my idea of a ‘viable’ survival plan. Right now ours is (and has been) leased by the same Captain and she’s always in “El Carib” (The Caribbean) serving as a private touring yacht. (No, we are not “well off” if that is anyone’s ‘take’ on this). It was inherited years ago (and eats about $20k+ just in maintenance). New “bottom job” (paint impregnated with copper (or lead if you go to Honduras ‘ports’) ain’t cheap and is needed annually (or everything will stick to and grow on everything beneath the water line of your ship …barnacles, sea-witch hair, pilot-fish). Ships also need “zinc” sacrificial metal ‘blocks’ stuck all over the ship (more if she’s made of steel. Without the zincs, the seawater will cause ‘galvanic action’ and electrical currents from your and OTHER boats nearby, wired incorrectly, will eat hell out of YOUR boats’ hull, props, drive shafts …anything metal.

            Unless you make over $80k annually, you don’t want one mostly as they just eat up far too much for what they give back ..in a nutshell. For instance, the ‘bottom paint’ (impregnated with copper filings) goes for around $400.00 a gallon and up). My ship takes at least five gallons per side. Quite honestly, many houseboats are built on barges, with triple the metal exposed to seawater …now you’ll need 15-20 gallons of the same paint —annually. Lotsa bucks are wasted on personal yachts…

            Third, “a boat is a hole in the water that you through money into.” The sea never stops eating at your ship …every inch of it, every day it is under attack. Meaning that the cost of maintenance of a ship (most any kind) is far higher than a home ….PLUS you have the cost of “renting a slip” (if there is no Free Anchorage …which is always a bit tooooo far out, especially for houseboats.

            As proof of what I say, you should ‘run’ the coast of Florida and see just how many houseboats are up for sale …their owners having already left hoping they’ll sink at the marina.

            Lastly, ships do not sell fast at all. Homes move faster and they aren’t moving at all (not anywhere I’m aware of anyway).

            • NOT “galvanic action” (change to “electrolysis”). I am pre-coffee, sorry.

        • Wow, things must be in short supply in Venezuela, Those same people are still standing in the same line in the top photo, that was shown a few months back. Would you stand in line for a few months for a loaf of bread? (sarcastic)

          Imagine how people here would react, like when their Big Macs are a few minutes late getting to you in the drive thru. They go nuts.. Imagine gas lines. That’s when the shooting start.

          ~WWTI… btw/ there are a lot of smoking hot chicks coming out of Venezuela. Known a few. Anyway I can help out, let me know…

        • Another reason to defend the Second Amendment!


          • Warrior,the 2nd just a reaffirmation of natural born rights including self defense,kill the whole constitution,still not giving up the rights restated in it!

            • In order to successfully “kill” our Constitution, literally everyone who knows of it, lives by it and is aware of ‘what it contains’, and has been Oathed to uphold it would have to be annihilated.

              No matter how you slice that, all that killing would be a ‘tall order’ and not easily done (I don’t care WHAT you have for weapons), taking down millions isn’t an easy job. All of Viet-Nam took one-million men to their graves – – all out war for years, one million dead (on our side, wasn’t it triple that for them)? What does it matter? lol…

              Anyway, it would take years if not decades to “tear down America” due to the numbers that would refuse to accept it ….and DAMNED IF I AM GOING TO TOLERATE ANY OF IT! Right now, none of anything is affecting me. The first time I run into it, you can bet money I’ll take steps (immediately) to curtail it “constitutionally” (as I am a Constitutionalist, not a Democrat nor Republican …since both are just ‘blinders’ “for the people” (don’t attack me if you don’t agree as I won’t argue back on that much).

              I just keep wondering how much longer are matter going to be as they currently are ….sort of just “hanging undecided” in the air awaiting a reason to ???? (ignite or virtually erupt in rage and retribution for all that has been done against us)?

              What has been done against us is truly “already in place” (first stages have been set during Obama’s first four. That’s why on Day One of his second tenure he “came down on America hard” and he’s not let up in the least until very recently. That is unnerving (to me), as it suggests his work is done and something ‘awaits us in the wings’ …perhaps.

              In V-Land where they keep showing the same damn picture, they were never allowed to ‘stock food’ (or their gov would just come and take it away).

              Seems to me the whole idea is to do exactly as has been done in Europe, and IS having a very detrimental AND FAST effect on all of Europe. Immigrants. Flood a country with immigrants and that “chokes out” the White Christians.

              Notice that there are no “white immigrants” coming in from anywhere. Also notice that literally ANY office that “turns over” and is filled by another is always filled by a Muslim, such as Obama has been openly doing knowing there is nothing we’ll do about it. Not in DC. Not anywhere in The USA. Amazing isn’t it?

              We are all just sitting here watching them enter, frig it up badly, tear it down, give OUR money to immigrants (along with free Disney passes and green cards as they enter at the border). Come on, come on, come on…. at what point will it take for everyone to realize the enormity of all that is going on?

              Why do you think our military is at the lowest point since WW-2?
              Obama did it.
              Why did Obama fire each and every military officer, especially Naval, that refused to fire upon US Civilian populaces?
              Answer: To replace them with Officers that WILL, if “the men” will follow his orders, not think twice about “vaporizing our asses” with weapons made from our own tax dollars. How convenient! Use the countries munitions (and military?) against that same country!

              Perhaps there is nothing can be done at this point, yet it surely seems we are on ‘the precipice/verge/edge-of-the-high-cliff’ wondering just what event will “kick it all off” and into motion.

              • American dead in Vietnam was nowhere near 1,00,000! Just over 58,000 is nearer the mark.

                If you can’t be bothered doing a simple check to verify a written statement, who will believe anything you write?

                • Obviously he wasn’t talking about just Americans….duh?

                  • Vietnam war losses were slightly over 58,000 US, ARVN and SVN 600,000 (including civilians), allies total 6,500 (ROK, NZ / Australia). NVA-VC 1,000,000.

                    Giap said, “I will lose ten of my men for every one of yours but you will eventually tire and leave”. “I cannot leave for I have nowhere else to go”. He lost closer to 20 to 1.

                  • Rhonder – obviously he was (re-read his comment). Duh!

