Rand Paul Backs Trump, Unleashes “Top Ten Things That Make Obama Unqualified” For Office

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 191 comments

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    The White House, which is running a blatantly unconstitutional regime, is now attempting to vet potential successors to the Oval Office, and yet again take out opposition leaders.

    First, Obama said that Assad lost all legitimacy, and should step down, and partnered with al Qaeda and ISIS to back up his opinions.

    Now, Obama’s press secretary has claimed that Donald Trump has lost all legitimacy and has been “disqualified” from running for office. Just how does the White House plan to back up its opinions this time? Trump claims that he won’t be intimidated and exit the race, but one has to wonder how far the system will go to get its way.

    “The fact is the first thing a President does when he or she takes the oath of office is to swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And the fact is that what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as President… And any Republican who’s too fearful of the Republican base to admit it has no business serving as president either,” Earnest said.

    See video and details of White House press secretary Josh Earnest’s comments here.

    Senator Rand Paul, who is also running for the GOP nomination, but who has received only a fraction of the coverage that Trump has, blasted back at the arrogance of the Obama White House, suggesting that President Obama should address his own “disqualifying” characteristics first:

    Rand Paul did make a list of his top reasons, and tweeted them out in succession. Of course, there are many more examples that should be dealt with. Here are Rand’s reasons, listed on the Washington Examiner, or here on Twitter:

    1. “Tried to take over 1/6 of the economy in Obamacare, wrecked the system and hurt patients and taxpayers.”

    2. “Thinks an executive order is legislation and how you make law.”

    3. “Fought an undeclared, unconstitutional war in Libya, turned it into Jihadist wonderland.”

    — Dr. Rand Paul (@RandPaul) December 9, 2015

    4. “Fighting an undeclared, unconstitutional war in Syria, [and] trying to put ISIS in Damascus.”

    5. “Signed into law the indefinite detention of American citizens.” (Paul is referring to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by Obama in 2011, which earned heavy criticism from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union).

    6. “His copy of the bill of rights obviously goes from 1 to 3, skipping the 2nd amendment.”

    7. [A federal appeals] Court ruled his NSA spying on every American was illegal.”

    8. “He has added more debt than anyone in history.”

    9. “Appointed an attorney general who thinks speech against Muslims is a bigger threat than terrorism.”

    10. “[Environmental Protection Agency] rules by executive FIAT trying to kill an entire American industry and way of life (coal).”

    Not sure how Rand interprets the first amendment, but it’s pretty obvious that the administration that has punished more whistleblowers than any other, and allowed the NSA, intelligence community and private business to spy on and censor anyone it wishes, has no respect for the 1st Amendment or 4th Amendment either. Due process and whole back of the original ten amendments has definitely eroded to point where the ink is no longer legible.

    Benghazi/Gaddafi, Fast and Furious and the use of drones all belong on this list as well, but it is only 10 and a good start. ISIS and the covert support of terrorism is its own giant issue that should be a nationwide scandal, with impeachments, prosecutions and a gutting of the entire staff of every major office in Washington, D.C. But it will never happen.

    Obama’s role in the bankers bailout and the failure to prosecute Wall Street executives, or end legalized derivatives are all crimes that will also escape any notion of justice, even if the criminals strike again.

    Though none of these men are perfect or trustworthy with ultimate power, President Obama and his team make Donald Trump and Rand Paul look like founding fathers.

    Read more:
    The White House Just DISQUALIFIED Donald Trump From Being President (Seriously)

    Trump Accuses Fed of Not Raising Rates Because Obama “Doesn’t Want a Bubble Burst” Until He Leaves

    Donald Trump Prime Time: Obama is “Weak”;”Kisses Everybody’s Ass”\

    Rand Paul to Congress: “Someone Who Has Guns, Ammunition, 7 Days of Food” Can Be Considered a Potential Terrorist


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      1. Amen Paul…

        Where is the common sense???

        • Eppe,

          Common Sense?? Stick a fork in me…..I’m done. Never did get my pamphlet of “little rules.”

          • T, see what I mean ‘thinking outside the box’…

            Be well all…

            • Eppe, ‘thinking outside the box’ is my middle name.

              • Cuz it seems your Muslum friend Ali Shaheed knows you very well, but then again he may be Genius in disguise, cause you both hate jews. And you seem to have such love for Genius. It must be his name that dazzles you. Cause if it werent for you, he’d be the dumbs boomer on this site. And you know that your middle name is LeRoy.

                • NGIC, I’ll take Genius over any of you trolls any day, so kiss my ass.

                  • I was thinking the same thing

            • eppe, outside the box within a box within a box? I think this whole god damned system has to go period! Look where it got us now. Thinking that a new form of govt. is going to save you is idiotic. GOVT. ALWAYS SEEKS POWER AND CONTROL AND SEEKS TO GROW! Until man learns to govern himself we are fooked! The man who takes the tyrants head becomes the tyrant in his stead! God I wish I could move to a planet that had NO govt.!

              • A new form of government IS the answer, it’s called SELF GOVERNANCE! Such a system has not been seen in the US since 1860! It’s coming folks, don’t be impatient, its gonna hurt, but it’s gonna bring shit back to where it belongs…Until the next cycle.

              • The Bible says in Kings that God gave us Kings because we requested them. Now we have the folly of kings. People do not want the responsibility and love to criticize those who do. I am not much on kings myself, they are all jacked up psychopaths. Trump is worse than most. When human beings want to be accountable, then I’ll know we’ve had the Second Coming of Christ. Until then, we will have the same succession of users and abusers we’ve always had… flavor of the month. This month we have Obama, Hollande, etc. As technology improves, their ability to hurt and control increases. NSA was not started by Obama, but he hasn’t curbed it, either. None of them will.

              • He will be there also.

            • eppe, outside the box within a box within a box? I think this whole god damned system has to go period! Look where it got us now. Thinking that a new form of govt. is going to save you is idiotic. GOVT. ALWAYS SEEKS POWER AND CONTROL AND SEEKS TO GROW! Until man learns to govern himself we are fooked! The man who takes the tyrants head becomes the tyrant in his stead! God I wish I could move to a planet that had NO govt.!

              • Genius, Braveheart agrees with you on that one.

              • True. Same old same old. People used to live in abject fear of opening their mouths because kings had their spies. Technology has improved the spy system.

          • I can do without the pamphlet.

            • Brave,
              hey ! the pamphlet MIGHT be handy after the SHTF and there is NO more TP paper! HA

              • That’s what bibles are for.

                • Ha ha ha, and quarans and books of mormon and talmuds and any other bullshit scripts.

