Random Acts of Revolution

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    The 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery.  This means that if you are a slave today, it’s either illegal, or you have voluntarily accepted your servitude.

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    You have a Constitutionally protected right to be free. If you aren’t free, then revolution is your duty.

    Many people believe that revolution requires that they lead a march, stand in front of a crowd with a bullhorn, or form a militia. They feel like it’s a job for the Alex Joneses, the Adam Kokeshes,  the James Wesley Rawleses, and the Bradley Mannings of the world.

    They’re wrong.  You don’t have to be a person with thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook .  You don’t have to be a person with a military leadership position on  your resume. You need not get yourself arrested on the steps of the White House, got to prison forever for telling the truth about your unit in the army, or stare down a bunch of scary-looking thugs in jack boots.

    But you do have to do something.

    You can’t just sit there and complain unless you are really just another armchair Rambo.

    The way you lead your life every single day can be an act of revolution.  By refusing to concede your natural rights, quietly and resolutely, you are performing an act of revolution. Walking the walk doesn’t always require civil disobedience or militia membership (although those actions definitely have their places).  It requires your consistent determination not to be infringed upon.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a soccer mom from the suburbs, a college student in a dormitory, a church-going dad and husband, or a person who has found themselves homeless through the ongoing economic crisis – by living resolutely, you are performing an act of revolution.

    Don’t get me wrong – we need the Alexes, the Adams, the militias, the Bradleys, and the JWRs.  We need the people who stand in protest.  We need those who expose wrongdoing.  We need the organizers, the shouters, the big personalities, the quiet strong types, and the leaders. But these are not the only ways to revolt.  If every single person was off organizing their own rally, there’d be no one left to march in it.

    What it is imperative upon us to do is to find our compass and follow it.  We must make ourselves immune to control by not needing what “they” hand out.  We have to be armored against the way everyone else lives and choose our own paths.  We must stubbornly refuse to participate in the hoop-jumping that is everyday life in North America.  By all of us who believe in liberty doing this, we form an army of stubborn non-participants in the status quo.

    Here’s an example. It’s a small thing, a battle that today only affected my daughter and me.  My daughter is not vaccinated.  She attends a public school where the kids must be vaccinated, or hoops must be jumped through. I filled out the initial forms stating that I had an objection of conscience to vaccines.  I was contacted by a representative of the school system who suggested that I sign instead the form that stated a religious objection, because that was “easier”.  I refused, because my objection is NOT one of religion, and I felt like that was a cop-out. I knew that I was within my rights to have an objection of conscience, and I felt that it was important to make a point that might make it easier for the next parent.  I was then told that I’d have to pay $25 and get a statement notarized to allow her exemption on my basis.  I said I’d be happy to get a statement notarized, but not at my expense. I pointed out that nowhere does our local law state that I should have to pay any money for my child to NOT do something.  Lo and behold, after 5 months of politely going back and forth,  being escalated through numerous different superiors of superiors in the school board and public health system, my daughter is still unvaccinated, I have not spent $25, and she was not suspended from school.  The point I’m making is not about vaccines, but about not stepping back from your rights, for your convenience or for the convenience of others. This requires that you read the relevant laws and understand them.  It requires a certain degree of persistence and a willingness to be a pain in the butt.

    There are valid reasons for revolution.

    One of the benchmarks of tyranny is the dizzying arrays of laws on the books, with more and more added every single day.  It is humanly impossible not to break multiple laws every single day.  Regulations are revenue builders and/or control mechanisms. If the “authorities” can ALWAYS find a law that you’ve broken, then they can ALWAYS give a “reason” for punishing you.  Punishment might include incarceration, hefty fines, or the removal of some privilege (like taking away your driver’s license or not allowing your child to go to school).

    If the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?

    ~ James Madison, Federalist Papers 62

    The police state is growing at a dizzying rate, and often the news makes it look like we live in Nazi Germany. It is now or never.  Like cockroaches, “they” – the thugs in jackboots and their masters – multiply in the dark, and will soon overtake us if we don’t put a stop to it right now.  They want to take our guns because that would make our resistance more difficult.  They keep buying up ammo and now have more than enough to kill every man, woman, and child in America multiple times. The NDAA means that any person can be indefinitely detained. There has been a sustained attack on the Bill of Rights and one by one our rights are being submerged beneath the desires of those who would demand our submission.

    How can you be an everyday revolutionary?

    The most revolutionary act is to be self-sufficient and in need of nothing that the government can provide for you in exchange for some small liberty.  When there is nothing that you require enough to submit, then bullying you becomes much more difficult.

    This list of suggestions is by no means comprehensive.  Please, add your own random acts of resistance in the comments below.

    • Question absolutely everything you hear on the news.  Always be a sceptic. All major media goes back to just a few conglomerates.  The “news” is now all a propaganda ploy to help the rich get richer and the powerful remain in power.  The media can make or break a candidate with unholy zeal in less than a week.  These people and others like them are the ones that decide what “we the people” get to see.  If they feel like a candidate or a news item might upset the status quo, they black it out by refusing to cover it.
    • Call out the media.  Let everyone know that the mainstream media is the enemy of the people.  When you see coverage that is clearly biased, take a moment to call out the media about it.  Take the time to comment on mainstream media websites and point out the unbalanced coverage.  If you use social media, share this information and post on the media outlet’s social media pages as well.
    • Get out of the banking system. By opting to “unbank” or “underbank” there is a limit to what can be easily stolen from you.  When you have physical control of your financial assets, you are not at as high a risk of losing those assets, and therefore, less likely to be dependent on “the system.”
    • Turn your savings into precious metals or tangible assets.  On the same note as unbanking, you definitely don’t want to rely on a 401K or savings account to provide for you in your old age. Ask the people of Cyprus how well that worked out for them.  Diversify with assets you can touch.  Purchase tangible goods like land, food, ammo, and seeds. Once you are well supplied, move on to precious metals to preserve your wealth.
    • Educate others.  At the (very high) risk of people thinking you’re crazy, it’s important to let people know WHY you do what you do. If you are an anti-Monsanto activist, teach others about the dangers of GMOs.  If you object to a municipal policy, speak at a town meeting or send a letter to the editor of your local paper.  By ranting incoherently or by keeping your mouth shut, you influence no one. By providing provable facts, you can open minds and awaken others to tyranny.
    • Get others involved in the fight.  For example, if you are fighting with the city council that wants to rip out the vegetables growing in your front yard, let  your friends and neighbors know, post a notice at the grocery store, and write a letter to the editor.  When injustice occurs, use the power of social media to spread awareness. Often a public outcry is what is necessary to get the “authorities” to back down.  Look at the case of Brandon Raub, the veteran who was kidnapped and taken to a mental hospital for things he posted on Facebook. Raub was not charged, but he was detained in the psych ward involuntarily. His friends and family immediately mobilized and spread the videos of his arrest all over the internet.  It snowballed and alternative media picked it up – soon Raub was released, and all because of a grass roots and social media campaign to bring the injustice to light.
    • Grow your own food.  Every single seed that you plant is a revolutionary act.  Every bit of food that you don’t have to purchase from the grocery store is a battle cry for your personal independence.  When you educate yourself (and others) about  Big Food, Big Agri, and the food safety sell-outs at the FDA, you will clearly see that we are alone in our fight for healthy, nutritious foods.  Refuse to tolerate these attacks on our health and our lifestyles. Refuse to be held subject to Agenda 21′s version of “sustainability”.
    • Take control of your health.  It is imperative that you not blindly trust in the medical establishment.  Many members of this establishment are merely prostitutes for their pimp, Big Pharma.  Millions of children are given powerful psychotropic drugs to help them fit into the neat little classroom boxes, and the numbers are growing every day.  Americans spent 34.2 BILLION dollars on psychiatric drugs in 2010. (Source) Big Pharma is an enormously profitable industry that only pays off if they can convince you that you’re sick.  Learn about the toxic injections and medications, weight the risks and benefits, and always look for second and third opinions before making a medical decision.  Maintain your health by avoiding toxins, exercising, and ditching your bad habits to reduce the number of doctor’s visits that are necessary.
    • Refuse to comply.  If you know your natural rights, which are guaranteed under the Constitution and its Amendments, then it makes it much harder for “authorities” to bully you.  You don’t have to let them search your home without a warrant, you don’t have to answer questions, and you don’t have to comply with laws that are in conflict with the Constitution.
    • Learn.  Every day, spend time learning. This shouldn’t stop once our formal education ends. Fill your mind with history, with current events, with constitutional law, and information about the natural world.  Learn about health, study economics, research things that interest you, and unravel the complicated conspiracies that are afoot.  To pursue unbiased knowledge is to free your mind from the prison of propaganda and indoctrination.
    • Don’t consume chemicals that cause you to be dumbed down.  Avoid chemical-laden food with brain-killing neurotoxins like MSG and aspartame.  Don’t drink fluoridated water.
    • Embrace your right to bear arms.  Be responsible for your own safety and security.
    • Don’t be in debt.  No one can be free if they are in debt. If you are in debt, you are forced to work in whatever conditions are present, for whatever amount is offered, complying with whatever criteria is necessary to keep your job.  in order to either pay your debt or face penalties. As well, the high interest rates that you pay only serve to make the bankers more wealthy.  Instead of borrowing, save until you can afford something or realize that if you could actually afford it, you wouldn’t need to borrow money to have it.
    • Be prepared for disaster.  Have enough food, water, and supplies to take care of your family in the event of a natural disaster. Don’t expect FEMA to take care of you.
    • Be involved in your children’s education.  For some, this means homeschooling or unschooling, and for others this means being on top of what they are learning in a formal school setting. Join the PTA and actively volunteer if your child goes to school.  Be an advocate for your child and insist that the teachers teach. If your child goes to school, supplement this at home with discourse about current events and outings that help them learn about the world around them.
    • Be the squeaky wheel. If you see something wrong, don’t just ignore it. Say something about it, and keep saying something until it changes.  Whether this is some process that infringes on your privacy, a job requirement that impedes your health, or another injustice, pursue it relentlessly. Ask questions publically, write letters, and use social media to bring pressure to encourage a change.
    • Reduce your consumer spending.  Spending less helps to starve the beast by reducing the sales taxes you pay and withdrawing your financial support to big conglomerates. If we vote with our dollars, eventually there will, of a necessity, be a paradigm shift that returns us to simpler days, when families that were willing to work hard could make a living without selling their souls to the corporate monoliths. A low-consumption lifestyle reduces your financial dependency, which allows for more freedom.
    • Ditch popular culture.  If reality TV isn’t a tool for dumbing people down, I don’t know what it is.  My daughter recently begged to watch an episode of a popular reality TV show that “everyone” was watching.  She managed about 15 minutes of it and then said, “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”  She decided to read a book instead.  Popular entertainment is a media tool used to change our perspectives about our personal values, and to tell us how to think and feel about issues.
    • Buy locally.  Support local small businesses to help others who are fighting for independence from the system.  You might pay a little bit more than you would at your big box store, but the only people benefiting from your purchases made at the corporate stores are those with the 7 figure annual bonuses.
    • Develop multiple streams of income.  Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.  Figure out several ways to bring in income.  Not only does this free you from being a wage slave, but it allows you to hire friends or family members.  You are less entangled in the system and not subject to corporate whims.  If one business fails, or becomes subject to regulations that make it no longer worthwhile, you are not forced to comply just to keep a roof over your head.
    • Say thanks, but no thanks.  There is no such thing as a benevolent hand out.  Nearly anything offered for free (particularly by a government entity) has strings attached.  Maybe there is a handy-dandy registration form that you need to fill out. You might be influenced to vote a certain way just to keep the freebies coming. You might have to pee in a cup every two weeks. Perhaps one day you’ll need to have a microchip embedded in your hand.  Either way, by accepting handouts from those in “authority”, you become beholden to them or you need them, and someone who is free is neither beholden nor needy.
    • Don’t take the easy road.  The PTB like to seduce people with simplicity.  ”If you just sign this paper, it will be much easier,” they say.  ”This chip is for your convenience,” they tell you.  ”By giving up this, it lets us take care of you and you will be much safer.”  The easy road only gets you to Slave Street a whole lot faster.  Take the difficult road and be responsible for yourself.  Don’t take shortcuts that compromise your beliefs. Go to court to fight a ticket, read the laws and defend yourself, and know that anything you give up, you willnever get back.

    According to the Declaration of Independence,  ”Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

    That means that you don’t have to accept the unjust laws. That means you don’t have to quietly take it, muttering under your breath that it isn’t right, but not daring to raise your voice.  That means that “they” are only in control of you if you allow it.

    There are nearly 316 million people in the United States. (source)

    Only 3% of the population fought in the Revolutionary War, and 10% actively supported them.

    If 9,480,000 people quietly and peacefully revolted by withdrawing their consent to be governed by tyrants we could not be silenced.

    If 31,600,000 people supported those revolting, we could not be stopped.

    The government might  be watching us, but we can watch them right back.  Make the way you live your life a revolutionary act.

    What random act of revolution did you commit today?  Please share it in the comments section below.

    Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. Keep the flag burn the rest!

        • Adam Kokeshes is a fool. While I admire his Patriotism, no one should follow him. He doesn’t think strategically, and his ill advised “Armed March on Washington DC” is or was, a clusterfuck.

          Bradley Manning is no Revolutionary. He is a Traitor to this nation providing intelligence, aid, and comfort to the enemy.

          Make no mistake, if the NWO FED Thugs come for your guns, that is the act of a Rogue Administration, and it is an act of treason against the the American People who are the government, and the US Constitution which they swore to “preserve, protect, and defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic”. KILL THEM!

          Kill as many as you can. It is a numbers game and Patriots have the numbers. Sheriffs and local police will support you. The Military will be divided but large numbers of American troops will refuse to fire on Americans.

          Eventually the tide will turn and that Rogue Administration will be hunted down like dogs and executed on the spot.

          If you really want to resist the NWO, VOTE. 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote!

          If you really want to be a Patriot, go back to school get your law degree. Then sue the bastards over and over and over again. If you want to win the War for your Freedom, you must beat them at their own game.

          Otherwise you will be the victim …. again. Engage!

          • @durango kidd,

            Well… someone’s hittin the bottle tonight, or is it something else?

            “Adam Kokeshes is a fool.”

            It’s “Kokesh” jackass, and the fool is the Durango Moron residing in North Scottsdale!

            “Bradley Manning is no Revolutionary. He is a Traitor to this nation providing intelligence, aid, and comfort to the enemy.”

            Wow!!! Does anyone else on this site believe Manning is a trator to his country???

            Seriously. Lets hear it.

            “If you really want to be a Patriot, go back to school get your law degree.”

            Well, now we all know what DK does for a living.

            He’s a scumbag lawyer. DC is full of scumbag lawyers. Thats why this country is in the condition it’s in.

            Too many F**IN lawyers.

            Oh, and by the way. Only a shister scumbag lawyer would tell you voting is the way to change the system. The minute voting has ANY inpact on change, a scumbag lawyer will minipulate the voting machines accordingly.

            DK is a Statist punk who’s out of the closet tonight.