                • Anonymous, it seems you just don’t get it. We are all aware of all the American dead wasted in that war. Equorial is referring to the total sacrifice of estimated Gook dead – at least on the South side and he then gives the best guess of the Northern Commie Slopes.

                  If fact, a popular tattoo found on Charlie from the Northern was, “Born in the North to Die in the South.” I hope we Europeans have the same fighting tenacity that the Viet’s displayed.

                  • Jake – You, yourself, are obviously a National Inquirer reader without the ability to read and assimilate the written word.

                    I was reading at 5 and comprehending what I read shortly thereafter. The poster (Equorial) clearly stated 1,000,000 American dead and three times that number on the other side. Duh! And to think you have a vote.

              • I was in Vietnam – as a field corpsman. We DID NOT lose a million Americans. You need to learn to Use Google at least since you obviously were never in Vietnam.

                • Rick3 – I lost an uncle in this most futile of wars.

        • Things were much better under Chavez….too bad we intervened

        • One big difference. We are a world reserve currency and that allows us to print money. So we will not see so much a collapse like many countries. But standard of living vanish by inflation. Gold will not sustain that change for long. Stashed food will not help. Changing way of life wIl and investing.

        • “people are killing animals and eating them.”! So what is new? That
          has been going on since man got kicked out of the Garden of Eden!

      2. I expect this sort of thing to happen in major cities that have only grocery stores to provide food to the people. Smaller towns and close-knit neighborhoods will be slightly better off but only if the chaos is short-lived. In an extended emergency situation where there may be no relief for weeks or months it’ll be bad everywhere. My wife and I have three cats that we keep fairly fat and this morning we had a raccoon on the back porch eating the cat food… and we live in a medium sized city!!

        • Oldfart, I expect the same things. I’m heading back to the BOL in June and that can’t happen soon enough the way things are going. That video speaks volumes. It’s only a matter of time before things like that happen in the US and they WILL. Bank on it, unfortunately.

        • we are being conditioned, to accept the roles the elite wants us to, on our local ABC news at 10 they had a report, called Hunger in the homeland and the disappearing grocery stores, all about the smaller mom and pop stores going out of business and the big box stores moving in, some small towns dont have any more local stores, they are gone, and then eventually the elites will call the shots on the big stores, and when you cant buy food the shtf. I havent heard any more about the Walmart’s closing in several cities? Any one know more about that? personally I think it was a test run. Yes I do believe the powers that be want a one world order, total control of the masses, that they select to be their workers, and those that can no longer contribute, or unable to, will be efficiently eliminated. I am done with flu shots, the last one had me sick for months, the year before the shot made me have the flu, a bad episode, getting older, but the last one nearly got me,I was just still strong enough to fight it off.

          • wk, Why would TPTB choose niggers and spics as workers?

      3. Why are things falling apart all over the world, why did Obama caused the conflict in all Nations ?
        Socialism never worked and it is always robbing the people

        • in fairness, bush started this whole mess. he saw the housing crisis picking up steam and he was onboard for bailing out the banks; his efforts to stop this mess didn’t amount to jack. the usa, could have used 2008 and 2009 to straighten itself out; instead it doubled down.

          (note -I truly believe Obama wants to take the usa down and bush did not; but bush enabled Obama.)

          • lena

            “bush enabled Obama”

            Each are enabled and enable future administrations. Bush got a de-regulated Financial Sector thanks to Clinton removing the regulations in Glass-Steagall and NAFTA, China Free Trade.

            The saying is, “When more than one are at fault, no one is at fault”. Each blame the previous and do nothing of substance to rectify the “mistake” because unfortunately its not a mistake but rather intentional. We are where we are because powerful interests desire for us to be there.

          • No, the politicians have all been one group and you can go back MUCH further than Bush. Roosevelt’s New Deal ushered in socialist big government. Johnson destroyed our black families with gargantuan welfare programs. The introduction of a national education program guaranteed the failure of our schools and the next-generation. The list goes on and on.

        • But some freak who don’t know what his schlong is for can pee and poop wherever he wants. A brave new world.

      4. Off Topic: Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens is a fan of Donald Trump. So much so that he even supports the presidential candidate’s highly controversial plan to ban Muslims from entering America. I will vote for Trump when he goes another step further, and deports the Muslims that came here on asylum and visas over the last 10 years.!!!!

        • J

          Reminder your alternate choice is Hillary.

        • He can’t legally do that unless the persons in question have overstayed their visas or violated US law in such a way that they nullify their asylum status. No matter what Obama has done, we are supposed to be a nation of laws. Most of us would like to return to rational governance that follows the rational laws that are on the books. Deporting those who are here legally would violate the rule of law and make Trump no better than Obama or Clinton.

          • Considering the myriad of US laws that one can run afoul of and if Canadians are any indication a six month stay it wouldn’t be too long or too difficult long to legally wave them good by.

        • Your rhetoric is absolutely misplaced. Just like The Donald’s. Trump was and is stupid. He could have had the support of those hardworking Muslims and Hispanics who actually are wary of the extreme anything goes flavour of Obama’s version of human rights as well as Hilary’s.

          Many Muslims in the USA are very different from those that the UK, European, Canadian and Australian citizens unfortunately have had forced upon them. Australia had few Muslims until around 11 years ago and those that had arrived often had the skills to migrate.

          The asylum seeker boats being welcomed by centre left govts signalled the arrival of Muslims who are not qualified to enter any western country legally, have no skills, and live off the infidel western taxpayers they despise. Same story in the other countries I mentioned. Most of the scumbags who went to fight as jihadists were the children of asylum seekers – not Muslims who met visa standards and immigrated correctly.

          Many of the American Muslims who migrated instead of exploiting the system by claiming refugee status that often is fake would naturally gravitate towards a Republican leader. These Muslims are business-minded, believe in a good education, and do not like the permissiveness that is now normal in western societies.

          Trump could have had then and the equivalent Hispanics in the bag. Remember, Hispanics are mostly Christian and family-oriented. If Trump doesn’t win it will be because of his own arrogance in alienating what could have been a new minority voting base.

      5. “Let us hope that these events don’t come home to the streets of America, and prepare to avoid them in case they do”….got news for yall. Its coming to America. Just a matter of time.!!!

        • I said the same thing when Yasser Arafat began the Intifada.