                  • G, No, Brave and all here:
                    Way too many things going on to be sure.
                    Pray for the best, prep for the worst.
                    But we preppers will prevail in the end.

                    Cuz we r prepped…

                    • Will tell everyone.
                      Been prepping for 20 years now.
                      Played all sorts of games in that time.
                      Never know what will really happen.
                      Where is that crystal ball???

                      Be well all…
                      That is a blessing to all here, good and bad, if that makes sense…

                  • Qurans and Talmuds will do. Throw in the Communist Manifesto as a bonus.

                    • eppe, the crystal ball is when you can see exactly what the puppetmasters are doing and why. Even though I am not an evil man I can see the plans of evil men for I have the ability to think as they do. Once I saw how things work it blew me away at the sheer genius of it. The intelligence of what they do is far beyond me and most everyone else. If you learn to be able to think like your enemy only then can you learn how to defeat him. Like I say… “if you go into battle with a tiger, you better fookin know what a tiger is!” And for most people, the tiger is unimaginable for most people have good hearts and cannot comprehend what that tiger REALLY is!

                    • G, never get out of the boat…

                    • eppe, I have always been out of the boat, thats where I learned to ask questions. I am afloat in a sea of shit that I want to know about. I never pigeonhole myself into a corner I am always seeking answers. I go where logic leads me and not propaganda. I am a true freethinker! I am not college educated (thank god) instead I use my brain cells to ponder what the fook is really going on. I make more than my old friends who have the so called “education” and I work half as much lol. Who is smarter? My parents were “in the boat” but I am a rebel soul and seek more. If theres one thing life has taught me it’s “question everything!” 🙂

          • only 10 ?






          • By Chuck Baldwin
            December 10, 2015
            NewsWithViews dot com

            So far, the only Republican presidential candidate who has intimated that he would support this draconian legislation is Donald Trump. Not even big-government toadies Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are supporting it.

            Democrat Congressman Mike Thompson (CA) and Republican Congressman Peter King (Taboo to name member) (NY) are trying to push a bill through Congress that would deny gun purchases to people who are on the federal government’s “no-fly” list. President Obama took to the national airwaves a few days ago to further pressure Congress to pass this legislation. King introduced H.R. 1076 back in February of this year. Now, after the shootings in California, Thompson has filed a discharge petition in an attempt to force a vote on the bill. Senate Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is trying to muster support for the bill in the upper house of Congress.

            The “no-fly” list was created by President G.W. Bush and when he left office contained 47,000 names. Today, the list has climbed to over 700,000 names.

            Senator Kennedy is not the only American citizen to be put on the government’s “no-fly” list. There’s Weekly Standard Senior Writer and FOX News contributor Stephen Hayes, U.S. Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), author Naomi Wolf, singer Cat Stevens, peace activists Jan Adams and Rebecca Gordon, Green Party leader Nancy Oden, King Downing and David Fathi of the ACLU, Professor Walter Murphy (emeritus of Princeton University) a 74-year-old Catholic nun, Ozzie and Harriet’s son David Nelson, CNN’s Drew Griffin, U.S. Marines and other servicemen, small children under the age of five, et al., ad infinitum.

            CHUCK is ON the “NO-FLY” List too!!

            Oh! That reminds me: while I was running for President of the United States on the Constitution Party ticket in 2008, I WAS told at the San Antonio, Texas, airport that my name was on “the list.”

            I traveled the better part of 100,000 miles across the continental United States during that campaign. I had a campaign rally on a Saturday mid-morning in San Antonio. I landed at the airport around midnight Friday night. The rally was conducted as scheduled, and I was back at the San Antonio airport to fly to my next stop around noon. I was on the ground for approximately twelve hours. I never had a problem flying before this event.

            However, when I tried to fly out, I was denied a boarding pass (third party candidates don’t fly on private jets) and shuffled off to an isolated booth where I was told I was on “the list.” Two men dressed in full battle uniform, complete with body armor, Kevlar helmets, and M16 rifles walked up behind me. To make a long story short, after over an hour of interrogation and phone calls to “upper management,” I was told I would be allowed to fly “this time.”

            Yes, that experience in San Antonio was the only time it happened to me; and I’ve logged over 300,000 skymiles since then. But, I was politely told in San Antonio that “once you’re on the list, you NEVER get off.” And I have been routinely subjected to all kinds of “special” scrutiny at I-couldn’t-count-how-many airports since then. So now, Obama, King, Thompson, and Pelosi want to tell me (and hundreds of thousands of people like me) that I cannot purchase a firearm?

            Article has a LINK/Proof that Trump is Only Repub prez candadite that AGREES with Hobammys “NO Guns if on NO Fly List” crap!





        • Wal-Mart selling song. “Kill Donald Trump”.

          SGT Report.

      2. why hasn’t the Army moved to protect the Constitution ?

        • *snort*

          • Our system only works when we are governed by people of integrity. We lost that long ago.

            • I agree. The corrupt politicians have ruined this country.
              My question to Sen Paul, As a U. S. Senator, why haven’t you done something about this crook in the WH, like start impeachment procedures???UH?

              • exactly!

        • Because over the last several years, Obama has removed all of the officers he deemed ‘untrustworthy’

          • (insert polite comment here ) 🙂

            • FTW, I’m trying, I really am lol.

              • K2, maybe you can politely refute these statements, god knows I can’t lol

                  • interesting video.

                  • I liked the Video.

                    Your brother is just short of going HYPER. Hahahaha!

                  • Hilarious video Genious!

        • Snort. When has an army junta improved anything?

      3. The US Constitution enumerates individual rights. Whereas Communism/Collectivism espouses group rights (i.e. Gay Rights or Black Rights). I don’t have to tell you where the Communist in Chief stands.

        • My rights are whatever the fook I say they are until they harm someone else!

          • Obama think you harm everybody else when you exert your so called rights, therefore you have none.

            • Who is Obama?

              • the lying liberal usurper who thinks he is president yet the lying liberal media will not vet him after 7+ years of his BS

      4. Paul is a very smart man.
        He had better watch out he will be called a Bigot!!!!!

        God bless the “new world Bigot”! Count me in!!!!!

        Obullshit is calling the kettle black. He is the least qualified to be Prez. than anyone in history. What a TURD!!!!


        • Dale. Paul has been called a bigot numerous times in the past. The republicans used his “news letter”( that Paul didn’t read for decades) against him to clear the way for Romney.

          • That and the kidnapping of a female during college.

        • Sarge, the muslim virus doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He needs to STFU.

        • Sgt. Paul is a fuckin asshole that voted FOR the NDAA bill!

