Radio Host Calls For Race War: “It’s About To Go Down, It’s Open Season On Killing White People and Crackers”

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Headline News | 343 comments

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    “Kill Whites and Cops” : Black Lives Matter Affiliated Radio Show Calls For Race War
    By Steve Watson

    In disgusting audio broadcast via blogtalkradio yesterday, an individual who admitted affiliation with the Black Lives Matter movement called for listeners to murder white people and police, declaring it “open season” for such executions.

    The host stated that there will be more killings of cops and white people in general by black people, who will kill one by one.

    “It’s open season on killing whites and police officers and probably killing cops period. It’s open season. Picking them off. Today we live in a time when the white man will be picked off.“ the host stated.

    Spewing racist hate-filled rhetoric, the host also lauded the execution of Texas Deputy Darren Goforth.

    “It reminds me of a Bob Marley song “I shot the Sheriff,” he said, adding “It’s unavoidable, it’s inescapable, it’s funny.”

    The host called for an all out race war, stating that “It’s about to go down, it’s open season on killing white people and crackers.”

    The racist host compared black people killing whites to a pride of lions picking off Buffalo one by one, saying that the lions are outnumbered, but are much more deadly and cunning.

    “Yes, they say it, there will be a race war.” the host stated, adding that “The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t enough,” yet admitting an affiliation with activists within that movement.

    The host directly told white people that angry black militants “will get you when you least expect it.”

    Two more cops were murdered yesterday, another in Texas, and one in Illinois, where a man hunt is underway.


    Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.



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      1. Just call us ‘saltines’…

        • Low sodium as well…

          • I am quite certain this video is being left up intentionally while clearly being a complete TOS violation. Here you have this jackass basically calling for people to be murdered and this video is still up and running fine. Yet, when some actors stage a fake shooting, boy anything and everything related to it, even videos that use stills from the original footage, they get pulled within an hour. Pretty obvious what’s going on here. The ‘owners’ want a shit storm.

            • Yeah, he “shot the sheriff”, but he “did not shoot the deputy”. You are all now deputized. 🙂

              • Thank you. Gimme the badge; I’ll go find my tire iron. I think this clown needs an attitude adjustment.
                The idiot made a bad mistake. His photo is in the article; we know what he looks like.


                  • This piece of crap excuse for human thinks a war against whites will be easy because up untill now whites have been accomidating and appeasing to the black race. When war is waged all bets are off and no longer will the blacks have the handouts and civility the white race has given them.

            • Hey, JR, who said the media was fair. Conservative agenda is on the No-No list, while those who cling to black discrimination, can do whatever they want with NO repercussions

              • Only a fool would give a gun to an animal.

          • White Genocide is coming, and the last people to face that reality will be Whites. Most Whites fear being called a name, than watching their people be slaughtered. White people now have NO HOMELAND, they have all been over-run, but everyone else does. White people have become terrified to face the truth.

            If any White went on the web, or on the radio, and said half of what the subject did, they would be jailed.

            Let’s give a great big thank you to the WW2 generation for handing Western Civilization to those who want us dead.

            • The radio station would’ve been burned down, with them in it by now—actually, that doesn’t sound half bad at the moment…

              • After watching you black folks run around hoopin’ and hollering like a pack of wild monkeys in Ferguson and Baltimore, burning down your own buildings and businesses and backyards…yeh, I didn’t confuse you with the smart and strategic prowess of the Lion. Thats a bad analogy dreadlocks.

              • Sixpack, careful there, ideas have been known to spread to other people…..

                • Maybe they should try having one of their own ideas, instead of habitually playing follow the others…

            • JustMe, I see examples of that every day where I live. the later generations of white people have fallen for the PC crap and are scared shitless, but I’m not PC and refuse to live in fear of that shit. I will continue to speak out against these things and will confront evil when it approaches me. I’m not the ‘go along to get along’ type. I see every day what that crap has brought us. If someone wants to try to penalize me for my speech they will have a fight on their hands.

              • Braveheart, I wish you luck, safety, courage, and strength.

                I have been watching this mess develop for a long time. Soon, White people will have to face reality…most will refuse to, till the very end. White people have been conditioned into the delusion that if they just go about their business, nothing will happen to them, but crime statistics show otherwise.

                Blacks in the U.S. have murdered many more White people since the Viet Nam War, than total war casualties. Yet msm refuses to speak the truth about this, and the unending violent crime wave against White people.

                It will probably take millions of Whites being openly murdered, and unable to defend themselves, before average White people take notice.

                • Dude JustMe, thought you’d been banned… lol.

                  I agree with your comment.

                  Don’t become a statistic.

                  Stay alert.

                • I just want to say that if you’re white, then by DNA you should naturally want to live in a town with your own kind. same with the other races. I choose to live in a town where there is almost no blacks and I love that fact,because I feel better protected. We need to stop trying to live and mingle with other races, and take note that mother nature keeps her animals by natural instinct in clusters of their own kind so they stay pure. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with your own kind.

                • Just Me.

                  Whites will not engage till Blacks are walking their streets and firing into their homes. As long as it happens somewhere else. Whites don’t care. They will not prepare to defend themselves. Nasty, dirty, evil guns.

                  Get ready whitey for the screams and images you will see. Like the top of a persons head blown off by a rifle round.

                  • JustMe, thanks for that and best wishes to you. Slingshot, I’m awake, aware, and prepared to whatever I think is necessary against these animals.

              • Don’t worry, they’ll snap right out of it when it gets near their little world. Watch, some of the whiniest proponents of ‘white guilt’ will be the hardest of hardliners.

              • I AM WITH YOU BROTHER !

            • That’s why I am voting for Donald Trump. He is not afraid to say for us. We are not afraid either, but just have not platform or fame to do so, but we can support those that have the platform and are speaking what we wish the weirdos in Washington could here and so whatever it takes to let them know that WE know who they are and what they are up to and it WON’T be as easy as they think and stand READY in JESUS NAME. He said look UP and BE ready for your redemption is nigh. BE ready spiritual, mentally and physically!

            • You’re so full of shit, “Justme”generation. YOU are the ones with the peace, love and flowers in your hair that turned into a generation of effeminate sissies, who gave birth to a generation of terrified sons who stand like deer in the headlights when a gaggle of negroes steal their iPhones. They can’t change a tire, they can’t defend themselves and are always so, so politically correct. Now reap the harvest…

              • I agree with you and am ashamed of the “white guilt gelding”
                Created by libtard parents and society.I am proud to be white.

              • According to Drudge, one of the East Coast colleges is teaching men how not to be men, which is apparently not the behavior they wish to encourage. My husband can do almost anything, as can my sons, while I’m now a retired housewife, cooking, cleaning and caring for my family. Is this fair? Yes, I think so. My husband and sons are good men, available to help the weaker among us plus they’re good shots and good providers. I don’t even recognize the world we’re living in and feel as if there has been some time/space warp and I’ve been transported to a weird and unfathomable place where I don’t even know how to act. I bet money that Hillary is some type of alien lifeform and if she is “elected”, we’re toast.

        • You are a saltine Eppe. I am just a Nab.

          • I’m an MRE type. Wrapped tight, hard as nails and I’ll mess with your bodily functions. I am sure there are many others here.

            • awesome, Tex

            • I resemble that statement!
              And proud of it,

              • ditto.

            • You don’t want to mess with me when I get constipated. All hell will be brought down on somebody’s head. These black lives matter folks will scatter like dust when the shooting starts. They are too busy killing each other at the moment.

        • Normally I’d just say, “bring it on, bitch!” You’re 12% of the population with .05% of the overall intelligence, and we’re nearly 70% with about 98% of the collective IQ.

          But the race war is being engineered by the elites and we’re too smart to fall for that.

          • There are Lots of smart black guys. There are also lots of dumb ones. Same with whites. I used to travel a lot overseas. People overseas always ask me why the white man in the USA has allowed their country to be taken over by others.

            • “People overseas always ask me why the white man in the USA has allowed their country to be taken over by others.”

              Damn good point to ponder. It was an inside job

          • SterlingS…..”But the race war is being engineered by the elites and we’re too smart to fall for that.”. This part of your post is priceless and shows the superiority of hi IQ.

            • I suspect that when blacks shoot whites in a race war, they won’t be hunted, just as the Knockout Game players are never prosecuted. Should white people shoot back, the full force of this lawless government will fall on them.

              Should you successfully defend yourself, while the government reviews your self defense shooting, they will take all your firearms and leave you defenseless. The other side will know this!

              Understand not one rioter from Baltimore, or Ferguson has been convicted of the hundreds of cases of arson and looting, even though there is clear video evidence!

              • PTPO

                You know what the answer is. They are not taking the firearms without a fight. Not in a full blown Race War.

              • PTPO, let them bring it. I won’t back down from them. NOBODY is allowed to hurt me, period. Yes, I have an attitude with a CAPITAL A, AND PROUD OF IT.

              • Plan twice–That assumes you will hang around for ‘the authorities’. Some will at first, till the rest of us watch them be crucified by the just-us system.

          • Agree 100%

        • All of you on both sides of the fence need to start looking at the big picture.
          As always the government always try to get everyone to fight each other.
          You want Martial law under Obama?i know I don’t . I am a Vet i am black, I am also a Chritain.

          • Anon

            Kick the tires and light the fires. Let’s get this bird flying.

            (Aviation saying.)

            • slingshot,

              I walked my post a mile a minute and carried my carbine with nothin’ in it.

              But now I’m cocked and locked.

              Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition and we’ll all stay free.

          • Yes. This president and his cohorts are orchestrating a race war.I don’t think it can be stopped at this point.

            • My brother is a Viet Nam vet and he agrees with you. It has gone to the point of Civil WAR and it is going to get worse so let us be prayed up, Alert and ready at every turn, every drive to the store or job. Let us be ready…

          • Anonymous glad to see you know who’s behind all this shit they have been trying to start this all the way back to the Rodney King days Hang in there it gonna get bad know way out of it just don’t get caught in it

          • I think you meant to say…”Christian”.