            • ~~~ The minute voting has ANY inpact on change, a scumbag lawyer will minipulate the voting machines accordingly.~~~

              Not necessary; problem solved years ago by underpaid hackers. 🙂

              • Be Careful, don’t fall for the COMMIE TRICKS. 🙁

                Yes, they can call for a revolution or a civil war, but if you follow them, you’ll probably be arrested for whatever false charges Liberals want to make against you.

                You should know by now, there’s always a double standard for Conservatives and for our vets.

                History has shown, the well train Russian army could not win the RED OCTOBER REVOLUTION, and the Russian people lost their sovereignty/independence for several decades; and WITHOUT the soldiers, guns and ammunition they know you could not win. 🙁

                Hope safety, Justice and Happiness For All. 🙂

                • The Russian armed force did not loose the Revolutionary War to its own people, but actually to the army of KHAN aka Kazakhstan. These well trained insurgents (aka foreigners) infiltrated and led the rebellion. 🙁

                  After the revolution and according to the Russians, it became a nightmare for the country and its citizens. Russians people lost their sovereignty, and their independence as a country such as:
                  – The right for self-defense
                  – The right to speak freely
                  – The right to their basic needs
                  – Facing harsh treatments or punishments

                  In the past centuries, Kazakhstan had provided their soldiers/mercenaries to other countries who wanted to overthrow king, dynasty, or gov’t in the West, East, Asia and in the Middle East as well.
                  In the 14th century, the Kazakhstan had the 2nd largest army in the world.

                  You know without the Knights Templars or the Crusaders, there would not be the U.S., civil wars or Revolutions. 🙂

                  • NMBC: STOP! Just Stop such blatant DIS-INFO regarding the russian revolt. It was “Khazers” Not kazakastans.

                    Your info is 100% wrong Period. READ several of My postings in several articles here(past articles) for the TRUTH ok. I have posted an Enormous amount of Factual Proven true info that it was Russian Jewsih Communists who did the russian revolt etc.

                    The ONLY part you got correct is the part of how russians Lost rghts etc! Your entire post, except for that part is Bogus Dis-Info at best!

                    And do not try to argue or debate this before You read and STUDY the Facts. I hope my messg here assists you in doing such study.

                  • @ Them Guys, are you still on meds?? Take you own advice, no one’s arguing with you.

                    You said: “And do not try to argue or debate this before You read and STUDY the Facts.”

                    I listed the reasons why I did not buy into the author’s agenda, DAISY LUTHER who has called for REVOLUTION and has promoted Adam Kokesh, Daisy’s Revolutionary leader.

                    So, what are you so worried about?
                    The rating aka thumbs up or thumbs down, only works to your advantage and for certain users or postings. So do you think the Western electronic voting systems work well for the sheeple so far? 🙁

                  • Them Guys is correct NMBC. Them Guys, oddly enough, I have been re-educating myself on this exact topic in disproving the myths of the Russian revolution/commie take over. Thanks for correcting the nmbc plant.

                  • @ DRD5508

                    Your pseudo arguments with another trolls, just to attract attention isn’t fooling me or intelligent people. So many Trolls on the Internet:

                    Every three out of four comments belong to TROLLS.
                    Every nine out of ten articles are by NWO AGENTS. 🙁
                    You’ve heard people complain, TROLLs advocate their agenda, spread disinfo., and promote their own people who wrote the articles. “Your wisdom belies your youth. Thank you for your articles and posts. Me too Daisy, enjoyable reading and a refresher.” WOW, So many nice comments just in one posting or is this propaganda??? What a snake oil saleman!


                    DRD5508, what could I expect a troll like you and your groups to say, huh? 🙂 No surprise at all!

                    BTW, don’t act stupid the Republican did not control the tea party or “socialist Republicans have been trying (unsuccessfully) to appear to be on the same side/agreement with the Tea Party.” as you said.

                    The Republicans have one of the trolls, RNC chairman PRIEBUS, infiltrate their party and cannot figure this out, or know how to get rid off him.

                    Let alone run or destroy the Tea party, it’s Banker party. the term coins from Benjamin Franklin a Billionaire banker at the time (his face is still on $100 notes). 🙁

                    So according to you Stalin (his ancestors) and his insurgents are not really from Kazakhstan?
                    According to you, he did not suppress the Russian people! This is what they call “Disinfo.”

                    Reading Trolls’ comments, it made me pretty sure I am right.
                    Manipulate thumbs-up and thumbs-down to control readers’ thoughts and to promote agendas and agents that make people think how that the conquest for a one-world government is getting much closer.

                • Them Guys,

                  The Khazers’ country is not on the map, and the name never existed. 🙁
                  But the Kazakhstan is still on the map and is next to the Southern Russia.
                  That’s is DIS-INFO as you put it. You should calm down, and I did read a few of ur postings. The word DIS-INFO as you call it is what your posting is all about. 🙂

                  Since you’re trying to convince me, you said: “Read several of my postings … for the truth ok.”
                  Another demand, your postings are only your own opinions without supporting facts. Sorry, i’s a waste of my time.

                  Are you still on meds?? I did not discuss “The Russian revolt” (but if someone with substantial knowledge about it, they or Mac should). However, if I want to I have the right, ….. just an overall statement about the aftermath of the Red October Revolution, you called it “DIS-INFO”, but at the same time you AGREED with me: 🙂

                  “The ONLY part you got correct is the part of how russians Lost rghts etc!” – Them Guys

                  You said, “it was Russian Jewish Communists who did the Russian revolt.” And the other days you said “Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin are Jews”. Okay, many articles talk about their actions and the aftermath which speak volume.

                  Just because you jump on the band wagon, it does not prove you are a regular Joe or an expert or NOT A TROLL.

                  So you DON’T believe in KNIGHTS TEMPLARS or CRUSADERS, but most people do.

                  “I hope my message here assists you in doing such study.” – Them Guys
                  You have not proven a damn thing (only your opinions), making insults & demands.
                  BTW, have Daisy take your advice, she wrote the article, not Mac’s audience.

                  Them Guys, take your own advice, stop name calling and making bogus demands.
                  (Link to follow: )

                  • Promote one of their own people and portray them as a victim.
                    With this video we can see how they orchestrated the past revolutions, and how they misled the protesters and mostly the Useful Idiots.

                    Apparently the protesters were there to promote legalizing marijuana, NOT TO PROTECT OUR INDEPENCE. 🙁

                    The protesters were misled and believed with the new system; they will do what they want, smoking marijuana, free money, and not be controlled by a dictator and his backers behind the scenes. I seems to me that the younger generation never heard of those death or labor camps before, all thanks to the propaganda machines at its worst.

                    Another trick is sometimes they used the pictures from the other events (marathon, games, etc..) to make it look like the protests were very large.


                  • NMBC: You think it in your mind, then it becomes valid truth. Because after all if you think something it MUST be so. Why else would You think it if it weren’t true.

                    YES You Did speak of russias revolution. Only you called it “Red October Revolution”. Wake Up! What you mentioned of russians loss of rights for several decades is what the russian revolt is all about.

                    You say NO such nation called KHAZARIA Existed due to TODAYS maps do not show it?…Yes “Todays” maps dont show it. just like many things have been “Hidden” from americans the last 100 yrs.

                    HERES A LINK and WITH MAPS!!!

                    www dot khazaria dot com History of the Jewish Khazers, Khazer Turks, Khazarian Jews.

                    This link has MORE Factual PROOF With MAPS etc. Then even Your twisted snake like brain can contain.

                    I have posted many many links in many prior posts. I just usually do not post a “Highlighted” link as it holds the post in moderation. But a written post as mine here This messg, works swell. Just copy and use a . instead of the word “dot” got it yet?

                    Rejecting what YOU wrote of the Templers and Crusades does NOT imply a person rejects the fact that they existed. Just NOT Your version is correct.

                    Man You got a twisted method of thoughts. Perhaps You need meds eh. I aint demanding anything of you. Believe what you care to. But if you post totally incorrect Crap then expect somebody here to say so.

                    I wont bother with any more of your ranting non sensical rage replies. It is too difficult to keep up with so many twists and turns. Go READ that Khazarian Link and EDUCATE YOURSELF about a few issues. Then Tell me there aint no such nation as Khzaria!

                    PS: Just remembered, after 9.5 yrs of archolgist’s digging to Find it…Aprox 3 yrs ago after nearly a Decade of digging/searching for Proof of Khazers…THEY FOUND IT! They dug up the ENTIRE Kagan’s(that means King in their language) Palace as well as their Rabbi’s Main Synagouge or temple as my be called by some.

                    Along with Near Perfectly preserved Wall Paintings depicting Much which is xtra Proof. I do not know if These photos are at the website I gave you in THIS Post messg. However Unwind your twisted mind a bit and perhaps if the TONS of Maps and Evidence at the site I gave you is Not sufficiant PROOF yet? Try a web search for the Photos of what that Dig uncovered.

                    PSS: If you can’t find proof at that khazaria site? I can and Will provide as Many more Links as You require to Further Prove that what Your posts say were Wrong.

                    In Fact: Heres a “BONUS” xtra Link to READ Free Online over 100 complete Books, Many are Very Rare or out of print etc. 100+ Free Books to read on EVERYTHING We/You were Never told about Kommies & the “Jewish” connections. As well as Many with Proofs Galore and Documented Facts about WWII/Nazis/Hitler/etc. which we Also were NEVER Taught nor Told of.

                    www dot Hofflandia dot com His Other site is http fwd slash fwd slash jewise dot wordpress dot com

                    Try reading some Actual True info and Amaze yourself NMBC.

                    Even DRD tried to convince you! Is he wrong like me too?

                    I hope the LINK provided educates You and unclutters your mind from so many wrong ideas about the Russian revolt and WHO actually Did it! And when I point out that somebody famous is really jewsih etc. That is so folks who, like me, were taught Faulty Untruthfull Crap, can Now learn the REAL facts and Truths about these issues.

                    Some folks say or “Imply” it means I am antisemiteic or a “hater” as the most Brainwashed amoung us prefere to term it. They too are Wrong.

                    To speak or write the Facts is NOT antisemitic.

                    To speak or write the Truth is NOT Racist.

                    It is simply an exersize of Our 1st ammendt right. And if when facts or truth Reveal what “Some” persons or groups would Rather remain Hidden….Thats too bad aint it. I believe way More folks desire the facts and truths on ALL issues. Those who Cling to childish methods to stiffle such, by calling someone out as racist or antisemitic KNOW that when they do that it is “supposed” to Silence whoever speaks truth. They really, Really, Hate guys like me who do not subscribe to their method of Truth Stiffleing or silencing. But I understand it is because it is They who do such name calling who cannot deal with Truth, or are Afraid if they accept it for truth, they may need make a few Vital changes in many Other areas of beliefs etc…But Thats Their problem right. Some of us folks do not mind if need to change due to New knowledge and truth or facts. Perhaps YOU NMBC should consider to JOIN Our side!(After you read That website and Fix Your mistaken ideas ok). Them Guys

                    Better READ them Links! as there WILL be a QUIZ afterwards!(joking)!

                  • Hey Guys, see note below and we pretty much worry the same things.

              • Maybe so JayJay, but some POS lawyer will make sure the results are validated.

            • “Bradley Manning is no Revolutionary. He is a Traitor to this nation providing intelligence, aid, and comfort to the enemy.”>>>>Anyone that did what he did(make public mil. secrets) IS,repeat IS a traitor to this country.He should have been HANGED when they caught him with the PROOF.

              • @Bob

                “Military secerets.”

                You mean CRIMES committed by your government.

                You can slap a “National Security” label on anything in an attempt to hide facts from the American people.

                But you’re a good little government bootlickin patriot aren’t ya Bob.

                Crimes committed by YOUR government are apparently OK with YOU.

                Let me ask you something Bob; Do you believe in the US Constitution? Or are those just words.

                “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmond Burke

            • @ yourmotherwaswrong,

              Are you serious or is there supposed to be a sarcastic tag on your comments? If not I think you are being a little harsh. I don’t neccesary agree with everything a person on this site says but I try to argue a pont and not belittle anothers thoughts or call people names. I thought that was what this place was for. The excahnge of thoughts. If you think my thoughts here are refutable then maybe yourmotherwaswrong.

              Daisy, Great article. I can’t believe how much effort you put into this. I think you covered if not all the bases then you certainly touched on most. My hat is off to you. Really good.


              • Me too Daisy, enjoyable reading and a refresher. I too have fought the school system and as you know, everytime I show up I’d hear wispers “here comes trouble”.
                Your wisdom belies your youth. Thank you for your articles and posts.

                • DRD5508: I read your reply to nmbc. Thanks for the assistance.I also am glad to hear that you too have been Re-educating self about kommies and russia etc! Just wish Many more good folks would do likewise. Once you learn the factual truths on russia and its revolutionairy era. If you are also interested in more? I can provide Many swell links that show all the lies we were taught about WWII era too. It is a toss up to which event we were Lied to more. WWI and Russian kommie era OR, WWII and “nazis” etc era. Either way it is good to learn truths of Both I think. Hard part is getting Others to accept it! Or even be willing to check it out at least!

                  DRD, You can call me crazy but don’t it seem like that part of Danial book in bible that describes end times, where it speaks of Some amoung your people shall rise up to awaken folks, and some shall learn and be awakened..But the others will Remain in their false beliefs etc etc. Don’t it seem like perhaps We are living that part Today? and just maybe those of our folks who are trying to RE educate others about so many falshoods in most Every area or issue known of, might be Us and Our calling to do? Can’t now recall which chapter and verses but it Is book of Danial for certain, Ch.7? or ch 2 perhaps? Check it out and see if you agree DRD.

                  • Them Guys, you are right concerning the book of Daniel. There are so many other passages in regards to what is called ‘intrigue’ and the spirit of the antichrist (I John). For others accept truth they have to be open to listen/read both sides of the arguement.Remember in II Thess.2 that Paul says a ” strong delusion has come upon them…”.( I believe it is verse 12 or 13)
                    As for NMBC, that’s right refer to name calling, that is so typical of socialists/commies/trolls. I will prove to you that you are a troll: The topic Daisy wrote on wasn’t intended to be along your topic. Enjoy what the author has shared (wisdom) and learn from it instead of trying to hunt down your like minded trolls. Don’t think you have credibility in what you say; ‘People don’t care how much you know, till they know how much you care’

              • @BigB…….And THIS was the reason I have ignored Politician’s since I was a teenager!! TOO MUCH DECEPTION !! And WAY too many opinions about something that should be Good or Bad for ALL!! Great article ,DAISY !!….mm~

            • YMWW: No I am not an attorney but I am planning at this point to take the LSAT in December. The best way to fight the NWO is through legal education of the masses and legal action when OUR rights are violated.

              A law degree and the US Constitution are formidable weapons when turned against the NWO.

              Adam K, is a fool because he is a hothead and didn’t think through the ramifications of his now cancelled, ill advised Armed March on DC. Oath Keepers has disavowed his now cancelled march.

              As I have noted previously, his Armed March would have been better within the jurisdiction of a State, rather than a Federally incorporated jurisdiction like DC.

              Bradley Manning is a Traitor to his country. When 20 year PFC’s without the education, experience, or special expertise it takes it upon themselves to make decisions regarding national intelligence or military data then they should be willing to accept the consequences of their actions.

              At BEST, Manning belongs in a cell next to Jonathan Pollard for the next twenty years, who should have been executed for spying for Israel. Spying for an Australian national like Assange is still spying.