          “Don’t think that won’t happen here,” I said to anyone who would listen.

          Just took longer than I thought it would. (1987 to 2001)

      6. DustyFae, the glue that always held socialism together was using other people’s money. They’re fast running out of that in Venezuela. That corrupt socialist regime needs to fall.

        • There are good socialist countries and bad. Northern Europe, including Germany is socialist for the most part. Likewise there are bad capitalist countries. Central America for the most part was poverty stricken thanks to corruption that is not bound by a specific economic system.

          It matters little if the foot in the boot on your throat is fascist or communist.

          All socialists are not bad nor capitalists good.

          • Communism and socialism always fails, always.

            The problem is people that just keep doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity.

            Communism and socialism have murdered more of their own people per capita than any other form of government, except perhaps totally insane psychopath dictators. Caligula, Hitler, Vlad the Impaler come to mind.

            • PTPO, agreed. communism and socialism killed part of my wife’s family in Cuba.

              • I hear you BraveHeart,

                This is reason enough for any sane human to prep.

                It is reality, and I’m truly sorry you had to see the worst in man strike at your own family. For all the neigh sayers, please, just read and lean.

            • ” socialism always fails, always.”

              “socialism have murdered more of their own people per capita than any other form of government”

              A government pooling resources and providing education, medical care and a pension does not equate to the collapse of society killing millions. Most of the highly developed world operates this way. We are unfortunately governed by opportunistic whores that would screw you over for their benefit regardless of system. Australia operates rather well as does Germany.

              All capitalists are not saints (read War Is A Racket), all socialists not sinners.

              • Capitalism is no longer functioning in either the EU or the USA.

                There are no more free markets.

                There is nothing you can blaim on capitalists because there are no more capitalist countries.

                Obama has made sure the failure rate of small business far exceeds the start up rate of small business. Small business WAS the backbone of the American economy. Small business is dead. America is now a fascist state run by wealthy oligarchs who own the politicians.

                • “Small business WAS the backbone of the American economy.”

                  Big business, “Whats good for GM is good for America” was the backbone of the USA. The emphasis on small business was nothing more than a substitute to run an internally based economy as Free Trade annihilated US manufacturing.

            • PTPO- I would bet that “Religion has killed more people” in the last 20 centuries, than any other Disease or Communism. Not even a close second to Religion’s Murderous Rampage. The US killed over a Million Muslims in Iraq. No communism there. These are Religious wars, murderous mass Genocide.


              • I love George Carlins skit on that.

                “You believe in God”?
                “You believe in God”?
                “My God”?

                Yes millions.

            • Sadly, most if not all state structures eventually devolve into oligarchies and dictatorships. Communism and socialism just do it a lot faster.

              • We’re fascist at the top. The Bulderberg Group members are not communists.

                • Yeah, we seem headed toward an oligarchy presently…Though no doubt there will be several attempts at dictatorship…Perhaps we will end up with a figurehead.

          • Kev

            “Central America for the most part was poverty stricken thanks to corruption that is not bound by a specific economic system.” Correct, it’s the society and social norms that do the damage.

            In Mexico it’s common for a manager hiring an employee to receive 10% of the new hires wages as a gratuity. Every payday at the cantina the new hire goes for a drink with the mgr. Drops off his 10%. So now the manager protects the new hire/cousin and the new hire/cousin protects the manager. The corruption with this relationship goes on forever. Scamming the business etc….
            It’s also common for the manager of a project to receive 10% as a gratuity from the company doing work for a project. $750K job yields $75K for our fine manager. Seen this in action myself. Vile behavior. The mentality seeps through the workforce and wrecks the attitudes of the workers.

            • rednek101

              I believe the Hispanics and by extension Italians (and I’m Italian American) have a cultural acceptance for corruption. I think the Germans less so. The Southern nations of the Western Hemisphere with the potential for world trade should have boomed through and post WWII as they were untouched by the devastation of war. They didn’t because of corruption as the politicians, and everyone else were too busy stealing by hook or by crook than building and manufacturing. It didn’t make any difference what there economic persuasion was as the real juice was plain old corruption.

              • The Muslems totally conquered Spain . The Spanish are Muslems genetically . And most coastal Mediterranean people also.

                • Derp, read a history book you dolt. The muslims did not interbreed with their subjects; DNA stats will verify this. Regardless, the people of Northern Spain and Italy are of Celtic and Germanic stock; the Visigoths (from Gotland in Sweden) and Ostrogoths controlled the area after the Romans were gone.

                  • Any of the Mediterranean people, from at one time the dominate countries of Italy, Spain and Greece (as they all had their time in the sun) interbred with others. I know an Italian named DePersia. The prefix De is from, therefore its, “From Persia”. Di is son of. Go to Sicily, its 100 miles from Libya and God knows what you get, Arab, African, Greek, Spanish, Persian and mainland Italian. Old time Italians barely acknowledge Sicilians being true Italians. Even in Italy the manufacturing was in the north.

                  • Junk science?

                • Dark-skinned Spaniards are still called Moriscos, most Spanish people are as white as any other European.

          • western Europe has been able to play with socialism because USA has been paying their defense costs for decades.

            • There is some truth to that but Europe was under little true threat post WWII. The Idea of the USSR forcibly crossing into Western Europe was a fear promoted by MIC. France had the most sane nuclear policy capping their weapons at 300. That was sufficient deterrence anything greater is just feeding MIC.

              The US has a perverse version of socialism where banking takes massive risks and the US taxpayer is on the hook for it. For several years they got 45 BILLION per month and to add insult to injury some of the money was used for executive bonus. Everyone complains about some poor SOB that lost his job to “Free Trade” after working 20 years and paying taxes getting EBT benefits. Goldman Sachs, Jon Corzine (I have no idea where the one point two billion dollars went) get a ride and its not socialistic. Insanity.

          • Actually ALL socialists are bad, they steal from the worker to give to the lazy. There is nothing wrong with welfare as long as comes from the pockets of a willing giver, but socialists steal and kill for it. Stop paying your property taxes and see if the govt. doesn’t show up with a gun to take your home, and if you don’t give it up peacefully they will kill you for it. All things that socialists supposedly need can be paid for by the money of the people who say we need it.