            Just wanted to say, I have many black, brown, yellow, and olive skinned brothers and sisters in Christ. I also have many white nigers/low-life/trash, around the community where i live. There are more crimes committed by whites in our communities in the mtns. and foothills than other ethnic groups. Very few of the thefts here are committed by blacks and hispanics. Drugs and piss-poor up bringing is the biggest problem for that.

            Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, and thanks for serving.

            There is a difference. We have no prejudice towards the Christian Black folk that separate them selves from the trash, no matter where they come from.

            • It’s a shame the term ‘white trash’ doesn’t have a more negative connotation.

          • These people on all sides are to stupid to see what’s going on. All of this is being orchestrated by the administration. Obama wants the race war to justify taking all guns and nationalizing all cops. The real enemy is not the whites r the blacks or the Mexicans it is Washington.. It’s Agenda 21 people wake up.

        • This guy should be arrested by black cops for desiring to incite murderous violence.

        • Well quit flappin’ your oversized lips and bring it. We ain’t goin nowhere. You know where to find us.

          • I’m right here in Idaho. He’s more than welcome to drag his coon ass out here. I was planning some target practice this weekend anyway.

          • We can easily defeat this threat of violence by simply taking away their free housing, food stamps and welfare. Careful what you ask for….

        • So far I got –name: “King Nobel” don’t know if it is a Atlanta 404-565-4630…any good old boys in Georgia want to get off your duffs and do something?

          One of his videos says “white people are PREY” and “we’re gonna kill all of em–and rape their wives and daughters before you slit their throats”

          A reverse phonebook should easily locate his address or find his mailing address since he has a po box for donations–follow his ass home from the PO–

          We don’t get this brassy type in my neck of the woods–Georgia must have gone soft

          • No results. It must be a cell phone number.

            • type the phone number into a google search box and see what comes up.

          • It’s Atlanta, not Ga as a whole, smart people move away from bad places, some viruses you can’t cure.

            I go through ATL for one reason, utilize the airport to move on to something better.

            This guy is trash, won’t last long.

          • Javelin – Right part of Atlanta for this type – 404-565-4630 : Daniella Esmond,Sloan Sq NE, Atlanta, Georgia

            He must be living with his girlfriend though….

          • not soft in N Ga mntns….kneegrows don’t dare come up here….save the land……

            • Anon, damned right about N. GA mountains. Not a damned thing soft there, especially where my family is. soft people don’t last in a HARD environment.

          • …”One of his videos says “white people are PREY” and “we’re gonna kill all of em–and rape their wives and daughters before you slit their throats”…

            Sounds awful Muslim of him, wouldn’t ya say?

          • Javelin, I would rather go into a biker’s bar, and yell “ALL YOU HARLEY BIKERS SUCK” than go into downtown Atlanta…

            We are not soft, just have more common sense to be in some parts of ‘HOTLANTA’…

            Be well all…

            • I saw “Gone With The Wind” in Atlanta in 1951. Is Atlanta burning?

              • Mr. Butler, not yet.
                But 60 miles out, if it starts burning, may take some time to erupt here…

                Be well all…

          • I’m in ga in Dalton with guns and ammo 🙂

        • They are cowards hiding behind banners, crouching with their buddies in the dark waiting to pounce, attack, and kill and run. COWARDS DO THAT. They abhor any life even their own. They would kill their mothers if they found they did not agree with them They are akin to the troglodytes from hell, ISIS. Yes, we have the black contingent of ISIS developing right here in America, the mealy mouthed black lives matter cowards. They don’t even know know how they are being used by the the Democrat elites unless they know where their new paychecks are from. They are not only cowards, but traitors to this nation by being complicit in the purposeful division of this nation. Wake up cowards, you are being used, manipulated, and forced to violence by others, and you will suffer, they won’t, when it all comes crashing down, and it will. Then you will never see those who you thought supported you ever again. They will not come to help you once you have failed and you will. Stop being fools. Educate yourselves to why you are being used. Yes, you are being slaves to the wants and desires of others and have fell for it willingly.

          • Ohhhh, Very articulate “Taking Back Country”..You speak wisdom…everyone of us in the “color spectrum” needs to remember we are all living on “Borrowed Time”. Make this moment count…tmw isn’t promised…

        • Looks like a Rick James wanna be. What a fool.

        • well brother and sister Aryans, let the killin begin !

        • This says to kill whites and crackers. Is this two different things? lol

        • Bring it, darkie. Hell ain’t half full.

        • this is an agenda but you have to ask who’s agenda and why? DONT FALL FOR IT LETS START A DONT FALL FOR THIS SHIT MOVEMENT

        • until we cut your free stuff, this dude is an idiot hater. His Karma will arrive also for his message of hate. God takes care of us all, one way or another. AMEN

      2. “the lions are outnumbered, but are more deadly and cunning.” He hasn’t met my husband. 😉

        • They mess with Anonymous here in Memphis, they will get a steady diet of hot lead courtesy of my ventilation team. You don’t mess with Anonymous.

        • That’s why predominatly blackcountries are such paradises and industrial titans.

      3. The dividing has begun.

        it’s blacks against whites.
        It’s liberals/atheists against Christians.
        It’s everyone against anything that is not within their realm of thinking.
        it’s the yuan against the dollar.
        It’s Pukin against USSAG.
        It’s the gun grabbers against Patriots.
        The list goes on…………….

        But the worst part, is the majority is against their Creator.

        • Yes, the fundamental war is the war of Satan and his accomplices against God.

          Satan’s banksters would be most pleased to sit comfortably in their gated communities counting their shekels while all their victims were fighting each other over skin color.

          Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

          • On target as always JQP. All is by design to help the master race aka the Z’s to get closer to their goals.

          • John Q. Public and Stolz Vorfahren,

            Don’t you fellas see the pathetic irony of your comments?

            Here’s a post by Mac Slavo about blacks discriminating against whites, a discrimination based upon race/ethnicity, and wanting to get rid of whites.

            You guys are doing the same exact same thing as this black hater, except you’re substituting in another race/ethnicity; namely Jews instead of whites.

            Logically, you both are no better than this black radio host.

            • Sloppy thinking, Slave. No logic at all.

              What part of “Prosecute the GUILTY. Leave the INNOCENT alone,” don’t you understand?

              We advocate prosecuting and punishing the GUILTY—fair trials, evidence, JUSTICE for crimes against humanity. CRIMES that they committed of their own FREE WILL.

              That is NOTHING analogous to killing INNOCENT people for the color of their skin, something that no person can control.

            • Has anybody else seen the article about kanye west, kim kartrashian’s husband, thinks he’ll also run for president?

            • FreeSlave. Cheap shot. There is a big difference between racial hatred based on racism that by itself is a form of mental sickness and systematic financial design and perversion by the money exchangers to create forced hatred.

            • Sloppy thinking, Slave. No logic at all. Sad that you see no difference between the GUILTY and the INNOCENT.

              We advocate prosecuting and punishing the GUILTY—fair trials, evidence, JUSTICE for crimes against humanity. CRIMES that they committed of their own FREE WILL.

              That is NOTHING analogous to killing INNOCENT people for the color of their skin, something that no person can control.

            • Free Slave; Your pathetic grasp of reality, a conditioned response to your education, leaves your opinions as being unworthy of consideration! JQP and SV are aware of the total and absolutely irrational hatred that the “CHOSEN” race has for our race and that what happened in Russia in 1918 and onward will happen in this country as soon as they achieve total victory. RACE IS NATION, NATION IS RACE!! The future will reveal the truth of this ancient truism to crippled minds such as you possess, but the cost will be so very high!!!

              • Aurelius,

                You’re 73 year old mind is poisoned beyond help. May it soon be removed from this world forever, Amen.

                • So… we get a good look at the synagogue’s supporters.

                  One guy can’t tell the difference between the innocent and the guilty. The other guy prays to God for a man to die.

        • Indoctrinate with schools
          Reinforce with media
          Divide with immigration
          Enforce with politics/laws
          Conquer with civil unrest

          Guess who runs these? Its not us.

        • Want to meet your creator?
          Just let me know, and I’ll have it arranged and speed up the process for you.

        • The division has been purposely driven by our “Dear Leader” since January 2009, and the push accelerated in his second term. His agenda to “fundamentally change” the USA does not include free thinking, constitutionally correct citizens.

          In order to drive his “change” the USA, as we remember it will be destroyed. As Abraham Lincoln said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”.

          • The change was from commie light to commie bommie.

        • pwtw.
          The path is narrow and the way is hard.
          The Lord Jesus said only a few would travel it, you are one of them.
          You are blessed beyond human comprehension.

          • Thank you, whomever you are. May the good Lord bless you as well.

            I am really, really, blessed to have been living in the final days that culminate to the end of this age. We have not been overlooked by God and all His favor, for how we stand with Him and our King, for truth.

            Just today, we found out that my wife’s bank account debit was stolen through a gas pump at Murphy’s. By the grace of God, I had told the wife last month that we were going into “possible” collapse mode with our bank accounts, by clearing out all funds that did not have checks written against them. The wife listened, reluctantly, and the account was basically cleared down to $25.00 balance after a couple last bills were cleared in a couple days. Out of forgetfulness she went to pay for some dinner rolls at the grocer this morning, and her debit card was rejected for NSFs. She said i know i have at least $25.00 in that account.

            Anyways, the whole process at her “local” small bank was taken care of in just a couple hours and her nearly $600.00 will be replaced with a new debit card in a week.

            Other transactions had tried to go through by the theives, but there were NSFs to cover. She said, “thank God you had me clear out most of the deposit when my monthly retirement fund credit hit, or I would have lost a bunch of $$.”

            Earlier today I was thinking how blessed we were to have a big pot of fresh green beans coming from the late garden and cooking on the stove, with some fresh cornbread and taters + garden tomatoes.

            Then she comes home and says her mother is getting a new car and giving us her Toyota Prius (hybrid) that had $3k worth of new batteries installed last year. Averages 43 MPG.

            On top of all that, we hit a good lick on the state lottery last night.

            Paying weekly/monthly, tithes, has it’s rewards in so many ways.
            You can not out-give Our Heavenly Father. And you sure as heck cannot con Him like ole Rich and wwti try to do.

            • Well said!!!