              Death to Traitors!

              • @DK

                “Adam K, is a fool because he is a hothead.”

                So then by your logic, you would have labeled the Founding Fathers as a bunch of “hotheads.”

                Would that be a fair read of your thought process, or do I miss something?

                As far as PFC Manning goes, I refer you to my comments directed at Bob.

                They apply to you as well!

                • No the Founding Fathers were not “hotheads” because they chose a well reasoned path towards Independence including the publication of the Declaration of Independence which listed their grievances. They declared themselves “FREE”, then they organized, communicated, volunteered, donated, and voted for Independence.

                  The first shots were fired by the British and the British went to Lexington and Concord to collect their guns and confront the Rebels in their hometown. The British were the original “Gun Grabbers”.

                  Let the Gun Grabbers come to US. And if they do it is OUR collective moral and Patriotic duty to kill them. see the difference. Understand the difference.

                  It is your logic and rationale that is flawed, not mine.

                  • @DK

                    “they chose a well reasoned path towards Independence.”

                    Ya… they provoked a “well reasoned” gunfight!!!

                    They didn’t sit back getting useless law degrees from the Crown while hoping for a redress of grievances.

                    They chose action! Not trying to work within the system!

                    Adam Kokesh understands that inorder to bring about real change in this country, one cannot work within the existing system(voting your way out). It’s much to late for that.

                    The Founders knew that to be the case in 1775.

                    Statist just don’t get it.

                  • Anarchists don’t get it either. The nation has basic rules of conduct to which a moral people will adhere. WE have adequate ways and means to register OUR displeasure now. Capture the moral high ground at the outbreak of hostilities by letting the NWO break OUR unalienable, Constitutional laws first.

                    Then wage TOTAL war upon them.

                    When is that moment you ask? When the NWO comes to confiscate OUR guns and/or declares the US Constitution null and void and the North American Union in force and effect.

                    Until then the system is adequate to reverse the globalization of America if the people would just get involved. Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing; and that statement reflects the status of America today.

                    The reason I am considering attending law school and absorbing the time and costs when I could be enjoying my life doing the things I really want to do, is to be able to say to my Maker that I did everything I could to prevent the dissolution of America.

                    Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots.

          • @durango kid I do agree with some of your topic points however to beat them at their own game you have to have vast amounts of money to even start playing the game let alone beat them at their game. Another reason people dont or cant play the game is because the game is so stacked in one way its even harder just to try to start playing the game. Of course thats just my opinion from what i have seen and also have heard

            • Spark: It does take money; and numbers. 100 million gun owners donating only $100 dollars apiece could create a $10 billion dollar fund. That is a large enough sum to create a Party of New Patriots with a presence in all 50 states; competing successfully with the NWO.

              In the meantime, join a Tea Party Organization in your area and do your part. The Tea Party IS making a difference and they are just getting started. Soon they will control the Republican party.

              Liberals, socialists, and commies, have been working diligently for thirty years to achieve their goals. Restoration of America will not be an overnight thing. Patriots must be dedicated and resolute.

              • DK,
                The Tea Party was hijacked by the Republican party not long after it’s inception. If it is associated with either of the two major parties in the US, it will be more of the same!!!

                • SD Mule: I must disagree. If your statement were true, Bob Dole and John McLame wouldn’t be whining incessantly and lamenting about them.

                  The Tea Party is just getting started and made an impact upon the last election; otherwise, the House as well as the Senate would have a liberal majority.

                  Give them your support at the local level and add your voice to the Chorus.

                  • DK,
                    I must disagree with you, Sarah Palin has been associated with the Tea party. You remember her, she was your Republican Arizona Senator’s running mate during his presidential attempt a few years ago. American politics is always about the money and there is plenty of money to control the Tea party candidates should they get elected.

                  • @SD Mule

                    Your assessment of the Tea Party and the Republicans is correct.

                    Dk is a perfect example of the cognitive dissonance displayed by those like him. He is so heavally invested in the Established Order that he “can’t see the forest for the trees.”

                    He is unable to modulate his position, because to do so means giving up on long held beliefs.

                    Giving up long held fictitious ideas of how the world works produces alot of pain in some people. For some, the pain is just too much to bare. They prefer living in a fantasy.

                    They would also prefer you live in the fantasy as well.

                    Hence the term “Conspiracy Theory.”

                • SD Mule, how do you know the Tea party was hijacked or who told you that lie? The media and socialist Republicans have been trying (unsuccessfully) to appear to be on the same side/agreement with the Tea Party.
                  You are following a myth that thge Rep. controll the Tea Party. By the way, have you attended a Tea Party meeting or talked with a hand full of members?

                  • @DRD5508

                    Q: Who do you think “Tea Party” members vote for?

                    A: Republicans!

                    The Conservative Establishment co-opted the Tea Party and own it.

                    Q: Who do you think the “Occupy Movement” members vote for?

                    A: Democrats!

                    The Liberal Establishment co-opted the Occupy Movement and own it.

                    Boobus Americans just don’t it.

                    They’re to busy patting themselves on the back for being “Exceptional.”

                    It all makes me SICK!

          • DK. This site is really starting to turn against you.

            • Disagreeing with ONE POST isn’t ‘turning against’ anyone. We all disagree and sometimes even the most popular of us posts a comment that isn’t well received.

              We all disagree with Eisen, a lot, but sometimes, even he posts something coherent. When this site ‘turns against’ any particular poster, it is because they mostly attack others with their posts…we attack trolls, NOT people who make comments we don’t agree with in context alone.

            • FBP: r-r-r-i-i-i-g-g-g-h-h-h-t-t-t! (as if that would make a difference to me!) LMFAO!!! 🙂

          • I agree with some of your statement and then I don’t agree with some of it. Adam Kokesh is a Marine and to anyone who has ever been in the Marine Corps that doesn’t require explanation, but let me just say that most young men and women who join the Corps are pretty extreme in everything they do. As for your comments about killing and being able to count on the support of officials local or military I assure you that you can count on receiving no support from anyone in the Military. They aren’t planning on only using US troops. They have a large number of foreign operatives who would be more than happy to fire on American citizens. To be honest your comment seems a bit disjointed. On one hand you admonish Adam for being hot headed, but then express how we should behave in a far more extreme manner. So, don’t march on Washington or any other capital, but kill politicians and other public servants? Anyway, Semper Fi broham.

            • I am an ex-Marine. So I understand Adam K urge to fight. Patriots must pick their fights intelligently and choose those they can win. DC is Federal property.

              When a NWO Federal Thug comes to your DOOR demanding your firearms, it is a direct violation of YOUR UNalienable right to keep and bear arms. That gives you the legitimate right, and patriotic duty to kill them. There is a difference.

              See the difference. Know the difference.

              • ex ???!!?? EVERY Marine I have ever known used the word “former”, NEVER ex. To a man, the term “ex” was almost fighting words.

                • Not worth a response.

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “Not worth a response.”

                    That is a response, you fricken moron!

                    It’s true: You can’t fix stupid.

                  • YMWW: Let me coin a phrase for you:

                    “FUCK YOU ALICE!”

              • DK,
                I wasn’t aware, there WERE any ‘ex’ Marines…
                Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine.

                And, I am not ‘against’ you either… even though we disagree from time to time. In fact, that, is our biggest problem, all of us. We can’t AGREE on much of anything… our individuality and intelligence is our Achilles heel. We are divided, and as we see, this will be how we are conquered. We have no ‘can do’ attitude anymore, all we have is fear.

                I said before, in the piece “the Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned”, that the Constitutional Convention is the ONLY way to SHUT DOWN WASHINGTON. That, this is the only moral, rational, legal, constitutional and nonviolent way. BUT, it would have to be ALL OF US, including the Tea Parties, as a UNIT, to take it and run with it as a CAUSE.
                The only way it would work, is for the ‘little people’ to get involved and run for DELEGATE. To have the states do it directly and BYPASS Washington and the Establishment’s money, with mandated town hall elections, come one come all. This would allow ANYONE TO SPEAK… the roaches would run for the cover of darkness. This would put the fear of God in them because all of their NWO efforts would come to a screeching halt.

                But, DK, you pointed out that the State parties would grab it and turn it into a real socialist cluster F*. The question is; Is that true, when, there are MORE OF US than there are of THEM? IF, WE ALL, GOT INVOLVED, I don’t see there being any way of the Establishment winning. Especially if we had a backup plan, since, I don’t think there would be any way to create any amendments, the concon, should come to deadlock.

                This is the best outcome in a way, because then, after everybody becoming emotionally vested in the process, and seeing no way forward, at that point a motion for DISSOLUTION would be proferred to the floor. This way, everybody gets what they want, secession is accomplished by default. Those states wishing to form new confederations and reestablishing the Bill of Rights sans Centralized government or money, would be free to do so without a Federal Beast looking over our shoulder.

                The Empire has failed DK, wishing won’t make it any other way. The ‘woulda, shoulda, coulda’s are behind us, and the only way forward, is to wrest power away from the Establishment, whatever it takes. The worm is turning, and the paradigm turns to sand under our feet. The stock market, is not the economy but, the multinationals. By 2016, I think we’ll be seeing the results of normalcy bias morphing into systemic irrationality turned to madness, as hope dies in all levels of society. This will be deliberate chaos on the part of the NWO, as we all know. So, as long as we play checkers and they play chess, we will continue to lose, until we wake up one morning… having lost it all.

                The winds of prophecy howl, and the winds of war blow, while the Eldridge Maelstrom grows. What does this mean? If we have a ‘collapse’, will it be televised? Will anybody know, other than a few? Will it be covered in a velvet glove and a coat of paint? Will anybody care? Or will they cheer? Is this how liberty dies, not with a whimper or a frown, but with a shout of joy?

                What then Christian? What then Patriot?

                • Piper Michael says:


                  You will never be able to effectivly change this country by working within the present system.

                  It’s bullet proof that way!

                  It’s TOO late in the game for that. TOO LATE!!

                  The establishment is self-replicating.

                  Run for office… Become a delegate… Agitate for change within the system. It will get you nowhere.

                  If you’re lucky they will ignore you.

                  If you’re not, you’ll be designated an “Enemy Combatant” and delt with accordingly.

                  A drone strike. Or maybe just a wind-up toy sent after you.

                  Can you say JFK?

                  History has shows us time and again that there is only one way out of this.

                  But in the mean time, if it makes you feel better, keep on voting.

                • The problem PM is if the “little people” won’t get involved to change the system from the grassroots at the local level where it is easiest for them to access and reclaim their government, a Constitutional convention would give the criminals who currently hold power a blank check. Change must occur from the bottom up. It will not change from the top down.

                  Attend a Tea Party, or GOOOH.

                  • DK,
                    Sorry to be tardy in returning to the thread.

                    Agreed, that’s what I said.
                    If the Tea parties, took it as a CAUSE, it might stand a chance. It is the ONLY chance for change outside the system, that can fundamentally turn over the apple cart. If they did, the libs would lose their minds, it would degenerate rapidly. It would be worth it just to see the show. It would be something I would get off my ass for.

                    blah blah blah? who’re you again?
                    That was the whole point yomamma… it is not working ‘within’ THE SYSTEM, it is the Foundation stone OF The System.

                    You rail against voting but do not understand the source of your frustration. It is not ‘voting’ that is the issue, my young friend. It is PARTIES, it is the Nominees, and those who run are dependent on MONEY and influence to get on THE BALLOTS. If money were removed, and public debates were held as come one come all, and those town halls HAD to be televised on the PUBLIC’s AIRWAVES, then there would be a gaggle of new blood, every cycle. But, the parties have worked hard, for over 100 years, to make it near impossible for non party candidates to get on the ballot.

                    As long as we allow The Establishments MONEY to control who gets voted ON, and who gets on the ballots, then you are right, you are voting for tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber. THEY like their politicians DUMB but able to give pretty speeches, they’re easier to control that way.

                    A concon, has nothing to do with The System as it stands, it is completely OUTSIDE the system. The System would HAVE to ABIDE by the amendments ratified by the delegates and the states. Delegates who could be anybody, if, it was taken over by the right people as a Cause Celeb. The only way to do that, DK is right, the grass roots would have to rise up. But, IF WE DID, we COULD NOT LOSE.

              • If they come to your door you`ve already lost that fight, you have to be smarter than that.

          • durango kidd:

            I support everything you said in post 1744514

          • I clicked the thumb up too soon, I was wrong. Voting is a colossal waste of time and effort, unless your vote comes from the muzzle of a high powered rifle aimed small. We have seen how voting works? and should take a hint from that failure. The only way to stop tyrants today is no different than it was when this nation was formed, by killing them, you are right about that DK.

            • if voting was a colossal waste of time as you suggest, a Kenyan (by his own admission) would not be sitting in the white House.

              129 million votes were cast in the last election. There are 100 million American gun owners. Whose fault is it. white American gun owners stayed home. They got the government they deserve.

              If they stay home in 2014 communism will have taken over the nation at the ballot box. It’s OUR decision.

              • @DK

                Vote for what?

                You mean I have a choice between criminal “R” or criminal “D”.

                That’s no choice!

                It’s just the same BS with a different face.

                Just in case it escaped you, Romney is a lawyer, just as Obama was. Obama for some “unknown” reason volutarily gave up his JD. Look it up.

                Please don’t comment that Willard is not a lawyer. You will only imbarrass yourself.

                One more point on voting:

                Why do it… It only encourges the bastards!

              • They stayed home because the “choice

                They stayed home because the choice was between the lesser of two evils. Some people just dont want to vote for evil. The whole system is a sham, playing the game according to their rules and thinking you can actually win is foolish and a waste of time that could be better spent on something productive.

                • You can change the system from the bottom up. I you do not believe YOU can, you cannot. You may as well blow your brains out and relieve your misery.

                  They shoot horses don’t they? Isn’t that a skinnymoose?

                  • @DK

                    You’re a big, tough, ex-Marine aren’t ya!

                    You better hope the “System”… the one you love so much, dosen’t vote to put you “down” someday!!

                    After all, what use is a scumbag lawyer?

                    They just f**k everything up.

                  • YMWW: No I do not love the system. The system is corrupted. The table is tilted. I do love the US Constitution and want to see it restored as the basis for OUR government at every level: both in the spirit and letter of the Law; with the exception of gold backed money, which cannot operate fairly under the Free Trade Regime of the GB’s.

                • A friend told me; “One’s a mormon and the others a muslim, fuck ’em both.”

                  This was The Establishment throwing the Election…
                  Understand? Just like with McShame/Palin…

                  They KNEW nobody would vote for Romney.
                  But, every Democrat I’ve talked to in my area, voted for Romney…
                  It was people who stayed home, did exactly what the Establishment predicted you would do. WE WAS HAD.

              • DK,
                If voting mattered, you would not be allowed to vote!!

                • That would be their next step if 100 million gun owners in America went to the Polls. Until then, 100 million gun owners have the power to control all elections.

                  You however may as well roll over and die because their is no fight left in you: you have given up.

                  Repeat after me: “From my cold dead hand”.