      7. Good! The criminal got what he deserved and the other two got their ass’s beat. I’m all for it when people commit crimes like they did. Think any of those bystanders are going to say anything to the police if they show up.

        Without Rule of Law and the people of Venezuela are fed up with the hardships they endure.

        Coming to the USA.

        • Anon,article states man might have just been arguing with wife also,not a positive evidence of a thief.As times get crazy some folks just lash out without being sure of what they are lashing out yet/do not have the facts.I would say we all need to be sure what we are doing is right in challenging times,will be tough enuff without witch hunts ect. bringing things to a even crazier level.

      8. Now how many of you would not high tail it over the border if that were you starving. Tell me that that is not the real intention behind this situation. Where is George Soro’s money. Why don’t some of those billionaires buy some rice and beans and send it to these starving people. This is disgusting. What the hell kind of foreign aid program do we Americans have. Let the Venezualeans starve while we send millions to Isreal who is rich. Ya. We are in full control. We don’t control anything or we would have helped in some way.

        When they get here, we will give them food stamps, medical, and housing. But send them some rice and beans, never.

        • ” What the hell kind of foreign aid program do we Americans have.”

          The foreign aid programs that we have is to keep whoever we desire paid off. The money is expected to grafted. Its simply bribery.

          • I bet most of that money goes in American politicians pockets anyway . They don’t give money away . They just tell us they do . And then pocket it.

        • the united states has the biggest foreign aid budget of any country in the world. we can afford to since we just roll the printing presses. and you can bet obama is helping out his socialist buddies behind the scene. but the corruption of the socialist state of venezuela ensures that any help we send is swallowed up down a black hole.

        • Foreign aid is our rich country taking it’s poorer peoples’ money and giving it to the rich people in poor countries.

          Private non profit charities do a better job of delivering rice, beans, meds, and water than any US agency.

          Puerto Rico might be a dress rehearsal for what is coming to the USA.

          Long pig adobo???

        • NO Soros or not; these people should not get more free stuff. That’s the PROBLEM, NOT THE CURE. Tell them to get out of the line and plant some wheat or corn or anything, GET A JOB. They have larger oil reserves than anyone else on the planet, and think the Gov is supposed to take care of them. If they had an actual economy rather than a welfare state, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

          • I believe that there are no jobs and “They” do not have oil reserves. The government has the oil reserves (nationalization is common) and the wealth is being “misappropriated” (polite for stolen / grafted).

            Its not the fault of “The People” but rather the corrupt government.

          • Fuck “the law”. This has been going on long enough for at least two or three crops to have been grown and harvested. I bet the farmers in the boonies are eating.

          • Give Amanda fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime

            • Too funny. I will check more closely next time. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Of course Amanda would eat for a day as well. 😉

              • Let a cold freezing man set by your fire and he is warm as long as you keep your fire going. Set that man on fire and he is warm for the remainder of his life.

                • True sir, short though it may be.

                  • I like the Homer Simpson quotes. One of my favorites is about trying. Trying ? Trying? Trying is the very first step toward failure! Show me someone who has failed and the first thing they did when the set out on the road toward that failure was trying!

                    • Oh MY!

        • Wanna see Israel beg for a peace solution. Take away the carrot we enable them with. Take away all the Military and financial support we give them. They will change their tune in a minute.

          ~WWTI… Trump knows the art of the deal well. Obama just gets out his blank check book. Paying people off to be good, does not work. They just keep coming back for more and more… However, Cut them off, and they will quickly comply.

          • Israels hooks in the center of power, the financial arena are massive as they are one of the few peoples that first identify with Israel first and their host country second. The list of people in very powerful prominent positions of power in the US with dual US/Israel citizenship is very common. Its damn near a “who’s who”.

            You have a better chance of being hit by lightening, surviving and walking into a 7-11 buying the winning Powerball ticket and hooking up with Kate Upton before the lottery win than that happening.

        • Cloward and Piven

        • I can give you a list, right now, of over 100 cargo vessels that sat at their docks, overseas, full of rice or beans or ??? …and every last one of them were refused by each country.

          Each ship’s cargo was ‘dumped at sea’ after it just ‘went bad’ …so why send shit when we know they’ll not accept it, because it is from the same people that PUT THEM in the hardship they are in. (or so they’ve been told, and believe).

          • that’s why we need to grow our own… permacuberevolution is the solution

      9. I was having extended conversations with a lady at work 3 years ago from Venezuela, who still had her elderly parents living there. It was Bad then, but intolerable now.
        The point being, people can put up with a lot before TSHTF, and Time is such a variable factor as to timing of a triggering event
        Still I’d rather be Pre-pared than not. It is just insurance and helps me sleep better at night if nothing else.
        Governments are really the true enemy of their own people.

        • “Governments are really the true enemy of their own people.”

          Fk’n Right they are!

          +100 Thumbs Up!

        • Gen
          government is truly the enemy of its people
          call it whatever you want… it devolves to jack boots and corruption. We no longer have capitalism, we have olugarchy… anyone who calls communism isn’t watching the money.

      10. I spent a good part of the day watching Greeks and Venezuelans on youtube, out in the streets, waiting in queues or simply sitting trying to scavenge or make a sale so they could eat. Children are being abandoned in family-centric Greece because parents cannot afford to feed them. That happened to one of my uncles during the Great Depression. We are not there yet- but we could be, really soon. People are suffering. Once the dogs and cats run out, we older folks just may end up on the soylent green menu.

      11. Remember, It’s Bush’s fault. Hahahaha!

        • it is partly, he knew about the housing crisis coming; did nothing.

          but it was also bill Clintons fault for starting the housing crisis by making lenders finance houses to people who couldn’t afford them and breaking glass-steagal; allowing the big banks to become the monsters they are today.

          and then we can also lay blame at Reagans feet also as he started the massive debts, really started growing exponentially with him. he had to do some to recover from carter but he set precedent by not getting it back under control once the us economy was rolling.

          • lena

            Simultaneously doing away with Glass-Steagall and facilitating loaning money to anyone regardless if they could pay accomplished the following.

            1. It immediately provided jobs in building homes covering the losses from NAFTA and China Free Trade thus negating political opposition while these Trade Agreements were in their relative infancy.