      5. “Though none of these men are perfect or trustworthy with ultimate power, President Obama and his team make Donald Trump and Rand Paul look like founding fathers.”

        MAC – thanks for adding that statement into your article, damn funny … sad … but at the same time – very much truthful.

        • FTW, the truth is NO ONE has the RIGHT to tell you shit! Who the fuck decided that a group of self appointed assholes can dictate your life? If I don’t harm anyone else what the fuck is it someone elses business? Bunch of statist minded brainwashed idiots only THINK (loose term) they NEED a group of freaks to tell them what to do! If people need a ruler then have your own piece of the earth and go fuck yourselves and leave me the fuck alone!

          • And you are talking about the FEDS. The local and county level of government is ten times worse.

            I can’t build shit on my property without three different code inspectors coming out.

            If i want to cut a tree down on my property I have to get approval from the arborist board at the City or face a fine.

            It is like this everywhere!

            • I am talking about ANYWHERE PERIOD!

              • Genius, on that thread about the no-fly list, some trolls came on trying to blame ME for becoming a victim in the home invasion, saying it was my fault. I let them all have it both f#$%ing barrels. They sounded just like any libturd apologists for black criminals. No way I would let them slide on that.

                • that’s what we HAVE to do these days, brave…we gotta call these racist sons of bitches out and hit ’em with some facts. we can’t let them get away with any more of their crap…call a commie a commie!

                • Braveheart,

                  You’re wrong again, nobody was blaming you for being a victim, they were simply telling the truth and that is your an idiot, no matter how you slice it or how many times you hump genius’ leg that will never change. Now we’ll all be hearing about you getting ripped off for the next several years because it’s the only new thing you’ve had to say in years. Why don’t you regale us with some exciting stories in the dangerous world of door knob shaking and living off canned food?

                  • Anonymous troll, none of you know exactly how my home invasion came about and what do you mean by ‘humping someone’s leg’? Someone would have to prove to me that I somehow brought this on myself and I don’t see that happening. And no, I’m not going to keep talking about it. You trolls are a real trip.

            • It’s not like that everywhere. I built a greenhouse on my property and didn’t ask anyone. I just built it. I can also cut down any tree in my yard I wish without asking anyone.

            • My county is so rigid with rules, you can’t do anything with your property. One came by as I was moving rocks for a raised flowerbed… he called it an earth berm and said I needed a permit and engineering study. I said flowerbed, and these would never hold back this mountain if it comes down. No engineer could hold it back, either. I expected a citation, but it did not come. Lord have mercy, I was working outside and saw another inspector driving through looking at every property. They cut their trees out for horses. I plant more trees. We get helicopters too.

          • Genius, I love how you and I get on the same page in the same book. My sentiments exactly.

      6. Could you add a few more.

        11. Born in an outhouse.

        12. Imports terrorists.

        13. Exports jobs.

        14. Lies and smiles like a demonic reptilian alien from another dimension.

        • The big job exportation began under Raygun. Most were gone before Obama showed up. And no, Obama did not build the pyramids, either. Keep it honest.

      7. Yes Rand Paul is a very smart guy!

        • Saying that proves you are 1: in favor of the NDAA
          2: a hater of freedom
          3: an idiot that cannot employ critical thinking

          • genius the nebbish has spoken…

      8. 11. Provided arms and funds to sworn enemies of the United States. Something which meets the Constitutional definition of treason rather nicely.

        • Obama has given aid and comfort to the enemy. Treason. Where is congress? AWOL.

          • Mad Dog,
            Congress is JUST as guilty as Obutthead and should be tried for treason as well!!

          • Congress is a joke,
            Our rep (Tulsi Gabbard) is grumbling and pointing out that the administration and pentagon are acting illegaly by arming the rebels in syria and all she gets for that is being blackballed by the establishment politicians from both sides, bunvha treasonous trash these folks are, we need some serious changes on capitol hill.

            • the kind of change we need will not come about peacefully…

        • One of his very first actions in office was to provide millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood who is the front for all the other muslim organizations that are listed as enemies of the US. And nobody in Congress said a word.

          • They didn’t say a word about him giving the Treasury to Goldman Sachs, either. Ya know, cuz he is a Muslim commie. Snort.

      9. “Rand Paul Backs Trump”…….

        Thats more than a wee bit misleading.

        No its actually, Rand Paul draws attention to the Unconstitutional Actions of the President.

        Rand Paul has just ever so slightly more in common with Trump than he has with Obama.

        • So Rand also sooks some kosher deek? You never get that rich unless you do in this country. Fook Rand and Fook trump they are both zionist cooksuckers lol.

          • as opposed to you who likes the flavor of Nazi deek.

      10. After 7 years of on-the-job training, the current resident of the whitehouse is still not competent for the position.

        The only way that could be possible is if it was never his intention to uphold the consitution in the first place.

        • “The only way that could be possible is if it was never his intention to uphold the consitution in the first place.”

          GW Bush, Bill Clinton and GH Bush set such a high standard of Constitutional Compliance. Actually if you put it on a graduated scale, each is worse than their predecessor. The trend is going towards 100% Non Compliance of the US Constitution.

          • Kevin2, we’ve already had 100% noncompliance of the US Constitution for a long time. None of them care about it.

            • We’re not 100% yet; we’re still on this BB. Its been three steps forward and one step back for the Second Amendment. The 4th , 5th and 6th are toast. The legal battle ground was the Second Amendment in the last decade; the new fight will be the Tenth Amendment. If that doesn’t reestablish itself and “One Size Fits All” mandates continue from the Federal Government upon the States, in the end Balkenization is likely to occur.

              • and would that be a bad thing ?

                • virginiamom2015

                  The Founding Fathers set it up that way. Each State was virtually a separate country and banded together for trade and mutual protection. The States agreed to follow a manual known as the Constitution Of The United States Of America with a mission statement that they called a The Preamble.

                  The temperament and tenacity of the original feedstock established an American Culture that moderated according to technology and outside influence. The more rapidly and greatly you change the variables the greater the change. We’re faced with both. I’m still comforted by a lot of American Culture remaining.

              • K2, the constitution was shitcanned in the bankruptcy of the US Corp. in 1933. In fact, no supreme court decision has to be admissable in court prior to that date. Ever since then you and everyone else has been pledged as collateral for the national debt. Everything you register is property of the state. Your birth cert. is sent to the dept. of commerce as collateral for debt. Why do you not have a certificate of origin for a car, boat, etc? Because it is converted to a state issued title thats why. What I am saying is a huge can of worms that would take months to type out. Look into it and you will see. YOU are a CORPORATION!