        • Here’s good joke to help break up the monotony of the daily sermons, it’s a wee bit long but I’ll shorten it as best as I can. One day, passin finally gets his wish and exits this ” hellish” world, goes to heaven and meets God. God says, ” passin, good to meet ya, I’ve been looking forward to it”

          Passin says, glad to be here God. So god asks passin if he’s hungry and passin says, well, now that you mention it, I could eat. Gods says great, lets head over to the cafeteria and grab some lunch. When they arrive, God pulls out a can of tuna and a loaf of bread, and the two proceed to have tuna sandwiches. Now, it turns out that heaven and hell are not really far apart from each other, in fact, they actually share the same cafeteria. On the hell side, passin sees endless tables filled with people enjoying cuts of the finest meats, cooked to perfection, cheeses, wine, the finest dark beers, the tastiest desserts, on and on, they’re all enjoying the great banquet.

          Now passin is a little confused by this, but being a good Christian, he decides not to say anything to god about it. After lunch, God says, ” passin, I’ve got some God stuff to do but meet me back here at dinner time and we’ll have dinner together. ” Passin says great, I’ll see you then. So dinner time rolls around and sure enough, passin meets god back in the cafeteria. passin notices the exact same thing he saw at lunch time, everybody in hell is enjoying these extravagant banquets, meanwhile god pulls out yet another can of tuna and a loaf of bread. Once again, god and passin have tuna sandwiches for dinner. After dinner, God says” passin, I’m gonna be busy this week but I want to meet you for lunch and dinner every day from now on, ok?

          Passin says’ sure god, sounds great, see you tomorrow. So, God and passin meet every day for lunch and dinner, but every single meal God only brings out a can of tuna and a loaf of bread. After a week of this, passin, now is really upset so he finally gets up the nerve to say something to God about it, so he finally says, Lord, you know I would never question anything you do, but I have to ask you this: Why is it whenever it’s mealtime all those wicked people in hell get to enjoy these great banquets why you and I never have anything but tuna sandwiches?

          God, looking a little sheepish now says to passin, ” Well, I guess I knew that the time would come when you were gonna ask me that question, so I’ve got to be honest with ya passin, you see, the truth is: It’s just NOT worth it cooking for two people.

          • Oh boy, that is a barrel of laughs, Rich.

            Just shows how stupid you really are. In Heaven we will all eat what the Angels eat….Manna. There will be no Hell after the Great White Throne Judgment. It and all in it, will be snuffed out in the Lake of Fire.

            No tears in heaven, because there is no further remembrance of Hell and all the evil people that were sentenced to it.

            Best get your act together and quit mocking, or you may just be the one to find out shortly what hell is really like.

            • Sure passin, and what” Godly ” coincidence about your wife’s checking account. Sure makes for good story reading, who cares if it’s true or not because it reinforces the point that ” God” has chosen to look out for you so carefully because of belief, I wonder how many others are out there who have had financial losses like that, who also believed in God, who didn’t get their money back. I would be willing to bet it’s 99 per cent of them, but perhaps they don’t pray as loudly as you do.

              • It has nothing to do with the number of prayers or how loudly they are worded.

                It has everything to do with the amount of faith one has.

                I have a little piece about that faith and how it is used with rest, that can bring big rewards to Christians. God showed that message to me a couple weeks ago, for the coming tribulation. When the timing is right, I will share with my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, that read here.

                • It ain’t how LOUD you shout…or how High you Jump… it IS about which way you walk when your feet hit the floor !

            • PWTW… We will never be able to convince everyone, but we are to try, so keep up the Lords work. We need to keep spreading the word in these last days…

          • A devout Christian and a lawyer both went to heaven the same day. The Christian was assigned a tiny hovel as quarters, and the lawyer given a palatial mansion. When the Christian finally asked about this, she was told “We figured we owed it to him. He’s the first one to make it here”.

        • I will agree with you on that my friend.

        • PWTW, you divide the masses between the flock and the enlightened. Typical religious hypocrite.

        • Bible thumper, that was my momma and daddy.

        • get right with God folks. You where choosen to live in these times, he wouldn’t give you more than you can handle. So rise above.

      4. These black trash boys are always making threats against white people and nothing happens to them because of black affirmative action. All I will say for now is BRING IT ON NIGGAS! If you want to throw your life away that can be arranged.

        • Exaclty….The coons will be wipe out in no time.

        • Just don’t aim at his noggin. All that “Dixie Peach” hair grease on them jerry curls will cause that round to slide right off.

          • BTW, the way that picture is kind’a reminds me of that worthless black cocker spaniel I once owned. Lazy bastard wouldn’t fetch a pork chop if he was starving to death. Wasn’t long getting rid of it.

        • yep.. We aint payed Cowboys and Niggas yet

          although im not really gonna give into this until some darkey decides to make it my problem,I pack 24-7, so if they want to tango at 1100FPS than fine , a lot of this shit is to get us all off the real problem here,, and that real problem is whats in DC

          • FYA

            Picked up some Nato 9mm at 1200 FPS.

            Now is this suppose to scare me? We knew it was happening long before this jerks remarks. He verifies what we knew all along.

            Gear up. Lock and load. Get’er Done! Soon, very soon.

          • FYA is right DC started the hate . Put a true patriot in office and most of this evil goes away, now we are in too deep to have a quick fix. Pray

        • Well said Brave.

        • You nigga mofo’s have pissed off Brave-bo now. Prepare to meet the Ventilation team.

        • Such an Internet tough guy. I bet you are sitting in your guard booth now just thinking how tough you are going to be when the collapse happens.

          • nope, he’s a walkin’ ’round them warehouses shakin them doorknobs, putting his life on the line.

            ” Shakin it over here boss!”

          • JSTM, although I’m still in the business, I’ve worked my way up from what you mentioned and am now a senior manager for my company. I work in their main office. haven’t been in a booth since the 80s and I make some decent money so I do have a decent standard of living. I’m not in debt on any car loans or credit cards or any of that crap so I can spend more money on preps at one time than I could have otherwise. there is a certain advantage in being debt-free. There’s no fantasies or illusions on my part. I’m not a Rambo-type. But I can and will hold my own in any situation.

            • Decent money he says! By his own words, he’s been with the same company for 33 years and makes 45k per year. But here’s the kicker, he works 60 -70 hours EVERY week so it comes out to about 12 bucks an hour. Christ, they really saw him coming didn’t they? But security work always draws the laziest people so it’s a sure bet he isn’t a Rambo type, more like Walter Mitty.

              • At least the ol bastard Works for his money. Although I made 3 times as much before retiring, I don’t look down on him. As a matter of fact, I even respect him for that. Too bad he such a kiss ass on Dale.

                • Anon, for the first 3 sentences of your comment #3441246, thank you for that. You know I disagree with your 4th sentence but I’ll let it go at that.

              • Distant cuz, that is decent money in this shitty economy, at least for now, plus I don’t play the credit game so I’m not drowning in debt on anything. Other people making either more or less than me are up to their foreheads in debt on something and some people claim I’m an idiot on certain things? Go figure!

              • BH is working an honest job for his money, which is more than a lot of other folks do.

                There’s two things you don’t make fun of, first is someone’s name, because his parents gave it to him, and the second is his lawful occupation, because it’s how he feeds his family.

                Distant Cuz must be a very ill-bred lowlife, indeed.

                • Smokey, thanks for that. distant cuz definitely has some kind of issue.

              • Well, at least BH has a job! That’s pretty good money where I come from, especially for a single income.

                Geez, you can’t win on this damn board. If he was living off the govt you’d be giving him hell for that.

                I’ve been a long time lurker, but I gotta tell you Mac-it’s people like this that are going to run off your regular, GOOD readers. It’s just too much crap to have to wade through to get to the good comments.

            • Brave dummy, you shit for brains….don’t ever feel insulted at what you do for a living. You are not on any gov assistance and never have. There are a shitload of people that wish they had achieved what you have. That said, I will return to my regular program of insulting you for other things.

              • So I’m a dummy and shit for brains for what? For not going to college, spend the rest of my life paying off a student loan out of a higher salary? thanks but NO thanks. college isn’t for everybody and never was for me. No, I don’t LOVE what I do but it pays the bills and keeps me alive. and I’ll say it again, being debt-free has a certain advantage. But in your mind I’m a dummy and shit for brains? I’ll say again to everyone, go figure!

                • Don’t argue with idiots. They’ll drag you down to their level then beat you with experience. – unknown.

                  Stay stubborn.

                • Brave, who gives a darn what these people say and think.
                  You’re a solid person and an original here at SHTFplan.
                  The site wouldn’t be the same without Braveheart.

                • that was for paying attention to others for insulting your trade. You are right, college isn’t for everyone. some people have made more in a trade than a degree,

        • I’m a deer hunter, if it’s brown, it’s down. Hunters,won’t be seen, a 22lr ,will be the best way to go, quite enough, and won’t see it coming. It will look like big piles of shit ,stacking up.

      5. Looks like that 18% of the population figure could be dropping sharply.

      6. Can’t this lunatic be arrested and prosecuted for threatening murder, or incitement, or SOMETHING??? Shouldn’t be too hard to identify and locate that ugly mug…

        • The easiest way to get to him, is to get to the radio station. The building is just where it was last year.

        • It’s a free country( I guess) let him say what he wants. By the same token I will also say what I want. I live in Newbern Tn. Come on down here and start your race war, many folks here would certainly be more than happy to show you some southern hospitality. There MAY be a bunch of pussyfied girlymen white people on the coasts but not so many down here. He wants war we could certainly accommodate him.

          • Bigbluedrew

            Ever been to a southern family reunion?

            Everyone one of them has a gun. Then count all the friends they have.

        • Ducrider

          That’s a very slippery slope. Hate speech is free speech. IMO

      7. Ditto Braveheart!

      8. “Thug lives do not matter”.

        • Now there is a slogan I can get behind!

      9. Makes you wonder why you should be afraid of these “street soldjas” as they call themselves. I keep a locked and loaded .40 caliber pistol on me at all times so my advice to them is that they had better be a helluva lot quicker on the draw than me because I for one will not lose…

        • Problem is that you or your wife may not ever get a chance to draw. I am getting leery turning my back on any of the darker people anymore. Sad spot we are in now. Pumping gas, walking into a store, who the hell knows, they come out of nowhere.