            2. It allowed the banks to package the strongly potential bad loans with collusion of the regulatory agencies (that don’t regulate) and sell them in the newly legal derivatives market that was illegal when Glass-Steagall was law.

            3. The banks knew full well that Uncle Sam would back up the loans that would surely fail (as they themselves bet against their own loans).

            The Big Short movie showed #2 & #3

            • For the nay sayers that believe in unfettered “Capitalism” unregulated and free read my above post.

          • Lena
            the crisis was caused by banksters bundling mortgages, insuring them, and selling them ina whacked out fraud scheme over and over. They illegally repossessed 4.1 million homes to kick the insurance in to cover the fraud. Admitted! Confessed! Bailed Out! Bail out pushed through by Bush. Get out of Jail Free Card courtesy of Obama.
            Not caused by average people buying a house… the real foreclosures did not start until the banksters crashed it all and people started losing their jobs. My son was at WF when all that happened. I was in a big law firm representing the banksters. Blaming people who bought homes is banksters spin doctoring.

        • I have not yet seen anyone mention that Bush DID what he did in order to win ‘big favor’ with all of his TX “oil buddies” …and make money they did at the cost per barrel at that time. They tripled their profits by selling out their foreign stocks prior to it ‘falling out the bottom’.

          Now, it is all said and done, the money was made, laundered and in their banks. And, another retired president sits backs and earns oodles of money each year, plus hell-a-cious benefits (like for public speaking), that are ridiculous …but the idiots pay the money to hear the fools ramble bs with diarrhea of the mouth (something most all politicians suffer from, aside from acute lying-disorders.

      12. Can’t Happen here, cuz we’re Merica

        Well used to be America…..

      13. Take a good look, vote for sanders and this is what you will see here.

        • Will Colonel Sanders be promising us all a fried chicken in every pot soon?

      14. Well the American people must want it to happen here since they voted for obama twice…..enjoy it.

        • Unless the elections are rigged?

          • You really did not need to put the “?” at the end of your sentence Lone Wolverine.

            EVERYTHING is rigged …even small town beauty pageants are rigged. I know of one that took place nine years in a row, on July 4th, at the Governor’s Cup Hydroplane Races in Indiana (on the Ohio River).

            The mayor’s daughter would win every year, hands down. She WAS a grand looking gal, but just because she knew how to ‘strut’ did NOT make her the winner, nor her long legs. (They ALL had long legs and could “strut their stuff”.

            It was rigged, pure and simple …and we were even told so by the police chief of that small city.


            OFF TOPIC: New Volcano just blew in The Atlantic. The one that formed Bristol Island. Radio has not said anything else …I’ve no TV (operational) this AM. Anyone?

            • Equoriol not many people can deal with the fact. It means we are lost. And what happens now?

      15. If Venezuela’s military is going hungry now, it won’t be long before the military takes over distribution of resources.

        It ain’t nothin’.

        Sure… I got a heart. But I reserve it’s use for closer to home.

        People dying in Central America? It’s sad. But it ain’t nothin’.

        Kids roaming the streets with bloated bellies? Laying belly up?

        It ain’t nothin’.
        It ain’t nothin’ but a thing.

        I am old, and every day I wake up, the less I care about anything outside my AO.

        I am glad that I have a lot of practice being poor.
        Reality won’t be as unreal for me as for those that stand to lose a lot when the SHTF in the USA.

        Oh well. SHTF happens.

        Looters will be shot on sight.

      16. Ben Raines.

        I knocked off the chips. Cut back on beer.
        Lifting weights. Twenty eight pound bar. Six hundred total reps/ 5 different exercises. Two or three times a week. Dropped off 12 pounds, almost two belt holes. Feeling better. Blood pressure down. Do lots of walking.

        I took the words of those who post here and went to work on getting fit. I’m going to be ready.

        • Grats, ANON…

          I am now 17 days in a row without processed sugar. I, too, need an awl to poke another puka in my belts.

          The first 48 hours were rough. Bad headache and body aches. I almost felt like I had a touch of the flu. I doubled up on my Vitamin C, and kept busy preparing my gardens.

          I use to lift weights, push cars, run/sprint, 5Ks, etc. Nowadays I get my resistance training from digging deep holes with a shovel and pushing a wheelbarrow to move dirt for my gardens and fortifications.

          I use to run. A lot. Then I tore meniscus, and haven’t run since. I have recovered enough from that knee injury to do jumping jacks and squat thrusts super sets to get my HR up.

          If I do not keep up with a fitness regimen in the summer, the hunting season will kick my okole.

          I applaud your efforts to get physically ready for the future. I can empathize with the feeling of satisfaction derived from self improvement.

          The only time I eat anything with more than 2 ingredients, or with contents that are hard to pronounce, is when I am consuming expiring preps.

          On that note…update…

          Dole pineapple, canned in own juice, is okay to eat after 2+ years beyond best by date. The pineapple rings had full flavor, but the flesh of the fruit lost some of it’s structural integrity (slightly mushier than fresher dates).

          Canned tuna in water seems to experience the same type degradation, whereas the tuna packed in oil held more of it’s firmness.

          I finished off that 2012 expired Kroger peanut butter and opened one that expired in 2014, and I detected no difference in flavor or texture.

          If I was not so cheap, I would compare the old stuff to a recently produced comparable. I have a simple mind, and a simple palette.

          Keep up with what you do, and remember to take a pause to enjoy what you can, and tell your loved ones that you love them.

          • Ben Raines.

            I have to admit I have not done one sit up.

            The Pain. The Pain. :0)

      17. How many different ar15s are there and how would you rank them in quality cus i seen anderson ones on sale for like 425 i do know to stay away from the composit ones cus they even put composit trigger groups in them even the hammer is composit im more of ak and sks guy they are rugged as hell expecially sks but was wondering about the ars at cheaper prices excluding bushmaster they composit shit anyhow ive noticed that mfg must be getting all the back orders filled cus they are alot cheaper now

        • If you are going to put more than ten thousand round through it worry . Most people don’t have that many bullets.. Some say change the recoil spring every two thousand rounds. And two hundred rounds for break in. I work construction and steel lasts longer than aluminum longer than plastic . A sig frame last fifty thousand rounds. A glock frame twohundredfiftythousand rounds . Sigs alloy. Glocks plastic. Chances are we won’t live long enough to crack a frame. Or can afford that much ammo?