                • This is where the spiderweb unfolds! It is PURE evil genius! These fookin Kazars aren’t stupid by any means, they control everything through currencies and owning the war machine. People are brainwashed beyond belief and are so dumbed down they cannot even begin to comprehend the web they are entangled in! Once you learn to see what is going on it will blow you away so bad you will be numbed for a week or two just trying to absorb it all! You are surrounded by fraud and deciet! The whole fookin system is rigged and controlled by the few behind the curtain. I took a class back in 2001 on common law and individual sovereignty and what I learned put me in a state of shock so bad it took me 2 weeks to function normally. It ALL fell into place and I could see exactly why things were the way they were. 99% of people have no clue whatsoever of how deep the rabbit hole goes! This shit defied even my imagination. Almost like a supernatural intelligence was running the show. Just when you think you know something… BOOM it is shattered! The trivium method of thinking I mentioned a while back is the best defense against this monster of mind control. You people have no idea just how huge social engineering and mind control really goes. When and if you ever realize it, it will make you puke!

                  • Genius:

                    Was that class in a college, some online thing? Did it cost much? Do you have to be
                    super high IQ to get through it?

                    Tell me more about it and what is in the course. Please.

                    Thank you and thanks for the video.

                    • Anon, No it wasn’t college and a normal IQ person could grasp it. It was 1600 bux as if you need to know and taught by a group of people that were true geniuses. It’s called doing research and questioning things (maybe you have tried it) and discovering the “legal” system was just a code word for corporate law. Keep looking grasshopper, you may not like what you find! 😛

                  • Genius: its been said that the Greatest scam satan ever pulled off was to convince most folk he dont exist.

                    But Satans second best ever swindle scam was to convince even More folks that his Khazar sons also do not exist!

                    And in antisipation to the newest parrisite troll, cannon as he seems to lurk and await my every reply so to bash whatever I say…To him or her I simply say..

                    Tellah Hasztizi Shamuta!

                  • Genius:

                    At some point in time that “curtain” is going to be drawn open for the whole world to see who the ‘boogie men’ really are.

                    You are correct about the ‘rabbit hole’. The deeper ones research goes; the more horrific it becomes. One thing about it; when your eyes become open you never look at the world the same. You can never go back.

                    So bear with me….I know you are not a believer….I am. And that Book explains who/why those beings seem to have super natural intelligence. After all, their father is Satan; and their lineage is the Kenites.

                    “Those who say they are Joos but are not”….all there for people with eyes to see.

                    I am astounded at your knowledge, Genius. You have been given a great gift. I look forward to all of your posts.

                    A good place for someone to start to learn what has happened to this world is the Rothschilds report at Iamthewitness dot com. Takes you from the beginning of this evil family right up to the present day. Their evil hooks/claws are everywhere.

                  • Genius:

                    I have a post in moderation addressed to you. Hope you read it and I look forward to your response.

                    • I will be happy too 🙂

                    • Genius:

                      My post that was in moderation has now disappeared. You can guess why. I used a word connecting Khazars to their “family ties” and poof….

                    • Genius:

                      I see that my post is now back in moderation so I will try to write a “little SOFTER” version and see if it flies.

                      At some point in time that curtain of secrecy that surrounds the people bent on destroying the world is going to be drawn wide open for all to see the real “boogie men” behind the planned destruction of civilization (except for them, of course…and the slaves needed to maintain their lifestyle).

                      You are correct about the deep “rabbit holes” and the further you dig the worse it gets. In all my studies I am still astounded at what lengths these “super intelligence beings” (as you put it) have gone since long ago to take control of all the planet. One thing about it, once you dig deep enough in the rabbit hole you will never look at the world the same; and you can never go back to being an ostrich.

                      So bear with me for a bit Genius….I think you are not a believing Christian, I am. Not a sit in the pew, listening to 501C3 preachers spout their false doctrine (like Hagee, etc.) however.

                      That Book, in Genesis tells you how these super natural, super intelligent beings came about, how/why. They are called Kenites, Genius, and are the Khazars you write about in your subject. They have been and will continue to be a burr in the butt of all civilization until the curtain opens to reveal the truth. Some have been given eyes to see already (such as you, Genius) some have not been given that gift at the present time.

                      Revelation tells you exactly who they are. What an amazing Book it really is.

                      I am amazed at your intelligence, Genius. I look forward to all your posts.

                      A good place for the beginner to start is on the website Iamthewitness dot com. Follows the Rothschilds from the beginning right up to date. Their evil claws/hooks are everywhere.

                      Have you studied Club of the Isles? Type in your search engine cluboftheislesmembership for the rulers of the planet. If you just type in cluboftheisles all I could find was hotels so be sure to add membership to your inquiry.

                      Have a good day. Hope this satisfies the moderators.

                  • It took me years to accept how bad things are. It turns out my early childhood memories of mk ultra abuse were actually true. Years of panic attacks later I am finally in one piece. I hope more people see the psychologist slavery in this country. Research satanic ritual abuse, monarch mind control programs, etc.

                  • I have learned things like that too. I find the entire structure corrupt and terrifying. I wish I could live quietly in the backwoods but nothing is backwoods anymore.

                • No Genius, we are an asset of a corporation. Birth certificates are nothing more than a title for a car or boat. That corporation being the U.S.A.


          • This is how I see it, too. Why single out Obama as if he is the only president who has busted the Constitution? Singling him out just makes a person look stupid… did they wake up yesterday from a time capsule or what? Yes, each of these Presidents have pushed this country as far toward tyranny as they could. Never stepping back from prior pushes and always pushing more. The next President will do the same. So far, Bush pushed farthest. Obama has made fewer inroads because he is black and so many people are watching that were unconscious during the Bush administration. Annoying, but hey if it wakes you sheep up cuz he’s black… so be it. Can you keep your eyes open if Trump is next? His entire base makes comments about him like he is Jesus Christ Superstar instead of one more psychopath who wants bonus money on our way down. Sounds like snoring to me.

            • Rebecca

              If Trumps wins, we could have a world war. If Clinton wins, we could have a civil war.

              It’s WIN, WIN for me.

              • Slingshot,
                So be it. I vote civil war because nukes unlikely. Too bad we don’t get a third party going.Those are two loser choices.

      11. For 40 plus years of observing politics in this nation, I have always been glad to see the president go. This current president is no different and I lament to say the next president will be no different either. Something’s gotta change….and soon.

        • Me too. Each compounds the evil of the ones before. I dislike them all. The worst for meis the endless idolization of the latest candidate. Like the comments about Ben Carson before he dropped… ignoring the reality of his craziness. The endless remarks about Trump being truthful. He is a psychopath. Bush, the family stooge from the psychopath family. Obama wants your guns, Huckabee wants to sell you on the slave auction block (he must be phase 2 after your guns are gone). I worked with a gal who jus luv Huckabee… she’d be one of the first sold for debt. Tell me one psycho running is not going to move the tyranny forward?