                  • DK,
                    That “from my cold dead hands” line looks really cool in print, but without the action to back it up it is just some words on a computer screen or in a book. You’re not going to change anything with words on a computer screen, eventually there must be some action taken. In America you have a large group of people who still believe in the right/left paradigm, still believe that the government is concerned about their welfare, still believe the military fights for your freedom, ect. Nina O gave you the blueprint on how to create change in America a couple of months back and it did not include voting or spouting some silly phrase that looks good in print. It will require action. Time will tell who quits and who does not.

                  • I may not change anything with a few words on a computer screen; but then again I might. Its my time and energy so I have a right to expend it as I see fit.

                    Words matter. Mind IS the builder. Thoughts are things. Ideas have power and ideas grow until they become a movement in a the mind of many.

                    Education is a powerful tool. Speak the WORD. Even a voice crying in the wilderness will move a tree to tears. 🙂

            • You people make me sick!!! Voting is a waste of time??? You are the reason this country is being over taken by commies because they are not too lazy to vote and take charge. I still believe your vote counts for local government but maybe not for the president.

              You will react the same way in every other situation that requires action in life. When they say turn in your guns; you will say: its too late now where’s my stick.

              Grow a couple and represent the red, white, and blue. Be ready to defend your GOD, family, and health with every vote you have. Be able to say you did everything you could to make a difference instead of sitting on this computer and complaining about the country hoping the end will come.

              1st rant and hopefully my last. GOD Bless

              • Sorry I meant defend your religion because GOD certainly doesn’t need any of us to defend him

              • News flash for ya Indy: Voting changes nothing!

                The rotten system of the USSA rolls merrily along year after year because people vote.

                If voting made a difference; why is this country going down the Shit Tube?

                Because, VOTING has put us there!!!

                Withdraw your consent!

                Don’t vote.

                Anyone who votes, votes for the established order!

                By voting, you legitimize the system!

                • With that thought process; you may as well enter the bunker now. Voting does matter because your elected officials choose the laws being made. Some of congress are crooks but some are decent people just like every other group in life.

                  One congressman I write often is Dan Coats of Indiana. He always writes me back and I believe he has our best interest in mind. Indiana is a great state to live and a few years ago when I bought my first house; they gave me the $8000 down payment. This was Indiana, not the Fed.

                  If you want to choose not to vote and leave society; go ahead because we don’t need quiters. We are seeing this country change because the commies are signing up people in every low income area of the country and they show up to the polls!

                  • Indy,
                    They gave you $8,000.00 to buy a house??? Who gave you the money, the State of Indiana. What product does the State of Indiana produce that they can sell for a profit in order to provide you with $8,000.00?? Now I understand why you are voting, you think they are giving you something without strings attached. I wonder how all those taxpayers in the state feel about subsidizing your house?? Thank you for illustrating what the voting system has become in America!!!

                  • SD Mule, Comment 1748937

                    Our state is one of the few that runs a surplus every year. I don’t vote just because the State gave me this money. This was for first time home buyers and I had to meet strict requirements. This wasn’t a poormans hand out. You had to have atleast a 700 credit score, 1st time buyer, purchase rural, and make under 35K.

                    I assure you this helps people get into homes instead of wasting money on renting. I assure you Indiana tax payers haven’t lost any money since I moved there from out of state. I now pay land tax, home owners asso fees, and Indiana registration and plates. I also purchased during the housing slump and lenders were very stingy. Indiana recognizes the value a home brings to a family and doesn’t hand out to just poor people.

                    They make sure its productive members of society. They couldn’t give away a home when we bought a few years ago. The Fed has a similar rural housing program.

                    FYI: This was a program found by our lender. I DIDN”T GO LOOKING FOR A HAND OUT. BUT YOU WOULD BE STUPID TO REFUSE WHEN OFFERED!!!

        • Daisy,

          You, Daisy, are a Profile in Courage. I always love what you write– both here and at your website.

          Let’s all keep in mind what President John F. Kennedy said:

          “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”


          I got your back, Daisy, in fact, I think it’s safe to say we all do.

          Remember the Alamo– The Lone Ranger

          • Please speak for yourself. Many here see though here act.

        • Daisy

          I admire your convictions..

          as you walk the walk..


          • How does she walk the walk. Only walk she did was leave the country. To later sneak back in.

            • Daisy….great article as usual! Well done….

          • Daisy: As always, love your article (both here and at your site)….wish I could give you 10 thumbs up! take care of you and “the little one”…CC

        • Just don’t raise the flag of surrender. My random act of revolution today was to proceed past a sign placed by,I won’t say who, that said Grizzly trapping in progress. My main concern was not the party that posted the sign, but the Griz that could have been lurking near by. My thoughts later were, if I had been charged by a Griz and had to shoot it in self defense, I would have had to deal with the Feds. These bears are so dangerous because these people keep trapping and studying and relocating them and evertime they do, they inject them with drugs which makes them very unpredictable. Trekker Out. And I Don’t Wear Little Bells.

      2. Keep the original intent(Constitution).

        F**K the rest!

      3. True Daisy, true. What is so pathetic is that the people in this country should all be working towards the betterment of the country, and treating those in foreign countries, like the enemy Chinese, as the problem. The so called leaders, what a terrible name “leaders”, should be looking towards the people for the strength, rather than trying to tear everyone and everything down. I guess though when you are an evil corrupt bastard or bitch, being corrupt and rotten just comes natural. These suckers have to understand that a revolution means stringing to light poles and other means of elimination. You think these wanna be dictators and following of dictators would learn from all the failures of tyranny to hold on to power. BUT, like the old adage, those that fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it. The human species still doesn’t yet get it do they? Nice article Daisy, thank you.

          • Whats up ninao?

            Russians are sending more hardware to the med. (a carrier)

            Man history moves SO slow while we are living it.

            I thought we would be sun tanning in fall out by now, god I hope I am wrong.

            Looks like a lot of people are going to die for “country A”

            • The Russians have sent their only aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” from its home base in Murmansk, towards the Mediterranean and the Syrian port of Tartus.

              Russian Mediterranean Naval Build-Up Challenges NATO Sixth Fleet Domination


              • But most of them (ours) are sequestered in port.

                • True, but that’s not that big a concern when you consider haw fast they can be flushed out…
                  And how fast they can go, “advertised speed” 35kts+…hahaha
                  Then think about what it takes to get a 20t+ aircraft in the air…catapults only do so much.
                  If you’ve ever seen a carrier in open sea…truly an amazing sight…
                  Umm…That just made me think of where Adm.Gaouette might be these days…

            • @Kevin … Respect !

              we can only try to save those who will listen .

              keep the faith kevin … you are not alone .

              we are many and growing .

              cheers ;0)

              N.O. ;0p

              • He never said he is with you. Just missed your rants. And for fun look at the rust line on the Russian cairier. Looks like the hauler I rode in Africa.

          • What’s your point? China has a single aircrafte carrier? Woohoo.

            • it always starts with just one …


              • It would only take 1 medium size nuke to turn Ny, Nj and the surrounding area into a smouldering dump, only need 1 plane for that,

                • If they bombed Camden would anyone notice? LOL

                  Semper Fi 8541

                • Or one fishing trawler with nuclear tipped cruise missiles.

              • Naval aviation is a “little” more difficult than just “one”…

                • sigh …

                  whatever dimtard .


                • been swimming lately?

        • Thank you, Daisy

          To err is human, but the populous in America today
          has embraced it as a lifestyle.
          Espousing the virtues and necessity of liberty and
          freedom is a revolutionary act in and of itself to
          the unbelievers.
          I walk straight and tall amongst my peers, although
          it’s hard to be humble while being pelted with eggs.
          On the SHTF I only go down in a hail of red thumbs.
          I do light one little candle, but 300m. blow it out.

          • To err is human.
            To forgive-well that’t just not company policy.

            The beatings will continue until morale improves.

        • BI,
          The Chinese are not your enemy, that is old programming. The enemy is within, not outside of this country. It is not the Chinese that are members of the US political class. It is not the Chinese that are pushing GMO foods, pushing the Big Pharma agenda, pushing the poor educational system in America, nor is it the Chinese that are using the MSM to program the masses in America. You are following the traditional programming, ” It’s always someone else’s fault”. LOOK WITHIN!!!

          • Anon

            Yeah….we’ll see how that all works out when
            everyone is eating with chop sticks and carrying
            yuan in their wallets while working for their
            sino-american companies and driving Tesla autos.
            Not much of a leap, since nearly everything sold
            here is made in China already. So solly, Anon,
            but BI has got it nailed to the wall.

            • Just means we let it happen.

            • Outwest,

              If we are using chopsticks, carrying yuan in our wallets, and working for sino-american companies as you say, how does that make the Chinese an enemy. America was the economic power of the world, made many poor decisions, the masses got complacent, and we are losing that spot in the worlds eyes. China did nothing but show some patience, have a large work force, and have some businessmen who new how to negotiate. America had it in it’s hands and let it slip away. I don’t see how you can blame anyone but the American people!?!?

          • @ Anonymous. I will think about that when a see a string of mushroom clouds about 80,000 feet tall off in the distance, via China or Russia. Much of the poison being pushed by GMO is the evil in this country is right from here, the pharm companies are nothing but scummy little dope dealers that belong in the worst possible hell after their worthless hides run out of life. It is the Chinese that have stolen jobs, are poisoning the environment with their coal and other unfiltered carbons, and pushing their own deadly arsenic and other heavy metal ridden foods into the grocery stores here.

            It is true that the U.S. and their allies are boxing in China and Russia, something that will get this country blown up. The Chinese though are poisoning the planet far more than any nation, including the waterways that dump into the oceans. The planet is not that big. You look at a standard size globe at the store and see that it is probably to natural scale of about 50 million to one. That is how small the planet is, 50 million times the size a globe. That is not that large and the Chinese are easily the number one toxic polluter of any country on the world, with India coming in as a distant second.

            I blame China for plenty, and they are the enemy of not only the U.S. but the human species, the animal life and the planet life on this planet. I put blame on EVERYONE, including from within. This is the fair judegment call.

            • China didn’t steal jobs from USA. Our politicians gave them willingly.

              • @Selenaishott, True

              • Selenaishott says:

                “China didn’t steal jobs from USA. Our politicians gave them willingly.”

                No, Americans shopping at Walmart demanding cheap products caused jobs to be offshored.

                Economics 101 folks.

                Americans want high wage jobs and Walmart too.


            • BI,
              The mushroom cloud Bullshit is the same crap the Right Wing was peddling to sell the masses on the Iraq invasion.The nuclear war threat from The Russian bear and the Chicoms is cold war programming. The Chinese don’t have to bomb the US, they have the financial leverage and they know how to use it. If you don’t want countries bombing you then leave them ALONE!!

            • If it’ll give you any comfort, I can say with 95% certainty that first-strike type military action on part of either Russia or China is hugely unlikely. With Chinese – it’s simply not their way. Sun Tzu notwithstanding (it was 500 BCE, afterall), if you look at their military history, they lost all major conflicts… and thus won them by dissolvimng conquerors inside their own ranks. But militarily they are definetely NOT first-attack types. As for us Russians, it’s even more straightforward. We always win defensive-type wars – especially on our own soil, but this is pretty much it. Conquest isnt our forte. All conquering wars were concerning our immdiate continental borders (Empire gave up pretty easily on its North American assets, because they were of no strategic importance). And even in those, success of the conquest were assured not so much via military, but through political pressure. We simply aint fit to fight outside our land, let alone launch war of extermination – belive me, if anyone knows what horror war REALLY is, it is us. 26 millions in WW2, close to 4 millions in WW1 (highest casualty rate among particiopans of the conflict), about 10 million lost during Civil War, untold number of deaths during chaos of 1990s (sometimes it is estimated as high as WW2 losses). Most of them civilians. The memory of war and hate of it is almost genetic. We are no pacifist and anyone who attacks us would eventually see our army at the gates of their own capital, but attack first? Not no, but HELL NO. It goes against entire cultural programming. We practically lost Winter War with Finland, of all states – because we were attackers. That IS remembered and felt. So sleep well, no Russian nukes flying your way, unless it is retaliation stike. Same goes for Chinese. All said doesnt mean we’re white and fluffy.US is objectively our rival – as long as it is pursuing Full Spectrum Dominance, so there WILL be warfare, but it wouldnt be of military type. Just my take.

          • You do make a valid point about the enemy within. But, do not underestimate China, gu-li, they can’t wait for your demise, either 😉

          • I don’t blame China when I can’t find a kitchen utensil made in USA!!
            I blame the idiots in congress.

            • I blame the unions.

            • Can’t be any more clearer than that.

            • JayJay,
              I blame the consumers who purchased the products when they first started showing up on the shelves in America. The consumer showed there was a market for cheap, foreign made crap in America. The same applies to the illegal aliens,the American consumer showed there was a market for cheap, unskilled labor. It didn’t matter until it was their job that was heading overseas. It’s a shame the American consumer can’t think past the ends of their little dicks. It’s too late to cry now. It is time to reap what you have sown!!!

      4. The cousin of my best friend’s dog carries WHEREVER she goes, regardless of what the Legislature says…….she says she’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6…..its the little things….

      5. My not-so-random acts of revolution today were to
        1- Buy another silver coin
        2- Shop the Farmers Market for produce
        3- Feed my chickens, and gather my eggs
        4- Water my vegetable garden
        5- Comment on this article

        Now I’ll go drink a home-made beer!

        • Go ahead, Silver Surfer!!!

        • I teach 1 person every day ,they say something to someone else and They say something to someone else and so on and so on .
          And if I disappear ,well there are thousands now that will continue ,knowing that what I taught was truth )))
          I love the thought that the knowledge I have given grows ezponentionally every day !!!!! I have chosen to be the change that I wish to see in others and dammit IT WORKS

        • Silver Surfer

          Personal Independence is at the very core of Freedom.

          The two greatest tools they have are control of energy and food. The more one can produce of both the less power the system has over you. They’ed like to herd us into cities in Agenda 21 because we’re easily controlled there with limited opportunity to obtain Independence.

      6. You need to have your kids vaccinated against the killer childhood diseases like polio and whooping cough. Like people did for decades before misinformed people suddenly thought it was dangerous. People who refuse to do that should be charged with child endangerment. “Science” that claims that childhood immunization causes autism has been debunked. If you WANT your child to wake paralyzed then skip the vaccinations.

        • “Science” Ha! You don’t get it do you?


          Excellent article. You just keep getting better and better.

          Thanks, Bill

        • Chances of polio maybe one in 100 w/o vaccination. Chances of autism maybe one in 10,000 with a vaccination. No brainer, vaccinate. I’m 55 and only knew of one kid growing up with polio and he came from rural Porto Ricco. Everybody else vaccinated as a child.

          Math skills took a nosedive post calculator.

          • The chance of autism is now less than 1 in 100.

            • And Kevin2,

              you might want to read the contract you are asked to sign when your kid gets vaccines. It contradicts EVERYTHING the doctor, the nurse, the PA, AND mainstream media claim about vaccine being safe. Its a legal document which says your kid can very probably be messed up for life or even killed. No doubt, if your daughter is hospitalized with pneumonia within a month of the vaccine, the health care professionals will tell you it couldn’t have been the vaccine that caused it; despite the fact nobody in your family or community had pneumonia or even a cold at the time!!!