          • My thoughts too.

      10. I say bring it Mofucka!! I think it’s pretty well known blacks carry shitty guns. I’ll take my Spikes AR15 and HK USP 40 cal and put against a shtty Saturday night special any day of the week. When the dust settles we see who winds up on top.

      11. I’m reminded of a quote from Teddy Roosevelt. “Walk softly and carry a big stick”!

        • Or as the wife says when she gets it mixed up….

          Walk stickly and carry a big soft.

        • In this day and age, ‘walk softly and be packing heat’.

          • I thought it was ‘walk softly up behind them and hit them with a big stick, then hit them again and again until they don’t move anymore’.

      12. All this is nothing more than a way to start a race war so Odumbo can declare martial law. The black man is being played just like the Indians and we know how that turned out. But I wouldn’t be surprised if a white supremesist takes this guy out at his station. Martin Luther King new blacks could not win by force so he spoke peace. The White people are a sleeping giant that when awoken would obliterate any enemy once engaged. But remember this is Odumbo’s plan. Just a thought.

        • Bingo

        • Yes it is and on many fronts ! But what would happen if you said the very same things about blacks or illegal aliens ? would you be prosecuted and your life destroyed ?

          The realization that we now live in such egregious double standards should be a huge warning to all where we are headed and what is already in motion here in USSA today. And all fostered and enabled by our own government via BHO and crew !

          Way past time to fully understand the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today and prepare yourself , physically and mentally for what is right in front of you ! All at my site for FREE to get you started. It is NOT about hoarding beans and bullets, it is about how you think and then act ! It is about real knowledge and simple truth , simple as that ! I am living proof , see for yourself. There is a lot we all can do to help ourselves and defeat these maniacs. Just talking and complaining is worthless.

        • What Dr. King knew was Jesus who taught “love your enemy” as a foundational doctrine of His kingdom on the earth. The so-called “activist” on the video is a buffoon at best, and a paid govt. agitator that’s called an agent-provocateur at worst. His job is to spew inflammatory drivel to incite white Klu-Klux and black Dumb-Phux factions to hurt/kill people they’ve never even met, as a diversion to prevent both sides from recognizing that we’re all facing the same threat, unless you’re part of the illuminated 1%. Thor seems to see what Braveheart & Confederate NEED to see . . . when the folks you vote for and their bosses say “us,” they’re not talking about you or me!!!

          • Mickey Wayne.

            Cure one problem at a time.

          • MickeyWayne, welcome, and I DO recognize what you’re talking about. I just won’t submit to any evildoers regardless of their color. I recognize evil can and does come in all colors.

        • He can declare all he wants. Waitin’ till he renames Atlanta: Obommie F’ed Ville.

        • We NEED martial law Thor, the time for pussy footing around reality is over, We need to fight NOW before our position deteriorates any further. As a famous countryman of ours once said,” If you mean to start a war let it start here,NOW.”

      13. You know, these savages are the absolute ruination of society, of civilization, of anything and everything good in the world. If a white man said what that pavement ape said, my God his a$$ would be in jail right about now, but because one of NoBoma’s boys said it, its fine. Wow, they are so worthless and disgusting…they serve no good in society at all. Look what they have done to the majority of the big cities in the US…

        • Obsolete farm implements. After the industrial revolution really got going, they became completely outmoded.

      14. There is a lot of hate going round. Like a virus it infiltrates, re-configures itself, spreads itself around. Do not be part of it. Remember it’s being used to separate and divide us from one another by those having their own agendas. A new world is being built not upon principles of truth, goodness, love, kindness, understanding, etc. Best to all and your families. Be wise my Friends.

        • Where pray tell is this wonderful new world you are speaking of being erected Daniel? I haven’t seen any evidence of it. As far as “dividing us” TPTB are not doing it it is a naturally occurring phenomena. I have no desire to be “United” with murderous lazy useless scumbags. I don’t need TPTB to tell me they are my enemy, I know it because I feel it in my heart. Some would call that by the new moniker of oppression HATE, but I call it knowing what is right and having the courage to defend the same. The time for caution is OVER folks. ” Fire when ready Gridley.

      15. The host directly told white people that angry black militants “will get you when you least expect it.”

        Hmmm…So their going to start lynching whitey. Should be interesting.

        • I wander how many blacks will die for this rhetoric. They approach only to find that their target is aware and ready. They forget about the Lions on the other side. Just a thought.

      16. You think you want a race war?
        Seriously you might win a few battles with this, but you certainly will NOT win the war.
        You are all Out Numbered and Out Gunned
        If the Blacks manage to really piss Whitey off, you’ll all be screwed in the long run.
        You must have not thought this out in any real depth.

      17. Uh, the last time I checked, “blacks” are still a minority, about 13% of the population. Does this racist thug really want to go there?

      18. What the fock is a depurty? Yay main.

      19. You ugly as Hell bro!!

      20. if they kill all the white who will feed the zaggin?

        • Isn’t it interesting the black folk stay off the farm?

      21. I give it 6 months

      22. That’s fine , this cracker is armed at all times

        Best of luck to you

      23. Always follow the money, to see WHO is bankrolling this “Black Lives Matter”/”OccupyMovement”. They are one in the same, also they are one in the same with the Anarchist’s Movement.
        These clowns are being bank-rolled by George Soros, through his “charities”, because he ONLY makes money, when their is blood in the streets and his fomenting of chaos,political, economic, racial, whatever it takes.
        Soros funded the entire Obama-war on coal-power, than just last week, personally invested 2 BILLION dollars in Peabody Energy and Murray Coal. Why? is he suddenly benevolent? Nope, he’s planning that the chaos he is orchestrating will “necesssarily cause the (value) of the coal power plants to skyrocket” when his paid-minions destroy power grids for metropolitan areas. This allows the “BLM-useful-idiots”, to riot, pillage, steal all the Cheetos, Skittles and Orange “drank” they can from their local CVS/Walgreens/Walmart” EBT depots, and feel like they are acting out according to their Obamafurher’s orders.
        I don’t doubt that some “crackers” will be lynched, I also highly doubt the current administration’s DOJ will do a damn thing about this fomenting of civil/race/economic warfare, as currently being espoused by the darling’s OF this Administration.
        Do these morons really believe that they can “outgun” “Whitey” or anyone else? Apparently so, perhaps that IS where all the Fast and Furious firearms really went.

        • TPS

          I’m listening to ya. ;0_

      24. I have always said that nigger is a way of life. You can be White, Yellow, Red or Black it is away of life, a lifestyle.

        I say to this radio show host is what I would call a nigger for what he is calling for.

        To him I say bring it on. You turds will see the insides of the FEMA camps before we do.

        If anyone of the good folk hear finds this offensive. I’m sorry but I’m done being P.C.


        • I was done years ago and yes people earn what they are perceived as via their actions and words?

        • A dark complexioned person walking a brown and white dog. They have come a long way, I haven’t heard the term uppity nappy haired pickaninny in decades. But I just watched one.

        • Excellent post from a LEO. Any of those little boys you stripped searched black?

          • I know it’s you wwti, you ain’t foolin’ anybody here.

            You are the lowest of the low for saying slanderous things about Sarge. Things that he has been gracious enough to explain here to the inquiring minds to clear up the matter.

            You need to be tarred and feathered for that. Come on up to cuz’s woods and we can help you out with that. But then you say cuz does not exist. Well, i guess little Cherokee Indian trolls pay the taxes on his 100 acres there.

            You are so stupid and a pathetic piece of dog dung.

            • PWTW
              Of all the people here I would expect you to be the perfect example of “Christ like” behavior.

            • Yet another of pissin’s bullshit stories. Why not say that ” cuz” owns a thousand acres instead of a measly hundred acres? Hell boy, you know it’s all bullshit that nobody can verify, that’s the beauty of the net pissin, you can make up whatever the Hell kind of story you feel like telling and never be called on to prove a thing. Makes it easy to preach too, doesn’t it?

          • Jesus speaks, you can share your affection for little boy porn on some other site, not this one.

          • speaks
            No commit you are not worth it. TROLL

        • Sarge and everyone else, I just received confirmation from one my contacts in local LE that all local cops in my area have received an anonymous death threat. Memphis PD and Shelby County Sheriffs Dept. have been placed on alert. Looks like I need to keep a pistol, rifle, and shotgun locked and loaded at all times now. Sarge, on being PC you don’t have to be as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never been PC nor ever will be.

          • Attention all donut shops, be prepared for a large drop in revenue!

            • “A”
              OH no we will still get our Donuts!!!! LOL

              • SGT Dale.

                Get your donuts fresh with George Foreman’s, Donut Deep Fryer and Grill.

                Buy now! And we will send you a FREE bag of Tater Tots.


          • NEVER apologize for not being PC.

      25. He is probably a FBI informant!

        • What’s he going to tell the FBI, that’s he’s doing radio talks now?

      26. LOL…most blacks can’t raise a family let alone keep good a job…how are they going to organize nationwide. What a joke.

        • Whats funny is the ones who do keep a job and provide for their family are the ones that want nothing to do with it lol

      27. They have NO idea what their asking for.

      28. its the jews at the top doing this i will assume, that you guys know about the protocol of the leaders of zion they want the whit man dead and then rule the blacks its true. they believe the white man is the only one smart enough to stop there plans of enslaving the world, please don’t be fooled its the GOD DAM JEWS THAT IS BOTH THE WHITE AND BLACK MAN ENEMY PLEASE WAKE UP OR BOTH SIDES ARE GOING TO SPILL BLOOD TO ACHIEVE THERE AGENDA

        • FUCK OFF ADOLF.

          • to dumb to see that all of you are being played but you are here as if your the APEX OF WHAT IS MORALLY RIGHT!!! I HATE TO WHAT IS COMING FOR THOSE OF US THAT SEE THE GAME WE WILL TELL GREAT STORYS OF YOUR STUPIDNESS

            nounWEST INDIAN
            foolish or nonsensical talk or behavior.


      30. At least in a race war it will be easy to tell who the enemy is. Except maybe at night.

        • Teeth are a dead give-away!