      12. Taken from a yahoo comment after Obuttlips speech “Obama takes veiled swipe at Trump at Capitol Hill ceremony”

        ISLAM WAS BANNED FROM THE USA IN 1952, but Obama doesn’t want you to know that nor does he respect or uphold US law. The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.”

        This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House.Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the political correct crowd would say that Islamist s cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited.

        • Liberals twist the laws to fit their agenda.
          Sometimes they just completely ignore them all together.

          Why? and, How do they get away with it?

          Because they know that the sheeple will not unite and come after them. By the time the sheeple get pissed enough to do anything about them, the sheeple will have given up their guns and bibles; the only two things that stand between good and evil.

          • Conservatives pass the Patriot Act and take your Constitutional rights away with guns.

        • Islam may have been banned in 1952 , but 7 years ago it was selected as our president ..notice i didnt say elected

          and 100% of the people here( in the US) havent collectively stopped him yet


        • Braveheart. So Obama is a Muslim? Hmmmm. Let’s see:
          He is for gay marriage
          He dinks beer
          He owns a dog
          He has done cocaine
          He eats pork (bacon)
          His wife had a job and he worked for her.

          Not a Muslim. You sir are a moron and you make it easy for people to dismiss you and this site which consists of your numerous posts ( some would call spam). There are good reasons to disagree with Obama but come on now….keep it real.

          • Tuncuf, he wrapped a fucking rag around his head and tried to act like one of them. He is the biggest piece of shit that ever walked this earth.

            • He wrapped a RAG around his head? In the hot sun you die of sun stroke if you don’t have a rag around your head? He is owned by the banksters and THEY ARE SCARED OF YOUR GUNS! I don’t think he cares about your guns… he is there to open the conversation. Just like Huckabee is there to open the conversation about selling Americans into slavery. Just like Trump is there to open the conversation of approving government lists. Just like Boehner was there to get another bankster bailout. Just like Scott Walker was there to bust unions. Just like… each of them is supported by the top to break down some facet of our society. This comes from TPTB and that isn’t a rag head.

          • Tunkcuf

            What are the chances of Obama being a Bad practicing Muslim. Or a Closet Muslim. He does talk a lot about the teachings of the Koran. Plus he Lies or Misleads the Infidels. His actions make him a Muslim. Had a friend that use to eat, lets say Not Kosher food. And he wasn’t Irish.

            • Nobama and Sling, tunkcuf is just another useless troll.

            • Hmmmm sling. Gosh, Logical thinking would tell you that someone who is a “bad practicing” Muslim wouldn’t be all that into Islam. Doesn’t follow much of Islam in his life. But thinks enough of Islam to sell the US out. That doesn’t make sense. I would guess your friend you knew isn’t in the majority. Most people have a sense of pride and have some integrity. Then again some people (crave head) talks about what he’s a gunna do and what he woulda done regarding situations. Craves head can’t keep common thieves out of his apartment. But by god he will keep the us guberment out. He also hates the government but his daddy lives off entitlements. Perhaps you are right. Some people are full of shit. Obama could also be full of shit.

              • Troll, I do have a sense of pride and integrity, unlike you and your partners who come on here to bash me and other people. If you’ll get off your dead ass and do some research, you’ll find that everything that’s been revealed in alternative media about Obama over the years is true. You can believe whatever you want. I don’t live my life based upon anyone’s opposing viewpoints of me. I’ve had people against me ever since I was a kid for one reason or another. It’s not any different with you or any other of your trolling comrades. You’re just on here putting out propaganda like the MSM. I’ve always known how to pick up the pieces and move on. I’m just like the Energizer bunny; just keep going, going, going……

          • Obama referred to “my muslim faith” and also said that if it came down to it he would side with muslims.

            He also refers to the “holy koran” but makes fun of the Bible.

            I think it’s a pretty good bet that he’s a muslim.

          • Tunkcuf, f#$% you! it’s the posts from you and other trolls that are spam. You can google it for yourself. Why the hell do you think he shows so much favoritism to Muslims? In his first year in office, he gave millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella group for all Muslim organizations in the US. he has allowed Muslims to become very high ranking officials in the govt. especially at DHS. DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is Muslim. Do some research before you make an idiot out of yourself. don’t take up the trolls’ bad habits.

            • Craveshead. Research one sided bullshit? You spend your life making up scenarios and then talking about how anyone crossing you will die. You have zero critical thinking skills. You gather information that fits you tiny world view. I have done research as you call it. I am her for fun. You are here for friends and albeit sad life.

              • Tunckuf, once again you’re wrong. I do know how to think for myself. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I’ve always known better than to accept as gospel anything the MSM says about anything. I used to get banned from MSM sites for stinking them up with the truth, which they couldn’t accept. They used to call me everything they normally call anyone who dares to challenge their worldview. No, I’ve never fit into anyone’s box and never will. I’ve always been thinking outside the box and proud of it. You’re the one who is mistaken, not me.

                • Tunckuf, BTW, check out the YouTube video of Obama admitting he’s a Muslim and then come back and tell me what you think. EOTS posted the link.

                  • And that counts more than the many times he’s admitted he is a Christian? He grew up with multiculturalism. He identifies with many things. I don’t think he is really much of an organized religion kinda guy.

          • bullshit
            Obutthead says himself on air ,, in video

            “My Muslim Faith”

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKGdkqfBICw

            • go looking, because this isnt the first time he says it .. and he admits it publicly

      14. The governmental level of incompetence, the outright lying, the absurd childishness, the egos involved make me want to hurl- breakfast, hurl a brick, hurl an epitaph, hurl an obscenity, hurl a Volkswagen…

        • I think I will hurl this 3.2 beer and grab a glass of shine 🙂

      15. At some point gentlemen, we need to quit bitching about it on the internet and take some action. No, not violent action, but action none the less. Work where it will do the most good. In your local community.

        If you want to effect change, be the change. I know it sounds hippy and new age, but it is true. I work for local government and it has taken me 10 years to begin to effect minimal change on basic policy and fiscal issues. A decade for any noticeable change. Let that sink in.

        Start small. Help an old lady across the street. Attend a PTA meeting, even if you don’t have kids. You pay taxes, let your voice be heard, in places that action can be affected.

        The most important thing you can do, is to change yourself. Change your perceptions. Change your viewpoint. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. It sounds so simple but if you take this simple advice it is life changing. Couple it with a sense of faith, in any higher power, of any name, and you have a POWERFUL engine for change. Change that will affect others and the world you live in. All the most influential people in your life led by example, their actions – not their words. Think about it.