              BTW, millions of people have never been vaccinated. Riddle for you? Why is not wiping them out? Headlines we just don’t see: Bubonic Plague Epidemic Kills Millions in India”, “Polio Outbreak Wipes out Millions in Nigeria”… etc.

              Lots more to this vaccine business than most people realize.

        • BC has a point, as much as you may not want to hear it. Things like polio, measles, scarlet fever, and pertusius terrified our grandparents. Seems that now every kid who’s a little slow at the switch is autistic. The autism rate seems to increase with every TV commercial. I’d never deny that big pharma is evil, but note the resurgence in pertusius lately. When I was a kid it was something your grandmother told stories about.

        • Barn Cat–I have ALWAYS enjoyed your posts.
          But, this is one subject I must speak about.
          The vaccines today are NOT what vaccines were decades ago. Strange things added and the whistleblowers are nurses, not medical novices.
          And EVERY study I read says childhood shots DO cause autism and MANY other ailments today, esp. ADD.

          I have failed to read even one study with results contrary.

          • Just lime global warming there are plenty of studies to support each side. That’s the problem.

            • No, there are not “many studies to support both sides of GW!” That is bull sh–! The only studies that say its not happening are a few studies paid for by the fossil fuel industry– mostly pseudo scientists.

              Every legitimate Scientific Organization in the U.S. all say GW is happening and it is caused mostly by the burning of fossil fuels. (Likewise in other countries).

              The fossil fuel industry (gas, oil, coal)would lose billions of dollars if the people understood the truth about climate change and they pay millions of dollars every year to spread dis-information…just like the cigarette industry did when scientists started talking about it being bad for you health.. actually, the fossil fuel industry hired the same PR firms that the cigarette industry did!

              I spent 3 years reading everything I could get my hands on about GW. I KNOW its happening and that its the result (mostly) of burning fossil fuels! You need to investigate this issue– your children’s future is at stake!!!!

              • Grasshopper: GW is not happening based upon the most recent findings from Germany.

                Global Weather Change is happening because the Poles are moving, and have moved 161 miles in the last six months. Previous to this measurement, Pole Shift was moving at 40 miles per year. And before that, the Pole was moving at 25 MPY.

                Pole movement is accelerating.

                The coldest location is at the Poles. When the Poles move, the coldest location moves too, thus Greenland’s ice is melting, and rapidly. Greenland’s ice melt could also be affected by volcanic processes and the movement of large blocks of Magma under the continent. Think lava lamp at geologic speed.

                Think of the volcanic eruptions of Iceland as being the release point for that Magma.

              • Sure…and thats why I got frost on June 3rd and frozen buds and no fruit AGAIN…yep its sure getting warmer as we freeze to death….you keep reading about it and Ill keep living its absence…

          • ADD is a made up disorder. Some kids just can’t get their shit together.

            • Not really..more the parents fault than the child.

            • @ Selenaishot & Jay Jay, I must respectfully disagree. I do feel it is over diagnosed and medicated but it is a co-morbid condition of some mental illness. I speak from personal experience with my 15 yr old son. While I agree some parents have no control of their kids, there are true cases of ADD/HD, Autism, etc. And it is not always the parents fault. My BIL said “just give me one day with xxxxx, I’ll straighten him out….”. It has just been in the last 2 yrs we have not had to stand outside the bathroom door to make sure he showers (Again, he’s 15 going on 16 in Sept). We still smell the “pits” and hair to make sure he remembered soap. Going in public is mortifying, humiliating, and depressing. People stare and give hateful looks as if “that child just needs a beating”. Beating these kids doesn’t work. It is to the point we will probably stop taking him with us out in public. One of us will have to stay home with him (he cannot be left alone). The only way for him to learn social skills is to be out and about in the general public but unfortunately, the general public can’t handle him. They all think they know better than us how to discipline and parent our child and heaven forbid he gets a little too loud in the store or starts talking to himself (aka his hallucination-that really freaks them out and I understand that). We offend their “sensibilities” by not having perfectly behaved robots as children.

              I truly enjoy your posts but felt I must respectfully disagree on this point. That’s the beauty of this board. Differing opinions can be discussed and stated. C TX Mom

              • Thanks for posting CTX. I know Dr. Pompa and others claim their “wellness” diets can help with autism; so, maybe with ADD too.

                These are two pandemics our government is pretending do not exist. Imagine if over 1% of us had SARS. I don’t know why TPTB ignore this issue. I don’t know why they let bridges keep decaying to the point of collapse either.

      7. Lots of feel good ideas but they all disregard the undeniable fact that many of the citizens of what remains of this country WANT things to go the way they’re going and, if anything, they want it to go that way more. That seems to me as a major impediment to returning to constitutional government, something we’ve not had for centuries. Without a doubt TPTB would happily slaughter every person living west of the Mississippi, or every first – and second and third – born son if they felt it would preserve their power. Seems to me the only way this ends is violently with the aftermath being even worse than the present. Perhaps the long term aftermath would be an improvement but I suspect Orwell had it nailed: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” Cheers.

        • The future of America is Freedom. It will require more personal responsibility and more personal initiative. Start with your school board.

          The commies did.

          • Very intelligent.

          • Can’t argue with that one.

      8. Hi Daisy.

        “Don’t consume chemicals that cause you to be dumbed down”

        Selco says to get high and drink.

        Now your saying I gotta stay sober during shtf/now 🙂
        (I know you didn’t mean smoking weed, but I’m doing a poll)

        Shtfplan poll

        green thumbs drink/get high

        Red thumbs sober

        What should we do?

        • stress is killer

          folks should chill as best as possible during the down time .

          marijuana / pot is actually good for you in light amounts . * topical paste is actually proven to kill cancer , liquid hemp oil intake kills bowel cancer . etc etc

          alcohol like natural red wines w/ flavanoids in light amount is good for your heart and central nervous system . vodka kills germs bacteria . etc etc

          it just comes down to moderation in use … or suffer the consequences .

          your tap water with bleach arsenic and fluoride in it is more dangerous HARMFUL to you .

          N.O. ;0p

          • Stress is being good like Mac asked. I miss our war of words. They seem to bring out the best in the posters here.

            • Umm-hmmm,

              “Stress is being good like Mac asked. I miss our war of words. They seem to bring out the best in the posters here.”

              Ah-ah-ah!…Opinions vary on THAT.


        • Sorry kevin….that was supposed to be a thumbs up. Must’ve been my antibiotic kicking in.

        • @ Kevin, only drink on days ending in “y” (lol)

          • I don’t drink anymore.

            I don’t drink any less, either.

        • Drink only when keyboard is in hand..

      9. About two years ago I was in a large drug store chain. I bought something no important. The lady said happy holiday. That did not work for me. I said what are wishing me? What is that? She said you know. I know what? Are wishing me something bad? She gets real close and whispered you know Merry Xmas. Very loud I laugh and said Merry Xmas to you too. Every chance I had I would say Merry Xmas and not except happy holiday. Two days ago I was in the drug store again. The same lady was there working. She said to me hello, welcome. Thought about it for a second and said Merry Xmas. Moved on, came back I bought a candy bar. I said to her worked didn’t it. She replied what did? I said Merry Xmas, With blank look at me she said yes it did. For now there is no more happy holiday last year it was Merry Xmas. Truth is you have to stand up for what you believe. If everyone stood up you could change the world. What will happen tomorrow no one knows. Let your small voice turn into many. You all have a duty to God and country. I am free and will die free.

        • You don’t like “Happy Holidays” so you say “Merry X-mas”??? Why not “Merry Christmas”?

        • I absolutetly wont let my crew say happy holidays !!!!!
          It is Merry Christmas ! It is laser specific ! No vagueness allowed

      10. You forgot the most basic rule in government.

        Might makes Right.

        Half of what you are saying is to be an activist. That gets you on the “list”.

        Germany solved that problem with the Brown Shirts. They ran around and killed everybody or beat them up that objected to the change in government.

        Our country no longer has the resolve to stop the forthcoming tyranny. It is going to happen. The best you can do is make a plan to survive it.

        Already 47% of the people in the US get money directly from the FEDS. Those people are already under total FED control. 76 million get Medicade. 146 Million get food stamps.

        The vast majority of people in this country don’t even know what the Constitution is, but they can tell you verbatim how to fill out a disability SSI application.

        The fight is already over, the struggle is lost.

        Now stockpile and prepare.


          Not until they knock at your door and you shoot each other in the face.

        • does anyone here see some contradiction?
          one article teaches you how to be invisible and stay low and another tells you how to rise up against the govt.

          i wouldnt rise up, this isnt 17th century where both sides had just guns, our military would lay waste to thousands of revolutionaries.

          The Art Of War by Sun Tzu
          read it…know it…live it

          • Yes, you certainly cannot win an air war against TPTB! Plus, they are gunning for absolute, total control of everything you do, not just controlling the crown (which they already control).

        • You are on their list? Make your own list. All politics are local. Target the pointy-head commies in your area. Patriots are responsible for the US Constitution where they live.


        • Only 48MM+ get food stamps. See? Everything is hunky-dory.

          People can cry all they want, but SS is welfare for the aged. The average SS recipient gets back their contribution in less than 5 years. For SSI, now, lots get back their contribution with the first direct deposit.

          TPTB speak of people being ‘unbanked’ as though it’s a BAD thing.

          • Selenaishott, you are a freaking idiot. Social Security is a paid program and not a handout. It is not the aged people’s fault if your criminal government has spent all the funds taken from the taxpayer’s checks. Kiss my aged a**.

            • Actually SS is welfare for the old to be exact. You pay now for the people who are on SS now. You are not putting money into a savings plan. That’s maybe why the rulers so easily raided it. And arguably, it was a scam from the beginning but backfired on the actuaries! They were thinking a few months to a year per old person but its turned into decades.
              I don’t follow Socialism; but, caring for our old stands out as one of the few social programs which we should do. Of course, it should be needs based and one who lives from handouts should relinquish control of their assets. Clearly, in the case of welfare and SSD, they should also have to relinquish 60 hours per week and “work” as they are able just like the rest of us wage slaves do.

      11. I watered my veggie garden…

        • I canned corn all day. A couple batches makes for a very long day.

          • I learned something today — about CORN…

            You know those tassels that come out of the end of an ear of corn — maybe you call it silk – each and every kernel of corn is connected to one of those stringy things and if it does not get pollinated that kernel of corn will not develop. How incredible is that?

            Funny how everything that crawled out of the swamp evolved so magnificently and beautifully into nature. I am still waiting for this iron ore rock I have to start ticking and turn into a watch.

            • I took apart an Entire 1959 Harley Panhead motor and placed every single part into a wooden box. Then put that box in a corner of the garage. I check weekly to see if it will Again “evolve” into a full built engine!

              After all, if evolution works so swell on such a complex thing as a Human person? Think how easy it should be for a harley motor to evolve from all required parts!

              ps: so far after 15 yrs of weekly checking it..Zip! Nada! No harley motor as yet.

            • And strawberries are the only food with the seed outside–how cool is that??

      12. Reduce or eliminate debt,other acts will follow. Pay with cash whenever possible,it doesn’t leave financial footprints telling the govt. what you’re buying. Buy used,paying less taxes and take care of yourself so you don’t need as much healthcare.

      13. Amazing Daisy! I had this very conversation with friends and my wife last night. I said to her, every cabbage we grow weakens the machine. Every time we barter, we break a part of the machine.

        At the end of this year, after 18 years of practice and 7 years of schooling before that, I will voluntarily give up my professional license. I am doing this for two reasons: (1) The system I work within is not just, is not humane, and I can no longer tolerate it; and (2) That piece of paper represents governmental leverage over me (or at least, it used to, and I’m sure the government still believes it does). So there is an act of rebellion, and I am doing it intentionally and consciously. That feels good.

      14. Excellent report @Ms. Daisy … Respect!

        N.O. ;0p

        • Do you think you are helping here points by supporting them.

      15. Heads up you all-

        Looks like Russia is sending its only aircraft carrier to the med.

        • Source?

        • Worse,

          The latet ‘read’ on things is that Russia has elected to pull it’s Borei-class nuclear SLBM from moth-ball’s and to permanently station same in the Sothern Hemisphere, in ‘warm-waters’

          And that’s all the ‘Good New’s’ I have for Y’all today…

          JOG *8 Days…and counting*

          • What are you counting down?

            • Counting down the days till Israel uses one of those six new nuke subs germany made and Paid for(paid at least 75% delivered 4 subs so far) and fires a Nuke missle so they can Blame Iran or Syria, and get stupid dumbed down american sheeple to Beg the usa fed govnt for Another War in mideast region!

              • That’s quite possible that it could happen, but why 8 days? You can count on false-flags coming, but trying to pin down a specific day is hard. More often than not, such countdowns come and go, rather uneventfully…

              • Nein, Nein, Nein!

                My peronally selected ‘departure’ is imminent…and that has nothing in common with current events Y’all. I have always had a VAST love of the ‘Great White North’ and FINALLY, I have selected ‘now’ as the time to do so…

                ..before any of the IDIOTS running the World ‘at large’ succumb any further to the M9F3 virus…’The STUPIDITY virus’ 😉 Seems as good a time as any….8 days to my departure. 😉


                • @ jog…when the pole shifts, your great white north will be hot, humid and full of mosquitos….so will mine.

                  • Hi Dave,

                    Ummm, actually, already is…’mosquitos’, that is…BIG Honkin’ Huge ones!!…that carry off small chidren…sooo, no great change there!! 😉

                    Actually, the ‘Pole Shift’ (angular momentum) thing is possible under only one specific physical circumstance…that being that of a state change from ‘liquid to solid’ occuring at or near the mantle/core boundary. THAT is the ONLY thing that would NOT desroy the Earth outright. A lot of Sci-fi stuff has blazed through the internet over time about such a possibility, but anyhting capable of realigning the actual ‘spin axis’ of the Earth arising from OUTSIDE of it would be so vast in it’s implied energy that we would all just go ‘POOF’, ending up in big dust cloud. There is a stong possibility of a ‘magnetic pole change’ – which we ARE overdue for – but that implies something a bit different and would not actively alter the fundamental angular momentum (axial) of the Earth proper…


      16. This list is missing,

        Stop paying taxes.


        Resist like your life depends on it. (Because it does)

        But fun none the less.

        • common sense,

          If one stops paying taxes and persists until the bitter end, one will wind up in the federal pen (maybe allenwood, the “country club” pen) as did Larken Rose the Anarchist.

          You might take a gander at his blog Government: The Most Dangerous Superstition.

          You might like his book, How to be a Successful Tyrant, written from an anarchist’s point of view.

          From personal experience one can delay filing for up to 3 years. Posted about this a few weeks ago. Theirs letters become less nice, become certified, speak of “legal action.”

          Only when they give you a definite Tax Court date do you file and pay what you owe.

          It’s a way of making an oblique assault upon the tyrant without picking a direct fight that you can’t win.

          They make us jump through hoops. Make them jump through a few.

          Resistance wearing a coat and tie with a smile on yer face. What if 20 million people did this?

      17. I ate a 100% organic meal. In fact, I’m about 80% organic/all natural and moving towards 100%

        Choosing not to support TPTB with how you spend your money is the most revolutionary act you can take.

        • Did you use salt and pepper to spice it up?