        • The best ar I’ve ever owned is an Olympic arms 16 inch heavy barrel match . They were the only company that made all their own parts including barrels . I don’t know if that has changed.?

        • But I go with a semiauto shotgun . Best at night when the bad guys come out. They don’t like broad day lite . Go figure? ARs are fu fu guns . No one with a brain goes out in broad daylight. Yes most are brainless but they are not the ones you have to worry about. Shotguns rule the night. And you don’t need six shots in six seconds. You need three shots in one second. With undisputed one shot stoping power. Ambush anti ambush. Every time you watch a war movie ask yourself what gun would you want in that persons situation . I bet ninty percent of the time you would want a semiauto shotgun?

          • And when body armor comes in to the mix . A shotgun is even more important . Think about it?

          • A BushMaster AR-15 IS THE WEAPON TO BUY FOR THE MONEY. (assault use only).

            I’ve many AR’s now, and just as the DHS and some others have done, I learned, then found out, that Rock River Arms makes an extremely “kick-ass” AR-15 that lacks for nothing ‘end to end’.

            This is a list, in no particular order, of ‘favorite’ manufacturers of AR-15’s. (I took this off a page I trust, but don’t know them from Adam):

            I repeat, in no particular order. (C’mon guys, you know that would be impossible.)

            Knight’s Armament
            Lewis Machine & Tool
            Daniel Defense
            Midwest Industries

        • Godsoldier,

          Try google Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT). They make a nice AR15 that few experts can throw shade on.

          Armlist is a good place to find firearms you can’t seem to find in brick and mortar stores.

          Figure out if you can live with DI versus piston, and you can get one for around 1200 FRNs. I think good ammo for 5.56 is priced around 49cents per round nowadays.

          If (when) you can afford to, get some extra important parts, and/or another of the same model AR15.

          I would rather have two HiPoint pistols then the brochure of some higher priced brand name comparable.

          Paralysis by analysis can kill you.

          BTW… I think when the DHS, etc purchased all of those BILLIONS of rounds of ammo the calibers leaned towards 9mm, 5.56/.223, and 45acp.

          I don’t remember reading where they bought a bunch of 7.62×39.

      18. Coming to collapsing fascist America as the coward bums get drunk, pop Big Pharma psychotropics, and watch mindless entertainment and sports, while not giving two shits about their children’s health and future.

      19. I like the video, but I’m curious why they keep calling them “whore”. Where is the tire necklace and gasoline? It would be a good send off.
        Democrats better get used to such scenes, coming to a Democrat run city/county/ state paradise near you. When Hispanics outnumber blacks, watch out! Hispanics clean up messes, Whites or Asians won’t touch. We should pay close attention to Venezuela, as it is our possible future. As long as we allow liberal Democrats and strict observing Moslems to gain political power in our country this is our fate. I’m going to sit back, watch, and not lift a finger to save a single Liberal or Moslem.

        • rellik

          “I’m going to sit back, watch, and not lift a finger to save a single Liberal or Moslem”.

          Me too.

          • Londonistan just chose a new Caliph.

        • Im going to sit back and not do shit to help any of this mess we got over here, all we have are democrats and liberals, i think you and i are about the only true right wingers,,, all the rest of the ones i know are whining that they think the repubs should stop trump, they can all go take a flyin leap as far as im concerned,
          Chickens, veggies, steel and wood,
          Im good, a bit unorthodox in me methods and sorta living a bit closer to the edge than even i like, but im not contributing to the problem,

      20. This BS in Venezuela despite the country sitting on the worlds largest oil reserves.

      21. Did someone say cannibals in Venezuela? Zombies and Leaches, OH MY!!!

        It will come to that. Why is Obullshit bring some of the folks from Venezuela to the US. Hell he lets everybody else in.


        • Sgt Dale

          The goal is to homogenize the world. Regardless of the question be it social or economic the answer is always globalist in nature. Its the “Prime Directive”.

          • OK, homogenize the world… and then what?

            I’ve always wondered what is the point in doing that?

            How does it give them (TPTB) any more advantage, any more power, any more anything.

            I can see bringing in illegals for votes, low paying workers/slaves. But homogenize? Why bother?

            • Because it weakens the stronger. So both can be controlled. Or all can be controlled. Differences do matter. People can overcome differences but they are an added strain. Also, if you breed high IQ people with low IQ people, you dumb down the population in general. Makes for better slaves. Smart enough to work in a factory or at a fast food job, but too stupid to figure out that he’s being exploited. That while he and the others struggle, the master is getting rich and living an alternate reality, a much better life.

              • It is because they are actually Khazars which are really Edomites from Esau and ever since several Thousands years ago when their great grandaddy Esua traded away his birth right blessings of Abraham, and them of Issac for a lousy Pot of Red Bean Soup, so esaus twin brother Jacob got those great birth right blessings of the material and Land wealth etc type blessings.

                And ever since then these khazars have tried in vain to steal the blessings back from the rightfull owners which are obviously WE the white folk in the american usa nation.

                Just read about every mention of what type material and prosperity blessings it all consisted of, in every related and added to blessing mentioned in several eras and biblical places as stated.

                There is NO other country and NO other peoples that ever lived period…That so resemble word for word those massive land and waleth material blessings besides America usa does….And of course its white founder race of peoples that came here from european whites stocks.

                Khazars are also called Imposter jews by Christ. Also called the Synagouge of satan by Him too.

                But most regular folks thru out the centuries have just called them, Nation Wreckers.

                Hence why they so desperatly try to flood only white countries with NON whites untill orig whites become a Minority in own nations…

                That serves to Disarm us white folk of our Weapon of Majority Voter status….and also almost guarentees that unlike the previous 109 prior nations that got awakened to it all, and then Booted Out those nation wreckers a grand total of aprox 300 times booted out..

                Guarentees them that this time around WE in usa and those of the EU whites will not be able to go all out Nazi on them and boot em out again!