        Merry Christmas.

        • Townsaver

          Your correct. I’ve been saying that the Achilles Heel is the political primaries in the House of Representatives.

          My favorite poster that I own is unfortunately a reprint but its Norman Rockwell’s Free Speech. The not so well dressed man standing up at what is obviously a town type meeting symbolizes the USA.

        • Townsaver, I have tried that and it turned into shit. If you really look at history the only thing that effects change is violent revolution. Even the oows say it, your a fool if you think anything else will bring about significant change. Fook the protest crap and the sending letters BS, Grow a pair and get ready! Like it or not, a huge war is coming and you better be ready!

          • I’m certainly not saying violence is not effective, if not the most effective method of change. I am saying that it is not the only one, and in my humble opinion usually the least desirable one for anyone and everyone involved.

            Growing a pair means being a man. A man does not resort to violence if things are not going his way 100% of the time.

            War is not coming. War is here. What side are you fighting on? Whoops, there I go again, divide and conquer. Always has to be a winner and a loser. Duality is the problem that afflicts mankind.

            • Ok then to be fair, what real change has ever been accomplished without violence? I don’t mean trivial or non life changing, I mean REAL change?

              • Genius

                The greater question is how often has violent (political) change been rewarded with a government better than they overthrew? Generally the most violent element is the political victor that has tended to be worse then its predecessor.

                King Louis goes and you get Napoleon.

                Tzar goes and you get Stalin

                Kazer goes and you get Hitler

                I’ll take my chances with the primaries and a political solution.

                • K2 I understand your position and I am very happy to hear from a true thinker. I’m sure you have read what I had to say about tyrants “he who takes the tyrants head, becomes the tyrant in his stead”. I guess it is just human habit. Nothing is ever solved by politics, for politics IS the creation of problems! Looking to rulers to solve issues is like looking to a fox to guard your henhouse. Humans typically want a ruler to keep some form of order because they are too lazy and irresponsible to do it themselves. This has ALWAYS been the case throughout history. Evidently man cannot govern his own behaviors. If the law of nature (natural law) were to be THE LAW none of the shit we live with would ever manifest. But man seeks to control man and seeks power. There for it only makes sense to kill everyone that seeks power. I do not ever wish to control others in any way. Once mankind has an understanding that rulers are tyrants only then can they ever be free. There is a name for this… “ANARCHY” the lack of rulers or masters. But I am not holding my breath for those ignorant masses to awaken, my friend I see that it is too late now!

                  • In 1870 era Savage Injuns Vowed to Endevor to Persevere to Act Civilized….At least they did so in Josie Whales day.

                  • Succinctly and accurately put, Genius! Though the powers-that-be will send out provocateurs to attack and destroy in the name of “Anarchism”, true Anarchism is all about self-rule for everyone–and, necessarily, self-defense by everyone against those who won’t rule themselves and, as a corollary, against those who attempt to rule over others. Anarchy is the way of every other creature in nature, except for the enslaved kinds of creatures, like drone bees and such who sacrifice themselves for queen and colony–their “government” and “State (“Nation”)”. It does come down to “society” being a conspiracy against any individual who doesn’t goose-step along with them and whatever party has them under its power. So what?! There have always been alliances against underdogs. Shepherdboy David was also an underdog against mighty Goliath….

                  • The question now becomes how much individual freedom is one willing loose to obtain a higher standard of living. The flip side of that, the double edge knife, is the greater the wealth,the greater the power of a few if left unchecked.

                    This is why I like Henry Ford and Walter Reuther.

                    • I will live as a pauper and enjoy my freedom (as if that was possible here) rather than kiss the ring of the King. However I do pretty good in the system so I guess that makes me a hypocrite. I will just do what suits my security best until such time as I divorce the system and tell them to shove it..

                    • I did the soveriegn citizen thing and it worked for some things and not others. You better have a good bankroll before trying it. I have others I know that did it too and none of them won in the end. It is a hard road to travel and you better not fuck up! I play my cards like a game of chess trying to stay 1 move ahead of the credens….

                    • The FORD foundation is NWO! But ol Henry did have this to say…

                      “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”?

                  • The Bible covers this in Kings… we get tyrants because we do not want to be accountable. I am a bit of anarchist in that I don’t want interference nor do I want to interfere. I was in my 40s before I knew what it meant. It is not terrorism.

                • Look at the multiple messed up countries we have left in our wake in the middle east, not you or i who did it but the psychopaths who are running this broken machine,
                  That chicken is coming home to roost soon.

              • “REAL change” is a pretty subjective term, based on what, your perspective.

                The only thing you can possibly change IS yourself.

                The changing and rising of the human consciousness is occurring so fast now, the old god is dying, grasping for air, attention, anything. This technology we use is a direct manifestation of the growth and explosion that is the internet.

                The only chaos in the universe is change, the natural and required event for life to occur.

            • Townsaver

              I see it as the “Pre Stage” to War. Figuring out who is your enemy. Then what are you going to do. Lots of SIDES to pick from. The side that I am against is the one that comes to screw with me. I believe there is a huge war coming.
              On that day I will make a pot of coffee. Open up the safe and gear up. The bullshit games will be over.

              Are you ready?

              • I see cooler heads prevailing.

                Had a pot of coffee to myself this evening. Nectar of the gods!

                • Who can make war against the Beast?

                  Anyone that has large enough nards can make war against the evil system, but only God can destroy it.

                  Until then, we reap what we have sown.

                  • On the thought of making war.

                    Those running down Body Armor. Deltiod soft armor. Wraps around the upper arms. You may find is somewhat of a problem when using your rifle to aim. A second use is to use them to protect your Front thigh area by attaching the top loop to your belt and wrapping the arm band around leg. Combined with a groin armor pad can provide lower body protection.

        • I think at this Point the only Change we can think about are the Mags in our Rifles!!!

          Semper Fi

          • Thats a start, you need to go beyond that too. Rifles aren’t the only means of disposal!

          • I like it, lately any change from an outside source seems to be for the worse, only positive changes are things i initiate,,,

        • Townsaver,

          Maybe 40 years ago that would have worked. But today, power flows from the top down. Local governments are dependent upon the state government for revenue, disbursements.

          State governments are dependent upon the Federal Government for revenue.

          The federal government decides the winners and losers and it all flows down to your street address.

          I liken local and state governments to baby robins sitting in a nest waiting to be fed from mama robin. In this case mama obama.

          I am of the firm belief that you can’t affect change at the local level anymore.