      18. Prosecuted for a unjust/unconstitutional law? Request a trial buy jury. Clog up the system.

        Serving jury duty? Debate if the law was just and constitutional. Nullify unjust laws.

      19. “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

      20. Article was right on. Being a pain in the bum can go a mile. Revolution can be achieved peacefully if the majority doesn’t go along with the program. The oppressors will either back off or step up their game. Always let them make the wrong move first. Never ever fight tyranny with a Daisy unless it’s the Daisy that wrote this article. 😉

      21. @ JustOneGuy. You are probably getting out of Dodge just in the sliver of time left we have. 8 days! I hope you are able to give us an emergency update on a possible dangerous solar event, as I trust your judgement calls way more than NOAA, “the experts”. Maybe if not you could give us all a good web site to analyze what to look for before some technology ending EMP from the Sun hits.

        People have no idea just how dangerous the situation is over there. I mean this type of rackering up by Russia I have not seen since the 80’s. China is now mixed up into this. You have much more advanced biological weapons that some real nut cases have. If I was going to rate the doomsday clock I would put it at about 2 or 3 minutes to midnight. 10 years ago I would have placed it more like 9 or 10 minutes to midnight. It is the willingness of Russia to push the envelope that should terrify everyone in the world right now.

        • BI,

          Back in the 80’s, it was expected the Russia would start WW3 any day. Through the 90’s, they calmed down. They expected Western nations to help them become partners in Western civilization. But what happened, was Western countries, at the behest of the parasites, went into Russia, to rape her economically.

          Russia sees the ring being closed around her, as does China, that is why they have allied. If Russia attacks anyone, it will be for a preemtive strike, not a war of agression. I am not a “Russian-sympathyzer”, but see who is in the background provoking Russia.

          What do you see happening with Earthquakes, today?

        • @BI….

          Don’t worry about JOG. I have been working on a Time Machine using Einstein’s Relativity.

          You see, time does not exist unless you have an observer and a point of reference. Time as we know is measured by either a rotation or by speed-of-light.

          It is the aged old twin scenario. There were twin brothers, one stayed on earth and the other went to Pluto and back at speed of light. When the one twin came back to earth, he was years younger than his twin brother. The one twin did not age, the other was an old man.

          JOG will be at his locale; but he will also be here for another 2 years.

          • @ Ugly. I am going to miss JustOneGuy also.

            @ Just Me. Just look at where the U.S. has the ICBM’s in this country. Now take a map and color in the states of California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah with the color of red to denote that is would be in the hands of Russia or China. This is exactly what has happened to Russia with losing all the ex-Soviet states. Color Mexico in and you have what Russia lost with their satellite states such as Poland, East Germany and others going to the west. IF the U.S. was in this position the whole stragetic forces would be in severe danger. This is what has happened to Russia.

            They will not allow any further encirclement, no freaken way. I agree with you, it may well be a pre-emptive strike. This would catch a lot of countries off guard and could reduce Russia targets being hit. That is something I was wondering the other day. People MUST be aware of this because the first event of such an event would be a countrywide EMP, and the Russian are easily capable of this. We are living in times that resemble a much worse 1960’s aren’t we? By the way check out the other comment on earthquakes I sent, I think you will find this very intriguing.

          • Howdy UG!

            Thank you for that Friend…I AM well-amused at your creative talents in the field of General Relativity…
            Ummm, could WORK methinks! 😉

            Of late I have thought much, about many things. What has come into my mind by way of that is this: First….BEFORE all else, “Listen to that still, quiet, inner ‘voice’…” for here at the last I BELEIVE that soon MANY will they themselves be ‘called’ if they but take the time to ‘listen’. Have Faith in your OWN MIND, for that is what we are given that for. Do not allow Fear or Trepdation to strangle your clarity, EVER. You have seen here – posted – Mr Herbert’s prose recently.. REMEMBER that. Finally, when all else yields no clear path through what you see ahead, “Be still…and KNOW that I AM” for from the monent we are born we ARE connected to ‘THAT’ which is the “GREATER”…FOREVER.

            “Guten Abend, Damen und Herren…Schlaffen sie Gut, und Gruss Gott”

            “Good Night, Ladies and Gentlemen…Sleep well, with God’s Grace.”


        • Good Evening BI, UG, et al,

          Apologies…there are last-minute details to be attended before depature which I cannot delegate to others…as I am sure you intuit.

          BI…specifically, it may be some time before I CAN interact with anyone…if ever, I am sorry to say. The isolation I have sought out is “extraodinary” Friend…I will not here elaborate more than I already have…enough has been spoken on that thus far.

          On Solar…In General,

          The issue is actually rather a simple one, though it does take a more than passing familiarity whith many sequential images…such cannot be replaced by anything else I fear. Specifically, the two SUPREME measures you must watch for are ‘total area’ AND ‘magnetic complexity’. The manner and fashion of any such evaluation stems almost completely from the examination of the imaging provided by the “Helio-Seismic Imaging’ apparatus resident and employed on NASA’s SOHO orbital platform. Yes, the Sun DOES have ‘Sun-Quakes’, virtually every minute of every day BI…and NATURALLY, THAT is RIGHT up your alley!

          THESSE two things almost completely define the absolute potential trapped within any region – on a ‘topological basis…we freqently CANNOT see the actual ‘coronal loops’ wherein the bulk of the energy of all Solar Flaring orginates from, over the suface of the sun except at cetain specififc angles, well…but we don’t NEED too – all but perfectly. Anything which is much less than 500 ‘Solar millionths’ (SM) in area is NOT to be construed as fundamentally threatening, even if that area has originated X-class flaring…as we have just recently witnessed; same circumstance…small area. As the total area for a region goes up, so goes the contained energy available for an ‘impulse’ to occur. In the spring of 2012 we were treated to multiple manifestations of ‘Sun Spots’ which exceeded 1000 SM, one of which at it’s peak exceeded 1700 SM in area. Far from it being the case that these area’s were extaordinary in size (historically), these were actually more average – run of the mill – in size per all previous records. As a meaure by which to compare such, a context in which to place that figue, please note that the largest area of any sunspot ever recorded in modern times occured in the 1940’s – perhaps ’41, if memory serves me here – that spot group stretched over an area of more than 6200 SM…VAST….clearly visible to the human eye as an angry black ‘blot’ upon the face of the sun (seen through ‘Welders Glass’…NEVER STARE at the Sun for more than a second or two…damage WILL result in short order by so doing!! Anecdotally, many were able to clearly ‘see’ this vast area WITH the naked eye near to sunset or sunrise at times when there were any significant atmospheric haze at hand to blunt the direct effect of the sun’s brightness. It was the case that some extraordinary events did coincide with the peak of that particular Solar cycle…as you already know from the link of historic solar storms I forwarded to you previously.

          Secondly, there is the issue of ‘complexity’ of the observed magnetic field structure therewith associated. THAT particular point is evaluated almost wholly and directly from the HMIB(C) magnetic field gradient imaging which can be viewed at a number of sites, including NASA’s primnary ‘SOHO’ (Solar Helio-Seimic Observer) page (which also has THE MOST ‘Stunning’ solar images one can obtain from virtually anywhere, DAILY) and better still, (the highest resolution imaging available) from the “Joint Science Operations Center” (Public Access, without ‘cookies’)located at stanford.edu…a simple search on the name as listed above should direct you thereto imeediately Friend. A part of the complexity of any region of concern lays in the extent and proximity of ‘Intermixing’, that is the relative proximity of regions of strongly opposing polarity (to each other) as well the total number thereof in any spot group. It is not infrequently the case that – from time-to-time – areas’s of exact opposite polarity, DIRECTLY abut one another, as is seen there in the imaging…the extent of that state as well as the apparent gradients shown in the imaging is there the key to any evaluation. There is a final method by which the probabilitiy’s of such things should be adjudicated, – one used when there is any doubt as the true potential’s at hand, ie, “when things MIGHT be serious…” – that being the associated HMID imaging (“D” here stands for “Doppler”. As in the case of our own terretrial monitoring of the winds associated with thunderstorms is based thereon, so too it is the case that THAT is instrumental in any final evaluatuin of area’s of concern. Therein, one ‘see’s’ the associated velocity gradients which define the relative ‘flows’ of solar plasma through the overarching coronal prominences…which occurs as a natural means of the emmision of energy from the solar suface as well as simple radiant emissions. The characteristic one looks for thereon are any regions of that which show bright white area’s IMMEDIATELY agjacent to, even in contact with area’s which are ‘jet-black’. As you have likely already intuited THESE are area’s – much like here on Earth during a tornado where there is an ABRUPT change in the direction of the associated flows…the greater the extent and clear differential’s between the direction AND velocity as shown thereby, the larger the probability of a subsequent event, therefor.

          The reasson that it is these TWO things in tandem runs roughly as the maximization of area as demonstrated in Calculus of the X and Y axis of any two selected points thereon…the maximum AREA is ALWAYS seen to be when the two values are relatively equal, hence the total MAXIMIZED area is seen to be the ‘sqaure’ of the two…so it is here as well since – as said – these TWO things virtually DEFINE ‘Total Potential” therein…

          My apologies with respect to the length of the preceding…any proximatly adequate expalantion of the issues at hand could NOT OMIT any of what is decribed above…You now carry both ‘torches’ Friend…I hope it is not too great a burden to bear, to warn those here IF or when the moment should come. Alas, I am disheartened to leave you all…but I AM called elsewhere, by something MORE than I am, with only my limited vision to serve as guide along the way. I will bid you all ‘Adeiu’ for the evening Friends…


      22. Well , if you plan on hiding your guns , you have become a partizan at that point . Hitler’s laws are no longer your concern , you have made the choice to resist . You have made the correct choice .

        • I guess the negatives are from the closet communists and enemies of the constitution . We will see how much they support the junta when their door is kicked in without due process of law under communism .

      23. Daisy, thank you, thank you, thank you for stating so succinctly, convincingly, and thoroughly what we all need to have clear in our minds. Firm adherence to the spirit of the Constitution and stubborn self sufficiency are the true acts of defiance that make it harder for would-be tyrants to control us. Not all of us can go completely off-grid for all our earthly needs, but there is a lot we can and should do. Most of it is not complicated or expensive, it simply requires the will to do it. You have presented the best argument I’ve seen to get people’s heads in the right place. Wish I could give you a big hug for sharing the love!! And thank you, Mac, for providing the soap box.

      24. Check out how exact This matches USA today in, 2013!

        Defender Magazine, Wichita, Kansas, of January, 1939, p. 6, features another attestment from the Jew M. Hermalin, of New York, alleged to have been made in 1917:

        “The Russian revolution was made by the Jews. We have created secret societies, planned the reign of terror. The revolution succeeded by our conniving propaganda and our mass assassinations in order to form a government truly ours.”(same as Klinton-Bush-Hobammy and MSM’s)

        The all important authority for enforcing the new Soviet laws, by which the Jewish revolutionaries were to interpret their concepts of social order, during the following transitional period, was placed in the hands of a military cabinet of eight, of which five were Jews, with Trotsky at the head.(like us senate Gang of 8 imigrant reform?)

        The chief positions in the Press Bureau were likewise held by Jews, Radolsky being the appointed censor of all Soviet journalistic activities during the whole of Lenin’s regime.(like All major msm etc in usa today)

        Thus the Aryan, and other non-Jewish races, were supplied with Jewish-filtered news and views exclusively. All the Jewish-Marxian ambitions were amply satisfied under Lenin’s oligarchy, while the submerged non-Jewish population of 98.3 percent — think of it! — ever since that time has been deprived of all opportunities of journalistic — as well as political — representation!

        The proletarian revolution, for which the Russian worker had been so deceitfully urged to fight, never became a reality. Instead, he has witnessed a Jewish domination from the very first day of the revolution.

        **************IMPORTANT!…See NEXT Paragraph Below!

        The nationalization of all Russian property was started under Lenin with the simultaneous confiscation of all private bank deposits, jewelry, gold and silver and all other articles of value, for instance, art and stamp collections, books and so on. (Warnings of This EVERY Day now in USA!)

        This enactment at one stroke enabled the Jewish underworld to strip Gentile Russia bare of all its portable valuables. The marplots thereby were given full opportunity of looting all the nation’s monetary resources.

        Mr. R. Wilton, Russian correspondent of the London Times, as quoted from the Fascist, London, wrote in September 1920:

        “The Jewish domination is supported by certain Russians. They are mere screens and dummies, behind which the Sverdlovs and the thousand-and-one Jews of Sovdepia — meaning Soviet officialdom — continue their work of destruction.”

        This conclusion is supported by the following statement by the Jew, M. Cohen, in The Communist Charkov under date of April 12, 1919: “Without exaggeration, it may be said that the great Russian Revolution was indeed accomplished by the hands of the Jews.”

        Clare Sheridan, traveler and lecturer, confirmed this in an interview which appeared in The New York World of December 15, 1923: “The Communists are Jews, and Russia is entirely administered by them.” (Like the usa is Today!)

        The destruction or desecration of the Christian churches, as well as the dispersion or annihilation of the congregations — all this too was included in the program indispensable for the assurance of permanent Jewish success.

        In Lenin’s Socialism and Religion he declares: “Communist propaganda necessarily includes the propaganda of Atheism.”

        Therefore the national persecution of all Christian worshipers has been made legal under a regime that is and has been Jew-controlled throughout.

        While the Communist Party already, from 1919, had a Jewish section, no Catholic or Protestant or Mohammedan section ever was established though the adherents of any of these religions outnumbered by many times those of the Jewish faith.

        END of Part One…

        • Part II…Final part.

          Lenin, arriving in Russia, and having first assured himself of the fullest cooperation of all Jewish revolutionary elements, immediately introduced a bill prohibiting all anti-Jewish activities on penalty of death.

          All Jewish criminals and political prisoners were then freed by his order, every Russian jail opened, all exiles in Siberia granted amnesty, and all these lawless elements combined in creating a reign of terror of the most gruesome kind.

          The massacre of everyone who offered opposition to these liberated convicts, of whom a considerable number were Jewish, brought the pandemonium to a ghastly climax.

          The struggle for power from 1917 to 1919 between the Kerensky government — equivalent to the Socialists of today — and the Bolshevik Party of Lenin, was eagerly watched by Russia’s Jewry.

          It was observed, that with any shift of power the support of the Jews was generally transferred to whichever side seemed likely to gain the upper hand in the situation. Thus after Kerensky was defeated in November 1917, the Jews increasingly became the driving force within the newly established regime of Lenin.

          Jewry’s destructiveness through organized revolutionists was reported on by U. S. Major M. Schuyler, upon his return from the American Expedition to Siberia in 1920. On January 11 of that year, in an address at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, New York, according to A. S. Leese’s Bolshevism is Jewish, p. 7, he stated, “The government of Russia is almost entirely Jewish, and our United States Army in Siberia was full of Bolshevist Jews straight from Moscow.

          They had entered the United States and enlisted in the U. S. Army going to Siberia. General Graves, the commander, had a staff that was almost entirely Jewish. . . .

          Owing to the Bolshevist Jews in our army, all information that should have reached Kolchak went straight to Moscow.”

          Marx’s Jewish revolutionary program of 1848 became a reality in the Soviet regime under the leadership, through 1918 and 1919, of the trio Lenin, Stalin, and Sverdlov. A Jewish state was in the making — one of the Zionists’ dreams had come true.