                It aint just our firearms they so worry about…They also worry that as long as white folk remain a voter majority like current status in usa and eu states…We can join as ONE unit of white folks nationwide to HALT these vile nation wreckers, and once they get booted out and usa becomes nation #110 to do so….What will that tribe then do next eh? Where else can they invade and infiltrate and so ruin or wreck for a new start at their 4000+ year old plans of a JWO world they Own and rule over?

                It appears that this time it is their final last chance to subvert whites and rob us blind of all we have been given via Gods long ago promiced blessings as prior stated here.

                If they fail now?…It wont just be a case of a boot out…But they Fear it to be far worse yet and perhaps the worst ever for them…but as has been written they are a very “Stiffnecked and stuborn peoples” that refuse to ever change minds nor hearts and so it is.

                Read what the prophecies predict for Edom! not good at all for Esaus kids eh…But then, it Is their collective choice right. And to rob Gods kids blind is not a very wise choice at all eh.

                This is all very easy to comprehend and believe once one gets rid of former brainwashing Apostate teachings by various false pastors etc, as its all in the Book chapters line by line verse by verse.

                • Them Guys??

                  thought you went away for good.

                  Go away again.

                • You are totally enlightened . Most aren’t .them guys.

                  • Grndee you asked the question! so I answered it only Not the apostate pro jewish ass licker version Grandee subscribes to so she acts typical female and gets all emotional pissed off eh!

                    Maybe it is folks like You that are so apostate prokike brainwashed baptist idiots that keep pastors like john hagee residing in a $10 million home that need to go away eh. Yeah go away to israel where you can play kike worship 24/7 and keep awaiting some phony god blessings for defending the worlds first and still leadership of antichrists globally!

                    Thats what apostle John stated grandee…When he asked “what and whom is antichrist”?…Then he named jews as antichrists…Meanwhile deluded fools like you do abject worship of israel and jewry based on apostate false teachings eh…so typical, and when shown real facts or truths they do same as their kike idols and do name callings etc! delusionaly deluded hillbillies.

              • B from CA

                “Smart enough to work in a factory or at a fast food job, but too stupid to figure out that he’s being exploited”

                Absolutely correct. Like farm animals.

                • Lone Wolverine: Thanks, and I must add here that you too have proven to be also very wide awake on the same issues of whom are those elusive antichrists and nation wreckers eh…Now if we could only somehow get the deeply deluded ziokike worshipers, like several here, to finally see that proverbial light and re-think most of what they were taught biblically by apostate pastors…Then perhaps america could still have a fighting chance eh?

                  Just be carefull out there if we get a true real shtf events in usa…For IMHO The Biggest and worst most potentialy deadly folks we need be concerned with then shall be apostate israel-firsters and jewdeowhackochristians that cannot see thru the delusionairy falsehoods as taught by the hagee types of so called christian-right-leadership!!

                  With them running usa christianity who needs any antichrists or enemys right?

                  The days shall arive when They are going to kill You truth tellers, and They will actually believe gods going to bless em for doing it!….A Christ warning for last days events and Pre last days era too I rekon.

                  For once brainwashed and deluded fully with that Non blblical bless jews and israel firster stuff they become akin to mentally deranged lib dems and cannot be fixed period it seems. A entire ship load of 6,000 containers 40 ft long and 8 ft wide by 8ft tall filled fully all of them with tons of solid proof galore and factual truths to the Inth degree will never get them to see that true light of real truth it seems…Too bad and too dangerous for truth speakers unafraid to ruffle a few feathers via Non-PC speak like we are…and no it wont get them any god blessings but rather they shall hear “Depart from Me you wicked workers of Inequity!” and they shall get eternity to dwell with that tribe of antichrists they so defend and worship.

                  Disclaimer: I of course am Not refering to those elusive so called good ones that always get made to look so bad due to those Other 99+% which Are Bad ones!

                  Prosecute the guilty and leave the innocent ones alone. just be prepared for huge numbers of the guilty is all!

      22. What kind of people can be so violent against one another. This is torture.At least just put them down and be done with it. I dont have a issue with protecting my people with all means necessary but im not about to torture another human. People keep talking about starving..Get a fishing pole and head to the coast . Enough fish in the sea to feed a trillion humans.I live 60 miles as the crow flies from the ocean. I am not worried one bit about food. Give me some fish and some pine needles to prevent scurvy and im good..

      23. Report says the man was taken to the hospital with burns over 70% of his body.

        Had to have been a tough choice between starving and eating hospital food! I think I’ll take the former!!

      24. Divide and conquer . United we stand Devided we fall . In unity we stand in Diversity we fall. Pretty simple and the rule forever? The domestic enemy is hard at work . And there is nothing we can do but get ready for the end game? The next final battle? Or the last final battle? Isn’t it obvious we need to finish this completely . Or it will go on and on? Is their any alternative . Endless war or total victory? And what does that mean ? The total extermination of our enemies? Foreign and domestic? And how do we ensure that? Only the dead have seen the end of war?

      25. People are stupid fighting and killing eachother over their govs failure. Why is gov not held responsible for failing it’s people. This is exactly why gov should be as small as possible. They don’t need more $ they have proven they are not responsible. Dumbasses still think the gov should support everyone cradle to grave. They can’t it’s not possible. They do not have all the answers. Why can’t people take responsibility for their needs. Rioting and civil unrest is the result of a society that doesn’t feel they should help themselves. Remember God helps those that help themselves. Seems people are ok with their gov not being held responsible or are they too scared to fight back.

      26. Ten out of ten Argentinian preppers wish they had more stored food, weapons, ammo, and PM.

      27. I’ve had a smile on my face for two days. I was watching Stewart Varney yesterday am and they revealed that Paul Ryan after college was the driver of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. No wonder he is such a well rounded politician. Holy fuck! I am qualified to be ruler of the world! He may be the only guy with less work experience than Obama. God this shit makes me happy.

      28. Another dumb article. The IMF has defacto been running the finances of this country since 2009. It’s called disaster capitalism – collapse the economy, change the government and then steal the assets. Washington’s revenge more like.

      29. Poverty is a cultural problem, period. Whatever excuse is made – the environment is bad, the weather is bad, not enough oil, gold etc., it is too cold, it is too hot – does not stand up to scrutiny. For a country to be poor and destitute like this is a choice.