          And as for being nice to that little old lady…well there is a 50+ percent chance that she is in total disagreement with you about everything.

          Just an opinion.

      16. off topic
        but an interesting site

        How Many People Have Been Shot Near You This Year?

        h ttp://www.thetrace.org/2015/12/gun-deaths-interactive-map-2015/

        • Thanks Satori

        • The 33,000 figure they use includes suicides. Murders total about 12,000 annually with roughly 8000 in which a firearm is used.

          Blaming guns for suicides requires someone to blame Sir Issac Neuton when someone commits suicide by jumping off a bridge.

      17. Trump would be more votable if he didn’t kiss any of the special interests asses. Oh yes he does, and he has Jewish poop all over his face.

      18. I just read the Obama Diaries which include Obama,his wife Joe Biden and others entries in their diaries. You get a nasty taste in your mouth by what these people write about each other,themselves and conditions in the country. You can tell what Obama thinks about things and the American people. We’ve been right about him all along.

      19. I am a black man, but I did not vote for this dip~shit!!!!!

        • dot worry we dont blame you
          no one voted for him , he was forced upon us to enact “hope and change”

          while he “hopes” we will dis- arm

          we are working on the “change”

      20. Fastest way to get information out word of mouth,networking with others is very effective
        Proof of that is the change that the non preppers are showing about the general state of affairs
        In this country,eye opening what happened in California. Trump is opening eyes front and center
        Each day win or loose. Some may say the greatest generation is dead and gone, IMHO it is
        Alive and well in my and others genes,brought up by grandparents who lived it and I know the stories bet you heard them too. Local politics are way more effective than national and positive
        Change there is a start ,share information keep your township in your care. Trump is an old
        Guy but if he does nothing more than contribute to slowing , stopping terror from getting here that is good enough for me. More of us than them……….

      21. Imho our congress and senate being AWOL is possibly out of fear for their safety imho.

        • Anon:

          No problem with congress being awol. They are not needed anyway.

          Even way back in 1922 NY City Mayor, John F. Hylan understood the name of the game:

          “The real menace to our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation…the little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.

          They practically control both parties and control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country.

          They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.

          It operates under cover of a self-created screen and seizes our executive offices, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”

          Can you still convince yourself that it is “just a conspiracy theory?

          Fast forward to 2015…..with the advent of television they have completed the brainwashing of most of the American public.

      22. None of the Western powers-that-be (or their buddies, such as Putin or Chinese Communists) want Assad to step down (unless they can replace him with their “moderate” “ISIS” decoys whom they’ve used to confuse–in the scared minds of naive Americans– with being real Free Syrians who have fought heroically to liberate all Syrians from Assadism). Assad is one of their last-remaining authoritarian governors of a Middle Eastern colony for them and their Big Oil investments. Though Obama is apparently but a Manchurian candidate for them, it was Cheney-Bush who started the NSA domestic espionage, with their 9/11 catastrophe as an excuse for which that attack was allowed, and other police state tactics. Trump is likely to take that repression to even greater levels, as would Clinton or Sanders and certainly would Bush III.

      23. Genius: Recall that Great Quote by Harold Wallace Rosenthal, IE: About The PEN Vs the Sword etc? and why the Pen is a falacy worthless endevor used to dupe us usa folks?

        This LINK website is to Rosenthals Entire very Long Interview in which he basically let the proverbial Cat out of the Bag! and spilled the beans on litterally everything from A to Z that has happened and is yet to happen aka is still Planned to occure yet…And He holds nothing back in Nameing his jewish and zionist people or groups behind it all etc.

        It is a Very Long Read..but Well Worth the time for Everyone here to read it fully…remember Harold Rosenthal was the top main aide for us senator of NY Jacob Javitz, of amoung other issues, famous for his role in 1965 immigration act reforms laws…Harold was a Lawyer and top senate aide assigned to Javitz and was a DEEP Insider guy for a long while in us senate and a rabid zioninst too…Rosenthal was Killed shortly after he gave this interview!…Only made to look like accidnt in a comm plane terrorist attack etc…That plane attack death is in the article/interview also in every detail.

        Go HERE: http://iamthewitness dot com/news/2009.04.14-Rosenthal dot html

        He discuss’s and Admits to every possible issue-event-conspiricy (thats really factual truth) etc etc and barly refused to deal with or admit to only a small few items.

        A MUST Read for All folk whom desires to know what really happened and who did it and why done and what else is yet planned to happen to usa and to You!

        let me know what you think after reading it Genius and anybody else who cares to do so…Thanks!

      24. Even with Trump . Trump like Ron Paul is just more dog & pony show.There still isn’t a viable political or ballot box solution. We try and vote the lesser evil. The free shit army will vote for the worst evil. And the Free shit army of parasite takers out number the Producing makers Voting is a exercise in futility. The question Is How & why do we let a mere 535 elected traitors get away with it?

      25. I can not understand this thing with should Congress implement universal background checks ?

        We already have this (in place) so why are you asking this again, and again ???????????

        I am for it.

        But is it going to stop criminals, and terrorist ?

        No !

        Look what happen in California.

        Bad people are going to find ways to do harm to others no matter how much you try to regulate things.

        The only way you can counter the bad people is GOOD people have the means to protect themselves ……….

      26. I like a lot of what Trump is saying but he says he is not up for sale but i hear he is going to visit Isreal and to see net-um-yahoo.

        Why would he do that ?

        You don’t become the president of the USA without the puppet masters pulling the strings so yes i would love to run with Trump but logic says to me that he is not all what he seems to be.

        I don’t mind flack, i hope you are right, just saying like

        • Trump has been in bed with politicians his whole adult life. I don’t see anything to recommend him.

      27. “Does government have a right to exist?”
        From the writings of Doug Casey.

      28. RK reports a mysterious theft occurring on the premesis of the 8943 Katy Freeway location of the SaltGrass Steakhouse chain. If Sheriff Glen Smith’s name sounds familiar it could be because he was brought to a national stage in the mysterious and alleged suicide of Sandra Bland in his Waller County jail facility. While this case still remains open and of hot debate, the Sheriff has found himself again in another case where people are wondering if he is the crooked common denominator.

        Sheriff Glen arrived at the SaltGrass Steakhouse for lunch with eight guns in his truck, some of them machine guns, while he dined for a couple of hours. Upon return to his truck, the guns were gone. Supposedly the security cameras of the parking lot were not working, Glen didn’t lock his truck’s door, and it’s “routine” for a sheriff to carry machine guns around. Media and social media alike are lashing out, mostly hypothesizing if there’s someone in the SaltGrass crew in bed with the sheriff.