          The five-pointed red star of Zion was adopted as the insignia of the Jewish Soviets, and has since been made the national emblem. And according to Marx’s precepts, in the newly created state Jews were given all opportunities for advancement before the Gentiles’ interests were even so much as thought of.

          The Third International had been called on the 6th of the same month by the Jew Manuilsky.

          The chief figures at this congress were the Jews Zinovieff, Felix Kohn, and Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), and it was at this time that the Jewsectia — the Jewish section of the Comintern — was formed.

          The favoring of the Jews with primary rights and privileges, whenever possible, was then stipulated in the Soviet, and henceforth the Central Committee of the Communist Party was committed to enforcing all laws tending to grant the Jews state preferences, to which no other race or religious sect should be entitled.

          Therefore the Russian revolution was a strictly Jewish revolution, and in no sense a workers’ revolt. Says a report from the “Jewsectia” of 1919:

          “In the course of developments during the past 25 years in the Western District (Poland and West Russia) the Jewish worker constituted the only revolutionary element. The Jewish worker expanded his activities during the revolutionary epoch into almost every town and borough.”

          The London Times of March 29, 1919, supports the above with the following: “Of the leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement, not less than 75 percent are Jews. Among the minor officials the number is legion.”

          Excerpt from Chapter 42: THE TALMUDIC VENGEANCE – Controvercy of Zion by Douglas Reed:

          In 1935 I went to Moscow for the London Times, accompanying Mr. Anthony Eden. He was the first British Minister to visit the revolutionary capital. The Times had previously refused to send a correspondent, so that I was its first representative to appear there after Mr. Robert Wilton, whose story I earlier told.

          I was at once struck by something I had never met in any other country. My first report said that Mr. Eden drove from the station through streets lined with “drab and silent crowds” and a Jewish censor demanded excision of these words.

          At first I thought this merely fatuous (I asked if he wished me to say that the throng was composed of top-hatted bourgeois) but in following days I saw more and in my book of 1938 wrote:

          “The censorship department, and that means the whole machine for controlling the game and muzzling the foreign press, was entirely staffed by Jews, and this was a thing that puzzled me more than anything else in Moscow. There seemed not to be a single non-Jewish official in the whole outfit.”

          … I was told that the proportion of Jews in the government was small, but in this one department that I got to know intimately they seemed to have a monopoly, and I asked myself, where were the Russians? The answer seemed to be that they were in the drab, silent crowds which I had seen but which must not be heard of.”

          I soon learned from older hands that “the proportion of Jews in the government” was in effect not small but that they retained a large measure of control, if they were not predominantly in control.

          I was unable to meet any Russians in Moscow, this was the other side of the same unique experience. I had never before beheld a ruling caste so completely segregated from the slave-mass.

          At the time of this visit to Moscow I had no cause to look for a predominance of Jews; the thing forced itself on my notice. I had hardly begun to think about “the Jewish question” in 1935.

          The impression I have recorded above was the first one of a trained observer who had never before seen Moscow or Russia. I find it confirmed by an equally experienced man who lived there for twelve years, from 1922 to 1934.

          Mr. William Henry Chamberlain’s book remains today authoritative about that period.

          He wrote, “Considerable number of Jews have made careers in the Soviet bureaucracy. Of perhaps a dozen officials whom I knew in the Press Department or the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs I recall only one who was not a Jew. Indeed, the predominance of Jews in this Commissariat at the time of my stay in Russia was almost ludicrous; the Russians were mainly represented by the grizzled doorkeeper and the unkempt old women who carried around tea. One also found many Jews in the Gay-Pay-Oo,” (Secret Police) “in the Communist International and in departments connected with trade and finance.”

          AMERICAS TRUE REAL ENEMY= Communists HERE in USA! Russia Back Then= a PREVIEW of Our Fate if we do not HALT IT!

          Everything my Two posts describe Is occuring NOW in America, who that is Sane can deny it?

          www dot controvercyofzion dot info/controvercybook/controvercybook dot htm

          www dot hofflandia dot woodpress dot com

          • Today the NWO as a Fifth Column has infiltrated OUR State, Defense, Security, and Intelligence departments. This Fifth Column controls the Lamestream Media and infests OUR Education System from the top down.

            To rise in that system you must adhere to the tennants and beliefs of those above you. Cronyism at work, again.

            Independent thought is dangerous to the Intelligensia.

            • @DK

              Is that why you recommend people support the system by voting for the system?

              To keep it going??

              DK will make a perfect lawyer.

              He lies with conviction!

      25. I inhaled… and drove 35 in a 60.

      26. What a great writer you are, Daisy.

        • Eisen.

          Are you still looking for that date?


          Learn to churn butter
          Learn to seal blackberries

        • Eisen, WTF? There is some thing very wrong here. JOG – BI, has there been a polar shift. OK, to see if you are the real Eisen please read and comment on the following:

          If it was not for baby boomers there would be a Russian flag over the capitol in Washington DC.

          Thier is no water in the lake.


          • Revisionist history at best!

            Neocon drivel!!

            Trotsky was a Communist.

            BigB follows that tradition.

      27. Freedom to choose, Holy.

      28. Daisy, excellent article! 🙂

      29. “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws”

        From Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

        • Still wondering where John Galt is…

      30. Check this website! Over a DOZEN newspaper Photos with Haedlines such as…(NOTE THE DATES! Not 1940!…)

        October 31, 1919 edition of The American Hebrew

        The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!

        By Martin H. Glynn (Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

        October 31, 1919 Pages 582 & 601 How Many times was there a “Holocaust of SIX Million”?! ( I found Six times such headlines occured from, 1895!! to 1940! SIX Seperate Claims of a Holocaust and EVERY one says “Six MIllion”!)

        Something is certainly Not Kosher eh…


        The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!

        By Martin H. Glynn (Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

        From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread.(While he and his ilk Demand americans contribute and Fork over $35 MILLION in Cash to send to them over in russia! What a Swindle! Do You Get it Yet?

        www dot balder dot org/judea/American/-hebrew-October-31-1919-the-crucifiction-of-jews

        Photos Galore of Actual Newspaper Headlines for the Naysayers amoung us. I can Provide More such Links for every newspaper search from 1620 to 2013. Every newspaper in existence! It is a differnt link. If need just ask.

        • I’ve heard that after WWII, Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill wrote a total of several thousand pages about WWII and never mentioned 6 MM jews being killed.

          • Roosevelt died before the end of the war. Stalin never wrote a memoir. Churchill did write a memoir and it definitely mentioned the Holocaust.

            • Selenaishot: Yes except it was France’s Degaulle Not FDR. All 3 mens books totaled aprox 11-volumes(seperate books) with about 7700 Total combined pages. And as you said NO mention at all in any of 7700 pgs of Gas chambers-holocaust-six million.

              As important as we all were told that each of Those 3 issues are, funny eh no mention in all 3 mens books combined?

              SMOKY is Wrong on both things.

              • DeGaulle plus Churchill is 2, not 3.

                Tell us all another one about how the Holocaust never happened.

                • Stahlin is #3 Idiot. And NO I NEVER said the holocaust didn’t occure. What I do say is Most of what we were told happened did NOT happen as said. Nor were there 6 million dead. There were not even that many jews in germany when nazis came to power. But go ahead keep believing every lie you were told to believe like a good little “Goyim” them khazer bolshies LOVE folks such as Smokey!

                  After all when khazers always number from a LOW of 1% POP to a HIGH of 2.5%(russia) or like in usa=1.4% total population numbers, them KOMMIE Synagouge of Satan types could NEVER accomplish so many evils and Wars and Revolts the last 400 yrs(since they controled england),

                  Unless they could always Count on such Unquestionable support and Defense by goys such as Smokey right.

                  But hey if You like Kommies and evils etc? Go for it.

                  • Should read Eisenhower NOT Stalin wrote those books on WWII etc. I havent double checked this, but after I posted the reply I recalled it may be eisenhower was the 3rd guy not stalin. The rest is “kosher” though.

      31. Chose to not order ammo that was in stock, because the vendor was based in CT. I no long support vendors in those states that pass outlandish antigun laws. I will pay more to buy it from another vendor. Same for buying American made. Pay the extra and buy from our manufactures. Do not support companies that have sold out to China. We used to buy Smithfield ham steaks all the time, but never again.

      32. First of all another earthquake on a plate boundary. Indian Ridge. This has lead to major earthquakes within 15 days in 12 out of 13 times. This is the 29th time out of 32 that before a plate boundary was hit that Mexico to Chile had a major earthquake within 15 days. This one targets the same locations as before, including western China and the Aluetian Islands. This is the strange issue. The one on the Indian Ridge and the one west of Chile today, if you sliced an hole through the planet, the two earthquakes would almost connect with each other.

        Here is the real kicker that I just found out. If you follow the “dots” between the largest strike slip quake west of Indonesia last year, to the largest quake Japan ever recorded a couple of years ago, to the largest deep focus earthquake ever recorded last week and continue on a three dimesional plane of the planet you see where the new connect the “dots” go to. This is strange.

        You can do this with a tape measurer on a globe. Following the line from the Sea of Okhotsk mega deep focus quake using the line of direction from the other two quakes it follows it through southwestern Alaska, down to the Cascadia fault, then to the central and southern San Andreas, to Mexico, then to into the Pacific Ocean to southern Peru/Northern Chile area to northern Argentina to the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge, where one earthquke never recorded this week occurred, along the southern African plate and back to the mega strike slip quake starting point. This is no way a coincidence in my opinion. It is following so sort of undetermined break in the crust that people are unaware of.

        That is the areas that are primed for very large earthquakes and where the enrgy signatures are aiming at. The populated areas to worry about are again:

        -Alaska, southern to western portions
        -Cascadia fault which is about 50-60 years overdue
        -San Andreas fault, central portion that is a coplue of decdes overdie, and the southern San Andreas that is likely more than 100 years overdue or more
        -Mexico, central to southern portion
        -Peru, southern portion to northern part of Chile
        -Northern Argentina

        This is a line just like a giant fault in which portions of it break as the stress of the rock mass strata becomes too much to bear. The really terrible thought is that much more than just part of it could go. In 1700 the Cascadia Fault broke and likely the southern San Andreas. This would tie well into a type of global fracture that few if anyone is aware of. Three of the largest ever quakes have occurred here within ONLY 2 years on this plane. This is certainly going to require more thought into this.

        • http://justice4germans.wordpress.com/

          Very Informative website with Tons of info on WWII etc. But from a Different Point of View than we all have constantly been subjected to. Browse this site for an Eye-Opening Experience in Facts and Truths never spoken of inside the united states of america. Many great Historical Photos of Germany and others also! As well as Photos of actual us GI soldiers! Check it out.

        • @BI: Easy with this, because it reminds me of an old movie (forgot its name) how they drilled a hole that started a quake. In doing so it came around to meet itself and created a new moon when it returned back to the hole. Anyway, more than one super quake is in our very near future.

          This thing with Russia and China is right on. The U S A must be eliminated. What I look for is an EMP or a BIO attack by either one or one of their proxies to start things off. After that GOD only knows.

          I’m like you, USGS knows a WHOLE lot more than they are telling.

          JOG has it right; shut the bunker door now and be prepared for the curtain to rise on the last act of this play. Just may do the same thing soon myself. You don’t know how much you are helping people; I for one am very GREATFUL THANKS.

          Keep the FAITH

          • watchman ,
            the movie was “Crack in the World”

            Semper Fi 8541

            • @Nght breaker: THX!

      33. Preppers.

        First, excellent article. Good stuff.

        Second, we are singing to the choir. I wish we had more folks wanting to join the choir. But you know, churches split on frivolous things such as choir music, whom is singing, how loud it is, is it from the old or new hymnals, etc.

        Church folks gather together on a Sunday for worship and in-house fighting. They both go together. You cannot go to church without the worship, and then later without the in-house fighting and backstabbing. It is hand-in-hand with the brethren.

        America is the same. We really don’t get along that much, if any at all. People fight over parking spots. Road rage is now a national pass-time. Cell phones are more important than one-on-one communication.

        And donations. Those are funny. A few give, most don’t. The whiny bastards that yell the most usually don’t give at all. They are like many Americans today–they tell you to pay more so that they get more for basically doing nothing. You work harder for their food, healthcare, education, and insurance.

        I attend a tiny church on the hill. We are fighting each other. Few give. We are in trouble. I see no way out except close the doors. Unfortunately, I am starting to see the same with this great USA. Hopefully, we can come together and fix the solution.

        America is too great to lose.

        • Ugly, never fear.
          My God, the Creator, is present at my home; I have His word and I try to read often; I bless every meal and thank God for our farmers; each night and day I speak with Him and ask Him to use my hands and guide my feet; to help me be more like His Son every day and forgive me when I’m not; to share His grace and mercy for those less fortunate than husband and me.
          I don’t have a structure called a church. I don’t need one. God’s house is everywhere.

      34. It is a simple choice cower and you may live for a long time or fight and you may die tomorrow. But remember if you fight to blaze as bright as the sun til the dying of the light. Me personally I would die a thousand deaths for a chance that my family, loved ones, and friends get to live. For those out here reading I will be watching and waiting for that super nova that gets this ball rolling and when the time comes yal can count on one thing. I will not go silently or bloodless into the night.

      35. Today

        Hired a some local boys to move my garden fence
        worked on our 1/2 acre garden
        moved irrigation to water the orchard
        home schooled my daughter
        bartered with a neighbor
        loaded some ammo

        all in all a good day!

      36. Daisy, another excellent article and nothing in it I can dispute. Like you said in a previous article, we preppers are the only group of independent thinkers left in this country, and I’m proud and honored to count myself as one. I started listening to alternative media back in the 80s on shortwave; shows like “Radio Liberty” with Dr. Stan Montieth, “Radio Free America” with Tom Valentine, “Freedom Call” with Bo Gritz, and “The Hour Of The Time” with William Cooper. They were the pioneers of today’s alternative media, touching on subjects that no one in the corporate media dared touch. I used to subscribe to the “Spotlight” newspaper from Liberty Lobby which today is the American Free Press. I already knew a lot about the one-world govt. conspiracy way before Alex Jones came along. A book that opened my eyes even before the alternative media was “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. Although it’s long out of print, it can still be found on the Internet; highly recommend it. Alternative media has certainly come a long, long way. Without them, we would all still be brainwashed sheeple. I’ve always been an independent thinker. Nobody tells me what to say or what to think. I don’t accept anyone’s brainwashing about anything, regardless of the source. i’ve always managed to avoid the false left-right paradigm. I’ve never even been a registered voter. elections are nothing but a sham. I saw that long before most other people. I’ve always committed individual acts of defiance on many things and still do. Believe me, Daisy, your advice has always been well taken by me and always will be. It’s only a matter of time before mega-SHTF hits; I can feel it. Everyone get everything you need now while there’s still time. braveheart

      37. ~~~Ditch popular culture. If reality TV isn’t a tool for dumbing people down, I don’t know what it is. My daughter recently begged to watch an episode of a popular reality TV show that “everyone” was watching.~~

        ALL tv is a tool for dumbing down folks.
        Disconnect entirely–and then you are NOT supporting the idiots delivering the propaganda.
        Spend that money on anything but those newscasters, over-paid sitcom actors, etc.