      31. The buffalo is better trained and better armed these days than the “lions”. Worst anology I’ve heard in a loooooong time. This guy acts like the only thing he uses his brain for is ,…….,,……………


        • Naturally he had to choose a pair of animals from AFRICA.

          • Black people’s worst nightmare is that they will end up in some part of the world far separatedfrom the ‘racist’ whites. Come to think of it, there is already such a black utopian part of the world.

      32. Y

      33. You are sure that this host is on your side ? Sounds to me like he is with O’Bomb.

      34. These stupid Racist “Brothas” have no clue about the hell they are about to unleash on themselves.

      35. When the blacks start it, look for some Latino’s to join in, but the whites will win absolutely no question. Open season on both side will be Men-Women-and children so sad but true. Obama will declare Martial Law but who is going to enforce it if it is a war of blacks+ vs. whites. Look Law enforcement are mixed, military is mixed, well I just answered my question, U.N. blue helmet’s, but hey they die just like anyone else. If it comes down to a race war; Russia, China, Muslins and a few more will be there to pick up the pieces. Folks prepare for blood in the streets if this goes hot. I don’t think it will, but I’m prepared if and when it does. RIP AMERICA!!

        • Oldman

          I say it’s coming get ready to defend yourself and remember every one wants the white American dead.

      36. Off Topic
        Small town near Boston. Someone sniped a Police Squad car. Causing it to catch fire. Unknown if Officer was hurt or killed. Just saw this on FOX news.

        Please folks keep a cool head, I know my first feeling is to gear up and go hunting for these turds, But COOLER HEADS will win this thing.


        • SGT Dale.

          How much are you going to take before you unleash the dogs of War?

          • Amen slingshot, amen.

            Keep your eyes open Sgt.

            I rd yesterday about an armed citizen that saw a cop getting gas, and he went and stood with the cop and told him ‘I got your back’ and covered his six while he got gas.

            • NPPH

              Let me inform those that think nothing is going to happen. The past couple of gun shows I have noticed many young blacks coming in to buy weapons. More than usual. These SOBS hardly know which is the business end. Their dress and behavior is similar to gangs. There are Black Vets and Business men in suits. Whatever the reason, they are arming up. Yes it is their right to. But is cause for concern with all the crap going down.

              Me? Don’t care. I’m ready.

              • Slingshot, I’ve also noticed the same thing not only at gun shows but also in gun stores ever since Sandy Hook. It gives me the creeps when I encounter them in that kind of environment. When I see black people dressed similar to white people I feel more at ease but when I see them dressed like gangbangers that’s when a red flag pops up in front of me. I’m hoping this week to get that 590 before I bugout later on. Hoping to wait until Oct. but we’ll see.

            • NO
              Thanks for the info.

              Makes me give thanks for the good folks out there. This person is one of the reason I can’t quit, because one day I just might be the cop that helps him.


              • SGT DALE,

                Just been informed that there will be a NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER this FRIDAY 12:00 EST

                For all thous who serve as PROTECTORS OF THE COUNTRY

                THAT IS


                I will be one of many across the country doing this.

                I am a retired Firefighter from the D.C. area did 4 tours in Iraq as a Firefighter there.

                My dad, and other relatives also served in Law Enforcement.

                And they were men of HONOR……

                • GR
                  Thanks for your service!
                  Thanks for the info.

                  Just cops everyone watch your 6 PLEASE.

              • Just remember, white bikers and MC members can’t stand them black gangbangers.
                Bikers tend to have good guns too:)
                STU OUT>

                • STU
                  Great I LOVE my Harley!!!!

          • SS
            My dog right now is defensive. But it is at the gate barking wanting to get out.

            I pray I don’t have to unleash it. This is the last thing I want to do. If it comes to defending the Folks in my town or Me and Mine, When this dog bites it will bite with the bite of an T-REX.

            My Brother and Sisters.
            Don’t stop shooting until you bury their dick in the dirt!!!!!!!!!!

          • When I was an electrician, I sometimes had to unleash my dogs of wire.

        • SGT Dale.

          It will be about how frequent whites/Policemen are killed and how many. Have to see if this spreads to all the major cities. We will know for sure then.

          Co-ordinated strikes using cell phones.

      37. With a ten inch dick and a head covered in pubic hair what did you expect. Intelligent conversation!

      38. Darn,we will have to put on shoe polish like in stir crazy so they don’t know who we are. Just don’t go to Detroit, you might get shot. Hahaha

        • Detroit has always been a dangerous place!

      39. So where are the crowds of white protesters in front of this criminally insane n*gg*r’s radio station?

        • Busy working!!

        • Probably getting ready for work!!

      40. Most of the black people with whom I am acquainted are decent folks, outside of their unfortunate voting habits in most cases. But this activist puts them all at risk by making them appear to be a threat to an armed and alerted white population. Killing him would be an act of preemptive self-defense.

        • JimRed, welcome and I agree that the activist needs to have an ‘accident’.



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        • I don’t let scripts run on my browser from this site. You would be wise not to as well. And not just for the reasons you mention, but also because Mac has this script that takes over the entire browser screen and begs for you to sign up for his email newsletter.

          Overkill much? :twak:

      42. Out of the bunker for this one: If it goes hot anyone not a White America will be included in the open season!!

        Copperhead Out

      43. To any black individual bent on murdering because of race then I say one thing to you animals – Look in the mirror bigot

        If you think for one minute you will prevail then you underestimate the rest of us who will kill YOU LIKE DOGS before we let you start YOUR RACE WAR you dumb phuqheads

      44. Has anyone noticed or thought of the fact that if the KKK had put a video on YouTube that they would all be in jail by now….yet this guy is a free man smh

      45. This is a no-win situation. If someone kills bastards like this, they become martyrs. If They are allowed to live, than others both black and white may become martyrs. Choose wisely.

        No matter what one does, this is not going to end well.

        Be absolutely certain about the target, as well as what’s behind it!

      46. Why isn’t this idiot under arrest for incitement to murder, or violence, or something like that? And while we are at it, why not that weasel farrakhan either? He called on 10,000 blacks to rise up and slay whites. Why is this sh*t not being prosecuted?


        • Z
          I didn’t hear of this. What happened?
          As you know we had one killed here in Illinois.
          Please give us some info. And to everyone else remember the Officers & their families that died yesterday in your prayers.

          • SGT Dale.

            The past couple of weeks has been a roller coaster for you. I hope that because of what this man has stated and what has happen to Police Officers, that there has been a National Warning to ALL Police Departments across the Nation. Might be good for All First responders.

            I suspect they will bury this news so they do not agitate the country into a race war. Politics and all. More good policemen are going to die because no warning was issued.

            • Today I saw two articles about how killings of police officers had declined under Obama’s term in office, so now we know how worried the White House is about being linked to this stuff.

              The truth is, the numbers are stable or rising slightly, 2008-2014, but 2015 isn’t over yet. That’s the year that matters, but the media thinks we’re stupid.

            • Slingshot
              They haven’t warned us yet. We in LE have already done thing before they say anything. Obullshit won’t say a thing you can bet on that. If he does he will blame the cops.

              • Decent blacks will suffer for this, just like decent cops suffer for the brutality of the ‘cops’ who have destroyed what was once an honorable profession. As usual, the worst pain will be borne by innocents.

      48. The trouble with people today is they have nothing better to do than crap like this. I blame it all on the FED and the Feds for making life easy enough to ‘get by’ via various forms of the dole.

        If everybody had to raise their own food, cut their own firewood, build their own buildings/ etc, they flat wouldn’t have time for all this hate and foolishness.

        I look forward to the day the US paper dollar dies, the printing presses are smashed into scrap, and everybody has to ‘root hog or die’. I see no chance common sense will return until then.

        • We need to go back to a time when…If you don’t work….you don’t eat!!!

      49. When the blacks see there is very little retribution from Law Enforcement, they will increase the killings. The news will cover it over like cat shit.

        Standard Operating Procedure, once it goes HOT.

        If they come out on the streets with weapons……………

      50. You black racist piece of shit….. The lightning will find you and strike you down quick… your back bitch!!!

      51. Our Country has met its Maxx. I will tell you all that even though I live in the midst of a city, I have never experienced a Black Person feeling that others are putting them down. Met a few down and outs, but even they said: My fault! I’m just saying……… It’s not necessary about color, it’s about ” Who you know and what can we do for you?”

      52. Sever the links into the cities. Keep the trucks out and let them all wither on the vine.

      53. Really-your gonna kill whitey-I just chuckle at stringy greasy haired monkeys like this– word of advice for the inbred dolts like this fine feller–STAY IN YOUR GHETTO–where the police you despise so much and want to kill can protect you from people like—ME–you may scare your little metropolitan sheeples with your monkey thug rhetoric–but let me give you a clue–your collective IQ is that of a coffee mug–I really doubt a majority of you idiots could even find your way out of the ghetto. and for those of you that do—possums gotta eat to–

      54. Quite honestly. Just another example of the small liberal minds at work. Things are unfolding fast. Very fast. Keep prepping. Be ready. Be diligent. Always aware of your surroundings. Like always. It truly is about to come to a head. No matter the race, there has been, since the dawn of mankind, good people and bad people. Plain and Simple. My best friend is black. She hates these idiots. And, will, and I quote ” Shoot their sorry no job, government sponging asses into hell “. She is so awesome. A Great Friend.

      55. It is only going to get worse. Even though I’m a new Christian…only 8mo old. I am 51yrs of age and I’ve seen the deterioration of our society for some time…I always blamed it on this and that, but after the good Lord saved me, me eyes were opened to why…we have turned on God and turned the corner from being a christian nation to being a pagan nation. with the abortion (sacrifice) of babies to the gods molech and baal and with the same sex marriage ruling…the judgement has only just begun.

        Even though my walk has been short with the Lord, He has placed a lot on my heart and it doesn’t look good. The only way we can turn this around is to cry out to the Lord for REPENTANCE and then and only then if we cry out long enough and loud enough He may hear us.