      29. Lot of shit going on in San Bernardino Cali

        seems money is a huge problem for that town, that and the use of illegal actions by their government costing them millions

        might have ties into this BS terrorist act , funny how they watch one set of alleged criminals but not others

        ht tp://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/12/09/illegal-dea-wiretap-riverside-money-laundering/77050442/

      30. At this point none of the government has legitimacy,
        Ill cary when and where i want and will pretty much move forward without regard for anything that anyone in government says, does or dictates….
        Go along to get along is dead and gone

        • Amen
          I pack every where I go .. yes , even in GFZ’s
          my mind view is, if there isnt a metal detector and every one is mostly assured of being unarmed , than my gun goes in with me ( there are only a few places my gun hasnt gone , courts, airport terminal , etc)

          these GFZ’s need to start getting their asses sued off ,, if they dont provide you with security , than you have the right to bring your own

          cant wait till the first law suit against a GFZ where someone lost their family member or survived it but got wounded

          survival trumps corporate law IMO

      31. Lets try this again since I tried to post this this morning.

        I am (for) background check but we already have this in place.

        Why do we keep asking these questions over and over again ?????????

        The problem is it is not going to stop criminals and terrorist.

        Criminals, and terrorist seem to have no problems getting things to harm us.

        The only answer I can come up with is the good guys be armed which could stop them or limit there damage…..

      32. The Middle Class Is Now a Minority

        ht tp://gawker.com/the-middle-class-i…ity-1747290888

        Most Americans Earn Less Than $30,000

        ht tp://issuehawk.com/igor/2013/11/07…han-30000.html

        middle class
        it was nice knowin’ ya

      33. and the band plays on

      34. Does Rand Paul’s 1-10 really matters? Allow me to articulate, 🙂
        Rand is right, but he and millions of other Americans for got that he was illegally elected. That his entire tenure has been illegal.

        In 2008 the fraudulent votes were off the charts, if my memory is correct 3 major cities had more votes then they had living there and registered. Was there ever a recount?

        The number of dead people voting for Obama and voting many times.

        It saddens me that we as a people let congress get away with this. The ten reasons Rand talks about are true, it’s sad that we as a Nation allowed Obama under fraudulent circumstances take office!

        So is every law or E.O signed by Obama null and void? I would say yes, while SCOTUS and Congress is no longer representative of the Constitution or the Oaths they took.

        Rant Off

      35. Chicago still protesting against the Mayor.

        Video news said there is an investigation into an interrogation center/warehouse in Homan Square. Wonder if the President knows about his buddies secret actions.

        The news about this center is old but still uncovers what the Authorities can do to the public in secret.

        • Sling. I’m sure the mayor briefs Obama everyday. Ha

      36. If the news media were honest/had integrity, they would simply refuse to sit there and allow shi^&$ to be spouted at them by the current spokesperson/dummy. Call enough is enough, get the president out there, refuse him a teleprompter, and get the word straight from the mouth of the ass himself. We would find a naked emperor unable to articulate at any level.

      37. Given the results of this poll, most politicians just don’t get it. Not like we didn’t know this. 37% of voters support Trump’s Muslim ban. Go figure.

        ht tp://www.bloomberg.com/politics/videos/2015-12-09/poll-37-of-voters-favor-trump-s-call-for-muslim-ban

      38. Is it some kind of slight of hand, or are there really that many Americans stupid enough to vote for an inarticulate moron that will say anything if he believes it will move poll numbers?

        There are entire countries ready to ban him from even entering their world for fear that whatever illness he has may be contagious!

        I guess you really can’t… fix stupid.

        But hey, thanks for the giggles!

        • No slight of hand. People are sick and tired of the BS

          The rise to power is through the discontent of the population. How do you think Hitler came to power. Our .gov ain’t serving the people very well lately. They don’t seem to be on the same frequency we operate on. The commy/liberal/progressives keep pushing a communist agenda off on us and now they are getting some feedback. With all his faults, a lot of people still would rather have him than the boiler plate politician.
          Given your discontent with Trump…Hillary? She should be in prison right now.

          • You said it yourself… how did Hitler come to power? Unhappy people make stupid decisions.

      39. #11 Obama was not born in america

      40. Obama should step down or be impeached or tried for treason. He has done more to destroy this country than any other President in our history. But he has a lot of help from like-minded people in power, not just George Soros and left-wing and “mainstream” media.

        • Exactly what has Obama done to be impeaced? NSA? That was Bush, definitely impeachable. Patriot Act? Bush again. Turning control of our military to Halliburton? President Cheney that time? Deferred Prosecution Agreements that created the biggest wave of bankster crime in the history of the planet? Hunh, Bush again. TPP? Not yet done. Obamacare? The right wing insurance company support system? Not good enough. Being a nigger while President? That’s the one! Realistically, you have listened to too many Fox Entertainment lies, sugar bear. 7 years of blather and lies does not impeachment make. I would believe your innocence if you can prove you called for the impeachment of Shrublet. Otherwise it is just being a nigger while President.

          Note: Executive Order No. 1 put this country under martial rule. President Lincoln himself… and he made himself the dictator why? He did not want to allow secession. Not martial law… martial rule.

          Your whine about the worst pwesidint EVER degrades the real battle. Take a little cheese with that whine and check the real issues. Issue One: why did Bush sell this country down the Rat Hole with impunity and what keeps you from looking that in the face? Issue Two: Trump the Savior? See issue one, cuz until you get over these psychopaths this country is dead. Issue Three: Cruz is Canadian… hello? Anyone home? Issue Four: Banksters own this country.

      41. I am not going to vote for Rand Paul (I feel the Bern)but I am expanding his list:

        11. For immorally accepting the Peace Nobel Price in 2009

        12. For kissing the hand and bowing to the Kig of Saudi Arabia

        14. For praising the Muslim Brotherhood and allowing to the government of Mubarak to fall

        15. For pushing for the WW III in Ukraine financing and instigating the fascist against a democratically elected government

        15. For supporting the Chihuahua of Ankara who is loosing patience and want to use the American nukes against Russia to force WW III.

        16. For supervising the movement of troops and heavy military equipment from Libya to Turkey to create the Islamic State, attacking first Iraq, an American ally.

        17. For not asking to be included in the nvestigation of the black box being conducted by Russia and the UK

        18. For attacking a Syrian military base at the Jordan border

        19. For bombing the Kurds together with the Turkish Air Force at the last electoral cycle to terrorize Kurd voters who stayed at home not casting votes

        20. For breaching his promise on NAFTA and his attempt to force of to swallow the TPT

        I am sure that are many more reasons to impeach Obama and send him to prison for treason.

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