        People either spend their days screwing each other over, drinking, taking drugs, spending every penny they have, not creating valuable products and services, or they do not. Aid has been used as a system to buy off corrupt elites and maintain the geopolitical balance of power: it has nothing to do with making people better off.

        Change the culture (stop having a million kids, send the girls to school and treat them right, keep your house clean and dress like you are serious about getting a better job, learn how to save money and invest, be a builder not a taker) and you will come out of poverty. Africa was richer before they got addicted to aid; Asia got rich through better education, hard work and free markets. Latin America is a mess because they do not value hard work, free markets, and honesty.

        • When you land is incapable of growing food, has no resources of substance, energy, mined minerals Einstein, Steve Jobs and Henry Ford can be there to no avail.

          Africa most certainly has a people problem and a friends brother who spent a few years in the Peace Corps explained it like this.

          Its no accident that the nations from relatively cold climates, with shorter growing seasons have more industrious people than those where food is naturally plentiful. The ability to obtain sufficient caloric intake to remain alive and therefore breed was the number one effort until relatively recently (last 150 years) in history. Those from where food was plentiful, fruit on trees, sufficient animals could be lazy and stupid and still live and breed. The lazy / stupid genes were passed on. If your from the north the growing season is short. First you must learn to farm. Second you must save for winter and not eat your seed grain (thrift / planning). The lazy, disorganized and stupid are slowly, and sometimes rapidly removed from the gene pool. The genetic mutations like light skin are just identifiers. Over time as the lazy and stupid can breed (here is the downside of socialism) their genes, along with their accepted anti social traits are passed on.

          Northern Europe being at the top of the food chain is no accident nor is it accidental that Germans are the largest ethic group in the US. The US had also “cherry picked” the most industrious that chose to come here as the lazy stayed there. My father, a first generation American (his parents immigrated from Italy) has said many times; “The best Italians came to America, the lazy ones stayed there”.

          Forced immigration via slavery and literally grabbing those from foreign lands that by their own means would not come here in a sink or swim, your on your own, throws variables in the above gene pool. Yes there are industrious , smart, possibly brilliant people within their ranks but the overall percentage is lower.

      30. You hate to see any group of people suffer like that.

      31. Basically do something with you life that is productive. The door to the free ride is open and people are taking the free ride. It really doesn’t bother me that I work and the free shit army doesn’t. I just don’t wanna hear the pissin and moaning about poverty. Just because something is free don’t mean it’s any good. But the word free to people gets them worked up.

      32. Remember what I was told from the scientist friend about the beta test in a second world country.. if you remember the final results?.. now they are testing Venezuela to see the results on a wide scale.. I believe that this is being done on purpose to Guage what is coming here in America.. you see, they don’t have guns in that country.. the people are not armed..Like I said before, I have heard a few things..we are meeting up with him again this weekend.. this current callapse is already affecting my business and my customers and I have seen some disasters with some of my customers.. the webbots predict that the Real Estate market will crash and burn by October right before the elections..this means that I am out of business beyond that time frame and will be heading out into the streets except that I have options this time, and other options that I am keeping quiet for now.. getting the phuck out of Houston is still the best option..Let then kill each other off in mass, and let the soldiers fight them..Like Dr James Garrow told everyone over and over again, that if you have a BOL. Make sure that it’s so far from the city that it would take literally 3 hrs at 75 mph to get there..I am really worried about things going ape sh..t later on in year.. I saw the riot and fighting at the most recent event and it’s not looking good at all..


        • I can get to the area of my BOL doing 75mph in an hour.

          But the next 5 miles take about another hour on a good weather day, with 4X4.

          I have lived through some bad Octobers, but believe the next one is gonna be a doozy.

          I hope we (USA) can make it to October 2017, at least, for selfish reasons.

          I am prepared to be wrong about being hopeful.

          • Um, why do (and others) keep mentioning October? And, three weeks from tomorrow (May 12 …a Friday The 13th). Whatz up?

        • Adding to that, !Yahoo has released, and many other medias, info regarding the San Andreas ‘fault’ is ‘locked and loaded’ with a Magnitude 8.0 being predicted for ‘where-ever’ she allegedly hits.

          I’ve no idea how they go about determining when two tectonic-plates are at a ‘critical pressure point’ with “imminent major destruction.” And they DID say “imminent” …not within the next 30 years, but “anytime” …could even be as soon as I hit “send.”

          Is there ANY ‘chance of any kind’ that TPTB are going to somehow set off this ‘fault-line’, or is such a thing considered rather impossible to do, even with a nuke deep, deep down where it would be determined to be earthquake activity? (I don’t “buy” that anyone can accurately predict an earthquake. Volcanoes, sure. Earthquakes ….no.

          Given all-of-the-above, world events, the fact that MANY in the government have stated that THEY believe there will be a Natural Disaster followed by a man-made disaster (hiring Obama was a man-made disaster). Martial Law on The West Coast would be in effect before the rumbling stopped…

          That’s all I have …don’t quite know what to think, but DO know about what to do. Nothing. I’m far East of that crack OR The Mississippi.

      33. Not surprisingly, USGS dot gov , the Main page starts with Earthquakes and all other catastrophes, but Earthquakes will not load at all. (just keeps ‘spinning’ most likely from an overloaded server(s)).

        Flip-side, we are fortunate enough to have retired young, and as a result were able to buy and build our BOL before hitting our 50’s. Now, we are coming into the big SIX-OH (as in; oh damn it hurts!) and can find nothing “golden” about The Golden Years.

        Still, we have our health (anyone’s MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY)! Without health in your later years you are just-pretty-much-screwed. Therefore, your health is what you must protect first-and-foremost, that goes triple in “prepper” scenarios. YOU get sick and everything you prepped for will have been in vain…

        So, also “arm yourself to the teeth” with everything you can find to stave off ALL kinds of attacks (BIO-NUKE-CHEM-ONIONS <—onions ya damn fool)! lol….

        • The prepping will not have been in vain as long as you included spiritual prepping in your routine…

      34. “An alleged thief suffered the most brutal mob justice in Caracas, Venezuela, when he was beaten up and burned alive in the street.”

        …as it should be.

        • Take the people’s guns away and they have to resort to alternative means of fighting crime.

          Brutal, but without order this is what is going to happen.

      35. My dogs hunts pigs they can handle that stuff.

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