        • You are one ignorant Son of a Bitch!

          You’re a Conservative aren’t ya.

      38. @Daisy: Thank You!

      39. I went to the gun show and picked up 200 5.56 tracer rounds.

        • Just remember…..tracers not only tell you where your bullets are going, they tell the other guys where they came from.

          Tracers work both ways.

      40. My wife and I have decided to sell our home in the suburbs, move an hour north and use our equity in this home to pay cash for a house on an acre in the country.

        She will garden, I’ll get some sort of job for cash flow – plan to drop solar panels in after we have enough cash to buy them. A self-sufficient home that we will own. For the first time in our lives we will owe nothing. I cannot wait. That is what we are doing to prepare and stop contributing to the banking system.

      41. I did not use a seat belt. I stored some MORE water. I educated my nephew & his wife on EDC’s and bug-out-bags.

      42. Nobody cares what you think, only a few what you think.

      43. JOG. We tried closing the bunker a few years back and the farmer at the end of the valley allow Verizon to put in a full 4G tower. It is getting hard to hide.

        BI. Rember my group was started because of the USSR threat. And letly that has been the bigger concern the Russian missiles. That is all they have. There sub and ships are all rust buckets.

        BI. I need help on the history of the dirt (Mt ranieer 500 me circle). Those bunker I keep bring up are in play again. And the worry seems to be liquifing soil. Most were empty and the supples have been stored at a open have. Maybe even Hanford. But my understanding is they are trying to load them again.

        Everywhere I ask I get nothing.. problem my old friends that owe me are starting to retie and they are out of the loop too.

        • @ FBP,

          Friend, what you reference above JUST went over ny head, completely..I can infer SOME from what you said…but not enough to form a cogent ‘picture’ of what you set forth there, thereor “ein Schuldingen Sie, Bitte?”


      44. To here close the evening,

        At a chart-topping #1 on the Comic Hit-parade for some time we have this up at the ‘Hedge,

        “In “Secret” Meeting, Eric Holder Tells Media He Will Stop Spying On It.”


        …in which Mr Holder’s words achieve to a translation of, here quoting that same piece, “Holder’s message was simple: “trust me, I am the government, and I will stop spying on you.”The farce just goes downhill from there.”…

        …in a meeting that was ‘off-the-record’. Truly it appears that the Governance of this Land has reverted to a time when decisions are made by secret cabals in dark rooms…where as RT reports,

        “Justice Department officials agreed that the journalists could discuss publicly IN GENERAL SOME of the ideas that were discussed during the course of what [was] otherwise an off the record meeting,” Dylan Byers wrote for Politico. Journalists with other publications havealso opened up about the event.

        Perhapd it IS timne to begin ‘beating ploughshares BACK into Swords”…your choice.


      45. Thankful thumbs up Daisy for the article. Today I took coffee in the garden at BOL 1, no TV, no debt, also no money but all the skills to survive. Been living The Good Life as much as possible since the 70’s by following your list. Peace of Mind to All

      46. A few days ago, I posted 2 links on my FB wall. One was about FB censoring children with monsanto signs and the other was about Obummer. Facebook promptly removed them both.

        I responded by posting TEN new links to articles about FB censoring people’s posts, and an outright call-out to FB to either stop censoring my free speech or close my account.

        I will continue to repost the deleted posts, PLUS SOME, until they do one or the other.

      47. Good article, Daisy. Glad I popped in and saw it. You captured my sentiments perfectly and it is articles like this one that motivate some of us to continue on.

        Going against-the-flow has been a struggle in past years but more and more people have caught on to the overthrow of America and the number of people who are opting-out, revolting, if you will, have increased. This is what the aggressive government’s actions are all about: forced compliance. Regulation Nation.

        The Machine fears us. The Machine sees that there is an increased number of citizens who are not just aware but are actively pursuing their independence, willing to confront, even revolt, against The Machine.

        We’ve been revolting for years and years, as you know. The continuing onslaught of what The Machine has done to America has altered the mere rat race into regulatory compliance, stripping our Rights, destroying our currency, demeaning our way of life, altering our culture, forcing our religion to accept cult, and judicially changing our Constitution. The Machine has planned this.

        Our society is being manipulated and molded by force. Do we REALLY think so little of ourselves that all we’ll do is come to a forum to bitch and moan?

        We CAN and we MUST continue to rage against The Machine! We CAN and we MUST continue to do everything we believe within our own power to fight this manufactured police state. And without force, we can do so very much…..but it takes fortitude and dedication. How many of us are willing to take that hard route and push it further? How many of us are willing to opt-out more?

        The Machine really is a beast. It CAN be starved. We are smarter than they are. Go underground. Pay in cash. Get out of the system as best as possible. Buy direct from local farmers. Buy second-hand through local ads or Craigslist and avoid sales tax. Buy NOTHING new. Grow Your Own. Practice frugality. Make it or don’t get it. Learn to share with neighbors. Cut off the damn TV, get active, and learn a new skill or 3.

        The truth is, we surround them. WE are motivated, they are simply The Machine. They are afraid of us. If we weren’t a threat, we would not be on their crosshairs.

      48. DH and I have many discussions on this topic Daisy. I have recently gone all cash on what few things I do need. DH still tends to pull out the card when I am not along, mainly because he forgets. I told him leave it home. Our sustainable living has made great strides and the garden is really producing. Grandkids love my homemade fruit rollups which makes me very happy.

        As for any public marches in Washington,DC we will not join. Anything that required us to leave our home and preps and family is most likely not in the cards. If we cannot walk home in a day we will protest in other ways. Our neighbors continue to have target practice nightly which is a soothing sound to us. We just battered our hay field for some dozer work. The preparing goes on. Thanks for all the great ideas!

      49. Our once great Republic is in decline. And it will never rebound. The best that could possibly happen is stagnation. There hasnt been and likely never will be any ballott box solutions. Only a idiot believes voting will solve anything. And Lawyers? A lawyer is someone who you pay money to protect your assetts from your enemies and he steals them for himself. Ill go out on a limb and make a prediction. When it happens it wont be a sudden thing. No big big pitchforks and torches collossol revolt. It will be a slow simmering decline punctuated by lots of vandalism & local riots. the fighting & killing wont be patriots versus corrupt goverment. It will be the haves versus the have nots. Folks killing each other over food. It will change into gang war,race war & ethnic cleansing. Bare bones survival of the fittest & lucky. And it wont be just the USA it will be the whole planet. And the great number of earth change clatyclismic events will play a huge role. I really hope im wrong but I think not.

        • sheptical citizen

          I believe that your reasonably correct. Its going to be a have verses have not. The have may only own a modest home with an automobile but as things decline so does the standard of being rich. I suspect gated communities will become the norm and many will be a retro fit of existing housing developments. The new fashion trend will be dressing down and appearing poor. Diamonds and gold will be dangerous to have on in public. I suspect people that “lean left” politically will find use in being personally armed.

      50. Yes target practice…we are within hearing distance from a gun club. This spring was unusually quiet. Just this weekend began to hear a lot of activity there.

      51. The only people standing up to the government in the United States have a socialist bent. The result of a revolution could be a more socialistic chaotic version of what we have. Look at the governments that have failed and the result. When and if the revolution happens, it will just be the start of more conflict. The right minded against the socialist. The end will include the country breaking two ways and the south will be a new country.

      52. The most revolutionary thing you can as a worker is stop working, take a year or two off, and get on the dole. Even better get a federal job and double you drain on the system while keeping your living standard up there. It really is that simple. Once identified as a “movement” the bond vigilantes would consume a government is months.

        The extreme cost, inefficiency, and massive debt required by modern governments is their weakest link. It would either collapse a government outright or force it into such extreme acts of oppression that it would breed its own downfall.

        • What is going on is half of the folks dont produce anything. Those taking parasites believe that someone else will produce for them. Now the Making Producers are aking themselves why? Why Produce when the fruits of my labor are robbed and redistributed to the taking parasites? And then what the producing makers are allowed to keep has to compete in the very same market against what was robbed from them! So the producers are beginning to only produce just enough for themselves or taking their production to someplace where the cost of production is better. Also worse is that some producers just give up or go broke and forced to become taking parasites. It has become so bad that in the USA the goverment doesnt have enough producing makers to robb (tax) to redistribute to the taking parasites. So the US goverment borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends. Too many relatively high paid & benefitted parasite takers and too few relatively low paid & benifited producing makers. Too many parasites will eventually kill the host.

      53. Excellent article ! While hanging out at the local hospital recently with an ailing family member I was standing outside getting some fresh air for a few and was just looking around and spotted a small grid of solar panels mounted on a sanitary sewer lift station, there were also some mounted controlling some of the pedestrian crossing lights. So i’m thinking to myself when the SHTF in my area one of the first things I will be looking to grab onto will be some of the solar panels while everyone else is in the total panic mode. Guess since I’ve been hanging out here I’ve gone “crazy” as some call it. Keep up the great work here folks there are some of us that really value everyone’s input !!!

        • then you become one of them when you steal.

      54. Psyop Rule of Engagement; Hijack the thread.

        This thread was hijacked.

        Know thy enemy….

      55. Ms. Daisy,
        Now we know where you’ve been lately… busy!
        Wonderful article.
        I already do as much of that as I’m able. The wife… not so much.

      56. only an ignorant sonofabotch, too lazy to do their damned research, would follow Adam Kokesh. Go past the first couple of pages of his own propaganda when you google him. It’s not that hard to discover thr truth, unless you are too ADD or so hard up to find a leader, that you’ll follow ANYONE.
        Kokesh is no better than Obama, or Putin (his boss)

        • tmedlin says:

          “only an ignorant sonofabotch, too lazy to do their damned research, would follow Adam Kokesh.”

          Would you care to enlighten us on your “research”?

          Please tell…

          “Kokesh is no better than Obama, or Putin (his boss)”

          “It’s not that hard to discover thr truth.”

          tmedlin… to your mind, just what is the “truth”???

          Not your conservative fantasy, but the truth.

      57. Excellent article. Now time to go pick my lettuce & squash for dinner tonight.

      58. Super article Daisy. Thanks!
        Way to go on your battle with the Pharma vaccine business.
        The Farmer’s Market here has been growing and growing. People are EAGER to support their local producers. AND avoid the poisons and GMO dangers in factory foods. I think this quiet Revolution scares the Rockefeller crowd pale. If people start buying from one another and choose quality and sensibility, then that crowd will lose control.

      59. as those try to anologize the Russian Revolution with our own plight it seems that the focal point has been missed again..we have our own problems right here right now. Instead we should now be speaking of armed resistance, weeding out govt sympathizers and culling those unfit to take part in our own salvation. The average citizen doesnt know bomb making, guerilla tactics and other forms of insurgency…its time for a REAL education, people

        • Be sure to Post a location to the bomb making school once you are open for buis ok. I dont see how we miss the focal point in comparing russias kommies then to usa today troubles? It Is the exact same group(the grandkids of orig 1900 era kommies) who are now running the entire usa and all that is important etc. That comparison is a good way to open folks eyes to it all.

      60. A revolution fought against others that occupy the same jail cell as you won’t free you from said jail cell. Individuals DO NOT POSESS THE MEANS to overthrow the tyranical regime we find ourselves faced with. The ruling elite have never really been “overthrown” in any capacity that made a real difference, as has been proven through the history of civilization many times over. The fines, fees, and taxes are levied for one purpose, to assure you never actually own your car, house, land, etc. Anything of value can be seized under the guise you owe the government. Speeding tickets, red light cameras, property tax, sales tax, income tax, land tax, and the list goes on, have been carried down from similar control leveraged against civilization for history as far back as records have been kept. Revolution in and of itself is a very good thing, but lacks any real teeth when those who participate are still trapped in the cell those in power have locked those who are not within. A catalyst must form to motivate those of us trapped within this cell of servitude to break free from the cage we find ourselves in by a meaningful and decisive fashion. Until such a catalyst is found, there will be no liberty, freedom, or recognition of one’s right to self-governance. Revolt without blatent and open non-conformance to the “Law” we currently live under in no revolt at all. How many of you reading this are willing to break the law to support what we know to be just and right, knowing you’ll likely be made as example of, carted away from your family, your freedom to travel sumarily revoked, put on trial by a court system that panders to the cause which you fight against, for the sake of freedom? At least the person attempting the armed march on D.C. is attempting to act in a fashion that will offer real results. In the meantime, let us “Vote With Our Feet” or offer idle threats of “CATIMF” While “NOMI” Becomes the next 100 miles. The reality is, few if any are willing to be taken away from their families or killed outright in front of them for the cause of freedom, myself included. Be truthful before you tap thumbs down, has talking a bunch of piss and vinegar REALLY changed anything? And that is what makes the tyranny we face that much more infuriating…

        • Well said, Lost In The C.R.C.

          I have a suggestion for the individual: Reload your brass like it all starts tomorrow. Let the groups form where they may.

          Semper Fi

      61. I rarely post but when you read my postings, you can see that I’m a True human being and a very compassionate guy. Since the plutocrats own and run the media outlets and the majority of websites around the globe, them Guys, just like you I advocate for freedom of speech for all, and not just mine.

        1. Because I believe it’s part of the fundamental rights of an INDEPENDENT and SOLVEREIGN nation. 🙂

        2. Reading and expressing your mind is how we learn, and that’s part of what TODAYS CIVILIZATION DOES. 🙂

        3. People have minds of their own and cannot be forced to think in a certain way, and that’s why when anger is suppressed it can manifest into violence 🙁 . So Freedom of speech for expression is very important. If you are an average person of normal intelligence you should know how to debate an issue.

        I don’t mind reading your websites as you suggested, and I was familiar with your theory well before you mentioned it. Keep in mind, some theories only went up to a couple of hundred years and are not based on:
        – Science
        – Wars
        – Historical events
        – Coordinate with the history of its neighbors
        – The ways they conduct business, their characteristics. They want to monopoly the world’s markets and don’t want competition

        Everything I post, I verified the facts first, and then people can decide for themselves. China and Japan keep their historical events more accurately than most Western countries. Unfortunately, we can’t read/interpret their language. Also we are not allowed to openly view their historical records. As we’ve seen, some Jewish historians had tried to gain access to their records.

        Most people believe it’s more than just a dictator or groups who are trying to take over the world, that’s Dis-Info. Some true historians believe it’s the country, Kazakhstan, they’ve MIGRATED and now are living all over the world, ( the same people who you talked about ), and starting from the KAZAKHSTAN country into Russia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and then spread over the world. Propagandists are trying to convince us that after the revolution and WW3, Christ will return & peace will be everlasting. That is bullshit.

        So 500 million of them will be united at the world’s expense.
        Famine, lack of medical care, poverty, and WW3 will eliminate 4 billion people, leaving 500 million of their own people. See Georgiastone, it speaks volume of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

        • During my proofreading, I missed the word ” Dis-Info “, it did not belong in the sentence. However, what I meant to say was:

          Most people believe it’s more than just a dictator or groups who are trying to take over the world; (that’s Dis-Info when propagandists tell you that only a small group or the TPTB.)

          And who is the TPTB ???? This word is to skew YOU to the WRONG direction, and away from the REAL CULPRITS.

          Safety, Justice and Happiness for everyone. 🙂

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