        I’ve read most the books of the prophets and it truly correlates to today’s society….70% of the US says they are Christians and 50% say the support same sex marriage…the numbers just don’t add up…are ya getting me yet??? If not the book of Ezekiel will help ya out…

        Not to mention, today I read were the pope will tell the priest’s they can forgive abortion in 2015-2016 Jubilee…he is gonna have a lot of explaining to do when he is judged by the LORD GOD Almighty. Talk about exalting himself above God…sounds like something the antichrist will do…hmmm go figure.

        If ya don’t have your storehouses full….get to it and start filling them up and get ready for a bumpy ride…best thing we can do is get stocked up for us and other that will need help along the way…

        So, I cry out to all my Christian Brethren to stand tall and be prepared and walk in the will of the Lord and obey His law and commandments…its the only true safe place for what is coming our way…Praise Jesus where ever you go and give glory to God…Amen

        Proverbs 22:3
        A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

        take this to heart and stay safe…Love y’all

        Peace and GOD Bless to all

        A loyal humble servant to Christ Jesus

        • Welcome to the family. Glad you found the living God and his Son. We all know the endgame is to create racial hate and a war, so martial law can be called. We will not play their game, but if sleeping Americans wake with only anger and hate… they will play into the hands of the ptb and will give them their race war. Then gravity will pull in everyone.

          • Hello Simon…thank you for the kind word…you are correct about the hate and anger…all we can do is love those who hate us and pray for those who would persecute us in His name…in the end we will spend an eternal life with the Father and Jesus and there will be no more tears and no more pain as He will wipe it all away.

            Praise our dear Jesus and give all the glory to our wonderful Lord God Almighty.

            A humble and loyal servant in Christ Jesus.

        • Russ~ God be praised. Serve Him well. sister in Christ

          • Thanks Sister…I will do my best to serve our dear Lord and Savior.

            Praise Jesus and all glory goes to God.


      56. There will be Blacks who will be caught up in all this. I suggest you talk to you Sisters and Brothers. But Really. You know it has gone over the edge.

      57. I say put this video on the National News.

        The Black Community will either stand down or go ape shit. It’s their Call.

        Are You Ready!

      58. Here in central Texas we’ve had two incidents where a person has made a threat on social media to attack black students. The first was at one of the high schools in Killeen and yesterday a similar threat was made against Miller Heights Elementary in Belton. Now my experience as a former Texas Peace Officer suggests that these are “False Flag” threats, possibly just for something as simple as to get a student out of school. Of course others might take these as justification for some “pre-emptive strikes” against whites just because the postings only threat black students.

        Gee, wasn’t the election of our current president supposed to put an end to all this?

      59. ” Sooner or later we are going to have to fight them. Within our next generation”.

        George S. Patton.

      60. White/Asian people have 2-3% Neanderthal genes that “original man” Africans do not have due to remaining in africa. “This means that, even today, anyone with a Eurasian ancestry – from Chinese to Scandinavian and North American – has a small element of Neanderthal DNA,” said the researchers. The wise EVOLUTION preaching Scholars tell us that the difference between Humans and Chimps is >2% of genes …….
        Then the Creationists claim that evolution is a lie ……. and God created everything AS IT SHOULD BE FOR A REASON……
        “The Human Genome project exploded the myth that man was a unique creation, proving we share DNA with rats, even the humble fruit-fly. We are less than 2% genetically different to chimpanzees. Far from being created by a god, we, as an animal, have evolved over millions of years to become what we are today.” — Kenny McGuigan
        And THEN …… there are very serious doubts as to wether we ALL came “out of Africa”

      61. And of coruse the mainstream media will report this all over the place, right?



      62. Any decent lawyer could find a law to prosecute this kind of inciting to murder.

      63. Who is this guy? Nobody can take him seriously until he does something with that hair.

      64. oh yeah – there’s no R in the word deputy either.

      65. These idiots want to refight the Civil War.They think that they will win it and be the dominant group.

        They believe that they will be able to get away with it and that whites will not fight back. They will find that they are wrong on all three counts.

      66. “The racist host compared black people killing whites to a pride of lions picking off Buffalo one by one, saying that the lions are outnumbered, but are much more deadly and cunning.”

        Funny how these people alway refer to things from thier homeland. Maybe they should go back.

        Ya mess with the bull ya get the horns.

        • The lion is an Islamic symbol, I’ve seen Nation of Islam members wear it and speak with pride about it.


        Yes, slavery is bad, and Mr E Company is obviously running your Flase Flag comments on this site. I am of 4 differnt nationaties, and look Caucasion, lucky me, i identity American. Let me tell you Mr E, where i am coming from. The first year i started my business, i was exited, i did what Tony Robbins recomended to find your nitch, and get started to take action. Stupid me, little did i know that 1 month later as i began to make good process and got all my insurance contracts signed up and began to write policies, that a black Nigger thug was going to try to rob me, take my car, and stab me to death in the process. Little did he know the what he had encountered. So if you think by posting the Kunta Kinte B……sh….t on this site will mean sh…t to me, this is where you are wrong. There are reasons why i talk to way i do. Not to mention the abduction of gang rape of my fiannce by four nigger thugs over 15 years, who dumped butt ass nude on the North sife of town. These types of things, once a man experiences it, can easily make a man kill f…kers like you nigger thugs pieces of sh…t that want to start violence on whites. I write confidently knowing that i am in the right, and my current black friends, who are Afican American’s who are career people agree with me 100% that your making them look bad. Now you are trying to start a race war, only one problem. The African Ameiricans that i know are not supporting it. Why is that, could it mean that they are intelligent people who are above your dred lock level.


        I am walking ourside the Lucky Village Chineae Buffet of all places, since i do eat chinese food, believe it or not. As i walked to my car, i heard something like brush scraping, wooshing and noticed a thug black male about 5’7′ tall approaching me, and he pulled out a switch blade. Then walked up to me really fast as i am walking to my Camaro SS.

        Nigger-Give me you keys, and the car now white boy.

        me, i was in shock. Yes martial artist go into shock too. I could not belive it i was being robbed, and i looked to the left and saw 2 couples looking my way, grabbing thier kid an hurrying to the SUV, then another one pulls up and suddenly noticed this thug with the knife i his hand, telling me, give me damn car. I regained my composure, because it not like i havent been practising how to take or stop knife attacks.

        me-i am sorry, i cant do that, i just need you to go on about you business, because its going get bad. Tae Kwondo, and Jeet Kundo was what i practiced. I didn’t know what SI LAT was at the time.

        nigger-look mother f..ker i just did 8 years the texas penitentiary, now give me the f…king car, or will stab you right now.

        me-i am warning you, do not try this.

        Ofcourse i am waiting to hear the sirens coming since i taught that people who saw what happened was coming to my rescue,. f….k me, what makes me think i have that luxury, this is Houston, people dont give a rats ass about me getting killed.

        So i looked over to right of my shoulder and then to left of my shoulder, to see if i had any witnesses, because if they cops came i would be the one who may potentially get shot, because a body would be on the ground, no not mine, his.

        me-please let me go, i was now panicking,

        I was really concerned thinking i would talk me way out it. Then i got pissed.

        me-your going to die today, i am giong to kill you right now, i asked to leave that car is mine and your not getting it.

        Then i said Ki aaa, I then attacked the nigger with a jumping side kick to his head, the f..ker ducked, i missed, another kick with the left foot toward the head, that on missed.

        nigger-your cracy fu…ker,

        He then turned and ran. The bastard was a street fighter. I learned the mistake i made later on from my master, that i was suppose to go closer to him to give him the key, then to take knife, one heavy blow to the forearm, followed by breaking the shin, with a side lower kick, then two punches, one to the nose, and one the right lower rib to break off the lower rip bone to cause lung pouncher.

        I was lucky, SI Lat is totally different. You invite oponenent to get closer, real close, then you attack. Now i have been practising SI LAT. I wont be making that mistake again, i won because he ran. Next time, i will get much closer, and its going to be f…ki….g brutal. I discarded Jeet Kundo, discarded Tae Kwondo, and all the other crap. SI LAT is human rights abuse, this is style i now practise.


        Incident no two, at my office last year November. Big black guy is at a distance washing customers car in the parking lot, my phone rings, a customer calls me, and tells me he is coming to my office right now to fix a problem. My customer pulls up, comes in sits ar my desk, i tell it great to finally meet him. He was mexican, mexicans maybe running accross the border but most work, unlike the usless thugs.

        6’4′ 230 labs nigger barges into my office in front of me and my customer.

        nigger-I heard you got jumper cables, i need a jump right now.

        me- i understand, please wait for few minutes and i wil be right with.

        I will break his right arm, one leg, his nose, and may shoot the f….ker. ok I will fight, not guns, i am old school.

        nigger-i said i need a jump right now.

        me-i get up, then told him-i am with a customer sir, i am going to take care of him first.

        nigger- i aint waiting.

        me-step the f…k outside the office right now, get the f…k out side


        I get pissed the f…k off, i walked up to him looked him in eye, told him get out now, he gets outside.

        me-i am a martial artist and i need any help to deal with you, this is my office, i am God and i make the f…king rules, now get the f….k out here or will literlly beat the living sh….t our you righ here, right now. My customer got up and came to the door and saw what was going on. He backed down and apologised, told him that he does not bother me, that he is not ready to deal with me. I went out to my car, got him the cables told him to bring them back and he got his car started, came back and thanked me. This story had a postive end. But you have the nightmare that end horrically. I belive that not all blacks are niggers, but most of them are unfortunately.

        If the calpase take place, i will not be as nice, they will go balastic and will have no choice but to get ready for a gun battle, with my 590A1. I pray to God that this does not happen. The lack of water and food can make one get concerned that if they have this type of attitude, then what will it be like once SHTF COMENSES. See guys, i am not that bad, nor am i a racist, but it is what it is. When its bad its bad. I am not a racist, its the findings and experiences that changes the dynamic.

        So for you dred lock pieces of sh..t, f..k off. You have raped my wife to be, tired to stab me and kill me in public, solicit me on Houtons roads with you pimping hoes. F…K.

        I kid you not guys, nigger abducted and gang raped my woman.



        Now you know where i am coming. If history repeats itself, the consiquences with be alot worst if i am engaged, then the 590A1 will solve the problem.

        • I want a prescription of whatever HCKS takes.

          • Braveheart, No, you’re just plain sorry, period. As far as hcks is concerned,it’s just possible that we have a winner in the all time fucking crazier than a shithouse rat contest at, and THAT in itself is something that should concern ANY mental health professional who may be reading his posts.

        • This post just might be ranging out of PC territory here. Prolly not a prescription…acid, shrooms???

        • HCKS, I’m sorry to hear about what your woman has been through. I’m sure you’re going to be standing tall in any post-SHTF scenario.

        • HCKS
          Sorry to hear about your Lady.
          I hope she ok. I can see why she hates them!!!!

      68. IS THIS WHAT LEVEL WE ARE AT NOW ?????????




        I remember my mom told me back in the 50s

        that the world will someday go up in ( FLAMES )

        WELL HERE WE ARE FOLKS…………….


      69. DID YOU KNOW

        That the word ILLINOIS means WORRIER in FRENCH

      70. There are more blacks killing blacks than cracker cops killing blacks. So Black lives matter except when black on black crime.

        I see where he spoke as a true coward, attack when the white is alone and blacks are in numbers. Come from behind to kill….

        If more cops and whites end up dead…. and the scum take credit for it… they may find they crossed the line… Whitey may come unwound…

        If the country is declared under Martial Law… who is going to listen to the President… he just made himself useless….

      71. And all the whites and crackers will post on SHTF and do NOTHING as usual. Just like Stormfront. All whimper, no bark or bite.

        And people wonder why the west is dying ….

      72. Black Flies Splatter

      73. For the newbies.

        Why do thugs hold their handgun sideways?

        That is how it came in the box!!!

      74. United we stand – Divided we fall. It’s all been planned a long time ago folks. Planned 3 world wars, 2 in the 20th Century and 1 in the 21st century.
        First World War -1914-1918 To permit the Illuminati to overthrow the Czars in Russia making the country atheistic communism.
        2nd World War-1941-45 Taking advantage of the differences between the fascist and Political Zionist.
        To destroy German Socialism and empowering Political Zionism to become strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine.
        During WW2- international communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would then be restrained.
        WW3 – must be fomented by taking advantage of the “Differences” caused by the Illuminati(ELITE) between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world. We shall unleash the Nihililsts (defined as any revolutionary movement involving the use of terrorism)
        We shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm. (9-11-2001) WW3 Started –It is an “Inside Job” controlled by the American ‘ELITE” government.
        This was done to start the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. USA did this in 3 other wars. Seek out the lectures of New World Order Revealed – A. Ralph Epperson

      75. Old man says

        Let’s get this war going. Let’s show thee world what happens when you piss the white American man off.

      76. Hmm…,a race war/economic class war ect.,just what the powers that want to be but losing power would love,come in after we are done wasting each other,nope,only people will kill are those harming/trying to harm others,really won’t care about your ethnicity/money state/religion ect.,you are either a douche or you are not,Warchilds world is simple in that aspect!

      77. Someone should school this baboon on the law of unintended consequences.
        Blacks are a minirity in our population, so for every militant black there are most likely 15 white guys who are armed, supplied, and just itching for a reason to strap on their plate carrier, fill the pouches with mags and go and clean up some of the trash, so if this happens and milita types mobilize against the gang bangers and any other questionable coon they come across, it wont last long. The chimp in the clip might think it will favor thembut the law of unintended consequences says otherwise. My money is on whitey coming unglued and wreaking havoc on anything that walks talks or even resembles one of these turds.

        • And I apologize to any upstanding good black folks, i mean no disrespect to you, just trying to illustrate what hell this dumb lug could unleash if anyone decides to follow him, to the problematic croud i add folks like louis farra con,

          • I absolutly agree with your first sentence!! well said. its all the morons like the one above in the video that makes it hard for all the HARD WORKING black folks that follow the rules and aren’t there to make a scene.

            • I agree with your statement. I’ve also thought about the whole thing, a lot. I’ve never had to kill anyone. I’m sure my thinking and my mentality will change after the first time tho.

      78. Just drumming up the race war the Obama admin has wanted all along. what a beautiful psyop brought to you and paid for with your hard earned tax dollars. And I am sure there will be some type of race war in the western world. What a shame to have the old divide and conquer work so well. I wonder if anytime soon the brainwashed masses will wake up to this. Nevermind I know the answer. God Bless ya’ll and dont let this foolishness distract you from the events that are really going on. Maybe if there are a few thousand whites and blacks havig gun battles in our fine cities people wont notice the approaching economic and stock market crash. Just to name one of the upcoming events. Happy prepping and keep your head on a swivel.

        God bless and good night from up here in the great white north!!

      79. I went to Mexico last year on a cruise and resort. I went into Acapulco to a bar outside of the resort area. I was sitting down drinking with another guy just minding our business. When in walked a black guy from America. He had that same swagger and attitude like he was going to fuck someone up. Anyway to make it short he got into a shouting match with someone inside, shortly after two cops/military. Don’t know what they are, walked in and grabbed him by his neck and dragged him outside. They beat the living shit out of him. They broke his face into several pieces. He asked for it, the cops asked him to leave. They were carrying rifles/pistols/fully armed. What does he do? You guessed starts running his mouth and spits on one of the cops/military. So they taught him how things are done down there. They were nice enough to drive him to the hospital and hand him over. I saw him later being pushed in a wheelchair unto the cruise boat, by his bad attitude wife. Soon as they were on the boat they were crying fowl and abuse and all this b.s! Mexicans racist and all that! I told one of the boat workers what he had done. He said he already knew, that it happens all the time. They don’t know how to act anywhere they think they can get away with their way of being in other parts of the world, the way they do here. I didn’t see him the whole rest of the cruise. Guess he was nursing his wounds or on some kind of pain killers. Anyway, it’s just one of the things that I do like about Mexico. They gave black people freedom, I believe over a hundred years before America. This way they ensured that they would be treated as humans, but if they acted like animals, then they would be treated as such. Anyway not too many disrespectful black people south of the border, those that were, are no longer around to squeal about it.

        • Justice has been served. Sir, would you like another?

      80. I am more like a graham cracker

      81. If a race war erupts. The elites are on my hit list fucking scumbags most blacks don’t have the brains to see this is pushed by the elites. They want us to kill each other while they hide out under ground then resurface when it’s over to continue their oppressive agenda of enslavement. Come on people don’t you see what’s going on. Blacks like being the victims they will attack and then get slaughtered and say see the whites keep us down. They will never be satisfied lets get on with the war. The white boogy man woooooo. Ha ha ha. Thinking about changing my handle to the white boogy man. I like the sound of it.

      82. If they ever do start killing whites in an organized manner I hope they do us white folks a favor and whack the low down whites that voted for Obama and the whites that are marching with them carrying the “black lives matter” signs. When are us white folks going to learn that the biggest enemy to us whites are the liberal, left wing whites that kiss their ass and vote for them and excuse everything they do cause they are terrified of being called a racist.

      83. If it’s open season on ‘crackers’, then it’s open season on ‘coons’.
        And I am an Israeli trained sniper.

        • That would mean you cant shoot for shit, Israel is nothing but a bunch weak fucking cowards. Hamas kicked the shit out of them. The only thing they can hit are children playing soccer. GTFO out my country you traitor bitch.

      84. Brave, thanks for understanding and I appreciate your positive support. Many bad things have happened to me and the people I live. What does not kill us makes us stronger. Unfortunately for me, what I just wrote really happened. Stupid idiotic women come on here talking g crap about me having issues with women because I am tying to warn them of what s really getting ready to happen. When the Cuban military, the chinese, the Russians, the Nato, the Mexicans and other nationals under the United nation attack country, a lot of the men will be experiencing what I experienced right inside their homes and will have nor choice but to delay with it on a severe level..i know what I am fighting for, a lot or people don’t. . Log on to to see the various models of the 590A1. Find a local dealer and place your order with the reputable retailer. Get two will need two of them to hold 110 rounds. Also get a shotgun shell belt. Based on you city demographic, you will literally need excessive fire power, when this nigger pieces of trash state heading your way.



        Before you criticize me, and take sh..t, learn were I am coming from..

      85. He just looks like the bad guy from last dragon to me. Talk tough all you like, all my pals are armed, always. wives too, and the toddler kids shoot better than your best.

        Our worst day is better than your best day. That says it all.

      86. Well, they may get a little more than they bargained for…

      87. Now a troo story that am did hapin wun time..
        I am a ninjutsu ninja / marshul artrist with a moss burg 590 ultra special “K” modifide choke platic trigger bayonet/ curb feeler addition with tassels and a 300 round whammy bar…. Yeah no sh&it!!!
        Won time at my budiness wear I AM GOD this negroid was all like “gimme dat” so I said
        “KEEE-YAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!” And triple reverse huricanerana power bombed his negroid ass all up in duh parking lot under the bridge where my budiness office is lokated at!!
        He sed” aww snap! You a ninja an sh*t!! Lawd hep me jeebus!!!!” And he ranned away!!

        So then this udder time I was eating china food YEAH I eAT CHINEESE FOOD! And this moon cricket was all like “what up crackuh?” So I sed AAAAKKKEEEKOMAN!! And prepared to deliver a reverse pile driver figure four purple nurple downward dog froggy style and dat pavement ape was all like “Dayummm… You crazy home skillet… But I be respect u an sh*t. Word”
        Now the pavement ape is my spirit animal and I got won tattooed all up on me. It’s good for my budiness I started 10 years ago because that’s why I can get many moss bergs for when the calpase happins so wahtch out dred lox!!!! KEEEEYAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
        HCKS-WD40 EZ-E LMNOP

        • Huh/Cereal,

          Thank You! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! I think that has to be the best post ever written on this site, period. KEEEEEE-YAAAAA!!!!!!

      88. Does anybody know if the States will be issuing limits on the amount of black bucks we can tag during the season? I sure don’t want want to get another damn fine for going over my limit.

      89. I got something for your black ass, come get some! Damn, this is going to be fun!

      90. The biggest mistake they make is thinking we are afraid of them because they are black. The truth is they usually only attack in numbers or from behind like a coward. Once I was in the hood buying a bottle of alcohol that all of my friends had pitched in for. Nobody was around when I went in to the state store to buy it but when I came back out I was surrounded by 35 black guys. The leader came up and asked me if I had any change (sounds like odumbo) and I said no. He then look around at all of his boys and asked again do you have any change? I looked him dead in the eyes and said don’t make me waste this as I flipped the 1/2 gal. Of vodka around in my hand with the intent of smashing it over his head. My other hand was on my zippo lighter that was in my pocket which I planned to light him up,kick the one behind me and just start swinging the broken bottle at anyone that approached. Showing I had no fear scared him and he nods and all of the blacks stand down and opened up like in the movie the warriors. 5 guys in my car mostly football players said we thought you were dead,one pissed his pants,and I held up the keys and said how were you getting home. True story!!!

        • Moral of the story is maybe you should know your enemy before you attack because you may wind up attacking a warrior.

      91. “White deperdy”?
        Blacks have been killing whites for decades, nothing will change!

      92. His autocue lagged at times, and his analogy of lions and buffalos leads to advocating picking off the elderly, frail, and young of the herd. Arrest that MF.

      93. Anyone believe that this guy is the host of anything more than a crappy cell phone video? What on the air station would host this moron? And, is it just me or does anyone else think he hasn’t taken a shower recently?

        I’m sure the listener base is 1.

      94. Blacks and whites and arabs all kill each other while zions go to the bank.

        WAKE UP

      95. Idiots. “Black Lives Matter” is a Zionist (or FBI)front organization seeking to cause a race war to keep Americans divided. Forget the Zionist media for one minute of your brainwashed lives and TALK TO YOUR BLACK NEIGHBORS. I’ll bet absolutely NONE of them are interested in a race war.

        • Jolly Roger

          You can come over and talk to the Black neighbors in my neighborhood. Let’s see how far that will get you.

      96. ….And they wonder why people discriminate. They fail to realize that when they act out they no longer reserve the right to whine about whats right and wrong. If they want to be treated with respect then act with respect, that’s all i’m saying!

      97. Last i saw a fat white dentist was all it takes to deal with lions.

      98. I am telling the public the truth about what happened and i am being told i am on meds? Whats wrong with this picture?

        Sarge, Brave, thanks for your support. My story is true, it really happened and it was something to deal with at the time. My ex is still around and is messed up in her head and lives with her mother. I still talk to her every couple of yrs. She has never been the same ever since. It took me several years to accept the reality of what happend to deal with the mental trama i experienced. What does not kill you makes you stronger.

        If calpase is engineered and commenses, and i am out doors and see dred lock doing that women around me, i will fire on them. People come on this site telling others that i have issues with women. The ony issue i am having is that most of them are stupid and are not prepping, and most are unaware of the dangers of calapse. Yet most of them choose to live with stupid incompetent men, who do not prep to protect them their families, children, etc. The only way i am getting involved in realationship ever again, if the woman that i meet is a prepper, then this changes things. And i am not necessarily looking for beauty queen. This explains why i am currently sleeping in my cold ass bed at night.



        Yup, it is what it is, with a cold ass beer. Yep folks we are in it now, the sh…t has hit the fan.

        • HCKS – A suggestion from a woman. You said “Only if the woman you meet is a prepper.” You may want to add OR “if she is like-minded and sincere and is seriously interested in prepping and would look to someone experienced (whether or not that’s you) to help her make that happen”… of course, with her own money, not yours…just saying.

          PS: NEVER tell a woman you are interested in that you aren’t looking for a beauty queen. Her interpretation will be that you don’t think she’s attractive. She wants you to think she is beautiful, the most attractive woman you’ve ever known — and don’t even think of dating her if you don’t really think so. FYI, men are judged by their wallet, woman are judged by their looks.

      99. No Lying Scott Walker: More Cops Were Killed Under Reagan and Bush Than Obama!

        ht tp://

        Hmm, let’s check-out six years under their greatest American (snark) Ronald Reagan:

        Police killed during Reagan’s first 6-years: 1129

        Police killed during Bush’ first 6-years: 1034

        Police killed during Obama’s first 6-years: 807 which is 39.9% less than the golden years Reagan’s Perfect America!

        ht tp://…

        So in actuality, police have been safer under Obama than 16 years of GOP rule.

        • The police have Not been safer under Obama administration. They were just appeased for awhile with the free stuff and having a black president and now we know that he is not a real president, but rather just a trouble maker

        • You’re an idiot if you believe Obama had anything to do with the general decline in crime in this country, and an even bigger idiot if you think statistics from years ago have anything to do with the situation the police are facing today.

          The numbers of officers who are being ambushed and killed by cop haters is rising, that is the only statistic that matters, numbnuts.

          You’re no different from Scott Walker, trying to make a political point out of numbers. Idiots abound on the left and the right, don’t think you aren’t one of them.

          • the facts and figures speak for themselves

            if you have different info

            then by all means POST IT !!!

            and the article didn’t say Obama had anything to do with the reduction in police deaths

            it merely reported on statistics during his time in office,nothing more

            I’ll be waiting for your statistics

        • The reason for the decline in cop killings is because more Americans have become armed, they don’t sit sheepishly waiting for cops to respond, the citizens are now defending themselves. For proof, look at the statistics of the state’s with the largest increase in open and/or concealed carry. Violent crime is WAY down. Now look at the areas that restrict weapons, places like Detroit, Chicago, New York, and California. Crime is through the roof there. In the armed parts of the country, cops just take statements and have the criminals bodies picked up after the law abiding citizen defends himself or his property. With the cops facing less direct confrontation with criminals it only natural for the numbers of cops being killed in the line of duty to go down. As for places like Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans etc., places that are basically welfare liberal anti-gun strongholds, the cops just stand back and let y’all kill eachother, then come in and clean up the mess. Why should they come in to help you when you won’t even help yourselves?

      100. I feel sorry for this poor uneducated man. He does not know the shear blood-thirsty unrestrained violence the white race is capable of. One of the best quotes I have heard lately is “when blacks riot cities burn, when whites riot continents burn”. He should heed this warning as he has no idea the “hot coals he will reap down on his head”. I do truly feel sorry for this man and other like him.

      101. Trigger-Happy Cop Shot One of His Own and Kept Blasting Away

        ht tp://…ting-away.html

        • And a nonsense link about a cop who can’t shoot straight is somehow intelligent discourse in a thread about threats of racial violence?

          Get a grip on your hatreds, Satori, it’s reducing yourself to absurdities.

          • “nonsense” ???

            really ???

            REALLY ???

            tell that to the poor cop who got shot all the time BEGGING for his fellow officer to stop shooting
            and the crooked cop WAS shooting straight
            he hit his fellow cop how many times ???

            this has nothing to do with hatred
            it is merely posting a factual story

            sorry if your offended by the truth

      102. They want to talk “killer tough”, go ahead, but you raggy headed punks best remember, we “White Folk”, ain’t the stand back patsies you think we are. Cop killers need to be gone, (bang bang). The black lives matter crap, push too far, and your lives will matter. Nuff is ah nuff,someone in the black community needs to reel these wanna be killers in, and best do it now.

        • Yeah, all your tough internet saber rattling talk isn’t worth a puff of shit either is it.

      103. Bring it on! You are still thinking in that jungle herd mentality. Countering your threats will be just like hunting lions in Africa. While your sneaking around trying to ambush us, we will be baiting you and waiting. You’ll be taken down like the rabid dog you are.

      104. Sounds like it’s okay for a black racist to make racist statement over the air waves, but if a white person did that, they’d be arrested on the spot and the radio station shut down/fined. Blacks are a lot more racist than whites and it shows; yet no one does anything about it. I hope there never is a race war, but there’s nothing like being prepared either. And remember, blacks and Mexicans usually run in groups…….

        • I actually see the rift between blacks and Mexicans getting bigger. The blacks are feeling like their government benefits as well as low skilled jobs are being taken by the mexicans. Blacks are starting to worry that their section 8 housing, welfare, free medical, EBT cards, etc., may not be there in the future because of the strain on system by the influx of illegal aliens.

      105. Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested for Online Threat to “Kill All White People” in La Plata, Maryland

        ht tp://

        there are limits to freedom of speech
        it is often a fine line between political hyperbole and criminal actions

      106. Sniper attacks against Caucasian motorists traveling along Interstate 10 has already begun in Phoenix, Arizona:–10/71476478/

        Body armor with plates, a good Individual First Aid Kit, and your favorite tactical carbine are recommended accessories for driving anywhere on Interstate 10 right now. Other highways will likely be added to to the list as time goes by.

        “Igitur qui desiderat Pacem, praeparet Bellum.”
        “Neca eos omnes. Dues suos Agnoset.”

      107. What a joke.. Not only are they killing each other in record numbers here in the detroit area, They are surrounded on all sides, Mexicans on the south west side, Arabs ,Muslims on the south east side, Jews on the north west side and whites on the north east side.
        All hating niggers, armed beyond anything they can imagine . It will be a massacre like no other, So let them keep running their fat lips. This is one of those problems that will be going away soon.

      108. Can you imagine if it were gangs of White youths announcing this crap and organizing widespread all-White killing gangs, shouting ‘their gonna go after Blacky — time to kill all the Blackies we can kill’ — moms with their children and boys, men, disabled, homeless too… anyone. Age doesn’t matter, if you’re White you’re dead?”

        Could gangs of young White people get away with forming killing gangs and taking them down? I’ll bet not. These ignorant imbeciles don’t realize most of what they have (including the technology to send instant mass messages) was provided for by White people, not Blacks… Whites.

        If every White person in the U.S. died today, realistically, the Blacks wouldn’t survive very long without us. For one of many, who actually funds freebie gubbmint welfare systems? And, that’s just one example.

        I don’t consider myself a racist, but sorry, neither am I PC…this is scary and really disgusting… maybe, just maybe…









      109. I’m old, fat and out of shape. I only keep 00 buck shot, 308 and 9mm HP around. Like Texas Tech, black with red are good color combinations.
        Peace be with everyone but when you cross the line, beware.

      110. $100 says the dullard in the video above making threats was born and raised by democrats in democrat run city and educated by democrats.

      111. I’m looking forward to 8> some of your white women. Har har har! Come & get me! :trollface:

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